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  1. I wish we could hear some positive news for a change. Quick question: Did I read awhile back that Shellie was given $6000, more or less, a divorce attorney?

  2. edit:

    Quick question: Did I read awhile back that Shellie was given $6000, more or less, FROM THE DEFENSE FUND FOR a divorce attorney?

  3. Hey….. Early day here in a strange bed…. Besides that yall go to LongHorn SteakHouse . Please get fried pickles! Just get fried pickles!
    Nettles remember when I asked you about what was his name…the guy who was a retired EMS on the MOM board? Well, for some reason I thought also of a women who had it out with him. Drastic or Drastik something? And isnt captain david?

    • The EMS guy was Andrew and yes David is Captain. David doesn’t try to conceal his identity. He’s been banned so many times he has to create new accounts to post.

      Another good reason to not ban so you keep everyone in their original package and can find consistency or inconsistency in helping you decide if someone is trustworthy or gives reliable information.

  4. Btw. Thanks for those who listened to the link I sent with my wife singing. She bought a condenser mic for the kids and tried it out. It works great! She is not a vocalist far from it. I am just amazed I found the link. It was sweet because my youngest asked her to sing it and my Mom sent it everywhere, so proud. Luckily she is the least likely to read. And those who do know ….. shh. It had over a 100 hits! It is a secret.

  5. Wanna read something funny, go to Leatherheads now the Prof is wanting them to be nice to Shellie. I am laughing because of the two faced losers they are, not because of them standing by her. They aren’t, fake folks are scary.

    • Mr. Leatherman reads and follows this blog. He needs the case to continue as he has publicly stated, he relies on the donations of his readers to pay his bills.

      His readers need to be aware of the drama he intentionally creates to keep them reading and donating.

      • Yes, like he will insert lil things on racial content just to keep the sludge churned. Also, it you look, the only thing that causes hits is the GZ type threads, so he has to keep that hate alive. But its kinda funny, karma a lil maybe, how they all were eating one another alive. Like they were all the sudden running in circles and didn’t know what to say or which way to go.

        • I have only looked at his site a very few times and that was because others mentioned that he had posted something significant to the case. I have not seen or heard of any good reason to visit.

          • I only do if bored and need a laugh. Waste really but I still have hard time believing there are people in real life that say some of the things that they have posted and think they are right. SMH.

            ps Hope your on the mend 🙂

            • Mending/healing fine.. thanks for asking. We are both in the same court about lying, especially when it is intentional. Ben Crump heads the list of people who have no conscience and feel no remorse about lying and hurting so many people. Doesn’t that define a sociopath? Sociopaths should not be able to practice law… especially those who have an indisputable public record of doing that with the sole intent of making money. How many lies are required for someone to be disbarred? How many people must suffer or even die as a result of his lies before SOMEONE takes action? Who is that SOMEONE who can prevent further pain and suffering that he inflicts on innocent people?

              Sorry, but any mention of public lying gets me going. Doesn’t it seem just plain wrong to you that there are no consequences for that except for the very remote possibility of a civil suit? How about this? The Truthful People of America vs Benjamin Crump.

                • Great job alerting the readers to Rebelious Angel at the treehouse. I don’t understand protecting the commenter, while deceiving the readers and contributors who all gathered to share the truth and information about the case.

                  I hope the treehouse changes its policy and doesn’t allow others to influence the conversation by hiding behind unknown avatars.

                    • I propose you don’t allow people to post opinions without disclosing a potential bias.

                      If you didn’t know who rebellious was, fine. But you did tell us that you contacted Robert Jr. to try to figure out who some of the family posting was and I do not recall you alerting your readers to it.

                      In fact, the readers here know more about what’s going on at the treehouse than what they can read at the blog.

                      I’ve known for a long time Strat4evr was family or close to it. You must have known as well.

                      How are you doing? You seem a little down lately. I’m not going to tell you to lay down again but seriously take care of yourself. Do something that makes you happy.

                    • Oh, while I got you here. Did you guys close down the comments on the thread because family was being identified or did you close down the thread to stop the conversation from devolving into a hot mess?

                    • @Nettles, I just don’t have time to identify all these GZ whacko’s – at one time I tried to find out, to no avail RZjr couldn’t even figure it out. I don’t know who’s who, and couldn’t tell you who the flip they are. It would take a full time effort to track them all (as you are doing and you see how challenging it is).

                      I ain’t got that kind of time, but more importantly NO INCLINATION. It just seems silly…… and I just figured the other readers commentators could just ask them.

                      During pre-trial and trial we just tried to delete the crap that would compromise safety for any family member. didn’t matter who was stupid enough to write it. They all have varying levels of unintelligence as it relates to that issue.

                      As to the other see below. And yeah, I’m burning candle on both ends because I’m helping an Iranian Green Party group of students with messaging, and structural formatting of their Rebel Alliance efforts. Because of time zones, it keeps me up late, and I’m wonky with hours in/out. They are twentysomethings and hold far more energy than I.

                      Pray for Israel.

                    • Sundance – I believe you when you say keeping track of all the agenda-drivers can drive you nuts, plus, you have to ride herd on the administrators, too.

                    • With administrator search tools, grouping comments would be a breeze.

                      Anyway, heads up all. If you want to talk with us just be honest and we’d love to hear your points of view.

                      What Mikki pulled with Rebelious Angel is a testament to how trustworthy she is, imo.

                  • I don’t like being deceived either. Oh and like you said if you go read her fb, there is one comment someone comments to Mikki, (may have it backwards) but I think it was like someone commented to Mikki, Mikki commented back, comment and then Rebelious Angel commented back just as she would as Mikki as in continuing the conversation. No doubt in my mind. Hmm haven’t been there today to see what transpired lol Might have gotten banned 🙂

      • Don’t you think most of them have figured out his game by now. Has he ever said anything of substance about which he was correct? What is his track record insofar as being absolutely wrong? Does he ever admit it? Didn’t a lot of folks leave the CTH when they perceived that a lot of what SD wrote was misleading or not based on facts?

        I guess I have difficulties in understanding why people would read a liar’s blog on a daily basis.

        • Sundance has a very special talent in highlighting issues in a very concise way that puts the focus where it belongs, provides current links that support the point, and does this relentlessly.

          The subsequent discussions do go all over the place, but those are mostly opinions and speculation.

          When the GZ case came up, there was a lot on online sleuthing – the back and forth that detectives will do – interspersed with the opinions.

          As with any high profile controversy, individuals with varying agendas have chipped in. Sometimes they illuminate an aspect, sometimes they confuse the aspect.

          Keeping track of who is who, or who maybe who, is too confusing to me, and I am thankful that others are able to shed some light on it.

          I value clarity and consistency in evaluating opinion.

          Nettles, in particular, has a talent for online research and comparisons which is truly remarkable. Thank you Nettles.

          • Hooson, I was just wanting to post something similar. I’m glad Nettles has sifted thru all the info and given us an idea of who is who, and why they are saying the things they are saying. Helps us all to have a clearer picture of the entire situation and hopefully separate fact from fiction (and/or human emotion).

            • There is no trouble with them posting, imo. To be fair to readers and contributors, they should not mislead in their comments about who they are. If they want to use a screen-name, fine but it’s dishonest to pretend to be someone else and steer the conversation in a different direction.

              From the other side of this family, Ken was semi-honest. Reading his posts you could figure out he was Scott, GZ’s brother-in-law, who set up the pay pal account for him.

