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Robert Jr. co-hosts Radio Show

Robert Jr

If you are available tonight (Sept. 1st) between 8pm and 11pm EST, listen live as Robert Jr. co-hosts on 660worl.com Mark’s Armed American Radio show.

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      • Yes, it’s in the EST zone. I’ve added that to the description. Thanks.

        I’ve listened to this show a few other times when Robert was on. I’ve found it informative and factual about the details of the case. IIRC, Robert had acquired an attorney the last time he was on and this attorney sat with him. I wondered why Robert Jr. needed an attorney.

        It appears everyone, but George, thought it was a good idea to hire counsel. George, of course, eventually came around and even then his family had strong opinions about it.

  1. I am working on getting back to normal. Can you imagine a hospital forgetting to close up a 5 inch gash, that is over a half inch wide with sutures? They put some gauze and tape on it and simply forgot to close up such a gaping wound. So far, no doctors will treat the wound because they do not want to be culpable, knowing this was a huge mistake. I am good friends with my Primary care doctor but he is out of town. It is badly infected and approaching the gangrene state. So both legs and feet are twice their normal size and I cannot even walk. No shoes for Wayne. Isn’t that just crazy?

    So is that the deal today? Doctors do not want to repair another doctor’s mistake. That seems absurd to me. Could this be Obamacare? IDK. I just do not want to lose my legs. Scary stuff. I hope to write a “documentary” about this event. I filed an abuse complaint every day I was there because they refused to give me any of my pain meds or ambien. Payback was my nightmares late every night in their worst form. I am sure they thought I had gone nuts since no one checked to find out that I have a rare form of PTSD from my military service. The first time became hilarious to me because I was surrounded by a dozen people trying to get me to stop. So when the nightmare ended. I began to laugh uncontrollably at them. Who the hell has the power to stop a nightmare? It is the worst thing you can do.

    No one should have a pain level of 8 or 9 day and night while in a hospital. Much more to this including 4 different versions of what happened to get me there. Someone or everyone is lying and then the hospital disregarded my privacy instructions and sent a 20 page report to 3 different doctors, including the VA.. I am not fond of Morgan and Morgan but I have little chance without their help. This is their specialty.

    Pray for me, please.

    • jordan2 – Hello friend, I am so sorry to read of your miserable experience while in the hospital, I agree, there is absolutely NOT one reason for physicians should allow a patient to lie in pain in the hospital & with hold medication that would ease their pain. They act as if they are PAYING for the medication that might ease your pain, instead of, imo, doing the right thing. My deceased husband was a physician & didn’t believe his patients should ever be in pain, especially in the hospital but he explained to me that ALL doctors do not feel that way, some with hold pain medication because they fear maybe the patient might get addicted or some are just not sympathetic to a patients pain as maybe not having experienced intense pain it themselves.

      Be sure to document everything if you feel you might go further in your complaint & take pictures too.

      Glad you checked in, hope you are feeling better soon & be sure to keep us posted. Best wishes.

    • Good grief! This sounds just awful! I just prayed for you, and be assured, I will continue.
      Maybe someone at your doctor’s office can get a message to him and he can at least call you? Or, perhaps, get yourself to an ER. You can’t be expected to hang around in the condition you are in with no relief. That wound is awful! Drink lots of water! Stay strong Jordan.
      That just may be a touch of the socialized plan they are shoving down our throats. My Primary care doc (for 18 yrs) and also my dentist (since 1985) have both closed down their Practices….just threw up their hands and packed up and locked the doors behind them. Makes me very angry.

    • Thoughts-and-Prayers Jordan! I’m so sorry to read of your horrific ordeal. Please take care of yourself and find yourself a doctor. Are your kids helping you? Thanks for checking in with us. We’ve all been thinking about you and praying for you. Take Care.

          • Thanks for asking. I do appreciate every one’s love, support and prayers. I hate to report bad news about myself, so I think it’s best that I refrain from posting until all is well. Incredibly I cannot get in home health care because both my roommate and me have guns in my home. I have seen plans to come here without warning and take them from me so what you have read about the government taking them is true. All of a sudden I am targeted and my life is now available for almost anyone to see. My next consultation with Morgan and Morgan, my attorneys is next Monday. Today I received a call that at social worker will be here at my home at 4PM to make sure it is “safe and clean.” This gets worse every day, while I remain in pain, unable to even walk trying to change bandages on an open wound at least one half inch wide that they” forgot” to stitch. This could be a big Tea Party story because it also true and I have documented proof of all that has happened. I admit that I am a bit afraid. I mean what would actually do if LE or the FBI and any arm of government rammed down your door in the middle of the night? It is easy to say you would die for your right to own guns.

    • Jordan, is this wound “packed”? Is there a kind of gauze in there? Sometimes a wound has to heal from the inside out. They pack it, and do periodic dressing changes – they would be sending a home health RN once you’re discharged to continue that. They wouldn’t stitch it up until the inside had sufficiently healed (no longer as deep or wide. This sounds like it might be that type of wound, but if so, it should have been better explained to you.

      If you feel strong enough, and comfortable enough, it might be helpful to tell us what your discharge instructions say – not all of it, but when to see followup MDs (not ther names, but their specialties), and further down the page it should say if there will be home health coming out to your home and for what purpose.

      Did they put a wound vac on it (a machine that sucks infection out)? Did they close it before you went home or is it still open? If it’s still open, I agree with nwtex, get to the ER, and bring a friend, that often helps to understand what they’re saying, especially if you’re upset or in pain.

      If you were at a VA hospital, I’d suggest going to the ER of a regular hospital, but maybe you have insurance (VA isn’t insurance so it will provide some treatment at their own faciities, but won’t pay their servicemembers’ bills at other hospitals) — maybe you have Medicare and/or Medi-cal or a self-paid policy or something else.

      Definitely get it checked out, the last thing you need is an infection…..

      • In home health care was approved but no one came. After many, many calls by my insurance people to the Bay
        Area home heath care system to find out why I was approved and then denied. It was not in any records because it is illegal. The reason: I have guns in my home. For real. I only hope my insurance company has it on tape. Today I saw a copy of a “secret” document that they plan to seize my guns and my room mates, too… sorry cannot type.

      • lorac, I was promised a solution on Thursday. tomorrow….The infection is set in. No one explained except to say they forgot the sutures and it was too late the next morning. It is horrid to look at it. Since I cannot see it. it takes a while to do it myself..

  2. The Hallmark channel is playing a bunch of Perry Mason shows, but they are in color and he’s much older, so I looked it up. One fun fact was that in some of these later movies, Willam Katt (Greatest American Hero series – early 1980s) and Barbara Hale’s son) played the son of the deceased character Paul Drake.

    The character of Perry Mason was portrayed each weekday on a long-running radio series,[2] followed by well-known depictions on film and television, including “television’s most successful and longest-running lawyer series”[3] Perry Mason from 1957 to 1966 starring Raymond Burr; another series, The New Perry Mason starring Monte Markham, from 1973 to 1974; and 26 made-for-TV movies starring Burr filmed from 1985 to Burr’s death in 1993.[4]

    This below is what jumped out at me. All the crap that MOM and West took. Of course, in GZ’s case they were defending an innocent man. But they were also fighting for the system, that it be followed correctly, as it is there to protect all of us.

    Another frequent antagonist, Lieutenant Arthur Tragg of the homicide squad, has a discussion with Mason about his approach to the law. Mason is recovering from having been poisoned, and Tragg is investigating. He says:
    “How does it feel to be the victim for once?…You’ve been sticking up for criminals and now you can see the other side of the picture.”

    “Not ‘sticking up for criminals,'” (Mason) protested indignantly. “I have never stuck up for any criminal. I have merely asked for the orderly administration of an impartial justice…Due legal process is my own safeguard against being convicted unjustly. To my mind, that’s government. That’s law and order.”
    —Erle Stanley Gardner, The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito (1943)

    I think MOM and West learned a lot of info in their investigations. I really hope we all get to learn it, so the narrative can be finally squashed. And interestingly enough, Perry Mason often identified the real criminal in the courtroom. I think MOM could have done that, too – let’s see – media was there, his low-parenting skilled parents were there…..

    He frequently accepts clients on a whim based on his curiosity about their problem, for a minimal retainer, and finances the investigation of their cases himself if necessary. In The Case of the Caretaker’s Cat (1935), his principal antagonist, District Attorney Hamilton Burger, says: “You’re a better detective than you are a lawyer. When you turn your mind to the solution of a crime, you ferret out the truth.”

  3. Happy Labor Day Everyone! Oh look! There are Perry Mason reruns on the Hallmark Channel…..and Jordan needs prayers. Pray for him everyone.


    Wayne, I hope this brings a smile to your face.

  4. Here is part 2 (the media story) of Jack Cashill’s Jonathan Cohen’s American Thinker Trigology, posted today.


    In case you missed it, Hooson1st posted part 1 (The trial, the evidence and the verdict) yesterday

    We’ll look for part 3 (Racial History and how it affects people’s views on the case) tomorrow.

