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Week of July 29, 2013

Justice for George

Post Discussion – George Zimmerman acted in Self-Defense.

As comments aren’t plentiful following the verdict, I’ll post a weekly thread, rather than a daily thread.  If something develops that needs another thread, I’ll post one as required.

I trust Shellie and George are decompressing but still apprehensive about the perjury charge against Shellie Zimmerman.  I’ll be surprised, in light of state witnesses having knowingly lied under oath that includes the parents of Trayvon Martin, whether the state persists in prosecuting Shellie.

If they do, John Guy will again look like the ass he is as there is not a statement made by Shellie on April 20th that can be proven that she knowingly lied.  We now know the state charged George with a charge they couldn’t and didn’t come close to proving.  His bond got set based on the seriousness of that charge; murder 2.  It could be argued the state lied to the court during the bond hearing.  They didn’t have evidence of their charge.

I note the probable cause affidavit fails to tell the court what statement Shellie made that was a known lie.  I can’t understand how the judge hasn’t tossed it out already.  It will be interesting to see how this situation gets resolved.


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      • Hopefully it may be available and soon.

        I did find this radio interview from last Thursday.

        I like radio interviews because hosts and guests have more, much, more latitude imo.

        Robert Zimmerman Jr on American Adversaries July 25 2013

        • One of the better interviews he’s given to date, but I did want to mention that RZ was slightly off regarding the ‘gated community’ comments…

          The MSM and the Scheme Team actually avoided the fact that it was private gated property like it was the plague… they needed folks to believe the false narrative that Trayvon was profiled while innocently walking down a public sidewalk. The last thing they wanted folks to understand was that TM bypassed neighborhood security and entered the RTL through the bushes, behavior that was reasonably perceived as suspicious. Even Crump went so far as to claim early on that TM entered through the gate and used the code, despite having a letter at the time from Wit 8 stating he took a shortcut. A letter which they hid until they had no choice but to produce it.

          It was the HOA aspect that got a lot of mention in the media and social commentary because the term ‘HOA’ has a negative connotation all its own… it calls to mind foreclosures and predatory lending practices against minorities. ‘HOA’ was just another subtle way of injecting race into the issue.

  1. The interview will probably be on this site tomorrow. In the meantime this is really cool.

    Scroll down to 7-14-2013—>

    The Zimmerman panel. Guests include Attorney John Monroe, JPFO’s Charles Heller, Alan Korwin, Neil McCabe on Capitol Hill, Rob Pincus, Massad Ayoob and David Codrea. The discussion centers on the Zimmerman case.


    • Robert Z. from the Blaze piece above………….

      “I still see sadness in his eyes [and] I still perceive a great measure of uncertainty when I look at him and his expression,” Robert Zimmerman said. “I don’t get the impression that he feels safe.”

      My goodness! How can people be so agenda driven and filled with hate that they deliberately destroy lives……and they keep on going, going and going………kicking them in the head over and over and over again. The whole thing makes my stomach turn.

      Unfortunately, now, when I see black people on TV or the street the first thing that comes to mind is the faces and words of those who have taken over the media all these months. Those individuals and organizations are so puffed up with power, media control and “in your face” kind of attitude that it’s too much. Well, social engineering is in full swing, so they think anyway.

      I think I’ll just forget about them. They don’t deserve my time or concern. Nope.

  2. I’ve tried to back away from this case, but as nwtex alluded to, it is still being bombarded throughout the media. And the players in this event – those who should have learned a much needed lesson in humility – have become emboldened. Tracy Martin testified to Congress about mentoring to black boys. Because he did such a great job with Trayvon, huh? How many wives / baby-mamas, Tracy? Random kids running around without a stable home life?

    And TradeMom has now taken B-29’s out of context / heavily-edited remarks as proof that GZ got away with murder! Murder!

    Enough of this crap! GZ needs to ground and pound these two shameless grafters and expose the truth about them and TM. They’ve have not only exhausted many people’s patience and goodwill, but now their lies recklessly diminish our social fabric. As I said, enough.

    • This is why I continue say that black perception is not likely to change. Why is there no White Caucus in Congress? Why are there no conservatives in the Black Caucus? I still wonder If Allen West’s defeat was related in any way to his membership?

      Until a large national organization is formed to oppose the BGI and the NAACP, I have little to no hope for the future of the black community. My guess is that they never got slavery out their system and prefer to remain slaves except they no longer have to work; yet, still get a paycheck.

    • The first motion to dismiss was a jurisdictional one. I am hoping that one is filed based on the facts, or lack thereof, in the case. Even when there is an actual false statement, perjury is rarely pursued. There are NO false statements contained in the PCA.

      Hey, where is MSM when you need them? They do not want to touch this. Wonder why? LOL I hope someone does.

    • What about all of the confirmed liars who perjured themselves during the trial? Why aren’t they prosecuted? Vendetta much?

      What about confirmed liar BDLR who hid evidence and lied about it? No justice, no peace!

    • “Next week, it will be boycott Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup for racial stereotyping.”

      Noooooo. First Hostess is no longer making Yankee Doodles, then this …

    • What Corey’s fellow “conservatives” probably will find to be unbelievable is that the man who fired her several years back — former State Attorney Harry Shorstein — is a Democrat.

      Interestingly enough, Corey was voted into her current office the year after this happened. While such a thing would seem unbelievable to most, in Metro Jacksonville, it appears to be the “GOP” label which grants one instant eligibility for publicly elected positions.

      A candidate’s work record and personal qualities barely factor.

      Why is this? Because swaths of voters have come to believe the following formula and apply it to every election: My party is good, the other party is bad — my party isn’t always perfect, but the other party is always worse — my party might let me down time and again, but folks in the other party are evil, so I can’t vote for them under any circumstances.

      Like it or not, this warped and ultimately self-destructive mindset brought Corey to power

  3. Lies, abuse, and absolute power: The scary story of Angela Corey
    July 24, 2013

    […]Whether or not Corey will ultimately be forced to resign remains unclear. Shorstein provides some information about the matter: “Only public opinion would force her to resign. The Governor can remove her but it is almost unheard of. The best chance is a recall. Which is very difficult.”

    It is certain, though, that if voters elected Corey as state attorney for their judicial circuit, then they can and should hold her accountable for her actions. A recall definitely would be fantastic.

    The seemingly absolute level of power which she wields over her office could stand some sunshine.


      • My pleasure, jordan. I like to share when I come across something that may be of interest. Even tho this stuff isn’t news to most of us I still find it interesting to read and there is always a little something new for me…… like the bit you mentioned about Fmr State Atty Shorstein…….I was not aware of that!! What really makes me happy is the circulation………the fact that the truth is seeping into the world as opposed to the “little corner” it has occupied for over a yr and 1/2 puts a smile on my face and a slight sense of optimism comes over me.

    • He is a total turd. He’s trying to milk this sensation for all he can get out of it. Watch his smile of duping delight. He knows the truth, but he wants to bait them and milk it for the emotional hype he can get in the ratings. TURD ALERT!

