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  1. In the prior thread I shared that I don’t speak well due to the toll mouth cancer has taken. I used to have a really nice “telephone” voice. I got compliments on it all the time.

    Now I don’t speak as clear but I still do speak out. This picture was taken of my sister’s television screen last year, when I appeared on local TV, in support of the Knights Table, a soup kitchen and food bank in the area. I was appealing for donations at Thanksgiving time, October 2012.


    My sister got great joy out of the caption that “my face” was the face of poverty. She posted it on facebook and my family (who is huge) had great fun teasing me about it. They all thought I was doing so well…rofl.

    While having cancer isn’t the greatest thing in the world, I took advantage of it when I had it. I shamelessly used it to get the last dessert given to me, a cup of tea made for me, an excuse to get out of the dishes. I joked with my surgeon that I needed to lose 20lbs and if he could find a tumor of 15lbs. I promised to work on the rest. It turns out my tumors were only ozs.

    I joke that I’m trying to teach my arm how to be a tongue. My cousin wondered why the doctors didn’t use my foot, as I’m always putting it in my mouth. 🙂 (She’s no longer my favorite).

    I share this with you not to get pity but to get to know each other a little better. Whatever comes next week, I’ll deal with it. Thanks to everyone for sending positive vibes my way. ♥

  2. I checked my email. Still nothing from Don West or Robert Jr. I get Robert Jr. will likely have to inquire with George to get me an answer but why hasn’t Mr. West replied? Didn’t he read on the internet that we worked closely? Come on Mr. West…..talk to me. 🙂

    Something struck me today as I re-read Kelly Sims comments to the press (namely TMZ) a few days ago. George can’t be located so he can’t serve the papers.

    Shellie filed for divorce on Sept. 6th 5th. She knew where George was living. Why didn’t Sims serve him with the papers on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th? It was Sept. 9th of the domestic dispute. Now Sims cries foul that he can’t find George.

    Something is afoot!

        • Shellie is clueless and probably just wants to take GZ for anything he’s worth, especially in the future.

          Kelly has to follow a long process. He should stop being a wimp and complaining. If you have no address, you serve the last address. Any attorney has access to current addresses, unless someone has no credit cards, no electric, no gas and pays everything in cash. Even then, an attorney (or creditor) has access to all family members.

          Kelly can ask the court to serve george by newspaper, if all else fails.

              • It’s a famous photo of Hillary Clinton speaking to the crowds during primaries 2008 and it’s raining and she doesn’t let it bother her.

                The rest of it is just my name backwards. I just added the “1” because once when I started going to a new wordpress blog, it said someone was already using my name (me!) so I added the “1” lol

                There is someone I saw at CTH this year a couple of times, and she capitalizes the “L”. That’s some other person.

                  • Nope, that’s the other person – capital “L”, plus no Hillary avatar. I posted maybe 10-12 times over maybe a month or two (I lurked mostly), but I was never let out of moderation, so I got tired of that and gave up. I suspect my Hillary avatar is what put me into permanent moderation lol

                    • I think I said that wrong – my comments eventually posted, but they always went straight to moderation first – I was never considered a “trustworthy” poster I guess. I never said anything inappropriate, that’s why I figure it’s the avatar.

                    • Not sure if tongue in cheek or serious, but I thought the thread about staying away from Democrats was down right tacky. I have a feeling it was serious. I tend to be more of Republican and Conservative values, but I would never not be around someone because of their political thoughts. That in my opinion is OFF the CHain. and not very Christian like. but no body asked me 🙂 http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/09/24/want-a-better-life-avoid-democrats-and-liberals/

                    • I didn’t read it, but I saw the title. I’m not surprised. He strikes me as having a very black and white, rigid worldview -and everything is a generalization – really? avoid EVERY democrat?????. So if a republican has a democrat in their family, they have to sever the familial bonds? lol It’s always “us against them”, and never two sides with different ideas. One sidewalks with god, and one side llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllljjlllllllllllllllllllllllll

    • Would his address become public due to the Sunshine Law? I mean getting served. Not sure what all they put in the Div paperwork in FL. I think here in my state they put address lol I know they USE to put SS# in them. Not sure on that anymore either. Sims is seeking his 15 mins IMHO. And I hate wishing stuff other than good and positive things on people. But IMHO I hope Karma bites him in butt, for some of his outlandish actions…

      • I haven’t a clue where to find George but I bet I could get something to him if I wanted to. I can think of a few ways actually.

        Sims is playing games and I don’t like it.

        I just heard back from Robert Jr. They have no idea who Rick Madigan is.

        • I agree about Sims. And I have a feeling he is gonna make it worse for both of them. Heck he might be her attny, but he can just walk on with his life after all said and done,

          On Rick Mad again lol I found it odd, what I read the couple house this morning, some of the comments, the words and stuff he capitalized seemed the same as SD. I don’t know enough about him, just going back reading now, I find it odd who the Admins were that commented when he was commented also as well as SD. I also wonder if SD really writes all the articles his name is on. Why did he start going by just Sundance and dropped the Cracker? I also don’t get why he is coming HERE saying things yet doesn’t say that on his blog, where people who have followed his blog would know. Also why the heck put it on his blog then fuss about people tipping off the SAO?

      • I heard Mr. O’Mara at the presser on Sept. 9th say George was living there and that day was suppose to be his day to move out.

        The police said they knew that was the Zimmerman home when they got the call. They had known he was living there the entire time (and it looks like the Chief didn’t like it).

        Why was George the one who needed to give permission to police to take the surveillance video? Because he was the tenant. that’s why.

        According to the police report, when they got back to the station and found the video wasn’t copied properly, they had to contact O’Mara again to get George’s permission to come back and take a 2nd copy. Which was arranged.

    • It would seem to me that George would have been served with the divorce papers on the same day that Simms filed the paperwork with the court. Wouldn’t that be a requirement? Simms has been know to lie before and he very well may be saying what he is just to get George’s name back in the news negatively. After the domestic dispute thingy incited by Shellie and Simms, if I were George I would be hiding out so they didn’t know where I was either. If they don’t know where he is, they can’t ever again say he was mean to Shellie, or that he punched her father. I hope George is in some far away state.

  3. Wow, Nettles you are an inspiration, don’t stop and be well. As to what we can do, as much as we can in the manner that we can. Most of us don’t see our lives as anything but ordinary and because of this we miss all the good we do. Sometimes just saying a simple thank you to someone, or giving directions to the lost makes profound difference. I don’t know how much it helps when I write a post here or in my blog, but I hope that I raise awareness and make people think and perhaps one of those would be in a better position to do something I am not. All because of it.

    • Thanks Boricuafudd. Your personal insight has been a huge help in understanding a different perspective. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Your experiences in a mixed marriage and the challenges that has come from that has helped me see and reflect on thoughts and ideas I wouldn’t have considered. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insight with the rest of us. I look forward to more of your writing and thoughts.

  4. As I said, the nearest I can tell, the settlement between the HOA and the Trayvon Foundation appears to have occurred sometime in November 2012. That was when the insurance company dropped their complaint against Sybrina and the HOA association. It is presumed to be because another payer was found. For reasons known only to Crump, he filed the redacted settlement with the court on April 4, 2013 alerting us all there had been a settlement.

    On June 16th, Sundance read Robert Sr’s book and reacted to the control freak comment Mr. O’Mara is said to have attributed to himself. Sundance writes this in the thread

    “It was only, and not accidentally immediately, AFTER ‘control freak’ O’Mara publicly stated he would not seek an immunity hearing the insurance carrier for the Retreat at Twin Lakes settled for an extortion amount of almost $2 million.”


    That is not accurate. Again, Sundance is thinking the settlement occurred sometime in February 2013 by the looks of this statement. Even if it was settled in Feb. 2013, the statement is inaccurate that a settlement occured right after the announcement was made about not seeking an immunity hearing.

    Mr. O’Mara told the court, and freaked out BDLR that he wasn’t going to need the time for an immunity hearing on March 6, 2013.

    • There is one aspect of the immunity issue, that SD seems to miss. Even had GZ and MOM followed through with the immunity hearing and won, it does not extend to anyone but GZ. Not knowing the reason the suit was settled means that we don’t know how much the criminal proceeding affected the decision to settle. I mean we don’t even know the ground under which the suit was filed, we know was wrongful death but what was the argument that was used by the Scheme Team.

      The HOA might still have been found culpable regardless of GZ’s acquittal.

      • First of all, what GZ did was simple self-defense and therefore SYG, on the factual level, was inapplicable.

        But beyond that, going the SYG route was an opening to an unecessary avenue to an uncertain conclusion (remember Judge Nelson?) Going SYG is something that I could criticized MOM on had he gone that way.

        • Your absolutely right, specially since GZ stills retains the ability to gain immunity if the Scheme Team decides to file. But immunity did not protect anyone but GZ, and it could have exposed him needlessly.

    • At some point after February 26, 2012, the HOA changed insurance carriers.

      Sybrina filed against the new one instead of the old one.

      The new one sought a court ruling that they were not liable for any HOA liabilities from the time before their coverage began.

  5. School official tells students Trayvon Martin case proved it is ‘legal to hunt’ children
    By Maxim Lott /
    Published September 25, 2013

    “An email sent to students by a University of Maryland official that cites the Trayvon Martin shooting as evidence “it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida” is being blasted as the latest evidence of a left-wing bias on campus.