  5. Trayvon Martin’s father leads FAMU football team onto Citrus Bowl field before opener

    Tracy Martin says it felt good to spend time with Rattlers before MEAC/SWAC Challenge

    “It feels good just to be a part of that, man. I had a son that used to go to FAMU and Trayvon wanted to go to FAMU,” Martin said immediately after taking the field. “I’m good friends with coach [Earl] Holmes, the coaching staff . . . some of the kids on the team I even coached them in little league football, so it felt good to run out there with them.”


    I didn’t realize Tracy had a son older than TM, seems the connections Tracy/Sybrina/Crump have are never ending.

  6. Boricuafudd has posted a new blog. http://boricuafudd.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/racism-admissions-and-true-colors/
    Miley Cyrus weighed in on the Zimmerman case after her VMA show. Even she has got the message, if you want some attention mention Zimmerman.
    Her comments caught Robert Jr.’s eye and he responded to her

  7. Parents of Trayvon Martin to speak at Tom Joyner Family Reunion

    The event is an opportunity for families to gather and express views, heal and discuss solutions, according to the release.

    In addition to Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, attorney Benjamin Crump, Sen. Geraldine Thompson and Rep. Corrine Brown will be in attendance, according to the release.

  8. just rolling around in my head but I sure would like to see George counter with an Americans for the Right To Defend Themselves Foundation or something like that.

    • That would be a good idea – although I can see Rjr more likely to do it. But IMO it should focus on all kinds of self-defense, so that the gun issue doesn’t end up taking over by the anti-GZ crowd. The right to self-defense by knife, by gun, by rock, by hockey stick (I used to go jogging with my field hockey stick lol), etc. If you are in fear for your life or grave bodily harm, you can defend yourself with whatever you can reach…..

  9. Jack Cashill’s new book,”If I Had a Son…..” came out today for Kindle (or free Kindle app for your computer), $9.99. Comes out in hardback in a few weeks I think. I’m going to start reading it today.

    • Nettles- I looked a little bit into the political parties in Canada. I understand you guys have something like 6 different parties. Does the Canadian media give equal time to all of those in the various parties?

      • 4 of them get the most attention here in Ontario. In Quebec, a 5th party the Bloc, only has candidates in that province. It’s pretty powerful, or was until the last election in Quebec.

    • As I’ve said before, I think there people pro and con (and in-between) for most if not all issues on both sides (I think the continued existence of the political parties depends on keeping us thinking we all must be very black and white). So, yeah, I hear ya, they’re presenting this as very ideological. They could simply say, “people fighting against guns”, etc.

      Re: Cashill’s new book (I’m reading it in between the radio show’s looooong commercials lol) – the whole first chapter is about SDC, except at the very end it mentions the other admins. And yes, as someone (Danny?) said, they were at Hillbuzz before they started CTH. It seems they started at Hillbuzz in 2009 so maybe that was after the Hillary supporters left and it became republican. It says ytz4me went from “raging socalist to stalwart constitutionalist”. I don’t understand people who go from one extreme to the other. I simply went from regular democrat to independent (and not for their reasons).

        • I could be wrong, but I think it was Danny that outlined how SD and the admins came to be. I remember something about them all posting somewhere else and there was some kind of rift. I wouldn’t mind rereading that but have no idea where it is. I wonder if they all know themselves person-to-person. Have they all actually met each other? Are any spouses or relatives to another?

          • If anyone ever needs to find something, just let me know either on the blog or email me. The search through the comments is MUCH easier when you have admin. rights.

            As wordpress on this site does an awful job redirecting you, I’ve copied Danny’s comment for you to reread and then posted a link so you can find it yourself.

            “SD was or shall I say IS a PUMA. He came in after the heavenly Dujan transformation,lol. HB is only relevant because it lead to the HoneyTrail. Motley opened up a WordPress to gather people after what Dujan did to them, and SD highjacked it, so motley closed it down. Hence the treehouse was created for SD to carry on the likings of Duganesqe type behavior. Karma is a bitch however and SD is cracking just like Dujan. If I did not know better those two are long lost family members! The similarities and behaviors are very striking. Although there are still other Hillbuzzers floating around our midst, they seemed to have earned their lesson of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. How many times have you seen SD and Co. call obvious conservatives progs/liberals, and accusing them of democratic indoctrination? He himself was duped. Instead of becoming a leader of those who saw the truth, he Dujaned the very people he accussed of being blind. He paid special attention to Dujans tactics and conned the same people. If he can do that….what do you think he can do with the other unwitting who call him their savior? I guess I just paid close attention and knew much sooner then most that CTH was jumping the shark with this MOM buisness. But when you know the back story it all begins to make sense and you see the “truth” and all these revelations SD knows, really are not revelations. Its a con mans way of playing it safe. This is why he frequently rotates his followers.”

            https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/august-10-2013/#comment-14101- Comment made August 13th at 10:37 am
            Note on that thread, Rick Madigan knows about Sundance’s history. Just saying.

            • Wow, thank you for that prompt response, Nettles. “This is why he frequently rotates his followers”. Makes sense. I’m starting to think that I read the stuff on Danny’s blog. I lost all my links when my hard drive crashed mid-August. Danny’s was a link I lost, so if his link could be put up I would like that very much.

          • I think Mr. Cashill confused Selene Bahadoor (W1) with her sister (W2) . W2 is the one who originally said left to right and later said she had taken her contacts out and it may have just been one person.

            O’Mara was making the point, your sister isn’t being called but the prosecutor wants the left to right statement in front of the jury. Your sister said that, but you never did. Today is the first time you said that.

            What a day that was! It was exciting to uncover information and watch it be revealed in the courtroom. While we all found out rather quickly the petition was on Bahadoor’s facebook page, Jeralyn Merritt revealed that day that Bahadoor had signed the Trayvon Petition just a half hour before she gave her first statement to police about what she saw. Too bad we couldn’t get that to the defense team in time to watch Mr. O’Mara question her about the timing of giving her first statement to the police. Regardless, that was fun to watch. Mr. O’Mara can be brutal when he needs to be.

            • Mr. Cashill has a number of things wrong in this book. Mr. West was correct that Rachel Jeantel at first relayed to Crump that in response to “Why are you following me”, she heard GZ say “What are you talking about?” It’s in clip 2. Crump then coaches her, remember when you told me, I mean you were talking to Ms. Sybrina and Mr. Tracy and you told them “What you doing around here”. And from then on in the interview, Rachel allowed it to be “What you doing around here” Now we are going to do this again, 1, 2, 3, go!

              Mr. Cashill should have given an advanced copy to Diwataman to review and vet the details for him.

              I’m about half way through the book. So far, Mr. Cashill hasn’t mentioned that Rachel being attached to that phone is suspect. I hope it comes up in the 2nd half.

            • Cashill says, The Fultons (Sybrina and Jahvaris) were the prosecution’s last two witnesses? Wasn’t Ship Bao, the medical examiner their last witness? I might be wrong. I’ll have to look that up. I think they testified around July 5th.

              • Just read the part about Don West’s Knock Knock joke. That damn joke, knocked Sean Noffkle’s testimony out of the papers. It pissed me off. Bad, Bad, very bad idea.

                The best way to follow an emotional opening is be direct about it. Remind the jurors, the prosecutors are manipulating you. Look at the state’s team. They chose the better looking of the 3 to talk to you. You heard from Mr. Guy emotion, emotion and more emotion. Is he playing on the stereo-typical views that women are emotional. Is he giving women no credit to be able to view things logically? The defense takes you at your word, and we believe women are capable of putting their emotions aside and looking at the facts of this case. In the days ahead, be on the lookout from these tactics from the prosecutors. Mr. Guy just gave you evidence that he has no case. He just talks about an emotional appeal to you. Don’t let the state away with this. Now, onto the facts of the case…..

                This answer to Guy’s emotional appeal would have also challenged the public to put their emotions aside. They have no place in a court of law.

              • Mr. Cashill makes an excellent point. The “f” word could be repeated over and over by the state but saying “watermelon” in court appears to cause problems for the state. How messed up was that?

    • I remember watching Larry King and his show had more commercials than show. Larry would say, we’d like to thank our sponsors for bringing you the program.

      I thought, you got that backwards. The sponsors should be thanking you for bringing your viewers to the sponsor’s commercials. Here we are listening b/c we want to hear Robert’s views. Robert brought us to the commercials. thanks Robert! LOL

  10. Nettles, you’re so good with tweets, maybe you’ll think of a good one to let Robert know that not all supporters of George and self-defense are on the right. I know this radio show is a gun show, but Robert stands up to the BGI, I think he can stand up to a gun show’s ideologically right wing host by telling the host George and self-defense had supporters across the spectrum… it kind of makes all the rest of us invisible, and a lot of people in the middle and the left were in George’s corner…

    • I’ve delivered that message several times. Robert Jr. never responds except to publicly support the right side of politics.

      His prerogative. Hopefully George is more open than his brother and father appear to be. If not, I’m still glad I helped bring the truth out. It was the right thing to do. What was happening to the Zimmerman family was built on lies and over time a shaky foundation will fall.

