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Divorce Lawyer Needed! Apply Within.

lawyer neededGeorge Zimmerman needs a good divorce lawyer – Stat!  Job Description:  First and foremost, read the blogs, twitter and facebook pages because there are millions on social media who know more than you do.  Second, help take a simple two-way promise and turn it into several complicated one-way promises which neither side can understand or hope to fulfill (this is a must for a lawyer).  Third speak with the media always advocating forcefully for George, fourth keep George out of any more trouble and finally put Nettles in contact with your support staff.  Her ideas are a must read. 🙂

Please take the case for no pay because we can’t afford this much needed service.  However, if you impress the executive at national news stations you might get future employment with them.  We can also offer you the possibilities of book deals and fame.  There is not a whole lot of fortune in the future for you in the case but if you apply yourself and work hard, you can turn it into a positive.

As an extra bonus, we can offer you the benefit of thousands of opinions and nice people to talk to. Just ignore the nasty ones and put on your thick skin every day.

Please apply within. Immediate vacancy…oh one last thing, how do you react to you and your family getting death threats?

Marriage is a three ring circus. An engagement ring, a wedding ring, and the suffer-ring ~ Author Unknown


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    • So what. He should run like a rabbit from his ex. A No-Fault Divorce is the way. Give her a % of the spoils and let them try to live a life.

      • There really is no such thing as a “no fault divorce”. I am married and never been divorced. However, amongst my family members and my husband’s family members there are lots and lots of divorces.

        The old days of fault finding are over, BUT, in divorce situations there is usually a lot of bitterness. It can get ugly, especially if there is a child or children involved and one parent wants access just to be spiteful, or another parent will deliberately ensure he/she does not have the income to pay that child maintenance!! In those situations the anger and bitterness never goes away.

        Shellie should not have given any interview to that Christi O’Connor and she should not have aired her suspicions in the media. It is a private matter.

        If only George was allowed to just sign the papers and split the assets, but with no split on the outcome of any successful cases. The way she has behaved, she does not deserve much of anything.

  1. Hello, Nettles: I am trying to follow whenever I can but I no longer received notifications of new posts or comments or threads. Did you discontinue that feature?

    • Hi Jordon, I couldn’t figure out what I did or didn’t do til just a day or two ago. I always liked the email thingy. Well while looking for something, and cleaning up my email stuff. I happened to click on spam…. OH MY GOSH! a gazillion and half emails from Here and TH! don’t know why or how that happened. SO maybe that’s your problem also. Just my 2 cents. Hope your feeling better.

  2. I wonder why DJ and Shellie’s Mom didn’t give police statements. DJ was doing interviews with the reporters and he talked about his mother being there. He was wearing a white T-shirt and looked to be in his late teens, early 20s.

    They aren’t mentioned in the police report issued. Here is that report courtesy of Jeff Weiner at the Orlando Sentinel. http://twitdoc.com/view.asp?id=107974&sid=2BBA&ext=PDF&lcl=Zimmerman-report.pdf&usr=JeffWeinerOS&doc=167395973&key=key-281ct0aeqogqai0xzwem

    Why no mention of Shellie’s family members besides dad that were there?

    • I have to give him credit, Sims handled the impromptu Q&A with reporters there at the end much better than the scripted shtick he started off with.

      He needs to stop with all the poor pitiful Shellie quap, though…

  3. Confidential Information

    It’s been the topic and source of all kinds of frustration to us participating on the blogs over the last several months. Let me be clear on my approach to such information. I’m a Human Resources Manager. I am privy to salaries, hiring decisions, firing decisions and very sensitive personal information of the employess in my workplace. I’ve been doing this job since 1985. I know how to handle confidential information or I wouldn’t have stayed in my job.

    Both Danny and Sundance have accused me of posting confidential information. I argue that is not a fact. Sundance shared a sensitive email with me and others without first getting my agreement that I would keep it private, but none the less, I did. I did however sound the alarm bell that Sundance was sharing confidential emails and others should be cautious in taking him into their confidence. For those who wonder, this had nothing to do with my ban. Sundance shared the email with me on Feb. 22nd. I didn’t respond to it. I posted my response to Sundance’s thread bashing O’Mara on Feb. 23rd, you all know about it and Sundance emailed me that I was being intentionally ignorant and my comments at the treehouse weren’t needed. He bid me farewell.

    Now he says that was because I couldn’t be trusted with private correspondence. I hadn’t done anything about what he sent me. I knew I had to warn George’s family somehow but I didn’t want to betray the person who took Sundance into their confidence. I reflected on it over several days and then decided to post on facebook a warning that a sensitive email was shared with me and I caution all of George’s family to be careful taking Sundance into their confidence. I emailed the link to my comment to the defense team. To this day, I’ve shared the contents of that email with no one.

    Now comes along Danny, who emailed me. After reading the email, I thought there was no new news in the email. I responded as such. Then Danny posted on the blog a demand that I paraphrase the email or he would post a redacted version. I responded with a WTF kinda response, Danny took it as an FU comment. I’ll let each reader decide.

    I’m sure it isn’t lost on most of you, it certainly isn’t lost on me that at a time when Shellie has decided to withdraw her support of George in a public way, we have been seeing unnamed sources, commenters at the treehouse who are obviously related to Shellie, all bolstering the idea that George doesn’t deserve anyone’s support. They are giving information, that they may geniunely feel is the truth, that in fact may be made up or spun to get the agenda of support for Shellie and demonize George.

    If I get information where the source can’t be revealed and it cannot be shared, I give the information no weight. I don’t consider it at all in reaching my opinion on something. So it’s worthless.

    It may be the case or it may not be the case, that whoever emailed Danny is trying to influence the online discussion in a certain way. They give information that will influence how Danny decides to post and because they want to remain unknown, it can’t be vetted. As Danny shared in one of his comments, paraphrasing here, but he said I want Nettles to put aside her opinions for the benefit of all parties. Does anyone else see how this is fraught with manipulation? it sends off huge warning bells.

    I encourage others, if someone wants to put you in this boat, don’t allow them too. To allow their agenda to thrive without being vetted is a dishonor to all who particpate on the blog.

    • Well said Nettles! I’m in complete agreeance about unnamed sources in terms of online message boards. Why people feel they deserve the weight of the world is one thing that baffles me. Keep up the good work!

    • When have I EVER accused you of posting confidential information? Let us start there!
      It appears since I divulged information to you, you have become quite defensive.
      Since then there are some usernames that I am aware are socks on this page.
      That is where we can start next.

      • This is a tactic to get me to produce the email. I WILL NOT. Either email! Go ahead Nettles. Post it. It is in my own words. I give you permission to redact private info. The source will not be revealed. You are playing games here.

        • You have the email. “will just allow your blog to take the formation where the MSM goes without involving myself. Hooson gave great advice and I am willing to allow it to unfold…….If this is where it is heading though I do have concerns for your PoV. I appreciate the time you allowed me to have in your little nook.”…….
          That is the part at that point I think you SHOULD have shared……
          The next day I privatized my blog. Posted only to responses.

    • Just keep doing your thing Nettles. Those of us that truly want the facts and are looking for info should all use common sense in what they believe and what they don’t accept. That’s my thought anyway. We’ve all been encouraged to give our opinions and give our ideas. That’s what I continue to want and appreciate. We can feel free to discuss, ask questions and keep up with all the real facts. If we have ideas or info to share we can give the source or state it’s our opinion. We just all need to remain civil and open minded. Anyone to wants to manipulate our opinions or push an agenda should have their words scrutinized, and ignored if we choose. And then they should shut up 🙂 And by the way… WTF and FU are two very different things. JMHO.

    • I responded with a WTF kinda response, Danny took it as an FU comment. I’ll let each reader decide.

      I’ve reread your comment again, and when someone says to someone else “what the f has gotten into you” it in no way is telling someone FU.

      There will always be people who listen to and adjust their ideas/opinions based on what someone else, or others have to say. I credit the majority of the people participating here to have the intelligence to look at the facts and the details, in this case the police reports and the videos released, in order to make up their own minds on what may be transpiring in this latest Zimmerman saga. From reading the divorce agreement written by Shelly Simms, which included that George is to buy and pay for a life insurance policy on his own life, naming SZ the sole beneficiary sent up some really big red flags. Then of course you have SZ’s ABC interview, with a known Travonite Christi O’Connor, where she is not shy about painting George in a light that must make the Scheme team to call for a celebration party, because they are getting the dirt they so desperately need and want, to this day. I felt the same way when the Osterman’s wrote personally shared family information with them, and they shared it with all that read their book. I did not.

      Does anyone really believe that this is the first argument that Shellie and George have ever had? Didn’t Shellie say she had an argument with George the night before the shooting incident, and she left and went to stay with her dad. Seems Shellie may be incapable of dealing with her own negative interactions with people, George in particular, and runs to a shoulder to cry on, and someone to “see things her way.” She sure found that in Kelly Simms who couldn’t appologize more for not going along with her idea of having a police escort on Monday, when she never felt the need for that escort on Saturday, or Sunday if she had showed up that day.

      Throughout this whole divorce crisis ordeal, it has been Shellie going very public with all of the dirty details, or her side of the story anyway. George, and none of the Zimmerman family have said peep about anything since the acquittal, save for Robert Jr. asking for prayers for them both with the divorce announcement. Kelly Simms laughably claims that Shellie wanted the marriage dissolution to go out with a whimper, rather than a bang. It’s pretty obvious to me that that would be George’s position, but Shellie didn’t allow it. I can only imagine what will happen next.

      BTW, does anyone know who the divorce judge is? Nelson was moved out of criminal court and into divorce court. Nahhh, I won’t even go there.

      • I think by then…. I told you to shove you keyboard up you a$$.
        And look at my response to the what the fuck are you thinking.
        So nope not what I was saying. In the background yep, think she should have known what I meant but she still is not “getting it”

  4. You came out swinging against SZ. Not me. You jumped the shark. Everyone is watching. I have what I have I stand by it. I NEVER said you released private info. but you did.
    You did release private info when you were in the same position as me! Hell, you did well since I have no worries. I stick by it!

    • Now I’m totally confused. Do you think I shared private info. from that email or not. If I posted it, what exactly was it?

      I just responded to your comment you never accused me of this violation and then I read your comment here. It’s not making sense to me. I need a drink.