  4. I like the way this guy put this. (I do not like or agree with the the ‘s—-d’ part tho. —->

    “[…] The truth is, I think it’s frightening that America is having such trouble with this verdict when it’s obvious George Zimmerman did something stupid (but not illegal), and doing something stupid doesn’t give someone the right to attack you. It is the same as if I was stupid enough to walk down a dark alley at 3am, that doesn’t give three guys the right to come out of the shadows and try and kill me.”

    Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry.
    Read more: If I Were Trayvon Martin http://www.usacarry.com/if-i-were-trayvon-martin/

  5. Here’s an expensive child support case and this man thinks he’s a gift to women. Taxpayers are stuck paying for his kids upbringing. Just as the City of Sanford is stuck with the cost of Tracy and Sybrina sending their suspended trouble teen to Sanford with a pocketful of money, hidden weed and no supervision. George Zimmerman’s life forever changed because of these parents and Trayvon’s reactions that he was taught.


  6. New change.org petition from Tracy and Sybrina filled with some serious whopper sized lies!

    Petition by
    Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton with Change for Trayvon

    Last year, our son Trayvon Martin was stalked, chased down and killed by George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman faced no punishment whatsoever. That’s in large part because Florida is one of at least 21 states with some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, which enables people like George Zimmerman to claim self-defense.

    We’re calling on 21 governors whose states have some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to review those laws and amend them so that people who instigate conflicts — people like George Zimmerman — won’t be able to use these laws to get away with murder.

    ‘Stand Your Ground’ was never meant to give aggressors the opportunity to get away with murder, but that is what happened when our son, Trayvon Benjamin Martin was killed. After Trayvon’s death, law enforcement used the law as an excuse to refuse to arrest George Zimmerman. Even worse, the jury in the case was instructed to think of what Zimmerman did as self-defense, even though Zimmerman ignored instructions from the police and instigated conflict with our son, who was just trying to get home to his father.

    We are shocked and heartbroken by the jury’s decision to allow our son’s killer to go free. Despite our despair, we must honor Trayvon’s legacy by doing all that we can to protect other young people from being targeted, pursued, and senselessly murdered.

    We are not the only ones calling for ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to be reviewed. President Obama spoke out on the need for review, and prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain have joined him. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s not ‘black’ or ‘white’ issue, it’s a wrong and right issue. This is a matter of making sure that no other family will ever have to go through what we have been through. No parents should ever have to know what it feels like to watch your child’s killer walk free.

    Here in Florida, we are pushing for an amendment to Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. Sign our petition to call on all at least 21 governors to review their laws and consider similar amendments so that they can protect children in their states, just as we wish Florida would have protected Trayvon.

    We want to say thank you to all of you who have stood up for our son. Because of all of your efforts, Trayvon’s life is celebrated all over the world. Please continue to stand with us as we fight to ensure that his legacy is to leave behind a safer and more peaceful world for all our sons and daughters.


    • “stalked, chased down and killed by George Zimmerman” The Queen Mother of Thugs thinks the world stands with her, but God is watching:

      Psalm 37:35-36: I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a green tree in its native soil, but he soon passed away and was no more; though I looked for him, he could not be found.

      • There are some gems in the book of Psalms. Can’t remember the chapter about our enemies and what to do about them but it sure ain’t love them. Most churches ignore those scriptures.

    • ‘…one of at least 21 states…’ Couldn’t someone at their foundation done a little bit of Internet research and given a precise quantity of states with these laws. Amateur hour.

    • 22 states listed on their petition, I guess that’s at least 21… They start appropriately by misspelling the name of the Governor of Alabama.

    • “This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s not ‘black’ or ‘white’ issue, it’s a wrong and right issue.” Looks to me like it’s a True or False issue. What a load of rubbish!

    • The Washington Times is doing a great expose about the corruption. Too bad others aren’t picking up their articles.

  7. I hope she gets sued and loses. I have no more sympathy for this fraud. Sure she is a puppet of her masters, Parks and Crump, but she could have showed some backbone and class and grace. Something that seems to be missing from a lot of these justice warriors.

  8. Here’s an excellent video posted by 22tula over at CTH this morning…

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr discussing the issue of self defense… it’s not just your right to protect yourself, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself (not the government’s). The police are a reactionary force, and by the time you realize something’s wrong and dial 911… “the wolf is already at the door” and the police are still a good 20, 30, 60 minutes away.

    I would love to see Clarke and Obama at the same table discussing the matter… Clarke with his 35 years of actual professional experience with criminals and criminal behaviors, and Obama with his soundbites of cliched experiences including an old lady clutching her purse once in an elevator.

    * and here’s the ‘911 response time’ video Sheriff Clarke mentions watching

    • Guess where 35 of the 285 justifiable homicides in 2010 came from, Detroit Michigan. In the whole of Florida there where only 28 claims of SYG in 2010 half by black defendants. Leatherman’s claimed that southern areas and the rampant racism there are making people abuse the law to kill blacks is dishonest, wrong, irresponsible and downright malicious hyperbole. I understand that he needs to maintain his income by pretending that the law is causing some sort of black genocide, but it is disgusting when the truth is out there for anyone willing to get the truth.

  9. This aired on July 15th. A great discussion from two guys who didn’t watch the trial and were surprised by the verdict. Then they started paying attention and they agreed….there was no evidence of murder presented.

    • “How do I explain this to my kids?”

      You don’t! You teach em to be good little humans, and not reckless thugs, the job is done.

      You don’t explain nothin’ dumbass. Stop abusing your children, telling them the whole world is racist toward them. Stop scaring the shit out of them with every racist hype that people bait you on. They are playing you, and you are ruining the life and future of your children by talking to them about this shit.

      Let them have their own experiences, and then if something happens to them and they want answers, sit down and look at the facts of what happened, before you get high on the racist funk.

      You’re defining and mapping their brains with racism before they get to experience life on their own. You expect racism, and it become their self fulfilling prophecy!

      • I think we saw a good example of that in Trayvon’s reaction to being watched.

        Tracy put awful thoughts in Trayvon’s head about why he could be watched and it pissed Trayvon off.

      • This could be repeated at other media outlets, but if not, it still serves as a good model for future truthful articles .

    • The Baltimore Sun link you posted mentioned “sit -ins” here is a piece from last month about those “Dream Defenders”.
      btw I enjoy your collection of videos….thanks.

      Pro-Trayvon Martin “Dream Defenders” champion Marxism, backed by DoJ
      July 21, 2013

      The Dream Defenders chief goal appears to be passage of the “Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act”. On Friday night, its leaders asked Governor Rick Scott to call a special legislative session during which this could take place. He denied their request.

      The informant later remarks that the occupiers “spout Marxism and demand that capitalism is brought down. They believe that there needs to be radical change and that violence is the key. They are willing to violate and abandon the Constitution and the rights and liberty of the people. They continue to want to twist the law and throw it upon the trash heap of history.


    • Can we agree that the media is slow rolling out the Truth? I am overjoyed to see so many articles like this since the trial but I still want justice for him. I think we are all in the same arena about what justice now means for George but will that ever happen?