      I’m glad I didn’t fully appreciate all the stereo-types of the media in the U.S. and the politics of various blogs or it could have prevented me from participating or reading various views as I know it did for some.

      • Nettles and Lorac- I understand the frustration as George supporters were from across the political spectrum, but you have to realize that it is some on the Left that still trying to get George and his family and using the events to promote their agendas. Let’s remember also that the only ones that showed some support on the media were the media in the right, when he was on CNN’s programs he was usually facing adverse host and guest throughout.

        • I get that. As far as I’m concerned self defense isn’t a political issue but even the Zimmermans appear to see things through a political lens. In doing so, they give no thought to those with politically different views who did support them. Whether the talking heads did or not.

          I tried to get Robert Jr. to see that. His statements have become more and more divisive. Less name calling and more focus on the issues would help everyone. right?

          The facebook pages I participated in were largely democratic thinkers I believe. The supporters were of mixed race.

          The Zimmermans need all the supporters they can get. I don’t understand calling some of them, liars because they are democratic in their views. That’s what I heard on the radio show tonight. Doesn’t Robert get some of George’s supporters are on the left? Does he care? Perhaps he didn’t think any would listen to the show. Here, then an opportunity was blown to show “the other side” the upsides to being armed in America but the show starts off calling the left liars. Robert pipes in that the left can’t even pronounce hope and change properly. Good luck keeping your support group together with that kind of talk.

        • Bori, I know what you mean – but my hope is that they would stop with the easy-to-reach-for blanket statements – they could say “some/many on the left feel this way”.

          And I know my solution and complaint is based on my belief that the party lines are artificially drawn – that they need them drawn as very black and white just as the BGI does – I just think there’s a more precise way to say things – but they won’t do it, because both sides need to keep up the imagined hjuge chasm beween the left and the right

          • I just think we’d get a lot more accomplished if people from all over the spectrum joined togther for issue X, and others from across the spectrum joined together for some other issue. I think the politicians would have to get things done then. Right now there’s a lot they don’t address – traditionally abortion and women’s rights were the “wedge issues”, but there are many wedge issues. And the politcians never address these wedge issues, because they want to keep them as wedge issues, to keep each side as cohesive as possible,so that they will vote for the politician of their party.

            • anyway, that’s what I think lol

              And it keeps so many of us invisible. They can call the media out for its ideology, they can call the politicans out for their ideology, but if they would just acknowledge that in “real person world”, many of us don’t fit their mutually exclusive little circles. But I don’t believe that’s ever going to happen.

              • I agree with both of you, it is ironic because gun rights have never been a right or left issue as there is support on both sides for them.

                I think that the issue now, is that it is easier to stick with those that you know are supporting you, than try to find out who is friendly or foe from the Democratic side.

                It is a shame because George’s situation was one were people were united regardless of their political affiliation.

    • lorac, just want to remind you that under the circumstances, if not for THAT GUN, we would be discussing a dead man. George was in no position to defend himself, and like others that DID NOT carry a weapon would end up dead or injured. We had two issues in this case. The one brought by BGI which was race, and secondary “a gun”. Trayvon had a weapon too. His fists. A couple more bangs on that sidewalk an George would have been either dead or stuttering for the rest of his life. Liberals are also allowed the right to carry a gun and YES, defend themselves. They say retreat, run away, and like with a gun can you can’t be shot in the back as you flee for your life? The gun issue is not a right or left issue, although that’s the way it is set up STRICTLY for POLITICS. It is a human right to be able to defend yourself/family. If I was packing and saw a stranger being beaten by a gang of toughs I certainly would fire a warning shot to back off, and if that shot didn’t stop it, I would shoot to defend. It’s not my job, but I AM my brother’s keeper. We’ve got to stop the “fear factor” that these home grown terrorits are perping on our citizenery. We are not lambs to slaughter and we have to make that clear that we simply will fight back. I shake my head in disbelief when I see the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm (dead fish) Emanuel, set up “Safe Passage” signs on the routes for kids to go to school. Safe Passage signgs???!!!!! If this guy had a pair he would ask the state to send in the National Guard, block by block, grid by grid and round up these animals that ride around in cars and shoot kids. We need an all out war on these gangs. I truly feel sorry for these people that have to live under such conditions in the USA in 2013. << No mention or expansion on that by the President or BGI. And WE are worried about SYRIA????!!! … We got SYRIA right here in Chicago. gimme a break.

      • Ottawa, I was just trying to make a point that if the hypothetical self-defense group only were to focus on guns, then anti-gun groups would pounce on it extra hard.

        • Well, you and I agree that this will be a never ending battle. And when you hear the arguments over over people get tired of listening to it, and that may be where you are at with Robert’s recent radio show. What I notice is it’s more about “the show” itself. If the show wants to talk about the trial, they talk trial. If they want to talk about George, they talk George, if they want to talk about race, they talk race. Could be this show wanted to talk about guns. IDK I think Robert can talk about anything related to the trial standing on his head. No show during the entire trial really ever gave Robert the platform to do an in depth, all around discussion of the incident, trial, aftermath. You hardly can accomplish much in a 15 min. segment and that’s what happened. Coverage of stuff today is terrible. If they are going to focus on something then FOCUS damn it. lorac, I just wanted to defend Robert a lil bit re: the gun issue. It’s still the only equalizer against senseless attacks by idiots and those that make a living from crime. If I had my way, the focus would be on the failure of educating poor blacks and inner city youth (to which there is no excuse in my mind), and failure of parenting within the black community. You just can’t keep making babies, with no Father, no money, no parenting teaching the sanctity of life and expect to see anything other than what we have seen. Not gonna happen. There is where the focus should be. Not on the gun, but on the shooter. I just read an awful story about two white teens. White trash. Too awful to even discuss. There are lots of sick people in this world.

  11. Important unanswered question posted by Sundance today at CTH –

    ” Who listened to, and deleted, the voice mail on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone?

    We know from statements under oath, phone records in evidence and sworn statements in deposition, as well as public commentary – that Rachel Jeantel, Tracy Martin and Chad Greene all called Trayvon’s phone (after he was shot) and the inbound call went to voice-mail. The T-Mobile manager who testified in court explained all of the call records that went to voice mail.

    Subsequently one of the odd and unanswered questions becomes who accessed that messaging; and why did no one (defense team) make inquiry about it to validate the timeline and/or the witness authenticity of those who claimed to be the last in contact with young Martin ? Where did these messages go?

    According to discovery evidence the phone was put into evidence, at the crime scene, and followed a chain of custody thereafter. So who listened to the voice mail?

    Or….. was it, as Bernie De La Rionda opined in court to City Manager Norton Bonaparte, a matter of another “right thing to do” ?”

    • I’ll have to go back and refresh my memory on the testimony at the proffer about the deleted stuff found on the phone. I do not recall ever hearing Rachel, Tracy or Chad left messages for Trayvon. Rather they called him but it just went straight to voice mail. Indicating to them, he had the phone turned off.

    • Is SD questioning all what was deleted or what the defense could have used? From what I understand SD is aware from his Q. & A session at TH he knows an FOIA can not answer that question. But now he is leading on that an FOIA can answer it. Only the source would know and obviously the source is not going to answer that question.

  12. Off topic. But important.
    Some people have been having issues with posting comments @ wordpress.
    Possible solution:
    Clear your browser cache and cookies.
    If you have third parties cookies blocked you have to unblock and enable third party cookies.
    Hope that helps.

      • There are other bloggers that have had this complaint on wordpress in a whole. It has been resolved by this solution. This morning I went to CTH and saw the admins. are having issues and since I know you have CTH visitors, and since I am nice like that, thought I would offer anyone advice that has that problem.
        It seems bloggers who force W.P. login in to comment notice it sooner. So if settings are set to allow comments with email or W.P. login in admin. may not get contacted by bloggers as frequently. It is something I think all bloggers should be aware of.

          • Lol. I advocate for free speech even if it is unpopular. It was my vice about certain web sites during this case being all blog nazi and all. I guess I am just nice like that.
            But it was not just for Tree people. It is important all over WP. I know Jordan had issues here before with loading the pages and I offered the same advice. I just am always in the habit of clearing all these things so….

            Speaking of Jordan… If you are reading this…. Get well soon my friend! I miss you. Keep us updated if you can. My prayers are with you!

  13. Sorry to hear RZjrs. show was not what some expected. Hate to say “told ya so.” I stopped listening to him awhile ago. I think he and Sr. have their own agenda where the spot light is concerned. I think GZ is quiet cause MOM gave him some good advice.

    IE; Cashills book: I was going to purchase it but once I saw Tree people mentioned I reconsidered. I do not need to pay a dime to read what is free at CTH.

      • I am sure he was aware. He is just as critical of MOM so he perched himself on a branch knowing he could sell a few books at the CTH. Things is internally they bought ONE Copy. But have heavily plugged the book there. I hear there are many trial and post trial errors. I will not be buying it. Did not buy RZsrs. either. Like I said if I want to see what is at the CTH, I can view it for free!

