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August 17, 2013


Post Discussion – George Zimmerman acted in Self-Defense.


Thank you to everyone who participates in the discussion to ensure the lies get exposed, people who help others get thanked and we leave each other having grown and learned something new.




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  1. I am so glad you kept this blog going, Nettles. Thank you.

    I suspect that the site is now being discovered by lots of folks. I have not noticed any new posters but I would bet you have a lot of lurkers. Do you notice any fluctuation in visitors?

    • I don’t keep track of that myself, but I did make visible on the sidebar how many page views the blog has had. During the trial we were getting about 300 a day. Now I don’t know.

      It’s now at 140,544. We’ll check it tomorrow night at this time (if either of us remembers) to see how many visitors we had.

      I get about 8 people emailing me in conversation as they are too shy to post. Lots of lurkers and as we witnessed, great commentators.

    • captain – you have to remember in the HOA settlement, 40% went to Crump & ALL the attorney’s that work for the family PLUS all their expenses were paid from the settlement, that is customary in Civil Suits, the attorneys are paid first.

      Though Tracy/Sybrina have gotten snot slinging rich off these scams, they only get a portion, there are at least 10 people in addition to Sybrina/Tracy that get a portion of the monies made. That includes Crump/Parks/Jasmine Rand/Natty Jack/Julison & many more, that’s why the scams will continue, UNTIL everybody involved is wealthy, not just Sybrina/Tracy that get a portion.

    • That is awfully misleading, aside from the settlement money, if the Foundation raised 5 million it is not Tracy’s or Sybrina’s money but the Foundation’s. They may draw a salary, IIRC in FL is only $40,000 a year but they can charge some expenses as well, so it is not to shabby but far from the way it is made to look by that post.

      • There is a lot of misinformation about their money but I do recall verifying they had several different donation sites at one time. IDK now nor do I know how much money they have received. A lot of it may have been cash during the trash can tours. There is one site that is for their personal use and since it is not a trust, no reliable info is likely to be found. I think the trust or trusts as it may be will have to disclose a financial statement at some point.

        I have learned my lesson about speculation. The facts are good enough for mean and we need not embellish them.

        • True enough, the 5 million was the estimate that was taking in by the Foundation, that is the only thing I was referring to, as you have stated to much misinformation and all of it meant only to incite, not inform in my opinion.

  2. Has anyone seen any articles at all about Shellie’s case? What is supposed to happen on the first day of the trial, Wednesday, August 21st?

    Check this out. Notice the dates. WTH.


    On Tuesday, 5 days before her husband was acquitted of the second-degree and murder charges against him, Shellie Zimmerman was arrested for lying during a bail hearing for her husband that occurred in April. According to CNN, Shellie Zimmerman met conditions for bail and paid $1,000 for release the same night she was arrested.

    • Her trial doesn’t begin August 21st. No date for trial set yet. She has a docket sounding on the 21st and her lawyer waived her appearance. She won’t be there. Hopefully she’s enjoying vacation still with George.

        • That could be one thing that gets done on the 21st, a trial date.

          Both sides will tell the Judge how the case is coming along and let her know if they need any help getting things from each other.

              • From what I’ve read it is extremely hard to prove perjury charges, and that’s why most never even file those charges. So Corey’s office is going to send Guy back into a losing lions den to paint their faces even more red. I wonder if Guy is still up to it, or in light of the debacle that became of their criminal case against George, that he may try to get himself off that case. If a trial goes forward it will prove that Corey and her staff believe that they can keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

              • Since the elements of perjury are not contained in the PCA, I have issues with a judge who would not dismiss the case. McDaniel and Branca have had great discussions about this. I think Talkleft covered it soon after the charge was made.

  3. On yesterday’s thread I posted an example of the moderators and Rick being pretty hard on their visitor Hooson1st. The comments can be found here dated April 14, 2013.


    Last night I went looking to see if I could find the comments that Rick quoted by Hooson1st and I think I found them. In regards to his conversation with Justfactsplz (JFP), and the ‘pink cowboy hat” lady, it looks like that occurred on March 7th. Fully a month earlier than Rick’s post in April. Note who mentioned the “Oscar” first.

    Hoosons1st, Rick also mentioned when you first posted and how you talked about Dr. Phil producers. This struck me as Rick wasn’t posting until late February 2013. I found this post of yours about the Dr. Phil show dated September 15, 2012

    Hoosons1st, was that your first post at the treehouse? If so, how did Rick know that?

    *Note, wait a second and the links will take you right to the comment on the page. If that doesn’t happen (wordpress gets finicky), come back and hit the link again).

    • Nettles –

      re: the Dr. Phil commentary. I am not sure if that was the first time I posted at CTH, It could have been. And if it was, it would have been the trigger for my merely not reading CTH, but joining the discussion. And it would have probably raised suspicions at CTH as to why hooson had joined CTH, right after the Dr. Phil show, i.e., “what a coincidence”. It must be that he is a troll from Dr. Phil.

      I have just read that link that you provided concerning the Dr. Phil business.

      I offered a differing explanation for the weakness of the Dr. Phil Show and expressed my belief in his basic integrity. I guess, nobody agreed with me. The universal tone was pointing out why I was wrong and my motives for being wrong. There was scant interest in why I might possibly could be correct. And it did not help me that Dr. Phil did not have a good reputation among many Treepers.

      Despite that experience, the good that CTH was doing for the GZ case, far outweighed the negatives in my opinion and I thought that I could make positive contributions to the debate.

        • When did you start posting there? IIRC, SD at one time seemed very “cozy” with you. Is that correct?

          Do you remember the post I made that some people there would be good mods? Well, the mods shut me down harshly, so I never finished it but you and jello would have been my suggestions. I think all of the original mods are still there.

          • Yes, I always tried to keep SD honest, but then I made a comment and he used part of it to change the context of what I was saying, and it became obvious that he was going to push his thinking and would never admit any wrong, now I lurk but rarely comment there anymore.

      • Speaking of vacation. I’m going to be on vacation on Wednesday this week and will return to work next Tuesday. I’ll be online during most of this time with exception of a day or two.

        This weekend, the family got together in cottage country and celebrated my brother-in-law’s (Greg) 50th birthday. It was a terrific day. The weather was gorgeous! We got home safely around midnight last night.

  4. It sounds as though the segment of Tracy/Sybrina on “Meet the Press” tomorrow morning will only be a small part of the show. The show will incorporate the ruling on “stop & frisk” which has been pretty controversial & in the news a lot this week.

    I still find it incomprehensible that Tracy/Sybrina, whom it appeared didn’t want to parent TM or make the tough decisions parents have to make everyday for their own children were never made by either Sybrina/Tracy on getting TM professional help such as drug intervention, they thought DUMPING TM on anyone that would take him in was a solution it seemed. I assume since many never knew the facts in the case r didn’t care to know, continue to be the targeted audience this group speaks to.

    The thing that irks me is that whatever the group says, including Crump/Handlers along w/Tracy/Sybrina, continue to go unchallenged for any accountability or facts..

    Trayvon Martin’s mother talks to ‘Meet the Press’


    • And to think she was going to end our party. LOL. Her influence and knowledge has been weighed and folks are now lurking.

  5. Jordan, looking at the blog stats tonight, there are 140,987 page views tonight. Compared to last nights 140,544 tells us the page has been load 443 times in the past day. About 40 comments.

      • It could be. It might not be. It could be the 40 commenters viewed the page 10 times for any new comments.

        I know we have some shy to post but they really like reading the observations of those who do post here.

      • jordan – I guess I am considered a “lurker” at Talk Left. I don’t comment there, I enjoyed Jeralyn’s contributions on GZ’s case on the legal aspects as well as her contributors/bloggers. imo, LOL, some should lurk more on some blogs than add ridiculous comments not based in reality, (referring to the OS blog.)

        • I lurk at Talk Left too. One of my favorite places to read on the case. I can’t post those links in the format needed so I decided to just read there mostly.

          I will comment on Jeralyn’s articles from time to time

  6. “The Volusia County beach officer fired over his messages and Facebook comments about Trayvon Martin has support from a growing number of people who say the firing violated his First Amendment rights and unfairly ended the career of a good officer.”

    “What’s coming next: some form of protest against the “cowardly damn politicians that don’t want to stand up against race baiters,” organizer Greg Gimbert said Saturday.”

    http://www.news-journalonline.com/artic … ch-officer

    https://www.facebook.com/supporttoddsni … ts&fref=ts

    Pushback time! I believe this officer will appeal his firing and it’s good to see others publicly taking his side. Like this Facebook page and pass it on….

