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  1. Thanks for the new thread! With that one conversation stuck at the end of the comments, it was hard to know where to comment, or where to find the newest comments!

    So I want to apologize to hooson and minpin for mistakenly saying hooson is an attorney. I thought hooson said that once way long ago at CTH, and it’s always been in my head that he is one. And in my defense, he does sound like MOM lol Maybe you missed your calling, hooson! And it could be worse, I could have said you were a ditch digger or something ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, sorry for the confusion.

      • I will admit being tempted to call Dr. Phil to do an intervention here when things got somewhat heated and keyboards started taking flight ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. FYI, on the Shellie being arrested (just got online for a bit, and friend emailed me) I usually get text msg from ClickOrlando and OS if the Zimmermans sneeze! Nope, so I googled and found this

    Having since clicked around the site a bit, though, Iโ€™m somehow both relieved and revolted even further. The National Report, it seems, is one of those pseudo-satire operations that have sprung up in emulation of The Onion.


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    • Jordan, I tried to leave you a comment few days ago. I having the same problem, well sorta. I liked the email thingy. I all the sudden stopped getting, even tho I checked the box. The other day I was cleaning up my email stuff. I happen to click on SPAM Button…for some reason ALL MY ALERTS HAVE BEEN GOING TO SPAM! I had a gazillion and a half! Don’t know it that helps or not, but that’s where mine have been boing.

      • Thanks, mimi:

        I have no spam issues but there has always been something a bit quirky about Nettles site. I have learned to adapt but WP does not seem to have it all together for Nettles. They might just be picking on her. LOL. . No other WP site I visit deletes a link at the end of a comment. That has always been an issue here but again I know what to do from experience.

        Email notifications, however, are an entirely different issue.

        • LOL I guess WP is just messing with Me then lol ALL the WP Blogs I follow have been going there. And I didn’t change anything. LOL I just gonna leave it be, at least I know where to look and it not messing my email up. Drats, wish I could have helped ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jordan WordPress confirmed you are listed as a follower of the blog and emails are being sent each time I post a new thread. Suggestions 1) Double check the email account you are using. 2) Check your spam folder 3) Unfollow this blog and re-follow to see if it reset.

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      Hope that helps.

  4. By the time I was 12, I had read every single book in our school library about American History and, in particular, the War Between the States.

    I mean that. I really did read every one of them, including both the entire blue and orange series of biographies. Remember those?

    That is when I learned, for sure, for the first time in my life that you cannot believe everything you read. I was puzzled, disappointed, even hurt but later became almost hopelessly disillusioned. I knew someone had to be lying and that seemed so unfair to me. Why would anyone intentionally lie and then put in print for all of the world to see? Memorizing details of each battle was tough enough as it was without someone throwing in a monkey wrench about how someone actually met their fate.

    Thus began my Search For Truth.

    Where should I start to be able to say with absolute certainty, the true causes of the War Between the States. I even made appointments to read rare books in private London libraries about the war and the European perspective and went there many times. Yes, I went for other reasons, most notably the Theater, but I was always on a search for truth to complete that mission.

    Guess what? I still have no irrefutable, concrete, proof of anything, but as a Southerner from the place it all started in Charleston, SC, you can guess where I stand on it. I could debate anyone on it, including my idol, Mr. William F Buckley, Jr, who also had a residence in SC.

    Today, even if you devote most of your life to researching even one major issue, you are still not likely to ever learn the entire truth about ANYTHING.

    I only used the war as as an example but it applies to almost every major issue today.. Benghazi, Syria and anywhere over “there.” Health care, the budget… It does not matter. With one possible exception, NO ONE on the Hill abides by the oath of office they all took. NOT ONE OF these dirty, rotten scoundrels will tell us the truth and obey the oath. How bad is that?

    My observation today, is that a whole lot of folks don’t give a damn.

    That is so tragic.

    I am having a hard time keeping up with the case so thought I would rant, so you don’t forget me. I am still in the mix.

    • Boy you hit the nail on the head with this post Jordan! And so glad your still in the mix. LOL… Your not the only one having a hard time keeping up. Its just a mess. Needless mess at that.

    • I read all those those books as well Jordan at that approximate age, IIRC I was most impressed by the life of Booker T. Washington. Those biographies were not only informative, but uplifting and provided role models which demonstrated the role of individual action to make a positive contribution to society.

      • George Washington Carver was my personal favorite. What those books did was to begin to dispel the perceived differences in the races. Those books as well as other historical documentary accounts, could/should have put to bed the notion that all blacks were inferior to whites in intelligence. I think their life stories have been relegated to the basement because their views on life/politics would not fit in today’s agenda.

        Such is the case today with many other black, educated intellectuals who could lead the black community away from new ” slave owner/leaders.”

        When did you last hear anyone discussing Carveror Washington? Nope, me either.

  5. via liesel at Random Topics –

    A very detailed discussion of the legal aspects of the Zimmerman case. This is a good examination of why certain aspects of the case were used in court, and why not, and what the prosecution and defense strategies were. While there are many different ways that a defense attorney can handle a case, and certainly MOM came under a lot of criticism, this is an encompassing template against which to assess the quality of the MOM/West defense effort.


  6. Just want to say that if anyone here thinks the Zimmerman saga is on the wane, you are mistaken. We may see a bit of drama here from the couple (GZ/SZ) involved, however, this has been an agenda that goes right to the White House. This is all about keeping the black base voters together, to rally for a cause. We have black mothers in NY FOR “stop and frisk”, yet we have Sybrina Fulton against stop and frisk and further now being used to stop SYG. We know Obama is a lame duck in three more years. Who is he setting this up for? Hillary? I don’t think so. Someone else is on the horizon. Right now I just can’t think of who it could be. I can’t figure if it’s just for the Dem party in general, or if this is for a specific person we know or we haven’t been introduced to yet. <<< just thoughts as to why the Trayvon/Zimmerman case continues to grow legs.

  7. Robert Zimmerman supported Mr. O’Mara last night and the charity for local children and families who have been victims of, or are at risk of, abuse, neglect or abandonment, in last night’s Dance, Dream, Inspire

    Mr. O’Mara blogged that “it wasn’t going to be pretty”

    Out of six competitors, Mr. O’Mara placed sixth in the competition. Mark NeJame won the competition to get the most online votes. For each dollar donated to the dancer, a vote got attributed. I sent in a donation to Diana Tennis (who was celebrating her birthday) as a thank you for all her legal help via twitter during the Zimmerman trial. Diana placed second in the ranking by judges. The winner, an anchor at WFTV; Jorge Estevan impressed the judges the most. I hope a lot of money got raised to help this worthy charity and thank all those who put themselves out there to help others. Here is the write up of last night’s competition complete with pictures.

