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Divorce is Messy

Both George and Shellies’ lawyers got unexpected calls yesterday to come to the home where George Zimmerman had been living. There was a domestic dispute. Police are expected to release what they know later today and hopefully some of the conflicting things we’ve heard will be cleared up. (photo by Red Huber, photojournalist at the Orlando Sentinel).


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  1. Money changes everything!

    I think it quite interesting that one of the friends GZ is relying on is his ex, that little fact is something O’Connor and Travyonites prefer to ignore.

    Young people in their mid 20s are deeply focused on establishing an identity and social status that works for their sense of self and world, it must so deeply challenging for George to reassess his path forward.

    I wish the media would butt out. But wishes usually do not come true.

  2. Here is a transcript of her 911 call:

    1 PD: 911 do you need police, fire or medical?

    We do have units en route to you ma’am. Is he still there?

    Shellie Zimmerman: Yes he is and he is trying to shut the garage door on me.

    PD: Is he inside now?

    SZ: No, he is in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying step closer and he is just threatening all of us.

    PD: Step closer and what?

    SZ: And he is doing to shoot us.

    PD: OK.

    SZ: He punched my dad on the nose. My dad has a mark on his face. I saw his glasses were on the floor. He accosted my father and then took my iPad out of my hand and smashed it and cut it with a pocket knife. There is a Lake Mary city worker across the street that I believe saw almost all of it. He is sitting in his truck right now. He just showed up here but my phone died so I had to call from my father’s phone. I’m really, really afraid.

    PD: We have units in the area where you are at so just stay on the line with me.

    SZ: I don’t know what he is capable of. I’m just really scared.

    PD: There are multiple units in the area. This is Shellie right? What phone number are you calling on now?… What is Zimmerman doing right now?

    SZ: He is in his truck.

    PD: Does he see them?

    SZ: I’m sorry.

    PD: Does he see them?

    SZ: They are telling his bodyguard to get out of the way. Oh my God. Dad, get behind the car or something. I don’t know if he is going to start shooting at us or not.

    PD: Are you outside right now?

    SZ: Yes we are. The police have there…Dad get inside the house. George might start shooting at us. I don’t know. We are going inside the house. Oh my God

    PD: Are you both inside right now?

    SZ: Yup.

    PD: Stay in there. Let the police take care of him.

    SZ: He has got his hands in the air. He is not touching his weapon.

    238 PD: Does your father need medical?

    SZ: Dad do you need medical?….He says no, but I think he does need medical. He is shaken. He says he feels like he is going to have a heart attack. His nose. Yes you do because your nose looks like it could be broken. I think he should have a medical. If we could have an ambulance come.

    PD: They won’t be able to approach until the situation outside is secured.

    SZ: Oh my God…Oh my God..

    PD: You guys are safe inside, correct?

    SZ: Yes.

    PD: Shellie, you are doing really good. Ok this is a tough situation for anyone…stay on the line until our units can speak with you.

    SZ: Ok.

    339 PD: Are you OK? You said he did take something out of your hand. Do you need medical as well?

    SZ: I don’t think so. It’s just shock.

    PD: Ok. I’m going to get (inaudible) to respond.

    SZ: Dad get inside right now.

    PD: Make sure he stays inside until somebody comes and lets you know it’s OK stay in touch.

    PD: They can’t come out to check out your father until they secure the scene.

    PD: Ok Shellie take a couple deep breaths for me.

    SZ: There is this women in there…Oh my God.


    There are some big inconsistencies with Shellies 911 call.

    She is telling the 911 dispatcher that George is in his truck, at the same time that she says that the police are there. The police said when they arrived George was standing on the driveway.

    The dispatcher asked Shellie if her and her dad are inside, and Shellie says yes. Then she tells her father to get inside in case George starts shooting, all while the police are already there talking to George.

    As was pointed out by someone, Shellie tells the dispatcher that George punched her dad in the nose, and then says that she noticed that her dad’s glasses are on the floor. If she saw the punch that would have knocked his galsses off, she would have seen the glasses falling, not just notice they were on the floor after the fact.

    After she already told the dispatcher they were inside, she tells her dad to get inside.

    She asks the dispatcher to send an ambulance because she thinks her father’s nose could be broken. The paramedics couldn’t find any injuries to the dad’s nose except a small scratch where he glasses sat. An ambulance for a scratch on the nose? George’s nose was smashed all over his face and he refused to go to the hosp.

    I can’t wait to read the police report of the incident from yesterday. I have to wonder if they are going to have had 8 police officers responding to the scene of a sobbing woman making it sound as though George Zimmerman just flipped out and was going on a shooting rampage, all while the police were standing there talking to George who was cooperating fully with them. According to Andrew Branca it is considered a crime to call in a false report to 911.

    • “They are telling his bodyguard to get out of the way. Oh my God. Dad, get behind the car or something. I don’t know if he is going to start shooting at us or not.”

      Is Shellie on drugs???

      The police and DA rather file charges for making a false police report unless the report results in a waste of public funds or legal fall out.

      I had a crazy racist neighbor who called the cops on me hundreds of times over 15 years, nothing she complained about was criminal activity and she often lied. It was horrible, and the cops usually pandered to her since she was so demanding. I got to know our local beat cop well, we are still friends even though he is retired.

  3. Looks like O’Mara won’t be GZ’s divorce attorney. Let the celebrations begin at the Treehouse!

    • Nettles ~ I am so disappointed to read MOM won’t be representing GZ because I know MOM wants the very best for GZ, but GZ doesn’t have a lot of monies to pay divorce attorney’s, perhaps MOM can’t continue to work for free in the divorce or is just tired of doing damage control.

      I thought MOM did a good job yesterday, MOM rushed to advise/help GZ in the situation, MOM diffused the situation for all involved, & MOM did a great job of doing the interviews on the altercation. I had the feeling after the Gun Factory tour, when a spokesman spoke out for MOM’s office, they were unhappy w/GZ’s Judgement resulting in making news. MOM said in an interview awhile back, “should GZ have stopped the help the accident victims? I don’t know,” I assumed meaning that it didn’t necessarily bring positive media reporting of GZ & the family canceled their interview, YET it was a very positive thing in the eyes of GZ supporters & anyone that thought objectively, the negative is so great for GZ no matter what, I pray someone like GZ would stop to help me or my loved one’s if we were in an accident, a selfless act of kindness on GZ’s behalf, but the MEDIA isn’t likely to ever put GZ in a positive light. jmho.

      MOM/West finished their representation of GZ on a high note with securing the NOT Guilty vote, I guess that’s where it will end. I assume they will finish the sanctions resulting from their representation of GZ & the Criminal Case. I hope at least GZ takes the advise MOM has given him yesterday, MOM has previously said “if he were GZ, he would live the US,” maybe that’s the best advice GZ is going to get.

    • The comment by O’Mara “pay me” is very interesting. I thought O’Mara took GZ’s case pro bono, however, if the reports are true that George gave Shellie $4,300. from the defense account, and if it’s true that GZ has agreed to continue to pay Shellies living expenses (doubtful) then I can understand O’Mara dropping GZ as a client. If GZ agrees to give Shellie half of any lawsuit award that may be won in the NBC lawsuit, as she requested, again if I were O’Mara I would be dropping GZ as well. I understand that GZ is a nice and helpful guy, but if you are dumb enough to just give someone, who wants to do you harm in the media, anything they want in a divorce that they asked for, then GZ deserves to be looking for new legal counsel. As you had said Nettles, O’Mara and West indicated that they both were donors to GZ’s defense fund.

      If O’Mara is successful in getting the state to pay for at least some of the trial expenses, George had better give the majority of those monies to O’Mara and West for successfully winning him an acquittal.

    • I don’t know if MOM had previously agreed to be GZ’s divorce attorney or not, but either way, something seems very definitely changed since this DV incident – it feels to me like MOM has drawn a line between them that wasn’t there before.

  4. Nettles ~ Great picture of MOM!
    OS article::
    His defense attorney Mark O’Mara said “emotions are running very, very high” between George and Shellie Zimmerman, and “nobody should be facing charges” in Monday’s incident.

    “They need to just sort of stay away from each other, keep things cool and work through their attorneys,” he said.

    Although Shellie Zimmerman’s parents own the house, O’Mara told reporters that only George Zimmerman lives there. Shellie moved out, and they had an agreement that she would take her belongings Saturday. But she and her father returned unexpectedly Monday, O’Mara said.

    “I think everybody got out of hand. There was touching, pushing,” O’Mara said. It was a case of emotions boiling over, he said.

    O’Mara also said his client didn’t threaten anyone with his gun: “The gun was holstered under his shirt, and it stayed there the whole time.”


    George Zimmerman: Domestic dispute heard round world


    • Just finished watching the press conference. Shellie was filming the events inside the house on an ipad. The ipad is in pieces and has been sent to a lab to see if the video can be retrieved. Police say when they arrived upon scene, GZ was searched at gunpoint and no gun was found on his person. Neither Shellie or her dad actually saw a gun. Police did not search the truck for a gun. Shellie’s dad is not a part of the equation at all. Charges against either George, Shellie or both could be brought if the ipad video shows evidence of a crime.

      Yesterday was suppose to be George Zimmerman’s turn to move out of the house. Police say George is not living at the house right now.

      Frank Taaffe was present at this press conference held in front of the house. He was seen after the police officer stepped away from the microphones.

      • I indulge my curiosity too and watch. What news reporter believes the bs they say, ” the whole world had their eyes on this house” really, really…

        it is a good think O’Mara is stepping away, he had done his job well. Now he can rail against the uninformed venal media.

        this is a non story, really unfair of reporters like Gutman to be cynical, they are largely responsible for the ignorant public and media reaction to the entire tragedy.

    • Nettles ~ imo, GZ’s trial EXPOSED the absurd incompetence of Dr. Bao, bringing his talking points was just over the top, the endless errors made by BOZ/ Colleagues & he should have been FIRED immediately imo after his testimony concluded. Taxpayers paid for that incompetence probably for years & how many less qualified attorney’s than MOM/West allowed the incompetent Boa’s testimony to stand in other criminal cases perhaps because they less experienced & didn’t see errors or hire experts to challenge his testimony if there were in fact errors. It’s a GREAT day for Volusia-Seminole taxpayers imo.

    • I never knew whether to feel sorry for Dr Bao, or criticize him for his crazy testimony. Maybe he moved on to a better position? Not sure he will be missed at Volusia/Seminole ME office. After all he knew “zero” about some things he should have known a lot about 😉

  5. I don’t know what has transpired in this marriage, but I do know that Shellie should *never* have aired their dirty laundry publicly and she should not be saying things that further demonize George and put him in more danger. That is just SO wrong.

    I think George is just being George and now that he is a public figure it gets broadcast across the world. Apparently, he doesn’t always think things through or he is naive and feels like he is doing nothing wrong so nothing wrong should come of it.

    I know someone sort of like George. They think the truth will always win over (or his actions will be properly understood) and sometimes it just doesn’t because of the lies and immoral antics of others who buck and/or abuse the system. Hopefully, O’Mara spoke stringently to George and told him he MUST think things through from here on out.

    • Not sure what George did wrong or could have avoided yesterday. If my ex was filming me during a contentious divorce and had set up a provocative situation I might break the camera too, especially since Shellie has demonstrated reckless disregard for George safety and privacy. She does appear to be both shallow and vindictive.

          • I’m surprised O/S is reporting this because I watched the police press conference and he said the ipad was communal property and both Shellie and George can do what they want with communal property.

            • It appears George Zimmerman has a hard time with confrontation Nettles.
              Communal property? He destroyed it without permission. Just saying!

                • Did you confirm she was video taping? Or is it the police again just talking about possibilities of an investigation to the press? Have we been here before…Dejavu. Except this time the shoe is on the other foot this time!
                  I haven’t seen the Dean family speaking how everyone expected them to today.

                  • Police said Shellie statement is she was recording the events inside the house when George took the IPad from here. I watched that come out of the officers mouth today.

                    They have sent the iPad to somewhere to see if that video can be retrieved. He said the iPad is in pieces.

                  • On CNN last night, Kelly Sims gave to the media the picture of the broken iPad.

                    Shellie is taking whatever she gets to the media. That’s not speculation, that’s a fact. Chrisi O’Connor has the text messages between her and George about getting possessions out of the house. She is texting George knowing she is going to release them to the press.