  7. I’ve never heard the term “sock puppet” before but its come up on this site. If anyone else is in the same boat as me, I looked it up on google and found this explaining what a sock puppet is on the internet according to Wikipedia.

    “A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term—a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock—originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an internet community who spoke to, or about, himself while pretending to be another person.[1] The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[3] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer. Many online communities have a policy of blocking sockpuppets.”

  8. Interview with Mark NeJame and his thoughts on the Zimmerman Case.

    “What are the lasting lessons of the Zimmerman trial?
    It tells us we have a lot further to go considering race relations in the United States. It also tells us the truth be damned when people form opinions. So many people on the polar extremes of that case, they did not care what the facts were. They were locked into their positions and their opinions, and they were not going to let the facts or truth on either side get in the way of their opinions. There’s no question in my mind that the prosecution in that case was very politically motivated.”


    • Nettles – I really like NeJame, I have always found him to be fair & honest, something some people don’t like, especially Sonny Hosstin, I think NeJames was right about his assessment in GZ’s case. He too isn’t intimated by others, he jumped back down Nancy Grace’s throat on more than one occasion & left her mouth hanging open as did Bill Sheaffer, those Orlando legal analyst aren’t impressed w/NG, especially since she usually has the facts incorrect when they are easily available if HLN weren’t too cheap to use a researcher. NG doesn’t get away w/disrespecting those two, they put her back in her place, something some are reluctant to do for whatever reason.

      Cindy Anthony called NeJames “a creepy little man” in an interview because he criticized the Defense, NeJames called the Anthony’s out for “doing the bidding for the Baez/Defense.” Baez used the Anthony’s to promote theories in National Media that his defense team couldn’t say themselves & used them too to promote ideas that KC was a great mother when her damning photos were available all over the net & through discovery which proved the opposite. We saw Sybrina/Tracy/Crump promote theories in which there were no facts to support the State in this case.

    • Yet he alludes to possessing a negative moral judgement against GZ actions. How about questioning the morality of the Martins and Crump?

      • cassandra – many legal analysts & attorney’s, including Alan Derchowitz feel morally, TM’s death could have been avoided & many have stated just that, I don’t see anything wrong with that opinion & clearly understand the point of view. That is different as NeJames pointed out, moral judgement & legal decisions based on law are not the same & one can see GZ as not guilty but morally guilty.

        I have friends that supported the NOT GUILTY verdict, but they also feel GZ made some stupid mistakes that evening, imo, GZ should have never been charged BECAUSE the evidence wasn’t there, clearly, imo, both TM & GZ made poor decisions on that evening.

        While I agree with you about Sybrina/Tracy, they will always be considered the “victim’s family” & a pass is given them by most of society & I don’t expect that to ever change when, imo, there shouldn’t be, they too should be held accountable for their actions/propaganda. Just as the Cindy Anthony was not charged with “blatant perjury” in KC’s trial, Ashton said, “the Anthony’s were too victims, they lost their only grandchild.” Cindy Anthony had one agenda & that was to lie so her daughter would not be convicted, CA’s love for KC was greater than her determination to seek the truth & find Justice for Caylee. The Prosecutors saw the Anthony’s as “victims,” hence, no charges. jmho.

        • I do not see any poor decisions on GZ’s part, and I am not a gun owner. I believe he truly thought TM ran off towards the back entrance. I think he was right to see his standing on Taffe’s lawn as suspicious.

            • Nettles – NEN & 911 ALWAYS send a car as it’s their job to follow up on calls placed, it’s what they are paid to do by the taxpayers of every State.

              • Art, I’m surprised at you. George didn’t call 911. He called non-emergency. I would guess that Sean would have to determine whether or not the incident required a car to check it out. Surely they don’t send a car for every non-emergency call.

                • Nettles – I didn’t mean to imply GZ called 911 but that NEN & 911 are both paid by taxpayers.

                  I just made the statement that it is LEs job to follow up on these calls, It was Sean’s job to send a car BECAUSE there were documented break ins in that complex in the past. There was absolutely no reason for a car not to be sent by Sean, he would have been negligent not to do so.

              • Oops, didn’t read the “NEN &” in the email notice. I apologize.

                Do they send cars for all non-emergency too? Here in Peel Region, the police decide if its needed or not.

                • Nettles – imo, NEN operators might have the discretion to not send LE if there is a cat up a tree or a neighbor playing music too loudly if LE are on other calls more important, but if there is a domestic dispute or in this case GZ reporting someone “suspicious” in a complex with documented burglaries, Sean didn’t have a choice, he just did his job.

                  • My point with saying Sean decided to send a car was he didn’t think as some try to spin it after the fact. He didn’t think GZ was a nuisance caller. He didn’t think GZs reasons for thinking the guy was suspicious were fake or wrong-headed.

                    He thought given the burglaries, the person should be checked out so he sent a car. So that was two people that night that at least wanted Trayvon checked out.

              • Tell that to the folks in Oakland who are hiring private security since the cops are tied up with shootings and violent crime and unable to respond to burglaries.

          • cassandra – jmho, better decisions could have been made on the part of TM & GZ, but GZ should not have been charged as there was no evidence to support the charge. MOM had stated & admitted such in his interviews, I agree.

        • Art
          I don’t know if you watch Law and Order, but this morning I saw a case from 1997 that could almost be about the CA case, it made me wonder if Baez saw it too. The case was about a baby found dead in a construction site. Similar to the CA case the mother was young, single and liked to party. The cause of death was not determined due the time the body was out in the open, but it was thought that it had been strangled. The mother was charged and the parents gave conflicting statements. At the end in the trial the grandmother’s testimony was such that it almost accused her husband of the deed, creating enough doubt that the young mother was acquitted. This was several years before the Caylee case but it was remarkable in the similarities.

          • boricuafudd – that’s interesting, I wish I had seen it. As a matter of fact, Law & Order did an episode on KC’s case while the case was going on. I am a big L & O fan, they too did the Anna Nicole episode, of course they change the characters but adapt them to their story line, imo, they usually do a pretty good job.

            That Jack McCoy was one tough Prosecutor LOL.

    • So many people on the polar extremes of that case, they did not care what the facts were.

      His words are implying that there was some middle ground where the people knew the facts, because “the extremes” didn’t? No, some people thought GZ guilty, some thought him not guilty. I’d say ONE side didn’t care about the facts, and one side DID care and DID know… we’re the side that watched the hearings, read the motions, and watched the jury selection and trial….

      I think he’s guilty of some politi-speech here…..

      • That was my thought as well. Mr. NeJame is being a little too political. The facts were the facts.

        I’m not sure why he doesn’t want to share his moral opinion on the case. It could be he agrees George didn’t do anything morally wrong either and he doesn’t want to get into a debate about it or it could mean he does think he did something morally wrong and he uses this to hint that he’s really on the side who wanted to see him convicted. Not sure. However, Mr. NeJame is trying to appease both sides here with his answers.

          • Yeah, I think he’s screwy. I’ve imagined a few times GZ’s situation, but placed in my neighborhood. We’re houses with an alley behind the properties. Let’s say I saw someone looking in my neighbor’s windows, then he makes a break running for the alley. I’m on the phone with the police, and they ask which way he went. So let’s say I creep (walk) back to the alley to see if I can tell if he went left or right when he reached the alley running. Then he hits me from behind, so he must have run then stopped at the alley. But I was slowly following for a short distance someone who has taken off running… I totally expect to maybe catch the tail end of him disappearing in the distance – who would expect a running person to have stopped a short distance later? I just don’t see how morals or even foolishness come into the equation. If it’s immoral to try to work with the police to keep your neighborhood safe, we’re all sunk.

            • Yeah which is easier to believe to a young teen with a history of fighting, committing burglaries, on suspension for the third in the school year, attacked someone who after getting his ass kicked had to shoot him. Or that a pretty much well-liked chubby neighborhood watch guy on his way to the store picked a young black male to execute for all the other young black males that were terrorizing the neighborhood. After calling the cops and being on the line with the cops until almost the end and just following the suggestions of police dispatcher. Yeah, I know which one seems right.

              • Absolutely.

                If I tweeted, I would tweet the truth in response to every tweet that says one of the parents is speaking about the narrative. In other words, if a tweet says they’re talking about getting rid of SYG or profiling or concealed carry in order to keep black teen boys safe, I would tweet back that they’re only qualified to talk about how to raise a kid who steals, vandalizes, is a misoygnist and racist, and does drugs, gets suspended, etc… a real tweeter could write it better lol

  9. Stand up for Trayvon Martin by amending ‘stand your ground’
    By Benjamin L. Crump, Published: August 16

    “Why is it critical to amend stand-your-ground laws? The Trayvon Martin amendments are common-sense legislation that would alter such laws to prevent the initial aggressor in a confrontation from being able to later claim self-defense.”


