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Shellie goes to Court


Shellie Zimmerman Goes to Court This Morning

Shellie has a status conference set to be heard this morning at Courtroom 5C in Seminole County. It is expected that a trial date will be set. I expect Shellie to prevail against the one charge of perjury against her. I’m confused that the prosecutor still has not told the defendant what statement she gave in court on April 20, 2012 that was a known lie. Maybe today her defense will learn what that is.

Thank you to all who post here. Out of respect for each other, I ask that you use only one identity to post here. If you have any respect for those that post here, do not knowingly mislead us in your posts. If you can’t support the defense teams of George Zimmerman or Shellie Zimmerman to be successful, it’s probably best to find somewhere else to read. There are sites that work hard to prove George picked the wrong defense even if it ultimately hurts George.

This site is largely supportive of the efforts to fight the state of Florida using the counsels that have been selected by George and Shellie Zimmerman.  We don’t work to show they made a bad choice.  We work to help their choices be successful.  Thanks for joining us!  Let us begin….

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    • Love this quote from Corey’s office: “the SAO will respond to the request in the proper arena – the courtroom”. Because they did so well in the courtroom vs O’mara/West during the trial. Good luck Corey but IMO your office is out of its league in that arena.

  1. The TH has always criticized MOM for wanting to be in control. And, sure, I heard MOM on video saying something to that effect. But that means different things to different people. Someone might say they like to be in control, but they’re referring to themselves, and the reason they don’t like to drink or do drugs. Someone else might be a writer and want to make sure the screenplay someone is writing from their book does justice to the book. Some people in history are dictators and want to control people, even their thoughts. But sometimes it might just mean a lawyer who wants very much to win his client’s freedom, and being the lead attorney, the chosen person in charge, s/he wants to make sure things go as they want them to! It certainly doesn’t mean MOM was saying he is a controlling, overbearing person at home, or in the office. It means having a blueprint of how to win, and not wanting any loose canons screwing it up.

    • It just blows me away how certain people with the initials RM and SDC can make a few observations of someone, and then develop these detailed pronouncements of who the person is, what their motivations are, what their end game is, etc. We all make some assumptions, but we tend to give MOM the benefit of the doubt, realizing we do not have all the information, and we don’t come up with these huge pseudopsychological, detailed judgments of them. They just don’t seem to even be cognizant of how they take one statement or one observation, extrapolate from their *interpretation* of that word or action to create a big narrative, and pronounce it as fact. Blows me away. (I just read the end comment of the TH 8/21/13 Shellie post)

      Well, here: (and I find it interesting that if you don’t at the name first, it’s not easy to tell if this is RM or SDC)

      As for the Writ that never got rode in court, O’Mara answered that question from reporters in several of his briefings before and after the verdict. It was simply that he (O’Mara) wanted the power to decide whether or not he was going to use it. EXACTLY! It has always been all about power for O’Mara: Give me the power, and I will show you how noble and beneficent I can be. I am the height of moral virtue and I can show you how to be kind to your lesser, as he puts his arm around Crump. O’Mara is the face of racist imperialism, that millions around the world did away with. People like O’Mara can flout and flaunt their moral superiority and noblesse oblige to the masses of stupid fans who coo at how great he is, little realizing O’Mara’s need to be in power and control and teach others about morality is exactly why the blacks rage against whites and go on polar bear hunting expeditions. The worst thing George did was to find himself a racist Progressive for a lawyer, certainly. But it is easy to be misled by the fake goodly, moral qualities, when you yourself are a good person, and not a racist Imperialist. O’Mara’s racist ruling attitudes solidified for everyone that George was racist. That need for power and noblesse oblige is also why O’Mara took control of the finances, aside from the money of course. That Imperialistic racist quality of subjugating and ruling beneficently is also why O’Mara got up in the middle of the court to ask a moment of silence to honor the dead thug’s birthday. Take a loot at how West argue logical and fact, in court, and then look at how O’Mara tells the judge, “you have to, you must, that’s not right, that is not fair.” The judge is less than O’Mara and very few catch on how arrogant this is. These are not good qualities, these are highly superior qualities, which should be immediately suspect but in the American diaspora, replete with its isolationism and ignorance of world history, people like O’Mara look like superstars. The imperialists tried this morally superior, benevolent rule bullshit, and many nations saw them for the racist they were. Read, “White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling to get a glimpse of that racist mentality. This is exactly what the white Progressives are today.

  2. NAACP President Ben Jealous said Monday his organization collected petitions with more than 1.7 million signatures calling for charges to be filed against George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

    Jealous said the signatures, about a million of which came in by mobile phone and many from young people, would be turned over to the Department of Justice on Monday afternoon. …………………………………………………………… Amazing how none of these race pimps can say what civil right was violated and what the evidence is that supports it!

  3. A week or so ago I mentioned that I have imagined GZ’s situation in my own neighborhood.

    That might be an interesting project, and helpful if it could go viral – for all of us to imagine GZ’s situation, but in our neighborhood (maybe mention our state or country), and with us as the main character. I don’t know that listing the race of the suspicious person would be helpful, and after all, it was only a factor in the minds of the BGI. Each hypothetical story could touch on (1) seeing a suspicious person by the neighbor’s house, (2) being on the phone with police who ask which way he goes, (3) walking cautiously in the direction the suspicious person took off running, in order to answer the dispatcher’s question, and then (4) being jumped and visciously attacked by the suspicious person we had all seen go running away. I don’t know that it’s necessary that each person put a gun into the story, maybe they’d grab a nearby big rock and clump him on the head, killing him, and making sure to mention the self-defense need. And then perhaps everyone’s story would end with “I am George Zimmerman”.

    Any thoughts?

    • Not bad considering the expense of a trial and the (very slight) possibility of a conviction. Costs her virtually nothing and apparently she won’t have a criminal record. Once Shellie is no longer under threat let’s hope something is (can) be done to hold Corey and Co accountable.

      • I agree. It is best to set the principle with GZs cases. They have so much left to look forward to. The new GZ filing IMO kinda shows what I felt all along about MOM. The focus was to hit back on the criminal charges then focus on the railroad. In the legal system this is the way it is done!

      • I’m disappointed Shellie couldn’t actually kick BDLR butt, but agree she probably did the next best thing. After all, the Zimmermans have been living this nightmare a long time, and need to get to the big lawsuits etc that might pay some of the bills. Taking the plea and being on probation for a yr is a bitter pill to swallow, but writing that letter of apology to Judge Lester – OUCH! I’d have a hard time with that 🙂

      • I agree. Shellie has to do what’s best for her. I hate that John Guy gets any kind of a win. He’s slime in my mind. That the prosecutor didn’t apply the same standard to the other witness, they told the court lied under oath is telling of why John Guy is slime.

        Shellie could have fought and won this charge but it would take money. Something they don’t have. This proves Angela Corey’s point, charge and leave the defendant unable to mount a defense and she can arm-wrestle pleas out of people. That ‘s one hell of a system.

        Judge Lester was misled in the court. His reaction to it was way over the top. That he took the donors money from the defendant with that ridiculous bail amount in the 2nd bond hearing tells me he’s a thief but he won’t get charged. Judge get to be legal thieves.

        Do us donors have any legal recourse to the Judge taking our money away from George to mount a defense?

  4. A guilty plea?

    The state had to edit her remarks to get them to look like perjury and she’s going to take a plea deal?

    It’s not my place to tell her how to handle it, and I understand not wanting to risk a felony conviction and record, but I’m disappointed that the state’s getting away with this.

  5. It is my guess that SZ agreed to the plea deal because the Zimmerman’s likely don’t have the money to pay for a full blown trial. Shellie and George have been through enough, and they may just want all this behind them. I wonder if the perjury trial was delaying other actions that the Zimmerman’s may take with getting the state to pay for their trial costs, and also with the NBC lawsuit.

    So what exactly is the lie that Shellie has agreed to plead guilty of?

    Obviously no one with any knowledge of the paypal account was willing to stand up in court and say that Mark O’Mara told them to lie about the paypal account. I seriously doubt that Shellie would be willing to fall on the state’s sword, so to speak, in order to protect Mark O’Mara if he ever did tell them to lie about the account, which is very highly unlikely.

    • It appears if I am not mistaken the deal is a misdemenor perjury. Not sure which degree though because they made a deal. In Florida usually any false statement given under oath *outside of an official proceeding is prosecuted in Florida as a first-degree misdemeanor. First-degree misdemeanors in Florida are punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
      They initially charged her with making a false statement in court which would have been a felony.
      Third-degree felonies are punishable in Florida by up to five years in prison and $5,000. Second-degree felonies carry possible penalties of 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A there is a felony record forever.

    • I think the closest thing that came to being a lie was when she was asked if you could give an estimate of how much had been donated. At that point she could have revealed the strength of donations to the best of her knowledge. It could be argued she didn’t want to give a wrong estimate but at that point, she did mislead the court.

      Innocent people don’t plead guilty. There’s a part of her conscience that agrees she wasn’t totally honest.

      • True, she wasn’t totally innocent and I think she was being deceptive. But it didn’t amount to perjury. And innocent people plead guilty to lesser charge all the time b/c of the more extreme consequences of being wrongly found guilty of a greater one. I think that’s especially true b/c of mandatory minimums.


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    • Yes. I read Shellie can’t own or possess a gun for a year. Sitting in the passenger seat of the truck with a loaded gun in the glove box…..would that now violate her probation?

  7. Interesting development. I wonder if anyone will suggest that Shellie’s attorney threw Shellie under the bus in order to protect O’Mara?

  8. Now we’ll hear trayborg collective reps talk about how this is proof they are evil racist criminals blah blah blah.
    Can somebody sue these you know what’s already? Let’s go let’s go let’s go.

    • I am sure they will be a lil ticked off FDLE pleaded down. Shellie will do no jail time or pay a fine and she will not even have a criminal record. They do not have much to celebrate now do they?

      • Danny, I agree. Shellie will do 100 hrs. of community service, 1 yr. probation & she’ll get to keep her nursing license in which I was most concerned about. Juries can do anything they want, there never is a guarantee that a jury will deliver a “not guilty.” Good Luck to SZ/GZ.

      • They won’t celebrate. They will just be their usual disgusting ignorant selves. We are in agreement, I should have just emphasized more along the lines of they are brats put on this planet to annoy me more than they would have a basis for a true celebration.

        At this point I just want to see a scorched earth policy that puts all of these criminals to jail/ruin their lives and have those fleas scurry about, finding another dog’s furry you know what to hang onto.

    • Leathernut has already declared Shelly’s plea deal to be proof “the fix was in” on GZ acquittal: Today’s news: Shellie Zimmerman gets a slap on the wrist for perjury and Major Nidal Hasan commits slow motion suicide
      August 28, 2013
      Wednesday, August 28, 2013

      Good morning again.

      Shellie Zimmerman is going to plead guilty to a misdemeanor with a 1 year probation recommendation from the prosecution.

      Not surprising, given the acquittal of her husband, but this “deal” will do nothing to dispel suspicions that the acquittal was a prearranged outcome.

      My comment: She committed perjury, the prosecution can prove it, and this is not even a slap on the wrist. Ridiculous outcome.

  9. I’m sure it was Corey who required Shellie to write a letter of apology to the judge who was thrown off the case because of his blatant display of bias against the defendant. She didn’t lie to the SOB who didn’t have the slightest clue if he had any jurisdiction over the paypal account to begin with. He never did come back and establish that he in fact did have any legal jurisdiction over the account. He himself referred to the donations as “other people’s money” when it was convenient for him to do so.

    I just hope that Shellies agreement to take a plea deal doesn’t adversly affect any other legal actions going forward. I’m going to have a fit if George doesn’t go forward on bringing charges against Corey.

        • Malicious prosecution has a chance were the trial conducted pursuant to the initial investigation level. To prevail in a malicious prosecution case at this higher level, i.e. Corey level, is very difficult.

          Shellie’s plea today further dims the prospects. While, the financing matter is not directly related to the murder charge, the prosecution can use it to show that they it was a reasonable contributory factor for suspicion of the overall truthfulness of Zimmerman’s version of how the tragedy transpired.

          • Hoosan, I hope I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but, it sounds to me like you are implying that a malicious prosecution case against Corey would just be to hard to prove, so just walk away and forget about it. When in the hell will people stand up to people like Angela Corey so that she doesn’t keep doing to more and more people. Yeah, I guess it is true that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

            I have no idea what you are trying to say in claiming that it had a chance if the trial was conducted pursuant to the initial investigation level. The only reason the local prosecutor was pushed out was because he was going to take it to the Grand Jury. No no can’t have that, that won’t please the race baiters. The only reason the case was assigned to Corey was because she was well known to be an unethical actress who had a propensity to do anything and everything to get convictions, including hiding exculpatory evidence. Her PCA was lacking the photo evidence of George’s head injuries, and any mention that he claimed he was acting in self defense. I’m quite certain Kruidbos would testify that Corey’s office withheld the TM phone evidence from the defense. DD talked about sitting next to Sybrina Fulton during the BDLR interview that took place at Sybrina’s home. Imagine that, a prosecutor doing an interview of the state’s star witness in the home of the mother of the person that was shot, along with all their attorney’s, friends, relatives, and the neighbor’s dog just for good luck. Gilbreath admitted at the first bond hearing that the state had no proof that George wasn’t walking back to his truck when he was attacked. He also admitted that the state had no proof that GZ threw the first punch. I vehementaly disagree with any prosecutor, at any level, filing 2nd degree murder charges against someone with no proof or evidence of wrondoing, and hoping to God that somehow down the line they will find the evidence they need to warrant and then prove that a 2nd degree murder took place.

