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Are we ready to say Good-Bye?


What are we still doing talking about this case over a month after the verdict?

Are we helping to improve things? Are we hiding out from working on our own lives? Are we loathe to say good-bye to online friends?

We should we go from here?


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  1. I don’t yet know exactly what parts of what Shellie is supposed to have said in her recent interview are actually her own words in context, and what parts are the kind of editing done to the recent juror interviews, but I think we’ll be waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, where she and what she has to say are concerned.

    • Was Shellie set-up? Was the interview about getting aired or about getting information to Team Crump?

      Cristi O’Connor reported that she had worked with Shellie and her lawyer for months to secure the interview after her case got resolved.
      It appears O’Connor worked hard on this but how much effort did Shellie and Kelly put into checking out O’Connor?
      There leaves little doubt that if anything helpful to sue George Zimmerman civilly then O’Connor will be turning it over to Mr. Crump.
      Christi O’Connor has blogged that she moved to Sanford to write a story about the Trayvon Martin case and she attempts to link another incident in Sanford that got an African American man tasered by a police officer.
      She has produced a very inflammatory video of her findings and in the video you will note that Pastor Lowman Oliver, is Natalie Jackson’s father. The lawyer for the tasered man, is Shayan Modarres. He was on the family legal team for Trayvon Martins parents.

      It appears Ms. O’Connor has teamed up with Matt Gutman’s producer Seni Tienabeso. It was Mr. Tienabeso who tweeted out the news that Shellie had done an interview. O’Conner gave the interview for play to Matt Gutman’s Good Morning America and 2 minutes of the hour long interview was revealed.
      How did Kelly Sims allow Shellie Zimmerman to do her first interview with such a biased investigative reporter? How will Mr. Crump use the interview in action against George Zimmerman?
      How does an investigative reporter who is really digging into the case not realize the number of lies she has been told by Modarres, Jackson, Crump and Parks? Why does she believe their take on the tasered case?

      Thanks to an email friend for some of these sources. πŸ™‚

      • These are all good reasons why some of us are still interested in the case. There are still manipulations, deceptions and victims coming out of this case. The story has not been completed, there are things yet to be uncovered.

        • boricuafudd – I agree. I wish the Defense would do something, anything, LOL! I do feel there are some suits coming from the Defense that MOM indicated in some of his interviews. WHY is it taking so long for the sanctions, what’s up with that? I know the Defense Team are hopefully getting back to normal & their lives back, but as you said, there are many things yet to be uncovered.

          I thought something would be happening in the NBC suit that would be released to the public by now, hopefully, they are negotiating.

      • I have not watched the interview. I am not sure I like what has happened. The interviewer sounds like she is one very manipulative witch.

        What was Shellie thinking?

        I am also concerned that her lawyer talked her into the plea deal.

      • Nettles- I clicked on the link but I didn’t see anywhere in the article where O’Connor said she worked for months with Shellie and her lawyer to secure the interview but I may have just missed it. I was wondering if Shellie was offered money to do the interview, and then paid Kelly Simms her legal fees due to him from the proceeds of that interview. I don’t know where she would get the money to pay Simms for her representation otherwise. I don’t remember seeing that Simms was working for her pro bono.

        Something else I just can’y understand is why people who agree to do interviews aren’t advised by their attorney’s to get a legal contract saying that their entire interview must be played without editing or splicing. This is the second exclusive hour long interview advertised by ABC where only minutes of those interviews are played. Maybe the network would not agree to do the interview, and possibly pay the interviewee if they didn’t have editing freedom. They did the same with the juror B29 interview. They take some of the words said by the person, eliminate some words, splice some statements together and voila, they have their inflammatory and inciteful headlines and soundbites. They made it appear that B29 said that George got away with murder. Now they are making it appear that Shellie said that George had beaten her down. No where do they include quote marks around George or even her husband. The quotes only encompass “beaten down her self esteem.” When reading, or hearing the words “beaten down” think of the significance of that. George was “beaten” by TM.

