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August 13, 2013

One year ago today, Mr. O’Mara held a presser outside his office to announce he was going to petition the higher court to remove Judge Lester from the case.

I was beginning to doubt Mr. O’Mara in July 2012 that he may put his need to deal with this judge in the future ahead of the advocacy of his client, George Zimmerman.

I was elated to hear this news a year ago. Little did we know that exacly 11 months later, we would be listening to the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. NOT GUILTY.

Thank you to Rumpole for recording the highlights from the August 13, 2012 presser.  Also discussed, the intention to motion for a self-defense immunity hearing and the news that the defense was ready to start taking depositions.

In January/February 2013, we would listen to Judge Nelson tell the defense that they wasted time in not doing depositions since the arrest in April 2012.


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    • SHOUT OUT TO MICHELLE OBAMA! This ISN’T A NEW CONCEPT but a COPIED IDEA from educators! Teachers have been using these devices for years & children have learned from the EXISTING COOL Videos/Cassettes available for classrooms forever. This is a HUGE existing industry for educators, I guess this is WHY Michelle Obama copied the concept w/her hip hop videos.

      Existing VIDEOS of children EXERCISING & LEARNING have been available for teachers, PE Teachers, & Adaptive PE Teachers to use as teaching/learning devises for years. Its a lot of fun, especially w/small children, when they have to hop in place 8 times for example while counting to cool music or make circles with their arms. Everything is geared to cool music to learn by & dancing is incorporated. Children seem to absorb music & learning & enjoy it as opposed to drilling some children on facts, their attention spans may be too short but they enjoy singing & moving/exercising.

      I have used a “RAP Math Cassette” in which the multiplication was taught through rhymes or rap to cool music one year that I had an “EBD class,” (emotional, behavior disorder students,) it works! I have used the Addition & Subtraction on some students that had trouble remembering facts, but could remember a song, just as RAFFI had multiple songs of the days of the week, the months of the year, holidays for families, holiday songs for learning forever, since my children were small & my daughter is now 30 yrs. old. And NOT to be overlooked, Sesame Street has been at it before I had children of my own & as far as I know, is still around today.

      • I remember when I was a kid in the late 70’s, early 80’s, afternoon and Saturday TV would have these little “infomercials”, if you will. Some may remember the one about the bill getting signed into law- “I’m just a bill, sitting here on Capital Hill…”. One such infomercial had children singing and dancing with cheese, fruit, and vegetables. It was an effort to teach kids good nutrition. I also remember in P.E. classes doing little song & dance routines- “I’m a Healthy Little Nut- I Don’t Want To Have a Big Gut…I Eat My Spinach, Peas and Tomatoes; I can Bend and Touch My Little Toes…”
        So Yeah, Michelle, You’re no wonder brain. In fact, I believe if we put her brain in a gnats rear end, it would fly backwards. 😉

    • I tend to pay more attention to what Obama does, then what he says. So far he has sold more guns then the NRA. Keep him talking!

      • I agree – whether examining his past, or predicting his future behavior, always watch his actions, not his words. And speaking of his words, during his first selection and term, everyone was using the term “WORM” – “What Obama Really Meant” – when his people would go out and try to spin his latest foot in mouth… lol

      • Not so fast Aussie. When the Ocare lawsuit was before the SC, Chief Justice was forced to rewrite the portion of the passed law to call the “fee” for individuals a “tax.” The legislature can only mandate taxes, but not fees. Nancy Pelosi shortle after the SC decision said affirmed that the individual mandate was in fact a fee rather than a tax. Roberts, in his questioning of the lawyers arguing for or against, admitted that there is no vehicle to insure that individuals would be in fact taxed for not buying health insurance as the only way they can punish individuals is if they have overpaid on their annual tax bill. They have no method to go back to the individuals to collect their monies unless they can with hold some or all of your refunds.

        What the hel1 ever happened to private food donations, and private donations to charity? Bloomberg banned any private food donations in NY because they couldn’t provide the nutritution information with what they donated. I promise soup kitchens across NY were closed down because the private donations, from private individuals were banned. Food donations in NY were banned, please read that again.

        Since Chief Justice John Roberts has shown his hand, and that he is a willing participant in what could only be considered a position of extra-constitutional, or that the American Constitution should be a living breathing document, there is no tell on how Roberts will rule in the future. Obama is trying very hard to stack the SC with those that hold his political philosophy, as well as the appelate and federal courts where he can make appoints.

        Obama has been very invol;ved in the Trayvon Martin case. Doesn’t that even give a little pause here for those that believe the justice system has been co-opted and corrupted by the Obama admin. Didn’t Michelle Obama also make some statements about the Trayvon/Zimmerman case?

        • None of what you write has anything to do with interfering with your second Amendment.

          What you should be looking at is how the Court decided in recent cases. The one that springs to mind is the one involving Chicago and the Illinois legislature. It was decided in that case that it was unconstitutional to ban concealed carry.

          Stick to the points and do not bring up issues that are not related to this particular subject.

          I can totally agree the Supreme Court is all over the place. I have one question, what is on the dirt file for John Roberts?

          • Is the Trayvon Martin case all about the gun rights issue? Has the Obama admin made the entire Taryvon case into a gun rights issue? Yes, they have. That has everything to do with the second amendment issues?

        • Aussie, if you are talking about the McDonald case, that just affirmed the rights of people to have guns for self-defense but it also re-affirmed the States rights to restrict access, just no outright ban or undue restrictions that could become a de facto ban.

    • You realize that’s the site that broke the story about Chuck Norris biting off one of Ted Nugent’s fingers in a men’s room, right?

      It was about a month or two ago when they ran it.

      Remember how all the big news networks picked up the story?

      Yeah, me neither.

      So, does that mean the story is being covered up?

      Or does it say something about the reliability of anything else on that site?

  1. I would like to pick your brain Nettles. LOL From what I’ve read Canada has some sort of Employment Equity laws. Don’t know, don’t live in Canada. What I would like to know, from you as someone in charge of the personnel department, do you have affifmative action requirements? If you have an Asian for exmple, this is so well qualified for the job, that you have to pass him over because there are alreadfy enough Asians in the company. Does Canada support policies that promote racial and/or gender polices in their employment laws. That is the law of the land here in the US as I’m sure you know. It happens in universities, big businesses, and in most every area in the US. Do you agree with that?

    • We have an employment equity act that is federally regulated. It applies to banks, government, railroads, telecommunications, airlines, etc.

      I work for a privately owned manufacturer and we are provincially regulated so the employment equity act doesn’t apply to us.

      The EEA, requires federally regulated employers to ensure that hiring opportunities and benefits do not cause a barrier for the designated group. There are 4 groups that are covered, women, aboriginals, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

      The employers covered have to insure and make reasonable accommodation to remove any barriers in their workplace that might prevent someone from the designated group from getting the job. Anyone who feels an employer didn’t do that can file a complaint and have it looked at. Employers are not required to have a quota of all groups but it would be suspect if all top management is white males and an investigation into the promotion practices could be launched. http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/e-5.401/page-1.html#h-2

      My company is provincially regulated and we have a pay equity act that compares male dominated jobs with female dominated jobs. Each female dominated job must be compared to an equivalent male dominated job and the pay must be equal for both jobs. This was first done in the late 80s and a number of women saw increases in their pay to catch up the their male counterparts. It’s not perfect but it’s so much closer today than it was then.

    • I don’t agree with affirmative action. IMO, it just changes the group that is being discriminated against.

      It’s best to set policies that challenge us to ensure bias is taken out of the hiring/promoting decisions.

    • I’ve read the article and it’s a great summary. One point though. The petition created on March 9th did not appeal to Angel Corey to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. The petition got taken over by the parents at some point and revised. No one would have been addressing Angela Corey until after March 22nd when the Governor appointed her to the case.

  2. Noticeably absent today from PASSING Judgment on GZ, SYG or gun laws & what the public should be doing for TM’s cause, will be Jesse Jackson Sr. J Jackson’s Sr.’s CORRUPT & CONVICTED son Jesse Jackson Jr. will be sentenced today for STEALING $ 750,000.00 of campaign funds that he used for personal use buying such items as Rolex watches & furs for his wife, Sandra, who too is to be sentenced. Jr. was forced to resign his congressional seat & Politicians wonder why American citizens so jaded w/Government officials.

    WILL JUSTICE be done for Jesse Jackson Jr., will he be sentenced to the same equality that you or me would receive a sentence if we were found guilty of a crime? Ironically J Jackson Sr. is always SCREAMING about the injustices done to TM or AA Americans, what about the INJUSTICES to GZ & the INJUSTICES for the supporters that donated money to J Jackson’s Sr.’s CRIMINAL SON?

    Jr. has ask for the CUSHIEST of prisons to do his time in, WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED TODAY for the American people on this family of grifters! I pray so. I want this POS to do the maximum.



  3. Federal prosecutor in Texas under scrutiny for Facebook posts on Trayvon Martin, Obama

    The Beaumont Enterprise reports that John Craft, an assistant U.S. attorney in Beaumont, Texas, posted private Facebook comments in response to an item supporting “stand your ground” laws. The post referenced the case of the Florida teenager killed in a confrontation with George Zimmerman, who was later acquitted.

    The post reportedly said: “How are you fixed for Skittles and Arizona watermelon fruit cocktail (and maybe a bottle of Robitussin, too) in your neighborhood? I am fresh out of ‘purple drank.’ So, I may come by for a visit. In a rainstorm. In the middle of the night. In a hoodie. Don’t get upset or anything if you see me looking in your window…kay?”


    you just have to laugh, everybody has an opinion, this guy should have known this could be traced back to him.

      • Well duh. He was speaking for himself! It is called THE FIRST AMENDMENT.
        There was another gentlemen a who was suspended awhile back, for like comments. He won on 1st Amendment grounds and was reinstated. No Presidential Admin. prior to Obama has brought so many anti–constitutionalists to the forefront. It took an empty suit, a limited community organizer from Chicago to show the rest of the world and Progs. here on our home soil, the CONSTITUTION IS NOT FLUID. It is here to stay, much like the bible so many people wanted to destroy, it has survived, is strong and alive! A fabric is woven and to remove a traditional stitch it all falls apart. Send these progs. abroad if they want so much change. They have no clue how good and free they have it. They take who died in vain for what we have. They should be reminded. This Asst. Atty. Is exerting the very right he is chastizing. Pot meet kettle! I say we do a little Clock work Orange rehab.

        For the record, waterboarding is a useful tool Obama. Perhaps a few progs. are terrorizing this great nation taking the very fabric that all our veterans fought and died for to build and give your a$$ the empty seat you so tried to fill and failed. But Thanks for bringing the Progs. out of the woodwork. It is about all the good you have done for this Country! 2016 is our turn!

    • Should we fear what we say for a position we hold for something we believe in? Are we now turning into a Muslim or Chinese nation, were we must fear a loss for speaking against the gov. we work for? It begins to make me believe the government is discriminating. It appears we are all slaves once you can not speak your mind especially if you work for Uncle Sam.

  4. O’Mara will have a great opportunity to expose all of the facts in the case when he writes his book. I am looking forward to it and hope he will not hold back so we will will all know the truth. I doubt, however, it will appease a certain group who do not like him.

    I suspect Cashill’s will also be revealing about things not yet confirmed. It will be available October 29 but I do not think it covers the trial or the verdict unless he updates it before publication.


    f I Had A Son is a thrill-packed David and Goliath story, the ending of which is still not known.

    Who else is most likely to write a book? I think there are quite a few others.

    Would Corey, BLDR or Guy dare write one?

