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August 10, 2013


The team of supporters that came together to fight against the injustice being heaped upon George Zimmerman collectively did the job. We stopped the railroading of an innocent man.

On April 11, 2012, George hired his choice of lawyer; not his dad’s choice, not his brother’s choice, his choice. At the time, the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies were after George. Mr. O’Mara stood out there over the cliff speaking on George’s behalf against a media that spun everything into the grieving family’s favor.

The donors that George appealed to was the last thread of hope that George had to assist his lawyers. We freely gave money and any information that we thought may help. We developed blogs, facebook pages, shared tweets, emailed each other, dug for facts and tried to get the correct information out there without media cooperation. We gave the lawyers a fighting chance.

Some didn’t like the lawyer George chose and actively worked to sabotage his efforts at the eleventh hour. I got nervous, if too many people left the platform, the lawyer would crash and burn, and George was doomed.

Thankfully, our story has a happy ending. George’s choice in lawyers was awesome and enough people kept the effort supported. The lawyers George chose, successfully wrote two Petitions for Writs. One got a judge removed when he didn’t want to go and the other got a lawyer deposed to provide answers needed in questioning the State’s star witness. And of course, they won the acquittal of their client!! Now let’s hope the state comes to its senses and drops the charge against Shellie. It’s time to let George and Shellie get on with their young lives.

Mr. O’Mara and Mr. West believe in the justice system and they encouraged us all to be patient and let the system work. They found out that there are corrupt people working within that system and being the ethical lawyers they are, I’ve no doubt, they will go after cleaning up the corruption so the system that they so believe in works each and every time a defendant, black or white, comes before the court in the state of Florida. I wish them every success with that endeavor.


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  1. You tickle me with the Liberal stuff. As I have gotten to know you, I think you are much more conservative than liberal.

    DO NOT confuse Republicans with conservatives. MOST Republicans are NOT conservatives and they sure as hell are not Constitutionalists.. very far from it. Think about our unconstitutional wars and what party was in power. Think Linsey Graham and John McCain for starters but there is so much more.

    None of the labels are currently correct. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives are all very different. Surely you know that.

    • There was an online quiz we Canadians could take that once you finished it, it told us which party most closely aligned with our views. In Canada we have 6 major parties.

      Before the quiz I thought I was liberal and after the quiz the software told me I was liberal.

      This isn’t the quiz I took but it’s something similar. http://www.politicswatch.com/vote_selector_quiz.htm

      One of the newspapers put a quiz together right before a national election and quite a few Canadians were surprised to learn that who they thought they aligned with, after the quiz the found another party more closely matched them.

      I’m more interested in the candidates than the party though. I vote for the candidate no matter the party.

      I do get mixed up with the progressive name you Americans use on some liberals. Our Conservative party is known as the Progressive Conservations or PC for short.

      I’m fascinated too to watch the debate by some Americans in the George Zimmerman case. There is a tendency to put everything into boxes. Gender, Political, Religious, Race, etc.

      It’s not something I search out here usually. In helping someone at the food bank, I don’t need to know their political affiliation. I remain surprised that the George Zimmerman case became political for some.

      • The problem seems to be that people do not understand the real meaning of liberal.

        As it happens, I am conservative in my outlook and yes that includes socially conservative yet you must think me crazy because here in Australia I vote for the Liberal party.

        The thing is, one must look at the real meaning of liberal to understand why the Liberal Party in Australia is more conservative than other parties. The answer will surprise all of you. It is in fact because being liberal actually means being for small government rather than being for big government in all things. This is true especially where economics is concerned.

        From my understanding of the Republican Party, they should be more conservative, but historically there were always at least 2 groups of Republicans, and post civil war one of the groups was the Radical Republicans (the RINO is closest to how I perceive the Radical Republicans).

        The real problem in politics happens to be the fact that we allow the Left or Marxist define the meanings of all of these terms. As a result people who are in fact conservative in their views are wrongly classified as Right Wing. We are not Left wing either.

        The truth is almost stranger than fiction – conservatives are middle of the road folk who will take different positions on different topics. We are not defined by either Right or Left for a good reason. The Right wing of Politics are in fact to the Left of Centre BUT are to the Right of the Left. The best way to explain this is to have a good look at Adolf Hitler or Mussolini the right wing in Spanish politics. All of them are Socialists and at least with Hiltler and Mussolini they were Marxists. The South American junta are not so easily defined either and their kind of politics also do not sit easily with conservative people.

        I do think eventually all of these labels need to either go, or politics need to be redefined.

      • “I’m fascinated too to watch the debate by some Americans in the George Zimmerman case. There is a tendency to put everything into boxes. Gender, Political, Religious, Race, etc.” Nettles you hit the nail on the head! And we just don’t all fit in those tidy little boxes LOL.

        • This was the reason I chose to post on the legal’s facebook page outing myself as a donor. Frances Robles printed my name in her article and quoted one of my posts.

          At the time, in May of 2012, Mr. Zimmerman’s supporters were being reported as gun-loving conservative racists. I didn’t feel that described me at all.

          I got quite nervous when I read my name in a Kansas City Herald article and realized what Robles had done. But I only got 2 nasty emails. One from Trent Sawyer and one from Eric (I can’t remember his full name but he is the guy who tried a number of petitions, he had a hyphenated last name). Then I received 3 positive emails.

          I knew then that what Mr. O’Mara was doing was working. The passion was dying down. Then he did his next best move….he talked Mr. West into joining the team!

      • I spent some time answering all of those questions and never got a score. I was directed to a list of candidates . .Bummer

        • The quiz I took was done by CBC Radio (a national progam). It was at votecompass.ca

          The link is down now but the results of the 2 million citizens who took the quiz is there giving some insight into Canadians.

          Which candidates were you directed to? That will tell you the party you more closely align with.

    • So we have allowed 38 “people to cost us $361,654? What the hell is wrong with us? Seriously, are we going to let these Trayvonites continue to abuse us?
      A strong governor would have kicked them out long before now. So why not? Oh gee, he does not want to upset the BGI and it’s necessary to let them do this so as not to harm race relations. PLEASE……. I am losing it.

  2. Great post Nettles.
    From MOMs mouth to our ears let me add;
    “I am not done with that motion. I’m not done with Angela Corey. And we are going to be seeing more of each other. We’ll see how that turns out,’ said O’Mara. This is because this is not supposed to be how we practice as lawyers.”

    • I’m not sure what can be done about judges but it was concerning to witness the lack of consideration the judges in the case gave the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

      Judge Lester told George he can’t sit like a potted palm in his courtroom. Of course, defendants have the right to remain silent. Judge Lester taking the defendant’s donation money for bond sent a message he wanted to tip the scales against the defendants ability to mount a defense. Judge Nelson was begged by the defense to give the state some sort of signal the games with discovery had to stop. She refused and thereby telegraphed to the state to keep it up, she would protect them.

      Her efforts seemed more interested in scheduling and administrative matters than in assuring the defendant in her courtroom was getting a fair trial.

      • The Judges are elected officials. The only hope of removal is an election. As for sitting on the bench until then, defendants would have to appeal to over turn decisions based on law. Our justice systems corruption is outrageous!

      • I do not want to be labeled a conspiracy nut but what I viewed was a race to get a verdict, all the while denying George due process. I am reasonably certain that Nelson knew if the jury returned a guilty verdict, it would be overturned on a appeal. The fact that George was broke and would have difficulty defending himself beyond the trial meant NOTHING to her.

        I am anxiously awaiting her full length interview. /sarc

        • Different judges act differently. Different lawyers have different styles. MOM had his own philosophical approach and his own demeanor in handling cases. I did not expect him to change either for this case.

          I don’t know if Judge Nelson’s actions in this case were a departure from what she has done in other cases. I submit that this is the measure to use to in assessing the intent of her actions in this case. She did bend the prosecution’s way all the way up until the trial.

          I guess if she had ruled in favor of the defense in all the pre-trial manuevering, we might still might be a couple of years away from a trial date – in a case for which an indictment should never had been rendered.

    • I hope this officer appeals. First off, ask Judge Nelson, maybe a 4 year old wrote the messages…

      Seriously, where are the “racial” comments? Is thug racial? Is pick up your pants racial? Is using the word “skittles” racial? Or only in referring to a black person are they construed as racial? If Trayvon had been white and the same comments made, would they also be racial?

    • “…fired Friday after he was accused of posting racially insensitive comments on Facebook…”

      I seriously do not know what has happened to my Country. Where did “freedom of speech” go!

      eeeegads, people get fired and sued for expressing themselves allover the place. Don Imus fired….. Michael Richards (from Seinfeld show) hasn’t been able to work for years due to a remark he made in his stand up comedy act, Paula Deen is persona non gratis (and all she has worked for is crumbling) for something she said 30 years ago…….
      and several others who’s lives have been turned up side down due to a few agenda driven loud mouth activists and those that blindly follow them.
      Don Rickles, Red Foxx and several other comedians and entertainers such as Dean Martin and crew would never have a career if they were coming up in these times.

      Since George did the only thing he could to save his life this madness has escalated. Those so inclined are on the lookout for anyone that can ‘shake down’ and destroy because they feel they have stamp of approval from the powers that be (POTUS included)

      Where is it written, in the Constitution, that peoples feelings will be protected. And anyone who dares to offend someone will have a big price to pay?

      Political correctness is destroying this country! Mind control is at work here. I sure hope things are different for you Nettles. Hope you have free thinkers where you are and not the sheep mentality that is seemingly running rampant around here.

      This is an eye opening book on the subject, written about 10 yrs ago:

      “The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds”
      -Tammy Bruce

      The author used to have a radio show in LA and occasionally a guest commentator on Fox.

    • uh, oh! Hope the Reverend doesn’t get defrocked. Better be careful.

      Reverend Peterson Piers Morgan ‘ Trayvon Martin Was A Thug’
      Published on Jul 18, 2013

  3. jordan2222 SHARED on previous thread:

    “One of the reasons I questioned this is that MOM said it would cost over a million dollars to defend George. I figured if that was true, then surely the state would spend more because he often mentioned that the state had unlimited resources and he could not properly defend George. IDK. There is time limit for George to ask for immunity and thus be entitled to recover the costs of his defense, so we anxiously await that. I cannot imagine George letting that chance expire. Immunity, IMO, is as close to innocent as will ever happen for him. I think it is even more significant than not guilty.”

    jordan2222 ~ this is puzzling & I’d be surprised if this happened since an “acquittal” is still objective, it would still be at the discretion of Judge Nelson. Although it could be appealed, the climate is still hostile & blow back from this case has been devastating to the State of Fla. Is that fair? HELL NO, but imo, MOM nor West anticipated the blow back GZ has received.

    In Adam Kaufman’s case, another murder case in FLa., charges weren’t brought against AK for 18 months & THEN ONLY when pressured by AK/Lina’s family for a cause of death on the death certificate, THEN the prosecutors charged AK. . Another case, imo, that charges should have never been brought but a zealous prosecutor brought it anyway, AK was found NOT GUILTY like GZ.. Just as Corey did, the Prosecutors stated on Dateline/48 hours they believed AK got away with “murder.”