      • Nettle- This is just my own personal sentiment but, you are being drawn into a stupid and crazy argument with you did this, and you did that, and blah blah blah. I honestly believe that the argument, if you want to call it that, is just an attempt to turn this website into a battlefield, to attempt to discredit you, and to drive people away because of the constant jibbing and jabbing. I guarantee that anyone who has been following the comments is scratching their heads about just what the big deal is, other than the accusation that you are not being honest with the posters here. I really do believe that you Nettles, have the utmost in respect from the majority of people who participate here, but everyone makes up there own minds based on the information they have at the time. That is all anyone can ask. Any “private” info. should be just that, and not even mentioned anywhere on any sites. Nettles, back away, I know you are much bigger than the little piddly squabbling that makes no sense to anyone.

      • I am not all over the place. Hooson as usual laid it out. It is two part. I responded and the reply was as I see it. Thought it was clear by now? At this point I think you all are arguing for the sake of arguing?

    • “You did release private info when you were in the same position as me!” I take it you are referring to the email I posted from the defense addressed to Carole Green.

      Let me be clear on that as well. As I said my job is dealing with private information and if I can’t be trusted with it, I’m of no value to my employer. So it’s important that I never violate a confidence or a trust to my livelihood,

      The defense team sent an email to Carole asking her to rally up some supporters and search the web for incidents where the state could show the court that Mr. O’Mara’s statement could have unduly affected the right of the state to seat a fair and impartial jury.

      Carole posted that email in a private GZ support group, maybe even a couple of groups. I was not a part of those groups, so she inboxed me a message and asked me to help.

      I was part of a private group called the Safehouse, and felt pretty confident that only GZ supporters were in there. There had been a post of a screen shot of a private message between Robert Zimmerman Jr. and one of the GZ supporters. We thought if it got out, they would hound Robert to no end and he was already taking a drumming on twitter. As this wasn’t used against Robert, I felt reasonably confident that the Safe House was indeed safe.

      Carole told me she had posted it in a few groups so I thought it would be ok to post it in the Safe House.

      I wrote “CONFIDENTIAL, This email was sent to Carol Green (I named the poor woman so that the supporters knew the source. We all knew Carole and the admin. staff communicated) then I copied the email.

      There was a Trayvon Martin supporter in that group. Within hours of my posting it, BigBoi and Trent Sawyer were tweeting out screen shots of it. The administrator of the group inboxed me the news and I freaked out. I went to the page, and saw the administrator had written a comment that big news was coming and it was going to be great for GZ. I realized immediately what she was doing and played along. She posted that it could be verified the Safe House had a mole and that our test to smoke them out worked. Truth was I had no idea.

      I posted at the treehouse that I was trying to smoke out a mole plus help the defense. That was to save face with Trent Sawyer but as far as smoking out a mole, that was not true. Trent called bullshit on that and he was right.

      So many people were pissed with me. That I had put the defense into a pickle and George potentially into trouble. In yet another group I posted the full explanation and a number of people acknowledged they had seen the email in groups they were in. It could have happened to a number of us, but as it turned out, it happened to me.

      I asked that I stay out of the games playing arena, I sucked at it and we went back to normal.

      Over time, some believe I outed an confidential email. The defense never said keep this confidential. That was my word and desire when I posted it in the safehouse.

      So again, I never violated a trust. Carole Green helped everyone understand it wasn’t intentional and she never got mad at me for naming that she was the one who got the email. Again, I post the source so people can decide whether or not they want to trust it.

      What you are doing Danny and Sundance did is asking for our blind faith because you have credible information. You may very well have it, but unless it can be vetted, it really shouldn’t be trusted or used to ask others to form opinions.

      • I am simply going by how you are portraying yourself now. A job in human relations who is entrusted with info that you need to have input on. I too am in a sorta human relations positions in what I do as well Nettles. If anything more of a dispute resolutionists. That is my job. Far beyond a private company because I work publicly! I have no choice sometimes. It has nothing to do with who hires me!
        You knew what I was saying. We had so many private and public communications we both are aware what to keep private! I did not mislead you. I am not asking for you to back me up. I would take it back if I could. I just wish you would be honest and not play victim.

        • Danny –

          In your role in the dispute resolution field, I am sure that you have found that tact and diplomacy have proved immeasurably helpful in attaining the goal of resolving said disputes – even when you are unfairly being attacked.

          Can we all agree that exercising civility in these exchanges, and engaging in debate without debasing the motives of others with a differing POV will lead to a better and more productive discussion

          If we can all exercise civility then the trolls will reveal themselves without our guesstimates adding to the confusion.

          • I can. But I doubt so because hooson… they pretend to be hosts. It is unlike a real life experience. Without going into personal conversation someone has the ability to stop such trolls. I have not had that experience at my own blog. Ever. In fact some trolls have been defended here.

          • Someone is always thinking you are picking a side. But in my case they are forced there to save something. A troll has nothing to save except a fake name online. And time.

        • To clarify, “We had so many private and public communications,..” that is NOT between us. Thank goodness, I have only had one email from you and that was just recently. Please feel free to not email again. 🙂

      • I respect your position. It has been where you were for the last year and a half. Things changed. All I asked you was to be as responsible beyond the hype as I thought you would be. That is all. It is not about me. I told you in email I had no clue where it would take me.

  5. No I am going to clarify. Nettles and I had more then one email prior to this. I responed to a Stella email she sent me with Pats real name. Hello! I brought that info here. I told people to search for themselves.
    Then we had email about tracing fake IPs from socks. Had that convo publicly. She stated she had an IT on it. And she would get back to me. I can read HTML.
    Tell your visitors about Thunderf00t and paypal.
    Seems that is where you are heading again!

    • Ask Nettles who DPRjones is! Ask her who Thunderfoot is! Ask her who VenonfangX is. And then ask her why her and her crew have been attacking GZs paypal account! Ask them why as non citizens they are making compliants to pay pal about the donations they have made.

      • Good Grief! You’re making stuff up or you’re woefully misinformed.

        Why are you mad at me for supporting GZ? You really want me to support SZ in this. As I’ve refused, you’ve become a different person.

        Are you really DannyWarrior. You say you took the blog private. Is that to explain why we can’t link to the real Danny’s blog?

        Over the last few days you are making no sense. From here on out, I’m going to ignore you.

    • I don’t recall a whole lot of websites supporting him before the acquittal. A list of blogs can be found on Diwataman’s site and at the treehouse. There are tons of pages on facebook still arguing it out with each other. The one I participate it is posted on the sidebar.

    • Everyone taking donations is through paypal. Gz is still open. So is Gladys and Srs. But who runs that and where fund go has never been revealed.

      • I have donated to the parents several times. Robert sr thanked me most times I did with a short email. He also thanks people for prayers.

    • I agree. There were signs before ……and those two and there are signs now. It has been reported since being aquitted GZ has stopped seening his Dr. As a gun owner and professional…. Nope and I would like to distance myself because it seems some will excuse the next incident. I do not want to be the I Told You So.

      • next incident, what was the first incident?

        Nettles, no offense to you open policy of not blocking posters, but Danny boy here is pretty much taking over the blog and to be rather frank destroying the integrity you established. ugh!

        • Couldn’t agree more cassandra. I had posted my complete disappointment in what has transpiured here at the site today, even after Nettles said she was going to back away from the crap. I’ve actually started questioning if the websites supposedly supporting Zimmerman haven’t been actually been taken over by the back scene with private emails, private conservations, private sources etc. Honestly, the information posted here today, which truly has been taken over by Danny has been really really depressing. The conversation has truly made me wonder if there is anyone to be trusted with anything, Nettles included. Sorry Nettles, but this conversation should have never taken place on this site today. cassandra is correct, Danny has managed to put a damper on your credibility, if for no other reason but because you chose to participate in it all, even after you said you were going to back away. If no one responsed to Danny, as anyone should not feed the trolls, it really has caused damage I don’t think you bargained for Nettles. lease notice, you guys have had a long conversation, for may hours, and no one else has participated. Not to go on emotions but, I really do feel like I need a shower right now.

          • Pinecone –

            Anyone who runs a blog has to decide how the blog will be run. When you wish to preserve the freedom of speech you leave yourself open to individuals hijacking the discussion.

            Nettle’s has been open, above aboard, and has responded forthrightly to the questions put forth to her. She has not asked us to depend on secret information or knowledge. She has led by example. This has allowed for extremely free discussion to flourish on this blog.

            You have offered a good supposition that started with “if no one responded to Danny”. That would be one way to deal with it. You were engaged in polemics with Danny yesterday. That was not Nettle’s doing, but it was allowed by this being a free speech blog. Would not the discussion been somewhat less elevated had you not responded to Danny’s taunts? Did not others join in the fray? Did that not contribute to the amount of energy wasted on this micro-issue?

            I am not saying that you were not insulted, because you were, but civility has to start somewhere.

            I think that Nettle’s replies to Danny have answered whatever questions were raised and that that cow has been milked dry. Nettle’s has explained what her policy and she has adhered to it.

            • Well I have avoided Danny from the outset, once I witness his duplicitous nature, and he has chosen to on more than one occasional be more than uncivil, downright mean and ignorant, therefore I said something.

              for those of us still attached to any hope of standing up to the ugly personal attacks on the Zimmermans this blog is a sanctuary, Danny is harming that peace out of personal spite, I am sick of it.

            • Thanks for your input hossan but, have you ever considered that your jumping into discussions, to act as a refree may only exacerbate those heated discussions? Really, there are people who only need the slightest encouragement with saying you are right about this or that use that advise to further their personal agenda? Any chance that you might consider sitting a few out, and allow whatever goes forward to go forward? So what personal emails and information have you been privy to hoosan? Seems Danny has exchanged emails with you also.

              • Good point, Cassandra. I have thought about that, and it is kind of a “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” situation. I think your suggestion is worthwhile.

                I was drawn to this case because of what I perceived to be the intrusion of politics into a criminal case and because on the surface, at least, it seemed to me that George Zimmerman had been truthful in answering the questions of the police to the events of that tragic confrontation.

                My interests lie in seeking clarity, consistency, civility and accuracy. That has been the general thrust of my participation.

                The fact that I respond to some of these outlier issues does indeed contribute to further back and forth discussion. In fact, to extend your logic to its ultimate extent, my very responding to you here (“instead of sitting it out”) could be interpreted as exacerbating the situation.

                So I will take your advice, and try to sit a few of these out as my contribution to avoid exacerbation. Care to join me 🙂

                • Cassandra – oops, I goofed – you have already sat a few out. So let me rephrase. I will endeavor to join you on the bleachers for some of these outlier discussions.