            No Hoosan. I don’t agree with you at all. Maybe, just maybe if someone was willing to show some moral strength, courage and respect for the legal system people wouldn’t just keep walking away from the likes of Angela Corey. I guess she knows that it is highly unlikely that anyone would ever bring a civil suit against her for anything, no matter how bad and egregious her behavior and actions were. I would be very willing to bet that there are a ton of people who just watched what she did with the GZ prosecution, which cost the state almost a million dollars, and have lost a whole lot of faith in the legal system, at least in Corey’s jurisdiction.

            Maybe this guy would be willing to represent George in a Malicious Prosecution civil suit-


            As much as Corey knew she had no case, even for manslaughter, it would sure seem to me that there is more than ample proof that Corey acted in bad faith, and proceeded with a Malicious Prosecution.

              • I agree hoosson, that is why Corey hasn’t been sued before, not because many didn’t think she was corrupt & needed to be sued, she is protected while in office by immunity. She can be personally sued after she leaves office. ANYONE can place a “complaint w/the Fla. Bar,” but little comes of the complaints I’ve seen in Fla. Baez has skated on over 20 complaints thus far.

                The reason Mike Nifong didn’t have immunity for countless fraudulent acts as well as criminal acts, there is NO IMMUNITY for criminal acts for ANY Public Servant, that includes DA’s, Prosecutors, Governor’s, Mayors, etc. That’s why Nifong went to jail & didn’t get immunity was for falsifying evidence and committing more criminal acts that were easily proven, that’s WHY Nifong will never practice law again, went to jail, is bankrupt, countless other penalties.

                Dershowitz said “Prosecutor’s are protected from being sued when working on a case, BUT, that Corey had concluded the case against GZ when she slandered him. Corey COULD BE SUED now for slandering GZ when she stated “he was a murderer on National TV” BECAUSE she didn’t have Prosecutorial Immunity after the case concluded & she was therefore NOT protected by immunity when stating her personal opinion & slandering GZ Nationally, even though the jury found him NOT GUILTY..

                A famous case of Prosecutorial misconduct case in which Prosecutors had to PAY the wrongfully accused defendants, was the case of missing Baby Sabrina Aisenberg in FLA. LE never looked for a suspect, they did interviews putting her parents under the umbrella of suspicion EVEN THOUGH both parents passed Lie Detect Tests. The Prosecutors got wire taps for the home claiming the Aisenberg’s were talking about “cocaine/baby buried in the back yard,” etc. FACTS: That was what the Voice analysis experts came up with for the State Prosecutors, BUT, the experts ONLY reported what they heard on tape.

                The Defendants Team PROVED that what the Voice Analysis came up with from the State was that of a” murder mystery on TV” that was on in the couples bedroom. The State too falsified evidence in this case that was included in the railroading of this family. The Aisenberg’s won 1.5 million in their law suit BUT that only covered their legal fees.

                What happen to the Fla. Prosecutors involved? They got reassigned somewhere else in Fla. The misconduct was easy to prove for the Aisenberg’s but it was costly & they remained under scrutiny UNTIL the Prosecutors were EXPOSED for misconduct. The award ONLY covered their legal fees, some people still think they are murderers as the baby was never found..

                imo, GZ’s should have never been brought but neither should Adam Kaufman’s case in which AK PAID personally the million dollar Plus defense in his case. The Prosecutors in AK’s case were the worst I’ve ever seen in a high profile case & it too was In Fla. a year ago.

                imo, GZ would have a better case of suing Corey for slander as Dershowitz & other legal analyst have pointed out in which imo, MOM plans to do as he answered Bill Sheaffer’s question, “if it was possible a suit would be brought & MOM answered “YES.” imo, MOM/West will explore every avenue possible to re-coup monies & punish the corrupt, I have faith in those guys!

            • pinecone –

              I am looking at this from the outside, so I don’t know what all MOM/West know that is not in the public domain.

              I would like to know what Rachel’s deposition reads like. I would like to know what Crump’s deposition reads like. I would like some answers on the ping log question plus more info on MOM’s comment of TM being outside a certain area that evening. Plus we need to know the true story line between Chad, Tracy, etc, plus what else is on TM cellphone.

              What I do know is that George and Shellie have little to zero funds and further legal efforts have to be funded. Now that George has been acquitted the major impetus for public fund-raising has been removed.

              So emotion has to be put aside, and an examination has to be run on what legal avenues remain open and what the probabilities of success are. And even sequencing, looking to build one legal victory as a step to another.

              In terms of moral principle and walking away – today’s decision re Shellie is a prime example of the legal conundrum facing the Zimmerman’s. What do you do? Did she plea to something she did not do? I did not think she crossed the line, but I may have been wrong.

              I am not advocating walking away from anything, but I suggest that realities circumscribe the attainable options open to the Zimmermans.

              Just to use one example. I agree with you about Gilbreath. But the problem is that the court allowed the trial to go forward despite Gilbreath. So you would probably have to set as your first target, then, Judge Nelson. Good luck with that.

              It would interesting to hear from Professor Dershowitz what his thoughts on future options for Zimmermans are.

              • hooson1st – there are interviews available online & I didn’t save them that Dershowitz gave since the NOT Guilty Verdict.

                In one interview he stated “GZ could personally sue Corey & she would not be under prosecutorial immunity for her statements when she liabeled GZ calling him a murderer Nationally because the GZ’ case had concluded, that’s when Prosecutors are protected, DURING a case,” Corey gave her personal opinion during a National interview, the case has concluded, she was NOT protected, MANY, MANY analyst in addition to Dershowitz said Corey is liable, she wasn’t covered during that interview, I guess she thought she was.

                Dershowitz has also said “GZ’s Civil Rights were violated & that should be explored,” he stated, “the ONLY person that had their Civil Rights Violated was GZ.”

              • Hoosan- IANAL. I am not looking at Malicious Prosecution as an emotional means, and I am not suggesting that the criminal trial be refought in that type of proceeding. The depositions taken by the defense, and the ping logs may be something we are curious about, but that type of evidence has no place in a Malicious Prosection case. I will add that when Rachel Jontel told the defense that she was sitting next to Sybrina Fulton during the State Asst. Atty. BDLR interview would not be at all in keeping with how any prosecutor should ever conduct an interview with the state’s star witness. I am looking at a Malicious Prosecution charge based solely on the facts in that the Angela Corey’s prosecution was in fact with malice from the get go. Go back to the PCA. I believe that it said something like GZ pursued and confronted TM, and a fight ensued. Gilbreath admitted that the Corey office never had any proof that that was how the encounter happened. If the PCA was fradulent from the get go, and a judge agreed to move the case forward to a trial, it was done so because the original judge was never given the bloody pictures and it never included the fact that GZ was claiming a self defense defense.

                Put aside that the mob demanded that GZ be arrested, even without Probable Cause, they just wanted an arress, and the Gov. and State Atty Gen. decided to fall on their knees at the feet of the mob. Forget the fact that the prosecution never found any evidence against GZ’s claims of self defense beyond the local prosecutor and the SPD. Forget that Serino was pressured into filing chages agaiant GZ because the black community in Sanford was riled up to the point of exploding by Crump, NatJac and Sharpton. Forget all of that.

                Malicious Prosecution charges are brought and can be won simply on the basis of the Corey prosection team’s actions in the case from beginning to end. As you said O’Mara only focused his attention on the very narrow time frame of the incident itself. The prosecution can be founght againast successfully in my opinion, based only on the actions of Corey’s office. While O’Mara was filing motion after motion during the hearings and trial, he not only was documenting the case for an eventual appeal if that was necessary, he was also documenting a case against the prosecution.

        • “most of the criteria” — that is the bug, “malice” is one of the six criteria, and that is the hardest one to prove in court.

      • Prosecutors are generally entitled to absolute immunity. However, they still are not immune to prosecution if they commit perjury, use false evidence, etc.

    • Since nobody has said it, I will there is the possibility that Shellie is guilty of the lesser crime. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that we were not aware of at the time. We will have to wait until the full record of the trial is released to see what happened. Like for instance as a lawyer friend of mine said to me, that will the Judge was not deferred judgement on the PayPal funds at the bond hearing, that those not mean that later that day or or another he determined that he did have jurisdiction and sent an inquiry to the MOM regarding the funds at that point. If he Judge Lester was assured that the funds were minimal only later to be told by the prosecution that this was not the case, and both Shellie and GZ knew it at the time of the hearing it would definitely cause the Judge react negatively. Lester just went overboard.

      • Bori- I’m not sure if you read all the comments on this thread but some have opined that Shellie may in fact have been guilty of at lease being evasive if not deceptive. I would say that your lawyer friend seems to have missed the point that Lester, at that first bail hearing, did in fact ask O’Mara for a full accounting of the account. O’Mara did honor those wishes of Lester by presenting him with a full accounting of the account activity. Lester never publicly proved that he did in fact have jurisdiction over the paypal account. I believe it was a very new phenomenon that had never happed before. Do you know of any other defendant in a criminal trial asking for personal donations and gathering as much as GZ did?

        • Minpin- Let’s not kid ourselves we know Shellie was being deceptive, whatever the reasons. Having said that at the time of the Bond hearing she while she may not have known the exact dollar amount knew that they had thousands of dollars in several bank accounts. The accounting that the Judge received was not done for almost a week later, as was told by MOM, what my friend was saying was what happened in the interim before the accounting came in. I can’t find the appropriate law right now it is saved on my main computer but the PayPal funds do become an asset and must be disclosed, the law was amended in 2007 or 2008. All the Judge had to do was do a quick check of the appropriate law and that would become evident.

          Legal Defense Funds have been around for a long time, internet based one’s using PayPal not so much, but they are not that unusual either, enougth that the law was amended to reflect this. This is why my friend thinks that he asked behind the scenes only to be told it was a small amount, only to find out through the prosecution that this was not true. Not only that the movement into several accounts including those of family member could anger any Judge. What happened later was the Judge clearly retaliating and using his power in an abusive manner.

    • Writing that letter had to really hurt. considering what Lester did. IMO, Lester owes both GZ and SZ a huge apology. What he did was so severe it got him kicked off the case.

      • I agree. Lester’s response was way over the top. He revoked bail, then went on vacation for a month before another hearing could be held. This left GZ sitting in solitary confinement for a month. He chose to leave him in there for the July 4th holiday too and released his decision after the holiday. Then he took all the donations that had come in up until the time of the bond hearing. As a donor, I consider that my money and the Judge took it so the defendant couldn’t do what I donated it for. I may look into seeing if I havge any recourse against the judge for taking my donation from George for bail. Then the Judge appeals to the prosecutor to prosecute Shellie. Judge Lester should be removed from the bench. He showed he’ll use bail as a punishment.

        • I railed about it at the time it happened, but no one else at the CTH seemed to pick up on the fact that judge Lester was completely out of line. If he wanted to punish Shellie for lying to him, he could have used his power of contempt of court, but to suggest to the prosecutor to bring charges against her was, in my mind, collusion between the judge and the State. For him to suggest to the State to bring charges against the wife of a man who’s case he was presiding over should suggest some sort of conflict of something or other. To put it into perspective, you have to imagine that he did the same thing outside of the courtroom setting.

          • Though I agree with everyone, SZ’s apology was “part of the PLEA deal” for SZ to apologize to Lester, the State demanded it. It’s done, it’s over, SZ accepted it and she’ll get to keep her nursing license when she gets it IF she hasn’t already. SZ can now move forward in her life. GOD speed SZ.

            Too, when Sims ask “if SZ could leave the State to interview/look for jobs,” SZ was told to “check w/her probation officer.” That’s a great deal too, Guy/State didn’t object to the possibly of SZ traveling out of State.

            In KC’s case, the State did OBJECT to KC leaving the State, Chief Perry agreed & KC had to serve her probation within the State of Fla. for the duration.

      • The more I am seeing that Shellie agreed to, writing the letter to Lester, and thanking the prosecution for anything is making me more and more pizzed. It’s making me lean more to thinking that Shellie did in fact believe/know she lied. This puts even more emphasis on O’Mara’s statements early on that they had some credibility issues and would need to work to regain trust.

        • In reading the OS article a couple of things jumped out. Shellie may have a line on a job that requires her to travel nation-wide. That’s great if true.

          When asked why GZ wasn’t there to support his wife, Kelly Sims responded “Excellent Question” Does that mean he didn’t know why either?

  10. Zimmerman’s wife pleads guilty to perjury charge for lying during bail hearing.

    As part of the deal, Shellie Zimmerman wrote a letter of apology to Judge Kenneth Lester, who presided over last year’s bail hearing.

    “The important thing is that she apologized to Judge Lester for what she did,” said Guy, who helped prosecute Zimmerman unsuccessfully. “The proof is not in question in this case. It was only a matter of what should be done as far as the disposition.”


    It was important to Guy/State Prosecutors that SZ apologize to Lester, BUT, will BDLR APOLOGIZE to Judge Nelson for blatantly LYING in her courtroom?

