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Police Report – Alleged Theft

Thanks to Unitron who found this longer version of the police report filed by Machelle (Mikki) Dean after taking possession of her house again on September 26th and finding some items missing.


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  1. The Deans are certain no one broke into the house because they saw no forced entry but describe to the police how their son gained entry to the house without a key. Unbelievable.

    • LOL at Machelle for describing to the police how her son knew exactly how to break into the house…

      She pretty much substantiated Wes’s statement to the police that Dean Jr had tried to break into the home before.

      And now she has conveniently disappeared her son into a treatment facility where the police can’t contact him directly.

      Reading between the lines of the Deans now suddenly remembering that they removed television, I’m guessing they recovered the television and realized it wasn’t George who stole it.

      • Here’s something that is odd, and laughable at the same time, considering all of the mentions of “race” that surround this case. At the bottom of the police report it lists Machelle and David Sr as alleged “victims”, and lists their races and genders as W/F and W/M, respectively. Then, George is listed as the “subject”, but HIS race/gender info is REDACTED. LOLZ. Is this PD afraid to even mention what his race is?

  2. I think it is clear this couple and Shellies family over reacted. I also think it has been said numerous times the divorce is contentious and emotional. The police are not filing and charges on any party. Appears they are staying away from each other and out of the media lights. Hope they learned their lesson. What is done is done. I shall let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Do I read the report correctly that the television that was reported “stolen” was, in fact, removed by Shellie and her Dad?

  4. As I indicated in the other thread, credit goes to wordsalad2009 over at whonoze who found the PDF somewhere at MSNBC and was kind enough to share.

    I assume that’s their DropBox account on which it is being hosted.

    Nothing on mine but truncated images for various model TiVos.

    Although now that I’ve downloaded it, I can put a copy there if it becomes necessary.

  5. DJ was at the house the day of the domestic. I watched him being interviewed by reporters live on-stream, yet he nor Machelle were in the police reports as witnesses.

    DJ told reporters, his Mom yelled up to him upstairs to get out of the house, George had a gun. He said he ran and sat under the tree where reporters found him. He didn’t know what was going on but said he was told GZ had changed since the shooting but he was the nicest guy you would have wanted to meet before the shooting.

    I recall thinking, his opinion was formed by what he was told not what he himself experienced with George.

    When the police report came out of the Sept. 9th incident, DJ is no where to be found in it.

  6. Again, I question why Shellie needed access to the house on Sept. 9th if her parents are the owners. Why couldn’t she have gotten into the house after George left it? This whole thing stinks.

    • Well, there is one good thing coming out of this, GZ did not talk to the cops and directed them to his attorney. It’s terrible that he had to learn that lesson the way he did but maybe it is something that we all need reminding. The police can be your best of friends but also your worst enemy, if in trouble request an attorney or you might regret it.

  7. I agree that it seems that George has learned not to trust talking to police without an attorney. If he had done that the night of the shooting, he likely wouldn’t have had the trial.

  8. Since the Deans seem to want to describe their relationship to George as landlord/tenant (rather than family) and are playing up the whole rental contract, their actions as landlord are extremely questionable:

    Mr. Dean (landlord) went into the home and dismantled and moved furniture onto the back porch and put red construction tape all over it while the property was still being used and occupied by the lawful renter. Mrs Dean initially states that the furniture was included in the rental contract, she and her husband later claim it was not.

    Mrs. Dean (landlord) had her son break into the home, again while the property was still being occupied by the lawful renter and prior to his returning the keys.

    There are claims being made that the landlord’s son had previously tried to break into the home on another occasion as well.

    I think they’re mighty lucky that George must still view them as family on some level, because any other tenant would be pressing charges and suing their arses for these sorts of behaviors…

    • it is very effective because it means the trash is staying out of Barney’s New York and that means they will have better clientele. I call that a win, win.

    • According to the Huff Po article regarding the one lady who is suing Barneys and the NYPD and accusing them of racism: “Phillips’ debit card was a temporary replacement card”

      Which would mean that A) she had recently reported her original card as either lost or stolen, or B) she had contested charges on it as unauthorized (which would prompt the bank to cancel the card and reissue a new one)

      Someone then making an exorbitant $2,500 luxury purchase on compromised account IS going to raise red flags!

      But once again common sense flew right out the window, it’s racism because the young lady perceives it that way: “I felt helpless, confused, demeaned, humiliated and embarrassed,” Kayla Phillips, 21, a nursing student from Brooklyn, told reporters at a press conference on Friday.


  9. boricuafudd – living in La., there are no shortage of reasons to party, especially in New Orleans. The consequences are steep for those that fire off guns to celebrate bringing in the New Year in NO r Mardi Gras. Yearly people would die when a bullet was shot in the air during the celebration, it eventually comes down & sadly in NO. many have died.

    I would imagine it is probably illegal to shoot off a warning shot in most states for that reason.

    • Art- I realize that there are laws against it, though the chances of you getting killed by a bullet fired vertically are infinitesimal, or the danger of the extremists that love to celebrate by firing guns in the air would eliminate itself. It is bullets fired at angles much lower than 90 that would be extremely dangerous.

      The point was that this lady followed the advice of the Vice-President and what many demanded GZ do, and faulted him for not doing. It she had shot the person who was attacking her daughter, she would probably not have been arrested because she was defending her daughter from an attack, instead she was arrested and now her daughter is missing.

      • There’s a lot more danger when people fire guns in the air to celebrate New Years or whatever than there is when one individual fires a warning shot to save the life of her child who is being attacked by a gang of teens. When the US freed Kuait, I recall reading that several people were killed because many people were celebrating by shooting bullets in the air. My sister in law had a leak in her roof. The repairman told her it was a bullet hole. Neighbors celebrating New Years.

        There should be a distinction in the law between people carelessly firing shots in the air and someone trying to defend themselves with a warning shot.

        • The Pondering Observer – I agree w/your thoughts, there may be a distinction of some kind since the link I shared says it could be a “misdemeanor.”

          (from the Baltimore Sun n a case in Fla. in which a grandmother was hit w/celebratory bullet)
          If authorities ever find the person who fired the shot that hit Aaliyah, the county’s top prosecutor said, a misdemeanor charge might be the most he or she could face.


          boricuafudd ~ I didn’t think anyone believed anything Biden said, NOTICE how the Administration has muzzled him during the Obamacare failed roll out? I read the Administration has worked overtime to keep him away from a microphone, no doubt a challenge, there’s never any predicting what Biden will say or even if it’s true or legal! I personally wouldn’t hesitate to shoot any scumbag attacking my daughter, I wouldn’t waste a bullet on a “warning shot” whether it was legal or illegal.

          • Art- Can’t argue about Biden and the chances of someone getting hurt by a bullet fired in the air rise in crowded situations as expected.

            As to your final point, totally agree if someone was attacking my daughter or 2 sons, a warning shot would not be my choice, either.

            While many may not take Biden suggestions as believable or practical, it is a common misconception of some people, as is the thought that shooting someone in the leg or arm is practical or possible in a stress situation with moving targets.

            Hollywood is responsible for many of these misconceptions and Biden is not the only one to make such a suggestion, which really only put the person and others in danger.

            • boricuafudd – totally agree w/your thoughts. You’e right, Hollywood is responsible for many of the misconceptions, especially w/younger audiences. I saw “Pain & Gain” last week, a true story of some murders in Fla. & the main character said, “Trust me, I know, I watch a lot of movies,” I had to laugh but sadly it’s the truth for some.

              Poor GZ has for ever taken a beat down from Trayots stating they knew what GZ should have done instead of what happened, it’s unfair imo,

              • Combine with TV shows like CSI and the many derivatives have turned so many into crime experts of things they know little of or understand.