                  • More apologies, Cassandra, I am all turned around (blush). The previous 2 replies were addressed to Pinecone. And I invite Pinecone to join us on the bleachers.

                    • thanks, and no problem really.

                      Like Bori says below, hard to imagine what it must be like to be the brunt of so much rage as George is, I understand Shellie and her family wanted to cut and run, but please do it quietly.

                      I wish there was some way we could balance out the power of the hostile press. The press drama today about the email response damning George supposedly by the Lake Mary Chief of police is a case in point. The real story might end up being the email is a fake, or doctored or the Chief will be another career causality.

                      Is there anything we can collectively do to support George. I really don’t think he did anything so wrong on Monday, O’Mara said the same thing. Breaking stuff is not hurting people.

                • Hoosan- Yes, I will join you on the bleechers. I thought I had taken to the bleechers earlier yesterday when this whole thing started, even though my name was being thrown around in those earlier posts. I refused to get pulled into those comments. I simply asked Nettles if she would consider just backing away from it all. The day before you will notice my first comment to Danny was when he then went after cassandra. It’d done, it’s over, and it’s time for me to continue to let George know that I am behind him. I hope he reads here, but not yesterday. LOL

    • Thank you for that link ottawa. Yes, please pray for George, seems everyone has turned their back on him. I’m near to tears, and would gladly welcome George into my home to hide out, heal, recover from the horrendous hate, and would feel completely safe with him being in my home. Let me correct that, I would fell more safe with George in my home because I believe I know where his heart is. A closer analogy would be how Robert Bork felt after his disgusting confirmation hearing where he was rejected. He never got over that.

      • I haven’t turned my back on him. I am just as disgusted now as I was before his acquittal. Never could I have imagined that a nation, and its political leaders, would opt to destroy an innocent man in the way they have destroyed George. I want so desperately to reach down deep and pull out some VINDICATION and hand it to George. Yes, he was acquitted, thank God! But I would love for him to be vindicated.

        • Vindication that was the word that was alluding me. I am afraid that it will take time for George to get any, if ever and that is the saddest thing of all. Though he is not in a physical jail, he is a prisoner nonetheless.

  6. I have avoided these discussions purposely, as they serve no purpose or are related to the reason we got together in the first place. At the end of the day what is the issue, GZ may not be a saint, some may have made mistakes inadvertently? So what if GZ and Shellie are human, bound to make mistakes and act foolishly out of emotion, did that change the railroading of GZ, the total abuse of prosecutorial power, the blackmail by certain groups to circumvent justice… It is still happening and all this dissension just helps those that want to say; “See I you so!”

  7. This has been a place where people with otherwise differing beliefs (political, social, religious) came to support George and fight against the railroading. Now that the trials are over, other events have happened which have led people to have different opinons about George and Shellie themselves.

    And that’s okay.

    IMO, where the problem has come in, is when someone isn’t content to have their own belief, but wants to make others feel the same way. It’s not okay to try to control other people. So maybe some people know something others don’t, and maybe it’s legit and maybe it’s not.

    Why now is it not okay for us to have varying opinions about an unfolding, ongoing story? What’s the motive in trying, even to the point of anger, to get other people to change their opinion to their own? That’s the million dollar question.

    And I think if someone is mad at Nettles, or just wants to argue – they should maybe just go away for awhile. Honest discussion is wonderful, but angry, pressured, bordering on almost nonsensical speech which seeks to control or throw jabs – well, do we need to experience the same level of drama that George and Shellie are living through? It’s almost as if George and/or Shellie were here, arguing with us as they are arguing wth each other. It’s as if people with borderline personality disorder have moved in, and they’re creating chaos all over the place.

    We can have empathy for George and/or Shellie, without living their chaos and emotions.

    Just MHO.

  8. I think what we have been witnessing from Danny is Shellie or her family trying to convince online supporters of GZ that he doesn’t deserve to be supported and that Shellie should not be seen as the villain for leaving him and taking not only her support away but we’ve witnessed an agenda to totally destroy George with her interview with Christi O’Connor and her taking her side to the press on the Sept. 9th. domestic issue.

    Shortly after, we seen a number of commenters who are linked to Shellie dropping allegations and innuendo into the conversation at the treehouse.

    The agenda seemed to be, you guys don’t really know who the real GZ is and he’s a loose cannon who no one has control over, not Mark O’Mara and not even his wife.

    I agree, Danny hijacked the conversation and a number of us responding (no one more than I) caused it to go on longer than it should have. Right after I’d decided to take Pinecone’s advice and stop responding to him, he posted a comment that left the impression we had several private communications and I didn’t agree with that and didn’t want people to have the impression it was true. So one it went for another hour.

    I’ve been reflecting on that strange comment about ask Nettles who such and such is and Diwataman actually knew who those people are. Is Danny trying to signal to the Zimmerman family that he indeed has source close to Shellie? Only those close to Zimmerman Defense Fund can know if indeed those persons listed lodged a complaint with pay pal.

    So it appears that someone is trying to convince Danny they are the real deal. Danny in turn, is trying to convince me to stop the conversation about looking at Shellie’s behavior and agenda in her actions or she has the goods to destroy George and she will use it if she has too. As I’ve stated, that’s a threat and I won’t be bullied.

    So why did this source go to Danny? I read a comment at the treehouse some time back when someone was asking why Sundance was being questioned by me, that the commenter (I can’t remember who) said that they thought I was listening to Danny. Is that why the person went to Danny? Do they think Danny has some sort of influence with me? It’s clear Danny wants the conversation about Shellie’s wrong doing on this blog shut-down.

    I think that’s an agenda of a hurt and bitter wife. I’ve seen Shellie in action in connecting dots and quite frankly it sucks. George needed time away to be with himself and God immediately after the verdict. The Donnelly’s have told us that Shellie became more and more anxious in the time he was away. All kinds of wild thoughts must have been going on in her mind and that she thinks GZ took off with Veronica during that time indicates there were problems between GZ and SZ and Veronica has been a part of those problems.

    Shellie told us that she left George on August 13th. That’s exactly one month after the verdict. GZ has been gone one month. So when he got back from his time away to be with God all kinds of things went through Shellie’s head and when he got back she decided to withdraw her support and she moved out on him. Her suspicions and feelings toward George have only gotten worse. He didn’t go to her court date. Now I get why, she had pushed him away when she left him. On the date of her court date, she did that interview, we learned there was trouble in the marriage and that she was contemplating divorce.

    Between her court date of August 28th and her filing for divorce less than 2 weeks later, Shellie became more hurt. Her actions on the video tape on the domestic and her comments to the 911 operator don’t jive. Whether it was an affair or not, Shellie is pissed with George and she’s looking to destroy him and any support he has. Whatever she is telling people, she appears to be persuasive. The Donnelly’s have been quoted as totally being in camp Shellie and left wondering what is going on with George. I watched her brother, DJ, in an interview on Sept. 9th and he said GZ was the nicest guy you ever want to meet but since the shooting he’s changed and he “heard” he’s an angry guy who is going to hurt someone. When I heard DJ, I thought he is being influenced by what Shellie tells him, not what he has actually seen and knows.

    All Shellie had to see was a girl in the truck and we read that George was now on his 2nd affair. Kelly Sims told a reporter George fancies himself as Mr. Dreamy. I had read an article that Shellie found children’s toys in the backyard and cigarette butts with lipstick on them when she was at the house on Saturday. That could have been Samantha. She was smoking on the Sept. 9th video and she has kids. But what relationship that is to George, we have no idea nor is it any of our business.

    As to those with their opinions about what should be posted or allowed, this blog offers a free exchange of ideas. If you get insulted by another person, don’t expect me to referee, I won’t do it. You’re an adult, handle it yourself by ignoring the commenter totally or responding. For the most part, try not to post insults at each other. I know it gets tempting. At the end of day, whether you participate here or you don’t I will handle my responses to others in a way I deem important, not the way others want me to. While I can administer this blog and others can’t, I’m one opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree. The feedback good and bad helps me form my opinions so feel free to share it. You are one opinion and allow me or others to disagree. I’ve come to believe Danny is trying to help his source control the topic here and today he communicated that loud and clear. Danny was not persuasive in changing my opinion of GZ. He is suffering right now. He deserves people around him who will be supportive and I’m glad those who can’t support him are being honest and getting out of his life. There is no need to try to influence others to withdraw support. That just vindictive.

    Emailing is ok that why I posted my email. As we’ve seen some conversation should be private so as not to disrupt everyone else with a squabble. In future, if someone wants to take me to task, I’ll invite them to email me instead.

    We need GZ to be healthy and focussed in order to go after the people who are responsible for the railroad we witnessed. He needs some time to get his divorce handled and his soul replenished. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be George Zimmerman but please know George you have my support. I stand ready to hear what we can do to get that playbook used in the case against you burned to ashes.

    • Amen, Nettles. I’m fully behind George. Shellie has done the inexcusable and I’ve see her in action with my own eyes. I still pray for her, but she’s shown her true colors. George may not be perfect, but I don’t believe he is the monster she’s portraying him to be, unless and until I see it with my own eyes. I hope he is able to just walk away from all the goading and only communicate through lawyers.

    • Nettles, thank you for clearing the air . I was afraid you had just thrown up your hands and run off! Thank goodness you are tougher and smarter than that. I agree, George still needs our support, and I’m staying in that camp.

    • I suspected there was an affair involved. That would explain Shellie’s anger. I don’t blame her anger. I would be angry, too. I have no idea why he did it. Perhaps it was the extreme stress. He gained about a hundred pounds during the ordeal. Perhaps he and Shellie weren’t getting along and he needed comfort. I don’t condone it and I don’t blame Shellie for being angry. She just needs to see that this is a delicate situation. Most women are so angry that they hate their husbands in such situations but few are in the situation where what they say can do as much harm.

      My interest is for George to just be able to recover from this horrible ordeal and avoid being murdered. I hope for Shellie to also have a long and happy life.

  9. OMG~ I just was able to watch the “presser from Shellie attny” He is an idiot! Very inappropriate, and bad bad references and jokes. I hope last time hear from him, he IMHO didn’t do Shellie any favors… he IMHO seemed to touchy feely with her.