              George’s father posted at least some of the time in a profile we could recognize (rz) and Robert Jr. told me he posted at the treehouse twice and only as himself.

              For the most part, the family was asked by George not to talk about themselves online while he faced 2nd degree murder charges. I get that and I don’t fault George or his defense team for requesting that of those close to George. I don’t see them as “control freaks”.

  6. I wonder why Shellie wanted to keep George Zimmerman’s family in the dark about when he would be released last April 2012. From two of the jail house calls, this highlights the intent to keep the Zimmerman family in the dark.

    In one call, Shellie and George Zimmerman are trying to find out when he’ll get out of jail.

    “It’s gonna be at Susie’s birth month, maybe sooner,” Shellie reassures her husband, without saying the actual date he will be released.

    Susie is George’s sister (Dawn and her husband is Scott who posted on the blogs as Ken).

    “Do not tell anyone about this,” Shellie said in a separate phone call. “You didn’t tell anyone in your family about time or anything right?”

    Shellie loses her cool when George said he did indeed tell his family about their plans.

    “Oh my God,” she said. “OK well, if we’re all screwed that’s fine.”

    George’s sister Susie (Dawn) then takes over.

    “The thing is, that things are being recorded,” she said, trying to explain why Shellie was upset George confided in other family members.

      • I doubt it was to keep his family in the dark so much as it was they had no idea who’d get to listen to the recordings of their conversations over the jailhouse phone, or what they would reveal to others and to whom those others would reveal stuff and the next thing you know Zimmerman is gunned down just outside the jailhouse doors.

        • This jailhouse call between George and Shellie took place on April 13, 2012. It evidences the strain between George and his family. The call took place at 6:17pm to 6:31pm and came on the heels of George’s call with his mother. He tells Shellie he didn’t want his call to his mom to be the last call he made before they take the phone away from him. Shellie tells him if what he needs is to have no contact with her then that’s the way it needs to be. His needs are paramount right now.

          [audio src="https://annettekblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/george-zimmerman-shelliezimmerman-jail-call-04-13-2012_181718.mp3" /]

          Shellie thinks George may be upset when she reveals she saw his grandmother and Robbie. George asks her not to tell him what was said about him. It sounds like he’s trying to focus on positives. He talks of the chaplan visiting and tries to remember his breathing and Shellie suggests he try meditation.

          George tells Shellie near the end of this call, that he will talk to her about the website through O’Mara. Perhaps this was to signal her not to discuss it on the phone. I wonder what happened to that plan?

          Robert Jr. said this incident brought their family closer. I hope with the split with Shellie now that George is in a place to take the love and support that his mom, his father and his siblings offer him.

          That George took off after the verdict and none of them knew where he was, doesn’t bode well for his leaning on them now. Shellie’s Aunt Kathy stated at the treehouse that George spent the time waiting for the verdict, completely walled off from them all and alone in the bathroom.

          Whatever his differences with the family are, I hope they find a way to be supportive of one and other. He needs them now, more than ever.

          • In this linked call in the above post, Shellie is with George’s sister Dawn. She is speaking on the phone with her father at the same time as Shellie is talking to George. We can hear both conversations.

            George asks to talk with Dawn during the call and the love between the two seems quite sincere. He thanks her profusely for being able to come and stay with Shellie through to Saturday. She jokes with him that she cashed in all her credit cards points to upgrade his cell.

            The relationship between the two seems quite loving and warm. So it’s puzzling that in reading Robert Zimmerman Sr.’s book, he doesn’t mention Dawn by name.

        • Are not all inmates warned that no conversations are private? It was just plain stupid for them to think no one was listening in and recording what they said.

          I do wonder about the intelligence level of both of them.

          OTH…. Robert seems to have more smarts than both of them but he cannot cover up their childish behavior.

  7. Shellie’s Mom (after posting there often) trying to retaliate against the Justice for George Zimmerman page and ask people not to “like” the page. The administrator and supporters respond.

      • Danny you called it right. Rebellious refers to Strat as a male.

        “I think Strat is just trying to defend his friend, her ex and Shellie.”

        I = Rebelious Angel
        His = Strat4evr
        His friend = Mikki
        Her Ex = Mikki’s Ex-husband, David Dean
        Shellie = Shellie

        • The commenters on facebook’s JFGZ have long suspected that Rebellious is actually Shellie’s Mom. In fact, they refer to her as Mikki and she doesn’t correct them.

          She knows what goes on with Shellie’s mom, what Mikki thinks and means but talks of her like she “knows” her, not that she is her.

          The one posting as Strat4evr is believe to post on the JFGZ page as Bob Crawford….a long-time friend of Mikki’s.

          He posted the news about items being stolen and kitchen cabinets being marked up 3 hours before the story hit the local news.

        • If Strat4evr is correct here (2nd last paragraph) where he says that he, Shellie’s mom, his kids and Shellie’s grandmother all got banned from the JFGZ page.

          “Justice for George Zimmerman on Facebook has banned me, Shellie’s mom. Shellie’s grandmother and all my kids and friends because all of them attacked them for calling Shellie a lying perjury convicted woman who they even called a b*****h, BTW, the grandmother is 75 years old.:

          For Mikki to post, she has to post as someone else if she’s been banned and due to her comments, it’s believed she is Rebelious Angel who is now calling for people to not like the JFGZ page.

            • I’m posting this to inform readers about possible agendas.

              Were you aware when you read Strat4evr’s posts that he’s a close family friend of Shellie’s Mom? Does his opinion then and thoughts on the airing of dirty laundry have an affect on how you weigh the information in his post?

              Perhaps you don’t care to know what possible agendas commenters have. I like to know so I can consider any possible alternate agenda.

              If a post has no relevance for you, skip it.

              • Nettles… we are not on the same page.. no need to get upset…I was merely asking for the relevance. I remember seeing some of Strat4evr’s earlier posts. They all seemed idiotic to me or at least made no sense. I thought maybe this had a larger underlying purpose that I missed. It sounds to me like that entire family and their friends are a bit off their rockers. I have no idea what any of them want. What is their purpose? Sorry… I meant no harm.

                • I apologize. I didn’t intend to sound upset. I don’t feel upset. In fact, I’m having a pretty darn good day.

                  I’m not sure what the Dean family is trying to accomplish. Near as I can tell, they aren’t on the same page. Both Mikki and her friend have posted they don’t know Shellie’s motives and they don’t think she’s getting good advice from Mr. Sims. Regardless, it’s hurtful for them to read comments about Shellie but people are telling them, if she takes her business to the public, expect the public to have an opinion on it.

                  • Along the same lines, my first thought was the apple didn’t fall far from the tree…. or forest, if you count the friends helping to create the soap opera lol

  8. At the treehouse recently, Strat4evr posted that he, Mikki and others had recently been banned from the Justice for George Zimmerman facebook page. Tonight, I’ve learned that Strat4evr actually used to be an administator of the JFGZ page. Talk about a fall from grace. On September 20th, the current Administrator of the page, Milton Boose, posted to Bob Crawford (believed to be Strat4evr) that he was banned for sending a threat to Milton.

    Mikki Dean posted as herself and you’ll note that her description of Bob is similar to how Strat4evr describes himself at the treehouse.

    Bob Gets Banned

    See this link for the post that banned a former administrator of the page and a family friend of Mikki Dean’s.