          • Hoosoon ~ I believe you are correct & the investigation is ongoing presently.. If the IPAD was a gift to SZ it would not be “community property.” Does LE even know for fact that is was “Community property” & yes indeed, there is a law that when divorcing, when one spouse cannot destroy “community assets,” the offending spouse is held responsible, the most commonly damaged assets in divorcing spouses are TV’s or damaging computers rendering them irreparable which are usually the most commonly complained about in divorces.

            GZ/SZ were legally separated yesterday which carries a lot of weight & the IPAD was in the possession of SZ at the time, NOT GZ. GZ had no legal right to break the IPAD whether he was mad or not or mad she was videoing the event.

            If LE thinks that is a community asset & it’s not big deal that GZ broke the IPAD, but they are wrong, just as they were wrong about GZ wearing his firearm under his shirt as MOM has stated in interviews. Neither spouse has ANY legal right to damage community property & as SZ divorce papers request & will be granted, GZ cannot sell community assets. I assume the papers will be amended to include “damage” also, but that is already part of divorce law, though apparently GZ didn’t know it.

            • Does George have any standing about being filmed without his permission?

              What happens when celebrities damage cameras of the paparazzi? I guess they aren’t entitled to destroy the film that has their likeness on it or are they if it’s filmed without permission?

              • Nettles – Why would GZ have any legal standing? Parents record nannies on Nanny Cams that make National news, surveillance videos are used by home owners to record others or to help prosecute criminals.

                Divorcing spouses record each other all the time, usually for their own protection if an altercation arises r evidence if they are abused, physically or verbally for their attorney. GZ had the same right to record SZ yesterday.

                When celebrities damage cameras of paparazzi, they PAY for all the equipment & if they don’t do so voluntarily, they are sued as in the case of Alec Balwin when he hurt a paparazzi sending him to the emergency room & damaging all his equipment. Paparazzi sues those that don’t voluntarily pay up for the damage ALL the time, celebrities don’t want to get involved in lawsuits because they are costly & s they know they damaged the property of someone else so they pay for the damage. Celebrities can win lawsuit when they damage equipment & it’s videoed by OTHER paparazzi as proof for Court. Kanye West is too being sued in a case of hurting a paparazzi , the cameraman as well as Lamar Odom damaging the property of paparazzi because he was “mad.” The paparazzi is right in the face of the Celebrities because they are public figures through movies/videos/music. It’s insane, but the law is on the side of the paparazzi, Celebrities are public figures, some are trying to change the laws, but nothing ever changes, not even after the death of Lady Di.

              • I am pretty sure his privacy rights have little standing considering. His right to privacy is up to him. That is the whole point! He needs to move along. Now who is saying MOM controls it all now! If anyone wants to argue privacy rights it is right up my alley. I can bring on court case after court case. Privacy rights is my speciality. So are DV cases. I work in that area.
                It is a lil extreme do you not think he lives on a $240,000 property owned by his estranged wifes family with his GF and bodyguard friends and then claims privacy violations when someone tapes him from their own private property? Seriously!
                Who knows what else he destroyed. He sure the hell did not want anyone inside to witness this “joint property” he destroyed.
                BTW police do not make the laws they just follow them. So whatever police officer said it was okay for him to destroy something that was jointly owned is a freaking idiot!

                Nettles as for her giving any tape to the media? It is her right! And you can yet to claim that was her intention. Maybe she wanted for divorce court. The interviewer claimed many things. You highlight them. You have promoted them. Many claims have been corrected. Do the Zimmermans and MOM have the upper hand because they engage the media? So when the Deans do they are substandard? Seems when Shellie asked for money a different standard is used!

                • “It is a lil extreme do you not think he lives on a $240,000 property owned by his estranged wifes family with his GF and bodyguard friends and then claims privacy violations when someone tapes him from their own private property? Seriously!”

                  I was under the impression GZ was renting the property. I also suspect the lease was in GZ’s name.

                • Is it my imagination or does your comment communicate hostility. I was just asking is it allowed for anyone to tape us? No need to get snippy.

                  If you own a home, a Mr. Dean does here, and he rents it out to GZ and SZ, does the landlord have the right to come in any time they please? and tape you? I’m surprised if they do.

                  I’ve read several places now that Shellie’s day to get her stuff out of the house was Saturday and she did that.

                  George’s day to get his stuff out was yesterday and when he got there, unknownst to him Shellie was there removing more stuff. Shellie gave text messages to Chrisi O’Connor that is said to prove GZ knew she was going to the house.

                  I’ve also got a photo of GZ ex. and this is not the girl that I saw at the house yesterday. Other than Shellie’s accusation that it is a girlfriend of GZs who knows?

                  If Shellie wants this evidence for her divorce proceedings, I get that. I don’t get and therefore question what she is trying to accomplish by taking her evidence to the press within hours of it occurring.

                  Christi O’Connor posted a blog fueled by a reliable source (Shellie?) that GZ has been arrested and it involved a gun.

                  As it turned out, Shellie thought GZ had a gun too and it turned out to be not a fact.

                  These 2 should stay away from each other, GZ needs to find a divorce attorney and let’s hope they both look back on this one day with no regrets.

                  • In California, the landlord has to give 24 hrs notice that they want to enter the property – because even though they own the property, it’s your home while you are paying rent. I don’t know if it’s a state law though, or a federal law.

      • cassandra – Although I understand your position, GZ had options yesterday, you can bet MOM ask GZ “why didn’t you just leave?” GZ could have simply gotten in his car w/Wes, his friend, & driven off, there wouldn’t have been an IPAD to break that was recording the incident, no one would have known that GZ was living there had GZ removed himself, GZ could have protected his privacy. GZ had the option to do all those things.

        GZ simply could have had his possessions packed by friends & moved to where ever he decides to stay, GZ was moving himself from the residence. Apparently there is monies in the PAY Pal account to pay for rent if GZ hasn’t already rented a place or decided to stay w/friends.

          • cassandra – We both have kids & both have so much fear for what presents itself in their lives, I’ve read your concerns about your children, I have that same fear for GZ & I know you do as well. imo, GZ needs to protect himself above all else in any altercation/dispute of any kind, remove himself, nothing good is ever going to result as a positive for GZ to continue to remain in any altercation when he could easily have left, it will result just as it did yesterday making international/national news.

            LE said GZ didn’t have a gun, MOM said GZ did have a gun on his person, could SZ have thought maybe GZ was reaching for his gun when in fact, possibly, as I think Friar objectively pointed out, GZ could have just been making sure it was holstered & strapped in. (paraphrasing Friars comment)

            • Good advice. One does not loss the opportunity to address the problems just gets control of the emotional aspects which often create trouble.

              I think we call it time out…

        • He had no options. He is not capable of diffusing any situation. Not with Veronica, Trayvon Martin, nor his estranged wife.
          It is all everyone else’s fault. They should walk on egg shells around GZ. They should have taken every action as to not make him react.
          After all he was living in the house and the Dean family had no right to come there. It is perfectly ok that GZ locked them out, had his girlfriend there, and intimidated them with a body guard (and friend) and with a known fire arm on his person, and broke property of another.
          They should never have come in the first place. If only they never were there! Seems the same as GZ should have stayed in his truck!

          Seems silly to you huh? Me too!

          • Danny I completely agree with you. Im trying to get completely caught up with the details, but there is no excuse for George assaulting Shellie’s dad or destroying the ipad.

            • Hi rejoicenhim. Since I posted here much more info. has been released.
              I am not going to post here anymore and the dannywarrior blog is going to be invite only from now.
              I sent Nettles an email with info about GZ knowing SZ was going to be there. That it was not Veronica. That GZ was not even keeping in contact with MOM. That he has burned bridges…etc. The source did get some minor info. wrong but that is why I posted it in private as to not hype things up. Her her “FU” comment to me she claimed to know all this. So why then keep posting the wrong info?

              After being told this info. and even after the info was public Nettles continued to listen to MSM reports and spun it here with minipin (apple)and cassandra(goldielocks). They have taken what they want from the reports and now have turned into Trayvonites! Many good people have left here now.

              Being that I am known to be a free speech advocate I refuse to bash Shellie just because she discussed things with the press, and may in the future. I am an advocate for speech but I will not hang around and be treated as I was here by Nettles and Minipin. It is my deepests concern that people who have supported GZs behaviors since his appeal are doing nothing more then enabiling self destructive behaviors, and bashing Shellie in the process. It really shows what type of character they are. I am glad at least te treep people are being decent. For now anyway.
              In due time I will be creating a newer wordpress to openly discuss any upcoming civil suits, until then you have an invitation at http://www.dannywarrior.wordpress.com rejoicenhim.

              • My opinion differs from yours and I won’t be bullied or threatened into changing it.

                The comment where I used the “F” word, I’ll leave it to each reader to decide if I was saying FU.

                All the best to you Danny,

                  • Whoops… Cont.
                    I guess we will need to allow the reader to decided if your comment was an FU, and if what I was doing was bullying. It was an FU to me being that you could have corrected minipin when she was stating my claims as bullshit when YOU knew they were not yet you kept spinning it here. You claimed you knew what I told you. So why keep spinning it for the few posters who werevtaking your position? Even while you were spinning it I told you soon after it became news to be careful I had info and was going to email you. Which I did!

                    I corrected you numerous times about who was there first, that GZ knew, if he had a gun on his person etc. This was before press. As things came out publicly you continued to be nasty to me. Why was that? Because the info. was not what YOU wanted. If you take correction as bullying, then we certainly do have differing opinions.
                    I wish you the best as well.

                    • I felt bullied by you when you posted a demand that I put into my own words an email you had written or you would post it on your blog. That didn’t feel like correction.

                      In reading your email, you don’t state you wanted me to make it public. I still am totally baffled on why you think it was my responsibility to bring news to this group that you possessed and interpreted. You are/were posting. Do it yourself. Why demand I do it for you?

                    • Nettles, it was not the source information you should have shared. It was the information at the end of the email when I said I would not interfer with others opinions including which way you decided to go here publicly. Instead you made it appear publicly I was personally attacking you when our discussion in private had no such tone.

                    • “Nettles, it was not the source information you should have shared, it was the information at the end of the email”

                      Again, Danny I don’t understand what you are talking about. What “source information from the email did I share?”

                      I have responded only to what YOU have posted publicly. I have not posted any response to your email on this blog. I emailed you my response to the email. All of my comments here on this blog are comments to other posts on this blog.

                      My comment where I used the “F” word (found here: https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/divorce-is-messy/comment-page-1/#comment-17019 ) isn’t a response to your email. It’s a response to your demand that I paraphrase your email or you will. https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/divorce-is-messy/comment-page-1/#comment-17005

              • The revelation that George knew Shellie was going to be there is a matter of interpretation. He certainly did think she might still be there when he went to see what was going on.

                Your “source” was not breaking any new news. Shellie gave HLN her screen shot on Sept. 9th.

                Mr. O’Mara said the it was unexpected that Shellie was going to be at the house on Monday. There is ample proof that that is a fact. Even more so now when Shellie released yesterday even more texts that she had stood George up on Sunday as well.

                This isn’t minor stuff. He was living in the house. She makes arrangements to get her things and he must leave the premises. Then she decides it’s not a good time, I’ll try again tomorrow.

                From all we know Shellie was given Saturday to move things and George was given Monday. So come Saturday, it is unexpected that Shellie will need to be at the house on Monday. On Sunday, she is going to be there in 20 minutes to finish up and at that time, it is unexpected that she will be at the house on Monday.

                On Monday, she says she’s 20 minutes away and will be there about 10:05am. He keeps asking are you done?

                After 2 hours and still not hearing from her, he decides to go to the house to check it out. She might be there or she might not be and just forgot to send a text.

                So it’s inaccurate to characterize that George knew Shellie was at the house when he decided to go over there. There is ample evidence that George stayed away when Shellie was suppose to be there and it was unexpected to everyone that Shellie would need Monday to move her stuff. That’s why Monday was assigned to George to accomplish the task.

                As to George not keeping in contact with MOM, I heard Mr. O’Mara say that he and George talked once a week. Did MOM want that to be more? I’m unsure. There was ample evidence before your “source’s” revelation there was some frustration with George when we heard Shawn Vincent’s response to George touring Kel-Tec.