        • I’m about 70% of the way through the book. I don’t see that Cashill bought into the O’Mara slander as some did at the treehouse. So far, the book is pretty good. I’d recommend reading it. While it does have some factual errors in it and something left out, it’s the best narrative so far that mirrors my understanding of the case.

      • I am not so sure about this.Cashill is pretty independent.

        Keep in mind that a lot of the heavy sleuthing was done early on before a certain amount disaffection thinned the ranks of contributors then perched on Treehouse branches. A lot of the book was written all along as the story developed. Those story lines can be seen in the articles that Cashill wrote on American Thinker.

        (disclosure – I haven’t read his book)

        • I just finished the book. I loved the ending. I have to go research the 2 opportunities that Cashill thinks the state supporters failed to provide their side with research. 1) Rachel’s recollection to how George responded to Trayvon’s “Why you following me” and 2) Bahadoor’s initial statement to police. Did she say left to right or was that her sister?

          Cashill doesn’t weigh-in at all about this thoughts of O’Mara and the allegations made about knowing about the donations or giving final stamp of approval of HOA. He just said the treehouse was even critical of George’s defense at times.

          According to the index, Cashill interviewed Sundance by phone from Feb. 16 and once a month until July. He also telephone interviewed some of the admins. Diwataman and Chip.

          I take exception that My Ex (Diwataman) has an obsessive-compulsive blog on the case. That was a shitty and unfair comment to make. Where did Cashill get that opinion? Does he think Diwataman’s resources links were over the top?

  14. How many here were sent an email by SD back in February of this year regarding this book? It expressed that a book was going to be written and if we were willing to share our own stories, opinions and perspective to the author. This was sent to only certain posters if I remember, and I was one of them (this was before my ban). Reason I ask, is why send this email and lead posters to believe that somehow they would be an integral part (our story, our opinion, our perspective), if all the author really did (as I’m gathering), is just quote a poster here and there. SD made it sound like posters where going to be interviewed … at least that’s what I got out of it.

    • I got one. It was a week 2 days before I was banned.

      A skeptic could say that I was bribed with being a part of a book if my comments would help influence other’s to see O’Mara the way Sundance saw O’Mara. When I refused, I got banned and no interview with the author. Oh well. 🙂

      According to the index, Cashill telephone interviewed some of the admins. Chip and Diwataman. He talked with Sundance monthly Feb. thru July.

      In the Feb. 16th threads and owards, you can see Sundance asking people to contact the treehouse via email.

      I thought that was rude given everyone who was posting there and wondering what all that was about. I didn’t see anyone complain though.

      • I guess my question would be – why make it sound like it would be all inclusive of those he sent the email to. Unless I knew for SURE that was those that said they would participate would get interviewed, whether by phone or email, what was the point, when he knew it was going to be limited to him, admins, Dman and Chip. IDK, just seems to be a silly exercise to make posters get all excited that they have been picked to be part of this book. Since you are reading, can you advise when you have the chance the posters that were quoted? I am curious to know.

        • Mr. Cashill really only quotes the “Treepers” comments sparely throughout the book but doesn’t say who the author was, with the exception of the Verdict thread found in Chapter 45. and he reports what some of the comments/reactions were.

          He provides 6 comments from the July 13th thread and 4 of the 6 are admin ppl (Stella, Ytz4mee, WeeWeed and Ad Rem). The other two quoted are Diwataman and Auscitizenmom.

    • In checking my records, I received the email from Sundance about the author on Feb. 21st. I got an unsolicited, confidential email share on Feb. 22nd and I was banned (bid farewell) on Feb. 23rd.

  15. I’ve been very curious for a long time about the moderator at the CTH who currently goes by the posting name of “stella” but back when I first started reading/posting there she called herself stellap. On the current posts at the CTH I believe it was credited to stella that Sundance was able to download the Jack Cashill book on the day it was released.

    I haven’t read the book, and I have no intentions of ever reading the book unless it shows up on the local Goodwill shelf for 50 cents.

    It appears that stella at the CTH doesn’t want any connections to her posts at American Thinker, where Jack Cashill posted his articles about the Zimmerman case, where he just couldn’t help linking back to the CTH for their great work on the Zimmerman case.


    Read the comments from a poster where he gives kudos to stella, but then Sharon and stella deny that it is her articles at AT, but not really. What Sundance would call “plausibile deniability.”


    Stella Paul is connected here to HillBuzz which I’m reading that Sundance did start out at. Right?


    The fact that Cashill is posting anything at Lew Rockwell’s site should put everyone a big time pause. Lew Rockwell is the mentor of Ron Paul. Ron “Paul” Stella “Paul”? For the ideology followers here, Ron Paul is supposed to be this big time “strict constitutionalist” but, only where he wants to interpret the Constitution according to his definitions. There really are areas in the US Constitution that were not clearly defined by the framers of the Constitution, but they gave those abilities for definition to the Congress and the Senate, and of course the courts. One prime example is they wrote that only natural born citizens were qualified for the presidency of the US. They never, ever, not in a minte defined what a “natural born citizen” was. They left that definition to the Congress and the Senate to interpret, and to pass laws on that definition.I promise Ron Paul, and his very far right followers, and many many of them have crossed the boundaries into anarchy, all the while intrepreting the Constitution in the way they want it intrepreted.

    Sorry Jordan, I know you are a big time Ron Paul supporter. I could never in my life go to the point where the “strongest man on the black will be that blocks leader.” No way.

    There was a comment somewhere above where someone claimed that ytz4me went from far left socialist to far right strict constitutionalist. I have had the opinion for a long time that Sharon is a far right radical. She consistently posts as though all is lost in America, woe is me, we haven’t been a nation od laws for a long time. Ron Paul put out newsletters a long time ago where he made it clear that he was/is anti-semite, and anti-black. No word of a lie, Ron Paul got donations in his 2007 presidential campaign from about every white supremist group out there. He took donations from Russian TV. He took donations from the KKK. He took donations from every kook organization out there.

    Ron Paul was widely seen by the massive amount of Americans as very dangerous. He was asked in a presidential debate, would you legalize pot, yes, meth, yes, heroine, yes, all illegal drugs he was yes on. Would he legalize prostitution, yes.

    Stella Paul posted articles at Lew Rockwell’s site as well as Jack Cashill. They seem to be hiding against being known as Ron Paul supporters as Ron Paul didn’t even get 1% of the vote in either election. He never ever won even one state in the primaries in the 2008 or the 2012 presidential elections he ran in.

    I don’t know for sure if the stella at the CTH is Stella Paul, but, it sure seems pretty odd that she was a part of Hillbuzz that Sundance came from. And yeah, ain’t that funny that they were supporting Huillary Clinton who was a liberal as the day is long. So Sundance, is Hillary a “Prog”?

    • Stella at the treehouse has the initial ‘P” in this Happy Birthday Thread at the treehouse.

      In Cashill’s book, he describes the Hillbuzz as being run by an openly gay Hillary Clinton supporter, Kevin Dujan. Sundance found friends there in 2008 and friendships were made. Stella was there and is described as a Detroit area grandmother and an IT professional.

      In November 2010, one Saturday, Dujan went “weird” on them and he banned Sharon and Stella. Stella was sad, she was being kept from her online friends. (I shake my head at all this with the banning they do to people today not caring about keeping them from their online friends).

      A bunch of them kept together through email contacts and hung out at a place called the Connection.

      In February 2011, they started the treehouse. Each of them say they transitioned from “passive witness into active participants in the life of the republic.”

      2008 is the year Sundance lost Sherry to cancer and married Tara.

      • Hillbuzz started as a Hillary site, but after the May 2008 shenanigans by her own party against Hillary, and McCain chose Sarah Palin, the owner became a Sarah Palin fan. And then every article he wrote was pro-republican and anti-democrats. What the party and media did to Hillary was very traumatizing. Kevin DuJan wasn’t the only person to react by going from one side to the other. Whereas the “Hill” in “Hillbuzz” originally referred to Hillary, it was changed to refer to Capital Hill. I’m guessing SDC joined Hillbuzz when it became republican in 2008. It’s just too weird to think he was originally a Hillary supporter and moved amongst us. But it does sound like 2008 had personal trauma for him as well, although I guess he rebounded fast, getting remarried the same year.

        • I didn’t read any politics in Cashill’s book.

          Jack does write in his first chapter that the friends online brought each of them to the Hillbuzz site rather than the articles. I smiled. I ignored the articles at the treehouse and read only the Zimmerman threads there. So they would understand.

          The timing would be right. It was August 28, 2008 that Sarah Palin was named McCain’s running mate and June 3, 2008 that Obama beat Hillary for the nomination.

          • It was August 28, 2008 that Sarah Palin was named McCain’s running mate and June 3, 2008 that Obama beat Hillary for the nomination.

            …. and it was May 31, 2008, that the Democrats stole delegates (representing tens of thousands of Hillary voters) from Hillary, to give to Obama, to push Obama ahead of her in delegates (she won the popular vote, but that doesn’t count). I watched it myself live on CNN. Sorry, Nettles, I know you like the Obamas, but he didn’t win the primary, it was given to him. Millions of us left the party because of this outrageous rule breaking.