  8. In yesterday’s thread, we discussed the inflammatory email response that Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell sent out to a concerned citizen.

    A tweeter Libertarian Ray, sent to Robert Jr. a little background on the Chief. Check it out.

  9. I’ve added this book, Mistrial, by defense attorneys, Mark Geragos and Pat Harris, to my reading list.

    “Geragos and Harris call for a rebalancing of the scales of justice. โ€œDefense attorneys need to do what we do best โ€” fight back,โ€ they say. Chapter by chapter, they do just that, and the media are not the only ones in their crosshairs. Other targets include overzealous prosecutors with win-at-all-cost attitudes, timid judges who are more concerned about reelection than fair trials, and dishonest police officers.”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/15/3627393/defense-attorneys-have-their-say.html#.UjYa_anTWSw.twitter#storylink=cpy

    • Agreed Nettles- Add to reading list.

      Nancy Grace- An actress playing a role is exactly right. Then again look at the coverage of the GZ trial by most on HLN. Sonny Hostin for example. Nanacy Grace was actually fired from her job as a prosecutor and it seems she is getting her revenge on her TV show. Not only with GZ, long before that Grace started covering certain stories before any investigation had even happened. Absolutely she poisned the justice system for many. I’ve always looked at Nancy Grace as a Black Widow spider just looking for her next victim. I imagine her in the dark dungeon basement with whips, chains, manacles, and black studded leather.

      Overzealous prosecutors who want to win at all costs. I’ve read that in many jurisdictions prosecutors are promoted by the number of convictions they get. Doesn’t matter if the person is guilty or not, just convict to build your record. Didn’t BDLR say the GZ case was only the second murder case he lost? The article you linked here yesterday Nettles quoted Corey as saying “she is tough on crime” and that is why the people elected her.

      The Media. No more needs to be said.

      Dishonest police officers. Well that would be Chris Serino who charged GZ because of pressure from the black police officers in Sanford that pushed for an arrest to “quell the outrage in the Sanford black community, that was whipped up by Crump and company. Thankfully he admitted his divorce from the law to the FBI.

      Those who accuse defense lawyers of being arrogant and greedy- The CTH.

      Wasn’t Garagos the attorney who O’Mara and West had dinner with in NY when they flew up there for a media appearance. I know, God forbid that they would go to an expensive restaurant on Geragos’s tab. How dare they.

        • Yes for sure. At least the better ones that know they are being taken to the cleaners by prosecutors who have unlimited money to bring their cases where most defense defendents don’t have that same ability. One of the things I remember reading is that prosecutors like Corey, look for their highest convictions on those that must utilize the public defenders office who often employs those that are newely graduated from law school, and are wet behind the ears. Really, it is a set up by the “win at any cost” prosecutors. I’m looking forward to reading the book.

      • Whatever faults Serino may have had, I appreciate his candid and unequivocal testimony at the Zimmerman trial. We probably don’t know the full story on what he had to deal with behind the scenes.

        • We have had the ability to read Serino’s report to the FBI. He said point blank that he was pressured by some in the SPD to press charges because of the heightened emotions in the Sanford black community. THat is enough for me Hoosan. It is right there in black and white in the FBI report. Also, why was he demoted by the SPD to night patrol if he had done a stellar job with the investigation, and his reports.

          The jury didn’t have all of the information of everything that happened behind the scenes, what was going through anyone’s mind or heart, and what influences everyone may have been functiong on. They had to make the best decision they could make at the time, with the information they had available presented to them at trial. Geez Hoosan, should the jury have said that they didn’t have all of the information that went on behind the scenes, and just walked out of the courthouse? Juries have to make decisions, yes involving sending people to death, or to prison for a long time without the benifit of knowing everything that went on in the background, what everyone was thinking, or what influences drove those decisions.

          Hoosan, I guess we are just on what seems to be opposite sides of the spectrum. I say again, there are those times in life when you just have to make the best decision that you can at the time with the information you have available. To my knowledge, there really aren’t to many people who have to make decisions everyday without haveing the “background information available to them.”

          Then you also have the fact that Serino for some reason decided he had to hire a lawyer, and that was after he had already admitted to the FBI that his decisions weren’t based on the law, ethics, or what an upstanding police officer would normally abide by. Why hire a lawyer if you were on the up and up.

          Alright Hoosan, I think I have it figured out. You are a man of the cloth and just want so much to see the positive or forgiveness in everyone. It’s a fact that no one is perfect.

          • Pinecone –

            We may view the spectrum differently, but the important thing is that we are on the same side, the correct side, of the issues in this case.

            One need not have all the information possible in order to render a fairly accurate judgement.

            As for the jury, what mattered was Serino’s testimony in front of the jury.

            You do raise an interesting question. Why was Serino demoted? I don’t know. It could very likely be as you have put it – for substandard performance. There may have been other factors in play as well.

            • Yup, you are correct Hoosan. Serino may have been taking to many donut breaks. I’d hire Jose Baez too if my civil rights for donut breaks were violated also. LOL

              Serino only hired a lawyer after he admitted that he wrote up the charging document, not based on law, but from pressure within the department, when the community was screaming for GZ to be arrested. Is that correct? Is it correct that if Serino didn’t do what he did, that Corey’s office would not have been able to move forward with the charges? I may be wrong about this but I believe that the SPD had to start the ball rolling. Serino was a necessary element to get that snowball rolling down the hill. Please correct me if I am wrong, anyone.

              This is where I think you and I have such differing opinions. I do believe that there are some people who have evil or at least bad intentions that they move forward on. If we keep giving those people the benefit of the dount, because we don’t know everything behind their motives and intensions, then we allow those very same people to keep doing what they have done to George. I believe that we are both on the same page that GZ was railroaded, I think. If the conductors of that railroad is allowed to go unaccounted, there will be yet another George, and then another George and on and on. I honestly do believe that there has been enough information available to be able to stop those that have no good intensions in my, or at heart.

              • By our having diverse opinions, we are helping Nettles achieve the diversity quotas that the federal government will dream up for web blogs in the future.

                • Nah, the government thinks only race = diversity. The wonderful things that make us individuals – interests, skills, hobbies, vocations, beliefs, etc – don’t count. Only race. Race, race, race….

          • I agree with Hooson on this one. Serino felt pressure to write that capias and I think the dept. wasn’t happy when he did.

            Santiago’s deposition gives us insight into how shocked they all were that Serino wrote that capias recommending charges.

            I think that is what got Serino demoted. Serino didn’t feel he had the support of the police dept. and hired his own lawyer for advice when having to give a deposition to the defense.

            Mark Geragos, said on CNN, he has never seen a lead police officer testify for the defendant before but that is exactly what Serino did. He even threw in on his own that George mentored African American children without getting a question about that.