                As to the girl not being Veronica, it had already been posted that she likely was not. That possibility was discussed here at the same time it was discussed it might have been.

                Shellie is very mad and hurt with George right now. She’s divorcing him. She has ample reasons and her family and friends have ample reason to want to pile on the “don’t support George” bandwagon.

                I won’t be one of them. George needed time away for himself. Others may have not liked it but it’s not their life, it’s his. He’s only 29 years old and he has the entire world talking about his every move.

                I think Shellie’s accusation that George took off with Veronica is off-base. When he was pulled over in Texas he was alone.

                George needs supportive people around him. If they can’t support him, I’m glad they are being honest about that and getting out of his life. To make up stories or to try to justify why they aren’t being supportive anymore is not only sleazy, it’s dangerous to George’s safety.

                Shellie’s initial claims on the 911 call could have been honest but when you watch the video, she isn’t acting like a person terrified of him.

                • I totally agree. Family means you accept that when people are in crisis you protect and support them not set up more challenges and provocation. There are plenty of ways to de-escalate and create appropriate boundaries, but Shellie appears to be self indulgent with rushing into divorce and going to the press. From the police report George’s big error is breaking the Ipad, ok, but he immediately walked away after that problematic reaction. I think under the circumstances, Shellie uses the video in the “court of public opinion” I would have been prompted to break a recording device too.

                  Her idiot lawyer with his emphasis on public opinion betrays Shellie as shallow and selfish as she claims George of being. I was amazed at the meanness of her attorney comments in his efforts to suggest Shellie is a victim.

              • Danny:

                I find your comments to be very insightful and certainly a counterweight to other opinions being offered. I also find some of your comments to be unnecessarily vituperative. But you are not alone in that. And my reaction is just me.

                As a free speech advocate, as you say, you refuse to bash Shellie, and I think that this is important as regarding discussing what we know of Shellie’s actions. I think it would also be helpful to maintain such a non-bashing attitude in discussing this highly emotion-laden issue in general.

                You also seem to possess inside knowledge not available to other commenters to this blog. So it is normal that commenters who take a different interpretation of the publicly available facts will challenge you on this, particularly when you challenge them back asserting information that only you possess and will not or cannot share.

                You can count me among the surprised when Nettles unleashed her inner “drill sergeant” and greeted you with a hearty “FU”.

                You mentioned private messages you sent to Nettles.

                Any individual who runs a blog and receives private messages with inside information (whether it be Nettles, Sundance, yourself, or whomever) is placed in a potentially difficult situation.

                A private message is a message meant to be kept private. The recipient should maintain the privacy of that message and its contents. If the recipient can independently verify the non-public information, then the recipient can make such information public – but still, maintain the privacy of the original communication and communicator.

                Your complaint against Nettles in your above missive is in two parts. The first part –

                “After being told this info…Nettles continued to listen to MSM reports” and spin them. Surely, you do not condemn Nettles for not changing her viewpoint on the basis of non-public information from an anonymous source provided privately. Even if Nettles knew the ultimate source, caution should be exercised, should it not? (Osterman, for example).

                The second part of your complaint is that “even after the info was public Nettles continued to listen to MSM reports” and spin them. You further complain that she has been turned into a “Trayvonite”, at least tactically.

                For this, now public, information spinning by Nettles, you offer no specifics.

                So for the rest of us outside the loop, what conclusion should we draw? What information that you privately provided to Nettles, that is now in the public domain, did she ignore even when it became public and how did she spin it away?

                I agree with you that Minipin has been vituperative towards you, and note that you stood up to Minipin in full measure. Your debate with Minipin degraded into a discussion of the merits of being able to physically transport a keyboard into the orifice of the human body. How that discussion illuminates the issues at play in the continued travails of George and Shelly is not clear.

                As far as I can see, Nettles has treated you the same as anyone else that comments here.

                Your point of view on this case has always been singular and has offered a good testing against other viewpoints. I wish you well.

                • Danny –

                  p.s. In the time period from when I started my above reply and completed it, I see that you and Nettles have aired a lot of the formerly non-public and now public info that you sent her way privately.

                  Bottom line, divorces can be a very messy situation, usually are, and this one seems to fit in that category. Reasonable people will differ on who is the baddest baddy among the pair.

                • Hooson, yes there are times when I am being tested I can, as anyone become…..vituperative. My intention is to be as dramatic. It is an easier way to prove a point. Of course one is limited over a key board to be sarcastic. The key board comment should be viewed in the context of the communication at that time. She was being demanding. Instead of telling her to put her foot in her mouth the keyboard comment was more geared towards how there certainly is no way she speaks face to face like that. I am not the only individual to have contention with her.

                  Yes, I was placed in a postion of having information. I chose not to make it public. That was my choice. The source was not revealed to anyone, not even Nettles. The information was not given publicly and now I am in yet another postion to defend myself because Nettles claims it was old info. when indeed some of it HAS NOT been released. The ONLY reason I shared what was passed along in my own words was so she could decided for herself if she had to be more careful in her assessment publicly because it had to do with GZ and I felt it was a benefit. I totally expected Nettles to put her opinions aside not for me but for the situation itself. To make it appear I am attacking an opinion is less then honest. That is my contention. Not someones opinion.If anyone is being bullied here it is me because I refuse to share the source.
                  Everyone is entilted to their own opinions hooson, but not their own facts.
                  Either way regardless of opinion, my postion stands pretty much for whatever is best for the couples interest at this time considering what I do know. They both have been through hell, and I refuse to add to the judgement of either party.

                    • It is complicated indeed. I have had couples I knew for years divorce and the friends feel stuck in the middle. Relationships change. Sometimes it is hard to stay neutral.
                      I totally understand the frustration with Shellie.
                      I really am not too hot on Sims. Yet, one must understand she is a victim and confused as well. It seems like a repeat from the get go.

                      I get some see the situation as kicking GZ when he is down. He has had support. He is making his decisions.

                  • So have you even posted your supposed information, or are you still waiting for others to hold your hand? Nettles has already clarified as to what was publicly known, if you feel your information counters that, then share it.

                    • It is not intended to be public. We did speak about what has been made public. I do not need to share it to prove a point. That is not the intention. Eventually, it may be public. Maybe that is why Nettles holds opinion SZ is ousting too much private info. I agree. My sharing it would be no better.Who do you suppose I am asking to hold my hand DangerMauz? I do not think my reputation all this time has been built on anyone holding my hand.

                    • Then why continually bring it up, reference it, or allude to it when it’s not supposed to be public. You vaguely attack Nettles based on this supposed email and yet don’t have the gall to say why. If YOU believe she has posted something wrong, then provide the email to substantiate it. As it is, you seem like a pesky gnat flying around annoying people based on some unsubstantiated crap in an unknown email.

                      And you told Nettles to post the email or you would, she hasn’t and you have yet to do so; I’m assuming you need her to hold your hand to do so.

                      And you’re right, your reputation is something entirely different… not entirely positive, I might add, and getting worse.

                    • I brought it up twice. Once two days ago, and today to rejoicenhim to let them know on catch up why I can not discuss things here.
                      You are entitled to your opinion of me. Hurts me none. Why not post under the name you frequent?

                    • Two days doesn’t matter considering the countless number of posts you made alluding to it. If you don’t have the gall to own up to whatever information you have, don’t continually attack others for supposedly “wrong” information. Makes you seem petty and daft.

                      This is the name I’ve always posted under. I gave you support after the whole SD debacle, not so sure I should have now the way you are apparently acting like him as of late (attacking others as “wrong”, withholding information, anonymous sources).

                • Agree, when Danny stooped so low as to describe me as the queen of black on white crime I was disgusted and hurt. I ignore his comments. I hope his children are never victims of such brutality as mine were, but to make fun of me for it is just ugly.

          • Except that the assault by George never happened. It was all a lie and a set up.

            It is Shellie who had the Miranda rights read to her. They gave George the DV package.

      • Dawn and Cassandra: Yep, George is just being George again. I too believe he is just one of those people who keep on doing what they think is right, and are naively puzzled when things go wrong and are misunderstood. It’s sad that things seem to have gotten out of hand with George breaking the camera, but I agree Cassandra, I too can imagine getting that upset under the circumstances. I do wonder about Shellie since her account of the whole incident seems to be all over the place. Did George actually stab the ipad with a knife??? Doesn’t really sound very George-like.

        • The only way the knife story makes any sense is if he was trying to pry it open to remove whatever hard drive or flash memory or whatever storage it had, since Shellie using it to record something is the only explanation that makes sense of why he would have taken note of it in the first place.

            • unitron & winsome ~ I agree as a possibile believable explanation as to WHY GZ might have had a knife & trying to pry it open. SZ would most likely have all her emails w/Sims, personal data, & other information GZ didn’t want SZ to have access to, besides his anger he was being videoed, an immature act imo that was uncalled for.

              Nobody gets a pass on losing their temper & breaking an IPAD, not even GZ. To think GZ could have removed himself & there would have been NOTHING for SZ to record, nor any reason for GZ to break the IPAD, no 911, no media ALL better solutions.

              • Art, I understand completely what you are saying. If it were me instead of George, I would have crawled in a hole long ago, curled up and died. But that’s me. George is a different person, not a perfect one, but different. George has made decisions I personally probably would not have made, but I’m not going to give him advice when I don’t know all the facts about what happened yesterday or why. I just hope in the future George and Shellie will be a lot more cautious about crossing paths until they get their separate lives on track again. Things are too emotional for both of them right now. It will be a long time before things get better.

      • I think he exacerbate the situation by smashing the ipad. Which would be better for Shellie’s revenge, a boring video of George being followed through the house or George grabbing the ipad and smashing it to pieces and stabbing it with a knife? I understand his anger and frustration, but it is at times like these that he must exercise some restraint.

        • exacerbated

          That was a reply to Cassandra. I did not realize that this thread had gotten so long. I haven’t read it all yet am going to read it now.

  6. Before I go any further in Shellie’s defense of most recent events because I have seen some comments here and over at the CTH that at this point I am confused where I am reading….. Shellie (as some have pointed out yesterday) and her brother D.J. and some other friends have recently made comments about G.Z. that do place him in a dim light with his behavior. Many suspect that SZ is doing this to set GZ up either for a divorce settlement, to ruin his reputation, or the most vile of all, to get him murdered for an insurance policy she yet has.

    Last year, both Joe Oliver, and Robert Zimmerman Jr. have made statements about George’s demeanor, and his behaviors since Feb. 26, 2012. Take this into consideration when you are suspicious of his estranged wife’s recent statements to ABC.



  7. SZ’s 911 call is way over the top. Offering her melodramatic ‘I don’t know what he’s capable of…’ when she knows that the call will certainly be made public and broadcasted? Vengeance hardly describes that atrocious statement. I hope it backfires on her. Gee whiz.

      • Ditto. I could care less for their soap box drama. I do not relate to either George or Shellie in terms of lifestyle or values per se. Like DiwataMan I was outraged at the injustice and Scheme team exploitation of race and politics for personal benefit.

          • They will, indeed, be able to do this again, but I disagree with the Diwataman blog. The only way they are going to be exposed is through a civil lawsuit brought by GZ. Otherwise, the media is not going there no matter how much is pointed out to them. Keep in mind that it is the media that is the problem. The schemers are what they are, but it is the media that enables them. I don’t see anything that Shelly says now that would bear on a judicial ruling of whether they are liable or not.

      • Nettles, I tell you this with the utmost respect and honesty. Be careful here. I have info flying by me where in fact the Dean family could cripple this for some time and have not. They will if they must but they do not want to. Shellie is not out to hurt GZ. I would not at this point test waters of one side or the other. GZ really has no one. He is in need of great support and help beyond what can be discussed. Have some made mistakes yes. Behind closed doors you have no clue and the situation is dire. Leave it be. Just leave it be. Trust me.

          • No. There is NO threat against GZ. Are you kidding…. Id been having everyone call to Florida by now! Noway would I let something nor promote something happening to him! I will send you an email in a bit.