  5. justthefactspls posted comments at the CTH that Mark O’Mara is no longer George’s atty. I believe that this same person, who I’ve read is Sondra Osterman’s mother also claimed that the phone found at the scene was not Trayvon’s, but belonged to some young girl that had no knowledge of Trayvon Martin. I think that was disproven by the guy who said that Trayvon’s phone was a part of Sybrina’s plan, and the phone records seem to back up that the phone TM was using was not some throw away phone that was speculated on by some.

    O’Mara said that he is not done with that motion, meaning the sanctions motion, and that he is not done with Angela Corey yet. He indicated that George can fight for compensation from the state. I also believe that he is a part of the Beasley lawsuit against NBC, and eventually other media outlets. O’Mara was always very aware that the media did all it could to destroy George Zimmerman. I somehow doubt he would be fired by George, when there is still so much in the hopper just waiting for the appropriate time to strike. Why would George fire an atty. that helped win him an acquittal? That doesn’t even make any sense, unless you are a follower of the Pied Piper SD.

    • My understanding is exactly the same as yours in regards to future work on George’s behalf by Mr. O’Mara.

      We know that as of two weeks ago, July 31st the legal team was being asked to comment on George’s stop by police and they said they’d be working for his safety.

      I don’t suppose the person (who I believe to be Sondra’s Mom or step-Mom) provided any proof that O’Mara was fired?

      I agree it doesn’t make sense so until I see proof, it goes on the garbage pile of unfounded accusations.

      • No Nettles, no proof at all. Just a simple statement that O’Mara is no longer GZ’s lawyer. Since there is still alot of unfinished business for George and Shellie, I would have to believe that the Osterma’s, all of them, are not in the loop with any information from the Zimmerman’s or anyone from the defense team. IMO Mark and Sondra did more damage to George’s case then they did good with the book and/or the Dr. Phil interview. I hated what they said about Gladys.

        • That justforfacts person showed up at the treehouse to sell her kids’ book. She stuck around and appears to squarely blame Mark O’Mara for the kids lack of contact with George.

          I squarely blame writing a book and getting the facts mixed up, but that’s just me.

          • The Osterman situation is a good example why a defense lawyer, depending on the case, wants to control the information flow. The Osterman’s, clearly well-meaning, did not help matters, but fortunately had a short shelf life for the minimal effect it had on pr matters. The tsunami effect of the Crump and Co efforts sucked all the pr oxygen that was out there.

            It was frustrating for many GZ supporters to sit through watching Crump, Natalie and their road show and see no tit for tat response from the defense team. But the bottom line for the defense was, pick your battle, what’s your game plan? Stick to it.

            • I believe what is meant by the comment that O’Mara is no longer George’s attorney is that he is a criminal defense attorney, and George was aquitted of criminal charges. I doubt O’Mara would continue to be on retainer for George in his civil suits. As I underestood things, O’Mara was helping the Beasly firm with the NBC suit inasmuch as he was providing them with evidence he obtained in the criminal trial that would prove useful in the civil suit.
              As for Just-the-facts, I was not aware she was Sondra O’s mummy. I was aware she had a somewhat personal relationship to George, but didn’t know the extent. JTF’s was a big time O’Mara supporter, but after reading some info, she changed her position and believed he did a dis-service to his client. She fully supports George and his family, though. I don’t recall what her position was/is on the Osterman’s.

              • I think JFP (Justfactsplz) got pissed with O’Mara because George stopped talking with Mark and Sondra. He also didn’t review the book fast enough.

                Funny we start a conversation about her on August 14th because it was on August 14, 2012 she showed up at the treehouse with her first post. She had been posting regularly at Click Orlando as Odessa Girl.

                Here is her first post at the treehouse

                Why show up at CTH? Sondra Osterman’s book was coming out, she wanted to create a buzz and get publicity.

                The same day, Sundance posted a thread about the book and you’ll note JFP had all of her comments redacted in the thread because she was dangerous to George and herself.

                Again, when you read Mark’s book you can easily see the damage he could have done to George were it not for his legal team doing damage control. JFP posted a number of things that turned out not to be true.

                I understand her distaste for Mr. O’Mara but again, I agree with Mr. O’Mara. George was right to shut down information to the Ostermans. While trying to help George they actually caused him serious damage.

                Mark Osterman is the reason the headlines screamed no DNA on the gun was found belonging to Martin. Osterman had said George related that Trayvon had grabbed the gun. That is not a fact. In all of George’s statements he said he thought Trayvon reached for the gun.

                • JFP actually outed herself on who she was and Sundance helped her redact the comments. In reading it, I thought she was Sondra’s mom. I later learned more likely she’s Sondra’s step-mom.

                  She was very misleading with her posts. On Click Orlando she once posted “soon as this thing with my daughter and George is over, I can go back to my life.”

                  Naturally one might assume she was Shellie’s Mom. She cleared that up in this post: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2012/08/31/osterman-nerves/#comment-189225

                  • Despite being all her redacted comments last year for saftey reasons …..

                    Odessagirl said a month ago on click Orlando
                    “I am so happy for George. I will let the cat out of the bag now since you mentioned my relationship with George. He is a family friend, he was a friend of one of my children….”

                    Many treepers back on the SDs “Lettitgo” post were claiming MOM is no longer GZs atty.
                    But I agree with everyone here. There is no proof, to the contrary MOM appears not yet done.

                • Where I really got mad at JFP was her apparent try to sabotage GZ’s defense fund.

                  She may have issues with Mr. O’Mara but to post asking people not to donate to the fund, saying that George knew many rich and famous people who are contributing, and that the NRA was making huge donations. The NRA president has already said that they have nothing to do with the Zimmerman case.


                  No, another agenda was at work here and its rotten to the core.

                    • When she gave what turned out to be misleading information, as one example, the heart phone belonging to a little girl, I don’t get why Sundance didn’t ban her from posting.

                      She also outed Ken (Shellie’s BIL) over reading the book. Why he (Sundance) allowed her to keep posting was beyond me and then she glowed about him. I guess so. He allowed her to be an ass.

                  • “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she has never met George Zimmerman.”

                    I had the very same thought.

                    If George had so many rich and famous friends, and the NRA behind him, then why just days before the trial was the fund down to their last $5,000? The defense team wasn’t eating up the money, I understand they didn’t get paid the whole time. Back in the beginning, I remember SD posting that O’Mara had bought the building next to him, and seemed to indicate that some of the purchase money came from George’s paypal funds.

                    I remember someone asking JFP at one time a very direct question, don’t remember what but, JFP answered that no one was allowed to talk with each other because they might be called as witnesses at trial. If they weren’t allowed to talk with each other, where was she getting any info. that she claimed to know? I realized then that she likely knew far less, if anything, of what was going on. With the info. that was released about TM’s phone during the sanctions hearing, and from the guy who said the phone was a part of Sybrina’s phone plan, I also realized that JFP was just talking stuff about the phone found at the scene belonging to some little girl, and not being Trayvon’s phone.

                    I also remember that SD said he was trying to get a copy of the bond agreement which would prove that O’Mara made the agreement in a manner that George couldn’t dump O’Mara if he wanted to. It’s entirely possible that O’Mara and West may have come up with some of the collateral. I doubt the parent’s home had enough value to meet the requirement.

                    • Agree with both of you. Understand that SDs claims appear valid to his readers only if he has “insider info.” It is also totally understandable due to saftey that sources would remain anon. Which is also a benefit for SD & Co. This is why I came out of the wood work and asked *not who the source was… but simply IF and HOW they decided the source was reliable and creditable about MOM being part of the HOA settlement.
                      SD claimed he would not report on information that was unreliable. We know how that turned out.
                      It just sickens me how hard they worked to affect the defense fund all the while claiming they support GZ.

                    • As for the collateral issue? No conspiracy there. Initially, prior to the 2nd bail hearing the defense did not have collateral, but after bail amount was set they raised more then the needed funds for the bail bonds co.

                      “Zimmerman’s original bail was set for $150,000, and he was freed after paying $15,000. The new, higher bail meant that Zimmerman’s legal team would need to raise an additional $85,000 to get him out of prison. Earlier, the defense noted on its website gzlegalcase.com that Zimmerman did not have the collateral for such an amount. But since Thursday’s bond hearing, Zimmerman’s legal defense raised $20,000, in addition to the $55,000 the fund has raised in the past two months and the $200,000 it originally held — more than enough to secure the 10% required by most bond companies”

                    • I asked for the bond agreement many times. Then I later saw a comment by SD that the $100,000 had been returned That does not make sense. I think it was a thread on which he would answer any questions.

                • RE: Oseterman’s book. Was it ever disclosed how much money they made from the book?

                  During the trial, Mrs. O claimed “they were keeping the money in a separate account to give GZ after the trial.”

                  What’s up with that? I wonder if anything ever materialized.

                  • It is quite likely that the Ostermans received little if anything from their book.

                    It depends on who contacted whom. It is all speculation at this point w/o any clarification from the Ostermans.

                    Their publisher is a small outfit that authors use to have their own books published (and promoted). If there is sufficient sales, then the author gets some revenue.

                    The publisher may have a “sales” force of individuals who go looking for turning topical stories into a “book”, make contact with an individual peripheral to a hot topic story and try to make a deal.

                    Or someone in the Osterman circle suggested this route.

                    But bottom line, especially to the Ostermans, there was likely little money at the end of all of this.

            • “The Osterman situation is a good example why a defense lawyer, depending on the case, wants to control the information flow. ”

              I absolutely agree with that hoosan. I remember reading something at the CTH that O’Mara told George he was a control freak. O’Mara was correct in cutting off the information flow, and kept rumors, opinions and less than helpful information to a minimum. No doubt some connected to the Zimmerman’s would have loved to have a media shoot out like the Hatfields and the McCoys, which would have only made the situation more volatile.

              IMO, there was no possible way that the defense team could have, or should have fought off, or against the media campaign that went all the way up to the WH. Unfortunately we have seen that Crump has some deep connections that went all in for him and his clients. He had the Pres., the Atty. Gen., the DOJ, the CRS, the Gov. and the Fla. Atty Gen. on his side. Who did George have, his defense team and some websites that advocated for his right to self defense.

              • In searching her comments about the defense fund, I found this:


                I hope she and Sundance have lawyers if O’Mara decides to pay them any attention.

                How entirely irresponsible to make such a comment with nothing to back it up. It’s like calling someone a racist and demanding they prove themselves innocent. What a pair.

                • It is not irresponsible when the intention on making such refutable comments is to defame, slander and lible someone to where their business or clients are affected.

                  • Though I know they have more class, but, wouldn’t it be funny if O’Mara did go after SD for defamation. LOL He kept saying that O’Mara wasn’t looking at for GZ’s best interests, he was in it for the money, he was too close to Corey et al, you know with that “look” he gave her at an early hearing, he was too close to the BGI etc.

                    As to the bond issue above, I thought that the one million dollar bond had a $100,000. in total fee, or 10%, but, the other $900,000. had to be backed up by some sort of collateral. The Zimmerman parents put the value of their home up as collateral. I don’t know what other assets the Zimmerman’s may have had to use. I thought that was how bonds work. If the person bonded by the bonding company takes off for another country or whatever, they then look to collect the entire amount. I’m not certain of that though. Isn’t that why some judges make the bond amount very high, so the defendant shows up or gives up the full monte.

                • This was my exchange about O’Mara not representing George on this post


                  justfactsplz says:
                  August 11, 2013 at 9:21 pm

                  Yes, please let it go. The trial is over. Mark Omara is no longer George’s attorney.

                  jordan2222 says:
                  August 12, 2013 at 3:34 am

                  Is he no longer co counsel with Beasley in the NBC suit? I also heard MOM say he was not through with Corey yet. So I not exactly sure what he has in mind aside from the expanded sanctions.
                  justfactsplz says:
                  August 12, 2013 at 3:44 am

                  Omara is handling the sanctions from the trial and pre-trial hearings. He has said he is not through with Corey. All I am saying is Omara no longer represents George.
                  jordan2222 says:
                  August 12, 2013 at 4:04 am

                  It’s actually the first time I have heard of it so, no, I did not know that. Was an announcement made publicly?