    The email, from William Dorland, director of the school’s Honors College, starts by welcoming students back to campus, but then quickly veers into politics.”


    • As a scientist which is his field of teaching he should know the dangers of mixing volatile chemicals. He says he is stirring the pot to gain interest in the former NAACP’s president Julian Bond, visit, but I see it as another so called intellectual that has accepted a version of facts without bothering to check them out, some scientist.

  6. Nettles I am so sad reading about your illness and related hurdles, even knowing how strong and capable you are.

    It makes me all the more ashamed that I am afraid to stand up using my real name. My first thought on “what to do” was to encourage people to let NBC know that as long as Al Sharpton had a show they would try to limit their viewing of both NBC networks – a sort of soft boycott. And similarly contacting businesses advertizing during his show. But I started worrying ab using my name again.
    But I will send something in some form. Anybody interested?

    • Sad Lib, I think we should all tell the networks what we think of their programs, hosts, topics, mistakes. I regularly tell them what I think of their stinking programs and false reporting. Maybe it does no good, but it makes me feel better.

        • I learned from the Zimmerman case that I cannot trust NBC to give me accurate and truthful news, even for things as simple as quoting the contents of a recorded phone call.

          Because of the ongoing spectacle involving Shellie Zimmerman, I have decided to reduce my NBC viewing to only Dateline (which I do not consume as “truthful news”). I am encouraging others to do so as well.

          If NBC continues on the track it’s on now, I may swear off of your network altogether.

          I encourage all of you at NBC to go out in pursuit of some adult dignity, instead of the scoops you seem to be getting out of litterboxes.

    • I agree Ottawa, this person needs to be fired. Again, another prime example of someone sticking his political agenda in to rile the students up. Being from a school, he must be held to the standard of riling them up with facts not emotion.

      • One positive byproduct of this stupid kind of talk might be better supervised and more circumspect teenagers in Fla. Who respect their elder’s weapons if not their elders.

        • That’s what is so sad about this. That message is not getting through. Trayvon was shot because GZ had trouble with the color of his skin so the story goes. The kids are victims.

          If they decide to assault someone and put them in fear of great bodily injury, they should not even think they deserve to die as a result. If they do, the person they assaulted should be charged and convicted for murder. If that doesn’t happened, justice failed the aggressor.

    • Ottawa- This is what gets me about his statement quoting the article

      “I think it’s stirring the pot,” Dorland said about his email. “I think, factually, the sentence — it may be strained and polemic or something — but it is roughly at least what many people would say was the outcome of the verdict [of the Trayvon Martin case]. I’m not going to avow or disavow the position because it doesn’t really matter what I think.”

      he does not even believe it, or has the conviction to defend that statement other than to say some may believe it and I won’t say if they right or wrong. It all just rhetoric and hyperbole. The excuse that it is to begin a discussion about difficult subjects is an overused way to say derogatory things without regard to the consequences and appear enlightened and get away with it. After all they don’t really believe that all, it is all to start a conversation.

  7. Next on the to do list:

    Beg diwataman to throw himself into videotape analysis if that ipad thing becomes a thing.

    Ask realbillreal to make videos on more topics, because his are unique and fascinating. Part 2 is try to persuade him the trial was not a psy ops hoax, and that the players are real.

    Find ways top make “first contact” with others who were against the verdict, just to establish some understanding of where the difference comes from. One I thought of is “do you believe it was Trayvon’s voice on the 911 tape? That is probably the first thing to find out. But other responses might bear fruit. I could use a deflection response too so that I can avoid the topic if I think it’s best.

  8. Nettles,
    I had no clue of your medical struggles. My Mom had fought thyroid cancer @ 13. The radiation therapy had burned her neck, affected tissues, and arteries. Having the reminder every day of the struggles and effects even long after treatment and surgery to fight cancer did not seem to disrupt her dreams. You seem to have the same will my Mom had! You have my thoughts and prayers. I know you have and will continue to stay strong! Stay positive!

    • Thanks Danny. I figured it was safe to reveal some personal information now that the creep, Rick Madigan has left the stage. I don’t forget that he reminded you of your mom’s death at a time you were grieving her loss.

      I have a huge supportive family and sense of humor. All the prayers and positive thoughts from others helps a lot. Thanks so much. I will stay positive.

      • I revealed a lot that I was going through at that time. I do not regret it. It helped me. I initally took personally what RM said about my Mom because he obviously had no clue the amount of time my Mother suffered and her passing was a decision SHE made to no longer have any more medical interventions.
        Even though I was prepared it happened very quickly and some of my family had a harder time with it and it caused friction I avoided so I could just grieve and find a new routine. Being a care taker life changes drastically after someone passes even if you anticipate it. You have to find yourself again after many years of life surrounding that persons illnesses. Feeling sorry for myself would not have been something my Mom would have wanted. It was just very revealing that he would have the audacity to tell me how and when I should move fwd.

        I am so glad you have such a light hearted supportive family. It does make a difference when each family member brings a part to give a push at times when things are both good and bad. We both seem blessed to have people like this in our lives.

        • Without a word of a lie, I think it’s the family and friends of the person with cancer who has the greatest weight to carry. My parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, aunt, uncles, cousins, put their lives on hold in taking care of my needs. I so took advantage of it (in a good-natured way), they soon learned to tell me to get up off my butt and do the dishes! The cancer was in my mouth, not my hands!!

          No one will be praying harder for a good result next week than those really close to me. If I get a good result, they can continue to focus on their lives. If not, well, they are screwed. 🙂

          My most extensive operation was in September 2005. I’ve been cancer-free for 8 years. The cancer seems to develop between 5 and 7 years so I admit to being a little anxious about the check-up next week.

          I get the easy part. My 2005 operation took 9 hours and over 40 medical people attending to me. I slept through the whole thing, while my family fretted and worried sick out in the waiting room. My siblings are parents and had to juggle my needs with getting their kids attended to and concentrate on earning a living. I got full sick pay benefits and the attention of whoever I asked for it.

          The day before my operation, we had a funeral for my mom’s brother. I gave his eulogy and got applause after delivering it. Not because what I said was so profound but because they all watched me knowing I was having this operation the next day and they wondered if I would ever speak again. Thanks to so many wonderful doctors and nurses, I was talking 3 days after the operation.

          I lost my dad in 2007. Everyone else will be praying very hard that I get a good result next week.

          • I really am proud of you Nettie! I know it is not easy. I am sure your family has no qualms about being there for you. If anything they need it as much as you. The last two months as we struggled with diagnosis after diagnosis nothing good at all, we still remained positive and the focus became comfort. My Mom had very little choice because the cancer happened many years ago so the damage was irreversable. Today medicine is so much better and less invasive, but no less mentally taxing and we live with the fear of its return or the risks of procedures. It is taxing on everyone. It is always like waiting for the ball to drop. But on a good note I feel that these struggles teach us to never anything for granted.

        • I see nothing wrong with revealing medical issues on a blog. I have had my share and live in constant severe pain so I am always looking for solutions to pain that are unknown to doctors.

          My sister put up a CaringBridge site for my 85 year old Mom, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. People I do not even know, go there, express their thoughts. and share their experiences, strengths and hopes. My sister reads them to my Mom every day. She loves that.

          Nettles will get an extra dose of prayer by making her condition public. I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I find it good to keep a prayer list of my desktop so that I can pray anytime that I think of someone. Remember the two magic words: Please and Thanks.

    • Danny,

      I send you a cyber-hug, re the death of your mother. I know what it is like to lose loved ones to cancer. For me, it was my sister who passed away as a result of primary bone cancer. There are plenty of others I have known who have passed away as a result of cancer.

      • There is so much more and I am so blessed you know. Rick talks about hate in my heart but let me tell you I spent 3 decades fighting and we lost! I would have traveled the world…. Millions of us would!

        • Danny,

          I simply know too many people who have died as a result of cancer. First there was Betty my sister’s MIL who died from stomach cancer, then my own MIL who died from breast cancer, there have been many friends, as well as my American uncle who died from a variety of cancers. My cousin and a very dear friend died from kidney cancer (my friend had secondary bone cancer), and my other sister had primary bone cancer. A little 3 year old had a brain tumor known as glioma. An elderly friend had pancreatic cancer……. and the list goes on.

          My heart aches for you because of what you have been through as you watched your own mother die as a result of cancer.

      • How can SZ still press charges against George when she has admitted to everyone she never saw a gun. She also never saw any altercation between her father and George as she herself stated that she heard her father yelling, and then ran to the garage door and saw his glasses on the floor and a red mark on his nose. The police already have taken statements from the witnesses, and it was reported that the police were looking at the fact that her claims on the 911 call did not match any of the statements or evidence they accumulated when they got there. Sure, I guess anyone can press charges if they want but, what chance does Shellie have of winning the DV argument. She should have been found in violation of her probation.

      • WTF!!!

        I’ve lost 40 pounds! And I think my husband might be a murderer!

        Is she sitting on some sort of private confession he made to her?
        How much does NBC suck???

    • Simms is the type of Attorney SD was attempting to make MOM look like.
      Shellie needs to just shut her trap. I really do not care about her personal life!