    • SOP by black thugs….

      from my neighborhood South Berkeley list serve

      76-year old father assaulted and robbed on Harper Street Aug 24

      Hi neighbors.
      I’m writing you, sadly, to let you know that my elderly father was assaulted and robbed on Harper Street while on the way to his car. He was violently punched in the kidneys, knocked down, and robbed. It was around 5 pm on Friday, and no one came by the street for about 40 minutes.

      The perpetrator was between 25-30, African American, with a large build.
      I know this happens in our neighborhood. But I’m just writing as a reminder to be very alert at all times, especially on isolated streets.
      It seems that no one is off-limits.

  11. At 7:37 a.m. I got the text from OS stating that Shellie had pled guilty to a lesser chg of perjury. It was strange, I had the feeling, literally, of calm come over me. It wasn’t even ME. I am happy for them both, as this chapter is over for them (hopefully). Shellie hopefully can pursue her dreams too as she wishes. Life for them will never be as it was, my prayer if for them to be able to have a happy and fulfilling life. Wishing them the very best!

    • Did anyone see the interview? I just saw this comment on another site (there was no link) :

      Interesting interview this evening on ABC News, Shellie Zimmerman when asked why George wasn’t in the courtroom described her marriage as “strained”. Asked how she felt she replied “alone”.

      • I haven’t seen video of it yet but I’ve read comments from those who saw it she appeared shaky and they are not doing well.

        They have been living off the donations and they have dried up.

      • CCG – I hate to read your comment that the marriage is possibly “strained,” & SZ feels “alone,” but it is of no surprise. The divorce rate is extremely high for couples like GZ/SZ, , higher than the 50% that divorce anyway. If marriages suffer death of a child, an adult sibling, sometimes a parent or the added stress of finding jobs, or if even one of the two in a marriage is laid off, it causes added stress & some couples can’t overcome it.

        GZ/SZ have a young marriage, they too are young, I hope they make it as a couple BUT SZ will always suffer the same repercussions life throws at GZ because of the tragedy. It’s not likely Shellie can get a nursing job with the last name Zimmerman, imo, she would have to change it back to her maiden name & she would possibly be able to get employment as nurses are always needed.. SZ has been the dutiful wife standing by GZ, called a pig or fat, I feel so badly for SZ but marriages are hard on young couples, even when they haven’t faced the problems GZ & SZ have.

        I was disappointed not to see GZ in Court to support SZ today, sadly, his absence said a lot imo. What could have been more important than supporting his wife, the wife that stood by him during his trial every day? GZ is going to do what GZ wants to do, he chose not to be there.

        • Yes, if he wasn’t there because there is a strain, too flipping bad. If he wasn’t there because of security issues, I get that.

          But Shellie deserved his support today. It wasn’t easy for her to walk into the courtroom for his trial but she did it.

          • I wonder if there is more going on here than what’s on the surface suggests. It occurs to me that SZ will be safer if she’s seen as someone deserving of sympathy. Remember, this is playing out in the media. I guess I’ll wait and see how things go. #Cynical

          • I agree, she very much needed his support today. I have thought of her often. Wondering how many times she was put on back burner or unable to speak out because of her charges hanging over her.

    • Nettles – I feel badly for Shellie, she didn’t lie for GZ & confident when she spoke. imo, she has a chance at a future as a nurse & will be able to support herself, GZ needs to remember that, I am really disappointed in GZ. I’d be surprised if GZ/SZ were married a year from now.

      I don’t believe it was a security issue because the Court House would have provided security to GZ.

        • I’m a little surprised at your view Nettles. Sure GZ would have been protected once inside the courthouse, but, what about him getting to the courthouse with no security as they have no money to hire the same security GZ had before his acquittal.

          On another point does anyone still have a problem with O’Mara zipping the lips of the Zimmerman’s? And yet another point, does anyone have doubt that with SD coming here and exposing the family members he seemed to be in regular contact with may be adding to the strains among the family members? Sundance absolutely pitted some family members against others with his effing big mouth.

          • I was thinking also that Zimmerman being present as such a polirizing figure, would be more detrimental whether security concerns could have been addressed or not. This way is was in and out take care of business and get out. Just a thought.

            • When you watch Shellie’s interview on ABC, you’ll see she said her marriage is strained. When asked if GZ has been supportive, she hestiated and said no.

              The producer who tweeted about the interview is none other than Matt Gutman’s producer. We may see more of the interview on Good Morning America tomorrow.

          • I know that watching video is tough for you Pinecone, but I saw video the the proceeding this morning. The private security people that we saw in court with George was with Shellie today. So they are arranging for private security. Also there was the Sherriff deputy we came to call “Bob” on facebook. Older gentleman with gray hair, sat stoned-faced at every court date. He was there today too. So if GZ can get to court to attend his trial, surely he can figure a way to accompany his wife.

            I so agree with you on Sundance and his big effing mouth and his game of spinning plates.

          • pinecone – KC Anthony is still the most hated woman in America. She hasn’t had security since her trial ended because she has NO money and can’t get employment to pay for security. Endless death threats continue against KC Anthony & are reported BUT she has had to show up in Court WITHOUT security & escorted by ONLY her attorney’s over the Bankruptcy Case she filed & was required to attend Court proceedings. KC Anthony’s life is now GZ’s life, when you need to be in Court, you do.

            Life goes on, people don’t forget, KC Anthony will forever live in fear just as GZ, BUT, if he had wanted to go to Court today, he could have, just as he toured the gun factory in his free time.

            • In today’s interview, it appears Shellie is a little upset with George. Last week, we had the legal defense a little upset with touring a gun factory.

              Has George gone rogue? Is he thinking straight?

    • I am curious if GZ did not approve of her accepting the plea deal and that is the cause of tension. I can see why Shellie would accept the deal, after all in a year it will be over, totally for her legally at least. But that letter of apology to Judge Lester and those gratuitous comments to John Guy, Corey, etc undermine what GZ is saying and what was done to him, let’s not forget they are still calling GZ a murderer in public, that would be hard on anyone.

      • I took note of the distance between GZ parents and SZ in court, even after the verdict was delivered. I thought it was indication of the family strain or maybe the cameras bypassed any warm exchanges between them. Now we have more information.

      • Bori, I thought the same about the plea deal possibly causing a rift with George. Can’t imagine how terrible the last year has been for all concerned. It depresses me to see and hear all the people who are determined that George is a murderer. It must be a thousand times worse for George and Shellie to cope.

      • I’m on that page as well Bori. By Shellie accepting the plea deal, writing the Lester letter and bowing before the altar of the prosecution may very well add to underming any future cases George may have considered filing. By doing what Shellie did today she may be indicating that she is just tired of it all and wants away from it. It seems to me that some comments here today proved that what Shellie did today was more than a little pukable. I’ve said before that the strain the entire Zimmerman family was under would have destroyed many a family or couple. Perhaps Shellie just got sick of living under the consitions she was forced to live under, and were directly the cause of the prosecution. Why would she fall prey to their demands. The state got her to admit that the Zimmerman’s aren’t the most honest people, and that they were in fact the liars they claimed they were from the beginning.

        • I had not even considered what if any ramifications the plea deal and apology would have on GZ’s other legal matters but you are right it does not help. Another area that this will impact in the public arena as you guys have already mentioned, those effects are beginning to be seen.

      • boricuafudd – it is possible that GZ might not have approved of SZ’s plea bargain, but, SZ deserves a life to practice as a nurse whether she remains married to GZ or not & her decision, imo, to take the plea considered her chances of future employment in her chosen profession. SZ, imo, got a pretty good deal because she will be able to practice as a nurse, I don’t think under the name “Zimmerman,” but she will eventually be employable which is probably more important to SZ than GZ. imo, SZ is thinking about her future. jmho.

        SZ spoke clearly & confidently in her interview, no need for others to make excuses for GZ’s lack of support or make excuses WHY he wasn’t there.. She lives in that marriage & spoke her mind, it is what it is. SZ could have stated how wonderful & supportive GZ was, BUT she didn’t because apparently, in her heart, he hasn’t been. GZ wasn’t there today showing his lack of support, Simms didn’t know where GZ was, I assume neither did SZ.

        • I hope everyone around this couple helps and supports them. This is incredibly sad.

          They were so in love on the jail house calls back in April 2012. I hope they find their love again.

          There was something in discovery that Shellie was likely not aware of. He complained to his ex. about Shellie not wanting kids and he did. I wondered to myself how that was going to go over. Did Shellie know he vented to his ex. This was a year or more after the mutual restraining orders.

          There is no doubt about it, this young couple has had a moutain of pressure put on the both of them. I hope they find a way to stay together. They loved each other so.

        • Art- You will get no argument from me about anything you just said. While in the Public arena the deal looks bad, it gives closure. That is something they need more than anything. The suits that are pending are not a sure thing, SZ needs to think of the future and this allows her to do that. At the same time I can understand if GZ felt betrayed or did not approve of a deal that puts the prosecution team in good light considering they are still calling him a murderer. It is a difficult situation, I hope with time they will be able to fix the problems that arose as a consequence of this ordeal. Very sad, though.

            • Mike seems to agree with most our points, feels this was a “face saving” move by the prosecution because aside from the apology in a year, it would be as if it did not occurred, legally of course.

            • “No misdemeanor conviction would prevent Shellie from working as a nurse, and because adjudication is being deferred, after a year of probation Shellie will not have been convicted of even that. Her record will be as clean as it was before ”

              Can anyone confirm this is true? Her record will be clean? Not even a misdemeanor conviction? IANAL but I thought it might be the case.

          • boricuafudd – I agree w/your thoughts. jmho, SZ/GZ’s marriage has been consumed w/GZ’s charges & the tragedy, their lives threatened & consumed w/moving to different locations to remain safe, nothing but stress, undue verbal attacks & threats.

            jmho, SZ had every right to think of herself, SZ has gotten the same hateful vitriol from GZ haters, imo, she never deserved any of that or being called a pig/fat, she ONLY supported her husband through his trial. At this time, SZ has every right to think about herself & her future, hopefully, she will continue.

            • I don’t think that she was thinking only of herself, being able to earn a living will benefit both, in the long run. It is just a bitter pill to swallow, having to apologize, because though she was the only one facing charges, admitting she lied is an admission that GZ was less than truthful as well.

              • boricuafudd – I’d be surprised if GZ/SZ remained married another year. SZ needs to be able to sustain employment, she will be able to if she changes her name, if she is married to GZ he too will benefit from her employment but if they split up, she will be able to make a new life for herself without the scrutiny/[ressure she now lives under.

                imo, SZ did just as she was told to do, GZ was instructing SZ in some of the jail house video tapes. What would the marriage of GZ/SZ bring in the future? It sadly appears more stress, more hiding, no employment, security problems, if the couple remained together. How much stress is anyone expected to live under for problems they didn’t create? Of course that is what marriage is, but I guess that would depend on how deep their love is. SZ looks exhausted, unhappy, she feels alone & not supported. That’s not a recipe for a bright future for GZ/SZ.

                • Art- I fear that you are right. I am hoping though that they will be able to remove those outside influences that are part no doubt of the rift between them and patch things.

                  I know that at this time things look dire, but with time I truly believe that with time things will be different. The question is will they be together long enough, for that to happen?

                  • boricuafudd – according to the hour long interview Shellie did after Court w/investigative reporter, (links below,) Shellie accuses GZ of “beating down her self esteem” & she “was taking her life back..”

                    Will SZ write a book? Will she do other interviews for $$$$? Clearly she’s had enough of the status quo in her marriage & everything that encompasses it appears. I bet MOM pooped his shorts when he saw this, & there is an entire hour interview to air in the morning..

                    • She looked like she was praying her heart out for a not guilty verdict.

                      What got her so upset since then?

                      A happy wife is a happy life. Doesn’t everyone know that yet?

                    • To me, this is pathetic. No one, high profile case or not, should go on TV silly shows to discuss their problems. She is making life worse for herself, not getting free.

                  • boricuafudd – I agree with your comment that the “marriage appears all but over.” Shellie is angry it appears & has waited to say her peace until she was “free” & the case against her has concluded.

                    • I’d suggest a bit of caution in interpreting what the sound bites really mean. Remember what ABC did with the B29 interview. They made it sound like she was saying GZ got away with murder. Let’s see what we learn after seeing the entire, or at least more, of the interview and get a feel for the context.

                    • I agree. Reading the article from the Daily Mail that Arttart1983 provided, the writer says:

                      In a move which will no doubt enrage the family of Trayvon Martin, Shellie Zimmerman referenced the trial of her husband and his highly controversial acquittal.

                      ‘Over the last sixteen months, I have become intimately aware of the justice system, and the absolute importance of all parties being truthful,’ wrote Zimmerman.”

                    • How do you explain to someone look, you are a potential witness and I can’t discuss certain things with you or your family or friends. That we have to be apart to keep you safe, that past decisions have repercussions no matter how well-intentioned they seemed at the time. That somethings are not a matter of trust but of protection, what a terrible situation.

  12. Former UN Ambassador: Trayvon Martin Is A ‘Martyr’

    Former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young stated that Trayvon Martin is one of several martyrs under the cause of civil rights violence and injustice.

    In a lead-up to President Barack Obama’s address marking the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement March on Washington, the former U.N. ambassador under President Jimmy Carter interrupted MSNBC guest host Joy Ann-Reid’s question on troubles in the African-American community to express his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case.