        This all makes me worry about the Beasley lawsuit. Beasley originally indicated that NBC was only the first in a line of possible lawsuits. NBC claimed that they were not guilty because “everyone was misrepresenting the Zimmerman case/story.” NBC is actually correct, look at the networks who all reported false statements, lies, manipulations etc. Look at what Al Sharpton was saying on his broadcast. Hell, look at Corey saying in an interview that George was a murderer even after a jury acquitted him. How is Beasley going to go after almost every cable broadcast for reporting false and inflammatory statements made by so many?

        • pinecone – the difference in the NBC lawsuit is that when the group edited the tape, they were fired, imo, an admittance of negligence by the NBC affiliate which made the NBC suit possible It was at least 3 that were fired over the incident & they too are named in the suit. It would seem Beasley Firm would need that level of evidence to bring a successful suit against others, but IANAL. I have read numerous articles on the difficulty of winning successful suits against the MEDIA although I don’t think Beasley would have brought the suit against NBC unless they thought they would be successful.

          Corey can too be sued but imo, it will be MOM/West that sue her for slander. Dershowitz said she wasn’t protected by “prosecutorial immunity” during that National MEDIA interview as “prosecutorial immunity only covers those working on an ongoing case & Corey didn’t have it.” The case had concluded, jury spoken, & Corey is libel.

          What’s up with the sanctions? In my town, things are at a snells pace in August, most that work in the Court House including Judges take vacation & there are only a few Judges working. I wonder if that too is the case in Fla., BUT, that wouldn’t prevent a MOTION or suit from being filed w/the Clerk of Court.

          imo, I don’t understand WHY Crump/Natty Jack/Sybrina/Tracy haven’t been sued for slander. They have a right to freedom of speech & opinion, but, they don’t have a legal right to SLANDER GZ calling him a murderer, shot TM in cold blood, etc. when NO FACTS supported their attacks & GZ was found NOT Guilty. The group backed off for awhile saying the case “wasn’t about race,” I thought it was because of their fear of a law suit, IDK.

  2. Nettles this may be a life long project, because I think there are lots of issues that haven’t been resolved yet. We have to keep going until everything is right with the world, don’t we? πŸ™‚

  3. Nettles as a long time blogger, i have seen my views going up and down. It never bothers me when they go down, but it is a concern when they start going too high!!

    This is a place to come where we can discuss the final details of this case.

    • The stats don’t matter at all. I use them only to help us understand the interest in the case. I also was quite naΓ―ve when I first started out posting on blogs and didn’t realize the information blog owners can get. While most of it isn’t individual, they get all kinds of feedback.

      If any of you post a link to this blog anywhere, I get feedback of how many people that attracted and where it got posted. If you use a search engine to try to find this blog, I get feedback on what terms you used to find a thread.

      I realized with this, as I was searching through the treehouse for comments to back-up my posts, I was giving Sundance feedback on what threads I was looking at.

      So many ways, we leave our footprint on where we’ve been, and in a case such as this one where George and Shellie could have faced their liberty being taken away if someone messed up, these are good things to be aware of.

  4. I have emailed with Robert Jr several times that it is OUTRAGEOUS that the defense has done essentially nothing to rebut the the continued constant stream of lies and accusations coming from the Martins, Team Crump, the BGI, and their supporters as they continue to rake in millions of dollars literally at the expense of pain and suffering of the Zimmerman family. It’s almost as if they were given a free pass in the libel, slander, and defamation department as compensation for George being found not guilty. I would also like to know if there is some course of legal action the Zimmerman’s can take against the NAACP, Shapton, Jackson, Et Al in the form of a cease and desist order for their ongoing harassment. i would also like to know if there is a way to force DOJ to either shit or get off the pot and make a public announcement so the traynuts can move on to the next victim of their false accusations and grievance propaganda.

      • My thoughts on the Shellie interview is that it was very dishonest and disingenuous to not factor in the role that the greedy lying opportunist Martins and their handlers, race pimps and race hustlers, and agenda driven politicians and main stream media played in the Zimmerman’s marital strife

        • I feel so bad hearing their marriage is in trouble. I admit to not listening to the jail house calls between Shellie and George until months after they were released.

          It felt so slimy to me to be listening in on a husband and a wife’s conversation. Very intrusive to a marriage.