    AK’s attorney’s said they were considering filing charges as AK’s legal fees were in access of a million dollars, in which AK paid up front. NOTHING ever materialized & one of his attorney’s became a federal judge in Fla. I later read several articles about how difficult it was for Defense Teams to recover monies from over zealous prosecutors when they couldn’t prove their case. The cost to the defendant is great to pursue this, PLUS, more importantly, they could still lose.

    imo, it is possible for MOM/West to go after Corey for the charging document & suing her personally for her statement that GZ was a “murderer” she made on ABC’s Today Show. Though Corey can’t be sued personally pertaining to a case she has worked on, she can be sued, according to Alan Dershowitz for speaking out against GZ when her opinion did “not encompass an ongoing case, but a case that had concluded.”

    There is still a possible “Civil Rights” suit I assume, I wish ANYTHING would happen quickly.

    • “There is time limit for George to ask for immunity and thus be entitled to recover the costs of his defense”

      Immunity allows recovery of costs only for civil suits.

      • There is no need to apply for immunity if he isn’t sued for wrongful death.

        As I understand it, the Martin/Fultons have 2 years to bring a civil suit. If and when they do, George will ask and he will get immunity if he can show he likely (more than 50%) acted in self-defense.

        If he is successful, the family has to pay his court costs for brining the suit.

        • Nettles – you are correct, there is 2 years in which to file a “civil suit” in Fla. but I would think that is 2 years from the death of TM. The good news is that if there is a civil suit, hopefully, Judge N would not preside over it as there are several other civil Judges available. I would think with the DOJ & FBI remaining silent on the issue of further charges, that further diminishes the likelihood of a civil suit by Tracy/Sybrina.

          GZ would too have have 2 yrs. to file suit against anyone that has slandered him including Angela Corey, the Scheme Team etc. I hope MOM/West brings charges against all, they certainly deserve it, they, imo, have robbed GZ/SZ of his future.. Sadly, things are going to be hard for GZ/SZ to make a future, it won’t be the one they dreamed of, that’s for sure.

          There are still a lot of legal issues at play & some that may come into play: SZ’s trial is approaching, the sanction hearing in which the Defense is seeking monies from the State, GZ v NBC, , the 2 existing law suits against Corey for “wrongful termination” which, are remotely linked to the case as we all want to see Corey punished repeatedly in any other cases. The monies the Defense is seeking for sanctions will remain in criminal court. Hopefully that is addressed fairly soon, rather than later, I fully expect Judge N to remain as a$$.

          Alan Derchowitz feels strongly GZ needs to “sue for Civil Rights Violations.” Since AD is one of the foremost experts on Civil Rights cases in our country, he knows the likelihood of GZ winning such a case.

          I was thinking with the lack of information available in the GZ/NBC suit, maybe there could be some negotiations going on & we wouldn’t likely know about that. IF the case comes to a stand still, I assume Beasley will aggressively pursue every legal option as they said they would & that we would know about.

        • I understand that strategy of waiting to see if they play such a hand, but in the meanwhile, the state has no duty to pay George anything for his defense. I suspect that is a lot of money. My guess is that it will all go to pay the defense.

          • jordan2222 – the only case that I am familiar with in which the Prosecution PAID defendants besides Duke Lacrosse was another famous case, the Sabrina Aiesenburg baby that disappeared in Fla. I follow mostly high profile cases so there could be other cases that were not high profile that were wrongfully charged or corrupt that I am not familiar with.

            The case was as scandalous as Duke Lacrosse, the DA manufactured evidence, LE/FBI wire tapped the families home & presented tapes to experts who wrote fraudulent reports, claiming “the parents were using cocaine & the baby was buried in the backyard.” Long story short, it was the television that was recorded during the wire taps that the experts wrote their reports on, NOT the Aiesenburg’s discussing their missing baby. Sadly, those involved in the corruption in this case got re-assigned, they weren’t fired like those in the Duke Lacrosse case.

            The Aiesenburg’s were awarded 1.5 million dollars. which only covered their defense fees in this case. Had the Aiesenburgs not been able to afford high profile attorney’s that were experts in the law, they today would be in prison today because of corrupt Prosecutors.

            Just because a case should not have been pursued by Prosecutors doesn’t mean that the defendant, if found NOT Guilty, can recoup the monies paid out for their defense. Most legal analyst agree that the Murder 2 charge was “overcharged,” & that “manslaughter would have been more appropriate” or “no charges at all.”

          • Jordan, I understand why some believe MOM does not “deserve” to be paid or that GZ should not have to pay for a defense because he was innocent of the charges. But lets be realistic here. Just because some believe that and even a client can not just not pay someone because they feel the representation was subpar. Especially if there is a contract where services were rendered. People hate MOM so much that they expect GZ to sue his own defense team so he does not have to pay them. If GZ wanted a court appointed atty. he never would have began a defense fund. GZ could however attempt to sue the State to recoup those fees for their wrongful and very devious prosecution.
            Donations paid the defense of GZ. Unless a donor has an issue ….the curiosity of if, when, and how the team gets paid, and how down to the penny it was used is reserved for donators of the fund. All but 20% is not public. Think about tax and think about IF every penny is accounted for it could place the family in danger.

            I just want to say CTH most recent “letitgo” post is so freaking self serving it makes me puke. Who “behind close doors” is patting CTH on the back for “the Truth”AGAIN. Maybe the same people who gave him insider info. that never came to fruition? Maybe readers of his blog who can not even go back a yr. and research for themselves when SD got involved, why he got involved and how SD and his very few posters then were calling GZ an overzealous “security guard”, wjo made a mistake. Only when SD began his political campaign against blacks ( remember there was an election) (which really was not him who began it he followed other web sites that lead him on topics frequently. SD is not a leader he is a follower. Nothing original. He leaves calling MOM a liar open to opinion and interpretaion. No solids. None. Can not name one lie with solid proof that MOM was ufit. SD is not original at all. SD just has the balls to piss on my leg and tell me its raining.

      • Maybe so.. IDK but other blogs have said that he can recover the cost of his defense but first must file for immunity. It is a separate issue than civil suits but they would also be covered if he is granted immunity.

    • Wow! I’m impressed with Don’s “No Talking Points” tonight. He addressed how black people can and should empower themselves. Next up, he has 5 things white people should do.

      • Now Don Lemon is about to address why race hasn’t been discussed in the school bus beating that saw 3 black kids aged 15 beat a 13 year old white student. The black bus driver was criticized by many for not physically stopping it. He said he was afraid too but he wanted to help the boy out so bad. He could be heard radioing for help.

        I guess one could say, he chose to “stay in the car” when help was needed.

        • It was a weak discussion, and while some of their points were valid, they missed the big analogy which should have been made.

          They said that there is no evidence of racial animus in the attack of the three black boys on the white boy on the bus, but, they implied that there was racial animus in the GZ/TM case ignoring the fact that there was no evidence of same.

            • Some of these individuals are simply disgusting with their race agenda. This Simmons is one of those, how dare he say that Don Lemon was a “slave”!

              Apology IMP = too little too late! I don’t believe him anyway, no way, no how. He uses words to an “audience” day and night and unless he is thick in the head he surely knows words take on a life of their own.

              Russell Simmons ‏@UncleRUSH 36m

              Hey @DonLemonCNN — I want to formally apologize for calling you a “slave” – I just think you’re promoting the wrong message.

        • Exactly, he chose to stay in the car…..

          when my sons got a worse head whooping in our park, dozens of black families were picnicing and barbecuing within 25′ of the assault, no one did anything. One teacher finally decided to be a witness, it took 2 weeks for her to build courage.

          • Cassandra, this is one of my pet peeves with the Black community leaders, they complain about how many cases of violence and murder do not get solved by law enforcement yet the community as a whole is the one least likely to assist the police when the crime occur. But rather than saying to the public we need to send a message to these criminals that we will protect them with our silence and un-involvement they want to blame cops. They want to use the lack of progress on police’s lack of caring but fail to understand that without evidence or witnesses their is nothing that law enforcement can do.

      • Tommy Christopher wrote a column about his opinion on Tim Wise’s list of 5 things white people can do to help race relations. It struck me as an awful list. He focused it on black people. Tommy noted the same thing.

        Tim Wise Tells CNN’s Don Lemon http://www.mediaite.com/tv/tim-wise-tells-cnns-don-lemon-the-5-things-white-people-should-do-to-improve-race-relations/on The 5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations

        As a Human Resources Manager I know that racism exists in hiring decisions. When you read that the unemployment rate is 7% nation-wide and it’s 18% among black unemployed persons, you know something is wrong.

        You can’t correct what you don’t acknowledge. In making my hiring decisions, lots of effort goes into deciding what questions will be asked of candidates. Are they all race and gender neutral? What weight do I give each question and what skills and abilities would a great candidate possess. Each interview is scored. Each candidate is interviewed by more than one person in our organization. The hiring committee scores each candidate alone and then meets as a group to discuss their ratings and eventually a decision is made.

        Are jurors predisposed the think that the black defendant is likely guilty? How does the justice system ensure that each case is weighed on the facts of the case and not any preconceived biases some may have?

        For those who think the Trayvon Martin shooting occurred because of racism, tells me they harbour racism in their own minds and may not be aware of it. If all they need to know is that Trayvon was black and the shooter was not, that is racism.

        Until evidence of racism can be produced, benefit of the doubt should be given. The same goes for whether or not Trayvon was actually casing houses when George Zimmerman saw him. If there is no evidence of it, benefit of the doubt should be given.

        Of course, it doesn’t matter whether George’s suspicions were right or not. It matters how Trayvon chose to react to being suspected. What Trayvon’s parents taught him about such things plays a huge role in how Trayvon reacts to such a situation.

        With the lies told in this case by the parents and the civil lawyers, more teens will now see themselves as a victim. What I really liked about Don Lemon’s show last night was his list of 5 things that black folk could do was empowering. When all is said and done, it’s up to each of us to do what we can to help each soul on earth become better than our parents.

        • Even tho I know nothing about the Georgia thing it is more likely that than what I said in my 12:44 comment.

          Obviously I did a less than cursory read before I commented on that motion. So much so that I failed to see that George is the defendant!! I guess I was so hoping that they were going after Corey that I saw what I wanted to see. My bad!

          I don’t know how George and family can continue like this! They are after him (and lying about him) at every turn.
          Cruel and evil is all I can think of. Terribly sad.

          • I am surprised that this is not yet in the news.. maybe tomorrow. OTH it may not be newsworthy if it is a frivolous motion. IDK but “cruel and evil” are kind words to describe what is really going on.

            Maybe I am out of touch but I did not know that things like this happen in the real world on this level until I began following this case. We have witnessed a true social tragedy in that the views of white people have so radically changed while the BGI is hell bent on making them worse. I am wondering if these opinions held by each race can ever be reversed.