            Serino’s opinion that George was telling him the truth would have carried a lot of influence with the jury even when the next day, the Judge told them to forget he said that.

  10. Hooson I have just looked at one of your comments on the previous thread and I think you are on to something very big – the civil law suit.

    Shellie Zimmerman is the biggest idiot out there because she played into the hands of Crump and that witch $ybrina Fulton.

    What you said makes a lot of sense because George is still facing a possibility of a civil lawsuit and the federal charges.

    By allowing herself to set up George Shellie has almost guaranteed that there will be another attempt to charge George Zimmerman at the federal level. She has also provided ammunition for Crump to use in any civil lawsuit.

    Of course Crump could end up being undone if the lawyers for Zimmerman go all the way and bring out the truth about Traydemark Martin.

    • Aussie –

      The best outcome for both sides is if there is no civil lawsuit filed from the Crump and Co. side. If a civil lawsuit is filed, and survives enough to get to trial, both sides will be losers, and, a third party will be the biggest loser; i.e., the public at large.

      • you are correct on that score hooson. There will be no winners if Crump files a civil lawsuit.

        There are already some really stupid filings such as the one for Shiping Bao who rightfully was fired from his job… and he wants more than $100 million? ROFL… in his dreams. Bao is making stuff up because he was shown to be a sloppy fool. He has no idea at all because he never even bothered to conduct a proper post mortem.

        On top of that I have always been suspicious of the write up that I saw of the post mortem because of all the mistakes about what took place.

        If Crump wants to go ahead with the Civil suit then he better be prepared for Traydemark to get trashed because that kid was an absolute drugged out disaster. On top of that I wonder if Tracy Martin or $ybrina Fulton want to have their parenting skills exposed to that extent…. it is not a pretty picture… then there is Stephen Martin who was in the location the day before.

        Then there is the issue of how much cannabis was in fact in Martin’s blood… and I am guessing they do not want that to be exposed.

      • I believe I read that O’Mara said that if any civil lawsuits were filed against George he would immediately move to have him declared immune. Don’t know if that has changed with O’Mara, but it seems it would still be a part of the original criminal trial.

        • No doubt about it, a very strong statement was made that if a civil suit was brought, GZ would fight it and GZ would prevail in an immunity hearing.

          If I’m reading the tea leaves right, the Martin family is signalling they are moving on from George Zimmerman and looking to build the foundation into something they can look back on and be proud of.

          The civil suit would be contrary to that effort because the truth of that family and how they parented and who Trayvon really was would be exposed ultimately hurting the foundation’s goal.

          To leave George Zimmerman and the police behind them, they can take the misinformation the media wants to cling to and appeal for donations to the foundation.

          • Nettles, I agree with your first sentence. O’Mara did make it clear that if any civil lawsuits were brought, by Crump or whoever, he was confident that GZ would prevail, and that he would have immunity. The jury decided that GZ didn’t do anything wrong to warrant Murder 2, or even Manslaughter. There seem to be some that are still looking at the OJ Simpson trial where the Goldmans sued in civil court and prevailed. CA did not have the immunity provisions available to deny the Goldman’s their day in court, and a very large civil wrongful death lawsuit. The Fla. laws are very different with respect to the SYG, or even plain old self defense provisions.

            With respect I disagree with the rest of your reading the tea leaves. The Martin parents have not moved on from the criminal case, they can’t. If they moved on from TM’s death, and how it happened, with a gun, they no longer have any reason to talk about anything. They can’t disassociate themselves from the fact that GZ had no other option, agreed to by the jurors, and that TM put GZ in a position where he couldn’t escape and run away from the beating.

            If I am not mistaken, Sybrina is arging in favor of eliminating the portion of the SYG laws that gives the defendant the ability to say he acted in self defense, and should have made every effort possible to escape the situation, and just run away. GZ didn’t have that option. Those asking for the SYG laws to be repealed, and this isn’t only about Fla. SYG laws, it is nationwide, they are trying to claim that the laws give anyone the right to shoot, stab, or otherwise kill someone without trying to diffuse the situation in some other manner. Didn’t we read that GZ was at fault because he should have told TM who he was. Good Lord, and then GZ should have never gotten out of his truck.

            Do you really, after all this time really believe that the Martin parents are now trying to do some kind of good with their foundation? Not to be critical Nettles, but what good are they trying to do? I really would love for you to tell me that. It seems to me that the main function of the Martin parents, Sybrina in particular, is to get the SYG laws repealed. What will her testimony be before the Senate committee. Sybrina, and the BGI, to this day believe that TM was murdered. They to this day believe that GZ committed murder. Angela Corey agrees. Do you believe that George had the right to have a gun on him the night of the incident? Do you believe that is to George’s saving grace that he did have that gun on him?

            Nettles, you said that the only people in Canada who are allowed to have guns are the police. Here in America, it is a part of our country’s founding that citizens are allowed to own guns, legally. Sometimes I am conflicted that you seem to be against guns, but for sure have gone all out for George in that he was lucky that he did have a gun to save his life. There’s a great factual knowledge here across the country, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Look at Chicago which has some of the strictist gun laws in the country. The murder rate in Chicago is outreageous. You can’t read an article that doesn’t cite that there were multiple gun shot victims, and many many deaths from being shot. The cities/states with less gun control are among the safest in the nation, and have lowered the gun crime rates tremendously. If people know that a fellow citizen knows that they can try committing a crime, but that a nearby citizen may be armed has gone a long long way in lowering crime in those areas. Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater were “gun free zones.” Mass murderers don’t go somewhere where they can be stopped by an armed citizen. They shot up places that are gun free knowing no one will have the ability to stop them.

            • Oh, and another part of Trayvon’s law wants to eliminate the immunity part of the law. The Crumps want to make money off someone’s death. The Crumps and the Martin’s can’t believe that they may not hit the ultimate jackpot in a wrongful death lawsuit. They want to be paid for Trayvon’s death, period.

              • I don’t know if the Martins and their handlers really believe Trayvon was murdered. I am of the belief they knew exactly what kind of thug he was and how he11 bent he was on continuing that path. Heck, Tracey even smoked weed with him & texted w/ him about buying a gun (iirc).
                I think, & I thought it was what nettles was saying, is that wrt the civil suits, the Martins have realized that what’s best for them financially, is to instead go the route of public speakers for their political cause. I don’t think they really give a rats rear end about SYG laws, or gun control. But it is now their meal ticket. And after all, isn’t that what they’ve been about from day 1? Money? In the beginning, they only wanted an ‘arres’, and that was for the civil suits and the hoa money. By the time George was acquitted, they were aware that all of the info they tried to hide about just who trayvon really was, was now in the possession of George’s attorney’s. perusing a civil suit now would mean bringing to light the street thug Trayvon was. That would certainly put a damper on their public speaking stints, using their innocent little astronaut as a kick stand. They need a niche to profit from, and Trayvon’s Truth would surely put an end to that. Consider them to be like the politician who runs on family values, then we learn he’s had a mistress for the entire campaign, hid her pregnancy using campaign $; then hid their love child (John Edwards). Kinda hard to campaign for something you clearly don’t believe in yourself, right? The truth about Trayvon would also show the truth about Tracey & Sybrina, no? Who would want them speaking on their behalf if the truth came out? They only care about the money.
                Just what I think, anyway.

