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Zimmerman Arrest – Part 2

Thanks Coreshift for taping the interview that proves Samantha and her mother Hope, were trying to sell an interview and may have acted to create a story to entice media to meet their demands for cash for interviews.

Full story of what Hope and Samantha have been texting and emailing the press as early as 3 weeks before the drama, found at this link.



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  1. The whole bit with George moving her belongings out…

    Sounds like he was trying to kick ‘her’ out of the home they shared when he found out she was talking to the press.

    Claiming to be pregnant would have been an easy way for her to worm her way back in.

    • That story doesn’t seem plausible to me. Where would GZ put her stuff and the Samantha we heard on the phone would have called the cops about that stunt. She wouldn’t have stood for that.

      • Considering the prosecutor gave two separate addresses for the protective order, I’m thinking along the lines that maybe this place was rented in her name for George to keep his location private.

        She may have only had a few personal items in the house, and it wouldn’t be hard to put them out on the porch.

        Again, just a guess.

        • That’s very likely. It was her home in name only. She and her daughter lived at the address where they were said to have come from on Sept. 9th, 10 minutes away from Shellie’s dad’s place.

      • “Where would GZ put her stuff …”

        No doubt in that same huge storage facility where he put all of Shellie’s mom’s stuff (while wearing an invisibility cloak over himself and whatever large vehicular transport he used), except of course for the big screen TV which managed to escape and make it back home.

    • Nettles ~ They say they don’t pay, BUT, they all do, they pay for photos, Roy Kronk from KC’s case was paid $ 10,000.00 by NBC for a picture of a dead snake at the remains site, ABC paid Baez/KC $ 200,000.00 for videos/pictures of Caylee, GA/CA were under contract w/NBC that George disclosed in a deposition, ALL exposed in Court during KC’s trial. They ALL pay, imho, the National outlets recognized this scam for what it seems to be.

      Dr. Phil might have paid the grifters to come on his show, after all, he donated $ 600,000.00 to a foundation established by George/Cindy Anthony for a 2 day appearance, they promptly withdrew ALL the monies.

      jmo, National News media recognized the scam the grifters were trying to sell. Of course the tabloid media, HLN/CNN will give them all the air time they can suck up but no money because they are so low budget.

      • Ethically, I think the reporters who reported on the arrest and incident on Nov. 18th should have revealed to their listeners and readers at the same time that Samantha and her Mom has approached that news outlet to sell on camera interviews.

        Kudos to Channel 6 who revealed it a day later. What about everyone else? Not a peep until the cat was out of the bag. We are hearing more about who they approached today.

    • He actually got something right for a change…

      George’s 911 call is considered ‘self serving’ hearsay.

      Listen to the Miranda wording carefully… anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you. It cannot and will not be used in your favor unless the prosecutor is BDLR trying to cross examine a recorded interview 😉

      • he actually is wrong under 803.1


        The following are not excluded by the rule against hearsay, regardless of whether the declarant is available as a witness:

        (1) Present Sense Impression. A statement describing or explaining an event or condition, made while or immediately after the declarant perceived it.

        • Justice ~ you posted the link n which Mike Iglarsh said it wasn’t an emergency, 911 are not stenographers to take GZ’s message, 911 is FOR emergencies, GZ DIDN’T have an emergency, LE was there pounding on the door trying to get in.

          Since LE was there & willing to testify, the 911 Operator stated they were there & he could tell them, imo, this isn’t going to help GZ especially since most people see it as contrived, media outlets are reporting it as “self serving.”

      • It is self serving. Yet again it appears he intentionally called in to make a statement of truth of sorts.
        Weird. Because he said he had nothing to say to police. Despite him saying he did not want to go out “because they will do what they did last time.” He seemed more concerened about making statements for his character then against her accusations.

        As for the shopping to sell stories……. It can go both ways. This whole thing could have been about her and her Mom shopping and he found out. Or as reports are saying only 4 days before this the interview was suppose to be with both love birds. So one must ask….was he shopping through her and her mom too?
        He is broke. And as long as he does not stay in the news, no sympathy, no money.