                  I would sure like to see Don West get more actively involved IF there are going to be more civil suits like the NBC one.
                  justfactsplz says:
                  August 12, 2013 at 4:22 am

                  No, Jordan, there was not a public announcement. I, too like Don West.

                  • I believe JFP is just talking through her hat. The continuance of the sanctions hearings, that Nelson delayed until after the trial is really between the defense, the prosecution and Nelson. I doubt George will even have to be there, even though they are in essence a continuation of the criminal trial.

                    O’Mara said that he wasn’t done with that motion yet, and that he would be seeing alot more of Corey. I would think the sanctions hearings would be wrapped up pretty quickly with Nelson saying “now Bernie, that was a bad boy, don’t you and Ms. Corey do that agin. Have a nice day.” That’s if she even brings them back into court at all. Couldn’t she just decide on a ruling and send it out in the mail to the parties? Also, if O’Mara said he was going to be seeing Corey a lot more, I would think it has to do with more than just depending on any real sanctions from Nelson. Besides, they didn’t ask for very much money in comparison to the cost of George’s trial defense. At least I hope O’Mara has at least a few more zeros on the check in mind.

                    • OMara has said that he will amend the sanctions motion to include other violations. I did not know that he could do that so I am anxious to see it.

    • That tape was taken down almost as soon as it was posted. I cannot imagine what was in it or the point of making it. Did it really depict sex acts?

      • “Hip hop tycoon Russell Simmons showed his true character when his new endeavor “All Def Digital” published a despicable video entitled “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape,” which insulted the memory of an American hero, and enraged many on Twitter. Both “Harriet Tubman” and “Russell Simmons” were trending on Twitter Wednesday night as thousands of people discovered the disgustingly insulting video.


        It appears most didn’t find the tape as funny as Russell Simmons did.

      • The Associated Press
        Published Thursday, August 15, 2013 12:42PM EDT

        “NEW YORK – Russell Simmons is apologizing for a parody video of Harriet Tubman in a sex tape that appeared on his All Def Digital YouTube channel.

        The clip features an actress portraying Tubman having sex with her white slave master as someone films it so the abolitionist can bribe her boss. The “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” video was posted Wednesday.

        The 55-year-old Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records, writes Thursday that he “can now understand why so many people are upset.” He said he removed the video after a call from the NAACP.

        Simmons adds that he doesn’t condone violence against women and that he’s “sincerely sorry” to those offended by the clip. Though Simmons removed the video, it still lives online.”

        Read more: http://www.cp24.com/entertainment-news/russell-simmons-apologizes-for-parody-sex-tape-1.1412322#ixzz2c3e27gbt

  6. Justice for Trayvon Martin Toolkit: George Zimmerman ‘Consumed by White Supremacy’

    The toolkit, said to be “inspired by the murder of Trayvon Martin,” explores the complexities of the Zimmerman trial, complete with associated readings and “action steps” for readers to take to start their own movements like the month-long protest at the Florida Capitol. A good chunk of the pamphlet is fixated on what BYP100 calls “white supremacy” and “internalized racism” between Zimmerman and Martin.


    P R O P A G A N D A! WHY is it legal to report on this bullchit when there NEVER WAS a murder? Besides a country that is built on FREEDOM of SPEECH, we are too a nation that anyone can say anything that is not factual!

    • So how will this improve race relations? The BGI has not done one thing to help. All that I have seen is quite the opposite.

    • There will be a “major” announcement at 3:00, stay tuned…

      Julian Bond joins Dream Defenders for Major Announcement #takeovertuesday fb.me/2RTfk6KUV

        • http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=ee14c70e98f0ba83b8c7460a8&id=74a25e32e1

          My Good Friends and Cherished Family,

          Today marks day 31 of Dream Defenders #takeoverFL campaign petitioning our state’s elected leaders and Julian Bond will be at the capitol at 2pm to join the Dream Defenders in making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

          Many of you have been keeping up with the hard work of many students and young professionals within State of Florida to address Trayvon’s Law – ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline, Repeal of the Stand Your Ground, and banning Racial Profiling. It hasn’t been easy but it has been for a greater purpose to ensure that black and brown children will be able to walk peacefully in their neighborhoods and not be profiled, not be stereotyped, and not feel threatened.

          We know this work just isn’t about policy but about a commitment to change the human heart, and for that purpose we have remained resolute and stayed in the Capitol.

          Today marks Day 31 — That’s 30 days and 30 nights of individuals from young people that have decided to take a stand!

          Please tune in tonight. This is an exclamation point in our story and we hope that you will join us.

    • Captain – what will this team of Grifters TRY now to make themselves relevant? J Jackson can’t attend, he went home to see his son, Jesse Jackson Jr. SENTENCED as well as his wife for their FELON THEFT of campaign funds yesterday in Chicago. J Jackson FORMED a prayer group yesterday BEFORE the verdict was read. Sandra, the wife of convicted JJ Jr. wept as she was SHOCKED to find her Michael Jackson memorabilia, sub zero refrigerator, Rolex watches, minks, & jewelry were going to be auctioned off by the FEDS. Sandra thought she would walk away from her felony whining she “loved her children” but the Judge told her she “had really laid it on thick about the kids, but, it was she that put herself in the position, NOT the Government,” Sandra will only serve 1 year, both are convicted felons. I was to shocked to read JJ Jr. will draw $ 8,700.00 disability for being diagnosed as bi-polar while incarcerated & ANOTHER $ 45,000.00 monthly when he retires at 65 yrs. old, ALL compliments of the taxpayers.

      How can the scheme team Grifters NOW make a buck off TM’s story that has lost momentum & interest? Who will they attack next, seems their boycott on Fla. has gone down in flames, what’s next for those wishing to spew propaganda & racial hate INSTEAD of working at honest jobs? NOTHING these grifters try surprises me anymore.

      • Big announcement….drum roll…leaving the capital to start a movement….

        “We will be meeting the people where they are!” -@locsoflove ustre.am/11VhV

        “Once again politics have failed the people!” ustre.am/11VhV

        Julian Bond to @Dreamdefenders: “You are ending a protest because you are starting a movement.”

        These people are so full of themselves….

    • They have known this all along. I am thinking this might have been staged to help secure more black votes in the next elections.

      • I have no doubt this was/is the purpose. We’ll soon hear those racist rebublicans stopped the special session. The DD (oh no, not more DD’s) next campaign is to register more voters to vote democratic…the party of entitlements.

        • If I am not mistaken Corey was in trouble with the blacks and the hispanics. I believe her record showed more and longer prison sentences against the minorities. She tried to pay back, but on the really wrong case to do that. I don’t think she ever interviewed George, and likely took the Scheme teams word that he was white. Oooops. Same with Scott and Bondi. Oooops.

  7. Reading through that July 13th thread at the treehouse is eye-opening. You’ll recall July 13th was the day we learned that Mr. O’Mara, Mr. West and Ms. Truett successfully got George Zimmerman acquitted.

    About 20 minutes after the verdict was read Sundance posted this comment:

    It would appear that both Judge Lester and Sundance have a foggy memory about whose idea it was to have a monitoring braclet put on George Zimmerman. Judge Lester in granting the 2nd bond opined that had it not been for his brain-storm of putting GZ on an electronic monitoring system, he’d have fled with other people’s money.

    At the 2 hour mark of ManyBuddies’ recording of the April 20th bond hearing (the first one), we hear Mr. O’Mara tell the Judge he truly doesn’t know the balance in the donation account. We know from the phone calls that Ken and George agreed to keep O’Mara in the dark about that. At the 2:01:23 mark, we hear Mr. O’Mara suggest a monitoring system to ease the court’s mind about granting the request to allow GZ to go out of state while waiting for the trial.

    I think this compromise led to the granting of being allowed to leave the state. For the Judge to suggest that he thwarted an escape attempt or Sundance to post 20 minutes after the lawyer got the client acquitted, that his lies led to the monitoring is spreading misinformation without fact.

    • I think so many people are blinded by Savior Sundance they no longer seek the truth even if they witnessed for themselves what SD says about this case is utterly wrong the majority of the time. As time goes on the list keeps getting longer.

        • I think some went to Rumps. You know better…. people disappear for unknown reasons around there. I suspect some left after the verdict, some went to Rumps and some came here. I think many left even prior to the verdict because the admins. heavily moderated it. When people want to be a part of a convo. and are moderated for pretty much nothing other then not playing along w/ admins. agenda they will go to a site that is inviting of their opinions. I think some MOM bashers no longer wanted to comment because the Defense was winning and the whole aggressive approach they wished for was not needed for an aquittal like many MOM supporters knew. They would have wanted GZ found guilty. This was about legalities to have GZ freedom, which was not some Treepers goal. They wanted to fight the same way Scheme Team was ….believing it showed principle. This even meant GZ going to jail. That is why they hated MOM. MOM was getting GZ off, and tbey had no I told you so” moment like they wanted.
          There is and time and place to expose BGI and MSM. It was not in the media nor in the court room at that time. In the end, SD exposed himself for what he is, a con man. People are entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

          • Many came to CTH just because it had becomea defacto clearinghouse for a factual discussion of the GZ/TM case. Now that the criminal trial is over, it is only natural that a goodly portion of those people have found nothing further pertinent to their immediate interest.

            If, for instance, Sundance were to receive and make public further developments in his ongoing FOIA efforts, there would be an immediate uptick in CTH viewership. There is much more to be learned about the Trayvon Martin side of the story than is presently known. There is the matter of the ping logs, and the different telephones. There is the whole back story on what was going on in Corey’s office. There is the Beasley effort yet to get into gear.

            So the viewership will fluctuate.

              • If you think about it, it was to a large degree the posters who were providing SD with a whole lot of research, which SD has taken most of the credit for. Sure, he would give a hat tip to some, but all in all he talks about the CTH as being the best and most well reserched site on the GZ issue. SD did in fact start the ball rolling with info. about the scheme team, but, after that, as things were moving along, I would tend to give more credit to the posters for doing the research.

                Remember the guy, Dedicated Dad that came up with the Purple Drank, or Lean research. He connected the Watermelon Juice and Skittles as two of the necessary ingredients. There was also a poster who called herself Nettles that was linking to some really good research. Then there was Tara who uncovered the Gutman partial Crump tape release on their website. From when I found the site back in the beginning, there are almost no original posters left there. To see what I mean, go back and look at some of the very early posts there. You won’t recognize most of the posters names.

                • I agree, pinecone, with what you say here. CTH provided an “assembly point” if you will and Sundance made good use of it.

                  And recall that not only did Sundance make use of all these contributions, but he kept using them and pounding away at the themes daily so that any newcomer to the CTH site did not have to look far to be confronted with the sleuthing being displayed.

                  I think the way that he framed issues was very effective in the GZ case and continues with other issues such as Benghazi (very effective), the BGI double standard etc.

                  [I could understand the criticisms pointed at MOM, but I did not understand the vitriol.]

                  It was a collaborative effort by individuals from many differing backgrounds and views drawn by a common belief rooted in indisputable facts that support what Zimmerman told the police that fateful night.

                  The underlying POV of CTH and the harsh reactions to opposing viewpoints has had its effect.

                  But that was the POV coming into the GZ case, and it is the POV coming out of the case.

                  CTH continues to push on issues that are deserving of a full airing, and in a manner much as a lightning rod attracts the energy.

                • When the legal team started their facebook page on April 24th or 25th, one of the first things posted there was about lean. I looked it up and was floored.