    • Did you hear him call her “ShellieKins” and see how he took her hand to walk away after the presser? BTW I also noticed they started holding hands as they walked out to the presser too. Not to mention rubbing her back and shoulder a few times during it. I personally think it goes beyond just touchy feely. Sorry but I can’t help but think that. Also, he spent too much time taking all the blame for what happened. What attorney does that? What attorney is going to go on TV and say all this is my fault, I gave Shellie bad advise, I didn’t listen to my client? Uhm NONE! Nothing like telling the world you suck as a lawyer by giving your client bad advice! I’m sure he will have clients lining up after that! He spent almost 30 minutes trying to convince the world Shellie was just this innocent person. When I see someone spend so much time trying to convince others they are innocent, it makes me believe they are guilty as sin. Kind of like a child who does something they know they shouldn’t then when it is found out, they spend 20 minutes giving you other scenarios as to how it could of been done and who could of done it.

      What Shim should of done was say something like, OK listen everyone, this is just a typical he said she said divorce thing. Sometimes cops are called but you don’t hear about it because they are not high profile people. You have the police reports, read them and figure out for yourself what happened. Or better yet, he could of just stayed classy and not have a presser as it was not needed. Like I said, he tried too hard to get the media to believe him. Passing out screen shots of texts, pictures etc. Come on seriously? Nothing like making your client look even more guilty! No doubt he was just covering Shellie’s ass because she filed a false report and she could be charged and as far as I am concerned, I hope she is charged! You don’t claim you are in fear of someone shooting you and proceed to follow that person down the driveway. If the person you fear of shooting you starts walking away, you run in the other direction, like in the house, lock the doors and call police. Ahh but looks like ShellieKins forgot about the security camera as she and her entourage followed George and Wes down the driveway.

      Bet she crapped her pants when the cops asked to look at the video. Of course she was going to say yes, her attorney told her they would get a search warrant if she didn’t. Either way they were going to get it. George said no at first because he knew it would show Shellie not in fear of him and prove she lied to cops. Maybe he didn’t want her getting in trouble?

      • Hi Froggielegs! Welcome to the discussion.

        Sims long explanation and apology for not taking Shellie’s query to have the cops go with her on Monday rang untrue.

        She didn’t arrange for cops on Saturday or Sunday so why would she be questioning about them on Monday.

        It doesn’t make sense.

        • Thanks Nettles!

          I completely agree. She didn’t need the cops before why did she feel she needed them Monday. Just another lie among the many

          • I agree Froggie. It was too strange, and YES I did notice him calling her that. Also he was telling her where to stand and so forth. Who was the lady, I first saw her when the video went to pan the media, she just looked like someone standing there watching, yet whent Shellie and Sims left she went with them. I think she may have even held the door, I watched last night so cant remb, but she seemed to def know them/be with them. It was just plain weird.

      • I haven’t finished watching the presser…it’s soooo long. But I will watch it all eventually. I think Shellie should be held accountable for this. What she is doing to George is serious stuff and from what what I’ve seen and read about the presser, she continues (through her attorney) to paint George as some crazed lunatic on the verge of losing it completely. That’s not what I witnessed. She needs to STOP!

  10. Did anyone notice on page 8 of the report, Shelliekins told the officer that shortly after she arrived at the house at 1130 hours (11:30 am) her yard man told her George had arrived and was taking pictures? 11:30am??? Try closer to 2 pm Shellie! Her own screen shot of her text message proves George wasn’t there at 11:30 am as he text her last at 11:55 am! Not to mention in the police report, it states that the time on the security camera is off by 24 hours which means, it says 2 am but it’s really 2 pm so that shows George got there after 2 pm. She also said she started recording George at that time and THEN called her attorney. Didn’t Sims say Shelliekins called him and he heard Shelliekins tell George she was recording him? Which is it Shelliekins, did you tell George you were recording him before or after you called your attorney??

    I also noticed at the very bottom of page 8 another officer report talks about George (the subject) sitting in the vehicle and being told to step out etc. It says

    “Ofc Franks and I gave the subject in the vehicle loud verbal commands to exit the vehicle and keep his hands in the air. The subject was identified as **redacted**”

    but then it immediately says …

    “(victim)complied to all verbal commands and was secured in handcuffs, for officer safety, by Seminole County Deputy D.”

    So they identified George and considered him the victim!!

    Of course then Shelliekins changes her story to another officer and says George arrived around 1400 hours (2 pm) and that her yard man told her an “unknown man” was taking pictures. So to one cop she says George arrived shortly after she did at 11:30 and to another it was 3 hours later. The yard man knew it was George to one cop but to another cop he was an unknown man.

    Now here’s the interesting part of the report… Starting on page 9 – page 10

    While in the house Shelliekins tells the officer that Wes came into the garage while George and David were having a “heated argument” to which Wes grabbed on to David to hold him back then got in between them.(BTW David confirms to police what Shelliekins said)

    Then in the police car when George is questioned he says…..

    David went after him in the garage and Wes grabbed onto David to hold David back and get in between them so he (George) could walk away.

    then Wes says…

    David went after George and he had to grab onto David to hold him back then he got in between them.

    All 4 people said the same exact thing! That David is the aggressor who had to be held back and yet according to Sims presser and Shelliekins 911 call, she was just this poor fearful woman who’s husband was going to shoot her. Nope! No way on God’s green earth do the police buy one word of her statement. She and her father admitted that her father was the aggressor and had to be held back and George and Wes confirmed it in their own separate statements! Now I see why they have Georg as the victim and why he is the one given the domestic violence info and not her.

    BTW No where in the police report does it state that Shelliekins was asked to sign a waiver for the security video. Nor does it says she signed one. The only person asked to sign it was George because George was the only one living at the home at the time of the incident. Had they needed her to sign one, they would of listed it in the report just like they did George and they didn’t. Also, because they had the wrong time frame and had to go back, it was Mark O’Mara and George who was notified of them needing to go back. Not Shelliekins. Again the only reason for that would be George being the only one living there.

    Sorry for being long winded LOL

    • When I read the report I also picked up the vibe that the police are looking at GZ as the victim and SZ as the one under investigation.

      When I read the report I thought I read that SZ didn’t see her dad get hit in one of her statements and in another after Kelly Sims arrived she said she saw her dad get hit.

      In a conversation a few days ago I had with Coreshift on twitter, he challenged me on that and I went back to find it and couldn’t. So I thought I was mistaken.

      Today, I read on facebook another person thought Shellie gave a conflicting account of that. I’ll have to go through the report again and see if I can relocate that.

      You don’t happen to know where it is (if its even in there)?

      • Page 8 she tells officer she heard father yelling in garage ran there and saw his glasses on ground and red mark on nose.

        Page 9 she tells another officer her father told her George hit him in face.

        Page 11 with Sims there, she tells yet another officer she saw George strike her father in the face with his hand.

          • Yep she told 3 different stories to 3 different officers. It was only when Sims was there did she say she saw George hit her father. I think her conflicting stories is what shut the media up. Even they don’t believe her. Notice since police report came out, they dropped the story.

            • Yes. Shellie gave them quite a headline in the beginning. GZ threatens wife with a gun.

              Shellie’s ability to connect dots suck. She sees on Saturday a package for a shoulder holster for a gun so she feels threatened when she sees how his has buttoned his shirt differently and decides he has a gun.

              It’s possible that shoulder holster package belonged to one of GZ’s bodyguards or friends . Shellie acknowledges she has seen evidence others in the house so why does she connect the dots between a package and a shirt to a gun and being threatened with it.

              All the time GZ was gone, she was making up shit in her head that may not be even true. She acknowledges he wasn’t very communicative during that time. She’d get texts that said “I’m fine” and that’s about all she knew. When he comes home, she leaves him.

                • I know he’s a landscaper, owns and rents out 3 or 4 homes and he is supportive of his daughter.

                  He also doesn’t mind having his face plastered all over the news to support Shellie’s claim of assault but he didn’t want to go to court and show support for GZ. If her father was there, I missed it.

            • I saw that post froggie. I don’t remember the date of his conviction, but is he still in his 10 year probation period?

              Somewhere SZ mentioned that there were city/county workers across the street that witnessed the whole thing. I believe I read that the workers were landscapers. I wondered if it isn’t her father’s landscaping company that was there. Doesn’t seem that any of those people backed her claims of a gun nut on the loose.

              • No his 10 year probation ended in 2001 but he wasn’t immune to numerous probation violations.

                All I saw in the report regarding the workers across the street, is that they were city workers. I saw no where where it mentioned them being landscapers. Given the way the media likes to spin things, unless the police say they were landscapers, I would not hold my breath on that being true.

      • Personally I think it more than STRANGE than Cooper bills an update on the latest Zimmerman news with Syria.

        If I was Robert I would have fed up some time ago.

        Cooper’s questioning of O’Mara on the day of the domestic dispute was absurd and inflammatory.

        Cooper indulged the likes of Charles Blow and others with a demonstrated agenda in ridiculous town halls post-verdict while never really correcting the lies, manipulations and distortions they repeated.

        • Anderson Cooper’s comment about never considering at what pace a black man should walk in response the Charles Blow saying he had to have that conversation with his son was ridiculous. I was a regular view of Anderson’s show at that time. It was the Black in America segments he did post-verdict. I stopped watching the show and channel regularly.

          Anderson recently ticked Robert off about whether a gun was involved or not, given Mark O’Mara’s comments on Anderson’s show. Robert directed Anderson to look at what the police were saying, “no gun involved” but Anderson was having none of it relying on what O’Mara told his audience.

          Regardless, Robert appears petty with a comment about Anderson’s open shirt. When I read it, I thought of the petty comments Richard Hornsby would make about what Robert wore to court. I find it makes the person making the comment look small.

          • agreed, and rather out of character for Robert Jr.

            I forgive him easily though and think he will restrain himself in the future. Considering the endless harassment by the media and the fact that their lives have been so badly damaged unfairly I expect a slip up.

            • The timing is pretty bad, adding to a possible critical mass of jerryspringerness that the Z’s need like a hole in the head! RZJr has been so poised, genuine, and so good at thinking on his feet most of the time.

              My opinion of Cooper has been very similar to RM’s view of MOM’s “elitism” ever since a segment shown on his show about Dyngus Day in Buffalo on his show. So simpleminded, so superior and cruel and mean-girlish, even. Bleh.

  11. Say what you want about the conversation over the past couple of days, something has attracted a spike in visitors and viewers of the last four days.


    This is our blog. I don’t want to use my ability to ban or edit posts to be used to somehow give me a louder voice than anyone else. If you see someone being attacked and you want to jump in and support that person, feel free to do so. Don’t demand it of anyone though. You can disagree on one aspect and agree on another so don’t take it personally if another poster doesn’t share the same view.