                They have put tremendous pressure on the police and prosecutors to bring forth such type of evidence even if it meaningless in the case.

  10. Off topic but laughing soo hard. Saw this and thought about if had gotten posted at CTH, Poor SD would have a heart attack, smooth out! (Bill Clintion’s Presidential Library is in Little Rock, saw on news)

    Join the @clintonfdn in wishing @hillaryclinton a happy birthday tomorrow! Sign her card: http://wjcf.co/1c5wca2

  11. Just saw a comment by Traybot High Priestess Xena that really caused me to do a double take due to the crazy complete lack of logic and reason to it. According to Xena, since the menacing pitbull BigBoi never actually bit anyone, George and Shellie were not justified in arming themselves to defend against such a possibility.

    • I never been in an car accident so by this logic I should not be required to buy car insurance, or I never had my house burglarized so I don’t need doors on it, or a countless other things. SMH

  12. That this has come to everyones attention and is a post…..In a perfect world…what would you do if you had the power as this police dept. did to do it…& why…name law if you can?

    • (16) FALSE “911” CALLS.–Whoever accesses the number “911” for the purpose of making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information which could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

      817.49 False reports of commission of crimes; penalty.—Whoever willfully imparts, conveys or causes to be imparted or conveyed to any law enforcement officer false information or reports concerning the alleged commission of any crime under the laws of this state, knowing such information or report to be false, in that no such crime had actually been committed, shall upon conviction thereof be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

      • Guess that would mean Shelley would be arrested. She obviously wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t trying to get away from him. She stood right in front of him and dialed.

      • nivico,
        I was speaking about this police report in relation to Shellies Mom, Mikki. Looks like she called the police department to make a report and not 911.

        It seems Mikki was unaware that her daughter & ex husband had removed some items from the home. So the report of missing items was not “false”. If anything this in itself suggests she was not intentionally making a false police report. It is indicative there may be bad communication between Shellie and he Mother. Her Mother and Father.

        Where she was wrong is who removed them. People, even police are wrong concering “suspects” until an investigation yields more information.

        It to her seemed plausible that since the items were there when GZ lived there and they were missing when GZ left, he was suspect. Because she was wrong in who removed the items is not sufficient enough to charge for false reporting. She would have to have intentionally made the report knowing at the time he did not take the property.

        I am not sticking up for any one person in the family matter. The law is the law. GZ should not have been arrested under the law and evidence. You can not cherry pick applications with no evidence because one speculates something may have happened. Well, the courts can not. If we are going to fight for GZ on those grounds I think it is only fair we apply them to everyone or we appear to be hypocrites.
        Allow me to put this argument on wanting Shellie and her Mom arrested for something, in logical terms. We stood on the grounds GZ was not “profiling” because evidence available to him at the time gave him logical conclusions. You can listen to the NE call and conclude there were numerous reasons why he thought TM was suspicious.
        Should GZ have been cited for calling and making a false police report?

        It appears there was miscommunication, or maybe no communication between all parties. Even the police had a hard time contacting MOM, and GZ. It seems the couple were no longer in contact and all family were advised not to deal with this personally but instead allow the police to investigate.
        Sometimes that is the best and in this situation from their last encounter IMHO the best choice.

        • “It appears there was miscommunication, or maybe no communication between all parties.”

          It would be helpful to see the actual sworn statement she gave to the responding officer, but I’m assuming it contained the standard boilerplate language… ‘the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge.’

          That said, having no knowledge whatsoever as to whether items were actually stolen or not is not a defense against filing a report with the police claiming that to the best of her knowledge they were stolen, by George, and that she wished to prosecute.

          Keep in mind, too, that this is not simply a one-off event… the Dean family had also previously accused George of threatening them with a gun, which was later not corroborated by the home security surveillance video.

          Granted this is standard fare among non-amicably divorcing couples, but at some point the police do need to inform the parties that any further frivolous/malicious reports to the police will not be tolerated and are punishable under Florida law.

  13. To everyone who helped me on the other project, voting contest, a big huge thank you. Amanda and her Raggedy Ann costume for her daughter won the contest by 15 votes. Thanks again to everyone who helped with this result. Amanda really wanted this and I’m glad that you helped to make that happen for her. Thank you very much.

  14. It is a great rant, but he forgot the message he was imparting; being honest and informed. It is easy to rant about what is wrong, when you ignore the why it has come to this. That is a big problem with American Liberals they lament the past, while at the same time hating it. I think it is fair to say that most people in stable civilized countries would think their country is the best or better than others. The problem here is that so many hate their country, but are unable to leave it, because their situation would not improve, in fact it would be worse.

    I have been to Europe, not the vacation spots but were the normal people live, same thing in Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela and there is a reason why unless the people there are in the upper classes they would come to the US if they could. The US may not be the greatest at everything but one thing the US is, is a beacon for change, real freedom, both socially and economically, and hope for the future.

    Is there room for improvement, of course, there always is. True honesty and knowledge would tell you that hating what we have become alone, will never, ever make things better. That is one of our strength, and it can be weakness, is the knowledge that we can say what we want, disagree and don’t have to worry about someone breaking down our doors at night, only to disappear. Those 180 countries can’t say that, few can.

  15. It was Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago & former Obama right hand man that coined the phrase: “NEVER let a serious crisis go to waste,” Al Sharpton is a good example of a MEDIA WHORE that does just that promoting his bull chit agenda of promoting himself/insanity while taking Emanuel’s advice!

    (from AP article:)

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Rev. Al Sharpton threatened Saturday to boycott luxury retailer Barneys if the department store doesn’t respond adequately to allegations by black shoppers that they were racially profiled there.

    “We’ve gone from stop and frisk to shop and frisk, and we are not going to take it,” the black civil rights leader said. “We are not going to live in a town where our money is considered suspect and everyone else’s money is respected.”


    LOL – The black community has been putting pressure on Jay Z for designing jewelry/watches/clothes for sale in Brney’s stores, guess Jay Z didn’t give a rats ass about the complaints of the black community, he’s so cheap he ONLY donates his presence at causes he believes in.

    imo, Sharpton probably thinks Barney’s will settle up w/cash asap to SHUT him up, their busiest season is approaching, what a tired scam, what predictable bull chit coming out of the mouth of Sharpton.

    • Art- Did is what really bothers me about people like Sharpton, it is all an act they know which side the bread is buttered. Those that do make the mistake of believing the hype and slogan, etc, end up disillutioned but far too often after they have done things they can’t take back. Here is an example, this guy converted to Islam, then went to Africa to fight with the Namibia rebels, upon finally returning to the US he hijacked a plane to the communist paradise of Cuba. Now after 29 years he wants to come back. But even as he looks to be about to granted his wish, he is still rebellious and carrying a sign that proclaims; US my Racist Country, sign.


  16. ‘Deleted’ emails topic of motion filed against State Attorney Angela Corey’s office

    “Lyncker, a former clerk in the Nassau County office, said she was fired after complaining about the way former Assistant State Attorney Wesley White treated her. Lyncker said her civil rights were violated and the firing was an illegal retaliation for reporting wrongdoing in the office. She is asking for undisclosed damages.”


    • And that illustrates why Ben should haven’t involved White except to ask him for a recommendation for some other attorney wise to Angela and Bernie’s shenanigans but who had never worked in that office or for the state.

    • That is one thing he is really good at, coming up with stupid catch-phrases.

      I am wondering why are the suing Barneys after reading the story, it seems that it was the police who detained the people, outside the store in one case 3 blocks away. Are they claiming that the store call the cops on them, because that is not clear. Or is this another case of the NYPD’s policy of stop and frisk, which has been a target of civil rights groups now for years. With Bloomberg leaving office, that policy is losing one of its main supporters.