            • Nettles – there was no threat against GZ of any kind, GZ had his security person there. This is common place for divorces & if you read MOM’s statement, he described the altercation perfectly stating, I think his words were: there was pushing/shoving/& EVERYONE was out of control. (paraphrasing)

        • Danny, WOW. That is the same thing JFP has said in earlier comments. Really makes me wonder if I’ve misread George all along. (I still believe he was innocent of murder and killed Trayvon in self-defense.)

      • Nettles, I read and agree with diwataman’s statement. And I’m thinking you were correct when you said Shellie had fallen into accepting the Crump narrative in some ways. She’s young and naive too, and I honestly don’t think she knows how she’s been used. Frankly, I’m beginning to blame her lawyer for a lot of what’s happened too. But that’s jmho.

    • Give m a break. LOL, MOST understand what a home like that would cost to buy, rent or own, that is, property owners! Maybe those writing for the OS aren’t property owners and remain ignorant! WHY the OS misleads those uninformed always surprises me. Mr. Dean LOST RENTAL MONIES allowing GZ/SZ to live in a $ 250,000.00 home for a year when renting to GZ/SZ for $ 1,000.00 per month.

      The security system was bought & paid for through the defense fund because GZ needed & wanted it, Mr. Dean didn’t DIDN’T NEED SURVEILLANCE to rent or sell the property. GZ made the decision to install it because he needed it. How much could surveillance of the front doors improve the value of the home in which the property owner didn’t need possibly cost? imo, not much because there was no surveillance in the interior of the home.

      Mr. Dean has been MORE than kind to GZ/SZ renting them this home for $ 1,000.00 per month at a loss to his own family, Mr. Dean I speculate may still paying a mortgage as it is a newer home & uses it as a rental property to supplement his income or investment, Mr. Dean has had to pay property taxes which aren’t cheap in Fla., Mr. Dean’s Insurance carried on the home w/a pool & hot tub would too not be cheap.

      GZ/SZ lived in an exclusive area in a $ 250,000.00 home which was private, had an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub. Mr. Dean did so because imo, he was concerned for his daughters safety & for no other reason imo. A home like that would easily bring $ 2,000.00 to 2,5000.00 just as a rental property w/all the amenities in the home, it too was a newer home making it easier to rent or sale. Neither GZ/SZ improved this property other than putting surveillance at the front door. The mere $ 1,000.00 rent they paid wouldn’t likely even cover what Mr. Dean paid monthly for property tax, home owners insurance & a possible house note.

      NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED as Mr Dean has learned when taking a loss of monies on his property for a year when he could have been making over 2 X’s the amount renting to someone/anyone else.

      • That is my issueArt. Obviously funds have kept him safe and secure all this time yet he seems to somehow provoke media and police intentionally. I lived in LA in a house with less then this houses amentities and rent was double the Deans home mortage or rent GZ has to pay if he does at all, no one has confirmed it! I have 3 kids! Maybe we need to press where these funds have gone since July? I have think the donors have a right to know. I am working on it.

        • He seems to provoke media and police intentionally? I don’t see that as being the case at all. He helped to rescue a family from an overturned vehicle and he was caught speeding. How was he to know that Shellie would call 911? I see no intentionality in his actions. It was just unintended consequence of said actions. I think George is learning that anything he does “could” bring about unwanted media attention.

    • Why would Tracy Martin be tweeting out a picture of Shellie’s father, David Dean? A new member of the Scheme Team? As far as I know, no one knew what he looked like before. Now his picture is out there to identify him.

      • That photo was in Shellie and her father’s possession. They released it to HLN news last night and it was on air. Along with the photo of the iPad that is now in police custody.

        That is not Tracy Martin. This lady is a member of the dog pound and carries water for Natalie Jackson.

  8. Guys please forgive me but I have a few questions:

    1. Who OWNS the home where this altercation took place? Did someone say Shellie’s Dad owns the home? I’m trying to get the facts straight.

    2. Was there an arragement made as to who would go to home on what day to get their things? If neither party owned the home, but George was still living there, and Shellie had left him, George had every right to be there because he STILL LIVES THERE.

    3. This should have been #1, but George needs a divorce attorney NOW, to stop the any carnage Shellie intends to administer. They are not yet divorced but his attorney can go before a Judge and ask that Shellie be shut down.

    4. This seems to be more than about $$$ from insurance policy. How can you force someone to name you as beneficiary? Anybody?, especially someone who is seeking divorce from you? I’m not getting that.

    5. Banking on NBC suit. The suit could be lost and therefore, no money. However, if the suit is won, then you would expect the Martin’s to file their Wrongful Death suit, but does Florida have a statute of limitations on that? It’s got to be timed from the date of death.

    6. And last, was this alleged sighting by Shellie of GZ with his X that put her in the “hell hath no furry” mode?

    7. a repeat. GZ needs divorce attorney NOW. Not sure what he’s waiting for. If he already has one you would thing it would be GZ’s divorce attorney speaking for him, not O’Mara.

    • ottawa925 – SZ’s dad was kind enough to rent the $ 255,000.00 property which had a pool, hot tub, out door kitchen to GZ/SZ for $ 1,000.00 per month which would not even cover the home owners insurance or taxes on the property, or a possible house note. The home could have been easily rented for $ 2,000.00 – 2,500.00 per month to any other renter than GZ/SZ.

      ottawa925 – GZ is in control of GZ & can only makes all the decisions about what he need to do, he needs a divorce attorney & hopefully has one by now since MOM isn’t going to represent him.

      • Are you suggesting that home owners insurance and taxes are more than $12,000 year? A tad high don’t you think? Medium house cost is $230,000; medium property taxes are ~$3000. NO WAY insurance costs $9000/year for a house like that.

        • DangerMauz – I am suggesting we don’t know if there is a mortgage on the home, which there likely is since it is a newer home & a mortgage would have to be paid monthly if there is. WHY would you think Mr. Dean out right owned a home as new as the home GZ/SZ lived in? Mr. Dean isn’t rich, that’s probably why he has several rental property’s in which rent could supplement any outstanding mortgages. It’s common those that have rental property to try to rent the house to cover the note on the home but even if the property is owned free & clear, Mr. Dean LOST rental monies on his property whether he was paying a mortgage in addition to insurance & property taxes. It could be an enormous amount of money was paid down on the property & the mortgage lower, but that would still leave a mortgage. A home valued @ $ 255,000.00 per year would have a high home owners insurance due to the pool & hot tub being “attractive nuisances.” Property taxes are higher in Fla. than in my State, La.

          There is no doubt SZ/GZ were lucky that Mr. Dean helped them out INSTEAD of getting far market value for his rental property. Had the property been rented at fair market value by Mr. Dean, it likely would have covered any note, property taxes, & homeowners insurance instead of Mr. Dean suffering the loss of monies when renting to GZ/SZ.

          • It doesn’t matter if there is a mortgage on the house in terms of insurance and taxes. If anything no mortgage = less taxes. $12,000 a year is MORE than enough to cover both, let alone either/or. You through out a specious claim with nothing to back it up. Yes he “may” be losing money on that, but considering family it’s not a surprise. So quit doubling down on nonsense, admit you misspoke, and clarify you simply meant he’s probably losing money overall. Otherwise post any sort of link showing that insurance for a house with a pool is upwards or even close to $9000/year, considering medium taxes are only around $3,000/year.

            The whole trial was about parties ignoring facts, relying on speculation, and interjecting their own “truths”. To continue to do so even after acquittal is terrible.

            • Danger – I didn’t misspeak. There is absolutely no reason to believe there is NO mortgage on this newer home valued at $ 255,000.00 but you seem to have jumped to that conclusion there is no mortgage. imo, your dead wrong. Mr. Dean is not wealthy as I stated before. Quit denying the facts. I am going to break it down for you for the very last time, it’s so simple to understand:

              house note + homeowners insurance + property tax = MORE than $ 1,000.00 per month
              (I assume you don’t get this since you continue to argue)

              Rental Property to GZ/SZ @ 1,000.00 p/month = 12,000.00 per year

              FAIR Market Value for Mr. Deans home is 2,000.00-2,500 per month = 24,000.00 p/yr.
              (I used the conservative estimate of 2,000.00 p/month for your benefit)

              Had Mr. Dean rented his property at fair market value to anyone else, the rental payment of $ 24,000.00 would have paid: the mortgage, property taxes, & insurance for the entire year & Mr. Dean likely would have made monies.

              Clearly you see that Mr. Dean LOST a LOT of money! Clearly you see that the rent SZ/GZ paid didn’t make Mr. Dean whole on his rental property. How could you not?

              You stated, “No mortgages that are paid off are equal to less taxes.” That’s just laughable, equally absurd, & explains why you don’t understand. Property taxes are NOT BASED on what a person owes on their mortgage, they AREN’T RELATED!!!! I can’t believe you don’t understand this. I’ve owned many homes in my lifetime & understand this completely, you have never owned a house outright as your comment reflects. Property Taxes are valued at what the house/property is appraised at by the city & county, THEN your Property Taxes are set on the value of the home whether you have a mortgage or not! Those that collect property taxes could care less if you have a mortgage or if you owe more on your mortgage than your home is even worth, mortgages have absolutely NOTHING to do with Property Tax. The Mortgage man gets his payment if you owe a mortgage, the Property TAX MAN get his payment, BOTH from the same property. Common sense should explain to you taxes NEVER go down, they go up w/appraised home value.

              Property Taxes are based on the VALUE OF THE HOME by appraisers, then your taxes are set & the CIty/Parish in my case, bills for the Property Tax. I know this because I own 2 homes w/NO mortgages. My property taxes have consistently gone up every year as long as I have owned both properties out right BECAUSE the value of my homes have gone up in value every year. My home owners insurance goes up yearly because the value of my properties/homes have gone up in value, hence raising premiums to cover any loss to my properties. I can understand WHY you don’t understand since you don’t even understand Property Tax. Property taxes NEVER go down unless your house burns to the ground & is appraised at less money.

              I’m done, you can argue w/yourself, you argue over things you don’t even know or understand, hence your wrong ideas about Property taxes.

              • WTF are you talking about now? I never mentioned anything about a mortgage, however, you specifically said “for $ 1,000.00 per month which would not even cover the home owners insurance or taxes on the property, or a possible house note.” which implies separate instances, not all encompassing. You MISSPOKE or you were flat out wrong.

                And great I also MISSPOKE, guess I’m big enough to admit the mistake and own up to it. Are you going to now after you diatribe or are you going to continue to say that $12,000 a year isn’t enough to pay taxes OR insurance OR mortgage? SMDH

              • And good lord, I’ve even effing admitted that he was probably losing money. To continue insisting that I haven’t accepted that is ludicrous. Are you just a troll? If you are that will make things easier and I’ll take what you post with a small grain of salt that your crap is deserving. Otherwise if you need an English lesson in terms of what “or” means in the context of your initial post, hit me up.

    • ottawa- Shellies day to go to the house to pick up the stuff she was taking was the day before. George agreed to stay away from the house when Shellie was getting her stuff. Yesterday was George’s day for him to get his stuff, and Shellie just showed up unannounced.

      Shellie didn’t know about the female friend until the very end when she looks into George’s car, and exclaims, oh my God there is a woman in there. They were her last words on the 911 call.

      George desperately needs a divorce lawyer. Maybe O’Mara can hook him up with one. Shellie really does need to be stopped in her quest for vengence.

      • Now we are getting somewhere. Was this arrangement in a Judge’s Order, or was it between the parties? So GZ STAYS AWAY when Shellie goes for her stuff, but Shellie and Father show up when GZ is supposed to be removing his. Why? Seems to me this action of showing up unannounced was used to inflame and agitate. If GZ had an attorney, his attorney would have said as much. By SZ and Dad showing up they effectively caused the confrontation. No one told them to go there, they did it willfully and deliberately. She’s so scared but runs over to confront her soon to be ex-husband. Oh yeah .. makes sense ………. NOT !!!!! GZ attorney should get restraining order on her, and an order for her to shut it. Shellie, go live with your what seems to be well to do parents … go back to school and get your nursing license and call it a day.

          • noooo nooo no. GZ has to have a “contracted” divorce attorney. MOM is not bound to him other than the sanctions and NBC case. That’s the old situation. This is the NEW situation. I suppose I wouldn’t be too concerned about all this if Shellie wasn’t going on all these interviews and talking shit. I still need to know who was removing their stuff the day of this incident. Nettles says it was GZ. If so, why come there and confront and agitate? You had your turn unbothered, why show up other than to cause some kind of incident, which they effectively did. If ppl are continually going to set GZ up for this stuff, someone who is obviously experiencing PTSD, I say to hell with them. It was her complaints to GZ that she felt unsafe that he bought the gun in the first place. She’s starting to get on my nerves now. What will she pull next? Anybody wanna guess?