    Mr. Crump? Rachel Jeantel has already told the public that she thinks Trayvon Martin was the initial aggressor. Now what?

      • Nettles – great response in your tweet, thanks for all you do.

        Sybina too probably thought when TM was busted in the video surveillance for using indelible markers in a restricted area on school property such as lockers or doors, his back pack shouldn’t have been searched. MANY things were found in TM’s backpack reflecting exactly who TM was, weed residue, weed pipe, stolen jewelry, a burglar tool, Sybrina probably thought TM had a right to keep those things hidden from LE.

  10. Nettles:

    Love your blog. You know that. That wacko Rick Madigan posted this on D-man’s site. The more I think about it, the more I agree with you that he is SD (or at least someone VERY close to that wacko).

    I read your quote about Nettles on the open thread also, but her getting it molasses slow like that, would not have made a difference to what the schemers came away with, or what the Zimmermans went through, because she lacks the most important ingredients for change: Empathy for the true victim, George, and an ability to think outside her realm of noblesse oblige, (feed and clothe the hungry heathen, so I can feel good about myself, and have vicarious feelings of empathy through their miseries and suffering experiences, and I am so glad that there are so many poor so I can keep helping them and feel my life worthwhile in some way) white man’s burden.

    This is all the woman is, and she likes O’Mara because that is exactly what he is. A pedantic, pompous, prude, incapable of self awareness and empathy! But hey the world around him says, you get great points for loving a negro, so off he goes to put his arms around Crump and honor Trayvon’s birthday, right in the middle of the court case, in which his client is being terrorized and railroaded by the State!

    So, if there were a million Nettles around, who got the little awareness that she got, it would make no difference. I think the whole damn WGI influenced nut jobs need shrinks like Mooney analyzing their liberal guilt filled hearts.

    • I do not say this lightly, but I really would prefer to NEVER read another word that Madigan has to say here. I think he ruins this blog and should be blocked.

    • If there is any JUSTICE in this world, Sundance got in trouble for going OFF TOPIC. 😉 Diwataman hates when that happens on his threads!

      As I tell the Dog Pound, what others think of me is none of my business.

      I become more convinced he is Sundance. Sundance knows he has lost credibility in denouncing O’Mara all the time….so he pulled Rick out of his sock drawer after I was banned to do that dirty work and show support for his ideas.

      • True. But it appears Dman & RM are close. Even @ the CTH. They got introuble by admin there on Sat. open thread for not adhering to blog rules….

        Lol….sock drawer. I have some more investigating to do on it. But either they are the same or very close……I see RM plugging his blog @CTH too which inturn plugs old CTH anti–MOM posts. It is kinda funny having a blog you can write anything about yet all it is used for is to collect comments and conversation on other blogs, and old anti–MOM CTH & Nettles.

  11. One thing Sundance an Admins. need to understand….. Some of us could care less if we fit in there at the treehouse. A warrior @ the CTH. Really? Could you imagine that view? Not a good fit fit……..treehouse….nah….
    They remind me of a freaking cult who attempts to dismiss. They are a spec of the interwebs. A tiny little selfinflated group of nobodies! You could not pay me to post there.
    The more they pay attention to what I say the more I know they know they are not relevant!

  12. It was the Stephen Lawrence Foundation that took the Scheme Team over to London last year. It appears the police had their supporters under surveillance.

    “Peter Francis, the whistleblower who revealed that police spied on supporters of the Stephen Lawrence family, says he believes that he personally collected some of the intelligence that later appeared in the files of the blacklisting agency.”

    On July 31, 2013 Doreen Lawrence (Stephen’s Mom) became Baroness Lawrence and joined the Labour Party as a peer.

  13. Sharpton speaks at Daytona Beach church pastor’s 10th anniversary


    “Sharpton said America is still far from achieving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality. He pointed to the firing of a Volusia County beach patrol officer over comments he made about Trayvon Martin on Facebook.
    “A policeman wrote on Facebook calling an unarmed teenager a thug, associating with all kinds of stuff. Then they start a Facebook coalition of support after Rev. Durham and leaders here question, and they say he has First Amendment rights. He does, but so do you.

    And you have the right to say if that’s how you look at a young man that had never been convicted of a crime, that was unarmed, then you have the right to feel that way, but we have the right to say you should not be a police officer over our children,” Sharpton said.”

    Facebook page: Support Todd Snipes


  14. Hoping this finds everyone doing GREAT! On the eve of the kiddo’s returning to school, I had time to try and catch up. Whew been a busy month all around lol. I messed up my knee on July 15 and had surgery and been recouping and watching my precious grandbabies. Hugs to all! back to catching up

  15. Well, before school starts I am gonna have to hit CTH redux hard where Sundance was wrong about MOM. It is about that time to show some “proof” the blind refuse to see. Gonna show SDs own words against himself. This will be fun. Using SDs words against himself always is.

    • No forgettaboutit (lettitgo) here. There is a new breed who is just waiting to learn a few things.
      Maybe that is what “we” should be. The New Breed. Humm.

    • hooson1st – I was trying to remember what the NAACP had going on before the GZ verdict but I couldn’t remember anything, they hardly seemed relevant anymore UNTIL they demanded & have gotten press since the GZ verdict.

      LOL, the NAACP recently demanded the rodeo clown wearing the Obama mask @ a rodeo to be personally investigated, the clown had already been ordered to do a “sensitivity” workshop & banned from clowning for his lifetime. Presidential mask have always be made & worn @ Halloween/Parades/especially Mardi Gras & I think popular w/some, ridiculous imo, who gives a rats ass, there are HUGE problems the NAACP needs to address to help their people. We are ALL American’s but many forget that, the NAACP continues to divide us. The NAACP should be doing workshops to educate young people that are exposed to gang violence & helping them find employment, all jmho.

      I wonder WHY the NAACP doesn’t address black on black crime/murders which affect MANY of the population & truly search their hearts & resources to come up with a course of action to help Detroit & Chicago. imo, this is a tragedy that no one wants to address, those w/influence won’t address it such as Sharpton, J Jackson imo because they can’t make any money.

      • Art –

        I suppose the NAACP comes to its decisions by the mechanism of its organization which, by and large, reflect the general consensus of its membership. That consensus is an amalgam of its membership’s experiences, perceptions, and historical narrative. The issues that the NAACP chooses to emphasize are those that it feels that it can advance as an institution. It doesn’t mean that the membership of the NAACP is not concerned about black on black crime, but clearly, there are other issues it chooses to expend more energy on in the public arena.

        • hooson1st ~ you say “It doesn’t mean that the membership of the NAACP is not concerned about black on black crime, but clearly, there are other issues it chooses to expend more energy on in the public arena.”

          Clearly, you can look at WHAT the NAACP WASTE their time & energy on lately & it isn’t saving black young men! The NAACP WON’T make a difference with SYG, but they can make a difference doing the HARD WORK of educating those in the streets of Detroit & Chicago.

          hooson1st – Are you kidding me, is your statement a joke BECAUSE I’m not laughing & if you are serious, you aren’t spending any of your time reading about the OUTRAGEOUS murders in Detroit & Chicago daily by black on black youths, INNOCENT victims are too slaughtered from babies to the elderly from catching a bullet? There is absolutely NOTHING more important imo than the murder of innocent victims daily or black gang members murdering other black gang members and EXACTLY WHAT IS THE NAACP DOING ABOUT IT? Absolutely N O T H I N G! Can you share w/anyone WHAT they are doing? If they were doing ANYTHING, they would promote themselves JUST LIKE THEY do when they do anything, PROMOTE & PROFIT!

          LMAO! Do you think promoting the investigation of a rodeo clown is important which is where the NAACP has EXPENDED & WASTED their time recently, how insulting & laughable!! How many rodeo clowns are wearing OBAMA mask & HOW MANY black youths are murdered daily? DUH! imo, it’s ignorant when people are slaughtered daily in the streets of Chicago & Detroit, ignorant for the NAACP to ignore it & NOT EXPEND THEIR ENERGY making a real difference in the lives touched by murder. Ignorant for the public to pretend the problems don’t exist.

          CLEARLY imo, the NAACP EXPENDS their energy on PROMOTING bull chit causes, like SYG which is not going to change , or profiting from their causes, which, DOESN’T HELP black on black crime, spending their energy PROMOTING themselves isn’t saving lives, neither will the punished rodeo clown!

          • Art – briefly – I don’t know much about the NAACP other than what gets the headlines. I have not spent any time looking in detail at the NAACP. The wearing apparel of rodeo cowboys is less of an urgent national matter than the issue of death at the hands of lawless individuals.