    “No, Trayvon is a martyr. We’ve had a string of martyrs from the time of Emmett Till. Every generation has its string of martyrs and they’re going to continue. And we celebrate them and we lift them up to know that they’re not lost,” said Young.


    I CAN’T STAND Andrew Young, a real POS imo.

    • Weird interview… the one reporter is quoting another reporter who is talking about her interview with Shellie.

      A lot of the quotes are the interviewer’s words and statements, not Shellie’s.

      Kinda feels like the juror B29 mess all over again.

          • Well, ABC will have our full attention in the morning. See how the MSM works. Ratings rule. I am not going to knock Shellie for saying what’s on her mind, and I hope ABC is finding a way to compensate her for this interview with lots of $. I know she needs it. I’m keeping an open mind, and remembering all the edits and misleading reports that come out of the MSM though. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

  13. Nettles – another link on the interview to be aired:

    George has beaten down my self-esteem: Shellie Zimmerman opens up about her strained marriage in first interview since husband’s controversial murder acquittal

    Shellie Zimmerman sat down for exclusive interview with investigative reporter Christie O’Connor

    Complained of the ‘great stress’ on her marriage and the constant threats following George Zimmerman’s acquittal
    Shellie pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying during a bail hearing after her husband’s arrest in 2012


  14. Saw this at Legal Insurrections, good question. Anyone have an idea?

    MouseTheLuckyDog | August 28, 2013 at 10:40 pm
    Amy maybe you can answer this better then I. AFAIU whatever trial costs Corey’s bunch, get picked up be Seminole. But do Brady violation sanctions get picked by Seminole or Jacksonville. Why should Seminole pick up the bill for Jacksonville’s slimyness?

  15. NatJack seems to have a firm grasp of MLK’s dream. /sarcasm

  16. Here is the blog post of the person who interviewed Shellie after her court date, Christi O’Connor. You will note in her blog post, she moved to Sanford and has been investigating the George Zimmerman case and its surrounding issues for a book she is writing. She writes on her blog that had the prosecution done a proper job and uncovered the untold truths that she has uncovered, there may have been a different verdict.

    So that statement is not attributed to Shellie but rather the interviewer. Ms. O’Connor is a strange choice to have given an interview to, but it’ Shellie’ story, let’s see if she gets a fair hearing.


    • Apparently, Ms. O’Connor forgot that prosecution/defense/Judge decided what would be presented and what would not be presented during the trial. So it just would have been a Tat for Tat (< heh) with a George did this … Trayvon did that. George was this … Trayvon was that. <<< This was pretty much eliminated from the trial. "Different verdict" ??? after showing Jury pics of Trayvon holding and talking about selling a gun, the texts that the Judge made sure the jury didn't see, the purple drank/lean, the school records and story of how they hid his run-ins with the cops, and his love for MMA fighting …. nah, no different verdict. George could have been the worst person in the world. Doesn't matter. The law allows you to defend your life and as we know … George had all the injuries, and Trayvon was seen on top of him throwing down blows. WHO George is as a person makes no difference.

      • “…. nah, no different verdict.”

        Now, I don’t know… if the jurors had been allowed to see all of the evidence regarding Martin’s recent criminal activities, the reading of the verdict may have gone more like:

        “Are you *bleeping* kidding us?! Hell no this man ain’t guilty, and *bleep* you all!!!”

        (pardon my French, Nettles… if it’s inappropriate please delete)

    • Mrs. O’Connor is a crusader of the type that I have grown to despise. When I was growing up there were people like her who descend on the neighborhood after some tragic event, to interview people but ignore everyone except those that would corroborate what they wanted to report in the first place.

      If you read her blog post her two main claims is that the Sanford PD is racist and that so is the Zimmerman family, but even if both of those things are true they ignore the circumstances of the incident where that became irrelevant. To O’Connor they are confirmation of her biases even if they did not affect the outcome of the incident and confirm the victim status that she has conferred to Trayvon and black people.

      I know that they feel that they are helping but instead they just make the issues of the community that much harder to address. People like O’Connor and Leatherman only serve to excuse misbehavior and promote “white privilege”.

    • SMH…Why would Shellie need to air their dirty laundry in public? I agree, GZ should have been there no matter what, but for Shellie to sit down freely and give an interview to the “enemy” can come to no good. If their marriage is on the rocks, this surely can’t help. It reminds me of couples who use their children as pawns when they’re going through a divorce. What’s next, an interview with Al Sharton, Piers Morgan?

      I hope someone posts the “entire” interview, not a slice and dice version, so we get a complete picture of what Shellie had to say.

  17. With all of those that know better about the media and their habit of splicing and dicing of interviews, some seem to be reading the article just as ABC wants you to interpret it. The interviewer is careful to use quote marks around Shellie saying that he self esteem has been beaten down, but she carefully leaves out of the quote marks that Shellies huvband has beanten her down. To me that is a clear indication that Shellie never said that, and the interviewer is covering her azz. I’ve also seen some interpret the author’s claim that if the evidence or truth was known, there might have been a different outcome. Shellie didn’t say that, the interviewer did. I also find it interesting that in the article it claims that the interviewer “locked down” the interview with Shellie. As far fetched as it may dound, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to learn that the ABC interview was an unwritten part of the plea deal Shellie accepted with the prosecutors. If I remember correctly, Beasley indicated that their lawsuit against NBC was only a start, and that they may be going after other media outlets as well. Wasn’t Nelson supposed to be in charge of that lawsuit? With Shellie doing an interview for ABC it pretty much discludes ABC as a target for defamation.

    Wasn’t it also ABC that did the interview with Maddie, juror B29, where they spliced the interview to make it appear that Maddie said that George got away with murder? They played some of that interview as a teaser, but I don’t believe they ever played the full unedited interview on Good Morning America that was promised.

    I have no doubt that Shellie, as well as all the Zimmerman family were stressed and “strained” in their relationships with one another over the long period of being beat down constantly by the media. Trayvon was a saint, George was an evil vigilante murderer. ABC’s Matt Gutman played a very big role for ABC in false narrative designed and promoted by Matt Gutman’s good friend Ryan Julison. Isn’t the interviewer an assistant of Matt Gutman? It just doesn’t make sense that Shellie would appear on ABC shortly after her hearing where she pled guilty to lying. Was Shellie airing her dirty laundry and the woes of her marriage problems on ABC, or did ABC falsely make that appear to be so? No doubt Shellie wants her life back, but, I’m sure all of the Zimmerman’s want their lives back.

    Please don’t fall prey to the media who cannot be trusted in most everything, but, especially when the story involves Saint Skittles. Trayvon Martin was not a martyr. He did not fight and die for any cause other than practicing one of his favorite hobbies, beating the chit out of other’s. He just happened to pick the wrong guy to beat the crap out of.

    • http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmermans-wife-felt-court/t/story?id=20103462&ref=http%3A%2F%2Ftheconservativetreehouse.com%2F2013%2F08%2F29%2Fa-house-divided-tune-into-good-morning-america-on-thursday-to-see-the-exclusive-interview-with-shellie-zimmerman%2F

      Mrs. Zimmerman refused to go into details about the argument she had with her husband the night before Martin died that ended with her going to stay with her father, and did not want to give many details about their relationship.

      “Does George have a temper? How volatile did it get evening before?” asked O’Connor.

      “Not going to answer that,” responded Zimmerman.”

      “George has never laid a hand on me nor has he ever used any sort of force. I was concerned that we were living in something that we’d never experienced before and that there is a first time for everything….I just always had that kind of fear in the back of mind,” she said.

      IMO, This is the kind so stuff this interviewer wants to use to plant the seed that George was a violent person. This is the information she hints might have changed the verdict. This interview gives the haters more food for fodder.

      • I will predict they will use a maritial argument as fitting their narrative that GZ was the one who confronted TM aggressively. Of course there is no proof that is what happened, but it is will be something they now argue. All the forensics show it happened as GZ said. Nothing the media tries to plant through this interview can either.
        People on the Zimmermans side need to stop attacking SZ because it does not appear her sharing her experience is for anything other then to move on. She does not appear to be damaging her husbands character. I think many people are being premature here and making comments without viewing the whole video. That is why these clips are played like this. It is ABC after all!
        It appears Shellie is stating that if they (jury)knew then what they know now about the relationship issues in the family the verdict could have been different because the way GZ and the family were portrayed. Think about it. It is true. It is a true statement. Could you imagine if you fear what Schemesters say now, what they would have said then?

        • I fully expect to hear “if the jury only knew”. Of course it follows what has been done from the beginning, only report anything that could be construed as negative about George. Remember, “if the jury only knew” should apply to Trayvon as well, but the media has steered clear of anything negative about Trayvon. Anything that might be considered damaging about George, even this, pales in comparison to what we know about Trayvon.

          • I agree. But, it is an uphill battle no matter who wants to take it there because the public does know what was not said about the Trayvon and family. To that I say everyone has family issues. Everyone does. This criminal case though was not about character. It was about selfdefense which many many people seem to forget.
            I do not care if GZ or SZ had a perfect marraige or not, or if Tracy Martin had a gazillion kids. Means nothing in the legal sense of self defense. Or does it have anything to do with why someone lied about money. That too does not change the facts surrounding Feb. 26, 2012.

          • As far as Shellie getting back lash from sharing her experiences I did not find anything but support for GZ when he made a very stupid move and toured a gun facility on the heels of various legal filings and obvious future ones as well, including his wifes own legal negotiations. It was not a smart move. He did not get much back lash from this side, and it was a very very stupid thing to do. I am not saying he does not have the right to move on with his life, but people are not being fair and balanced here when itt comes to their individual decisions. This is not the first time both of them have proven to me they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  18. Looks like the tree people are out to bash SZ now. Some may not agree with what I have to say. But I think it needs to be said. Agree to disagree, that is fine.
    It all makes sense now….for me anyways. I have stated GZ was getting finacial advice from others and keeping MOM in the dark. It does not change my support for GZs self defense. It just changes my view on the family they tried to portray to the public, and especially RZjrs. none stop family bond/ support PR. It is as if he knew someone would let the cat out of the bag, eventually.
    It is just wrong in my eyes to send family and friends on a mission to bash MOM when they know what is going on behind the scenes. When they personally planted blogshere info. according to Sundance anyway and it appears to be true.
    I feel sold and used. Hey, all families have issues,even without these circumstances but it appears GZ wants to stay in denial about the defense fund and his hand in the matter!
    Sundance quotes Simms “” As if it is proof MOM has something to do with it?
    I asked Sundance numerous times…Who told them to move the money? Never got a response. Whoever told them to move the money was the “They”. Why cover for the real “they.”
    Because Shellie was the cats paw, and now they refuse to support her. If anyone was thrown under the bus for that mess it was Shellie and MOM!
    As for GZ not supporting his wife it is a pretty messed up thing to do being that it was apparent he had to hold Shellies hand the whole way through it to have his wife and sister move the money. That is also how I know MOM had nothing to do with it. There never would have been jail house tapes if MOM had advised them to hide money!
    On another note. In the letter to Lester SZ wrote “The truth shall set you free.” How true! I just wrote about truth in my Pot meet Kettle post. Sounds like Shellie is the only one in this bunch who understands you can lie, but it takes a bigger person to admit a wrong!
    Lastly, Shellie is being realistic here. Those civil suits and those sanctions, and every other legal stance they can take to try to undo the railroading, is NOT 100%. After the legal manuevuers are done, when the defense fund no longer exsists, when no one is interested, in the end this is a young lady, who did stick by her man. Who no longer has that quaint life she dreamed of needs to rebuild. I do not blame her for wanting others to know what she experienced. It is one way to move on. To look back is to refresh the eye, but to function you must look forward. In a year, when GZ is still in court fighting for his character and broke, RZjr. still doing Piers Morgan defending GZ, and SD is still bashing MOM…and we all moved on to the next high profile case. Shellie could be well on her way to a new life and very happy.

    • Gotta love the constant narration cutting SZ off and paraphrasing her rather than letting viewers hear her actual words…

      The media is so desperate to maintain control of the narrative it’s ridiculous.

      That said… why even involve the irrelevant-in-the-internet-age television media anymore?

      If Shellie and George want to get their side of the story out there, they could always tape their own interview with a hand selected journalist and post the entire thing online themselves. They don’t have to allow their words to be twisted and edited and taken out of context anymore.

  19. Shellie you have my support. It’s not easy to own up to it when you did wrong and I believe in what you wrote, the truth will set you free. It would be refreshing if George would do the same instead of allowing the arguing going on between his own supporters.

    George Zimmerman is not impressing me since the verdict. He absolutely should have been in that courtroom with Shellie yesterday.

    For those of you who didn’t read the interviewer’s blog post I posted upthread last night, know that on August 8th (3 weeks ago) she wrote the comment that if the jurors knew the facts that she is learning (she moved to Sanford to investigate the racist angle) the jury might have reached a different verdict. It is Ms. O’Connor’s view not Shellie Zimmermans.

    I am absolutely disgusted with the media that they can’t just report the facts and let the reader or viewer decide how to interpret what it means to us. No they have to slant the clips into their own narrative.

    Shellie, knowing now that you had a fight with George and had left the prior night to stay at your dad’s and then to see the support you gave him following his terrific incident, you are an amazing person.

    There are many who want to put the lying about donations on anyone but you and George. You owing what you did will allow you to go forward. I wish you every success. You deserve a happy life and I hope you realize it. Hugs Shellie.