          I did finally listen to them when I was being challenged on what Shellie said about the passport. In those calls, I hear a woman who loves and believes in her husband. Their love for each other, George’s concern for the stress getting a bullet-proof vest for his wife was putting her under was refreshing to hear. They are so young and they’ve been through so much. I hope they can tune everyone else out and find their way back to each other again.

          I also thought about Tracy and Sybrina. I hope that O’Connor’s feedback give Trayvon’s parents some pause in how their lies affected this young couple. I’d have been in sheer terror living in a mobile home in the woods at night.. This is what this young couple got reduced to because of the lies told by Martins parents and because Judge Lester took their safety fears as manipulations. The result put this young couple isolated in the woods fearing for their life.

          Tracy and Sybrina, if you have any humanity in you at all, take responsibility for the choices your son made that night and leave this couple alone.

    • Captain –

      The options available to the Zimmermans are very few. Most of those few options are quite expensive.

      The most productive and cost-friendly is RZjr media exposure.

      Bear in mind that the original layout of the GZ/TM tragedy is not friendly to George – and this before the Crump/Julison narrative kicked in.

      You started with the tragedy where an armed individual killed an unarmed individual. After George’s acquittal you are left with a lot of people and a lot of groups with varying agendas who have had to recalibrate how they can make use of this tragedy to further their political and social goals.

      You can’t go around suing hundreds of people, that doesn’t work, and you won’t have standing. George is public figure. Everything comes down to whomever is doing the slandering, did they do it with malice? The success of the Crump/Julison narrative is like giving every slanderer a “hall pass” on the Zimmerman case.

      The author of the forthcoming book and interviewer of Shellie will provide a good test of how far this “hall pass” can work. Christi O’Connor has given some indications of where she is going with her book, and it doesn’t look like it is going to be friendly to George. Will she include facts about Trayvon that are insalubrious to the image of Trayvon created in the Crump/Julison narrative. Will her treatment of the discernible facts of this case rise to level of actionable libel?

      The Zimmermans do have a slender peg upon which to base a rebuttal to the misinformation and disinformation that permeates public perceptions about this case. That peg is one that deals with the interference of politics in the judicial process. The Zimmerman case fits the bill perfectly for this. The Zimmerman case is exactly what our system of constitutional protections are all about.

      These constitutional protections were designed to replace mob rule with the rule of law. The rule of law prevailed in the courtroom for this case, despite the demands of an under-informed, but overly-motivated, consortium of various interest groups, who mistakenly saw in this tragedy useful building blocs for extending their agendas.

      • hooson – great comment, you are right. Civil Suits are very expensive & most take a very long time, in the wrongful death of my sister, my families suit against the impaired physician cost our family over $ 210,000.00, they get 40% PLUS cost, $ 10,000.00 for one Medical Expert, La. caps their Civil Suits @ $ 500,000.00, something that Fla. doesn’t do & you see BIG Judgments awarded there. Many thought Sybrina & Tracy got a lot from their HOA settlement & no doubt it beats working for a living, BUT look at how many lawyers represent them, ALL having their hands out for part of that settlement, Crump & company got at least 1/2 of the settlement, 40% & their cost & they NEVER ever went to court! imo, Crump’s group got at least 1/2 of that settlement. Crump/Parks/Sybrina/Tracy have many other avenues & ways of scamming & no doubt have become filthy rich at GZs expense imo. Sybrina/Tracy probably see themselves as celebrities & I wonder if they get monies for speaking engagement?

        Not only are Civil Suit costly if it isn’t a sure thing you will win, they are too very time consuming. Monies are tied up for a long time because the opposing side can get delay upon delay for a multitude of reasons from Judges & there is a backlog of Civil Suits already in the system. Our suit took 5 years & the Judge told the Physicians Attorney’s they better settle the case quickly, it was one week before we chose a jury & the Physicians insurance company paid the full legal amount within days. It had taken 5 yrs. & my daddy died just 2 weeks before the settlement & Judgement just waiting for Justice for my sister. That too is another factor, when some have Insurance to cover legal Judgements, like NBC does, they usually settle and have deep pockets but that doesn’t mean they won’t play games & delay. The Physician had insurance in our wrongful death & had the ability to pay, he didn’t want to PAY because his malpractice insurance went through the roof, I refused to sign the “confidentiality agreement” that Sybrina/Tracy signed, I wanted the “Judgement” & all the information available in our case available to anyone that wanted to check on this impaired physician at the Clerk of Courts office..

