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Zimmerman’s Arrest – Nov. 18, 2013

MugshotGeorge Zimmerman arrested
[As released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]
SCSO arrests George Zimmerman Seminole Co. (Nov. 18, 2013) –At approximately 1 p.m. today, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested George Zimmerman after deputies responded to a disturbance call on Topfield Court in Apopka. Zimmerman will be transported and booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility.


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  1. He is being held w/ out bail in Seminole. Zimmerman’s new girlfriend, 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe, is the one who was in the his truck when the DV incident took place with his wife in Sept.

        • I sympathize with Shellie now, too. I suppose just because someone gets railroaded by the media and BGI doesn’t mean they’re a good person. I thought he left Florida right after the acquittal because he was hiding from death threats. Seems he started an affair as soon as he was freed and just left Shellie alone with no protection from death threats.

          I regret supporting him.

          • I do not regret supporting his self defense. And some of it from what I was told are issues he refuses to deal with. He stopped going to therapy when his bail conditions ceased. And Shellie decribed his state of mind. But many did not listen, including this women.

            • I supported him because he was being railroaded. It was the people wearing hoodies and the media spreading misinformation caused me to do it. I’d probably do it again under same circumstances. I’m thinking he needs help now. It’s not normal to call 911 when police are beating on your door.

            • I guess after more information has come in, I’m now thinking he’s not as violent as his girlfriend claimed.

              I don’t know what went on between him and Shellie. Maybe he was justified leaving. I don’t think it as wise of him to get involved with another woman so soon, but I’m sure he’s an emotional wreck from the trial and needed comfort. That’s why he gained so much weight. I can’t imagine going through what he did, so I can’t judge. I’m still very frustrated because I’ve prayed so much for him to fall out of the lime light and be able to live without fear of death threats.

  2. ……..Zimmerman has lived with Scheibe for several weeks, according to an associate of his family.
    According to Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for defense attorney Mark O’Mara, “Mark O’Mara is not representing George Zimmerman in today’s matter,” won’t represent him in any other new criminal complaints and “as such, it is not appropriate for him to make any comment.”

  3. I am hearing….Since she’s pregnant, the domestic violence charge is automatically listed as a felony. The Seminole County Sheriff’s website says Zimmerman is not eligible for bail.

  4. Neighbors told WESH 2 News that they didn’t know the woman was dating Zimmerman, and they thought the man might have been an undercover cop because he walked around like an officer.

  5. jmho ~ The Zimmerman family, despite of always complaining they have no money, NEED to do some type of intervention on GZ for anger management, impulse control & possibly more.

    jmho ~ GZ may see very few donations in the future, I am terribly sadden by this news, but I am not surprised after the earlier debacle w/SZ…

    I too am not surprised that MOM has washed his hands of GZ, he made it clear earlier, but he left no room for doubt today for those holding out hope MOM will help GZ.

    ONLY GZ CAN HELP GZ & he can’t do that, imo, without intervention. Just like alcoholics are responsible for their sobriety, GZ is responsible for his behavior.

    • His behavior hasn’t been any different than anyone else’s. Got a speeding ticket. Got into arguments with a wife he’s divorcing. It’s all been sensationalized.

      • coreshift ~ GZ’s behavior has been a hell of a lot DIFFERENT than most people & imo, it is ludicrous for you to say otherwise. When was the last time you were arrested for domestic violence? I’ve never been in trouble in my life, I have never been arrested, I have never even gotten a ticket NOR do I know a single friend/acquaintance that has been arrested for domestic violence.

        GZ was pulled over twice for speeding, the “warning” he rec’d the first time didn’t make an impression on him so he got another ticket, maybe having to pay the over $ 250.00 ticket made an impression on him but who knows? Then there was an altercation w/SZ, NOW, an altercation involving domestic violence. GZ doesn’t need you to make excuses for him, he is an adult that has made immature decisions, for that he is accountable, no amount of your excuses are going to change that. Whether sensationalized or not, GZ can’t seem to stay out of the news. If GZ had conducted himself better, he wouldn’t be sitting in jail right now, MUCH to the delight of ALL the GZ haters. ONLY GZ put himself there.

        KC Anthony’s case was higher profile than GZ’s, she is the most hated woman in America but the difference is: She hasn’t done one thing to draw attention to herself! WHY? Because she doesn’t want to be arrested again NOR has she displayed further bad judgement, she is laying low & STAYING out of trouble & moving on in her life. Simple lessons that GZ can’t grasp. jmho!

        • The speeding ticket is a non-starter. Complete BS to hold that against him as ‘bad behavior’. Accusations made by Shellie were found to be BS as well. Although he did show a bit of temper by breaking the iPad it was obvious (to me) Shellie wasn’t afraid and was provoking him. As far as this recent incident goes….accusations aren’t proof. GZ and his GF were also breaking up. Maybe he just has bad judgement in women.

          That said, he may very well need some counseling.

          • Coreshift ~ this will not likely be the last incident for your decision to make excuses for GZ, many of us WILL NOT BE MAKING EXCUSES for GZ’s bad decisions, lack of impulse control, immaturity & see it for exactly what it is. The 2ND SPEEDING STOP/TICKET showed GZ DIDN’T LEARN a damn thing from the first time he was stopped & given a warning! Bad behavior or stupidity, whatever!

            You stated: His behavior hasn’t been any different than anyone else’s.

            THAT’S BULLSHIT! I ask you if you had been ARRESTED for domestic violence, or has your son r son n law, or any of your relatives threatened the women in their lives? GZ’s behavior is NOT LIKE anyone else’s, it’s like people that have problems they haven’t addressed & continue the same patterns over & over, the problems will continue until they are ecept they usually get progressively worse.

            GZ NEEDS counseling/treatment for anger management & getting arrested for domestic violence shows poor impulse control, lack of respect for women, the list is endless..

            This isn’t ABOUT the women in GZ’s life & “GZ’s judgment in women” as you suggest which is too ludicrous, THIS IS ABOUT GZ & his INABILITY to act maturely & CONTROL his temper! Stop BLAMING women for GZ’s behavior, GZ is RESPONSIBLE for his own behavior, a fact you are in denial of. It was GZ’s own BEHAVIOR that landed him in jail OR HE WOULDN’T BE SITTING IN JAIL, not his judgement in women. If GZ is too immature to have a relationship w/women, maybe he needs to GET HELP before getting involved w/anyone else.

            • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. IMO, speeding tickets are meaningless. Shellie lied. That’s not GZ’s bad behavior, it’s Shellies. It remains to be seen if Samantha lied and to what extent. The only known bad behavior he has exhibited, IMO, was breaking the iPad. I challenge anyone (other than yourself) to honestly say they haven’t broken something when angry or frustrated. And I’d appreciate it if you’d tone down your posts to me a bit.

              • coreshift ~ We can agree to disagree but I found your comment on GZ’s judgement in women surprising as you were blaming the women for GZ’s behavior in which GZ is responsible for his behavior, something you won’t admit. You assume Samantha has lied.

                I responded to your comment calling BS just as you replied to me calling BS..

            • “getting arrested for domestic violence shows poor impulse control, lack of respect for women, the list is endless”

              When the police are called out to a domestic disturbance, they will almost universally take the male into custody just as a precaution. Even in this case didn’t they called it ‘investigatory detention’ not an arrest?

              That being said, however, it is hard to ignore the fact that this is Zimmerman’s third domestic incident involving a third woman…

              • Note he managed a seven year marriage to Shellie in which she told the court he never got violent with her.

                Now both Shellie and new girlfriend would have us believe he can’t control his anger and lashes out.

                He sounded calm on his 911 call to me.

                • JMHO, the gf sounds genuinely exasperated with George on the 911 call…

                  …and George was ‘oddly’ calm.

                  When the police mentioned that they’d be frequently checking in on him, I got the sense it might have been suicide watch.

          • Coreshift,
            I feel your frustration about the media, and making a big deal about being pulled over by police numerous times. Then again, you have to admit GZ does not appear to be attempting to stay out of the limelight. In fact he knew these 911 calls would be made public so he called in, pretty much using 911 as a source, just like many accused Shellie of doing.

            Either GZ has bad luck or he is part of the problems in his life since even before the shooting. It seems he feels he never is at fault, it seems some supporters refuse to see him as human and make up the most ridiculous excuses.
            Domestic violence is NEVER EVER acceptable. I suppose Veronica set him up. Shellie and her Dad set him up, and now this girl friend set him up. Could it be GZ acts different behind closed doors when no one else is around? For his claims against her he was mighty calm. In fact when tapes roll he is always calm. Calculated effort or something is wrong with him. Everyone gets upset sometimes. But not GZ?

            GZ had killed TM in self defense but you would not be human if you encountered him during a DV incident and did not think about him being capable of killing someone. I saw the tape where he dismantled the IPad after holding his hand where he keeps his gun. I saw him walking around the property in an intimidating manner.
            He does has violence in him . We all do. He is not any different.