    With what Sundance has posted here the last few weeks, I don’t get why anyone is listening to him anymore.

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. I fully accept that all the family members are functioning under horrendous levels of stress, worry and fear. I think Shellie is showing courage in finding a way forward from this nightmare.

      I have slept on the couch many, many times pissed off at my knuckle-headed husband, as if that is not a normal part of most marriages.

      The paypal/bond errors have many moving parts, it is easy to see how no one in the Zimmerman extended family could trust the courts or media at that point. Hindsight is always simpler when considering choices.

      I think the family truly suffered accepting the result that Trayvon did not survive the shooting.

    • Nettles, I HAVE NOT been to the Treehouse yet as I’m writing this, and I will go over and read, but without any more than what I saw in the interview here is what I am asking myself.

      1. Why do interview so soon after the trial when the push to tag GZ for federal hate crime is a big push right now?

      2. That trial would have been a strain on ANY relationship let alone that between a husband and wife. However, under the circumstances is it important for the world to know that Shellie and George are having problems? If so, why? Movie stars can go for years without anyone knowing there is trouble in paradise, and then we find out about it when divorce papers are filed.

      3. Shellie stood by George ALL THIS TIME, why all of a sudden go public? The heat is still turned up on George and not a day goes by that I don’t hear the name of Trayvon inserted into some kind of political speech. Why not wait till things cool down?

      4. We haven’t heard George’s side of things, have we?

      5. Since the Martin family and the BGI want to blame SYG and GUNS !!! for why this happened to their son – instead of taking personal responsiblity for passing around a very troubled young man ( No need to rehash all that qualified Trayvon as a very troubled teen, and no need to rehash all that made the Martins totally inept and irresponsible when it came to their son), why should George not take a picture with the firearm? He defended himself from an out of control teen that attacked him. This was our case!!! That he had a RIGHT to fire that weapon. I do believe without that gun George would have been an under reported news story. Actually I was pleased to see George looking more like George in that picture. He was back to looking like himself. Which tells me he is in a better state of mind. I don’t recall seeing that picture published by any media prior to this, would I be correct that this is the first we are seeing it? And where is that picture hanging? Personally, I don’t care where it is hanging, but to me this case was just as much about the right to own and use a gun as it was about the right to self-defense.

      6. Shellie should not get involved with the media. It was the media that brought charges on her husband, it was the media that almost had him spend the rest of his life in prison, and it was the media that accelerated any problems she was having in her marriage.

      7. I don’t think she realizes that she is no friend to Martins or Media, and that they will only twist her and screw her into the ground. They hate her and George and will ALWAYS feel that way. People keep saying what a tragedy the shooting was. It wasn’t a tragedy. It was a thug (I don’t care about age) viciously attacking a man, and he lost. That is not a tragedy. That is a VICTORY – for the good guys.

      Advice to Shellie: Stay away from media – They ARE the devil incarnate. All of em.

      • Ottawa
        I can’t answer your questions point by point. I’m not privy to the information needed to give an answer. From what I do know, Shellie has never spoken publicly about how she feels and what she went through.

        She’s only 26 years old today. At the time of the shooting she was 24, just had an argument with her husband, went to stay at dad’s to think things through and gets a call that George shot and killed someone.

        When does she get to talk? When does how she is feeling get any kind of priority? We’ve gotten to know some of the Zimmermans through the parents and Robert Jr. but what about Shellie’s family? You may recall, her mom was followed home after it appeared she was driving erratically. People wrote she was DUI, it was suspected to be a mix up with medications. It did give us an indication of the stress the extended family was under. All throughout, Shellie and her family have not talked publicly. I’m unsure of what manipulations any of them may have done privately.
        George could not wait to talk until his criminal trial was over. There was so much misinformation out there about him, he just had to speak. So he did. On Hannity on July 18th. I’m of the opinion that was a mistake and shouldn’t have been done. However, I do get the drive to say your piece.

        All those who held their tongues until the criminal threats had abated, can now talk. I don’t think I’d use the media though. I think I’d upload my own youtube, like the victims in Cleveland did.
        If Shellie is going to talk at all, this is the time. She has just gone before the court and told them I’m sorry, I knew I was lying and I apologize for misleading the court. As she said, she can rationalize that all she wants but she knew she was lying. She wants to own that and move on.

        From what I read, some may have manipulated her into you’re not really lying honey, it’s other people’s money. So when asked about our money don’t include the donations. However, as she said, she knows she lied. That goes against her beliefs.

        George and Shellie have been through so much. How can either of them be expected to have anything emotionally left to give to another? It probably is best that each of them take times to put them first. George for George, and Shellie for Shellie. Once they’ve replenished themselves spiritually, perhaps they will have the resources to become one again and help each other.

        I’ve often wondered how the defense team of George Zimmerman stayed silent with all the unsubstantiated allegations posted about their ethics and honesty. How would you react, if you read such postings about yourself? Then I take that the George and Shellie and know they’ve read so many lies about themselves and it’s always, don’t talk, it isn’t the right time. There could be negative consequences.

        The Martins and Fultons have felt this as well and they don’t allow it to shut them up. They keep talking and telling their truth. They can, they haven’t been under threat of losing their liberty.

        Perhaps I’ve been a little hard on George, but to watch Shellie support him every day in court and to see him fail to be there with her in her courtroom appearance, that sucks big time. I do understand, he may just not have anything left to give another at this time.

        • I hear you. And if we had a MSM that reported honestly, researched and gave just the facts about issues, ppl wouldn’t be blogging day in and day out to try to correct all the misinformation. You saw for yourself that to this very day, the BGI, and those that find the Zimmerman case a great political tool, are milking this for all it’s worth to them to further their agendas. It’s the MEDIA I’m worried about for Shellie. She in her 26 years is no match for them. This is not a seasoned politician, or a notable opinion based TV or radio host, this is just a girl that doesn’t realize what kind of wolves these people are. I wouldn’t even go on FOX with an interview as they do the snipping and cutting and twisting like everyone else. IF I were her, knowing what I know, let alone what SHE knows, I wouldn’t CARE whether people heard from me. I would just want to move on. Cause once you go down this road … it’s a long one. Her supporting him everyday in court is nothing compared to what he was going through. HE was the one on the hot seat. HE was the one that had his face on a WANTED: Dead or Alive poster with black militant groups putting him in the crosshairs. I’m not surprised and neither are you that the marriage has been dealt a terrible blow. If they were smart they would seek counseling. George is basically exhibiting PTSD over this, therefore, it would make sense he may be detaching himself from people. And she is a co-dependent to a PTSD. They both need professional help to sort everything out and understand their feelings and their relationship. Defense and supporters did all they could concerning the trial, however, Shellie and George must help themselves to try to regain some sense of normal again. I will never forgive the State, the Scheme Team, and the Martins for what they’ve done to George and Shellie … all in the name of their troubled, criminal, druggie, thug son, Trayvon. I have no sympathy for ANY of them. Lastly, the defense team should have known that you can’t just walk out of a courtroom once acquitted in a case like this and just go about your business like nothing happened. They should have had a professional counselor come in and attend to both GZ and SZ throughout the entire time. This would have at least helped them to keep their heads screwed on straight. They, to my knowledge, had no plan to meet with professionals to handle the emotional fallout. Big mistake. It’s too big. Can’t handle alone. You need a support system. This is no different than one coming back from the horrors of war and not able to cope.

          MSM is tricksy and she will be like the lamb to slaughter.

        • The Martins and Fultons are in a different situation. Their media appearances are always with counsel. The media appearances are fluff jobs. They now have a narrative that they can believe in, in terms of bringing out some good (from their perspective) from their son’s death. They keep talking because there is a ready audience for their narrative. The narrative fits neatly into elements of the agenda of BGI.

          At some point, whatever is false in that public facade will start to be picked apart.

          Ironically, the efforts of writer O’Connor may lead to this unanticipated consequence.

          Cashill’s book will be out soon.

          As for the defense, I suspect that MOM had no idea of what all would transpire as he took on the case.

          • Exactly, unless Shellie has some kind of savy team behind her, if she attempts to go it alone, that’s not a good idea. No more than they let Sybrina or Tracy wander around along (media wise) cause you and I both know there is somebody why wants to make a name for themselves out there that will blindside them. Sybrina ALONE or Tracy ALONE would be just as bad as Shellie alone. Although, I would think by now that both Sybrina and Tracy know the drill. Even DD knew the drill. Cause they drill, drill, drill … lol. She got caught up a few times, but she stayed to script. So even a drilled up DD is in a better position than a unprotected Shellie. I hope she understands that.

      • Well I give it a try, all speculation on my part
        1) I think the interview done so soon has to do with what was agreed upon in the deal, she is explaining her side before more is made out of it, also I think that most feel that there will not be any charges filed by the Feds, regardless of the NAACP crying.
        2) Agreed, but they are not artist who have PR people to manage such things, but regular people caught in a situation they are not equipped to handle
        3)See above, also she needed to get her side out, while it still mattered
        4)Not from him directly but trough others
        5)GZ is a free man as such, of course he can do anything he wants. Having said and for the very reasons you stated regarding the BGI, the optics are not great, it was painted to make GZ looking callous to say the least. You are right that the Progressives are using the case to advocate for gun control and other things, but they have a pliant media to protect them and frame things in such a manner. To this date while many have stated that the jury accepted GZ’s claim of self-defense, I have not heard anyone that described the events as such. Many have suggested that it was TM the one that was defending himself. This is why the case is not seen at least by the Media as a case of self-defense, add the gun, and now you have a cause. Facts don’t matter.
        6)All true, but if she is seen sympathetically it will through the media that she will be able to get her life back the quickest.
        7)Agree, the Media will use her and the Martins until they have no use for them and have moved on to other things.

        How did I do?

        • Did good. Only thing I have a slight difference on is #7 re: Media and Martins. The MEDIA doesn’t need the Martins. The BGI and current administration need the Martins as they are the face for the $$$ and the cause. The MEDIA needs the current administration and the BGI and what tools they use (like the Martins), is up to the current administration and the BGI. My guess is at some point next election we will hear the name Trayvon Martin mentioned at the Democratic Convention in a speech. Betcha.

          Usually a person who wants to get their side out is expect that another side is soon to come out and they want to go on the record first. Is that what this is about … IDK.

    • Shellie reminds me of someone doing a 12 step program, taking responsibility, owning it, & trying to make amends which is her right & those that wish to judge her are of no importance in her life, she doesn’t need their criticism nor support, they should judge themselves. imo, SZ still has a lot on her plate, contemplating the stability of her marriage & if she remains married is just one of the problems it seems.

      SZ stated that she wanted children but doesn’t state that she wants them w/GZ, which too says a lot. Just speculating, her parents as well as her other family members may be telling SZ, “you are young, you have your whole life ahead of you & a career to look forward to, you can remarry & have a family and a safe life for you & your children as opposed to the life you have now & you are miserable as it appears.” Who knows? nobody knows but imo, that is what I would be telling my daughter if she were married to GZ & had a life in front of her that would never return to normal or even safe, that she would too be hated just as GZ for as long she stayed in the marriage.

      What a terrible mess, jmho, Shellie no doubt is not happy in her marriage or wants to continue the life they have had for over 18 months & possibly even before, who would want that life even if they loved someone? I support whatever decision SZ makes in her life. I too support whatever GZ decides to do in his life moving forward as he deserves all good things, there are no easy decisions for GZ or SZ whether they remain married or are apart going their separate ways…

      There were obviously problems in the marriage before the tragedy, she stood by GZ through the hardest part of this tragedy & the most difficult time in his life, that is the most important thing, she is now free to do whatever she decides to do.

      • Well, I would have liked a point by point response so someone could straighten me out, but ok … again, WHY do we need to know they have trouble in their marriage? Why? I just don’t understand why the interview was important to Shellie.

        • Point by point would be speculation. By your questions it seems you have concluded your own answers. Really what difference does it make? If it makes no difference why are you so concerned she has talked about her issues?

          • Danny, take off your courtroom hat. We are not in the courtroom for this discussion on Shellie’s interview. Speculation is part of what we do. What difference does it make? Then why have this thread? Why put up a video? why comment on the video? I, in my personal life, am not concerned she has talked about her issues, but for the sake of discussion on this thread I gave my opinion that her trusting the media in any capacity is a bad idea. She is no match for traps laid, or how “editing” can make her look any way the media wishes. Media is still FIRMLY planted in the Martin camp and I don’t see that changing. EVEN with attorneys sitting right next to you, you can get in trouble with the media. “God’s plan.”.

        • ottawa925 – I answered your question point by point.

          Ottawa# 1 : Why do interview so soon after the trial when the push to tag GZ for federal hate crime is a big push right now?

          Though you look at the case from the outside, you aren’t living under the stress that never lets up & a future that looks at best, not a normal existence anyone would want.. I wouldn’t. imo, IF the DOJ or FBI could have charged GZ with anything, they would have, GZ has been vetted over, over, and over again. The Scheme Team gathering over a million names means NOTHING if GZ did not commit a hate crime, they were successful in manipulating the Governor/Bondi, they won’t be successful trying to bring more false charges as Corey/BDLR did. imo. MOM would slam the DOJ & FBI possibly bringing charges against them for violating GZ’s civil rights.