            While the BGI hatred is visible to all of us, we really do not know what white folks are doing because there is no similar singular organization of whites that can tell us. No one wants to talk about that especially those who are trying to restore us to sanity. I do not yet see that any of that is working. What I see is more and more honors being bestowed on everyone who is responsible for what has happened, even endorsed by the POTUS and AG.,

            When will we ever honor the good guys?

    • I guess West / O’Mara are going after Corey etal re that bogus affidavit as O’Mara said they would I sure hope so.
      That’s what I get anyway I may be way off…..dunno.

    • The motions, if directed against Zimmerman, do not make sense.

      This case is over. What remains are the motions that MOM/West made which have yet to be heard, plus whatever else transpires in the civil arena.

  4. A friend of mine, Joe Cordill, an attorney, wrote a good editorial on racism for our local paper.

    From his article:
    “Despite the fact that over 11,100 blacks have been killed by other black citizens since Trayvon Martin’s death, Sharpton organized 100 rallies over a verdict in a fair trial involving, to my knowledge, the only black teenager killed by an Hispanic neighborhood watch man in the last couple of years.”


    I find the number of black on black murders terribly upsetting, all the pain & suffering families experience from those murdered, the innocent victims murdered from catching a stray bullet simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, those that may or may not be incarcerated for the murders that are not raising their children, & those that continue to roam the streets to commit more violent acts. It’s inconceivable.

    Though we read daily about the black on black murders, it’s unbelievable to see the number that have been murdered since TM has died. My friend ended his editorial piece by saying that ” MLK would be in the streets of Chicago or Detroit, not in a small city in Fla.” That. imo, is what the black community truly needs, leaders willing to roll up their sleeves & address the hard problems starting in the streets where the violence is.

  5. Re: As posted above by Capt.Long ~ The motions filed on Thursday, August 8, 2013, in their published format:


    08/08/2013 MOTN FAMILY

    Maybe they make more sense by joining certain of the lines together:


    FAMILY (?) Don’t know where or how this word fits into the scheme of things.


    Does O’Mara want another official look — a “REHEARING” — at the original weak and poorly drafted PCA by John Guy charging GZ with Murder 2 . . . “ON BASIS OF NEW ARGUMENT?”

    Not familiar with State of Florida rules & regulations, but you can bet that MOM definitely is, and loaded for bear !!!

  6. Robert Zimmerman JR ‏@rzimmermanjr 7 Aug

    ProTip4Haters: If UR still disappointed with the verdict or upset by the truth, try holding the ppl who deceived you accountable #JustSaying

  7. Anyone know why tinfoil hat wearing moron sundance is attacking mark omara again…..and sundance…I know you troll here…you sir are a liar! you have never once shown or proven omara to be a liar. Keep telling yourself that nutjob as you drift further off into the fringe as the frederick leatherman of the conservative right.

    • I am stunned that you would say that. I think most of us can agree that MOM has lied.. Even BLDR knew that.

      I have moved on beyond that and recently trashed all I had saved from DMan and Sundance’s file about MOM. If I need it, I know where to find it on their sites.

      I did pose a question today at the thread. I am now interested in what happens next and MOM seems to be the attorney who will spearhead the charge forward. So far, some of our favored bloggers have been wrong about George changing attorneys. IDK, I am only a Florida tourist.

        • I agree with you nettles and the captain. That MOM lied has never been proven, and never could be.

          Would he risk his entire career on something so stupid as to lie about an irrelevant issue in the case? Not likely.

          I find MOM one of the rare attorneys who is completely trustworthy. BTW, I was banned from CTH when I told SD he should brush up on attorney client privilege if he thought he was ever going to prove his ridiculous paypal lie. That BDLR had to try to use that information to impeach MOM just shows how desperate he was. He is a complete CLOWN attorney–no one in his or her right mind would use BDLR as an example of TRUTH. #SMH.

          SD’s ridiculous post assumes that he was correct all along. He is going off the deep end. He is a sad has been and just wants more attention. I am so glad that people can come here and have an intelligent conversation. Thanks.

    • Captain, It interests me so that his followers are incapable of looking through the numerous posts on the subject and see the “truth” for themselves. I have been debating for some time whether to give some info. that would begin to answer some questions about SD and CTH admins. agenda.
      You can begin search for the truth by googling Sundancecracker +Kevin Dugan+ Hillbuzz. I feel truth is best served when one seeks it for themself. Happy Truth Seeking.

      • The greatest contribution Sundance gave the George Zimmerman case was a place for like minded individuals to come together and share information. It wasn’t always perfect though.

        The wrong girl got outed as witness 8. George’s own cousin was publicly humiliated. I’m sure this caused great stress for Gladys and her brother.

        Unsubstantiated claims of wrong doing of George’s lawyer was the norm.

        Sundance called people with a different political view names constantly.

        He attempted to shut down voices that were in George’s corner.

        By verdict day, I’d have to say he did more good for the case than harm but as each day goes by it gets closer to 50/50.

        For a guy who is all about Sunlight and Truth he hasn’t been very forthcoming on who he is. It is hypocritical to sit in the darkness while exposing people like George’s cousin to the sunlight.

        • Well that is the thing Nettles. What got me was when everyone was being shut out for not agreeing with SD and his sheeple kept saying ” it is their site, they can welcome who they want.” You would think the sites Admins. who were allegedly duped and then scrubbed by Dujan would know better. I wish I had known that back story sooner. It is the elephant in the room over there. Something they are indeed embarrassed about. But come on! They met Dujan while supporting Hillary Clinton, yet call us Progs? Lol. Less then honest Sundance and Admins. somehow became “truth seekers” yet can not tell the truth about who they really are. And half of their posters now are sock puppets! New ones pop up everyday.

            • Better question…. What evidence is there that they are not socks?

              Being that they are so careful in who they allow post and all these “lukers” now start posting after the fact (funny cause most other blogs who became famous for the GZ case also saw a decrease in their posters), and the fact prior to the case ending there were so few posters except the normal ass kissers who were allowed to….it is kinda funny how very few originals even post anymore, but a slew of new names have appeared. That and SD is claiming again he is being branded a hero….in private….ahhhhh.

                • You are entitled to think as you please. If they are not socks then there are sure a mighty lot of people who need to do some research and find the truth about him. Sometimes the truth is in what is not said more so then what is said hooson1st. I will leave the truth up to you to seek. You can lead a horse to water but….

                  I could make all sorts of allegations. But I just a seed planter,you decide if you want to water it.

                  • Has anyone questioned how lucrative the George Zimmerman case has been for the Treeshouse? A better question probably would be has a question about the donations the treehouse has rec’d ever been allowed to be posted?

                    At a time George was appealing for donations, Sundance was asking for donations to the treehouse. I found that bizarre and if I’m in George Zimmerman’s shoes, I wouldn’t be saying, hey thanks for that.

                    I donated $100 to the treehouse. How much money did they receive and how was it used?

                    Here, people are making fun of Fred Leatherman for tricking his participants into donating to him and it occurred to me, Sundance asks for donations too.

                    In George’s trial, the FOIA stuff, while interesting, played no role in getting George Zimmerman acquitted of the charges.

                    When you really think about it, not much light is shone on the workings behind the scene of the treehouse, including who owns the blog and how much he makes at it.

                    • they are a bunch of control freaks whose arguments cannot withstand any criticism. just sad. pure babies!

                    • It occured to me awhile ago about how monitarily lucrative it has been for the CTH. I never donated to them. SD began bringing up the shooting after briebart blog and after Obama said what he said. If you read from March 15th 2012 onward on CTH you can see his only interest was to expose BGI for political purpose because of the Presidental election. In fact 99% of his post after Obama said “If I had a son”…. He began attacking BGI, did not even cover the election, and also constantly reported on black on white crime. The stats picked up there. But it was NOT because of SD. It was due to the contributors who set SD straight about MSM, BGI, and GZs innocence. In fact SD thought the case would blow over. Go back. He made predictions that NEVER came to fruition.But making the prediction plausiable he kept people coming back. Every click he gets money. Every single blog post someone clicks on makes him money.

            • Jordan, you don’t have to search, SD was clear that GZ was not the aim of his interest in the case. But he wanted to use the GZ case to expose the BGI who were really what they were interested in, I have always had the feeling that if GZ was convicted due to the BGI influence, SD would have been giddy about it. As he would use it to make his point over and over.

                • Jordan, at some point I may outline somethings in a post to link it altogether. Interm just search sundancecracker HillBuzz. He also went by the name GrandpaCracker. You can be safe if you find a link on a political website with those usernames. As for RM? It is short for rickmadigan.

                  • I am simply curious because this has been made into a puzzle, which I would like to see solved.

                    I found nothing for GrandpaCracker but I am searching sundancecracker HillBuzz.

                    I vaguely recall at least one article claiming he worked for Publx and another said he was a manager for another retail store.

                    I am also aware that his car was set on fire during one of his “boots on the ground” investigations. I think it was in Dade County.

                    He is clearly intelligent, articulate and well educated. That is attractive to many folks. It certainly got my attention enough to follow him, and still do, even if I disagree with him on some issues. His Benghazi coverage was the best anywhere. I still wonder who is sources are and how he gained knowledge of some military weapons. He must have had true insider knowledge on Benghazi. I sent a lot of people to his site and also did some mass emails to my friends in the media.. newspapers.

                    Still searching Danny, but not having much luck. What search engines do you use?

                  • “Jordan, at some point I may outline somethings in a post to link it altogether. Interm just search sundancecracker HillBuzz. He also went by the name GrandpaCracker. You can be safe if you find a link on a political website with those usernames. As for RM? It is short for rickmadigan.”

                    Hi Danny, was “RM” an actual poster somewhere? Do you have a link to any of his postings?

                    You’ve got my curiosity peaked with that one. Some of the other things you’ve said, I had heard before from Aussie, or on DMan’s blog around when Nettles moved in with him.

                    I had also wondered about the donations request popping up when the GZ case was at its top peak of viewers. George has certainly been lucrative for a lot of people claiming they are pro bono in their interests.

                    • RM, you are as dense as a fly brick. That being said.
                      Do not give yourself away. Other then where you are needed, waterboy, you have not posted anywhere else that I have seen.
                      As for MOM being lucrative? So was West and yet you say little about him. This was a high profile case. Every atty. ever in high profile cases benefit one way or another. Despite that FACT, every defendant deserves legal representation amongst other things. Every atty. who represents any defendant in high profile cases faces the good, bad, and ugly. Mom/West faced death threats, corrupt Corey, the nation of BGI, time away from family, scrutiny, and at times a difficult defendant all while you sat behind your computer, faceless, nameless, with not one court case under your belt, no law degree, kissing the admins. a$$@ a blog so you can “belong” and spinning conspiracy theories because you can not even trust the man in the mirror.
                      IE;Dmans blog & Aussie. I had no clue in what you meant until I did some google magic. IMO Aussie had not explained much. However, in my research I also found Aussie hit the Honey trail much later then the rest of the crew, and was booted from CTH for a perceived allegiance to Dujan. It appears by her post on Dmans that perception may be true? It seems CTH has contentions with many from their past and attacking MOM is opening old wounds? IDK, I could be wrong. Everyone is wrong sometimes….right?
                      I will tell you this RM. If you want my research and knowledge for your own blog because you need material, and to show you are better waterboy then any other waterboy the CTH has, it will not be handed on a silver plate by handing over links. I do not work like that. This is supposed to be a truth seeking hunt. Why don’t you head on over to the CTH and put them on this mission for you? Since you are all truth seekers and all. You wolverines could find the links, & in a matter of a few hours you could connect the dots for yourselves.