        Dershowitz/MOM agree Corey can be sued for slander/liabel, she would not be covered by prosecutorial immunity because she was not working on GZ’s case when she made her statement on National TV, but surely she too carries some type of professional liability insurance it would seem to cover anything that might not be covered under her State immunity but IANAL. It would seem this could be a case that could be settled without even going to court but that would be the fun of it for MOM.

      • Remember how GM successfully sued NBC’s Dateline for using incendiary devices to create a spectacular explosion in a crash test demonstration:

        “An “electronic Titanic”–as Howard Rosenberg of the Los Angeles Times called it—“an unprecedented disaster in the annals of network news, and perhaps the biggest TV scam since the Quiz Scandals.” To many, NBC’s Dateline fiasco seemed a freak, a bizarre departure from accepted network standards. Would any half-awake news organization have helped stage a crash test that was rigged to get a particular outcome? Or concealed from the public key elements–the hidden rockets, the over-filled tank, the loose gas cap? Or entrusted its judgment to axe-grinding “experts” who were deeply involved in litigating against the expose’s target? Or, after questions came up, refused to apologize no matter how strong the evidence grew?”


        We see a lot of the same elements in how the media has manipulated the GZ/TM situation to make it ‘more’ newsworthy… questionable experts, editing audio and video, inflammatory recreations, getting their information from sources that were obviously anything but impartial (Crump/Julison).

        In NBC’s case, they fired the employees responsible for the Today Show incident, but to my knowledge they have yet to publicly apologize or even run a retraction… and in the one and only statement I’m aware of from NBC execs regarding the situation, they were more concerned about the damage to their own reputation than restoring the reputation of the man harmed by their actions.

        Interestingly, they also seemed to recognize that the defamation has been so successful and pervasive that the victim could never prevail in a case against their news department.

        Frankly, I don’t think it’s enough that these people be made to pay through their noses for their misconduct… we need to see criminal charges being filed against the worst offenders.

  5. I agree with Boricuafudd that the story is far from over. Now is time for the Zimmerman’s to be given their “pound of flesh” as compensation for the suffering brought upon them by liars, opportunists, race hustlers, and hate mongerers. the good part is just beginning!

  6. I’m a lurker, so maybe I shouldn’t offer an opinion, but Nettles, I don’t think this blog should go away yet.

    The fact is that the Zimmerman case is being used, lied about and abused to change the perceptions of many other cases and concepts.

    I am thinking of the apparent efforts of the reporter that interviewed SZ to twist Shellie’s words and somehow use them to plug the reporter’s upcoming “book”. The plea deal is being presented in the media as some kind of victory, but as Mike McDaniel points out in his blog, this is a mealy-mouthed backward way for the prosecution to give up but claim a win. They had no case, but having the resources to destroy a citizen in court meant that Shellie didn’t have the ability to really fight it out to the end. By swallowing her pride and taking the deal, she gets to start moving forward again, as much as possible when they are still targets for crazy people. So, in a year, the whole conviction and guilty plea basically disappears, with no more expenses for trial. I suspect the prosecution is hoping no one notices what happens in a year.

    I am also thinking of the MLK presentations in Washington that were still lying to African-Americans and self-flagellating liberals, demanding their obeisance to certain leaders as the price for “fighting for justice”, and also still specifically demanding “Justice for Trayvon”. I suspect that MLK would have spanked that young man within an inch of not sitting down for weeks had he been involved in raising him. Trayvon wouldn’t have been in Sanford if MLK had been his father, so making some kind of connection between MLK and Trayvon is disgusting, IMHO. Not to mention the attempt to liken Trayvon to Emmett Till. I never heard the version of history where Emmett attacked and beat a Hispanic without warning, did you? (/sarc)

    I am thinking of the case of the Australian jogger and the whole hearted efforts of the press and the police to say it wasn’t “racial”. Why do we accept the bigotry of saying a black person killing a white person “out of boredom” is not “racial”, can’t possibly be so; but a Hispanic man who, in self-defense, killed a black man that attacked him without warning was somehow the act of a “white racist murderer who hunted down a little black boy and killed him”?