    If there is an overwhelming majority of people who want someone’s voice shut down b/c they feel they are taking our blog off topic, I’ll block them from posting.

    • “When John Guy did his dramatic opening statement for the prosecution, he ended with his now-famous line, “We are confident that at the end of this trial you will know in your head, in your heart, in your stomach that George Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon Martin because he had to. He shot him for the worst of all reasons, because he wanted to.” Under the prosecutorial duty to be a minister of justice, this writer believes that Ms. Corey should have simply brought the evidence before a grand jury and given them the option to indict. Instead, she bypassed that key element of the criminal justice system and set the stage for a cruel show trial. I suspect that historians will write of it more as, “Angela Corey did not put George Zimmerman and his family through this ordeal because she had to. She did it for the worst of all possible reasons…because she wanted to.”

      Massad Ayoob —- well stated sir!

  12. I am just a lurker and do not expect my comment to leave moderation. At least the owner will see it I guess.
    The reason your statics have been up the last few days is because of Danny, so why would you block him just because of you and a few others think it takes away from your narrative?

    IMO it seems Danny did have information and because it did not jive with your narrative you attacked him and let others attack him too. I have been watching for a long time. Seems everytime Danny was around your blog picked up. Danny seems to have a very good perspective and I am going to miss him.
    I hope he reopens his blog. I hope he decides to open it and explain better there what he could not here.

    I guess I can go searching for another blog that when they promotes open discussion. Who wants to read a blog where everyone agrees all the time?
    FYI, You kept adding new threads and then kept it going on the new threads. Now you want to block the person from responding. Looks like Danny was leaving anyway. That sounds like a place I know you and Danny talked about alot Nettles18. You lost a reader. It was good while it lasted. Danny is right. You jumped the shark.

    • HAHAHAHA, no it couldn’t have been for the fact that on Sept 9th a relatively HUGE story on Zimmerman came out, huh? Had to have been good ol’ Danny, who so graciously gave himself to this blog in order for it to rise like a rose in concrete.

      Good grief… talk about jumping the shark.

    • Plus, I think the reason the readership is up over the last 4 days is because the treehouse moved away from the Zimmerman topic for a bit.

      That an agenda to change how George is viewed here by people in Shellie’s camp, tells me George indeed does read here. I’ve suspected he did and the last few days have deepened my suspicion.

      Danny has not been blocked. That has yet to be decided by how he wants to engage us going forward. He’s read some honest feedback here.

      Blocking people will be a group decision so that one voice doesn’t have any more power than another voice.

  13. Unless I’m reading it wrong, there is something wrong with the email exchange between Police Chief Steve Bracknell and the concerned citizen Santiago Rodriguez. In an article at Mediare, they say they have confirmation that the email exchange is authentic. They list the copies of the emails.

    Santiago Rodriguez sent his original email to Chief Bracknell at 3:43 PM on Sept. 10.

    The reply to Rodriguez from Bracknell was sent at “1:36PM on Sept. 10” How can that be?

    Rodriguez sends a thank you for your reply back to Bracknell at 4:52PM on Sept. 10


    I went back to the Twitlonger post by a Travonite where he has all of the email updates between the two parties, but he doesn’t show any times for the Rodriguez emails, only Bracknell’s email time is listed, and again it is at 1:36 PM on Sept. 10.


    The twitlonger post includes what appears to be additional commentary from Bracknell, and he includes that SZ does have a problem with truthfullness.

    Rodriguez writes in his reply to Bracknell that SZ decided not to press charges against George because after consulting O’Mara and Simms she knew if George was arrested, she would lose out on her $4,300 payment from George. Bracknell tells him that the 911 call claims were not backed up by the evidence.

    If I am not mistaken, it is in the police reports that David Dean charged at George, and that Wes held him back as George walked away. I don’t understand why Bracjnell is saying that George did punch David in the nose. Bracknell’s comment that he agrees with Rodriguez about George being the next Sandy Hook, meaning mass murderer, or school shooter is so very over the top for any police chief anywhere to say. Haven’t the Travonites been screaming about police profiling? Didn’t Bracknell profile George as a mass murderer?

    The BuzzFeed article claims that Bracknell sought to distance himself from Zimmerman “and his family.” Bracknell said the last thing he wants anything to do with is the Zimmerman’s of which Shellie still is one.

    The exchanges between Rodriguez and Bracknell were before the press conference where the police released the video’s from the security cameras which show Shellie following George around with the ipad very closely. It shows him breaking the ipad which the police didn’t have a problem with as it was considered community property. How could Bracknell reply to Rodriguez a few hours before Rodrigue’s first email to him?

      • I have no idea why, but Diwataman’s comment and all of it’s replies are locked to the bottom of this page. I’m going to ask him how he commented on the page to get that to happen. Notice, Diwataman’s name isn’t linked either. Normally those with a blog have a link but Diwataman’s name – no link.

        So now the bottom of this page is at the top of Diwataman’s response and the comments to him.

        Strange. WordPress has its challenges.

    • When I first seen these emails, I dismissed them as fake. The Chief came out the night of the incident and said to hold on a minute, Shellie’s statement weren’t consistent with their evidence.

      But these emails were the main topic on my twitter feed yesterday. Some also are wondering if Chrisi O’Connor was not in fact on face-time with Shellie’s iPad because of the timing of her tweets. Some opine that O’Connor has the video already because she was.

      I hope the police get to the bottom of this. It’s sickening to see how George was treated on what was scheduled to be his day to move out his stuff. 12 police cars responded, took him out of his truck at gunpoint and handcuffed him in the street. All because of false assumptions made by Shellie. She tells the 911 operator the threats came from him while sitting in his car. After watching the video, you can see that was impossible.

        • Should George take legal action against the police chief, yes. In fact he should take legal action against a few of them there.

          Here is another article about Bracknell’s comments, as were verified by the officer that I think did the pressers.


          He makes a reference something to the effect that George has a record of being around guns, including visiting a gun factory. I wondered why the police didn’t even seem to consider arresting Shellie for her false 911 call, after I saw articles claiming that the police were looking closely at the inconsistencies between Shellies 911 call and the actual evidence. I think I now understand why. They could care less that 12 cars were sent out, an officer had a rifle pointed at George’s head, he was forced to the ground and handcuffed in public, and he never did anything wrong.

          The one really big problem- George doesn’t have an attorney. Hopefully he will get one soon.

          • Minpin- This is something I have written about in the past but not in regards to George. I am not surprised by the Chief’s statements, because I have see the same thing many times. The Chief’s job is maintaining the peace, and having George around can change the that.

            George stirs passions in a segment of the community that any Chief wants tampered. It does not matter that GZ was found not guilty to some he is guilty, and having him around is a potential problem in their eyes. Rather than blame the people who commit the violence, they blame the person who in their eyes is bringing or causing the violence.

            I hate to say this because we live in America and everyone should live where they want but GZ needs to get out of Florida and live somewhere else for a time. As long as he is seen as a sign of discension he will always have problems.

            • Bori- I agree completely. But, no matter where George goes, in any state, he is a marked man that no police department would want to deal with having him living in that area. Ha, and then people say George is mentally deranged or whatever. If you had no where to go in the nation, wouldn’t you have some mental issues?

              IMO, the best thing George can do is get the divorce out of the way as quickly as possible. Move on the NBC lawsuit as quickly as possible (what’s up with that delay) and then legally change his name, get a new SS number, and change his appearance as much as possible. Move to an area where the case wasn’t 24/7 in the news. I know that is unfair to George, but I do think he is going to have to accept that as reality as long as the BGI is alive and thriving. Tawana Brawley disappeared from NY after she was to pay for the lives she ruined with her false accusations. It has only been in the last few months that she was found in VA, had her name changed, and was working as a nurse’s aide in an old timers home. Her pay was garnished and will be until her debt to those she destroyed are paid off the jury award.

              It is not worth it now for George to look to make money on writing books, doing interviews or anything else. George needs his life back, he needs a job, and he needs to move on as an American citizen asap, if that is possible. If not, then George needs to find a new country to call home. This one has treated him like less than 2 week old garbage.

              • I was hoping that with time things would settle down, and they have somewhat, but the gusto that the media is portraying the problems indicate to me that they will continue to do so in the future.

                The media was embarrassed and they are looking for retribution. They are hoping that GZ does break down so they can claimed they were right all along.

                • Bingo Bori. So to is the Corey state attorney’s office licking their wounds. Corey and BDLR can’t stand losing. Bondi backed the wrong case, and the wrong prosecutor. Scott backed Bondi’s decision. There is egg on a whole lot of faces and they are angry. I’m not sure why the Lake Mary police department would have it in for George unless they have had some kind of warnings or threats. I really believe that most in Fla., especially the police departments are scared to death of having the Crump/Sharpton type rallies coming to their town.

                  • It not just rallies, but the violence that accompanies it. They are paid to keep the peace and GZ has the potential of upsetting the applecart as the saying goes.

                    Combine with the wanting to keep your job, the lack of funds in most communities and something that is not mentioned a lot, is the Federal funds that these small departments receive. Racial tensions leading to an investigation which may take years, means years without Federal matching funds.

              • Pinecone- until recently, I didn’t think George should have to go to such extremes. I mean, he was an innocent man, wrongly charged, finally acquitted. I felt that he had every right to live where he wanted to and not have to change his life for the sake of others. Now, however, I agree with what you said. It matters not, really, that it is his right to live where he wants and how he wishes. What matters is that because of his situation, he *needs* to make some major life changing alterations. It is a sad, disgusting byproduct of the persecution he endured.
                Problem is, I don’t know that with today’s social media, technology, etc, that he can be successful with a total overhaul. Tawana Brawley changed her name , moved, and changed her appearance in an age w/o the Internet & social media. Look at how easy it is for people to find out just about anything about a person just from searching the Net. ( think Shellie’s dads past).
                I do hope he is able to find a way to live his life I with some semblance of normalcy. And I am going to hope for his measure of vindication also, because he deserves that.

                • That’s a good point. If they do go to the media with a statement (and I hope they do) add in there calling on the public to accept the jury’s verdict that evidence showed GZ acted in self-defense. Respect the verdict and call on the editors in the media to accept the verdict.

                  • +1

                    Of course, appealing for respect for the verdict, also means implicitly some respect for the individual acquitted in this case. And somewhat implies respectful behavior by that individual.

                    For whatever reasons, and most likely by accident, he racked up two speeding tickets, somehow had the visit to the gun factory, and the confrontation at the house (possibly set up) – all these incidents erode the social contract implied in respecting the verdict.