            I think it is self serving though to make excuses and twist his actions like he is never at fault, and these encounters he is having is because he is being set up or instigated. There should be a measure of responsibility here for putting himself in these most recent situations.
            Some want to protect his actions because if they do not they feel it makes them look foolish for ever suporting him. But….none of these encounters have anything to do with what TM did or did not do.

            If he constantly feels he needs to protect himself from even those he freely associates with maybe he needs some serious help, or be brought back down to reality, but excusing his behavior is not helping him.

            • Danny ~ I wholeheartedly agree w/your comment, every you stated is reality & correct. There are many “enablers” of GZ’s behavior, but as you stated, “it is not helping him.” MOM has firmly stated through his spokesman about his non representation of GZ, will these encounters continue to lead to more headaches in the NBC suit? GZ’s deposition will encounter every single event that has made news in GZ’s life.

              I supported GZ in the shooting death of TM, he had no choice & was screwed over by the BGI/Prosecutors for ever being charged but the trial is over. Those that remain convinced that GZ got away w/murder will always see him as a “murderer,” just waiting for another arrest & hoping he goes to jail, just read the hate spewed in the blogs that is just as intense of the Trabots hatred for GZ.

              GZ is under intense scrutiny from LE/public, that isn’t going to change & if LE can make a case to charge GZ w/something else, they will do just that. ONLY GZ can remove himself from volatile situations to stop them from escalating further but thus far, he has chosen twice to remain.

        • I didn’t follow the CA case, but I know she was acquited of killing her child, and some feel she got away with murder. GZ was a victim – not a perpetrator or possible perpetrator. I suspect he’s got PTSD – as well as possibly being impulsive and not thinking before making some choices. Perhaps when he feels threatened now, he flashes back to that terror state and acts out. However, I am aware there was some mutual pushing with a previous girlfriend before the whole TM thing happened.

          Certainly, if the whole TM thing hadn’t made him a household name, we’d never have heard of the speeding tickets or this latest incident. There are plenty of young men who drive fast, get repeat tickets, act impulsively, act brutish with women. It’s really not even unusual. But apart from the mutual girlfriend pushing when he was younger, I haven’t heard of this type of behavior from him until after his trauma.

          My feeling is that he was always a kind and soft kind of guy, nothing wrong with that. Perhaps he has a hard time processing people being upset with him and couldn’t handle the disagreement with that previous girlfriend. But I definitely think this whole trial was too much, I don’t think he can handle the emotions – which may be why he quit therapy. But I think he needs it bad.

          • lorac ~ KC Anthony served nearly 3 years in jail, isolated before she was found “not guilty” during her trial by the jury. How traumatizing do you think that was for KC, sitting in jail 3 yrs. waiting for her day in court? imo, KC murdered Caylee, other’s may think KC was too a victim of the State w/them overcharging as a capital offense & asking for the death penalty. Many think, such as Danny, that the State didn’t prove their case which is their prerogative & the way they saw the case. KC Anthony has NOT been in trouble because she has made better decisions/judgment to NOT get involved w/LE again, to get in altercations & find herself making National News daily. Most predicted KC would be arrested again, the masses are just waiting for her to screw up but she hasn’t. No doubt KC has a bucket load of severe mental health issues, I read she has gotten some help w/professionals treating her pro bono which is a beginning.

            The point is, the whole TM tragedy was a “high profile case” & some people think GZ got away w/murder just as some people think KC/OJ too got away w/murder, NOTHING imo is ever going to change the minds of those that feel that way, the trio, they will always be the object of the MEDIA as the public remains interested.

            Whether the trial was too much for GZ or not, ONLY GZ can get the help he needs, to maybe learn better coping skills & how to avoid these situations. You may be right, the emotions might have been part of his therapy & why he quit, BUT therapy is painful I am told by my friend that is a psychologist, I went to therapy after the negligent death of my sister, it was gut wrenching but part of the process of healing & moving forward.

            • I believe I read that GZ’s previous, short-lived therapy was court mandated. As I said, I suspect that he quit once he was allowed to because he couldn’t handle the emotions. But often something being mandated causes resistance, and also, it might not have been a good fit with whomever he was assigned to. Perhaps if he gets out of this scrape, he will choose of his own accord to get help, maybe find someone who may be able to meet him where he’s at, who will give him some control in how fast or how deep the therapy progresses.

              I’m sure he just spent a long time feeling little control, and I suspect he’s never been all that comfortable with less positive emotions. I think back to the descriptions of how he was always trying to help others, which is great, but in his case it may go hand in hand with feeling more comfortable with the focus being on others, and (perhaps not consciously) wanting to make sure all around you have positive feelings for you. He got the exact opposite on both counts after the TM event!

              When I remember how he isolated himself in the bathroom waiting for the verdict, it makes me think he is used to some form of self-soothing, which is an important ability, but it might suggest in that situation that he may not be comfortable with people comforting HIM – his identity may be that HE is the comforter, the helper.

              If this is accurate, it means it may be a big adjustment to be in therapy, not just because he would have to face his own emotions (when he’s used to others being the focus), but also because he’d have to allow himself to get vulnerable enough to trust a stranger AND let them help him and comfort him. And this would also tie in to what I feel is his need for people to like him – and in therapy, he’d have to deal with a country full of people who have never met him but hate him, his possible own self-loathing right now because he was forced to kill – and this need for people to like him might also have played into these issues with women. He really may not know how to handle relationships in which he can’t control the situation to make “the other” like him.

              I’m not suggesting he’s a manulative bad person, just that for whatever reason, his identity may have developed in such a way that he never learned how to work through interpersonal conflict, so his psychological defense works to help him avoid those situations by helping others and keeping them happy and liking him. Which probably also helped him avoid his own negative feelings throughout life – but right now it would have served him better to have learned how to deal with those!

              Well, I like to think I would have written this more concisely, had I not been tired. Maybe I can fall back asleep now lol

              • LOL, I got what you were saying.

                How does one help a person who has the entire world judging them and a large segment spewing hate at him?

                How does one protect their psychy when the main stream media is used to bully him and his family. Even your top level government politicians are gunning for him. How does one strengthen and support his resolve.

                I know one thing for sure, he can’t go wrong being honest. It’s the truth that has some calling him the teflon man. They can’t make anything stick because they aren’t using the truth.

                A teenager attacked him and left him no choice but to use his gun to stop the beating. And for that, people with a mob of agendas have been going after him ever since.

                With each incident that gets disproven, I hope it gets easier and less people fall for the agendas. There’s no doubt, George will be dealing with this the rest of his life. May it be a long and healthy one.

    • If he wasn’t there when any of this happened, perhaps he should help himself and stay as far away from this mess as he can.

  6. Kendricks family continues to beat the racial drum of ” they be killin our innocent back boys ”


    “Kendrick is our son and if we don’t fight for Kendrick, who will? If we never even opened our mouths and said ‘no, we’re not going to let this happen like this,’ it would have just been another child dead if nobody would have ever said anything. We knew we had to step up and fight for Kendrick and that’s what we’ve done and we don’t even think about it. Kendrick’s our son and we’ve got to push, push, push, because we loved Kendrick just as much as anyone else loves their child.”

    Admitting there are tough days, Mrs. Johnson said she and her husband who have been together over 20 years try to take some time to deal with their pain as best they can. But what the couple lives for right now, she said, is fighting for their son.

    Daily protests have been held in front of the Valdosta courthouse every Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to keep attention on the case. The demonstrations are supported and attended mainly by the Johnson family. The couple refuses to let small numbers deter them.

    “We have some support from some people but like I say we are just going to push until we overcome and until we show them and we’re going to demand attention,” said Mr. Johnson.

    “I’m torn to see they’re killing our little Black boys like it’s nothing but what the public needs to know is that our little Black boys, they matter. They’re somebody, they’re our sons. Kendrick was not just my child, Kendrick was everybody’s son,” said Mrs. Johnson.

    The couple is asking for continued prayers and spreading the word about the case through social media.

    “Keep putting Kendrick’s story out there. Keep telling somebody out there about that little Black child that was found rolled up in a wrestling mat,” said Mrs. Johnson.

    The family also wants supporters to call the office of U.S. Attorney Michael Moore at (478) 752-3511 and demand a full Justice Department investigation.



      • lol how come everyone thinks that hispanic is a race instead of the ethnicity it is? I don’t get it. It has traditionally been considered an ethnicity, and ten years or so ago, DNA evidence confirmed it….. and actually to be really technical, it’s really a linguistic group, like if people lumped all English speaking people across the world as a group. Hispanic is a term made up by America, I think around 40 years ago.