      • Art, I don’t know if you read my post
        on my blog, but I talk about the NAACP, its history and how it is now just another Progressive organization, not one concerned with the Black community, per se. Before the TM case the NAACP was involved in immigration amnesty, Gay Rights and the only thing that was directly related to the Black community was the lobbying to place restrictions on discipline to young black males in schools, sentencing laws for drug crimes and efforts to have criminal background checks eliminated as part of the hiring process.

        Right now they are moving on those areas and using the TM case as a catalyst for their cause. The case has revitalized the organization in some respects and it has caused them in others. The bottom line is that the NAACP is not the civil rights organization of the Civil Rights movement but now it is another Progressive Organization that parlays the prestige it gained for Progressive goals, which may or may not help the Black community, I guess it will depend on your point of view.

        As for addressing black on black crime both the former president, Julian Bond (he is the one who turned the direction of the organization, btw) and the current one Jealous are on record as saying that they have done everything that they could to address the issue and the organization is instead devoting their resources to other civil rights problems, like immigrant discrimination, voting laws and the issues that I had mentioned before.

        • boricuafudd – I haven’t read your recent blog post but I will, I always find your opinions & facts interesting & thought provoking.

          I don’t think ML King would GIVE UP on black on black crime in Chicago or Detroit like the current NAACP has done, I don’t believe it, that’s not what he was about. Since Bond & Jealous have given up on Black on Black crime, will Chicago & Detroit become waste land so riddled w/murder that those seeking employment, education for their children, family stability & safety for their families leave what is left of the crime ridden cities to move elsewhere?

          Let the gangsters murder the gangsters? If they only murdered each other it wouldn’t be such a problem, it’s the innocent victims that are too murdered caught in their cross fire & live in fear daily.

      • True. I think Bori outlined that all on his lonesome. Geez, maybe I have a few locusts attacking me. Thought youd take that on for me Bori! The PLAGUE…AHHHHHHHH! Bori I had my toenails painted sparkles today….HELP!

        • Danny if I thought you needed help I would help you, It is hard to talk about the GZ case and leave out the politics of the case. As with everything else in this country, it seems, the case took on a Right Wing vs. Left Wing outlook to it. Very few on the Left, with notable exceptions of Dershowitzs and J. Merrit, took GZ’s side while it was for the most part Right leaning websites that championed him.
          MOM, like most lawyers leans Left, and is very comfortable among them, did it affect the defense of GZ, probably not, there are things that he did not do, that can be questioned but the results speak for themselves, GZ was acquitted. One of the things MOM did do was, IMO go very easy on the family. I think he could have done more to expose their manipulations which may have gone a long way to prevent the deification of the family. Whether that was his doing or at the request of GZ I don’t know.

          • I got the impression on the facebook pages I was on, most of the supporters were left-leaning. Whenever the treehouse got quoted on something, most people didn’t give it much credit. Yet the commenters fully supported George Zimmerman.

            • I was not very active in Facebook but I did follow a lot of sites and that was the impression I got. Facebook is one of those places where the dynamic is different and there are always people of all ideologies. Which reminds me I really need to be more involve in Facebook.

          • Bori, I understand what you are saying. It is difficult not to discuss race and politics with this case. It is difficult at times to control emotionalisim as well. There was a lot of all of those needlessly interjected into this case at times. I do and have always thought great discussions including politics could come from this when appropriate. I do not mean we can not talk politics its just my take it should not become political. I do not know I guess I am more of a legal eagle when it comes to court cases, individual rights, and the publics confidence in the judicial process. If there was an all around respect of all those GZ would have never been arrested, IMO. I think it did GZ justice with MOM acting cool as a cucumber while BDLR and Guy played aggressive jerks. On one hand you know all the reasons why even if MOM were more aggressive they would have just made GZ out to be even more of an animal then they already had. On the other hand like you said we do not know what went on behind closed doors. It was a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation.

          • Oh. And I really had my toe nails painted sparkley. I think it will take a year to remove! The joy of being a Dad to a little girl!

            • Been there, last week my toe nails were hot pink. I learned to keep a supply of nail polish remover handy, just in case. Had the case been strictly judge based on legal issues, alone, we would not be discussing the case 18 months later.

              I wonder all the time if the Scheme Team knew what they had created, and how that would drive the discussion. Right now it really is not about TM, though I doubt the family sees that, but about getting and implementing agendas that have little to nothing to do with the case.

              The “Trayvon’s Law” is being dangled in front of the family to get them to support it and become the face of it. They don’t see the risk they are putting themselves in, because just as they are the darlings right now, their hands are dirty and if things don’t go work they could be the scapegoat.

    • cassandra – I have finally gotten off my high blood pressure medicine, I am not going to be able to watch the video because I think my blood pressure will blow through the top of my head but appreciate reading the thoughts of those that did watch the video.

      Thanks for being an advocate, gooing to the trouble of making calls, etc., I have to believe they at least keep a tally. Maybe the NRA will pay to have an opposing video made with FACTS, maybe someone will step up.

      • At the risk of sounding like someone who is always coming up with ideas that someone ELSE should do lol – I think someone who knows how to make videos like this should make one with what REALLY happened – GZ in car, saying “he’s running”, dispatcher saying which way….” – everyone here knows the story – and get that tweeted out. This false narrative running wild drives me crazy, and it makes me think of Hitler and the people of Germany – so many people here have just unquestionably globbed on to the narrative – what else could they be so easily and blindly led to? I criticize reporters for not being curious, thorough, and investigative – well, I guess their readers don’t want it – they’re of like (less than stellar) minds.. I’m just feeling that we’re really getting dumbed down and lazy or something…

        • Wasn’t there a video re-creation made by the defense that was not allowed into evidence, which could be incorporated into a video such as you suggest?

      • OMG that video….. and of course the fight is left out, as well as GZ saying “ok” to not following…. and false things added in… this video shows him shooting TM in cold blood. These people are making sure that GZ and his family will never be safe. What’s wrong with them? Why can’t they look at the evidence? SMH.

  16. I have enjoyed Nettles blog from its beginning. I enjoyed reading her posts at CTH and d-man. Lately, it seems to have morphed into an “I Hate Sundance and the CTH” site.
    Comments read here such as … “They remind me of a freaking cult who attempts to dismiss. They are a spec of the interwebs. A tiny little selfinflated group of nobodies! You could not pay me to post there.
    The more they pay attention to what I say the more I know they know they are not relevant!”… are making this blog, imo, seem more liken to a FB page belonging to a teenaged girl, whose main mission is to dis another high school clique. This seems not to be an intelligent way of discussing the deplorable way in which George Zimmerman’s constitutional rights have been trampled, and how the people responsible continue unabated.
    Is this not the reason we are invovled with this tragic story? A man had to defend himself and has been crucified for it? What SD believes about MOM, or how he and his mods run their site should have little if any bearing on the issues surrounding what George and his family have been through, or how this case is possibly setting a precident that could endanger the rights of each and every one of us. How, Danniwarrior, do you think George or his family would feel reading comments such as yours? Would they enjoy them? Or would they feel disheartened to see that snide remarks about another site has taken precident over the facts of the case and the consequences of those who continue to persecute George? I believe they would tend to feel the latter.
    Shellies case is fast approaching, and all I can think of is how this one man and his family were targeted by a Nation! I can only think of how nearly every American would be hard pressed to recall the names of even one of the terrorists from 9/11, but can all tell you George Zimmerman should’ve stayed in his car! This is what is disturbing to me, Not how Sundance hurt my feelings, or that he doesn’t care for Mark O’Mara.
    These are my opinions, and I understand they are no more important than anyone elses.

    • nicely said.

      It still blows my mind how few people really understand the magnitude of the railroading of GZ. TL Merritt recommends ignoring the Martins and Crump media hype and race baiting.

    • Oh Geez. Does not matter where you go to talk a lil Sundance someone will come in his defense knocking the blog. I do not think the family is THAT associated with CTH, L.L. & Cassandra As for making me out to be the villian? I suppose you can go ask Sundance and Crew those same questions? When Sundance answers you and I see his reply, I too will answer you…deal? mmmmkay? As far as I am concerned protecting the defense team is just as important as protecting GZ and family. What do you have against my showing who SD really is and just how wrong he was? And by my exposing him how do you suppose that hurts the Zimmerman family any?