            • sorry, CPAN, not CNN.

              I wasn’t trying to say that Cashill said all that about that part of Hillbuzz’s history; I witnessed it. I read at Hillbuzz while it was a Hillary site, and for a little while after it became a Sarah Palin site.

            • True, I do personally like the Obamas but Presdient Obama angered me when he went to the white house press room to tell us how he can relate to Trayvon and neglected to call for the safety of the Zimmerman family. Mr. Obama needs to be the President for all the people.

              As you guys know, I don’t get a vote in the U.S. but I was hoping Hillary would win. I didn’t know Obama and when Sarah Palin did that speech at the Convention I loved it. I sided with her and McCain at that point. Over time though, I thought they both were wrong on so many things and I like the messages Obama was delivering. Over the past year, not so much and I’m really upset with his appointment of Eric Holder. Mr. Holder thinks of his skin color first, that’s abundantly clear.

        • Cashill writes in the beginning Chapter a little history on how the treehouse came to be.

          I was under the impression it was Sundance’s blog but it appears it belongs to all of them that have admin. rights there. You can therefore be banned by any of them for reasons each of them deem fit.

          • CTH about page has changed, previously the page explained the migration of the admin including SD from a political blog. ytz4me has a blog of her own, if you google her you can read political blog posts about her hostile mistreatment of other posters. The CTH has history, they continue their traditional of intolerance.

              • Many people got pissy towards the end of Obamas first term. Lots was going on. Voters for Obama yet had voters remorse and the Tea party that gave many Conservatives hope, kind of slowed down. We were in a recession, people losing houses and jobs. Having to relocate to places they normally would not live or work. In her defense the Obama supporters kinda kept adding fuel to the fire with calling Republicans racists when it really was just about his and his administrations policies.
                He is a President of many firsts all right …and much of his firsts have affected the backbone of this country which is the middle class!

      • Nettles- Isn’t it a bit “odd” that the CTH would go to such great lenghs to hide the identity of it’s moderators, yet ask the posters to gather info. for them on other people like Francine, and many others? Isn’t that a little Pot and Kettelish?

        From all of the posts from Sundance, where he has a fetish against the progs., he and apparently his “wimens” were formerly nothing short of the worst of the progs he now slams? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prog., but, I find the hypocracy to be more than a little off putting.

        Back during the 2008 election cycle I did read some of the stuff posted at Hillbuzz. They did an overnight turnaround to Sarah Palin it seemed.

        Understand that the political group here in the US, the Libertarians, which SD, Sharon, ytz4me, and stella belong to are against most all government at the federal level. They decided to take over the Republican party and turn it back into what they thought it should be. The US is for sure a two party system, and the Libertarians decided it would be easier to take over the R party because they “didn’t want to get their hands dirty.” That is no word of a lie. They support the liberal agenda on social and national security issues, but, their motto is if it doesn’t break my leg, or pick my pocket, I don’t give a crap what you want to do. You want to have sex with your dad, your dog or your teacher, I don’t care, just don’t make me pay for it. What it comes down to is that they are what I describe as “frugal liberals.” They promote personal responsibilities which is not a bad thing. The problem with their philosophy is that if you aren’t personally responsible, you can go rot in hell. If someone overdoses on drugs, you can rot in the gutter and die if you were stupid enough to overdose on drugs. They are known to many as being some of the coldest people, with no sympathy at all. I won’t say they are all anarchists, but many of them ascribe to the philosophy that there can be a utopia, and society can be perfected by just allowing everyone to make their own decisions, even if they are not capable of doing so. Again, I am not a Libertarian, but, I am not a liberal either. Utopia’s cannot exist no matter who pushes or promotes them. There really are some evil people in the world. I personally prefer to keep my head attached to my shoulders even if I don’t pray to or honor Allah.

        • Pinecone, can you please refresh my memory. Did you leave the treehouse on your own accord or did one of them ban you?

          I get the vibe that Sundance enjoys talking with you.

          • Way back when, you can ask Rick Madigan for the exact dates, and the exact comments haha, there was a guy that posted at the CTH, still does, under the name of either Howie or doodadaze. He coined the term for TM as Tcong. It caught the attention of others and they srated using the term. One morning, I believe it was a Sunday, someone posted a comment using the term Tcong for TM. Sharon posted a question to the poster and asked if she knew what the term Tcong meant. I posted that I believed it was a reference to the Viet Cong, which was an enemy to the US in the Vietnam War. That was how I interpreted it. Sharon said that her and the other mods were trying to figure out what it meant, and the only thing they could come up with was that it meant some kind of monkey, like in the King Cong movies. A few others posted that they didn’t believe it was any kind of racial reference. Howie knew he coined the phrase but even though he was posting that day, he never explained what he meant by the term.

            Much later in the day, a poster posting under the name of Diane added a comment that she was a black lady and that she took offense to the term. No Diane ever posted before that, or ever since to the best of my knowledge. I believed that Diane was a plant at the time, by one of the mods, in order for them to ask that the term not be used. I posted a snarky comment for sure saying that I was not into political correctness, and that I wasn’t going to go down the list of politically correct terms to make sure I wasn’t offending anyone. I said should we be not using the terms “chicago” and apartment” which Chrissy Matthews claimed were politically incorrect as they referred to Obama’s race. Then the whole contingent of CTH mods came out smacking me in that I was very rude to Sharon, how dare I speak that way to Sharon, I was just a real low life poster in other words. How dare I question what I call the matriarch Sharon. Holy crap, I went into her house and I pooped on her carpet. One of the mods posted to me that I should think about what I said, or something like that, I think it may have been stella. Geeez, one of the names you rearly see at the tree Waltzingmatilda even was called out to duty to tell me how rude I was. Interestingly only when the fires were lit beneath me did Howie ever come out and admit that he was the originator of the term Tcong. I think it was WeeWeed that told Howie he was good to go, no problem, and that they knew all along that it was him that first used the term. Then why ask an innocent in the morning if she knew what the term meant????? Why didn’t they just ask Howie????

            I posted within a few minutes that I had thought about it, and said Sayonara and Happy Trails. I had gotten an email from the treehouse, no name signed, that they had gotten some emails about how rude I was. Never said who did the complaining, and never signed by anyone at CTH. I left the treehouse. Stupidly, a while later, I tried to post a correction to one of the hearing dates coming up that the tree was still posting, and said that that hearing date had been moved. I don’t remember who snagged my comment in moderation, but they took my posted info., changed the posting name to their’s and posted my comment. I had posted a comment at the OS shortly after that warning that people at the CTH were posting other’s comment’s as their own. Someone at the OS said something that I deserved what I got because I was posting at the treehouse as a stealth poster, or something like that. I have no idea who it was but I had an idea that it was someone else who also had a Zimmerman site going, and was connected to the treehouse people, but I am not sure about that. I again stupidly did send some info. to the email at the tree, and in fact SD did post my info., but never named me as the source. I never have had any contact with the tree for several months, in fact many months. I finally saw them as the dishonest people they were. I think that was before they really started slamming O’Mara.

            So, to answer your question Nettles, I left the treehouse before the door could slam me in the azz, but then I was banned from ever posting again. Have I answered the question? LOL

        • So true. Sadly yep… it is true. This is why I have been so tough on em. They are very extreme conservatives. I call those types the end time preppers.

          • I’ve heard that type referred to as “bunkers.” LOL What they seem to be bunking is all their cash hordes so those evil drug overdosers don’t get their dollars to pay for their medical bills. I don’t do drugs, and I don’t think they should be lagalized, but that’s just me, an old fart.

            Interesting caller to talk radio one day who said she thought everything should be legalized, all the drugs, prostitution and every other vise. The host asked her if we would not be just creating another dependent society. She said that if anyone was stupid enough to get overdosed, or full of STD’s they could just lay there and die for all she cared, just don’t dare think that they were going to take the money out of her pocket to pay for it.

            What is most damaging is that the left calls everyone on the right to be extremists which is not true and very unfair. It is the bunker or prepper types that they are really referring to, but just paint that broad brush across the entire Republican party.

            • Yep, heard that” bunker” reference too mini.
              I am sure many newbies and lurkers notice the heavy moderation that goes on there. When a website has only positive feed back on posts 99% of the time and has that many visitors someone is mod·ing hard.
              The ability to freely express one’s knowledge, interpretations and opinions is a God given right. It is a part of who we are as human beings. It is how we learn, teach and socialize. Freedom of thought becomes freedom of speech, and then freedom to associate. Excessively limiting any one of these is limiting freedom. Only violent expressions should be limited. Not unpopular or opposing views should be censored, ever!

              That whole “blogs are living rooms” POV is BS. They have rights AND responsibilities to viewers, and their guests, too. They can lose their privileges at WP. It is not a living room. It is more like a party in the rented gazebo @ the public park. Not a living room.
              Just because someone can pull library books from public buildings shelves. Just because someone can have someone remove a cross from a public building. And just because someone can supress public speech they do not agree with by hitting a button is not any better then the above censorship.
              Censorship, especially against political opposition is what happens in the Middle East, which are authoritarian and repressive regimes.
              We are in America, the place that taught the world tolerance.
              Obviously the CTH has no idea what hospitality is. Either your blog is a living room where you are a host/hostess whos intent is to make guests comfortable to have conversation, or you are political dictator who is intolerant of any other message but yours. You can not have it both ways!