    What I guess I am saying is that your blog allows people to comment and discuss and consider information that sometimes may not seem like it is directly linked to the Zimmerman case, but because you let people have differing opinions you created a place where some of these very difficult discussions are facilitated.

    The Zimmerman case will have a lot of future repercussions, I think, but the greatest harm is the developing consensus that the case is kind of over. There are many people that believe the jury was tricked somehow and Zimmerman really was a “white racist murderer who hunted down a little black boy and killed him”, so America is still a hotbed of racism. As long as there are a lot of people that have that view, the case will never be over.

  7. Nettles, I believe when you earlier mentioned the visit stats, you said you weren’t sure how many were unique page views and how many were page refreshes? While we may have lost some regular participants and lurkers, a lot of the decline may be that many people are now just reading once day, as there are a more manageable amount of comments now. When people were waiting for hearing results, or trial results, or other periodic case-related news, they may have checked in several times a day.

    I think there is still a lot of interest in what happens next. Also, a lot of concern about the strength of the narrative all this time later. A website like this might just motivate a rich person to finance an effort to finally get the truth out there in an effective, wide-ranging way.

    I think the answer to what to do about the blog is…… waaaaiiittttttt……!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • I have since learned that I am provided that information. I never paid attention to the stats on the site but recently I went looking to learn more about the information a blogger can get.

      The visitors are unique visitors. In June the pages were looked at in June 51,371 times. In July, 37,754 times and in August 17,121 times.

      There does appear to be some strong interest so waaaaiiiiiiittttt we will. πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t think this blog should ever go away. Everyone loves you Nettles. Your style, your grace, oh did I mention a person that has a mind like a steel trap? I have no idea how you remember on demand everything on the trial. Unless something is chasing you away, I see no reason for you to say good-bye. Lot’s of work to be done. Lot’s of wrongs to be righted. I enjoy your blog and OBVIOUSLY so do many others. <<< my 2 cents.

    • To add to your point Ottawa, this is perhaps one of the few blogs where there are people from the whole spectrum of politics discussing issues in a calm manner. There are many others that have that wide spectrum of visitors but lack that civility and are heavily moderated. Here we are self moderated and still agree and disagree but discuss issues as adults should not as children. I believe that is a reflection on all of us and of course You, Nettles.

      • I noticed this also bori. What I mean is that 99.9% of the time the posts move us forward. I realize this case was a passion for Nettles, as it was for all of us. However, there is no need to dial down the passion, or turn it off altogether, as the Zimmerman case is just the tip of the iceberg. I firmly believe the central success of this blog is Nettles. There just is no one like her that I’ve come across since blogging. And it’s our respect for her (not fear of her) that we keep our discussions to the highest level, adding dashes of humor and supporting other posters too when then seem to have a bad day or are on hard times. It’s rare I can assure you that even a small group can stay together. Yes, other blogs have many many individuals but it’s not the same feel. It’s like the old amusement park you knew as a kid being replaced by the new big box people. It’s just not the same. No, whether Nettles realizes it or not .. she started something that is special, and this blog can over time delve into many things we face in the world today. It’s not the blog … it’s Nettles !!! This may not be a “tree branch”, but I don’t want to sit in a tree branch and then have some big bird come and knock me off just cause they don’t like me (cause I think for myself) and decide to flex muscle. I’d rather it be like an old hippy coffee house. lol

        • Thanks Ottawa. I have to admit to being surprised on how I get viewed by some. When Sundance jumped into one of my posts at the treehouse and thanked me for participating there, I was taken aback. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/01/25/0125-george-zimmerman-case-open-discussion-thread/#comment-301263 There have been so many great contributors I don’t get how one stands out more than another.

          Regardless, the Zimmerman case has attracted and motivated some of us to expose the lies and work to ensuring an individual’s rights never get trampled again as we witnessed here.

          Thanks again Ottawa for your kind words.