                  • If you are going to talk about an RM, then provide links, otherwise I’ve called your BS conspiracy theories for what they are.

                    And btw, no one is talking about you, but it does seem you are talking about CTH and me and everyone else. You’ve pretty much turned Nettles blog into a séance, a Blair Witch project, of eerie creepy ghost stories spun about anyone. Shouldn’t you be grieving for your mom? You go on like this, you’re going to lose whatever loving memory you had of her, dannywarrior!

          • I appreciate the donations SD got to provide the public the FOIA as well. However, the info has as usual been misiterpreted & spun In fact it is nothing new with what the FOIA revealed. I wrote a post on it “Juking the Stats. Again SD took information and spun like he revealed something new. The spin was that TM was Baker Acted when nowhere in the FIOA was that revealed.

      • You can begin search for the truth by googling Sundancecracker +Kevin Dugan+ Hillbuzz.

        Danny, I find this very interesting. Hillbuzz was a big Hillary blog. When Hillary wasn’t allowed the nomination, they began to support Sarah Palin. Seemed like they were trying to support another woman, even if changing parties, because of what was done to Hillary. People were very traumatized by what their own party had done to Hillary, and many voted for McCain out of protest. But before that, after the Dem Convention, Kevin Dujan overnight became very right wing, writing all kinds of articles from that viewpoint. It was a very sudden, extreme shift, a lot more than just a protest vote. People started wondering if Kevin had been right wing all along. And now it sounds like you’re saying that SDC was there while it was still a Hillary blog….? Seems to lend credence to the rumor of back then.

        lol It’s like a blog soap opera

          • Jordan, To ask you other questions somewhere on this thread;
            I only post at the TH less then a handful of times around Bengazi mostly. But got banned last June when the whole MOM smack went down. I thought it would affect the defense fund. As many others felt as well. I was not interested in posting at CTH about the GZ case. Much was yet to be known before I was banned.
            How I know so much about SD? Well,I know many of SDs point of views do not align with who he says he is. So I began searching. I am pretty good at investigating things. I ran across some stuff and then by tying people and usernames together I found out more and more. It took some time. Some admins over there now have different usernames then they did back then. If one takes time and reads through many many comments on the searches you can see not only who is who, but why they have an allegience to SD. That is why I focus on SD and not the admin. puppets. I prefer others piece together what I have on their own, because in conclusion I would never want to build a narrative for anyone. And if I found it anyone can. I am confident if I see it, others will too. I am just laying bread crumbs.

          • Yes he is strange. The stranger thing is SD at one time followed and supported Dujan, and IMHO employs many of the same tactics such as the unamed/unreliable “sources.” The same type of us vs. them tactics. The same name calling to keep the crew in line, and to appear loyal. The same edge of the seat “news” (I call it the “coming up @ 11 pm. news… you know the news that people normally would not watch unless a headline reads “watch to find out the 5 most deadly things in your home” and they broadcast it last….and you have a hangover for work the next day….yeah, that kind of news). Except now SD attempts to play coy with pw. protected (but not really) news making the most devoted believe he is onto something good when he really is not. And all those that donate for the FOIAs better find something in it or well it was just a waste and now SD has your private info. too.
            So when I lead the horse to Dujan the puzzles edges are complete. I find no pride in having revealing it. Many very good people were duped. Many major blogs linked to SD. People and blogs I hold in high regard. He knew quickly, straight away what I was saying on Dmans blog in April when I said what I said and thank God he reposted it in full! That is why I told hooson what is not said is more then what is said. I have nothing against those who remain loyal to SD, or feel his work, or POV serves a purpose. My purpose is to reveal the truth, the whole truth so others can weigh how much weight to give to what he does and says. After all many follow him not with ill intentions. But, the blind leading the blind is not something true Patriots believe in. Some of us really do want our country back. Some of us want to retain the values it was built on. Not through historical revisonisim. It takes a WARRIOR to do the RIGHT thing! If I stand alone…..so be it.

            • Thanks for sharing, Danny. I will still continue to read most of his posts just to see what he has to say. At a minimum he is interesting and spends a lot of time making posts.

        • SD was or shall I say IS a PUMA. He came in after the heavenly Dujan transformation,lol. HB is only relevant because it lead to the HoneyTrail. Motley opened up a WordPress to gather people after what Dujan did to them, and SD highjacked it, so motley closed it down. Hence the treehouse was created for SD to carry on the likings of Duganesqe type behavior. Karma is a bitch however and SD is cracking just like Dujan. If I did not know better those two are long lost family members! The similarities and behaviors are very striking. Although there are still other Hillbuzzers floating around our midst, they seemed to have earned their lesson of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. How many times have you seen SD and Co. call obvious conservatives progs/liberals, and accusing them of democratic indoctrination? He himself was duped. Instead of becoming a leader of those who saw the truth, he Dujaned the very people he accussed of being blind. He paid special attention to Dujans tactics and conned the same people. If he can do that….what do you think he can do with the other unwitting who call him their savior? I guess I just paid close attention and knew much sooner then most that CTH was jumping the shark with this MOM buisness. But when you know the back story it all begins to make sense and you see the “truth” and all these revelations SD knows, really are not revelations. Its a con mans way of playing it safe. This is why he frequently rotates his followers.

    • What an amazing coincidence! What are the odds that Rick Madigan and Sundance would post threads about O’Mara a month after the verdict.

      What’s the odds?

      Who else posted unfavorable threads about O’Mara this week?

      It’s insane to criticize a lawyer who got a client off against all odds. These same people will have told you right before the verdict, there was going to be a conviction b/c George’s lawyer was actually working against him.

      I’ll leave it to each reader to decide.

      I haven’t and I won’t read Sundance’s thread but let me predict, just for facts is all over it.

      • I am unsure if SD is RM. It could be anyone over there. RM like you said has a great memory. It could be RM is SDs waterboy. He has a few of them. Look, SD did to Dman what he did to txantimedias blog. The same exact thing with this MOM stuff. I will not post at RMs blogs. The most conterversial posts come when CTH admins want to find out who is against them. It begins with collecting IPs. You do have a few “moles” here though. I warned you when you opened your blog. They underestimate your “liberal” intellegence” lol. Back during Dujan, Honeybtrail days they did the same thing. Sent out moles, doxed/ harrassed old admins., and shunned others who left and had a different view. You and I though, geez, we must really bother them. They never shut up about us! All in all RM is either a waterboy or a sock puppet. If he is SD, then the guy needs a life. He needs to get out more and interact in the real world!

                • I thought I had seen you comment at his you and Aussie after Michaelnotmike, txantimedia,and Aussie got banned at the CTH, Tx started a site that followed the GZ case and other things.

                  Well, Txantimedia had stopped blogging in because of his wife’s cancer. She is doing better and is now blogging again.

                  • You may be correct about making a few comments after ItsMichaelnotmike was banned. I was new and did not understand why he was banned so I did a search to try to find him. I forgot about that. I still do not know why he was banned and why SD used some of his material after that.

                    • Simply out of curiosity. I would like to know how many people were banned over the MOM issue. Any idea?

                    • They didn’t exactly announce it when they told one of us to take a hike.

                      Jordan, it was you who realized I wasn’t posting anymore. Thank you for that.

                    • You know that I must know all of the details even if gets me in trouble. Intelligent, articulate, informed posters lead the pack. Back then I would do a search for your name before even reading the thread. You were rare and stood out because as soon as you began to post, there was no doubt that you had done more research than almost all of the rest combined. You made me get busy, digging for more information about what you said. I hunted you down when you left.

                      Others were also very well informed but, they, too, suddenly disappeared. I think that maybe some folks there were envious of how much you knew and it made them angry. That sounds awful but I witnessed it, at least from my own perspective. They have always been cautious of new kids on the block.

                      I have recently made some posts there to test the environment and admit that I try to avoid controversy. I have never quite understood their rules.

                    • I’m not entirely sure when I first posted there. I think I made a few comments between May 2012 and October 2012.

                      I would usually read the links that got posted on facebook by others. When the insults about Mr. O’Mara started to occur in July 2012, I thought the site was crazy and stopped reading there for a time.

                      Every now and again, a link would get posted that I’d check out and read.

                      As I was apt to do, I’d post something on facebook and say I read about it at CTH. Well, the State supporters would go nuts everytime I referenced the CTH. Many of the people on my side also thought the CTH was too far right and political to be used as a source. I was getting the vibe, CTH wasn’t very popular among both sides. It was seen as too many conspiracy theories.

                      I started to post there regularly after the dog pound outed my comment on facebook about an email the defense had sent to a friend of mine (we met online b/c of this case) asking for some help in getting ready for the gag order.

                      It was then that I learned how much the dog pound hated the CTH and Frances Robles tried to smear the site by linking my post with the “racists” that post on the CTH. That pissed me off. I was mad for all the nice people I saw post at the CTH.

                      As I learned the site bothered Frances and the dog pound I started posting there more regularly in November. I got what I wanted. The dog pound was very pissed off with me. It lasted 4 months until the subject of Mr. O’Mara arose. The rest as they say is history.

                      I probably should have done my homework on Sundance before I sided with his site in November. In my defense, I was also siding with all the wonderful commenters there. I thought it was awesome George Zimmerman had so many people trying to get the truth out there. I now realize that wasn’t the agenda for everyone.

                    • Correction: I meant both banned and those who left the site and announced their reasons for doing it.

                    • Jordan,

                      I think SD and Co. didn’t like Nettles and other posters because she and they showed the flaws in SD’s ‘truth’. That’s intolerable. Like with the Traybots the ‘truth’ must never be questioned.

                  • Did he support GZ’s side or Trayvon’s? I used the site for some resources at times but I wasn’t sure if he offered an opinion on the case.

                    Regardless, I’m very happy to read his wife is doing better. May that continue.

                    His posts of evidence was and is very much appreciated by me.

                    • IIRC, at least one, and maybe more, of his recordings of hearings and informative comments on screen were posted at CTH. Later those recorded by that idiot, whatshisname, become common and I wondered why Michael’s were no longer used. His posts at Stately Manor are superb. He and Mike McDaniel are quite a team when both are making comments on the same thread.