      • Once you all protect SD from every blog by threatning to leave or the blog owner blocks people, or closes it down, and I still have my blog what will you do then? What is the agenda? Is your interest really the Zimmermans or is it Sundances reputation? It only helps the Zimmermans by exposing just how far people go in the US. to make everything and anything political. Makes for bigger Gov. Something I despise. It is pretty silly when one group of people has to expose those who are making this case EVEN MORE political thinking it will change the next election.
        That is SDs agenda. Do you not all yet know it does not matter what party you pick, cause we yet to have a party that is lesser then the two evils. So hanging MOM/ GZ supporters like myself out to dry is not gonna change a damn thing come 2016. But…… it is really counterproductive.

      • easy Danny, if you notice the focus of comment I ignored the SD stuff. reread. I am concerned about the treatment of GZ and his family by the justice system and press.

        This is not the first time you have jumped on me unwarranted and incorrectly. Ironically, when I complained about SD here and on your blog, you accuse me of having a hidden agenda.

        • I never jumped on you Cassandra. Early on you came to my blog bringing CTH BGI crap when I was very clear that I was treading on that subject lightly and gave clear reasons on how I was intending to do that! You also misread something I said about Dman. You accussed me of treating you like Sundance making it very clear you would never join in on my blog. Your choice. Your above comment is an extension of how you feel that I have neglected to not paid attention to BGI and the politics. Personally I feel and I will tell you again, this is NOT a case I feel deserves attention to expose BGI. I can do so without even mentioning GZ, Crump, or TM. If you feel I have neglected to notice GZs railroading, fine your opinion. My personal focus was not to expose BGI. My purpose was to free GZ and discuss the legalities in order to set precedence. That is it. I can talk BGI any day of the week off of every and any MOM/ Zimmerman thread.

          • The clear issue with MOM bashers vs. Supporters is that some stick with SD because his motive involving himself in the GZ case was to expose BGI and Progs. The issues between the two groups is that one group felt the goal should be to expose BGI and political railroading for a reason they feel would expose political agenda for the future. However, some of us saw a man was in hiding, getting death threats, and his liberty at stake. Some felt his saftey, and freedom was of the utmost immediate importance, and legally GZ was protected from any and all railroading. Agree to disagree. But my exposing Sundance has more to do with the totality of his past actions not just the GZ case. He has duped MANY people. This most recent stint was the icing on the cake. Exposing BGI, political railroading, racisim, and MSM, can be done in a more legitimate manner by many people who do not feel like a bunch of refugees. Good intentions he has, but wrong delivery and agenda.
            Now what kind of Zimmermn supporter would I be if I do not expose EVERYONE who has railroaded GZ? Humm?

    • I thank everyone who participates here. I’m not naïve enough to think people come here because of my posts. It’s our collective product that brings people here. Some haven’t like what they saw and didn’t return. That’s ok too.

      LittleLaughter I take your point in trying to stay focused on the reason for the blog. It occurs to me though, you haven’t read all the posts here. Rick Madigan (who I sincerely believe is Sundance and most others do not), made a comment to DannyWarrior that he should be concentrating on remembering his deceased mother rather than focusing on issues surrounding the George Zimmerman case, including the Treehouse blog.

      That deserves to be answered. It is an absolutely despicable thing to say to someone from your own side of the issue. I’d expect a comment like that to come from the State’s supporters not a George Zimmerman supporter.

      I want to share with all of you who read here more about my life and what some of my challenges have been. It helps to develop trust and a connection with each other. We can work together more effectively if we have an understanding of each other. What Rick did made me pause in sharing personal information. In doing so, we open ourselves up to have it used against us when someone like Rick can’t comment back with a well thought out counter argument. He wants to emotionally hurt the person he is addressing. In case you are not aware, Danny just recently shared with us the battle his mom was going through and he has since lost her.

      It’s clear to me the moderators and Sundance read here. They had an awesome opportunity to bring a bunch of strangers together from different races, different political backgrounds, different genders, different countries and show what a group could do to push back against the abuse of power we were witnessing.

      Maybe it was too much to ask of the Treehouse. They are a political blog. So naturally, their politics would filter what was allowed there and what was not. I tend to believe, Sundance wasn’t able to work with O’Mara because of a political difference that Sundance just can’t overcome. We all seem to agree that politics had no place in the George Zimmerman case. We thought the public pressure caused the state’s governor to give a directive to have a trial and have the facts aired publicly in the case. This to me is an abuse of power. Self-defense is not criminal and if it couldn’t be disproven should not have been charged in the first place. Who the hell are the politicians to put a man through such an expensive trial for political reasons?

      What happened at the Treehouse and how it affected people in posting is valuable feedback to have. When trying to rally support for another social cause it can help the next time to be more effective.

      George and Shellie and I hope the defense team is taking some much needed time to gather their thoughts, think of the future direction for them and we at this blog have been doing much of the same.

      I thought my work was done with the case once the verdict came back. It was rather selfish and I got feedback that for some a place to discuss the next steps was needed. I corrected course. I would encourage those reading from the Treehouse not to be so emotional and really listen to how their guests felt while visiting there. Perhaps it could help them become a better blog. Perhaps they don’t care how others felt and they wouldn’t change a thing. I know it’s helped me in the decisions I’ve made about banning some and I’ve no doubt it gives other bloggers some valuable feedback for their sites.

      I’m not really sure what the next direction is for the George Zimmerman case and how I can help with that. I’m waiting for the Zimmerman family or the defense team to let us know. Until then, it doesn’t hurt to debrief about all that went on and how we could have done better.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      • I, for one, do, in fact, come here just to read your posts, Nettles. I mean no disrespect to the other posters, but I invariably click on the latest post of yours, then work backward from there. I skim through other posts to get the jist of the comments, but I read yours thoroughly. I could go on about the why of this, but I know you find it embarrassing. If I do it, then, surely, others are doing the same thing. Just keep us happy by posting as often as you can.

  17. LL – I understand what you’re saying. I think things got revved up, though, because RM recently came here and was posting a lot in a short amount of time, then went to Dman’s talking about here – and my feeling was that he came with the purpose to stir things up. Normally it’s not about CTH. I think you’re seeing the tail end of that. Just MHO 🙂

    • thank you for the reply, lorac. It seems so silly and childish to participate in such a manner when the issues at hand are so very critical to each of us and to our nation. Dynamics are often curious things, but intelligent, critical thinking tends to weed out the unnecessary. Allowing otherwise is to whittle away at the foundation until it is no longer sturdy. This whole, ” you can’t play with us” dribble is unnecessary and belittles the magnitude of what has happened to George and his family. I am sorry, but I think of what our country has done to one of it’s citizens and I want to be sick. Just as I did over Richard Jewel. Because of social media, however, this case went to heights previously unknown! Pettiness, to me anyway, only serves to minimize what he has been through. If rm or sd are the worst things that can be discussed, then the truth and magnitude of what has occurred to gz has been lost. thanks for allowing me to post my thoughts, Nettles.

      • Critical thinking and personal agendas while discussing a very complex high profile case are two different things L.L. What Sundance had done was attempt to affect MOM over conspiracy theories and in the end only hurt the Zimmermans chances. So if it seems childish & petty to you that some feel concerned about the leader SD is in such cases that is your opinion. If he did it once he will do it again.

  18. Re: The Butler

    The real news is the complete disaster for the movie industry at the box office this summer. Hollywood has dropped more bombs this year than the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

    $25 million might sound like a lot of money to you or me, but it’s not even in the top 100 for an opening weekend of a top Hollywood production. Elysium flopped in week two and Kick Ass laid an egg.


    • There is a black couple who attended the opening of The Butler in Silver Springs, MD. which is right outside of DC. The Regal theater hired 3 armed security officers to do crowd control and to keep the staff and guests safe. The couple took to twitter after leaving the theater saying they felt like they were “racially profiled” because of the armed security presence.


      On WMAL talk radio this morning, one of the owners of the security company called in to say that he believes the agitators are complaining because two of the guards were white, and one was black. So we had the Aurora CO theater shooting, a gun free zone, where a bloody massacre happened, and many complained because the theater didn’t keep them safe. Now we have safety as the first concern at a controversial movie, and it is racial profiling. Seems you can’t win no matter what you do. The couple is, for all intents and purposes, calling for a boycott of Regal theaters. This has to stop.

      • minpin – well said, damn if you do, damned if you don’t & the theaters get sued as they did in Colorado! The Theater in Colorado has many pending law suits because they didn’t provide security measures, Baez represented some of the families is why I followed the cases, but not closely, I assume the theater settled out of Court for damages to those injured.

        I took a cruise a couple of years ago & we stopped at the first island & most of us on the cruise went ashore, swam, shopped, etc. When we re-entered the boat, I was shocked to see the amount of security at the entrance holding AK-47’s as we boarded, ALL for the security of those that were on the cruise. It didn’t offend me in the least, it only surprised me, they were posted for our protection.