    • SO the three main cases to be bitched about during the senate stand your ground hearing are….

      1. George Zimmerman which was not a stand your ground case
      2. Marissa Alexander where the appeals court ruled SYG was correctly denied
      3. Jordan Davis where we have no idea whether SYG will play a role or not yet

      more responsible liberal democrats for you

  17. Push builds to bring civil charges against George Zimmerman!

    Over 1.5M petition signatures sent to Justice Department!


    Eric Holder has BIGGER problems than TM, seems many Traybots are left thinking they can pressure the DOJ just like they pressured Governor Scott/Bondi in which they caved t the pressure. imo, it remains to be seen if Sybrina/Tracy will bring a Civil Suit by Feb. 2014, I wonder if they think their chances are improved since it’s unlikely MOM would be representing GZ due to the cost factor of a Civil Trial, no matter what, GZ will have to pay for another defense in a CIvil Trial. imo, Crump is like Gloria Alred, another MEDIA Whore who makes the media rounds & usually pressures for a settlement since NEITHER have tried cases in years. In this case, imo, no matter who would possibly represent GZ, there wouldn’t be a settlement FORCING the inept Crump & Team to try the case, the burden would be on them to prove GZ’s negligence, imo, they can’t but that wouldn’t prevent them from trying.

  18. Are you sure MOM would not represent GZ. He seems to be representing him now even though he said he no longer did due to the divorce.

    • It seems MOM is willing to represent GZ in criminal matters, but nothing related to civil or family court related to his divorce. MOM did say he grew close to both families. It would place him in an akward position to get involved in personal matters.

      • Sorry pushed send….
        As for civil suits I believe an atty. must be licenced to practice in that jurisdiction but nothing stops MOM from consulting those other attys. if GZ still has him retained.

        • Danny – imo, MOM spoke for GZ n the possible theft because there was nothing to it & GZ could easily prove he didn’t take the TV/other items. imo, MOM isn’t interested in representing GZ further EXCEPT for what he has stated. Besides MOM possibly making a phone call or a letter sent, there was nothing to any criminal action against GZ r for GZ to do. IF GZ had a Divorce Attorney at the time, GZ’s Divorce Attorney would have resolved the altercation INSTEAD of MOM , MOM stated he was “doing a favor for GZ by going out there.!” WHY? Because GZ NEEDED a Divorce Attorney & didn’t have one!

          MOM is listed as one of the “Civil Attorneys” as well as the “Beasley Group, ALL are representing GZ against NBC. West is NOT included & has referred questions on NBC to MOM as he is not participating in that case except maybe to be paid;.

          MOM wants to be PAID! Civil Suits such as Sybrina/Tracy could bring are very expensive, they are NOT criminal cases. imo, UNLESS GZ could PAY MOM if this civil suit arises, GZ will probably NEED a pro bono attorney for representation. There are NO MONIES for GZ to reap for being sued in a Civil Suit.

          imo, MOM is through representing as he stated clearly GZ EXCEPT in the NBC suit & the sanctions, BOTH INVOLVE hopefully getting monies for GZ to PAY MOM/West. MOM has SPOKEN CLEARLY he needs to be paid as well as West. IF GZ had the resources to PAY MOM in full for a civil suit that might come his way from Sybrina/Tracy, but imo, MOM/WEST are done w/pro bono work for GZ.

      • I haven’t heard any more about the divorce in the news. I’ve been hoping maybe MOM talked to Shelley and convinced her not to give her husband more bad publicity. It would be nice if he could even persuade her to hold off on the divorce until the dust has time to settle. MOM said earlier that both George and Shellie had PTSD because of the death threats and stress of the trial. It might be that they would have split, anyway, but I hate to see them split without giving themselves time to heal from this ordeal.

        I had the impression that her attorney was an influence.

        You might be right that MOM and West are finished with pro bono work. MOM did say that if anyone filed a civil suit, he would file something to protect him. In Florida, you can’t sue someone when they acted in self defense.

        • Not quite, but if you do GZ can ask for an Inmunity Hearing which if he wins will mean that the Martin’s will have to pay for his lawyer and associated cost in defending himself against the charges.

          • boricuafudd – it would depend on who the Judge was imo, if it was Judge N, there wouldn’t be a chance in hell that GZ could win an “immunity hearing.” The verdict was unpopular in Fla. & nation wide, I pray Sybrina/Tracy don’t bring a Civil Suit but if they think MOM would not be representing GZ, they might. Their problem still remains, Crump is incompetent & imo, wouldn’t want to try it, he would want to settle it BUT GZ has no money like the HOA nto pay off the grifters.

            I wonder how many people really get “immunity” in Civil Suits?

            • Not many win immunity at all. But not many sue after an aquittal either.

              The rules of civil procedure sure are less then beyond a reasonable doubt, a preponderance of evidence instead. Crump threw out all his cards. His civil claims are well known. Profiling. IMO they hoped for at least manslaughter (which I noted on my blog… was actually good for the defense because it proved an overcharge). They never suspected a not guility. So a civil suit may never be filed because GZ does have a better ability to invoke immunity during a civil then he had criminal. I think they hoped the DOJ investigation came up with something, and yet has not. I do not think they want a civil trial considering the rules of evidence would put TMs character and theirs at risk. They would need Rachel, AGAIN.

              If there was a civil suit filed by TMs parents I do not think MOM would even consult. It would be up to a civil team to take what was already done, or not done to serve their client.

              • Danny – KC was “acquitted” & there are many that have sued her. She filed for bankruptcy which has taken care of most of her Civil Judgements too. Texas Equasearch is supposed to receive $ 75,000.00 since it is a non profit that worked countless hours searching for a “live Caylee,” as KC said she was “kidnapped.” Legal Experts think the likelihood of TE recovering their monies is not likely. KC owed the State of Fla. over $ 275,00.00 which has been dismissed in her bankruptcy. It has amazed me that KC has had pro bono Civil Attorney’s for years.

                OJ’s legal team was done w/him after his criminal trial in which he was found “not guilty.” The Goldman’s got a 30 million dollar Judgement in the Civil Suit. Johnny Cochran said, “the verdict for OJ’s criminal trial was correct n& the verdict in the Civil Suit was correct.”

                • Art- I get what you are saying but using KC is a bad analogy, remember that part of the reason she was acquitted is that there was an admittance of some guilt. Meaning that they knew that Caylee was dead, but by not disclosing this and claiming she was alive, caused the expenditures for which she is being sued.

                  In this case nobody forced the state to spend the money they did to prosecute GZ, this was a decision they made on their own, admittedly after immense political pressure. The 3 separate investigations by the SPD, FDLE and the FBI were choices made by the those Agencies not because GZ misled them.

                  There one more item, a civil suit most undoubtedly end up in a civil trial. not a settlement and I have been unable to find one instance in which Crump has actually argued a case in a court.

                  With the OJ case, which is a classic example the of acquitted of criminal charges and guilty of civil charges, I have to agree with Cochran both could be correct, as the jury could find OJ 75% responsible in a criminal court, not enough for a conviction but more than enough in a civil proceeding. BTW, no I do not think that OJ should have been acquitted.