                    • Nettles, He was a GZ/Mom supporter.

                      There were MANY great contributors who either left or were banned. To name a few itooktheredpill,gruntofmontecrisco,txantimedia,
                      itsmichaelnotmike,freedom1781. Not all of them left due to the GZ case though.
                      Here is an example of some of the questions you are begging.

                    • What do you mean by, Here is an example of some of the questions you are begging I did not see anything about how he gained such knowledge in Boldly Into The Breach. That was my question about his outstanding coverage of Benghazi. Am I missing something?

                    • Danny, you must have been at the CTH long before me. I think that this was their first post about the case, but I could be wrong.

                      The race-hustlers are milking this tragedy for all it’s worth….
                      Posted on March 23, 2012 by sundance


                      I started reading, not commenting, soon after that. I was first banned in May.

                      Remember, please that I was a blog dummy, in a sense. I did make comments at political sites, not exactly blogs. I did make a lot of posts at HP to support George.

                      When did you first post at CTH and how do you know so much about SD?

                    • I have not left CTH, nor was I banned even though I pretty well disagreed with their take on MOM and expressed that as the occasion warranted. However, after I made my point, I let it go at that and did not respond in kind to ad hominems.

                      A few of the moderators seemed somewhat thin-skinned but I believe they have to put with a lot of bs from trolls and others from a different viewpoint who wish to disrupt the site. We don’t see any of that.

                      I drifted over to CTH because of the Zimmerman case. I think I started out at JustOneMinute, then I went to another site (whose name I can’t remember) but the guy did a great job with aerial mapping and then he kind of faded and there were referrals to CTH.

                      The initial circumstances surrounding the tragedy and GZ’s actions afterwards were those of an innocent person, or at least, a person who had acted innocently. I was amazed at the amount of good factual sleuthing that was unearthed at the CTH venue. D-man, Rumpole, Waltherppk on the phones, Chip with his engineer’s view on matters, and many others – and there was Sundance who was packaging the topics in a way that was useful for drifters into the site.

                      But at its core CTH is a website with a very determined POV, and therefore, a free-flowing non-polemical discussion is not necessarily compatible at times over there.

                      They raise important issues in a useful manner.

                      I am thankful to Nettles for providing this venue where these issues can be discussed in a less rancorous atmosphere.

                    • Hooson1st, I have always appreciated your insights and feedback.

                      A number of times you challenged me or other posters (who may have reached a questionable conclusion) to reevaluate.

                      If the argument or opinion is solid it will stand up to questions and scutiny. As a result, I got in the habit of trying to predict what your observations may be and I think it led to better formulated comments.

                      Thank you for not walking away. With some commenters, they got personal and rude with you but you never reacted to it. You always stayed polite and stuck to issue in responding.

                      Thanks for hanging in there and thanks so much for participating here.

                    • Jordan disregard the first link I gave @ 9:50. copied the wrong link.
                      hooson, Yes the CTH has an agenda. I find it dishonest to allow readers to believe the POV of the admins. is everyones view. However, it easy for anyone with strong political view points to see the website is heavily moderated to make tge POV more appealing. But what about those seeking a new political viewpoint? It is hypocrisy to bitch about MSM, and BGI when your own website plays the same intellectually dishonest game!
                      I prefer to be all around honest patriot.

      • Yes, it entirely possible for Corey to believe in what she is doing and in her approach to the facts of the GZ/TM tragedy

        The pro-active prong of any legal matter has a tendency to select the facts and evidence that support the issue they are advancing in court. If the facts and the evidence are lacking, that does not necessarily stop them. They will interpret selected facts and evidence in a manner that would seem to support their position. They will also ignore, minimize, or explain away facts that erode or destroy their case.

        Once the case is in court, matters may degrade to where it becomes “game on”. While theoretically, there is a search for “truth” somewhere in the process, the game-playing often takes precedence, particularly, in high-profile and controversial cases. The game playing is not always the domain of the prosecutors. Very often it is the province of the defense. It all depends on the particulars of the case.

        The GZ/TM criminal proceedings are a casebook example of prosecutorial overreaching and trying to make some evidence, selected out of context, support an untenable conclusion.

        The most egregious example is the prosecution’s search for “expert” testimony to support the untenable assertion that voice crying for help was that of Trayvon Martin.

        In these types of cases, the prosecution is many times (unwittingly) aided by sloppy police work, which creates room for doubt, which can then be twisted against the defendant. In this case, the prosecution was aided in its ability to go forward by the unwillingness of the Martin/Fulton family to cooperate with the investigators.

        However, for this case, the initial fact of the confrontation, an armed individual and an unarmed individual, the unarmed individual having been killed, is dispositive for many many people who would otherwise look objectively at the underlying facts and the law.

    • WHY didn’t the interviewer ASK Corey what the other 1 MILLION CITIZENS of Fla. that have concealed weapons permits think when they leave their home packing heat? Corey couldn’t possibly have known what GZ was thinking, another stupid statement from a State Prosecutor that doesn’t know when she better shut her mouth as she is digging herself a deeper hole.

      MOM/West need to bitch slap Corey into reality, sooner rather than later. She surely isn’t afraid of another law suit apparently.

      • She is entitled to flap her jaws as she wants.

        MOM/West will take the best measure available to them.

        It is not their responsibility, nor within their capability to follow her around and monitor everything she says.

        Unlike some, they have to and will deal within what is allowed under law and as circumstances suggest.

        Each has a law practice to run and expenses to pay. A big enough chunk of their life has already been invested in this case.

        As for that interviewer, it is too much to expect. Now, if Mr.Cashill could bag a Corey interview, that would be an interview

  8. “It is obvious, at least to me, we never would have known of this incident were it not for the other students on the bus recording the beatdown.”

    Other students recorded? The video I’ve seen is not from any student rather driver perspective bus camera.

    • freegz ~

      “It is obvious, at least to me, we never would have known of this incident were it not for the other students on the bus recording the beatdown.”

      What is the source of this quote? Thanks . . .

  9. I have been doing some searches today and one item I researched for immunity for George and what it would mean to him in addition to being immune to civil suits and any further criminal charges. I am still not exactly sure why O’Mara has not filed for immunity yet but I have a hunch about his strategy.

    It is pure speculation but I think it’s mostly timing relative to other issues, the NBC suit and others not yet filed.

    So far, I have not found any logical and/or consistent opinions. That is absurd to me since the law should be easy to understand about what can happen when a defendant is found to be not guilty by a jury of his peers. In OJ’s case in CA, the law is plain and simple. He had no protection from civil suits.

    I saw this comment by Branca:

    The next legal issue will likely center on Florida’s self-defense immunity statute, 776.032, he said. (The immunity provision was passed as part of the “Stand Your Ground” law.)

    While Mr. Zimmerman’s defense lawyers elected against seeking immunity before trial, they have said they will do so should he face a private lawsuit related to Trayvon Martin’s death, Mr. Branca noted.

    Then I read the statute again:

    Florida’s statute 776.032, is among the broader self-defense immunity statutes, in that it possesses all four qualities of an optimal statute of this type.

    First, it is not limited to particular settings or circumstances (e.g., such as to self-defense encounters in and around one’s home).

    Second, it prohibits even the arrest of the person who acted in self-defense, in the absence of probable cause for such arrest.

    Third, it immunizes against criminal as well as civil liability.

    And, fourth, it provides for the defendant who successfully obtains immunity to recover all reasonable legal expenses (and, in the case of Florida, even compensation for lost income) from the plaintiff.

    Notice the fourth one..

    Some analysts have said that he can recover his legal fees and other damages by seeking immunity and others say no so I have yet to find the correct answer.

    I would love some input/feedback about this post.

    • This is the issue that this humble ole salt thinks will send the naysayers over the edge possibly further than the acquittal because any sort of “restitution” will immediately be labled as “profiting” off of saint skittles death by the race pimps and their sheep

        • ME: It is pure speculation but I think it’s mostly timing relative to other issues, the NBC suit and others not yet filed. ======================
          That is what I meant by “others not yet filed”

          A win for George could send a lot of folks scurrying to settle. And I am not referring only to the media.

          If the BGI cannot see this coming….. expect and accept it.. well.. you can finish the sentence.

          Even they know that money has always been the motivation in this case. They cannot win every time.

          • hooson1st ~ I think you are correct in your assessment of the cost of doing business. Just as the rabid frothing at the mouth hate spewing lies Nancy Grace gets away with without ever having evidence in some cases, especially convicting the Duke Lacrosse players BEFORE the scam was exposed to the public, Nancy Grace’s FALL from Grace cost CNN a lot!

            Nancy Grace harassed & screamed on air at a young woman, Melissa Duckett, mother of a missing little boy in Fla. NG accused her of harming her child, berated her on air for the full hour & Melissa Duckett COMMITTED SUICIDE, of course there was no evidence the mother harmed the child & to this day, the child has never been found. Some think the child is alive, some think he is dead, but no one knows what happened or the circumstances.

            Melissa Duckett’s family sued NG & WON a Judgement, of course NG wanted everything sealed in that case EVEN THOUGH NG has enjoyed the Sunshine Laws that have provided information for her TV show.

            NG hasn’t changed her venomous attacks of guest & accusatory attitude since a Judgement was won for the Duckett family, it is as you said, “the cost of doing business.”


            • Except for that one case, I have not seen any others in which suits were ever brought against her and her constant slandering others. She operates with impunity.

      • YOU: This is the issue that this humble ole salt thinks will send the naysayers over the edge/

        I am looking forward to it.

        It is only logical to expect George to recover damages. Anyone who has gone through his ordeal should be “entitled” to something so that he can at least protect himself.

        I have always found fault with a legal system that does not provide defendants the same resources and quality lawyers as the prosecution. AZ does it but we sure as hell do not.

        Then there is the not guilty verdict. Realistically, shouldn’t the person, at a minimum, be restored to his previous station in life? Why not? How does one get his life back?

    • jordan2222 – imo, GZ is lucky he was not convicted, although the evidence wasn’t there to prove guilt, another jury could have just as easily have convicted him, it is at the total discretion of a jury to find guilt or innocence, KC’s jury NEEDED a video of the murder, they were caught up in the CSI effect. There was more than enough evidence to convict KC from Legal Expert opinions to the trial Judge, Chief Judge Belvin Perry, but KC walked on a murder charge, no one gets their life back or money back..

      KC, OJ, GZ, Adam Kaufman ALL were found NOT Guilty by a jury of their peers, BUT, many will never feel they are INNOCENT which is different than NOT GUILTY. Freedom sadly is defined by society, imo. Is it fair? HELL NO, but it’s life & juror decisions determine how those that are freed are treated by society.. Not Guilty means the person was not found guilty of the crime, but it doesn’t mean innocent in which MANY before GZ have found. imo, OJ & KC were both guilty of murder but a jury didn’t agree, it is ONLY the juries opinion that matters.