                  Parents have to know about this stuff or else kids will harm themselves. But the press said nothing. Way to provide a service to the public.

                  I read on Mike McDaniel’s blog it was ItsMichaelNotMike that coined the phrase “Scheme Team”. He did that at the treehouse.

                  I agree, it was a collective effort. Had we all been able to stay together as a group we would have been awesome. Collectively, we were anyway. GZ got acquitted with everything going against him. Which at times, felt like the treehouse too.

                • I remember Tara leaving and posting her reasons but then she returned. I don’t know where she is now.

                  I also cannot find Jello. Do you know anything about him?

                  • Jello didn’t subscribe to the CTH political ideology. Jello was there for the GZ case, and that’s it. I suspect that if there is more activity with the GZ debacle, he will be back there posting. You might find him at the HuffPo. Didn’t he say he posted there?

                    • Maybe but I have never seen him at HP…. could have used another user name. I did notice he slowly changed from a Prog to a more conservative position. We became good friends. I think I may have a way to contact him so I will try that.

            • I suppose what you say about flutuation is true hooson. I do agree there is much more to be known. I doubt that through FOIAs that are being sought ATM will reveal the exact story SD and others are hoping for. For instance, do you truly believe emails will be released especially after what has been done a pretty through job of puting the right people in the right positions? So if they do not get the desired information from the FOIAs and other things are found then it can be called a success? There is absolutely no proof other then misinformation there was a different phone or ping logs to further the narrative. An FOIA request will not yield that information.
              First of all we know the phone the police had from the scene is the very same phone that information was obtained from and also with held. Why? Because the prosecution with held evidence that was obtained on the phone. Two, the defense used the very information from that same phone and fiked motions to use the information from the phone. As far as ping logs? What difference would it make to know the movements of TM that night? Do we not already know he was up to know good? Do you think with those ping logs BGI will change their mind about angel TM? They really are of no use. If tbey exsist and were of use tney would have been used.
              I hear now SD is leading people to believe there is a back door way to obtain the attys. internal emails and info by finding who is being tipped off when there are FOIA requests. There is no way he is obtaining private emails. No way, no how.
              So I do trust you are correct the fluctuation of site stats are dependant upon his FOIA updates.

              • You never know what you will find in the FOI’s. Many times, they raise further questions compelling further FOIA requests. I was under the impression that Sundance had more requests in the pipeline, and so I would expect some further revelations from that activity.

                On a side note, I was always intrigued by the Kip Durant angle. Did the M-DSPD treat his behavior as part of their diversion program? Did he and Trayvon know each other?

                I think it would be helpful if the ping logs were able to pinpoint the respective locations of GZ and TM that evening. While the ping logs may not change the view of the BGI as a monolith, were they to confirm that TM did not go to Brandi’s but, instead loitered about, it would have a positive effect as regards to further unmasking Crump and Co narrative.

                I don’t know if the ping logs exist and would agree with you that if they existed and were not used, it would have likely been because they were of no use. There was some indication from MOM that TM had strayed outside a defined area – information that presumably came from either ping logs or perhaps a security video. I would be interested to know what efforts were made to examine Rachel’s phone(s).

                I do not know that TM was up to no good that evening. I do think that he was acting suspiciously within the context of what GZ observed.

                I do not know what Sundance is leading people to believe outside of what he puts on CTH.

                Even if there are no further developments on the FOI front, CTH will attract viewers depending on news developments. Cashill’s book will be out soon and will garner interest and there will be further events tied to the aftermath of the GZ/TM tragedy.

              • You never know what you will find in the FOI’s. Many times, they raise further questions compelling further FOIA requests. I was under the impression that Sundance had more requests in the pipeline, and so I would expect some further revelations from that activity.

                On a side note, I was always intrigued by the Kip Durant angle. Did the M-DSPD treat his behavior as part of their diversion program? Did he and Trayvon know each other?

                I think it would be helpful if the ping logs were able to pinpoint the respective locations of GZ and TM that evening. While the ping logs may not change the view of the BGI as a monolith, were they to confirm that TM did not go to Brandi’s but, instead loitered about, it would have a positive effect as regards to further unmasking Crump and Co narrative.

                I don’t know if the ping logs exist and would agree with you that if they existed and were not used, it would have likely been because they were of no use. There was some indication from MOM that TM had strayed outside a defined area – information that presumably came from either ping logs or perhaps a security video. I would be interested to know what efforts were made to examine Rachel’s phone(s).

                I do not know that TM was up to no good that evening. I do think that he was acting suspiciously within the context of what GZ observed.

                I do not know what Sundance is leading people to believe outside of what he puts on CTH

                Even if there are no further developments on the FOI front, CTH will attract viewers depending on news developments. Cashill’s book will be out soon and will garner interest and there will be further events tied to the aftermath of the GZ/TM tragedy.

                • If I understood Ben Kuidbos’ testimony correctly, he told us the GPS on Trayvon’s phone was not on Feb. 26th so this explains why there was no GPS information.

                  I may have it wrong. I wasn’t sure I heard right.

                  • If that is so, I wonder why the GPS would have been on on the previous days, but on this particular day, it wasn’t?

                    • I’m going to go through Ben’s testimony and I’ll point out where he said what I think I heard. He was explaining the phones don’t always have the GPS going as it drains the battery.

                      I’ll do that later tonight. I’m working on getting the payroll done right now.

                    • The GPS on that phone is separate from the cell functions and it is a drain on the battery, so unless the person indicates it, it will only turn on when an app needs the GPS function, like maps and some searches.

                      The other way to find a phone which uses the pings to the cell phone and using triangulation but are only accurate to within 100 feet, so in this case would be useless, as events stayed within that range.

                      What I am more interested in, and what I think was the cause of some of the issues with the phone, is that apparently the account that TM was using was in his mother’s name and not Tracy’s as claimed by the Scheme Team, This could embarrass the family but aside from that, I doubt it would have any other consequence.

                      I agree there parts of the story yet to be uncovered but not regarding the events but the actions of the family.

                      To Hooson1, there was an interview with a neighbor and friend of the mother of Durant that said that Kit knew Durant and that his mother did not like him, saying that Trayvon was a bad influence on Kit, it was on the Miami Herald but I lost the link. It was the only connection to Trayvon that I remember but nobody ever followed up on that.

                    • Yes,bori is correct about the GPS. I agree with the assessment in what the info. would not yield.
                      As for the Kit Durrant connection? I have no clue. But even if they did know each other there is not much consequence to it. It is useless unless you want to show diversion programs do not work and here were two boys it failed. But, you still have no clue if they even were in a diversion program in the first place. But if people want to spend their time and money, it is their time and money to spend.

                    • I thought I read somewhere that the state was not able to recover anything from TM’s phone on 2/26. Or at least whoever was doing that report for the state. Does anyone remember that? Then Kruidbos came along.

                    • Ben talks about the GPS at 7:46 mark

                      He is not specific on whether there was GPS data on Feb. 26th but does say its not uncommon for a phone to have no GPS data for a day or two if that feature isn’t needed by the phone.

                      In one of Mr. O’Mara’s pressers though, close to trial time I remember him telling reporters he just learned that Trayvon may have been far away that day. He was frustrated that the state continued to piece meal discovery and he didn’t know what they didn’t tell him. So that leads me to believe there was GPS data for the 26th.

                    • I found it. The presser was on April 30th. At the 12:20 mark of this presser a reporter asks Mr. O’Mara where was Trayvon according to the cell phone tower pings?

                      He responds they still do not know. They got information that he was quite a ways north west of the 711.

                • If you are referring to the Miami Dade School Police FOIA’s I very seriously doubt SD will ever get much of any value from those requests. I think even he posted that Pam Bondi was heavily involved in the diversion program. I know Gov. Scott was also. I remember reading an article where Bondi and Scott praised the efforts of those who “lowered the criminal sts. at that school. ” Either Bondi or Scott said they wanted to see that program repeated across the state. Didn’t SD indicate that Bondi’s father had some high position in the Fla. school system at some point? Scott and Bondi will never ever allow the program to be exposed as long as they are in office. Also, as Kruidbos said Corey had designed some manner of insuring that any emails would not fall into any FOIA requests by using some manner of titling them, or something.

                  Someone here also had opined that the defense team was focusing their trial efforts at a very narrowed time frame which was only the incident itself. They did not try to chase rabbits down holes that would not have helped in the self defense defense in the case. Was that you who said that Hoosan. I agreed with their trial philosophy and tactics. They did get Martins picture from the 711 introduced at trial, I think it had something to do with showing his height. They also managed to get TM’s bare chested picture admitted at trial as the biased media, which at least one of the jurors read, showed him as an innocent 12 year old.

                  And yes, I agree that CTH will attract increased viewership if there are any further developments in the saga such as O’Mara filing a lawsuit against Corey for Malicious Prosecution. If O’Mara/West file the suit, SD will follow suit and continue to slam him, and his pinky ring.

                  BTW, I think SD went after O’Mara’s pinky ring as an indication that O’Mara was effiminate (sp) or a pansy because only real men don’t wear pinky rings. O’Mara does ride a Harley though. LOL

                • hooson1st

                  This is off topic but I have seen examples of this on the web. Is it possible for someone to watch outside activity at a person’s home… like cars coming and leaving? A friend sent me a link showing how that worked but I have long since trashed it. I believe it was based on Google Earth technology.

                  • I am not aware of that, Jordan. I think that you would have to plant a camera somewhere in the vicinity.

                    I recall vaguely hearing something about that topic however, and it seems to me to have been quite a few years back, at least more than 5.

                • hooson as far as I am aware SD does have other requests in. He is having a hard time with the school stuff. Which he will because there are FERPA and HIPPA laws. These regulations require permission or court orders to release records.

                  You mean Kit Durrant. I doubt any amount of FOIAs will reveal those questions. Kit & Trayvon attended the same school. Does not mean they knew each other or were friends.
                  Ie;programs…Many districts throughout the country have diversionary programs for youth. When I lived in L.A. their countys sheriffs dept. had a boot camp program for youth who were at risk of going to juvi. So say a kid was busted for pot on school grounds… the schools resource officers handled it, and most times kids went into a program, including rehab. Sometimes they were placed on juvi. probation, but most if not all juvi courts keep those records from the public because of privacy.In fact only family are aloud in during hearings. Some counties also have specific alternative schools. These programs involve counseling and behavioral modification programs which places HIPPA in there, and most times these programs are multi tiered with multiple county departments. The diversion programs are suppose to rehabilitate youth &keep them from dropping out of school and going to jail. The other thing is any time anyone even an adult is getting treatment for drugs and alcohol the law does not even allow even family to find out if they sought treatment. Of course with a juvi. It requires a parents signature for treatment, but other then that court orders are needed to find that stuff out.

                  All in all it does not help to spread misinformation, especially just because questions can not be answered.

                  • I’ve thought of writing to Kit and asking him. If he has any remorse for what happened in his life and could be given an opportunity to help others, perhaps he’d share how Trayvon and him could have had different lives if consequences were meted out in their young lives earlier.

          • We’ve lost some commenters as well. My good-bye posts is one reason, I’m sure. For others, I’m sure life gets in the way and they just stop visiting.

            I have a hunch that ackbarsays is chasing the hot juror after the verdict 🙂

            • I was wondering about Ackbarsays, but you are right for many the case was a large part in their life, now they have gone back to normal or other subjects.

              The other thing is also that there were quite a few people that visited the CTH that did not agree with the sites stances on many things but were there to support George and get information about the case.

              • I really do wish we could have held it together. It would have sent one hell of message to those in power to watch a group of strangers fund and investigate the malicious charge.

                I hope there are political consequences for those politicians who participated in the farce. Otherwise we can expect to see another citizen treated so unjustly.