        I think he is gonna get off anyways. But look how many even here were ready to write checks.
        They all can be selling a story. People do funny things for money.

        From Wes lying about them dating, to shopping with his knowledge prior. Sounds like a work up that either went wrong or was planned by all of em.

        As for talking to press though it was sources close to Zimmerman who were the first to make statements via the Mail about this relationship. So it seems all parties from GZ, SZ to Schiebe have sources that can be contacted for them.

        I am just disgusted with it all.

        • Not weird, rather cautious and perhaps appropriate. The dispatcher was able to tell the responding cops that GZ was calm and that he did not have a weapon in his hand. Second, of course he would answer the question I have nothing to say to them, the cops have hung him out to dry every single time, from the TM incident to the St Mary incident with Shellie. Why would he trust the cops or believe for a second they would treat him fairly.

          • He also made it clear that he wanted a lawyer present before he spoke with the police…

            Pretty smart, actually, to get that recorded!

              • I am a BIG fan of M Geragosl. That said, you might recall some of the stupid excuses he has used in trials such as:

                Lacy Peterson was abducted & murdered by roving gangs, of course there wasn’t a scintilla of evidence that anyone murdered Lacy but Scott.. LMAO! Scott Peterson sits on death where the POS belongs.

                Geragos seems to have become an entertainer taking that more seriously than his law practice.

          • My initial reaction to GZ calling the police was that it was the wrong move. I’ve since changed my mind on that. For too long and far too often, his side is being told through someone else’s filter.

            Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin told the public that Trayvon was just trying to get home after running an errand to the store. That version got retold so many times that no matter what you put in front of the eyes (timeline) it won’t be believed. So in many minds, that’s a fact in this case. Of course for those who read discovery we know it is not a fact.

            Shellie in the video to me did not come across scared or threatened. They all followed GZ down the driveway after they accused him of threatening them by saying “step closer”. Did they really think GZ would shoot them? Their actions and behavior immediately afterward say no.

            Shellie managed to live with George for 7 years. On April 20th she vehemently told the Judge George was not violent. I believed it then and I believe it now.

            However, the lies about restraining orders and what he did to earn them have been told over and over and over again that it only takes an angry woman to pick up the phone and mention GZs name and a gun. Instantly you have people believing it.

            I’m surprised by how many are starting to believe the Martin version of the narrative but it is what it is.

            I think Mr. O’Mara and company along with Shellie Zimmerman needed to have support in place for George Zimmerman immediately following the trial. He has been traumatized like no one else can even fathom. He is dealing with having killed a young man. He faced death threats and hatred like no other. He worried for his family, friends and himself and needed to go into hiding. He faced the very real possibility of losing his liberty. Main stream media is still doing wild experiments on him and his family.

            Immediately afterward, he needed a month alone. That hurt many in his support group and they withdrew their support. Shellie got madder as each week went along, according to Mr. Donnelly. By the time George came back, Shellie was furious at what she described “selfish” behavior and she moved out the day he returned (August 13th), exactly one month after the verdict.

            Mr. O’Mara wants to be paid before he lends any more support to GZ. He made that clear on Sept. 9th. I think he and his team as well as Shellie let George Zimmerman down as far as the after-care in the days following the verdict.

            It didn’t take much in this latest incident to see George Zimmerman’s online supporters erode even more. I read a very scathing letter pretty much telling George Zimmerman to go blank himself from someone who was a staunch supporter of his right to get a fair trial.

            It’s up to each individual when their support has reached it’s limit. His legal team in the criminal trial decided that was on Sept. 9th. His wife decided that was on August 13th. From everything I’ve seen George or any other citizen that finds himself in the cross-hairs of the media and governmental politicians for manipulation of agendas, I’ll fight for.

            I got notices from WordPress that my blog was spiking in views on Nov. 18th and 19th. No doubt, people wanted to know if Nettles18 has seen and heard enough to withdraw her support. It’s very unlikely to ever happen. George Zimmerman was a helpful non-violent man before Trayvon decided to beat his head in and in spite of what those so called supporters throw at him, he remains calm, compliant with police and respectful to the court.