      You are consumed with the injustices of GZ’s trial because, apparently, it’s the ONLY CASE you have followed closely & witnessed the injustices. What about Adam Kaufman’s case in your very state that happened just last year? A Kaufman WORKED hard for his money that he used to pay for his defense, the million dollars, his total life savings was used to pay his defense attorney’s PLUS ALL the experts he had to pay for IN ADDITION to his attorney’s, PLUS ALL his living expenses. GZ NEVER PAID a dime for 2 great attorneys, experts, NOR did GZ pay for his living expenses, all were paid by others. Adam Kaufman PAID ALL THOSE EXPENSES, he too should NOT HAVE BEEN CHARGED, the Prosecutors were WORSE than Corey/BDLR, & his life has been ruined. The legal system is BIGGER than the injustice to GZ, this case is unique to you in that you have followed it as MANY first time followers of high profile cases. MANY injustices have existed forever for the innocent & many didn’t have the advantages of a paid defense that GZ had NOR were their living expenses ever paid, something I have NEVER seen before in a case.

      Life isn’t fair Jordan, you know that, CONSIDER ALL the cases you didn’t bother with in which Prosecutors persecuted the innocent, just as the Aiensburg Case I have brought up to you which was ALSO in your State, Fla. Sabrina A.’s parents will always live under the umbrella f suspicion for murdering their child INSPITE of being awarded 1.5 million for their legal fees paid for by State of Fla. for the corruption & false evidence manufactured by Fla. Prosecutors against them. Is that fair?

      Everyone involved in a murder case loses, whether they are found NOT Guilty or Guilty, that’s the facts of life.

      • I have followed all of the cases you mention.

        Bottom line of my post is I like how AZ pays for a defense. My interest now is the cost of George’s defense, who have never been paid and whether or not they can recover that from the state. I bring it up because I have heard both yes and no.

    • Jordan, I want to answer your question about immunity. You say;

      “I have been doing some searches today and one item I researched for immunity for George and what it would mean to him in addition to being immune to civil suits and any further criminal charges. I am still not exactly sure why O’Mara has not filed for immunity yet but I have a hunch about his strategy.”

      MOM has not filed for immunity because he does not need to at this point. There are no civil actions against GZ pending. The trial took care of the Criminal charges and double jeopardy protects GZ from any criminal proceeding for this event.

      If a lawsuit is filed by TM’s family it will be at that point when MOM will seek and should obtain immunity, in which case TM’s family will have to pay for any expenses incurred by MOM to defend GZ against that lawsuit. But such a motion only becomes necessary IF, a lawsuit is filed against GZ, which I doubt will ever be, by the family. The time limit for such lawsuit is narrowing, right now they have 6 months left to file a suit.

      This is separate from the lawsuits GZ filed against NBC or anyone else in the future which are actions instituted in GZ’s behalf and not against him. So any damages and fees GZ might recover by filing for immunity will be for any civil action against him and not for the trial, but the cost to defend himself in a new action.

      • Bori

        My question is about the cost of his defense in the criminal trial

        Some analysts have said that he can recover his legal fees and other damages by seeking immunity and others say no so I have yet to find the correct answer.

    • Jordan, I’ve seen you ask this question a few times. I think your confusion is that you’re thinking of the
      just-concluded-trial when you talk about defense costs being paid for by the prosecution. IANAL, but I think “immunity” refers to a civil suit. If immunity is granted, the defense gets their costs paid for – the costs incurred by defending against the civil suit by raising the immunity motion. And that’s why they aren’t going for immunity right now, because there is no civil suit.

      In other words, when someone tells you, “no, the defense costs aren’t paid for”, they’re referring to the just-concluded-trial. When they tell you, “yes, the defense costs would be paid for”, they’re referring to a future civil trial.

      …..assuming my understanding is correct….

      • My questions arose as a result of what I now know to be faulty information. Sorry but I just wanted to know what was correct. The origin was the immunity issue which heated up at the CTH during pretrial There were different opinions about it and one was the recovery of defense costs.

    • IIRC, when O’Mara spoke at the Tiger Club he told the audience of lawyers he wasn’t finished with the motion for sanctions. He was going to review the entire trial and ensure that all the issues got addressed. I’d imagine that will take some time.

      Also, has he had any time off since taking the case since April 11, 2012. I’d imagine his entire legal team needed some much needed time to regroup. With the pace the Judge insisted on, both Don and Mark looked to have lost weight to me and they both looked tired as hell in the interviews following the verdict.

      I hope both are able to also get some time away from this case and come back refreshed and ready to clean up the justice system so we don’t see a repeat when defendants go before other courts in Florida.

    • I believe it is pure lawyer strategy. First the unheard sanction motions should be heard, if they are denied, then appealed, as when civil suits are filed their is a stronger back drop to civil suits. As for when the motions will be heard I do not know. Not sure if anyone heard anything. Hopefully soon, as all this would benefit Shellies case. One has to understand their are a team of civil and criminal attys. most likely working together on this. When to better file is prolly contingent on many things.

  10. lmao leatherturd finally admits he wants to be paid for his crappy blog: We thank everyone for their donations. Although the financial situation has improved, we remain uncomfortably close to the brink. If you can afford to and have not already done so, please take a few minutes to make a donation.
    Producing articles every day and maintaining this blog requires substantial time and effort. We do not expect to get rich, but we do want to be reasonably compensated for our work.

    • What some call “the next Trayvon Martin case” – a white guy who wound up shooting a black teen in Jacksonville after an argument that began with the latter and his friends playing loud music in an adjacent vehicle – falls into Ms. Corey’s jurisdiction. The Florida Civil Rights Association has called for the case to be taken out of Angela Corey’s hands, because they think after the Zimmerman case, she doesn’t have enough credibility to prosecute this one.

    • nettles – IDK that I agree with the tweet, those defendants convicted ALWAYS try to appeal, EVEN when they have excellent attorneys. No one wants to be convicted of a crime & always appeal even claiming they had “poor representation” during their trial when in fact many had excellent representation. It seems a catch all excuse & is nebulous or subjective to the defendant convicted.

      imo, it is the Judge that has more to do with appeals, Chief Judge Belvin Perry has been appealed once in his career & prides himself on the fact. Judge Nelson it seems doesn’t seem to care if she is appealed or not.

        • Nettles – Chief Judge Perry is very well respected & fair supervising over 75 other judges, HAD he been the Judge on GZ’s case, the Prosecutors would have been reprimanded & sanctioned just as Chief Perry sanctioned Baez during KC’s trial. Chief JP was always respectful to both sides, always allowed enough time for the State/Defense to present their arguments, and always reminded the court that KC was on trial for her life. I laughed, Chief Perry, AFTER the trial likened Baez to a “used car salesman saying the Prosecutors more than proved their case of murder.”

          imo, it’s the way EVERY Judge should conduct their court room, Judge Nelson was an insult,

          • I like Perry and followed that case closely. I still do not how Caylee died but I never believed it was murder. I am more inclined to think it was an accident and things quickly got out of control. Someone made a bad decision to not report it immediately.

  11. The NEXT TM Case imo, Sharpton/J Jackson are probably going after this case next.

    Grand Jury Decides Not to Charge Officer Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Youth in Bronx!



    The officer FOLLOWED the young man into his grand mothers house BECAUSE he looked “suspicious” & shot him in the bathroom when the young man reached for something, he was unarmed.

    • I guess that young man’s father never had “the talk” with him. Seriously, you keep your hands in view when a cop is thinking you may be doing something illegal. Rightly or wrongly and even for something as simple as a traffic stop. They work in a very dangerous profession and are understandably worried that a suspect might pull a gun on them.

      • coreshift – I was surprised to read that young officer pushed his way into the grand mothers home, this, imo, was overly aggressive when only searching for drugs. I didn’t think LE could do that for any reason UNLESS they had a warrant. imo, the 18 yr. old would have only been in possession of drugs, he had already been profiled by “narcotic agents” *& imo, this could have been handled differently. It wasn’t a life or death situation until the officer forced his way into the grand mothers home.

        I agree this is a dangerous profession, I agree that the young man should have shown his hands BUT I do think the officer is going to face other charges from the DOJ in this case.

        • IANAL, but I believe there are times when LE (and even emergency services) can enter a private home. For example if LE has reason to believe a crime is about to be committed. I don’t know what the limits are on that. Surely if they believe someone inside might be in danger.

          Did LE even know that the young man lived there? Maybe they thought he just entered a random apartment in order to escape LE. Something that could have put anyone that did live there in danger. Hostages, for example.

          I haven’t done a lot of research, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information at first glance.

          • coresift – I would think the family of the young man screaming at LE for being in their home would have been a major tip off to LE that the young man had a right to be there.

    • Perfect case for them, the city will probably settle for a large amount of money and the circumstances are fuzzy enough that it could be painted in such a way to make it look like anything. What I am curious about if after the families get a settlement do they pay some sort of fee to Sharpton or Dbl. J?

      Speaking of the Rev. Jackson, he made a statement regarding 135 unarmed black men that were shoot and killed by Cops, security guards or vigilantes and I a found the source of that comment to be a website called Malcolm X Grassroots Organization. The site actually claims the number to be 313 “extra judiciary” killings is how they phrased it. But included in this list are people that died in car accidents, people that were killed in shoot-outs with police or people that were defending themselves from attack. The 135 are the cases cops, security guards, vigilantes (white people) were involved the rest are all black on black. But even in the 135 there are black cops and security guards included in those numbers.

      For the Rev. Jackson to quote such a bad statistics only punctuates the absence of a real issue. I mean if a cop answering a call hits a car that failed to yield properly and the occupant is black and cop is white how is that proof of racial, discriminatory or bias in the part of anyone but himself.

      • boricuafudd – this family has attorneys already as it said they are “suing” & Sharpton nor J Jackson was mentioned thus far to be involved, but hell, the days not over yet. imo, this family will be awarded a big settlement in this death from the government.

        I too wonder where the money comes from that goes directly to J Jackson/Sharpton. I know Sharpton draws monies from the “Action” group or something to that effect & MSNBC. imo, the family of TM & Crump probably promised the duo money from TM’s case as they thought big monies were coming, but hopefully, that is a fleeting fantasy. I thought it was funny Dr. Alvedo King, MLK’s niece, spoke out about JJ & AS questioning their financial motives in the case since she stated there was “reasonable doubt” in TMs shooting & the jury was correct in their verdict.

        • Both of them have their own PAC’s through which any payments could be filtered through, if money awarded it could be disguised as a donation to their PACs.

          I am just wondering how much their services are worth, how large a “donation” would be required.

  12. The jury in the Whitey Bulger federal racketeering trial convicted him Monday of racketeering and conspiracy, finding he committed 11 murders as a Boston crime boss.


    tid bit: for anyone that has ever seen the movie, “The Departed,” Jack Nicholson’s character was based on the life of Whitey Bulger who was a murderer, but also continued his life of crime, violence & murder as an FBI informant.