  10. ““As a father, a husband and a business-owner in Florida, I find the attacks on our state and our leaders by Jesse Jackson ridiculous. As a black man who has been able to live my dreams in this great state, Jackson’s comments are dangerously divisive and offensive.” ~ State Representative Mike Hill


    • Here’s D-Man on Rick Scott’s statement released today:

      “Now they are reckless? Now they are divisive? NOW? WHAT ABOUT LAST YEAR DUMB-ASS! So where the hell did that bravery go last year when your cowardice ass sold George up the river as sacrificial lamb to these very same people? Now you stand up to them? Am I to take that to mean you won’t be helping to railroad any other “white” Floridians?


      • I voted for both Scott and Bondi, but as the layers were peeled off, I saw them for what they are and that was before I ever heard of George. I predict that Scott will be challenged in the Republican primary and will lose as might also happen to Bondi. That drug law first meant to control pain medications went out of control and people will die or go to jail because of it. Try calling Scott or Bondi’s office about this issue. Good look. That was the beginning of the end for many Floridians. Scott virtually bought the election with all of his money but it will cost a lot more this time.

    • He is a Tea Party leader and a great guy. We need a lot more like him. Tim Scott has become a senator in SC, and Allen West was “voted” We are headed toward a shortage of sensible Reps in all states.

  11. For a while yet, George isn’t going to be able to take a pee without the media reporting on where the john was located, and at what exact second he flushed.

  12. Whose address is that on the warning? I could not tell if the license tag was clear. Sounds to me lie he is being discovered. I hope not

  13. From the AP–

    “A spokesman for Zimmerman’s legal team says he’s baffled that a traffic stop would become national news.”

      • omg, every day it is just getting more moronic by the minute. It is a fight for moral authority and the black activists want blood.

        • They do, but I think it goes farther than that, they have failed their community and here an instance where they publicly said they would achieve the wanted outcome.

          Now, that they have very publicly and noticeably failed again, they are trying to save some face. They are trying to remain relevant at a time when it is becoming more and more obvious they are not.

          Zimmerman provides a distraction from their failure in other areas, but the DOJ is not cooperating fully enough.

      • We all know that this will go nowhere and anyone who participates will be branded forever as one of the true racists and members of the BGI. Glad to see O’Reilly actively exposing it by name. He is a pompous ass but sometimes he makes sense when he is not trying to appease both sides. He has surely provoked a conversation, huh? The first talking point about race spawned a helluva lot of it from both races.

    • There will always be fools who want to remain fools. This kind of crap can easily turn certain groups of whites totally against blacks. There is no intent to heal in their foolishness. Believe or not, white rednecks know the law and the Constitution. It is why they all have gun racks in their pick up trucks.

  14. These individuals are way beyond the beyond…..what ever that means. I say leave my beautiful Country alone you loons! They should leave (taking ALL their phoney grievances) and form their own country, with their own rules…….and let it be somewhere off the maps.
    Now get going………outta here, NOW. You are taking up too much space and air. Adios.

      • That’s why I said —- “…let it be somewhere off the maps.” hahahha

        And re Detroit, didn’t obama, a while back, say that he would be Detroit’s savior (so to speak)

        Big government sure knows how to flatten out cities and society. Yup. Way to go. Ug.

    • YOU: These individuals are way beyond the beyond…..what ever that means.
      ME: That makes perfect sense to me.

      Show me one example of a successful all black country. The Haiti debacle comes to mind.

      • Well, if it makes sense to you then it does to me also 😉

        Ya know it is really so sad because there are SOOOO many upstanding, community minded black people and alot are ambitious and successful as well and then there is this segment that just takes the spotlight. It really saddens me.
        I took my daughter out of a public high school (mid year) due to the undesirable trouble makers….reallly bad stuff, even the principal was afraid….and got her into a Catholic High School that was a good mix of Caucasian, Latin, Asian, and majority Black. I have never seen such a terrific, well mannered group of kids and no wonder….. Mothers and Fathers were at every open-house and any other event. All the games……baseball….football…. volleyball etc was a packed house with the parents cheering their student (or/and team) on. We couldn’t have been more comfortable.
        Also, I have a girlfriend who is black and has married only white guys. I asked her why and she said “to get back”. um, needless to say I was disappointed.
        So it all begins at home when you are young, and is with you for a lifetime (usually) Proverbs says “train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart fro it”.

  15. I’m sure this is where I got that “baffled” business from in my up thread comment because I hadn’t been on any other AP link. But this is odd “…baffled…” is no longer in the article. Plus the same tweet was posted twice 10 hrs apart but with a different URL or what ever it’s called. The articles seem identical but neither one had the ‘baffled’ bit.
    Maybe I’m missing something because I am asleep OR someone is playin’ games???

    This is the one I read earlier where I got and posted the supposed “legal team’s quote” —>

    Mike Schneider ‏@MikeSchneiderAP 10h
    George Zimmerman stopped for speeding in Texas (from @AP) http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_268748/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=Dvlqz0LM


    Mike Schneider ‏@MikeSchneiderAP 1h

    George Zimmerman stopped for speeding in Texas (from @AP) http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_289563/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=2huVUws2

  16. Hello dear Nettles and friends,

    Checking in to the GZ Legal Defense Fund on a thrice-daily basis, I found that the very last update still remains June 5, 2013. An update was promised right after the jury was chosen, but so far nothing new. So it’s been over 8 weeks now and no updates. I usually send GZ some financial help on the first of every month and that won’t change, but I wonder what’s up?

    If this is a strategic decision by the family and legal team, I would understand. Does anyone here have an inside contact that is able to shed some light? That would be much appreciated.

    Meanwhile, I’m off to http://www.gzdefensefund.com/donate/ to contribute as always.

    Although George was last seen half an hour east of Dallas, I hope he keeps traveling west to my neck of the woods so I can shake his hand in person!

    Love to all,


    • I’m curious about the state of the defense fund as well, but I think it’s best for the team not to reveal what resources it has available to it. I think there’s more in the works beyond GZ and his family needing money to live. Lawsuits and sanctions against the prosecution team, for example, that will require funding. The trial may be over but I don’t think that’s the end of it. I think GZ and his family want to hold people accountable. At least I hope so.

      • I hear you my friend. According to the patriarch of the family, Mr. Robert Zimmerman, Sr., he definitely wants accountability — or to “leave no stone unturned,” in the infamous words of Pam Bondi — to which I would add . . . and “to leave no turd unstoned.”

        My personal gratitude to you, coreshift, for all the hard work you’ve done over the many months to keep us all up to date. Thanks!

        • I’m hearing the family is going to be going on the offensive. I’m looking forward to watching it and will support their efforts.

          They will let us know what they need when the time is right.

          • Great news, Nettles! Let’s hope for a Zimmerman Blitzkrieg!