            George Zimmerman has my support and I do believe in him. Anything I can do to help you George, just say the word.

            • He could have called the police when “she went crazy.” He could have called the police when he pulled up and Shellie was there. He never called noth times.
              I seriously think he has issue with calling the police first since he was critizied about not letting them handle TM.
              Anyone in their right mind…..I say right mind because you all are really over analyzing things to the point you make him seem mentally crippled on one hand, but having forethought on the other, so I will just go with it…..but a normal thinking person with would protect themselves from fear of being shot by cops like you all say, being arrested for media payday like yo all day, and avoiding jail. Screw choppers and location reveal. If that is his concern and only concern well hopefully for next time he will learn his lesson?

              If you just went through this in September why give a “crazy ” women the opportunity to do it again?

              • The problem is this w/GZ wanting to use the emergency line to get out his story:

                ANY NEWS OUTLET would have been more than happy to ALLOW GZ to get his story out, just like they did SZ.

                • Art,
                  Maybe the plan was threefold. He knocks out the money issue with surviving. The pregnancy story would heed sympathy for an unemployed new father in hiding, who always wanted kids his ex would not give him.
                  But he can not go to the media. Why? He is suing them for defamation. Any type of media deal would mean he would sign a disclosure allowing the network to modify any parts of the interview. Part of his defamation would surely give rise that he never signed any such disclosure. I am sure he was told if he does media the lawyers would drop him like a hot potato!

                  • Danny ~ I was thinking a reporter to interview GZ one on one to tell his story. The law suit only encompasses NBC but you may indeed be right. I just don’t know anymore about the NBC suit, if there had been filings for depos, we would have known about it. I don’t know if they are negotiating or if GZ’s recent run-ins, regardless of whose fault they were, has hurt the NBC case.

                    Hell! GZ could have relayed the events to RZ Jr., who could have shared it, RZ Jr. loves the media.

            • Nettles,
              What if you are wrong? What if he did snap? It is possible.
              How could you better serve his needs if that is the case?

              • Are you suggesting that the way Shellie, Samantha and O’Mara have supported him since the verdict is serving his needs?

                Those 3 are an example of what not to do, if the goal is to support “his needs”. As I said, it’s up to each person when it’s time to concentrate on themselves and their own needs rather than George’s.

                Don’t look to me to withdraw support as a means of “serving his needs”. It’s unlikely to happen.

                To me, that helps the agenda of isolating him further. To hell with that. He didn’t do anything wrong. He doesn’t have to go sit in a barn somewhere in the country on never talk to anyone or have sex with anyone again. Unfortunately, the lessons learned are going to be public. The upside to that is he’ll get lots of advice from different perspectives.

                They haven’t broken him yet and with support, it’s unlikely they will. He has endured a lot up to this point as I said, he still stays calm, respectful and compliant with police. It’s the best defense he has.

                • I am suggesting they all want money. Every single one of them.
                  I only see him mentioned when he does something to get in the news Nettles. They mention TM and the outcome of the case when they even TRY to relate a shooting.
                  Fact is he did shoot a teen and he was aquitted. That they try to make comparisons will always occur it was a high profile case!

                  If you believe he did nothing wrong, as I do, why do you feel obligated to support him after the trial when he chooses to stay in the radar and under BGI attack?

                  • Being in the news will have to be a new norm for him. He’ll have to live one very open and transparent life.

                    Otherwise those who seek to isolate him and make his life a living hell win. He’ll have to take chances in trusting some or remain forever alone. Sometimes, it’s just not going to work out. The more these stories come out and be found to be manipulated or contrived the less attention the public will give.

                    I get the sense with this one, people didn’t click the stories or tune in. While some sites showed lots of comments many did not.

                    This opportunity may have highlighted that a great many more people are ready to move away from GZ’s traffic stops and fights with girlfirends/wives and read about other stuff.

                    Even Crump didn’t want to talk about him. They are looking forward to what they want to accomplish and it doesn’t include George Zimmerman anymore. They got all they need from him. Soon too, so will the media.