      • Danny when Robert Zimmerman was getting on tv and twitter speaking in defense of George, no one told him to “shut his trap, we don’t really care about GZ’s personal life!”. Why is it when her life is turned upside down she has to shut up? She may not receive sympathy for doing these interviews, but she definitely has every right Robert Z has for speaking publicly. I think people are so caught up in going after the BGI that they are willing to treat Shellie as less human than George.

        • rejoicenhim –

          The fact that someone doesn’t care to hear what someone else has to say does not necessarily equate with trying to restrict someone’s/(everyone’s) right to speak publicly.

          Shellie is no less human than George. There is much that we do not know, which allows for the wide range of speculation and reaction.

          • Hooson, I wasn’t able to respond to your comment below, so I’ll reply here.

            “rejoicenhim –

            Of course, she has that right. Who is saying that she doesn’t have the right?”

            I’m speaking of the sentiment that she’s evil for doing so.

        • I’m sorry to contradict you, but plenty of people (in other places) told RZJr to shut up and many said a LOT worse. If the tables were turned and SZ had defended her life, gone thru a ridiculous trial, been slandered and reviled all over the world, and then GZ were trashing her on TV… I tell him to shut up too 😦

          • A lot of irrational people who put their own agenda before truth, who wanted to see TM as an “angel” and a “child” were telling RZ to shut up, while GZ supporters were saying they stood for truth. I’m not speaking about TM supporters here, I’m talking about people who now seem to be demonizing one person while treating the other like an angel all for the sake of an agenda.

                • I am not speaking about the domestic situation. I am now speaking about this new interview. Also, I think many are aware I was not fond of RZjr. being a self professed GZ spoksmen. I was very critical of some of his decisons including interviews. Ask anyone here.
                  Bashing a man you stayed with through this mess wins her no brownie points. In fact it really really makes me wonder why she feels this is her best foot fwd. I do support her moving fwd. What I do not support is how she is doing it.

                  • It may or may not be in her best interest, however considering the pure hell she’s been through of no fault of her own, since Feb 2012, George’s decision to split immediately after his acquittal and depending on how financially pressed she is, she has every right to do these interviews. She doesn’t harm George AT ALL, George harms George, but if she is able to receive some income, she has that right to tell her story.

                    • I completely disagree with “she doesn’t harm George… George harms George.”

                      What she is doing is announcing publicly to a nation of drooling, medieval peasants and Spanish Inquisitors that “I don’t know now, from the cruel way he dumped me, I think maybe he is indeed a witch and secret Jew!”

                      This appears to be an extended scorned-woman tantrum. From her side of the story, GZ has done something awful to her, and I can completely understand her saying “I have no idea what he is capable of” in that 911 call once he shocked her with new callous behaviors she hadn’t seen before.

                      But to tie it to the events of 2/26/12? Doesn’t she know the facts of the case? What exactly is she suggesting happened?

                      This is like the worst of reality TV. Shellie, are we all chumps and fools standing up to th

                    • (sorry, continuing…)

                      for standing up for this person who did something evil? How did he and the evidence fool us?
                      I didn’t think this could get any freakier.

                    • Well its a lot easier to sit and wonder “who a person really is” when it’s not YOUR father being hit and not YOU being told “step closer”.

                      George and only George is responsible for his behaviour

                    • sad lib, Shellie said “she was CONFLICTED, but believed the evidence”, “George did not profile Trayvon Marting”, “if the guy was White, it would’ve had the same ending”. You’re the one judging her statements and I’m telling you, it’s easy to say what you’re saying when it’s not your father being assaulted and you being threatened. I don’t understand your question.

                    • rejoice, I was asking if you had experienced your father being assaulted and being told to “step closer”, but I can retract that question.
                      “believe the evidence” could simply mean “believe the evidence presented at trial”, which doesn’t say alot. I just don’t understand the point of appearing on national television to say even that she is conficted. She is saying she thinks he might have been guilty. Of something related to the case.

                      Do you know the details of the DV incident? It appeared to some that GZ was deliberately set up to blow his stack. And that it isn’t clear exactly what happened.

                    • I don’t know the details of the DV incident other than what’s been stated by Shellie and O’Mara. I do believe she was saying “I believe the evidence presented at trial”

                    • OK, so she could be saying she doesn’t dispute the evidence at trial, or even just the admitted evidence. That leaves a whole lot of room for “but I think he did it” or “but I know stuff about the incident that others don’t” or any number of things. If she didn’t mean those things it was extremely irresponsible to open this up, given the death threats, the pending lawsuit, and the serious accusation itself
                      The DV incident — and calling it DV is a stretch and an insult to people who have experienced the real stuff — my perhaps incorrect understanding is that SZ was not supposed to be at the house that day, GZ was, he needed to get his stuff, she kept him waiting half a day after he allowed her to come ann additional day to pack up, and once he got there, she proceeded to follow him with her video recording ipad. Already apparently believing he was carrying on an affair with his ex.
                      I know he alleges that the father in law charged him, and one would think the body guard could support or dispute that.

                      I just don’t know what she is doing out there on national TV with this.
                      If she knows “stuff”, she should do the right thing and tell the people who need to know.(murder/manlaughter).

                    • I believe she is being honest about her feelings, when she implies she doesn’t know what he’s capable of, and states she’s conflicted because of what she personally has experienced with him.

                      George seems to be all about George, and that’s all good according to some…. however it seems it’s expected that Shellie should suffer silently (maybe on welfare) because it’s all about George. If she needs immediate income, sharing her story is something that’s within her rights. No, she won’t get sympathy from blind TM or GZ supporters, but they don’t put food on her table.

                    • rejoice, it’s just that it’s shocking to think that this is the only way she CAN put food on the table.
                      I agree with you completely on her saying she doesn’t know what he’s capable of. It’s a reasonable mindset and reasonable for her to say — I said this earlier in our conversation.
                      But the fact that this terrible situation and experience (the charges, the trial, the life in hiding and fear of being assassinated) would drive anyone to a nervous breakdown and change them. And now less scrupulous people are going to claim his unraveling vindicates their previous condemnation of him.


                    • thanks for your patience in responding to me. I keep getting the feeling that you are close to some of the parties involved. I hope everything works out for everyone. My wish is/would be that it could happen without the involvement of the vultures in network media and without further racial/social/political discord in general.

                    • Oh no…. lol. I became interested in this case in ’12 and used to follow the case at CTH. I don’t know any of them personally, however the speculation about Shellie has been unfair in my opinion. I’ve been reading these comments here about Shellie for a few weeks and today decided to express mine. I think in time both Shellie and George will be able to go back to maybe working somewhere, but for now it doesn’t seem to be safe.

                    • Why are you interested in the GZ case? Do you identify with George and his struggle against all the lies printed about him and the charges brought against him for political reasons?

                      Or do you identify with the loss of Trayvon and look to stick it to George whenever you can?

                      I’ve spent some time reading your comments at the CTH today. It got pretty heated.

                      Have you lost a son?

                    • Nettles, I sent you an email during the end of the trial introducing myself, telling you of my frustrations with the railroading GZ was receiving and why I left the CTH and haven’t commented since then and now you ask me “what is your interest in the case?”. If you would like, I could go to Bori’s blog and find my comments and copy them here if you’d like for me to explain myself again. Also, what do you mean have I lost a son?

                    • I’ll have to look that email up. I don’t remember it but I keep everything.

                      What I mean by have you lost a son, I mean did your son die? I may have you mixed up with someone else. No harm in asking.

                      As to all this stuff on Shellie, I don’t get why you have deemed George guilty in all that went down. Reading the police report, all 4 of them (GZ, SZ, DD, Wes) say Wes had to hold Dean back from attacking George. Wes said he caused the mark on Dean’s nose in trying to keep him back and from where that truck was parked, there is no way Shellie saw his hand on the gun and saying step closer.

                      Shellie said she’s been supportive of GZ since the shooting but has she? Who decided to tell everyone about the money just a few days after the hearing? Shellie? or George? Is George upset with Shellie’s decision to not be honest with the court? Does he hold her responsible for putting him back in jail and losing $100K to a bondsman?

                      Why did they decide to be upfront about the money a few days after bond when they weren’t prepared to at the bond hearing? They weren’t under threat of being found out. Was George freaked that the hearing went the way it did? Was it him who made it public when he got out and found out what was going on? Does he hold it against Shellie? It’s quite probable.

                      Why did they argue the night before the shooting? Does Shellie have a habit of accusing him of having affairs? Is he/does he have them?

                      Not sure why you are so sure Shellie is totally right in this.

                      She will end up with both sides anger if she keeps talking. I have no doubt.

                    • another thing that puzzles me about your comment Nettles, I’ve been HERE during the trial commenting and even cried for joy when the verdict was read… so again I don’t understand your questions

                    • Please bare with me. I’m trying to piece this together. I may get things wrong. If I do simply correct me. No need to get defensive or copy and paste comments from somewhere else.

                      You first posted here on July 10th. The verdict came in on July 13th. I do see you got into a heated discussion at the CTH on July 10th.

                      I have found your email and yes you introduced yourself as someone not liking what the court system was doing to George.

                      How does what Shellie is going through now help us who want to insure that no one else gets charges laid against them because the public was moved to anger by a pack of lies?

                      Do you think Shellie telling the media that she’s not sure what happened that night will help stop prosecutors from laying political charges in the future?