              CTH missed the opportunity just like the Schemsters to address some important issues we ALL (Black, White, Hispanic, Right,Middle, Left, Rich or Poor).

              There are some people on both Left and Right that are just too extreme. The ones in the middle are getting tired of it. It is kinda like the same crap the middle class has to deal with. The political parties have changed. It is like all I want to say when asked what party I am is “Not Extreme”!

              • In all fairness to CTH, they have made it clear that hospitality is not the aim of the website. If people don’t like what they see, they are not only free and encouraged to leave.

                CTH does not care if it misses important issues as defined by others. They hit the issues they want to hit.

                Their narrowed focus erodes the effectiveness of their strongest suit which is the SD’s talent to frame issues in a very useful format.

                  • I just feel there is a personal responsibility when you discuss such controversial topics. So how one delivers it is how it will be recieved. That is more important then the message itself.
                    For instance, Julison had a job right? Despite many of us disagreeing with the facts he left out for deliberate narrative purposes, he was successful in his delivery because he focused on his narrative. I disagree with blaming Julison for violence others have commited. That is really a far left excuse for social problems. I believe in personal accountability. But for the sake of arguement…. SD does blame Julison for his narrative causing violence. But on the flip side SD can be blamed for making all Conservatives look like him.

                    • Is it not the responsibility of the individual looking at SD, for example, to not judge all conservatives by SD’s brand?

                    • Well, I would think so hooson. That is my point. I view him as an extreme brand hypocrite in the political arena. But there is another element here….he is a Christian Christian. That requires consistency and social responsibility of conservatives who profess faith in Christ.

                    • Christianity and Politics can become ideologically incompatible if you take away the most important messages. Tolerance, Love, and Sacrafice.
                      There is no self interest there in those messages.
                      Social Justice does not gain any more favor in the eyes of God. ” If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing”
                      (1 Cor. 13:3)
                      “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”
                      (2 Cor. 4:7).

                • I am not sure of their true objective. It can not be truth because truth is not subjective like the treehouse. It can not be against the MSM, because CTH has the same type of journalistic integrity. It can not be to expose BGI because they play the same cards as they do. It can not be for Conservative values because they do not speak for all Conservatives. So it must be the last refuge for a bunch of internet misfits who are just intolerant of social norms. If it keeps them peaceful so be it. That I hope IS their objective.

                  • makes me wonder if they, SD and admins, ever go toe to toe. I’ve never seen it. You would think even in a group of “like minded” people, that you still would have disagreements. I know I do with people I know in my personal life who are basically on the same page as myself. We disagree often. Yet, you never see SD and admins disagree for all to see. Most every blog I’ve visited still had people who you could term basically in “lock step” still disagreeing on something. Not at the treehouse. I wonder if their is a lot of tongue biting there, or if they are bots all controlled by SD.

          • Of course, there is the story of the MSM reporter who went out to interview a survivalist/eot prepper and asked him why he was so afraid of the future?

            To which the survivalist replied, “shucks, afraid? I’m not afraid, I’m prepared!”

            • For the record hooson I do not think all preppers are in it for altruistic purposes. In fact many of the survivalists today could be an asset to people that face natural disasters and help their communities until first responders arrive. I am talking survivalists that tend toward being anti-government, white supremacist, millennialist, isolationist, and violent.

              • You don’t have to be a bunker, a prepper or a survivalist just because you love to garden and can your own veges and food. We’ve had periods when the power was out for more than a week. It’s super when you can open jars of stuff, shovel a path in the snow to the grill, and have good hot food to eat.

                I know the kind of person you are talking about Danny. The guy that owns the local Army and Navy store is one of them. He told us that he sold everything, bought an all terrain vehicle, and is ready to head for the mountains when the tanks start coming down the street in town. LOL I’m serious. He was showing us the websites he visits that are even worse than the Alex Jones conspiracy crap.

    • Mini,
      Hillbuzz was initially a Hillary supporter site until Palin entered the picture. As you know their were people who were for Hilliary, but then rooted for McCain/Palin when Hilliary did not make it for ticket because they reject Obama. Funny SD so secure in his ideology would hang around such a place. Original Hillbuzzers/ Honey Trail peeps were a cocktail mixture. Some Indies, some Reps., some I would say are even moderate democrats, some even moderate republicans but none are far left.
      It is funny though considering how they outline ideology so strictly. That is why I write about CTH always bringing up ideology.

      As for Stella/ StellaP…same from Hillbuzz. She used another name somewhere else temp. after the Dujan thing.

      Here is history of a temporary site they all used to talked on before the Honey Trail and CTH, it was a lefties site though. Lol.


      That is all I am going to say about that for now. You all have sharps eyes.

  16. This is way off topic but I wanted to share a story that some may not have seen in the news. There is an elderly Buddhist Monk who lives in a rural area in Specer Oklahoma. He survives on $350. per month. He rescues animals and currently has 13 ponies, 1 sheep, 8-10 dogs, and 15 chickens. Last Friday afternoon he was dragged out of his home, and beaten severly with pipes, by two of Obama’s son look alikes, who are 14-15 years old. The Monk, Tony, regained consiousness about 24 hrs. later, and crawled into his house to call 911. He was taken to the hospital and patched up, and then released on Mon. because he has no insurance, or ability to pay for medical bills. I’ve been in contact with a neighbor and friend Joey Ortiz by email. I’ve spoken with the wonderful people who are taking care of Tony. His jaw was fractured. His teeth were knocked out. He has bleeding on the brain and will be seeing a neurosurgeon this week. He still can’t walk and is in pain. I understand there is a warrant out for the arrest of one of the thugs, who was also a neighbor. The police cannot find them, they are on the run, and they are armed.

    If you desire and/or are able to make any kind of donation for the feed his rescued animals need, please call Lumber2 in Spencer Ok. at 405-769-5603. They don’t normally take credit card info. over the phone but agreed to accept my donation as it would be a little hard for me to go there from VA. Talk to Kim. If you can make any kind of even small donation, please email Joey at jortiz76er@yahoo. com to let him know. Joey is helping to care for the animals as Tony is trying to recover. Joey will know what the animals feed needs are. Heck a bag of dog food will go a long way. The great people he is staying with Ray and Pat are doing what they can for Tony, and Ray is a retired cop from Fla. Pat said that Tony is being kept safe. While the thugs are still on the run the whole area is unsafe.

    If there is any way you can or want to help Tony’s beloved animals, please do what you can. Thank you.

          • This is the site where I first saw the story yesterday.


            I had emailed Joey Ortiz, and he emailed back with some info. on the feedstore as I had asked him to do. I just got off the phone with Joey. I spoke with Pat earlier this morning, she is caring for Tony at her home. She told me about his injuries, and the fact that he has no money for medical bills. Her and her husband are doing all they can for Tony. She just got him an air mattress. He is staying at their home.

            Joey had said that he was the one that contacted the local news so that the story would not just get buried. He said he knows of the two teens, and said they have been terrorizing the area for months, but the police could never prove they were involved in the many home invasions they are suspected of being involved in. He said they are from a neighboring community and are part of a gang. He verified that they are armed. He said that they likely thought Tony was dead, and that he wouldn’t be able to ID them. Tony recognized one of them and gave the police the description.

            I let Joey know that the story has been making the rounds on the internet. He said that local people have come forward with donations of hay for the horses, but the smaller animals need food. I don’t know if any of these great people would be willing or able to set up a donation website. We know how people can be accused of doing bad things with those kinds of donation sites.

            • I’m not sure what the banking situation is but here in Canada, if someone want to collect donations for someone in need, they open up a trust fund account for the person and authority is given by the family on how the money gets spent.

              Then donors are asked to go to any branch of that bank and make a donation to the account.

              With Tony being out of hospital now, perhaps he can open an account. The banks will help him out.

              Joey and Ray appear to be true friends. Ray and Pat have taken Tony into their home while he mends. I’m saddened to read Tony is laying on an air mattress.

              • Nettles- I believe the air mattress is to relieve pressure points for where Tony is sore and in pain. It isn’t because he is laying on the floor on an air mattress because they have no other beds.

                I don’t know much of anything about the Buddhist religion, or what Buddhist Monks believe in particular. I think they take vows of poverty. Tony is existing on $350. per month, and much of that goes to his rescued animals for food and care. Pat had said that the neurosurgeon Tony will be seeing this week is also a Buddhist. I am hopeful that he will receive treatment for little or no money from a fellow Buddhist. I honestly don’t know if Tony would even consider asking for donations or anything. It is Joey who is asking for help with food for the animals he is caring for until Tony gets better. Joey did say that it will be quite a while until Tony is up to par. Pat and Ray are also helping with the animals care. They are currently taking care of horses that belong to their son who is currently away in the Airforce. They are all working in conjunction to help Tony and the animals. That is why I trust them enough to donate to the feed store to help buy animal chow.