                  • Bori I agree. Nobody forced Florida to spend the money on GZs trial except for race baiters. I doubt GZ will be able to sue as the prosecutors would invoke immunity, and two judges agreed with the probrable cause affidavit. The SOA was banking on a plea. When the charge did not fit they asked for lesser charges and even attempted to add child abuse. I remember the faces of all the Prosecutors, including Coreys, when West stood up and said” Just when I thought this case couldnt get any more bizzare the State wants to add child abuse”?
                    During the request for lesser charges I thought back to Corys presser……
                    Her claims of not charging because of public pressure[quote]
                    “Let me emphasize that we do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts of any given case, as well as the laws of the state of Florida.”
                    Her claim of investigating and duty of her office[quote]
                    “The Supreme Court has defined our role on numerous occasions as prosecutors that we are not only ministers of justice; we are seekers of the truth. And we stay true to that mission. Again, we prosecute on facts and the laws of the great and sovereign state of Florida, and that’s the way it will be in this case.”…………
                    “When we charge a person with a crime, we are equally committed to justice on their behalf as we are on our victims’ behalf. So we are here to do that on behalf of our victim, Trayvon Martin, and on behalf of the person responsible for his death, George Zimmerman”

                    And when she clearly understands the rule of law & ethics that she failed to properly follow as one appointed to this case
                    “And it’s only then when the trier of fact, whether it’s a judge or a jury, gets all of those details that then the law is applied to that and a decision can be rendered. We will scrupulously adhere to our ethical obligations and to the rules of evidence in presenting this case that way.”

                • I know many people look @ the Goldman & Simpson suit as the go to for civil wrongful death suits.
                  That civil case was won because the DNA evidence, and evidence not submitted during trial proved wrongful death from battery under the civil threshold. There was so much evidence that should have convicted OJ during the criminal trial such as blood found on socks in his, his Bronco, a hair on Goldman….then the glove, and his shoes. His violent past against Nicole. But the Dream Team was successful in creating doubt, proving the investigation was shabby. And it was. There was missing DNA, accusations of planting evidence, character issues with detectives….
                  And a criminal trial requires reasonable doubt to aquit. But these jurors went a step further. They aloud accusations of police misconduct to cloud the clear evidence that he murdered two people brutally.

                  Casey was sued but why was just to make a statement and to attempt to compel depos on what really happened. The defamation suit against her is attempts to do the same. IMO.
                  They knew they never would get paid. She had no money and people ensured she would not. I am grateful for Texas EquuSearch…but it was the parents who called, the team should have worked with law enforcement because they were aware early on the story did not add up. Texas EquuSearch decides for itself what cases to take and many times they take high profile ones (such as going to Aruba looking for Holloway). Did Casey lie? Yep, and the majority of the world knew she was lying. Texas EquuSearch and Florida went looking for a dead body knowing full well there was no kidnapping. An idiot would incriminate themself when they are covering up. The fact the remains were just blocks away made them look like fools and they were pissed.

                  At the risk of argument…
                  I never understood that trial. I felt the State again overcharged. The State never made a clear case as to how she murdered the child. Their theory produced very strange, never before used “evidence.” I do feel that if they went for lower charges they could have convicted her without all those theories which after trial proves were very questionable. Her case did prove reasonable doubt though. It is plausible with that family the child got into the pool and drowned and she was covering it up. Evidence not used @ trial, or evidence found after trial makes that likelyhood very possible. That family is not of this world! From hiding her pregnacy all the way to hiding a body from an “accident”, and accusing the father of sexual abuse for the reason behind hiding an accident, all the way to the State claims of her knocking the kid out with chemicals because of myspace photo is like witnessing the land of OZ in Florida.
                  Those cases aside.
                  What would Crump sue under? Sure, GZ did not have to follow, but TM did not have to punch him. TM has “dirty hands.” He has a history of fighting, stealing, drug use, issues with authority. This could all be submitted during a civil trial. They lose, they pay GZs bills. GZ can invoke immunity. Would he get it? Who knows, its Florduh! If they do decide to sue, I am sure they will do everything they could to keep TMs charcter they have portrayed in tack. But that is a risk I do not think they may be willing to take. They are going to bank on a Federal suit. One this is for sure. They are running out of time to file.

                  • Danny – The thing about KC & the Civil Suits & the bankruptcy she filed is that she has “FUTURE earning potential” which has been stated repeatedly by those screwed over by her bankruptcy to dismiss their Civil cases. KC has never done an interview due to the hate, BUT, she has fought the Judgements so vigorously, no doubt she will profit from the murder of her child imo somehow in the future.

                    There was NOT a scintilla of evidence that Caylee drowned, Baez had to come up w/something to create reasonable doubt. Dr. G stated, “of the hundreds of accidental drownings I have seen, I have NEVER see a drowning in which the orifices were covered of the child w/duct tape & DUMPED in a swampy area & 911 wasn’t called.” imo, KC murdered her child & most legal analyst as well as Chief Judge Perry said there was more than enough evidence to convict KC, Dan Abrams said “it didn’t matter to the jury, they were not going to find a young mother guilty of murder. The jury was needed a video of the tragedy.”

                    I agree that Sybrina/Tracy/Crump face a risk & we can only hope this is enough to prevent them from suing but who knows.

                    • I agree the law did not help out those who civilly sued her. I take the position that it was the States investigation, the searchers choice to search, and the right of those to sue to receive compensation for her lies. But you can not sue for future earnings unless there is a wrongful death suit judgement or a personal injury judgement and those suing her for compensation have no standing in a wrongful death or personal injury claim.
                      There is never any reason to even try to win judgement against someone who has no money because they CAN file bankrupcy. The one filing needs to consider that. No only will the judgement not be enforceable, more money is lost by filing. In rare circumstances like a loan can a person still collect after someone files bankrupcy.

                      The public never had a chance to see if duct tape was placed over the childs mouth. But consider the meter reader moved the skull, the body was in a swamp for months noway tape stayed on decomposing water logged flesh then attached to the skull. The body was in two bags and there was animal activity. How finger and toe bones were missing without disturbing the skull would be divine intervention. And the position of the tape was debated. The mandible was kept in place by the hair matting which also was entwined in plant roots. The position of the tape was on the hair matting, the matting obviously fell during decomposition . The hair matting was attached to the mandible, not the tape. There was no tape across the mouth. None.
                      Here is testimony during cross from States expert:
                      Q: Is the tape adhering to anything?
                      A: The tape itself was no longer adhesive. Part of the tape, which is partially a fabric, was attached to the hair and slightly to the mandible. The fabric was on the mandible rather than the tape itself.

                      Q: Was there any tape on the left side?
                      A: The tape itself was not attached to the skull.

                      Q: Was there tape on the back of the skull?
                      A: No.

                      Q: So there was no duct tape around the skull, was there?
                      A: Completely encircling it? No sir

                      The tape most likely came from Casey taping the trash bag that decomposed over the body after the water receeded.
                      There was no reason she had to knock the child out. She took the child to many a party before. There was no evidence she even was planning to party, or that her current boyfriend did not accept the child. A Mother that went to the extent to lie about working, having a babysitter to put her Mother off that threatned to take custody does not indicate the child was a burden.
                      Ping logs and phone records show Casey was on the phone and computer that morning ….on the phone at or near the home. I think she was not watching the child. Caylee got out of the door. Grandmother thought she removed the ladder the night before. But there was an argument. So.
                      Caseys EX testified he was on the phone with her at some point and said he heard Caylee. Casey corrected Caylee because she was climbing on a table. There was a two hour lapse in phone activity before she began calling her Mother and father over and over.
                      Besides after trial it was found there were no chloroform searches. It was a page refresh from a myspace page Casey visited that had a tag of chloroform.
                      There certainly was enough circumstantial evidence for the drowning theory. It makes a lot more sense then the States circumstantial chloroform theory.

  19. Was watching HLN earlier and they had an all black panel who were patting Jay-Z on the back for his comments about “waiting for the facts (which jay-Z refused to do with Zimmerman)” . Then panel conversation then took a sudden hard left turn into ” we still gotta get justice for trayvon martin” and I lost any hope these BGI media pundits had finally grasped the concept of waiting for an honest review of the facts.

