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Congratulations Mark!



omaraMark O’Mara has agreed to join CNN to bring “thoughtful, moderated insight to what could otherwise be sensational or inflammatory issues.”

Congratulations Mark!  You worked hard, you got results and you deserve this recognition.  Please remember how important the media is to us all over the world and make sure we get the facts and not spin, entertainment or someone else’s agenda.


P.S.  Think about giving some of the reporters some leads to some interesting stories on the characters in the prosecution of the Zimmerman case. Just a thought. 😉


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  1. Let’s just hope he resists aggressively when they try to interrupt him in mid-sentence because he’s trying to make a point that takes more explaining than a bumper sticker slogan, or because they want to twist around what he’s trying to say to make it fit something they’re trying to push.

    (and it’s not just CNN guilty of that sort of thing, they all do it)

    • unitron – MOM might have to become more aggressive with that bunch instead of being the consummate gentleman, especially as you pointed out when they are “pushing” an agenda or point.

    • Great point. I just watched a show and the host appeared to be pressed for time so he had to get his point in and gave the guest little time to answer and said sorry, we are pressed for time. With O’Mara there regularly, he can be talking to and informing the staff, during breaks, make-up chair, waiting for segments about where the pitfalls he has seen are. Then give them examples of what is a fact and what they still today think of his famous case.

      Over time he can influence the on-air folks. I wonder what Crump is thinking about this? It’s going to be harder for him to run to CNN with a bullshit set of facts the next time. What happens to Crump’s playbook?

      • Good points. It will be interesting to see going forward. CNN exclusively for a time had everyone on that was in the Trayvon camp. This certainly throws a monkey wrench into the mix.

  2. Posted on July 17, 2013 8:25:46 AM by RoosterRedux ~ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3043992/posts

    “Mark O’Mara is modern-day America’s answer to Atticus Finch. Don West also deserves enormous credit, yet he does not have the detached and martyred air that Mr. O’Mara shares with Atticus. Mr. West could not contain his exasperation when faced with an incredibly unprofessional prosecution and judge. Mr. O’Mara, in an equally valid response, chose to keep his Zen.

    Mr. O’Mara betrays a steely toughness with a Giuliani-esqe lisp. During the news conference after the verdict, a reporter from the Times of London tritely asked, “You mentioned something about George wanting to get his life back there’s one person who’s not going to. Have you got any words for the family of Trayvon Martin?” Mr. O’Mara genuflected appropriately to indicate his sympathy, but then continued:

    “I’m not going to shy away from the fact that the evidence supported that George Zimmerman did nothing wrong, and that he was battered and beaten by a 17-year-old who for whatever reason, we won’t know, thought that he had to lash out and attack violently. And it turns out that all of the forensic evidence supports that. None of it supports that George was ever the aggressor. Certainly not legally, and I don’t think morally.”

    “Do you have any message?” the reporter asked again, undeterred. And this is the way it goes. When it comes to the media, any voice that contradicts their viewpoint tends to speak right past them. Reporters’ follow-up questions often show no indication that they have mentally absorbed the initial response. They don’t hear what they don’t want to hear.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jul/16/the-defender-mark-omara-a-real-life-atticus-finch/

  3. I was on Huffington Post today on the story about CNN hiring Mr. O’Mara. The comments on the article are wild. Many of the readers not happy that CNN hired the “enemy”. LOL

    • Nettles – anytime Huff Po is unhappy, it’s a good day for the good guys/GZ supporters. Jeez Louise – CNN needed MOM/NeJames to keep it real & not twist the facts.

      MOM needs to take advice on his on-air persona, from Mark Garagos, LOL & maybe be more aggressive. I love MOM the way he is but he has entered the
      “snake pit.” No doubt Garagos has given MOM the low down on Sonny Hosstin trying to twist his words while they dined together, Sonny tried that w/Bill Sheaffer on KC’s case & Sonny thought she would embarrass Bill, he jumped down her throat & told her “she might have been a Federal Prosecutor years ago, but she has NEVER practiced Fla. Law.” Sonny doesn’t do well when bitch slapped, but it set a boundary Sonny didn’t cross again w/Sheaffer.

      • Garagos has own style and persona, as does O’Mara. You will see the O’Mara that you saw in the courtroom and in the pressers. And that is pretty good.

    • I believe that is by intentional design unitron. Had I not made my suspicions known you wouldn’t see this.

      Sundance gets to give his negative opinion on a pack of women (Rick) while publicly looking like the understanding guy on the matter (Sundance).

      Sundance told us here on this blog that Rick was a friend or extended family member of George or Shellie’s. He thought perhaps, Shellie’s step-dad.

      Judging from the comments, you can be assured he is in no way an advocate for Shellie.

      It’s also apparent Rick wasn’t aware that George took off for a month without telling anyone. However, all his friends and family knew it.

      I stand convinced Sundance is playing games and being very disrespectful to his readers by doing so. If his admins aren’t in on the game then he plays them for a fool too.

      Sundance tells us that Rick felt he had to speak out because of all the misinformation being said about George. His comments almost solely focus on negative comments about Mark O’Mara (his favorite topic)

      As I’ve told everyone, Rick showed up on the treehouse on the day I got banned, Feb. 23rd. His first comment is here: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/02/23/never-allow-anything-to-compromise-your-integrity-george-zimmerman-is-learning-the-consequences-and-it-wasnt-even-his-creation/#comment-328351

      This is on the same thread I got banned. That post is here: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/02/23/never-allow-anything-to-compromise-your-integrity-george-zimmerman-is-learning-the-consequences-and-it-wasnt-even-his-creation/#comment-327842

      Rick showed up about 13 hours after my ban and he first commented to Jordan. Guess who responded to Rick first……Sundance and he doesn’t even acknowledge him as a new commenter.

      Rick has shown an amazing memory though of posts by a number of us going back to May of 2012. Here Rick tells Minpin that he nearly jumped in to save her from the attacks of the female admins. on September 1, 2012 https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/week-of-august-5th-2013/#comment-13580

      Wow! Rick watched that in September and knew all about the chemistry of the admins at the treehoouse where up to that point he hadn’t posted. Nope, he wouldn’t post for another 5 months. But he almost jumped in there to help.

      I got to wondering, was Rick really Sundance in that post. I went back to see if Sundance jumped in to express an opinion in the attack against minpin. Here is the attack, no Sundance or Rick. But he nearly jumped in. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2012/09/01/chapter-one-the-osterman-book-and-the-dangers-of-misplaced-advocacy/#comment-188898

      The attack starts with a “Diane” who never posted before or since near as I can tell.

      I stand convinced. I leave it to each of you to decide if you are being jerked around.

      • Note the impact that Rick’s first post has. Angel writes, Rick Madigan has convinced me. Justfactsplz looks forward to hearing more of his future posts, Diwataman weighs in how huge the incident described was and how significant it was to discrediting O’Mara (he doesn’t say, hey welcome, who are you?),

        Boricuafudd points out how the stuff at the bond hearing happened after the “glance” at the arraignment. So the glance couldn’t have been about the bond hearing stuff b/c it happened after. Rick Madigan explains Sundance’s brilliance in seeing the future in this post http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/02/23/never-allow-anything-to-compromise-your-integrity-george-zimmerman-is-learning-the-consequences-and-it-wasnt-even-his-creation/#comment-328749

        Are we really expected to be this dumb?

        I recall reading it that day, as it was the day I got banned and thinking who the hell is Rick Madigan? Where did he come from and how does he know so much. Rick’s first posts talks about what other Orlando attorneys said about O’Mara. Sundance posted on this blog about getting in the car and going to talk with Orlando attorneys who quite luckily had the time to tell him what a snake O’Mara was. Very lucky indeed.

        On February 24th I got an email telling me Rick was Sundance and watching it for over a month, yep it is/was quite possible.

      • Sundance gets to give his negative opinion on a pack of women (Rick) while publicly looking like the understanding guy on the matter (Sundance).

        I read that thread before unitron posted it here. My immediate reaction was that it was a convenient set up. I seem to recall “they” did it once before with religion.

      • Here is the post on Diwataman’s blog explaining to me why he (Rick) showed up after I had left but it had nothing to do with me (I’ve never said it did), but rather it was a post bashing O’Mara that he longed to participate in.

        Note he goes on in the post to give a history of what happened earlier when similar posts bashing O’Mara occurred (how does he knows this if as he says he “showed up” after my ban) and he knows how other commenters responded. Rick also says he doesn’t personally know Sundance but also tells us what Sundance meant and thought. It’s all in the same post.

        He also reminds me that we have spoken on O’Mara’s facebook page. I had never been on an O’Mara facebook page, unless he was referring to the GZ legal facebook page. I never heard anyone refer to it as an O’Mara page but maybe. I wondered if this was not Sundance’s sick way of trying once again to tie me to the defense personally with a motive to protect O’Mara.


        Here is Rick’s reaction to my suspicion he is Sundance and I say I am serious. http://diwataman.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/6280/#comment-9499

        You’ll also note on that thread, Tara, who may turn out to be Sundance’s wife, tells Diwataman to shut the thread down and burn it. Enough bashing of SD and the treehouse. http://diwataman.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/6280/#comment-9572

        • If Sundance is Rick Madigan, then he must have a PhD in sock-puppetry plus multiple personalities to keep all the puppet stories in line. I mean, why stop with just two identities.

          • There is no proof it is only 2 identities.

            We’ve all been posting together for a long time. I trust those who go way back. I’m wary of the new posters.

            Out of respect for all who post here, I will communicate a new commenter to you by welcoming them and you can decide if they are for real or perhaps another identity.

            Something I think should have been done when Rick just showed up on Feb. 23rd.

      • I chalk it up to Rick feeding SD privately maybe through email as someone who knew the Zimmermans. As I said before SD has some shady “sources” that do not add up, and history shows SD never really checked out if these email/commenters “sources” are indeed who they say they are. I came out of the wood work after lurking for a long time. I had my reasons. So newer posters who continue to post are not suspicious to me. It is the one time posters who praise or slam SD and are never heard from again is where I question. RM I notice came out at a time when he knew SD screwed up about the HOA and MOM. Looks like he just wanted to save face for SD at Dmans. Hell, we were making sense! Whatever RM was feeding him behind the scenes was a direct assualt on RM…so he came out!

        RM does not appear to be who SD thinks he is. I give you that Nettie.
        It is not just about what he has not known, it is about the lack of support just like you have said. Especially now. In the scheme of things, with the divorce, no one who has claimed to know the Zimmermans who post @ CTH has shared personal experiences they have had with them as a couple. And as you have seen every friend GZ or RZ has had from work or school became very close to they as a couple! That is how I knew these people claiming to know I mean really know them are full of shit. I think they are other people allowed there by SD to make him appear legit. I mean come on Justfactsplz is suppose to be an Ostermans Stepmom, and RM Shellies Stepdad. What are the chances?

        • I do believe Justfactsplz knows the Ostermans. Not only did she have valid information about the Dr. Phil show and that Alicia Martin would be on it she also posted about the Ostermans being deposed before it happened.

          As usual, she was highly critical in all things Mark O’Mara and she vented about “someone being deposed the next day” but didn’t get the notice because they had just moved. The notice was sent in care of Mr. O’Mara’s office and he didn’t let the people who were being deposed know. After the date of the deposition was over, she posted that it had been a good day for GZ but he didn’t know it yet. The deposition went very well.

          In reading all that, I thought (knowing who she was suspected to be) that it was the Ostermans being deposed. In private groups on facebook we discussed her big mouth and wondered why Sundance didn’t shut her up.

          When the notices of depositions got made public (to protect all, they were released only after the depositions took place), it was learned that yes, Mark and Sondra had depositions on the day Justfactsplz posted they did.

          Because of the book, the Ostermans got cut out of the communication link. So Justfactsplz has no inside information on what is going on with the Zimmermans. She was unaware as well that George had freaked everyone out and took off without a word to anyone.

          His close friends did know as evidenced by John Donnelly and they did what they could to support the family while they worried sick over George.

          • Oh Nettles I can understand where some may think jtfplz is relation to Ostermans. Yet again can be someone leaking info for them , or could be anyone who does knows inside info. But here is why I do not think she is as close as she makes it appear. The Ostermans were close to GZ and SZ. Way back a poster on CTH by the u.n. of strat4evr posted the name Mikki in a comment :
            strat4evr says:
            December 9, 2012 at 12:04 am

            This has totally screwed me up. I have followed and supported CTH because I believe in them.The issue of George, Shellie and Mikki is my belief and I am absolute in my opinion. I am close to the family and I will defy you to…………This is really screwed up………Yea, now it starts huh”

            Thing is, jtfplz had no clue who Mikki is. Coincidently strat4evr spoke of Mikki & katcreg is also related to Mikki. Mikki who is related to Shellie.
            I do not know anyone involved and I know who all 3 of these people are. Justfactsplz did not.

              • When I saw this, I thought Mikki was Shellie’s Mom. Her legal name is Machelle.

                But Strat4evr seemed to imply that if you don’t know who Mikki is, don’t pretend to be close to George and Shellie.

                  • Yes she goes by Mikki. I knew that and I do not know any Dean or Zimmerman. I know the name of Katcrag but I will not give that out here. Why she is showing up over there now is prolly cause Shellie is coming put and the divorce and all. As for SZ tiffing with RZjr.? Do not know if there is a tiff per se. But even tnough Shellie is close to Susie during the jailhouse calls Shellie got angry that George told family when he would be released. Shellie wanted keep them in the dark for saftey reasons and I guess because RZjr. was yapping all over the news and twitter she was afraid he would spill the beans. Who knows with e eryone going to CTH she prolly knew who was talking. I do not think RZjr. being gay had anything to do with it. In fact prior to this I am not even sure RZjr. and GZ were as close as Bobby made it seem.

            • Yep, Strat4evr is on my list as someone close to Shellie. I agree JFP hasn’t been able to provide any insight into the family except what Mark and Sondra were doing. That’s it. I’ve posted before, it won’t surprise me to learn she has never met George or Shellie.

              Now that you’ve brought that up, let’s discuss it. Robert Jr. stop going to court once Shellie started (June 10th). Then someone close to Shellie uses a user name of Strat4evr. Does Shellie and her family have an issue with Robert Jr. being gay?

              George’s Ex. told the FBI that George was very supportive of Robert Jr. when he came out as gay. With Shellie’s religious beliefs, is this the rift between Shellie and Robert (if there is one at all)?

              • Hi, Nettles. I hope you do not mind if I respond. I have been reading at other sites after RM posted something about me that I felt was unkind. I was trying to find out more information about him and that is how I ended up here I have no idea who he is but we have disagreed on things many times. His recent comments about Shellie bothered me. Anyway I noticed I was mentioned here and wanted to possibly answer some of the questions about me.

                I am Sondra Osterman’s stepmother. I do know George and Shellie but I have never met any of George’s or Shellie’s family members. George and Shellie have been to my home and I have attended many parties and get togethers that they were there, like family. The last time I saw George was two weeks after the shooting at my home. I gave him a hug as he came up the steps. He did express his concern at the time about the Black Panthers who were posted at the gate of his community. I had been watching all of the media blitz and I did tell him I thought he needed to get his story out there and that he needed to get a lawyer right away.

                The last time I saw Shellie was at the Ostermans some time later after George had already gone into hiding out of state. It was the day after I believe it was that Bobby had made his first t.v. appearance. I told Shellie I thought Bobby did a great job. We also talked a little about George’s grandmother who he loves dearly and had called worried about him. That was the extent of any conversation I had with them about family members. I have heard things about their family members but that is it. When this happened to George I watched all of the media and like you researched everything I could. It was personal for me. George was being railroaded and I knew he was innocent.

                I had never blogged before but I was really reading horrible comments about George so I jumped in to defend him and quoted facts to all of the Trayvonites. At that time I was on ClickOrlando.com. My research led me to CTH. I read there for several months and first commented in August 2012 when the talk of the Dr. Phil article was written. I did what most people would do and defended my family members. I don’t always agree with the Ostermans on everything, like the book, and Omara. They do not participate in blogs. There is no way I would believe that Rick is Mark Osterman. They are too different in thinking and writing. I am the only one in the family that I know of that has studied the evidence forwards and backwards. I doubt if they have even read it all. Once George was aquitted I turned my focus on Shellie and her upcoming hearing. I have been very upset about all of the hateful and down right mean comments about her everywhere. Whether or not she went to the media, she does not deserve that kind of hate.

                I am glad they have friends and family to see them through all of this. They are a nice young couple. So that is who I am and how I know George and Shellie. I just believe strongly in standing up for what I feel is the right thing to do. I met George when he was working with Sondra and I met Shellie on the way to a soccer game. I have know them for a little over five years. So that is my story.

                  • My heart has always been in the right place and I never meant to say too much. No, no one that was adms. or owners of the blogs ever asked me to stop posting. Some angry posters suggested it along with the statement that they wish I would be in a plane crash. There were a couple of people at CTH in the beginning who were very hostile and did everything they could to intimidate me enough I would leave but I know who I am and what I believe so I didn’t let them get to me. They have not posted in a very long time anywhere that I know of. But no, I have never been asked to stop posting by the people that run the blogs. Things are winding down now so none of this matters much. I do hope the sanctions and the evidence with holding and tampering will be addressed so none of this ever happens to anyone else again. That is enough from me. By the way you have a nice looking blog.

                    • I meant did Mark or Sondra or George and Shellie ever ask you to stop posting. I can’t see why Sundance would want you to stop. Whether you realize it or not, you drew a lot of people to the treehouse. We all wanted to hear from sources close to the family. I often wondered why GZ’s defense didn’t contact you to stop. I wondered if they did but you continued anyway.

                      If none of them ever asked you to stop then I may have been off-base on how close you were coming to hurting the case. If they at all thought what you were posting was harmful to them, I’m certain you would have been alerted.

                • Have you asked Rick Madigan what his involvement in the case is all about? Why he decided to post on the case in Feb. of this year? We have ruled out that he can’t be Mark Osterman. Rick was live blogging at the time Mark was on the stand.

                  He’s been ruled out as a relative of George and Shellie’s based on his attacks on them recently.

                  When Rick first showed up he made comments that sounded like he was family. but those posts are gone now.

                  If people can’t be honest about who they are and their relationships, I don’t think they should be posting.