            • I was referring to yesterday. He had an attorney and that attorney said what should be said at that point. Had George had a divorce attorney yesterday, that attorney should have said basically what MOM said. Just an opinion.

              • I’d like to agree with you, however, now we have MOM on record stating a gun WAS involved. Anderson Cooper tweets have gone after Robert on this and you know how that crowd is. Right now for them it’s “police lied” “police covered up” and MOM slipped and “the truth”. That’s what we’re dealing with whether WE agree with that or not. MOM shouldn’t have said ANYTHING about a gun IMO.

                • You and I will agree that errors will be made, especially if decisions are made under time constraints. The Anderson Cooper tweets will go after Robert no matter.

                  As bad as the initial press reaction to the incident was initially, the subsequent developments seem to have worked strongly to George’s favor; i.e. the facts. Of course, we have yet to see what is on that ipad,

                  Oh, and can I quote Dr. Phil – “even a pancake has two sides.”

                  • Hoosan- Yet again we see that the facts lean toward George’s favor, but do a google search on Shellie Z calls 911 on George and all you will find is page after page backing Shellie’s 911 call and once again making George out to be the monster. Almost all of the articles listed claim that George threatened Shellie and her father with a gun, and that he punched Shellie’s dad in the nose. The initial reports put out by the complicit media are still going to go after George hard and heavy, no matter what,

                    Shellie admitted that she lied in court about the paypal account, but George is the one who had his bond revoked, and spent another month in jail. Maybe it’s time for Shellie to do a little jail time in order to take her off the path of destruction of George. If she is in jail, she can’t keep trying to video George, set him up, and keep giving more and more info. that paints George in a very negative light. Maybe it is Shellie who needs a little cooling off time. Maybe it is Shellie who needs to start racking up legal bills. There is obviously no love lost between the pair, but, George hasn’t been the one running to the media to air their marriage problems, real or imagined for the media’s sake.

                    Is this how Shellie believes her next meal ticket will be, trashing George to a media who can’t get enough of bad about George?

                    • Pinecone – I think you see there the power of the initial narrative. It’s gets jumped on, replicated endlessly in the early going, and then goes on to take on a life of its own.

                      I can agree with you that Shellie comes off looking worse in terms of what actually happened based on what we know so far. There may be more facts to come that could alter this perception.

                      As far as that paypal business goes, i don’t know what to think. I kinda that we are getting a better idea of what MOM was dealing with as he took on the case.

                • I’m with you there ottawa. It is hard for me to believe that the police did a search of GZ when he was on the ground, and said that GZ had no weapon on him at that time. They said that they did not search his truck, and the gun could have been in the truck. It behooves me how O’Mara could say that GZ had his gun in his holster at the time, when the police said that he didn’t, and that no gun was involved. What’s up with that I wonder.

                  • Pinecone, I got to back peddle a bit on MOM. Reason is I heard the video with MOM on this and unless there is another interview where he states CERTAIN GZ had a gun, what I heard him say was that SZ ASSUMED he had a gun because GZ always carries his gun with him. I should have listened to the video first. Shame on me. But again, if he said for certain GZ had a gun on some other interview, I have to back off cause all he said was that he believed SZ assumed GZ had a gun. I haven’t backed off on his statement of “pay me”, however, being in poor taste. Now I didn’t hear him say that either so ….

                    • I may have heard incorrectly, but I thought that I heard MOM say that GZ had a gun “with him”, which I took to not necessarily mean, “on him”.

                    • so you and I heard two different things. So there must be two videos OR mine did not show the part he said HE DID, just the part I heard. Here were go with the cutting and pasting again. Never ends. Let’s let it all shake out.

    • Yes the home is owned by David Dean, Shellie’s dad. George and Shellie lived there for close to a year. Shellie moved out on August 13th and GZ was suppose to remove his belongings yesterday.

      • OK, art tart was first to tell me the house is OWNED by SZ’s father. OK. Let’s move on. Nettles, you say “GZ was suppose to remove his belongings yesterday”. Did he? You have told me SZ moved out on 8/13. So GZ was STILL living there? and living there as of yesterday? OK. Then day of this incident, who was at house first. Was Shellie there with Dad and GZ drove up? or the other way around? I ask because there are laws that protect a renter WITH or WITHOUT a formal lease. I’m just trying to determine who was supposed to be there and who was not. If GZ HAD NOT YET moved his belongings, then he effectively still lived there. And if he was in the house and SZ shows up with Dad, it’s still GZ’s right to allow or not allow people in. I’m not saying that’s what happened, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Everything I’ve read thus far tells me squat on how … step by step this incident happened.

      • No, I was thinking they also owned the condo at 1950 Retreat View Circle. But after Google, I think I was thinking wrong. I don’t know why I always seem to think her parents owned the condo and they rented it from them. LOL prob read in some media article wrong lol

        • I can’t remember who, but they were renting 1950 RVC from some other lady who as far as I know isn’t related to or otherwise connected to either of them (and at this point probably wishes she’d never had anything to do with them), and I vaguely remember something about her name and maybe home address getting leaked early on because of a rent check they sent her or something like that that wasn’t properly redacted from something the state released.

          I also have vague memory of some dispute with their landlady that caused them to try to withhold a rent payment or something like that, but it was at least a year ago when I read about it, and I could be mis-remembering, and I have no idea where to look for the original source I stumbled upon back then.

      • Nettles – mimi was asking about the condos GZ/SZ were living in BEFORE the tragedy, if Mr. Dean owned the condo also. I stated I didn’t know.

        We knew yesterday Mr. Dean was the property owner of the home of the altercation & maybe thought he had a right to be there. Who knows. I agree Nettles, an absolutely beautiful piece of property.

    • I’m wondering if the national media has some indication that something big may be announced at the presser. I would think if the police just came out and said that no charges would be filed, and the case is closed, they wouldn’t be running to Lk. Mary. It would be interesting to see if Christi O’Connor shows up.

    • Nettles – this has made me sick @ my stomach to read the leeches are arriving in town for a presser, especially Gutman since Sims has a relationship of sorts w/ABC.

      Nothing good is going to come from this, imo, but maybe more drama. I hope SZ is not participating, but sadly, I fear it’s all about SZ.

      • ABC tweeted last night that they got a written statement from Shellie after the incident. It may have been on Good Morning this morning but I ddint see it. Must not have been much b/c I haven’t seen it making the rounds yet.

  9. Just a thought, but since Omara just took a new gig at CNN, he may not be wanting to take on more cases, so to speak. Especially since he got GZ aquitted, I can see “ending it on a high note” so to speak. I betcha he had his fill of this drama for a while. JMHO

    • In yesterday’s press conference a reporter asked what is your advise to George Zimmerman. O’Mara said “Pay Me”.

      Today, we get news that O’Mara told CNN he won’t be representing George in the divorce matter or any future legal issues that may arise. He is going to finish out the sanctions and NBC suits.

      I think this signals that Mr. O’Mara can’t keep working for free for George. Had George been able to “pay him”, we likely not have had today’s news.

      If George can’t pay O’Mara, will another divorce lawyer take the case pro bono?

      • You cant blame him for wanting to get paid, that’s for sure. Especially for a whole different matter. That is not unreasonable and no one should expect Omara to do for free. JMO. As far as another attny doing pro bono, I don’t know answer to that. I know there are Legal Aid programs but I would doubt he would qualify (a neighbor of mine years ago got their help for a divorce, but she was in an abusive situation, totally diff and all I know about the Program)

  10. So Shellie tells O’Connor that she thought of George as just a friend when he asked her to marry him… but she marries him anyway “And I just thought, why not see where this goes…give it…give it a chance.”

    And now she’s surprised and angry (“There’s a woman in there… OMG!”) that the emasculated “tag along” that she didn’t love to begin with has now moved on with his life…???

    Ugh… smdh.

    If I were George, I would be demanding an annulment, not a divorce.

  11. btw the “pay me” comment by MOM was crass. There’s no doubt in my mind that GZ is suffering from PTSD. A man with no country so to speak all because he saved his own life. Good Lord … what a world.

  12. Matt Gutman just reported on ABC news that the reason O’Mara quit working for George is because for the past few months he has been unable to control his client and he is frustrated. Don’t know where Gutman got that because I thought O’Mara said he wanted to get paid.

      • I think MOM wanted both, to be paid, & to be able to somehow control GZ from appearing negatively in the media.

        imo, MOM’s spokesperson spoke out after the Gun Factory Tour that showed their displeasure, GZ has been in the news 5 X’s since the verdict.

    • Well then I have a lil more respect for Sooner and Ulhrig and pretty much both sides of these families and all friends sept Taffee. GZ is truly a non conformist..you listening CTH? Drop it. I warned someone here before news broke. But….. I am SD…..so it shall be……

  13. Piecing together from what was just shown on WFTV, Shellie was following George around the property filming him with her ipad. tentative

    • If I were George, knowing that Shellie was working with the enemy camp, I would have taken her ipad and broken it over my knee as well. And I’m not suffering from PTSD. It’s reported she has been sending O’Connor all of the texts between her and George. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it was Crump who wrote out her divorce requests. He’ll get some of that NBC money from George one way or the other. That is if there is any NBC money to have.

      • On O’Connor’s blog is proof positive that Shellie shared her texts with O’Conner. She has posted a screen shot of it to show GZ knew she was at the house.

        What the text reveals is GZ was asking her at 9:45am if she’s done yet. She says she’s going there in 20. At 11:34am he asks her if she is done. She responds she hasn’t even entered yet! His last text, at 5 minutes before noon, “OK let me know when you’re finished please”.

        Shellies call to 911 was at 2:15pm. Did she need the entire day?

        • So Nettles, now were back to Mr.Dean/SZ being at the house first which is what I had initially read n the altercation & thought at one time GZ was sitting in his truck w/his friend. So there is proof SZ/Dad were there in the home before GZ arrived & GZ knew they were there? MOM stated SZ/Dad showed up “unexpectedly” which may now not have been the case. I’ts likely the information will be recovered from the IPAD that is being sent to a Lab.

          On one of the reportings, it reported GZ was taking pictures of what had been removed from the house & was in the back on Mr. Deans Truck indicating SZ/Dean had been there loading the the truck & it was GZ’s right to photograph anything removed as he did. It was equally SZ’s right to use her IPAD. that makes sense if SZ/Dad had been there loading some of SZ’s stuff. GZ had a right to photograph anything taken from the home but I am not so sure entering the premises no matter how long it was taking, was a good idea. jmho.

          This is common in divorces, Sim’s could have called GZ’s divorce attorney & told him it was taking longer than expected but GZ apparently didn’t have a divorce attorney for Sims to contact & MOM showed up as a favor to GZ.

          • I just watched the video from the surveillance cameras. Just a thought, but if Shellie was supposed to have been there on Saturday, and we don’t know if all day or even if she made it on Saturday (I don’t rather). When GZ text her early and kept texting, he may have gotten suspicious that she was taking more than she was suppose to (agreed upon) That may be why he came on over, and was taking pictures of stuff in the truck. Especially if he possibly was still staying in the home and was gone then came over an saw loaded up trailer. Also, and I have seen this happen to few people I know, who have gone thru divorce. One party says they didn’t get such and such, and they actually did.

            I for one think it was a good idea that they both had someone with them. LOL went thru some MOUTHY stuff when I got my divorce many yrs ago at about the same age as Shellie. And thank GOD my Daddy was there to TRY and hush us up. Sadly this goes on with many divorces, and would otherwise be a non Breaking News story. I hate this on so many levels, hate too that it plays into those Hateful Schemers! GRR

  14. I was critical of her a few weeks back and remain that way. But I am also critical of George for being an idiot. He had one job. No, two. Hide and sue. That’s it. Where is everybody? WTF are they waiting for? For them to destroy another person’s life and create more Chris Lane’s? It’ll be nice when this all goes away.