          Ottawa# 2: That trial would have been a strain on ANY relationship let alone that between a husband and wife. However, under the circumstances is it important for the world to know that Shellie and George are having problems? If so, why? Movie stars can go for years without anyone knowing there is trouble in paradise, and then we find out about it when divorce papers are filed.________________________________

          SZ/GZ are not movie stars that have careers & have financial assets to protect, they are a young couple that was having problems in their marriage BEFORE the night of the tragedy. SZ is angry with GZ, GZ is free to do what he wants even if he brings more criticism to himself, it’s his life & he does what he wants. GZ didn’t support SZ in Court, life is bigger than GZ’s needs, SZ has needs too & she wanted to set the record straight, it is her right DESPITE any criticism she receives, the criticism of bloggers doesn’t matter in SZ’s life, ONLY her decisions matter in what she does going forward.

          Ottawa# 3: Shellie stood by George ALL THIS TIME, why all of a sudden go public? The heat is still turned up on George and not a day goes by that I don’t hear the name of Trayvon inserted into some kind of political speech. Why not wait till things cool down?____________________________________

          How would it have looked IF SZ left GF & didn’t support him during the trial? The criticism would have been off the chart, but she now reaps criticism anyway for making her own choices.

          I personally thought the timing of Robert Sr.’s e-book was questionable, but it was his right, especially criticizing MOM. The Zimmerman’s criticism of MOM is sad, imo, their opinions of MOM didn’t matter then & continue to not matter now. GZ made the decision to use MOM/West & it probably saved his life. SZ is entitled to the same decisions afforded to the Zimmerman family, she too is free to speak her mind just as they ALL have done.

          If you think things are going to cool down for GZ, they most certainly are not, NOT EVER! The things have not cooled down one bit for KC Anthony, or ever will, the same for OJ, when a portion of the public think you got away with murder, that segment of society will NEVER let that person or society forget it, & will make their life miserable & prevent the person from having any peace or normal life. It’s wrong, but it’s a fact. Was anyone sad to see OJ go to jail or did most of the public feel as I did, OJ is where he always belonged as he was always of the criminal mindset? Things aren’t likely to change for GZ.

          Ottawa # 4: We haven’t heard George’s side of things, have we?

          I HOPE we NEVER hear GZ’s side of things, WHAT A NIGHTMARE! He interviews terribly imo, common sense should explain to most people that it has had to be a MISERABLE experience living in that marriage & could have been unhappy long before the tragedy, hiding, threatened. no future, no money & NONE in sight, labeled as a fat/pig/liar married to the murderer GZ. GZ iis still doing just as he pleases which is his right, but he is married, his wife DIDN’T SUPPORT his choice to tour the gun factory, what else has she not supported that has fallen on deaf ears?

          I PRAY GZ doesn’t do ANY interviews UNTIL he has been prepare by EXPERTS on his delivery to questions ask. Don’t you remember how ALARMED MOM/West appeared when GZ clearly wanted to take the stand when Judge N continued to grill GZ about testifying? imo, MOM/West fear for what GZ might do next, but GZ is an adult, GZ can do anything he wants without consideration of anyone, even Shellie, she can likewise.

          Ottawa# 5: Since the Martin family and the BGI want to blame SYG and GUNS !!! for why this happened to their son – instead of taking personal responsibility for passing around a very troubled young man ( No need to rehash all that qualified Trayvon as a very troubled teen, and no need to rehash all that made the Martins totally inept and irresponsible when it came to their son), why should George not take a picture with the firearm? He defended himself from an out of control teen that attacked him. This was our case!!! That he had a RIGHT to fire that weapon. I do believe without that gun George would have been an under reported news story. Actually I was pleased to see George looking more like George in that picture. He was back to looking like himself. Which tells me he is in a better state of mind. I don’t recall seeing that picture published by any media prior to this, would I be correct that this is the first we are seeing it? And where is that picture hanging? Personally, I don’t care where it is hanging, but to me this case was just as much about the right to own and use a gun as it was about the right to self-defense.

          I agree with you Ottawa, those that have kept up with the case & understand the facts, KNOW GZ had no choice but to defend himself w/his gun as was his right & the jury agreed, BUT we have NO CONTROL over the BGI or ever will. Those that SUPPORT the TM Movement, don’t CARE WHY GZ shot TM, TM is now their martyr & will remain for years to come. The well orchestrated BGI/SCHEME Team, & professional entrepreneurial racist have promoted a well orchestrated agenda which blamed GZ, SYG, & Guns, Racism, & that’s not going to change now or ever in their eyes. NO ONE can reason with the UNINFORMED that remain so by choice, GZ supporters can do nothing about an agenda that has grown in numbers but speak the truth & point out the facts.

          Ottawa# 6 – Shellie should not get involved with the media. It was the media that brought charges on her husband, it was the media that almost had him spend the rest of his life in prison, and it was the media that accelerated any problems she was having in her marriage.

          Whether SZ should get involved with the media is the choice ONLY SZ can make. Apparently, imo, the marriage appears over so accelerating the problem is not the problem, the problem is SZ wanted GZ to know how unhappy she’s been in the marriage, she was free to speak & apologize for lying. What if SZ decides to write a book on what her life was like on the lame w/GZ for 16 months & the months afterwards? imo, that is a possibility, SZ has a lot on her mind she wants to express her thoughts and take responsibility for her actions, she’s young, & hopefully she gets guidance on how to address her feelings, but it is her choice, we’re powerless. What if SZ beat GZ to it in writing her book & GZ’s book conflicts w/SZ’s? imo, SZ’s book would be more marketable than GZ’s, those of us that supported GZ know a lot about what he would say, we don’t know what SZ would say & would she expose the pressure GZ’s family put on their marriage? Probably imo, it wouldn’t be pretty for many involved.

          I agree Ottawa, The MEDIA is NOT a friend to SZ nor GZ. Apparently Robert Jr.. used the MEDIA as a positive most of the time, but did he too wanted others to know his personal unhappiness w/MOM WHICH DIDN’T matter? Did EVERYONE need to to know how “controlling MOM was?” RZ Sr. WANTED the public to know & stated so & used the media & his book to inform the public of his feelings! MOM/West SAVED GZ’s life, & Sr. should never forget that, the family whining & complaining looks ridiculous imo. Its a good thing GZ DIDN’T LISTEN to his parent’s opinions, they were WRONG. The gossiping the Zimmerman family has done is appalling to me & sadly explains the family dynamic, it explains WHY there was an estrangement of GZ & his family. The families OPINIONS & GOSSIP they chose to share about MOM is embarrassing & doesn’t matter then r now, but it saddens me that I thought so much of the family, I no longer do, imo, RZ did a good job of presenting FACTS in the MEDIA but I hope he reconsiders when gossiping in the future.

          Ottawa# 7- I don’t think she realizes that she is no friend to Martins or Media, and that they will only twist her and screw her into the ground. They hate her and George and will ALWAYS feel that way. People keep saying what a tragedy the shooting was. It wasn’t a tragedy. It was a thug (I don’t care about age) viciously attacking a man, and he lost. That is not a tragedy. That is a VICTORY – for the good guys.

          SZ doesn’t have to be a friend to the Sybrina/Tracy to express her sympathy or apology, GZ shot their son dead & GZ apologized in open court to both which wasn’t well received. SZ can feel sorry for the family for their loss, no can take her personal feelings from her, SZ was in no way responsible for this tragedy.

          Many feel that anytime there is a loss of life, especially in a young person, it’s sad, that doesn’t mean GZ wasn’t right for defending his life against the attack because he was right, imo, they are 2 different things.

          • Why apologize that your husband shot a thug who attempted to kill her husband? I wouldn’t apologize for JACK in that regard !!! Let’s see … is it … I’m sorry your kid attacked me and beat me to the point I thought I was going to go unconscious? << That kinda apology. Or is it, I'm sorry you were such piss poor parents that your kid ended up dead apology? OR I'm sorry, he was a young man and it was unfortunate that I had to shoot him apology. That last one MAKES NO SENSE !!!!! That's why George said he wouldn't do anything differently.

            • I get what you’re saying, but I think you may be objectifying the people and situation. You’re looking at it from a distance. “Thug attacks me, I kill the thug, the end.” Easy to reconcile it intellectually. Far more difficult to live the reality. It can be difficult for most to deal with the fact that their survival came at the cost of someone elses life. GZ and SZ, I think, feel and know that. There’s guilt and pain for them even though ‘we’ know, intellectually and from a distance, there shouldn’t be any.

              • I agree to an extent. But I’m sucking in the entire thing … the nature of things … the senseless violence across the nation of either unsuspecting or helpless individuals. They may be feeling the effects of taking a life as all ppl of good conscience do, but the ones committing these acts have no conscience, so my sympathy is lacking. GZ/SZ may feel that way for the taking of a life, but I’m sorry to say that I’m glad another thug is gone. We’ve SEEN our justice system. Although GZ was acquitted, I think it was only by the grace of GOD himself. Cause as you saw, EVERYTHING was stacked against him. Nope, I would have no apology. I’m not heartless, but the Trayvon case opened the eyes of many as to the senseless violence in this country. Let’s not rehash on that. We’ve all explained it 1,000 times.

              • I know this is a “what if”, but say GZ got a shot off and only wounded Martin and Martin lived, but GZ died. You think she would still apologize?

                Little bit of apples and oranges, but it was a plausible scenario of how things “could have” gone.

                • I didn’t hear her apologize for the actions that led to Trayvon’s death. I heard her say she’s sorry Trayvon died and his parents have to deal with that loss. That’s two different things.

            • Shellie seems to have expressed her sincere feelings.

              The death of a young person is the death of someone before their time. I did not take her expression of empathy to be an apologetic for her husband. It is not her place to delve into the negative dynamics behind the Fulton-Martin dysfunction that led to that tragic confrontation.

          • Art, thanks for your thoughtful reply and I acknowledge most of what you said in my post to Nettles above that begins: “I hear you”. Please read that because as you were posting I guess I was posting and made comments on many things you posted here … such as the stress, etc.

            • ottawa – STATED: here is what I am asking myself. posted: @August 29, 2013 at 12:39 pm

              & you proceeded to make your list & your feelings known.

              ottawa, you then SHARED in another comment:

              Well, I would have liked a point by point response so someone could straighten me out, but ok … again, WHY do we need to know they have trouble in their marriage? Why? I just don’t understand why the interview was important to Shellie.

              ottawa – either you want to be answered OR you don’t, I assumed you were asking me the questions you listed & wanted them addressed. since you posted directly under my name.

              We ALL support both GZ & SZ on this site, make no mistake. No one has any control over any one else or what they do, ever, in life or in their opinions. There are a million BETTER CHOICES that could have been made by GZ & SZ but their choices are what they are. Though we may differ at how we view events pertaining to everythig in this case, it doesn’t mean we don’t support either side, at least that is how I feel.

              imo, SZ doesn’t deserve to be slammed, SZ is bright & articulate, has a bright future ahead of her regardless of how her marriage works out, , she will make the choices that were right for her, & I think she made that abundantly clear in her interview iin which she took responsibility for her actions. I assume GZ will do the very same & I hope he too in not slammed, I continue to support both.

    • I am with YOU 100% on this one Nettie. I ways always hoping someone involved in the pay pal fiasco would just own up to it! It was so apparent. I understand why they did it but to continue to deny it made me question their characters and what I could believe about their dynamics. I feel better about defending the clear mistake Shellie made. I avoided the pay pal thing until recently. I am glad I no longer did or we may have never found out about the back stories before this plea deal, because it all just makes sense now.
      Some of the comments the tree people are making are disgusting. One person called Shellie a white Jentel. Another called her Judas, and they are wrongly accusing SZ of ruing GZs legal cases. There is just no end to making GZ out to be a saint and it does his charcter no good. In fact it makes him appear to be the monster the Schemsters have portrayed him to be. All this to bash MOM and expose BGI? Pretty heartless if you ask me.

      • Is the same thing with the Martin Family trying to paint TM with the same brush of sainthood, but in their case they need it. If anything this just proves my mantra that I need to do my own research before accepting the offers of others. If I can’t verify it myself, then reserve some judgement.

        • True bori. I stayed silent for a looooong time about many things I still have yet to bring up about SD. I got to the point though this past April with calling MOM supporters back and the over and over again about the pay pal, the passport, and then seeing these people fall at his feet pi$$ed me off more then the Schemesters. At least they had a reason to demonize GZ. They did, if even in their own eyes and ideology they were wrong, a young man did die, many people are weary of police, and politicians, and laws are created all the time to benefit the more well off. So to question leaving a guy go after a person was killed, yeah I can see the reasons why tbey believed the media. But as far as SD goes, the whole connecting the media characters…. Great job. After he wrongly took on MOM I did not listen to a word he said. After he tried to take on all the legal eagle stuff that they still get wrong, I knew he was barking up the wrong tree. To SDs defense, I think once insiders who knew GZ started contacting CTH, SD no longer was objective. There weres some good people who tried to make him see it, but it went to his head. Do I feel sorry for him? Nope! You reap what you sow.

          • I had my own criticism of MOM but I least I could reconcile mine, SD was using partial information to make the sort of judgements that were above and beyond. While as you mentioned he was being led himself, nobody there actually stop to consider that other things were going on behind the scenes.

            • Well yeah, many of us had a view on the legal possibilites, not so much so on his character. There were many times I was critical of his legal style and filings and such. We all are guilty of that and that is fine. But to speak out about his ideology and throwing his client to the wolves and such for diagreeing with legal representation is just plain stupid for a none atty. or even an atty. who has no clue what is going on behind the scenes. SD took it to another level. Believe me Bori if you ever being unfair I would have told you! Lol.