                  It’s not respectful to those searching for the truth in the case to be talking with people with unknown relationships.

                  For instance your comments about the book that Mark and Sondra wrote has to be weighed against the fact you are related to them. Your comments won’t be as objective.

                  If Tara that posted at the treehouse is actually Sundance’s wife, it’s not right to not reveal that when she or he posts about each other.

                  George’s heart must have been in his throat as so many in his circle posted and gave insight away.

                  I’ve read you are dealing with shingles. I’m so sorry to hear that, it’s quite painful I understand. I hope you get relief soon and I thank you for clearing up some understanding. I’m getting so sick and tired of looking at this case through swiss cheese.

                  One thing we all share in common is wanting the best for both Shellie and George Zimmerman, and for the rest of us too.

                  Be well and feel free to participate here now that George and Shellie are out of danger of criminal prosecution.

                  Once again, I ask everyone to be honest or just don’t post.

                  • I never asked Rick but assumed he knew the Zimmermans but his attacks on Shellie make no sense to me. The first I heard about Tara was from your posts. She was from Chicago I thought. She and Sundance did not always see eye to eye. So I know nothing there either. The Ostermans nor George or Shellie nor the defense ever asked me to stop posting. I would not have continued if they had. Shellie knew I was posting and she was folllowing the blogs in the very beginning but I don’t know after she left here. Once I actually read the book I realized some things did not jive with the evidence. The only contact I had with the defense directly was one email and an answer to my email. They asked if they could share my email with George and I said yes. I am being as honest as I can and honesty is very important to me. Yes the shingles are terrible pain and sickness. I would have gone crazy these past two weeks without my computer. I hope it doesn’t last much longer. It did appear to me on yesterday’s thread that Rick was outing one of Shellie’s family members maybe. I kind of called him on it but he kept doing it. My guess is that he is a friend of some kind of George.

                    • Since I’ve called for honesty in posting, Rick disappeared. What does that tell us? Rick was pretty tough on George in his last blog, but alas he deleted it.

                      Rick’s outlook on women, I’d guess he’s been married as many as 4 times. 🙂

                      You have always been honest. That was what was getting you into trouble with some I think. At one point, I recall you posting about a fear of being identified and that you worried about your safety and I guess that was what really made your continuing to post so confusing.

                      From your first day, you never hid your relationship but at times I thought you made it sound closer than it actually was. All of that doesn’t matter now. I trust you feel safe posting now in the sunlight?

                      The online threats are largely bluster. They scared me at first but the more transparent I was the less I got threatened. Someone on facebook said they were going to serve me with legal papers for defaming Tracy Martin. I told them not to bother the kind folks of Toronto when looking for me, I lived west of there in Brampton. When they saw I wasn’t intimidated they went away. I haven’t been harassed online for a long time. Very weird, but true.

        • treehousecomments

          This screen shot was taken from the now defunct “Shellie files for divorce” blog at the treehouse. I don’t recognize these 3 commenters at all. As a matter of fact, there isn’t many posting there that I posted with back in February. Notice the profile picture for Sharon Ann and the Pondering Observer, exact same picture! Coincidence?

          As someone told me via email, the treehouse will likely attract a lot more new visitors with Jack Cashill’s book out now. The paranoia on the site about others as some of us has been subjected to will likely get worse over there.

          We had this problem on facebook. The administrators would ban commenters and then they came back as someone else. Some pretended to be brand new and just developed an interest and those posters turns out to be frauds almost all of the time.

          Having said that, there are legitimate people who have read and never comment and then something motivates them to post. So my thought is until it’s shown that a commenter is not being honest, benefit of the doubt goes to new guests.

          In my defense on Rick Madigan, he clearly was motivated to post about bashing O’Mara. It’s his favorite topic. Sundance said he was motivated to post because of all the misinformation he read about his friend or extended family member but none of Rick’s comments have been to clear any misinformation about them up. It’s all about trashing O’Mara and now it appears, trashing Shellie.

          Another thing in common with Sundance, Rick Madigan also scrubbed a link trashing Shellie. You can find it posted on Diwataman’s site (Recent Comments) by Rick but the thread has been removed from Rick’s blog. The thread was titled “Shellie’s apology and Zimmermans moral high ground”. He was pretty hard on Shellie and somewhat tough on George too.

          Look how Hooson1st got welcomed at the treehouse. Now that we know he isn’t a Dr. Phil producer, it’s shameful to see how he was treated on his first post.

          I’m so glad he ignored the abuse and stayed. He contributes awesome different perspectives that should be considered and we’d have lost that if he decided to leave and not participate.

          • Something I learned about WordPress.com accounts during and after my impersonator problems over at the lounge–You can change your username as often as you’d like, but the avatar you select, or the default one they assign to your account if you don’t select one, remains the same–unless you change it, in which case the change is retroactive, so the new avatar shows up on your old comments.

            Of course that doesn’t prevent two entirely different people with separate accounts choosing the same avatar–they aren’t going to go to the immense amount of trouble and expense to have their servers try to prevent that, especially when one could open it up in Paint or something and change one pixel and get around things that way.

        • Rick’s first post was February 23, 2013. The HOA fiasco that Sundance screwed up was Aprill 5, 2013. That was not what motivated Rick to post.

          On Feb. 23rd my voice that supported O’Mara got shut down and Rick Madigan’s voice who doesn’t support O’Mara was heard for the first time. The agenda of giving the family members a sanctuary where they didn’t have to read nice things about George’s lawyer was a step closer to reality.

          I just shake my head at those wanting to help George and trashing his lawyer at the same time. Idiots!

          • Well. I have done some research. Thanks to you. What draws me to your conclusion more so then RM suddenly appearing is how quick SD took to him. They both seem to have the exact same thoughts on MOM. I mean exactly and it is like one knows what the other means. Reading the very first thread where RM showed up even other daily posters countered the post. When that happened RM was right there and SD agreed. Furthermore. I discussed sock puppets here a few times. But what more so leads me to your conclusion is way back when CTH started they used an encrypted email from hushmail. So admins. there are aware how to use proxies and encryption or at least understand enough to cover IPs.
            Furthermore, the first thing SD said when coming here was to tell you to check IPs. I think it was a few days before he showed up you and I talked about how easy it was to change IPs using proxy. If anything CTH admins. are aware of and utilize many online privacy features to hide their identities. Socks are one of them. I would not put it past SD because he really needed to push the bash MOM narrative, he wanted GZ to dump MOM.

            One thing is for sure in hindsight. GZ and SZ were pretty much in seclusion and not talking to many friends or family. This was due to too many talking, the media, and concern for saftey. As was witnessed those who claim to be friends or close to GZ and SZ had little knowledge of the cases handling or MOM to be as critical as they were and still are. Also, as witnessed since Shellie filed for divorce the money from the fund seems to be some peoples concern. This is why in the future if any defendant or attorney utilizes a public defense fund, they should make it clear it is a donation, not an invitation to be critical of the defendant or the atty.

            I am more disappointed in the friends and family of GZ and SZ who were critical being that publicly they supported the justice system, and online they contacted or posted on a blog” CTH”, whos admins. obviously do not care to share the whole truth & misrepresent what Christian Conservatives are.

            • There is something funky going on with the IP addresses of Rick and Sundance. They have posted from 4 different states and none of them are Florida. Aren’t they both suppose to live there? How do they visit the area for all their investigations if they live out of state?

              I wish I could have alerted you guys to watch them both like I got to watch for Feb. and March. But I didn’t have a way and on April 6th, I’d seen enough Sundance calling for Jello on the treehouse, Rick calling for Jello on Diwataman’s site. Sundance calling O’Mara fans back in a thread on the treehouse, Rick posting on Diwataman’s site calling banned posters back. So I told Rick of my suspicion and now he has worked to show how different they are.

              I stand open to be proven wrong. It is possible I’m wrong but it was way too coincidental that Sundance who is so paranoid about new posters and what their agenda is, has shown no interest in learning about Rick and accepted him, hook, line and sinker. On his first post, Sundance responded B.I.N.G. O. How lucky for Rick to be in synch with the dear leader.

              • Well, then both are using proxies. I suspected that and gave you some tips. I know the one email I wrote (using Re@dNotify) long time ago to CTH whoever opened it was different to who responded. To tell you the truth I know it was Stella who responded and was fwd. as well. You have my IP, so you know my round abouts. SD once lived in my State before he moved to FL. wonder if he is back in my neck of the woods?

                • Yes I recall your tips. I’m not going to attempt it but I have just the person to check it out.

                  I’ll get back to you.

                  That doesn’t surprise me about Stella. According to Jack Cashill, she’s an IT person.

                  • Humm. Learn something new everyday. I knew it was her. She blew up my inbox. Stella reacts then thinks of something and then will respond again, and again, and again. She does not have a knack for one liners. I finally told her she emailed me again I send her a cease and desist!

              • I remember the calling of each other because that is what brought me out of just lurking! So I need no reminder there. I had not paid to much attention to RM prior to that. I was avoiding CTH. I had no reason to go there. But others began speaking about it and I went and did some reserach. It really pi$$ed me off after MOM supporters were called back and saw what was going on. I was sticking to originals who left or were banned and ignoring Treepers. Every now and then I would run across someone who had the experience there and just laugh. Because well, I figured them out pretty quick. I posted once and was banned. If I wanted to I could have kept commenting, but I said what I had to say. The next time when I spoke out….I had my very own midnight thread!

    • IIRC it was Gary Tuckman’s report about “Coons” that started that whole mess. Not sure you can sue if they legitimately thought what they were reporting was accurate.

      • I never remember who did what, so I’m glad that he’s not joining a potential target. I really hope they take those others to task. I want there to be as little chance as possible that the media does this to anyone else. They need to get back to investigation, and taking pride in factual reporting. It’s a crime how sensationalistic they have all become.

    • I too wonder if MOM/West will sue Sybrina/Tracy/Natty Jack/Parks/Crump & if so, I wish they’d hurry up & do so. GZ it seems would have a “defamation, slander, & libel suit at the very least w/the lies the handlers promoted. Throw sorry Corey in for good measure for defaming GZ as a “murderer” on a National Media Interview. Dershowitz said GZ could bring forth the suit against her, since the case is over, she wouldn’t have “prosecutorial immunity.” MOM stated “Corey would be seeing a lot of him.”

      Legal definition:
      Defamation: is the communication of a FALSE statement that HARMS the REPUTATION OF AN INDIVIDUAL, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation. Most jurisdictions allow legal action to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.

      The most important defense to an action for defamation is “truth”, which is an absolute defense to an action for defamation.


      There is a lot to “defamation suits,” they too stated it is NOT always a good idea to file suit as it might bring MORE attention to the issue. imo, that’s EXACTLY what’s needed, bring forth CORRECT INFORMATION/FACTS to the uninformed that have been brain washed by Sybrina/Tracy, &embarrass/humiliate the group for all the LIES they spewed. The rhetoric hasn’t stopped, it’s become full time jobs for Sybrina & Tracy, drawing their $ 40,000.00 salaries from the foundation, THEN, promoting more lies through PAID speaking engagements. jmo.

      • As far defamation suits go, there is the issue of establishing “malice” in order to obtain a libel judgement. This is difficult to obtain. You can win on the facts, but still lose the lawsuit. How is George pay the legal fees from undertaking that legal action, especially if loses the libel case because of the construct of the law?

        • Hoosan- This is exactly what I posted to you on another thread. So, if something is difficult, everyone should just run away from it?

          I respectfully ask you Hoosan what your professionals role has been with the media? I know you have been accused of being a part of the Dr. Phil show, and you haven’t denied that as far as I can tell. I think it would be the honest thing to do with informing the readers here, and at the CTH also if you came forward with your qualifications as to your media role.

          • I have no relationship with any media or broadcasting or journalistic endeavor. Specifically, I have nothing to do with Dr. Phil.

            My comments are based on my own observations and experiences which includes, I hope, a good dose of common sense. I expect that your comments are similarly arrived at.

            I do have some suggestions for Dr. Phil, however.

            Dr. Phil how about doing a good show on the lessons from the GZ/TM tragedy. Lessons from what happens to children from broken homes etc. We have heard the portrait of Trayvon by his understandably grieving parents on Dr. Phil’s show. How about contrasting that with Trayvon’s portrait of himself as found on his own cellphone and social media postings. How parents don’t know their own kids. It applies across all races (think Columbine) and all classes.

            To ignore this other and equally vital part of the story is to teach a half-truth and to misportray the true dimensions of this problem.

          • Pinecone –

            To answer the first part of your question. Nowhere do I suggest that if something is difficult everyone should run away with it. So, if I have said that, or suggested that, please show me where I have done that.

            What I do believe is that I have been consistent on the matter of the law as regards suing for libel and the law is fairly clear.

            Take for example an individual who has plenty of money for the best lawyers –

            – he lost this one – http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/donald-trump-loses-libel-lawsuit-232923

            – he won this one – http://www.examiner.com/article/donald-trump-and-miss-usa-pageant-win-defamation-lawsuit

            There is a difference between the two. He lost in federal court. He won in an arbitration which arbitration award was upheld on appeal in the district court.

            I have not read either decision but it stands to reason that when you go arbitration you do so to avoid a court hearing and both parties agree to abide by the arbiter’s decision. So the appeal into federal stood little statistical chance of being overturned.

            The bottom line is that litigation is a tricky business. It is also expensive. You sue someone because you have been harmed, and thus have legal standing, and you have a reasonable expectation of winning your lawsuit. If you have a problematic chance of winning the lawsuit because of how the law is structured, and you are financially destitute, you have to be judicious on what course of action you end up taking.

            George has the Beasley firm ready to take on NBC. That is a good set up. The facts peculiar to the NBC lawsuit are not necessarily present in other instances where George has been defamed. It depends on the facts, and the law. Having money helps a lot.

        • hooson1st – I’ve read defamation suits are difficult to win, but GZ has been so horribly mistreated & wronged, lied about, his life ruined, the vicious lies were to persuade the uninformed & inflame the races. The uniformed BELIEVED everything Tracy & Sybrina spewed, a lot of people formed their opinions on their lies/propaganda. Sabrina saying “GZ shot TM for the color of his skin,” Crump saying “GZ hunted TM down & shot him like a dog,” Tracy saying GZ chased TM through the complex w/his gun drawn, the list is endless, ALL lies.

          I am anxious for MOM to do ANYTHING! imo, MOM won’t file a suit against anyone UNLESS he is sure of winning it due to the cost of litigation as you stated, I’m sure it takes a lot of time to do all the research for possible suits to bring, the time spent doing the research to cover every possible scenario & cover all points of law is worth the investment of time before filing a suit..

          In the case of NBC, they have deep pockets, they retain attorney’s because they are often sued often I would think, but they too would have insurance to cover a settlement. Civil suits are very expensive to pursue, even though we knew we would win the Civil Suit for the negligent death of my sister, it still took 5 years.

          • Art –

            If there is anything that we have learned for sure in the past several weeks is how little we knew about the realistic dynamics within the Zimmerman family. All of the speculation that went on prior to that was speculation based on assumptions, and not facts. And there is plenty we still do not know.

            It appears likely that some members of the extended family and others may have put in their two cents of opinion onto existing blogs and in the process revealing fragments of the internal dynamics and goings on. But there is no way to judge that, particularly, when we cannot assess the source of the asserted facts.

            What counts here, as to your concerns is what George thinks. He ultimately calls the shots.

            For example, it is highly likely that MOM did not want George to go on the Hannity show. But George did, because George wanted to. While highly likely, I don’t know. Only the two parties involved know.

            So whatever develops from here on out is anybody’s guess. We still have the detritus left over from the trial to deal with; i.e., sanctions motions etc. That has to be dealt with. Then there is the Beasley lawsuit. A win there (or settlement) would improve the odds of recovery from other defaming sources.

            • hooson – I agree, I too thought it was unfortunate that RZ Sr. criticized the Defense in his book, MOM in particular. & questioned why Sr. thought he knew more.

        • hooson – GZ would hire a Civil attorney that would pursue the Civil Suit for defamation & the attorney gets paid if he wins. That’s how Civil Suits work, attorney’s are more than happy to take on a client in a Civil Suit if they think they can win the case, they usually pass on representation on cases they can’t win. They charge from 30-40% PLUS their expenses, that is what we paid & the client has no out of pocket expenses. GZ doesn’t pay anything if they lose, if they win, the attorney’s are paid handsomely but the issue is bigger for defamation imo, it’s criminal imo to LIE & destroy a persons life & not suffer any repercussions.

          Just as GZ isn’t paying Beasley for the Civil Suit against NBC, imo, Beasley’s pretty damn sure he will likely get a settlement from NBC, Beasley will take 30-40% PLUS their expenses, GZ gets whats left.

          • Art- The issue with these types of lawsuits is they are hard to prove. For instance, the statements of Sybrina are considered her opinion, and you can’t prove otherwise, verdict non-withstanding. The difference of the NBC suit is that they manipulated a statement to make it appeared as something else, but not only that they also fired people over this act, which is an admission of culpability.

            See the difference, Sybrina believes that GZ did it for her stated reasons, NBC manipulated statements to reflect the reasons they believed GZ shot TM, that is a showing of malice or intent.

              • Me too, Art! IMO it seems so horribly unfair that lives can be totally ruined by the lies (so called beliefs) of others, with no legal recourse. It’s pretty obvious that Crump and the entire BGI has become very good at it and profited greatly. The Zimmerman case has become a real cash cow for them and they’ve manipulated it well. I would almost admire them, if it didn’t turn my stomach 😦

              • I am also disappointed, though some of the statements were obviously lies, proving the malicious intent makes it almost impossible to litigate. Shame that they can get away with this, the best that can be expected is for them to be ridiculed and exposed.

            • In a slightly fairer world, Angela Corey would be legally subject to the same very low threshhold of “ill will” that she applied to GZ.
              And aren’t journalists somewhat culpable if they report, or base commentary, on wrong facts, especially if they never correct them?
              I think that the editing of SZ’s testimony about the defense account absolutely shows malice toward her husband, as did her prosecution, but I have no idea if this meets any sort of legal standards or could be admissible.
              Lastly, if all of these unresolved issues don’t get followed up,and if the various transgressors aren’t pursued for accountability by MOM, it will imo add weight to his detractor’s criticisms — I mean for me personally.

              p.s. Nettles, let me know if you need an email or anything from me to help establish that I am not some previous player wearing a disguise!