  15. Gosh! Hard up, what does it matter what the juror thinks NOW on this “latest”? SMH

    PoliticsNation ‏@PoliticsNation 6m
    Coming up on #PoliticsNation, Juror B-29 joins us to share her take on the latest George Zimmerman news

  16. I was just looking at Benjamin Crumps twitter and oh yes, it is filled with “George Zimmerman is not arrest once again. He threatened his wife and FIL at gunpoint, and he was not arrested.

    Then I looked at NatJacks, and she apparently emailed the Lake Mary police and asked them a series of questions. One seemed to imply that the police were doing some kind of cover up for GZ, as she believes the police always do. I don’t know how to post this but, here is the link to the Lk. Mary police reply to her-


    • On NatJacs twitter feed M. Skolnick tweets not to be surprised if the Lk. Mary police arrest Shellie Z. for hitting George with her ipad. He said that that seems to be where they are headed. I don’t know if that was sarc or not.

      • Thank you for that mimi. I thought it came from NatJac. I read some of the tweets posted there and they are still arguing that George’s father was a judge, his uncle is a sheriff, and that that gives him special priviledges in the legal system, even with yesterday’s events. They really will never ever give up until George is hung, burned at the stake, or killed in prison. They really are some really sick idiots.

        • Your Welcome, I thought was by Nasty Nat at first too, till I read way down. Havent been on twitter in ages! I took a break form computer and this stuff on Monday after the Verdict lol and that’s when I hurt my leg. So I been going back and forth trying to stay at least a lil bit caught up. Nasty Nat still looks to be as evil as always.

  17. This is posted right now at http://zimmermanverdict.net/

    “On the show, I’ll have new information on the real reasons George’s murder trial attorney, Mark O’Mara is backing away from George following yesterday’s drama at the Sanford Florida home George and Shellie had been renting together from Shellie’s parents. Attorney Mark O’Mara still represent George in two matters related to the murder trial that ended in “Not Guilty.” The first is the sanctions hearing. George’s defense team wants Judge Nelson to punish prosecutors for allegedly “Intentionally failing to turn over photos from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone” during trial discovery. The second matter is the lawsuit O’Mara filed against NBC News in the criminal case.

    As you can see in the box above, what was originally reported yesterday as George assaulting Shellie and pulling a gun on her father…is far from confirmed. It was a much more complicated “domestic” situation yesterday with three people accusing each other. Police will have to sort it out. And all sides are recommending no charges. But here are the accusations and the possible consequences:

    George claims Shellie hit him with the iPad he’d given her last year. Shellie claims George made intentional reaches under his arm and taunted, “Step closer, Step closer” to make her and her father believe he had a gun. Tonight on the show, we’ll have a photo of the new gun packaging Shellie and her dad had just seen in the house. It was empty. It added to their thinking that George had a gun under his arm. Shellie’s dad, David Dean, says George hit him in the nose with his open hand. David says he had glasses on and they broke on his nose, leaving the cut you see above. George has been renting the house from David, even though he’s Shellie’s father. George believes David had no right to be there at the time of George’s arrival yesterday. As you also see above, I’ve obtained texts that are being turned in as evidence today. Shellie’s attorney, Kelly Sims, says they show George was the last communicator and that his text shows, “George knew Shellie was still inside collecting her property from the home, yet George still went inside.”

    All parties are hoping this “goes away.” None is pressing for charges. However, that is for police to decide. Today, police contacted a forensic specialist to determine whether the iPad video can be recovered. It is hoped it will reveal what really went down yesterday and who’s to blame. George could be charged with battery. Shellie’s dad could face trespassing charges. Shellie could face a battery charge. Only Shellie is on probation. If she is charged and convicted it would be a violation of her probation from her perjury charge plea deal. She could face jail time and a fine if its found she violated her probation terms.

    Much more tonight….I’ll keep you updated after the show. Ask me any questions.”

    • hooson – I don’t believe SZ hit GZ with her IPAD, that’s ridiculous, everyone knows how fragile they are & apparently SZ used her’s all the time. Apparently it too was a gift to SZ & not community property.

      The IPAD has been sent off to a Lab with more technical knowledge as the Officer said the IPAD was in bad shape, but they expect to recover the videos, etc.

        • hooson – QUOTE: Shellie’s attorney, Kelly Sims, says they show George was the last communicator and that his text shows, “George knew Shellie was still inside collecting her property from the home, yet George still went inside.” Nettles stated upthread the SZ shared the texts.

          This is the first initial report I read on the altercation, that SZ/Dad were on the premises loading SZ’s belonging into the back of the truck when GZ rolled up. GZ shows up to take pictures as was his right, BUT, GZ should not have entered the home imo as long as SZ/Dad were still working there, there was no doubt an altercation would ensue. Sims could have easily contacted GZ’s divorce attorney stating it was taking longer than expected, & GZ’s non existant attorney would have told him to stay away, this is very common when couples divorce., BUT, GZ didn’t have one, but the fact remains, GZ knew both SZ/Dad were there at the house.

          This is NOT THE STORY GZ TOLD MOM, MOM stated “GZ didn’t know SZ was coming over to the house for pots/pans.” BUT! IN FACT GZ did know SZ was on the premises of the property & entered the property when SZ/Dad were there loading.

          imo, this is problematic for GZ because there are texts in existence that disprove GZ’s story to MOM.. Too, GZ was sitting in his truck for a while w/his friend, I assume watching. If SZ/her dad pushed their way in, it’s because THEY WERE THERE FIRST working before GZ even arrived. What a mess.

          • You hit the nail on the head, “what a mess”. But you know what, this is going all day, every day, everywhere in the U.S. where there are bitter divorce battles going on. The difference with this one is is there are TV helicopters and newshounds tracking this story.

            I know I am a broken record, but O’Mara sounded the correct tone yesterday in his presser and in his later comments on CNN. Some of the details are in question, but the message is solid. Everybody calm down, let’s not start red-carding everyone.

      • Good Lord Art, maybe you and Danny should get a room, or at least share his website instead of pushing hard for your own crao at this site. Hey, if you don’t want to join Danny at his own site, maybe you could start your own. Isn’t that a novel idea, huh. Since you are so definite about your vast knowledge about the legal system, just maybe you could start a site something like “Come to Art Tart, the know all, the end all, and the be all on any legal matters you need answers for.” Call it Call Dr. Art for all your legal needs and info. Be sure to post your legal degree and bonafides on your site Art. Do you have any other than what you read in the media.

        • pinecone – no need to be shallow, puerile, & insult me, when you can’t get along with anyone unless they see exactly as you do. Get over yourself, LEAVE ME ALONE, DON’T INSULT ME, DON’T ADDRESS ME AGAIN, & don’t read my comments! When you are clearly shown as wrong, you don’t like it, that’s too bad. Out of the blue, you have attacked me!

          This BLOG is owned by Nettles & Nettles makes all the decisions, you don’t! You are only one of many bloggers that share here, no more or no less, most act respectfully, you do not. I’ve never seen Nettles attack anyone but yet I see you do it frequently, why would you think you have that right?

          Your agenda is to INSULT those you don’t like so they will leave, but, grow up, get over yourself, I don’t care what you think, there is no reason I should. There is a really nasty side to your insults of not only me, but to others, it explains a lot about you & exactly the person you are, how sad & miserable for you.

  18. Is this the kind of advice Shellie’s lawyer is giving her? I doubt it. If he gave her instructions it certainly would not involve all this. I’m still confused on who was supposed to be where. If Shellie was supposed to be there, then why would her father face trespassing charges? Trespassing charges only makes sense if George was supposed to be there. What a mess of information.

  19. This report has video from the outside camera showing Shellie following GZ into the house while filming him with the ipad. Then later, they are all standing at the end of the driveway, watching GZ tear the IPad apart and Shellie gets on her cell phone.


  20. HLN (TV) said they have video from inside the house and will be shown on the Jane Velez Mitchell show and just about 10 minutes.

    • I’ve had worse confrontations with neighbors blowing leaves onto my side to clear their lawn. So GZ threw an ipad … so what. I saw nothing else physical. Netles, do not dispair. People are human. I’ve seen you mad in your posts and could almost picture you wrining someone’s neck. The guy has had it with this chit. Does he do stupid stuff … yes. Someone who has some influence over him … his Mother, his Father, his brother, Frank anybody that he respects should sit down and have a talk with him. This is why I go back to putting some blame on MOM and West for not getting George counseling prior to end of trial. He IS in PTSD !!!!!! Why can’t people see this? They let a man made ill from the Trayvon incident/trial/torn apart in the press/pressures we cannot imagine … and they just open the door and say you’re free !!! and expect him to just snap to, forget all that happened and be normal again. My GOD !!!! Try to understand he is not well. If he at least would have had some kind of counseling to help get his head straight for things to come. It didn’t happen.

      • ottawa- I am with you on your ideas. I support George, and believe that Shellie knows that he is suffering PTSD, and is exploiting that to her advantage. The thing I do know about people who have some issues is that they have to own up to the fact that they may have some issues, and they must be willing to get help for those issues.

        Yes, I agree, George was acquitted, and then left to hang in the breezes, but, George would have to submit to any form of help. I’ve no doubt that George knows he doesn’t have the money for that help/therapy, just as he took into consideration the medical bills with going to the hospital right after the shooting incident. He knew he didn’t have the money to pay that hospital bill.

        I truly don’t know who or how anyone can force George into any therapy sessions. It seems to me that all of the Zimmerman family members went in different directions with O’Mara and who knows whatever else. It seems to me that SD surely played a part in the family split. Since the verdict, it seems that no Zimmerman family member has been involved in George’s life. Where is his mother and father who supported him throughout the trial? Where is Robert Jr.? I understand that George needed to be alone for a while. Is he still insisting on being alone and away from the infighting family members? What is his female friend telling him?

        George seems to fell that he is all alone and isolated. The family infighting would send me to want to be alone and away from them all also. I honestly don’t know who is capable of reaching George and pushing him, if possible, in the direction of getting help. No doubt, Shellie has not done that, rather she is exploiting the situation. In George’s mental state, for me, Shellie has become his number one enemy that seems bound and determined to put the final nail in the coffin with her trashy interviews.

        • ‘Shellie knows that he is suffering PTSD, and is exploiting that to her advantage.’ I’m afraid you’re right. Several photos of SZ reveal tremendous spite. I hope they both soon get help – life is too short.

          • That’s exactly right. She’s exploiting it. She had an entire day on Saturday to get her stuff. She texts him first thing on Monday (his day) and by 2pm he is showing up too early?!?! Come one now Shellie!

    • He doesn’t look particularly angry destroying that iPad. Just methodically prying it open. When he finally throws it on the ground, that looked a *little* angry I guess. And then he just slowly walks back to his car. I know it’s her right to film him, but if she’s filming an angry argument between him and the dad I can understand Zimmerman wanting to destroy it. Still wrong of him to do so imo, but I don’t hold it against him too much. No doubt it would have been all over the media via Christi O’Connor within hours, portraying Zimmerman as having anger issues. Zimmerman must be sick of it by now.

      But I’m wondering at what point does Shellie feel threatened with a gun? She’s just nonchalantly strolling around on the phone while he’s breaking the iPad. She still walks back and forth when he’s in the car. That’s strange considering the histrionics of her 911 call. From the video I can’t feasibly see how she could have been scared of being shot, or felt threatened.

      Looks to me like GZ and dad were in the garage when the argument starts, and Shellie was walking into the front door. She stops there and hears the raised voices and the scuffle start, turns around and runs to the garage to film. She probably saw the glasses on the ground at that point, but didn’t see any blows. The father claims he hit the glasses off his face with an open palm. GZ claims Shellie hit him with the iPad. Maybe she ran up at this point, tried to defend her dad and bonked him with it, and he grabbed it from her. But hopefully we’ll see when they recover the iPad video. I guess there should be sound from it too? I’m fully prepared to label George as the guy in the wrong here, if it shows that. But for now I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Friar, I’ve reread this entire page several times, trying to backtrack and make sure I have seen all the comments – what a job 🙂 My point is, your comments so jive with what I wanted to say. Thank you for that!

    • Oh this poor women, they dragged her screaming and kicking to do these interviews. She can’t get her life back because of being a juror…GMAB!!