                    • That is my point. BGI moved on to Kendrick, McBride and others. So will we.
                      From my understanding Mr. Wafers family is requesting the same support as GZ had. IMO a mistake.
                      I feel fighting fire with fire perhaps as logical as it may seem is not the way BGI operates.
                      And after trial even we as supporters may make things worse for the wear. Beating dead horses and totally missing the whole of what we supported and why.

                      So okay. What happens to the next Zimmerman? They will be tuned out, or maybe not even noticed because here we are all up in the biz of who the guy is dating and whatnot. Are we not responsible for allowing Samantha to use GZ and the media?

                      As I said before his mistakes after trial has nothing to do with my support before and during the trial. Has nothing ….NOTHING to do with who he was before Feb. 26, 2012. Has nothing to do with what TM did in order to be shot!

                      I do want the best for him. That I condem his decisons does not mean I no longer wish him the best. But I sure wont makes excuses and make him look like some water brained idiot who was crippled by BGI and MSM.
                      Even IF he wants me to!
                      I think he is suffering from exposure. I think he does need time to adjust. In fact even a freaking head injury could be his issue. But some of this stuff is so SD I feel I am in another world right now.

                • You say the most off of the wall none coherant things sometimes David. Stop taking things personally! Or lay off the booze or take a break!

                  • I’m not sure if you are aware of it or not Danny but you are personal and demeaning in your feedback. Case in point, your response here. Before you get mad, yes I know David can’t do a post without being demeaning. I very rarely read his posts entirely through but he’s aware of that and decided, he doesn’t need to change to get me to read his posts.

                    When some of our opinions haven’t jived with yours you’ve made accusations that we are willing blind, naive, purposefully dumb. I’m paraphrasing but it’s the impression I’ve been left with that impression reading your comments the last few days. I chose to ignore your barbs and concentrate on why I think GZ still deserves support.

                    I’ve heard your message loud and clear that to support him is to enable his bad behavior. I disagree. I haven’t seen bad behavior. I’ve seen allegations that for a number of reasons, I believe to be motivated by not so hidden agendas. In short, I don’t believe the accusers.

                    • Seriously Nettles? Holding stock in a tobacco company? WTF?
                      He was begging for it! For two days I ignored him! He called me a freaking traybot. In the zimmership that is a sin. Multiple user names! Multiple plugs?
                      Off the wall comments that have nothing to do with the thread!
                      He needs to remeber where he is and who he is talking to. Not the other way around.

                    • Oh an lets not mention Davids numerous facebook pages and multiple accounts where he demeans everyone who refuses to see it his way. He is SD jr.

            • Nettles ~ Remember, ANY news outlet would ALLOW GZ to get his story out just as SZ was allowed, there was no need for GZ to use 911 w/LE banging on the door.

              Though GZ has online supporters, some at this point have become critical, seperating GZ’s behavior from he trial, I am not reading many positive thoughts that 911 was the avenue for GZ to get his story out from GZ supporters especially when there were plenty of other options.

              • If the situation that Samantha found herself in warranted a 911 call then others at the scene could also have used 911, they are in the same encounter.

                Why is it an emergency for her and not for him?

                • Nettles ~ GZ did not have an emergency because LE was there banging on the door to get GZ to come out, cameras everywhere to record everything. Just as Mike Iglarsh said, “it isn’t the job of the 911 operator to be a stenographer for GZ, they are there for emergencies.” GZ had no emergency! GZ wanted to tell a story he used 911 for that purpose…

                  Samantha called 911 w/an emergency to have LE come to her home & they did. Like her or not, the house was rented in her name, not GZ’s, GZ had barricaded himself in the home, the safest thing for everyone it appears was that she needed to call 911.

                  • I respectfully disagree. His emergency was he didn’t want a repeat of several officers with guns pointed at his head again.

                    He hoped to have the officers talk to his lawyer and assure the officers he posed no threat.

                    • Him being afraid of the police is nothing but speculation. He treats them respectfully and they have done the same.
                      He had no attorney while at the apartment. An atty was appointed to him through the police after he exerted his miranda rights.

                    • Nettles – I stand by my comment, but that is not what happened was it? Do you not think there weren’t some there recording the event w/camera phones, etc.? They will point a gun at GZ’s head every time if they think he is armed & he is always armed!