    • lorac – I have been following the stories of Steven Spielberg & George Lucas this summer that predict the movie industry will belly up because of all the BIG budget movies that have been made that have flopped, the Butler would not be one of those movies as it was really a low budget movie. Lucas & Spielberg predict in the future, ONLY big budget movies such as “Avengers or Pirates of the Caribbean” will be made for the theaters at a cost of $ 25.00 to $ 50.00 per head” to watch as they are the most highly profitable. Spielberg said “Lincoln,” which Daniel Day Lewis won the Best Acting Oscar for, was “ALMOST an HBO movie of the week due to financing” a project Spielberg worked on for 10 yrs. Instead, he was able to get it financed, it made it to the big screen & the rest is history, it did very well.

      In the big scheme of things, “The Butler” is NOT a BIG Budget movie & imo, will make a big profit BECAUSE many joined the cast just to be included & weren’t even paid, like John Cusak that is a political activist, Robin Williams, Jane Fonda, etc. READ the cast of the Butler, a lot of big weight movie stars w/political agendas worked for nothing to make it possible, WHY Oprah didn’t bankroll the whole movie is a puzzle. The Producer/Director of the Butler BEGGED for monies for the project from other Producers & got the backing of 230 other Hollywood Producers through their donations making the movie even possible.

      Movies such as White House Down, the Lone Ranger, After Earth & countless others have been tremendous financial flops costing Disney a 240 million dollar loss on the Lone Ranger Alone. The problem from what I have read is the cost of $ 100 million JUST to promote the movies isn’t added to the cost of the movie, making the movies cost an absorbent amount, of course the outrageous amount some demand to make the movies is ridiculous imo..

    • Hummm. Even bad press is good press and Oprah has done that despite her really low network and magazine ratings and now this movie. She seized the opportunity. Thing is where she is most remembered on the big screen is where she ends in real life …..kinda like Whoppi Goldberg, Tom Cruise, Travolta, Kardashians……unless they are directed by PR and have a clan around them to create a conspiracy ….they fade away. Hence they raise drama. This is really not news! Predictable yes…news nah. Just like last year when Tyler Perry so publicly claimed he was racially profiled for making a left turn in a right lane in GA.for street creds….Any actor I do not care what color they are….Once they tread on their ability to be an actor by letting me know how they really feel, politically, I can no longer read their characters and stop watching. All I see is them ACTING!

      • dannywarrior – I agree about actors & I too don’t respect them nor give a rats ass about their political agenda, I think it is laughable anyone cares what they think. BUT, we are not the targeted audience for the blow hard, self promoting, political agenda of celebrities, YOUNG people are the targeted audience imo, they are perhaps the most influenced by the star celebrity.

        • True we are not targeted… But you of all should know we know who they target. Therefore we are the target because they could and do get by with out us. Which gives me no down time so I get cranky because I have to spend money all the time or re enforce why kids should not be so curious and parents pay for online bs when I get nothing out of it sept opening my wallet for these “actors”. I go out of my way and I pay my bills so… Without me they would not pay their bills… On the opposite end these same people support things my bill was never intended to contribute to. Such as taking my private info from an android for an ad they place and getting tax deductions for something I never wanted.

    • thxs. I actually do not believe Oakland will ever sort their politics out sufficiently to make gains against street violence that an east bay city, predominately black working class, Richmond has recently. Despite Richmond progressive politics they have instituted smart policing that is making a dent. Oakland is totally imploding.

  19. Nettles,
    How did I know the moment you and I would speak SD and RM you would get a backlash? Deja Vu.
    Anyways, tis why I always followed you about and am so grateful you give people even those who disagree with how you run your blog, and how free you allow people to speak without the threat of being moderated or banned. Could you imagine L.L. & Cassandra going to The Last Refuge and having that ability? To speak their minds against what Sundance believes to be right or wrong? It must be refreshing to come here, speak your mind against the blog owners and still be able to post the next day. I thank you for them Nettles! 😉

    • Little Laughter gave some honest and sincere feedback. Don’t beat him/her up for that. Cassandra puts “boots on the ground” in her effort to make the world a better place. I admire that.

      What some posting at blogs may not know (I didn’t until I started one) is that WordPress gives you feedback on what gets viewed the most or links that get clicked the most. It give you a breakdown of where your commenters are from. using your IP address, it tells the blog owner where (City) the computer is located. I understand there are ways around that but it’s way over my capability to figure out. What surprised me was just how much information we give a site about us just by joining up.

      So who you join and whether they can keep your information private should be a consideration before posting on the internet. Some blogs allow advertisements on their site and when you click on it, the site gets paid.

      This page had 480 views yesterday. Of that 16 people clicked on the link to go to Danny’s site to read his response to Rick’s attack.

      I find most people aren’t interested in the sniping going on between individuals. If we could elevate this up a bit to a level that could help existing bloggers or future bloggers run an effective blog that may prove productive and effective.

      You all know I think Rick is Sundance. Don’t let him sway us from the issues at hand.

      • Nettles,
        Yes. Against my better judgement I had shared personal information. Hence, it was used. Should have known better. Some took advantage of a very emotional journey that I for good intentions shared. But for me really, the end for me justifies the means. I can humanize myself behind this screenname. Some can nor will not. Or do so their own way. Rick really did not affect me with his comment about my Mom, in fact he did not even have the gall to hit reply. He hide it amougnst the comments. What bothered me more was how he did it. Jesus, have audacity to face a public reponse. It was sooo…Sundance of Rick!
        I appreciate EVERYONES specific efforts in their personal causes concerning my same interests. I question their sincerity however when they prematurely judge someone based on the limited comments they read despite the various blog links I then question it. That is a Sundance way of doing things and I wish some would respect the diffrences.
        Surely they are aware how wordpress works, they use it.
        IE; My private data is limited on any website I use. Of course I comply with TOS. Yes, there are ways to sneek past the info. we as blog owners have. But there are also ways to track it back despite, it takes time, but can be done. Hint Hint.
        In the end I respect any blog owners contributors and the blog itself. My choice of news is from the hard work of bloggers! I appreciate any and every comment even if it does not align with my views, position, etc. I do apoligize that for my personal decisions to share information has given some the impression that your place is the place to bring issue with me. I have a blog for that and invite anyone here to go there who has a specific issue with me to bring it to me if they believe I antagonize you.
        However Nettles, I do believe you have your own thoughts and mind and that I personally could never sway you one way or the other.

    • This post above is precisely why I posted what I did. It has little to do with what you say about SD and RM, and more to do with the way in which the discussion is irrelevant to the issues at hand. That issue is the shameful way in which an innocent man and his family lost so much of their constitutional rights, and how the people who have persecuted him continue to do so without limit. This issue, if allowed to move forward unabated, will hurt every American and dismiss the constitution. I am looking for news about the aftermath of his trial and for those in the positions to do something to go ahead and do it. I want George to be vindicated, thus putting an end to the continued persecution and to the attempt to dismanttle our constitution. I am not interested in what SD thinks of MOM, as I have my own thoughts that don’t always square with his. I don’t care at all about the RM fellow, anymore than he cares about me or what I post.
      Your comment above just solidifies my concerns. You address Nettles, the site owner, in a “you and me against them” manner. You are playing the game of high school girls, the same game you slam SD & the CTH for. I read at the CTH, as well as numerous other sites. I am no ones champion, however, and the “backlash” you refer to has nothing to do with any allegiance to the CTH. I think I was very clear in my first post above, as to what my concern was. Re-read it. You will see there is no concern for SD or his feelings or him as a person or the CTH. I have no dog in that fight. The only fight I am concerned with is the one George and his family continue and by extention, each and every AMerican citizen. To engage in what you are doing is to severely minimize the significant injustice done to George, his family, and our nation.
      I did not, nor have I ever, come here to speak my mind against Nettles. I was posting here from the beginning. I read here nearly every single day, even if I didn’t take time to post. Your posts above make you sound just like the things you hate about CTH. FWIW- my first post above was not backlash. I expressed concern that the true issue in which I believed we all were interested was losing it’s foundation to silly and unnecessary discussions about others. If that is the preferred method and goal here, that is certainly OK, as it is not my blog and I would not want to be so insulting as to tell a blog owner she needs to change for me. It is just that I had never noticed this before while reading here, and didn’t think it was the intention of Nettles when she began her blog. However, if that has changed, I will accept that and happily move onto another one of the sites I read daily.
      Thanks for allowing me to post.

      • I’ve been reflecting on what the future holds. How can we help ensure people don’t get trampled and bankrupted as we witnessed the Zimmerman family abuse?