    6 Days later they started posting again at the treehouse.

    • Notice when Rebelious Angel posts, she knows Strat4evr is a man but the commentators below don’t pick up on it and knowing its a longtime friend of Mikki’s assumes it’s a female friend (as I did) .

  9. Another interesting commenter at the treehouse appeared tonight who seems to be sympathetic to how Strat4evr has been received.

    The commenter is StormyeyesC. It would appear they don’t post often but Shellie is the subject when they do.

    On Sept. 9th, the day of the domestic dispute StormyeyesC was all over the live broadcast of what was going on at the house. They quickly realized it was Shellie’s dad’s house and was calling a play by play.

    One thing that caught my attention was they posted they heard about a gun and a knife. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/09/09/breaking-george-zimmerman-arrested/#comment-550135
    Christi O’Connor is making an allegation that a 4th stop by police of GZ involved a gun and a knife and the police let him off. She’s been promising to post it now for a few days but so far no post.

    Stella corrects StormyeyesC here about no reports of a knife…. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/09/09/breaking-george-zimmerman-arrested/#comment-550168

    Keep your critical thinking caps on.

  10. Milton just confirmed that Mikki Dean hasn’t been banned from the page but Rebelious Angel has been. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=612802675425564&set=a.359005727471928.78881.357908267581674&type=1&comment_id=1597517&offset=0&total_comments=54 Rebelious posted on the page asking people to “unlike” the page now….that’ll get you banned even if you are Shellie’s Mom.

    Strat4evr posted at the treehouse that JFGZ has banned Shellie’s mom.

  11. The “sheeeesh-theyre-ba-aack” thread over at the treehouse is still available for viewing, but, at least for me, commenting, including replying, is disabled.

    And it wasn’t any superspecial feat of mental gymnastics on my part, most anybody ever involved with electric guitars would have seen that user name and immediately thought Fender Stratocaster.

    • We shut down comments when the conversation devolves to sewing room chatter.

      Speaking of which…… someone sent about 20 emails last night containing a seriously thoroughly researched background on that Christie somethingorother who is doing the book for Shellie.

      Do you want that Nettles? If so I can send you the emails I guess and you can redact the sender. I find no value in that aspect to the case and writing about it will only advance their (her) status because many MSM reporters use TCTH for their research – most do it without citation or attribution which is ok because what they write is generally not helpful to individual freedom principles.

      90+ percent of reporters are progressive Democrats, they pontificate the bile and pus leaching from the rot upon our Republic.

      Lemme know if you want the extensive emails about that Christie writer, her family, her life story, all of her acquaintences, her criminal records, her daughters criminal records, the civil lawsuits against her and all of her family, etc etc. Her falsified educational records….. It is *very* extensive

      I don’t know the agenda of the sender – but I’m not comfy with it myself.

      • Sure Sundance I’d love to see them. I’ve written this lady two emails myself trying to get her to see reason so some factual ammunition might help get her attention.

        She’s up to something with a gun and a knife. I smell a rat with her releasing that video on Sept. 8th (she uploaded it to youtube) yet she changed the date of it’s posting on her blog to Sept 3rd. You know I pay attention to dates. Why is she trying to distance the posting of the video where Shellie says GZ changed after the verdict and then I see Shellie’s brother on the news at the domestic event (Sept. 9th) saying he had “heard” that GZ changed after the shooting and DJ does not show up in any police report. this whole thing stinks and I think Ms. O’Connor may be in the middle of it.

        I may plan a winter trip to Florida Sundance. If I do, could I buy you lunch? I’d love to meet you. Would you have lunch with a prog. Sundance? Could you stomach it?

        I’ll let you know if I’m headed your way. Seriously, I’d love to meet you. I’m not dangerous or anything. 🙂

        • Doubtful…. I don’t find value in speaking circles with people who are Democrats or liberally minded.

          No offense, but what’s the sense? I’m not ever going to concede to allowing progressivism to destroy a great nation. Besides all progressives are notoriously untrustworthy and generally filled with hypocrisy in their life and obfuscations to hide their lies The GZ’s wanted to meet too, even offered a steak dinner,…. suffice to say I declined (for all of the above mentioned reasons)

          Maybe you could hook up with them and ask all of those questions you have. – You have a stronger stomach for that wishy-washy crap than me. That could also be valuable to a greater understanding.

          I think the greater GZ family hold a disposition to fight against corruption (ie corey) because they actually are more inline with the think of the encampment and have NO IDEA how to fight it. Niceties don’t work – Defeating progressive rot demands the nuclear sledgehammer of truth without concern for collateral damage. None of them are STRONG enough in their own makeup to wage that war….. so they won’t.

          I’ll send you those background emails shortly.


          • “I’m not ever going to concede to allowing progressivism to destroy a great nation” – Dang, I’ll alert the Prime Minister & President to go to plan “B”.

            Your response is not a surprise. Given a chance to help someone that may have required working with a possible democrat you just couldn’t do it.

            No soup for you. 🙂

            Thanks I’ve received your emails.

          • I don’t find value in talking in circles to imbeciles who are dumb enough to believe in talking snakes and donkeys, flying chariots made of fire, a man living inside a fish for three days, and hundreds of hebrew zombies wandering around downtown jeruselum but Sundance who finds himself to be a “voice of reason” thinks that all really happened.

              • But the point of the post which you and sundance apparently missed is Sundance wants to carry on about irrational unjustified unfounded and unevidenced beliefs when he has a laundry list of his own beliefs that match that very very description. I was intending to illustrate the hypocrisy and not really to insult.

              • For the record, many “miracles” in Scripture are simply mistranslations. I will address one of those mentioned about Jonah and the whale:

                From the Ferrar Fenton translation:

                Jonah 2: 1 –

                ”But the Ever-Living had appointed “The Great Fish”1 to pick up Jonah. And Jonah was three days and nights in the hold of the “Fish,” and Jonah prayed to his Ever-Living God from the hold of “The Fish,” and said:–

                Note: (1) “Great Fish” was the name of the ship mistranslated “Whale” in the version of the Greek translators, whose blunder has been repeated by all subsequent translators, in all languages, to the perplexity of their readers, until I decided to go back to the original statement of the prophet in his own Hebrew.–F.F.

                The Hebrew word translated as belly, actually literally translates as ”hold” i.e the ship hold, or cargo hold.

            • I think if you throw a stone in a crowded room the person you hit, if you look deeply enough, will have some thoughts or beliefs you and the others in the room would find ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with people believing in things that I might find absurd. I have a problem when they let those things govern how they treat and interact with others. Well, at least when those things cause them to ridicule, belittle or otherwise hurt others. Gee, maybe I am a ‘prog’. 😉

              • Coreshift says: ….” I have a problem when they let those things govern how they treat and interact with others … cause them to ridicule, belittle or otherwise hurt others”….

                Whilst hanging around an entire group assembled solely on the principle, and evidenced by the expressed advocacy of, ridicule, belittling, and otherwise being hurtful toward others; and joyfully participating in the advancement therein.



                {{ prog logic handbook page #14, Chapter – Group think }}

                • Oh, SD. You do realize that many critical of you do so because you treated them as I describe. It started with you. But sure, blame others for what you started and put out into the world when it comes back to you. Your ability to blame others is almost (pardon liberal friends) liberal by your own definitions. You really don’t realize the hypocrisy you exhibit on a daily basis, do you?