                    Regardless of what we think, for a lot of (under-informed) fellow citizens, this is case is looked at as OJ #2.

                    One treads carefully here with the goal of lowering flare-ups which only feed the media frenzy, and yet providing information necessary to counter the untruths.

                    • Correction: 1 speeding ticket, but granted two incidents of speeding.

                      I drove to work 5 times last week. I had 5 incidents of speeding but thankfully no pull-overs.

                      Did the cop in Lake Mary target George’s truck? Given the Chief comments, I wonder.

                      At the end of the day, George’s speed while driving is in his control.

                    • count me as corrected 🙂

                      I thought that pullovers were what Canadians wear when it gets cold during wintertime.

        • NBC jumps in…


          The police chief in the Florida city where George Zimmerman lives expressed concerns Thursday that Zimmerman remains able to carry a gun, even after repeated run-ins with police following his acquittal this summer in the Trayvon Martin killing.

          “I’m a small-town police chief. If I had the authority to revoke his firearm license, I would certainly sit down and consider that,” Steve Bracknell, the chief of police in Lake Mary, said during a telephone interview with NBC News.

          “Does anyone else except me see a pattern?” Bracknell continued. “The word firearm keeps popping up.”

          A beach police officer was fired for calling TM a thug…where are the calls for this chief’s firing??
          What exactly are George’s repeated run-ins with the police? Speeding tickets?? GMAB!

          • This guy said himself that Shellie had an honesty problem. He said that her 911 call didn’t match with the evidence collected. It is a crime to call 911 and make false accusations on that call. Shellie, and her bizarre lawyer skate. Bracknell is focusing in on George, and making very damaging, profiling, and unetical statements about a citizen that is lawfully allowed to carry a weapon. If there was ever a citizen who needed to carry a weapon, with all the death threats, it is George. So what is Bracknell saying, that he would yank GZ gun license, and let him out there open and available to the wolves that would kill him in a heartbeat.

            Honestly, between SZ’s request for the life insurance policy, and Bracknell making his unwarranted and unethical statements, it is not hard to figure out that they believe George would be better off dead than anyone ever having to deal with those that hate him more than anything I’ve ever seen in this country.

    • Those emails have changed. Yesterday I looked at them and they showed the email addresses and I put “Santiago’s” into spokeo and it came up as belonging to a person who’s name is not Santiago Rodriguez but another Rodriguez in California

      • Froggie- You must have seen the emails before the addresses were redacted. I’d have to go back and look again, but I don’t think Rodriguez says he is from Fla. He says he is “one disgusted American citizen.” Just off the top of my head here, wasn’t the one that started the dream defenders, that did the sit in at the state capitol, a Crump lawyer out of California?

        It is fascinating to me that someone sends an email to the general email address, out of 34,000 emails claimed, that one gets to the chief, and he sends a long reply agreeing that George is a loose cannon. I guess watching Corey et al get away with what they did, any actions, even outreageous ones, will go unpunished. That is unless your name is Chief Bill Lee.

        Did you notice how Bracknell, in his reply, makes sure to note that another local sheriff is African American.

        • Bracknell wrote:

          15. The Sheriff in Orange County is Jerry Demings. Who BTW is African American and a great sheriff. I highly doubt that he would be complicit with GZ.

          does this mean he would be complicit with AA ?

          • I took that comment to be the chief pointing out that IF the Sheriff thought for 1 minute, George was guilty of something, he would of arrested him asap. Just to reassure that George not being charged with anything has nothing to do with race as the race baiters claimed with Sanford LE.

            • I would have to agree with that Froggie. The whole response to Rodriguez email seemed to be that Bracknell knew he was answering to likely Travonite supporters, and he proceeded to pander. I can’t imagine why he would have to mention the race of another sheriff if he didn’t have to.

              Yes, Cassandra, it likely also means that the sheriff, an AA would have arrested GZ in a heart beat if he could have found a way to do it.

              From the emails to the verification of Bracknell’s comments by Hudson, George has been put on their chit list as well.

              GEORGE- Now that I have your attention, get the hel1 out of Fla., yesterday if possible.

              • +1,000,000

                I’m hoping his trip to Texas was about finding somewhere else to relocate too.

                Now that Shellie has made her thoughts known, he’s free to leave the state without her.

                Get out of Florida George.

                • Nettles- I’m hoping that George’s trip to Texas was to look to relocate there as well. George would do a whole lot better in Texas than he ever will in Fla. George could blend into Texas society like no where else. There is a large hispanic population. Texas takes their 2nd amendment rights very seriously. And all George would need to do was to put a gun rack on the back of his pickup. LOL I also believe that George would have much more success in finding a lawyer to represent him in Texas, as long as they have a license to practice in Fla. as well. That shouldn’t be hard. If he needed to be in court for the divorce, fly back. Just get the hel1 out of Fla. George. They hate you there. Corey and her tentacles, as well as Bondi will never allow you a moment of peace.

                  George, I hear there are some really beautiful babes in Texas that would be proud to take you home to meet momma. Get out of Fla. George, you will never beat the corrupt disgusting system in Fla.

                • Totally agree! He should of left Fla the minute he walked out the court house doors a free man and never looked back. Course we do have to remember, his family is there. His parents are not young and his Grandmother is not well. He has already lost everything including his life as he knew it. Can we really expect him to leave the one thing he has left (his family)?

                  My advice to George if he is reading here, please seek help in coping with all of this. I am not saying you are doing anything wrong. What I am saying is from experience of watching my own son at your age go through a similar situation of losing everything, Losing your entire world is not an easy thing to cope with. Starting all over is hard. Please for your own peace of mind, go to counseling and always remember, not everyone in the world hates you. There are many people who knew or came to know, you were innocent.

                  • I agree with the family connections, and that his parents and grandmom are not young. On the other hand George may know that staying near his family, he may be putting them more at risk of those that will stop at nothing to get to George. Imagine if George’s mother or any other family member is kidnapped in order to get to George. Maybe that is far fetched, but it is a possibility. There are some that really really want to do George harm. Does anyone know where the entire Zimmerman family members are living? I hope not.

                    The state government went all out to get George. The BGI went all out to get George. Obama and Holder went all out to get George. They didn’t only get George, they also got his entire family.

                    • George doesn’t have to live near his family for someone to do anything to them if they know who they are. Sadly, that is the reality so there really is no need for him to leave for that reason. Just look at what happened to the elderly couple who Spike Lee tweeted the address too. Now if you ask me, I think the entire Zimmerman family should get the heck out of Florida.

                    • Robert lived in a different state when this happened. GZ parents and grandmother are retired and if being near George is important to everyone, they can relocate.

                      George appears to need his distance from his family. I’m not sure being near them is high on his priority list. I’m sure he loves them but not being in contact with them daily appears to be a norm.

    • I laughed at one of the comments to that article- Fla. America’s septic tank. I wonder if he was referring to the Corey state attorney’s office.

      It’s not surprising that George is now being painted as an adulterer. SZ didn’t even see the “babe” in George’s truck until everything was already over. I think when she says “Oh my God there is a woman in the truck” that was the last thing she said and then hung up. Just as a domestic abuse charge against George would benefit SZ in a divorce, I believe that if she can prove adultry, that also would benefit her in the divorce.

      From what I’ve been reading, Shellie would qualify for alimony, with everything else considered, if she was married to George for 7 years. Was SZ so desperate to get away from George right this minute, or did Simms forget to tell her about the 7 year rule. I think they have been married for more than 6 years, but less than 7.

      • Shellie left GZ on August 13th (I think b/c of what she thinks he was doing not what she knows he was doing)
        Shellie interviewed with O’Connor on August 28th and said she would like to stay married but she’d have to think about that.
        Shellie filed for divorce on Sept. 5th and the MailOnline outlet said it was because she got verification that he was indeed having an affair with Veronica. So Shellie decided to divorce.
        4 Days later, Shellie is referring to the woman in his truck as his babe. She thought at the time it was Veronica and learns no it’s Samatha so she alleges another affair. His 2nd since acquittal.

        She also admitted these alleged affairs couldn’t have occurred during the trial b/c he had no opportunity. No they started after acquittal.

        George was pulled over while driving through Texas. He was alone.

      • Personally, child support is one thing, but I think alimony should be a thing of the past. Women used to not be allowed to work*, had no opportunties to learn skills, and wouldn’t be hired if they did. It made sense then for alimony, because women were raised to be dependent on the man, and a man was looked down on if he “couldn’t provide for his wife”. But now a woman can get a job, and take care of herself so no need for alimony, IMO.

        *I think among the poorest of the poor, women did have to work over history, doing awful scuttle work.

    • The font color has changed and now blends in with the background. I have to highlight the entire page to read anything that isn’t blue.

          • WordPress is having problems. I can’t control the color of the font of our comments. I can select a color for the background, the links and the accent titles. WordPress assigns the color of the comment box and the comments.

            Not sure why but it changed the font from black to white. I’ve tried changing the background color but it made no difference.

            Whatever caused the change hopefully corrects itself. In the meantime, I’ve emailed WordPress and hope to hear back soon.

        • I know CTH was having similar issues with comments being permanently stuck to the bottom during the trial…

          …they would start a new thread whenever it happened

          Don’t know if that was just because there was no time to look into how to fix the problem… they were pretty bogged down with trying to keep up with the volume of comments being posted.

  14. This is not me changing these colors. I don’t know if WordPress is having technical problems or what. We can now read the comments…..for how long….who knows! I want a refund of my money on customizing color’s on this theme!

      • It may just be that Shellie was desperate for some friends. O’Connor came along to pat her on the back and voila. After a long period in hiding, it doesn’t seem that Shellie has had a lot of friends coming out to support her, in public anyway. You didn’t see any of her friends, if she has any, coming out to support her throughout the whole ordeal from beginning to current day.

        • There is a lot we don’t know. This has been brewing for a long time. O’Connor is very effective and focused on her story line. She found a way to get to Shellie where others tried and failed.

          • I’ve no doubt that others tried to get to SZ, her phone was probably ringing off the hook. Do you know of any of the other media outlets that courted her in particular? Any ideas on why she went with Christi O’Connor? Did she know that it was going to be carried right back to ABC? Do you know hoosan?

    • What I want to know is if they have such evidence as claimed why has the Scheme Team not filed a lawsuit? Perhaps is more of the same type of innuendos that they were peddling before. Now I am curious as to if a cut for the Scheme Team has been negotiated.