          • Here is the deal with style. I notice with two people, you being one, and another is the owner and admin at thoroughbredchampions.com. That site is for thoroughbred racing/horse lovers, however, they have a section on the forum that allows current events/politics/movies/music, etc. That part you have to be signed in to view or post. The rest of it is free to look without signing up. The admin there is Victoria, or Vic for short. This is a woman that controls a forum with THOUSANDS of posters. She is even handed and you can disagree with her six ways from Sunday and you will not get banned. In any event, you and Vic have the same qualities that I desire, but will never attain. What I say in my lifetime of no tact, direct, and blunt manner, you and Vic are able to say the exact same thing … better, more complete, more satisfying, more everything. This is style. My style lacks polish. So for all my blogging years I’ve come across two blog owners that I admire for style. Don’t get me wrong, I love the style of many posters, but I’m talking blog owners. Even tho I love your style Nettles, I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time reading or posting here if the other posters were a bunch of cretins. They are the exact opposite and I’m happy to be in their midst. A blog is what the owner and bloggers make of it. It either has that special something or it doesn’t.

  9. Nettles ~ imo, the reason you see a drop in stats is that you only cover one case, which is understandable, the case you follow. Most blogs have another thread, or an OPEN thread in which a multitude of cases that anyone can comment on OR just a thread of “current news” that are active while waiting for something to BREAK in the main case the BLOG is following. Some of us went OFF TOPIC with some of the appalling murder & attacks of the innocent, imo, they did intertwine w/the violence in black youths, something we have seen evidence of in TM’s personality but that is the type of things that can be covered in an “open thread.” Your blog is great, it is just a lull in the case at this time, but things will change, I’m sure of it.

    KC’s case is still on going, it will go on forever it seems, I still follow it. There is no doubt, imo, there is much more to come in GZ’s case, there are more suits to be filed, sanctions to be decided but MOM has us wondering what’s up with that? I am interested in the other cases against Corey, I know “minpin” is too, I don’t know about others but a combination of Corey’s wrongdoing has to mean something to someone, at least to the voters, MAYBE even to the Fla. Bar.

    I follow cases I am vested in forever, some cases I follow only get Justice through Civil Suits which is a form of Justice of monetary punishment. Hopefully Crump/Sybrina/Tracy don’t bring a Civil Case in this case, the depositions would not be secret which would be harmful to many including Tracy/Sybrina although I predict they would just LIE as the Anthony’s did. MOM warned against such a suit. John Morgan, who represented Zaneida Gonzales against KC did a deposition on George/Cindy/Lee Anthony on video & it was televised, it was outstanding watching them lie. ALL perfectly legal in Fla., ALL the MEDIA covered it.

    Nettles ~ your style, grace & kindness is reflected in your comments & you are always more than fair, WHY didn’t you ban “sundance,” LMAO, didn’t he ban you? imo, your bloggers reflect their respect for you & your blog, though sometimes we see things differently, we are all friends & may see the next issue the same way, we ALL have the same agenda, ALL want the best for SZ & GZ & hope they see more Justice than just the NOT GUILTY verdict..

    • Thanks Art Tart. Yes, Sundance didn’t get banned because he ultimately has the same agenda as the rest of us. For GZ and SZ to see justice. We will differ on how that gets achieved but I think us discussing it respectfully helps the family and their representatives make better decisions.

      At times, each of us provides a challenge or opportunity that no one else had considered.

      I just ask that we stay respectful of each other and our opinions and not knowingly post something we know is false. I’m thankful to Sundance for posting here under an identity we all recognize.

      I just read Hooson1st’s response to Captain. I agree. I think the Zimmerman’s best bet to stop this kind of thing from happening again is to fight the political mechanism that inserted itself into the case. No matter what agenda liers and cheats bring to any case, if the system is free of politics leaning it’s thumb on the scale, the truth can be uncovered.

      • The problem is that he does not have the backing of any organization as the Scheme Team have enjoyed from the beginning, so he will need money to bring on the fight, I am like you hoping the NBC suit, will help matters in that regard.

        • For the majority of Americans, GZ can never be a victim or the victim. Trayvon is dead, George is alive. Trayvon did not have a gun or knife, George had a gun. Case closed.

          George went to trial. He was acquitted. He is a winner in this tragedy. Case closed.

          Therein lies the problem.

          Had George been convicted, there would have been a lot of monetary support coming to help GZ in an appeal. There would be sympathy coming for a bunch of reasons. There would have been even more racial polarization. George would have been seen as a victim of politically-fueled prosecution.