    • captain – what a POS Jay Z is. I LMAO when Chris Brown, another rapper that acts unstable imo, whined that “Jay Z SHOT SOME ONE & no one gives him grief for it.” It’s true, Jay Z, the former gang member shot a music executive & sold drugs. In Jay Z’s interview w/Vanity Fair, Jay Z stated “selling drugs helped him to become the businessman he is today.”

      You are spot on, Jay Z didn’t wait for the FACTS in the GZ/TM case, I don’t think he cared what the facts were. After all, he graced an event/rally put on by Sybrina w/his presence, PUKE.

      • Art- a little correction, Jay-Z was at the event but not on stage with the grifters, neither Jay-Z or Beyonce would go on stage. The photographs that circulated were of them away from the public meeting with the family. He did contribute money and tacit support which was bad enough.

        • boricuafudd – thanks for the additional information, I didn’t realize Jay/Bey wouldn’t go onstage.

          There is an ongoing feud w/Belefonte & Jay Z w/Belefonte’s criticism of the couple making the most & giving the least to black causes. Beyonce said, “well, she gave $ 250,000.00 in 2008.” I could have barfed to read Jay Z compares himself to Obama in that just attending a function is “donation enough.” (paraphrasing) Though Bill/Melinda Gates take a beat down by haters, they have given generously to causes they believe in.

          Did you see where Belefonte is SUING Martin Luther Kings heirs over “speeches” that Belefonte owns?


          • Well the saying goes possesion is 9/10th of the law so he might prevail. The King siblings have been squabbling with a lot of people, or I should say Dexter. After he pushed his brother King III to the side and took over the King Center the Charity has changed. Now it is more dedicated to protecting Dexter’s conception of his father than good works.

  20. Crump is once again Crumpin about ” Da White Man” In the Knedrick Johnson case: Attorney Kings explains in the year 2011 Kendrick Johnson was involved in some sort of foul play with another young white male that attended the same school as Johnson. They got into an altercation or a fight and Johnson perhaps won the fight. The young white boy family then invites Johnson to their home to fight again but Johnson never came, no one has spoken to the family since. After that incident Kendrick was killed. This information was sent to the Sheriff department in Valdosta ga and is in the Sheriff’s investigative reports.

    Attorney King gives us more insight on this investigation the young white boy parents are members of the law enforcement, his father is a police official and perhaps his mother is as well. So far no one has detected this information has any connection to Kendrick’s death but this is an alert for more investigation. Attorney King ask us as listeners’ to be proactive and fight for this case keep up with this story , please contact the Governor ‘s office. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2013/10/28/breaking-news-attorney-crump-gives-us-update-on-death-of-kendrick-johnson/

        • captain – thanks for the updates, I don’t personally have the stomach for it although I shared the abc link. I don’t doubt cspan covered it, but ABC is a National News agency, sad they are covering that INSTEAD of the “Dr. MacNeil” murder case in which they have usually done.

        • A school house mass shooting of 20 6 yr olds by a crazed freak …..and a 17 yr. old who was 250 miles from a school he was suspened from,had 80 yards to run from the creepy ass cracker, but hide for 4 minutes and then battered his “pursuer” … Sure….that comparison makes perfect sense!

    • Ted Cruz spoke eloquently during this hearing, and properly said that there are people using Trayvon’s death for political purposes. Too bad he couldn’t have also shamed $ybrina for using her son’s death for monetary gain.

      • Cruz stuck to the issue in front of the committee, that issue being the SYG law. He did so eloquently and with the use of forceful logic.

        It would have been highly improper for Cruz to, in any way shame anyone, in front of the committee, including Sybrina.

        These committees should not be used to wage emotional battles, back and forth, tit for tat; but instead for their purpose – to handle the matters before them in a dignified, dispassionate and probative manner.

    • I’ve been sitting here this morning watching the updates here and on twitter and wondering how so many educated people in Washington can be so freaking unschooled on the FACTS of this case and finally and update that common sense does reside in some places in Washington.

      Eric Holder needs to tell the parents of Trayvon Martin what Angela Corey’s office should have said a long time ago before they ruined the lives of a man and his family who needed to act in self-defense.

        • One of the idiotic things I’ve seen on twitter is that George’s nose was injured by the recoil of the gun when he shot TM. Another said TM just wanted to knock GZ out and leave him lying on the side walk to wake up later and not see where TM went. He didn’t know what to do when George started screaming.

          • It’s not as idiotic as it sounds. Think about it, his texts have shown he ‘thumped’ with a ‘snitch’ in school. But he doesn’t want to engage in a fight this time, he just wants to punk him or ‘duck him’ as his cousin would tweet “Ducking out crackers and keeping it 100” – if you want to knock somebody and not get caught, you need them to be knocked out – literally.

            If you are under the influence of any kind, or paranoid of getting busted (think of what he did with his weed on the bus to sanford, which the parents lied about stating he was driven to sanford) it makes sense a screamer would freak you out and upset you.

            Think about it. Why does Trayvon knock him out? Because he’s a snitch. His pattern of behavior shows it may be reasonable just as George’s pattern of behavior shows he’s not ready to handle that situation.

    • captain – THANKS for the info that Lindsey Graham shared about Hold not moving forward.

      Wonder what the 1.5 million signatures to apply pressure are supposed to accomplish?

  21. People keep overlooking the tweet from Tray’s cousin when he learned of the news. He said “Thank you, God. You kept him from doing something he shouldn’t be doing”. To me, that speaks volumes.

  22. Jack Cashill’s hardcover book goes on sales today.
    George Zimmerman, civil-rights hero?

    Stunning exposé reveals efforts to seek justice for black man
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/george-zimmerman-civil-rights-hero/#9xoEMgClGeAm7ziU.99

    “If I Had a Son” tells how for the first time in the history of American jurisprudence, a state government, the U.S. Department of Justice, the White House, the major media, the entertainment industry and the vestiges of the civil rights movement conspired to put an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life.

    All that stood between Zimmerman and lifetime internment were two folksy local lawyers, their aides, and some very dedicated citizen journalists, most notably an unpaid handful of truth seekers at the blogging collective known as the Conservative Treehouse. “If I Had a Son” takes an inside look at this unprecedented battle formation.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/george-zimmerman-civil-rights-hero/#9xoEMgClGeAm7ziU.99

  23. Sanford overhauling how neighborhood watch groups are run

    “Officials said the handbook for the program is still being reviewed by the city attorney, but Channel 9 found it has a provision that will prevent anyone from carrying a gun while working as a neighborhood watch volunteer.”


    What does the Chief propose to do with volunteers who are “off-duty” and going grocery shopping. Should citizens who agree to volunteer give up their right to carry a concealed weapon? If a person volunteers, can they ever be considered “off-duty” as was shown in the Zimmerman case?

    • again this is a perversion of meaning, neighborhood watch is mostly an awareness campaign meant to encourage proper reporting of suspicious person and activity, rarely do volunteers patrol their neighborhood, this is just more sheer folly.

    • Most likely other neighborhood watch volunteers will avoid getting out of their cars for their own protection, but if they have a license to carry and keep the gun in the car, they run the risk of breaking that law when they’re off duty and see something that needs to be reported. Do they just look the other way or go home and put their gun in the house before calling to report.

      I saw our neighborhood watch guy drive by the other day. He was in a car all lit up like a Christmas tree with “Citizen Patrol” in giant letters.

      • This is all show, all the Sanford PD can do is change the guidelines and perhaps kick a NW person from the program. They can’t tell a volunteer not to carry without the State Legislature passing a law or charge anyone that breaks the recommendation with a crime. But in a concealed carry State and with the 2nd Amendment still being the law of the land, that is all they can do. Even if the City were to adopt a regulation that would fine NW watch volunteers for carrying while on duty, it still has to pass both State and Federal Constitutional muster.