              • I’m still not clear what if anything Cory Johnson (the memorial button Trayvon wore) had to do with Stand Your Ground. https://annettekblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/corey-johnson-obit-2.jpg

                Sybrina is allowing herself to be used for the changes that others want to make to the law. It doesn’t make sense to have her advocate for a law that wasn’t used in her trial. There’s a reason those who want to see changes keep pushing it and I think it has more to do with the immunity part of the law. Civil lawyers are using this to confuse the public and hopefully win back their right to sue a person who acted in self defense if it can be pinned on them for putting themselves in a position to have needed self defense (following for example).

            • The Martins haven’t filed a civil suit and I don’t think they are going to file one, unless the DOJ comes up with something to help them. There had been talk that some blacks in the neighborhood had given testimony to investigators that George regularly harassed them. I think set-up but we’ll see.

              As to my stance on guns, I’d be very happy if GZ decided not to carry one around all the time. I have no doubt that GZ legitimately was in fear of serious injury and seeing that Trayvon wasn’t going to stop felt he had to take that action. Most especially if George thought Trayvon was going for his gun.

              What if George didn’t have a gun that night? Yes, if Trayvon could have kept banging his head against the sidewalk, he might have killed him. George said he was able to shimmy onto the grass. When assessing the actual injuries to George, it would appear that Trayvon was a weakling. Not as strong as he fancied himself. You don’t have to be strong to press against a broken nose to cause a lot of pain.

              Being in possession of a gun is a personal choice. For me, I’m quite content to not be around guns. I can get attacked as well. I think the risk of an accidental shooting with a gun is too great than having it available to defend myself. How many of us are the victims of crime over our lifetime? I guess it depends where you live and what your community does to minimize crime.

              My girlfriend’s son was accidentally shot in the face by his friend. He had an illegal gun.

              I don’t argue with anyone who feels they want to legally carry one. I myself, prefer never to see one in my life.

          • I know we’ve covered the 2 yr or possibly a little longer time period in which they would have to file their suit against George. I do agree that the Martins don’t seem to be making any move currently. I’m thinking though that possibly they are waiting to give Holder plenty of time to rake up something against George. Would like to hear the Justice Dept say there is absolutely no evidence of any kind against him… How long do we have to wait for that? Forever?

              • I’m afraid I agree LittleLaughter, it will just continue to hang there. All part of the appeasement and publicity which feeds the public another lie cloaked as concern for justice. And it fans the flames giving BGI another talking point for their agenda.

          • Nettles one can read many things into the Traydemark Foundation moving on and none of it is flattering to them.

            Keep in mind that the Justice Department had a meeting with the Traydemark family and so far nothing more has been said about Federal charges. I wonder why!!

            • Ultimately, I don’t think the foundation is going to be successful. It’s built on a foundation of lies. If the parents really want to turn this into something positive, they have to start by being honest. Then from there teach kids how to avoid being in the situation Trayvon found himself in that night and the choices he made.

              I don’t see them being honest and therefore I think the foundation will fail. A lost opportunity to help others.

              • Nettles, you’re too kind. I don’t think the Martins have any intention of really helping others. I’m sorry, but I do feel they have just been anointed by the BGI because Crump is shrewd enough to have jumped on the case when he saw what a great opportunity it was. They have gussied the Martins up into paragons of justice. Money is made as long has they can keep the publicity rolling. And I have to say this because it is sticking in my craw – I someday expect school children will read about the great civil rights struggle that was successful because of the “murder” of Trayvon Martin. Sorry… maybe I’m just too negative ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

                • And I really did mean you are too kind ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re looking at how the Martins COULD really help if they wanted to. You’re seeing the way they could actually do something good and I agree you are right there.

              • You have that correct Nettles. It is indeed a foundation built upon lies so that the parents cover their own butts. No responsibility for their own poor parenting.

    • Is there a back story to those tweets Nettles. It would seem to me that jeff dean might be just a little naive in thinking that the very same Gov. who appointed Corey will not do a dang thing about investigating the very prosecutor he backed in prosecuting Corey. I know Wes White has asked for an independent investigation of Corey and her office, but I have to wonder who could really be independenat in that investigation. The legal system in Fla., at least in that area is beyond corruption. Seems that no one will touch Corey with a ten foot pole. Just in case they lose and have to face the vindictive Corey on the opposite side of their client representation.

      • Yes, it’s in the article linked by Yancy Faith. The person who wrote Ben Kruidbos’ termination letter, Cheryl Peek, had a domestic dispute at her home. Angela Corey asked for a special prosecutor to investigate the incident. There is something weird going on with that case and Deen thought the Governor may look into a number of allegations being made about those in Corey’s office.

        Deen was so critical in his tweets of the Zimmerman trial. I found it of interest that he seems to think investigation into Corey’s office is warranted now too.

  11. This is why I have such a major problem with the Zimmerman family not getting behind George. Robert Jr. seems to be far more interested in the Miss America pagent than he is with getting out there as a strong defender of the very same brother George who was just trashed by Shellie and the Lake Mary police Chief Bracknell. Thanks Ropbert Jr. so good to know you are following the Miss America pagent and have strong opinions on who should win that contest. Urrrggggg.

    • lol What is it with gay men (Robert, fashion designers) wanting to be the “deciders” about women and beauty? (IMO, straight men also shouldn’t be the “deciders” – it should be women, and men can take it or leave it. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • Robert said he’s so happy that now he can talk about other things not just always about George.

      From the blow-back that we’ve seen, people aren’t in the mood to listen. Most especially the press.

      I say, drop out of sight for a while. Let people concentrate on other things for now. Get divorced, replenish your spirit (the whole family) have other things besides GZ and the shooting be the topic of conversation and regroup.

      There is so many ways this thing can be attacked. There’s no way they are going to be successful in attacking it all. Pick your battles that will have the most affect and go into them clear-eyed and focussed.

      In the meantime, send George some books to read and escape, send movies where he can laugh. I’m sure O’Mara’s office could forward along things to George until we are given another avenue.