            Crump just hasn’t been himself since his deposition with MOM and West. Wonder why? 😉

            • I think George is incredibly strong. He was able to sit with a huge amount of anxiety for a year and a half, when others would have pled guilty, asked for a plea deal, left the country, committed suicide, etc. He showed up every day to watch people trying to make him into a monster, went out in public to court every day under threat of murder, sat in front of a judge every day who looked him in the eye and was working against him. He sat through all of that with his head held high, even with the media and the loudmouths against him.
              He must have felt like a little tiny boat trying to float in a huge tsunami. But he did it. He never lost his composure, never scowled at the idiots, never rolled his eyes at the lying family, never gave dirty looks to the media trying to mischaracterize him (I would have found it hard to not have facial reactions to all those bad people). So I don’t think it’s a question of strength; I think the family members just have different personality styles, particularly related to how they express themselves. 🙂

    • There is no need for the defense fund to become an issue but my perception is that it could be headed that way. The promised public audits and full accounting has NEVER even once been disclosed to the public. As far as I know, no one has ever seen the trust or the terms of the trust. I am begging to smell a rat. The money is an easy target.

      • While I understand what you are saying, let’s look at comparable cases and you will see that they would not be much if any money left after the trial and the experts and other expenses are paid. This was an issue I had with SD, because it was unrealistic, just some simple math will tell you that the fund would be exhausted.

        Experts are paid a daily fee for appearance, the exhibits in the trial, thousands of copies at .25 with what the Court charges, at $15,000 for the rental for GZ while waiting for the trial, and I am not even talking about the attorney fees at $6,000 a day during the trial that is only at 8 hours a day, there is no jackpot there for MOM and West. I just wish people would see this, because it is an unfair charge against MOM. All the fund has done is deflect the amount of money that MOM and West would have to pay for GZ’s defense.

        • yes, also gz got back 100 grand after his bond money was returned. I would assume that MOM/West had dibs on that money right away and it was used for fees. gz has a long way to go until he breaks even. i would hope that would happen one day and that he actually comes out ahead, if not rich!

          it would be fun to see a civil suit by crump, but i always said i doubt it very much. crump goes after easy money he can connive from deep pockets.

          • My understanding is the $100K is a lost fee. What George got was the lean against the rest of it removed.

            I was pissed when I learned the judge’s ruling cost the donors $100K and GZ doesn’t get it back if found innocent. That does seem so wrong. I hope my understanding of this is wrong.

            • that doesn’t sound right; where did you get that?

              generally, a bail bondsman will put up 90% and the bailee must put up 10%. there is no way that money should not go back to him. there are no court fees here. the contract is between george and the bond person. the court has nothing to do with it.

              • Bonding company gets the $100k. They didn’t become liable for the $900k because they’re nice folks; it’s a business. Had GZ gone to Peru, they’d owe the State $1.0M – and that’s why you see folks such as Dawg the Bounty Hunter.

            • You are correct, people forget that the bond was for 1 million dollars, so the fee for that is the $100,000 that the fund paid for. At the least the liens on homes were removed.

              What has been done to GZ and his family is terrible, and they are still being persecuted, this is beyond embarrassing to me. That no one besides some pundits have said anything about this just makes it worse. GZ has become toxic, to his and his family detriment.

              • This should not be had to understand… the 100 grand is gone. What I want to know is how it is intertwined to other financial issues. SD had a lot to say about this at one time.

                • Jordan, don’t forget that SD has a suspicious reaction to anything MOM touches. My guess is that they spent way more than they brought in, and what they couldn’t get billed later, they probably covered themselves. I think MOM and West were 100% working for George. Some may have chosen to do some things differently, but that’s just life – people are different. It doesn’t mean something nefarious is going on, but that’s some people’s automatic reactionary interpretation. I also think that if there *are* a few bucks right now, MOM and West would not leave George and his family without living-money.

                • Does George have recourse to sue the State of Florida for the bond money fee back?

                  I mean, if the state charges someone with paper-thin evidence of a crime and I’d argue in this case their affidavit is misleading and in some case outright unproven lies, surely the State can’t bring charges and force a person to come up with $100,000 to make bail then find out the state can’t prove the charge and the accused is out the money.

                  There has to be some way of making the state pay for that now that a not guilty charge was found. Right?

          • Not only that but Crump would be exposing himself to having to pay for GZ’s expenses if he lost. Not only that but as you mentioned he likes to go after those entities that he can effectively blackmail, that won’t happen with GZ.

        • I remember a recent post where someone wanted to get the full transcripts of the GZ trial and the cost was going to be $26,000.

          If I donate a hundred bucks to a political candidate, am I entitled to know where my hundred bucks was spent. If I donate goods to the local Goodwill, do I have the right to know who bought those items. If I donate money to the Salavation Army, can I demand to know where my donation went. If I donate canned goods to the local food bank, can I demand to know who exactly got those food items. If I willingly donate money to any cause, do I have the right or the ability to demand that my donation is explained to me exactly where it went, and what it paid for? Those seemingly interested in where every dollar they donated to the GZ fund went need to get a better understanding of exactly what a “donation” is. It is a donation which should come with no strings attached, including what the donation was used for. Can those people just find solace in knowing that the GZ defense won an acquittal for GZ. If I donate a pint of blood to the Red Cross blood drive, should I be able to demand that my blood only go to certain types of people? What ever happened to the “out of the goodness of your heart theory”?

          • Thanks Minpin, you have said that better than I ever have. I understand the curousity. But if we look at the outcome we know that the money was spent well. Nobody is getting rich out of those funds, but the cause was a good one. As we have seen GZ is still being hounded, there is not reason for this, but the same people that started this are still demanding blood, whatever help we sent prevented that from happening, for that we should all be grateful, we accomplished a worthy and notable goal.

            • I agree. The money donated was well spent and got the desired outcome.

              I saw an interview given by Mr. O’Mara after the verdict in which he revealed that not only did he not take any wages from George Zimmerman yet, he and Don West actually donated to the defense fund as well.

              He and Don were likely the largest contributors. I’ll see if I can find the interview again.

              I don’t need an accounting of the funds. When I donated my share, I expected it to be used well and when I heard not guilty, I knew it was.

              I trust George has money to help him live in the next foreseeable months until NBC suit gets resolved.

  17. Ben Kruidbos files a 5 million dollar lawsuit against Angela Corey’s office.

    • Actually, 5 mil is the lower limit here.

      This is an interesting lawsuit in that there is no mention of Kruidbos as whistleblower. The only allegation is the Corey fired him b/c of his testimony under the Zimmerman subpoena. That is kind of hard to prove, IMHO. I would have added a lot more charges against her, but hopefully Wesley knows what he’s doing.

      His calculation might be that the state will offer to settle and this is his strongest charge.

      But isn’t Kruidbos’ strongest argument that he blew the whistle on all the corruption and scheming going on in the SAO? IIRC, cboldt claimed that Kruidbos did not follow proper procedures for blowing the whistle, so maybe that’s why the charge was not even pursued. If so, White should have done a better job counseling Kruidbos on the proper procedure for disclosing all of the corruption going on in Jacksonville.

