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July 28, 2013


Post Discussion – George Zimmerman acted in Self-Defense.


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  1. Is it just me or have things quieted down quite a bit? Traybots don’t seem to be tweeting as much and there hasn’t been as much talk in the media. I wonder if it’s sinking in that GZ was found not guilty and there’s nothing they can do about it. Maybe people are moving on?

      • I hope so too, but there’s still that federal investigation going on. Nobody believes any charges will be filed, but as long as the investigation is open GZ and his family have to keep wondering if their phone calls are being monitored or if they’re being watched. They have to worry that any word or text might be used as a pretext for charges. They have enough to deal with because of death threats, they don’t need the added stress of an ongoing federal investigation regardless of the odds of any charge being filed..

    • It’s only the hardcore true racists and BGI who are keeping the story alive. That may never stop. They are already writing their version of history. As we know, if they repeat the lies enough, they will become their own facts. Sharpton has never corrected a lie and never will.

    • I hope that you are correct. I wonder how many upon realizing that George likes to help people have suddenly realized a bit of the truth.

  2. Zimmerman Redux- The Merritt Landry case


    The shooting happened at 2:00 AM Friday morning. As of 5:00 PM when this article went up at LI, Mr. Landry had already been charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder. There is no way a complete investigation could have been done with this incident, yet attempted murder charges have already been filed.

    Were charges filed that fast because the local prosecutor was afraid of the BGI coming to their town and causing the same mayhem as had happened with the Zimmerman case? Mr. Branca believes that Mr. Landry was overcharged, just as Corey did to GZ. Is this how justice is going to look from now on, charge first, investigate later, and require any white person, who shoots a black person, have to go through the court system in order to please and placate the BGI? I hope and pray that Mr. Landry has lawyers that are of the same top shelf caliber as O’Mara and West.

    • PS- I can’t believe that the press released the name of the person shot, as he is 14 years old. Is that something different in New Orleans? He had already had some burglaries on his record, but the family said they were unarmed burglaries. Hmmm. TM was armed with his fists, and the concrete.

  3. Never trust the MSM to come up with honest, factual reporting. For every grain of truth, there is usually a bigger lie to capture public interest and higher ratings. They sell their souls for those ratings.

    • Thanks for the Jack Cashill link. His book should be great.

      In the good old days (when I was in the business) none of this would have got past a managing editor’s desk. Mistakes in any article were corrected immediately for publication. Many papers had a special column for that purpose, even for the most minor mistakes.

      The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and every other paper should have checked this out first. They did not so they printed more lies. Yet none of them have made an effort to right their wrongs that I have seen.

      As with Gutmans’ tapes of DD, the complete unedited version of the B29 interview will likely disappear.



      Some comments about Jack’s book:

      “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” President Barack Obama said in March 2012 about the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin four weeks earlier. In so saying, Obama gave the White House imprimatur to a politically irresistible campaign, one that both stoked the grievances of his racially sensitive base and energized his party’s gun-control advocates.

      That the shooting took place in Florida, the most highly contested state in that year’s presidential election, made its politicization all the more inevitable. From the beginning, the major media worked overtime to convict shooter George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. To promote their grudge against guns and their skewed view of race in America, the media ignored or denied the truth even after the truth had become obvious to those who followed the story closely.

      In another time and place, the media might have succeeded, but in the age of social media, their carefully crafted narrative has been thoroughly picked apart. If I Had A Son tells the story of a blogging collective called the Conservative Treehouse that has done much of the picking. Indeed, the clever research work of these unpaid “Treepers,” most of them female, may well be the defense’s best weapon.


      So most Treepers are female? I know that about the mods but did not know that about the loyal posters.. many of whom do research.

    • Hi Nettles. I’m glad Don Lemon voiced his opinion AND thankfully Alan Combs defended him today stating that if you’re Black and state something that goes against a popular belief, you’re attacked. Good for Alan Combs! I rarely hear him disagree with the pc liberal consensus.

  4. Great summary of those infamous 43 calls to police by GZ in a 7.5 year period.

    “Remember too that the prosecution had all of this information before trial. They knew precisely how many times Zimmerman called the Sanford Police and the nature and content of those calls. They knew he was not a racist and that his calls were not excessive in number or malicious in intent and content. They knew his calls were civic-minded and were reasonable. But that‚Äôs not what they put into evidence, nor did they make any attempt to correct grievous lies and misconceptions in the media.