        Although I think the reason that the powers that be perpetuate the misnomer (and they do) is because with hispanics becoming 25% of the American population, certain groups can keep saying that whites will not be a majority. But since hispanics are of the 3 different races, it doesn’t change the fact that .03 of the population is Asian, 12% is black, and 85% is white.

        I don’t know, I just find it interesting 🙂 But I always wondered why people doubted that George was a white hispanic, when I have to keep checking boxes that say “white, NON hispanic” lol

    • If Samantha is the renter and she gave police a key, why did they have to wait to get a search warrant to look at the things in the house? Did she refuse to let them search?

        • I heard the spokesperson at 5:00 say they wanted to build a strong case. They want to take his guns. Really bad, imo.

          George is in a tough spot. Whenever anyone wants to get him back for anything, they just have to mention his gun and he’s got the majority of the United States in their corner. More with each allegation it appears.

      • “If Samantha is the renter and she gave police a key, why did they have to wait to get a search warrant to look at the things in the house?”

        It can be difficult to know where the line between lawful and unlawful search and seizure is when you have two or more individuals sharing the same living space.

        One resident can’t give permission for the police to search through another resident’s belongings.

        • nivico ~ I think you make a good point, jmo, LE would like to make a case against GZ, they don’t want to get something thrown out that was not covered under the “permission to search” Samantha might have given them as it was her rental, LE legally wanted to get it right, they got a search warrant apparently that covered the address/house/contents.

      • Nettles/ponderingwander ~ I have a lot of fear for GZ, he desperately needs some type of family intervention for an evaluation before someone gets seriously hurt or he finds himself in jail for longer than a night.

        It doesn’t matter if GZ lived on the moon, Fla. isn’t GZ’s problem nor are the women in GZ’s life the problem, the problem is GZ’s inability to control his temper/behavior. Sadly, GZ’s problems will continue until he gets the help he needs. It’s completely understandable that GZ needs help, he lived a nightmare for 16 months, maybe the Judge will order counseling when the case is resolved, they do in many domestic violence cases.

        • He may just get prison time. I agree he needs help. We don’t know whether he just has a problem with choosing women or controlling his temper or both. If he goes to prison, his emotional state will only get worse.

          I’ve always felt that OJ got a much stiffer sentence for the altercation over his memorabilia than he otherwise would have gotten simply because so many felt he got away with murder. This could happen to George.

    • At first it seemed odd that he would call 911 when police were right outside, but on second thought, maybe he knew the 911 call would be recorded and made public. Might have been smart. He would have been far better off if he had stayed away from affairs. As Nettles pointed out, she looked like bait. He’s not ugly, but he gained a lot of weight during his ordeal and it’s not likely that someone who looks like he does now would attract someone who looks like her if he was not a public figure.

      Interesting that she told him she was pregnant and told the police that she isn’t.

      • ponderingobserver ~ I just referred to you as “ponderingwanderer” up thread, brian fart I guess LOL!

        jmho ~ I agree, absolutely nothing positive comes from affairs, relationships should be the last thing on GZ’s mind, he needs to get mentally healthy although it isn’t likely that he even recognizes that, he isn’t even divorced from SZ yet.

        • Good point. People seldom realize it when they need to get mentally healthy before starting a relationship. They feel an urgency to have a relationship to make them mentally healthy. It doesn’t work that way.

          The last thing he needed was an affair. As far as I know, Shellie and his in-laws supported him until he did that. There were likely marriage problems, but they seemed to support him.

          • I haven’t seen any evidence of an “affair”. GZ left two days after the verdict telling Shellie and his family he needed time alone. He was gone a month.

            Upon his return on August 13th, Shellie was hurt and confused by being left alone and she moved out of their home on the day he returned leaving him.

            Wes and Samantha supported him and it looks like something developed between George and Samantha. He was way to vulnerable to be getting into a relationship but try telling that to anyone who is hurt by a break-up.

            I can’t think of anyone who can put themselves in George’s shoes. Not his family, not his wife, not his friends, not his supporters. If George farts, it’s news.

            Anyone who become mad at George, anyone at all, just has to pick up the phone and tell police he has a gun. He always has a gun. He needs it due to the death threats he gets.

            You try living your life by not ensuring that not one single person gets mad at you and turns their back. Good luck with that.

            • Nettles ~ you wouldn’t see evidence of an affair, how could you, because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it did happen? GZ’s own family seemed surprised as to the extent of the problems in GZ/SZ’s marriage. Affairs are hidden from loved ones & families for a purpose because the participants don’t want others to know, we don’t know when the relationship started w/Samantha.

              Somehow imo, GZ is going to have to figure out how to leave a situation before an altercation escalates, LE is called & run the risk of another arrest. I feel so badly for GZ, he now needs another attorney, money for bail, & a place to live on top of concluding his divorce w/SZ to close that chapter in his life.

              • Shelly did say the affair had to have started after the trial as he didn’t have any opportunity to have one during the trial.

                When he was pulled over in Texas he was alone. That’s when we all wondered where Shelly was.

                It surprises me how what people fear they actually make happen. Had Shellie not reached the conclusion he went off to have an affair with his Ex. and left him upon his return, would he have been with Samantha?

                Who knows. I do know, I don’t care. That’s his and hers private business. It should stay that way and it isn’t GZ running to the press for interviews.

                He can’t win. Someone just needs to accuse him and in the court of public opinion it is so. He’s accused of having affairs, so he did.

                Someone wants to hurt me, they may call me a name. Someone wants to hurt George, they call 911 and say he pointed a gun. Easy breazy.

                • Nettles ~ my response was to your statement that “you have seen no evidence of an affair,” I was surprised why you thought you would. It It doesn’t matter when the affair/relationship started, but rarely does going from a murder trial, a marriage of several years leading to divorce, a relationship w/another woman end happily.

                  GZ can win every single time that he chooses to remove himself from a situation that is escalating, get in his truck & drive away before they become more volatile. Choosing to remain & argue has proven to be the wrong choice, twice.

                  • I got involved in this case because no evidence means persumption of innocense. I remain in that mode. Allegations without evidence is just that. I don’t assume the allegation that he had an affair on Shellie is true unless and until I see evidence of it.

                    From what I’ve seen so far, he was packing to leave. I won’t be surprised to learn what the police describe as a barricade against the door wasn’t actually his possessions there that he was packing and fixing to leave.

                    Are you suggesting GZ should have left the house without packing up? In hindsight seeing what happened yes.

                    He was fixing to leave. I think she set him up. Got pushed out of her house with her house key and phone. Her statement “he has nothing to lose at this point” What does that mean? Is sounds like Shellie 2 to me.

                    George can’t trust anyone. No one. Some of his family called for no donations to his defense. Some of his family tried to sabotage the lawyer representing him. Some of his family went to the press. Some of his friends wrote books before the trial. His own wife, over her hurt from being left for a month, retaliated by using the press against him. He’s utterly alone and utterly screwed.

                • Nettles, “Someone wants to hurt George, they call 911 and say he pointed a gun. Easy breazy.” So true, and he has to live with that for the rest of his life. Heaven help him, there are thousands who will cheer when he’s finally crushed and they can say “See I told you so!”

      • At this point we only know that George said she was pregnant, not whether she actually told him that or not.

        Although, admittedly, in his call it doesn’t sound like something he had to scramble to invent on the spot.

  7. Dr Drews panel of clowns is lying and misrepresenting the facts trying to say blondie McNutjob is the one who filed the previous restraining order on GZ and saying George is the one lying about the girlfriend being pregnant

  8. Just got off the phone with inside edition. possible third media interview about Justice For Ted Wafer. It’s interesting that all three interviewers have said in the wake of the trayvon martin fiasco they want to actually have both sides of the story this time.

  9. Maybe George was actually being smart when he called 911.

    He sounds fairly calm, given the circumstances, and now there’s a public record of him being so at that particular time.

  10. sorry off topic, but weird and wanted to share. Friend showed me on twitter

    RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) – A San Francisco Bay Area man says a Google Maps aerial image shows the body of his teenage son, who was shot and killed in 2009.

    Jose Barrera wants the Internet giant to take down the image out of respect for his son, Kevin. The 14-year-old’s body was found on a path near railroad tracks that separate North Richmond from San Pablo on Aug. 15, 2009. His slaying remains unsolved.

    Jose Barrera told KTVU-TV over the weekend he became aware of the image earlier in the week. It was not clear whether he asked Google directly to take it down.

    An email to Google was not immediately returned. The company says most of the overhead images it acquires are about one to three years old.

    • Especially since he opened a thread up on Geo… just like ole Leatherhead and so many others, money maker George was to them.

      I will await more to come out as it stinks pretty much right now.

          • PDs are paid by the state to represent the indigent when they are charged criminally.

            From the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

            “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right …to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.”

            It says nothing about civil cases, so for those you’re on your own, rich or broke.

            But there seems to be some confusion as to whether this guy has his own practice and is occasionally “drafted” by the PDs office or whether he’s an actual full-time employee of same.