        • Many commenters left before the verdict, or went through one of SD cleansings.

          A few years ago I used to read and post at a website where one night, with no waring, they said they were going to release the Cracken. Within minutes at least 100 commenters were banned in a mass hammer blow. Many of us protested the mass banning, but they never relented. Whenever SD collects enough of what he considers undesirables, he release the Cracken. Look up the Cracken.

    • nettles – these nuts live 50 miles from my home, they are real local celebrities & it always surprises me to read they have reached National exposure & celebrity. My state, Louisiana, gives those MEDIA OUTLETS making reality shows & MOVIES a HUGE tax relief for filming here, probably 25-30 movies are made here in Shreveport yearly & even more made in New Orleans yearly.

      LMAO, even big money people like MEDIA/Movie Producers try to save a buck. LMAO, Billy the Exerminator” lives here & is filmed here, he is AWOL lately since busted again for drugs.

      • Members of my family are a huge fan of the show. I’ve yet to watch an episode. I don’t get the draw but if I watch perhaps I’ll get it too.

        I thought the facial profiling comment was quite witty.

      • It was refreshing to also note how polite they all were about the mistake by the employee. The hosts first reaction was to ask if they stayed at the hotel after the incident. wow!

        They didn’t try to get the employee fired and took it all in good humor. It would help us all if more people reacted this way to mistakes like this. Very classy reaction, imo.

        • And therein lies the problem with some of these racial agitators. I lived in New York and my first thought when I saw a promo of the show, wow these guys look like homeless people, having seen so many in the City.

          But the way they handled it, compared to the way Oprah handled her faux pas if you can call it that is the difference, if you are looking for offense you will find it, but if you are looking for understanding, you need to understand first.

          • I just see it as innocent family entertainment. They just roll with the sterotypes. It is a family oriented “reality” TV show. There is not many of them.

          • The race card is way over it’s limit and any further credit has been cut off. There was a time when calling someone a racist sent the accused to hiding under the bed. Not anymore with many. Can you believe what the NAACP and the WH are doing to the Rodeo Clown who wore an Obama Mask? In the past he wore a Bush mask also. Now he has to go to sensitivity training. I can see it now. Do you really think that Barack Obama would wear cowboy boots like that? Do you think he would ever dream of riding a bull? You know when that bull came out of the shoot he would recognize Obama, what were you thinking? The only bulls we recognize are the ones on wall street, get with the program. Where did you buy that mask, we are going to take his business license away. Tell me now or will send a drone after you. Put the dang Bush mask on again or you will never get a job in this country again. BTW, you owe back taxes in the amount of a million dollars, or you will sit in jail for a long time. And we have a bounty out on you, wanted dead or alive, for animal cruelty. Bull’s love Obama, um um um.

            • The same thing with I want to cover-up my incompetence so I will blame it on a video that hardly anyone had seen. You are right the race card is way over its limits but it still works sometimes, we can ask Ms. Deen if there are any doubts.

  8. borifuafudd SHARED: “if you are looking for offense you will find it, but if you are looking for understanding, you need to understand first.”

    bori – truer words were never spoken!


      The 90/10 secret is incredible! Very few know and apply this secret. The result? Millions of people are suffering undeserved stress, trials, problems, and heartache. They never seem to be a success in life. Bad days follow bad days. Terrible things seem to be constantly happening. There is constant stress, lack of joy, and broken relationships. Worry consumes time, anger breaks friendships, and life seems dreary and is not enjoyed to the fullest. Friends are lost. Life is a bore and often seems cruel.

      Does this describe you? If so, do not be discouraged. You can be different! Understand and apply the 90/10 secret. It will change your life! What is this secret?

      10% of life is made up of what happens to you.

      90% of life is decided by how you react.

      What does this mean? We really have no control over 10% of what happens to us. We cannot stop the car from breaking down. Our workplace may not be exactly as we want it, which throws our whole day off. A driver may cut us off in traffic. We have no control over this 10%. The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%! How? By your reaction. You cannot control a red light, but you can control your reaction. Don’t let people fool you, YOU can control how you react! Let’s use an example.

      You’re eating breakfast with your family. Your daughter knocks over a cup of coffee onto your work shirt. You have no control over what just happened. What happens next will be determined by how you react.

      You curse. You harshly scold your daughter for knocking the coffee cup over. She breaks down in tears. After scolding her, you turn to your spouse and criticize them for placing the cup too close to the edge of the table. A short verbal battle follows. You storm upstairs and change your shirt. Back downstairs you find your daughter has been too busy crying to finish breakfast and get ready for school. She misses the bus. Your spouse must leave immediately for work. You rush to the car and drive your daughter to school.
      Because you are late, you drive 40 miles an hour in a 30 mph speed limit. A cop pulls you over, after a 15 minute delay and throwing $60 away, you arrive at school. Your daughter runs to the building without saying good-bye. After arriving to work 20 minutes late, you find you forgot your lunch. Your day has started terrible. As it continues, it seems to get worse and worse. You look forward to going home. When you arrive home, you find a small wedge in your relationship with your spouse and daughter. Why? Because of how you chose to react in the morning.
      Why did you have a bad day?

      A) Did the coffee cause it?
      B) Did your daughter cause it?
      C) Did the Policeman cause it?
      D) Did you cause it?

      The answer is D. You had no control over what happened with the coffee. How you reacted in those 5 seconds is what caused your bad day. Here is what could have and should have happened.

      Coffee splashes over you. Your daughter is about to cry. You gently say “It’s OK honey, you just need to be more careful next time”. Grabbing a towel, you rush upstairs. After grabbing a new shirt, you come back down to pick up your lunch and look through the window and see your child getting on the bus. She turns and waves. You and your spouse kiss before you both go to work. You arrive 5 minutes early and cheerfully greet the staff of the outgoing shift. Your boss comments on how good of a day you are having.

      Notice the difference. Two different scenarios. Both started the same. Both ended different. Why? Because of how you REACTED. You really do not have any control over 10% of what happens. The other 90% is determined by your reaction. Here are some ways to apply the 90/10 secret.

      If someone says something negative about you, do not be a sponge. Let the attack roll off like water on glass. You do not have to let the negative comment affect you! React properly and it will not ruin your day. A wrong reaction could result in losing a friend, being fired, getting stressed out, broken windows, etc. How do you react if someone cuts you off in traffic? Do you lose your temper? Pound the steering wheel? Do you curse? Does your blood pressure skyrocket? Do you try to bump them? WHO CARES if you arrive ten seconds later at work? Why let the rude driver ruin your drive. Remember the 90-10 principle, and do not worry about it! The plane is late. It is going to mangle your schedule for the day. Why take out your frustration on the flight attendant? She has no control over what is going on. Use your time to study, get to know the other passenger, etc. Why get stressed out? It will just make things worse. It takes some practice to control your reaction, but if you get the hang of it your life will be changed for the better!

      You now know the 90-10 secret.
      Apply it and you will be amazed with the results.

  9. Zimmerman verdict protesters: Dream Defenders announce plans to leave Capitol

    The announcement comes amid reports that the Dream Defenders protesters and other critics of Florida’s “stand your ground” law don’t have enough political support to call lawmakers to Tallahassee for a special session on the topic.


    NO NEWS on the big announcement that the group was supposed to share UNLESS it was to try to get approx. 65,000 new people registered to vote by 2014.

    Did anyone see anything on the BIG announcement the group was to make?

      • LMAO ! The Dream Defenders NEED to be DRUG TESTED! They wanted a vote, they got a vote, sad they cant comprehend the railroading of Fla. is over.

        Unemployed NUT JOBS imo.

        • Many are on their summer vacations, for which they will a paper to their professors about what they did on their summer vacations and get extra credit. Notice the beginning of the new term and how it coincides with their withdrawal.

      • So what are they going to do “squat” at the Gov’s. mansion? Just maybe Gov. Scott will do a little reflecting on his buying into the BGI demands from the beginning in replacing the well qualified local prosecutor, and replacing him with a beeitch on wheels. Had he finally stood up to Sharpton and Jackson, acted as though he really did have a pair, and told them his state didn’t allow railroading a citizen and mob rule, this all would have been over with a whole long time ago. Now he is living with his erroneous decisions to give in to them. If he just called in the national guard, and prepared for “possible” riots, he could have been looking at these people in his rear view mirror long ago. He gave in in the beginning and they now believe they have a sucker to push around. I seriously doubt Scott and/or Bondi will win re-election, for many more reasons than just the GZ debacle.

  10. Gov. Scott has had a gut full of the racial entrepreneurs it seems and yes indeed, I agree it’s his own fault. The group called for a boycott of Fla. & even got some to chime in, like Stevie Wonder. LMAO. Stevie Wonder was going to Fla. to MAKE MONEY off concerts, other performers didn’t follow his lead because they weren’t stupid, I guess Stevie Wonder still doesn’t get it. The group spewed more hate, they made more demands but Gov. Scott NEVER gave them any hope that he would do anything about SYG, I think it’s clear that Fla. has done more than enough for the BGI & even some holding office in Fla. called out Sharpton/J Jackson Sr. for the damage they were doing to the State of Fla.

    Fla. is a conservative state, they believe in the right to bear arms & do w/over 1 million packing heat & their cw permits. OTHERS own guns, they keep them at home for their protection, SYG isn’t changing in Fla. or anywhere else imo, it’s too popular w/the people that vote. Obama couldn’t even do anything about gun control after Sandy Hook, a huge failure for his administration & should have been an awakening to him/administration.

    I don’t know about future elections in Fla., it seems Fla. is a conservative State having had several Republican Governor’s including Jeb Bush for 2 terms I think, that’s not likely to change UNLESS he is challenged by another strong conservative Republican. I too don’t know how much the public will care about the whole GZ debacle when the re-election comes around, imo, we’re all keenly aware of the political mess because we kept up with the case daily but MOST people did not, MANY just know the verdict & the State lost & GZ is free. Many Floridians imo, won’t care about the interference & political pressure of Politicians used in GZs case, people remain divided on the verdict across Fla. & America & finally the story has lost momentum & people are losing interest.

    imo, people in Fla. have bigger problems like most States w/unemployment, foreclosures which hit Fla. harder than most States, impending OBAMACARE & the implementation & the impending legislation on immigrants which will impact Fla. greatly, all problems that will effect households greatly in Fla., not GZs case or the results, jmho.

    • Art
      Your accessment is mostly correct but the state did vote for Obama the last two elections and many think that the state is in play for the next Presidential Elections. That is why this movement by the many Progressive groups is IMO an attempt to keep the State in Democratic hands by appealing to its base, they hope to turn the local government Democratic as well.

      • boricuafudd – I was encouraged that the SYG didn’t get much traction from those already serving office, if the influx of new immigrants are allowed in as predicted & allowed to vote, imo, they will register democrat. There are a few wild cards like Marco Rubio, a strong Republican that might make a difference w/the Hispanic community but I think he aspires to bigger Political aspirations than just the State of Fla., we’ll just have to wait & see. Remember the dangling chads from a past Presidential election? Fla. always seems to present themselves as an interesting state during a Presidential election for a multitude of reasons.

        bori – are you surprised that GZ’s case has lost momentum? I expect things to ratchet back up at least in the State of Fla. if something gives, like the sanction hearing or MOM/West bringing law suits against some that deserve it. I am personally glad to see many of the haters move on from the case, the wind knocked out of the sails of the racial element Sharpton/J Jackson were promoting at least. I wonder what the next move will be for Sybrina/Tracy? I don’t think they have any intentions of working regular jobs again.