    • I’ve found it amazing that the B29 interview, with her lawyer David Chico sitting right next to her, never had the first peep to make about the spliced, diced, and more than a little misleading interview airing. Nothing, absolutely nothing from either of them. Nothing even though the interview is now widely seen as bogus with it’s airing. It’s more than a little curious that the Chico law firm posts articles against the railroading of Zimmerman.

      David Chico, IMO, is playing up his role with a Zimmerman juror in order to get his name out there. He is floowing that up with his new found noteriety in being the prosecutor of GZ back in 2005. The guy lasted in the prosecutors office for one year only. Whatever Chico’s role was in the 2005 case it wound up with the charges against GZ being dropped. Me thinks Mr. Chico is only interested in getting more customers, and is doing so o the back of GZ. Only losers do this kind of thing for more business.

      • Minpin, it would all depend on the non-disclosure and permit that they signed with ABC. I did and interview one time for the local Fox channel regarding local school issues, and part of the agreement is that they could use my interview in any way they wanted. I missed that when reading the agreement, so when I saw the segment airing the soundbite that misrepresented what I said. I called the station to complained and they told me to read the agreement I signed. In essence they had the authority to use or not, to splice any part of my interview and use it as they see fit.

        • I have been through that quite a few times. A few were so edited that none of my points were made.. NONE.. I had no skin in the game and they did not benefit me but the audience took away incomplete and incorrect information.

  18. I’m passing this on because it worked for me today. A doctor on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things we start; and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked around my house to find things I’d started and hadn’t finished. So I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite now. Sned this to all yer feirns who need inner piss. An telum i luvum.

        • Lovin’ it! Going to save that post.

          You really should send it somewhere, like Reader’s Digest. They used to pay $500 a joke some years ago, especially if its original, and sent via regular mail.

          • I’m not the author. I don’t know who is. I posted it on my facebook wall over a year ago and came across it again yesterday as I went looking for something else.

          • I sent an anecdote toReader’s Digest some years ago and never heard back from them. Then some time later (i forget how long) I was reading their “Life In These United States” section and saw MY story but the names in the story had been changed. I never contacted them about it.

            • If it wasn’t an original story, someone else could’ve sent it in also and then they might have gotten to that one first. But generally they verify if its an original story, before they publish it, so I can’t imagine what might have happened. I had my joke published long ago in the Campus Comedy section, several months after I sent it. I didn’t know until people began calling to congratulate me. And then many of my friends decided to begin sending stuff in and some of them got published also.

    • You did whaaatttt???? 😯 Oh, boy……there she goes 🙄

      Well, I will just say…… whatEVER you are doin’ keep it up….it looks VERY good on ya’.

  19. just watched an interview with Daryl Parks and while I think he is an utter buffoon I must give credit where credit is due. Of all the scheme team freaks both state and private, Daryl parks is the only one who has publicly acknowledged yes skittles assaulted George, yes skittles got on top of George, and shockingly yes Skittles beat George’s head on the sidewalk.

      • Yes, he does echoes what they President said that TM was standing his ground. This is part of a larger effort to criminalize racial profiling. There is a law being proposed to that being discussed in Congress regarding racial profiling that would make it illegal, as it is for law enforcement agencies for private citizens to racially profile a person.

        It is all a runaround to try to give blacks and unfair advantage in law enforcement, in schools, in job hiring, etc by criminalizing anything that would reflect their behavior negatively.

  20. Here is a bit more on Kruidbos’ law suit—-from 2 weeks ago—>

    “The action will put pressure on Corey, who already faces criticism from some legal experts for the unsuccessful prosecution of the case…

    “We will be filing a whistleblower action in (Florida’s Fourth Judicial District) Circuit Court,” said Kruidbos’ attorney Wesley White, himself a former prosecutor who was hired by Corey but resigned in December because he disagreed with her prosecutorial priorities. He said the suit will be filed within the next 30 days.”


    Jul 16, 2013

  21. Nothing new here. We have all heard Dershowitz give a smack down to Corey but it puts a smile on my face whenever someone (especially a person of prominence!) ‘tells it like it is” so to speak. Especially Dershowitz, he comes out with both guns a blazin’………and I like it alot! —>
    MIKE HUCKABEE: You have said that you thought the prosecutor ought to be disbarred, that’s a pretty serious type of violation to get a person disbarred. It is that serious to you?

    ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Right, it is. She submitted an affidavit that was, if not perjurious, completely misleading. She violated all kinds of rules of the profession, and her conduct bordered on criminal conduct. She, by the way, has a horrible reputation in Florida. She’s known for overcharging, she’s known for being highly political. And in this case, of course she overcharged. Halfway through the trial she realized she wasn’t going to get a second degree murder verdict, so she asked for a compromised verdict, for manslaughter. And then, she went even further and said that she was going to charge him with child abuse and felony murder. That was such a stretch that it goes beyond anything professionally responsible. She was among the most irresponsible prosecutors I’ve seen in 50 years of litigating cases, and believe me, I’ve seen good prosecutors, bad prosecutors, but rarely have I seen one as bad as this prosecutor, [Angela] Cory. (Huckabee, July 14, 2013)


  22. umm happy much? Nope.

    July 17, 2013


    […] The same day prosecutors finished their closing arguments, one of Corey’s investigators went to Ben Kruidbos’ home about 7:30 a.m. to hand-deliver a letter that said Kruidbos “can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.”

    Cheryl Peek, the managing director of the State Attorney’s Office wrote the six-page termination letter…

    She also wrote that Kruidbos did a poor job overseeing the information technology department, violated public records law
    for retaining documents and was insubordinate.

  23. (Article not dated)

    QUESTION: Do you think it would have been different if George Zimmerman was black? And the other part of my question is, does he fear for his safety? Have precautions been made surrounding his security?

    MARK O’MARA, ZIMMERMAN ATTORNEY: I think that things would have been different if George Zimmerman was black for this reason — he never would have been charged with a crime…


    • In our family we have a saying, “are they idiots or assholes”

      this shock jock ain’t that stupid, but he is corrupt, hence an asshole

    • Where has this guy been… living under a giant rock?!

      If he was paying even scant attention to this case at all, he would have seen the pics of the gun, the plants, the drug use that were on TM’s phone… it was headline news for several weeks.

  24. Angela Corey fired tech director in Zimmerman trial retaliation, lawsuit says

    Ben Kruidbos sued Corey’s office Thursday saying he was illegally fired in June after he testified that prosecutors did not turn over all information to George Zimmerman’s defense team in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

    The lawsuit states Kruidbos could not be fired for testifying in a judicial proceeding in response to a subpoena. It also argues that the firing was retaliation for his testimony in the Zimmerman case.

    “It’s important to understand that we’re not just saying my client was wrongfully terminated,” attorney Wesley White said. “We’re also saying that the state attorney broke the law.”

    Florida law prohibits firing people for testifying in trials they’ve been subpoenaed to take part in, and that’s what Corey did to Kruidbos, White said.

    The lawsuit should also send a message to Corey that she has no right to fire dedicated employees who are trying to do the right thing, White said.