          However, as Don West so eloquently put it, the jury “”kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty.”

          As we have learned recently, there was dysfunction in the Zimmerman family, as well. This revealed dysfunction serves to dissipate support.

          Nevertheless, the legal outfall from this tragedy continues. There are the various motions from MOM/West that have yet to be considered. There is the Beasley litigation pending. There is the question of what is next move from Crump and Co. There are FOIA requests that Sundance has in the pipeline. There are the Cashill and O’Connor books coming out, and doubtless others.

          There will be plenty of opportunity to respond to the upcoming developments in a way that offers facts instead of opinion, and clarity instead pr-based narratives.

          • Do you think it would be helpful to write O’Connor about the lies she may want to look into on the Martin side.

            I question it, because an investigative reporter being so biased at this point leads me to think she bought the Crump narrative from the beginning. Just as the State’s investigators decided that Trayvon was victimized that night, there was no need to look at his school records, his family dynamics, his propensity for violence.

            I think I might at least try to peak this writer’s curiosity and get it her to dig deeper.

            • A direct approach is always the best way to go.

              The author already knows what she wants to do and what her angle is to get there.

              Her video, “Who’s the Victim?” (for which you have provided a link to at the top of this thread) projects a fundamental disconnect in her understanding of the difference between the case of George Zimmerman and the case of the SPD tasing of Samuel Fuller. Her inflammatory labeling of the story as “Trayvon Martin Attack #2?” suggests that her mind may well be made up.

              However, to put facts before her that challenge her suppositions cannot hurt. Then she can make the decision whether to account for the questions they raise which contradict her thesis, or simply ignore them.

      • Nettles ~ I agree that “sundance” does want Justice for GZ, it was ALL the other bull chit that was brought up endlessly to “sundance” by our friends here that is the problem, toooooooo, “sundance” is of the personality to NEVER ADMIT when he is wrong. He doesn’t even have the decency to say, “my source was wrong, or imo.” I just lost respect for him & his unnamed sources as did many. SO! I get WHY you didn’t ban him.

        I too agree with Hooson thoughts as well as yours the Captain, stopping this kind of thing from happening again.

    • “…did a deposition on George/Cindy/Lee Anthony on video & it was televised, it was outstanding watching them lie.”

      Well, we did get a televised trial in the GZ case and got to see Chad, Sybrina, Tracy, Rachel, and Bao on the stand.

      The Frye hearing on the audio experts was a hoot, too πŸ™‚

      …though I still can’t believe the state wasted the court’s time and the taxpayers money trying to get Reich and Owens admitted as experts?!

      • nivico – Of course the Anthony trial was too televised for 7 or 8 weeks. don’t remember, & LOL, we watched the Cindy Anthony BLATANTLY LIE in the a death penalty criminal case & the Prosecutors CHOSE NOT to charge the sorry POS that never ask for Justice for her only Grand child. The entire family acted like fools during the Civil Suit, it was especially funny BECAUSE anything can be ask in a civil suit & they squirmed & lied, 2 X’s .liars & an Oscar worthy performance by the entire family in the Civil & Criminal cases. Cindy rolled her eyes, made faces, smacked gum in the Civil case, Judge Perry wouldn’t allow her to in the Criminal, Cindy was a smart a$$ in the Civil video & it all went viral, they made fools of themselves & I’m still laughing at them..

        imo, Cindy Anthony should have been charged with perjury just as SZ was, it should be the same for the entire state as it doesn’t seem fair that SZ was charged when Cindy A. wasn’t, it’s the difference in Prosecutors, Ashton is a good guy & probably would not have charged SZ.. After the ANT’s made $ 600,000.00 off Dr. Phil, they’ve kept a low profile. They possibly made over a million & a half alone doing interviews scheduled & negotiated by their pro bono attorney’s in which they only did National MEDIA, NOT HLN, CNN, msnbc as they are low budget & don’t pay NOR did they do one interview w/Orlando Media as local media doesn’t pay. Grifters.

        Will ALL the depositions in GZ’s case ever be released? ALL information, expert reports, depositions, etc., were ALL released in KC’s case, I was very disappointment that some of the information was NOT released in GZ’s case.

