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Open Thread – Nov. 5, 2013

Open Discussion
My apologies. I know I owe you guys a couple of targeted threads, SYG issues, A Kendrick Johnson thread and the pay pal topic. I’m still researching pay pal and the other two threads may have to wait until the weekend. Demands at work have increased my attention and time. Until then, the open topic discussions continue.


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  1. Real Justice Now
    The hard truth is that the State of Florida knows everything Real Justice Now knows of the Trayvon Martin murder scandal. They know someone named “Mark” was summonsed by George Zimmerman seconds after Trayvon is heard being shot to death on Jennifer Lauer’s 911 call. The ATM picture of Mark Ostermann release by the State of Florida with the time of 6:37pm was not coincidental. This evidence directly contradicts Osterman’s alibi the night of the shooting and places him in the same vicinity of Trayvon’s trek to and from the convenience store. Jeremy helped and communicated with the shooter based on his own declarations spoken into the telephone while Jennifer Lauer’s was still talking to the 911 dispatcher.

    Most certain the evidence collected provided the State of Florida with more than enough ammunition to file criminal charges against others however they decided to pursue a farce of a case and let Zimmerman go in spite of having knowledge that he executed Trayvon while a completely restrained Trayvon begged for mercy . Additionally the FBI digital evidence lab was muted, special agent Majeski on April 2 2012 canceled the audio event chronology report that would have identified and documenting the sequence of events as they unraveled on Jennifer Lauer’s 911 call. This would include Jeremy confessing that he communicated with the shooter as well as the whispered sobbing weeps of a man asking the question, “Why kill him?”

    The State of Florida is not going to do a damn thing to correct this injustice. The corruption in this case runs too deep. They are not going to ruin these “white” peoples career to give justice to an African American teenager.

    The only hope is the Department of Justice. Real Justice Now does however caution Attorney General Holder to be diligent too not underestimate the long arm of corruption and advise Mr. Holder to appoint a special prosecutor in this case, one familiar with high crimes in high places and the intestinal fortitude to do what is right and just.
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  2. By Arelis R. Hernandez, Orlando Sentinel
    3:01 p.m. EST, November 5, 2013

    Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith on Tuesday clarified his position on whether Neighborhood Watch volunteers in his city will be allowed to carry firearms, blaming the confusion on his own faulty language.

    Neighborhood Watch volunteers won’t be banned from carrying handguns, but participants of a different program, Citizens on Patrol, will be, he said.

    When Smith was hired as chief seven months ago, he said he found Neighborhood Watch in disarray with various groups operating with their own set of rules and no accountability.

    Part of the effort to revamp both of Sanford’s community programs is to distinguish Neighborhood Watch from the Citizens on Patrol and set policies that would absolve police of any liability should volunteers use a gun as part of their duties


  3. Xena says:
    November 5, 2013 at 5:19 pm
    I don’t think that Kendrick was killed in the gym. He may have been forced out, beaten to a pulp elsewhere, accidentally murdered, and a story had to be put together leading them to carry his body to the gym.

    They couldn’t dump his body just anywhere because that would lead to a murder investigation.

    Investigators need to look elsewhere for signs of where the beating took place. Everyone in that gym should have their house, garage, and car luminoled.


        • NO she is NOT a lawyer. She supposedly worked for one or at the courthouse, depending what and where you read. She is a racist idiot! LMAO BLACKBUTTERFLY. She has accused me of being a person named Jess, which I promise I am not and too funny really. I use to participate on a blog the jb mission. And there is a person named Jess or Jessica who has said some really bad things to the blog owner. Black Butterfly Bitch wasn’t even there then. JB and I had words over Geo and his ADD meds because I made a comment about my youngest dtr . She flipped out on me and well I responded in kind. Along with a couple of other people who commented there. I believe I was right and so did they. Now she only has like 3 people posting and she is an idiot. Ok sorry for rant. Oh and JB posts at CTH and Leatherheads under a couple names. One, she tried multi times to draw me into conversations at CTH.

  4. a bit off topic but I thought you guys might find my posting on our Oakland crime prevention group list serve exposing the pathos of youth gangsters.

    The burned dude Koran Jenkins, now calling himself Koran Streets robbed my son and dozens of kids at a Lick Party, meaning the gangsters roll up and rob all the unsuspecting teens in a few minutes. My son called the police( the only teen willing to) and he paid with being labeled snitch and not being able to finish high school or have any thing that remotely resemble a normal teen social life. My son was ostracized for being the stand up. I was targeted and subjected to a facebook cyber bullying to have me gang raped as the snitches mother, my car was vandalized and I was intimidated by this west Oakland gangsters while running a large neighborhood meetings after a major shooting in the area hitting children. Forgive my run on sentence, I am upset AGAIN.
    they are winning……

    “Licks” film stars and local gangsters explain Oakland’s exceptionalism “we got
    game” during interview on NYC Hip Hop radio program.

    The film and actors took top prizes at the Chelsea Film Festival.

    listen and weep

    New Parkway promotes this garbage minimizing the misery these gangster cause the
    rest of us, but yeah they are just keeping it real…..

    • The Hollywood love affair with gangs is not new, though it had chilled somewhat for a few years. Hollywood has always had a romantic view about gangs and of gang members that has ignored the victims and the damage that becoming a gang member does to kids.

        • Big Hollywood’s involvement may not be direct, but they do help with the financing and they distribute the films. Not to mention that they are the ones who hand awards to these filmmakers.

          • this is truly Indie, no Hollywood $$, the kid financed the film and it is self distribution. Nowadays anyone can produce and distribute a film who has the will and makes the effort. I had a long challenging discussion with the producer who asked me to talk because of my criticism posting on our local news site. But that is not the real problem, it is the message which “humanize” gangsters while ignoring their victims and the trauma they spread.

  5. I live in a neighborhood with teenage gangs. I worked at the high school in the neighborhood until I retired a couple years ago. Gangs aren’t fun. Our neighbor’s dog was shot in the face through some vent holes in a brick fence. Their children were traumatized. They were in the house and ran out when it happened, but it happened near their swing set. They could easily have been out playing. Most neighbors thought it was part of the gang activity.

    We had a couple of kids killed from gang activity. The student population was very upset. Extra counselors were brought in and the school practically shut down for a few days because most students were in counseling or support groups instead of classrooms. In no time at all, gangs were popular again.

    • Holder is placating. I suppose he feels as long as he keeps this going the anger of an aquittal could be settled with a long game of hide a seek on what federal charges could possibly result. If the DOJ HAS to ask the public to help them find evidence in order to investigate…… it states a lot. If it takes this long to investigate a hate crime after the FBI and a State Court found nothing Holder is gerrymandering.
      All in all it shows this administration is nothing but race peddlers, and they are willing to arrest someone on petition alone. They took the investigation on petition!

      If his “investigation” produces a law to charge GZ with he would use a Federal Grand Jury to indict. If he gets no indictment he can blame the Grand Jury. I am unsure if he can bypass a Federal Grand Jury like Corey did with the State. But unless he has something he can not take it to the Grand Jury. It is a different story producing evidence to a Grand Jury or a Federal Jury then it is to a bunch of race hustlers. To the public sure Holder and the NAACP but IF they try to step into the legal system by slapping a different name to the same charge because there was disappointment in an aquittal, it seals everything the DOJ is being accused of. Which is Race Baiting!