        When the trial was on, we could donate money, scour for inconsistencies in stories, dig for facts, share information with an understaffed defense. All in an effort to get a not guilty verdict. That, thankfully was achieved.

        Now what?

        Coldbt once posted that the justice system was the best in the world. What we were witnessing were some corrupt people working within that system. No matter how great a system is, if people aren’t ethical or honest than the system will break down and fail.

        To minimize the chance of a recurrance then, work to get those corrupt individuals out of the system needs to be done. Can we help with that? If so, how?

        What about the school system that we witnessed in Miami that tried to keep kids out of the justice system and divert them to programs that would lead to change in behaviors? In reading the FOIA stuff, it appears that system got corrupted by the leaders wanting to produce favorable numbers. Is charging kids with a crime the way to get the change in behavior? Had Trayvon and Kit felt the consequences of their petty robberies or their assaults on others, would Trayvon have been in Sanford that night, would Kit have murdered him Mom? What can we do about that? How can we help?

        The role of the media in this case is the reason why the damage has been done to the Zimmermans and cannot be undone. It’s like a basket of feathers that got sent into the air, you’ll never get them all back into the basket. No matter how the facts come out, ears are now closed on some. What can we do about the media and how they chose to present facts to the public? I noted in the Hannah Anderson case, she has posted that the media has reported so many inaccurate things she wanted to take to social media herself to put the truth out there. She’s 16 years old and realizes how wrong the media get things. What can we do to get a better product from the media?

        What else can we do? I’m open to suggestions.

        • So true Nettles. There are so many who have had an opinion on where the legalites of finaces are that who cares about continuing to go public as if the Zimmermans have the same agenda to expose a political strength at their expense! Who shall support them then? At times I wondered the same thing about those who finacially and politically benefitted what would happen to the Zimmermans after everyone was proven right or wrong?

        • Those who have persecuted George, and used this case to further their agenda, have been given a platform to do so, and they have used it well. I want to see those in power who disagree with what has happened and what continues to happen, stand up and use their platform in the same manner. The people of FL who are ashamed of what happened need to hold Scott accountable. Those idiots should never have been allowed to live in the capital as they did, and to drag that horrible mural along with them. People like Scott need to realize they represent all people, not just those shouting the loudest. He and others should be inundated with letters, phone calls, and emails by those who are unhappy with what is happening. It is not enouogh to merely be unhappy about it, the voices for freedom and rights need to be the loudest.

          • I want to hear more from the attorney’s who represent George’s interest, and the interests of our court system. I don’t want to hear it, though, unless they are going to actually do it. I want to see his advocates in the media, discrediting that narrative over and over again. Doing such would put a crimp in the efforts of Crump, Sharpton, Fulton, etc. to continue with their constant prevelance and help to knowck them from their perches on high. I don’t know how I, as a non resident of FL could do much, but I have done what I could here in my own state. And I will continue to donate to the Zimmerman’s and to any cause that is ready and willing to fight the people who try and destory the constitution.

            • Well, then why bother yourself thinking you are owed an answer personally? Do you think it would shut up critics on boths sides? Would it make you feel better to donate to a cause which is not so known or controversial? Does a cause need to be public and a donation known to make your contribution worthwhile? Do you even need to defend your cause? I do not think you need to do that here. Or even to let it be known. I have nothing to do with how or who you represent and your identity has nothing to do with what you do or do not represent. Only you define it! When you give you give so for the need. Nuff said.

            • You continue to twist what I say into something it had nothing to do with. I certainly do not expect a personal response nor did my comment imply that I did. My comment above was in response to Nettels question of what can we do now?..My comment was that I have done things politically in my own state and I give to the Zimmerman’s. You are antagonistic and insulting.

          • Crump and company hit the ground running on this. They had to have used this play-book before.

            I think they were largely successful because they sold the narrative to the media and the media became partners in large part.

            In future, I would be emailing and communicating with the local media of a story and insisting my side of the story gets heard too in their papers and outlets.

            With the Zimmerman family saying nothing in the early days, Crump and the PR firm were on the playing field all by themselves. Sanford police communication officers did a really bad job countering the false-facts Crump was spewing in the early days.

            When George did the Hannity interview in July 2012, Frances Robles, Daralene Jones and other reporters tweeted out asking what caught your attention in the interview. Crump tweeted the parent’s response to the God comment and what the headline should be and I was utterly shocked to see in paper after paper after paper, his headline there for all to read.

            Hoons1st told us to concentrate on local media because the national media was picking up their stories. He is the reason I reached out to Robles. She had printed my name in the paper that went national in May of 2012 and I wasn’t happy about it. But I didn’t contact her to give her a view of a Zimmerman supporter.

            The dogpound did a way better job than we did in developing relationships with the reporters. When I finally contacted Robles in October of 2012 she told me that Zimmerman supporters were pretty vile and she had a drawerful of examples of how nasty we could be.

            That surprised me. I’d been talking online with many supporters and didn’t find them that way. There was a group from both sides that was on the outer edges. They weren’t there to help George or the State. They were there to fight and stir things up.

            In future, I’m going to find out the email addresses of reporters and make sure they hear my take on the story. I’m going to give feedback when I see something written that is inaccurate.

            I’ve stopped watching CNN news. I was not happy with their coverage of the Zimmerman story and I felt at times they were race-baiting.

            • That is exactly what I feel, also. We have to be louder than the race-baiters. Your ideas of emailing reporters and giving feedback to inaccurate stories is great. More of us should do so. I like that you tweet the truth in the face of the liars. Your voice is being heard and that is awesome. I want to see more and more of that until the persecuters are in the minority, & their voices are weak.

            • I too dialogued with Robles starting in the summer 2012 . Nothing vile was exchanged, in fact I have a thank you from her proving it. I provided her with Mike McDaniel analysis of the DeeDee interview hoping she might start asking some realistic questions, she did not. Robles has an agenda imo, she is not objective.

      • L.L., To each his and her own. If you care to make such long replies and are so passionate about it I do expect you to catch up before holding such judgement. See it is little digs like the” high school girls” comment that give your sincere concerns not much weight. If you have such time to expose what 99% of us ALREADY know this case involved to continually repeat the same thing surrounding what you suggest we should continue to repeat for the sake of repeating e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y there are various other BGI and MSM ploys going on as we speak. There are other relevant cases to discuss. How about you discuss some cases that are NOT SYG if you are so compelled to protect it? You being no different then BGI and MSM to cherry pick what you will discuss is so apparent!

        You may see certain discussions as silly, or unwarranted. Great….you hold an opinion like the rest of us and you have been given opportunity to share it? What more do you want?

        • Dannywarrior- I do not understand much of what you said, as I do read here frequently and I most certainly do not cherry pick anything. My post last night was due to a concern I had in reading a slwew of discussion based on feelings toward another blog, which seemed to me to be contrary to the issues surrounding this case. The tone did in fact resemble the same thing one would associate with that of teenagers, and I stated as much. I never referred to SYG, but am more concerned with our constitutional right of self defense. I am in no way anything like the BGI or the MSM, and for you to insult me in such a way only proves my point. Nothing I said is apparent to me being no differnet to either one.
          It was not, however, my intention to start an argument, and I apologize for the thread now being filled with such. I”ll leave it now, as I can see that nothing good came from it. Thanks for allowing me to post.

  20. http://video.msnbc.msn.com/thomas-roberts/52801762

    Comments by video producer and Crump. At the beginning, report gives a token few seconds to RZ and MOM’s comments, then continues with the usual propaganda, totally dismissing the facts. It also appears Crump and Trayparents will be participating in the 50th Anniversay of the March on Washington. Crump says Trayvon will be a “major focus” of Saturday’s event.

  21. Nettles SHARED uprthread @ August 20, 2013 at 12:14 pm:

    “I’ve been reflecting on what the future holds. How can we help ensure people don’t get trampled and bankrupted as we witnessed the Zimmerman family abuse?”
    Nettles – I think about this a lot & don’t know what positive changes could be imposed. I say imposed, because expecting people or the MEDIA to do the right thing is not enough & will always be abused by some to promote their agenda as we have witnessed in GZ’s case. It’s not ILLEGAL to promote LIES/theories/hate in the MEDIA & tabloid sites.

    imo, organizations such as CNN, MSNBC, or HLN are low budget & always have a microphone to stick in the face of the person promoting an agenda, it doesn’t need to even be based in reality or fact. I don’t know about all the programs on MSNBC because once a news organization loses credibility with me, I don’t bother to watch anything else they promote. After ALL, they allow Sharpton to spew anything he wants on his program & have even given him his own platform, enough reason for me to ignore their agenda. BUT! Many Americans support MSNBC as is their right, support their agenda, we live in a free society.