  25. Angela Corey is an elected official, the taxpayers have the ability to FIRE HER at her next election. I wish a strong honest candidate would challenge her office & judgement & point out what she is costing the taxpayers. Losing the GZ trial was a huge black eye for her office, the overcharging of a 12 yr. old as an “adult,” the lawsuit another employee brought against Corey for “wrongful termination” & the Judge has chewed Corey’s a$$ out for with holding Brady Material in that case YET AGAIN. In addition Corey drew a lot of negative attention when she took taxpayer money to FUND her RETIREMENT as well as her right hand grunt BDLR for over $ 100,000.00 each, though legal, was poorly received by the taxpayers in their opinions as Fla., like most states is struggling with employment & home values.

    Hopefully the existing case on the sanctions brought by the Defense will bring more negative attention to Corey/BDLR whenever Judge N sets the date for the testimony on the Sanctions brought by MOM/West against the corrupt duo t be heard since she shut it down before..

    • Actually Art, I want to see Corey removed from office long before she is up for reelection. In Nov. 2012 she won reelection by default as no one ran against her from either party. I don’t know how long her term is, but, she can and will wreak havoc on so many people’s lives if she remains in office. It would seem to me that the strongest case against her will be the Kruidbos lawsuit. No doubt he has the documentation required to prove her withholding of critical evidence, as well as her method to hide emails and memos etc. to avoid FOIA requests.

      I’m not convinced that Nelson will even revisit the sanctions hearings. George was acquitted, that’s where it likely will end with her. If she does anything, she would tell the prosecutors not to do that again. They will continue to do what they please.

      If I am not mistaken, the Kruidbos case was filed in the same court as the other wrongful termination lawsuit. That judge has already continued that case indefinitely, because she withheld information in that case also until the very last minute. The judge said something to the affect that he had no idea how that could even happen, which was a slap to Corey. Hopefully the same judge will hear the Kruidbos case as well. Maybe before it’s all done, it may turn into a class action lawsuit against Corey and her entire staff. LOL In addition to White, I think there were 3-4 others that also left her state office last year. When one or two come forward it can give confidence to others to jump on the bandwagon.

      • minpin – I totally agree, I’d like to see the POS Corey/BDLR removed from office but I don’t know that anyone could do that but Governor Scott. The Governor gave into the professional entrepreneurial racist when he had Corey take over because he knew she surely would bring charges, but, from what I am reading, the tides are changing politically with some in office calling Sharpton & J Jackson out for the damage they are doing to the State. Floridians like SYG, that’s a none issue it seems, I would think the State & business owners are growing tired of the negative blow back these grifters have brought their State.

        The defense filed the MOTIONS for the Sanctions, Judge N has to hold a hearing, MOM/West have stated they “are going to aggressively pursue the monetary damages.” You are right, Judge N is not likely to do anything to Corey/BDLR/GUY, BUT, I would think the Defense could appeal the issue since MOM/West have said in National media, “they have indisputable evidence. imo, Judge N will say, “well, it didn’t negatively effect the out come of the trial.” MOM made an interesting statement about the State with holding Brady Material, “I guess the State Attorneys are used to public defenders & getting away with that behavior, but not this time.”

        I was relieved to read that Judge N will NOT BE presiding over GZ vs NBC, another Civil Judge will handle that case. I too agree, if some of the others that left Corey’s office came forward, that would make an impact.

        • Do you have a link to this?

          MOM/West have stated they “are going to aggressively pursue the monetary damages.”

    • Translated into reality: “Future civil lawsuit defendants said ‘The presser will be open only to those continuing to suspend disbelief by repeating our false narrative.'”

    • Great catch as always, Nettles18.

      What a beautifully subtle SMACKDOWN by the esteemed Smithsonian Institution. When I had first heard that original bullsh*t story, my first reaction was not to believe it. They’ve been around for over 160 years and are highly respected for all the right reasons, and are not about to buy into any of this phony thug trayvon idolatry. Save that mierde* for the traveling circus act known as the BGI.

      Thanks again.

      * http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mierde

      • A local radio host yesterday wondered why the Smithsonian would want the hoodie. He wondered if they would hang it among a display of other things like Lorna Bobbit’s knife, and the trophy collections from serial killers like ladies undies. He wondered just exactly where it would fit into any of their displays.

        • Our own Nancy Drew! And Sundance and Diwataman would be the Hardy Boys. All come together in The Case of the Famous Hoodie! Or rather The Case of the Infamous Hoodie!

      • I called the Smithsonian director of civil rights exhibits the day the story was printed, his assistant confirmed they were considering acquiring the hoodie. You should have heard my response and challenge to even considering furthering the propaganda associated with this racial hoax..

          • I called the museum admin and asked for Lonnie Bunch office. I spoke with his assistant, she did not react, but said she would convey my comment. She was far more diplomatic than Sharpton’s NAN people, who at one point in our nice little chat asked me “so what was Trayvon doing in your mind”. I explained Trayvon was beating up the snitch, as if that was hard to figure out, reminding her how YBM who live by street rules regularly confront the snitch in our neighborhoods and schools, and that shootings occurred daily in inner city America as punishment for snitching. She hung up the phone.

            I have made it a point to go to the official sources when they make absurd public statements shaping the outcome of this racial hoax. It is easy to challenge the nonsense I have far too much personal knowledge as hood mama, not to mention my younger son was the victim of 4 felony crimes before he turned 17 and was forced to leave school in Sept of senior year due to death threats for snitching.
            I tell them they can see the hoodlums responsible for the robberies starring in a new film depicting Oakland gangster life, Licks.

            joking, nah, I have been living with gangster shit so long I am disgusted by the nation’s response I rarely joke about it. I contacted most of CBC members trashing them for enabling inner city dysfunction and lying/excusing YBM criminal behaviors.

              • No, the stars are local gangster, Koran Streets aka Koran Jenkins, google him, see his youtube and read about how his mom burned him with gasoline while treating lice in his dreads. His mom, is funded to run a youth theater program. This is a great example of government supported thug programming.

                younger son violent crime experiences:
                1. 9 years old, local park, two teens beat up my sons because they were white
                2. 14 years old, knock out game, right in front of me as we walked to the dept store to buy jeans, we grabbed one of the three punks, cops never showed, the punk broke loose, next time we rob the punks
                3. 15 3 grown men robbed him, my son fought back, it was broad daylight, cars driving by and neighbors would not help, my son had hand prints on his neck when I arrived to the scene
                4. 17 lick party robbery, gang shows up to private party and robs teen en masse, my son called the cops, jumped in the cop car and identified perps, labeled snitch, threats and harassment, leaves high school.

    • I hope that O’Mara isn’t counting on Nelson sanctioning the state. I think he knows that is very unlikely. When someone asked Don West about Corey’s actions, he remarked that he would like to retain his law license for a few more years. I’m waiting for them to file a lawsuit against Corey and her state office for malicious prosecution, which could bring compensation for George.

      So far we have the Ledycker (sp) wrongful termination lawsuit in court, and the Kruidbos lawsuit has been filed. At the same time O’Mara/West should slam her from yet another direction. Corey and her butt lickers will have to keep a schedule for them so they know what courtroom they are supposed to show up on any given day.