      Hearing her makes me think she was a stealth juror, but the others were much, much stronger than her and she caved. The whole interview is pathetic and obvious where she stood before trial…

  21. This is starting to stink high heaven. BGI + O’Connor + Shellie and oh boy we have another full blown incident. Coincidence? as KIM asks … I think not.

  22. I sent Nettles an email today BEFORE any thing was released. Look back I said I would send her an email when she claimed it was a threat! It was HOURS ago. Now IF I have to Nettles I WILL post my email redacted to my own blog. I told you about Omara leaving. I told you GZ knew SZ would be there. Post in your own words or I will just post the email!

    • Cassandra queen of black on white crime said I sounded like SD. Well….SD if you are reading…. I do have a source and the source was right! I will not reveal the source but if you would like to discuss it contact me as I do feel it is important and I am sure you were contacted too? BTW, I still hate your guts but obviously we have a common goal. I am willing to put my hatered for you aside.

    • Danny- You really have become an obnoxious cuss, and a threatening one at that. Go post whatever you wish to post at your own site. Stop trying to inflict your own theories beliefs and crap at this site. You are really sounding more and more like a conspiracy theorist. Not surprising. How dare you threaten Nettles that you will out your crap if she doesn’t conform. You have really really become nothing more than trash.

      • Danny – I don’t see any big surprise in O’Mara limiting his services to what he signed up for. I rather expected that somewhat earlier following the acquittal – of course, I expected that he would fulfill the completion of the extant litigation and he says he will. A smart lawyer does not get married to his clients. O’Mara and West and their team gave a good chunk of their lives to this successful effort.

      • K. Mini.You have made such a difference. Youare a subtle as a brick. And a loud mouth just like PatP. With all due respect take your key board and shove it where the Lord made no sunshine! You may sing a tune youbhave never known you could produce.

        • Danny what the fuck is wrong with you today?

          Post your email that you sent to me, redacted if you like. Why would I care if you reveal what you wrote? I didn’t write the damn thing.

          You revealed nothing in the email, I didn’t already know and I think you are off base on Shellie.

          Your source means shit if you can’t reveal it. It’s the same rabbit hole Sundance fell in. If people can’t reveal it out in the open then it’s to be ignored. It could be full of bias and agenda.

          You sent it at 3:05pm today. I’m not sure what news you think you got out in front of but I’m all ears.

          It doesn’t make any sense you threatening me with posting an email you wrote and threatening you’ll reveal it’s contents. It’s your email, do what you want with the damn thing.

          Shellie is playing games imo. I watched Kelly Sims tonight and after watching him I felt sick. He mocked that Georgie is the Dreamy guy that women fawn over. The reporter asked him, Do you think GZ has a girlfriend. Kelly looked incredulous and said let’s see now, he’s with a 400 lb friend and a pretty blonde, what do you think?

          Shellie was given Saturday to take from the house what she wanted. George was supposed to get Monday. Shellie’s text messages have been posted publicly. She sent George a text just after 9am to tell him she needed to get some more stuff from the house before he went there. He said ok, let me know when you are done. She told him she’d be at the house in 20 minutes. At 11:30am he texts her are you done? She tells him she hasn’t even entered the house yet. WTF has she been doing then? His last text to her just before noon, let me know when you are done.

          She called the police at 2:15 pm So she’s been at the house all bloody day. Why? I think she set him up. The video released tonight shows she isn’t scared when that Ipad gets thrown and she calls 911. She pacing right in front of him. All the witnesses follow him to the end of driveway. They aren’t scared of no bloody gun.

          Then there is the allegations of threatening them with a gun. Yet no witness saw a gun. So it’s a false allegation they were threatened with something they didn’t see.

          After seeing Kellly Sims on TV tonight, I felt I need a time out. Divorce is messy? Divorce is disgusting.

          • It’s interesting what you don’t see on the surveillance video… the trucks are already packed and no one is moving anything else out of the house.

            So why are Shellie and her dad still hanging around when George, the rightful occupant, isn’t there and has asked them to hurry up and leave…?

            At this point, they’re trespassing.

            And who is the third person loitering there near the front porch… he starts towards the front door when he sees George coming, as if he’s a lookout, and then the dad comes running out of the house.

            Shellie then comes out of the garage iPad already in hand and cameras rolling.

            Someone was also inside the home at one point adjusting the surveillance camera and zooming in on George in the driveway.

            Someone also approaches George when he’s beside the first truck and it looks that they may have shoved him.

            Everything about this screams they were trying to get a rise out of him.

            I’m hoping the phony 911 call is a violation of her parole and they throw her @## in jail…

            • Very disturbing actions that you’ve listed, nivico. Hell hath no fury and all that good stuff, but the actions you’ve listed above are rapidly moving into the realm of criminal conspiracy, especially when you consider the possible untruthful statement made by SZ about the gun / threats in the 911 call.

            • When I watched that video, I noted GZ took a photo of whoever was playing lookout as he walked inside the door.

              However, quite quickly after he enters the house, with Shellie behind with the iPad watch the driveway. They all come out again rather quickly through the garage, so they weren’t inside for long.

              Shellie told the 911 operator that the incident took place outside and a witness across the street saw most of it. She didn’t say, something happened in the house that no one saw. At least not one the call.

              Even after GZ throws the IPad, Shellie gets out her phone, walks over and starts picking up the pieces of it and then walks in circles as she calls 911. Her phone dies and she uses her father’s phone.

              Mr. O’Mara said on Anderon Cooper last night that it was Wes who inadvertently knocked off Mr. Dean’s glasses trying to keep the parties separate.

              Shellie is taking advantage of George’s PTSD and trying to antagonize him. It’s a money-maker for her.

              Yes, I thought someone adjusted the camera too. I hope the police do charge her if there is evidence she wasn’t acting in good faith.

              Hopefully just the threat of being charged has adjusted her mind-set a bit.

              Given Kelly Sims interview tonight though, I doubt it.

            • I read somewhere (I think maybe here?) that Shellie lil brother was there also, so that may have been the 3rd person. Also, if you watch the video, I think possible Coreshift or someone else, recorded it. At one point you can see the bottom of monitor. SO they may have enlarged that portion, I thought the same thing, but then I personally decided that whomever was recording to post here, may have done just that- enlarged then went back to reg sceen.

              • I saw the inteview DJ did with reporters on that day. He looked to be about 19 or 20. His mother told him to get out of the house and run because George had a gun.

                Watch the video, did they all look like they were scattering?

                DJ said he didn’t know much. He didn’t see no gun he just got out of the house and sat under the tree the reporters found him at.

                He said George used to be the nicest guy you would ever want to meet until after the shooting. Now he believes through things his sister told him that GZ is a potential powder keg.

                That situation on Monday was quite intense. I saw George remain calm and cooperate. I think Shellie is trying to use the PTSD to her advantage. She’s jealous and she’s mad and she’s divorcing her husband.

                • I think Shellie has possibly been the one to poison the Donnelly’s minds against George as well. Though, I do believe they are upset that he just up and left to make a cross country trip without Shellie, but I think she may have filled their minds with a bunch of stuff about George (e.g., an affair, developed a temper, etc.). Whether any of that sort of thing is true remains to be seen, but the Donnelly’s sure seem to believe it.

        • Just took your advice Danny and tried shoving my keyboard up my azz. It was rejected with a dannywarrior spambot alert.

          I am very vocal in my posts, and I never believed in political correctness, and I post my opinion without worry of those that don’t agree. I do not shove my opinions down anyone’s throat, nor do I ever demand that if someone doesn’t agree they should be threatened. I sent one private email to Nettles in all the time the site has been active, and it had nothing to do with much of anything. I don’t believe in private emails, just as Nettles doesn’t believe in private emails, and has posted such. For you, and your kind, who think that you have all the insider info., but are not willing to share it with the community, you have joined the ranks of that guy you claim to hate. That would be SundanceCracker.

          Again, you have threatened that you were going to post all this stuff about Sundance, I’m gonna post it, I promise I’m getting ready to post it, I’m almost there, I’m gonna post it. Then nothing. Not a damn thing except empty threats.

          Danny, learn a lesson in life. Don’t make threats that you are unwilling to follow through with. It gets you no where except to be a flame thrower who never comes through.

      • Here is another thing Danny. You kept threatening again and agin that you were going to post all this stuff you knew about SD. You were going to post it. Yep, maybe now is the time to post all that dirt. Then effing nothing. Nothing Danny. What’s up with that Danny? Yet you have the freakin nerve to threaten that you are going to post the email you sent to Nettles if she didn’t come clean and agree with on the your secret crap that you sent through an email. Get a life Danny, and one that is far less obnoxious and threatening to everyone here that is atarting to see you as some kind of kook. So where is all that dirt Danny that you promised so many times about SD? Huh? Put up or shut up already.

      • pinecone – yet more INSULTS hurled by you, the BLOG bully. If you don’t like Danny, scroll & roll past his name instead of stopping to be nothing but insulting, you look embarrassingly small in the eyes of others when you attack.

      • pinecone – just a reminder, this is Nettle’s blog, NOT YOURS, you have chosen to be the BLOG BULLY attacking others & just consider, your attacks are tiresome & if you don’t get, you should be embarrassed/humiliated for your behavior & treatment of others. It’s unnecessary & uncalled for.

    • Ohhh, I’m better than SD, lookie here, I have information from behind the scenes just like SD had. Ohhh, lookie her, if you don’t do what I demand, I will post that email. Ohhh, ain’t I great. I have my own website now and man, of man, the info. I get is so juicy I just can’t share it publically. Isn’t that what SD has done for a very long time? You are as bad as SD.

  23. I just hate seeing on this blog and others seeming to be biting each other at the ankles and anywhere else these last few weeks. I still trying to figure out what I think. I am trying to wait for more info. Whole situation IMHO is out of control. So many reasons why it is/could be like this for the Zimmermans, just hate it all the way around.

  24. text Poor misunderstood, in fear of her safety, Shellie, is sending the press her texts messages between her and her husband just 3 hours after her harrowing ordeal.

    You’ll note from these messages, she attempted to be at the house the entire day. Shellie already had an entire day to remove stuff from the house, that was Saturday.

    Monday was George’s turn. Shellie wants us to believe that him showing up at 2pm after giving her the entire day to get what she needed was just too darn early.

    George, stay far far away from this lady. Get that divorce quick.

    Notice her text above “Tomorrow around 11am”…is that her trying to set up the press to be there? hmmmmm

    George’s texts are the white ones.

    • At quarter to 10 she tells him she’ll be there in 20. He asked her at 11:34 if she’s done and she tells him she’s almost there, she hasn’t entered yet! What happened to being there an hour and half earlier? Just before noon he asks politely, “Ok, please let me know when you’re done.”

      As Shellie called 911 at 2:15pm, it looks like GZ got to the house at around 2pm on the day he was suppose to have to move out his stuff.

      What exactly did Shellie need after having an entire Saturday for the task? Had she been carting away the entire house back and forth with that trailer? No wonder GZ photographed its contents when he got there.

    • Is there an original image anywhere that shows the exact time the screenshot was taken? O’Connell keeps implying that Shellie never responded, however, one is supposed to be under the assumption that screenshot was taken AFTER the incident. I, for one, don’t want to make that assumption considering everything else that has been said.

  25. Nettles, your above post, that’s why your posting what Kim (Twitter) caught my eye. I haven’t been watching twitters which I usually do to get a bead on what’s goin on. I don’t think Kim would have tweeted that unless she thought what you allude to in your above post. SET UP. Hey, and how bout that camera that just happened to be positioned in the right spot to catch George? He just happened to be right in the line of sight when he threw the ipad. An inch or so either way and … you don’t see anything. And was that REALLY a security camera? or was it what it looked like to me some kind of laptop set in a position to capture. Look at the video again and tell me you don’t see the outline of a computer screen. Granted you can have security video feed to a computer screen, but the idea that it just so happened to be in the exact right spot to catch George is unbelievable to me. I mean it’s believable cause I see it with my own two eyes but what the are odds?

    • You do see a computer screen. It’s the reporters screen who is watching it on their computer.

      There were outside cameras setup for George and Shellie’s protection while they stayed there.