                      It’s clear Shellie doesn’t care about those who supported her and George through this. Shellie is out for Shellie now. I got that message loud and clear.

                    • I can resend the email. Being told that you’ve been reading “my” comments at a site I haven’t commented on for months and asking if my son died, was offensive.

                      I have never said or implied George is all wrong and Shellie is all right.. I have said George is responsible for George and have given my opinion about Shellie. I will read the rest of your comment when I return from running errands.

                    • I apologize. I didn’t intend to offend you.

                      I came across something today at a site I’ll keep to myself that suggested to me that you have had a son that died. Why is it offensive for me to ask if that is indeed the case with you?

                      If I was asked, I’d simply reply yes I have or no I haven’t.

                      Again, I didn’t mean to offend. I just wondered if that was you. If it was, then I question your bias in Shellie speaking out against George.

                      Your comments have really stood out to me because you appear to be totally ok with Shellie speaking to press about her personal issues with GZ. No one else thinks its a good idea.

                      I think she will regret it. I hope to be proved wrong because she can’t take it back now. It’s done and could get worse.

                      I do wish her the best but its laughable that as Kelly Sims said, Shellie wants her divorce to end with a wimper and not a bang.

                    • Nettles, thanks for your response.

                      When you welcomed me back in July, it was such a relief because of the hostility I was facing from loved ones and I no longer felt comfortable at CTH, but here I was able to continue to discuss the trial, the media and the bgi. You commented on some of my comments as well. Now fast forward to today, your question “why are you interested in the trial” left me very confused seeing you’ve heard my story and welcomed me. The “I read your comments” “did your son die” seemed extremely bizarre (before you explained things).. to you they were no big deal. But I greatly appreciate you clarifying. I think earlier I was typing responses at the same time you were, so I think at least one of my comments came in after you explained.

                      I’m trying to view Shellie in realistic terms, not in ways that suit me because I’m tired of the grievance industry…. she did not ask for the events of 2012, but she has been railroaded none the less. I think opinions that Shellie has “lied”, set George up etc has been repeated and I completely disagree. Women who have gone through divorce and face financial devastation, have more choices than Shellie does at this point. Her being honest and telling her story is one option for her.

                      I don’t understand the double standard… Shellie being held to a higher standard than George.. It’s okay for George to be irresponsible, use and dump Shellie, but it’s not okay for Shellie to make a living??? She is not responsible for how people handle her experience ..and I believe nothing she’s said this far discredits him in the NBC suit or any other suit where he was wronged. All the critism I’ve heard about Shellie reminds me of the criticism George received for defending himself (how dare he expose the wrong doings of a thug) and the critism against O’Mara at CTH for smiling at Corey etc. I haven’t seen anything other than speculation and unfair bashing.

                      Thanks for posting the links Nettles, I’ll read them tomorrow after I’m more rested.

                  • Danny, I am aware that you have supported Shellie. Most of us were willing to lend support for her trial…. then she made the plea bargain. When she did that, she lost a lot of credibility in our eyes. Then came the divorce, followed by that confrontation that it looks like she engineered for her own reasons. It looks bad in our eyes.

                    For this reason, thank you for speaking up in this way.

            • I am not demonizing her. In fact I am attempting to help her. I wonder if the media would be seeking interviews if she let private matters out of the interview and discussed how the case affected her life without demonizing anyone but those that helped put her in the position she is in? I just care not to hear about spats between husband and wife.

              • I know you’re not demonizing her… as I’ve seen your comments for caution in the past. However the sentiment is she has no right to do these interviews because the BGI and NBC suit and because of this, in the minds of some, she has no right to speak publicly. It’s hypocritical.

                • Sorry you feel I am being hypocritical. I never said she did not have the right to. I am saying it is not the best choice.

                  • Danny, I’m sorry I misread your original comment and understand it better now…. it might not be in her best interest in the long run. Some don’t see it the way you do. She’s been railroaded, whether people want to see it that way or not. It matters not to them the hardship that she’s experienced… she’s to keep mum

                    • It is okay. All in all both parties have been spun in a direction I am almost sure they have no clue where to head. They are hurt. They mistrust. They are vunerable. They need time, and I wish both of them would just slip away quietly for awhile.

                • I would prefer for her to speak about her experiences and the effects this all has had on her life. Where she was and where she sees herself going. We all have struggles. Some we place ourselves in, some we have no control over. How someone speaks about their experiences gives us, the listener a window into where they are in their struggles ATM. Now, may not be the best time for her to be so publicly open. Appears some wounds need healing. Some prayers to forgive. IMHO, she may regret most of what she is saying now because it is being said out of hurt and anger. That in itself no not the best foot fwd.

                  • ATM, she may be financially pressed, and again that doesn’t make her wrong. I don’t believe this hurts her in the long run

                    • Finacially, prolly a good move. But then again at what expense and how far is she willing to go? I believe she would have a longer media life and better finacial stability if she takes a very different approach.

                    • ….. I think the money for the interviews may hold her over till the suit and hopefully that will buy them enough time to start their lives over again.

          • Exactly. Additionally, the vast majority of interviews or advocacy by RZjr was on behalf of the family in high profile murder case, this is a divorce proceeding and she is appearing a tawdry and superficial as a woman can. Robert on the other had raised the media dialog by many levels and was specifically responding to false information tainting the evidence and facts of a criminal case. There is absolutely no comparing the motivation and purposes of the two media performances. Shellie needs better advice.

        • Well, because she is talking about personal issues now. Those decisons are between her and her atty. The divorce issues are between her and GZ. She is keeping the spot light on herself by cont. to talk publicly about private matters. She is NOT discussing what the railroding done to her, she is talking about private matters.

          • Her call to 911 and helicopters hovering, wasn’t made public by Shellie’s request. If George’s situation has put her life in jeopardy and if she is experiencing any financial hardships, then there is nothing wrong with her sharing her experience if she feels so.

    • Disgusting. I initially said Shellie is an selfish princess, based on her explanation that this one look of anger from George has changed her entire understanding of her husband affirms my opinion about her self delusion and indulgence.

      • I agree with Cassandra. The way that Shellie has been behaving has changed my opinion about her. Plus, I do not believe that she is being honest. The police reports on the domestic incident are way different from what she has been claiming. George did not hit her father. She is lying about that.

    • What happened to the handy, dandy author and her plans for that great book we were all looking forward to (sarc!) IMO she paid $ for Shellies sob story. Now I guess it’s time to get back in the news (using the term loosely) and get some more bucks rolling in. I have no idea why Shellie and Kelly would be making the rounds to trash George if it’s not for personal gain of some kind. Surely it’s not just for sympathy????

  9. It appears Shellie has been given permission to leave the State. Is this what she meant when she asked the Judge if she could travel nation-wide? I thought she had a line on a job that would cause her to travel nation-wide.

    If she got paid for her interviews, maybe she sees it as a job.

  10. http://weaselzippers.us/2013/09/26/shellie-zimmerman-is-getting-a-divorce-so-now-she-has-doubts-about-trayvon-shooting/

    Judging by the comments to the above linked article, Shellie isn’t getting the sympathy she seems to think she will get. Of course that site isn’t exactly a rabid TM supporting site.

    Some people are so delusional it’s laughable. A caller on talk radio today blamed all of the woes in the country today on the fact that George Zimmerman was acquitted. Some will never quit. Apparently SZ has joined them.

  11. Where did my sexy ex. get to? Has Diwataman been kidnapped? Has anyone seen a ransom demand for our most knowledgable member of the GZ online group? I know he was pretty disappointed in Shellie’s antics and thought it might jeopardize GZ’s chances on taking on those who caused the railroading.

    Diwataman, you are such a pessimistic guy. Hang in there…everything changes whether we do anything or not.

    If you want a laugh, go to Fred Leatherman’s blog on or about June 3rd and read the comments there. I read them at the time and got quite a laugh out of it. Some commenters there thought you drove me away from your blog because you posted my profile picture (recall when you thanked me for a heads up on something?), and that you were calling me diwatalady. Of course, it was the dog pound who crowned me diwatalady on twitter. Anyway, the commenters on there thought your behavior, towards me was kinda creepy. I had tears rolling down my cheeks reading it. Check it out if you need a pick me up.

    Seriously, I hope you are doing well. I listen to your sesame street video when I need a pick me up. I love that video! Thank you.

  12. NBC’s Today Show Once Again Goes After George Zimmerman
    by John Sexton 26 Sep 2013, 10:27 AM PDT

    “Shows like Today don’t do interviews on the fly. Producers at Today spoke with Shellie (or her attorney) prior to sending a car for her. They had an idea where this would go. Lauer’s questions make it clear where he hoped it would go. As an observer it’s hard to separate the fact of the ongoing lawsuit from Lauer’s insinuation that George “got away with murder.” This looks a lot like score settling.”


    • If I am not mistaken, Kelly Simms is married, and I believe he may have children. Simms goes on a presser with Shellie calling her Shellikins, holds her hand and whatever. Shellie eats it up like flys on chit. Shellie seems to be very needy of having the attention, Simms didn’t miss that. Does she even realize how sleazy ambulance chasing type lawyers really are? Crump should have brought that home to her. Does she not even have the slightest clue that Simms may very well be using her just to get his name out there? Does she have any clue of how much money he will take out of whatever she gets through the divorce. It seems to me that before George can be called clueless, not the brightest bulb, and naive, SZ meets all of those qualifications and then some. She’s desperate to extend her 15 minutes of fame to at least 16 minutes. In the end, she will have the support of no one except maybe her dad, and even he has backed away.

    • What search tools are you using to try to get more info about the NBC lawsuit? NONE of the search engines have anything since late July. I would think there would be a way to follow the progress. If it proceeded “in earnest” I have seen no evidence of it. Have you?

      There is nothing about the case at the web site either.


      This is another unanswered question.

        • I suspect that Beasley is waiting until the divorce is completed. That way they may be able to avoid any monies going to SZ and/or Kelly Simms. The lawyers in this case have to be flipping out over what Simms has done.

        • This GZvNBC.com website will share many of the same goals outlined in the article entitled “Why Social Media for George Zimmerman” on the GZLegalCase.com website, especially the goal of Disputing Misinformation. However, in the case of the GZvNBC.com website, we intend on disputing misinformation with the same publicity and vigor that it was originally spread by NBC.


          Yet there is nothing in the news…. Wow!!

    • I “thought” that the media type shows don’t “pay for interviews”. I have heard and read they pay for travel, hotel, food and other fun stuff. Maybe I am misunderstanding. Or maybe like Dr. Shril they “donate” to foundation. Wait…. Just a thought…. could Geo not also counter sue Shellie for $ she is getting, like she is wanting from the NBC suit? IMHO she would be better off to keep her private stuff private and would do better on telling how what happened Feb 2012 and the charges and media did to her life and possible suits as a co defendant with Geo and do more good. Or write a book. But I think she is hurt and has a lot of emotion built up and hasn’t had the opportunity to speak out since all of this happened. I would really caution her, especially since she is on probation. SIMS seems like a snake and something about him, and I don’t know him/never will but he just doesn’t seem like he has her best interest in order. JMHO

  13. This comment made at the CTH by Strat4evr was posted tonight. I believe her to be a long-time friend of Shellie’s Mom (Machelle Dean)

    This comment made at the CTH by Katcreg was also posted tonight. I believe her to be Shellie’s Aunt (Machelle’s sister).

    Note: neither one of these women think Shellie is getting good advice from her lawyer. I agree with them.

    • Wow, how do you figure these things out?

      I think Shellie found a lawyer with the type of style to fit her mood, her anger at George, etc. I think with some maturity (not age, IMO she’s old enough to have better judgment) she’s going to regret what she’s doing. It’s almost as if she dosn’t realize she’s broadcasting this stuff to the world….

      And dannywarrior – it sounds like you’re back! When you got kind of manic and angry, saying you knew the secret story behind Shellie and she was being unfairly maligned, you didn’t seem like yourself. Now you seem more like yourself again 🙂

      • These ladies haven’t tried to be deceptive. I appreciate that. They’ve been open in their comments so people can choose for themselves what weight to give their view.

        I hope more people follow their example.

        • I have tried to not comment too much on the Shellie situation because I always thought of a private matter. But I have been following up on what she is doing and has done. IMO she is a young person caught up in a situation that is out of her control. After GZ was charged, even though they had issues she stuck by GZ, throughout and it is my belief that she thought the outcome would be different. GZ is hated even more in some circles than he was before, Shellie is now estrange from GZ, she can’t really go back to school as GZ’s wife (think what her other classmates will treat her).

          GZ is going trough his own problems and is not capable of dealing with hers, so she decides that to move forward she has to regain control of her life. GZ is and will be an anchor on her and she is probably blaming him for everything. Something that is forgotten regarding both their youth is that their friends would also be young and they are the one most likely to blame GZ. So Shellie is alienated from her husband, her friends, her family, her life and all of what she is doing is a misguided attempt to gain control of life. I agree that she is not getting the best of advice on many fronts and she is ignoring the real enemy.

          While the deal she struck with the SA would in time be beneficial, it exonerated all the people responsible for her problems, the media, the BGI, etc. In essence she took responsibility for their actions and now feels she can’t blame them, so that leaves GZ as her target. I just hope that she realizes the error of airing dirty laundry in public, not only do others smell it but it can cling to you.

          • very smartly stated. I agree wholeheartedly, with the maturity issues you and Lorac discuss. I can’t imagine trying to figure out how to be OK after what these kids have gone through. And it continues, the media psycho bullying.

            O’Mara said it right on day 1 of divorce drama, the media created the mess for these two. It does seem that the media won’t back down though, so she should stay clear, do not trust any of those oh so very sincere people.

      • Let me clear up my thoughts on it. I have always held that GZ acted in self defense. Most times I have agreed with supporters who focused more on the railroading of a man instead of inserting politics into it. My position always was focusing on freeing GZ from the railroading then expose the political agendas. It is very difficult to keep others focused on that due to this pairs personal affairs always being top priority.
        I was very disappointed in GZ for going rouge after trial. I really did expect this couple to lay low. I think we all did.
        Then Shellie took a plea. I supported the plea for various reasons but I think I have been very open about the fact they moved money and they knew they moved money and did not disclose it until they were caught.

        Then we heard of the split. All hell breaks loose. I felt conflicted. I see their personal matters though as being not of concern or consequense of anything we should be focusing on. Why? Because both parties made some very bad choices AFTER trial. They personally do not owe me anything for supporting them DURING trial. No party is innocent for their actions AFTER the trial.

        As for the domestic incident I felt many here were more concerned about the future of proceedings and the character of GZ to the point his mistakes were being swept under the rug. I do not focus too much on MSM. 60% of us know they biased. Yet the same 60% discuss the news feeds.

        Look I sympathize with his position and obvious needs. I do not sympathize though when I am aware he is refusing to deal with his issues in a healthy manner. Understand, gun rights and mental health are very big issues here now. I will not make excuses or be forgiving because it is a serious matter. I have always maintained that this case was about selfdefense and the 2nd amendment. Not many have discussed those issues. I prefer to discuss areas of the case that we are sure of instead of constant speculation and discussions of race when it is pretty clear it all was just a diversion to keep attention from the facts.

        As for Shellie surrounding that domestic incident, many here at the time without full knowledge of things began bashing her. That I have found leads people to later insert pieces into the story even if they do not fit. Despite how much she may have been in the right or wrong, GZ could have reacted differently and well, given his wife no ammo. He is the one with the gun. He is the one who was on trial. He is the one who some believe gotten away with murder. And ladies remember I am a gentlemen and I own firearms. It is a big responsibility especially around those who know you carry. Regardless of the police reports, or the details, or lack of, this situation is not good on any level for any party. If she felt the police needed calling I can not hold that against her.

        The other fact that sticks in my mind has nothing to do with what GZ did after the trial. It is what he had Shellie do for him while he was in jail. She obviously is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Had it not been for GZs use of others to the point he had his sister ensure Shellie was moving money correctly, ensured she even set timers to do it same time everyday, I could see where many could conclude she may not be easily persuaded. She seems very easy to manipulate. That is where Simms comes in.

        Now, what changed my position to understanding where she intends to go from here is her decison to hold press confrences and interviews discussing this incident. I believe she is doing so because she is being advised that it will gain sympathy. I do not think money is the motive. I take this because to the Zimmermans through this whole ordeal their reputation and character seemed very important to them more so then anything else. It is as if they all are not on the same page as any supporter or each other. I am disgusted with the situation to tell you the truth. It is like really bad reality TV. I do not want to be a part of it because that was never my intention as a supporter.
        Despite my difference with some here being emotionally invested in standing up for GZs character, I feel his rights or wrongs do not represent why I supported him. This is all filler to me.
        We know the media. We know contentious divorces exsit. We know only what we are told.
        I now am more concerned about where OTHERS take what GZ represent.
        No matter what the couple says or does out of hurt, anger, confusion, or the resukt of being rail roaded does not change the fact where I do feel we the people can use this case as an example of all the reasons we saw through the State of Florida to begin with. It is just everyone needs to be willing to disconnect for the personal/ emotional issues of these two and stay focused on the individuals who brought this case to our attention. Gz and SZ appear to have personal issues. It really is up to them to decide what is best for them to move forward. I can agree and I can agree to disagree on opinions. In the end everyone right or wrong has to own their opinion.

        • One thing; they disclosed the money BEFORE they were caught and I’d love to know why.

          Shellie’s answers were evasive at the bond hearing. She didn’t know she’d be testifying about finances, according to Kelly Sims.

          Why were they moving money prior to the hearing, evasive in answers at the hearing but then revealed all two days after GZ bonded out?

          They weren’t under threat of being caught. If their goal was to escape, what changed? If it wasn’t to escape, what was the reason for it and why did they decide to reveal it so shortly after deciding to hide it.

          Still a lot unknown.

    • Nettles, in start4evr’s post at 8:01 PM she says-

      Justice for George Zimmerman on Facebook has banned me, Shellie’s mom.

      Seems to me that unless the poster is lying, the poster is SZ’s mom.

      I love how she blames no lawyer for wanting to take SZ’s perjury case because they would have to out O’Mara and NeJame. What does NeJame have to do with anything other than recommending O’Mara to GZ? Honestly, if Simms could have pointed any finger at O’Mara he strike me as a person who would do just that and love every minute of it.

      • I think she meant she AND Shellie’s Mom have been banned. Shellie’s mom is known by her friends as Mikki. Here is a post Danny pointed out that strat4evr had with justfactsplz that suggested not knowing Mikki was not knowing the family that well. Justfactsplz explained here later that she knew GZ and SZ not their families.
        strat4evr says:
        December 9, 2012 at 12:04 am

        This has totally screwed me up. I have followed and supported CTH because I believe in them.The issue of George, Shellie and Mikki is my belief and I am absolute in my opinion. I am close to the family and I will defy you to…………This is really screwed up………Yea, now it starts huh”


        Read that exchange and I laugh at Sundance later in the thread. Great Host as always. He asks Strat4evr if she is stable. LOL

        • I recall a discussion on facebook that Mikki got banned from posting at the CTH after getting into a “discussion” with justfactsplz. I haven’t been able to locate that set of posts. I’ve look a few times over these last months but no luck so far. Sundance if you can help us out with that, I’d be grateful.

      • Also note in the 8:01pm post strat4evr writes “I read here a couple of months ago where someone stated they read somewhere that Shellie’s mother has drug issues. I have known her for over 35 years and never known her to have illegal drug issues.”

  14. According to Strat4evr it was Mikki and her son (DJ) who lived in the house and had moved out to give GZ and SZ a place to live last September. So I really don’t get Shellie’s urgency to remove her things from the house as it was her Mom and her brother who are the tenants after GZ moves out.

    Why did Shellie need GZ’s moving time to get her things?

    Also, I saw DJ on an interview and he said he and his mother were there. Why is there no mention of them in the police reports?

  15. Estranged wife of George Zimmerman says she’s doubtful of husband’s innocence in Trayvon Martin killing

    ^This is The NY Daily News’ headline.

  16. Shellie Zimmerman Doubts Her Husband Killed Trayvon Martin In Self Defense

    ^ThinkProgress headline

    George Zimmerman’s Wife Doubts His Innocence

    ^TIME magazine — The Root has similar headline

    • Strat4evr posted this at CTH tonight

      “After this incident George was contacted not only through Mark O’Mara but also through family that owned the house and Shellie to please vacate for obvious reasons I would think.

      He refused and took an arrogant stance and from what I am learning now took a black magic marker and wrote on the kitchen cabinets. As this day I guess he has vacated and left no keys or garage door opener took the big screen tv that was there when he moved in, through out Shellies youngest brothers computer in the yard and left the house trashed. This is how he says thank you.”

      Perhaps the Dean’s have reported the TV stolen? Again, why did Shellie need to get into the house that her mother was going to live in and had her brother’s stuff in it?

        • Well she talks of a missing TV and a few hours later we hear police were called to the house to investigate a tenant/landlord issue about a theft or burglary. So far, so good.

          I don’t think she understands wordpress though and she comments at the bottom of the thread rather than in the thread leaving everyone confused. I note Stella ask her what her problem is tonight. Sundance in the Dec.. 2012 thread asked her is she’s stable.

          A bunch of them (Mikki, Kathy, even Shellie’s grandmother) got banned off facebook JFGZ page. The are confusing when post and not clear.

          • THAT IS ONE REASON I agreed with Geo for taking pictures when all this broke that day. I have done the same thing in many diff instances. Joe Blow could say oh we didn’t get blah blah we left it and now its gone, yet THEY DID TAKE IT. Also it was at the first of the month that the whole Geo and Shellie thing happened. Now today they call the police? OMG all the nuts that now know the address, its a real wonder someone hadn’t been there before now tearing up stuff. Also I would bet that Geo had someone else go get his stuff from the house, maybe Wes? I would hope Geo wouldn’t be stupid enough to mark on stuff. Blame him, oh I would not put that past Shellie Dad. I even was waiting to hear, knew that was coming. SMH

            • Again, according to Strat4evr after the Sept. 9th incident, GZ refused to vacate the premises and only left today. Now that doesn’t make sense if Kelly Sims is saying we don’t know where he is.

              • Agree with you. I am reading over there now. Caught up FINALLY here. That Sims doesn’t know where Geo is, can be good and also a not whole truth. Maybe haven’t “tried” to find him. Longer the divorce takes more $ they might think can get. I have always heard those type civil suits can take YEARS tho. And that most of it goes on between the lawyers. Also, Geo could also come back and say because of something Shellie is saying is defaming him or something. That’s why I agree with everyone else. Get some good Advise and Don’t put your private business out there. People being vindictive can go both ways. If I were her, I would worry because of probation someone / somehow messing with my freedom. JUST DONT ROCK THE BOAT.

              • I could be wrong, but I think strat is a male. I take it as possibly meaning a new lease on life after an addiction but that is just my opinion.

                • You may be right on that Danny. I was talking to the administrator of the JFGZ page this afternoon. I had thought that a commenter that goes by Rebellious Angel was Strat4evr but the administrator suspects that is Mikki too. Someone by the name Bob Crawford posts as a friend of Mikki’s. That may be Strat4evr. Robert Jr. has no idea who Bob Crawford is.

      • Nettles – I haven’t read anywhere that Shellie’s mom/DJ were moving back into the home, I did read that Mr. Dean wanted to get it ready for the next tenants he rented to. Are you assuming Shellie’s mom/DJ were going to move back in?

        • I thought that was what strat4evr said at the CTH yesterday. That they (Mikki and DJ) agreed to move out of the house they were living in and that they got possession of it again yesterday only to find a TV missing, marked up kitchen cabinets and DJ’s computer in the backyard.

          About 3 hours after that posting, news broke that Mikki had called Lake Mary police to report a theft at the house.

        • As Shellie’s dad is the landlord, I don’t get why she needed any special accommodation to enter the house prior to GZ leaving. Shellie would be given access to the house whenever she wanted as her father owned it. right?

            • Danny, too many unknown variables, just as we don’t know if Mikki went back to the home to get the things she loaned SZ/GZ, or was planning on moving things that belonged to her out of the home for other renters, OR, if Mikki/DJ might be moving in. No one knows the facts.

              • I agree. I can not speculate. Many “insiders” seem to all have different accounts. That is why I was not happy being placed in a position to chose to share info. Because I can not nor will not pick a side. Both families have suffered. Both need to keep it in their circle and not appeal to the public concerning this family issue. I think I made myself clear my preference for staying out of being a messenger. People have the ability to use their own voice if needed. It really is not that hard. They can go to Sundance or the media if they want to appeal to the public. And well, Nettles invited them here. She may be better suited then myself.

        • “Lake Mary Police Department officers now say George Zimmerman was not armed during a domestic dispute involving his wife and her family”

          Yep! that’s a positive caption.

          • It does not matter if he was really. Because if she even percieved he had a gun and she says that his movements were to intimidate her into believing he would use it…..he can be charged 😦

            • This is one spot where I question Shellie’s credibility. From the video tape, we see she calls 911 right after the Ipad smashing incident. She tells the dispatcher that when threatened with the gun, he’s in his car with his hand on his gun saying step closer.

              From where his truck was parked and those dark tinted windows, Shellie couldn’t even see the woman in the car, much less his hand on a gun.

              • This is where one needs to be careful about what position they take with her account. Had she percieved he had a weapon on him or even in the truck (and the women confirmed there were guns in the truck) where then do YOU draw the line in self defense and stand your ground laws?

            • WHY did GZ tell MOM “he had his gun under his shirt?” LE tells one story, MOM is told another story on the same incident on the same day & MOM goes on National TV to claim “GZ had a gun under his shirt because GZ told him so?”

              • Everything changed once attys. & police showed up. It ususally does.
                My point is…. Even if he did not have a gun on him and she percieved he did charges could be filed. Do I think charges should be filed. No. Not on anyone.

              • I think both stories are accurate. Given Mr. O’Mara’s comments, GZ told him he had his gun where it always was. If I heard Mr. O’Mara right though, it wasn’t under his shoulder, it was on his hip like he wore on Feb. 26th.

                Mr. O’Mara said GZ put his hand on the holster to secure it when being tossled by Mr. Dean.

                When the police came, GZ was in his truck. If I were him, I’d leave the gun in the truck as well so as to have no confusion. If police end up shooting him, and find no gun on him….well then.

                The police questioned everyone and found no one had actually seen a gun. So as the police spokerperson, Hudson, said, there was no probable cause to search the truck b/c all witnesses agreed no gun had been brandished.

                Recall, initial reports were that GZ had drawn his gun on his wife and in-laws or so Christi O’Connor reported at 3pm that day.

              • Every law dealing with selfdefense, castle doctrine, and stand your ground is defense against a percieved fear. What has yet to be universal is at what level is the fearvrational. You can not limit when or how much fear a person has or the laws are useless. It must be looked at on an individual basis with law applied.

  17. Nettles, they are all bad, but I read “She doubts his innocence” as far worse than “She has doubts about his innocence.”

    “I have doubts” might mean I have occasional doubts, fleeting doubts, or say I am 65% certain of his innocence.

    “She doubts his innocence” reads more like she is 65% of his guilt.

          • If Shellie had been interviewed by an individual favorably disposed to GZ, and knowledgeable as well, she would have answered leading questions going the other way.

            Matt Lauer got what NBC wanted out of the interview. He was not going to ask follow-up questions that would dilute what he had obtained.

            What Shellie/Sims wanted to get out of the interview is not apparent.

            Everything is out of whack. Whatever lawyer Sims said was their posture going forward at their “goodbye” presser has evidently gone out the window.

            • I certainly agree Hooson. If Sims hadn’t repeated the phrase more than once, I would have thought MAYBE he misspoke at the presser and meant they wanted the divorce to proceed “with a bang, not a whimper” 🙂 Looks to be the case doesn’t it? I also agree with everyone who’s said Shellie is getting bad advice from Sims. I doubt NBC has given up the editing process, so we don’t know everything that is actually said or cut out… they will get their point across.

            • And bear in mind what is always in the works at the Today Show. The Today Show wants viewers. They need story line teasers to advertise upcoming episodes and create greater viewer interest.

              From the moment (if not before) the Sims presser, or the O’Connor interviews on ABC, NBC was trying to get a Shellie interview. This recent appearance could have been the fruit of efforts that began some time ago.

  18. My friend text me today asking if I had heard the LATEST. She lives few miles from the complex where Geo lived. She told me about it right literally after it happened asking if I had heard and how horrible. That is how long I have been following lol Anyway she was telling about Geo getting stopped over a month ago but just broke news today. I was telling her, I know that there are companies that go daily or multi times to the Police/Sheriff/Court Houses and so forth and get reports of all MV accidents and DUI and so forth. They SELL these to the Ambulance Chasing Lawyers. They also sell to the media. So I am sure by now that by EVERYONE knowing what the tag number is and type veh Geo drives that for sure any time he is out and about driving, the LEO if they wanted could pull over for anything real or not if so inclined. Think about Geo going thru the drive thru. OMG that is scary!!!


  19. Jordan, I just happen to think of something… Remb Omara is an attny on the NBC suit, but NOT LEAD ATTNY. SOO Wont that mean, that Omara will be getting a percentage off the top of any settlement? I hope so! I would think so and VERY SMART! 🙂

      • Are the Sunshine laws the same for civil suits? From what I understand about the lawyers for Geo on this case are TOP Notch, so maybe they know the ends and outs of not making public so far. Sure they are going back and forth, I would think that would be confidential info. I also doubt will go to trial. Or that we will know very much about it. Hope I wrong, but that’s what I am thinking, that NBC don’t want all garbage broadcast live on tv 🙂

        • I think most civil suits are public unless the court seals the record. I know in my state they are public record but not all records are public or online.

        • mimi – Civil Suits fall under the Sunshine Laws, in the Civil Suits against KC, the depositions of GA/CA/Lee Anthony were televised by MEDIA as well as all the their documents have been reported by Orlando Media. KC’s Civil Suits remain in the MEDIA as they are ongoing.

          Danny is right, Civil Suits are public record & available at the Clerk of Courts office for your city, or, may even be accessed online as Danny suggests. In the NBC case, it is possible, I hope they are negotiating verbally in which there possibly wouldn’t be a paper trial r legal documents filed, it seems imo, it is in the best interest of NBC to settle the case BUT in light of all the publicity that has surfaced after the verdict, I have no idea how that will affect negotiations or any thing else in that case. Many seem to think it may adversely affect the case, IDK.

          I too thought when an attorney takes a case for a client, whether for Criminal, Civil, or Divorce, the attorney registered w/the Clerk of Court as the attorney of record for their client. It seems, if that is the case, if in fact GZ has a divorce attorney, GZ’s attorney would contact Sims & the divorce papers could be served at GZ’s attorney’s office, no one would need to know GZ’s whereabouts. I wouldn’t think GZ wants to remain married to SZ any longer than she wants to be married to him, but anything legally filed in the divorce will be subject to the Sunshine Laws.

          • THANK YOU Art!! I remember watching the Casey A trial. I didn’t know anything about it before hand, so I had a different mindset going in. I just happened to be at my parents right before jury selection started and my daddy was telling me about it. So we watched it together. I try to be openminded about everything. Lol sometimes it doesn’t work out like theat. But I saw it diff than most I guess because I didn’t know any of the stuff before hand. SO in that sense, the State didn’t prove to ME that she was guilty. I respect the opinions of others and agree to disagree… SO having said that lol. That is when I started reading online, and found it streamed online lol so when the HLN thing flipped to another channel or went for breaks during testimony, we flipped over to the computer, and been hooked on this mess ever since. I thought I read that the reason we got to see the depos of Cindy and Geo and the rest, were because they were released by the civil atty for ZG. I just assumed that they did that to win public opinion. So I guess my question now is, in Civil they will also release like they do in the criminal? Sorry for such a long drawn out post.

  20. Some people think that SZ is on her “condemn George” tour so she can have some money. I tend not to agree, because however illegally obtained, her family appears to have some money. Personally, I would rather keep private things private, especially when they feed a media beast and further endanger George even if it meant having to be an adult depending on my parents for a period of time. Those would be principles for me.

    And as I mentioned previously, I think this is her immaturity, not her age. There are millions of people her age finishing med school, getting their doctorates, already owning their own plumbing, etc, business, playing on an Olympic team. So, to me it’s not her age. It’s her personality and lack of maturity that lead her to make the choice to publicly bash George, not a need for money. And I now suspect she didn’t follow George’s case all that much if she can be so naive now about how media works..

    • lorac – I agree w/your thoughts. SZ is clearly immature, acts out accordingly & I too don’t see this as a way of making money. HAD SZ provided pictures to the Today Show for her interview, she would have gotten paid a “licensing fee” as none of the shows pay for interviews but Oprah, but they pay for “licensing fees” or donate to foundations. Too, NBC provided paid air fare to NY for Sims/SZ, accommodations paid usually at the Ritz, in town transportation, fine restaurants, all expenses paid when guest appear on NBC’s Today Show.

      Danny mentioned SZ could likely be “manipulated easily,” I too agree w/that statement, my fear is that SZ may be manipulated into deciding to write a book, imo, it would be disastrous for not only GZ/his family, but also for SZ & any nursing career she has plans for. Oprah Winfrey has paid Lindsey Lohan 2 million dollars for her interviews for Oprah’s network, OWN, Oprah has bought the TV rights to the “Butler” for her network, I wouldn’t doubt Oprah’s people approaching Sims/SZ for an interview w/Oprah on her network, nor the Dr. Phil factor. ALL of which would be lucrative for SZ & and a nightmare.

      • I would tend to think this would be a small claims civil matter. (For reasons Nettie I refuse to discuss with you because of our differences on property rights :-P) Not a matter for police. Unless, insurance coverage requires a police report to be filed it all is just making this more of a public dispute. I am just going to close my eyes and try not to watch!

        • About 27 ago, my husb and I were young lol and we were got a very good deal on a new home to rent. Well our landlord didn’t want us to move so he told us we had to pay a full months rent. It really put us in tights money wise, but we did what we were suppose to do. So during the day I would load my veh up and take stuff from old hse to new. Well we still had 1/4 of stuff in old house and my phone was still on as was util. Well this particular day I went over and hadn’t been over in 2 days, the nosey neighbor came over and told me that the landlord had already rented our house out AND THE NEW PEOPLE HAD STARTED MOVING IN! I was livid! I went in, sure enough, they had moved everything left in my dtr bedroom into my bedroom and had that room FULL OF STUFF! NICE< EXPENSIVE Looking stuff. And an OLD Radio the Big kind like before tv time. I got on phone and called my Daddy. He told me to call a lawyer, but not just any lawyer, call the law firm of the judge lol.

          Well this I did. I didn't tell him name just the situation. He told me. Because I had paid a full months rent, that what ever was in that house LEGALLY WAS MINE. (I had my receipt for rent too) He told me, to contact the landlord and ask for half a months rent back, and that still gave me a couple days to finish moving MY stuff out, and he should be fine with that, since he already got rent from someone else, lol. BUT if he decides he doesn't want to do that then nicely tell him ok, and that what I told you legally he can do. He isn't gonna want to have to deal with the new renters so you will get your money, So I went to the landlords work, and lol told him I needed 1/2 back he said SORRY nope. SO I went back to my house and called my daddy back. WELL while I was on the phone with daddy, the NEW renter showed up. She was as surprised as I was finding her there. Daddy said he would be on way, LOL I can get mouthy and had my dtr with me too. So I just started washing cabinets and such this lady furious at me being there. I calmly told her what the JUDGE told me and she started Screaming NO BODY BETTER BE MESSING WITH MY STUFF blah blah I said take it up with the landlord, or here number of the Judge!

          Needless to say I got my money in less than 30 min. Daddy stayed at the house while I went and cashed the check. THey changed the locks that night, LOL But I knew the bathroom window didn't lock so, my husb just climb in and we finished moving that night. LOL I dared someone to come say something, cause I Legally had 4 more days paid up, but wasn't gonna push it,

          I know laws are diff everywhere, and change over time. But legally the are things landlords can and cant do, so being family this would even be a very thin line. That's why you never go alone, he said/she said is always gonna be in the mix and Take pix.

  21. At the risk of getting personal…… I booked a suite for my wife and I. For her birthday. It was last week so she has no clue! Totally downplayed the bday with a few cards and breakfast in bed on her bday. We have not gone out since our anniversary. Mom was ill then and we kinda rushed home. She has been such a support and I want to do something special just for her. Got a few more hours to go. Just wanna lets you know I wont be around tonight.

  22. I have read a ton of articles on what Shelllie has told the press and something struck me. She doesn’t call him by name very often. Even in her screen shot of her texts messages she programmed him as “My husband” and in most of her interviews she says my husband. Just found it odd.