              • Thanks very nice of you to offer Sad Lib. It’s not necessary.

                I wondered if there was going to be some court news out soon. The person taking over notifying followers on twitter, retweeted an Aug. 30th tweet about who to follow for news. Hopefully this means news is coming!

                As to those wearing disguises, we don’t have much of a problem of that on this site. If you go back to May, you’ll find the same identities here. After a while we get to know each other.

                Thanks for joining in the discussion. I share your desire to see the media and prosecutors feel the consequences of their appalling behavior.

        • Art –

          Speaking of libel suits, here is one that the federal court has just allowed to go forward and should garner a lot of press coverage. It deals with the global warming issue and is filed by a global warming scientist against several conservative blogs.


          It promises to be a “high profile” legal case, so, there is sure to be much up-to-date discussion of the present status of libel laws.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2414966/Im-going-knock-white-person-walks-Chilling-words-man-punched-62-year-old-ground-apparent-hate-crime-left-victim-brain-dead.html

    This just happened a few days ago. They have two witnesses reporting he said he was going to punch the next white person, but they are “still investigating” whether to charge him with a hate crime.

    There was no evidence GZ shot for racial reasons, even an FBI investigation couldn’t find it, and still people are pushing for MORE investigation to find something.

    But a case with easily found evidence can’t be racial, of course. Oy!

  5. pinecone – I left a link for you on the other thread on the “Life insurance policy” that was dated yesterday, it is near the bottom of the thread.

    • Nettles – I read somewhere the Defense Fund was closed down a week r 2 ago. SZ has ask for “equitable distribution of debts/assets,” under Fla. Law, SZ would be entitled to 1/2 of whatever is in there as of the day she filed for divorce. The guy that runs TMZ is an attorney.

      SZ has ask for:

      She is seeking an equal distribution of their checking accounts, trusts, partnerships and any unknown assets, and asked a judge to prevent him from selling off any property.

      I guess we’ll find out when GZ’s attorney responds to the Court Papers, he will at least have to give the amount in the Pay Pal account as well as checking accounts, etc. Though SZ is entitled to 1/2 of the assets, she is too entitled to 1/2 of the debt.

      • I think this is a non-issue. We (donors) didn’t donate enough to cover the cost the trial. The lawyers have standing to be paid. I saw an interview after the trial that O’Mara said both he and West were also donors to the fund.

        There won’t be anything left to divide.

        • Nettles – so is the fund functioning or is it closed? I wouldn’t think there would be much money left in the account, SZ got over $ 4,000.00 from GZ, I assume that came from the Defense Fund IDK. Although the lawyers have standing to be paid, the Defense Fund was too to pay living expenses for both SZ/GZ from my understanding.

      • I just tested the donation site and it is still opened to take donations. I won’t be donating anything more until I hear what the need is and how what got donated got spent.

  6. Comments at the Treehouse caught my attention today:

    She posts as “KatCreg”
    How does this commenter know that George spent the time waiting for the verdict alone in the bathroom?

    “katcreg says:
    September 7, 2013 at 6:33 pm
    I wasn’t puzzled at all. You could clearly see throughout that there was a giant rift between GZ and SZ. While all were waiting for the jury to deliberate, was GZ with his family and friends waiting at the courthouse? No. He wasn’t. He was in the bathroom….alone….refusing to be with his family and friends while they all waited in the courtroom. He claimed he wanted to just be alone completely. And people wonder why SZ would be filing for divorce? Why she has such a sad look on her face after the verdict was read? I don’t wonder at all.”


    Then Rick Madigan gives this scenario about what Shellie’s “Auntie Kat” may have told her http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/09/05/shellie-zimmerman-files-for-divorce/#comment-549183

    Rick’s comment could mean nothing. I thought Kat could be a relative of Shellie’s given her comments are supportive and she posts information not readily known that I’m aware of, ie: George waited for the verdict alone in the bathroom.

  7. With all the posting by family, belly-aching about George’s choice of lawyer by some and the apparent desire of George to get some time to himself, has his trust in everyone he loved shaken him to the ground?

    His up and leaving without a word to anyone, have they all let him down in some way in his time of need? We did see evidence that some actually worked against his lawyer, which works against George.

    Can you imagine your anger when you learn people are playing games with your life? Breaking confidences, asking for donations other than the defense fund, writing books and sharing information. What some (ie: cousin) did was reckless and could have led to a guilty conviction.

    While Shellie sees him as selfish right now, I think of course he’s selfish right now, he was facing a 2nd degree murder charge! What trust got broken in that time? Why does George want to be totally alone right now?

    Getting divorce papers from Shellie may have been just what he wanted.

    • Is George upset with Shellie for lying about the donation fund and putting him in jail and revoking his bond? Kelly Sims said she didn’t know she’d be testifying about money that day. So there was no preparation telling her to lie about the money.

      Did Shellie make a judgement call when asked about the money? Does George blame her for the damage it did to him?

        • I believe the evidence on the phone calls show it was George calling the shots on that.

          Ken transferred from Pay Pal into GZ’s Credit Union Account and Shellie transferred the money out of his account into hers and his sisters. Cash was put in a safety deposit box.

          For reasons only known to them, it was important to George to pay the bills before he bonded out and get cash on hand.

          • I have always thought that GZ thought that the charges would be dropped soon, that the arrest was done to appease the mobs. So after he posted bail, in time he would be released with no charges. So he was planning on using the money to survive until things died down and his charges were dropped.

    • No offense to you Art but, this is another one of those “sources told us” articles which I ignore. It’s doubtful that the Legal Defense fund has much money in it. Once the bills for the cost of the trial are paid, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in the negative. Once the trial ended it’s doubtful that many are still donating to the fund. It appears that the purpose of the article may be to inflame the donors in claiming that the donations are paying for the estranged spouse who has been out there bad mouthing George. TMZ is one of those not reliable sources.

  8. Does anyone know if the divorce documents were posted on any court sites? Is divorce court in Fla. also subject to Fla. Sunshine laws? From what I’ve read Kelly Simms gave copies of those documents to Jeff Weiner who then posted them at the OS. Is that true?

    It is looking more and more like Kelly Simms is doing all he can to get his name out there in order to drive business to his office. From my perch, Simms isn’t acting in the best interests of his client.

    • The divorce document links were posted here on this site. Here they are again. The first link is the motion to divorce (courtesy of Jeff Weiner) and the second link is the financial affidavit (courtesy of ABC news).



      • Nettles- The reason I asked about the documents being posted at a court site was to determine if the documents would have been open to the public if Kelly Simms hadn’t given copies of those documents to Jeff Weiner, and who ever else. It’s not bad enough that Shellie Zimmerman is going on interviews to trash George, but, her lawyer seems anxious to do the same with releasing the documents to the media. I know everyone is curious, and wants all the dirty details, but the divorce should be a private affair as much as anything with the Zimmerman’s could stay private. For me personally, some of the items in those documents, such as Shellie asking that George be required to buy and pay for life insurance only makes Shellie, and Kelly Simms look like money grubbing, fame seeking, classless people. From everything both Shellie and Kelly have said, I am personally certain that if either could pin the lying on the paypal account, they would be out there screaming against O’Mara from the rooftops.

        So when is Shellie Zimmerman going to appear on the Dr. Phil show with him advising her how to get her life back from marrying and staying for 6 years with that evil, murdering, low life George? As much as George hasn’t always been the brightest bulb in the box, he has shown more class than Shellie. The Zimmerman parents raised him right. They should be very proud of him, his caring attitude, his community service, his deep seated faith, and his willingness to stand on his own principles, no matter what.

        • IIRC, Kelly Sims e-filed the documents at 5:12pm and the media did get access to the documents from the court house.

          ABC’s Matt Gutman tweeted about a half hour before the documents were filed that Shellie filed for divorce. She must have done the interview with ABC and it leaked out in their organization.

          The Orlando Sentinel reported that ABC was reporting the fact but in checking with the courthouse no paperwork had been sent. Kelly Sims got contacted and he confirmed yes, he was filing but he was still working on the paperwork.

          Jeff Weiner confirmed that at 5:12 pm the court got the paper e-filed and after that he posted the document and ABC posted the financial affidavit.

          I noticed all the reports after that was reporters reporting on what was in the documents and what was said in Shellie’s interview clip with ABC.

          Only Reuter’s tried to contact others and got a scoop with John Donnelly about why Shellie filed.

          All other reporters did nothing but to email O’Mara’s office and phone Kelly Sims.

          • Nettles ~ ALL attorney’s can access court documents using “legal software” after the Court House closes. Attorney’s work after 5:00 & on weekends & have to have access on any new filings. Attorney’s use the legal software in filing cases, preparing cases as a tool to look up past information r cases, & can access the information that has been filed after 5:00 when the Court House likely closes. ABC has attorney’s that could access the information as well OS, WFTV, & most MEDIA outlets have the same software as they employ attorney’s & that’s why they access it so quickly, BUT, the MEDIA would have to know something has been filed, sometimes they find out from other MEDIA outlets & access the information themselves before they report on it. EVERYONE is entitled to the legal documents through the Sunshine Laws & non attorneys can go to the Court House during working hours & pay for copies. AFTER hours, the documents can still be accessed by attorneys.

            I have a girlfriend that’s an attorney that I had access information for me over weekends in the past when working on the Civil Suit for the negligent death of my sister, she was able to ACCESS new filings over weekends & could too access ALL the other cases & information of the Physician had been sued, which was 11 cases. n I would have had to go to the Court House, pay for all those copies when it was at her finger tips.

            • Matt Gutman tweeted this at 4:16 pm

              Orlando Sentinel tweeted this at 4:39 pm

              At 5:06pm Jeff Weiner confirms paperwork NOT filed yet

              WFTV tweets confirmed time court rec’d paperwork

              Paperwork confirmed e-filed at 5:12pm

              Robert Jr. appears to have been surprised by this but confirms he has seen Kelly Sims confirm papers are coming

              • Reporters/layman/public CAN’T ACCESS the Legal documents. Bill Sheaffer could ACCESS the legal documents & information in which he apparently DID because he works for WFTV & it could be confirmed because he is an attorney & probably had the “legal software.” Jeff Weiner is ONLY a reporter & couldn’t access the information after 5:00.

                Apparently Sims CHOSE to give Gutman the scoop which is his prerogative that he was filing the documents before they were filed, it’s NOT illegal, no crime in attorney’s preferring to SCOOP a media outlet they prefer, THAT’S why this was filed after 5:00, it limited those that would have access to the information.

                Baez forever SCOOPED preferred media outlets when he did anything. MEDIA is competitive, the OS filed a MOTION whining others getting the scoop before them it but it was a waste of their time.

                • Not sure they chose to give Matt the scoop. The interview Shellie did that aired the next morning was likely done the day before.

                  When Matt tweeted the news about an hour before Kelly filed the paperwork, he gave a hat tip to someone at Good Morning America staff. So no doubt about it, Shellie wanted the interview to follow the news of filing but good old Matt Gutman jumped the gun and tweeted it out before Kelly Sims had filed.

        • Reading the financial affidavit this is GZ and SZ’s combined debt.

          Her car is $19K and his truck is $15K and the student loan account is $52K.

          Does the loan account highlight the loans for both of their classes in one account? Those fees seems awfully high for just one of their classes.

          • Good point – I should have said ‘they’re’ upside-down by about $90k. The values didn’t appear to be allocated to either side for the school loans (or other entries) although the amount of the student loans is not unheard of…

    • pinecone ~ yes indeed, EVERY legal document is available through the Sunshine Laws, that excludes nothing; There may be a few exceptions but I am not familiar w/them. This is a case of public interest in the MEDIA so it’s reported. IF you divorced tomorrow, the information would be available to anyone, you wouldn’t likely make the news, but, your friends could read your case, MANY cases are accessed by the public because they are interested or want to know why because they are concerned or nosy..

      Mortgages, divorces, civil suits, criminal suits, Judgment, child support rulings, information concerning ANY business that has been sued for poor workmanship, ANY legal document are available in most states. This is available everywhere, NOT just Fla. as they are legal documents & public record. Example: if someone starts to date a person & wants to check into their past, they can spend the time to go to the Court House & access ALL the information on any law suits, if that person has ever been arrested or been to prison, if the person had multiple marriages, you can access ALL the information as well as the rulings, , (that can be done in La. & is available at the Court House & public record.) If I hire a contractor to do work on my home, I go to the Courthouse & look up how many times the Contractor has been sued, if any, OR if there are any Judgements against the Contractor, if he has been arrested or been to jail, you can do the same w/Physicians, if they have been sued, you can read the entire law suit from both sides as it is a legal document. The only thing you can’t access is a Judgement of monies awarded IF the victim’s family signed a “confidentiality agreement” or in some cases, if it is a case of incest which may re-dact information to protect the child.

  9. It appears Sundance has taken down the Shellie Zimmerman threads “Why Do this in Public? “He Thinks He’s Invincible” Zimmerman’s Wife speaks out about divorcing her selfish and reckless husband weeks after he is cleared in Trayvon Shooting” and he also scrubbed the “Shellie Files for Divorce” thread.

    One post on those threads that most caught my interest was from a commenter named KatCreg where she appeared to break news that George waited for the verdict all alone in the bathroom refusing to be with his family and friends. Here’s a screen shot of it. Who knew with all the complaining the treehouse makes about scrubbing sites, they do it themselves.


    If anyone finds out why Sundance removed these threads, let me know. They are cached in the search engines for anyone who wants something from them.

    • I was wondering who katcreg was that has come onto the scene way long after the hearings, the trial etc. in order to seemingly slam George. I would like to say it seems to be a Shellie family member, or good friend.

      Why would Sundance take down both his Shellie articles? Well, you have Rick Madigan slamming Shellie, and then you have catcreg and others slamming George. Seems most have a problem with George not attending Shellie’s hearing. Apparently George already knew what Shellie was going to do, they were already separated, and if George didn’t know at that point that Shellie wanted funding he is more naive than even I thought.

      I wonder when Shellie will make her appearance on the Dr. Phil show. The Osterman’s can give her contact info. and tips.

    • The sad thing about this, jmho, if GZ was in fact waiting in the restroom alone, is IF they had found him guilty, Officers would have taken him away immediately to jail. No time left to spend w/his family giving hugs, kisses, & telling them he loved them.

      I could see why GZ might have wanted to be alone, but I would have thought, alone w/SZ, the person that has been at his side & shown her support..

      • Art- If you look back at the trial period, why were some of George’s family memebers at the trial, the ones that were allowed in the courtroom anyway, but not one Shellie family member ever attended. It is my guess that there may be no love lost between the Zimmerman’s and the Shellie family members. There is often rivalries or whatever you may want to call them between the in-laws and the syblings. Why did Robert Jr. never show up in the courtroom when Shellie was attending?

        I really don’t think that those of us who do not know anything about the family dynamics should run to one side or the other, and why the decisions that were made were in fact made. We have no clue of the family dynamics before, during or after.

        • What we do know is that GZ isolated himself from his family long before the trial. He used the “you’re on the witness list and I can’t talk with you” reason after the 24/7 body guards were taken away.

          O’Mara told the judge George took the instruction literally not to talk with witnesses and could she clarify that it is ok to talk with members of his own family.

          Then GZ and his defense had to publicly disassociate itself from Robert Zimmerman Jr. and make it clear that his statements weren’t on behalf of GZ’s defense. http://www.gzlegalcase.com/index.php/press-releases/53-regarding-robert-zimmerman-jr-s-media-campaign-and-twitter-comments That was in October 2012.

          After that, I kept telling people who thought Robert Jr. gave them inside information, he likely didn’t have inside information. For legal reasons, a wall had to be put up. As it turns out, good move because even with George’s liberty at stake, some put their political views, their own selfish reasons of not getting attention or information ahead of George’s need to tightly control info.

          I feel so bad for George that he lost trust in almost everyone he loved. I can’t imagine what drives him to keep going but I’m so glad he does.

          The Zimmermans did a great job raising those kids. They will all contribute and make the world a nicer place, I have no doubt.

          • We might also remember that in the days before George got arrested, he talked with Sean Hannity who learned George was all by himself in a hotel room. Sean admitted in the July 2012 interview, that he was worried that George may have been suicidal at that time.

            It would appear when George comes under stress, he has an overwhelming need to be totally alone.

        • pinecone – GZ at one time had a rift w/his family & in some cases spouses side & support their spouse in family rifts & don’t move on in their feelings. I too read that RZ Jr. wasn’t in the State when the verdict was read as he wanted to “be available” to the MEDIA, I assume to show up on the MEDIA shows discussing the case, which too was important. Sometimes there are rivalries with laws when there are grandchildren, but SZ’s family may have made the decision NOT to attend the trial because they didn’t want the public scrutiny & their faces in the media which is too their right.

          What we do know about the family dynamics has been shared by Osterman;s, etc, GZ/SZ didn’t stay w/GZ’s family, I was surprised that GZ/SZ didn’t stay w/either family but a friend instead. We do know the Zimmerman family has voiced their opinions about MOM when in fact, MOM was NOT their attorney nor worked for them , they were not on the Defense Team nor are they attorney’s, they didn’t pay for GZ’s defense & GZ made his own decisions which were correct, it’s hard to argue with “NOT Guilty.” The Zimmerman’s opinion of MOM didn’t really matter, their gossiping seemed like undermining MOM’s decisions, imo, their behavior explains a lot about family dynamics. What was important was that MOM/West won the case & their son is free, for that, the ZImmerman family should forever feel grateful.

          • “SZ’s family may have made the decision NOT to attend the trial because they didn’t want the public scrutiny & their faces in the media which is too their right.”

            So they decided that being in court with Shellie, and being a support team for Shellie was trumpted by them not wanting their names or faces recognizable? Is that what you are saying? Why wouldn’t any of them have showed up in court with Shellie in her perjury hearing? We are talking about Shellies family members in her hearing, no? Yet you are very critical of George not showing up at her hearing, not knowning the first damn thing about what was going on with both of them before that hearing. Come on Art, George without doubt already knew exactly what was going on with Shellie and her story long before that hearing. So George should have been in court with Shellie when he likely knew she was sitting down with an interview with a so-called journalist in Sanford who was well known to be against George, and sitting in the lap of Francine Oliver, and the federal gov. people who were there in the Shiloh chruch to get Lee and Wolfinger fired.