      George reach out and repair some relationships that got strained due to you having to distance yourself. Make sure those who you are friends with know you appreciate their help.

      For example, if the Donnelly’s knew what was going on with you and not just what Shellie told them is going on with you, they might stop demonizing you in the press. It appears you have hurt some people by not expressing to them your appreciation.

      In your defense, no one in the world, can know what it is like to be in your shoes. If you need time to be with God, take it and continue to ask those who love you and/or support you for time and understanding.

  12. Crump has until 2/25/2014 to file his wrongful death civil suit against George. I seriously doubt the NBC suit will be resolved by that time.

  13. I wanted to respond to the talk about defense atty’s if I may. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of finding yourself caught up in the legal system (especially when you’re innocent). Then you would learn, as my family did, that courts are corrupt with the good ole boy networking. Defense attys use their relationships with local pd’s & da offices to help them with their next case. IOW, they are reluctant to call the police officers out on incompetence or perjury, or the DA on overcharging, failure to provide discovery, etc., because they may need a favor for the next guy, especially a guilty client they need a plea for. And yes, most DA’s are elected based on the number of convictions they have. A plea is considered a conviction, a win. So they overcharge in hopes for a likely plea. Then the defense atty can say to his client, ” I got you a sweet deal. See, I’m good at what I do”. And the DA gets to put another conviction by his name. We were naive and thought that paying over $10,000 to an atty meant he’d do everything in his power to defend. Not so. Most highly regarded defense atty in 3 counties and we continue to have to do the investigating and have to remind him he works for us.
    Perhaps in large cities, with police officers too numerous to count, and multiple DA’s, this is not a problem. But for most counties, they all use each other.

    • That’s where you really need the justice system to rely on judges. The judges know the deck is stacked against defendants and should be the vehicle for straightening out that scale. Far too many judges, appear to be more worried about their career than getting justice in the courtroom.

      Nelson’s focus on the administrative issues and the worry about the jury’s time seemed to trump the defendant’s right to a fair trial. I would have loved for her to show that judges will make sure the defendant gets a fair trial. I got the vibe Nelson didn’t like Zimmerman and gave his rights little thought.

      The defense practically begged her to order the state to stop the games with discovery. She refused.

      Even a small little thing, like relaxing his need to call into the Sheriff’s office to report in every other day when the trial started. She wouldn’t do it. The Sherriff knew where GZ was those days and yet the Judge still required him to check in. It was crazy and gave insight into what she thought of George Zimmerman.

  14. Just finished watching the Andrew Branca / William Jacobson lecture that was posted upthread… very good summation of the facts and laws for someone not too familiar with the case.

    I thought Branca’s explanation of SYG towards the end of the discussion was particularly well stated… just on principle and common sense alone, it’s the perpetrator, the rapist, the assailant who should have the legal duty to retreat, not the victim.

    He also explained that it’s far, far too easy to convict an innocent person when a duty to retreat exists because there are always a million different scenarios that prosecutors can come up with in hindsight that just aren’t readily apparent to the victim in a moment and state of panic.

    I was a bit disappointed, however, that Jacobson kept emphasizing that he doesn’t blame Martin’s parents…


        • Bracknell at one point said “we are a small town police department and this guy (GZ) is killing us.” Then his department, Zach Hudson to be precise, keep bringing this idiotic mess up again and again.

          I thought I read somewhere that Shellie said the ipad quit at just the time of the so called domestic violence incident. Why bother spending the money to retrieve any data when it likely wouldn’t reveal anything? It appears to me that some at the LMPD are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

          • “I thought I read somewhere that Shellie said the ipad quit at just the time of the so called domestic violence incident.”

            First time I’ve heard this but very suspicious/convenient if true. If she did say it maybe she has reason to discourage anyone from bothering to look closely at the laptop.

            • On page 8 of 14, Shellie said as she ran to the garage when she heard her dad scream, her ipad shut off and she started it back up again.

              As FroggieLegs pointed out here a few days ago, Shellie gave 3 different stories to 3 different officers.
              Page 8 she tells officer she heard father yelling in garage ran there and saw his glasses on ground and red mark on nose.

              Page 9 she tells another officer her father told her George hit him in face.

              Page 11 with Sims there, she tells yet another officer she saw George strike her father in the face with his hand.

            • Coreshift- Page 8 of the police report, 5th paragraph down.

              “Shellie heard her father yelling and ran to the garage door. Shellie stated that she saw her father’s glasses on the floor and a red mark on his nose. Shellie stated that her recorder shut off at this point, and she started it back up again.”

              Kinda sounds like she borrowed Crump’s recorder, no?

              • I tend to think Shellie did strike George in the back. Perhaps not with the iPad but with her hand. She did appear quite aggressive when he showed up and not at all afraid to circle him while recording.

                He ignored her recording up to that time so why all of a sudden would he want to destroy the recording. Unless of course, he thought she struck him with the device. He may believe she hit him with it but its more likely if she did put hands on him, she shoved him with her hand not the iPad. If the Ipad was recording at that time, it’ll show her reaction.

                I’m not sure the expense justifies the investigation for a misdemeanor charge but if Shellie continues to whip up the court of public opinion, she needs to be dialed back.

                She says George threatened them to come closer while sitting in his truck with a hand on his gun. We saw where the truck was parked and where Shellie and her dad were by the garage. She is not credible and could have gotten someone shot and careers ruined by the excited state she attempted to put the police in upon arrival. They sent 12 police cars for this incident. George was taken from the truck at gun point and handcuffed in the street.

                • Or it could just have been that George got fed up with her walking behind him right on his heels for a half hour or more everywhere with the Ipad up in the air recording everything.

    • I’ve seena youtuber claim that if he met him he would kill him. I’m not sure if that’s legal either. I guess I should report it and let google/yt decide.

    • No, Deb is a GZ supporter. Poor wording there as I assume she means Trayvon deserving it …. not George. She is a regular also at Rumpole’s Random Topics and worked hard to support George. Her words didn’t come out right.

    • Nettles, look again. Deb has the comment in quotes and then says “Sick”.

      Deb is on GZ’s side, and I agree with her reaction to the original poster…. It is extremely sick especially when Traydemak died in the process of committing felony assault.

      • Deb is quoting a tweet CherokeeNative3 made. Deb is a strong GZ supporter. CherokeeNative3 fancies themselves a Trayvon warrior and looks to get justice for Trayvon.

        I’ve edited the tweet to say the commenter is CherokeeNative3 so there will be no further misunderstanding. Deb’s response to the comment is one I agree with “Sick”

          • Sadly, the shooter’s attitude may have been something similar. I feel like ending my life, might as well take out a bunch of (“deserving”) others.
            I also wouldn’t be at all surprised if the FL case and verdict (and aftermath) tipped the scales of whatever was tormenting him.