    • Well, during her first interview she admitted she did not marry for love, but thought it might be a good idea to try marriage, and that she might learn to love George.

      I could tell something was very broken with them during the reading of the verdict, George did not make eye contact with her nor did they hug one another.

  23. If anyone is following the Brian Holloway story in which punks partied & vandalized one of his properties & posted it to twitter/social network, the arrest have started, another News Outlet reported as soon as LE can recognize those in the photos/social networking/twitter, they too will be arrested. Hard to believe young people could be so stupid for posting the pictures for their criminal behavior, but their families are whining “this will hurt their chances of getting in select colleges.” With parents as such morons imo, it’s not surprising the kids thought they would destroy property that didn’t belong to them & the joke would be on the home owner, looks like their joke backfired, imo.

    6 arrests made in vandalism of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway’s NY vacation home, more expected


  24. Very interesting post by Andrew Branca at LI a short time ago-


    I wasn’t aware that Wes White was a part of the police/investigative team that didn’t agree on bringing charges against GZ.

    I hope and pray that Angela Corey gets what is coming to her, and that is no less than disbarment. Pam Bondi, who chose Corey as the GZ prosecutor, should also feel the pain that her mentor Corey needs to feel.

          • He is not confused – He is correct.

            It was actually Wes White who recommended Angela Corey to the agent from the State in charge of recommending the special prosecutor to the Gov. Despite initial media and speculative reports Corey was not happy with White over being given that task…. she thought he overstepped his position with a recommendation without first talking to her about it.

            To spite him, and contrary to numerous expectations, she subsequently gave the investigation/case to BDLR.

            Everyone from the Governors circle of advisers, through Orlando and Jacksonville, thought Wes White would be selected by Corey to investigate the case. She smite’d them all to prove a point.

            • When BDLR was questioning Mr White on cross at that hearing, some of that storyline came out if I remb correctly didn’t it SD? You could feel the tension all the way thru the computer screen. This is something I am looking forward to following. Maybe it will put A lot of people on notice.

              • Thanks for that. I’ll have to go back and re-listen. I agree, the Kruidbos case against Angela Corey’s office is going to be explosive.

                Perhaps it is Ben and not George (as he is dealing with a divorce right now) is the guy we can help to get those ugly prosecutors out of business.

                I read last night about the mandatory sentencing rules that got Marissa 20 years to life but as Mr. O’Mara pointed out on CNN last night, the problem was how Corey decided to charge the case in the first place. She could have charged it in such a way that didn’t have these mandatory sentencing rules attached to them.

                This is another example of how much power a prosecutor has over the legal system and if they aren’t ethical and aren’t following evidence but rather politics, well all kinds of abuses can be used against the average citizen.

                • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Christian Fernandez case isn’t brought up again on appeal, and remanded for a new trial. What Corey did to that 12 year old was criminal.

                  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of Corey’s cases get a fresh look. I don’t remember what case it was that BDLR supposedly tampered with the witnesses, and threatened a witness that if he didn’t lie again on the witness stand he would charge him with perjury.

                  God please let these people suffer the same consequences that Corey and her footsoldiers inflicted on others. Being tough on crime is one thing. Being malicious and vindictive, and only looking to score another notch on a conviction is criminal.

                  • Minpin, I agree with you so strongly!!! I hope Angela Corey and BDLR get the punishment they deserve for their disgusting and criminal behavior. They really should be put in prison for what they’ve done, and calling it justice.

                    • Winsome- I don’t know that Corey will ever see the inside of a jail cell as a criminal but, I would not be a bit surprised to see her lose her law license for at least a period of time. Without a law license, she cannot remain a prosecutor. Even before Dershowitz and some others, she had already gotten the legal community infuriated with her for her handling of some cases they came before the GZ case. White and Kruidbos know where all her skeletons are buried so to speak. I don’t believe that Corey has the ability to settle with Kruidbos for millions of taxpayer dollars on her own. When Crump was paid $5 million in go away money, it was because the then Gov. Crist went to the Fla. legislature and got them to approve the payment. How many times will the Fla. legislature approve of taxpayer funds going to Crump, or those working on his behalf?

                • Nettles – I wonder if the State will try to “settle” w/Ben Kruidbos INSTEAD of having a trial which would reveal to the public imo, just how corrupt Corey is. It’s awesome that White too worked in Corey’s office, a double bitch slap for Corey. Corey now finds herself in the hot seat to have her deposition taken at some point as does BDLR.

                  When will things heat up in that case, are they possibly doing depositions at this time I wonder?

                  • It alarms me that it could be settled out of court, and I feel the same about the NBC suit. We would learn nothing. When settlements are made and the defending party does not even admit guilt, we are not likely to find much information, particularly if the settlement is sealed. The beat goes on.

                • Nettles – in the case of Marissa, I didn’t see MOM’s opinion on the case but I am going to look for the link as I am glad he is pointing out the problems in Corey’s office w/overcharging, yet again. An interesting case for sure, Corey offered Marissa “a 3 yr. plea deal” in the case but she turned it down & opted for trial.

                  Due to the beating Marissa inflicted on the ex husband, she may get at least that much when it is retried, but IDK. I have loosely kept up w/her case & was concerned this was going t be another racially involved case when Jesse Jackson went down to visit w/her in prison, I guess he didn’t feel it was a “civil rights” case or any money could be made, I haven’t read anything else on his visit.

                  • I don’t know if there is video of the segment but O’Mara was on Costello’s show yesterday. Here is the transcript of the segment which dealt with the Alexander case.

                    “MARK O’MARA, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Good morning. Good morning.

                    COSTELLO: Good morning.

                    So, an appeals court judge ruled the jury was not instructed properly what is need to prove self-defense. But it seems kind of simple. Alexander said she was afraid of her husband. She had a gun. She said she used it to defend herself, seems simple enough.

                    O’MARA: Well, it should be. The problem with it is that the instruction the way it was presented to the jury suggested that Ms. Alexander had to prove that an aggravated battery was about to be committed by the eventual victim, the ex-husband.

                    And obviously that burden shift takes it away from the state who carries the burden to prove everything beyond a reasonable doubt, and put it on Ms. Alexander, and that was inappropriate. So, thank God for the appellate court looking at the jury instruction.

                    COSTELLO: Does Florida “Stand Your Ground” law apply in Alexandra’s case?

                    O’MARA: Well, jury, the judge made a decision that in the pretrial hearing, that she did not carry the burden so that decision has been addressed in the pretrial hearing but she can still argue self-defense and in effect she stood her ground to the jury. So that hasn’t been taken away from her but the initial hearing suggested that she should still go to trial. So it still does apply, particularly the way she reacted to the perceived threat of force from Mr. Paul (ph).

                    COSTELLO: So, will her attorneys enter that into the equation? Or should they in your opinion?


                    O’MARA: I think they should. Again, “Stand Your Ground” is one small part of overall self-defense. This is a definite self-defense case. Ms. Alexander suggested properly that she was protecting herself from a perceived threat from him and that he was coming at her and that is traditional self-defense.

                    And had the jury been instructed properly that it was the state’s burden to disprove self-defense, she may very well have been acquitted. My greatest concern is the suggestion by the state that this was some technicality. This is not a technicality. This is due process and due process has never been a technicality in the state to realize there was a bad jury instruction and not do it again.

                    COSTELLO: Civil rights leaders also say race played a role in this. They say, if Alexandra had been white, she would have never gotten a 20-year sentence. Do they have a point?

                    O’MARA: Well, the problem is the way the state charged the case, the judge didn’t have much discretion upon conviction because we have this 10, 20-life minimum mandatory sentencing. That really needs to be readdressed by the legislature. A case like this is the poster child for how this case should not have a 20-year minimum mandatory.

                    The real question about a racial intone to this case is whether or not she was charged with a case or charged for which she could have gotten 20 years rather than a more appropriate charge, because the state could have charged her in which she wasn’t facing 20 years.

                    COSTELLO: Criminal defense attorney, CNN analyst, Mark O’Mara — thanks so much for joining me this morning.

                    O’MARA: Sure. Great to be here.

                    COSTELLO: Nice to have you here.”/


                    • COSTELLO: Civil rights leaders also say race played a role in this. They say, if Alexandra had been white, she would have never gotten a 20-year sentence. Do they have a point?

                      Leave it to Costello to bring up race and what the “civil rights leaders say.” I’m sorry but, Costello is right up there with the best of them that see racism under every bed, and in every nook and cranny.

                      Please, civil rights leaders say that if Alexander was white she would never have gotten a 20 year sentence. Weren;t those same civil rights leaders fighting for the longest prison sentence, or worse, for the white hispanic George Zimmerman.

                      I am really sick and tired of those that see racism everywhere if it involves a white person, but refuse to see racism in the many many beatings and muurders against whites by blacks, which have been on the rise.

                      Last time I saw Costello on TV was when she was screaming because the FDA declared pizza to be a vegetable, and therefore eligible for school lunches. Then she went on and on about never letting her sons play football because they might get a concussion. I’m sure they will never be at risk of concussion by the myriad of ways that concussions can and do happen.

    • Andrew’s close of the article:

      Florida often presents from its citizenry remarkably interesting specimens of humanity to the greater world, and no less so with its elected State Prosecutors.

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