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O’Mara Radio Interview with Bob Harvey

Thank you to SeaviewRadio and it’s host Mr. Bob Harvey for allowing me to post Mr. O’Mara’s Interview  conducted last Sunday, August 18th.

Click the play button on the white bar to listen.


7 thoughts on “O’Mara Radio Interview with Bob Harvey

  1. Nettles –

    Thanks for your persistence in getting this interview posted. Obviously, it was softball interview for O’Mara. However, Harvey asked questions that the mainstream media won’t ask. Most informative was O’Mara explaining how the decision was arrived at to not go for a SYG hearing.

    Throughout the trial, and in the pre-trial proceedings, I weighed the actions and filings of the MOM/West against the pointed criticisms that they were constantly barraged with. What counts is what goes on in the courtroom. All of the verbiage outside the courtroom is often a distraction.

    If you look at the pleadings of the MOM/West team and their very direct challenges to the prosecutors,and to Corey, these were not only competent briefs but they were bold and unambiguous. Yet, MOM/West did not go for overkill and bombast. And very importantly, their reserved comportment was vital to dampening the incendiary effect of the racial rabble rousers.

    • Hooson, good analysis of the way Defense has handled this case. I agree they chose their battles well, used the right tactics, and shined a big spotlight on the disgusting behavior of Corey and the Prosecution, without fanning the flames of discord further. They have my admiration, and I hope they will continue to expose the real villains in this entire mess.

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