            • yes and I fear that you could be correct.

              It looks like he had a history of mental illness. His attitude about being disrespected is a very bad sign.
              If he had been following the Zimmerman case and he was outraged then he might indeed have chosen to take out a few polar bears before he died.

              The sad thing is that he never got the appropriate level of help for his mental illness.

  15. The latest shooting spree is terrible. He managed to kill a lot of people, a lot of times it seems like they wound a lot, but only kill a few. I was watching Greta after work, she was showing a montage of in-the-moment clips of happenings throughout the day. All the first clips identifed his gender and his height, but none mentioned his race, until the very last ones. The other thing I noticed is that now people can’t say that all the mass murderers are whites. I guess he’s dead, too, but I haven’t heard yet if it was suicide, or if the cops got him.

  16. Jack Cashill was on blog Talk Radio tonight, on the Andrea Shea King show talking about his book and the work done by the group at the conservative treehouse. Jack’s telephone interview starts at the 31:57 mark. Thanks to the person who emailed me a heads up.


    I hope in the future more and more groups do something similar to help bring the truth out and not a media outlet’s agenda. As we’ve learned even the blog might have an agenda but with the lessons learned, we can get better and better.

    Don’t let the labels stop you from talking with folks from different perspectives and don’t let your differences get in the way of accomplishing a shared goal.

    In this day and age, I believe you have to live a congruent life with what you believe is right and what you do.

    Great job on the book Mr. Cashill and great job at the treehouse on digging for the facts!

    • You were a big part of that fact finding done at the TH for a long time as I recall. And though Jack only mentions the TH, I’m sure that, like many other including myself, he found his way to Diwattaman & then to you.
      I read the transcript of the show & he did a very good job. Seemed to touch on nearly all points.

  17. One of the things ( and there are several) that I still question, is why the 2 lead detectives never testified? I mean, when has there ever been a murder trial when the lead detectives didn’t testify? I still wonder why Gilbreath wasn’t called. When it was apparent the prosecution didn’t call him, I thought the defense surely would. After all, he did state in the bond hearing he had no ebidence.

    • I guess it was the two lead investigators that was the subject of the motion in limine handcuffing the defense from bringing it to the attention of the jury that the prosecution didn’t call the investigators that uncovered the evidence that led Angela Corey to lay charges.

      • I thought of that. Still I wondered why the defense didn’t call Gilbreath. I guess I figured he did so well for them before, I expected them to show how even they had no evidence whatsoever to support the pca, let alone going through with a trial.

        • Actually Imo the answer is simpler, Gilbreath was already on record at the bond hearing, if he testified MOM would be able to cross him on his statements at that time and introduce the transcripts.

  18. Today’s scheduled hearing on SYG laws in Washington postponed. Sybrina Fulton was to testify about a law that wasn’t used in Zimmerman’s case. Yep, that’s right. Wasn’t used because George Zimmerman had no opportunity to retreat but that doesn’t stop those wanting changes to invoke the need for changes into the outcome of the case. It’s beyond bizarre folks.


    • I think the irony is that SYG has been used by some to defend what TM did, and imo is pretty much the only defense imaginable. To clarify situations like what happened and underscore that you do have a duty to retreat/leave if you can and someone is “creeping you out” rather than beating them up, I’m OK with that law being repealed. Let her spend her energy that way. There is only so much she, Tracy, or even Rachel can do publicly without being subjected to stranger’s questions. I wonder if some conservative public servant would have diplomatically challenged her today on the relevance of SYG to her son’s case.
      Now if SYG is repealed, can that retroactively take away GZ’s possible immunity on 2/26/2012?

      • and if in retreat you have to turn your back and RUN, and the person you are running from has a gun, then you take the chance of being shot in the back. The person who shot you will probably go up on charges for shooting you in the back, but little good it does YOU when you are dead.

      • “Now if SYG is repealed, can that retroactively take away GZโ€™s possible immunity on 2/26/2012?”

        I wish I’d seen and answered your question yesterday, which was Constitution Day, but there’s a prohibition in there against ex post facto laws.

    • hmmmm, well could it be part of the narrative (I’m reaching) was that mostly whites do these mass shootings, and now we have a black man doing a mass shooting <<< a back to the drawing board event? IDK

      • If the suicide rate among black men is edging closer to that of white men, then we may be seeing more events like this. He is slightly unusual, I think, because he was hearing voices. That isn’t always the case with mass shooters. Not sure of on the stats, though.

        • There was a study conducted and I will give the link once I find it amongst all my other junk, but the conclusion is that serial or mass killings are lot more prevalent in the black community than it is thought. According to the FBI who conducted part of the study one of the reasons that this is not common knowledge is the difficulty the police encounter in the black community when investigating crimes, which makes it more difficult for them to tie separate crimes together.

          Another reason is that when a pattern is discern it is discounted because of the belief that this phenomena only afflicts white assailants, so in the end when caught if caught they are not labeled as serial or mass killers. Anyhow we have had a few notable mass killings by black assailants like the Atlanta Child murders, the Washington sniper, the Sunday Morning Slasher who is believed to have killed up to 100, and many others.

          The issue is compounded by the PC media reaction to reporting black assailants.

        • like the Ft. Hood shooter, there was enough writing on the wall, and I’m not sure what is going on with Military that they cannot spot and remove people.

      • I agree winsome, I hope Corey gets nailed. If the investigators do a proper investigation they may be looking at more than just Corey hiding the TM phone info. I think Kruidbos also said something about Corey changing the way emails were worded so as to avoid FOIA scrutiny. He may also have info. on other discovery violations in other cases as well. He was fired because he spoke out about the Zimmerman case, but he knows what has been going on in Corey’s office for as long as he’s been there.

        • Can anyone comment on how she managed to go around a grand jury? I assume it’s been done elsewhere, seeing as that didn’t shut the whole case down, but the right to grand jury in due process is in the constitution, is it not? There are going to be many books written about this case, I think. And maybe time is on GZ’s side, because what is an anti-GZ book about the actual case going to contain? How many of those “anti-” books could actually get written?

          • I don’t think defendents have a right to a grand jury investigation before trial, and in many cases sending the case to a grand jury does them no favors.

            There’s an old saying about a prosecutor being able to get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, meaning they usually can get them to do whatever they want done.

            And if you get hauled in front of a grand jury you don’t get to have a lawyer in there with you.

            Of course if the people serving on a grand jury have an independent streak and are inclined to decide for themselves what to look into instead of just going along with whatever the prosecutor wants, things can get very “interesting”, in the “may you live in interesting times” sense of the word.