    • I agree with Nettles. From the sparse reports, it seems as if Shellie wanted to get a few pots and pans she failed to get on Saturday. Correct? So George gives her nearly the whole day to retrieve a few pots & pans. Correct? Well, at some point, after all of the texts ” I’ll be there in twenty”, “On my way. Not yet entered”. George must have realized she has had plenty of time & is up to something. It might have occurred to him that she’s taking things not allowed to her. I agree that Shellie set him up, or at least tried to. To what end, I’m not sure. I don’t know her agenda, but to me, it’s clear she had one.
      Run George, Run. ( with my best Forest Gump voice). 😉

  26. Another contradiction I read is that George took off for a month without a word to Shellie. Yesterday she revealed she kept getting message from him saying “I’m fine”.

    While more communication would be great, he did let the family know he was alirght.

  27. Here’s another thing. SZ’s father owns the house right? So why is SZ acting like she is a stranger and must move her stuff out like she was some stranger renting from her father. The only person that needed to go and get their stuff was GEORGE !!!! George could go get his stuff and leave. End of story. After that, she could go back and forth as many times as she wants to get her stuff cause Daddy owns the house. (sigh) This story STINKS like dead fish.

  28. This article is full of misstatements and it appears that Shellie has really turned the head of the Donnelly’s against George. She says it was the affair with the Ex that cause her file the divorce papers and the reporter seemed to think the Ex being with George is what started the fight at the home.

    Shellie has told people it was a gun, it was the Ex. or it was his PTSD. I think Shellie jumps to way too many emotional conclusions and she’s likely wrong about most of them. ie: the gun. That is not shown on the video tape, them all standing back while GZ defies them to come closer. That just is not seen.

    The altercation also had nothing to do with the woman there because quite clearly Shellie is stunned to learn he has a woman in the truck. To jump to any conclusion about who she is and what is going on with her and George is unfair and unwarranted.

    The picture I was sent about his Ex. is used in the article. The woman at the scene had long blond hair and was plump. I didn’t think she was Veronica. Judge for yourself.


      • That’s what pissed me off about Kelly Sims and why I now think he’s a slime-ball.

        The reporter asks him if he thinks the girl was a girlfriend of George’s and Kelly snears and says let’s see now, George is with a 400 lb man and a nice looking blonde. What do you think?

        What the hell is that suppose to mean. A nice looking woman can’t be interested in Wes? Does the girl have to be either one of their girlfriends? Can she just be a supportive friend of either Wes , George or both?

        Kelly Sims is in the tank with BDLR. Unethical Jerk!

  29. I saw that picture earlier- I think on rt?? I thought that surely couldn’t be the same woman. Sure, ppl change their hair & they can lose or put on weight. But then my question becomes How was she identified? WHO identified her? Cause it would be hard to do so from that video. Would’ve had to have been someone who already knew her. I’ve been wondering, when Shellie saw her there, she surely must’ve recognized her if she were his ex, right? Why express it with ” He’s got a woman with him!! OMG!”!! Wouldn’t you expect her to say, “And he brought that Veronica B*\#ch with him!!!” ? Either she is * exaggerating* that also, or they aren’t the same.

    • This has gone beyond the ridiculous. Dr. Bao was so disjointed in his testimony and – apparently in regard to his methodology – that everything he says has to be suspect, and subject to independent verification as far as I’m concerned. Again, this is insane.

      • LOL from that article, this made me literally laugh out loud. They didn’t follow the script like the ME notes I guess. (Gary is Dr. Bao lawyer) ROFL, wonder if Mr. Gary watched video of his client testifying?

        ” He was in essence told to zip his lips. ‘Shut up. Don’t say those things,'” Gary said.

        Gary said prosecutors never asked Dr. Bao a question crucial to their case.

        “He wanted a question that would have allowed him to explain to the jury with scientific evidence how there was no way Trayvon Martin could have been on top of George Zimmerman,” Gary said.

        Gary said that question never came”

  30. The “reporter” that Shellie Zimmerman runs to with dirt on George. Here is her tweets on day of incident.

    This one tweeted 65 mintues after Shellie called 911

    • I really haven’t been paying much attention to O’Conner, but she seems to be reaching out to anyone closely associated with TM’s family. It’s not just a single contact within the group. I wonder if she’s probing the group and trying to find someone inside willing to talk to her? Kissing a bit of ass in order to get a scoop of some kind?

    • Wow, desperate scum.

      I am not even going to listen, read or watch any of it. One would have to be nuts to believe what Shellie has to say, her perspective is neglected princess complex.

      • I wondered how she’d react to learning through the FBI reports that George had confided in Veronica about Shellie in 2010 and 2011.

        GZ and SZ married in 2007.

        Now we know.

  31. Just a thought lol, but for Shellie parents to have THAT KIND OF RENT House, wonder what their HOME looks like? I still cant believe that the “investigative reporters” didn’t figure out they were living there. Or that the neighbors didn’t spill the beans! Hat Tip to them for that!

    • Thanks! This confirms the woman at the scene wasn’t GZ’s ex. Veronica.

      Interesting the police redacted who is the victim and who is the suspect.

      I’d be worried about that if I’m Shellie. They’d have no problem saying GZ’s a suspect.

      • …they didn’t redact the he/his/she/her identifiers in their reports

        So it appears that ‘he’ is the one who received the DV and victim’s rights materials 🙂


        It is a bit disheartening however to see that while folks were being asked to contribute to the defense fund, GZ and SZ were out buying a 64gb iPad (they run around $700).

        Just saying.

        • They are people who consume too much, spend too much $, and are willing to go hugely in debt. Typical sloppy American consumption, two new cars financed, they live in Florida, they could bike ride and not be fat. Unnecessary waste.

        • I’m sure O’Mara and West would have loved to have that money to use for trial expenses. Remember when the account was down to the last $5,000 and the desperate call was put out for donations? No wonder Shellie was trying to hide the paypal donations while George was in jail.

          I think it was mimi who said if that house is the father’s rental house, imagine what the house he lives in must be like. It is starting to make some sense to me. Shellie was likely treated like a princess by her obviously wealthy father, and likely was suffering through a marriage with George who was working at an insurance agency, and going to school. Is Shellie’s mother and father divorced? I thought I heard something about a step father.

          • I don’t recognize David Dean’s face in court. Odd that he doesn’t go to court to support his son-in-law but he’s got no problem showing he world Wes’ forearm mark on his nose.

            Dean says GZ did that. GZ said he saw Dean throw his glasses to the ground and charge George. In Dean’s statement, he tells officers Wes was holding him back. Page 9/14. Dean admits he was the aggressor, right there. http://twitdoc.com/upload/jeffweineros/zimmerman-report.pdf


      “As the on scene investigation continued, I was advised the evidence did not support the original complaint…”

  32. On Heather Vinson’s report, on page 8, she writes that Shellie told her that her “yard man”, who was helping them move the stuff, came into the house to tell her that some guy showed up and was taking pictures. Shellie proceeds to start filming George, while she also “called her attorney,” and told George she was calling her attorney. So she called her attorney even before anything happened, and long before she called the police.

    As I expected, there was an agreed upon list of who was to get what. George was taking pictures of the stuff in her father’s truck that she took that were not on her list, it was George’s stuff. He was smart to take pictures of that.

    So Shellie creates her own homemade crisis scene, 8 cops show up, one has a rifle pointed at George’s head, he is handcuffed and put in the back of a police cruiser, and no charges are going to be filed against Shellie. Not even a parole violation. I wonder how much money that cost the taxpayers. I know how much it cost George in having the media reporting all over the place that George threatened his wife and FIL with a gun, and that he punched her father in the nose. No media outlet will ever correct that information, it will just hang out there. Again Crump was outraged that George could do what he did, and again not be arrested.

    Message to George. Get as far away from Floriduh as you can ASAP.

      • At one point I was reminded of Sybrina Fulton’s look when standing beside Parks when I saw Shellie listen to Sims speaking.

        The ladies looked like they’d like to pop their heads off. “Get me outta here”.

        Why take her out there and stand like a prop? What’s the message suppose to be?

        I was glad to hear she is going to be careful of speaking out. That lesson appears to have gotten through. We’ll watch to see if O’Connor continues to get exclusive information from her.

        • PokerFaceTodd think Shellie might be in some serious trouble as she is on probation. Her actions on the video don’t jive with the emotion on the phone about being scared and frightened.

          This is a serious matter and had not cooler heads prevailed this could have been another tragedy. As it was, we have George who is suffering PTSD put in the highest level of stress by having guns drawn on him, a rifle pointed at his head and the public humiliation of being handcuffed in the street.

          We are being told he’s acting out and he’s a time bomb but as George has been describe to us, he remained calm and fully cooperated with the police.

          As a tax payers, I’d be upset with the number of officers sent to the scene. 12 cars.

          All because of Shellie’s accusations without proof. If she did set him up for this, she deserves to be arrested. Hurt or not over her grievances.

          Kelly Sims appears to get it now about the danger Shellie is in and he’s trying to spin it into a legitimate fear. He has a huge problem though, the video doesn’t match with the statements. She admits not being in fear but “surprised” he took her iPad.

          Let’s hope this divorce now ends with that wimper and they never see or text each other again. Both of these kids have been through so much. Let them get on with their lives.

  33. I read the comments on O’Connor’s blog, she is collecting some real nuts with outlandish ideas, gotta wonder if it dawns on her that is not a good sign for her career.

  34. Nettles I read most of the police statements and it seems to me that Shellie is in trouble. The police read her the Miranda rights.

    I got the impression that it was George who was given the materials re domestic violence and not Shellie.

    In the meantime the goons have been making false statements about what took place. This was a set up and I think that this Christi O’Connor set up Shellie to create an incident.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist and I just think the whole thing stinks.

    • I’m leading that way too. Quite coincidental O’Connor released that extended interview painting George as unstable and volitile.

      The very next day she tweeted out George had threatened Shellie with a gun and was arrested.

      This lady wasn’t a good relationship for Shellie and if the press conference is to be believed, it was Sims who made it happen.

      He told O’Connor she worked hard and beat him down for that interview with Shellie.

      Shellie is vulnerable. She was hurt and she wanted to hurt George. I think she got used and abused but I’m glad to see she appears to be putting the brakes on.

      I hope the police don’t pursue this against her or him and let them chalk it up to a teachable moment.

  35. Maybe I am missing something but this sounds like Peyton Place. Hard to imagine that these 2 people turned out this way. The first clue was Shellie rolling over on the perjury charge and making the statements she did. Was this mess created by the trial or were their issues before this all happened?

    • There was issues before the shooting. Shellie revealed that her and George had had an argument on Feb. 25th and she went to stay with her father. She wasn’t at the house on Sunday when George took off for Target. Shellie decline to say what they argued about.

      I think I found a possibility. Shellie married George in 2007. George’s Ex. (Veronica) told the FBI that GZ had emailed and called her and they had conversations in 2010 and 2011 where George was confiding in Veronica about Shellie. I wondered if that wouldn’t cause a problem when Shellie heard abut it.

      You can read Veronica’s statement to FBI on page 140/284 here. http://www.clickorlando.com/blob/view/-/15490330/data/1/-/kligxm/-/Zimmerman-documents.pdf

      George withdrew by all accounts since this tragedy and he took off without a word to Shellie for a month with the dog Leroy. That’s when he got stopped in Texas and he was alone. We all wondered where Shellie was.

      Shellie it appears has made the allegation that George reconnected with Veronica during that time. Then the woman at the house this past weekend, the Dean family is quoted as saying she is George’s 2nd affair. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2417905/George-Zimmermans-affair-SECOND-woman-arrested.html <——- I find this article mostly garbage but it gives insight into what Shellie is believing.

      that's quite a stretch in my mind. It's complicated no doubt and I hope they both end up happy.

      • Well, apparently “sources” told the Daily Fail a bunch of stuff, but they haven’t provided anything that we can consider proof that those “sources” are reliable, or even exist.

        A “source” within the Zimmerman investigation told TheGrio or somebody about 16 year old Witness 8’s hospital stay, including an MRI or CAT scan, so I’m not real big on automatically granting credibility to “sources”.

        • All it shows you is why these slime bags need to be sued or thrown in jail. It’s way too easy to destroy lives and violate civil rights. The template has been set and it needs to be put to rest for all eternity. Otherwise it will be used again at some point.

  36. Weiner (a funny one about the bizzare presser) and Stuzman’s articles on all of this are so different, though both from the OS. What explains the difference?

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