            Just being a licensed and practicing attorney in a particular jurisdiction makes you subject to having some judge tell you that you’re going to represent someone “pro bono publico” if they decide circumstances warrant it, and if you want to continue to practice in that jurisdiction you resist said assignment at your peril.

          • There are legal aide lawyers, which help with divorces. Unsure about how FL does on that. I know the State of Arkansas, there are Legal Aide lawyers, where lawyers vol their services. I have heard others from other states speak of such, maybe called diff things. I would think maybe GZ would be eligible? Again, not familiar with FL.

      • SZ’s attorney has wanted to have these DIVORCE papers served for over 2 months, he stated so to the MEDIA & stated they had no way of contacting GZ. Apparently GZ hasn’t bothered getting a divorce attorney r GZ’s attorney would have contacted SZ’s attorney.

        GZ COULD HAVE made arrangements w/SZ’s attorney to pick up the divorce papers @ SZ’s lawyers office but GZ CHOSE NOT to receive his divorce papers making it difficult for SZ/her attorney. The game is over w/the divorce papers, SZ’s attorney has caught up w/GZ & served him & imo, had no other choice. That doesn’t make SZ a bitch for wanting to move forward w/her divorce from GZ !

        • I agree. Smart move on Shellie’s part. Not sure why George is avoiding getting the papers. Perhaps because he couldn’t get a lawyer?

          He seemed to think he had one during the call.

          • Nettles ~ in my town, they have what is called “legal aid,” it’s different than Public defenders. It’s purpose is to help those without jobs with tenant/landlord disputes , evictions, child customary, recovery of child support or divorces. I would think Sanford might have something similar, most cities do.

            Too, GZ may not have wanted a lawyer & wanted to put off the inevitable as long as possible. GZ is going to have to split the assets, the information will get released on the amount of monies left in the “defense fund” because SZ has ask for 1/2. Decisions will be made about the assets, all becoming public. There is no way around it w/the Sunshine Laws or for those in any town that want to go to the Clerks Office can read up on someone’s divorce.

            Whether GZ had an attorney or not, HAD he picked up the divorce papers, they could have been filed & the divorce would have moved forward especially since GZ was sleeping with another woman while still married to SZ. jmho, out of respect for the the length of time GZ & SZ were married, it was the right thing to do.

  11. After spending the night in jail, George Zimmerman met this morning with his new attorney, the chief of the public defender’s office in Sanford, who described him as “doing as well as can be expected.”

    Dowd said Zimmerman would not object to wearing – once again – a satellite monitoring device that will track his whereabouts.

    It’s not clear where Zimmerman would live, if he’s released. He moved out of the home his in-laws leased to him after he and his wife separated in August.

    He also won’t be going back to the home he shared with his live-in girlfriend on Topfield Court near Apopka, where yesterday’s dispute took place.

    Dowdy said there are two homes in Central Florida where he could live. He did not specify where they were and said he’d disclose that information under seal to authorities to protect Zimmerman’s whereabouts.


  12. GZ sorta rolled his eyes and took a deep breath at the choking accusation. I can’t believe the judge took that into consideration since it was never reported.

  13. First, he may be innocent. Let’s face it, none of us knows what went on between those two. She wouldn’t be the first scorned woman to either lie and/or stretch the truth for personal benefit. Secondly, he may be guilty as heck, however, the evidence may be lacking.

  14. This one becomes the classic, “She said, he said.” While jurors may feel he “may have” pointed his weapon at her, or he “most definitely probably” did, that’s not enough under the law.

  15. I think I may have to refrain from this thread. The ignorance about domestic violence and abusive relationships is too much & too many are excusing his behaviors that a few women now have shown there is a pattern here. People break up everyday. But people do not have 3 of their last relationships end in allegations of domestic violence.

    • Sorry you feel that way Danny. I do not personally take lightly the allegations of DV. Been there lived thru that. I also know people who have out righted lied about it, just to bring charges or bad light to others. Considering all the media whores and the fact this woman has already knowinly lied, I prob for the moment giving Geo a breather. Evidently she knew somewhat what she was getting into. Just some things seem odd.. but I will keep an open mind.

    • I too may refrain. It’s surprising that Samantha is already being called a liar but there is NO proof thus far to support that opinion. Once those opinions are formed without evidence to support them, all objectivity is lost as to what really happened.

      I’ll wait for more information before forming an opinion about who lied. These allegations are serious, we’ll just have to wait for facts.

      • I could be wrong, but she supposedly was only a FRIEND during the Sept Shellie/Geo divorce/moving mess, yet she says now that they have been together since August. That would be considered a lie in my book. Or in the least deception. So if you come out deceiving me, I will tend to be leery of you til proven otherwise, especially considering the players. JMHO. Still, I reserved my final opinion…

        • mimi ~ there is no way of knowing what GZ’s relationship was w/Samantha during the moving incident w/SZ & or for how long it had gone on. It was Wes, GZ’s friend that that told the media “they were only friends,” what else was Wes going to tell the media? This does not make her a liar since SZ had already suspected GZ of having an affair for awhile BEFORE the moving incident & stated so.

          • According to Samantha, her and George have been living together since August.

            The domestic call with Shellie occurred on Sept. 9th. Wes, George and Samantha told police she was a friend.

            That George thinks its possible that Samantha was pregnant with his child, tells us their relationship.

            George was an ass to take Samantha to that house.

            • Nettlepedia ~ thanks for the timeline & putting it in perspective. I agree, it was really a bad idea for GZ to bring Samantha to the house GZ/SZ had rented, nothing good was going to come from that event & surely GZ knew it. I have no doubt that GZ didn’t foresee the escalation that occurred, but it occurred just the same.

              I wish GZ could take a deep breath, take some time for himself alone to heal WITH OUT female company, to put things in perspective.

              Legal Analyst say GZ may beat this, it’s “he said, she said,” but that doesn’t remedy the problem for next time.

              • Agree, needs time to reflect. Sadly, I would think he prob feels very alone considering his life and so called “friends” in the called friends. Dang I would not be wanting to trust anyone. Hope where ever he goes and whomever he stays with… well, again.. after the Ostermans writing a book before his trial even came about… Well…George, hopefully you have learned some things….

          • I will give you that on who said friend or not.

            But as you said “This does not make her a liar since SZ had already suspected GZ of having an affair for awhile BEFORE the moving incident & stated so.” to borrow from Rachael Jeantel… that retarted sirrrr! LMAO how does whatever SZ suspected of GZ make or not make Samantha a liar?

            • mimi ~ Read your comment at: November 19, 2013 at 2:24 pm, this is really easy to follow. Consider WHO said what.

              SZ suspected GZ was seeing someone or having an affair, then GZ brings Samantha & Wes to SZ’s parent’s home. There is NO proof that GZ was NOT in a relationship w/Samantha at that time, absolutely NONE! There is NO proof that Wes didn’t lie since to say anything other than “they we’re all good friends” would only confirm SZ’s suspicions that GZ was indeed involved w/Samantha. You are basing your opinion on Wes’ statement & in your opinion, that makes Samantha a liar. For all we know Wes could be a pathological liar & smokes crack, NOBODY KNOWS!

              The statement of Wes who could have been covering for GZ/Samantha imo, it doesn’t make Samantha a liar. The problem for the trio, is that it all unraveled.

              • Samantha also gave a statement to police. Said she didn’t know anything. She was just along for the ride to help George out. She was a high school friend of his.

                Police let her and Wes leave after giving statements.

              • mimi ~ imo, Wes may have lied to cover for GZ/Samantha, GZ was still married to SZ, GZ would certainly not want to confirm SZ’s suspicions that he was in a relationship/affair as SZ could add “adultery” to her divorce suit, something that never looks good in a divorce.

                Now that SZ’s attorney has had GZ served the divorce papers in jail, it no longer matters.

        • I hope you don’t either Danny. LOL I think there are those out there that like the “badboy” persona or whatever. I guess considering how Geo is now infamous celebrity type for some, he really needs to be careful. Sad too. I also agree, that if he hasn’t gotten some type of theapy, he should. Remember.. we only know what the media has released…

    • By saying ” all the evidecence” you are refering to the absolute and complete lack of any evidence of DV right danny? You are also ignoring that Zuazo had a RO placed on her as well which means there was probable cause find by the court regarding something she did and you also dismiss the massive credibility issues with GZ accusers. Sad but true women are trigger happy with the DV stuff and use it to manipulate men ll the time due to the high probability they will be automatically viewed as the victim. For a real eye opener take a look at the stats regarding DV committed by women against men.

      • I said there is a pattern. Now lets not go all traybot and say every women who claims DV is lying just like every non black that shoots a black is a racist!

        • Danny’s note of caution is well taken.

          Yes, we don’t have a handle on all the pertinent facts in this latest flare-up. And, yes, George may be victimized again, or has put himself in an unhealthy situation.