    • As this mess continues to unravel, I think we’ll see more ritual sacrifices and Corey appears to be the first ‘victim’. Gov. Scott doesn’t want this to taint him anymore than it has already. He should hope that Corey doesn’t have any dirt on him. I can’t see Corey going down without taking as many people with her as possible. Watch out BdlR! Ha. I still want one of the State / TM gang to flip on the rest of the crooks.

    • Isn’t something that 2 people can read the same thing and come up with a different opinion. Reading the comments, you would get the impression that GZ was guilty but got off due to incompetence by the prosecutors and police. When that is not what was quoted, instead people were wondering why the case was being prosecuted at all, it was a clear case of self-defense. Even though the article tries to slant in the direction of guilt it can’t hide that everyone thought the opposite.

        • Ha, isn’t that why George was charged and prosecuted to begin with, mob rule? Bracknell stepped way over the line when he agreed with a Travonite in saying that GZ was the next Sandy Hook. Is there anyone in Fla. that has the guts to stand up to the BGI mobs threats? Appears not.

            • Authorities are starting to realize they created a bigger problem with bringing false charges. In doing so they raised the public’s expectation and gave them the impression that their calls for an arrest were justified.

              When all the while those investigating knew this was a show trial. A trial that would show that George Zimmerman acted in self defense.

              Now a large portion of the public will forever believe GZ got away with murder and will look to make that right just as they did in the Simpson case. Another portion of the public will not trust when prosecutors bring charges in other cases.

              Those who prosecuted the case are now seen as throwing the trial on purpose. No one wins and they would have done the public a service by taking the case to the Grand Jury and telling the public evidence does back up the Sanford police, the killing was justified homicide; a shooting to defend one’s self.

              • Yes Nettles. They should have stuck to the facts and the truth in the beginning. Some would not have agreed or been happy, but the proof was there from the very beginning. Appeasement is no one’s friend.

              • “Another portion of the public will not trust when prosecutors bring charges in other cases.”
                That would be me. Here’s a case in point http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57603062-504083/randall-kerrick-n.c-officer-charged-with-shooting-unarmed-former-florida-a-m-football-player-jonathan-ferrell/
                A white police officer shot an unarmed black man 10 times. They charged the officer after a very brief investigation. Usually these investigations take months. Do you think maybe the example of what happened to Chief Bill Lee had any bearing on Chief Monroe’s decision?

                • skeptik- I don’t know if you remember the story several months ago about the mother who called the police in NJ telling them that her son was very drugged out and armed, and she was worried that he would do something bad. The police found the guy and he took off in a stolen car and crashed it into a brick wall. He got out of the vehicle with the police close by. They tasered him several times and he never was affected by the tasering. When they tackled him he fought back with almost super human strength. Seems that when you are on heavy duty drugs, you are almost unstopable. Rodney King was strung out big time on heavy drugs, and when the police tried to capture him, he also fought back against several police officers. Then of course we know what happened with that case. The police were accused of excessive police force. I honestly don’t believe that many know what actually happens with some potent drugs. And the police are often accused of excessive police force, especially against blacks, and the police officers are often punished for what they have to do to subdue the drugged out criminals. Man I wish the full tox report was revealed in the TM case. THen again, the SPD likely never tested for what are considered designer drugs which drank would have been a part of. I doubt the defense could have afforded to pay for that additional testing.

                  • Yeah, Rodney King was on angel dust as I recall. The thing is, they have charged this officer with manslaughter before even seeing a toxicology test. Why so fast? What are they afraid of? Ferrell told his mother earlier that day that he was going out that night. Then he drives his car into a tree at 2:30 am. I would think they could wait for a tox report. There were three officers on scene. One of the other officers tried to stop him with a tazer, so he must have thought he was a threat. I’m thinking Chief Monroe heard footsteps. Sharpton and Jackson’s footsteps.

  19. Hmmm maybe its not a bad thing after all that the sanctions thing hasn’t been taken care of yet. Possible that the investigation stuff will give more fuel to fry BDLR and CREW (but who knows with Judge Nelson)

    • Stutzman is still being typical Stutzman. She won’t let up on the slam George meme, even though he was acquitted.

      Last week, I think it was Mimi that saw the email address of the guy who sent the email to Bracknell, she said she looked it up and it belonged to someone of a different name in CA. Interesting that Stutzman also says that the angry email came from someone on the West Coast. I am still curious if the guy on the West Aoast has something to do with the Crump affiliated attorney who started the Dream Defenders, and who is located in CA. somewhere.

      SZ didn’t see what was supposedly the battery against her father by George. She heard him yelling and ran to the garage door, and right then, her ipad quit, and then she started it up again. Did the ipad quit, or did she do a Crump and turn it off to not capture what she may not have wanted recorded? That is just way to convenient for me to accept. What else could they possible see on the video other than SZ recording GZ taking pictures of the stuff she was leaving with that was not on the list of what she was to take? I’m sure there was an agreed upon list of who was to get what. The only thing the video can prove is that Shellie was taking items that she was not supposed to. It could backfire on her.

  20. The facebook group who discussed the GZ case since October 2012 has wrapped up and moved on to a new page to discuss topics beyond the courtroom.

    The new link is provided on the sidebar.

    Carole and Mike, thank you so much for giving me a place to discuss the case with like minded people. You and the adminstrators did an awesome job of keeping people to the facts and throwing in your sense of humor. I loved hanging out with you all.

    Best of luck moving forward. โ™ฅ

  21. I agree with ArtTart’s comment on this thread Boricuafudd. You have an awesome ability to find a common link in a number of different cases. It shines the spotlight brightly on the issue. The media’s agenda drives the coverage.

    Jon Stewart did a piece last night skewering CNN for their reporting on speculation and rumor. It’s so sloppy. The Zimmerman case highlighted how much that was originally reported turned out to be flat wrong. The media saw John Good’s interview and purposefully ignored it to run their racial narrative. Look for ways the media looks to divide us and don’t let them away with it.

    • Just want to throw this out there…

      Whether or not Shepard and Byrd may have been somewhat acquainted with their killers… it doesn’t negate the fact that their murders were particularly brutal and inhumane, nor does it eliminate the possibility that race and orientation played some part in ~why~ their murders were particularly brutal and inhumane.

      One had his skull fractured in numerous places and was beaten into a coma before being tied to a fence in a field and left there to die, the other was dragged behind a truck alive and conscious until his head ripped off… our criminal justice system absolutely needs to recognize these crimes as being more heinous than your average murder. Maybe ‘hate crime’ isn’t exactly the best way to label them, but for the life of me I don’t get why some folks are so bent out of shape over what the sentencing enhancements are called so long as we make sure these people never walk the streets again.