  24. Danny shared up thread: (there was no “reply” feauture)
    Danny stated:
    I agree the law did not help out those who civilly sued her. I take the position that it was the States investigation, the searchers choice to search, and the right of those to sue to receive compensation for her lies. But you can not sue for future earnings unless there is a wrongful death suit judgement or a personal injury judgement and those suing her for compensation have no standing in a wrongful death or personal injury claim.

    Danny ~ it was indeed the States case, but it was KC/Cindy Anthony that CALLED Texas Equa Search to come to Orlando to look for Caylee, their LIES cost the non profit over $ 100 thousand dollars. Families of REAL MISSING children did not have the services of TE BECAUSE KC LIED & wasted their resources, they were conducting searches for Caylee when KC knew exactly where she was.. The ONLY information TE had was from KC telling them a “kidnapping” had taken place by “Zanny the Nanny.” AFTER the trial, MORE information came forth from a Computer guru & an Attorney from “Webslueths” that made National News on MORE KC lies. The DUO PROVED Baez wrong from his book when he & KC tried to blame GA claiming it was GZ on the computer & KC didn’t have an account, KC in fact DID HAVE her own account. Baez KNEW about the searches but he didn’t have to turn them over to the Prosecution, Ashton admitted they needed that information BUT the TECH guy didn’t find it.

    Of course no one can SUE for future earnings BUT KC remains the POS she has always been & is NEVER going to do the right thing, filing Bankruptcy frees her ability to PROFIT from the murder of Caylee & NEVER have to satisfy any Judgements, & imo, the law needs to be changed. Just BECAUSE you can SCREW over someone, is it the right thing to do? KC’s pro bono attorney’s have fought tooth/nail to have everything dismissed through Bankruptcy. HAD KC not filed for bankruptcy, she could have satisfied ALL the outstanding Judgements BUT KC is a POS, murderer imo. Just sit back & watch how she makes thousands off the murder ONCE she doesn’t have to satisfy any Judgements.

    LMAO! WHY would KC later claim drowning WHEN she was responsible for ALL the searches BECAUSE she lied,for WHY ASK TE to come to Orlando so she could LIE some more, for claiming Zanny the Nanny had taken Caylee, for wasting valuable resources of TE? Lie after lie after lie. KC was RESPONSIBLE for LYING to LE/Detectives & she was to REPAY investigation fees of $ 267,000.00. LE/Detectives/TE worked from the LIES KC told & when there is no other defense in sight, just as legal analyst ALL predicted, KC/Baez would claim an accident, they CLAIMED an accidental drowning, putting duct tape over ALL the orifices of Caylee & dumping her in a swampy area 6 houses down from her home was one of the most LUDICROUS excuses I’ve ever heard & I’ve followed true crime my entire adult life.. Legal Analyst PREDICTED Baez/KC would claim some kind of “accident,” they had NOTHING else & he did just that..

    I guess if Cindy Anthony HADN’T reported Caylee missing AFTER 31 days, no one would have ever known Caylee was murdered.

    Danny ~ how do you think the “decomp smell” which was so putrid in KC’s car got there? KC tried to CLEAN IT UP, it was so bad KC just abandoned the car DUE to the smell of decomp. Tons of evidence could have convicted KC but when a jury wants a Video, the MURDERER IS GOING TO WALK if one doesn’t exist.

    • Art,
      I am only describing the inconsitencies in all these legal claims.
      On Nov. 8-9 EquuSearch began a two day search for a missing child. Casey was indicted on charges of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to police on Oct. 18. For EquuSearch to say they only knew the child was not missing until Baezs opening statement is less then honest.
      But this is water under the bridge. The bankrupcy attys. settled the case with them. They will be reimbursed.
      Perhaps they learned a lesson and should work with law enforcement and disregard the media spot light in order to decide what families they will help? To me it seems a bit morbid to Caylees memory to ask for money. What if they had found her remains? Did the child not deserve a search dead or alive?
      These are suppose to be professionals so one would think considering Caseys indictment and prior charge of neglect the day after Cindy reported Caylee missing a dead child was a possibility.

      As for the police. Initially they told the media they believed Caylee died by drowing in the pool. They charged her with child neglect the day after the report. They even offered her limited immunity if an accident is what happened.
      In the end, they charged her with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to police. The knew theory was she drugged the child to party. So they built that theory prior to even finding the remains. After the remains were found they tried to build as much physical evidence they could to fit that theory.

      The forensic computer data used by the State was incomplete and misrepresented. Many forensic specialists have debunked much of the States theory. It is too long to post here. But google searches can provided information regarding the computer forensics.

      Yes she placed the child in the trunk. Dogs hit the trunk and in the yard. Even though evidence suggested there was decomp in the trunk the defense created doubt because there was trash in the trunk that could create the same chemicals. The chloroform found in the trunk, experts debated. They only test for its presence not the amount and the presence could be from attempts to clean the trunk. On top of that testimony on both sides explained if it was human decomp that would mean the child was already dead when placed there. Those other charges do not apply to the care, or dumping of a corpse. If the State had focused on the physical evidence perhaps they would have charged her according to what they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • Thanks Cap, here’s a link to Sybrina’s response from Al Shaptons show. As it is usual Sharpton is hard to understand, he starts with a graph taken form the Tampa Bay Times concerning SYG and he completely bungles it up, proving the opposite of what he means. I have heard her talk before and it never hit me how ignorant she is. She basically said that she is opposed to SYG because she heard people talking about the law for a year, even though it was not used as a defense, but the media and her lawyers talked about the law for a year so she must oppose it. Then even if the defense did want to use the law, they did not at trial so it played no role whatsoever, other than as a talking point. I got the impression that she does not understand the law at all, she is just parroting what others say to her.


    • I lawyers double speak, the Harvard guy implying that SYG was given as a jury instruction is misleading because it shares the language with regular self defense instructions. So while technically true, it does not explain the why this was done. I have to give him credit for at least agreeing with the verdict and the decision to forgo any further action by Holder.

      • Thanks for posting the video Captain. It appears the Harvard guy was aware of Holder’s decision not to go forward with charges. This news hasn’t been reported anywhere that I came across until this hearing and Graham’s remarks.

        SYG law is about arguing I could have retreated but decided not to because…..

        GZ didn’t have the option to retreat. His calling for help signalled that he wanted to withdraw. Being held against his will takes away SYG provision. It’s why the defense didn’t argue it. Retreating was not an option.

        To say the jury got instructed with SYG provisions is because it is a sentence or two in the good old fashioned self defense law.

        Sybrina, in her interview on Al Sharpton’s show last night, left no doubt, she doesn’t understand SYG law and still doesn’t as of today. Yet there she is, in Washington, testifying and advocating for changing it. Totally bizarre and irresponsible.

          • Notice that Sharpton has to combine the Latino/Hispanic data with the AA data to produce any significant difference in SYG success rates…

            …and oh the hypocrisy: the folks who previously claimed that George Z was white because Hispanic/Latino is not a race are switching gears and are now wanting to claim the Hispanic/Latino population as minorities/persons of color.

            Notice, too, that he refers to the perpetrators of violent crimes as the ‘victims.’

            So if the truth is that AA’s utilize the SYG law more frequently and just as successfully as their white counterparts, why again are Sharpton and his ilk trying so hard to make SYG laws ‘seem’ racist and fighting so hard to get these laws amended or revoked…?

            Won’t that actually hurt the AA community more than any other community if SYG is eliminated?

        • It goes further than that, it is clear or a good inference can be made that the family knew about Holder’s decision, yet they are going around the country touting the 1.5 million signatures on their petition and fundraising but they know that there would not be any charges. It is just another lie on their part, the Harvard Lawyer even agreed on the case and Holder’s decision even if he tried to link SYG to the case. Sybrina is clueless she seems to like the limelight but cannot talk about the law she opposes intelligently and only attributes it to the case because others did.