  20. Sundance told us he is doing the same thing the main stream media is doing. He decides what information you should be privy too and he spins his plates to get his narrative believed.

  21. This is funny. After at least 6/12 hrs. my time being posted from justfactsplease CTH edits two posts.
    What was edited gives me rise to believe attys. have contacted CTH about some defaming information they are letting pass moderation. In case you are unaware jfpz is suspected to be Mrs. Ostermans Stepmom. Wonder if they have moderated other stuff…..yet?

    justfactsplz says:
    August 29, 2013 at 5:02 am

    No she is not jealous or resentful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It’s not looking too good it seems.
    PLEASE do not reference confidential information to which you apparently have access. We strive endlessly to not have private and personal information about anyone released in these threads, and we certainly do not want those who have firsthand knowledge of it to pass it along. But it seems like a losing battle. It goes on and on. And then admins and SD are accused of deliberately allowing it deliberately. –

    justfactsplz says:
    August 29, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Yes, I have heard about xxxxxxx. I am suprised her attorney would be agreeable to her giving an interview right now. But then again, George went on Hannity and the Ostermans went on Dr. Phil. We saw how those worked out didn’t we? I wonder if Walther PPK is right about the plea deal and all being tied up with this interview and the lawsuit. This is mind boggling.

      • There was nothing “confidential” core. She was talking smack on Simms. An admin. is acting like it was confidential. Can someone cache that thread?

        • I was told she thinks George is seeing someone else.

          While it may help some to moderate her comments, anyone following the thread gets an email when she posts. So the information gets out there and she constantly puts the family at risk with stuff she posts.

          Yet it continues. At the very least put her in constant moderation before a post occurs.

          • Yep. That IS what she said. She was talking about how the strain and distance ran SZ into another mans arms. Yeah in hiding! What a freaking wack job! But an admin. can not undue what was read. And by modifying it makes it seem true! What snakes!

          • If someone can send me that please give it to me. I have use for that to Shellies benefit. You will remain anon.

      • I was in the midst of capturing posts from there for a post of mine and got a few phone calls by the time I headed back it was modified. I did not copy it because it really was no big deal. Being the recent Lee deal, with SD, if JFPz said anything I would have got it cause the other posts I have are before and after!

    • @DW …………”What was edited gives me rise to believe attys. have contacted CTH about some defaming information they are letting pass moderation”………

      LOL 😀 There’s that keen intellectual Nettles blog, fact based, unemotional, without supposition, discussion aspect – again… 😀 😀 😀

      • I guess your blog has become so boring you need to spend time here? Gee, why wasn’t that predictable. Your 15 mins are over (paid for by the Zimmerman’s) and now you’re slipping back into obscurity. Does it hurt?

        • Quite honestly Nettles, and I’m sure I’ll get riipped for this but every time Sundance came here over the past few weeks and named any family member that he claims contacted him, those family members names should have been edited. It seems that the family members have not been on the same page to say the least, and with SD’s claims here it cannot possible do anything to allow the family to settle their own issues among themselves. I’m sure his posts have caused even more turmoil at a time when they need to just work it out amongst themselves. Perhaps Sundance’s comments need to be moderated to x out family names.

          • No need to rip you on that. I thought the same thing initially. It was actually you who gave me the solution.

            Ask the family and give them a chance to respond. I did. I got no response back.

            I do want it known what Sundance is alleging and what I know he did (sharing something he was asked to keep private). Isn’t that good information to have for anyone who might want to take Sundance into their confidence?

            As far as who said what to Sundance, he has contradicted himself. He did reach out, he didn’t reach out. Who knows?

            The family was made aware of what got posted here and its their choice whether to respond to it or not. Otherwise, people have their eyes opened a little more on the consequences of what could occur.

  22. Shellie Zimmerman vs. Mike Tyson in morning interview battle.

    In this corner, Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George Zimmerman, giving an exclusive interview to ABC.

    In that corner, Mike Tyson giving an exclusive interview to NBC.

    The headline: They’re both in pain.

    Zimmerman wouldn’t say if she’s still with her husband, but she saw his recent visit to a gun-manufacturing company as the wrong thing to do. He was acquitted of murder last month in Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting.

    She said the couple argued the night before Trayvon was shot (she wouldn’t discuss why). She said they lived in trailer in the woods for a year and a half as he awaited trial. She said she wanted to have children and stay married, although she’s thinking about that latter issue.

    Shellie Zimmerman expressed uncertainty about the future of their relationship when asked if they are still together.

    “I’m not going to answer that,” Shellie Zimmerman said in the ABC News interview aired on Good Morning America Thursday.

    “A lot of pain,” “GMA” anchor George Stephanopoulos said of Shellie’s interview.


    • She is a crusader, it would not be hard to find people in Sanford that claim the police is racist, it has been a common refrain in the community. Most of it stems from the Goldsboro neighborhood which is 95% black, 70% on the homes are under the poverty level, 65% dropout rate, etc, etc. What few mention is that Sanford is very violent small city, which means that the police will have multiple contacts with possible suspects every day leading to multiple opportunities for friction between the cops and the community.

      • Jeralyn writes another great piece, I’m glad she weighed in. imo, this supposed journalist will not likely get her book published BECAUSE its not that easy to do without financial backing & the interest of publishers, she might do an E-book like RZ Sr., but even Jose Baez had a hard time have his book published on KC’s case after shocking the nation when he defended KC & won her a NOT GUILTY verdict. There have been rumors for 18 months that the Zimmerman family is racist, I scream bull chit, just gossip.

        Hopefully, today, Sims has spoken w/SZ advising her if she wants to speak again publicly, she might consider having him accompany her to do the interview & vet the person giving the interview so she is not misunderstood or the person has an agenda as Jeralyn points out.. SZ can take his advice or leave it, it’s up to her.

        I bet COUNTLESS National MEDIA outlets are trying to make contact w/SZ for more interviews, National Morning shows, Oprah? Diane Sawyer? Barbara Walters? Piers Morgan, etc.

        • I read in the Daily Mail, I think it was, that Shellie said something in her interview with would enrage the Martin family when they hear it.

          It appears ABC has chosen not to air that……yet.

          It was in regards to the justice system and how she learned it’s important that all witnesses be honest.

          • see this is what I’m talking about. Just like with George re: Martins loss of Trayvon. No matter what you say to these people they will twist it. You KNOW this. If you apologized … it wasn’t soon enough, it was TOO soon, it wasn’t sincere, it sounds sincere cause you know you are going to trial, etc. etc. etc. They will spin what you say every which way. If you say nothing, they have no ammo. This is THEIR game, not the game of the Zimmermans. They own the field, they own the equipment, they have all the BIG players, and they make up the rules as they go along.

    • Small, small world. Jeralyn has found out that the man tasered by the white Sanford cop is represented by Shayan Modarres.

      O’Conner is being fed by the lawyers for Trayvon Martin. Shellie picked the wrong person to give her story to. As Ottawa pointed out, without help it’s best not to talk to any media alone.

        • On Ms. O’Connor’s blog, she talks about a racist cop who tasered someone who was black. She is trying to link this case and the Zimmerman case to the racist atmosphere in Sanford.

          Shayan Modarres represents the man tasered. He also is a lawyer on the Trayvon case. He assisted in writing the response to the petition for writ to get Crump deposed.

          It was Matt Gutman’s producer, Seni Tienabeso who tweeted out the news that Shellie did the interview. Sein is believed to have been present at the March 19th interview with Rachel Jeantel.

          It appears Shellie gave an interview by those who have worked very hard to demonize her husband. That she gave an hour long interview and they could only use less than 3 minutes of it to spin their narrative shows her true feelings did not scorched her husband.

          To be clear, O’Connor is a free-lance reporter, writing a book on the Zimmerman case and got the interview with Shellie yesterday. It looks like she is a puppet for the legal lawyers in Sanford.

          • Curious if the fact that she is free-lance was what was used to get the interview. I have to check back but I think that O’connor was one of the trayvonites. She runs some sort anti-bullying foundation and I seem to remember someone calling GZ a bully and so on, then describing the behavior of GZ and comparing it to other Bully behavior.

            • According to her linked in account, self-esteem is a primary focus for her. Usually self-esteem in teens. You recall the headline about George beating up on the self-esteem of Shellie, well it appears that again is O’Connor again paraphrasing Shellie’s response to the lack of support from George.


              Looks like she used to be affiliated with CBS. But in her summary it say ” Exposing corruption, crime and wrongdoing in ways that improve lives.; Multi Emmy Award winning investigative reporter leading CBS investigative units in Dallas and then San Francisco. Talk Show Host/World Report Correspondent before leaving to launch national teen self esteem and anti bullying networks.

              Specialties: -Writing, Editing, Producing, Overseeing productions, Emceeing events, Advocating for teenagers and children.”

              It would appear right now, she is advocating for Trayvon Martin.

              • Yes, I know, one of her daughters was bullied which caused all kinds of self-esteem issues for her. I just remember reading at JQ, HuffPo someone who was an anti-bullying advocate and would describe GZ’s behavior as bully-like.

      • Nettles – I’m thinking that perhaps SZ knew the person she interviewed with, someone in her family could have known her, ANY MEDIA outlet would have given SZ air time to say her peace or do an interview, it’s hard to believe SZ contacted this woman, how would SZ know her or know of her since she isn’t widely known or have any known reputation except for her blog?

        Perhaps Christi contacted SZ, but wouldn’t have other outlets contacted SZ before Wednesday? IDK.

        • It stated in the ABC article that O’Connor “locked in the Shellie interview.” It’s doubtful that Shellie contacted O’Connor. On O’Connor’s webpage she said she moved to Sanford to cover the Martin/Zimmerman case. I didn’t read the whole article on her website, but she said that she attended the Shiloh Baptist Church meeting. Isn’t that where the CRS assisted the BGI’s made their plans to get rid of Chief Lee and Norm Wolfinger. There is no question that O’Connor is a FRancine Oliver type activist.

          As much as some want to say that George was not the brightest bulb in the box for touring a gun factory, Shellie also proved to be not the brightest bulb in the box in agreeing to do an interview with a died in the wool BGI Travonite. This only proves once again to me that O’Mara was correct in doing all he could to keep control over the messaging during the past 16 months or so. I wonder how Kelly Simms feels about Shellie going from admitting lying in court to within a few hours, if that, doing an interview with a known racist who has been against her and the family since the get go. I guess once Shellie accepted the plea, and signed off on everything, she became a free agent. I wonder if she was paid for the interview.

          • My apologies if I offended mini. I just feel it premature to demand answers from someone at the same time you are knocking them for speaking about it in the first place! I knew where the discussion was heading. Back down Speculation Blvd. That is why I bowed out. I have principles that allow someone the benefit of the doubt, before I accuse them of something nefarious. People here began questioning Shellies motives with not even seeing the interview. Most people have a history at one point or another flip flopping just be on SDs good side. Not my problem though.
            Besides 60% of Americans do not trust the media so to keep repeating it is preaching to the choir! Why do you think she did the interview now? Ask that and everyone could have a different answer. I have a view that all of the Zimmermans were hard to control and had and still do not have a clue what they are doing. If that suprises anyone then I guess it is too late to join my MOM fan club in all the reasons why the Zimmermans needed MOM more then he needed the Zimmermans.
            GZs mother and father did an interview with Barbra Walters. Few complained. RZjr. went on various liberal leaning tv. shows. Few complained. I do not like any type hypocracy no matter who and where it comes from. Until people have zero tolerance on hypocritical stances nothing changes. Maybe I am a new breed. Who knows could be all a ploy to get more dough. What is next a civil defense fund? Divorce fund? Eventually the Zimmermans will be obsure and still have not yet figured how to live their lives out of the spot light. But it seems they are comfortable in the spotlight….for now…. and it appears they will go to great lengths to stay there. If they want to stay there then let them figure out a way to survive…..looks like they are taking some pointers from the Scheme Team.

            • Danny –

              Your comments are insightful, singular, always interesting and they often carry a sharp edge. Yet that edge is rooted in a factual background open to all. I wince sometimes when the discussions include accusive personal characterizations but that is the price of free speech.

              • That comment was in reply of my removing my legal hat. But in the end the whole reason they are attacking SZ is because of Gutman and SDs work so….

              • hooson- Do you wince when the Martin parents are called out for their lack of good parenting? Do you wince when the information that was included on Martin’s cell phone, such as the pot plants, the gun, the references back to underage naked pictures of underage girls are talked about? Do you wince when TM has been called out for a hobby of fighting? They are personal descriptions of the Trayvon picture of his past that could explain his reasoning for punching out George that night. They can be explained as a reason for going after George because he felt dissed, or threatened by a guy who was trying to keep a bead on him while waiting for the police to arrive.

                How do you arrive at any of the best conclusions without looking at the person’s past actions and behaviors to possibly explain their current behavior? How do you look for a possible perp if you can’t profile them as a person that looked like they were up to no good? How does a jury come to a verdict if they are not allowed to use their God given ability to see right from wrong, in a legal sense of course. If every case, like the GZ case didn’t have the so-called crime on video, how else does a jury come to a decision. Aren’t they looking at the character, honesty and credibility of the accused to come to that decision?