          • Sundance said:
            …..Besides all progressives are notoriously untrustworthy and generally filled with hypocrisy in their life and obfuscations to hide their lies The GZ’s wanted to meet too, even offered a steak dinner,…. suffice to say I declined (for all of the above mentioned reasons)

            YOUR calling someone else UNTRUSTWORTHY? You USED those people, to further your Agenda! Yes it is ALL becoming clearer by each of your posts here. Furthermore, it makes me doubt ANYTHING you say they told you or whatever, just by your own comments here! You have deceived us all, yes we are all adults and made choice to believe you, I will take my slap on wrist for that. TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA… YOU MISGUIDED YOUR TRUTH AND YOU SIR HAVE AN AGENDA! You come to THIS BLOG and spill what is suppose to be what, WHY DO YOU NOT BE HONEST WITH Fellow Treepers? Treepers who believed your spill and donated funds. That is dishonest as Leatherhead, again JMHO.

            SD, I am still in shock over your comments like this and the thread of it you posted. This is not being a CHRISTIAN, at least from all my teaching and understanding. I will pray for you Sundance, because of what good you could do, you shut off people who could possibly help. You are truly cutting your self short.

            If I had realized how closed minded you were, I probably would have missed out on meeting a lot of neat people and learned so many diff things from participating at the CTH. . IMHO if you honestly believe that way, NOT associating with anyone who is of diff political view than you, well, you’re no better than the CHUMPs and Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and their awful racial crap.

            • Mimi – someone is very closed minded, rigid, and ideological. IMO, someone thinking that one side (and the tiny sliver at the very end of that side) has all the answers, is never going to do anything but spin their wheels. Especially when to them, everyone on the left is of one mind on everything and they are “wingers”, and everyone on the right is either in that little sliver, or else they are RINOs and of no use. Note there is never any mention that the right sliver is “winger”. IMO, I believe that both sides have part of the answer. And as 20% on each side is “winger”, that means the majority, 60%, have lots of room to discuss solutions. If Nettles or anyone wants to have a productive discussion, I would suggest finding someone else in the vast middle – someone who “leans right”, if the first person “leans left”. I can’t imagine much productive would come out of an attempt to engage a rigid ideologue, especially as they wouldn’t even allow the conversation because you are not 100% in alignment with them, and are basically considered dirt under their superior feet.

              • A lot of truth in your post IMHO. Makes me wonder lol now all his SOURCES… so does that mean SD took no interest of anyone where his sources lead him if didn’t first agree with his beliefs Politically? that just plain IGNORANT. LOL I don’t mean to be stuck on this, maybe I am slow, I just cant believe his is and WAS so closeminded! Makes ALOT of his comments make some sense now. I have a visual lol SD needing a transplant, and the only one avail is from a Dem hmmm does he take it or not? 🙂 Bet he is a miserable soul. And family is too. Sad.

              • LOL remb when RZ Sr made a comment on a thread that SD did and RZ Sr posted and called out SD and corrected what SD had posted.

                Wonder how many people realize that everytime you comment or refresh, it makes the site have a hit. When you have ads on there, from what I understand and could be wrong, but if they get paid by hits, then heck no wonder they still have articles keeping GZ case at TH, because those are the only ones getting comments, No telling how many hits they get from lurkers. I just cant get over SD USING the Zimmerman Family for his own agenda like he did. SMH

      • SD says….. “We shut down comments when the conversation devolves to sewing room chatter.”

        That’s FUNNY RIGHT THERE! Haven’t seen that happen before. Sewing room chatter ROFLMBO most of the convo all end up like that. Only times I personally remb the thread closing comments was when was too long, and those were only GZ thread, If I am not mistaken.

          • @Nettles, and there it is again -Your ENTRENCHED Bias showing !

            Why would a “sewing room” be gender specific?

            The term “sewing room” is defined as gossipy people who are busybodies into everyone else’s business. That’s not gender specific and painfully evident by the these pages alone.

            But in your gender biased liberal mind, only women are allowed to sew right? Therefore your progressive definitions and embedded categorization allows you to only look at terms through your own prejudicial prisms.

            Kinda like it’s racist to eat at chick-fil-a. Because only Christian white folk support chick-fil-a….. and we’d better call it Iced Tea because to call it Watermelon Drink would be racist or something……


            {{ prog logic page #42 – Chapter 11 Misogynistic Judo }}

            • Here is where I am getting confused. You seem to like no one here or their beliefs and to you they are worthless, not even worth sitting down to lunch with. So why are you commenting here? I comment at the tree, usually on the chapel, and have been fine there. I hope that will continue, but I have to say, you coming here, when you made a post about nettles awhile back putting her down and now commenting to her here on her own site putting her down constantly, I just don’t get.

            • C’mon, Sundance. You know very well that a lot of the criticism of you here is well founded. Maybe not all, but, for sure, you did lead a lot of us in the wrong direction. You came here to Nettles site, I suppose, to defend your positions and you did that on your own. I may be wrong but I sense you had, at least, a tiny bit of guilt. Otherwise, what are you trying to accomplish except to create more animosity about things you posted?

              True, that there are some here who do not always get things right either, but they DO LATER explain that. OTH, you have never “apologized” for the things you posted that folks like myself wanted so much to believe. We had become, in a sense, HOOKED on whatever you said, to be true beyond question. Surely, you must know that some of us later came to believe that you were a false prophet so we left as you would, too, if presented with the same situation.

              This is going nowhere. If you want to remain RIGHT, fine. So will others here, too, do the same. I would rather be happy and comfortable than to be RIGHT. There are no winners or losers in this discussion, but, for God’s sake, at least admit you made some “mistakes.”

              I love ya, man, but, PLEASE be honest with yourself. You are way too intelligent to allow this to go on. Your flowery language is probably not even understood by the average person. Why do you not speak in the language of the common man? Do you really think your command of our language contributes to the points you wish to make? NONE of these blogs are followed by the Wm Buckley disciples.


  12. it’s gone now but robert tweeted a version of this that included sybrina fulton and tracy martin: Robert Zimmerman JR @rzimmermanjr 12h
    @rToday=St Michael Archangel feast. SMA: Protect FL frm those I believe R agents of evil… Such as: Crump/Jackson/Bondi/Corey/Scott/BDLR

  13. I asked Sundance to have lunch with me if I ever came to Florida and he declined because he doesn’t want to spend his time talking in circles to a liberal. It’s a shame that some on both sides of a political landscape can’t find common ground and work together. Before Sundance realized I was liberal in my views, he jumped in on one of my posts at the treehouse and wrote:

    “(sorry to jump into your comment, but I just wanted: to a) thank you, and b) point out that you have a VERY firm grasp on the surrounding events, circumstances and timeline of the Trayvon *story*. Your comments are always well structured, well formulated and attributed for clarity. Your formulations are exceptionally accurate given what details are known of the events. Awesome job. Thanks again,…. /Sundance)”


    There are several more examples of where my posts got praise and recognition after that one. However, less than a month later, he would ban my voice from being heard there because I wanted to support George Zimmerman’s attorney all the way to trial.

    Now he doesn’t even want to meet me over a bowl of soup.

    • I stand by what I said then. I meant it. However, when you, as an invited guest, take specific and intentional action – to specifically and intentionally disparage, ridicule, obfuscate and then with specific intent proceed with lies and falsehoods – all with the intention of elevating yourself and internally justifying your own poor manners, well, then, opinions toward the presenter change – even when opinions of the presentation itself do not change.