          One thing imo is that Sybrina is following the advice or others and seems to being led. She is following a script that she does not fully understand and is under a tight leash to prevent statements like the one she made calling the shooting an “accident”. I can’t believe that as she said she has heard about SYG for over a year and yet she would remain so ignorant of law at this point, unless she does not believe what she is saying at all, it is all a facade.

          • I’m not certain they mean that Holder has made a ~recent~ decision to not pursue federal charges against GZ…?

            From the outset Holder admitted that there simply wasn’t any evidence of a civil rights violation, and that was the reason for the DOJ setting up the ‘Let’s get GZ any way we can’ tip line to begin with.

            Surely any formal decision from the DOJ to drop its ongoing investigation of GZ would make headlines, particularly because it would mean that all of the evidence would be unsealed as per Judge Nelson’s ruling before the DOJ quickly stepped in to quash it.

            • That is not necessarily true, as they are under no obligation to report the results of their investigation. Often this information is only discovered after filling FOIA requests years later. Lets not assume that because the notoriety of the case that an announcement would be made, especially in this case where it might not be received positively.

      • He had no choice and deserves no credit.

        I spent an hour last night (while working a local event) having an honest conversation with a 20 year old black male, incarcerated at 18, and now on the road to joining the regular world with his head on straight and working. His family was ex BGF Oakland’s Black Guernialla family. The discussion should have been videotaped, it would blow most people minds, and make the rest of us proud or just how really easy it is to talk across alleged racial divides and social status. We all have a the same journey, he immediately understand my understanding of black inner city culture dysfunction was the result of seeing it up close and being a child of challenges myself (like most people, life ain’t a bed of roses). He initiated the high five in response to one of my conclusions stating the status quo remains unchallenged because there are too many stupid white people and angry blacks.

        Sybrina is an angry black woman, she is irrational and ignorant.

        • Cassandra- I agree there are too many stupid white people and angry blacks but I think that many white people are just naive. Black culture has been romanticized by the Media and Schools to the point that blacks are a victim regardless of the situation. At the same time there are many in the Black community who abuse this for their benefit and have profited handsomely gaining notoriety, political, financial power.

          Sybrina and the Scheme Team are from this mold, using a tragic situation for personal gain. I have met my share of Sybrinas as I am sure you have they all share the same ignorance and have an excuse or reason for why their angel ended up 6 feet under but it is never their fault. I hope that young man you spoke continues on the right path, it is hard when all they hear is what a victim they are, and society is to blame for his actions and failures.

          • Surprisingly, he does understand it is all on him to do right and not expect others to fix or care for him. He is a loving person by nature and very sad to see how the hood destroys people minds and hearts.

    • This is what I mean the only time they sound half-way intelligent is when they are reading a script, and even then they are mischaracterizing the law and the events of that night. They are pawns, willing but pawns nonetheless to the agenda of others. Pathetic.

  25. Delusions die hard with the Traybots: KingSolomon

    Ok you dumb piece of amphibian waste, for starters the U.S. Senate has absolutely no say in whether the DOJ files civil rights charges against Zimmerman and/or pursues others criminally. That’s why there is a separation of powers you dumb POS. And second of all, the DOJ is still considering civil rights charges according to a source much more credible than some video you manufactured on youtube, you damn loser!
    “The Justice Department has said it is reviewing whether to prosecute Mr. Zimmerman under federal criminal civil rights statutes.”
    11:12 a.m., Wednesday Oct. 30

  26. The irony is rich! Leatherheads convict wife is threatening me regarding the video below. Rachel Leatherman 1 hour ago
    This video has been reported to YouTube, for violation of terms of service rule 6 (b). You have used Frederick Leatherman’s name without permission or consent; it is also the name of his website, so this YouTube violates a trademark law as well. In addition it constitutes deliberate defamation, and has been downvoted and reported to the YouTube legal department.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGa-XnMLg3s&lc=EuVxTeoehuLA4A-7gyhEv34sbBZEZZZWqm3uN42H7Gs

    • Why would his non lawyer wife contact you when he can write his own cease and desist? Did he register a trademark for his name? What is she claiming is copyrighted, his photo? That would fall under fair use AS satire….lol Defamation? If they dumsper dive and always ask for donations for living expenses…..wonder how they plan on filing a defamation suit?

  27. what is the October 29th entry about?
    Detailed Information for Case 592012CF001083A

    Case Number: 592012CF001083A Judge: NELSON, DEBRA S
    Defendant Name: GEORGE ZIMMERMAN
    DOB: 10/1983

    • Looks like they are about to release GZs property. It is a “Notarized Release Form” for obtaining property from the Property Evidence Warehouse.

          • I just looked up the process of property releases. The notorization was just filed. So he may not yet have been served. See on the 24th you can they released it. They prolly are in the process of notifying him. Can they find him to serve him? Does he even want the stuff they took? It may be updated when he accepts the notification.


                So these items are the ‘evidence’ that was released? Does anyone even know what those exhibits are? They may just be exhibits the defense created being released back to the defense. Not ‘real’ evidence.

              • I’m close to 100% certain DOJ won’t be pressing charges. They have even less to base a charge on than Corey did (and she had nada as evidenced by the super thin APC and the trial) and a higher bar. Doesn’t the DOJ have a ticking clock for pressing charges?

                • There is no time limit on a “investigation”. But my suspicion is the time is running out for a civil wrongful death case. The DOJ does not have anything. Crumpy and Co. were banking on the DOJ investigation. Now that it does not yeild a promise Crump will go with plan B. for a profiling suit.
                  But now theybwill claim Trayvon stood his ground, he had that right. Pay attention to what Sybrina just said during her testimony “Stand Your Ground did not work in my sons case.”
                  Therefore what they will attempt in a civil trial is to show GZ followed TM because he knew he had a gun. They will use “They always get away” and “Fing punks” to show GZ pursued TM and GZ was responsible for TMs battery that caused GZ to kill TM believing he was a fing punk who was up to no good.

                  • I’ve always suspected, Eric Holder told the parents of Trayvon Martin in the meeting on August 1st that charges were highly unlikely.

                    It was not a surprise to her yesterday nor was it a surprise to the Harvard attorney. They already knew and probably knew since August 1st, fed. charges are not likely.


                    Now a public official has said so and the family and their attorneys acknowledge they know it and agree. But still there is some milking for donations being done. I hope they do good work with the money they get, but I doubt it. The money is based on lies.

                    • This Traybot is claiming CNN announced Holder will speak on the issue tomorrow

                      Diego Rodriguz 1 minute ago
                      Holder set to address the issue tomorrow we shall see but from what CNN just reported they stated Eric Holder set to clarify statements regarding Zimmerman investigation so we shall see Mr No Limit Cracka

              • What “ebidence” may that be now to the DOJ? The memos filed on the 24th? The bond motion exhibits? If they are closing the Federal case then that has nothing to do with the DOJ. The Judge left this case. Someone asked for bond exhib(why would the State need bond exhibits?), and there still is sanctions hearings awaiting. The court is handing back evidence and property because the Judge is no longer on the case.

  28. Crump is right back to the Trayvon playbook: “This is not a home run, but it gets us on first base,” said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Johnson family who also worked on behalf of Trayvon Martin’s family.

    Crump added that Johnson’s family will put in a formal request for the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene in the case.

    The video features hours of footage taken on cameras located inside and outside the gym. Altman’s ruling allows the Johnsons’ attorneys to view unredacted copies of all the video files.http://www.11alive.com/news/article/311625/40/Video-to-be-released-in-Kendrick-Johnson-death

    • I do not think she was incoherant. I think she did a good job on her testimony.She was concise. It explains much. It explains the “vision” she had of her son that is just a vision yet is void of explaination. It explains the pain of needless, and endless violence in black culture that allows such perpetration of blacks. It allows her to become responsible for her sons actions.
      Here is why. She testified to his intentions when he left for candy. But she avoids the variables her son faced that she will only claim now, but her oldest son never faced the same fate. So it had to be choice, behavior and actions, not skin. Not for anyone but TM and an Uncle who acted & forced one to defend themself. She will not mention history that a family member was killed prior to TM because he acted the same way and the consequence was the same. That TM considered that man a mentor, a hero, should have been enough for Sybrina to teach her son about confrontation.
      This story is about the inability to deal with confrontation. The inability to avoid it. The inability to determine when it is best to blend in and stand out. When one should heed a warning or die for ego.
      They are fighting to show TM was much more then HE shown himself to be. That may be the case. He may have had a chance. But he decided to stand his ground amoungst other black youth who robbed, threatened and stole from the wrong people. Had TM been home, and not shipped off to Seminole he may still be alive proving he was just getting candy, not condoms, bullets, weed, and minding his own buisness talking on the phone. But wait…. He was not doing that in Miami Sybrina….that is why he was shipped to his Dad who went partying and left him alone. After all he was 250 miles from home and suspended…… because he was an independent teenager.

        • I was not suprised when they werent there for the verdict. The States case and Chumps narrative fell apart. They knew an aquittal was coming.
          What I was more suprised about was when Sybrina testified about the yell and hardly reacted. She always had cracked her voice and spoke on the verge of tears to the media!

          I looked at her testimony on SYG as another emotional plea. Like bori said it had nothing to do with SYG. I looked at her testimony in context of selling the foundation, and what she believes will keep her sons memory alive. She feels her son was defamed. Evidence proves otherwise. I am sure she out of anyone else is more forgiving of his nature. But, even the devil was once an angel. Hopefully one day she will accept her sons responsibility in his own death. It is like blaming the car for the bad driver. Blaming the road for being slippery when the driver was reckless.
          Although her testimony provided nothing “coherant” to seek a change or repeal of SYG law as I stated above it provided many who have not followed the case with what her intentions are in attacking the SYG law in the first place. She does not want youth held accountable. She believes they can not act reckless, shady, or deliberate. And for that belief she wants a law that had protected countless others repealed. Everything she said may not make sense to change SYG, but it sure helps those who support the law argue these are the reasons why we need them. Is it logical to repeal a law because youth have issue with confrontation? Nope. And she helps make the laws sensible!
          It was intentional of Durbin to put her on the panel. It was to insert emotion.
          Instead at least well, from my POV it shows how the black culture is aware of their issues and wants everyone else to modify their behavior so they can do what they want without consequence. If you listen to Linsey Graham he made the same point when he addressed Sybrina.
          So in context her testimony provided us with the proof of what we have been saying all along. Some may disagree and as always that is fine.

          • Danny- I agree what has happened with SYG laws is what some might call the result of the law of “unintended consequences”. Many in the Black community at one point supported SYG laws, including our President as a way to deal with rising crime within their communities as they are the ones most affected by crime. But, now they are realizing that not only are Blacks most affected by crime they are also the perpetrators of the crimes which at least in their eyes means that the law would be used disproportionately used against them by someone who is not black.

      • I found her repetitive, hardly concise. Dishonest and incoherent. Seeking control by manipulating the natural sensitivity to motherhood.
        Not impressed, in fact, she talked about her son in a manner that makes me cringe, exposing how little she understood him, and how conflicted her feelings for him were.

        • I agree there is a disconnect from reality that has always bothered me. For an instance the talk about how teens should be free to walk to the store safely, what does that got anything to do with SYG laws and it avoids the real danger to young black males is not SYG laws but other young black males.

  29. What’s up with the admins at TCTH? They seem to have become ruder and more arrogant in their moderation process. I understand they don’t want profanity etc (which I have never done) BUT their smarky attitude towards people pointing our their rudeness is ridiculous.

    It seems they are becoming a cliquish, childish cult.

          • Thanks. I just put in my 2 cents. They remind me of people who have never had much if any power or authority. TSA agents do that. We fly every week on business and have to constantly deal with TSA agents who enjoy the new sense of power and authority they have been given.

          • Realitycheck,
            TCTH has issue with the 1st amendment. They support (just like the gov) internet censorship and suppression. They basically follow the social norm of prog belief that if it offends them it must offend everyone. Well, unless of course it is a mod offending its readers and posters, then it is okay.

            Swearing and name calling is childish yes,maybe even offessive, but deserving of banning or censorhi of a commentor no? The mods do it ALL the time. Unless, one believes they are the moral police…which I think that may be the case. But @ CTH Lying is okay. Swearing is not.
            Manipulation okay….name calling is not (unless you are a mod). Mods can offend but you can not offend the mods. They work on a double standard over there. The “owners” are big adult bullies, who believe they could run a democracy……but run a blog like a dictatorship.

            • Danny –

              I would draw a distinction between the issue of running a blog the way one may want to run it, even if treating some commenters roughshod at times, and the idea that the blog is anti-1st amendment.

              The fact that CTH, from time to time, is not tolerant of views divergent from theirs on their blog does not change the fact that it is their blog.

              I am not aware that they wish to censor other blogs currently on the net,, AFAIK.

              • There is a distinction between housekeeping, POV, and censorship.
                I am not saying they do not have the right to censor. I am saying it is anti 1st amendment”ish” to censor because someone feels “offended.” Free speech is the cornerstone of a democracy hooson. And any political blog SHOULD use censorship responsibly. Being a responsible host is allowing varying degrees of opinion. Not just the ones the host supports.
                I did not want my blog to go down the BGI road and had to tell someone off that holds it against me to this day. Everyone has there reasons. But….The right to express ones thoughts and to communicate freely with others affirms the dignity and worth of each and every member of society,and community which allows each individual to realize his or her full human potential. Therefore, freedom of expression is an end in itself….and as such, deserves societys greatest protection.
                It is even more despicable to filter commentors openly. I despise internet censorship and blog Nazis. As adults we do not need a moral babysitter preaching about how a public blog is a persons living room and commentors are invited. Follow the yellow brick road then. Lock the door and give the key to those special club members then. WordPress is not the platform for censorship! If bloggers want to live in a bubble a forum is most appropriate for their needs.
                There is a thing called hospitality when you are a host. If a blog owner chooses to run their blog like a concentration camp for the mentally numb fine but I will call them out on it!

                • I would like to add indoctrination begins with censorship and suppression of expression. SD and companies goal is to “educate”. My core support for free speech is really anti indocrination.
                  If anything CTH has proven my point. When one group can or has the ability to censor then another group has lost their right. Shows how easily dangerous a right can be lost when one group can decided what should be censored.

    • “She said any neighborhood watch member who violates the rules, including carrying a weapon, will face removal from the program but will not be charged with a crime.”

      As I figured they can’t charge someone with a crime for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, but I am wondering if someone will challenge this guideline on constitutional grounds.

    • Not a toy gun, according to the manufacture, who emphases that toy guns are Nerf types gun, super soaker water gun, Air Soft replica are realistic and easily confused with the real guns. CA law Penal Code 12556
      (a) No person may openly display or expose any imitation firearm, as defined in Section 12550, in a public place.

  30. According to this fool on twitter 7% of blacks compared to 70% of whites are on welfare
    No the TRUTH is mentally ill don’t understand %’s 7% Blacks on Welfare 70% of Whites. @_ImCarl @Zendesk @Laura_Charlii @5723Michael

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