        I keep thinking I should cancel my subscription to the Orlando Sentinel but there are so many cases in Fla. I continue to follow. I will follow the re-trial of John Goodman, the scumbag driving the Bentley that hit the college student & left him to die. Unbelievable, the stealth juror was discovered AFTER the original trial when John Goodman was convicted! No doubt, an interesting State on many levels.

        • When nothing happened locally and the worst of the demonstrations were in Occupied Oakland, I sense the message would change to something else and the racial tones would be rather implied than embellished. It is how they are most effective, implied racism is an impossible charge to dismiss, because if their evidence they just say we never really said that, did we?

          From the beginning I think most of us realized that this was a political case, the problem was that they chose one of their own to railroad. Not only was GZ a member of their club but he was not even white, so they were forced to admit that the case was not about race.

          Every time they attempted to infuse race into the case it felt hallowed and desperate. Now they have moved on to other issues, SYG, school suspension, gun control, etc. The real reason the civil groups got involved in the case for.

          The civil rights movement with help from other groups and the WH had decided that the solution to inner city black youth criminal issues is that black kids are being suspended from schools. So if schools are forced by fiat to keep them in school, ignored their transgressions then miraculously those problems will disappear. Well good luck with that, not that it has not been attempted before, with no success.

  11. Notice who contacted who!!!!! Is Tracy Martin trying to pimp himself out in some sort of “branding campaign? ——->>>>>> TALLAHASSEE — Trayvon Martin’s father has been named honorary captain of the FAMU football team after delivering an inspirational speech to the team Sunday.

    Florida A&M coach Earl Holmes said Tracy Martin, whose son’s shooting death in Sanford drew national attention, called him recently and the coach invited the grieving father to address his players.

  12. Few music artists joining Florida boycott
    By Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel
    9:22 p.m. EDT, August 15, 2013

    “Despite calls for a boycott of Florida concert stages following George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Trayvon Martin’s shooting death, the music still goes on.

    Justin Timberlake’s and Jay Z’s names had surfaced on a list of big-name concert acts supporting such a boycott. But both will perform as scheduled Friday night in South Florida, in one of the summer’s biggest music tours. And Timberlake’s December concert in Orlando is still on tap.”


    • Nettles – more signs that the movement & hoop la has lost momentum. It’s always about the $$$$$$, although Jay Z &
      Beyonce posed for a picture w/Sybrina at the New York rally & support the family, it won’t stop Jay Z from making the almighty dollar in Fla. At the end of the day, Jay Z is a businessman as well as Justin Timberlake, their agenda is to make the most money possible, not, imo, to lose money because of someone else’s cause which is TM. I had read awhile back that after Stevie Wonder made the statement to boycott Fla. for concerts, Jay Z & Beyonce were linked to that rumor which they both quickly denied & stated “they were NOT a part of any boycott of Fla.” Other entertainers spoke out as well, I guess they had to so it wouldn’t dampen ticket sales in which they always want to sell out.

  13. Post-Zimmerman trial, a divided America

    By the time the trial started, people either thought a thug attacked an innocent man and got shot for it or a racist followed a black kid and shot him in cold blood, unprovoked. Minds haven’t been changed. Opinions haven’t been altered. These two sides represent larger opposing groups in America, where race is less a catalyst for discussion and more an invitation for vitriolic arguments.


    • I was hoping he would have a realistic solution he thinks that incorporating other races into our lives would solve the issue? Nutzo.

      Black America – and people of all races – need co-operation. Togetherness. Working in unison to help every group of people to rise above their circumstances.

      Unfortunately, this teamwork is hard to come by, especially in light of the fact that so many Americans have failed to incorporate people of other races into their own social lives. A recent study revealed that 40% of white Americans don’t interact with anyone from other races and 25% of non-whites interact exclusively with people of their own races. This means the nation is still incredibly divided and a troubling percentage of the population can only form opinions of those different from them based on misinformation and distorted pop-cultural perceptions. Real, tangible solutions won’t come from yelling suggestions across the train tracks.

    • Christina Vazquez – Local 10 · 248 like this
      2 hours ago ·
      Right Now Trayvon Martin’s parents @SybrinaFulton @BTraymartin9 are handing out 200 backpacks at Hanan’s Childcare and Academic Development Center as part of Trayvon Martin Foundation event. I’ve also just learned
      they have reached out to the family of the 12yo girl shot and killed in her Miami Gardens home. They are trying to help her grieving grandmother and father pay for the young girl’s burial. They tell me it is an example of the kind of work they want their foundation to accomplish: helping victims of gun violence. Turning their hurt and healing into helping South Florida’s children is their focus right now says the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s Executive Director.

      I love your comment Nettles! They have to stay “relevant” to stay in business. I think they should be talking about “thug” violence, not “gun” violence. They would be able to relate much more to parents of “thugs” and if they can help stop thug violence, it would help curb gun violence in their neighborhoods.

      • So far she hasn’t answered me. It’s not surprising to me the Martin/Fultons are trying to attach themselves to stories in the news. We watch their miserable attempt when the Boston Bombing attack had a sliver a thread to them.

        Giving out backpacks and the press happens to be there. Christina Valez won’t ask the Martins the tough questions. I’ve tweeted her before when she’s in the same room with the family to find out why Tracy lied to the public and police while calling for an arrest. Why Sybrina bought an expensive house for $26K. I get nothing back.

        This family was so focussed on getting paid for their son’s death, I’m rather skeptical that attaching themselves to a story about a 12 year old shot that is in the news now is more about getting donations for the Foundation than really wanting to help others. Why not pick a family whose not front page news? Unfortunately, there are lots to choose from.

        • I remember when George & Cindy Anthony (Casey Anthony’s parents) tried to latch on to other cases, promoting their foundation. I think they were told thanks, but no thanks…go away. I can only hope the TM Foundation goes the same route.

          They will never answer to their lies because, so far, no one has ever called them out on the lies. And in the event someone does, they still will never answer. They will claim ignorance and continue to be the grieving parents.

        • In watching the video interview, note Sybrina said they team out with other partner organizations but she doen’t give them any mention. What other organizations helped to allow the backpacks to the handed out today? How much of it actually came from the Foundation?

          • Nettles – Walmart ran backpacks as cheaply as $ 5.00 each as well as K-Mart & some of the other big National Chains in hopes people come in to shop for the $ 5.00 back pack & buy the rest of their school needs there.

            IF the foundation gave away 200 – 250 backpacks, that’s ONLY $ 1.000.00 & that’s ONLY if they even paid for them. Too, imo, probably most of those were donated to the group & cost the foundation very little.

            I find it ironic that Sybrina/Tracy attach themselves to school supplies, their son had NO respect for school administration & didn’t apparently attend school to learn anything, TM imo, attended school because legally he had to.

            Grifters hard at work promoting themselves, imo.

  14. Has anyone heard anything about Crump lately. Seems the cat got his tongue since not long after the acquittal. I remember reading long ago that there were tons of complaints being filed against him with the Fla. Bar. I wonder if he may be being investigated by them for ethics violations, obstructing a criminal investigation, witness tampering etc.

        • If he were to file suit against George, he will get immunity and shut down Crump. If the SPD and the city are not liable, what’s left for him? I think he is out of luck and also knows that if he is stupid enough to file suit against anyone, all of the things we know, not revealed in court, will come into focus. Even his own personal behavior will be on the table. Maybe he should save up for any suits against him.

          Do you have an update of the complaints filed with the Bar.

          • I don’t know if any complaints were filed with the Fla. Bar. I do know that there were people writing articles that were including the contact info. for the bar, and requesting that people please file complaints. One of the articles I read today, that was from last year, is here-


            I know someone posted the Fla. Bar contact info. at the CTH. I believe that the info. and request may also have been included at TalkLeft.

            I remember reading somewhere at some point that the Fla. Bar takes complaints from other Fla. legal people most seriously. I wonder if any other attorneys in the state have filed complaints. He sure should be seen as an embarassment to the entire legal community in the state. I wonder how much influence the law enforcement members in the state have. He went right after the SPD and accused them of being racist, as well as incompetent.

            • YOU: I remember reading somewhere at some point that the Fla. Bar takes complaints from other Fla. legal people most seriously.

              I have read the same/

      • That’s not a group I’m familiar with. Could it be they’ll go anywhere for a speaking fee? I don’t expect them to go any place where their narrative might be challenged, only places where they all believe the same thing.

    • pinecone – as far as Crump being investigated & the Fla. Bar, a complaint would have to materialize first. imo, evidence of wrongdoing by Crump would need to be provided to the Fla. Bar along with a Bar Complaint before they would look into it, at least that’s what happened in the Fla. Bar complaints against Jose Baez in which Baez was cleared of everything. Could MOM/West do this? imo, they could but apparently haven’t because if they had, we would know about it. We don’t know that the Defense will file any ethical complaints, we’ll have to wait & see what materializes, Crump certainly deserves it.

      No doubt Crump is corrupt, I haven’t read anything about complaints filed against Crump by anyone during or after the trial, they usually make the Fla. TV MEDIA & OS, Baez’s always did & who filed them, I would think Crump’s would as well.

      • Trayvon Martin family lawyers win Bar diversity award

        Posted July 10, 2012

        By Desiree Stennett, Orlando Sentinel

        Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, attorneys for Trayvon Martin’s family, consider themselves lawyers who “fight giants” and take on the cases others would avoid. And now the Florida Bar is giving them some recognition as well.

        The Tallahassee attorneys were presented with the Henry Latimer Diversity Award at the annual Florida Bar Convention in Orlando on Friday.

        Latimer would have been the first black president of the Florida Bar before he died in a car crash in 2005.

        “This is the most prestigious award you can get,” said Judge June McKinney, an administrative law judge in Tallahassee who was on the committee that created the award after Latimer’s death.

        • Thanks for that Jordan. I’ve noted that the award was given in 2012. A whole hel1 of a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then in the Martin/Zimmerman case. I have serious doubts that they would be giving Crump Parks those awards today. Seems that Crump and Parks head’s got a little to big to fit their old hats. See what happens when you reward someone who has ulterior motives. Blackmail and/or shakedown artist demands never go down, they only increase. IWas there any reason for the state of Fla. to just hand over $5 million for the Martin Lee Anderson case when the facility staff were acquitted in the case which included Bondi as an assistant prosecutor? After that decision Crump said he was never going to let that happen again. I guess he’s serious even if it is by hook or by crook.

          • You posted a link to the Examiner article that ran soon after the incident. They were already calling for us all to file bar complaints.

            There were actually quite a few similar articles published early in the case. Crump was exposed long before he got into high gear, but MSM loved the story. Nothing was done. Only a chosen few paid attention. No one within the BGI cared and they still don’t. In fact, the entire Scheme team continues to be honored. Race relations may be at an all time low. In private, the worst of the past has reemerged except that white folks no longer are holding back. Things will get worse. Our POTUS and AG support this.

            Consider the early disclosure of what Crump had already done in the context of this award. It is beyond absurd. Crump’s brilliance (sarc) continues to be rewarded. Even SD predicted that.

            We are angry but yet we have to stuff it. “THEY” are much too powerful.

      • Art- From everything I’ve read, any complaints against any of those in the legal community is not posted anywhere. I’m quite sure that there are many frivilous complaints filed from a myriad of people. It remains a private matter with the Bar, and anyone they find that may be in violation is recommended to the Fla. SC for determination if they are to be punished or not. The Fla. Bar does not meet out discipline, the Fla. SC does that. Like everything else in the legal system, it could take a long time until the complaints, if there are any, would make it’s way through that system. Even if Don West filed a complaint, I doubt anyone would know it any time soon. The person who has a complaint filed against them has the opportunity to submit their case against the complaint. If O’Mara or West filed a bar complaint against Crump there really is no reason that anyone would know about it at all. O’Mara/West aren’t going to write about it, and the Fla. Bar isn’t going to broadcast it unless the Fla. SC rules on a particular punishment against Crump.