                      GZ continued to tell his story, a story that could have been told to any reporter, anytime, & not wasted the time of the 911 operator. GZ was successful in doing what he wanted, telling his story, if he had ONLY feared LE, he would have shut up. He didn’t!

                    • News stations have shown him that they will edit his words and videos to portray him inaccurately. And there’s always got to be the fear, more with each subsequent event, that the police may react differently/violently this time – at least I would be worried about that. And a big benefit of getting his words out on 911 – not only not edited, but also happening simultaneously with the event and with the woman’s call. Somewhat similar to statements he made just after shooting TM – I know it’s not exactly the same, but it’s similar I think.

            • I’m going to assume you seriously can’t see it and respond accordingly.

              George Zimmerman had 21 officers at the scene. WFTV reported

              “police officers arriving and ordering George Zimmerman to the ground while guns were drawn on him

              In one report I read he had as many as 8 guns pointed at him by officers.

              If Shellie and Samantha can find it scary to have loaded guns pointed at them (which we see no evidence of), is it hard for you to imagine why GZ didn’t want a repeat of that incident?

              • Nettles you saw the same video as me.
                Did he or did he not act aggressive? Did he have other options to avoid 21 cops from showing up? Since you amd a few others believe the one statement made by Schiebe that she saw Shellie hit GZ with the IPad, do you believe her recent statement that he accessed the home video on his phone and hot upset about what they were removing and THAT is when he went to the house to confront Shellie and the Deans?

                He could have avoided it.

                • I agree he could have avoided it by not going over there after “stuff”. As I said, some of his lessons are going to be public lessons.

                  I seen no aggression towards people in the video. I did see aggression being heaped against an iPad.

                  I’m not sure I do buy the accessing video story. If he had access for that, he wouldn’t have had to ask her repeatedly to text him when she was done. He’d have just checked the video. I think it’s likely the time it was taking that caused him to go and see what exactly she was taking.

                  • Well he sure did not move much to this chicks place did he? Hes broke and only lived there since he was kicked out of the Deans. You would agree the Deans would have had much more household goods being GZ and Shellie pretty much abandoned everything and may slowly have accumulated things from donations while he was on bond and during trial.
                    I do believe Mikkis civil claims. There was no reason for them to have to move stuff from a house they owned and loaned unless they were concerend about damaged and missing stuff they saw when Shellie was moving.

                    What they could have taken of his had to be at least minimal if naught for such a display of video taping and showmanship of ownership. Appears even Samantha may have been staying there as well as Shellie said they found women and children stuff in the home. It was likely Samanthas stuff was what they were concerned about, and pictures being taken for the divorce he did not want as evidence.

                    I will agree to disagree about the video and aggression. I posted the close up clip of it. You can repost it if you like.

              • Nettles ~ I know you live in Canada & it may be unusual in Canada, bu it’s not uncommon to have multitudes of agencies involved in a situation & countless officers when someone on the premise is known to have a gun, it’s not surprising to me to have seen 21 officers, in some cases SWAT is called.

                imo, the over use of agencies is common because obviously, they are available, maybe they are not on other calls, & they are paid by the taxpayers to work, not sit around.. I guess I follow true crime, have watched A/E documentaries on take downs, & I didn’t find that surprising. Its absurd to see all the firepower but when guns are involved, they show up.

              • I think maybe Danny has had personal family issues with DV. I do not say this lightly. For some reason, and Danny please forgive me if I misspeak. I am thinking he has/had a sister that went thru some awful stuff. I know that at first it seemed to be a lot of anger very personalized anger. If that is so, then I would truly recommend him to back away. At least for a while.

                Also, although I do not condone anyone using 911 as a matter of personal bodyguards. In the moment in their lives this was real to both of them and I am no going to say it was not an emerg for him to call 911, He may have felt like it was and did what he felt the need to do. Its kinda like when he wanted to go on Hannity. It seems that he truly felt if only he could explain his side, people might understand. I think that’s just human. And honestly, after what I have from wayyy over here in Arkansas witnessed, thru my computer screen, hell I have to say, I might have called 911 too. All of this just as with the TM encounter, happened within a very small timeframe. I am trying to keep open mind, but I see so many signs of set up and/or woman scorned. And so far, so no involvement of Geo doing any of the contacting the media.