    That‚Äôs what happens when unethical people try to put an innocent man in prison for life. And now you know that, and what to say to people who can‚Äôt let go of this part of The Narrative.”


    • He always sounds both intelligent and knowledgeable about multiple issues, including the law. Isn’t it odd that his sexual preference is attacked by the liberals?

  5. If anyone is looking for a brief history of the Dream Defenders, try this in 3 pages


    This mess in the Capitol has had me a bit concerned but if there numbers do not soon begin to grow, it will end..

    Here is the latest news about the “lack of food” situation:


    • So they’re eating, playing music, having sex and hanging out getting to know each other. And the tax payers are paying for this party, and the law enforcement to babysit the brats. Isn’t that special? What are they trying to accomplish again.

      You know Jordan, in the old days, didn’t they use to fast to the death or promise to at least? What are they hoping to accomplish anyway?

      • The group, made up mostly of minority college students, have one demand: They want Scott to call a special legislative session to discuss the repeal of Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

        Dream Defenders want to replace “stand your ground” with “Trayvon’s Law,” which will require law enforcement to create policies that prevent racial profiling and end what they call the school-to-prison pipeline ‚ÄĒ the funneling of young people from public schools into the juvenile justice system or jail with “zero-tolerance” rules.

        Until they get it, they say, blankets and plastic bins full of food and supplies will line the hall outside Scott’s office every night.

        Scott met with the group on July 18 ‚ÄĒ the third day of the sit-in ‚ÄĒ and denied their request for a special session, though he called for a day of prayer. Days later, Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Wansley Walters also spoke with the Dream Defenders. Neither meeting appeased the protesters.


        • They’re morons, they don’t know what they are asking: THUG rules!

          Thanks Jordan, for the synapsis. I had seen the meeting with Scott and he told them how to legally go about getting a referendum or something for vote. The SYG law was voted in by the people and it has to be voted out.

          I hope Scott and all the legislative session and the federal agencies along with the voting people of Florida are aware of how much justice Trayvon really got in the Miami baker act and don’t charge anything racket. I hope activists are hitting the street with flyers and information on this, should it come down to something they have to vote on.

          The idea of a thug’s name attached to a law, the idea of Fulton being thought of as a mom who inspires others. It reminded me of the myth of Mother Teresa, what a cruel joke of a fraud she was, let alone mother, or believer, for that matter, but people till today hold her in high respect like a saint. How we believe and hold on to what we do. I made a new thread about it. The Fulton fraud could’ve been overturned, if O’Mara had not wasted time pitching woo, he had the lead, he knew what we know, if he spoke it, they would’ve reported it, but he chose to respect her grief, and Crump was allowed to build the myth. smh

    • Don’t they close the Capitol at a certain time? And doesn’t every person have to leave at closing time? If so, then why don’t the authorities make them leave? If not, there should be a time for closing the building.

  6. As we are all aware, president Obama has joined with the many millions of supporters of Trayvon Martin, his grieving parents, his step-mother and his extended family and called for us all to honor Trayvon’s memory.

    Trayvon Martin was armed only with his fists, when he was shot dead, at the age of seventeen years and three weeks, in a gated community, within Sanford, Florida, whilst temporarily residing at the house of his father’s girl-friend, by George Zimmerman, a white-hispanic neighborhood-watchman.

    Following a successful campaign of protests, led by the Department of Justice Community Relations Service and Tracy Martin’s and Sybrina Fulton’s lawyers and media consultant but also featuring many well-known social activists, celebrities, elected representatives and government officials, as well as print and television journalists, George Zimmerman was arrested and prosecuted for murder. An included reduced charge of manslaughter was introduced at trial. However, George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges, by a jury.

    It is not clear whether George Zimmerman’s lawyers were actually able to prove their client’s innocence, beyond reasonable doubt or were merely able to create sufficient reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors, to persuade them that the prosecution had failed to completely prove its case.

    The defence claimed that Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman, but was unable to provide any witness testimony supporting this claim; only witness testimony and forensic evidence pertaining to the latter stages of the fatal confrontation, to George Zimmerman’s injuries and to Trayvon’s gunshot wound.

    There is no actual proof that Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman.

    At the trial of George Zimmerman, Trayvon’s personality was not properly brought before the jury, so, to the jurors, Trayvon’s personality and character, his beliefs, his interests, his history and his aspirations were all a complete mystery.