        I do remember that a complaint or complaints were filed against Baez but, the only way anyone would have known that is that the complaint filer broadcast it. Until someone is found guilty of a violation, it is usually kept secret. Can you imagine how crazy it could get with everyone and their brother’s complaint’s being broadcast even though the lawyer may not have been guilty of the accusation? Wooosh.

        • pinecone – I don’t agree, ANYONE can find out about a complaint against an attorney, the information is accessible to the public. Below are only 2 articles on the complaints filed against Baez, the Fla. Bar isn’t going to LIE for an attorney, they confirmed the investigations. Baez joked about the previous 20 complaints, there were 3 different complaints about Baez during the ongoing trial, all different.

          IF an attorney has complaints filed against them in any state, you have EVERY right to know, WHY hire an attorney that is questionable or has complaints? You to have EVERY right to know if a Physician has had complaints filed against them w/the State Licensing Board of your State OR if they have been sued for wrongful death. Most people don’t know they have legal access to the information but they certainly do.




          The Fla. Bar ALSO released the reasons as to why Baez was denied a license to practice law in the State of Fla. for 8 yrs. if you are interested in reading their findings, just Google it.

          • Sorry Art. Gotta agree with pinecone. We knew about Baez because the first one was decided and the other one was already public.
            “Walker was able to confirm the cases under a Bar rule that lets representatives respond to specific questions about matters already in the public domain and before the organization”

            • dannywarrior – we can agree to disagree.

              Sadly, just as with Physicians, my family didn’t find out UNTIL after my sister died of a negligent death at the hands of her impaired physician, that he in fact had many complaints filed with their office, they confirmed the complaints after the death when I learned that we could get the information from them, which we did & used in the Civil Suit.

              • Art- I believe you are mixing oranges and apples. Physician complaints are handled very differently than Fla. Bar complaints. You had linked some newspaper articles on the Baez complaints. Do you have any actual Fla. Bar links that show whatever complaints that are filed against Fla. lawyers? Again, I’ve searched my brains out to find anywhere where there is a site that lists those complaints. The only information I can find has been when the Fla. SC has decided on those cases recommended to them by the Fla. Bar.

          • Art- If that is the case, that anyone can find any complaints against a Fla. legal representative, please will you link the site that gives you that information? I have been looking and looking for a long time for Bar complaints against Fla. attys. I’d love to see if any complaints have ever been filed against Angela Corey, and others for sure. There is no way in heck that the Bar is just going to release any and all complaints against Fla. legal representatives. The only information I have been able to find is disciplinary measures decided by the Fla. SC after they have been handed those complaints that have been decided by the Bar as valid. I understand there are several steps when a complaint is filed with the bar. Many don’t make it past the first step.

            • BTW, can you only imagine the complaints filed by the Trayvon supporters against O’Mara and West. I’ve no doubt the Trayvonites would have filed complaints against Don West for being “too hard” on Rachel Jontel. Do you think the Fla. Bar would take those complaints past the first stage of investigation?

      • I’ve been reading about the Meet the Press ratings plunge lately also. I thought it was interesting that someone is blaming the plunge on the time when Gingrich called Obama the Food Stamp president, and David Gregory called Gingrich a racist for saying that. When Tim Russert did the show it was very highly rated. Everyone knew Russert was a Democrat, and he went a little easier on Democrats in his interviews but, he still did ask them hard questions. Russert didn’t show such a massive Democrat bias. I would tend to agree CCG, Gregory is looking for ratings as he knows the Martin case gets the base fired up. I doubt it will work. Most have moved on, and many are tired of the race card playing.

        • pinecone – I agree w/your thoughts, Meet the Press has tanked in the ratings according to reports I read this week also but the show has never been the same since Tim Russert passed away, he was one of my favorites. With the country facing so many political problems w/the unrest in Egypt, the various White House scandals, & impending OBAMA CARE & all the questions that encompasses for most families, I am surprised Gregory has stooped to have Sybrina/Tracy on as the stry has fallen from National News.

          I too agree, most of the Nation has moved on & is more concerned w/problems directly effecting their families. The NAACP has been called out this week for, LMAO, wanting the rodeo clown wearing the Obama Mask at a rodeo to be personally investigated.

          • Art- I don’t have a cable subscription, but, I a wasn’t aware that David Gregory had Sybrina and/or Tracy on his Meet the Press show. Do you have any links for that show? As I said, I don’t have cable TV.

            As to the rodeo clown story at first I was thinking, why is this making such big news. Then I realized that the story is important in exposing the NAACP as being completely and totally out of control. When the WH weighed in on the story, I was repulsed. Can it be any more obvious that the current admin. is sitting right on the trigger finger for racial riots in this country. The problem they are having has been that most have in fact moved on beyond their grievances. It is reprehensible that an administration would go to the lenghts they have to create even more diversity and hatred that didn’t exist before Obama was elected in 2008. It really does feel that a powder keg is getting ready to blow.

            When you have the Egyptian people all rising up against the US President, calling him a supporter of terrorism, Saudia Arabia standing with the Egyptian people, and against terrorism, you know we have crossed the Rubicon.

    • I read the twitter notice as this would be on the Meet The Press edition this coming Sunday – unless it is a special edition. Even if too late, Gregory should be emailed a few, just a few, salient questions that need be asked and answered.

    • I clicked on the link but, I didn’t see Crump listed there anywhere. I very well may have missed it.

      Remember the picture of Crump and Parks with the huge gigantic million dollar check that they donated to some organization? Was it the Florida Bar Foundation? That is different than the Florida Bar Assoc. There is also an all black lawyers assoc. in Fla. as well.

        • Nettles- Because I know you have a photographic brain, do you know where to find the picture with Parks and Crump standing over the giant check for a million bucks. I’m curious who the donation was made to. Wasn’t that donation made from the 5 million they got from the Martin Lee Anderson case. I know Inspector Nettles can find that info.

          Also, Crumps appointment was made prior to his deception with the Zimmerman case. O’Mara/West, with the little they released, sure uncovered the scheme developed by the Crump PR campaign. I’m sure wondering how the Fla. legal community is feeling about Crumps actions now.

      • pinecone – The Fla. Bar Foundation is DIFFERENT than the Fla. Bar, BUT, the Foundation is made up of prestigious/successful attorney’s, judges, & business people in Fla.

        No doubt a good way for Crump to network for clients from other attorney’s & judges.

  15. Latest Traynut insanity brought to you buy the kooks at axiomamnesia

    Trayvon Angel of Justice shared Jose Vqz’s status.
    6 hours ago
    Jose Vqz. They are trying to shut this man up! Someone keeps hacking removing his facebook acct. He keeps coming back. Thank you Jose. We think you are the reason someone is trying to reinstate charges against Z. This man is a blessing.
    EVERYONE COPY AND PASTE THIS LETTER in an email to Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov Everyone send their email out at 4p.m., my time, tomorrow and every day thereafter at the same time to flood their email which will force them to read it. I live in Ohio, so any other time zones just line them up. Everyone put your subject heading as “Do Not Ignore. The Truth Will Be Heard.”

    This letter is for the FBI, the DOJ, any Radio and News Station, and/or anyone willing to further the investigation into or encourage that investigation to bring to light the truth of what really happened the night of Trayvon Martin’s murder.
    The points of this letter are not to highlight my opinions nor my speculation of what happened the night of Trayvon Martin’s death. This letter is being typed to all of its readers to awaken the world of FACTS AND STATEMENTS by witnesses on that night and during police interviews, in which those mentioned facts and statements were not brought into the courtroom during the trial of George Zimmerman. There is so much overwhelming evidence pointing to the fact that George Zimmerman did not act alone in the murder of Trayvon Martin. Like I previously said, I will not base this from my opinions or speculation. Right now, I will list some UNDENIABLE FACTS and statements made by witnesses. GET SOME EARBUDS AND PLUG INTO YOUR COMPUTER OR CELL PHONE. This gives you a better sound for listening. All of this evidence can be found at trayvon.axiomamnesia.com

    George Zimmerman’s 911 call: at 2:07 GZ says, “oh shit, he’s running.” At 2:37 into the call GZ says to another person who he meets up with, “He ran.” 2:44 into the call GZ says to that individual, “shit, give me your light.” (NOW WE HAVE GEORGE WITH ANOTHER PERSON) At 3:07 into the call you can hear the sounds of GZ knocking on someone’s door. (HERE’S THE THIRD PERSON) If hearing him at the 2:37 mark, the 2:44 mark, and the 3:07 mark aren’t enough to convince you of anything then please read on.

    Caller 2 Jennifer’s 911 call (witness 11): 7:16:11 is when her phone call was connected to 911. You can already hear screams in the background of her 911 call. The gun is fired 40 seconds into her call which would put the time at 7:16:51- This time is important for multiple reasons. 1:30 into the call you can hear her husband Jeremy say, “He warned me he’d shoot him.”- This statement shows intent. 1:57 Jeremy says, “Why kill him” and at 1:58 you can hear Jeremy start to cry. -He knows a lot more than he’s letting on whether he took part in Trayvon’s chase and apprehension or if he just heard more than he’s saying.

    Caller 3’s 911 call (witness 3): Her call is connected at 7:16:41. This call is connected 10 seconds before the gun goes off. She said she heard something outside and what she seen, when looking out her window, was a man in a white t-shirt on top. She said when looking outside that she didn’t run away from the window and call 911 until she realized that the bad guy with the gun, in the white t shirt, might run away if he did something bad. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. If she knew the guy in the t shirt had a gun already and the gun hadn’t gone off yet, then that means the gun was already drawn, from her observation more than fifteen seconds prior. How so? Well, if she was witnessing something prior to her 911 call being dialed and connected then you have to subtract that time from her 911 connection call at 7:16:41. Remember the gun did not go off until 7:16:51. So, she knows the gun was out, she runs to call 911, and then 10 seconds after the connection time the gun goes off. Witness 3 also said in her statement to the police that the police were 5 seconds too late from the time the gun went off.- this is very damning to the Sanford Police Dept. and I’ll explain later in this letter. One last important thing that witness 3 said was that the guy in the handcuffs had a hoodie on. TRAYVON was the only person with a hoodie on. Read further.

    Caller 4’s, Jonathan Good’s, 911 call (witness 6): He said in his police interviews and on the stand that he witnessed Trayvon on top of GZ, at first in the grass, and then they made their way onto the concrete. Once on the concrete, he told them to cut it out and that he was calling 911. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO THINK ABOUT. He said he went inside and while waiting for 911 to pick up, the gun went off. His 911 phone call was connected at 7:17:06. That is 15 seconds after the gun had been fired. I am not going to fill in the blanks for you because I’m pretty sure you’re intelligent enough to do that on your own, but I will have you ask yourself one question. If he was already dialing 911 and the gun went off during that 3 number dial, then why did it take 15 seconds to connect to 911? I’ll answer that, not with opinion or speculation, but rather with more evidence. With that evidence I have to jump to caller number 7’s (witness 19’s) police interview: She said she was going outside to walk her dog and when getting out there she seen the person on the ground moaning and she went back inside, secured her dog, and locked up before running upstairs and calling 911. She said she wasn’t sure if the gun had went off prior to looking out her window, but she knows she called as soon as she heard it because she had her phone in her hand the whole time. She was very adamant about that and one other thing, in which I will tell you about in a moment. She could not have called the moment she heard the shot because her phone call wasn’t until 7:18. That means her call came 1 minute and 9 seconds after Trayvon was already shot. She was also adamant about knowing that all she seen when initially going outside was the person moaning on the ground and her neighbor, Jonathan Good, saying that he was calling 911. Jonathan Good lied. The reason witness 19 only seen Trayvon moaning and no fight was because he had already been shot and was lying in the grass. Jonathan Good said they were still fighting on concrete when he went inside and called 911. How could witness 19 have seen him saying I’m calling 911 after Trayvon had already been shot if he had already gone inside? It’s because he was out there the whole time and when the gun had been fired. This certainly explains the 15 second time difference between the gun being fired and his 911 call. Jonathan Good took part in the murder. She did a walk thru of her house from her back door to her upstairs, where she called 911, with Detective Serino. What Det. Serino found was that it took around 1 minute to secure everything she said she did that night to make that distance. So, in retrospect, she walks outside right after the gun had gone off, she notices Trayvon moaning, she hears Jonathan Good say I’m calling 911, and then she makes her run to her upstairs after securing everything. That explains the minute and 9 second difference in time from the shot going off and her 911 call.

