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We Remember

On September 11, 2001 the United States closed its airspace. Planes en route to the United States had to be diverted.

As air traffic closed down, Canada’s air traffic professionals guided 1500 planes to safety. Including diverting 238 planes to Canada.

In Gander, Newfoundland a town of 10,000 people, 6,000 guests from diverted airplanes landed. The people opened their homes to strangers putting them up and allowing them to shower.

Each year, many of those Americans moved by the support they found, come back to observe the anniversary.

September 11th, 2001 changed the world. We will always remember. ♥


21 thoughts on “We Remember

    • I had started a new job on Sept 10, which was my Granny Birthday. The 11th, it was the most beautiful day, my job was near a major airport. We saw 1 airplane… Then one of the ladies in front office called back to our department say come up here, something bad is happening. I being only on my 2nd day didn’t know what to do. So we went.. then we got a call from our home office. They are in Savannah Ga. They made a corporate decision to close all the branches. They told us to go home and be with our families. I will forever respect those people, and they paid us ALL too! One dtr was a freshman in HS and the oldest a freshman in college.

      Deena Burnett-Baily, whose husband Tom Burnett was aboard Flight 93, lives in Little Rock AR area. I met her and her daughters – of all places once in Hot Springs at a birthday for a mutual friends kiddos. I have great respect for these families who lost loved ones that day. I don’t know if I could have the strength after enduring what they went thru on a personal level. May God Bless them and us ALL. May the WORLD NEVER FORGET!!!

  1. I remember, the day after I turned 50, and I’m engaged in the rather mundane experience of sitting in the chair at the oral surgeon’s getting a molar gone bad extracted while listening on the radio to this slightly unreal, sounds like a movie or a Tom Clancy book, experience going on to the north of me.

    Having read some Clancy and others over the years, I was more shocked than surprised, although it still seemed like “this can’t really be happening in real life”.

    And the two towers coming straight down into their own footprints like that just contributed to the surreal, this must be a movie, feeling.

    • Unitron, I felt the same way. My husband and I were driving in the car and the news reports just sounded so movie-esque. I told my husband I feel like we’re living in a movie. The world seemed to sort of stop or at least go in slow motion. We were on vacation that week, but didn’t have plans to travel, so we were able to soak it all in without all the hustle and bustle of a work week or a traveling vacation. So surreal.

  2. Canada didn’t buy into the justification of going to war in Iraq but we did join the United States in the war in Afghanistan. It hurts at times when the news sounds like only one country is fighting that war. In Canada, we know it’s not so.

    When a soldier loses his life in service overseas, his/her body is sent back to Canada in a flag-draped casket, arriving at Trenton Air Force Base. The family of the fallen soldier waits there and, as the body is taken from the plane, stands through a short ceremony. The body is then taken to the Centre for Forensic Sciences in Toronto to be autopsied, some 100 miles distance. The stretch of highway travelled has become known as the “Highway of Heroes”

    Average citizens, with some members of emergency services, began to stand on the overpasses en route as the bodies were driven along the highway—100 miles’ worth of overpasses. What started as just a few people on a few bridges quickly grew into a new tradition with hundreds or even thousands of people participating.

    I’ve been on an overpass 4 times. It’s a powerful experience. 158 souls have been welcomed back home this way. September 11th always makes me reflect on these soliders.

    Here’s a video as told by photographs, of one such trip that saw 6 souls come home that day.

  3. Thanks so much Nettles for this post! May God bless all the families who lost loved ones on 911, Iraq, Afghanistan and Benghazi.

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