      • A cut from where Bori? Crump has never filed those lawsuits that he promiosed he was going to file for wronful death from the get go. The last I heard was that he was looking at his legal options. Seems he hasn’t come up with any options yet. Didn’t I read somewhere that Crump had a certain time period, from the date of death, in order to file lawsuits. Somehow I am remembering vaguely that that time period is very close to the expiration date. Do you remember anything about that time period?

        • Why would Shellie purposely cross over to the camp that wants to sue her husband into oblivion? If it so happened to be true that all of the debts are community debts, which I don’t believe, wouldn’t Shellie also be responsible for that lawsuit payment if it succeeded?

            • I would have to agree with that. At the time of the interview (Aug 28th) Shellie said she’d like to stay married and have kids but she had some thinking to do.

              So she wasn’t looking to burn him then. That came between the interview time and Sept. 5th when she filed for divorce. She said it was confirmation that GZ was having an affair with Veronica that caused her to file (according to MailOnline http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2417007/George-Zimmermans-fiancee-affair-with.html?ico=ushome%5Emostread

              • I don’t believe that Nettles. I don’t think SZ decided that fast on getting a divorce. Remember there are many indications that the marriage was on shaky ground even before the shooting incident. In my humble opinion, I really believe that Shellie wasn’t happy being married to George for quite a while. If she came from a daddy that provided her with material wants, and provided a shoulder for her to cry on, George likely never was able to satisfy her needs. From her ABC interview she says that her and George were just good friends, but that George was in love with her. It seems that when she was just 20 years old, she just lightly decided that getting married was a good idea at the time. Didn’t she something like “why not see where this goes”? That sure doesn’t sound like a mature decision and a committed one. I really do believe that SZ is trying her dangdest to pin adultry on George, but just can’t get the proof she needs to help her in the divorce case.

        • Minpin- I was talking about any proceeds from the book that is being written. I was thinking of a percentage for the inside information that the Scheme Team could provide.

          As for the lawsuit, they have 2 years from the date of the events, but they might be able to extend it legally to the day that charges were filed, that would be at the discretion of a judge.

      • Yes the world has gone mad Nettles. It has much to do with the current US gov. who has backed away from anything America ever stood for. When would you have ever imagined that a liberal government was adamant about bombing in Syria with no proof at all of who actually used chemical weapons. When would you have ever imagined that the Obama admin. would have turned into the warmongers they have always blamed the conservatives of being. It is very scary that I am now living in a country where up is now down, right is now left, and wrong is now right. Even the liberals are scratching their heads at what is happening.

        I am not surprised at all that Sybrina Fulton is being called to testify at a Senate hearing. Her testimony and a buck will buy you a coffee at 711. It really means nothing. She is once again being used by the Obama (if I had a son) and Holder (i am looking out for my people) to push their goal of eliminating the SYG law, which everyone knows was never utilized in the Zimmerman trial.

    • I know that Robert Jr. is the media guy for the Zimmerman family, and for George. The problem is that this story broke on the 10th, 3 says ago, and Robert is only now saying that he contacted the police chief, and is wating to hear back from him? Good Lord Robert. Can you do something like a little quicker like calling the police chief and fighting your heart out for GZ like days ago, and long before this story traveled the web like wildfire. Maybe, just maybe, if Robert Jr. and others in the Zimmerman family would have descended on the police shief before he said what he did, he might have thought a little more before he and others in his department went on their media blitz against GZ. I am disgusted with this slow aand anemic reaction from Robert Jr. Is he only reacting because others have reacted long before he did? Geeez Robert, If you are the media spokesperson could you like put up a little more resistance and fight back already. Sorry this weak and late response from Robert Jr. really pisses me off.

      • BTW, the Zimmerman family is no longer barred from talking to the media because they might be called as witnesses. Why in the hel1 has no one come out in support of George with this latest domestic violence debacle. The police reports were out there days ago. The videos were out there days ago. Why the hel1 is no Zimmerman family member out there supporting George. I have no doubt if the Zimmerman family memebers called the media and wanted to have a press conference, some media would have covered that event. They may have been mocked and ridiculed but, guess what Zimmerman family members, you will be mocked and ridiculed forever by the current Travobnite press. Let them mock you but show some damn kind of unity and support for the vert same George you backed during his trial. They are not being controlled by O’Mara any longer, none of them. Get the hel1 out there even if only 2 people show up at your presser. Just do it already. Are you all wilting lillies already?

        • If they hold a press conference, it will become a bigger media circus. I would think that releasing a statement to the press covering the incident, in which they state in an affirmative manner what was the sequence of events – and without calling the other party names (of course, in a timely fashion) is a good way to go.

          Both sides want to dial this thing back. Appearing in public in a tit-for-tat press conferences is counter productive to the goal of returning to normalcy.

          • hoosan- Has the entire event turned into a media circus anyway? Yes it has, as someone noted above that the story has been picked up by ABC I believe, or one of the major networks.

            How many have you read comments from blaming O’Mara because he put a lid on any media statements by the Zimmerman family. Is it not true that O’Mara was slammed for not fighting against the BGI narrative as the fire of the Julison narrative campaign took hold. How many at the CTH hold O’Mara responsible for not fighting back against the narrative that took hold, even before O’Mara took the case?

            Is it not true that the first one to the media, especially with an emotional appeal to the media, such as George threatened his wife with a gun and punched his FIL in the nose is going to get major attention in the media as it is currently constituted. That would be currently constituted, as has been all along with support for the innocent Skittles Travon?
            If the press only wanted to turn a Zimmerman presser into a media circus, would they even post any article written by any Zimmerman, and not smash that as nothing more than a media circus as well. My point that some Zimmerman family members could stand in front of cameras and microphones, and proclaim that this was not a negative occurance with George. Even if they are ostracized, even if not many would cover the presser, personal faces, pleading for George is much much more compelling than putting out a written statement. What would a timeline do? The police have already put out a timeline, the videos, the polce reports.

            I would have to disagree that both sides want to dial this back. If both sides wanted to dial it back there never would have been a very bizzare press conference with Simms and Shellikins. I can almost guarantee that this isn’t the end of Shellikins or Simms. The only thing that would stop either would bve if the original perjury judge decided that SZ broke her probation terms.

                • The AP? really hoosan. I mean really hoosan. Have you done just a little cursory look into the stories put out by the Associated Press about Zimmerman? I can’t believe you really think the AP would pick up any story put out by any Zimmerman in favor of George. Just the very latest story out by the AP was co-authored by Kyle Hightower. I know you know who Kyle Hightower is. Please go back and reserch every story that was put out by the AP and link any story they had out there supporting George. I’m not being vitreputative, or whatever that word is that you like to use. I just honestly want to know what AP story ever backed George Zimmerman. I’m really curious what positive George stories you can link to.

                  • I wasn’t aware of Hightower until someone mentioned him here and I haven’t looked him up, but from whatever was written previously, I wouldn’t recommend going to him. In particular, if Hightower is prejudiced, then that needs to be brought with his superiors, head on.

                    But if you want to get a story, you don’t sit around and wait for the press to come to you. You seek out a decent reporter, check with the editor and set up a line of communication.

                    What do you think Crump and Co did with Esquire magazine?

                    You want to get a story out, you give it to AP, If the reporter sucks, you get one who doesn’t.

                    The press is not the enemy. The press is a tool. You use it if you can. The other side is doing it. You are going to take some lumps, it all depends on the flow of the story.

                    The problem for George is that he can’t ever get ahead of the story, he is always put in a defensive position. This is because the flow of the story from day one for him was defensive one. He had the gun, and Trayvon didn’t. For many people, that’s enough for them to make up their minds.

                    The problem for us with this story, especially with the latest developments, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes except that now we have found out, after the trial, that there were some big internal problems between George and Shellie. It’s a mess that won’t clean up easily.

                    And, pinecone, no I am not a member of the media and I have no ties media. Think of me as a galapagos turtle, I have been around too long. All I have is an opinion on matters, Sometimes it is worth considering, sometimes it isn’t.

                    Are we cool? Can I climb back into bleacher?

                    • GZ has another problem, he still faces the prospect of a civil lawsuit and Federal charges. Talking to the media is risky, we saw how the prosecution used his appearance on Hannity.

                      Anything GZ says can be used against him by the Feds or the Scheme Team, which means he has to be careful what he says. If he can find someone on AP that is sympathetic I agree, AP is the way to go, their stories are picked-up nationally and around the world.

                      My concern is that at this point GZ’s may not be in the best of conditions to speak to the media and those who may twist his words, psychologically and it will show in an interview to his detriment.

                      There are no easy answers for GZ, if he is feeling guilty he might do something just to get punished as he feels he deserves. Everything it seems is crumbling down around him, his acquittal was a Pyrrhic victory, and he seems to be losing the war.

                  • Pinecone, I get the impression you really think Hooson is a member of the media somehow. Your questions about asking a production for Dr. Phil and then asking him what media he would suggest. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong but I don’t get where the impression comes from that Hooson is associated with media.

                    In looking at what media outlet to go to, I’d be looking at who reported what the party said, without spin.

                    I heard Robert JR. on a radio program out in LA, I think it was the Larry Elder show. He has been sympathetic to how the Zimmermans have been portrayed. He told Robert that in fairness to the public, all we ever heard at the beginning was the Crump narrative. There was no one speaking out giving the Zimmerman perspective so it took hold. Robert said that was able to thrive because the family was frightened, dislocated from their lives and homes and trying to live in hiding. This al conspired to only one side being told.

                    When O’Mara got the case, it was on or about April 24th that he started a facebook page for the case. I was the 77th like on that page the day it got posted. The first article they posted to put the family story out there was a Reuters piece, GZ Prelude to a Shooting, dated April 25th written by Chris Francescani http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/25/us-usa-florida-shooting-zimmerman-idUSBRE83O18H20120425

                    It was Reuters that put out the first story of the case nationally but the Martins on March 7th written by Barbara Liston http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/08/us-crime-florida-neighborhoodwatch-idUSBRE82709M20120308

                    I join Pinecone in thinking George cannot stay silent. He can’t actually speak b/c of potential future legal troubles, but cooperating with a reporter, I’d suggest Chris from Reuters, to put his story out there is needed.

                    I was surprised to hear that George has had no contact with the Donnellys since the verdict. I would think that everyone who testified and put their face out there on his behalf who he knows personally got a thank you call from him after the verdict. The Donnellys are likely hurt as Shelly was hurt that he said nothing to them and left her without explanation.