      • In fact if the DOJ does not decide to press federal charges I will be shocked considering the DOJs own Community Relations Service (CRS) was deployed to Sanford to help rally against GZ. But since this is a Federal Department I am almost certain there are a few Senators whom will have some inquiries and seek an investigation of their own into any charges the DOJ decides on.
        I believe due to Sen. Grahams comments there are ongoing discussions about this “investigation” that Holder is conducting.

        • I think that the decision has been made, it is just not the right time for the decision to be released with everything that is going on at this time. Think of the uproar from the Administration’s supporters if the DOJ announces that the investigation has been dropped and losing of the support of some at the same time as the Obamacare fiasco is happening.

          If we listen to Sen. Graham’s comments, the fact that the Harvard Professor was aware of the decision and then compare to Holder’s statement “might charge” but will answer only when it can explain it to the public sounded as a dodge trying to buy time.

      • Danny – I wholeheartedly agree w/your thoughts, “Holder is placating” for many reasons. The longer Holder wastes GZ’s time of being CLEARED & trully being free, the longer GZ probably worries & has sleepless nights! WHO could BLAME him? Placating too keeps Sybina/Tracy/Crump/the BGI out of Holder’s face! Sooner or later, just like the Anthony’s, Sybrina/Tracy will have to go back to their day jobs!

        I’m still waiting for Holder to PROVIDE INFORMATION on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc. imo, Holder is just another POS like Rahm Emanuel, former Obama team member & presently Mayor of Chicago, they are dishonest & Obama ALLOWED them to hold their positions imo to also promote his own opinions. I’m furious Hillary has SKATED on Benghazi, she had the Obama Team covering her butt as not to taint her for the 2016 race imho.

        Parents of the young men murdered in Benghazi WANT answers! KUDOS to former JAG Lindsey Graham for keeping the fight alive.

        • Sybrina and Tracy will never have to go back to their day jobs. They are set for life. GZ doesn’t work because he can’t due to death threats and Martin and Fulton don’t work because they don’t have to.

          • I think George Zimmerman is going to be alright. He has a good foundation thanks to his parents lessons when he was young.

            Sybrina and Tracy will hopefully go on to help others. I hope the help is positive and not a continued path to ruin careers of hard working law enforcement personnel and those who try to keep their communities safe.

            • I hope you are right. If he could just stay out of the news for awhile. It’s unfortunate the marriage broke up when it did but it was probably a result of the stress they’d both been under.

            • You are right that his parents taught him how to be strong. Who would have known how much George would need that.

      • “If it takes this long to investigate a hate crime after the FBI and a State Court found nothing Holder is gerrymandering.”

        What was it they thought he was gerrymandering, and are you sure that gerrymandering is the word that best expresses what you are trying to say?

        • Uni,
          Without going heavily into the districting in Florida….. the race baiters know where to go.
          Yes I am sure that is the proper word. History already shows the divide in Sanford. It is how they got the Chief fired. It is how they got Wolfinger to step down. It is how they got GZ arrested. And how the NAACP latched onto Holder for a illusion of a federal charge.
          The media……Really that is all a political group or lobby needs. A few large marches, Rev Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP, and a PR firm. They call this type of gerrymandering “packing”.
          Our MEDIA is Gerrymandered, and they know when and how to pick up the bullhorn. Our lobbys, and politicians use the gerrymandered media.
          This whole case was a political one from race, to repealing SYG, to discussing gun violence. These are national issues. It would please all race baiters if the Federal Government attempted to correct what the States will not. They also believe that if Florida changes their laws everyone else will. If for nothing else they are attempting to get the right people in the right spots in order to achieve their goal. Unfairly, and by manipulation.

          • You seem to be using a more expanded meaning than “re-drawing a Congressional district for political rather than geographical convenience”.

            The drawing of those districts is ordinarily a function of a state’s legislature.

            The federal Justice Department may play a role in certain circumstances, but only by convincing a federal court that there is sufficient cause for that court to intervene, so it’s not really something which the Attorney General can just up and do on his own.

            • Uni,
              Sorry I missed this. No, I am not using the word in its common use.
              In context Holder has segragated politics even further. Instead of left vs. right, it is black vs. white. Without the black vote Obama would not have won and Holder would not be in his position. How did that happen? Media Gerrymandering. The media, lefty talking heads drove into the publics head
              1. If you did not vote for Obama you are racist.
              2. For those who never voted prior it was about being a part of history.
              3. It was a way for America to “heal” the wounds of racism.
              Blacks felt vindicated. Some whites felt voting for him showed tolerance.
              Social Media & MSM were gerrymandered. You had the left laying very emotional claims, the right for the most part made good claims against his policies, his history, and lack of experience.
              Without the gerrmandered media, the left biased media and networking, without the black vs. white, he could have never run on policy alone.

              As for the common form of Gerymandering of splitting districts, packing districts for the lefties is what they do. Although they will never admit it.
              It goes from the legislative laws passed as you stated. But, the law….it does little for understanding the complexity when pork bills, backdoor deals, lobbys are involved. It means little when an incumbent wins because nobody opposes them. It means nothing if the Federal Government refuses to reconize a States laws. The needs in my State may be very different from the needs in your State. All a Federal higher up needs is someone in the Senate to sponser a bill. The Courts get involved ONLY if and when someone makes claim a law or power given to the Feds. is unconstitutional. And even then the Court can deny to hear the case. They say “Hey you do not have to follow our rules, but we will not give you fedral funding.”
              I blame the States for giving the Feds. the power to negotiate. Funding is the key to those negotiations.

              Redistricting is something Obama utilized after the housing bubble burst. The census otherwise would not have changed to that drastic of a level. People lost homes, were unemployed and living in the bigger cities where most of his needed populace votes came from. It mattered naught for those who had not voted for him due to electroral votes in some States. One man one vote?
              To Obama and Holders credit they never did hide their intentions.

              But, an investigation is a whole other ball game. It is at the DOJs distrection sure. But….Does the law say he has unweilding discretion to inflame the races? Does it say the investigation should occur to quell emotions? Does the law allow him to take the investigation based on appeal and petition?
              What was the legislators intent on creating the law ? I am sure its intent was not to speak to blacks through left leaning MSM in order to create petitions for discretional use of the law, or to create a tip line web site in order to call the public at large to offer legal advice to the Atty. Genreal of the United States of America.
              That dear friend, is MEDIA GERRYMANDERING.

      • If the DOJ HAS to ask the public to help them find evidence in order to investigate…… it states a lot.

        I remember this – as soon as I heard it, I knew they were fishing or just putting on a show, especially since they asked the NATIONAL public to send them any info – like someone in Oregon or Illinois has something they know about GZ….? Give me a break lol

        • I just noticed my post is 4 hours ahead of my time, instead of 3 as it usually is – I wonder if wordpress is located in AZ or the part of Indiana, where they don’t observe daylight savings time changes lol

          • You’re right. I can set it to any time zone I want. I set it to the Eastern time zone. It’s now 1 hour out. Looks like the forgot to end daylight savings time last weekend.

    • I have heard this question before and my answer is why should he? He was born here and raise here, have we gone so far that an American has to leave his country as a political refugee. That what his leaving the country would entail, becoming a political refugee. I understand he has family in Peru but that is not his country, the US is and he should not be force to leave his country to avoid a political persecution or are we a Banana Republic, already.

      • Yes, it is. I suppose in years past, minorities were in that position. There were plenty of blacks who would have been better off if they could have escaped the country. The power has shifted. Actually, GZ should have minority status but Crump and the Scheme Team painted a picture of him as a white racist and got the BGI stirred up before it was known that GZ is a minority. Now, he’s given honorary white status by the BGI for the purpose of persecuting him.

        • Pondering, hispanic is an ethnicity. GZ doesn’t have a whole lot of black in him, and it’s not apparent in his appearance, so really it’s the ethnicity that makes him a minority. But I’ve been thinking – hispanic is the ONLY ethnicity that is really ever talked about on a national basis. Probably most of us are ethnic “mutts” (part Irish, part German, part British, etc). Hispanics are said to be about 25% of the country not too long from now – so when you consider it’s an ethnicity, and compare it to other ethnicities here which are mainly represented only “in part” in most (the ethnically mixed) people, perhaps they’re really not a minority after all. Anyway, just something I’ve been thinking about. I think I want some gubmint money for my minority Irish and German ethnic status lol

          • I don’t think there’s any ethnic group now that is persecuted simply for their ethnicity. I was commenting that in the past, blacks were persecuted. Other ethnic groups were also persecuted. George isn’t persecuted for his ethnicity but because the media waged a hate campaign against him. His ethnicity might have helped protect him from that, but the media didn’t recognize he wasn’t white in time. Whites aren’t persecuted, but they’re not protected from it.

            I guess my point is that George is persecuted to the extent that he needs refuge. IMO he’d be better off as a refugee from the USA than continuing to be a persecuted citizen. That’s his choice. I’m just puzzled as to why he doesn’t escape the country.

  6. He would be better off as a political refugee from this country than face further persecution from this regime. I agree that he shouldn’t have to. I am just wondering why he doesn’t escape to safety.

    • I hope good offers are coming West’s way, as well (assuming he wants the change of pace). I know he was “second man”, but he was excellent. I wish he would take a TV job, too, because I miss seeing him on TV 🙂

    • I don’t think it is. There was no reason to confiscate his wallet since they didn’t arrest and charge him. Since his wallet wasn’t mentioned in discovery as evidence they conclude he didn’t have one. #TraybotLogic

      • ironically what they dont consider is that the amount of money TM was found with is spot on for a pot transaction to have taken place with the stooges at 7-11. Pot transactions are usually in increments of $20. Just because TM did not have pot on his person does not exclude the possibility that TM met up with the stooges to SELL them the dope!

  7. Of course Global Grind is misreporting the scheme team’s latest failure in having guns prohibited from neighborhood watch!

    Florida announced that they would prohibit Neighborhood Watch volunteers from carrying guns.
    Now, police Chief Cecil Smith is softening his stance, saying that officers are strongly discouraging it, not banning them.
    “We’re recommending that no one is armed,” police Chief Cecil Smith told a group of about 100 people gathered at City Hall on Tuesday night to learn about the Neighborhood Watch program.
    “It’s about communications. It’s not about firearms.”
    In short, Neighborhood Watch volunteers won’t be banned from carrying handguns, as previously announced. But participants of Citizens on Patrol, a program run by the Police Department, will be.
    When Smith became chief seven months ago, his goal was to revamp both programs and set policies that would absolve police of any liability should volunteers use a gun as part of their duties.
    “Neighborhood Watch was never meant for people to carry guns,” Smith said during the news conference. “It does not have a patrol function in the city of Sanford.”
    As liaisons between residents and police, Smith said, block captains’ main objective is to encourage neighborly conduct and concern for one another.
    “If you choose to have a firearm, that’s your right,” he added.
    But he urged people never to confront a possible criminal. Call the police instead, he said.
    According to the Orlando Sentinel, concealed-weapons permit holders will not be disqualified from volunteering. However, they will have to sign waivers relieving police of any responsibility should the firearm be used.
    The rule will remain unwritten, but Smith said his officers will emphasize to Neighborhood Watch block captains that they are “communication vessels” who observe, identify and report suspicious activity.
    “Do not intercede or pursue,” Smith said, invoking one of the central controversies surrounding Trayvon’s shooting.
    Looks like this information came a little too late.


  8. That clown jesse jackson has filed a federal lawsuit to have Georgia’s stand your ground law dismissed

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    A civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit Friday aimed at getting Georgia’s “stand your ground law” thrown out, arguing the statute is arbitrary and hurts young black men more than anyone else.
    Rainbow Push Coalition chose Georgia to begin what they envision as a series of nationwide challenges to make the controversial law more precise. Two Georgia families are also plaintiffs in the suit.
    Georgia is among 22 states with a “stand your ground law,” which maintains the right to self-defense does not include a duty to retreat and allows deadly force to be used when people “reasonably” fear they, their property or the people around them will be harmed.
    “Our sense of justice is being surrendered to madness such as stand your ground laws,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow Push.

      • I’m not sure if his jeans looks shorter because they rode up his calf from being upside down or if they are actually 3/4 length shorts he has on. He clearly is wearing long pants going down to his shoes when he enters the gym. His pants look black on the tape, but they could be jeans.

        • I think its gravity pulling the pants legs down. Looking at the link you posted David, just my opinion, the way KJ is walking they may be those sagging pants. Or it could just be the video..

        • In that article, the family has decided that a white boy that K got in a fight with in 2011 was the culprit – 2011! Even though the video shows he was never in the gym – plus, they say this other kid was a senior and K a freshman when the fight took place – so the other kid may have not even been at the school anymore. And now the father has decided that some white girl lured K into the gym – they have no one in mind, but they’re sure it’s a white female – invisible to taping, I guess. Crump is busy building his narrative, I guess.

          The family is saying he was a quiet guy who would never have attracted any violence (although in another section they make it very clear he “whooped” the 2011 kid, finished what that kid started), and how they can’t figure out why someone would murder him – but it doesn’t make them consider the freak accident scenario at all. And they say his feet should have been sticking WAY out of the mat if he were reaching his arms forward to reach for a shoe, but don’t consider that elbows bend and his weight would have pulled him more down when he was no longer conscious to “stand” on his hands in the mat. Plus, he WAS discovered because someone saw his feet, although not sticking way out. Not to mention that a large number of agencies, including the GBI, would have to be involved in this “coverup”.

          Oy, here we go again.

          • The video pretty much confirms that no one was being beaten to death and rolled up into a mat…

            The students walking through the gym don’t even pause or look in that direction… there was nothing out of sorts to see.

            And the mats were already rolled up and put away in the corner.

            It corroborates what the GBI has stated all along, it was an unfortunate accident. He ran into the gym to get his spare shoes then fell into the upturned mat while reaching inside for his shoe and no one noticed.

            And shame on CNN for immediately honing in on the one student who merely walks out of frame as if there was anything suspicious at all about that … this is EXACTLY why the school and the police protested releasing the videos to the press.

            • I also find the disingenuous the comments about the pictures, it is obvious that the cameras have a low frame rate, which makes the video jerky and explains why someone would just appear on the screen.

              • They are also disingenuous as it was made clear that the cameras are motion activated which means the cameras start and stop. This is nothing more than another Crump/BGI extortion attempt.

              • I have feeling that the ones where you see some blurring, possibly are on purpose due to privacy of the minors in the video. Prob isn’t so much on the ebidense copy. JMOH.

                • Good point, but regardless what can be seen is enough to shoot down the theory of someone rolling him up into a mat. That is why imo they are playing the we don’t know when the time of when the tapes were made. Same as with GZ anytime that evidence surfaced that was pro-GZ the media tried and succeeded to knock it down and inject doubt.

                  • Oh I TOTALLY AGREE with you on that. And the race baiting Bots follow their leads. Shaking my head, I would hate being under someones power or belief system like that. Unable to be openminded. Full of hate, second handed hate at that.

            • The video also matches what touchton said on her NAACP interview and what Reverend Rose said in his SPLC ( MLK’s organization ) interview. If even the two largest pro black advocacy groups are saying it was an accident…that should tell you something.

            • also as Coreshift and VP and I were talking on Twitter, these are MOTION ACTIVATED VIDEO CAMERAS so that means that the video recording starts and stops by the motion sensor. The date time stamp would be on the hard drive these are downloaded to, yet us watching, we have no way of knowing the amount of time each diff segment starts and ends. Just the activity shown. They have an Agenda. Having said that, being a parent, I would want the whole truth. But I have learned that once the Race Baiters are called in… well gives reason for pause…

              • As a parent I too, would like to know as much as possible, I don’t think I would be looking for mass conspiracies as an answer. True story, on a July 4th weekend in the late 70’s 4 friends went to the beach, nearby there was a bridge from a creek that emptied into the ocean and was a popular spot for kids to dive from. The previous days had been raining but this day it was a beautiful day and they decided to go to the beach.

                All four of them played in the same Little League team after the game, they headed to the beach, and one of them decided go the bridge to dive. They all followed, the first one aged 11 dove from the bridge, but he did not come out. His older brother 13, and a one the friends dove to rescue the first one they also did not come back up. Finally the last one he was 15, he went into the water from the side and was able to pulled 2 of them out, but it was too late.

                3 kids drowned that day, one of them my older half-brother, he was the first one who jumped in, the second was his brother, there were warning signs on the bridge, warning of the strong undercurrent, the rocks all prohibiting diving from the bridge. The one warning that was not there was about what happens after heavy rains and how the bottom could act as a suction cup, trapping you underwater.

                My brother’s body was not found for a week, it had wash out into the sea. The point I am trying to make is that when young we take chances, don’t heed warnings, we feel invisible. We ignore the dangers and take risks and disregard consequences. It looks like KJ took a chance and it cost him his life. Life is like that. While it may be easier to accept a grand conspiracy took your son’s life than to believe that it was his own doing and a freak accident, it does not make it so.

              • Mr. Johnson is acting like Mr. Tracy Martin did. Demanding the truth while not being forthcoming himself with the truth.

                The family was invited to view the tapes privately several times so they could see for themselves what was on it. They refused and continued to call for their public release.

                If they genuinely wanted the facts, they would have taken the invitation to view the tapes months ago.

                There’s an agenda (not sure if its the parents or lawyers) in calling for a public release. Someone wants to give the impression of the “stonewalling” is happening to this family, when in fact, that is not the case. The family has put up their own wall between them and investigators, imo.

                • The thing with the tapes is that they are not conclusive. It leaves it open to interpretation of the viewer. If you are a conspiracy theorist you can look at the tape and can conclude that the tapes were tampered with or at the very least they don’t prove nothing happened.

                  Much like the calls to 911 in the GZ case where interpreted in a way to point to guilt on GZ’s part this tapes can be used in the same manner, that is why release to the public was essential as the public with the media’s help can fan the issue. Different case, same playbook.

                  • I think the tapes were used by legal counsel for the family to give the appearance of a cover-up to the public.

                    They know full well why these were likely not to be released publicly but calling for them gave the appearance law enforcement was hiding something.

                    If they really wanted to know the truth, they’d have taken up the invitations and viewed them privately.

                    Now that a judge has ordered them released, legal counsel for the family gets to continue to use any ambiguity in them to further their narrative something is being deliberately hidden. The family knew the results of the investigation was ruled a likely accident so we already know the police weren’t in possession of school surveillance of KJ being killed and rolled up in a mat.

                    Again, too many people have to be in on a lie for this to be a cover up for anyone. GBI investigators were taking statements from students in the gym within a few hours of finding his body. Students and witnesses signed their statements. I don’t see this as an entire school, local police, state police and medical examiner conspiring to protect a white kid. I just don’t.

                    I do hope KJ lost consciousness quickly and he didn’t suffer. My heart goes out to the family for their loss.

                    • Exactly, the refusal was used to indicate a cover-up and the release because of its ambiguity can still be used to point to the same. Let’s not forget that while the family had not seen the tape, others had and had communicated its contents to them. They knew that the tapes were not a “smoking gun” but kept up the pretense.

                      These families are getting bad advice and are being used by others with agendas at a point which they are most vulnerable. Money may be a motivator but without the cheerleaders common sense would eventually win out.

                • I haven’t followed this case. I have to say that it’s doesn’t seem possible that he could end up rolled up in a mat on his own. Someone had to do it. I just hope that an innocent kid doesn’t get blamed.

            • The CNN report stated “rolled in a mat.” And the other guy says those students just appear. The kids shooting hoops where in the first video walking together into the gym. The kid in the green shirt is seen walking then in the next video they play he is shooting hoops. KJ is running. So . If he was running into the gym with kids in the first video how is he still running into the gym with those same kids in the clip playing ball?

              Is there any video that was not media edited?

              • “Another day of frustration where they have to say, ‘Who do have to sue now to get the real video,” said Ben Crump, one of the family’s attorneys.

                The family’s lawyers are asking why the video has no time code, why there seems to be lapses and why out of 36 cameras, the only one out of focus is the very camera that would have shown the area where Kendrick ended up inside the gym mat. The family says they’re left to wonder if this is more than just a coincidence.


      • In this picture, Kendrick is wearing his black and white basketball shoes
        vikings pic

        When the coach pulled down the mat, Kendrick and one of his basketball shoes tumbled out the bottom of the mat. They knew he was dead. The Shoe that was in cheerleading mat near his head is pictured here:
        bloody shoe

        At the other end of the same cheerleading mat, the pair of shoes he wore in school and not for basketball were found near his feet (orange & white)
        mat shot

        The other basketball shoe was found on the floor in front of the yellow wrestling mats. Here is a wide shot of the mats. The cheerleading mats (blue) were at the back, in front of those were the wrestling mats and in front of those red gym mats. All together there was 15 to 20 mats in this corner.
        mats wide shot

        It’s a bit tough to see, but in front of the 3rd yellow mat, you can see the other baseketball shoe Kendrick wore.
        Other Shoe

        Here is a close up of the one basketball shoe that was outside of the mats.
        close up of other shoe

        • Thanks Nettles, trying to get caught up and your the best 🙂 and no telling where the shoes from his feet were orig, makes sense that when laid over on side that they came to their resting place in pix.

        • Most likely had gotten the shoe out first that was found in front of yellow mats and went back for the 2nd. And how many time have we bent over or saw kids bend over and reach for something and kinda jump a little.

        • Kendrick had a cell phone on him but police learn the last call to the phone was in December 2012 Page 4/6 http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/documents/131030051629_May%20'13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf . The phone was registered to a woman in Florida. Police learn she gave the phone to Kendrick’s cousin. Kendrick used it for internet only, not to make calls. I’m new to cell phones myself. Even if you don’t have service. If he could have got to his phone, is there an emergency button on them that could have alerted that he was in trouble?

          • Good point. I only learned during the GZ case that you could dial 911 even if you don’t have a cell provider subscription. But don’t you have to have some kinda provider SIM card in the phone regardless? Maybe it was taken out? Color me clueless about cell phones. Maybe Kendrick didn’t know he could call 911? It would make it even more tragic if he could reach his phone and dial 911, but didn’t think he could. Or it didn’t occur to him to try.

            • I don’t have one of the fancy dancy cell phones. Just a cheap one even tho I have ATT phone service. I know on MY phone, you have to have a sims card in it to work period. Even the Trac phones I think have to have those now days. Also, my nephew has a cell phone that he only pays for text message. He can not call out. I asked him if in an emerg can he call 911 he said no. Kinda odd, because I had heard long ago about the use of cell as long as had a charged battery, could call 911. So I wonder if his phone if used it for internet only, maybe it was something like my nephew has, where you just buy data.

        • Nettles, the Mothers descriptions do not match what he was wearing that day. As a parent, there are times I have even lay out clothes for my kids or grandkids and later if you were to ask me what they were wearing, I don’t know if I could tell you. Especially if it were in an emergency. So having said that, I don’t make a lot off that. Also on Twitter, yall were talking and VP asked who was FERGUSON. On page 51/56, there is a name BELL that they forgot to redact, and states to contact their attny JASON FURGUSON. So either a parent last name is BELL or the student that JK fought with on the school bus, during a football is named BELL. (just finished reading the police reports, thanks for link) http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/documents/131030051629_Jan%20'13%20Incident%20Reports.pdf

          • Interesting. The attny for the kid who got into altercation with KJ on bus, who lawyered up, lawyer JASON FERGUSON. Check this out he is JAG! I wonder if this is the person who the rumors are talking about, and just have crap twisted as usual?
            Also, interesting that they hired this attny. Wonder if he is friend? poss coworker as there is or was an Air Force base in Valdosta, as had a family member stationed there years ago.

            Jason Ferguson’s Experience

            Law Office of Jason M. Ferguson, LLC
            April 2011 – Present (2 years 8 months)

            Deputy Staff Judge Advocate
            165th Airlift Wing, Georgia Air National Guard
            August 2007 – Present (6 years 4 months) Garden City, Georgia

            Assistant United States Attorney, Criminal Division
            United States Attorney’s Office, MDGA
            December 2005 – April 2011 (5 years 5 months) Albany, Georgia

  9. New gun rules for Neighborhood Watch volunteers in Sanford, Fla. about race, politics not saving lives!

    (snipped from article)

    Enter a new strategy: playing the race card, along with claims that allowing people to defend themselves means that whites will hurt blacks. But this strategy ignores the crucial fact that blacks kill over 91 percent of blacks and that whites kill 84 percent of whites.

    What is ignored by the mainstream media coverage of these new policy changes is that Martin, without any reasonable justification, launched a vicious, life-threatening beating against Zimmerman, repeatedly slamming Zimmerman’s head into concrete.

    Even the prosecution conceded at the end of the trial that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, hitting him. And even Martin’s female friend, Rachel Jeantel, testified that Martin initiated physical contact.

    As to the new rule that Neighborhood Watch members can’t follow suspicious people, it stems from the mythology built up around the Zimmerman case: He never “chased/followed” Trayvon Martin, but only exited his car when the dispatcher asked him where Martin had gone. When the dispatcher told him that he didn’t need to follow Martin, there was no argument, only a simple “OK.”


  10. LOL at ” accomplices”

    Trayvon Martin Support Page-The Fight For Justice Continues
    3 hours ago
    Dear George “Child Killer” Zimmerman, they’re coming for you and they are angry……Very, very angry. You think you got away with murder, but we are here to tell you that justice will be served and you and your accomplices are the main course. Life as you always knew it was over the night you killed our Son, but the hell you are living in today doesn’t compare to what’s coming. Daddy can’t save you from the wrath you are about to receive. Signed, Everyo

    • I have trouble believing such death threats are allowed. I realize that it’s impossible to find and prosecute all the people who have made such threats, but if they prosecuted just a few, that would put a stop to them. If such threats were made against the president, members of Congress, or Eric Holder, you can bet some people would be hauled in and the book would be thrown at them. They haven’t even made the Black Panther who offered a $10,000 reward for killing George to take back that offer.

      This tolerance gives the impression that the death threats are not illegal. It might give some the impression that killing George would not be considered murder.

  11. Posted this inquiry on Mr Omara’s law blog

    Mr Omara – Can you provide some clarity on an matter regarding Mr Zimmeman?

    On October 29th at the senate syg hearing Senator Lindsey Graham asks Professor Ron Phillips of Harvard law who is seated next to Ms Fulton if he agrees with AG Holder’s decision to not pursue federal charges against Mr Zimmerman and let the not guilty verdict stand. Professor Phillips agrees that is the right decision. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxVPvK87D8s

    On November 4th AG Holder held a DOJ press conference stating that he has not made any decision regarding federal charges and that the investigation is ongoing. Are you able to provide any insight or clarity to these two conflicting statements? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyn_Ew6Ty58

  12. ROFLMAO that fool Benjamin Chump is busy tweeting the Washington Times ” we may still charge zimmerman” article even though he was front and center for the conversation with with Senator Graham and Professor Phillips! That clown is all about inflaming the the passions of his low information sheep who did not watch the senate hearing.

  13. Cump has once again inflamed the super super stupid!
    CM ‏@forevertrue378 5 Nov
    @VictorCNN School faculty, sheriff’s, EMT & M.E are just as GUILTY as the KILLERS.Justice for KJ # BIAS Thank you CNN for the updates (Vic)
    Reply Retweet Favorite More View conversation
    CM ‏@forevertrue378 3h
    @coreshift They could have murdered KJ in a different location. They have destroyed so much evidence we might not ever know. #BIAS -LOSERS
    Reply Retweet Favorite More View conversation
    CM ‏@forevertrue378 3h
    @coreshift @attorneycrump These two jerks going back & fourth they must be in on the cover up to. Why is KJ bloody shirt missing? #COWARDS
    Reply Retweet Favorite More View conversation
    CM ‏@forevertrue378 7h
    @AC360 @attorneycrump They had enough time to edit & get rid of evidence.FBI please check fb, Twitter & MySpace people luv 2 bragg .#COWARDS
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    serious question…how come every time black people don’t get their way it’s either racist or a coverup?

    • Your generalizations to put all black people into the same behavior is false. All black people don’t use the race card when they don’t get their own way.

      It’s human nature, imo, to use what we have to try to get an advantage. Mr. Crump and others like him, have learned that the divisive issue of race can be lucrative and he can make money at it.

      To be accurate and fair, I suggest you change your language to include “some” when asking about a group of people.

      Some women, use their breasts, their tears. Some men use their physical power, their good looks to get their own way.

      Objectively looking at each situation and be aware of potential agendas to lie and deceive will help all of us to gain a fair and just reading of the facts.

      To my surprise, I learned that some black people are racists. I didn’t know they could be. There is no doubt that some blacks only needed to know that Trayvon was black and the shooter was not to put a motive to the shooting. That is the very definition of racism and this took me by surprise. I really thought only some white people reached a conclusion based on color.

    • Race baiting is nothing more then a red herring. It is a dishonest way to win a debate.
      I do feel it is important for anyone who is offended by being called a racist to react the right way to decrease the word from being misused.
      Most if not all non blacks view the R word as derogatory. To me white and black supremacist groups are the ONLY ones worthy of the label. I do not view whites as a superior race. Pointing out problems in any racial/ ethnic group does not make me racist. Not liking ONE person THAT ALSO fits into a “protected GROUP” does not make me racist either. A racist is intolerant of any color or ethnic group other then their own. They dislike a person BECAUSE of their color.

      I just point out the double standard.

      Calling me racist is itself a sterotype. It proves THEY are unable to see the diverity within a group. They are spreading that sterotype. They ignore social and individual factors and make links between groups of people where behaviors inherently do not exist. By pointing out the discrepancies it proves that stereotypes make little sense and are not useful to judge others based on just a few aspects of their given identity.

      Most if not every time they will apologize once they realize they kinda stood on a ladder to pick low hanging fruit! I can only hope they render the word useless in the future!

      • Bravo! I agree. I think diversity=race is silly; race accounts for little diversity between us. There are so many other, real differences between individuals that make getting to know other people rewarding and interesting.

      • Danny, imho, the reason Corey hasn’t filed an immunity claim in this case is because her OWN attorney FOUND Brady emails that hadn’t been turned over, the Judge gave Corey a public bitch slap stating “Corey’s office would PAY for the inconvenience of the jury, an investigator was assigned to investigate the with holding of emails, the trial that was to start had to be postponed..” (paraphrased from previous article)

        WHY should the Judge or the public believe ANYTHING Corey has to say about Ms. Lyncker ESPECIALLY when over 400 emails have been recovered? Corey’s going to pay imo for these Brady violations. WHY hasn’t something happened in the “sanctions” for GZ that MOM was going to pursue?

        From the article:
        “It is clear from the above chronology, until the alleged discriminator/harasser weighed in, Ms. Lyncker was being transferred to the SAO Duval Office and not terminated,” argues Lyncker attorney Joseph DeBelder in his motion. “However once White became involved, the person about whom she had complained, the decision was changed to termination.”

        Danny ~ it’s almost impossible to FIRE State employees even when they should be fired at times, this may be exactly the case because Ms. L could have easily been transferred out of Corey’s office. I continue to wonder IF this is WHY Wes White no longer representing Kruidbos as he is knee deep in this wrongful termination law suit of Lyncker.

        This link is from a previous story on Corey getting bitch slapped by the Judge, for all these reasons imho are why this case will not be dismissed, it would ONLY make it appear Corey is more corrupt than she is if such a MOTION were granted.


        • I thought of that concerning White leaving BKs case. It IS extremley hard to fire an elected official. But hell she has a choice to resign or be exposed!

      • Danny- She has no standing to make that claim in this case as the reason for her termination of lady for which she is being sued were not connected to a particular case or her actions while exercising her duties as a prosecutor.

        • I was being sarcastic. I think this case deals with sexual harassment or accusations of anyway. The headline should have read “Corey the untouchable barks up the wrong tree.” Because she barked back that the suit was baseless, but withheld evidence.
          But, all in all it shows the SOA under Corey has a policy to commit Brady violations to gain an advantage in any case!

          • It also places her in the uncomfortable position of having to defend Wes White!

            Off to an appointment folks. TTYL.

          • Danny ~ you mentioned up thread how difficult it was to fire an elected official. but it is difficult to fire ANY employee of the State, imo, that will be Corey’s problem w/Kruidbos. It’s difficult to fire teachers, as a teacher myself I have seen teachers come to work drunk BUT they are quickly sent to Drug Rehab & returned to their classroom in 30 days. UNLESS a teacher has had sex w/a student, caught sexting, etc., or mistreated a student & it is well documented or videoed, it’s almost impossible to fire them. When there are problems w/teachers in my parish in which the teacher would be fired immediately in the private sector as La. is an “at will State,” they simply transfer the teacher to another school. In a case of a middle school Principal in my district was caught influencing State Testing, she was promoted to the Central Office at a pay raise once it fell from the news.

            It would be difficult to get rid of Corey, it is said repeatedly she is loved by LE because she covers their butt when they are wrong & gets convictions, her high conviction rate which apparently is all some voters care about. Hopefully, Corey will continue to be exposed & challenged at her next election. I wonder how much Corey has cost the State of Fla. simply for being corrupt?

  14. Stop Complaining About the Press; Be A Media Advocate
    Shawn Vincent
    November 7, 2013

    “During the first 45 days of coverage, before the arrest — before Mark took on the defense of George Zimmerman — George had no advocate in the press. Ben Crump and his team controlled the story, and since George had no one speaking for him, reporters were forced run with just half the story. My approach to dealing with the press was to tell the rest of the story; I was a media advocate, if not for George, then certainly for his defense. If reporters didn’t have the resources to investigate on their own, I had to help them myself.”


    • Arelis Hernandez of the Orlando Sentinel reached out to me through facebook to get a donor perspective on the Zimmerman/Martin story on April 28, 2012.

      bloody shoe

      Mr. O’Mara had just launched the GZ legal facebook page and I posted on it advising anyone who cared to read I donated to the fund. I wanted the media to know I was not an example of the donor they were writing about in their papers. At the time, I wasn’t prepared to become part of the story and therefore decided not to talk to the reporter.

      On May 11, 2012, Frances Robles, also reached out to me through facebook to ask for my perspective for a story she was working on. I still felt I said enough and didn’t respond. Frances wrote one of my posted comments in her story about donations being received by both sides. My name and quote are on the bottom of page 3 of this article that went national on May 12, 2012. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/11/2794656/trayvon-martins-mother-got-about.html

      I was freaked out but I did know that posting publicly on the legal team’s facebook page would be read by reporters. I prepared myself to get hateful inbox messages on facebook from the angered public in the United States. I got two. One from Trent Sawyer and one from Eric (the guy who likes to start petitions). I also got 3 nice inbox messages thanking me for helping ensure this railroaded man gets a fair airing of the facts.

      When facing criminal charges, the family and friends of George Zimmerman were being advised by legal counsel to stay quiet and let them do the talking. A number thought the Hannity interview was ill-advised and could have jeopardized GZ’s freedom. Thankfully it didn’t.

      I do agree that if you want to be part of the solution, you have to get involved. To be taken seriously, you need to stay polite, avoid personal attacks and say your piece in a clear and concise way. I think some of you with youtube accounts have done a masterful job of conveying just such messages.

      • I recently went back in search of the first time I ever commented on the case…

        It was on a site that at the time I visited daily with my morning cup of coffee, a site where people knew me as a regular contributor, and even there among friendlies the responses to my post were calling me a lying racist pos.

    • Let’s see… there was arguably no bigger ‘media advocate’ in this case than Sundance.

      He devoted his own time and money filing FOIA requests, and when he offered the press the documents regarding the Miami-Dade Schools PD covering up TM’s criminal behaviors… they declined.

      One reporter, Stutzman iirc, candidly told him that the paper had too much invested in seeing the case through to trial.

      Then there’s NBC… never ran a retraction explaining how they had aired an edited version of the NEN call. They just quietly fired those directly responsible and let the lie hang out there.

      Then there’s ABC and Matt Gutman… they were in the room recording the coaching of ‘Dee Dee.’

      And the phony voice experts several newspapers employed to claim it was TM screaming for help.

      The revelation that the state’s star witness had lied to the SAO should have made headlines, instead it was buried by the media.

      We had a brief reprieve from all the George bashing in the media when the contents of TM’s phone were made public, but the media soon went back to calling TM an innocent child despite their knowledge of facts to the contrary.

      For someone to now claim that the case would have played out differently in the press had the press simply been provided better information, that’s laughable and wholly untrue…

      • Well, darn! they came up with another way to keep GZ in the news. The sooner he can drop out of the news the greater his chances of surviving this. After the trial, I started googling “Zimmerman” when I first turned on my computer. I kept hoping that the search would bring nothing new. That hasn’t happened to often. First, it was the Trayvon rallies and riots. Then he got a couple of speeding tickets. Then Shellie decided to divorce him and keep the media well informed of their private business. He’s managed to lay low and stay out of the news for a short time and reporters think of writing a story about his reporters to get him back in the news.

        Double darn!

      • Why are you so sure GZ is still in the country? I got the impression from Robert’s tweets, the family has lost Gladys Zimmerman’s mom and went to Peru.

        I believe Eric Holder has already told Trayvon Martin’s family to prepare themselves, there will unlikely be charges. The reaction to the news that Eric Holder had already decided this at the SYG hearing, tells me they know it but for purposes of getting donations and tamping down violence, Mr. Holder has decided to keep the lie going for some. Shame on him.

        I trust George Zimmerman is not giving any power over his life to Eric Holder. Mr. Holder deserves no consideration or power. I’d totally ignore what he says about charges unless he starts telling the truth.

        • That’s interesting. I got the impression from Robert jr’s tweets that his turn to take care of Christina was over and that someone else would be taking over.

          I think if it were me, I would leave regardless of what Holder said. If the police tell you that you can’t leave the country because you’re under investigation, though, it makes leaving both more difficult and illegal.

        • To avoid being murdered and to be able to find employment for starters. Also, to avoid being brought up on federal charges.

          He may not want to leave, but those are reasons why he might want to. If I were in his situation, I would not want to stay in this country and get stopped for having my license plate obstructed simply so people trying to murder me wouldn’t know it was me.

          • I get the whole freedom to walk around thing. But employment in another country is not as easy as some think. I do not think any one is forcing him to stay though.

          • The Pondering Observer ~ OJ was never murdered while smirking during interviews & playing golf daily while he lived in Fla. though he was threatened repeatedly when he walked on the murder of Nicole/Ron Goldman. KC Anthony, unlike OJ, has kept a low profile & has not even gotten a ticket, hasn’t been murdered though threatened endlessly for walking for the murder of Caylee. The public has long memories & doesn’t forget, but imo, the anger subsides somewhat after years but I certainly understand your comment on being concerned for GZ’s safety.

            imo, unless GZ is in the public’s face & keeps a low profile he will eventually be able to get employment, possibly from his home on the computer as there are many jobs opening up in that area. If GZ used a different name for the sole reason of making sales calls from home via the phone, imo, he would be successful at that. Telemarketing is also a field GZ could work & he could probably work as a computer tech if he got additional schooling in that area. I have faith there is an employer that will give GZ a chance as he is an innocent man & more than deserving of an opportunity, though it may be unique.

            Even Josh Powell, was employed while working at home using his computer because he couldn’t get employment due to being under “suspicion of murder for his wife Susan” & BEFORE he murdered his/Susan’s 2 children, Brady/Charlie.

            • OJ was threatened by different people. He was supported by most of the black population. He had far fewer death threats and he had money to hire protection.

            • I hope that you are right the possibility of GZ being able to find employment. Maybe after the federal charges are forgotten about and the divorce is over. I don’t know. Shellie is working with O’Connor. Her attorney also wants to get the publicity that MOM and West got.

              GZ is seen by black activists as a racist child killer. I think he’s in more danger than OJ was. OJ, btw is in prison. It was for a different charge, but he seemed to get a more severe sentence than he likely would have gotten had he not gotten acquitted of murdering his wife. He also got hit with a civil suit.

              I would probably try to escape the country if I was in that situation, but perhaps GZ would prefer to deal with the risks here. It would be difficult to break ties with everyone here. The divorce may be keeping him here. Also, there’s a possibility Holder has ordered him not to leave the country.

              I think if I were in that situation, I would want to leave the country long enough for people to forget about me.

        • If they gave this to the feds. They should leave it alone until that investigation is done.
          Also, from the very start even prior to the county investigation rumors were started that a “white girl” lured KJ into the gym. They also blamed a boy which had an altercation on the bus months prior to killing him because his father is involved with law enforcement but not locally. No evidence points to anyone they are accusing. In fact that student was not even in school and the video does not show that student in the gym nor a white girl luring KJ into the gym. They spoke to EVERY student that was in the gym that day and evening. Nobody saw anything suspicious. The evidence does not support the accusations.
          They are claiming the newer videos prove a cover up because it shows students who just appear without showing them walk into the frame, and one camera that was pointed towards the mats is blurry.
          As the accusations continue the parents are basically claiming the GBI, the medical examiners office, the crime lab, and now the school are all collaberating in a cover up!

  15. Ted Yoho Tells Of Republican Plan To Impeach Eric Holder
    The Huffington Post | By Ashley Alman
    Posted: 11/07/2013 12:40 am EST | Updated: 11/07/2013 11:02 am EST

    A group of House Republicans plan an effort to oust Attorney General Eric Holder by year’s end, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) told the Gainesville Sun.

    “It’s to get him out of office — impeachment,” said Yoho, who was a large-animal veterinarian before winning election last year. “It will probably be when we get back in [Washington]. It will be before the end of the year. This will go to the speaker and the speaker will decide if it comes up or not.”

    Yoho’s chief of staff, Cat Cammack, said the congressman wants Holder fired for issues that include the Fast and Furious sting operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that left federal agents’ weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. One of the guns was found at the 2010 scene of a Border Patrol agent’s killing.


  16. I knew this would happen! The other day I shared a link here where a citizen in my hometown shot two thug robbers. Of course the families have spoken to the media. They want the citizen arrested. Mind now the shooter and the thugs are all hispanic so thank goodness there are no racial issues yet but the DA is white so who knows….. Anyway the families want an arrest and claim the thugs were family men who did not deserve to be shot. One died with his mask still on, both guns were stolen, and they robbed a store and stuck guns in the face of a citizen who told them to stop. Mighty fine family men. Maybe they should wrap the video of the robbery in a box and deliever it to these family members. They have yet released the video. The police suspect they may have done a string of robberies prior to this one.

    Here is the update.

    • Thank goodness for that. It would have led to some poor unfortunate soul in the future nearly getting killed and then nearly getting imprisoned for defending himself. Sort of like what already happened to George.

  17. I’m about ready to turn off the computer. I will be leaving early tomorrow for a week of business travel. Lets hope George stays out of the news for a week and that God continues to protect his life and the lives of his family members.

    I’m looking forward to a couple of nights with my kids and a couple of nights in Nashville. Love Robert’s Western World even though it has gotten a little bit crowded over the last year or so.

  18. Florida legislators vote down attempt to repeal Stand Your Ground law
    Posted: November 7, 2013 – 8:28pm | Updated: November 7, 2013 – 9:10pm
    JView this story on the All-Access Members site

    By Matt Dixon
    Florida lawmakers will not repeal the controversial Stand Your Ground law.

    After a much anticipated five-hour hearing, a House panel defeated legislation repealing the law, which allows people to use force when they fear “bodily harm or death,” on an 11-2 vote.

    Opponents of repeal, mostly Republicans, said that the law should be left in place to protect a person’s right to self-defense.

    Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/breaking-news/2013-11-07/story/florida-legislators-vote-down-attempt-repeal-stand-your-ground-law#ixzz2k1dfd9Y5

  19. Xena | 11/07/2013 at 11:28 pm
    @BigBoi. That is why O’Mara made sure he had Juror B37 on the panel and gave her instructions on what she was to advise other jurors. Did you by chance see the post on 3Chics?

    I wrote that on July 26, 2013 as a theory supported by voir dires and Juror B 37′s now former literary agent’s statement. Fast forward to September 10, 2013 when Maddy appeared on MSNBC after Shellie called the police on Zimmerman. She told Rev. Sharpton about the other women on the jury who were more educated and knew attorneys. Maddy supported my theory.

    It would not have mattered if prosecutors had Zimmerman on video saying it wasn’t self-defense. O’Mara had Juror B37 to make sure that any videos and/or recordings of Zimmerman would not be considered during deliberations.

  20. “Stand your ground simply says if you’re not breaking the law, if you have a right to be where you are, then you don’t have a duty to turn and run” – Matt Gaetz.

    Requiring people who are about to be attacked to retreat…”places more value on the life of the attacker than on the life of the victim” – Marion Hammer.

    Can’t disagree with that!

  21. We have received less than a dozen donations totaling less than $250. That’s very discouraging since we get thousands of visitors every day. If you value this website and want it to continue, please make a donation. Fred

    • Yep and it made me literally laugh out loud! Oh did you see where leatherhead said whoever thinks that KJ parents doing whatever it is for the $, then your a racist. He is a freaking NUT!

    • The shallowness of the whole article is astonishing. They really believe that a shot-term make over will what, change her whole self. She was already a self-absolved young lady willing to lie to cover herself. She already was judging things by their cover, now she is getting more validation that this is right. I understand the need to maintain her happy or she might spill the beans, yes I am being cynical, because she already did and no one listened.

      • Some of her friends were tweeting that she tricked boys before and suspected she was doing it with TM – I forgot what it was called, but you send photos of a young, slim, pretty woman and pretend it’s yourself. Of course, I don’t know what the truth is, but I kind of lean towards thinking that’s more likely to be true. I suspect they “met” when they were little, then reconnected online a few weeks before his death. It was acknowledged that the prosecution/Crump lied about TM being her boyfriend, but I can’t imagine them even being friends. I don’t think a boy or a girl would spend all day texting/phoning unless there were some sexual tension, and I don’t see the sexual tension from his end unless he were misled about her appearance. Basically, I think it’s more likely they hadn’t met again in those last few weeks. I think she lied – to TM and to the court.

  22. Couple sue Spike Lee over George Zimmerman tweet!

    A Sanford couple have sued movie director Spike Lee for a tweet he posted that falsely claimed that their address was where George Zimmerman lived.

    After Lee disseminated the tweet last year to his more than 240,000 Twitter followers, Elaine McClain said she began receiving hate mail and she and her husband, David, had to temporarily move out of their home because they were being harassed.


    Spike Lee needs to pay lots imo, he tweeted the address imo of hopes that GZ would be terrorized/harassed or worse.

  23. Nettles ~ what a whackadoodle Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto is! Has the MEDIA gone wild in Canada as it is reported on all the National News here daily? Videos have been released of the crack smoking Mayor Ford in a rant which reminded me of a mayor in the US years ago, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry who was arrested for “cocaine” & a video was released of Barry smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room w/hookers.

    I thought I would Google M Barry to see what the deviant has been up to & saw an article in which Barry gives advice Mayor Rob Ford. LMAO! No surprise in America that shady politicians can be elected to different positions which has been the case of scumbag Marion Barry.

    Advice to Rob Ford from Marion Barry:

    D.C. City Councilman and former mayor Marion Barry’s office has stepped up to offer some support Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford, and claimed that other politicians are on the pipe, as well.


    Nettles ~ is this a tremendous scandal for Canada? In the US, from time to time we see politicians go off the rails having scandalous affairs, lying, even committing criminal acts. In my State of La., our former Governor Edwin Edwards went to prison, he is now released, in his eighties, fathered a new baby, & is on a reality show w/his young wife. You just have to laugh at he insanity.

    • Art, us older folks are embarrassed by the Mayor. The younger folks are having fun with it and think it’s no big deal.

      Mayor Ford’s sister and mother gave an interview to local TV yesterday and its clear, the admission of smoking crack cocaine has rocked his family to their core. I’m hopeful they will talk the mayor into getting help. He is/was out of control.

  24. found this on a traybot blog: roderick2012 | 11/08/2013 at 8:28 am
    Two sides, I didn’t know you were a fellow astrology buf.

    I was thinking the same thing plus Mercury and Jupiter were both in Cancer during the trial which explains the fact that the jury was all female and B37′s biogoted opinions carried the day.

    It’s funny that O’Mara wanted to postpone the trial until this month but Mercury has been retrograde since late last month and won’t go direct until this Sunday and has been conjunct Saturn.

    I wonder how Piglet’s progressed Sun in Scorpio would have fared being so close to Saturn in Scorpio.
    A few seconds ago · Like

  25. Undeterred by Facts, Black Grievance Industry Pushes Racist Murder Cover-Up in Johnson Death

    As stated above, the Father of Kendrick Johnson, desperate to find solid footing in a potential “Wrongful Death” suit, is now coming out and defaming another kid at the High School Johnson attended. This time, by get this: Claiming that the death was a murder over an altercation between Johnson and the accused by the father other kid. http://bgiwatch.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/undeterred-by-facts-black-grievance-industry-pushes-racist-murder-cover-up-in-johnson-death/

  26. Traybots have already spun manalo’s hearsay story about Zimmerman having his gun in his hand to Zimmerman almost shot the UPS man who they have arbitrarily declared was a black man based on absolutely nothing!

    racerrodig says:
    November 8, 2013 at 11:45 am
    So FogenPhoole see’s the UPS delivery guy is at someone else’s place, pulls his trusty old Kel – Tek because the truck…….and maybe the driver ain’t white ??
    Yahtc says:
    November 8, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    I was wondering, too, if the UPS guy was Black.

    I hope the DOJ hears about this UPS incident.

  27. New thread – Open Discussion Nov. 9th

    I’m working today and tomorrow and will have Monday off. I’ll look to get targeted threads posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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