    However, ignored by the court and suppressed by media, but known to his family, particularly his father, Tracy ‚ÄúFruit‚ÄĚ Martin, Trayvon strongly supported the right to bear arms and was attempting to obtain his own firearm, before his death. This is poignantly revealed within the images and text messages, recovered from Trayvon‚Äôs cell-phone, as is Tracy‚Äôs support for his son, in this quest.

    Trayvon’s father, in particular, must feel outrage and anger towards those who have insidiously hijacked Trayvon’s memory, in order to further their aim of citizen disarmament, knowing as he does that Trayvon was so strongly committed both to supporting and to personally exercising the right to bear arms.

    Tracy must feel absolute contempt and loathing towards those who seek to hijack Trayvon’s death, in their attack upon the Stand-Your-Ground laws, which were totally unconnected, in any way what-so-ever, with Trayvon’s death, purely, as a means of facilitating financially lucrative lawsuits, for their own enrichment, rather than any form of justice or the creation of a safer society.

    Although he was only seventeen years old and therefore not legally entitled to own a firearm, Trayvon, as is proven in his texts, had already decided to acquire a handgun, having rejected the validity of unconstitutional laws which arbitrarily restricted and therefore infringed upon his inalienable right to bear arms, as described in the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

    Following his death, predictably, the pressure groups and demagogues, who exploit every tragedy, in order to further their cause of abolishing the right to bear arms, have exploited Trayvon’s death, for their own partisan purpose: the creation of a defenceless people, unable to resist either violent criminals or the statist policies of progressive government, which must, by its nature, evolve into full-blown totalitarianism.

    It is unconscionable that politically motivated ideologues should be permitted to hijack Trayvon’s death and disrespect his memory, in support of any political agenda to which Trayvon, in life, would personally have been strongly opposed.

    Trayvon, in death, cannot voice his beliefs or challenge those who would misrepresent him, although his texts make clear what Trayvon’s actual beliefs were.

    As the death of Trayvon Martin illustrates: when an encounter becomes a confrontation, which becomes violent and when seconds count, the police may arrive, too late to protect one’s life.

    We must raise our voices, to speak on Trayvon’s behalf and proclaim Trayvon’s proven support for the right to bear arms, to honor his memory and defend it from politically or ideologically motivated attack or disrespect.

    If you want to properly honor Trayvon’s memory, in a manner which is consistent with Trayvon’s own beliefs and which he certainly would have approved of, you can do so:

    You can honor the memory of Trayvon Martin, as president Obama has requested.

    The most appropriate way, the proper way to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin, is by joining him in his support for the Second Amendment, by adding your voice to those who demand the repeal of all unconstitutional laws which infringe upon the right to bear arms, so that henceforth, at least, no young person is unable to realize Trayvon’s personal dream, to exercise his constitutional right to bear arms.

    There are many who falsely claim to remember and honor Trayvon. These people, rather than respecting his recorded beliefs and his support for the right to bear arms, instead, seek to use his death in support of an agenda which they know he was opposed to, in life. They should be confronted with the proof of his support for the Second Amendment and should be forced to answer for their deliberate corruption of his memory.

    These people who falsify the image of Trayvon Martin and the memory of his character must be publicly confronted with Trayvon’s own written words and compelled to answer why they misrepresent him so and why they seek to silence his true voice.

    A particular responsibility rests upon those who knew Trayvon, personally. Those who knew Trayvon, in life, should not acquiesce in allowing the distortion of his memory and the hijacking of his death, to support an agenda, which he opposed. They should speak up to correct any distortion of his beliefs, citing his own words, as preserved in his texts and all other true supporters of Trayvon should support them in this. The failure to correct the misrepresentation of Trayvon’s implicitly expressed views, by those who knew him is a betrayal of his memory and a severe form of disrespect to the dead, who can only rely upon the living to properly depict him as he was in life.

    Trayvon Martin supported the Second Amendment and sought to exercise his right to bear arms. He should be respected for his support for the Constitution. To deny this, is defamation of his character and disrespectful to his memory.

    Because president Obama, himself a Constitutional scholar and sworn to defend the Constitution, has already likened himself to Trayvon, it is to be hoped that president Obama may again lend his voice in support of Trayvon, highlighting his unfulfilled potential and his unfulfilled aspirations and apply discrete pressure to organizations which promote the Second Amendment, to adopt Trayvon, already an iconic American youth, in their messaging, as supportive of the Constitution and eager to exercise his Constitutional rights. The president should also recognize Tracy Martin, for the support which he gave Trayvon, in his efforts to acquire a gun and exercise his Second Amendment right.

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