                Easy for all of us to sit back and make speculations. In the end, we all can go to Sonic or Walmart or football game or whatever, and do not have to worry about if some one is gonna beat the life out of you for something that has no personal connection what so ever. What a sad world it must be for those who hate someone just because. WHY? I just do not understand. Disagree? Ok Agree to disagree.

                I have learned thru this that there truly are people who hate white people just because. And yet they don’t feel they are being racist. And I have also seen some white people do same as the blacks. I just want to throw my hands up and SCREAM ENOUGH!

                Sorry for the rant..

                  • Blushing! I really do need to stay off of my proverbial soapbox. After tearing up my knee, on my first true outing away from all things Zimmerman on July 15, my ACL/PCL is not attached so not safe lol, may end up falling flat on my face 🙂 I will try to do better lol to save face and space

                  • I am going to go ahead and just put this out there. It really really bothers me all this crazy ass race baiting. One reason, someone so near and precious, one of my most cherished lil gift straight from God Above… I have a lil 4 year old Grandson, he is biracial. It makes me cry sometimes seeing all of this hate and ugliness. That is one thing that truly bothers me about Obama. He is Biracial, not “black” why must one “pick” what they “are”. How this lil angel came into my life and heart, is of no concern or business of anyone. I love him unconditionally. I do not want him to grow up to feel he has to “be” this or that. I know of a lil girl, having to leave a school after attending for few years, listed as “white” and having to transfer to another school because her daddy got custody of her and he is black, so when filling out paperwork, he just chose black. Well it was a Magnet School, which is racially balanced or suppose to be. Well they had too many blacks, so this SAME child who had gone to school there, now because of a box checked diff, had to leave to another school and leave behind her friends. This lil girl is really a bitter child now. Would she have been anyway? Who knows, but it for sure told that there are differences in what you can do by what race you choose. Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels. My grandson is light skinned, olive toned really. So is my oldest grandson (not biracial) so he has never been treated different by anyone we know or where we go. He is now learning differences in people. He shocked us the other day – What color was I when I was born ?- I without even flinching said, where is your arm laughing, he said right here silly, I said that right there is what color you were when you were born. That was the end of it, that day. Kids learn ignorance from other kids or adults, or tv or music, we can only shelter them so much, but I will be honest, this mess scares the shit out of me, not for me but my precious baby boy. I will go to my grave doing whatever I can to make sure he doesn’t get the ignorance or the entitlement ideas in his head. He will have consequences for his actions, just as the rest of the kids. Because that is what he is, one of the kids. Not a no limit nigga or a white trash talking fool. A lil boy with a bright future.

                    • Thanks for sharing that about your precious little grandson. He will grow up just fine, because I can see he will get lots of love and be taught values that will make him a good human being. That’s what is important. Our ethnic backgrounds may be diverse, but it’s our hearts and minds that define us.

                    • Thank you for your kind words. I just hate all the racist mumbo jumbo… eeek! lol Thanks again

              • What does that have to do with how he acts around someone he mistreated in private? Does your husband mistreat you in front of people? Would it not be in his best interest to be calm when the police come if you called them? You said he does much worse. GZ was pretty calm even when he busted an IPad. Took his eyes off everyone and all. So what is your point? I do not like men who mistreat women. And then lie about it when they have to face the consequence.

                • did he in fact mistreat either woman in private?

                  I am a woman, and unless there is real evidence of the mistreatment, I am sceptical enough that some people will make stuff up. Both women in this story have a not so pleasant history. One of them is a convicted liar.

                  • I am sure you are right in your own mind David. If you were there please go do another media interview and let us all know about it!

                  • Justice FT Wafer ~ I assume you find your self entertaining when you insulted Danny, like you thought it was cute to call SZ a “bitch.”