      Then there’s that whole 6+ month thing of posting over, and over, and over, and over, and over…. the ridiculous notion that Sundance = Rick Madigan.

      There’s something else that becomes evident with that level of delusion…., such a level of delusion that entrenches the psychology to spend hours, and hours, and hours and hours, creating points and constructing profoundly unstable effort…. why?…… to reinforce an illogical falsely constructed reality that does not have to concede being wrong.

      If there was a more definitive example, which reflects the behavior of a prog beholden to a rabidly delusional mind, spending infinite time trying to identify the clean end of a turd, you can only find them described in reference material.

      I don’t often talk to Democrats, but when I do I order large fries.

    • Now he doesn’t even want to meet me over a bowl of soup.

      Nettles, he was probably worried that he’d besitting down with those soup kitchen clints, demanding free soup as only an Alinskyite liberal can! You should offer a different meal, among a more ostensibly genteel, cultured, and religious clientele. lol

      (and anyway, who ever even heard of Alinsky before Obama??? Yet all liberals are trained in it….? And before someone brings it up, yes, Hillary Clinton was assigned a paper on him, and at the end of her thesis, refuted Alinsky’s ideas. Yet all the people who never read her thesis, just parrot the talking point that she is an Alinskyite.)

    • Funny, both SD and RM are very insistent they are not one another. I personally have no opinion on that. BUT I do believe SD uses another nic. Also, OF ALL BLOGS why does he come here ESPECIALLY AFTER most people here were banned from there (not sure if I am banned yet)? Seems he is going against his own rules of not having a dialog with someone who doesn’t agree with him. Oh and that whiteradish or whatever name is, use to post with a lil different radish name. Cant remb off hand what was, just remb he./she posting that used to be …

      • RM got into a heated discussion with Danny about Sundance and Hillbuzz. His last post was Aug. 14th.

        On Aug. 18th I asked that commenters here show respect for us all and only post in identities we can recognize. We never seen Rick again. Sundance posted for the first time on Aug. 22nd.

        I’m grateful he posts in an identity we can recognize.

        Have we had any impact on their banning hammer at the treehouse? Have you heard of any recent bans? Hopefully they will become more tolerant with the feedback they got from how people felt there.

          • It looks like they took a page out of Diwataman’s playbook and shut down comments on one thread. I’m glad they did that instead of trashing the thread.

            The last time all my links to the trashed threads turned my posts into garbage. I’ve learned to take screen shots of what I need but it’s so much more work and takes up so much space.

        • I personally haven’t heard of any. Funny I just went (usually do out of habit for so long) and read the articles up. First time in I don’t know when (not since I been reading there, that I don’t see a thread having to do with anything GZ) The last one, is the one that comments were closed for the lol “sewing room convo” going on. Hmmm interested now in watching numbers in the comments 🙂 Of course, right now there are some very important issues going on so they may post over and over on comment of that nature. Still at awe about SD posting here…. very weird IMHO

          • I will explain later when this discourse has ended. I hear what everyone is saying and their points may be justified but I have nothing to add to the conversation. I like and respect everyone here. Maybe I am getting to old to argue.

    • I would love to have lunch with you, if you have time. I live in the Tampa Bay area… Pinellas County. Shoot me an email about your plans and itinerary, IF you are interested.

        • The best steak house in the ENTIRE world is Bern’s in Tampa. It also has the largest wine cellar of any restaurant in the entire world. It is has a lot of things that are the BEST in the entire world. Even little things like sour cream are imported daily from a farm in NY. It is truly awesome. Lots of wealthy people fly in just to have dinner. Mafia chieftains were secure when they dined there. Santo Traficante was a regular.

          Count on being there for at least 3 hours to eat, tour the amazing kitchen and truly vast wine celler and then go upstairs to the most magnificent dessert room imaginable. All seating is in private intimate booths. It is an amazing experince. You will feel like a member of the Royal Family.

          I once was friends with Bern Laxer because it is where I took all of my cllients when they flew into Tampa. He is now deceased, but I once spent the entire night with him as he entertained my out of state newspaper clients. He introduced them to many different NEW wines in his clutttered upstairs office that night while his young female assistant and I went to the dessert kitchen and ate ourselves silly. True story and I have left out a lot of what happened that night as well as many other wonderful experiences. I promise you that it would be the most memorable dining experience of your life.

          Go here but there is so much more that is not mentioned. Their sign is simple. It says” Art In Steaks.”


          • Oh this sounds wonderful. I like dinners that take hours to consume. With my eating challenges, I’m always the last at the table so if anyone does eat with me, you are going to need some patience.

            • There are actually a few books about Bern’s.. one of which is devoted totally to incredible dining experiences.

              Long ago I lived in a singles complex in North Tampa near USF. One of the residents was a bartender at Bern’s. This was during Bern’s earlier era during which waiters had to work in their organic farm, serve an apprenticeship in the kitchen and learn every aspect of the business BEFORE being able to wait on tables. It required 2 years, more or less, and any one waiter could black ball him at any time. I think that has changed as a result of some bizarre government regulation. At any rate, our bartender friend would collect all of the unfinished bottles of wine from the tables each night and bring them home. We always had a pool party on Sunday. He would pour the contents of each bottle into a vat so everyone could drink this mixture. Some of those bottles cost more than a thousand bucks. Strange that people would spend that kind of money and not finish the bottle but they did.

              I started dining there in 1970, but have not been in quite a few years but I talk with my daughter who keeps me updated about any changes. She says very little has changed. There are now quite a few very good steak restaurants in Tampa.. all trying to compete with Bern’s but they have NEVER advertised.

              Reservations have never been easy to get but that may not be the case now. When Tampa hosted its first Super Bowl, one enterprising guy had the foresight to see what would happen at Bern’s. Naturally everyone of importance would want to go there. This guy began to systematically make reservations for different size parties, using different names many months in advance. When the frenzy started, he placed an ad and sold the reservations he had made.. They started at $1000 so he made a ton of money. That is a true entrepreneur.

              • I read up on it some this evening. Pretty cool! Some place I would never be able to even afford to take in a good deep smell of the awesome smell of good food. Glad I “know” someone who had the opportunity to experience it !! Hope you get to experience again, SOON 🙂

                • I have probably been there about a hundred times but it has been awhile since I gave up my business in 2001 so I could raise my daughter when she lost her Mom at ten years of age. Yes, it can expensive, IF you have wine. Cut out the wine and two can dine there for about $200 including a trip to the dessert room but add a bit more for any of the incredible appetizers that can be shared. However, I have dropped a few thousand when entertaining a couple of wine lovers.

                  It is known for steaks but they do everything else to perfection. For example, if you want a fish, they catch it there. You can pick out the fish you want as it swims right there in front of you in their saltwater tanks.

                  It’s not just a great meal but an amazing “experience” to go there. I used to spend a lot of time educating my clients before I took them there. There are so many unique things that they do that you might miss out on unless you went with an experienced diner who had been there more than once and could prepare you for what would happen and what to notice. The more you know, the more you can enjoy and appreciate your experience. Yup… those bean sprouts in your salad were grown organically right there in the kitchen. Every item in each salad has its own story.

                  I usually try to get an early reservation..before 7PM… because you could be there for several hours and still not want to leave if you are there with someone who appreciates fine dining and offers stimulating conversation.

                  I once spent the entire night there when Bern was alive. We left after the sun rose. My client from San Francisco and his wife were thrilled. I never touched a single glass wine but, boy, they sure did but all of the wine was a gift from Bern himself. They drank themselves sober.. really.

                  • I know what you mean by the “experience” and knowing stuff. I went to Kauai in 2005. My bro got married there. We all bought books and read up. Found so many off the beaten path stuff and places to eat. Truly a wonderful experience.

                    • I sent my parents there many times. It was their favorite island. Until then, my Mom had never been more than 80 miles from where she was born. I also sent them to many other places including 9 countries in Europe.

                      We grew up dirt poor so my Mom wondered if I was doing something illegal to have so much money. Way too funny. When I first told her I was sending her and my Dad to Hawaii, she said yes, she would like to go for a “weekend”. They live in SC. What a hoot. She had no idea that she would would have to get on an airplane.

                      I gave her a credit card for all of their their trips which was a first for her. I later gave her a new Cadillac for Christmas and she was afraid to drive it but she finally got a driver’s license. I did all this to show them how grateful I was for the way they raised me so I could rise out of poverty.

                      My Dad is 89 and my Mom is 85. As they got older, they could not travel except for a few cruises but I am so grateful that God blessed me enough to do this for them.

    • Well, if you come to the other sunshiny state, CA, I’ll have lunch with you! Matter of fact, I think we might be warmer in the winter than Florida is (at least here in southern CA). And beware of Florida in the summer, they have flying bugs (mosquitos and all – we don’t have those). And they have alligators*, too, it’s dangerous lol But…….. if you can, go to Sanibel Island, we used to go there for Xmas vacation every year while we lived at home, and it was wonderful. Huge beach (no alligators or sharks ever found me there!), and I remember a beautiful, airconditioned library right on the beach, it was so peacefully quiet inside (I seemed to be the only one who ever went in there), and I spent many hours reading grown-up books in comfortable chairs. And it had a piano in the library, which I really enjoyed. My fondest memory of going there.

      *alligators, crocodiles, I can’t keep them straight! lol

      • All of the mosquitoes in Florida go to Sanibel for evening services, just to sing in harmony. LOL . I have camped in the deep back country of the Everglades in July and even that was not as frightening as Sanibel. The sound is beyond explanation.

    • Nettles – I read about 6 articles on this case last night searching for a plausible motive besides mental illness that caused the daughter to seek revenge against the parents she hadn’t seen in years. What a horrific vengeful daughter to come back & murder years later to settle a grudge w/her parents. The daughter shot her mother w/a sawed off shot gun. The daughter had stolen from the family years earlier & from the grandmother also, dropping out of sight for years & apparently, the hatred for her parents growing. Sadly, when the dad shot his daughter in the head, he didn’t even recognize her as his daughter.

      The family appeared of modest means, the news accounting is reporting they “suspect it was over inheritance,” but I don’t know what the daughter thought she would gain except the mobile home if they murdered her dad along w/her brother/mother. LE too are reporting a gas can & matches found in the daughter/her husbands car in which they parked down from the families mobile home, I assume they were going to burn it down for insurance. How sad to read of an adult daughter w/such hatred for her parent’s, parent’s she hadn’t seen in years.

  14. Nettles, I saw your post about your cancer and just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with you. My husband was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with bladder cancer. He had surgery to have the tumors removed and has been having BCG treatments since. His last scope was 2 weeks ago and they saw some red spots in his bladder. They did a biopsy and we just got the results last week that it was not cancer but rather most likely irritation from the BCG treatments. His next scope won’t be till January or February of next year on his 2 year mark. If he remains cancer free, then he will no longer need the treatments and just have a scope done every 6 months.

    Sadly bladder cancer has a very high rate of returning which is why they require having a scope every 6 months after being diagnosed. Many people are not aware that bladder cancer is the 6th most comment cancer in the US. About 73 thousand people (55 thousand men, 18 thousand women) will get it in the US alone this year and out of that, 16 thousand will die. Sorry didn’t mean to throw a PSA in there but, I always like to make people aware. People hear the word cancer and immediately think breast, lung, ovaries, skin. They never think of mouth, bladder, colon, etc. So anytime I can speak of bladder cancer, I do. 🙂

    Again my thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love!

    • Thanks Froggielegs! I’m glad to hear your husband’s test results were favorable. The key to cancer is awareness and getting suspected spots checked quickly.

      My dentist noticed a spot and started the ball rolling when I was 28 years old (I’ll be 50 in Dec). I had a biopsy and got the results that it was cancer on my 29th birthday. The doctor felt so bad to give me the news on my birthday and one week before Christmas but he didn’t realize the date was significant to me.

      I’ve had 4 surgeries for 4 different cancers over the years. The last major one was in 2005.

      We all have our crosses to bear in life. This happens to be mine.

      I wish your hubby great health in the days and years ahead. Thanks for the love! Much love given in return. ♥

    • So sorry Froggie! Praying for good results for your hubby too. My grandpa had bladder cancer. He always had the biggest hands to me growing up. Anyway he got to where it was harder to walk, and thought it was just from getting older. One day they were fixing to go shopping and he had to go pee before they left. It was blood. He told my granny and they thought that the doc would just give him some meds and all would be ok and they would go on shopping. That was a Thurs morning. That afternoon they told him to go straight to the hosp. They went up with a scope and found a MASS the size of a LARGE ORANGE! Took out Friday. Stayed weekend and they let him go home on Monday awaiting pathology. His Hands went down to normal people size! His had been carring fluid forever, the Dr said and Grandpa could out walk my Daddy and Uncle! Dr said was like having a full bladder all the time and hard to walk. Well he had to have his bladder removed on Wed, day before Thanksgiving. Got all. Didn’t have chemo. Then later came back they found on a scan in his liver like 2 half years later. Thankfully he didn’t suffer much. And led a full life. I just wish he had know earlier. Sorry for taking so much space. As you said maybe it will help someone else.

      • Mimi I am so sorry about your grandpa. Thank you for your prayers.

        My husband started having blood in his urine 5 years ago. They sent him to an oncologist who saw spots in his bladder, did a blood test and told him it didn’t appear to be cancer. Mind you they did no biopsy. He always felt as though his bladder never emptied. She gave him some meds to take for a month and there was no blood in his urine.

        3 years later it came back and this time with swelling and pain. He went to a urologist who did a scope and immediately knew it was cancer. He was shocked when he found out the oncologist didn’t do a biopsy 3 years prior. He had 7 tumors in his bladder. He didn’t need his bladder removed thank God.

        Don’t ever apologize for sharing your story and helping to get the word out about cancer.

        • Oh my gosh! Poor Hubby! Well the urologist did do scope right away. No telling how long it had been going on. It DEF didn’t just happen. That is when I realized too that Diabetes is not something your born with lol that’s what I had always though. This was right after Rock Hudson came out with having AIDS. Well my Grandpa was not feeling well and Granny thought had flu so gave him some Nyquil. Well he got terribly sick. Poor thing, it was on news almost constantly at that time about the symptoms of AIDS. Well Grandpa had them all. He was so scared that the blood transfusions he got were bad. My Aunt, a RN, tried to assure him he didn’t have AIDS. Well that’s how they found out he had Diabetes. People really need to read the warnings on any and ALL meds, esp over the counter as the Phar usually tells you on prescription meds.

        • Also I will never forget my Grandpa hands. They didn’t look swollen, as I have seen peoples before. It was so wild to see them after they took that mass out.

    • Nettles – From MOM’s article:

      “That said, a re-trial is not a sure thing for Alexander. I’ve looked some of the details of her case, and there are some significant obstacles for the defense to overcome to make a self-defense claim the jury will accept. Most notably, Alexander escaped the immediate threat by retreating to her garage, and then she came back into the house with the gun. With proper jury instructions, however, there is a good chance the jury will find her not guilty.”

      Nettles – there was a case of a retired policeman, using the SYG Defense in 2013 in killing his son that was found NOT Guilty. If I remember correctly, the officer had to go to his truck to “retrieve his gun,” fired a warning shot before killing his son in self defense, BUT, there was a VIDEO of the altercation/shooting. A sad case, that video probably saved his life, imo, he deserved the not guilty verdict. I think he originally told a Grand Jury that the gun was in his house, but the video showed the gun was in his truck but Davis claimed to be upset/confused, Davis in the past had been beaten by his son & was afraid of him.


    • You mean to tell me that there are problems in Sanford, weren’t we told how idyllic life in Sanford was and that Zimmerman was overreacting. Would they not prefer NW to PD watch. Ha ha.

      • The lady who used to clean my home just returned from Sanford. I will ask her what she experienced the next time she comes over to clean.

    • I don’t know about a warning but be reminded that AJ has put all their documents in the drop box (found on the sidebar of this blog) and Diwataman has an independent copy of a lot of the docs as well.

      • Are we ever going to see all of the evidence from the case released…

        …or will the federal investigation remain ‘open’ indefinitely?

          • Im a little perplexed as to what is taking so long on the sanctions motions and Nelson said she would rule and the previous sanction motions after trial yet i have seen nothing but filings from looney Trayborgs attempting to get George recharged

            • This is absurd. Nelson should have stopped the trial. BLDR would have been dismissed and probably charged with at least a couple of criminal offenses but she let his slimy ass go unpunished. Draw your own conclusions as to WHY that happened. Did you know that a malicious prosecution is why we have ObamaCare? Look up the malicious prosecution of Ted Stevens.

  15. Crazy!!!! Hope they punish her to the fullest extent of the law

    ‘Rogue juror’ cited in mistrial

    A “rogue juror” sparked an unusual and unexpected mistrial in an aggravated-robbery case Friday when, after arriving at Pulaski County Circuit Court an hour late, she excused herself from the second d…

    … rogue juror” sparked an … juror” sparked an unusu … dy dismissing one juror and seating the o … other prospective jurors who said they ha …

    Saturday, September 28, 2013


    • Leatherheads posting bogus reviews on amazon: If Jack Cashill had a daughter she would like Orly Taitz…, September 2, 2013
      By Justfactsplz
      This review is from: If I had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman (Kindle Edition)
      Jack Cashill begins his “book” giving praise to the Conservative Treehouse: The Last Refuge for Misguided Misfits. His book is a regurgitation of all the lies and distortions created solely by these racist, homophobic, right wing conspiracy theorists from the Conservative Treehouse. The “Conservative Treehouse” should be read daily by everyone to understand how terribly sick and racist this country really is. Being that that the biggest contributors to the GZ defense fund come from the Treehouse, Mark Omara was under constant threats of these GZ supporters cutting off support to said defense fund…Omara was obligated to present every lie and misrepretation of facts germaine to this case as presented soley from this site. This site ran by Sundance whose original name was Sundance Cracker…he changed it to appeal to the sensibilities of new readers…to not appear too racist. See, Rachael Jenteel clearly defined the term “cracker” meaning an wannabe authority figure who is racist toward black folk…and that defines Sundance. If you don’t believe me…google Conservative Treehouse. They relentlessly slandered a slain 17 year old child and his family solely to fit their narrative. Everything said about Trayvon Martin…that he was a thug, on drugs etc. came from this site.

      Jack Cashill is a published author, journalist who promotes conspiracy theories. He has been described as racist, homophobic and a right wing nutter. Here’s an article “Jack Cashill Endorses Murder” to google and read. Please read before purchasing this book.

    • I read it and found it to be a pretty accurate piece. There were two problems which I emailed to Mr. Cashill and he said he was able to get it corrected before the print deadline for the hardcover.

      I also suggested in any future editions, he include the bit of information about who Tracy called the next morning looking for his son. I think that is telling towards who Tracy thought Trayvon was.

  16. To: Letsbefairtogz – I’ve always thought you were Robert Jr. but Robert Jr. has advised me he is not posting under this name. If you care to and if you value the voices that spoke in support of GZ, we’d all appreciate you sharing your relationship to George. Did I get it wrong? Are you a member of the Zimmerman family?

    • https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/the-beat-goes-on/comment-page-1/#comment-18617
      I have never implied, suggested, or indicated that I was Robert Jr
      The “semi-honest” comments are what keep people from posting publicly (while I’m not 100% sure what that means, the label kind of sucks). Additionally, while I have not gotten to the bottom of it, issues such as private emails of mine being posted and/or shared is what some would consider to be less than “semi-honest”. Just sayin

      • You’ve lost me. As I’ve stated, through your posts, I thought you were a family member. I thought most likely Robert Jr. Turns out that’s wrong.

        I’m not sure what you mean by semi-honest comments, please expand.

        As to your emails being shared or posted, again you’ve lost me. I know you asked me about the email that Sundance shared with me and some others. As far as I know, that has never been posted and lucky for the sender and Sundance, those he shared it with did keep it private.

        How do you know it’s your email? and not someone else’s? Just so you know, when Sundance shared the email, he kept the sender private. I don’t know who’s email it was.

        Who are you to the case? Are you Scott?

        • Your quote….”Ken was semi-honest.”

          It was implied on one of the posts that the email was mine because of the info it contained. Whether it was or was not mine doesn’t really matter, what matters is that a supposed private email with info about the GZ case was passed between fellow bloggers. It is that type of practice that might give certain people pause.

          I think it is clear who I am and frankly, I have never been interested in a full-reveal because it really doesn’t serve any purpose. I have never been interested in money or fame but merely holding those responsible accountable for their malicious deeds. Further, I have ZERO interest in discussing the current state of the marriage or anything domestic that might have happened after the verdict.

          We all know the saying…..Loose lips………..

          • Hi Scott,

            Pleased to meet you. Thank you for the help you gave George and your family in their time of need.

            Secondly, please realize that there are thousands online that worked to also help George and his family in their time of need, and I’m not detecting in your posts you realize that. It might behoove you to thank those who post and read here on behalf of the family.

            Third, I get now the “semi-honest” comment in the link you posted. My site sucks for taking a person back to the link. I did eventually find it and it’s the post where I said Ken was semi-honest.

            I say semi-honest because here you are posting in a letsbefairtogz screen name and all those thousands that support GZ and his family, have no idea that when they saw any of your posts, you were related to GZ. As I’ve stated repeatedly, that you needed to hide among us tells me you shouldn’t have been posting at all. What did George think of that?

            Fourth, anyone in the family sending emails did so at their own risk. As you learned, they can be easily shared. I was quite taken aback when Sundance told me here online that you were pissed with me about it. Here I am sitting at home, minding my own business when in comes an email from Sundance sharing an email where the sender is asking to keep the matter confidential. Sundance told me here online he had the sender’s permission. So it doesn’t sound like it was your email, given your stance on the matter.