            Come on already Art, I know that you know better than to believe what even you are saying. Again, you make it clear that you are all out for Shellie, and George can go to hel1 because he didn’t attend Shellies admitting to guilt hearing? I know you know better than that.

            • Put me in the camp who thinks George should have been at that hearing.

              Even if they wanted to divorce. He should have been there.

              Shellie was there at the end of his case, he should have been there at the end of hers.

              On the night of the shooting, she was rethinking being married to him.

              His life not mine. I get that.

    • I read on that thread the other day. It was awful reading some of the comments. Also, not but a couple of the names of those posting comments did I even recognize. .. Still catching up here. Yall have been busy since last time I had a chance to read.

    • @Nettles, You do know you can email a question, right? You don’t need to promote rabid speculation and gossip, you are aware of that, correct?

      So your not doing so is your choosing to devolve yourself into rank speculation and gossip. Think about that.

      To your question: the two threads devolved into a giant ridiculous gossips with comments about GZ committing suicide attempts, and similar nonsense. Stella made the decision, with input from other admins and my support, to delete the threads completely. “with lots of personal comments by persons who claim to know the couple – and has been going on for too long”…..

      The threads were ridiculous gossip and in addition many readers emailed to share their disgust and concern.

      Hope that answers your question so you can stop the gossiping yourself. <— not likely 😦

      • @sundance

        For reasons already revealed, I don’t trust you. I won’t be sending any private emails to the treehouse. You’ve done enough in the dark.

        Out of respect for the readers and commenters here, I do prefer to be transparent.

        Thank you very much for telling us why those threads got deleted. I can’t argue with the logic.

        Perhaps you’ll rethink and give your readers and commenters an explanation as well. They worked hard on those threads. Don’t they deserve an explanation?

        • @Nettles, while it might disappoint you to accept, I do not direct, nor care to bog myself down with circular explanations about decisions made by the admin team. Nor do I engage in every nuance of the CTH moderation/construct/admin function.

          With 1,500 subscribers and over 100k/daily readers I tend to focus my attention on structural content posts and trust the admin team to respond to *issues* which evolve from discussion threads which get out-of-control and/or devolve to a position needing high monitoring. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do both.

          I was simply saying that rather than continue posting speculation about Sundance this, and why Sundance that, you could just send an email which someone would answer. That’s all. Your obsession is odd, to put it politely. But then again, according to you I’m Rick. So whatever.

          • *hugs* *kisses*

            Are you ever going to find out for your readers and participants who Rick Madigan is and what his agenda is? Clearlly it is NOT to correct misstatements and misunderstanding of George and Shellie.

            It’s curious you show no interest in knowing.

            I think I know why but you already know all about that.

  10. I pray the NAACP gets a leader who will help empower others not make them think they are victims.

    • There had been some rumblings by former members, the religious leaders were uncomfortable with the partnership with Planned Parenthood and the all out support for same-sex marriage. Some leaders were upset about the Organizations efforts to obtain amnesty for the millions of illegals that would be competing directly for jobs with their community and their lack of effort addressing the crime and violence within the community.

      The way the organization reacted to the Zimmerman trial despite the contrary evidence also lost it some support as many saw as vengeful and spiteful. Their quest to get Zimmerman did not get the same support they are used to, universally.

      • boricuafudd ~I think you’re correct that the organization lost some support, notice how quickly the calls for “boycott” of FLa. Orange Juice, Disney Land, etc. fizzled when it angered a lot of Fla. law makers & business owners that saw that agenda destructive, the agenda imploded, the group too had gotten all the help they were going to get from Gov. Scott & knew it when their “sit in” fizzled at the Capitol even losing MEDIA’s attention to report on it.

        Someone that I like to hear speak & respect is Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. MLK, she spoke out against the race baiting, especially J Jackson/Sharpton. She stated “GZ was given a fair trial by his peers, there was reasonable doubt, the jury found him NOT Guilty & she understood the verdict.” She too questioned “IF the race baiters promoting dissension & unrest were being PAID & by whom.” Outstanding imo, I bet that embarrassed Shapton/J Jackson though not enough for them to stop promoting an agenda to make a buck.

        Alec Baldwin, a controversial figure has gotten his “own show” on MSNBC. Baldwin is always tangled up in a fist fight or verbal beat down, his latest was twitter rant, his last resulted in him being called “homophobic.” Baldwin once called a carpenter, a blue collar worker “uneducated” & other insults on the Hannity show appalling many, I find it ironic MSNBC is going to chance giving the hot headed Baldwin an opportunity to insult many geoups of people. He’s unable to control his rant once he gets started, gosh I wish it would be against Sharpton, maybe they will share the same “make-up room.”

    • Speaking of Mr. Jealous he gave a speech recently ( August 29 ) at the National Press Club.

      According to the National Press Club press release concerning the upcoming event –

      “Benjamin Jealous, the president and CEO of the NAACP, will address a National Press Club luncheon on August 29 and discuss the issues raised in the trial of George Zimmerman over the killing of Trayvon Martin.”


      Mr. Jealous spoke for about 30 minutes but did not speak about the Trayvon Martin case.


      The conclusions of his remarks were followed by a 30 minute question and answer period. The questions had been submitted beforehand, thus before Mr. Jealous had given his speech.

      There was one question the dealt with the NAACP petition and what the basis for a civil rights action by DOJ going forward could be. Mr. Jealous referred to witness #9, a Zimmerman relative who claimed that GZ was a racist and committed acts against her, complaints of local black youth who, according to Mr. Jealous, said that they “believed” that GZ “had targeted them” because of their race, and because of the “pattern of calls” that GZ had made over the years. Mr. Jealous compared the GZ case to the Rodney King case where the police officers were acquitted, but later convicted of civil rights violations by the Justice Department. As for a civil suit, Mr. Jealous said that was a matter in Crump’s hands. (35:40)

      There was a question on the Stand Your Ground Law (37:29); on the effect of sensational cases like the GZ/TM in spurring action (38:10); and on the matter of black on white crime, to which Mr. Jealous stated that the NAACP has spoken out and that it usually dealt with LGTB issues (51:00)

      This format allowed for pre-screening of questions and did not allow for follow-up questions. Whether any questions were submitted (and/or rejected) that tended to raise aspects contrary to a NAACP position on any matter is therefore not known.

    • Nettles – Great news Jealous is going to move on at the end of the year, wishing it were sooner rather than later. He holds a powerful position that influences many, I hope someone takes over that addresses black on black crime/murder, it saddens me to read the stats of the murdered/wounded every Monday morning in Chicago/Detroit. Although Bori said “the NAACP decided to spend their resources elsewhere,(bori-I hope I quoted you correctly, couldn’t remember your exact words,) such as voting rights, etc., I hope the new leader will reconsider & decide to spend resources on addressing senseless murders.

      • Art- Yes you did, both Jealous and the previous president Julian Bond have stated that they have done what they could in terms of black on black violence and would instead concentrate their resources on other things. Some of those issues that they wanted to concentrate on were sentencing laws for drug charges, school discipline for black students, and some new items that they are trying to get laws passed for, eliminating background checks as a condition of employment, SYG’s laws.

        They are also very active and their legal department in Immigration legislation, and gay rights, submitting a brief recently on a case in New Mexico where the caterer ( his shop is closed now), refused to cater a Gay Wedding and just as the Colorado Supreme Court did about a week ago, it told them they could not refuse to service the customers, regardless of their religious objections.

        The NAACP had big problems with membership after they purged all white members back in late 70’s and early 80’s so they became involved in other issues that help regain the membership.

        • boricuafudd ~ I appreciate your knowledge of past NAACP dealings as well as their legal wranglings & what their future agenda is as I don’t read up on them as a whole, I mostly follow J Jackson/Sharpton which are not indicative of the group as a whole.

          • Don Lemon asked Mr. Jealous a pretty blunt question about resigning. He said when people say they are leaving to spend more time with family it usually means they are being asked to step aside. How do you respond to that.

            Jealous looked like he was going to cry and I think his voice cracked. He said there are two reasons, I’m leaving, Jack and Morgan. (his kids)

            I agree with Don. There’s a backstory there to be told.

  11. Yes, I feel safe now where I am. The threat that said they knew where I was was a very long time ago. I don’t do facebook or twitter. My family got it much worse than I did. The person that did it to me was posting on two different sites as two different people. As soon as they did it they just disappeared.

  12. MESSAGE TO GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: If Rick Madigan is a friend of yours, I’d appreciate you emailing me about that. You can clear this up and I’d appreciate it if you would. email me at nettles@bell.net and let me know if this online personality is a friend of yours.

    To let me know it is really you George, put my house number in your email.

    As George is a bit busy right now, any family members reading this, please pass along my request. Thx.

  13. @Justfactsplz – Do you recall reading any comments from Rick that cleared up misunderstanding or misstatements that had been posted about either George or Shellie? Sundance told us this was the motivation of Rick deciding to post after reading so many false comments.

    • I don’t remember any. I only found out here that he was supposed to be a friend of GZ. I never would have picked up on it. Mostly I remember the first time I really noticed him, he was talking about Omara. He has an odd take on women, was an atheist, now I think but am not sure a Christian. He talks about foreign cultures. If he doesn’t like what you say you wlll know it. He will demand proof and links like he doesn’t believe people. He can be very funny and nice when he wants but after yesterday’s thread and my own experience with comments on his blog, I do not trust him. He was really bashing Shellie. I would be interested if he could tell anything about George, if he really knows him. I think he really does not like Shellie which is troublesome. Could it be possible he is a woman and not a man?

      • That’s a pretty good recap. It mirrors my observations as well. You said ““He will demand proof and links like he doesn’t believe people.” That’s very true. He does that for everyone, except Sundance. All those “I can’t reveal my sources, trust me” from Sundance and Rick said o.k.!

        Sundance also takes his guests to task who don’t posts links. Recall this with Ottawa925? http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/01/12/01-12-george-zimmerman-case-open-discussion-thread/#comment-287793 Read down for Sundance’s response.

        “sundance says: January 12, 2013 at 2:14 pm
        I hate it when people drop stuff in these threads without links and citations. Actually, I am close to asking admins to moderate anyone who engages in this activity. It is the main approach of the opposition…. make up stuff, then make up more stuff to validate the original batch of made up stuff. Beyond annoying – it’s how rabbit holes are built.”

        Sound like Rick?

        • I see the similarity about the link posting but nothing beyond that. They are too different. I don’t think Sundance is Rick. I really do not have a beef with Sundance at all. He has always treated me okay and we haven’t had any problems. I wonder if Rick was planted there. If I am wrong about them being the same person I would really be shocked and upset.

          • A number of people would be upset. It would communicate that we have been lied to.

            There is evidence that Rick has posted contrary information. He’s an atheist, no he’s not. On this blog he said, he’s younger than Sundance and me (we are in our late 40s), at the treehouse he said he’s in his 50s. He’s a friend or extended family member but has provided no evidence of it. He wants to clear up misinformation, but has provided no clarification.

            Next time you see him JustFactsPlz ask him to provide proof he is who he says he is. Test him, call out his contradictions. Everyone did it to you. Trust online is a hard thing to get. It’s so easy to “fake” it. Just what is Rick Madigan’s agenda and why does she/he hate women so?

      • I haven’t read at the treehouse regularly since Rick joined the site. Can you think of any other people besides Rick who advertised their blogs there like Rick did?

        • There were people like Diwataman, Bori, and a few others who would mention their blog occassionally. RT did too once in awhile. But none of them advertised like he did.

          • I remember someone getting chewed out for posting their blog online way, way back. Their link got deleted. Now this could have been to a site that didn’t share a goal with them. That I can’t remember, but I didn’t see advertising the blog like Rick was getting away with.

            I did see a reference to something that was posted at the other blogs but not actually saying, hey look I just wrote a new thread, come and check it out. Rick did that though and got away with it.

            Rick also has information that only admins could have. He knew when Hooson1st first posted. Even Hooson1st couldn’t be sure when that was but it appears Rick nailed it. AND Hooson1st posted 5 months before Rick “showed up”

              • I am just curious why the Shellie threads got deleted. I read some of them few days ago. The RM person was posting heavy. Seems like I remb him saying (or maybe I took it that way) that he was closing his blog. He was posting just bam bam bam fast. Darn now wish I had got to read rest. It was really weird then, and def now..

            • I couldn’t tell you the exact date of a first post by myself or anyone else. I just know mine was in August, 2012.If like Sundance said Rick came to stand up for George and Shellie because he was upset about what people were saying, that could mean Rick lurked awhile before ever posting. I don’t remember too much bad being said about George or Shellie until those two threads about Shellie. And that was all out war.I remember Rick was extremely upset when he heard about the news of Shellie filing for divorce. He was very emotional.One of the adms. consoled him. He then said he was taking his blog down.

              • None of his threads on his blog debunks misinformation. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense. Something is very rotten.

                Hopefully Sundance will get to the bottom of it. I was quite surprised he didn’t ask Rick some probing questions after realizing some of us were wondering who Rick was. But Sundance doesn’t appear to want to know. Very odd.

              • Most of us didn’t say “this is my first post” so yes it would be hard to figure it out. Only an admin. would know for sure.

                On your first post though, I do believe you stated it was your first post. I think it was August 13th (the day O’Mara announced he was going after booting Lester) but I could be wrong. I looked it up here a few weeks back when we were trying to figure out the commenters who possibly had inside information. What they knew and when they arrived.

                I have no idea when my first post was.

                I wish bloggers would help us all know when someone is posting for the first time so we can all be aware. When someone is posting for the 1st time it has to be approved, so the admins know when they are new, why not share that with your regular posters?

                I can’t believe the turnover at the treehouse. I hardly recognize most of them commenters there. How do you keep up with who you are talking to? Hard to watch for consistency in comments when the posters change daily.

                  • I didn’t give it much thought about why they were removed. I’ve been reflecting on how all who participated on them felt about them being called trash and not up to CTH standards. If you posted on it, how would that make you feel?

                    It’s odd that Sundance didn’t say why they were gone. He posted the threads, right? When asked on the open thread Stella didn’t answer why but where the threads were, in the trash.

                    Has anyone seen Rick freaking out about all his hard work?

                • Yes most of the commenters are new. I am trying to get to the bottom of this RM. I am the topic of his post on his blog yesterday. From that comment a light bulb went off. He is the poster tha I felt threatened me back in the beginning. He talks the same way. I forget the handle he went by on Click Orlando. He only made two posts attacking me there. Mung came to my rescue then.

                  But on CTH if he is who I think he is he is he was a prominent poster there when I arrived. He was the bishop and he did not like me at all. Rick posted yesterday on his blog referring to me as Odessa Girl which was what the Bishop was saying at CTH. I am also Odessa Girl and disclosed that at CTH in the beginning. The only reason I used a different handle I chose a new handle at CTH is because I thought I had to for WordPress and Odessa Girl was disqus. Since then I have seen people use the same handle on all forums but I was not trying to hide that I was Odessa Girl. If RM is the Bihsop he has zeroed in on me again.

                    • No troubles, I’ll edit for you. I’m sorry to read Rick is bullying you. I thought he was shutting his blog down. I guess he still has an agenda.

                      I got a thread too at Rick’s blog. Tinfoil on my head and a battery in my mouth. He’s a charming guy. Told Danny, who was grieving the loss of his mother to forget about this case or he’ll forget about his mother.

                      Rick’s not a nice guy. One thing is clear, Sundance welcomed him into the fold and gave him credibilty right off the bat by telling Rick how bang-on his observations were.

    • Oh no.

      I wonder if he was at some point put on an antidepressant that was completely wrong for him. 😦 Sometimes they completely destabilize a person while he or she is on them — depending entirely on the specific drug and the person. He had to have been both depressed and anxious through this ordeal.

      I myself would unravel with or without chemical help if I’d been put through what they both have been through.

      Please delete this speculation if not an appropriate comment, Nettles.

    • So that would mean Shellie lied yet again, this time about living in the trailer in the woods. Remember she admitted to lying about the paypal account. Seems that Shellie has been unraveling for the last few weeks and is trying to take George down with her.

    • I would bet that they did live in a trailer in the woods at some point. Remember, she said they lived like Gypsies. So they probably lived in several different places during this whole fiasco.

  14. George hasn’t been arrested. On that live feed, the officers are talking to him across the street from the house. He keeps motioning to the side he carries a gun on.

  15. The ABC radio news just reported that George was taken into custody by the Lake Mary police on “suspicions” of domestic abuse. They said a gun was found in the home of the relative George was staying with, but it unclear whether it was used or not.

    This is total BS. It is my opinion that someone has gotten to Shellie from the other side and she is playing right into their hands. What exactly is “acting aggressively.” She knows that it is her word against his.

    • I see him live on TV. He’s standing across the street from Shellie’s dad’s house. There is a woman with him wearing a long black dress and she has long blond hair. GZ was talking to a police officer and the woman was talking on a cell phone. She just handed the phone to George and he’s talking on the phone now. The police officer is standing there.

      • I’m sure it’s just coincedence but, it’s interesting that the same ABC who got the divorce filings, and Shellie did the inter with is the newsbroadcast on the scene. How soon after the police arrived did ABC show up?

  16. Any way you look at this…not good. Just gives the other side more “I told you so”. Something very wrong going on here, I just don’t know with who and why.

  17. It would be wise for everyone to get the facts and details of what happened before jumping to one side or the other. We saw what happened with the TM shooting. Remember Shellie has been out there doing interviews with people, especially with the O’Connor Travonite babe claiming all kinds of negative things about George on national TV. These two need to be as far away from each other as possible. I have wondered why George has even stayed in Fla. after his acquittal. He and all of the Zimmerman’s haven’t been out there bad mouthing Shellie or anyone in her family.

      • Do you remember the really really big guy in court for GZ. He sat in front of Tony Pipitone. On Verdict day they wisened up and gave him a seat in the very back row so he wouldn’t block everyone else’s view.

        He’s said to be a really good friend of GZ. he is pictured in the myspace photo of the 4 guys.

  18. George is standing with his hands into both front pockets, a woman with long blond hair wearing a long black dress and George’s large friend are standing in the trees across the road from Shellie’s dad house. The house is big, beautiful and has a pool.

  19. “As of right now, (George Zimmerman) has been placed in investigative detention,” Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson said.

    • YEP! That SOB Sim’s isn’t going to miss an opportunity to SPIN it in “SZ’s favor,” this irks me to death.

      GZ NEEDS an attorney IMMEDIATELY! I hope he doesn’t talk incessantly WITHOUT an attorney being present.

        • So then that would indicate that Shellie was being a drama queen with calling 911. I’ve read that there were several people in the home at the time of whatever happened. If there was proof that George punched Shellie’s dad in the nose, or if he threatened them with shooting them, someone would have seen or heard that. If George is free to go, then I imagine Shellie does have a lot more questions to answer.

          Looks like George is going to have to get a police escort in order to claim his possessions.

          • pinecone – I agree, if GZ had punched SZ’s dad, there would be a bloody nose & that might be assault, GZ likely arrested. It’s likely it NEVER HAPPENED as you stated!

            MOM will get to the bottom of it & that’s what I will put weight on, what GZ told MOM.

            • cassandra – yep, you’re correct, sadly SZ appears to have an agenda. SZ said her peace & I thought she was entitled to, BUT, she has gone over the top when she attacked GZ in the media & now conveniently attacking him again.

              I don’t doubt they argued, those divorcing do, but I am grateful that GZ has been let go & SZ now needs to answer for herself.

  20. An officer took a purse to the woman with GZ and then she and George’s friend left in a truck.. George is now standing alone under the tree on the lawn across from the house. Both hands in his front pockets of his jeans. He’s wearing a checked shirt.

    • Bet by tonight the 911 call will be released. I am watch HLN. The cop is saying Shellie called 911 stating GZ was threaning her and her father and he had his hand on a gun.

  21. Shellie called 911 at 2:15 pm that there was a domestic issue. Shellie said she and her father was being threatened with a handgun. The 911 call will be released in the next 2 hours.

    The police said there are several people in the house when the incident occurred. Police also stated they aren’t sure at this point who was the aggressor.

    Shellie’s brother told reporters that his mother told him George has a gun and you need to get out of the house. Her brother has been sitting under a tree on the lawn ever since.

  22. Divorces are a horrible experience for anyone, IF this had happened to anyone divorcing on this BLOG, it wouldn’t make local news because it is so common. Verbal altercations, loud voices, & sometimes even threats are common in arguments of those divorcing. GZ always has a gun for his protection, I’ll have to see how this plays out, because he had his gun on in its holster I assume, imo, doesn’t mean he intended to use it.

    GZ deserves the benefit of the doubt, even from MEDIA, until the FACTS are known. GZ’s word is a good as SZ’s & he too has a side to tell n the situation..

    PRAYERS going out to GZ, a horrible experience for him to be placed in a police car & taken in.

    • It would seem obvious that the Shellie interviews did not improve matters, but GZ still has to mature up. The fact, so far is, that he is at her parent’s place. The parent’s place did not walk over to him.

      But just step back and imagine what O’Mara had to deal with, now that we are getting a little picture of temperaments behind scenes.

      • hooson1st – Going to SZ’s parents house was a bad idea but I assume that is where she is living & for that, GZ is responsible. SZ’s interviews about GZ compound GZ’s problems right now.

        Many times spouses think they can discuss matters calmly but their tempers get the best of them. I pray GZ gets his story out via an attorney & is released immediately. .

        I assume Sim’s will get an “emergency restraining order” against GZ immediately, the MEDIA will have a field day reporting on it.

          • pinecone – I didn’t realize the “trailer” SZ was referring to was on the property of her parents until you stated so which if GZ had things there, it would seem SZ would allow GZ to retrieve his belongings. Sims will have a restraining order for SZ’s dad & one for SZ against GZ immediately preventing him from going onto SZ’s dad’s property.

            Sometimes LE escorts a person back to retrieve their belongings by Court order or they can be packed/sent to GZ, but its not likely much was in a 20′ trailer. GZ could have just gone there to have a conversation w/SZ & it escalated, I guess we’ll find out.

            • From what I read here somewhere O’Mara said that George went to the home to get his stuff, not to have a conversation. If George appeared there saying that he wanted to get his stuff, Shellie and her Dad may not have wanted him to have access to what he may be claiming is his stuff. Shellie asked in the court papers to prevent George from selling any of their “property.” It appears to me that Shellie doesn’t want George to have anything, maybe even his clothes and other personal items.

    • Shellie may have said that but I’m not buying it, especially about being ready to shoot them. I’ll bet that George went there to get some of his stuff and Shellie wouldn’t allow him to take his stuff. George has the legal right to keep his weapon on him, more so than most with the constant death threats. I wish George would just leave Fla. and never look back.

      • pinecone – I don’t think GZ had been staying at SZ’s parent’s home, SZ has never said that but I do think it is likely SZ is living there since the separation. WHY would you assume GZ had been living w/SZ’s parents?

        I assume SZ moved her belongings to her parent’s house & left whatever belonged to GZ wherever they were staying before she filed for divorce.

        • pinecone – my BAD, I see, you think perhaps GZ went to the trailer on the property to possibly retrieve things. If SZ had no restraining order, it would seem appropriate.

        • I just saw Shellie’s brother give an interview. he said Shelly isn’t living there right now. She was visiting.

          Kelly and Shellie have driven off. O’Mara may give a statement after talking with George.

          I saw one tweet that said Shellie and her dad refused to file a formal complaint.

          • HLN(CNN partner) America now is reporting that MOM gave a statement saying GZ showed up to pick up some things and some sort of altercation took place. MOM noted he is not in custody, just being investigated.

  23. I wonder if George went to the home to get some of his possessions out of the trailer parked on the property with all he and Shellie’s stuff. Shellie did ask that he not be able to sell any of their property.

      • That’s what I figured. Shellie doesn’t want him to have anything it seems, even his own possessions. I’d get into an argument with anyone who tried to keep me from claiming what was rightfully mine.

        If the marriage was strained anyway, even before the shooting incident, and then George was forced to live with Shellie and the in-laws through the whole case ordeal, it would only add more stress to an already strained marriage. How many guys are happy to live with the in-laws for any period of time. I would have left my better half, and he would have left me had either been forced to live with either of the in-laws.

    • Thank you Jesus MOM has arrived to console/advise GZ, I feel so upset for GZ right now I could cry, feeling much better than MOM’s there & will help GZ in any decisions he has to make & hopefully, MOM will make a statement on GZ’s behalf.

  24. ABC news is now playing a portion of Shellie’s interview where she says something about not now knowing the person she was married to for almost 7 years.

    It’s interesting news coming shortly after Stutzman reported that they were not living in a trailer, as Shellie claimed in her ABC interview, but rather were staying in a big fancy house. That’s two pretty big lies told by Shellie. Whatever Shellie now claims showed be shoved through a truth detector first.

    • Technically, i think that they did live in a trailer for a few weeks before they moved into the house. A decent detective would have brought that distinction out. An interviewer with a POV, not necessarily.

        • Pinecone – I don’t know that for sure, but I read that somewhere this morning, and IIRC, it seemed correct. I will try to find it for you.

          • Hoosan, if all of their possessions were in a 20 ft. trailer, and I assume it would have been all of their furniture and possessions that were moved from the condo at the RTL, where would two people live in that small space?

            • I have no idea where their possessions were at any point in time. I cannot assume that all their possessions were with or not with them. I simply don’t know.

        • Pinecone – this is what I read –

          “In an interview with ABC News two weeks ago, Shellie Zimmerman described their lives in hiding as “gypsies … We lived in a 20-foot trailer in the woods.”
          But that was for a short period of time. On Sept. 5, according to GPS records at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, the couple moved for the last time.”


          It is possible that I misread the “two weeks ago” from the ABC interview in this news article with the “short period of time” referred in the next sentence. And having misread it, the period they lived in a trailer could have more than two weeks. The article is not clear.

          But bottom line, you are correct. I don’t have any proof. Sorry.

    • Pinecone –

      If you read Stutzman article again you will note Stutzman herself writes that they lived in a trailer for a “short period of time”.

    • Nettles – I saw GZ close the door, I too am watching WESH. I thought someone drove off in GZ’s truck, thinking if retrieving items, how’s he going to haul them, I guess he could have always called for his pick up to be returned there so he could load it.

    • But is DJ Dean a psychologist or is DJ basing his opinion on his sisters opinion? Seems silly DJ would ASSUME GZ feels guilt or self hatred UNLESS GZ told him that.

      • It’s clear he knew him to be a good guy and now “thinks” he’s guilt ridden. He’s not sure, he is going by Shellie statement.

        Crump got to her. She now believe the narrative.

        • Nettles, how could this be possible? Wouldn’t George have discussed with her what happened soon after the incident?
          What on earth could Crump be saying? “That’s not your husband’s voice on that 911 tape, TM was shaking him and pinning him down while himself screaming for help, W6 and W11 were coached liars, RJ just told be last night that she just remembered TM told her the creepy guy was wearing *rollerskates*! which explains how TM was getting chased around for 2 1/2 minutes and collapsed exhausted.” In reality, RJ/DeeDee’s testimony (AND post-trial interviews) seems to have exonerated George, together with the timestamps of the various phone calls. What could Crump possible said to persuade her of anything?

          • It possible b/c it appears the rumors may be true. The woman with GZ today is his ex-fiancée, Veronica. The flame between appears to have been relit and Shellie is pissed.

        • I believe that Nettles, to a degree. Crump or his footsoldiers may have gotten to Shellie, and Simms also. Shellie made it clear in the divorce documents that she “wants.” Shellie doesn’t have to believe the Crump narrative, but she has seen the Crumpetts become rich and powerful with their narrative, while George has had to beg for donations. I think most would agree that it has been a Travonite lovefest everywhere you look. Not so much for George. Money is a very intoxicating evil in some cases.

    • Guilt and self-hatred? Yet Shellie claimed in the ABC interview that George thought he was invincable since the acquittal. So which is it, he hates himself because of the incident, or he has been empowered because he correctly acted in self defense and is now all powerful?

      George, please get as far away from these people as you can get. Please, I beg of you, please leave the state of Fla. who was willing to use you as a scapegoat for the BGI. Go back to Texas or anywhere and get the hel1 away from those that want you to suffer additional pain and suffering, and will only continue to drag you and your name through the mud.

      If the incident happened the way it was originally reported, that George punched Shellie’s dad in the nose, he would never ever have walked away from there. He would have been sitting in jail, awaiting another trial.

  25. It is being reported on Fox Orlando the altercation was caught on security cameras. The police are looking through them.

    • I think this is the house that George and Shellie were staying in. Security cameras were installed b/c of it.

      When Shellie left GZ on August 13th, he remained there alone.

      Did he come home to find Shellie and her family there?

      They said they own the house and they were getting it ready to the next tenant.

      I’m sure GZ’s response to the security tape was “Thank God, I hope it was caught on tape”

      • From what I know the home is owned by Shellies family. I heard specifically on HLNtv that MOM weighed in the statement was read…that GZ came to the home to get some belongings and there was an altercation…..something about emotions running high…I can not find a written statement. They repeated it like 3 times.

      • From reading the comments at LI, I read that the police had to threaten to get a search warrant in order to view the security video. I read that George was outside sitting in his truck when the police arrived, and that Shellie was outside on the driveway when she called 911, while George was sitting in his truck. Simms appeared almost immediately after her 911 call. After consulting Simms, both Shellie and the father declined to give any statements, and have refused to press any charges.

        Good point, Shellie is currently on parole for her perjury charge. If she was lying about how today’s incident went down, she could lose her freedom through parole. Another good point, Shellie may be looking to add domestic battery or violence to her divorce charges as that I believe gives her more of the assets. Did Shellie stage a media stunt today? I wondered earlier how ABC seemed to be at the scene very very quickly. Shellie has already gone to ABC to do her interview with a known Travonit, the O’Connor babe.

        Something about this whole thing stinks.

        Interesting to read Justthefactsplease posting over at the TH how she is so surprised to see O’Mara still representing George. So JTFP, what’s up with that?

        • Well, mini, art gave a link with some more info. below this. Seems the Dean family was there first. It is their property. GZ had Veronica at the house before was told not to bring her. He then shows up today with the same women a week after being served divorce papers. What do you think js going to happen? He should have contacted hervatty. or her to set up a time when he could get things and IF it had to be done together DO NOT BRING YOUR MISTRESS!

          • I’m listening to the presser O”Mara and he confirms this is the house that George is living at and he’ll be moving soon.

            Shellie was given time yesterday to go to the house and remove some belongings. She needed to come back today but didn’t tell anyone and showed up. GZ did not think he’d be running into her. When he pulled up at the house he is staying in, a verbal squabble occurred and some pushing and shoving. The woman remained in the truck.

            The police had GZ’s friend drive the woman out of the scene. Kelly Sims turned up very quickly and took Shellie and her family out of there.

            I do sense this may have been set-up by Shellie. She is the one who went to the house unannounced. She should have communicated through her lawyer her need to get those pots and pans today.

            • Well, as usual conflicting reports. GZ still is a pud for taking his new girl friend to his wifes parents house! And what the hell, all this time this chick is benefiting from the defense fund ? I mean come on? He was set up?

              • You mean that Shellie has been benefiting from the defense fund correct? Shellie had all of her expenses paid by the defense fund until the acquittal. If you mean the girlfriend has benefited, where is any proof that the chick benefited? She had a life during the trial, she apparently had a home, she apparently took care of her own expenses, before, during and after the past year and a half, right? How would the ex fiancee benefit financially from the defense fund. I thought I read somewhere that George had his GPS go off when he went into a flower shop to get Shellie flowers. Who was and is fooling who Danny? I have to wonder if Shellie, and her family, didn’t believe that George was guilty of getting out of the truck, and drove that home to him every chance they got. This isn’t the first time that a man looked elsewhere for support he was not getting at home, and it sure won’t be the last. Listening to the interview with Shellie, O’Connor asked her about how they got together. Shellie talks about them having been very good friends, and that George was in love with Shellie. Shellie doesn’t seem to have been in love with George, but rather married him because it seemed the thing to do at the time. How strong was Shellie ever going to be to go to bat for George, and when the times got tough, she got going. I have no doubt that Shellie’s family played a big role in her decisions. Wasn’t Shellie’s mother pulled over for erratic driving? That story didn’t get any legs. Yet George gets pulled over for speeding, and it’s breaking news with the MSM.

                I have NO SYMPATHY at all whatsoever with Shellie Zimmerman. Shellie claimed that George just wasn’t there for her, and she was dissapointed with their marriage. Just maybe Shellie wan’t there for George, so he went elsewhere looking for a support system. So what’s all this talk about George just wanting to be all alone after the divorce? How about him staying in the bathroom during the jury deliberations? Did he feel betrayed by about everyone except for O’Mara and West, and likely Truett?

            • Since it has likely been George’s defense funds that have been paying the bills on the house, it would seem that he has the right to be there. If it is as you say that Shellie just showed up today to get more stuff, unannounced, it is something that Shellie did that should be questioned, more than George.

              I’m especially interested in how the media got word so fast and showed up to cover the George Zimmerman screws up again narrative. I believe many are smelling a set up rat in this whole thing.

              So, if George was seeing someone else, why did Shellie file for what appeared to be a no fault divorce? Wouldn’t her attorney Simms gone for an adultry or domestic dispute divorce instead? Something is really stinky.

              • minpin – when SZ called 911, 911 dispatched LE, MEDIA too has police radios to hear information or crimes in process when LE is needed, shootings, etc. Immediately MEDIA would be on the scene just like LE.

              • From my recollection the fund was for living expenses for both husband and wife and a defense fund. I never said he did not have a right to be there. I said he is stupid to have his mistress staying or even coming there. Are you okay that he has been paying to live in a house, and security to while cheating on wife, taking off not to be found, and pretty much causing this whole thing?
                As for your other comment to me I will answer it here. I am almost certain looking at the debt each of these two have can not be called a benefit even in terms of what was in the defense fund. Has this other chick benefited? She sure will benefit in the future if she sticks around. Where was she the night on Feb. 26, 2012- July 6 2013? Was she the cats paw to hide money for GZ? Was she the one living in hiding? Was she the one charged with perjury?
                As for your comments about the Dean family? Mikki was pulled over yes. Not big news. But her daughter did not kill someone in self defense and her family stayed out of the spot light allowing the system to do its job. Did they contact Conservative Treehouse? Did they tweet the daily black on white crime? Did they have sensless fights with Piers Morgan Red Coat?
                I think so many people are so use to justifying what this guy does good or bad because you confuse his actions as your only defense to deadly force! I think for some he will mever do wrong in their eyes because for them they were the ticket to expose MSM and BGI.
                Not me. I call a spade a spade.

        • Hi, Danny. I am surprised because I thought his representation of George had ended. I guess I was wrong I don’t know. I am glad George had representation.

          • I trust this puts to bed the rumor George is being held with O’Mara against his will.

            Let’s respect George’s choice in lawyer and work with them or at the very least not against them as they help George right some wrongs and stay out of trouble himself.

          • Who else is gonna take on this guy?
            Nettie, Nah it will not lay it to rest because SD and cronnies will say he stays cause Omara has his money. But that should have been laid to rest being Shellies got some of it this past month!

          • JTFP, it would be really nice if you didn’t post in a manner at the TH that you seem to know things for a fact, when apparently you don’t. You have many people over at the TH thinking that you have all the inside info. that apparently you don’t. I believe someone finally replied to you at the TH today to not make statements that you can’t or won’t back up with any proof. And, what about that two phone theory you are still hanging onto? What about the two DD thing you are still hanging onto? I really believe your misinformation has been very destructive to the entire case.

  26. EXCLUSIVE: George Zimmerman is taken into custody after ‘threatening wife with gun and punching her father in the nose after she confronted him over claims he was having an AFFAIR’

    George Zimmerman was today questioned by police after allegedly threatening his estranged wife with a handgun in an altercation sparked by claims he has been having an affair, MailOnline can reveal.

    Friend and key defense witness John Donnelly told MailOnline: ‘George has been having an affair with his ex-fiancee. Shellie believes it flared back up after the acquittal.’

    Zimmerman’s only publicly known former fiancee was beautician Veronica Zuazo, who herself filed a domestic violence complaint against him in a messy series of counter complaints that led to their split.

    According to Mr Donnelly, Shellie confronted her husband who has been ‘AWOL’ since his acquittal and whose only contact with his wife has been via a number of texts stating simply: ‘I’m fine’.

    During the trial they were sequestered, moved from house to house there just wasn’t any opportunity for anything like that [an affair] to go on,’ he said. ‘To the best of my knowledge and hers this started up after the trial.’


    • As someone around here pointed out, the Daily Mail, from the UK is comparable to the Daily Enquirer here, or any of the other varied rags you see in the grocery store line where they post the most sensational, off the wall lies known to man. You can see by their take on the “affair” thing that that is what they are doing here.

      • It’s been talked about all over the place. Today I witnessed GZ with a woman in the truck. So he is getting supported by someone. Don’t know if it’s an affair or not but clearly Shellie thinks it is.

        Her acting out to hurt him now makes sense.

      • pinecone – Donally GAVE an interview to mail.online about the affair. Do you NOT believe GZ brought his ex fiance there today & that she has been there before?

        Donally loved both SZ/GZ, he testified for GZ during the trial, he would have no reason to LIE during an interview to any news organization whether it was mailonline.com or foxnews.

        • Nettles – I agree it does sound like a set up by SZ showing up unannounced & not contacting GZ’s attorney, which appears to be MOM, but why would GZ bring back his ex-fiance to the home in which he had been ask not to bring her previously? It wasn’t the ex’s first trip there.

          It just seems it was a bad idea to bring the ex finance to a home the Dean family owned when he was asked not to previously.

          MOM has stated the woman was in the truck, though he didn’t state her name, John Donally stated her name today in his interview.

          • We don’t know that George was going to take her in the house. What if he had to make a stop at the house for something this afternoon.

            He rolls up and there are the Deans.

            The Ex. is important to George. There is evidence in the discovery that he confided in her his frustration that Shellie didn’t want kids and he did. I wondered how Shellie would react to hearing that George discussed Shellie with his Ex. this occurred 2 years after the restraining orders.

            She just may be a friend to him helping him get through. Mark Osterman told us, George doesn’t have many friends and it appears some he did have can’t be trusted with sensitive information and he can’t chance that. It could mean his life with so many gunning for him.

            What Shellie did today put George’s safety at risk. Not cool. Not cool at all.

            • Nettles – I do think the ex is a good friend to GZ & has been for a long time, so when it was apparent to GZ the Deans were there, why didn’t GZ just leave & call MOM? imo, that would have been the best course of action, MOM would have contacted Sims & it would have been taken care of. THEN! There would have been no exchange between GZ & SZ.

                • Nettles – it’s those teachable moments that is going to keep GZ from making the news. This entire embarrassing event could have been avoided easily.

                  I assume MOM is discussing the better decisions w/GZ that he could have made today, AVOID SZ at ALL cost. Drive OFF! That’s why those that divorce PAY attorneys,so they can call them in events like today, MOM was a phone call away.

                  • If George Zimmerman sneezes wrong he is going to make the news. George has been acquitted of the murder sharges. George has the right to live his life not being held in the news media vacuum. I wish people would stop putting George in a position where he has to call his lawyer before he takes a poop. It doesn’t matter what George does, it is going to be in the news. Who else gets a speeding warning put out as breaking news?

                    • pinecone – when GZ saw Mr. Dean/SZ at the house today & he had his ex girl friend/good friend w/him in the truck, GZ SIMPLY could have driven away & returned to the home after they left.

                      GZ wouldn’t have made news had he decided to do so.

              • Art- Is there any proof out there anywhere that Shellie, or the Deans, had asked George not to bring his friend to the house? Is there any information out there that George has retained the former fiance as a good friend for a long time? Can she just be a good supportive friend to George without it being an affair? Do you have any proof of any of that or are you just speculating?

                • I would have to look for where I had read that today, but someone else stated it also here today. The EX girlfriend was a problem for SZ & she thought GZ was having an affair w/the ex as well as Donnally, who too think the affair has been rekindled. I don’t know if it is an “affair” or if it is a “friendship” NOR DO I CARE! What is important is that SZ was upset about it,

                  GZ should have LEFT the house when he saw Mr. Dean/SZ there, nothing good was going to come from GZ who had the ex in his truck remaining at the house & an argument surely ensuing just as it did. This could have all been avoided.

                  • Yes, I know, the whole Trayvon shooting thing could also have been avoided if George had only stayed in the truck. If George went to the house today, where I am reading he was living, with his friend in the truck, you are asking George to act in a manner that is acceptable to the Travonites, or those that have alligned against George as being just a little too stupid to function in life? Is George supposed to live with O’Mara, or some attorney, in his back pocket, ready to call for every little thing when some put him in a position of yet another “possible” scrape with the law. What are you saying ART? Does George now have to have a lwayer with him in every step he makes in life? George didn’t do anything wrong from all the details I’m reading about the incident today. If George really did do what Shellie claimed he did, I can guarandamntee he would be sitting his azz in jail right now.

                    Why are you so focused on the girlfriend thing, but seem to want to gloss over the fact that George didn’t do anything wrong today. Shellie would have filed charges against him in a heartbeat if he really did what she claimed. The fact that his friend was sitting in the truck is a total and complete distraction. Didn’t we already see that whole crap go down after the shooting incident.

                    I don’t follow the MSM as you do ART. I gave up on them a whole long time ago for many and varied reasons. They are not honest.

                    • I guess GZ does no wrong. Him hiding money from his atty. was ok. Him taking off on his wife ok. Him bringing is girlfriend to his inlaws hose OK. It is everyone elses fault!

                    • I’m not focused on the “girlfriend thing,” it is SZ that is focused & upset about the girlfriend thing & no doubt an exchange of heated words was going to take place when GZ chose to stay.

                      GZ could have LEFT THE PROPERTY today but he chose not to. You can make endless excuses for why he didn’t leave such as he lived there, but SZ had too lived there, , but if GZ had just left the home he wouldn’t have made the news & the whole “ex girlfriend/ friend” would have never made the news.

                      ABSOLUTELY GZ should have called MOM that’s WHY MOM is GZ’s divorce attorney, MOM would have taken care of it & nothing would have happened nor would it make news for days. That is the sad state of where GZ’s life is & it’s not going to change anytime soon.

                      I’m ASKING GZ to USE COMMON SENSE & avoid foreseeable trouble in which today it was clearly foreseeable! It didn’t matter whether GZ lived there or not, there was NO DOUBT TO ANYONE that when GZ saw Mr. Dean/SZ there at the premises, if GZ decided to stay, an altercation was going to occur & did.

            • Nettles it was reported the Zimmermans were in marriage therapy prior to Feb. 26. I will tell you what IF my wife and I were having issues and I confied private things about my wife or/ and had an emotional attachment to my I would be served divirve papers STAT! If I brought this women to her parents home I was living in until I got on my feet? She would prolly wait until we both went in and burned the place down! GZ could have avoided this by seeing the vehicles leaving and text his wife about when shed be gone. We would be none the wiser!

              • dannywarrior – I agree w/your thoughts, this entire ordeal could have been AVOIDED if common sense had prevailed & GZ had simply driven off. There would be “nothing sensational” for MEDIA to report.

                I would gladly provide the matches for your wife to burn you down if you pulled something this stupid, LOL

              • George Zimmerman never stated the first word about the paypal account in court. Remember he was a “potted plant”? What should he have done, yell out to the judge that his wife was lying? Shellie stated that she wished George had been more supportive of her when she went to bat for him in that hearing. What was George supposed to do?

                If you were living with your in-laws for the last more than a year, and you had everything against you the prosecutors, the Gov., the state Atty. Gen, the president, the federal atty Gen., and the entire BGI Trayvonite mob against you, would you want some time alone? Seems to me that SD had some of the Zimmerman family members squelling to him about how O’Mara was a piece of chit and was not looking out for GZ’s best interest. Seems that Robert Z Jr. and SR. were sitting right in SD court. The Osterman’s wrote that GZ didn’t have a great relationship with his parents, and that they were estranged before the incident. Who the hell else should have turned on George? Who else was left to turn on him? It didn’t take long for Shellie to do just that with the interview.

                Danny, you have your opinion about how things should be, or should have been, and that George was a terrible scoundrel because he turned to someone else, even after Shellie has admitted that their marriage was not so great to begin with. Could the female friend that he was with today just a friend and a support system that he turned to when Shellie was being less than supportive. Hasn’t it been reported that George got together with the former fiancee after the trial? With Shellies brother’s statements today, it sure as hell sounds to me that the Deans were not in George’s corner along the way. Any chance that they could have been so pizzed at George for gwetting out of the cat that they are holding him responsible for the life they have all been forced into via the BGI and the media?

        • I never said that GZ didn’t take his girlfriend to the house today. What I said was that the Daily Mail is a rag that thrives for sensationalism. The girlfriend thing is right up their alley. I doubt Hollywood affairs would get as much attention as George is. It is all to make George look even worse then he has already been portrayed. Stop putting words in my mouth Art.

          • I didn’t put words in your mouth! I ASK you if you believed the interview Donnally gave to mailonline or not & you still haven’t answered that question? There is NO REASON Donnally would have to lie about GZ, he loves GZ, he’s GZ’s friend, but friend or not, he apparently isn’t going to cover or lie for GZ either.

            Your comment sounded as if you wanted to discredit mailonline for doing an interview w/Donnally, your accusing mailonline for reporting the “girlfriend” as if they made it up. imo, it didn’t matter who Donnnally interviewed with, the information would be the same, the “affair” r “ex girlfriend” would have come out in any interview. Would you complain of sensationalism if CBS news had interviewed Donally & reported the same interview? The information would have been the same.

            GZ is solely responsible for the “girlfriend thing,” NOT mailonline, they did an interview & reported on it.

            • Art- I don’t follow the media as you do. I don’t give a rat’s azz who gave any interview to the Daily Mail, or the Mail Online. Does it really matter whether I “believe” someone’s interview or not. I don’t count on many “news” sources as they all have an agenda. They all have to sensationalize in order to sell their stories. I have no clue who Donally is, nor do I care. Does that answer you question Art.

                • Very few. With the Zimmerman charade, I don’t trust most as they never researched the case as much as those of us that have been following it from the beginning. Even those that have seemed to be on George’s side that he acted in self defense have written misstatements and misconceptions. The case was very complex. Those that wanted to weigh in should have at least gotten the facts and the details down before writing what they have. Didn’t Nettles get Cashill to correct some factual errors in his book?

                  What media outlets have you found that reported factually on the case from beginning to end? I’m curious to know who you have trusted with the Zimmerman news.

                  • The answer to your question at the end “what media outlets have you found that reported factually on the case from beginning to end” – is that I have no idea, but I suspect that none of them did. I did not keep track of them anyway.

                    If one depends solely on a media outlet for accurate information, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. You have to supply your own judgement to their product.

                    Much of what the media reports can be believed, a certain amount does not warrant belief.

                    The level of trust in any one media report depends on a variety of factors. Those factors are then filtered through a reader’s prism of experience, level of common sense, and personal biases.

                    In assessing reports on the Zimmerman case, for my purposes I was aided by the multiple news outlets covering the story, the partisans on both sides of the issue being vocal and presenting their views, and vibrant debate on the internet (which eventually drew me to CTH).

                    Weighing the asserted facts, contra-arguments back and forth, and filtering it all through the prism of my experiences I drew my own conclusions. Those conclusions would continually be tested against new developments in the case as they transpired.

                    A media report for me is not the final word. It is the point of departure.

                    Ronald Reagan said it best in another context, “trust but verify”.

                    What struck me early early on in the case were the actions of George Zimmerman whose deportment in the period following the tragic shooting were that of a naive, trusting, innocent person telling the truth. That was an assessment on my part which awaited, either corroboration, or a determination by subsequent fact that my initial reaction was wrong.

                    In your reply above, you mentioned that you trusted very few media outlets – which implies that you trust some. Did you mean to say that you don’t trust any?

              • It appears to me pinecone that you are unhappy when anything puts GZ in a dim light, whether it was GZ’s very decisions that put him there or not. It doesn’t matter whether you believe an interview or not, but to not even recall who Mr. Donnally is before you discount the interview is surprising.

                Mr. Donnally, war vet, was an important witness testifying for GZ at trial, he cried when he testified “he had no doubt that it was GZ’s voice on the 911 call.” If I’m not mistaken, he too bought GZ’s suits for the trial, imo, he’s an honest man of character & would have no reason to lie in any interview about anything no matter who he interviewed with. You don’t have to like what he said, but it doesn’t discount his honesty or interview.

        • If Donnally lied in the interview then he was a liar on the stand. That is how I see it. Mini is getting very nasty. Logic is just not afoot right now.

          • So expressing my views is getting nasty? We’ve been here before Danny, remember. I have been accused by you of being nasty and going on rants and raves because I didn’t agree with your positions. Take that to heart Danny. If someone doesn’t agree with your position, that doesn’t mean they are getting “nasty” they are disagreeing. You and Art believe that George was wrong to take his friend to the house today, I say George has moved on from Shellie ans is trying to get some support for him. If George was living in the house, and Shellie had already moved out of the house, why was he wrong to go back to the house where he was living, and likely paying the bills on out of the defense fund. As much as George needs to monitor his actions/movements it seems that Shellie has been given free reign to do as she please, and it makes the news. My opinions are as important as yours are Danny. It doesn’t mean that I am being “nasty” because I have very respectfully disagreed. I haven’t gone to the point where I need to call names because I don’t agree.

            • Yeah we have been here before. Has nothing to do with you disagreeing with me or anyone. It is your attitude to others. You should know I am not fond of bullies. We are all adults here as far as I know. We got here before because of your same demenor. You have been ragging on Art the last vew days, you just ragged on JFPLZ that was a comment for me. You are responding to my comments not very kindly so hey you will be treated the same way. It is the golden rule! It has nothing to do with you agreeing with me.

              • dannywarrior – and I thought I was the “whipping boy.”

                I view GZ objectively, he is clearly no saint nor is anyone. I am a die hard supporter of GZ but I clearly GZ & decisions fairly. Since the verdict, GZ has made 4 poor choices, GZ knows anything he does is going to make NATIONAL NEWS if LE or the MEDIA gets involved. Today, would be GZ’s 5th poor decision imo. Anytime for the rest of GZ’s life, he can do to avoid an altercation//heated verbal exchange, whatever, that is what he needs to do, if he doesn’t know, he needs to call an attorney to advise him BECAUSE what GZ is doing isn’t working for him.

                GZ choices today:
                (1) When seeing Mr. Dean’s/SZ’s car he could have simply driven away & returned later w/his friend


                (2) Stayed at the house w/his friend in his truck knowing a verbal altercation was going to take place. GZ knew SZ thought he was having an affair, knew SZ was pissed off, GZ knew it would piss SZ off if he stayed. Was it GZ’s right to stay? Maybe. Did it work out well for GZ?

                • I agree. I do not mind being the whippingboy. Principles over ride being right all the time. I can agree to disagree if it is respectful.

                • Art and Danny, have at it all you want. Seems that new reports are coming out constantly showing that you both had made up your minds of how things should have been looked at rather than how things really did shake out, and even those stories are not carved in stone yet. Isn’t that how the whole Zimmerman case wound up where it did? Speculation, opinions, he shouldna done this, he shouldna done that. I prefer to give George the respect he deserves without those who seem to want to be behavioral therapists, or social engineers think it should be. George is a free American citizen because of his acquittal. That should include him being free from a scorned wife with obvious ulterior motives. Are you both so pure that you have never made a less than optimal decision. Shellie left George. Shellie said that they separated on the 13th of Aug. Shellie has no claims on George, what he does, who he is with, and certainly no dibs on the truth, yet again.

            • pinecone – your logic that GZ was living there & he had a right to stay, whatever excuse you are making, is the VERY REASON this became a news story SO don’t get pissed off when GZ makes the news for DECIDING to stay at the premises with you supporting that decision when GZ knew NOTHING GOOD was going to come from it & a foreseeable verbal altercation was going to take place. You might have supported GZ staying there with his friend, but HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR GZ? It clearly DIDN’T! You can argue w/the moon about GZ having a right to be there, but was being right worth making National News again when this could have been avoided?

              Simply, this was an avoidable incident had GZ used better Judgement, GZ could have driven away & returned ANYTIME w/his friend when he didn’t see SZ or Mr. Dean’s cars there OR he could have called MOM & he could have resolved it, that’s why MOM is the divorce attorney to advise GZ.. If GZ needs an attorney to make better decisions, I HOPE he uses him, it would be worth GZ’s money to pay an attorney to keep him from making news.

              • George Zimmerman is going to be in the news if he looks sideways at anyone. That is the reality of the whole situation. That is all there is. GZ isn’t always the brightest bulb in the box with some of his decisions. I rather like to look at it that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of all criminal charges, and that he is a free man, allowed to live his life any way he sees fit. It doesn’t make any difference at all whatever George Zimmerman does, he will be in the national news because he has been made to be the most hated man in America. So if anyone else isn’t the brightest bulb in the box gets a speeding ticket, that should be national news? If George Zimmerman goes to the house he has been living in, with a friend in his truck, he is all of a sudden to be charged with the likes of “he shouldna got otta da truck”? That’s what some seem to be doing to him since this acquittal. He shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t do that, he shouldn’t go here, he shouldn’t go there, he shouldn’t say this, he shouldn’t say that. After all he is the most hated man in America, and for that he should crawl himself into a cave and never show his face, make any moves, or be allowed to live as a normal human being does. Nope, throw him in jail for stupidity, or for a lack of common sense. Last I checked you don’t get thrown jail for less than the best decisions. Hell, the Martin parents would have life sentences if common sense prevailed in the raising of their hoodlum gangsta.

                • The reality of whole situation is when there is foreseeable trouble that could take place & GZ makes the decision to stay & 911 is called, GZ is going to MAKE NEWS ANYTIME come to the scene, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH GZ LOOKING SIDEWAYS, this has everything to do w/GZ using better Judgement.

                  Was GZ looking sideways today or did GZ MAKE a DECISION to stay at the home w/his friend in his truck when he saw the vehicles of SZ & her dad knowing CLEARLY that a verbal altercation was going to take place? GZ KNEW CLEARLY what would transpire & it did.

                  • George Zimmerman is not compelled or required to live his life according to how the media is going to report on his last burp. That is where you are missing the whole shabang. George apparently does not, nor should he live his life in a manner on how the media is going to report on his last sideways look. If you believe he should be living his life according to the latest media blub then you are putting him in the same prison as the BGI. You live by the latest media outbursts Art, but George has lived with a media that has lambasted him for a speeding ticket for God sakes. Obviously George has decided that he does not live for the media, and that must be a freeing exercise for George. You pay a whole lot of attention to the media Art, but seems to me that George has moved on from there. He knows he can’t win in the media so why try.

              • But see Art that is why some will refuse to acknowledge his bad decisions. They are thinking about IF the Scheme Team files a civil suit. Look, if everyone else can see it and someone who can be sued can not DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER. They should write GZ and tell him to GET IT TOGETHER.

  27. So what split George and Shellie up that quick? Was it upset with her split decision to lie about the donation account. Did that coupled with the problems they were having prior to the shooting end it for them?

    • Wasn’t that decision over a year ago?
      I think of this story as similar to how it goes when people are moving heavy furniture down the stairs — people start snapping and get testy. I also think of it as a marriage traumatized by a child’s serious illness, which often leads to marriage dissolution. The decision with the account could be a part of this — OR the decision to roll over and plead guilty. Both parties probably ended up subjected to 25 “last straws”, over and over in the last six months or whatever.
      I also think perhaps that SZ got tired of dealing with GZ’s unilateral self-sabotaging decisions — which she probably perceived as having been made without regard for the stress they would mean for *her* or the impact on her own life.
      Lastly there may have been the factor of letters from concerned or interested women… if convicts get them, then this doughy dough-boy and darling of certain pockets of our society — and perceived martyr — might have sparkeed some body’s interest as well. When Shellie gave her interview, I had wondered if he had gone of and done something like this. Or a FB highschool frienship rekindling thing which seems so common.
      Over on CTH someone has posted the rumo that the “woman” today was the former fiancee.
      I feel bad for Shellie if this happened. She stomached so much and absorbed so much punishment — all to be betrayed like this, which would be devastating for many of us. At the same time I feel bad for GZ.
      I hope things will someday be OK for both of them. What I’ve described may seem “juicy” but it is completely run of the mill imo, especially for people who have been subjected to such INTENSE circumstances for all this time. And is one of the many reasons why what the scheme team have done is so venal.

    • Nettles – There were not interior cameras I read, there were only exterior cameras near the front door which probably would have caught the altercation that GZ offered LE.

      • I posted the raw video of O’Mara’s presser today. In it he reveals the security cameras are only for the outside and while it did show the parties communicating with each other, there was no audio. Then they moved inside where there are no cameras.

        So once again, the tapes won’t tell the tale.

    • If true, I read that the father and Shellie didn’t want the police to view the security tapes. The cops threatened to get a search warrant if they didn’t allow the tapes to be reviewed. I guess it was shortly after that that Shellie left with Kelly Simms in his car. I wonder if this will have any affect on Shellie’s parole conditions.

  28. Shellie’s actions today were reckless. Everyone now knows where George is staying tonight (maybe). There’s no reason for her to have gone to the house unannounced. She decided to leave it when she left George. She was given time on Saturday to get her things. She must work through her lawyer.

    Most rushed to judgement today that George went to Shellie’s house.

    • And the rush to judgement was facilitated by the press reportage filtering out. However, today a lot of that can be chalked up to understandable confusion given the bifurcated living arrangements that the pending divorce seems to have engineered combined with the ongoing security concerns of the George and Shellie.

      A lot of confusion has been substantially cleared by the O’Mara presser and contrary to the initial assumptions some more suspicion is raised by Shellie’s actions.

    • Nettles – just think, had GZ driven away when he saw Mr. Deans/SZ’s cars & come back later. there would have been NO INCIDENT at all & NOTHING for MEDIA to report.

          • pinecone – the sad reality is GZ isn’t you or me, it’s not fair but it’s GZ’s reality. GZ will do well to stay as far away from any potential situations or altercations that could get out of hand regardless if he is at fault or not,GZ has to protect himself from becoming a media story at all cost, sadly, GZ doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt we would get. The MEDIA isn’t going to give it to him NOR many Americans that they he got away from murder. This is GZ’s life forever, I don’t see how it would change because so many Americans still think GZ is a murderer.

            As far as Shellie making a false report that you mentioned up thread: MOM addressed it.

            “Emotions got out of control, O’Mara said, but neither side is filing charges against the other.”

            “I know the 911 tape suggests that Shellie was saying something but I think that was heightened emotions,” O’Mara said. “There may have been some pushing and touching. That happens a lot in divorce situations … Nobody was injured.”


            • Art, in this case GZ was at his home minding his own business when Shellie decided she wanted to get some pots and pans and shows up to the house unannounced.

              George doesn’t want to let her in, probably b/c of the friend that was with him and before Shellie is even aware of her, she and her father try to muscle their way into the house.

              George can’t live his life on what can come up. He is entitled to talk with friends even female ones that support him right now. I don’t see anything wrong with him having his friend there. He wasn’t expecting Shellie to come there, she’d been there on Saturday to get her stuff and he had arranged to not be there.

              Shellie turned up announced and started demanding things and making accusations, which turned out to be false.

              • Nettles – when the situation escalated, GZ could have left in his vehicle with his friend & let SZ/Dad stay at the house, SZ’s dad owned the house & probably thought he had a right to enter the home whether GZ liked it or not. Had GZ left with his friend, 911 would not have been called.

                It’s not that is was wrong for GZ to have company or a friend there or throw parties at the home because it’s not wrong, GZ’s entitled to live his life & I agree, GZ probably didn’t want SZ to know the woman was there because it confirmed SZ’s accusations that the woman was back in GZ’s life. SZ only filed for divorce a week or 2 ago, until SZ filed for divorce GZ was legally married to SZ. The point is, the confrontation escalated & GZ had the opportunity to distant himself from an escalating situation before it got any worse & he chose not to whether or not GZ was expecting SZ/Dad to come to the home for pots & pans.

                GZ doesn’t need the Media exposure no matter who started the confrontation, the confrontation could have been avoided. GZ can’t live on donations forever, it will be harder for GZ to ever get any employment if he is consistently in the news, this is the 5th time GZ made news since the verdict.. You might say, “well it was SZ’s fault,” but it was GZ’s responsibility to distant himself if he didn’t want the MEDIA exposure/911 called. GZ is in control of GZ & the decisions he makes, I’m pretty sure GZ doesn’t want media exposure.

                GZ doesn’t have to live his life on what can come up, BUT, when situations come up that GZ can distance himself from before they escalate & 911 is called, imo, the BEST judgement is to distance himself immediately from an escalating situation to avoid unnecessary publicity no matter who is at fault. I bet MOM told GZ exactly that when he spoke w/GZ, WHY didn’t you just leave?

          • +1,000,000

            He can’t win with them so he should just live. It appears he was in the home, refused to let the Deans in and Shellie called 911. She wasn’t aware of the woman until she was on the phone with him.

            Shellie should not be just showing up unannounced. It’s like she invited this trouble.

      • I’m reading that George Zimmerman and the girl were in the house when the Dean’s rolled up.

        George didn’t want to let them in. Then the trouble began. It mostly happened outside, someone across the street saw it and Shelllie wasn’t aware of the other person being with George until her 2nd call to 911 from her father’s phone

        I’d like to hear her first call to 911 from her cell phone.

    • Sadly they also know (if didn’t before hand) that this home is owned by Shellies parents and that could cause problems for the parents or Heaven forbid, anyone who rents the home, esp if they didn’t follow this. Sad and scary… makes me think of when those idiots tweeted wrong address as GZ.

  29. I wonder why, if they had approached the truck before placing the call, they later expressed surprise that there was a woman in it…?

    • I had that same thought. That is why I said there were conflicting reports from both sides. It does appear in the 911 call Shellie nor her family knew their was a women in the truck until AFTER the altercation. You can hear a young male (her brother) tell her and then she tell 911 to wait a min. tjen she sees the women. You would have to wonder why Shellie would be upset and be the one to confront GZ stays there and she showed up unannounced.

  30. I think I get it now. Nettles, you think somehow Crump learned of this rekindled flame and used it to pull in Shellie?


    • I was baffled why Shellie who by all appearances supported George through the trial, suddenly a month after needing time for himself, goes to the press and hints her husband is a loose cannon. He has a temper and while he hasn’t ever hit her she is frightened for the first time. I was thinking, it’s like someone even his spouse buys into Crump’s narrative. George killed Trayvon out of ill will and spite.

      Then I learn Shellie thinks there is an affair. Whether there is or there isn’t, now her buying into Crump’s narrative makes sense. It’s not out of a legitimate fear of her husband being reckless and feeling invincible. It’s out of pure jealousy. Now Shellie’s behavior makes sense to me.

      • I am reposting this response from below because this is where it belongs. Delete the other one if you like, please.

        OK, I see it a little differently. She sat on her subjective knowledge of some of G’s flaws, because that is what a spouse does. It’s what a nurturing loyal woman does as well. Most people, without realizing it, have a ledger in their mental recesses in which the sacrifices they make for someone are both an investment in that person that the other person shouldn’t just squander (like G continuing to eff up, on the highway, visiting the factory, whatever)… but also: credit/brownie points that accrue a little bit and presumed to be recognized. When it turns out the brownie points weren’t recognized, or all the expressed gratitude and promises in return (be they love, loyalty, security, sharing in good fortune, I promise I will make this up to you for the rest of my life, whatever) turn out to have been BS or are at some point abandoned and the person who did the sacrificing is thrown under the bus or hurt in some profound way, it can mean a serious reevaluation of all the things that were previously given a pass. And blind fury next to that.
        Law enforcement may expect some scorned women to lie, but they often uncover the *truth* about things from women who kept a man’s secrets for a long time, but no longer have self-serving reasons to. “self-serving” sounds more cynical than how I mean it. I mean it must still sound fairly base, but this is human nature. Not a particularly dark one, because we know that many women are capable of huge sacrifice for men that need some tolerance or fixing or help getting back on track (absolutely the stand by your man thing). And many men can just discard it all. Same goes for the converse — women discarding men. The cold case-related stuff that I have seen in media true crime stories has more often involved women keeping men’s secrets and blurting them out when the marriage is over — whether soon after (or in divorce negotiations) or years after.
        One of the most abstracted versions we have of this is the old scenario of the woman who put the husband through med school only to end up traded in for a younger model.
        Two nights ago I had my own nightmare in which a blind rage along these (non-med-school) lines resurfaced — and this nightmare had nothing to do with monsters or being scared for my safety.
        I hope that MOM will be moved by this very human aspect of Corey, Crump, et al’s collateral damage to really hold them to the fire for all that they’ve done, or just help this Beasley person in that regard as much as possible — even sacrificing some of his own currency for making future sausages with these beasts.

  31. OK, I see it a little differently. She sat on her subjective knowledge of some of G’s flaws, because that is what a spouse does. It’s what a nurturing loyal woman does as well. Most people, without realizing it, have a ledger in their mental recesses in which the sacrifices they make for someone are both an investment in that person that the other person shouldn’t just squander (like G continuing to eff up, on the highway, visiting the factory, whatever)… but also: credit/brownie points that accrue a little bit and presumed to be recognized. When it turns out the brownie points weren’t recognized, or all the expressed gratitude and promises in return (be they love, loyalty, security, sharing in good fortune, I promise I will make this up to you for the rest of my life, whatever) turn out to have been BS or are at some point abandoned and the person who did the sacrificing is thrown under the bus or hurt in some profound way, it can mean a serious reevaluation of all the things that were previously given a pass. And blind fury next to that.
    Law enforcement may expect some scorned women to lie, but they often uncover the *truth* about things from women who kept a man’s secrets for a long time, but no longer have self-serving reasons to. “self-serving” sounds more cynical than how I mean it. I mean it must still sound fairly base, but this is human nature. Not a particularly dark one, because we know that many women are capable of huge sacrifice for men that need some tolerance or fixing or help getting back on track (absolutely the stand by your man thing). And many men can just discard it all. Same goes for the converse — women discarding men. The cold case-related stuff that I have seen in media true crime stories has more often involved women keeping men’s secrets and blurting them out when the marriage is over — whether soon after (or in divorce negotiations) or years after.
    One of the most abstracted versions we have of this is the old scenario of the woman who put the husband through med school only to end up traded in for a younger model.
    Two nights ago I had my own nightmare in which a blind rage along these (non-med-school) lines resurfaced — and this nightmare had nothing to do with monsters or being scared for my safety.
    I hope that MOM will be moved by this very human aspect of Corey, Crump, et al’s collateral damage to really hold them to the fire for all that they’ve done, or just help this Beasley person in that regard as much as possible — even sacrificing some of his own currency for making future sausages with these beasts.

  32. This is somewhat speculative I guess, but I think the whole argument happened outside the house on the porch. It seems GZ was staying there and Shellie had moved out (probably living with her father). According to O’Mara she was scheduled last Saturday to come round and collect some things, and that went amicably, but today she turned up out of the blue to grab some more stuff. This time George wouldn’t let them in because he was with another woman (possibly his ex), although he didn’t reveal that to them that at the door. Apparently the father owns the house and I guess they pay him rent, so maybe the father thought he had the right to enter the house anyway. Things got heated and I think he might have tried to barge past George in the doorway. It might be then that George struck him in a shoving match of some sort. The person across the street witnessed things because this altercation didn’t happen indoors.

    GZ eventually went to the garage and tried to close the garage door on them to prevent them from getting in. Shellie called the cops on her mobile from the lawn, explained things, and then battery died. Then Shellie called the cops again on her father’s phone, and when the cops turned up, she and the father decided to go into the house for ‘safety’ and to play up the whole ‘dangerous George could shoot us’ angle. That was the first time they entered the house, and that’s when they eventually discovered the other woman. Because she was in one of the rooms. I don’t think they saw her in George’s car, which surely must have been in the garage at the time. She sounded pretty shocked. I think it dawned on Shellie at this point why GZ was being so adamant about not letting her in, and after about 25 seconds of silence at the end she just hangs up.

    I reckon the media decided not to release Shellie’s first call because she probably takes the time to explain things. By not releasing it the media can bask in the confusion where the full facts aren’t known, and thus paint it as GZ turning up at Shellie’s place and then being threatening with a gun inside the house.

    Apparently Shellie has since dropped her claim that a gun was involved:

    “Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

    ‘Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,’ Bracknell said.

    The dispute ‘was between him and his wife and her father,’ Morgan said.’There were some allegations that there had been an assault, but we could not confirm any of it.'”


    I’m not looking too kindly on Shellie after this. But again, this is pretty speculative.

  33. I heard on news that supposedly George got in an altercation with Shellie and her Dad. That he showed his gun and that he hit Shellie’s father. I’m gonna go look to see if I can find a link to the report.

  34. Before I sign off for the night please allow me to share my perspective. My personal objective in supporting GZ was in support of the second amendment, self defense, and fair justice. I never was into exposing MSM or BGI.
    So from where I stand and many many Americans stand with me ….4 million and counting ….we would like to keep our second amendment without it being infringed upon. So….we must show ourselves responsible at ALL times being politicians have an agenda to remove these rights. I will not, nor will any other responsible gun owner support irresponsible, careless, arrogant, gun saftey, gun use, or any behavior which places us in a bad light. GZ has not acted responsible nor has he made the best of decisions since being aquitted. I have been understanding and supportive of the effects this time has had on him. If he wants to be reckless I will not support that behavior for obvious reasons! He is a big target. If he does not understand the responsibility thrust on him or can not handle it then he needs to disappear into the sun set somewhere for awhile! If he is proactive in healing, and regaining a normal as a life he can then hell I have no problem standing by him.

    • Police report George didn’t have a gun. Shellie backed off her claim about the gun and the police could not corroborate that Shellie’s dad had been hit.

      So no charges.

  35. This is pretty funny. Watch in order.

    Nancy is grilling Taffee about the father’s ‘bloody nose’ and George coming at Shellie with a gun, and all Taffee can say is ‘that’s Shellies version, we have to wait for the facts and the evidence’. Nancy is incredulous. Then about 30 seconds later a cop calls into the show to inform Nancy that no gun was found, Shellie changed her mind about having seen a gun, and the father didn’t have a bloody nose. Beautiful.

      • What is an ooops about that hoosan. GZ is legally allowed to carry his gun. Good Lord if anyone needs a gun it is George. It doesn’t mean that he ever planned on using the gun. Shellie admitted that the gun never had anything to do with the altercation.

        • The ooops is for Nancy Grace getting it wrong. O’Mara gets it right. I support George’s right to carry a firearm under law. Doesn’t that make sense?

          • It appears he did have a holstered gun on him at the time of the altercation. He was inside the home and didn’t want to let Shellie in.

            He tried to close the garage door and bar her father from entering. So Shellie called 911 worried about his hand being close to where he usually carries his firearm.

            He was home with a friend. Police did not find a gun on GZ’s person (that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a gun at the house) and Shellie backed off her claim of the gun.

      • Yeah there seems to be some confusion about that. But it just further highlights what Taffee was saying: we need to wait for the facts. Nancy doesn’t understand that. She just makes up facts like ‘bloody nose’ from her imagination, and then persecutes people.

        • Friar – NG is the absolute worse imo, she grills people rapid fire as if she is still practicing law as a “Proscutor” which she never fails to mention “when I was a Prosecutor. She is so obnoxious & rude she never even gives her guest an opportunity to even answer, she doesn’t care if it’s true are not, she just wants ratings & to spin it to make GZ look bad.

          Where was the security guard when the altercation took place & I wonder if he intervened?

          I’m glad to read MOM is on CNN, he’ll set the record straight, whatever it is.

    • So can Shellie be charged with reporting a possible false crime with her 911 call tape now being played all over the news? It sure appears to me that it is Shellie who is maybe having a public meltdown rather than George. It’s everywhere out there that Shellie accused George of punching her father in the nose, and then threatening to shoot them both. Those are some very serious allegations to make.