                    You insulted SZ by calling her a “BITCH” for having GZ served his divorce papers, seems no one agreed with you. SZ was smart to serve GZ who was HIDING from the divorce papers! Game over on divorce papers, GZ lost that battle, get over it.

                    Surely you can converse without insulting. I hope.

                  • +1

                    Some men physically abuse women and some women do the same to men. Even if the man is bigger than the woman, the man may take the abuse for whatever reasons. Meekness or not willing to reciprocate physically because the abuser is a woman. It’s usually the case that physical abuse is far more often done by men to women, but there are other forms of abuse like psychological and emotion. It doesn’t require a penis to engage in that form of abuse.

                  • I know of a murder/manslaughter case where the man was driven by being taunted by the woman to bash her over the head with a kettle. He did not mean to kill her at all. He then tried to kill himself.

                    One would think that the woman who died was some perfect woman who had done nothing wrong. Her family did a great song and dance about “abuse”, except that the boot was on the other foot. What the man had gone through with the taunts happens to be psychological abuse. When people are being pyschologically or mentally abused there is a certain snapping point. The woman went too far and in the heat of the moment, after all of the abuse, the man in question snapped. He went to prison. Her family did not shut up about their precious daughter.

                    There is often two sides to every story. It was by chance that I heard the man’s side of the story from a member of his family. Otherwise I would have just believed the story as it was told in the papers.

                    When men are being abused in an abusive relationship they rarely speak up. When something snaps, people wonder what went wrong. Ask the woman, if she is still alive about what she did within that relationship to cause the man to snap.

                    This is not always the case when it comes to abusive relationships.

                    From the abuse that I have taken in the past, not from men that I have known but from school and within the family, I remain very sceptical about some of the sob stories.

                    When it comes to Shellie and now this woman, I will remain sceptical until more information becomes available, and that includes the claim about being nearly choked.

                    • And the context is so important. “IF” he choked her, why? what lead up to it? Just as your story, sad and most likely more common than not. Context means so much…

                    • the issue in my view is whether or not that did in fact happen.

                      Only time will tell whether this is just a friviolous complaint by this woman.. and I suspect that is the case. I simply do not believe her at this point in time.

  2. There are many issues at hand:

    (1) The DV arrest/charges & Jan. Court hearing. This issue is different from the selling of information by Samantha/Hope, some legal analyst say “it might be dismissed, he said she said.”

    (2) Samantha/Hope collecting data to sell for $$$$ portraying GZ in an unfavorable light.

    (3) How stable is GZ? There is no doubt he is likely suffering from severe depression, but if is indeed true that he put a gun in his mouth, took an overdose of sleeping pills, it seems, imho, that GZ needs a psych evaluation immediately & intervention. No doubt GZ has lost everything, what does his future hold w/all the additional bad press he received after he was acquitted?

    Many might say, “Samantha lied about the suicidal tendencies,” but NO one knows if she lied about it or not, most of us agree GZ has more than enough problems, some of his making, some not imo. It’s more important imo that GZ get the proper meds, to get the help he needs to reach a healthier frame of mind. With Sam/Hope releasing information to the media, this has to have compounded GZ’s depression, why wouldn’t it?

    (4) Dowdy said the “suicide issues” were news to him but since he had ONLY visited w/GZ a short time BEFORE GZ’s bail hearing, it’s not likely there was time to discuss much but the possible but the possible bond.

    (5) Will Prosecutors NOW come back w/the suicide information, true r not, & demand a psych evaluation of GZ since he may possibly be suicidal, will the Prosecutors argue he shouldn’t be given back his guns, ever?

    • I could see having a what the hell attitude, from what seems like living under a microscope. But IF Geo truly had the alleged OD and gun in mouth episode, tell me what in their right mind human being would not have tried to get help by calling emerg medical attention? I mean REALLY, if that is true, it would seem Geo would have gotten at least some kind of eval. I just cant get over that part. And to text to a media person that you watched his breathing??? What the hell?

  3. Felony Bond Hearings- Was George Zimmerman Treated Fairly?

    | More Sharing ServicesShare
    Many have commented about the fairness of George Zimmerman’s bond hearing conducted yesterday in Seminole County, