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  1. It is glorious here! Lower 80’s and got to sleep with windows open. I go back to work tomorrow for the first time in 5 weeks so I am excited about that and a little apprehensive, too. Starting with 4 hour shifts to make sure I don’t hurt myself.

      • Yes 🙂 most of the time. However, we have also experienced many a cool and rainy Christmas over here, and that includes in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and the Central Coast. However, in Townsville it was a very warm day 🙂

      • winsome – I am in La., it is cooler here too & we had some rain last week, I agree, it won’t last! The thing I dislike about living in the South is that we don’t truly have the changes in the season, it’s hot or cold, lol.

          • there are 2 seasons that I dislike – winter and summer. The reasons are different as to why i do not like those seasons.

            In north of Australia there are only 2 seasons – wet and dry. I hated the wet season because it was very painful. I loved the dry season up north and got in a lot of early morning swimming 🙂

            • My oldest daughter was 14 when we went. We were there for about three weeks during December and January. We started in Sydney, on to the Outback (Alice Springs and Ayes Rock), then to Cairns for some diving on the Great Barrier Reed and a visit to the Daintree Rainforest. I may have left out a few places but we left from Melbourne.

              The weather was perfect everywhere we went….but it was a little warm in the Outback. What a great experience for my daughter. IIRC, December and January are summer months for you. I do not recall any rain until we got to Melbourne.

  2. Okay…something light….. This is suppose to be a joke on the “Rules of Washington”
    But, I changed the title.

    Sundances MOD Rules……

    1. If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth fighting dirty for.

    2.Don’t lie, cheat or steal…unnecessarily.

    3.There is always one more son of a bitch than you counted on.

    4. An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble.

    5. The facts, although interesting, are irrelevant.

    6.Chicken little only has to be right once.

    7.”NO” is only an interim response.

    8.You can’t kill a bad idea.

    9.If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

    10.The truth is a variable.

    11. A porcupine with his quills down in just another fat rodent.

    12. You can agree with any concept or notional future option, in principle, but fight implementation every step of the way.

    13.A promise is not a guarantee.

    15. If you can’t counter the argument, leave the meeting.

    • I have not not had any dealings with Sun Dance. If this is true, I am disappointed. I was quite impressed with al the things he wrote about truth and I was glad when I discovered he was trying to help GZ win the case. I found a couple of women in the Treehouse group to be rude and abrasive but never had any interaction with Sun Dance.

      • My purpose is not to bash SD. I make fun sometimes because he runs his blog like a dictatorship.

        Personally, I feel SDs shortcomings are the very things he preaches against. He is intellectually dishonest. He played his viewers for fools. He treated people very unchristian like, and he road the coat tails of GZ, his family and friends. He created a conspiracy surrounding MOM and caused a fraction in the supporting group. He attempted to bankrupt the legal fund and I feel defamed many along the way on his quest for Truth which is nothing more then selfish gain.

        I personally never had dealings with SD either. Other then what has been hashed out publicly so I have no personal vendetta against him at all. My purpose is to expose ALL of the lies, corruption, and railroading. Sadly it includes exposing supporters (which really were not supporters when you really look @ it). Just Wolves in Sheeps clothing.

        • That’s interesting that you say “supporters which were not supporters but just wolves in sheep’s clothing.” I emailed that site a couple of times with questions about the best way to donate to George’s security needs after the trial. It was Sharon who responded both times. I got the impression both times that there wasn’t much real concern about George or burning desire to help someone contribute to his security. I was puzzled and hoped I was wrong.

          • I think MANY had the same impression as you. But there has been numerous times after the MOM bashing party began Mods. there have said their interest was not GZ but to expose BGI which in their minds included MOM. So in other words if the GZ ended up in jail for 25 yrs. or was murdered it mattered none to them. In fact it would have supported their agenda!

            • Wow! That’s frightening. Seems dangerous. I was puzzled by the negative things said about O’Mara. I thought he did an excellent job and he did get an acquittal. I was disappointed he dropped George after the trial, but that’s his right. I think the fact that O’Mara is so liberal and sensitive to issues such as profiling helped him win the case.

              I noticed in a different threat that someone said Sundance lives in Florida. We came so close to buying a house there.

              This is all interesting and disappointing.

              Another thought is that I was at first puzzled at the name “Treehouse Conservatives” and their description of the site as a retreat for the last ragtag conservatives and discussion of how all of them seemed to not be treated well because of their conservatism. I’m conservative but don’t feel a need for a retreat.

              • The quick story behind why the owners of the blogs named it that was because prior to the CTH they posted @ various blogs owned by others. They really were extreme of politicals and caused contentions. So they got band. One of them opened a WP and without noticed closed it down because some were attacking part of the group who stayed @ those other blogs, suppose it was an issue of loyalty. Those “some” are the current owners of TCTH. Hence “ragtag bunch of misfits”. They have a history of being very loyal to each other and very very closed minded. To tell you the truth I have no clue how they have made it in the real world!

                • DannyWarrior,

                  I am having trouble answering posts. I get them in my email but when I click “reply” in the email, it just takes me to the thread and I have trouble finding the message I want to respond to.

                  I’m responding your message: “The quick story behind why the owners of the blogs named it that was because prior to the CTH they posted @ various blogs owned by others. They really were extreme of politicals and caused contentions. So they got band. One of them opened a WP and without noticed closed it down because some were attacking part of the group who stayed @ those other blogs, suppose it was an issue of loyalty. Those “some” are the current owners of TCTH. Hence “ragtag bunch of misfits”. They have a history of being very loyal to each other and very very closed minded. To tell you the truth I have no clue how they have made it in the real world!”

                  Thank you. You cleared up some confusion for me. That’s one more thing that I no longer have to ponder. LOL

                  I did pick up on their loyalty to each other. I certainly noticed some were abrasive to me even in responding to my email about how to donate to GZ’s security. Thought maybe it was my imagination or that Sharon just didn’t like me.

                  • This is funny, in a lot of ways. I feel your pain. I have been working on this 1990 LOL

                    Are you on a Mac? if so, what OS do you use… AND what web browser are you using?

                    I will try to help… no promises because there is no simple solution. I use Snow Leopard but I have to use 3 web browsers.. Safari, Firefox and Opera. These browsers are all fickle and moody.

                    Are you using Yahoo email? If so, we are in crisis mood. If you are, then you probably notice a major change yesterday… like.. where the hell are my incoming emails? I have received NONE from this site since I left today around 4:30 PM.

          • Now consider this. Many contacted the CTH either publicly or privetly to donate to GZ. To also find out information that would help GZ. Instead of directing people to this fund, they were directed to donate to CTH for their efforts in exposing BGI. Not to keep a man safe. How does one ensure people will donate to their cause and not GZ. Lie about MOM having complete control of the donations. Lie about why this Atty. is representing GZ. Lie about his political and social affiliations. And then PROMISE you and only you can deliver the truth, and in the mean time string em along!

            • Wow!

              In some ways they helped George and in other ways they hurt him. Doesn’t sound like it was his welfare they had in mind. They did do a lot of investigating and gave the information to the defense attorneys.

              Jack Cashill sure seemed to trust them.

              If they did lie about O’Mara, what happened to “The truth has no agenda?”

              • P.O.,
                They did help GZ but just were not willing or maybe not capable of addressing all issues because they had their own agenda.

                CTH has proven Truth does have an agenda!

                • I still like concept that the truth has no agenda. I also like what Churchill said about truth. I believe the truth does have no agenda. It’s like the scale for dieters. We may try to bend or stretch the truth when we record what we eat, but when we step on the scales, there it is, the truth. When it comes to more important world matters, God knows the truth. We may all have agendas, but the truth exists separate from all our agendas. It’s just there and God sees it just as it is.

                  I suppose the Treehouse agenda was fighting the BGI. The BGI is horrible only because they hurt innocent people and they hurt some individuals very badly. It’s difficult to be against the BGI without caring about those they hurt. I suppose it is possible to put one’s focus on either the ones hurt or on the BGI itself.

                  I shudder when I think about what they did to George, his family, and everyone near him. I don’t blame Shellie for wanting to separate herself from that burden. I just wish she’d be a little more careful about how she does it.

  3. I found this. Want to share.

    It’s a lesson we learn early in life if we’re lucky: don’t assume! No matter how confident we are in our understanding of the issue. No matter how certain of another’s reasoning or motives. No matter how obvious the point may be to us. Effective communication is far more complicated and difficult than we think. With barriers like cultural differences, personal “filters,” different definitions, etc., it’s amazing that any of us ever understand one another. But these aren’t the most difficult obstacles. The biggest reason we aren’t able to hear what another is saying to us is simply… “fear!”

    Oh, we may camouflage it behind anger, self-importance or any number of other false fronts, but at the root is fear. Fear of being “found out,” or of being disappointed, or of not getting what we want. It’s a powerful if crippling motivator. And most of us can summon up plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t take another at face value. Honest communication requires trust, and taking a risk. And we’ve been burned too many times. So we settle for safety, make the natural assumption, and run head-on into our own version of that pig as we journey down life’s highway!

    There is a better way. A way that recognizes our similarities. That sees others as a source of community and healing. That looks past our own frustration and previous disappointments to explore the possibility that even a “stranger” may have something positive to say. The Apostle Paul described it in Corinthians, chapter 13. It’s the “higher way” of love. I almost hesitate to use that term these days because of the way our culture misuses it. But when you read Paul’s description, try substituting “maturity.” It’s a perfect fit. The risks are higher for this way of living, but so are the rewards.

    Another (anonymous) writer cautions:

    “To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas, your dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk despair. To try is to risk failure. But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing. They may avoid suffering and sorrow but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live. Chained by their certitudes they are a slave, they have forfeited their freedom. Only a person who risks is free.”

    That doesn’t mean we should be naive. It does mean we should be careful what we assume. Check it out. Give others the benefit of the doubt. And if someone shouts something unexpected at us, at least entertain the possibility that perhaps it may be more than a personal insult. Who knows, that approach could change our life.

    By CAPT J. David Atwater, CHC, USN

  4. At the end of the day, there are only two things.. LOVE AND FEAR.

    Poor communication or the lack of it is the root of most problems.

  5. I have been keeping up w/the assault on Mr. Lean in NY, he was driving his range rover w/his 2 yr. old in the back seat & his wife, they were just going to celebrate their anniversary when a biker pulled in front of the SUV & stopped, Mr. Lein’s car tapped the rear tire of the motorcycle & it was clearly unavoidable as the video showed. Many bikes were participating in this group & were circling Mr. Lein’s SUV, yelling, harassing, & swearing at him, knocking windows out, & he gunned the engine to get away from the attack. The bikers followed the SUV & forced it to stop, broke Mr. Lein’s window & pulled him out, 5-6 bikers beat him while surrounded by many more, he has black eyes & stitches in his face.. A biker was injured when Mr. Lein hit a biker to escape the attack & has 2 broken legs& may be paralyzed, & his wife has HIRED media whore Gloria Allred, I assume to try to get monies or she wouldn’t be involved. The injured man has his license REVOKED until 2017, no insurance, etc., but his fiance of 17 yrs. has whined what a great guy he is & great dad, he has gotten little sympathy from bloggers/public.

    I LMAO when a blogger stated, “TOO BAD GZ wasn’t driving that Range Rover, he’d have put a stop to that attack by those bikers threatening violence against him & his family.” The blogger was absolutely right imo, many KUDOS went to the blogger that made the statement about GZ, the couple & their child were absolutely defenseless against the attack. Luckily, there are videos of the event since one of the bikers had a video camera on his helmet & put it on you tube. It helped LE make several arrest, many more are expected.

  6. I like the title of this thread. I wasn’t here when the disputes started. What’s on my mind is the safety of George Zimmerman and his parents. I’m very glad that he’s been out of the news for a week or two. I was hoping that would happen right after the trial, but it didn’t. Maybe we have the government shutdown to thank. I’m not happy about the shutdown but I’m glad the Zimmermans are out of the news. I’m wondering if George has a divorce attorney. I’m hoping he can stop Shellie from getting an insurance policy on his life since he has so many threats against his life.

    That’s what’s on my mind…..aside from personal things which no one else would be interested in.

    • I’m glad we haven’t heard anything from George also. It seems no news is good news, at least until lots of loose ends are cleared up. And if we ever do hear more from him, I hope it will be really good news that he is safe and happy. So many people will never know the true story of what he and his family have been through. It’s truly been an eye opener to me seeing how the media and public perception can be manipulated by unscrupulous lawyers and politicians.

    • A day or two into the shutdown Eric Holder said that the George Zimmerman investigation is ongoing, and was not affected by the shutdown.

      I’m not happy about the shutdown either. I was appalled that our 80-90 year old WWII vets were barred from the memorial built for them. I was appalled today to learn that an elderly couple, she 77, and he 80, were told by the Park Police that they had to leave their home they’ve owned and lived at for 40 years because of the shutdown. They are living at an ice cream store in town they’ve run for 35 years, and she forgot his jeans and undershirts, and had to spend money they don’t have to buy him more pants and shirts, because they were ordered out of their home. I’m shocked that the fisherman can’t fish the lakes and streams that are on federal property. The chartered boats that some make their living at taking people out deep sea fishing in Fla were barred from doing business.

      Since everyone else is asking, who do you blame for the shutdown?

      • Where is this story, minpin?

        I was appalled today to learn that an elderly couple, she 77, and he 80, were told by the Park Police that they had to leave their home they’ve owned and lived at for 40 years because of the shutdown

      • Interesting that the government shut down doesn’t stop Holder investigating Zimmerman but it has stopped the investigation of Holder’s fast and furious incident.

          • I think Holder mostly wants to appease the NAACP by reassuring them he’s still investigating. They went through GZs life with a fine tooth comb several times and didn’t find anything they could use. He might be hoping Shellie will say something. Hard to tell.

              • I was hoping someone would get George out of the country after the trial ….. at least long enough for the danger to pass. The justice department is doing nothing about the death threats but encouraging people to lie so he can press federal charges.

            • Pondering –

              I take a slightly different tact on that.

              I do not believe that Holder seeks to appease the NAACP, nor feels the need to appease.

              On the issue of how the department applies civil rights laws, they seem to be on the same playbook.

              I don’t think that the attorney general spends any time hoping that Shellie will or will not say something.

              That whole aspect of the GZ case is now firmly in the bureaucratic grasp of justice department machinery and it will stay there until the bureaucracy releases it.

              • I do think he’s trying to appease the NAACP. I agree that they are on the same page, but Holder is limited in what he can do based on what evidence he can manufacture. He would love to be able to press federal charges. If he had the evidence to do it, he would have done it already. I don’t think he wants pressure from the NAACP.

                • As to Holder’s limitations on this case, I agree and believe that the eventual resolution will be nil. Any prosecutor wants to press charges if they have the evidence. As to timing, I have no idea.

                    • Not for sure, it all depends which offices within the department get involved. My judgement is that this is not a high priority, but that is just a guess.

                      Bottom line, it can stay open as long as they want it to stay open.

                      This is where congressional pressure can be useful. Members of congress routinely send letters to all different government agencies seeking action, clarification, or answers.

                      If George could find a member of congress to push resolution of this thing with the justice department that could speed things up.

                      There are different offices that get involved depending on the law and the political juice etc.

                      For example, to act or not to act on the GZ matter may involve questions of internal policy of when to proceed and not to proceed. Does proceeding ahead violate standing written policy, does not proceeding possibly create a future precedential roadblock.

                      Remember, that this is still a bureaucracy.

                    • They can leave it open from now until the heat death of the universe.

                      That doesn’t mean they’re actually doing anything about it.

                      But anytime people start asking why Zimmerman isn’t doing Federal time yet, they can put them off by saying that the investigation is ongoing and that they can’t comment on the progress of ongoing investigations.

              • Hooson, I’ll disagree to some extent, the Justice Department would know after over a year of investigation if charges were possible, and would have been ready to proceed if that was the case.

                The establishment of a hotline, just presents an excuse to delay any decision on how they will proceed as they have to run down any leads presented. IOW it is a delaying tactic, we must also remember that it was at the behest of several civil rights groups and congresswomen, besides the family, that they were involved in the first place.

                The DOJ does not have the resources to investigate every time a request is made, so their involvement in this case is purposeful and will continue while it is advantageous. As with many other investigations that go nowhere, do not be surprised to learn a few years down the road that the investigation had been close for some time now.

                • Bori –

                  You may very well be right. We simply do not know what is going on behind the scenes. I don’t mean that in a conspiratorial manner, so my suppositions are very measured.

                  • I do understand, I just feel that at this point and with consideration to what has happened and current administration, this is about optics. Again just an opinion derived from prior and current events.

  7. Now Sun-Dense is busting someone else’s chops waltherppk says:
    October 6, 2013 at 10:09 pm
    Sovereign immunity is a mockery of the persecuted and oppressed and trampled that is declared by aristocrats daring the wronged to do something about it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    Comments referencing or implying assassination of public figures will be removed. Your other comment was trashed for that reason. Do it again, and you’ll be in moderation. –Admin

    • That’s interesting. I did not read into that a suggestion to assassinate anyone. They seem to be very careful about anything that might cause them liability. They also seem very heavy handed, abrasive, and accusatory with their moderation. They could have said something like, “I’m sorry but this had to be removed because it might be interpreted by someone to mean………. and we have to be cautious because of liability. I got the same abrasive treatment and decided I may agree with them politically, but I sure like most liberals more than them.

    • Its interesting this claim so early by her lawyers because it is an admission of sorts that there was a wrong. I know her lawyers are framing it different to try to get a judge to drop the case but in essence her arguments is I may have done things wrong but I have immunity and you can’t touch me.

      To me that they went directly to the only argument that can keep her out of hot water is telling, this should have been a last resort type of argument and it makes trying to make other arguments in her defense useless.

      • boricuafudd – I wonder if we will find out WHAT the investigator finds out while investigating Kruidbos’ claim? . Under the whistle blower act, they appoint investigators, to investigate the claim. Seems a little incestuous since it falls under Governor Scott & I am less than hopeful that it will be objective, I hope I am wrong.

        • Yes, and usually this is a good lithmus test of the political support of the person. In this case the State is in a pickle any unfavorable conclusion almost guarantees the State will have to shell out big $ for BK and possible sanctions as well.

        • IIRC, and I may be thinking of another case, but, the lady who was fired and suing state because of getting fired, the one that Wesley White worked with. IIRC, the state hired an independent attny to represent the state, AND IMMEDIATELY like few days, found exculpatory evidence that the State HAD NOT TURNED OVER and contacted the counsel and did so. I hope that this would happen in this case also. Seems there are a lot of cases pointing to Corey and her minions not being up to the sniff test. I am sure there are a lot of good, hardworking and honest people there, and hoping that they can bring this corruption into the open. Look at BK, he knew he had legit fears, that didn’t happen over night and I think that they have opened a can of stink bait and the smell has drawn some critters to dig around and find out what the smell is all about…

  8. Don’t ask me how I got on David Horowitz’s mailing list — I don’t remember, and usually didn’t open the e-mails. But I felt compelled to open the one with the heading “introducing TruthRevolt”. I’m guessing the reasons why I was susceptible to a name like that is the same reason this thing was created, because the content of the e-mail was right in line.

    Nettles, please delete this is posting the content of the e-mail is inappropriate.

    Dear Sad,

    At last! A multi-media campaign that will take the battle to the radicals and demagogues who spin the nation’s news.

    I want to tell you about the Freedom Center’s new initiative, TruthRevolt.org, that’s gearing up to expose the hypocrisies and mendacities of the leftwing media, and confront them with a counter-attack they won’t be able to handle.

    There has never been anything like TruthRevolt before and the people who about to feel its slings and arrows ought to be afraid… very afraid.

    Al Sharpton, for instance. Al, you’d better buckle your seat belt because that free ride you’ve had is about to get very bumpy.

    You are probably used to seeing a slimmed down version of the Rev — dressed in a coat and tie and staring pleasantly into the camera. But Sharpton is a not a “commentator.” He is one of the most pernicious racial demagogues of the last half-century. He is a convicted liar who falsely accused a district attorney and five other innocent whites of raping 15-year-old Tawana Brawley in 1987 and then hounded the men, although it was Brawley who made up the story herself.

    Sharpton is the man who raged against the “white interloper” who owned a store in Harlem, after which one of his followers torched the store, with causing eight people, all of them Hispanic and black, dying in the ensuing fire.

    Sharpton is the lynch mob leader who challenged Jews in Crown Heights to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house;” days later, riots broke out in Crown Heights, and an Orthodox Jew was stabbed to death by a jeering mob.

    Sharpton has led many other lynch mobs since, including the one that attempted to ruin the lives of three innocent Duke lacrosse players. He is the demagogue who helped turn Trayvon Martin into a martyr and George Zimmerman into the target of race-baiting vigilantes.

    In other words, Al Sharpton is a racial extortionist who has instigated racial animosities, violence, and division in America for the last forty years. But how do most Americans know him today? As a primetime host on MSNBC — the charter cable news network for NBC News and a favored outlet for the Obama administration’s spin doctors.

    Sharpton has changed his look and let MSNBC’s image makers smooth his sharp edges. But his message of hatred has not changed; it has just had a change of venue. This man, who ought to be shunned and held in contempt for what he has done, instead shapes the public narrative every day — a narrative in which whites are always guilty and always require correction by the federal government. And he inspires others in the liberal media to spread similar venom.

    Al Sharpton is exactly why TruthRevolt was created. We are going to mobilize a movement of outraged Americans against him. MSNBC can keep him on the air if it wants to. We don’t care if he continues to speak or not. This is not about his speech, but about its execrable content. We are going to expose its hypocrisy and malice, and that of all Sharpton’s left wing colleagues in the media — and stimulate a popular revolt against them. We will cause their sponsors in America’s opportunity society to think twice before contributing to their destructive ideas and causes. With your help, TruthRevolt is going to change the way the media game is played in this country.

    I’m more excited about TruthRevolt than any new program the Freedom Center has launched in years. We hope you’ll be excited too at the opportunity to expose Al Sharpton and all the other political propagandists in broadcasters’ clothing and help us embarrass their sponsors and make them aware that radical leftism doesn’t sell products any more than it sells ideas.

    In addition to racial arsonists like Sharpton, TruthRevolt will focus on high-profile network figures; cable hosts who have been granted credibility despite their commitment to partisan agendas; institutional leftist outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post; and the very effective messengers of the left in the media, the powerful figures at Comedy Central, including Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who mask a systematic leftist agenda with humor.

    But TruthRevolt will not stop there. TruthRevolt understands that all politics is local, and therefore will also confront hypocrisy and news doctoring in the local press, television and radio. Looking to stop the insidious indoctrination of the next generation, TruthRevolt will set up affiliates at colleges around the country to confront the one party press on university campuses.

    Ok, you’re probably thinking, this is a good thing, but we live in a world where truths often get told and ignored and nothing changes. How is TruthRevolt going to be new and different in this regard?

    Here’s how: TruthRevolt differs from other organizations in its action orientation. It will not only reveal the carefully hidden facts of about left wing media and media figures and show in graphic detail how they spread their propaganda. TruthRevolt will also go the next step, the crucial next step, of impacting the profits of the leftwing media. It will mobilize millions of Americans to tell the sponsors of these shows that they’re mad as hell about all the lies and propaganda and not going to put up with it any more. These sponsors are going to see what ought to be obvious: they won’t sell their products by sponsoring lefts to tell lies on television.

    TruthRevolt will fight fire with fire, working to make advertisers and funders aware of the malicious propaganda they sponsor and create pressure on them to think twice before helping to kill the goose — capitalism, individual initiative, free and open discussion of all ideas — that lays the golden egg of American prosperity and democracy.

    Advertising executives often acknowledge that their corporate clients change their advertising plans merely as a result of the calls of a few dozen outraged citizens. TruthRevolt will take them at their word. Its goal is not only to engage in investigative journalism about the leftwing media figures that produce radical ideology masquerading as “news,” but to enlist thousands of conservatives to aggressively call on sponsors of racists like Sharpton and ask them to consider whether mainstreaming such destructive views is in the interest of the public or themselves. We want the sponsors of these shows to have bulging mail bags and clogged telephone lines with ordinary people saying “enough!”

    The TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief is Shillman Senior Fellow and best-selling author Ben Shapiro. Click here to see the inaugural issue of TruthRevolt.

    TruthRevolt is about to get into the game and change the way it’s played. To Al Sharpton and all the other America haters who dominate our air waves, we say this. Buckle up. It’s about to get personal.


    David Horowitz
    President & Founder

    • Very interesting, there had been many organizations in the past that attempted this but with diminishing returns as more of the populace just did not care enough to follow through. Even today the most successfully active organizations do not target sponsors because of this. They instead try to influence the lawmakers and recruit the young, establishing people who will continue their policies.

      But then this is what they have to deal with, and I don’t know if anything can change that:

      • I don’t know if anything can change that:

        Change will require a revolution, maybe an armed one… IDK but until citizens begin to rebel, we have no chance for change.

    • I got that, too. I used to follow Horowitz. His parents were hard core Communists and he understands the far left better than most conservatives. I have read several of his books. He’s a very good writer. I particularly liked his book describing how he dealt with cancer and the possibility of death. I didn’t like the conclusion he came to, but I like the way he expressed his expreience.

    • They were shooting for 1000 signatures for the Ritz thing the first day of their launch, and got 4000. I figure they will get more.

  9. Thank you, Jordan! A triple-play on words (Sharpton’s Crackers ;-)) is not a common thing. I can still eat Cheez-Its, though, right?
    I’m a little nervous about what else TR might end up doing, but this first move seems straightforward and justifiable imo.

  10. Well, while you guys have been blogging away, I put up this year’s Halloween decorations. A bit of whimsey. Here is a video of my home decorated. PLEASE turn up your sound and make sure sound is up on the video, go full screen HD … enjoy !!!

      • mimi – MOM wrote a good opinion piece on this story & it seems it is MOM’s opinion that excessive force was used by LE. Her car had crashed, she had gotten out of the car to run on foot & was shot several times. In your video, they will explore how many times she had been shot, etc.

        From MOM’s Blog:
        Did D.C. Police Show a Lack of Restraint in the Shooting of Miriam Carey?

        Even though Ms. Carey set this chain of events in motion and is ultimately responsible for the consequences, the lack of restraint by law enforcement has lead to the loss of yet another life and it’s left a 1-year-old child without her mother


        It seems the family may have a case, imo, it seems she could have been shot in the leg or legs to prevent her from running, LE knew she had a child in the car but the child was free from harm at that point, LE could see her hands as she ran, she didn’t have a weapon visually apparent to them that she could have possibly used. This doesn’t seem to be a civil rights case in which the families lawyer specializes, but maybe better judgement could have been used as MOM suggests.

        Geeeeeeeeeeeez Louise, there are so many “mentally ill” people that are functioning minimally it seems but what can be done? Obamacare isn’t going to make a big difference in their lives imo, Aaron Alexis the DC Navy yard shooter was said to be “delusional,” James Holmes from the Colorado Movie Theater tragedy suffered from mental illness to name just 2. Obama/Holder want to blame guns on everything, but it seems MENTAL ILLNESS is rampant & sadly, I don’t see how interventions can be done BEFORE someone or many are killed.

        • Art- You are right the police and secret service who also were in hot pursuit showed incredible lack of restraint, even considering that it is the Capital. I will say this in their defense, there was no way for them to know if the lady was a suicide bomber and failing to get to the WH was running to another target. Trying to shoot someone in the foot or legs would have still left her the ability to detonate a vest had she one, not that shooting a running person in the leg is probable.

          There are several things wrong with the mental health system, in this country and also in Europe. Laws that were passed to protect the mentally sick, their advocates, lawyers and others makes care for them extremely difficult. We have done away with the ability to care for the mentally ill in facilities and in lot of cases just house them in prison. As prisons have become the Institutions of care for the mentally ill around the country.

          • boricuafudd – I am not advocating for Miram but I do agree w/MOM & I see your point that LE didn’t know if she could have possibly had the ability to detonate a vest etc.

            Remember when the Boston Bomber that survived hid in a boat in a couples back yard? When LE found him, the boat was shot over 80 times & the boat was destroyed, the City DIDN’T OFFER to replace the families boat. Someone started a “GO FUND” account on the story & it raised over $ 40,000.00 for the family to buy a used boat just like the one they had. The family was thrilled/touched by the kindness of those that donated to replace their boat.

            The reason I mention this is because shooting a boat over 80 times seems excessive, LE had infrared to show exactly where he was lying in the bottom of the boat, imo, I hope Miram wasn’t shot excessively but the autopsy report will come out.

            • Sorry, I did not mean to give the impression that I was advocating for either side. I just pointing out the circumstances at that time and that the LE had seconds to decide. Had Myriam stop running what would have happened, IDK.

              There was a time when the police would have hesitated because she was a woman with a child, now, they just reacted. I try to put myself in the situation and I think I would have not shot her, but in the heat of moment, I can’t say for sure. The world has changed so much in a lot of regards, we have lost our innocence and confidence because of it.

        • I had a lot going on the day of this going on so didn’t follow it closely. Just thought it odd that first thing the family did was hire a Civil Rights Attny. Hindsight as they say is 20/20. And I am just talking off top of my head, so I may be out of line, not knowing a lot of the circumstances of that day, I think it was Dec that the lady told LEO that had been called, by childs father? that she made weird stmnts about Obama monitoring her and such. From lil I know it was bizarre what went on that day and who knows if she was shouting delusional stuff. IMHO Mental Illness is like so many other things, always been there, but once you become aware of things, you see it more. There are so many diff kinds of Mental Illness, if you will. And sadly there is so much stigma attached that some do not seek help because of it. I would say more often than not, people who bitch about others having, themselves have some form and just wont admit. Also, sometimes family or those close to an individual are in denial. As in this case, I heard at first the Mother of the lady said she was suffering from PPD. Then the family said no she wasn’t then LEO reports from Dec… Its evident the lady had mental issues. Could have been a much worse situation. Also I would venture to say there is no way for them to know she didn’t have a bomb on her or in her veh. And just because she had her baby with her doesn’t mean she didn’t. I mean look how she was acting, with her baby in there.

          I better jump down from my soap box because I could go on and on. But again, I just thought it odd, and sadly par for the course it seems these days about the selection of legal representation acquired.

        • The Sandy Hook Shoot was a high function guy with Autism. It was not the Autism that was responsible for his mental illness. The mental illness was a separate issue. He was another with delusions and mental illness.

  11. ROFLMAO! What the Hell is he talking about cutbacks (on his SS and Medicare?) SS Checks HAVE NOT BEEN CUT BACK… BUT if he owes student loans and doesn’t pay, yep NOW they can deduct from SS. MOOCH!!!

    We need your donations to continue this website

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Crane and I are struggling to survive on my social security and Medicare, which have been reduced due to cutbacks.

    We have not paid our rent or electric bill for this month and have just been notified by our landlord that we will be evicted next month, if we do not pay our rent by the 15th.

    We desperately need donations.

    Without donations we can no longer maintain this website.

    Please make a donation today.


    • This lady, after making her donation and post gets jumped on. (tho there is ALOT OF DIFF why GZ and Fam had donation site and Leatherhead) SMH

      Linda Andersen says:
      October 7, 2013 at 9:33 pm

      Professor, yes, George Zimmerman is a grifter and so is his family, especially his father, who collects both Military and Virginia State retirement checks and STILL begs for money.

      Please explain to me why you are any LESS of a grifter. I followed the trial religiously and truly appreciated your input. I just made another donation, but after a hemorrhagic stroke 3 years ago (I’m still paying off the hospital bills), funds are severely limited.

      I don’t mean to be contentious, but why are two people with multiple post-graduate degrees unable to get jobs sufficient to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table?

      I am sure that I’m not the only one here who has concerns.

      • This one was yesterday MORNING.

        Hello, everyone.

        Producing articles and maintaining this blog requires substantial time and effort. Please take a moment and consider making a donation.

        As you depend on us, we depend on you.

        Our financial situation is desperate. We have received donations from only five people.

        My social security and Medicare coverage has been significantly reduced because of the sequester and we cannot pay our bills without your help.

        Please contribute what you can afford, no matter how small.

        The survival of this blog depends on you.


        Fred and Crane

        • Oh yes….please donate to the the dumspter diving “Professor” and his felon of a wife! LoL. Do NOT get me started……! 😛

      • I believe George Zimmerman’s parents are seeking donations because they had leave their home after Roseanne Barr tweeted their address. I think they’ve probably also been helping George financially. I don’t understand why they can’t sell their house, though. They said they’re staying mostly in hotels. It seems that over a long period of time it would be less expensive to rent an apartment and/or sell the house and buy another one.

        • PO – Aren’t GZ’s parents both retired & draw their retirement checks monthly? I too thought they had rented their family home to renters & are themselves renting. Nettlepedia would know for sure but they are not penniless as GZ was, they had monies coming in from their retirements.. They could have sold their house, I guess they chose not to maybe hoping to return to it.

              • Yes, in this market though, it would be difficult and may cost them money. For example the condo’s that GZ rented were originally sold for $240,000 to start, you can now buy them for under $100,000. Now I know that may not affect the Zimmermans but the depression in prices certainly would.

                • boricuafudd – you’re right about the housing market, a good reason GZ’s parent’s may decide not to sell their home & something that never crossed my mind, but a sad reality.. Hopefully the market improves, but it could be years. I have a second home which is paid for I would like to sell but the real estate agent said it would sell for 20 to 25,000.00 less than its worth because of the housing market. I too am just going to keep the home until the market gets better.

                  • Yes, it may take years but eventually they will rise. The problem for many is that they overpaid to begin with, the market was overpriced. Homes were selling for twice and even thrice their actual value, a correction was bound to occur. Just no one expected it to be that bad.

        • http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/02/20/02-20-george-zimmerman-case-open-discussion-thread/#comment-324691

          rz says:

          February 20, 2013 at 9:15 am

          Although I read each comment daily, I attempt not to comment. However, in a recent post, 18 February, a contributor stated – “If I were GZ’s parents, I’d refinance my house or cash in my retirement to pay for an expert for my adult son, especially if I believed in their innocence.”

          Unfortunately, we have no retirement that can be ‘cashed in’. Additionally, we can do nothing with our house because it is collateral for George’s bond. We must pay a mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, and other expenses for a house we’re unable to live in. We must also pay for where we are currently staying.

          Other family members, who we are also attempting to help, have been forced to leave their employment and relocate. As we have always done, we will continue to assist our children in any way possible.

          As for my ‘believing in George’s innocence’. I believe I have a very thorough understanding of George’s actions on 26 February. I have presided over approximately 20,000 probable cause hearings, determining if individuals should be charge with a criminal offense. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that George should have never been charged with ANY offense – none.


  12. I found this link and would like to share. It is confusing to me STILL how GZs case became a race case, a case against self defense SO EASILY. I really wish I could have found more blogs that discussed the right to self defense. I feel if there was more focus on that right the race baiters on both sides would not have had a leg to stand on. Those being critical of MOM defending his clients use of deadly force may have bee a lil more ashamed to just focus on the black vs. white issue. Being that self defense has faced and contiunes to face such scruitiny and many places have no or little legal precedence I really wish we could have helped GZ and all others who had to face being branded a murderer!


    • When we look back at what happen, how the case was turned into first, one of racial profiling and the second one against self-defense. One has to really look at the circumstances on the ground, in Sanford. These facilitated the both the original outrage and lent it the feeling that it was racial. Second, it is also important to keep in mind that Trayvon’s family was connected with the civil rights groups that provided some of the money and organization to maintain the protest and transform the case. The CTH while they did talk some about the Masonic group that TM’s father belonged to, mostly in a mocking faction failed to realize that there are many professional black people, and that they have political clout in especially in Florida which has the most members it is not a weekend party for those involved.

  13. UPDATE on Bikers attack on NY Family:

    New video of NYC motorcycle road rage attack shows men kicking SUV driver!

    As for the police officers who were part of the motorcycle group, Miller said a detective has come forward, and another police officer is getting ready to come forward.

    “There are two other police officers who were in the ride,” Miller said. “So the police department has not actually sat down and done the Q and A with all of them. So this picture is unfolding more slowly than investigators would like.”


    imo, I do not believe the video camera conveniently “ran down” during the event. I too question WHY it took these officers, after lawyering up to try to save their jobs, 3-4 days to come forward IF they had done nothing wrong. I read somewhere, they had 24 hrs. to come forward. I think there were 5 officers there including the undercover, 2 detectives, & 2 beat cops, also participating were wardens that worked in the local prison system which may or may not be obligated to come forward, IDK.

    • Undercover cop seen on video attacking SUV!

      The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the video shows the undercover officer banging on the rear window and shattering it. The victim is then seen being pulled out of the car and the undercover rides off, sources say.

      Sources say the undercover was not truthful with investigators about his role. A law enforcement official said Tuesday that investigators are considering criminal charges against him.

      This account was first published in the New York Post and confirmed by WNBC, the NBC owned-and-operated station in New York.


      This guy has gotten desk duty & is being paid, imo, he should have been fired immediately!

        • winsome – up thread there are a lot of videos showing the attack as well as links, more videos have been turned in to LE, this video of the “undercover cop” was discovered on Monday night from one of those turned in. Investigators are going through those videos now. This video of the Und. Cop breaking out a window in the range rover is, imo, the reason he waited 4 days to admit he was there bringing along his attorney.

          I wonder what the excuses will be for all the other LE officers were that n didn’t man up until days later too, another Detective is supposed to turn himself in today.

          • I saw the videos, bad stuff. And if true about “undercover cop” even more revolting. Looks like a real can of worms. Still want to wait for more facts too. I’ve gotten very paranoid now about believing everything I hear and only half of what I see 🙂

          • I wonder what they were undercover about….that in itself could tell something possibly, if they were undercover at the time. It could mean they were undercover.. as their line of work, or undercover working a case. So as far as the undercover not coming forward… that could not be a total truth. Behind scene LEO may have had to figure out something. Horrible situation no matter. **I have a very good friend who son is/was SWAT and does a lot of stuff undercover. He has been right up under their nose, so to speak in public and they not even know it was him. Very scary line of work. Bobbie and her husband are proud of him, but hate it because of so much he goes thru he cant share with anyone. It cost him his marriage and they still love one another much, but so many demons I guess,

            And yep WINSOME… we have learned over the years about believing stuff we read / hear huh lol. Especially now days where fakes make it look so REAL. SMH

      • I saw another video that begins earlier before this, in this video you can see how the riders would drive up to a car and force them to the side which other motorist were doing. When they got to the SUV, who was in the middle lane some riders ride ahead to try to pull him to the right, then more riders come up on both side of the SUV. It appears that someone in the back of one of the bikes throws a water bottle at the SUV which hits the SUV and sails over it. The SUV seems to pick up speed until he was surrounded again, this time as you can see in the video the rider slows down and is bumped by the SUV. The SUV driver slows down and pulls to the right and he is swarmed by other riders who are hitting the SUV and slashing his tires. At this point it appears as if he panics, he tries to veer to the left and avoid the other riders but runs over a rider and some bikes which were parked in front of him to keep him from leaving.
        In the CBS video the rider that was taping, says he saw a water bottle being thrown out of the SUV, like out of the sunroof, the video that had been posted on YouTube actually shows what appears to be a bottle being thrown at the SUV and bouncing over the vehicle.

          • There lots of different footage, the original video from the rider on CBS was not the only one with helmet cam, some is out there but most have been deleted but the police appear that they have them.

            • Bori, didn’t you say that was your old stomping ground? Or did misread that. If you are familiar with this type of huge biker group, how in the world do they get a way with breaking so many laws, stopping traffic etc. OK, call me naive… I’ve lived in large cities before, but never seen anything like this.

              • Some time back the bikers would request a permit from the city and they would even provide them with Motorcycle cops to escort them and clear the path. But as may have seen from the videos the riders were disruptive, dangerous and caused accidents with both pedestrians and other vehicles. The city was being held liable and was sued successfully on several occasions.

                The permit were restricted and some bike clubs were even banned from entering the city. The bikers that caused the problems usually were affiliated with any club but they got the blame nontheless. So they started gathering and doing without permits or escorts. But they had to gather further away and stay away from city streets to avoid getting arrested or fined.

                So now they just stay on the highways ride around the island of Manhattan and stay away from the city streets, but even on the highways they are disruptive and the areas where they gather downright dangerous.

                • Thanks Bori. Really a good explanation of the problem. Just the number of bikers all riding together, make it a dangerous situation. And when tempers flare between the motorists and bikers, bad things are going to happen – scary.

        • boricuafudd – I didn’t believe the water bottle was thrown from Mr. Lien’s sunroof, I thought at first the biker lied, but maybe he didn’t see the water bottle thrown by another biker because the one that threw the water bottle was most likely behind him, R, he could still be lying. Yu are right, there are several videos & more will be coming out.

          I can’t believe how stupid some of the bikers were to POST the videos to you tube, copied by some that watched & I would think forwarded to Investigators BEFORE they could be taken down by the bikers.. I think too several videos were taken of the Good Samaritan & the beating by on lookers & those screaming at the bikers to stop the beating. Investigators said “they have a lot of videos turned into that they are pouring over.”

    • I take issue with the way this is worded, Zimmerman said he followed Trayvon Martin as the teen walked back to the condo where his father was staying. The two confronted one another, with fatal results.”

      Zimmerman only followed far enough to see which way Martin was going and then couldn’t see him until he surprised him with a sucker punch. That’s not exactly the two confronting one another with fatal results. The “confrontation” happened close to Zimmerman’s vehicle. If he’d followed Martin home, it would have been closer to Martin’s house.

    • captain – I looked up the “legal definition” because I wasn’t sure of exactly what it meant”

      This means that you are agreeing to release your counsel from the case. Many attorneys will ask for this if you are not paying your bill, or you are not getting along. If you do not sign this, then they have to ask the court to be relieved as counsel.

      I am disappointed that apparently White isn’t going to continue, imo, he was excellent in his filings & his opinions when interviewed, as a former employee himself, maybe it was too intense, IDK but I’m disappointed.

    • That was very cruel. He’s getting death threats. Seems the media should be talking about how immoral death threats are instead of stirring things up and turning a blind eye to death threats. It’s almost as though death threats have become socially sanctioned.

      • In an interview Thursday, Jenkins said she posted the picture to make a point about racism, not to single out Barnes.

        ^Highly suspect. He should go after Red Lobster to investigate who could have accessed that receipt and examine all of those people’s handwriting. Her weird statement here makes it look like the waitress did it herself, or was in on it.

        • Sounds like Ophrah Winfrey’s little stunt to convince people racism still exists. She made up a story.

          • LMAO! PO ~ the first “racism stunt” Oprah pulled was about the “Hermes Shop” in St. Bart’s in the French West Indies several years ago, though it is true that I didn’t see any A American’s on my trip there to vacation, it’s mostly inhabited byh French. She claimed they locked the store so she couldn’t get in which is laughable. The rumor died down quickly the first time.

            This last claim back fired in her face & she was taken to taken to task by the shop owner/sales person that all but called her a “liar.” Oprah’s credibility was on the line much to her surprise I bet. Conveniently the “Butler” was about to be released & probably a publicity stunt imo. ,

  14. I have looked and can not find… 😦
    Someone commented (mimi?) one one of these threads about SD not letting the GZ case go…and mentioning the closing of the TM foundation.

    Can someone point me to that comment?

  15. Nettlepedia ~ I have enjoyed all the topics shared on this thread, THANKS for being so creative, PLEASE CONSIDER continuing the thread as well as a GZ thread..

    I didn’t get caught up in the “email thread” nor keep up w/all the events that it encompassed while it was going on nor now, I mainly stuck to the facts in the case, not speculation & opinions offered by SD at the TCH & left there early on due to the attitudes of many especially about MOM which I thought was STUPUID since SD was NOT an attorney NOR were his “mods” that I am aware of. I had no respect for SD & his theories & didn’t waste my time there. Many seem certainly interested in unraveling all that happened about the “emails” which is their prerogative, I am just glad the trial is over & GZ is free. I too am glad GZ hasn’t been in the news except for the Dean’s finding some of the items they “accused” GZ of taking, which imo, was not a negative towards GZ but more of Dean’s ineptitude projected by their accusations.. jmho.

    • Thank you. It wasn’t my idea but the feedback I got from some who didn’t want to follow the email issue(s).

      Being from another country, I largely ignore the political issues being posted but given your government is shut down right now, I get the need to talk of it. In furture, I hope politics is a topic we can stay away from. But it’s our blog so the wants and needs of everyone must be considered. We’ll have to practice tolerance with the topics of no interest to us and that include the admin. at this site 🙂

      • Nettles – the thread too imo, encompassed a lot more than politics, which is of interest to some, not so much others, I agree, politics/religions are volatile subjects many times. There are so many interesting cases & laws at issue curenbtly, I too enjoyed reading about personal experiences of our bloggers living in different cities, etc.

        I too enjoyed the discussions on cases that MOM has opined on on his blog, It’s great imo that he is explaining legally the legalities of high profile cases in the news, he answers questions many of us have. Can’t believe he finds time to “opine” when he is so busy, lucky for us.

        • I’m enjoying the personal stuff some are sharing too. It’s nice getting to know more about the voices I’ve been talking to for over a year now.

          Thanks so much for being a part of it.

  16. What on my mind?
    We should have this post every week!

    I am feeling much better after my visit to the Drs. I will be finishing my round of prendisone and besides the side effects initially I can BREATHE finally after two months! I have to head back Friday to recheck lung function. I feel tight now and then but the wheezing is gone. I hate the Drs!

    On another note the weather is getting cooler here in the East. We went from summer to fall lickity split. I ache everywhere. But I have to keep moving or I get stiff. If I move too much it hurts. My knee caps feel turned inside out. My arms ache,my back is killing me, & even my heels hurt. I do not take any narcotics. I really believe when we hurt our body tells us to pay attention. Sometimes though there is little you can do. But I will do what I can with a clear head.
    So I am upping my B12 and streaching much more. I know it will not be immediate relief but it eventually helps. Most of my issues are from the Lyme Disease @ 13, over 25 yrs ago! and after all this time I have been pretty good. But getting older is not being so kind to Danny.
    Thanks for hearing me complain!

  17. I just want to put this here for now so we all remember these words. Reason being Sundance has halfed assed research skills and must read law like he does the bible (what applies to his wants)

    “sundance says:
    October 9, 2013 at 4:37 am

    I don’t think VP knows the foundation is closed. 😉

    It really only means in the eyes of the State and Federal IRS, the foundation as a corporation does not exist. It does however mean that their tax exempt status is also gone and they are accountable for taxes on anything the foundation has taken in”

    To be continued…..

  18. George Zimmerman focus of Anderson Cooper special!

    George Zimmerman may be in for the satirical treatment from “South Park.” The Comedy Central series offers an episode called “World War Zimmerman” at
    10 p.m. Wednesday (tonight).

    But Zimmerman is getting the serious treatment, too. Anderson Cooper will present “Tragedy on Trial: The George Zimmerman Story” at 10 p.m. Sunday. The program is presented under the banner “Anderson Cooper Special Report.”


        • Yep. Some of the more affluent neighborhoods are collectively hiring private security through their neighborhood crime prevention councils. OPD is so understaffed and underfunded, thanks to the useless mayor and most of the council, that the cops are overwhelmed responding to priority calls, homicides and violent crime. Burglaries get a minimal response and street robberies are constant.

          Berkeley cops are doing a good job tracking the thugs robbing folks so our thugs are using Oakland for business.

          In my hood, we had another quiet summer, this is the 4th summer with only a handful of shootings, huge improvement. The west side of Berkeley is hosting most of the gang shootings, but one guy did get his brains blow out a few blocks from us. I am working on house repairs and remodeling projects, so spending less time on the internet.

  19. Merritt Landry the guy that shoot the 14 year old professional thief teen, is facing some of the same problems that GZ faced. A politically based prosecution, this time led by the mayor of New Orleans who is a brother to Senator Mary Landrieu and who has aspirations at higher office.

    On Sept.5th the New Orleans DA, was contemplating sending the case to the Grand Jury before proceeding but he said he needed 30 days to decide we are still waiting for his decision. Here is an update;


    • Bori- It is my guess that the biggest difference with the GZ and the Landry cases is that Sharpton and Jackson didn’t show up in NO demanding that Landry be arrested and jailed immediately because the shooting was racially motivated. It sounds like Landry thankfully has some strong voices on his side, including blacks. From what the article said he has the Home Defense Org. on his side. It appears they have some clout. Landry has much more support from the community and orgs. than GZ ever did.

      • Also, doesn’t Landry have a black guy who set up a donation site to help with Landry’s living expenses as he had to leave his home because of the incident. The media plays as much a role in destroying people’s lives as anyone else. They camp out at people like Landry’s home and make life miserable for everyone in the neighborhood, mostly with the accused.

      • That has been the dynamic so far, the prosecutor is also waffling. That area is a high crime area, there was a murder some houses down that very same night.

        I just wanted to point out the political issue, which is playing a big factor on the case.

      • They are tired of the violence, but it is not all blacks as there has been at least 3 large demonstrations against Landry. The last was the same day the article I link was posted. They have their own Sharpton wannabe stirring the pot. Maybe Mimi can tell us about him if she knows.

        • it is like one group pitting themselves against the other group.

          The boy in question was already well known as a professional thief. His family need help coping because they lost their husband and father, meaning that the boy in question was out of control since his father died. The brother was not coping well with the extra responsibility. HOWEVER, I note that the brother wants Landry charged over the incident.

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