  36. I think these two have to get into individual therapy. NOW. Court turned out well for both of them, but they’re both very emotionally injured, and things are spiraling out of control it looks like.

    • Fred followers this blog. All the best to you Fred. I’m helping George and I trust the people who valued you perspective will help with what they can.

      Kate? You helping Mr. Leatherman? He’s done plenty for you. Dig Kate. Help him out.

    • Funny thing too, few people here and there, saying they donated $5.00 yet no responses from Leatherhead and then BAM right on into talking trash about Geo and Shellie. He might outta find Crane a J-O-B! LMBO

  37. I just listened to the USA Today audio – I’m not feeling so good about Shellie right now. Other than some “oh my god” and crying at the end, she doesn’t sound scared to me. She sounds vindictive. Just my personal impresson.

    • I’m getting the same vibe. Unlucky for her, her allegations aren’t’ supported. GZ was carrying a gun on his person and firefighters could not find evidence of a punch to the nose on her dad.

    • LOL Nettles. Keep your sense of humor! I just spent a couple of hours catching up on everything, whew! Best thing I can say is WAIT FOR ALL THE FACTS, and even then don’t jump to conclusions. I have to tell you, in trying to read through all the posts and news flashes, I had some pretty big laughs – sorry, no offense to anyone! 🙂

      • I know. I’m watching live on TV GZ standing in the front lawn of the house across the street and I’m reading reporters tweets that GZ is in custody on his way to jail.

        I sent the live link out to about 5 of them.

        When will we learn to gather the facts before telling GZ or SZ what they should have done differently?

  38. The police have released Shellie’s 2nd call to 911. They haven’t released the first one. To give full context, I’d like to her what she said initially. It sounds like GZ was in the truck when she called and she was on the front lawn.

    Was GZ and his friend trying to leave at that point?

    We need more information.

    On the live video I saw, the friend of GZ stood outside the truck on the passenger side for quite a while. GZ was put in the back of a police cruiser. I didn’t see how he got there but I saw him exit it and go stand on the front lawn of the house across the street. Eventually, his friend by the truck (female) joined him, she was talking on phone, smoking a cigarette and she handed the phone to GZ at one point. An officer was standing with them.

    Then GZ’s large friend showed up, brought what looked like a bag or purse to the girl. They after about 20 minutes got into a truck and they drove away leaving George alone with officers. O’Mara eventually got there and talked with George.

    Kelly Sims beat O’Mara there, he quickly drove Shellie out of there. The Deans left at the same time and then the police and O’Mara and George entered the home where George had been staying.

    Police said GZ did not have a gun on him. They never recovered a gun. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have one in the truck or in the house but Shellie’s claim that he threatened to shoot them and had his hand on a holstered gun doesn’t bear out with the evidence.

    Firefighters could not corroborate that Shellie’s dad had been struck in the nose. They found no evidence of it.

    • I got from Mr. O’Mara’s appearance on Anderson Cooper that yes, GZ did smash Shellie’s Ipad. Mr. O’Mara also said that the likely scuffle that Shellie thinks took place between her father and George was actually a result of George’s friend trying to keep them apart. In other words, the glasses being knocked off that Shellie talked about in the 911 call likely occurred as a result of George’s friend Wes stepping in between them.

      In another report, a police officer at the scene said firefighters could not find evidence that David Dean was punched in the nose.

      • What a mess. I hope they stay away from each other and let the attorneys work the divorce out. I feel sorry for the friend in the middle of all that but glad he was there. Thanks for the answer. I just briefly saw the picture and missed Omara’s statement on CNN but I did see his short one on the local news.

  39. Hello, Everyone. I have been out of the loop since my accident on August 18th. No good news yet but wanted everyone to know I am still kicking and my spirits are improving. I now have a nurse who comes by everyday. If my body will follow my mind, I will get through this. Thanks again for everyone’s support.

    Clearly, a lot has happened.. too much for me to catch up on easily but I notice this has turned into a circus like I could have never imagined. Lots of folks are behaving badly and not doing anything good for our cause. I am heartbroken about the aftermath. It looks to me like another tragedy.

    Whatever happened to those civil suits that many expected to be filed and the sanctions hearing? Is the NBC suit going well?

          • I guess “irreconcilable differences” is an understatement for these two. I’m expecting to see Kelly Simms alter the divorce documents to saying that Shellie is filing for divorce because of domestic violence. I’m wondering why Shellie left with her lawyer Simms rather than with her family members yesterday, after deciding to not press charges.

            According to your linked article above, the police claim that the state attorney’s office could still bring domestic violence charges against one or both. The police did the initial investigation, and are considering some of Shellie’s statements made to the dispatcher to be incorrect or false. I wonder if there are penalties for calling 911 and reporting false information. It takes the police off their normal duties and requires them to respond to something that may have never happened. I’m sure the police do not appreciate those kinds of babysitting, or referee duties.

  40. This whole ‘threatening with his hand on the gun’ thing sounds more and more like it was as simple as GZ checking that his weapon was safely holstered. It makes sense. If he had just been in some sort of physical altercation with the father (and who knows who started it), he would be mindful of the gun on his hip and check it afterwards to make sure it hadn’t fallen out or come loose or something. Same way that I pat myself sometimes to make sure my wallet is still in my pocket when someone bumps into me in the street 😀

    • When we hear Shellie’s 911 call, she tells the operator that GZ punched her dad in the nose because she saw his glasses on the ground.

      Mr. O’Mara on Anderson Cooper said that it was Wes, GZ’s friend, who may have knocked Mr. Dean’s glasses off in his efforts to keep George and Dave apart.

      • What was interesting on the 911 call was that Shellie was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher while the police were already there. She keeps claiming that she is so scared because she doesn’t know if George will start shooting her or her dad, but she is still standing outside. She tells her father to go in the house because she doesn’t know if George will shoot them. If she was so scared, why was she still standing outside rather than running in the house for protection, and to escape the danger she thought she was in? That doesn’t make any sense. The police reported that George let them search him, and that he fully cooperated. I have to wonder if the police aren’t reviewing the fact that Shellie was still telling the dispatcher that she and her dad were still in danger and being threatened when the police were already there talking to George, and knowing that George wasn’t threatening anyone. Why would Shellie tell the dispatcher that George was in his truck when he was already standing on the driveway talking to the police.

        It will be interesting to learn, if we ever do, who it was that was going after who, the father going after George, or George going after the father.

        One of my thoughts is that George didn’t go to wherever Shellie was, Shellie came to where George was. Shellie brought the problems to George, not vice versa. Somehow someone worked out a deal that the day before George would leave the house while Shellie came to get her stuff. If a deal was made the day before, why would Shellie just show up at the house unannounced the next day.

      • I am not following the details closely, because it is just silly, but painful drama. However, wasn’t it Dave who decided to force his way into the house claiming owner’s rights? That is a rather provocative action.

        • I’ve read that is was Wes’ statement to police that it was him who knocked Dave Dean’s glasses off, in an effort to keep him and George apart.

          Not sure who was going after who.

    • I just wrote a comment about that to Friar’s comment.

      On Anderson Cooper last night, Mr. O’Mara said it was more likely Wes who came in contact with Shellie’s dad in his effort to keep them apart.

      Wes is George’s rather large friend who was in court with him and is pictured in that 2005 myspace photo.

  41. I feel like this is dejavu. At one time everyone supported MOM. Then some stopped supporting MOM. Even began bashing MOM. Now, the same is happening with Shellie.
    I believe the grass really is green on this side. The side that is looking from the outside in.
    Marriage issues and even the disolution of one is for the couple and their attorneys.

    Last night I thought…. What if this couple decides to reunite? How many people that bashed either half will feel mighty embarassed and ashamed?

    As for the gun issue Nettles, you made it appear that I have issue with GZ carrying. That is silly.
    But as I have read some comments here some are almost proud that GZ could scare Shellie because she knows he carries. It goes both ways. GZ could get his ass shot if someone “fears” him. Now, that being said, I really think it is a shitty thing to be proud of because well, we have defended his use of deadly force for some time now, and to have a brazen attitude that he is capable of shooting someone again is not the purpose of SYG, or self defense. It is that very logic in why they are trying to repeal it!
    One will start questioning his ability to contain himself the more reckless decisions he makes.
    Eventually acting this way he is gonna have a run in with either police or someone who also carries that may view him as a threat.
    A buddy and myself were talking about this. We both own firearms & CCWS. He said ” He is gonna get get his ass shot.” I do not care who agrees or disagrees but it is a real possibility!

    This brings me to the fact that some are more concerned about his character for civil trials. He may not be around to even have trials if people do not start giving this guy a reality check! Many have become accustomed to defending GZ that IMO they feel he can do no wrong. Or that if it appears he is being reckless now it affects his chances at civil trials. So, I wonder what is more important? His saftey, and sanity, or winning? Even if it means winning at the cost of bashing someone else you use to support? Jumping the shark like CTH with no objective thoughts? There should be great concern for his actions after trial. It appears he is unaware of how reckless his actions can be. Will the media report his daily moves if tbey can? Yep. Even more reason to be MORE AWARE of what you are doing!
    Eventually, blaming everyone else for his choices, his actions, or behaviors is not helping him one bit.
    In fact, I feel some are unaware they may be creating the very” Monster” Trayvonites want him to be.
    Just think about it……

    • Danny, I think there is enough evidence out now that we can be assured that Shellie and George are very likely to be divorced and not headed in the direction of reconciling.

      Shellie doesn’t regret going to Christi O’Connor and has now given the woman all of the texts communications between her and George. The police late last night seemed to indicate that a number of statements that Shellie made on her 911 call did not support the facts as they found them upon arriving. This isn’t to be taken lightly. This situation could have easily ended with a cop shooting George who was reaching for his cell phone or something based on what Shellie filled their heads with before they arrived.

      In the call, she knows this could escalate to shooting and warns her father to get behind the cars to protect himself. Shellie sees George with his female friend and Donnelly is saying she thinks he’s having an affair. It may be an innocent as she’s just trying to support him now that his wife has left his side and joined the media circus against him. There is ample evidence that Shellie’s paradigm has shifted. She views George as Sybrina Fulton appears to view George. Shellie’s assumptions could have got George killed yesterday.

      She outed where her husband was staying so that even I in Canada know where he spent last night. She won’t get my support for that. I did come out and say George should have been supportive of her in court for her charge. But everything I’ve seen since, it’s clear she has withdrawn her support of George and her accusations and assumptions are detrimental to his safety. The police are telling reporters they will be releasing their report this morning and that we will find it enlightening.

      I think this marriage is over and I’d be very happy if Shellie and George went on different paths and both ended up very happy.

      As to your stance on whether George carry a gun or not, I’ve not given it any thought so you are mistaken what I think about your thoughts on that. My comments yesterday were just to add to what I read. In some reports he had a gun and in others he didn’t.

      • Nettles you need to look at this subjectively . The property is her parents and she still has belongings there. It makes no sense to tip the media off to hurt yourself and family. How does that benefit her? Obviously calling the cops has not benefited her any.
        If he was so concerned about being ousted he could just as easily diffused the situation, doesn’t appear he has been too careful lately.
        The fact that you make him appear as if he had no control makes him look out of control. You do him no favors. It appears the second 911 call is when things got heated. The parties most likely had words WITH EACH OTHER prior to this that resorted Shellie to calling the police before 911. GZ is obviously alive and well today. He was not shot by police. I can insert all the “what if’s” in this too to be pissed at GZ. I am not though.

        The comment of yours I am referring to is to my very last comment last evening when I was signing off. Your response was :
        “Police report George didn’t have a gun. Shellie backed off her claim about the gun and the police could not corroborate that Shellie’s dad had been hit.

        So no charges.”

        That was a misfact.He indeed had a gun on his person. And you know full well he use to carry on his waist. Now I guess he carries on his shoulder.If he intimidated anyone by putting his hand at his waist, then I can see why someone would feel he was a threat especially during a heated verbal argument that ended up getting physical. If he had done that with police he would have been shot!

        • I think you meant I should look objectively at the facts. I believe I have been.

          George and Shellie were living in that house together. It was Shellie’s decision to leave him and she moved out. She filed for divorce a week ago. Legally, I’m sure she doesn’t have standing to come and go into it as she pleases.

          Arrangements were made for her to go to the house this past Saturday to get her possessions. For reasons unknown, Shellie and her family decided to go back to the house (where GZ is living) and take more possessions. They had a trailer parked in the driveway. George was not home when they came but did come up upon the house.

          He sat on his tailgate as they finished their business. When he believed they were done, he locked the front door of the house and went around to lock the back of the house. Shellie went to go into the front door, found it locked and that’s when the trouble began. Wes had to step in and keep GZ and her dad apart. GZ does admit to breaking Shellie’s ipad.

          It doesn’t take a very bright person to see this isn’t a good situation. Why did Shellie need to go to the house unannounced yesterday? She is aware of the dangers GZ lives under. She was a part of those dangers when she lived with him.

          Why not work through Kelly Sims on getting whatever she didn’t get on Saturday? It makes no sense. So I look to her motive to keep her story in the news and keep media interested in hearing from her.

          It’s at the expense of GZ’s safety.

          • Yes, I meant objectively.
            But you ARE looking subjectively because you still have missing pieces. You are asking more questions then you are giving answers to.
            Why did she not this? Why did she not that? Perhaps she left because his behavior was placing her and the families at risk! Perhaps she left because he was unwilling to work on the marriage!
            Perhaps she is planning on moving to another county and needed to remove her belongings. Perhaps her family got an offer on the house. Perhaps many things could have occurred in why she had to get over there yesterday. MOM did say she tried to text GZ. Perhaps there was something she really needed and forgotten. Who knows. The fact is either of them could have diffused the situation. It is what it is and I think people are making a too big of a deal over it!

            As for the life insurance policy? Without getting into family law…there are times when a divorce settlement is offered to the non moving party that includes life insurance instead of any type of alimony or splitting of other assests. Of course it is only an offering of a settlement agreement. She filed for a very common no fault divorce. I am sure behind the scenes the attys. are advising both in the best way to settle this due to the complex nature of the situation. They both are living in hiding. Shellie can claim she needs permanent alimony due to the situation that happened on Feb. 26th that she had nothing to do with. In fact she was not even at the marital home when it occurred. On top of it if she has proof that she could have filed for a fault divorce due to adultery,or any type of abuse, it could be a way to settle this quicker and in a less expensive way. The insurance policy would be an assurance that in the event of his death she would be financially secure in the future because he can not provide it for settlement purposes now. And being the way he is acting it appears she is not confident that another type of settlement offer would secure an equal split of the future assets she seeks to recover for the reasons of the divorce. Now do I think GZ will agree to it? Who knows. It all depends on what is going on behind closed doors. If they do not settle this before civil suits she is entitled to whatever settlements or winning of civil suits. Which could be much more then she is offering through a life insurance policy. To me she is just considering the future of her situation and ability to be independent.

    • Danny –

      I agree with you that more caution should be taken as this part of the story has yet to develop fully.

      Any of us who have witnesses close friends go through divorces have seen some of them which get very heated and irrational. In this instance, we had MOM come in, assess the situation, calm it down, and explain rationally to the press what seems to have gone down.

      After the initial hyped news frenzy it seems that there were misperceptions on both George and Shellie’s part as to who was doing what at that place at a time when neither expected to encounter each other. Emotions and tensions are very high and mistakes are made.

      At the root of it all are two human beings undergoing a painful process.

      • I am writing a post as we speak. Hopefully I can shed some light and perspective on the whole of the situation where nobody is the “monster” here. It is very unfortunate some are taking a side when it appears both parties have been affected by this whole situation. That some believe Shellie is setting GZ up is a knee jerk reaction. It does appear BOTH over reacted and now GZ supporters are out to have Shellie locked up and lynched.
        I find it very hypocritical that some who are so anti MSM are not taking all these reports with a grain of salt. It just baffles me.

        • Everyone has a unique way to form an opinion from the same set of facts. Of course, differing parties will differ as to what the “facts” are.

          I do not find it hypocritical that an individual who is anti-MSM takes facts from MSM that fit that individual’s perspective. How one applies the “grain of salt” test will vary from individual to individual.

          Where hypocrisy leaches in is when an individual, who applies standards of inquiry for others to follow, does not follow those standard themselves.

          • I do agree with this assessment hooson. And you are correct about “facts”. Inserting “what if’s” and “should haves” and “maybes’ though are not facts.
            As for MSM it was pretty apparent here in this very thread every individuals perspective was what was being reported on, including myself.
            I was speaking of the standard of application. On one hand many discuss the fact that MSM twists and spins but the second something happens people are being directed to the very links of those reporting the twists and spins.
            Some have IMO taken what they want from the media in this event and again have applied it to their perspective, not facts because we obviously do not have all the facts to conclude what the standard is to be applied. What we have is the perspective of SG, GZ, the police, and MOM to conclude what our perspective will be. If that is an individuals standard to determination….. what is the point in being Anti-MSM in the first place? It is all just an illusion to once again feel welcomed in a group.

            • You statement that people are getting their “facts” from the MSM or believing what they say is not accurate.

              In what I responded to you, those facts were taken from what I heard coming out of police officers mouths, what I saw on live TV and what I heard coming out of Mark O’Mara’s mouth and lastly, listening to Shellie’s 911 call. I watched Mr. O’Mara talk with George at the scene and know he watched the tapes of the surveillance video. So what he says is on them is credible to me.

              Even with all that, there are holes and yes we speculate on what those holes mean. What the motivations could be and asking what ifs. In doing so, people will share that can’t be right because I saw this report and provide a link. Each of us decide if that link is valid.

              When I hear out of a police officer’s mouth, that GZ had no gun on him at the time they encountered him on the front lawn, I take that as credible. You suggest believe it because the main stream media said its so. That’s false.

              Bottom line there is still much unknown but it is a fact, that Shellie going to the media is putting George in danger and she’ll not get my support for it. She wants to divorce her husband and pick up her dishes, Good, Fine. Do that. But sending your texts to a person writing a book between her and her husband leaves no doubt in my mind about Shellie’s motivation.

  42. New Thread. Sorry I’m pressed for time today. I’ll fill in the facts as we know them later. Quite frankly, I’m still not sure entirely what happened yesterday. Hopefully today’s events will shine more light on it..

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