                    Shellie and Christi O’Connor were doing their best to put George out there as a dangerous reckless person who may shoot someone. George needs to respond to this or someone he comes in contact with will have that impression and jump to wrong conclusions.

                    In the article, George should explain why he needed to take off, thank the people who have supported him by testifying at the trial, thank the people who donated to his fund, thank those who have supported him online and continue to do so.

                    Explain that his wife is upset and wants a divorce but I assure you I am not reckless or out of control. I have received a number of death threats and I feel safer with a gun, no one who doesn’t look to cause me physical harm needs to worry about being shot. And communicate whether or not he regrets his visit to the gun manufacturer becoming public. It wasn’t suppose to. I had no control over that, but I do need to protect myself. Please understand.

                    To say nothing, repeats the mistake that happened when this whole thing got started.

                    • Nettles- lorac answered that hoosan is an attorney, I’m satisfied with that. I don’t believe I ever mentioned Dr. Phil, and no I didn’t buy the CTH story that he was a part of the Dr. Phil show. My impression was obviously wrong, I stand corrected.

                      I’m glad we agree that George’s side of the story needs to get out there somehow. Yes, the Scheme team narrative took off from the get go and it was like a train storming down the tracks with no stopping in sight. For a while I understood that everyone from the Zimmerman family couldn’t say much about anything. O’Mara was correct in keeping a lid on the case until the trial was finished. Seeing how SZ is now behaving, and personally believing that her animosities didn’t just start last month or whenever, can you imagine what she may have said to the press, innocently or otherwise. She is sure trying to paint him as some kind of wild eyed lunatic with a gun. Did SZ and some or all of her family members really believe that George should not have used his gun the night of the shooting? With her father’s question to George the other day, “what are you going to shoot me to” could kinda leave one with that impression. With SZ’s brother saying that George was one of the nicest guys he ever met before the TM incident, and that now he is filled with guilt and self hatred would also lead me to that impression. Then you also had the mother telling the brother that George had a gun, and to run out of the house and hide.

                      I don’t know how getting the Zimmerman side of the story out can be accomplished. Obviouslty the media TV, many websites, and about everyone jumped on the narrative and have not been willing to let it go despite the acquittal. Prof. Jacobsen from LI did a lecture with Andrew Branca at a college to correct the misconseptions about the whole case, and he said he was shocked at how little of the truth was known by the audience. He said that many were shocked to hear that the police never told Zimmerman to stay in the truck.

                      I had the idea that if the Zimmerman’s the mother, father and Robert Jr. could call a press conference, they could speak to the fact that a jury of George’s peers found him innocent of the murder charges, and couldn’t by law even find him guilty of manslaughter. They could talk about how the media jumped to convict George even when they had no investigation details to go on. They could take the role that the Martin family has refused to do and use it as a teaching tool for parents who have a kid who is wildly going off the track, getting into trouble frequently, and getting the kid help rather than handing him a hundred bucks, taking off, and letting him lose on a community. They could talk about the naighborhood watch programs that even Sybrina Fulton’s employer, the Miami Dade housing authority supported, at least up until the TM incident. Hasn’t the manta become “if you see something, say something.” I wouldn’t go hard and heavy on criticizing SZ, just remind that any divorce is fraught with tension and anxiety, and that the lives of all of the Zimmerman’s were changed with an overzealous press who thrives on sensationalism to sell their stories. Point out that divorces are usually private matters between the parties, unless you are a part of the Hollywood crowd of melodramatists with the paparazzi fully in tow. Gently imply that no Shellie you are not a part of Hollywood, and either is your atty.

                      I don’t know Nettles. I don’t think that George needs to be the one out there trying to defend himself. If the press knew where he was, he would likely get shot. I’m not implying that the Zimmerman family needs to compete with the Martin parent’s, God forbid to stoop that low, but show some love, support and unity in getting behind George. I never believed it was O’Mara’s job to fight the BGI or the corrupted media that is everywhere, but, now that George has been acquitted, please do get out there and do something to defend and back George. As far as a possible civil suit brought by Crump, O’Mara said that he would immediately move to get George immunity. Behind the scenes O’Mara and West may have gotten some incriminating info. from Crump when they deposed him. I really believe that if Crump was going to bring a lawsuit, he would have done so by now. O’Mara seemed confident that George would prevail should he move for immunity for George. I also don’t believe that Holder will file federal charges against George. He also would have done so by now, but, knows he has no case. Holder’s own FBI investigation took care of that. Holder is just appeasing his people. Holder has much more to worry about now than a lawsuit against George. For me, the possible lawsuits are just threats to try to control George and his family just by keeping those threats hanging over their heads.

                      A great alternative would be for all of the Zimmerman’s to relocate to another state. The Zimmerman parents retired to Fla. from VA. They are not lifelong Fla. residents. You said Robert was living in another state at the time of the shooting. Grandmom just needs help and care wherever she lives.

                      Right after the acquittal, Beasley said they would be moving on the NBC lawsuit quickly, but to date nothing that we know of. I suspect everything was already not peachy in paradise in the Zimmerman marriage, and that lawsuit may be on hold until the divorce is granted. Don’t know what’s going on with the sanctions hearing. O’Mara is preparing his accounting of George’s trial expenses to ask for reimbursement from the state. George needs to work on paying O’Mara and West asap.

                      I feel like I have turned on the Jerry Springer show and that I can’t get it off my TV. But I won’t abandon George when he needs support now more than ever. He is still a prisoner and has to find a way to as normal a life as possible. Texas is calling you George. Please answer the call.

                    • If the Zimmerman family held a press conference, and could speak with one coherent voice, the reporters would gradually turn the event into questions about George and Shellie’s marriage, and about the accusations made in the O’Connor interview. There would be inevitable contradictions and misstatements uttered and that would give fodder for another round of “Jerry Springer-like” news coverage.

                    • Pinecone –

                      I am not a lawyer. I have never been to law school, never took the bar exam.

                      Why not accept me for the turtle I am and let me work my way back slowly to the bleachers.

                • I ask this question respectfully hoosan. You have shared your opinions about the Zimmerman case as many have done. I respectfully ask you hoosan, are you a past or current member of the press? I don’t believe that is an unfair question. If you have any ties to the press, it would seem important to the readers if you would tell everyone if you are a part of the press.

      • The Senate Subcommittee is holding a hearing on the Stand Your Ground laws.

        Sybrina Fulton has no expertise to offer the subcommittee on the issue of the SYG law. She, as any other citizen, has the right to offer her opinion, if invited by the subcommittee, which evidently has happened.

        Whatever statement she makes (normally) needs to be given to the subcommittee prior to her appearance. Since she will testify, she must also be prepared to answer any questions from the senators on that committee.

        To the extent that she mentions the tragic demise of her son, some senator should she have her explain what the SYG law has to do with her son’s death and ask her how eradicating the SYG law would have saved her son’s life.

        • That would be a most excellent question by a Senator hoosan. Agreed, whatever Sybrina Fulton has to say will not be coming from any area of expertise. She is being used likely by the Black Caucus who is all in favor of federal gun bans. Wasn’t it the CBC that had invited her to DC on the same day as Bonaparte and Triplett.

          It’s as though some just can’t take no for an answer. Scott already refused to change the SYG laws, after having a special committee study the laws impact. . The Fla. legislature is not likely to make any changes since the law passed there with support from both parties. So Fla. already told Sybrina no.

      • Ted Cruz- Ohhh, my heart be still. Cruz is a very strong defender of the law and the constitution. He argued before the SC. He is also a strong defender and advocate of our second amendment rights. I highly doubt that Cruz would be in favor of eliminating the SYG laws. In fact he would likely say it is a state’s right to pass their own laws, and that the federal government needs to butt out.

    • “Still, Dershowitz, one of Corey’s most outspoken critics, contends that Corey gives prosecutors a bad name and published half-truths in an effort to convict Zimmerman. He adds that Corey has a reputation for firing her own employees who criticize her, and that in the aftermath of the phone call, a whistle-blower e-mailed him and said Corey was “trying to find something on you.””

      Hmmm, wonder who that could have been?

      • Thank you very much for that tweet. You are the queen of the the perfect messages. Honestly, the AP really did jump on the Trayvon bandwagon early on.

        For me personally, when I see the story is being reported by the AP, I ignore it. Back several years ago many local news outlets were cancelling their contracts with the AP because of misleading reporting. For some reason someone bailed them out and brought them back into significance. They still continue repeating not reporting. Look at the story about the Domestic Violence incident and how one reported it, and it just traveled the wires like lightening. All it took was to grab “As to Sandy Hook…..I agree”

      • Exactly.

        This is pure harassment and exploitation. There is no silver bullet to free George of this chain the media has linked around his ankle.

        People are speculating about what he thinks. The fact that people are writing opinion letters saying he needs counseling and his gun removed says more about their meager minds than it does about George.

        Really, gaining weight back, speeding tickets, dispute during divorce, are ALL common occurrences.

        Breaking down each move and moment they can capture as “news” is pathetic and sick. Just shows how petty, materialistic, cruel and dishonest Americans have become.

        George has been vindicated, that should be the message from us period. The rest is pure harassment of a citizen.

        That chief with the loose mouth is like all the other lemmings, more concerned with his social and political standing as a member of a sick society.

        Sybrina Fulton is a liar. That idiot Illinois senator Durbin is pandering to black voters. I called his office and gripped about his pandering months ago when the stupid dog and pony show was first announced. His aide told me they agree the case was not SYG, he all but admitted it was a political show. I called the St Mary city manager when the news about the big mouth chief come out, it was clear they knew they had a problem.

        Jeralyn Merritt wrote one of her best pieces right after the acquittal, it started with Guilt sells in America. That is all we are watching. People vindicated in high profile cases are not treated well, this is a reflection on how immature American society really is.

        The forces that caused this injustice from the outset still have all the power.

  15. “Pinecone –

    I am not a lawyer. I have never been to law school, never took the bar exam.

    Why not accept me for the turtle I am and let me work my way back slowly to the bleachers.”

    Hoosan, I said that my impression was obviously wrong and that I stand corrected. I again stand corrected in believing you were an attorney.

    We will just have to agree to disagree that the Zimmerman’s need to get in front of microphoes in support of George. Yes, I know the media will try to spin it. They always do. There are some times when one must take a stand and allow the chips to fall where they may. Remaining completely silent is to allow all the spin to just keep on spinning, especially with SZ, Simms, and the Fla. Police Chief now joining in on the trash.

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