          Yet, a third episode, is a troubling factor, that should not be dismissed out of hand.

          Domestic violence incidents are tricky and the truth can be all over the place. George, as any of us, is not a one-dimensional human being; either all good, or all bad. Many many times, in domestic confrontations, both parties are at fault.

          It is all confusing at this point, and only thing is for sure. A sad situation keeps getting sadder.

          • I don’t doubt that. I did check myself before expressing an opinion. When I heard the 2 911 calls, I thought she was lying.

            She didn’t want to leave the house, in spite of her claim, he held her at gunpoint. She didn’t mention the gun at the start of the call, she mentioned damaged possessions. She sounded angry not scared. He sounded calm. I’ll keep an open mind but what I’ve seen so far, getting thrown out of the house with your keys and phone, yells “set-up”.

            Her claims of suicide with Christi’s post of suicide watch is mighty convenient. However, when the police said they would be checking him every hour yesterday, I knew right away that meant suicide watch so others could have figured it too.

            • do you think George is suicidal? I would be if in his situation? hopelessness can easily get the best of us mere mortals.

              • No I don’t. Has he talked about it, probably. Most of us have.

                Leaving the jail today was proof that he still has people to support and help him. His lawyers were able to tell the judge that George had 2 places to go to if he got out of jail. Someone gave him $900 for bond and someone picked him up and took him to safety.

            • Nettie,
              Could you be an ear witness? Lol…..

              I am glad he is out and I hope he is with people who will actually help him beyond finacial needs. It could build back his lack of trust if he is with the right people.

          • Hooson,
            It is just ya know, like last time with Shellie. Media gets involved with anyone and everyone when something happens with GZ. It is a persons right to talk or not. Just because they talk does not mean they mean harm or are a sell out, and liar.
            Seems dealing with GZ is an occupation of its own.

            As for this whole “Shes not creditable because she lied about being pregnant.”
            There were reports even during trial GZs mental health was not stable. Dependent on how creditable one thinks she is it could be she lied about being pregnant to give him purpose. I am not saying that is the right way to help the guy but seems he refused professional help, and who he is relying on are not professionals.
            To slam the ones who are trying to help someone who refuses help IMO is hitting below the belt.

            My concern for GZ is not the media or BGI or scorned lovers. Seems he likes the attention. I fear the next head line will be that he is found dead by his own hands.
            It was just yesterday I was being told here not to listen to the media but then discussions are occuring about media interviews on he said she said things.
            George Zimmerman has bigger problems then the media. Protecting his reputation or mine as a supporter is not what I care about.
            I have no clue what happened. That is for the court.
            But maybe this girl saved his life for the time being.
            Hopefully now he is staying with family who can encourage him to get the help he needs. Protecting him against BGI or media, or the people who do media interviews, or protection against lying against him, really is not what he NEEDS.

            • what he doesn’t need is to be manipulated and exploited. Overcoming the trauma caused by the media frenzy, BGI and false prosecution will take time, not some magic therapist.

              • Then you go ahead and spend your time correcting other peoples perceptions about someones character and what you think need be done to avoid the “trauma” the media and BGI “creates”.

                The first step may be STAYING OUT OF THE MEDIA, and to give talking heads little to talk about.

                And if he is the victim of people trying to use his fame like you believe then it is time to take roots back to those you know well. It would be wise to not make new friends or relationship right now.

                Problems solved. No magic needed….see.

    • So are you saying you know exactly what happened? If so, I think you are the ignorant one.

      There are way too many scenarios that could have happened. And neither player is credible.

      GZ because frankly, I am not sure he is mentally stable after his 16 month ordeal. I have a lot of sympathy for him, but there is no doubt he has made some poor decisions after the trial.

      This woman, whoever she is. The pregnancy accusation is very strange. How much do we know about her? What was the shape of their relationship over the last month? How do we know what her motivations are with this?

      It is a he said, she said (pointed a gun, she obviously was not struck in anyway)….. with the backdrop of a three ring national media circus.

      In this country, GZ is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. He may need to bank on that again.

      The worst part about this is the BGI will be able to spin this into proving he is guilty. Many that supported GZ will simply not have the energy to support him any longer, and the conventional wisdom in this country will turn into the BGI’s narrative. That is exactly what they have always wanted. Over the dead body of an innocent man certainly isn’t a hinderence to their objective.

      • Jack,
        Quote me where I have said I know what happened?

        Fighting BGI has never been my purpose for supporting GZ. There will always be race hustlers, race baiters, and minority marches that petition for Justice. It will only stop if people hold the proper ones accountable and that would be our corrupt legislators looking for votes. I do not waste my time trying to convince racists that they are racists. Waste of time. I do not need a woes is me flag to approach the topic with serious people who pay attention. Beating a dead horse is not what I do.
        This has nothing to do with his past case. No matter how they spin it and sure…they will. Does it change facts? Nope. So I really give two shits about traybots.
        I do not need to know every detail about someone who makes an accusation against GZ to discern between rational and irrational behaviors on his part. You can not blame everyone for his reactions. You can not blame everyone as some conspiritor who is out to get him just because you do not know every detail about them, in order to prove self defense saved GZs life.
        They made up their mind. No changing it.
        And you can not excuse every bad choice the guy makes either thinking it helps self defense or proves his case of selfdefense. He is human. He is trying to find himself, creating a new person. Albeit unsuccessful at the moment.
        Placing him in a favorable light for every mistake made, every wrong turn, every challenge, or even every contact with police makes you the supporter appear loony to them and some supporters as well! I feel the more people excuse it the more the media and traybots go after it.
        The more you give them cause to keep attacking SYG because beyond the color corrdination there are political and judicial issues that some GZ supporters are fighting for the more you make the law of self defense defendents look just as BGI intends them to appear. Lawless murderer.

        • You may have already done so, but I missed it if you did. Could you please list George’s mistakes, bad choices and irrational behaviors? The ones that make you believe he’s behaving badly.

          • 1. Cutting off family even after the trial when they testified for him, put up their houses for him, and suffered along with him.
            2. Stopping meds. and therapy after being released from bond
            3. Taking off after trial alone with a gun and dog
            4. Jumping from his wife to this chick
            5. Going to the house on Sept. 9th
            6. Smashing and Ipad
            7. Putting his hand on his gun when nobody is coming @ him knowing they are unarmed ~Sept. 9
            8. Lying to the court about his paypal money
            9. Moving money thinking it can not be traced
            10. Taking pictures @ a gun manufacture
            11. Avoiding getting an atty. to handle his divorce to avoid being served (heard he was served, can not avoid it now)
            12. Calling 911 to “Tell the truth.”
            13. Barracading himself in a house

            It is not about acting “bad” what is bad to one is not bad to another. It is about actions that draw attention intentional or not which makes his actions questionable.

            • 1. Cutting off family even after the trial when they testified for him, put up their houses for him, and suffered along with him.
              Couldn’t he have needed time to clear his head?

              2. Stopping meds. and therapy after being released from bond
              How could he afford it?

              3. Taking off after trial alone with a gun and dog
              Couldn’t he have needed time to clear his head? Why is the gun and dog relevant?

              4. Jumping from his wife to this chick
              IIRC, Shellie left him when he returned from clearing his head.

              5. Going to the house on Sept. 9th
              IIRC, it was his day to go to the house. He was kindly allowing Shellie a bit more time.

              6. Smashing and Ipad
              If Samantha’s account is correct, he smashed it after Shellie repeatedly hit him on the head with it (trying to provoke him I suspect).

              7. Putting his hand on his gun when nobody is coming @ him knowing they are unarmed ~Sept. 9
              It wasn’t him threatening to reach for his cell phone to call the cops or a lawyer?

              8. Lying to the court about his paypal money
              He never testified about the paypal account or any funds. Where have you been?

              9. Moving money thinking it can not be traced
              Why do you think he thought that?

              10. Taking pictures @ a gun manufacture

              11. Avoiding getting an atty. to handle his divorce to avoid being served (heard he was served, can not avoid it now)
              Were you going to pay for his attorney? What makes you think he was avoiding and why would he?

              12. Calling 911 to “Tell the truth.”
              Ok, that was stupid. But considering how he was treated when Shellie called 911 on him (coulda been shot), I can’t blame him.

              13. Barracading himself in a house
              We don’t know for sure he did that.

              “It is not about acting “bad” what is bad to one is not bad to another. It is about actions that draw attention intentional or not which makes his actions questionable.”

              The only reasons his ‘actions’ draw attention is because the media makes it so.

              • 1. Couldn’t he have needed time to clear his head?
                ~From April 2012- Present day?
                2. How could he afford it?
                ~It is called state insurance. He is unemployed.
                3. Couldn’t he have needed time to clear his head? Why is the gun and dog relevant.
                Ref. #1.
                4. IIRC, Shellie left him when he returned from clearing his head.
                ~Shellie left him for many reasons. I am sure clearing his head is not one of them. He was in jail and she did not leave him.
                5. IIRC, it was his day to go to the house. He was kindly allowing Shellie a bit more time.
                ~He lived there. I think the only kind people about it were the Deans who left him live there even after tbeir daughter left. How accomodating of him to give her more time to get a household.
                6. Smashing and Ipad
                If Samantha’s account is correct, he smashed it after Shellie repeatedly hit him on the head with it (trying to provoke him I suspect)
                ~That happened after he hit her father. So what provoked him to hit her father? Convient Samatha saw Shellie hitting George but not George hitting David Dean. Oh, and you will believe Samatha on that statement, why not now?
                7. Putting his hand on his gun when nobody is coming @ him knowing they are unarmed ~Sept. 9
                It wasn’t him threatening to reach for his cell phone to call the cops or a lawyer? Yep he keeps his cell under his shirt in his armpit. I know lots of people who keep it there! 😉
                8. Lying to the court about his paypal money
                He never testified about the paypal account or any funds. Where have you been?
                Did not have to testify. He had his wife, sister, and Ken do it for him.
                9. Moving money thinking it can not be traced
                Why do you think he thought that?
                Because he did not reveal it to his atty. Because how they moved the money. And numerous other things time will not allow right now.
                10. Taking pictures @ a gun manufacture
                ~ Insensitive and very brazen for everything MOM had done for him and his reputation. Yes. Seriously.
                11. Avoiding getting an atty. to handle his divorce to avoid being served (heard he was served, can not avoid it now)
                Were you going to pay for his attorney? What makes you think he was avoiding and why would he?
                Why should anyone pay for his divorce? You answered the second part of your question with the first part of your question.
                12. Calling 911 to “Tell the truth.”
                Ok, that was stupid. But considering how he was treated when Shellie called 911 on him (coulda been shot), I can’t blame him.
                ~I think every cop in America knows GZ is armed. They have protocol when people are armed GZ knows that. He knew to raise his hands and holster his gun when he shot TM, he knew not to have his gun on him after Shellie called the cops, and now after Samantha called the cops.
                I do not think he fears being shot. The only way they would shoot him is if he came at them. He fears what people think of him. That is it.
                13. Barracading himself in a house
                We don’t know for sure he did that.
                ~ It is in the police report.
                “The only reasons his ‘actions’ draw attention is because the media makes it so.”
                It is much much easier friend to not give the media something then it is to stop their buisness. Free press has been around from Americas inception. It is not going anywhere just because GZ was railroaded.

  16. IMHO, overworked public D’s just want to plead this out. Normally, this case would get reduced to a misdemeanor, then a fine and probation. MOM and other name attorneys could get GZ off, but it takes lots of work.

    • Stevie, did you watch the video again? The judge did say that he wasn’t going to go anywhere near the $50,000 bond and he did add an amount to the bond because of the alleged choking incident.

    • Maybe she is. Maybe they are just protecting her privacy. Maybe she decided not to keep it. Lets not get all up in the buisness of the womens uterus now. Just sayin. I mean I am pro life but I also am pro privacy.
      Their bedroom tango is their biz! WTF is this the Kardashians?

      This is the way I feel about all of this…. He is innocent until proven guilty, and she is the victim until proven a liar. And if anyone is a media whore it IS Robert. I have said that for the past how long! ?
      All he is doing is sensationalizing this even more! Giving quotes to freaking UK tabloids!

  17. Next up: Schiebe will get some bucks for going on national TV, just like she wanted.

    Who will put up the $900 to bail out zimmie?

    • Gee, maybe because in the first case, the guy was trying to kill GZ and was shot in response so kept himself from pressing charges, and in the second situation, there’s a live woman pressing charges.

      Zimmerman Trial Information

      It is the goal of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit to ensure that the media and public are accommodated to the best of the Court’s abilities during special interest/high profile proceedings. Below you will find media advisories and public record documents pertaining to State v. Zimmerman (2012-CF-001083-A). Please continue to check this website for updates. Documents will be posted as they are made available for public distribution——————————————————————————–

      State v. Zimmerman (2013-CF-003316-A)
      • Arrest Report – 11/18/2013
      • Affidavit of Indigency 11/19/2013
      • Minutes for 1st Appearance Before Judge Schott, 11 19 2013

    • Nettles, read you dialog on twitter with Hornsby, on one hand he acknowledges prior allegations turned out to be false and then he goes on with the adage where there’s smoke there’s fire. so what is it Hornsby? are you speculating or not? It is so easy to get the media frenzy going just accuse GZ of brandishing.

    • I read you got banned….again.

      Carole is alright in my book. She is entitled to her opinion. It doesn’t help that Robert Jr. throws his brother under the bus in DMs. That’s one dysfunctional family.

      Then again, the only healthy families are the ones you don’t know yet.

          • thx. I do not consider that a big deal. I agree George should leave the Sanford area, chill out, grow up and think hard. He should not be involved in relationship while divorcing his wife and just finished a very stressful period in his life.

            • I think George has disappointed a number of people since the verdict. Again, there isn’t anyone on the planet who can put themselves in his shoes.

              He is young and his judgements aren’t always the best. Getting romantically involved days after Shellie left him was an example of poor judgement. We all know that would end badly but he went ahead anyway. I do understand his family and friends’ frustration.

              He shut Shellie out in the days leading up to verdict according to her family on the treehouse. That had to hurt. Mr. Donnelly was very supportive but that evaporated and he was bad-mouthing him to the press in August. George could have done a better job thanking the people who helped him and stood by him. In not doing so, he made his life harder.

              He did manage to stay out of the news for 2 months after the Sept. 9th incident. Let’s hope and pray we don’t hear about him again until January’s court appearance.

              • Hey didn’t you say up thread that GZ and Samantha have been friends for 11 years? So was Shellie in that friendship too? Would she know the ex that GZ had the issues with? So many what ifs, especially someone whom you have known for that many years.. going both ways. And the preg thing really for some reason, I cant shake. Didn’t Geo want children and Shellie maybe not? Would def be a hold over someone, possible he changed his mind after all been thru. Just something about that… I truly pray its just he said she said…

              • Nettles ~ you made so many good points. GZ is 30 yrs. old & past time for him to grow up. Although no one can put themselves in GZ’s shoes, clearly GZ was fortunate to have great attorney’s that were successful in getting him acquitted. GZ was fortunate to have an opportunity a lot of people never get that are too innocent, wrongly charged in criminal cases but have less qualified attorney’s that may not win their case & find themselves sitting in jail for years. GZ had a chance to live his life instead of finding himself convicted & maybe spending the rest of his adult life in jail, a blessing.

                It seems GZ has burned some bridges, Mr. Donnelly was one of them. Mr. Donnelly bought GZ’s suits for court from what I remember, Mr. Donnelly was friends w/both SZ & GZ, it seems GZ disappointed Mr. Donnelly by possibly being involved in an affair, neither here nor there but apparently Mr. D was supporting SZ & her problems. Nevertheless, if GZ had reached out for advice or expressing sincere appreciation as you suggested to several people GZ would likely have more support today from those that supported him during the trial.

                MOM no doubt imo is disappointed in GZ & has expressed as much by distancing himself from GZ. IDK who GZ listens to or who he can turn to or if GZ would even listen to anyone, but he is in a terrible spot. I feel encouraged that the DOJ may not bring charges, but it’s all these other legal headaches that GZ is involved in & the inability to move forward in his life as they are in the news. Wearing an ankle bracelet again, has to suck.

            • I’m wondering that myself. If Mr. O’Mara originally took the case Pro Bono and then changed his mind when there was going to be a defense fund, it the fund didn’t raise enough to pay for the defense, why does George owe it. Doesn’t the Pro Bono agreement go back into effect? Obviously not.

              • Nettles ~ jmho, once MOM/Beasley Firm sued NBC, I would speculate that GZ signed an agreement w/MOM & West that should he receive monies from the NBC suit, GZ would PAY for his legal fees, imo, that would be the right thing to do, it wouldn’t be fair for MOM/West to work for 16 months free if GZ had the ability to pay for his legal fees. Agreements are signed UP FRONT in CIvil Suits for representation, that ensures everyone gets paid BEFORE the client. MOM/West took the case, but MOM stated repeatedly, “I am a business man & would like to be paid if I could.” I think possibly MOM/West thought more funding might come in from the legal defense fund than did in which they were not paid.

                I don’t know what the situation is w/NBC r if the recent arrest will hurt that Civil Suit.

                  • I so agree Nettles. Also just had a thought. (scary I know) but I wonder if after all they went thru, SZ and GZ, if maybe they had thought that GZ really would be sent to jail? I can not nor pray I never ever have to or know anyone who has to go thru that. Run of the gammet emotions. Everyone having expectations of what you should do. I could see that for both Geo and Shellie, and also their families. Wow what pressure, then the haters out there.

                    On KC case, she sure seemed to have haters and has lay low. But this racial crap, well its totally something just … I cant find a word… except wrong. Wrong on so many levels.

                    • Judging from GZ’s behavior after the verdict, I don’t think he had anything left for anyone. I can’t imagine the pressure he was under and then to be free to return to what exactly? He can’t fart that it isn’t news.

                      How he stayed out of the press being on his own for a month (save a speeding violation in Texas) is a wonder.

                    • Prob because no one knew where he was. One reason I think a lot of use felt good reason to start over with out so many prying eyes. I can understand, leaving family and friends would be hard. But military families do it all the time. Maybe not real good example as they have support teams. I do understand, he has no money and maybe he thought better or safer in plain site? So many things not right. But hopefully he can realize he does have things and people to be thankful for. How awful to not be sure whom you can trust…

                    • mimi ~ you’re right, it’s this race thing. All races were united in hating KC, all united in their hate. 85% of the American public think KC got away w/murder f her child. In our society, the murder of a 2 1/2 yr. old by her mother is almost unimaginable. No one is more surprised that KC haters that she has kept a low profile & out of trouble.

                      The race thing keeps our nation divided on many issues, especially in the TM case. The racist are hating on Jay Z this week because he decided to continue to promote his jewelry, etc. at Barney’s. Spike Lee promoting hate as well as Oprah stating it was acceptable for blacks to use the “N WORD” because they are black. How stupid is that?

                      It seems, imo, GZ/TM’s case has stirred the masses promoting hate, many Americans finally caught up & understand why GZ was acquitted, the low intellect haters will never, imo, bother digesting the actual facts in the case. ONLY today, Maddy, the “juror” was again voicing her opinion w/TMZ. WHY anyone gives a rat’s ass what Maddy has to say now or ever about GZ is beyond me, another media whore apparently imo.

                    • I agree. I don’t care what she thinks lol. And sadly GZ/TM stuff just gave breath to the modern day hustlers, giving a blue print. Just saw on twitter KJ mother trying to get 2 million signatures. ????? For what??? I would never ever sign an online petition. Don’t care was suppose to be for. too much evil crap and identity theft type stuff. Nah. And most of the haters use multi sign ons. Something for nothing and hate, wont get you much. And these idiots using social media… Corey B King.. do they not know that potential might read their racial taunts! Hope so, and hope they bear the brunt, but prob wont, say they are being discriminated against and draw assistance while spewing their hate… JMHO

    • He wanted kids and Shelly didn’t. If this new girlfriend knew about this, she could have been manipulating him by saying she was pregnant. Maybe to trick him to get him to stay in the relationship, or maybe she was breaking up with him and wanted to twist the knife with a pregnancy lie…

  18. Could someone remind me of the details of the first two incidents of DV by George? My understanding is the first was a reciprocated open handed slap resulting in mutual restraining orders,.and the second was lie about a gun by Shellie..

    • The open handed slap wasn’t a factor in the first DV. That occurred when they were dating. She slapped his gum bubble, he didn’t like it and returned the favor a little harder than she’d like. She told that story to the FBI. Said they were in a car, she blew a bubble and he slapped it hard.

      The reciprocal restraining orders came about after they had split up. GZ went to her apartment hoping to reconcile. She and he talked for some hours then she asked him to leave. He didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay the night. She insisted he leave. Some pushing and shoving occurred over trying to get her cell phone from her and her dog bit GZ (drawing blood). GZ left.

      She filed an injunction and so did he against each other. This was in 2005.

      In 2009 and 2010, they have met and had dinner. He confided in her about Shellie not wanting children and he did.

      Shellie told Christi O’Connor in the 7 years she was married to him he was never violent with her, but she worried there was always a first time. That came out on tape on Sept. 8th and Sept. 9th she had her first domestic against him. No charges filed in that incident.

      • all that amounts to nothing, absolutely nothing, my husband has done worse, as many men have.
        Before anyone tells me I am a abused wife, drop it. Life is messy, enforcing boundaries can be a part of it.

  19. I feel for the guy. Having millions of people hate you and thousands who would be willing to attack him if they see him on sight has to be a MAJOR toll on someone’s psyche and mental well being.

    He seems to be a mess. But how many can blame him?

    There is ZERO evidence he was anything like this pre-Trayvon. If there was an ounce of evidence he was like he is now back then, I would reconsider the events that night.

    I also think his new girlfriend may have a few screws loose too. The fake pregnancy alone leads me to believe there is more than meets the eye here.

    I do think an altercation between these two, considering the way they were living (fear, seclusion, stress) is not very shocking.

  20. It’s a case of he said, she said. He said it calmly with complete control. She said it hysterically clearly out of control. Experience tells me to believe the one exercising good control. Investigators should be able to tell who’s stuff was being trashed. That would be helpful.

    • Keeping an open mind lol, but if someone is a manipulator, they can do it calm and with complete control. Now, I haven’t seen Geo be a manipulator, but I don’t know him personally. I could see being fed up, and being calm, knowing that someone is pulling crap… that’s what makes me want to lean on the side of GZ, but will wait few days for some evidence to emerge. He called 911 for a reason. Had they fought prior and she possibly said she would do this? Speculating, I know..

      • Absolutely, we should keep an open mind, Mimi. I am the calm type, myself, and simply cannot stand a scene, and I have had a few women do exactly what George said she did. They went nuts on me when I wouldn’t fight with them. That doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth, and she is not, but I’m just getting my own personal feeling about it all. Good to hear from you.

        • Oh I understand and just trying to be open. Some peeps are just no drama and others well you know what I mean. I can be calm, but when I get pissed…. can be either or lol 🙂 My aunt has always told me, works too if you do it 🙂 When someone is getting LOUD, just lower your voice. LOL you can sure freak your lil teens out doing that.

    • Are those civil suits officially dead? I thought MOM wanted to get paid. Plus, success in that, that kind of vindication, might help GZ get his head on straight. And it’s not that MOM has to take on the whole BGI as SDC wanted, but these are areas that MOM said he would pursue – with Beasley.

    • Yes, it would certainly be the “easy” approach if this country collectively joined the BGI, sing KumbayYa while frying GZ in the electric chair.

      Then white people can express their terrible white guilt for being racist assholes for ever thinking that St Trayvon may have possibly attacked GZ.

      I’m sure the BGI will be satisfied then.

    • mimi ~ this is just crazy! WHY was Samantha & her mother shopping for National Media Interviews LAST MONTH, they claim to force GZ to get help for depression! Sounds like they thought they could make $$$$$$$$$ off GZ’s problems while promoting themselves in the National Media. I am glad they were not successful, but HLN/CNN will call them up as soon as they get wind of this link.

      I don’t doubt GZ was depressed for days on end & may have even stayed in bed, his future is uncertain, no money, no job, & a lot of problems. I find it hard to believe Samantha lived w/GZ & was afraid of him but she stayed because she thought she could help him.

        • Nettles ~ did you see the paragraph in which “Mason,” Samantha’s mother was trying to secure a National interview w/Samantha & GZ? WHY would GZ even consider that? I don’t even believe he knew about it, eventually, hopefully when GZ is healthy he can SELL his own interview for profit, he doesn’t need a girlfriend & her mother to make money off him.

          My head is about to explode & my eyes are burning through to my brain, this is a nightmare, worse than I could have ever imagined for GZ, I bet he is blindsided by this whole ordeal.

          • I watched the video, haven’t read the story yet. Samantha and Hope say they wanted this interview to help George get the help for his depression that he desparately needed.

            She’s an absolute nut and George wake up!

          • cassandra ~ from the Click Orlando article, they sound like grifters preying on GZ’s depression & willing to sell the information for profit..

            This story may make big news, I pray not, something GZ doesn’t need. It seems the duo wanted to promote GZ’s emotions days after his acquittal, a time SZ described as strange herself because she didn’t understand what was going on w/GZ, guess this explains why.

            Samantha was too friends w/SZ.

      • Now, true, just because media pursues you doesn’t mean much, but its crap like this, that on the face and prior people, makes me have cause for doubt…

      • See facts will come out big picture anyways. None of us was there, so not sure what went on. Sadly if this lady is lying, its one of the reasons people in true bad DV situations, don’t get the belief system they deserve. SMH

      • “Scheibe says there was time when she walked into his bedroom, and she saw an empty bottle of sleeping pills on his sidetable. She claims he overdosed. She wasn’t able to revive him and watched his breathing.

        When he finally did wake up, he started crying and eventually put a gun inside his mouth, telling her he was ready to end it all. She says she talked him out of it.”

        YA know, I am sorry, but she thinks he overdosed, yet did not call emerg help, but contacted MEDIA!! This totally pisses me off. The whole article does. And if I were the father of her daughter, umm there would be issues for sure. GRRRR

        • mimi ~ What a freaking betrayal. No one would want their intimate conversations shared w/the public r more importantly, SOLD to the highest bidder..

          You’re right mimi, this is more than enough evidence to convince me that Samantha may have lied about a lot of things.

          • Makes me SICK! I do not care about their intimate or personal life. What does that tell you about her, let alone her mother, telling stuff! And as far as Geo supposedly sending a text to her Daughter, well I sorry, how do I know wasn’t her sending when Geo supposedly overdosed?!!! I really am mad lol

    • This report says Hope Mason (Samantha’s Mother) and Samantha have been shopping around an interview and they wanted payment from national news. None of the stations would bite for the price they wanted.

      These charges will be dropped. Count on it.

          • For this more recent event, I heard that Samantha is saying that George tried to strangle her a week previous.

            GZ needs to go live in the forest with the birds and the squirrels – maybe a mobile psychotherapist coming to see him – and get his head on straight. It’s too easy for people to screw him with these he said/she said situations.

      • lmao, SD is now questioning that Kristi chick, same stuff YOU has said and QUESTIONED HERE SINCE SHELLIE STUFF AND the whole text this time lol.

  21. HEY, has anyone heard from Jordan in a while? I know he was having computer issues. I have been here and there about being on the computer so I might have missed something. Praying he is doing better!

    WAVING Jordan if your reading!!!!! Big Hugs, Mimi

    • Jordan got frustrated with WordPress and his Yahoo email. His last post was Oct. 29th at 3:08 am saying hi and checking in with his friends. https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/police-report-alleged-theft/comment-page-1/#comment-21420
      He kept signing up to follow a thread but wasn’t getting the emails. I hope his silence has been about tech problems and not health problems.

      Boricuafudd keeps up with him but I haven’t heard much for him either. Life gets busy for all of us at various times I suppose.

      • Yes, I suppose busy at the seasons upon us. I knew he was having wp and yahoo problems. I started noticing them with wp notify going to spam a while ago. But yahoo did change and it has made a garble out of some of my stuff too. I like to never have figured out why wasn’t getting emails, then somehow checked spam for something else and WOW that’s where they are! Thanks, I will try send Bori a message to tell him hello. Thanks Nettles!!!

      • Well had to laugh, SD is sending that Kristi or whatever her name is the lady Shellie was giving interviews, well SD has tweeted her, with VP info asking Kristi questions!!! lol sent you tweet. Same ole same ole, using other peoples info to say was his work… just as his articles are most always

        • Forgive me if I am wrong but I thought he linked to newsit as the source? I always see it as he takes credit for the BGI stuff but updates with his commentary on articles/sources he links to. If anything, all sources need to come together with any information they can present and not spend time doing what the slimebag bgi and admin/media want us to do. Just a thought.

          • Sorry but he does not always. And there were more than the one thread. Many times over, he has seen convocation other places and takes it back as his own. Again, he has and had potential to do good things, but is a very narrow minded person. And I appreciate your thought.

            • You made a difference. I got an email that VP was rightly recognized for her work that was posted at the treehouse.

              I’ve seen evidence where that is not always done.

              Good Job Mini!

              • Thank you Nettles. I know how much time and effort all of you that blog do with your research. Maybe SD is taking the high road. If so, I appreciate that. And I mean that from bottom of my heart. Just because he says he doesn’t care who uses what from his blog, that would be all fine and good, but he has been known to use other peoples research and with slide of hands use as his orig. Yet came here, lol to someone whom he banned to divulge things he deceived his treepers about. Again thanks.

              • OMG SD is even linking to YOUR BLOG!

                According to Nettles blog there appears to be a civil suit, and civil eviction, against Hope Mason for back due rent payments up to $15,000

  22. Don’t Shop For One Weekend To Honor Trayvon Martin.

    “We get no respect from the justice system. A Black life is worth far less than others to police and to the courts. But we can sure spend money to make ourselves feel good. Our hard earned dollars are a vastly disproportionate share of total consumer spending especially at Christmas time, and most especially on Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend. We are profiled in department stores, but we still keep coming back for more. “


    • You know, they could do so much good with this solidarity – they could clean up their garden. They could acknowledge and address the huge violence in their communities (they don’t need to fear whites or asians, they need to fear young black men, same as others do, but much more as it’s mostly black on black), they could address black crime which leaves so many kids born with no dad (he’s in jail), they could start family-training classes, so that parents know how to stimulate their kids when their neurons are forming connections and then teach the parents how to encourage a love of learning in their kids, they could teach parents how to not put a chip on the kids’ shoulders and instead encourage creativity and dreams in their kids, and they could teach parents how to value work and how to pass those values on to their children.

      It’s a shame they waste this energy on hate, on wishing it were still 1940, on not picking themselves up just as every other race and ethnicity does after going through a tough cultural time.

      (I’m one who feels that “affirmative action” is not best the way it is – I strongly feel the young kids and their parents need to be the focus of the help – teaching them to help themselves, so that when those kids become parents they’re breaking the self-defeating cycle. Fix the family, and you’ll have kids who don’t need points they didn’t earn to pass tests or get into colleges or jobs.)

    • Tooo funny, like to see that~ especially after seeing the lines and lines of people signing up for Salvation Army help, for toys and food and such. For a couple weeks news was full of it. Some young black women (all that was interviewed, but unsure why, maybe all that would talk on tv?) They just bragged and went on like this is what they are use to every year. No shame or hurt pride. No speaking of losing job. Just excited to get on the lists. So many are truly hurting because of the economy, and its always been that way for one reason or another, but some things just make me ill. And this wrong doings is not color blind.

    • Our hard earned dollars are a vastly disproportionate share of total consumer spending especially at Christmas time, and most especially on Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend.

      I’m so curious how they figure that 12% of the population spends a vastly disproportunate share of the total consumer spending – how can you say the man is keeping you down, but you spend disproportunately more – vastly more – than the other 88% of the population….?

  23. Now this is interesting, so Geo and Wes and Samantha knew one another from High School, yet JF says diff. Smh. Hate to say, but will, I really don’t think she knew as much about anything as she proclaimed. For many diff reasons. Confused on that I guess..

    justfactsplz says:
    November 19, 2013 at 10:09 pm
    It doesn’t pass my sniff test either. George barely knew this woman when the altercation happened with Shellie. It shows her on her cell phone from the helipcopter view at Shellie’s parents house. I have a feeling O’Connor got this woman involved. George had to leave that house. This woman was too handy and willing to take him into her home IMO. She was supposed to be a friend of Wes. This woman is an opportunist and O’Connor is out to get George. George wanted children and here this woman is and is not pregnant. It stinks to high heaven.

    • LOL, “Rub City”. He made a great point on the gun going from loaded to unloaded.

      This case is going no where and she had best be charged for filing a wrong report.

      Shellie got away with it….Samantha better not.

      Otherwise the police can expect to be used as pawns for more women’s agendas.

    • From the article cited on Treehouse:
      Scheibe says Zimmerman threatened to take his own life on more than one occasion, and she says the threats seem to come about when he was not one of the news headlines.

      She says she believes Zimmerman enjoyed the attention he was getting in the news, while also knowing he wasn’t able to carve out a “normal existence” if he was always a headline.

      Oh, give me a break!

      For one thing, when he was in the news, something had happened – the tickets, the scene with his wife. That might have fired his adrenaline, pulled his thoughts outside of his own head for a time. When it subsided, he would sink back down into the depths. I think he’s had all the “help” from her that he needs!

      • Nettles, excellent comment! I, too, wondered where he would have stored all the furniture and clothing. And, not always, but generally if the mom doesn’t have custody of the kid – something’s wrong with the mom – drugs, mental illness,etc. I have to wonder why George didn’t insist she testify to police about seeing Shellie hitting him with the ipad. I guess it’s like not getting help when he ODs – better story to sell if he goes to jail or dies….?

        • 5 hours ago• ⚑Where did George move her furniture, clothes and food to? His spare house? She thinks he overdosed so she watched him breathe? She didn’t call for help? She mentions his bedroom and in the 911 call George mentions her bedroom. Just how intimate were they? George bought the story she may be pregnant with his child so it happened at least once. She saw Shellie hit George over the head with the iPad and refused to give a statement? Can she be charged with obstruction in a police investigation? If I were her child’s father, I’d be looking to take my daughter away from this lady. I can see why no one bought this story. It’s quite suspect her flipping out now that we know that George agreed to leave and let her raise the child alone. Her meal ticket for interviews was about to walk out the door. Queue drama.

  24. The media and cops are making it seem like Scheibe was in fear for her life and really upset by Georgie. But she seems to have no problem going off on GZ on her 911 call. Would she be dissing him if she were really in fear?

    Mess with Scheibe, and you mess with the whole trailer park.

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