                • A few years ago I attended a Buddist funeral. My co-worker was the spouse of the deceased.

                  They had a table in front of an open casket, laid out with all kinds of food and a thermos of hot liquid.

                  About a dozen monks came in dressed in robes and began chanting. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. They chanted for close to an hour, while all the time, my co-worker would kneel beside her two young boys and the family would press their foreheads to the floor. Then they would get up, put some food on a plate, pour some hot liquid into a cup, take a bite, take a sip, back to the floor, kneel, forehead to the floor and this continued for an hour. I was exhausted watching her and her two young kids, The monks chanting was so beautiful.

                  Several months after the funeral, I asked my co-worker if it was possible to buy a CD of the monks chanting. She brought me in 4 CDs of it and I still listen them as I soak in the tub with my candles lit. Absolutely relaxing.

                  Like Mr. Rogers said when you see disaster look for the helpers. There are always people helping when bad things happen. I too will be helping Tony and his animals. These are good people. We need to drill down to what makes 14 and 15 year old boys treat the elderly so callously.

                  • That was very interesting Nettles. Thanks for sharing that. I know that I will die without knowing even one gazillionth of all there is to know, but I just learned something new.

                    I just did a tiny little bit of research and found that there are different Buddhist traditions. One of the things I read specifically was that they have nothing more than what they absolutely need. That would be food, clothing, shelter and medicine. The article said that they prefer to sleep on a simple blanket on the hard floor. Maybe that is why Pat got Tony an air mattress. It must be brutal to sleep on the hard floor when you have such terrible injuries. Their shelter is to be very modest with no signs of luxuries. They are never to ask for or even accept money that someone else collected on their behalf.

                    Really having no knowledge of Tony’s religious traditions, whatever they may be, I am thankful that I was able to help with feeding the creatures he was giving most everything he had to. I’ve heard that the property where he was living was very rural and remote, and usually very peaceful. It was him and his animals.

                    Yes Nettles, when things seem so rotten and disgusting, and the beating he got was just that, I always know that there are people who will come forward and help in any way they can. Thank you so very much for being one of those people.

                    • Something inside of him aloud him to survive. And for some the most little of measures allows much comfort. I sleep on the floor when my back hurts and I have a king sized bed. One pillow on my head and one between my legs I am good. If I have

    • Sometimes I wonder in what Country I am living! This poor man! He was not bothering anyone. I am so glad this neighbor is being this mans voice. So sad. I will send out an email chain. Thank You so much mini for spreading the word for this soul. Did they catch the guys?

      • They didn’t catch them yet. They are on the run and hiding, and they are armed. Yes, please email Joey. He is the source. Tell him Sandy sent you. He wouldn’t have a clue of who minpin or pinecone is. LOL I had gotten Pat’s number from the site Nettles linked above. It is listed in the comments section. They are all really great and caring people. Pat and I were crying like fools while talking that there is such sleaze in this world who would do such a thing. I understand the young pair of thugs always go after the most vulnerable. They are suspected of robbing and beating a woman a few weeks ago.

          • Yes the cops know who they are. They have issued an arrest warrant for one of them. Joey had explained that the area where they come from is about a 2 square mile area, and it sounds like it could be harlem or some kind of projects loaded with drugs and gangs. He said that the thugs may be being hidden by one of the gang members or anywhere within that community. The one with the arrest warrant already has a rap sheet and he is only 14-15 years old. Joey also said that when they do catch them they will be tried as adults. He said that in that area that anyone over 13 gets tried as an adult. He will likely be arrested for attempted murder.

            Thank you so very much for caring Danny. Pat said that for everyone that has called about Tony and his well being has many thanks from the bottom of Tony’s heart, and that he is praying for all of us. I can’t wait for the day that I can talk to Tony himself.

            • Well they can be anywhere. Between the very populated states even surrounding. I grew up not to far from Philly so… we had criminals from all surrounding states come our way especially involved in gangs and drugs.

              Sounds like Tony is now in good hands. You are doing what you can. I am sure they are grateful for your help.

              • Ha. I’m very familiar with Philly. My better half and I always remarked on how in one corner of Philly in particular the idiots would stand on street corners and shoot those on opposite corners in broad daylight, almost on a daily basis. I was born and grew up in a small town in NE Pa. Near the Poconos.

                • I grew up in Berks County, Reading Pa. Really we are between Philly and N.Y. Even York was big drug/ gang central. Allentown? Forgettabout it. Am I getting too personal? I was born in Berks County. Reading (pronounced Red ing). But, was raised in Wyomissing/ Shillington Pa. I also lived in Hacienda Heights, CA. I am fortunate.

                  • Taylor Swift came from Wyo. And Fergie from Black eyed Peas was from Hacienda Heights. Ryan Seacreast from American Idol mentioned it once.

                    • I was in Bucks county. Coal country back then. Anthracite to be exact. I wasn’t far from Jim Thorpe. The town wanted to bury the football legends remains in the town, so they named the town after him. Then his remains got dug up and moved to somewhere else. They never changed the name of the town back. That’s about the biggest claim to fame for my area. LOL

      • I will see what I can do in my email chain mini. I am not on social media like twitter or FB. But I advocate and have social contacts in email and you know how word of mouth goes so I hope I can help at least a bit.

  17. WATCH: George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Joke Stuns James Franco Roast

    Towards the end of his set, Ross, who was dressed as Franco’s character from Spring Breakers, took on one of the his target’s most famous failures: the 2011 Oscars. “Face it, Franco,” Ross said, “you and Anne Hathaway had the comedic chemistry of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.”

    video/article @ link

    WHERE’S the blow back on this distasteful joke from Hollywood?

  18. Does anyone have any thoughts on the 2nd part of Shellie’s interview? Could Sims have possibly gotten them to HOLD OFF due to the cuts/editing in the interview?

    • Did they air a 2nd part? I wondered if the interview wasn’t more for getting information to Team Crump than it was getting it aired.

      I’ve only seen 2 minutes of heavily edited tape. The interview is reported to have been an hour long.

      • Yes, they did air part two of that interview (earlier this morning). The interviewer asks Shellie “Was George always a racist monster?” and then it cuts to Shellie and then you hear a man who sounds like Al Sharpton “Always. He would eat them and always say “I cannot wait to shoot more”. That’s when I realized something might be suspicious with all of this…The sad part is some might have reason to believe this actually happened. Lord knows they would get away with it.

        • nomoreplease ~ thanks, I thought that maybe they decided not to show the second half, it’s not on ABC’s website for GMA.. What an INAPPROPRIATE/ludicrous question the interviewer ask? That makes me just furious!

        • These people are just asking for someone to set their integrity straight. Maybe they want to be sued and for GZ/SZ to win civil lawsuits and they wanna make it easier?

        • I hope someone can provide us a video or some kind of clip with this 2nd snippet of the interview with Shellie. ABC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t they? IMO the interview with Shellie was done by the book author/hustler who wanted to create publicity for her piece of trash. She was embraced by ABC so that they could dole out parts of the interview as they saw fit to boost their ratings and get people to tune in. I’m disgusted with their publicity/money grubbing antics.

          • The media operation at any big house is an assembly line factory. Bookers are looking for items that can attract viewers. Promoters are looking for a venue to get some publicity.

            ABC is no better nor any worse than its competition.

            But here is an interesting question. What are the odds of Jack Cashill being able to hawk his book on Good Morning America, or the Today Show, or CBS?

              • i would not be surprised to see Dr. Phil do another show during the next Sweeps period beginning at the end of October.

                If he does another show, it is likely to be a rehash of the previous show with another series of softball question, based on the Crump/Julison narrative, tossed in the direction of Tracy and Sabrina.

                Do not expect to see Alicia on the program, or a discussion on the use of “purple lean”, MMA, school suspensions, etc as part of any segment in this rehash.

                • hooson1st – I read months ago that Dr. Phil is going to, or has already offer Tracy/Sybrina the same deal he gave George/CIndy Anthony. SINCE ALL national media claims they don’t pay for interviews, they do PAY licensing fees for any pictures/videos & they too donate to the Foundation/Non Profits for the family, in other words, THEY PAY or they wouldn’t get the interview & that doesn’t include air fare, hotels, spending monies etc.

                  Dr. Phil claimed he “donated to the Caylee Foundation, he DIDN’T PAY the Anthony’s for the interview, but that was a LIE. The Caylee Foundation received $ 600,000.00 from Dr. Phil & in less than 1 year, the Anthony’s had WITH DRAWN every dime & shut down the foundation.

                  I hope the same isn’t done for Sybrina/Tracy, if so, I hope Dr. Phil does the same for the Zimmerman Family along w/MOM/West also.

                  • If the facts are as you cite them, then you have also outlined a modus that the Dr. Phil people would try to apply to the Zimmerman/Martin case. And don’t forget that Dr. Phil’s appearance in TV land was an outgrowth of his relationship with Oprah.

                    The Dr. Phil people do try to bring “the other side” into the stories they present to the viewing public. Last time around, don’t forget that O’Mara didn’t want any of this. The Dr. Phil people either approached, or were approached by the Osterman’s.