  26. It’s a long-weekend for most of us in Ontario this weekend. My family holds our annual get-together at my cousin’s place up north. I’ll be heading up there later today and will be unplugged for the entire weekend. This site has required no moderation so I don’t expect any problems over the weekend.

    Monday, is a Civic Holiday, and I’ll be doing my civic duty and preparing meals for those experiencing homelessness in my City, and then sitting down to dine and talk with them on Monday evening. I have a new thread for the week of August 5th due to post at midnight.

    I’ll likely be back in touch with you all on Tuesday. Until then, be well and stay safe. ♥

    • Goodie, goodie for you! Have a wonderful get-away. You are such a gift of caring and love to those you look after and your friends and family as well. We’ll keep a light on for you. No worries.

    • Have a really great time Nettles, and stay safe. Will be looking forward to hearing from you again as soon as you get back.

  27. I would love to hear what he’s saying.

    Amanda Ober ‏@AmandaOberWESH 2h

    At Tiger Bay Club where Mark O’Mara is speaking about media coverage of #Zimmerman trial

      • Very cool…..thanks…..but I don’t think I can get there in time….I’m, like, um a few thousand miles away and my plane is in the shop. Maybe it will be on youtube, or somewhere, later. Thanks again.

    • “Mark O’Mara said his legal fight with the people who tried to convict George Zimmerman is not over.

      On Friday, at a Tiger Bay Club luncheon in Orlando, O’Mara detailed the case that garnered national attention.

      Mark O’Mara described the struggle he said he went through to get evidence from the prosecution team of Bernie De La Rionda and State Attorney Angela Corey.

      He cited the picture of a bloodied Zimmerman, taken the night Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, as an example.

      “It is undeniable that they had a plan in mind, with the 15 months that we had to get ready, of keeping information from us, and I don’t say that lightly, I really don’t,” O’Mara told the group.

      A member of Corey’s own team was fired and is now suing her office after he testified that prosecutors had kept evidence from O’Mara.

      “You have this type of gamesmanship for the sole purpose of trying to deny a fair trial and, as it turned out, try to convict an innocent man,” said O’Mara.

      O’Mara has filed a motion that will be heard by Judge Debra Nelson.

      He claims prosecutors purposely withheld evidence from him and the defense team.

      Channel 9 has learned that O’Mara could go after Corey. She called Zimmerman a murderer on national television after the trial.

      “He could bring civil action against Angela Corey for statement she made outside the courtroom. Also, he could file a grievance against her with the Florida Bar,” WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said.

      Sheaffer asked O’Mara whether he intends to drop the issue.

      “I am not done with that motion. I’m not done with Angela Corey. And we are going to be seeing more of each other. We’ll see how that turns out,” said O’Mara. “This is because this is not supposed to be how we practice as lawyers.”

      Channel 9 contacted Corey’s office for a response, but the call was not returned.”


      • Nettles – GREAT article, MOM/West are meticulous, when they do something, they cover all the bases. I hope they publicly HUMILIATE Corey/BLDR & cause embarrassment for anyone including Bondi/Governor/BLDR that try to protect the skank.

      • Nettles, do you, or does anyone else know if O’Mara would file charges against Corey and the prosecution office in the same district court as the wrongful terminations were filed? It seems that that may be the proper venue for cases against state elected and personnel.

      • This is a good video describing what Mr. West and Mr. O’Mara went through. The story begins at 1:00 minute into the video.

        A lot of red tape government bureaucracies are set up this way. Try working in civil service and you will understand.

        The best way to get around bureaucratic red tape is to confuse them and tie them up with their own red tape:

      • I am not done with that motion. I’m not done with Angela Corey. And we are going to be seeing more of each other. We’ll see how that turns out,” said O’Mara. “This is because this is not supposed to be how we practice as lawyers.”

        I remember another website stating that MOM’s controlled behavior and his not shouting from the rooftops about the lying parents or the scheming attorneys or BGI, it was because all MOM cared about was his future money potential and keeping the “appearance” of the court system.

        Well, it turns out that MOM’s respect for the proper use of the legal system is exactly what is leading him to now go after these bad guys. 1. Acquit GZ 2. Go after bad guys. What a concept! No nefariousness requred! lol

      • This is absolutely the best news I have heard since the trial. Thanks a lot, Nettles, and I hope you will be safe and happy until you return.

  28. Perfect word = cheating 😉

    Amanda Ober ‏@AmandaOberWESH 1h

    Mark O’Mara says he won the #zimmerman case despite “prosecutors who were cheating”

        • I call the cops pretty often, serious stuff, gunshots, drug dealing in front of my house etc. I am a tiger hood mama, yet I often tell dispatch sorry I am not going to the window to get the license plate or outside to see where they ran, I am keeping myself safe.

          However, none of that changes the fact that I have been jumped just like GZ for alleged disrespect of those who live by street rules.

          O’Mara is stretching things.

        • Clear direction, puhlease!

          That Nafke character needs to be brought up on charges of endangering and risking George’s life that day, the way he insisted on information, and then made the grandiose statement of the great big “WE” in the big authority center, making 5 dollars an hour answering calls, don’t need the “you” the small insignificant paranoid vigilante racist caller to do “that” suspicious activity of stalking, pursuing and profiling an innocent child skipping along with skittles. Felt like smacking that smug smartass when he took the stand.

  29. I don’t see anything like this, or any recognition, for for other “groups”.

    > The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

    > Congressional Black Caucus

    > HBCUs. There are 106 historically black colleges and universities in the United States

    IMO the error was made years back when we overcompensated for the horrific things done to black people. Gave them a huge platform and it went to their heads. Plus the government, throwing money, without discernment, at the people in the communities and asking for nothing in return etc etc etc….

    To be clear…… I speak ONLY about the big mouth BGI…rabble rousers types.

  30. I’m reading now that Ben Kruidbos, through Wes White, sent a letter to Gov. Scott asking him to please appoint an Independent Investigator to investigate Corey’s state office. It appears he is not asking that the investigator to see if information was being hidden from the GZ defnse, but rather to determine if he was fired wrongfully. If Scott does in fact appoint a special investigator, and that is a big if, he will search for the person who will be willing to back Angela Corey. I know it isn’t only her state office that is corrupt, they are just more publically corrupt.

    • Yeah, I read that over at Zips today. I’m guessing that the FBI brought all of their reports on the intensive investigation of George Zimmerman last year. They probably let them know that GZ is not a racist no matter how much they try to paint him as one. They may have also let them know that the more they push their cause with getting GZ convicted of something anything, the more likely the world will get all the dirt on just who and what Travie really was. It is sounding more and more to me that the more these people keep pushing the more and more O;Mara is willing to in fact drag Trayvon through the mud which he really hasn’t done up until now.

      • It also explains the pivot to the SYG laws rather than the earlier claim that GZ was racist. They have been told that the racist angle will not stick but, they can still pursed the law angle. I am curious if the law is found deficient will the family sue the State, claiming that the law was a violation of TM rights and led to his death.