            While Sundance did take care to keep the sender’s identity private, there is enough information in there that if George reads it or his defense team or his family, you will all know who the sender is. I don’t have enough information to be sure who it was but I can tell you when I saw it I thought the sender was an idiot. I put myself in George’s shoes and I would want to know that something like that is being shared online.

            Keep in mind, Scott, I was not a blogger then. I was a person posting online trying to help George and willing to work with his choice of defense lawyers.

            I was in quite a spot. I didn’t want to betray the sender but I wanted to warn George because if anyone else was so stupid, and this got into the hands of the prosecutor or the civil lawyers, George’s liberty may be at risk. Why the sender didn’t figure that out I’ll never know.

            I thought on it for a few days and then decided to share the information that Sundance shared an private email from a family member with me and some others. Heads up to anyone sending emails to him that this is occurring and do not do it. I posted it publicly on a facebook page that I knew the defense monitored and I sent them a link to the comment so George could alert his family to be careful.

            What’s wrong with that? Perhaps, I stopped someone else from sharing something really explosive. Are you projecting your anger on me for something you did? What if I said nothing and more and more got shared?

            In the post at the treehouse that got me banned, I also made another call to family members to zip it while George was on trial. I had also seen a screen shot of a private message that Robert Jr. shared with someone. Too many of you were talking and if I were in George’s place, I’d want you all to zip it.

            I never talked about that email again until Sundance brought it up here. To my knowlege, no one knows the content of that email because those it was shared with kept it private.

            I’m not interested in discussing George’s marital split either and judging from the online hits to links, neither is most who read here. We do want to know what is going on with the sanctions hearing. How can we get Crump and Jackson out of practicing law? How can we stop the overcharging practices of the 4th district SAO in Florida? How can we get the media to give us more accurate information. Does George have any plans to go after any one or more of these areas? I know he’s busy getting relocated, finding a job and splitting with Shellie.

            Do you have any word on when the sanctions hearing is going to happen? Can you give us any clue what the next plan of action is for the family, if there is a plan at all?

            • I found my post on facebook’s debate page dated Feb. 25, 2013 – This is what I posted about the email I received – I betrayed no confidences and gave a heads up to those emailing.

              “Someone sent me a post posted at the Treehouse by Sundance accusing me of being emotional in my response to his allegations of wrongdoing by Mr. O’Mara and that I agreed not to post there. He thinks he’s guided by a principle of disinfecting sunlight on the truth. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/02/24/an-open-letter-to-don-west/#comment-329135

              So here’s some truth for you all to know. Sundance forwarded to me a email from someone close to George who took Sundance into their confidence. I’ve learned my lesson about sharing confidential emails and this one is going nowhere. But be aware for anyone confiding in Sundance, he shares these with commenters at the site. Secondly, I had no choice in not posting there anymore, he banned me. I won’t be following the blog anymore, the man can’t be trusted. No need to forward me what is posted there. It’s lost any value it had to me. To the point of Mr. O’Mara’s wrong doing, no proof has been provided and until there is some, it remains unfounded accusations.”

              • I decided to say this publicly so that if Sundance wanted to challenge me he could. But we were going to have that discussion out in the sunlight. He never did say anything about it until recently on this blog.

            • First, thanks for coming clean about referring to someone whom you have never met as being “semi-honest”

              “I say semi-honest because here you are posting in a letsbefairtogz screen name and all those thousands that support GZ and his family, have no idea that when they saw any of your posts, you were related to GZ”
              There was never any need for anyone to know who I was. I tried to right some wrong information, that was my only goal. Period. I have never had a desire for anyone to know who I was. Why do that?

              “As I’ve stated repeatedly, that you needed to hide among us tells me you shouldn’t have been posting at all.” That is your opinion and that plus $0.50 might get you a cup of coffee. Since when do you become the lawmaker of all things internet-y? Did you ever have blacked out trucks and unknown people stalking around in front of your house? Didn’t think so.

              Again, while I am not certain that it was an email of mine, you can see how one might experience some trust issues, no?

              “because if anyone else was so stupid, and this got into the hands of the prosecutor or the civil lawyers, George’s liberty may be at risk. Why the sender didn’t figure that out I’ll never know.”
              In light of this info, I now doubt that the email was mine. Any and all information that was provided by me to ANYONE was 100% vetted by GZ.

              “Too many of you were talking and if I were in George’s place, I’d want you all to zip it.” Agreed, some were talking too much but I would never consider myself in that category.

              This will likely be my last exposure because, as expected, I feel like I am way too out there already. For everything that you and everyone has done to advance to cause of justice in GZ’s favor, I am deeply grateful and forever appreciative

              • Take care of yourself. I hope you can find the balls to be out there and fight. It’s needed or this will happen to someone else. I understand it’s a personal decision though. Until then…..Be well. ♥

                • Wow, I wondered why some many people had issues with you. I have, however, always had a certain amount of respect for you, until today that is. Continue to live your life and be critical of the actions of others even though you have never lived a day in their shoes. Your comments/actions lead me to believe that rely solely on your interpretations alone and not the content of a persons comments. Just because I bid farewell to your blog has ZERO bearing on what my involvement is right the wrongs that have been made in this case. You probably ought to step down off of your pedestal and realize that there might have been a few things that happened in the case that didn’t surface on some WordPress blog. Did you ever stop and think about what goes on in a case beyond what you read from a post on the net?

                  • I have to admit that your post about threats you were under pissed me off.

                    The family isn’t the only ones who dealt with harassment and threats. That you are so dismissive of my experience, and others online which have been openly shared is a slap in the face to us all.


                  • letsbefairtogz

                    You bring up a very important point.

                    There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that is not exposed to the public. This is an ever present reality in any of these high profile attention-getting cases.

                    Because so much is not known, it allows for a very wide range of speculation.

                    It would be helpful to the readers of and commenters on this blog if you might be able to share an example of how a misperception among supporters of George differed so markedly from the behind the scenes reality.


              • Not to mischaracterize the email but it did not have anything in it that would remotely convict GZ. But look what the prosecutor did with anything GZ’s friends said. Osterman book into discovery, Hannity interview into discovery.

                I did think you were the author when I read it. If GZ vetted all your emails to the treehouse, I question GZ’s judgement and your for sending emails to Sundance while he was on trial for murder.

                • Well, thanks for making another criticism about things you know very little about. I’ll be sure to pass that on, thanks again. Pretty righteous up north aren’t ya?

                    • Support is, and has always been, greatly appreciated.
                      I have to say, if I wanted crass and condescending, I would go to ABC or NBC. Your questioning my testicular fortitude or lack of judgment will never entice me to discuss the case further here.
                      I have to say that I had expected much more civility from you than I have experienced. My skin is as thick as it comes but, as usual, I have been surprised one again by a “friendly”.
                      If and when I have an open discussion about the case anywhere, it will likely be on Dmans site where intellect without ridicule usually wins the day.
                      Best of luck

  17. 3 Orlando-area lawyers disciplined

    According to the Bar, five of the 24 lawyers subject to the court’s most-recent disciplinary orders were disbarred, one requested a disciplinary license revocation (equivalent to disbarment), nine were suspended, eight were publicly reprimanded, and one was placed on probation. Four of the lawyers were also ordered to pay restitution.


    It seems Fla. really does punish some of their lawyers, this is encouraging that perhaps one day Corey will receive her punishment. When Beaz skated on all the complaints w/the Bar against him, I had lost any hope the Fla. Bar did much to dishonest attorneys, I’m glad to see that took action in these cases.

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