      And in Shepard’s case, it was the killers who claimed that his orientation was the motivation for their torturing and killing him. Even supposing they were lying their arses off, it’s incredibly disturbing that the defense would even think that the court would view the victim’s being gay as a mitigating factor. It’s reminiscent of Rachel Jeantel grinning ear-to-ear as she explained how Trayvon was putting the whoop ass on a pervert, and then John Guy picking up that ball and running with it when he described George as every child’s worst fear.

      • My problem with any crime being called a “hate crime” is that it makes a distinction for certain groups because of perceived prejudice against that group – gay, black whatever. I think the Zimmerman case is a perfect example. Here we have George Zimmerman still being investigated by the DOJ. Why? Because of race entering to the equation (unfairly as it turned out). But many still believe George “hunted down Trayvon like a dog” because he was black, and that equals hate crime. No matter that George was found not guilty of murder – that should have ended the persecution of an innocent man, but it didn’t. IMO a crime, is a crime, is a crime. If the accused is found guilty of a brutal and sadistic murder as in the Shepard and Byrd cases, throw the book at them. Labeling a crime as a hate crime is not a necessary part of our justice system. JMHO.

        • I understand the logic, but as a hate crime victim, the motivation mattered to me and my perpetrator. I do think that the label is abused and that hate crimes by blacks are glossed over and denied.

          I watched and read the interview with Shepard’s killer after he was sentenced. He admitted the murder was committed during a meth rage during a psychotic three day meth binge. He said he was not homophobic but an old meth using friend of Shephard who had a beef with him over past money issues.

          George did not commit a crime, he defended himself. The crime that continues is against us taxpayes by the politicians exploiting this incident.

          • Cassandra, I can certainly understand your feelings as a hate crime victim. Sincerely hope you were able to get some help from law enforcement or thru court action. Agree what the politicians are doing with Zimmerman case is a real crime.

      • Nivico- I think you missed the point, regarding Shepard and Zimmerman that I was bringing up. In Shepard’s case particularly even before he was found his friends were saying that something may have happened because he was gay. Just as Serino was asking GZ if race had something to do with how he acted.

        You are right the “homophobic rage” was used by the perpetrators and it is sick to think that their lawyers thought this would get them off or serve as a mitigating factor. But, that as in Zimmerman’s case the media ignore aspects of the case to make Homophobia the culprit, like they did with Zimmerman attempting to make it about race. The family knew that one of his assailants was Shepard’s part-time lover and that he was dealing in meth but with the Media’s assistance kept the pretense that the crime was about something it was not, much like the Martins are doing with Trayvon.

        So instead of an attack driven by homophobic rage, you have an attack driven by greed and drugs. Or in Zimmerman’s case instead of racist vigilante hunting down a black child you have a pudgy hispanic defending himself from a vicious attack, both of those scenarios are too common and do not rate the media’s attention as they don’t fit the Narrative.

    • The City Manager, who had been fired from his previous job in another state, was personally selected by the City Manager. The current police chief is black. Not trying to be racist here Nettles, but they do look out for their own. Didn’t Eric Holder say he was “looking out for his own people.”

      Going back several weeks ago, on talk radio a black police officer called in to say that when he arrests blacks, they get even more furious and violent with him because they expect special treatment That officer said that he is not going to treat anyone unequally. I think he is a very rare black officer.

    • As far as I know, the media is no longer LEGALLY accountable to anyone about what they say or do. Libel, defamation? I doubt it in today’s environment. Even cable TV may get a pass. Fox, in a sense, was allowed to “lie” in their court case.

      Insofar as the NBC suit, I do not expect much there more than an out of court settlement. Nothing will be written into law about what is NOW or EVER WILL BE acceptable in reporting.

      • Let me try an abbreviated reply again that I screwed up.

        Here is where I draw the line. I believe that anyone who is found to be not guilty of any crime with which they are charged should be fully reimbursed for the entire cost of their defense.. lawyers fees, expert witnesses and everything else that the state can freely spend. Why should the state have an open bank account to spend whatever they wish? How can that possibly be fair. To say our system is “fair” is a damned lie and we all know it. I will leave race out of it for this post but we all know that blacks are not treated the same as white people.

        If the state is going to charge someone with a crime as serious as murder, then they damn well should be 100 percent positive that they can prove it beyond reasonable doubt and, if not, the consequences to them should be swift and substantial even as much them facing the same penalties as the innocent defendant. Don’t you think that would prevent some of these absurd murder charges only to get reduced plea?

        If the defendant should not be reimbursed, please tell me specifically why he or she should not. How should they be compensated to put them back into the same position they had before the event happened, especially financially.. never mind socially? I am really interested to hear responses to this.

        I noticed the cost of Jodi Arias defense is now over 1.5 million and the state will pay for all of it. While that may sound absurd to some, would you think the same of an innocent man like George? Think about that, please.

        My research thus far, indicates that none of the states are consistent about who pays for a defense in murder cases.

        It is absolutely true that the rich have a much better chance in court than the poor. As a result, many innocent poor folks are spending their lives in prison. I suspect some of them have been executed. How can we realistically claim that we have the best judicial system in the world? Even the Brady rulings that allows the state to withhold exculpatory evidence disproves that.

        Back to the topic:

        Yes, George should receive every penny that was spent on his defense, and although I doubt it is possible, the state owes him a lot more than that.

        Prosecutorial immunity? That is absurd.

        I have not been able to post much lately but this touched a nerve. Hello to all of my friends who have supported me and all of the new people I see here. This is the best blog on the www, if you want to know the truth.

  22. The reporter who told Sundance to take down his picture of Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan, tweeted he has resigned from BreitbartNews.com

    Stranahan was sticking up for Ryan Julison when he decided to take on the Treehouse and Sundance.

    • This seems weird to me after we were told the low probability of retrieving info from the ipad… Maybe the police in Lake Mary are just covering their butts because of a lot of backlash from all sides. Secret Service working on it… sounds pretty ominous!

  23. Now I am gonna puke. I opened up today’s online local news site and glanced at a story about an upcoming “ideas conference”, and lo and behold there is some exploitative black genius who is using the Trayvon incident as a catch for his program.


    …..Meanwhile, Priforce will be talking about the power and limits of technology for bringing change to disadvantaged communities. The provocative subject of Priforceโ€™s presentation? โ€œWould an app have saved Trayvon Martin?โ€”

    • I would be truly shocked if the CTH gets any info. from Corey’s office that shines any lights on anything we don’t already know. They are not going to hand over any incriminating documents, and Sundance admitted that by saying that they are known to lie.

      • You are probably correct, pinecone, but at least someone is trying and the attempt is getting enough publicity that others surely must know there must be something to all of this. Can Corey hide forever? Maybe, IDK.

        By now, don’t you believe that most citizens of our State know this woman is corrupt and has much more power than should ever be accorded to her?

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