    • Message, your foundation doesn’t have to do anything to be supported, after all you lost a child. Lying to the police? Just don’t tell the kids about that….oh, can you keep quiet too about how many mothers you are paying child support to, it might not be a good message to deliver to kids.

      Tracy, what is your advice to these kids should one of them become suspended from school? and if it happens a 2nd time? what about the 3rd suspension, Tracy, what would you tell the kids?

      • Wouldn’t that be remarkable, just tell the truth and do some good. Will never happen. I can’t believe there isn’t one ethical person in the administration of this school. Someone knows the back story behind this family and yet, they continue to foster the lies.

        • It is all about the ideology, just like some support Fidel Castro, Ho Chin Ming or Mao Zedong despite the abuses the ideology must be protected.

          A little over 2 weeks ago a former state Rep. Constance Howard in Illinois pleaded guilty of diverting money aimed at getting kids computers and other technologies for her personal use. It was not the first time she had been investigated but the first time that she had been charged. Her sentence 6 months in jail and 6 months of home detention but her attorney says this:

          “Michael Metnick, Howard’s attorney, said he will argue she should not spend any time in prison because of the “many wonderful, outstanding things” she did during her life.”

          So she might not serve a single day, but the ideology demands that she be given a pass as she did so many wonderful things for the Black community. Including stealing from their kids.

    • This is outrageous. If I were a parent w/a son on this team, I wouldn’t DONATE a FREAKING DIME to support the team, & raise hell w/the Coaches boss.

      Isn’t this a public university?

  13. Anyone else as offended as i am by the team “we are all trayvon martin”…..NO! we are NOT all Trayvon Martin. We are not a chronic drug user, we are not a chronic disciplinary problem, we are not a thief, we are not a misogynist, We do not seek stolen weapons, We do not have an obsession with street fighting, We do not have a blood lust, We do not commit unprovoked attacks strangers in their own neighborhoods!

  14. HBO Newsroom Deceptively Edits Zimmerman 911 Call as Part of Plot
    By Noel Sheppard | August 12, 2013 | 01:24

    In March 2012, NewsBusters reported NBC’s Today show deceptively edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it appear he was a racist.

    On Sunday, HBO actually had one of its primary characters on the series The Newsroom deceptively edit that call exactly the way NBC News did it (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

    Later in article:
    Certainly they were aware of what happened with NBC News’s edit, and that not only were people fired, but also Zimmerman is suing NBC News.

    Why would HBO want to inject itself into this issue with a lawsuit pending and the nation’s nerves still raw unless it was attempting to somehow vindicate NBC News for its negligence.

    Full article here… http://m.newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/08/12/hbo-makes-deceptive-editing-zimmerman-911-call-part-newsroom-plot

    • “attempting to somehow vindicate NBC News for its negligence”

      In the HBO plot, though, the news program immediately aired a correction when it realized the error… it seemed to me to be more of a condemnation of NBC’s not doing the same.

      IIRC, when questioned about why they never aired a retraction/correction, there was something said about how they felt it would hurt the credibility of the NBC news department… in other words, their reputation and ratings were worth more to them than a man’s life they put in jeopardy.

  15. Media Falls for Race Hoax? Swiss Clerk Brands Oprah a Liar


    Crap! I was an Oprah fan but she has ticked me off lately. Her comments about the Zimmerman case and the experience in Switzerland was very suspect when she has a movie coming out about racism.

      • Tina Turner was involved in the 2005 incident in which Oprah said she experienced racism at Hermes in Paris.

        Coincidentally, Oprah had a movie coming out then too.

        No worry slandering the sales clerk with this crap. I don’t know how she can do this to others with no proof other than her “feeling”.

    • nettles – I am no Oprah fan. Oprah fans the flames of racism, she has repeatedly had Jamie Foxx on to claim, “I liked staring in DJango because I got to kill white people.” She has on Chris Rock who forever makes fun of white people & calls black people “nigge?s” yet everybody laughs & Blacks get a pass on calling other black the N word, expecially from Oprah. Jamie Foxx & Samuel Jackson starred in “DJango” the N word more than 150 times, YET, that is ALL okay w/ Samuel Jackson & the others who starred in the movie. Samuel Jackson used to be one of my favorite actors, but since he said “I voted for Obama because he is a nigge?” I am disgusted w/him w/Hollywood & Oprah promoting the madness.. Orpah has said it is “acceptable for Black to call other black nigger?s.” Go figure!

      imo, this is the same mentality of the OJ jury, TRYING to make up for perceived social injustices from a hundred years ago.. Oprah thinks she has become an authority on everything from race relations to relationships, to Christianity, etc.

      TODAY the accusations AGAINST Paula Dean were dismissed on the racial accusations, her career is busted, her sponsors have dropped her BECAUSE a white woman claimed Paula Dean is racist & called her the “N word.” I am sick to death of all those freaks that liberals support.



      Paula Deen was SCREWED OVER by a paranoid society imo, this is ridiculous!

      • I love her simple cooking style and how we do not have to go China to find the ingredients in a recipe. I do hope someone will carry her show.

  16. My state of california rides again: SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California on Monday became the first state to enshrine certain rights for transgender K-12 students in state law, requiring public schools to allow those students access to whichever restroom and locker room they want.

    Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he had signed AB1266, which also will allow transgender students to choose whether they want to play boys’ or girls’ sports. The new law gives students the right “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities” based on their self-perception and regardless of their birth gender. http://news.yahoo.com/calif-governor-signs-transgender-student-bill-202457750.html

  17. Does the United States have one of these for each race? If so, why not just have one for excellence for all students? If not, why does one exist for only one race?


    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, to restore the country to its role as the global leader in education, to strengthen the Nation by improving educational outcomes for African Americans of all ages, and to help ensure that all African Americans receive an education that properly prepares them for college, productive careers, and satisfying lives, it is hereby ordered as follows:”


  18. Have the protesters left the Capital that were vowing to camp out there UNTIL something was done w/SYG? Did they get tired & go home, was the “NO FOOD RULE” after 5:30 to much for many to suffer through the evening w/no pizza? Did they grow tired of chanting the same songs & rhymes? Did the media grow bored with the non event?

    LMAO, I haven’t seen anything lately on their cause, has anyone else or did I miss the climax of the sit in?

    TIA friends.

      • I’m waiting for one of the puppetmasters to finally be honest about why they I are going after SYG so hard. I know the answer, its a discussion we had in my paralegal program. It’s the civil immunity clause they are after. Bottom line is SYG laws put personal injury lawyers out of business. Whats the common thread between Parks, Crump, Jackson, Rand, Modarres, John Phillips, and their cronies? High dollar high stakes personal injury lawyers.

        • http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2013/08/12/stand-ground-florida

          I suggest a committee of 3 blacks and 3 whites to sit down side by side and review the application of SYG here in Florida and put to rest all of the extreme distortions of what races have used it and who the law has benefited the most. A well recognized black opponent of the law should head the committee and then announce the results. If you have reviewed the Times information about each case, you might be surprised.

          Here’s where to start and you have numerous search options.


        • I agree. It’s the immunity clause they want changed. The law is designed to protect a person who acted in self-defense from going through a costly trial and getting sued by civil lawyers afterwards.

          Civil Lawyers have a financial stake in getting this law overturned and are using the George Zimmerman case to bring about that change.

      • coreshift – thanks, it’s good to see the media has lost interest & isn’t promoting their agenda as it seemed imo, they were before. LOL, we can always count on Natty Jack to promote their cause, I mean her cause.

      • TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — House Speaker Will Weatherford says that the Republican-controlled Legislature will vote no when it comes to holding a special session to deal with the state’s “stand your ground law.”

        Spurred by protesters at the Capitol a total of 32 Democratic legislators wrote to the Department of State asking for a special session.

        The protesters upset with the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial turned to legislators after Gov. Rick Scott refused to call a special session.

        An obscure law allows the Legislature to bypass the governor. But it takes a yes vote from three-fifths of the 160-member Legislature.

        Weatherford said once the poll results are final it will be time for protesters to leave the Capitol. Protesters have been at the Capitol for nearly a month.

        • http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20130725/POLITICSPOLICY/307250040/Home-grown-activists-Dream-Defenders-roots-FAMU-FSU?nclick_check=1

          “Agnew, 28 and a graduate of FAMU’s business school, quit a sales job with a pharmaceutical company in Charlotte, N.C., in May 2012 to devote himself to the nascent Dream Defenders. He is now employed by Service Employees International Union as a field organizer, the only member of the Dream Defenders who receives a salary, he said. ”

          “SEIU, which has actively supported numerous liberal causes, including the controversial voter-registration organization ACORN, is not the only group coming to the aid of the Dream Defenders. The Florida NAACP has provided support, as has the local branch, and the Advancement Project, a Washington, D.C.-based civil rights organization, has brought in an attorney and a communications director to assist Agnew and other leaders with the Dream Defenders. A number of local individuals also have stepped in to provide food and blankets for the all-night vigils on the concrete and marble floors of the Capitol.”

          The sheeple follow right along. I think the community organizer (coincidently originally from CHICAGO) accomplished what he set out to do. The democrats can now say they voted to have a special session and those obstructionist (republicans-racists) stopped it.

          “SEIU is sometimes referred to as the “purple ocean” at political events because of the union’s recognizable purple shirts. The union is also known for its Justice for Janitors program and strong support for Democratic candidates. It spent $28 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, making it the “organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.”


          See how the game is played. It’s not about SYG, never was. They are now campaigning to get more people registered to vote. It’s about the democratic vote.

  19. Jim Beasley. Sr. was a fascinating figure.


    I trust that those who will handle George’s case will follow his tradition. I no longer wonder about IF he will win. I think all that is left will be how much. I expect to see a flurry of activity by others as we near a settlement but would be surprised if money figures are ever revealed. Here’s hoping that we will be able to keep up with the proceedings as they happen. Maybe the Inquirer will do as they often done in the past.

  20. I think this poster did something brilliant – if we can’t use it, neither can they. It offends them when we use it – well, it offends US when THEY use it.


    She admitted, under oath, that she used the N-word (god, I hate that term) in the past. For all we know, it could have been w-a-a-a-a-y in the past.

    Not last week in a recording studio. Or in the food market, as I heard it repeatedly (almost incessantly) yesterday in a casual, loud conversation between two African American women sorting through the peaches. I asked them to please not use that word, and told them I found it offensive. The answer I got was “Oh, it’s ok. We can use it”. I replied “This isn’t about you – its about me. The word offends me, and I’m asking you to keep it down until I finish bagging my lemons”. They stopped, but if looks could kill, I would have been dead.

    also see http://johnwsmart.net/2013/07/15/creepy-corey-should-be-disbarred/

    • There was a time when people used that word and did not think of it as offensive. That word was almost always used among sharecroppers of both races.

      I remember all of the later discussions regarding how whites should refer to blacks. It was an evolving process and still is. I still wonder about what term I should use and not be offensive.