                • PineCone –

                  I don’t wince at the discussion and examinations of Trayvon’s prior behavior, nor his social media postings and I believe that more digging is justified. I agree that past actions and behavior can give good indications to understanding and assessing present behavior.

                  I have mixed feelings about Tracy and Sybrina. I don’t agree with the tact that they have been taken with the BGI pressure, and yet, I can understand their desire to find meaning in their son’s death.

                  I understand that it is easier for them to cling to their image of Trayvon as he was in the past, and accept the State’s pernicious theory of prosecution against George Zimmerman, and go along with the narrative crafted by Crump/Julison and championed by the Black Caucus in Congress and the NAACP and others. I don’t agree with them, but I understand.

                  They are collateral damage in this tragedy as is the Zimmerman family. So I wince when epithets are pitched at the Zimmermans or Tracy or Sybrina; and for that matter at commenters at whatever side of the issue. That’s just me.

                  As for the parenting skills of Tracy and Sybrina, I am not a good judge and I don’t know enough to venture a credible assessment. Just as we don’t know the inner dynamics of the Zimmerman family, the same applies to others. We know bits and pieces. We don’t necessarily have all the pieces, nor the full picture.

                  It seems that Trayvon’s parents were not oblivious to the trouble he was getting into as he reached his late teens. The unstable nature of Trayvon’s parents personal relationships surely could have been a factor. There is evidence from the social media and other accounts that his parents tried different tacts in response to his rebelliousness. In my lifetime I have seen parents with good parenting skills unable to change the tragic course of a bad apple in their brood. I have seen parents who were not good at it, and yet their children turned out just fine.

                  This whole thing is a tragedy and it is not over yet.

            • Danny you assumed Ottawa wore a tinfoil hat when it came to Sundance. I posted she doesn’t wear the hat. I wasn’t being PC about it. Here is an example of how Ottawa got treated at the treehouse. This exchange didn’t get him/her banned but she/he was eventually banned and now she/he can only read the other contributors now too.

              Another thing very ironic about this exchange between Ottawa and Sundance is the frustration that Sundance showed towards Ottawa’s post where he/she didn’t leave the source link. Without it, Sundance thought it could very well have been made up. Yet with his guests, he says I can’t show you the source you just have to trust me.

              Here is the post Ottawa made and you’ll note in Sundance’s response his anger and allegations. I happened to be online and knew where the source of Ottawa’s comment could be found on the legal page and I posted it for him/her and everyone else.

              It’s never a good idea to jump to a conclusion that someone has nefarious goals. Until it’s proven they have an alter agenda, benefit of the doubt should be given. I’m very sad to have seen there was a segment of the Zimmerman family working to prove to George he made the wrong decision in a lawyer. It darn near cost George a lot, just so they could say “I told you so”. What was wrong with working with George’s choice? Even when they didn’t agree with all the decisions, respect them and hope for the best. Work to make it a success. No for some, they just had to work to show they were right. I can’t believe how twisted and dangerous their actions were to the very person they wanted to help, George.

              • If it is about devotion to one commenter opposed to another, I get it. But reread what happened and the direction it took. It is in black and white. I made no assumptions. I told you I gave the benefit of the doubt. But I can not hold everyones hand the whole way.

                • Danny, actually Nettles is wrong in this instance. What she posted was a minor incident but not the one that got me banned. Nooooo, it was this thread below.

                  Read from the beginning comment. An overview: Angel, who is black, took offense at justfactsplz comment at very beginning. I figured Angel misunderstood JFP, so any posts I made were just to difuse and try to keep peace. HOWEVER, YTZ laid into Angel and SD also put his two cents in too. Then YTZ started making comments to me which did not seem “friendly”. What I was getting was that because I did not jump on board to bully Angel that I’m to get a whoppin too. Finally, I called YTZ out on it, and in true Admin style instead of discussing she just banned me. She and I had several email exchanges which are not for the timid. Nobody jumps me because I won’t join them in beating someone up. I don’t go to blogs or forums to beat people up, and this was no exception.


                  Dman or whoever said something to the effect that when you post at someone’s blog/forum, it’s like your a guest in their home and you are to show respect. Well, I’m of the mind that the host also has an obligation to treat you (a guest) with respect or don’t let them in the house in the first place. I was minding my own business just trying to be a peacekeeper when the HOST walked over to me and threw a drink in my face. In person, I would have laid her out. Over there … you can hear the song playing … Smile in your face … backstabber. Apparently, I’m not treehouse material. So be it. I’m not there because I would not allow a host to dictate how I should treat other posters. I had no beef with Angel so why would I go out of my way to bully the livin crap out of her? Why? Cause she’s black? Come on. That’s not me. And never will be. I was disrespectful to YTZ? You’re damn straight I was and I would do it again … anytime anyplace. Sorry excuse for an Admin. End of story.

                  • Wow, what a silly way to get banned from the CTH, but it underscores something that goes on there. It took me awhile to see it but every now and then it shows up. There is a lot of bigotry in there towards black people.

                    No matter how hard they try to prove otherwise the BGI is not running the country. The BGI is not all-powerful otherwise we be talking about GZ’s appeals to his conviction. But they do influence politics and culture at levels far more than they should, including as the GZ’s case has shown circumventing the law, albeit temporarily.

                    The reason they attacked Angel so voraciously is because she was right, regardless of their protestations and obfuscations. To bad she retreated somewhat, it conceded them the point.

                    • Exactly. As for me, I felt like I was jumped from behind. Makes me wish I had really done something to deserve it. But apparently I was in YTZ’s crosshairs and she baited me long enough to get the excuse she wanted to flex that hanging floppy underarm muscle. Because I posted in defense of George doesn’t mean I hate all black people. You just can’t live like that. I may not like the agenda of the BGI or the agenda of certain other groups but I judge people in real life one at a time. I know no other way to do it. You can’t make yourself an island.

              • Nettles, sorry off topic here, but did you get my email re: James Woods? Just wondering cause you usually acknowledge.

            • Hey Danny, you didn’t offend me personally, and absolutely no apologies are necessary. I am glad to see you back here posting.

              I said I was taken aback that you called her a Sundance Tin Foil Hat wearer because she expressed her opinion that it might not have been a good idea for Shellie to air her dirty marriage laundry in such a public venue. I had, nor do I have any knowledge of any backstory with Ottawa’s history with the treehouse. I think if anyone tried to keep up with everyone who at one time posted at the treehouse, and who was banned very publically, or who just disappeared, we can fill an entire thread just naming those posters. Nettles had said a while ago that when she visited the treehouse she didn’t recognize many of the names of the current posters. Conform or be banned. LOL

              I’m thankful that the emotions of what had originally been released by ABC are now being called into question when out of a one hour interview only minutes of that interview were released. Same with the Maddir, juror B29 interview. And the O’Connor babe has been exposed in many venues as being a Crumpette, so to speak.

              I agree with you that both George and Shellie have made some really bad stumbles, no need to rehash those stumbles, but in the end it has become more than abundantly clear to me that O’Mara, who met and knew these people personally, thought it best to keep them from doing a media counterspin to the Scheme Teams spin. In all honesty, I’m not sure that their stories wouldn’t have been used to help the Scheme Team rather than to counter it. Enough with the public appologies already. The BGI, and the Martin family only get more offended whenever a Zimmerman appologizes for anything.

    • This is what I mean. They are going to hold onto the Martins straight through the next election. Gotta keep that angry base solidified and their EYE off the economy, no jobs, and black on black crime and zip of an education..

      • That might be the intention but from the indications that I am getting is not working like it had in the past. Yes the support is there but those whose support would remain regardless, the people in the fringe are avoiding or not following in step. Take the MLK 50th anniversary the event was not a big or successful and others in the past. Race fatigue.

  23. Nettles,
    It is neither here nor there. There comes a point I think where someone feels they need “nobody” and who am I to judge why they decided who “nobody” is? Hell, it makes a statement when you choose a nobody who is somebody.

  24. UPDATE on the kid on the bus beaten by 3 THUGS in Fla.:

    Teens sentenced to indefinite probation in Florida bus beating!

    The probation sentence for the trio of 15-year-olds came with multiple conditions including community service, random drug tests and electronic monitoring, meaning ankle bracelets for as long as 60 days.

    In addition, the teens must also take anger management classes, comply with mandatory curfews and stay away from the victim.
    Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj had all pled guilty earlier Thursday to aggravated battery charges in the attack on a 13-year-old boy on a Pinellas County school bus in July. Reddin also pleaded guilty to a count of robbery for taking $5 from the victim after the assault

    Reddin said he attacked the victim because he was “angry” and had been “disrespected,” but told Gross Thursday that he was “sorry” for the attack.

    INJURIES: Police had said the teens attacked the victim after he told officials at their dropout prevention school that one of them tried to sell him marijuana. The victim suffered a broken arm and two black eyes after being repeatedly struck by punches and kicks. The attack was caught on video by a bus surveillance camera.


    WHO PAYS the MEDICAL BILLS for the victim? UNTIL parents of wannabe thugs are PUNISHED also, like paying medical bill, imo, nothing is ever going to change. Usually, in these cases, parent’s are forced to PAY for the Random Drug Test & any other costs, I hope so.

    Don’t these 3 wannabe thugs know you ONLY get respect when you GIVE respect. Maybe the wannabe thugs will learn NO BODY RESPECTS THUGS!

  25. I feel PC goes on here anymore. It is work to keep it away. I think I am gonna back off and go to my own blog for a lil. I need to give it some time and then pull those from the woodwork. You will hear from me on my blog.

          • Nettles, have you ever lived in the US? Just curious. If you lived here you would understand what a ying/yang they put their citizens in. People here now are experiencing “the ole squeeze play”. Ever watch a baseball game where a team player catches an opponent between bases? and they try to run em down. You watch the runner go this way, then that in an effort not to get tagged out. That’s what Americans are experiencing. Here in Chicago, the MECCA of corruption, the town that groomed our current President, you read on the news all the murders. It’s out of control. A politician once said to me “you seem to have a disdain for all politicians, don’t you”. I answered, “damn straight I do”. The minute I know someone is running for something one of my eyebrows goes up. It is IMPOSSIBLE, I repeat, IMPOSSIBLE for anyone with honor and integrity to get elected in the country. If you don’t play ball by the established rules, they will screw you right into the ground and you’ll be sorry you even attempted to right any wrongs. Somebody puts their name up as a candidate I immediately turn into Robert DeNiro from “The Fockers” and do the hand gester for “I’m watching you”. America is in decline and it’s hard to watch. It’s like watching a dying animal. So people here are very frustrated. They can’t make plans cause they have no faith in the future of the country. The deterioration has been swift. Cities filing for bankruptcy, etc. No $$ to pay for the over promised pensions. This country use to make EVERYTHING. We are no longer a mfg country, but a services country. I’m a conservative, but I still believe in the MOM & POP businesses. I don’t want big business taking over everything and depriving people of making a living. Yep, that’s why politics is so heavy on our minds. We have no answers at this point.

    • Too many responding to media. As usual I will let it die down and do my research.
      PC is politically correct Nettles. I wish you well. I said what needed to be said here. Good luck.

        • One of the things that has been great about this blog has been that posters have been allowed to speak their mind/opinions. My self personally I was a bit taken aback today with Ottawa being attacked as a Sundance Tinfoil hat wearer. That was uncalled for.

          Having said that, it really has been difficult with so many picking up what various so-called news outlets which many have been big time Trayvon/BGI supporters. It really is quite sad to see some stuff being repeated about what Shellie supposedly said when we know the media has been out to destroy the Zimmerman’s all along. When they report false, misleading and/or edited and spliced interviews, you really can’t take much of anything they say as truth.

          I have every doubt that the Shellie interview with O’Connor came up all of a sudden after her guilty plea. Suppose George knew that she was going to do that interview with someone who was a known Zimmerman slammer? Would you forgive him then for not showing up in court with Shellie yesterday? I would. Especially if he had any inkling that she was going to talk about their marriage problems.

          Nettles I really don’t believe that you know just how bad our media propaganda has been, on most issues, but particulary with the Zimmerman case. There are really no choice of cable news outlets to go to to listen to varying ideas/opinions and even facts. Just today I heard ABC radio news saying that Shellie Zimmerman is leaving George. As much as many believe that Shellie had the right to get her story out there, do you see now how bad her mistake was to give an interview to who she did?

  26. Just wanted to let everyone know that was interested in Jordan, he had been in the hospital for a week and is still recuperating. He has not abandoned us yet Nettles but has some problems using the computer and has not blogged because of it. Well wishes from all of us were sent by me.

        • Thanks. I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular when I said some have left without a goodbye.

          In June, this blog had 2,463 visitors (the trial stared June 10th). In July, it had 2,108 visitors (the verdict came July 13th). In August, this blog has had 823 visitors.

          So more than Jordan has left me. 🙂

          The Zimmerman case is going into the review mirror for some. In some cases, that’s great and in some cases, it’s going to be hard to get attention when you need it.

    • boricuafudd – Thanks for the information on our friend Jordan, I’ve been a little concerned about him, he might miss a day or two, but not weeks. . I’ve missed him around here, he tickles me with some of his comments. Bless his heart, I bet if he has been reading, he has wanted to comment.

      Hugs & Speedy recovery to Jordan2222!

    • Thanks, bori! Jordan has always been an enjoyable poster in the TM/GZ saga – all over the web! I wish him well and pray for his speedy return…

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