        • Art- We will have to wait until the Feds decide what they are going to do. As they seized everything for their investigation. Discovery or depositions that have not been disclosed, already will then become public knowledge, but the Fed investigation is delaying their release, convenient no.

          • boricuafudd – I guess I thought the DOJ/Feds had nothing, because if they did, I figured they would be all over GZ. I had forgotten about EVERYTHING being turned over to them so they can waste more taxpayer dollars combing through everything.

            You make a good point, it is still “an open investigation” for the DOJ/Feds, just another head ache & pain in the butt for GZ. I agree, yes indeed, convenient!

            • Yeah, it keeps pesky details and outright lies from being exposed.

              There is another advantage Fed investigations super cede “Sunshine Laws” so they can keep everything under wraps indefinitely (theoretically) and can close the investigation without any announcement when interest is down, covering for the Family.

  10. YAHOO News:

    Zimmerman had employed a 10-person legal team, which conducted dozens of depositions, flew in experts, and even ordered up a 3-D animation to be aired toward the end of the trial.

    State law requires the reimbursement of all but the most expensive item, which are lawyer’s fees, estimated at well over $1 million. The state of Florida reported the trial cost it more than $900,000, much of it for security.

    O’Mara said it could take four to six weeks before Zimmerman’s team can negotiate the reimbursement with the state.


    This article said GZ had a 10 person Legal Team. That’s NOT true is it?

    Wasn’t the 2nd part of Shellie’s interview to be aired today? Did I miss it? I checked the link for Good Morning America & it isn’t posted.

    • “State law requires the reimbursement of all but the most expensive item, which are lawyer’s fees, estimated at well over $1 million.” and then add the $300,000 and you see why I thought that Sundance was barking up the wrong tree thinking that MOM being in control of the $122,000 that was given to him was a big deal, I knew that the amount would be a pittance compared to the final cost, not to mention the living expenses until trial.

    • Someone at the MLK march the other day was selling T-shirts that said Trayvon Martin Luther King Jr.

      MLK would have been aghast at making TM into some kind of martyr. Yes some are calling him a martyr. MLK wanted everyone to be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. The Scheme Team along with Martin’s parents have sure judged George Zimmerman by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. If George Zimmerman was black, no one would have ever heard of this case. Trayvon Martin would be sitting in jail for either felony battery or murder of George Zimmerman.

      I can’t even imagine how much money was made by a number of people just by using the name Trayvon Martin. I wonder how many would remember his name if it was Mike Martin, or Tom Martin, or Bill Martin.

    • “Trayvon, an unarmed black 17-year-old, was killed Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford by George Zimmerman, a light-skinned Neighborhood Watch volunteer who had earlier called police, describing the Miami Gardens teenager as suspicious.”

      So now George is a light-skinned”…. A light-skinned what??

      Just more organizations who have been hoodwinked…(pun intended)

    • All while George and Shellie likely don’t have the money to put food on the table. I’m hoping and praying that that changes for the Zimmerman’s very soon, and in a much bigger way then collecting 2 to 3 hundred grand for reimbursement for legal expenses.

    • At least these donors were smart enough to have the foresight to specify where the money has to be spent and didn’t just blindly hand over $50,000 to the grieving family and trust they’d use it prudently…

      …people are wising up, shows a lack of trust

      …but still, it begs the question, why are other people always having to step in and provide these scholarships on behalf of the TMF?

      One can only presume that the various funds, charities, and foundation set up in TM’s name by the family to date have raised millions upon millions of dollars over the last year and a half of intense fundraising and media saturation… so where has all this money gone?

      It’s my understanding that they are legally required to disclose where the money is being spent… so where is that disclosure?

      • nivico – you are correct if it is a NON Profit, the Sunshine Laws relesases ALL the information as well as who is on the Board.

        We learned from foundations & NON profits from KC’s when GA/CA established a foundation in Caylee’s honor, the President, Vice President, Secretary, & other Board members could draw salaries of $ 40,000.00 each per year. A super “web sleuth blogger” got the information from the State’s website. In the Anthony Foundation, ALL family members held offices.

        • The $ 40,000.00 allowed as salaried from Foundations & NON Profits doesn’t include EXPENSES like traveling such as air fare or hotel expenses, etc., that’s ALL in addition to the salaries that can be drawn.

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