      My Mom always said colored people. Some said nigras and variations of it. Over the years, blacks themselves, have wanted us to use different terms. It is as if they have an identity crisis and I can actually understand that. Just think about all of those terms to see what I mean. Yet, they still refer to each using that word. So what does that tell you?

      When someone uses a hyphenation I am reminded of Teddy Roosevelt.


      So what term is accurate and acceptable?

      • Several years ago I began to do my family history and went to a family history center run by LDS. This is a small northeast Florida town. They provided a short instructional session regarding their resources. The instructer showed us a census from 1930 for the area. Matter of factly, she pointed out it showed head of household, wife, sons, daughters and a “lot of nigg**s” lived there. I was a little taken back, but realized, it was the way it was.

    • One year ago today, Mr. O’Mara held a presser outside his office to announce he was going to petition to get Judge Lester off the George Zimmerman case and to announce that the defense would be seeking a self-defense immunity hearing.

      Highlights of that presser are here courtesy of Rumpole’s work at Random Topics

  21. Now Oprah says sorry: Chat show queen says she regrets ever mentioning the racist handbag incident and insists it got blown up after Swiss sales assistant brands her a liar!

    The saleslady went on: ‘This is not true. This is absurd. I would never say something like that to a customer. Really never. Good manners and politeness are the Alpha and the Omega in this business.

    ‘I don’t know why she is making these accusations. She is so powerful and I am just a shop girl.

    ‘I didn’t hurt anyone. I don’t know why someone as great as her must cannibalize me on TV.

    ‘If it had all taken place as she claimed, why has she not complained the next day at the wedding of Tina Turner with Trudie Goetz, my boss? She was there also at the Turner wedding as a guest. I don’t understand it.


    Seems NOT EVERYONE believed Oprah, backlash seems to have caused her embarrassment.

      • Yep… she picked a flippant and foolish way to (backhandedly) promote the new movie at someone else’s expense. She may not have actually slammed the race card on the table, but by telling her “poor me” story, she made sure we all know she has the card up her sleeve.

          • A bit more from the TMZ piece that made me smile. Kudos to TMZ! I am glad they have the right take and a wee bit surprised they were so direct. Cool. —->


            “Oprah Winfrey says she’s kinda sorta “sorry” for the fallout that ensued after she told the media about a “racist” encounter at a purse store in Switzerland … saying, “I’m really sorry that it got blown up.”
            “Yeah, right.”

            “Problem is … O’s full of it. What did she think was going to happen when she went on national TV
            and cried racism? The media was just going to ignore that??”

    • All the upscale shops and boutiques in that area should show solidarity and collectively ban Oprah Winfrey from their premises…

  22. NOTE: ‘Newsroom’ is an HBO show based on a fictional news room using real events in their show.. Like ‘Law & Order,’ has always done, they took real stories on cases & altered them to fit an episode of Law & Order. The same has happened here on NBC ALTERING GZ’s tapes. I don’t see this as a bad things AS LONG AS GZ is not made to look villainous, but as the VICTIM.

    George Zimmerman: ‘Newsroom’ rips from headlines

    In the Zimmerman episode, Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill) acknowledged editing a Zimmerman call to police for time constraints.

    The series borrowed from the real-life story of Miami’s NBC station editing the Zimmerman call and deleting an operator’s question about the race of Trayvon Martin. In the real-life incident, two employees lost their jobs.

    On “The Newsroom,” anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) prepared to read a correction as the episode ended. What happens next? The next episode airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on HBO.

    Zimmerman has sued NBCUniversal Media, complaining that the “yellow journalism” in the editing made Zimmerman seem to be racist. Zimmerman placed the call shortly before fatally shooting Trayvon. NBCUniversal has acknowledged a mistake in production but said it never meant to portray Zimmerman unfairly. The suit also cites reporting on NBC’s “Today” and “NBC Nightly News.”


    Rick Scott-assigned state attorney finds domestic incident at home of top Angela Corey staffer not criminal


    It is interesting to me that Corey ask Gov Scott for an independent investigation into this smack down, but she didn’t ask for an independent investigator to investigate the whistle blowers claims against herself.

    What’s up with that? I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Attorney White requested an independent investigator from Gov. Scott too & I don’t think anything has come of it.

    just sayin………………

  24. Nettles/All

    May I ask a favor for research? I am trying to find the most recent phone records released that showed Chad’s calls to Trayvon/etc. Not sure if it was a state dump of evidence or what. I simply cannot find it anymore. Ty.

    • Chad called Martin’s phone 9 times beginning 5 minutes after the shooting. Each call went to voice-mail. The times are:
      •8:36 and again at 8:37
      •12:23 am

      He called and talked to Trayvon at 7:04 pm for 19 seconds.


      Chad testified his telephone number was 407-692-7801

      Tracy called once, about 30 minutes after Chad’s last call. Exact time 12:49:45am Feb. 27th Then he went to bed.

        • I agree. Chad must have been some tired getting up and going to school the next day when he was awake until after midnight trying to get in touch with Trayvon.

          As per this interview Tracy gave the Madison Times, the next morning he thought Trayvon had been arrested. This always struck me as odd. Why not call hospitals thinking an accident or something?

          Given Trayvon’s behavior and what Chad must have related to Tracy the prior night, Tracy thought Trayvon had been arrestedrTo report him as a missing person was Tracy’s 3rd call after he realized Trayvon wasn’t being held in juvenile justice or the police station.


          If Tracy thought his son had been arrested the night before he decided to go to bed and fish him out in the morning.

          • This is one aspect that will always bring MOM some criticism, the Defense did not go after some witnesses hard enough. There are obvious contradictions that were not address that could have shed some light on things. It did not matter at the end of the day, the Defense did not need them but addressing some of those would have perhaps mitigate and expose the Martin Family. At the very least it would open up some questions that the Martins don’t want ask or to answer.

            • I agree with that too. I’m not well versed in the rules of evidence but when Chad was called to the stand, the phone records weren’t in evidence.

              As I understand it, on cross, the lawyers have to stick to the areas questioned on direct. I’ll have to review the tape again but did John Guy question Chad about the calls after the shooting? If he didn’t, is Mr. O’Mara allowed to ask? Was he able to introduce Trayvon’s phone records on cross?

              If they had to call Chad as their witness to get these answers, I seem to recall most people were saying the defense didn’t need to put on any evidence and in most people’s mind the state didn’t prove their case. Some thought the defense was wasting time and was going to piss off sequestered jurors with testimony that wasn’t needed.

              Interesting to us who want answers but at the end of the day, enough was done to get the job done; an acquittal for George.

              Here is Chad’s testimony, let’s review it.

              • It is hard to interrogate a young person because you run the risk of coming across negatively, but there were just a couple of questions that I would have asked. How many times did you call him back, were you concerned that he did not return? I would also ask what time did Tracy come back and was he told that Trayvon had not returned and was not answering his phone?

                Since the prosecution had asked about his conversation with TM and the call backs, MOM could have asked for the phone records to entered into evidence and used them to refresh his memory. I also might have asked about what time he went to bed?

                Another thing that I had missed before, when it seem to me that he is not being completely truthful, he starts blinking repeatedly. But it wasn’t just Chad where some questions might have done some good, he also missed an opportunity with Tracy, though he did a much better job.

                • Why did they not call “He was on the porch and this man shoots him? Are you serious?” Brandi Greene? Also, watch the craig rivera fox news interview with Brandi and ‘little brother’ chad. Chad looks like he is trying not to crack up.

              • A defense attorney has to figure out his game plan, figure what the best angle for the defense, and not get distracted by enticing, but ultimately distracting, angles in the case he is representing.

                MOM/West made it clear early on that their (defense) theory of the case was focused on a narrow bit of time from the moment that Trayvon confronted Zimmerman, to the moment of the fatal shooting.

                Delving into the whole convoluted Martin/Fulton family dysfunction was a constant temptation, one that MOM/West avoided. First of all, it would drain attention away from the defense’ game plan. Secondly, as it turned out, MOM/West barely had enough time to put together a proper defense given all the games being played by the prosecutors, and which games where abetted by very helpful rulings from the court.

                Assuredly, and not just with witness Chad, MOM can think of other questions he should have and could have asked along the way. That is part of what happens.

                I think that MOM/West greatest contribution to George is that they handled this case in a manner that deflated the very racial tensions that Crump and Co were seeking to exploit and benefit from. This aspect, certainly, was in tune with the type of person that George Zimmerman was/is in private life.

                • Great post. This makes the most sense “MOM/West made it clear early on that their (defense) theory of the case was focused on a narrow bit of time from the moment that Trayvon confronted Zimmerman, to the moment of the fatal shooting. ”

                  I just was baffled because, to me, it felt like the fix was in and I didn’t have any confidence in a jury or the fact that holder wasn’t going to rip ‘Judge Nelson’s face off and reveal himself before he opens up the trap door to hell for George. This is why I am glad I am not a lawyer.

      • TY, Nettles. I recall (or so I thought) seeing a post about this on D’man’s blog but would never have found it again.

        You reference the madison times article, and I recall you are the one who is responsible for me knowing about it. So I am curious, do you recall any info on when the scene cleared up? I know the police report shows the ‘closure’ at around 3 AM. Was there a chance that even if Tracy got home at 12:30 + AM (I Thought he also once said 10:30 pm) and there was yellow tape?

        It would, as has been said before, explain the juvie concept but I wonder if anything tangible exists that says “This crime scene didn’t go away til x PM or y AM”. Ty.

      • Was there not pings on cell towers Omara/ West lead onto that may be available that were never released? They were not needed for the criminal trial per se, but torward the end MOM and West focused on what yet was not released in the investigation that perhaps someone had released like say….someone who was fired after testifying? Will it ever be released maybe say during a civil trial and that is why some were absent for the verdict? Does the Scheme think they can shake them like the HOA? I think SD and Co. are afraid of GZ and SZ making a deal that SD can never buy an FOIA on.

  25. I still wonder if Trayvon had 2 people on the phone with him since Rachel mentioned “We would have 3 way talks with France” (Something to that effect). One of her last interviews. But that’s a rabbit hole we should avoid… 😉

    Ty, again, guys.

    • Hi jordan. There are multiple ways to join/or comment on threads these days. Refresh often, delete cookies and history, and download another browser besides IE, also it is best not to keep everything in email as the gov. collects everything on a hard drive. You can overwrite stuff as long as you keep collecting more to overwrite. You read all these blogs, you should know how you can better communicate by now. Sorry. Honesty got the best of me.

      • Thanks and sorry but that was not my point. The site loads lightning fast for me in Firefox in Snow Leopard, regardless of comments. Even Safari is pretty good. I do not store comments in email but use it to read new comments. I immediately delete them after I read the comment. Wading through a few hundred comments on the thread itself is a chore if you rely strictly on finding them at the site itself.

        There seems to be no solution to another issue I have in that links at the bottom of a comment do not appear in my email so I have to go to thread itself and look through all of the comments to find it because the comment is often a reply to a comment made much earlier. I do not have this issue with other WP sites.

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