    • This is absurd and outrageous to sensible Americans. We should be embarrassed. If this continues, then I will support assassinations in the public interest. I am done with it. There is ample legal precedent for it.

    • Read the police one article, the headline suggested the death was an avoidable tragedy and then article does not cover any details supporting such a theory.

      Society has been doing hug-a-thug for decades now, and is failing, it is time to teach snitch academy to young people, citizenship 101.

      • The historical context excuse is worn out. Most thugs now a days now about a much about the civil rights as I know Russian. It pains me to hear the new initiatives by the President, the CBC and others to make it harder to suspend or expelled unruly thugs, and keep in the classroom. Meanwhile the kids that are trying to learn the limited amount of knowledge imparted today, will suffer more.

        Trying to force to stay in the schools is not going to help as the saying goes; ” you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it”.It is another soon to fail attempt to avoid the real issue and put a band-aid on the problem.

      • I’ve noticed that there are often headlines that do not back them up with any detail. Especially on The Global Grind. I think these writers know their target audience will not bother to read the article. Thus, the false rumors run rampant throughout the nation.

        I’ve also seen articles that imply a false narrative, however, in the last paragraph they finally get to the truth. Again, these writers know their target audience will not bother to read the article in its entirety to get the true picture.


      • Wow, that really bring back memories, exchange the Asian lady for a middle eastern guy, and it could have happened in NYC. I am so glad I moved out right after my oldest son was born otherwise this could have been his play friend.

      • NO its not real. LOL Its awful, but made me laugh. It has been on Youtube…. a few years I know. My former coworker got it in email and shared. Just made me think TM lol

    • Thanks freegz. I’m crazy about Massad. Hmmmm……part 12 should be interesting —>

      […] Of course, when you rate the players, you have to look at both teams…and we’ll discuss the other team next. (Spoiler alert: they were more skilled than the trial made them appear.)

  31. OFF TOPIC: Tawana Brawley finally forced to start paying $431,000 to man she falsely accused of gang-raping and kidnapping her 26 years ago after court docks her wages.

    Brawley’s advisers in the case — the Reverend Al Sharpton, and attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox — have already paid, or are paying their debt to Pagones..

    Maddox was found liable for $97,000, Mason for $188,000, and Sharpton was ordered to pay $66,000. Brawley was ordered to pay $190,000 at 9 per cent annual interest but hasn’t paid any of that bill.


    OMG! Sharton was obese in the pictures, he now looks like a hydrocephalic imo, (head/skull larger in proportion to body caused by abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cerebral ventricles.) I too didn’t realize Sharpton was ordered to pay anything, he certainly didn’t even apologize.

    The GOOD NEWS is Brawley is a nurse now & if she wants to work, she’s gotta pay her Judgement.

    • Art- I heard that story several weeks ago here on the news in VA. She had changed her name when she hightailed it out of NY. She is working in a skilled nursing facility in Richmond, I think. Her education as an LPN only allows her to do such things as bed baths, and bed pan service. Pity the poor males in her care. Now since she has been located, and is having her pay garnished, she may well hightail it out of Va. now.

      Since Sharpton was sued for defamation in the Brawley case, wouldn’t GZ also be able to sue his azz to the moon and back?

      • minpin – I forget you are in Virginia, a beautiful State I understand. I would think Sharpton as well as the other grifters promoting the racial agenda against GZ could all be sued, from MOM’s interview the other day, MANY are going to be answering for their wrong doing. I am anxious for the Defense to file suits against anybody involved in the public lynching of GZ.

        Hopefully, the drama created after the verdict is dying down, I too wonder how the Scheme Team + Tracy/Sybrina continue to finance their agenda? Although the group could have gotten 1 million plus from the HOA settlement, there were so many w/their hands out to be paid INCLUDING Parks/Natty Jack/Crump possibly taking 40% of the Judgement PLUS their expenses, then there is Jasmine Rand & more attorney’s that are representing Tracy & Sybrina. That settlement didn’t equal a lot of money for ALL that got paid out of the settlement.

        Maybe their passing the “trash can” for donations again, I don’t see any of the Scheme Team paying to support the events, imo.

        • That is exactly what they are doing, the last two televised events that Sybrina was at she specifically asked for donations to the foundation, which she is one of the officers, probably drawing a salary, plus expenses.

          • boricuafudd – we learned from the “Caylee Foundation,” officier’s, which would be Tracy/Sybrina & probably Crump, can withdraw a salary of $ 40,000.00 each from the foundation per year in Fla.. The same would be true for Sybrina/Tracy/Crump, in addition, they could paid for ALL related expenses like air fair, etc., to promote the TM Foundation as you stated..

            In Fla., George/Cindy A. were to file records as required under law for ALL non profits” which are PUBLIC Record as to where the money went, they promptly withdrew the $ 600,000.00 Dr. Phil paid to the foundation. I hope Dr. Phil doesn’t repeat the same w/Sybrina/Tracy, having them on, allowing them to say anything without being challenged & then donating $ 600,000.00 to the TM Foundation. PUKE!

            • It may not be Dr. Phil, but I feel there are plenty of blacks entertainers, ball players, etc. who have plenty of money and would donate “tax deduction” to the foundation to show the community how much they care are involved. PUKE indeed!

          • Bori- Wasn’t there some kind of language in the original Trayvon Foundation that the money would be owned and spent by Tracy and Sybrina as they saw fit? I know I read that somewhere. If they wanted to strip the foundation of any and all monies donated, they had the right to do that.

            The HOA settlement, if it was for around a million, would not even cover the expenses of the Crump narrative team. There were so many players involved in the story that I doubt the Martin parent’s got much of anything from that suit. I have no doubt that Crump and his cronies are in it to win big bucks. I wonder how much money the Martin Lee Anderson parents got from the Crump settlement? It’s all about the Benjamins to keep those like Crump well oiled with funds to keep the race baiting alive and well.

            The phony story about them fighting the SYG laws is laughable. It’s always been about getting the civil immunity portion of the law overturned. How the hel1 would Crump and Parks exist unless they can shakedown everything alive and moving.

            Crump has to be in seizures after throwing so much money around, and then losing even his ability to do what he does best. Sue the chit out of everyone within 10 feet of the incident. Crump is the next Sharpton wannabe.

            • There were if I remember correctly 3 separate funds, The TM Foundation. the Legal Defense Fund and another one. The TM foundation was the only one where the donations were not explicitly for the use of the family. It is a legit Foundation, though they did not file tax paperwork last year, but should do so this year.

              I was told that Crump had received money from defense lawyers to aid in their fight against the SYG law, and the Lawyers association.

  32. Did anyone happen to see CSPAN2 earlier today?

    YancyFaith ‏@YancyFaith 8h

    Turn on #CSPAN2 ! Dr. Carson talking about #GeorgeZimmerman – #TrayvonMartin .

  33. Welcome back! Hey, you’re early, maybe you’re just checking in from “afar”…cyber space is cyberspace after all. In any event nice to see ya.

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