    We too live in a society that wants immediate satisfaction/gratification, imo. I see it more in young people that have been exposed to the internet their entire life as opposed to us that are older, that have adapted to computers when they became available. News is presented 24/7, many sources are not even credible, will that change? I don’t think so, only we as people can change & what we support or accept.

    Some young people think movie stars know more than some of the well read citizens of America or Legal scholars on GZ’s case. The facts are readily available for those that are NOT TOO LAZY to educate themselves & read, but there has to be an interest of the uninformed. Many young people have been influenced by the Hollywood elite promoting the BGI agenda on a multitude of formats available, all easily available by just turning on their computers.

    I wonder what GZ/SZ are doing for money now, I guess they have some available to them as GZ was able to travel through Texas when he got stopped, hopefully GZ was looking for somewhere to re-locate or a job interview. I wonder when MOM/West are going to ratchet up the pressure on Judge N by filing YET another MOTION on the sanctions to get the ball rolling on the corrupt State Prosecutors?

  22. PERJURY CONVICTION. A case that is interesting if anyone is interested.

    I don’t know if anyone is familiar w/the Andrea Sniderman case, but it was a high profile case nationally. Andrea’s husband was MURDERED in cold blood while dropping their child off at daycare. Andrea’s boss was charged & convicted of the murder & Andrea was charged also, BUT, the Prosecutors had to DROP the murder charges against her after a year BECAUSE there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her of murder. She had separate perjury charges in which she has now been convicted.

    An interesting case, one sadly in which there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her of murder conspiracy.

    From the conviction on Perjury:
    Andrea Sneiderman was found guilty Monday on nine of 13 charges stemming from accusations she lied under oath and hindered the investigation into her husband’s 2010 murder in Dunwoody, Ga., CBS Atlanta reports.


  23. Cant seem to make up my mind tonight. Making bonelss pork chops on the grill. Got mashed tatters but what else on the side? Grilled Corn or steamed beans. Both?

    • Nettles – while MOM’s statement is factual, the audience targeted for the PDA on SYG is not MOM nor GZ supporters, the targeted audience are the uninformed supporters of TM & SYG, those that don’t care about the facts nor ever did.

      I’m glad MOM made a comment, but, imo, it won’t sway anyone’s opinion one way r another.

      I do remember seeing a poll on SYG after the trial, even some that thought GZ should have been convicted still supported SYG in Fla., I hope that remains.

      • What MOM has done is set forth a logical predicate that dismantles the false portrayal of the Zimmerman case being used to attack the SYG law. It is not his job to attack SYG nor the anti-SYG crowd.

        It is up to those who oppose the illogic in the anti-SYG case to use articles such as MOM’s here to offer a rebuttal in the popular, print, electronic and other media, especially in those instances where the anti-SYG crowd use false premises to push their agenda forward.

        • SHOUT OUT to hooson1st – EVERYBODY on this BLOG UNDERSTANDS what MOM has attempted to do! We get it, no need to waste your time explaining it to us.

          Those that support the NAACP & those that supported the conviction of GZ DON’T CARE WHAT MOM has to say about SYG & don’t care about the FACTS on SYG even when provided to them! You get that, right? Of course they use false premises, that’s what they do & will continue to do, you get that too, right?

          If these were logical people, it would be different, BUT THEIR NOT logical or even very smart, surely you understand that! Did you think ANY of the Dream Defenders were logical, LMAO? Do you think they cared about the FACTS on SYG or even understood it? Many have joined the support of ANY agenda set forth in the TM movement whether it is right or wrong, imo, they don’t care.

            • hooson1st – I guess I don’t see a lot of discussion going on anywhere on SYG, no one is listening from everything I’ve read. The OS BLOG is a good example of the TM movement. . During the GZ trial, regardless of how many facts were posted daily about GZ’s innocence & even when we pointed out the TM supporters had NO known evidence to support their position, they didn’t care NOR did any of them ever change their position of wanting GZ convicted, just like Sybrina/Tracy.

              Even after GZ was found NOT Guilty, TM supporters were furious screaming GZ got away with murder. Even when facts are presented to those that have made up their minds, rarely does anyone change their mind or is logical. GZ’s case is a prime example, if people were logical & cared to understand the facts in the case, GZ wouldn’t have to live in seclusion probably the rest of his life, sadly, people aren’t willing to consider the facts, they are set in their position GZ is a murderer.

              SYG has a lot of support in Fla., the people want SYG. If the Dream Defenders are able to register 50,000 more voters, it might make a difference in elections, but I doubt it..

      • Nettles- The issue now is not the truth, that is out there for those that seek it, the issue is not even GZ, people that are doing this have moved on, the issue is trying to take advantage of a tragic situation to expound their ideology.

        I did some research and I found the SYG laws were supported by the NAACP, Frederica Wilson, Barack Obama and many other black leaders, because blacks suffer disproportionately from crime. In some states, like NY homeowners were being sued because they injured burglars or burglars were injured as they escaped from them homeowners. I recall a case where the owner came down the stairs with a shotgun and shot one shot into the ground, the burglar jumped out the window, slipped running away and when he fell he hit one of the flower pots breaking his neck, leading to some partial paralysis. He sued the homeowner who was black as was the assailant and won a huge judgement in court. Though he had two weapons a switchblade and a small caliber gun (no bullets) the prosecution argued that he was not an eminent threat to the homeowner or his family upstairs so the homeowner was charge with criminal charges as well. He pled and got only probation.

        There was a similar case in Florida after Hurricane Wilma in Florida. The SYG laws were supposed to deal with this issue. But times have changed and with it the political winds. So what was a way to combat crime, all the States that adopted a form of Castle Doctrine or SYG laws saw crime drops, but since crime has dropped everywhere for the most part, the correlation is not clear or it is masked. The one area where crime has not dropped is in the inner cities, and the suburbs where there is a majority of blacks. This is one fact that no one wants to admits to, and they cover it up by mixing it with the general crime stats, but a closer observation of where the crime is makes this point clearly.

        It is a reason that NYC’s policy of stop and frisk is getting so much flak, it is a stark reminder of what happens when those policies are adopted. In NYC more than 9 out of every 10 crimes committed is done by a black or hispanic person but together they make up a little over half the population both at about 26%. But if you look at where the crimes is this is what you get, I compared 3 separate neighborhoods in NYC, one predominantly working class white, working class black and one hispanic, Bensonhurst, East Flatbush, and Longwood respectively, here are the crime stats for 2012,
        Bensonhurst- 2 murders-743 total crimes
        East Flatblush-9 murders-1444 total crimes
        Longwood-5 murders-850 total crimes
        This is what is not said about the crime stats, that while the crime is going down, there were over 54 murders in the Flatbush areas in 1990 , the crime is still high in predominantly black areas. It is problem that no one want to address adequately if at all. All the numbers from the NYC Police Department site, if anyone wants to verify.

        • boricuafudd – outstanding comment. Again, imo, the NAACP doesn’t want to address the problems with black crime, black on black murder, etc. Just another example! imo, if you are a law abiding citizen, it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone NO MATTER what race anyone is t be “stopped & frisked.”

          I was reading only today about Detroit adopting “STOP & Frisk Tactics.” WHY? Because they work! Somethings got to give with the slaughter in the streets of Detroit daily. 1/3 to 1/2 of the population of Detroit has moved in recent years. In recent years, Detroit had 1.5 million citizens, now they have roughly 750,000 citizens & the city is Bankrupt and unable to even pay retirement pensions. I guess with the implosion of the big auto manufacturing companies going belly up, EVEN AFTER the bailout, most people moved to find other employment. Another reason the White House isn’t likely to help Detroit, AGAIN.

          Detroit traffic cops learning stop and frisk tactics

          • But the race baiters want you to stop the same amount of people in other areas, like for instance in the Tuttle Bay and Tudor City area the totals crimes for 2012 were 0 murder and a total of 615 total crimes of those the overwhelming majority, auto thefts with 424. Do I need to say who committed the majority of those auto thefts in that neighborhood?

            Before anyone thinks it, this is not about black crime per se, but about how the Black Leaders have determined to battle a problem,that is affecting them. Rather than attack and address the issues of why young black males are committing crimes they are trying to excuse their behavior and find reasons to keep them from going to jail in the first place, or at the very least delay the inevitable if the other issues are not addressed.

            This is saddens me tremendously because I know of so many Black people who are trying successfully to live their lives according to society’s rules and doing what they can to change the realities but the so-call leaders are looking for an easy way out. Pretending to do something that does not help in the long run or changes what is happening everyday.

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