    Caller 8’s (witness 18’s) 911 call: The most damaging part of her 911 call hurts the credibility of the Sanford Police Department. Her call connects at 7:19:04. This is 2 minutes and 13 seconds after the gun had already been fired. The police were supposed to have been there 5 seconds after the gun went off and multiple callers were told police should be there already. THIS IS IMPORTANT. She was on the phone for 2 minutes and 30 seconds before she says to the operator, “He shot the person. The guy raising his hands is saying that and an officer has a gun pointed at him.” This would place the time at 7:21:34. That is just under five minutes from the time Trayvon had been shot. Now let’s rewind for a couple minutes. There was a picture from someone’s i-phone that was taken at 7:19:07 that showed the back of GZ’s head with blood on it. Officer Wagner said he was the one that took the picture because that was the only camera he had. A few questions should come to mind. How come the police took so long to apprehend GZ when they were already on scene? Why was GZ just walking around with his hands free for almost 5 minutes after he shot someone? How is it that Officer Wagner took a picture of GZ’s head 2 minutes and 27 seconds prior to GZ being handcuffed by another officer? Basically, Officer Wagner let him walk freely after taking pictures of him.

    Let’s go over some evidence now and see if it’s a lot easier to make sense of.

    Jonathan Good and his wife and Jennifer and her husband BOTH got married shortly after Trayvon Martin being killed. Coincidence? No. Husbands and wives do not have to testify against each other and they knew if people found out the truth they would have to if they weren’t married. Two couples get married shortly after someone being killed behind their homes is not a coincidence.
    No blood was found on the concrete from GZ supposedly having his head bashed in.
    Trayvon had no blood on his hands after supposedly punching GZ in the nose and breaking it, which drew blood. He then, after supposedly breaking GZ’s nose, started bashing GZ’s head into the concrete which drew blood, and then he used his hands to smother GZ.
    There was also other DNA, including GZ’s, on the gun which wasn’t Trayvon’s.
    The only gun residue found on GZ was on the back right side of his arm and not on his hands. Someone else could have leaned over GZ’s right side and fired the gun to silence Trayvon’s screams.
    GZ had plenty of time before being apprehended to self-inflict his wounds or have an accomplice do so.
    The list could go on and on, but I hope you get the point.
    The reason there was no blood is because the fight never happened and that’s why every witness except Jonathan said they didn’t see a fight. The other witnesses said they may have seen wrestling, but that can certainly be them seeing GZ taking Trayvon down, apprehending him, and then handcuffing him. If you look at the photo of Trayvon laying on his frontside and how his hands are placed, that certainly makes sense to know that his hands were held close together by cuffs. Otherwise, wouldn’t someone being shot have grabbed at the place where the bullet entered the body and his arms would’ve been close to his chest and at least one of them off to the side? I do not want to get into a lot of speculation because I believe the FBI knows how to do their job better than the Sanford Police Department.
    I will say this though. This letter will come to you repeatedly in the form of emails and by postal mail until you verify to us, the public, that you are taking the things in this letter seriously. This letter will reach the radio waves and hopefully major new stations and I will let them know you have what you need to go after GZ and his accomplices, but are choosing to do nothing. We will not stop in our efforts for you to push forward into a major investigation until you go on live television saying these exact words so we know you have read this letter. “Some new evidence has come to our attention and we are certainly clear that the murder of Trayvon Martin did not happen in the way that George Zimmerman has explained.”

    EVERYONE COPY AND PASTE THIS LETTER in an email to Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov Everyone send their email out at 4p.m., my time, tomorrow and every day thereafter at the same time to flood their email which will force them to read it. I live in Ohio, so any other time zones just line them up. Everyone put your subject heading as “Do Not Ignore. The Truth Will Be Heard.”

  16. Seems SD & Co. pay attention here…..lol
    “Pinky Ring = A person who is pansy assed. Above it all. Too concerned with self to engage in getting to the root of the issues. A metrosexual idiot who engages in a personal grooming style knows as “manscaping”. Educated but not close to intellectual because the only formative association with knowledge is from indoctrination. They can spout stuff from theory and theoretical application – but common sense and actually “git r’ done” is beyond their understanding”

    At least Sundance describes himself……
    “Decepticon – They assign themselves an ideological label which holds no semblance to standing for anything in actual substance. They are wagon hitchers; Willing to join, in name only, the energy of any movement”…….

    • 1. His ESP is amazing, imagine being able to know all that.
      2. I kind of thought that winning the case was “getting it done”. Unless “getting it done” means doing what someone else wants them to do…

    • Danny- I am interested in when SD identified O’Mara and his pinkie ring wearing as “pansy assed.” I just in the last day or so said that I believed that SD considered O’Mara as being effeminate or “pansy assed.” I looked over at the CTH to see when he said that but, never found any info. I am really creeped out that SD seems to be so interested in my comments. I am even more creeped out that Rick Madigan seems to be following what I say also.

      I am close to believing that Rick Madigan is in fact SD. He posted a comment to me at Dman’s where he knew very clearly when I was questioned by the gang of mods saying that he really did want to come to my defense that night, but I had already said goodbye to the site. How would any Rick Madigan be able to come to my defense if RM wasn’t even a poster at the CTH back then. Nettles posted that when she left RM started posting at the CTH. I was already gone, I think, by the time Nettles started posting at the CTH. Hmmm. Very interesting. After I said goodbye to the CTH I posted a link to correct their posts about a trial hearing being changed. I think it was AdRem that snagged my comment in the moderated filter, and posted my comment under her own name. That’s when I knew the CTH was as dishonest as they get.

      • I came across this post earlier this morning when I was looking for something else. (once you get redirected just wait a second and the link will take you right to the comment). Read all the comments In that box.


        You are not the only one Rick (Sundance) watches like a hawk. I posted that I had noticed before I was banned, that Hoons1st was treated harshly at the treehouse but he always let it roll off him and always took the high road.

        I was shocked to see my name mentioned in this thread but read the whole thing and look at a moderator attacks Hooson1st and watch what Rick says. Again, he shows a phenomenal memory of Dr. Phil (that was in August 2012). He didn’t post until Feb. 2013.

        Hoons1st you showed a lot of class in this post.

        • Hoons1st you showed a lot of class in this post. He certainly did. I would not have had such patience. Hoons1st, you are a rare bird.

          I do not remember this exchange and it is probably for the best because it angered me. I also felt “uncomfortably embarrassed” reading it and wondered how we could be on the same team.

          The Rick Madigan in this thread is NOT the Rick Madigan that has a blog and visits this site and Dman’s. The one in the CTH exchange sounds exactly like SD so I am now really puzzled. I now think that there might be 2 RIcks. This is crazy.

            • IDK. They sound like 2 entirely different people to me. The language is very different. How can he be in 2 different places at the same time?

        • Wow. I forgot the specifics of that post and I am not too good at getting all the detail down and remembering every exchange and from whom.

          I pretty well take the same tack each time I venture an opinion, which is that I look for consistency and verifiability within the four corners of what is being said at the time or I will offer an observation based, in part, on my own experiences. I endeavor to do this in a positive manner, one that sheds light on different aspects of an issue and seeks to establish what can be established with some degree of accuracy.

          I was surprised by the harshness of the replies and the personal tone of the rejoinders, but I chalked it up to the idea that they sincerely believed that I must be some kind of troll, or shill for MOM, or that I was trying to disrupt their POV with regards to the defense for GZ, none of which was true.

          During those exchanges, at one point ytz4mee stated something to the effect that the CTH was not a blog for the defense of MOM, and I decided that he was probably right. From that point on I moderated my comments on that score.

          CTH does a lot of good on a lot of issues, but CTH has a very clear POV.

          People don’t have to agree all the time, but civility is an indispensable element for the conduct of rational debate.

            • I was not aware of that latter factor – i.e., “before he posted there”.

              I just assumed that it reflected a reality that some people have more time on their hands than do others. I was surprised by the detail recalled, on one hand, and the general vehemence with which the issue discussed, on the other.

          • hooson, I agree with your assessments. I think there is much we know after the fact, kinda like…. If I knew then what I know now. But your replies were genuine. Even though I have disagreed with you, our conversations have always been respectful, and I throughly enjoy your opinions and assessments. I respect those that decided not to go either way regarding MOM, or the CTH. Everyone is entitled to their opinions based on their experiences.

      • Pine, knowing what I know of how the CTH was created it just seems history is repeating itself. Some mods. over there obviously had peer and authority issues in their lives. I mean I am a nonconformists myself but society has rules so we can function. They are creepers. A lil too extreme for my tastes, and any people who isolate themselves and write about what they do 24/7 will crack someday. It is not if, but when.

    • How many Democrats would acknowledge this?

      The Democrats helped pass the Civil Rights Act: This is more of an inaccuracy by omission. The film showcases how both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson rallied on behalf of civil rights, but what’s left out is the voting record on the historic Civil Rights Act. Turns out “80 percent of the “no” votes in the Senate came from Democrats, including the late Robert Byrd (W.Va.) and Albert Gore (Tenn.), father of the future vice president,” so Republicans teamed up with President Johnson to pass the legislation.

      • So much of history has been rewritten in order for the Democrats to gain favor with the blacks and other minorities. If the blacks only knew that it was in fact the Democrat party that fought against them in voting against the Civil Rights Act, they started the KKK and they instituted the Jim Crow laws that you often hear referred to lately as though it was a Republican attempt to keep them down, uneducated and on the proverbial plantation. Remember Bill Clinton being referred to as the first “black president”? Now that we have a president with black skin, no matter what he does or says, they think he is some kind of God. What has Barack Obama done to help the black people, nothing. Do you remember a speech Hillary gave at a black church in the south during the 08 primary season where she dons a black dialect and says “I don’t feel no ways tired. I’ve come too far” and whatever else. As to Robert Byrd, the one time Grand Cyclops (or whatever it is) of the KKK. Even Obama attended his funeral and eulogized him.

    • What is really scary is that people like him and The Young Turks believe the garbage they spew and think that keeping this travesty alive is a good thing. NONE of them want race relations to improve and they offer no realistic solutions.

      Veiled threats like this are now common:

      If Zimmerman thought he’d live out his days as a happy camper, he’s sadly mistaken

    • All three are Representatives so they are all up for re-election every two years. The House controls the spending so they have to get re-elected every two years. I suspect they are all from heavily minority districts so there voters likely think they are doing a great job for them. I’d love to see what earmarks they have requested to take back home to their districts.

  17. I think someone should send all the facts to one of the famous blacks speaking out, the only one I’m remembering right now is Don Lemon. But some mainstream person just has to tell the whole truth – it’s just crazy how the narrative is being allowed to flourish. And I really think the black activists and their white friends are sad that it’s not 1950 – and they’re doing a good job convincing their followers that it IS still 1950. They need to be called on that. Middle class blacks need to speak out and say, “yes, you can make it in America – people who embrace the ghetto life do NOT define black America”.

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