                    Unfortunately, however well-intentioned the Ostermans were, they were no match for the situation they were faced with when the entire show was being done from the perspective of the Crump/Julison narrative.

                    A good counter to the narrative as a guest for Dr. Phil would be Jack Cashill. He has a book ,he is articulate, he has command of the facts, he has no personal connection to Zimmerman.

                    • hooson – you’re right, Dr. Phil got his start from Oprah & being involved in her trial, lucky break for Dr. Phil.

                      In the Anthony interviews after KC’s case, Dr. Phil just interviewed Cindy/George together & separately over 2 days, which, imo, was good because GA stated that he “thought Caylee was in the way of the life KC wanted to live.” The photos of KC proved that to be the case but Cindy, continued to LIE her butt off claimming KC would never harm Caylee, no one believed that but KC’s
                      jury, Dr. Phil confronted CA saying she was in “denial, the facts showed differently.” imo, he was correct.

                      Dr. Phil is good about having different sides on some shows in which he brings in Lisa Bloom, & others & tries to portray a fair presentation as you stated.. I honestly hope Sybrina/Tracy don’t go on Dr. Phil’s show because I fear they will continue to misrepresent everything, PLUS, Dr. Phil might give their foundation $ 600,000.00. The topic might be too HOT for Dr. Phil, we’ll just have to see what happens.

            • hooson – imo, ABC is worse than the other National Media Outlets & they took a tremendous beat down Nationally when they paid Baez/KC $ 200,000.00 for pictures of Caylee & exposed themselves as basically, paying for an interview. Baez had to admit where the money came from in Court when he claimed “indigent status” for KC ABC suffered so much criticism that they Nationally apologized & claimed they were “revamping their interviews, they wouldn’t PAY ANYONE for an interview in the future.”

              Of course they lied, they PAY “licencing fees/videos/pictures/ & donate to foundations & so does everyone else. Roy Kronk, the person that found Caylee’s remains in the swampy area took a picture of a “snake he killed at the scene” so he could get closer to Caylee was PAID $ 10,000.00 so NBC could show the photo on air. George Anthony admitted in a deposition that he & Cindy were “under contract w/NBC.” GOOD GRIEF. They all pay but they claim it’s not for interviews.

              • I know very little about the KC case outside the headlines everyday. I defer to your knowledge about all these details. My impression of the case was that KC’s behavior afterwards warranted suspicion and her story seemed to beg credulity. In other words, the exact opposite of the Zimmerman case where his behavior afterward was that of an innocent person and his story was matched by the evidence.

                As far as which network is ahead in the race to be “worst” you could be correct, I don’t know.

  19. NY Case Puts N-Word Use Among Blacks on Trial
    Associated Press

    A federal jury has rejected the argument that use of the N-word among blacks can be a culturally acceptable term of love and endearment, deciding its use in the workplace is hostile and discriminatory no matter what.

    Jurors last week awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages to a black employment agency worker who was the target of an N-word-laced rant by her black boss, and they return to a Manhattan federal court Tuesday to decide on punitive damages.


    I HOPE they give her a ton of $$$$$$$$$, GOOD for HER for standing up for herself. SUCK IT UP Jamie Foxx, Orpah, Samuel Jackson, Quentin Tarintino!

    One of my pet peeves, WHY is it acceptable for blacks to call each other “ni**er” when Paula Dean has LOST ALL her endorsements, her publisher canceled her book release which had 400,000 pre-ordered books & the Court threw the case out, the accuser was singing Paula Dean’s praises ONLY AFTER ruining her career & there was no evidence, Paul Deen was found not to be racist. The law suit was too dropped on “sexual harassment” against Paula Deen’s brother, both sides paid their own legal fees. I never thought I would see the day when an ACCUSER could ruin the life of someone else since Duke Lacrosse, without facts to stand up in Court. Though Paula Deen has been vindicated, she lost in the Court of public opinion, TOO MANY jumped to convict Paula Deen before she ever went to Court ONLY for there to be no case at all.

    Moronic Chris Brown went on a racist tweet attack last week claiming the “DA was RACIST” when she provided evidence to the Court that CB NEVER did the 1000 hours of community service for beating Rhihana, the Judge ordered CB to do another 1000 hours of Community Service. The DA IS BLACK! imo, the DA should take the RACIST Chris Brown to Court for slander.

    Oprah has said it “is okay for blacks to call other blacks ni**er” BUT Bill Cosby finds it “disgusting.”

    • This is what I am saying the word Cracker is no term of endearment for me even if you view yourself as Cracker! The double standard needs to stop if they truly want equality!
      One time I was helping a parent out at the welfare office to file for medical assistance. The parents caseworker was Black. We both caucasians. I made simple talk asking how busy she was.
      She started talking politics and my being unfamiliar with this caseworker I refered to “African Americans” instead of “Black”.
      Boy, she laid into me. She said ” You do not need to be politically correct. I take offense to politically correct people. I did not come from Africa. I was born here in America. I am American. As long as I am not called a ni**er or African American I am fine.”
      I asked what do you prefer to be called? She said “black.”
      I said” Well, what do you call me? She said “White”
      I held up a piece of paper… I said “Do I look white to you”? (I have olvive skin some even mistaken me for Hispanic)….I said well some of our kind do not mind it, some of us do. As long as you do not call me Cracker we are good. But I am not white, I am Causasian.”
      She hugged me when I left.

        • That is so funny! Cause the women in my Italiano family ya know what they are. The guys can pass as hispanic in a visual sense. But at home and buisness …..different worlds. Very different with the women. Italian women are different. The children are raised still to this day to respect the parents and tradition. It really is about tradition, honor, and doing what is right. I know Italians got the mob persona. At heart there are deep religious and family traditions unlike many cultures that we get mixed up with. I think and hope forever I will cook a 10 course meal, with 5 people by my side to help. Prolly some I hate but pray for anyways! Most times we send cookies instead of fish to a door steps. But hey… I am just an olive skin white non hispanic!

  20. Besides the social and political issues in the US. I feel there really is no threat as great as many fear. Could you imagine the capabilities of the United States united as one? I know if it would come down to it that it would be of dire straights not to be an ally. I think we are raising our youth in too much fear and division. They live fast and loose or they live pent up. My kids are too young to even remember 9/11. I know due to threats because we seem weak they plan to leave for a much more stress free place, if it is possible. My kids want to travel and they want to because they are exposed to different cultures, ideas, affiliations. They can not have a dog because we rent. They cant have a pool cause it will kill the grass. They cant play in a neighbors trees because we may sue them. They cant play cops and robbers because both are bad guys! Humanity in all forms of social justice. They hate war, but understand it. They want to heal but know they are limited, they share but know they need to survive. It is not about extremes. It is about balance.

    So where are those like the majority? Cause I know I am not alone. I know these kids are not either!

    • danny, they don’t care about the “majority”. I think that’s pretty clear. It’s government, minorities, and special interest. The rest of us just have our butts hanging in the breeze. We’re too busy trying to figure how to put food on the table and keep the home front going. I can’t believe how expensive everything is. So everything was outsourced and we are paying more NOW then when it was made here. Go figure.

  21. I don’t see an update from Jordan since his 9-1 comment about his medical situation.
    I sure hope he is getting the attention he needs!!!
    Anyone know anything?? tia

  22. I am going to put this on all that is Holy. Sundance will not, even if he sues the School board, will find out any mental health records on Trayvon Martin. MOM could not even find out even if he asked for it religiously from the Pope every night! Sundance can talk about MOM and even Crump till he is blue in the face. He can waterboard Drs. that treated that kid if the accusation is true and you would NEVER know. Sundance knows this. He chases Leprochans at the end of his Lucky Charms cereral at midnight!
    Sundance. You are no Ralph the Mouse. Take a break. Take a break.

  23. The trials of George Zimmerman: a public referendum on his guilt

    Now activists who say the verdict was unjust are trying a new tactic – they are setting up voting booths and creating ballots to hold a referendum that will allow residents in Los Angeles and Chicago to vote on whether President Obama and Holder should investigate and indict not only Zimmerman but the Sanford, Fla., police department for civil rights violations. Though the ballots will have no formal legal standing, the hope is that they can pressure Obama and Holder into taking action.


    jmho – Chicago has so many innocent people murdered by catching a stray bullet, maybe Chicago NEEDS to concentrate on Chicago & the black on black murder by gangs. They can’t RESOLVE nor improve protection fr the innocent that are murdered while strolling their babies, or just trying to catch a bus.

    jmho – WHY the black community thinks they can PRESSURE Obama/Holder to take action by bringing bogus charges against GZ is insanity. I read the Detroit News & Chicago News when I have time as both cities are faced with unbelievable crime rate, it’s painful to even read the news from those cities, there doesn’t seem to be many solutions, Detroit is bankrupt & the “god father Rahm” predicts Chicago could be next.

    SO! If they get enough petitions, if they raise enough hell, are they stupid enough to think they can pressure the POTUS to do anything, hell, he can’t make his mind up about Syria where children are being gassed.

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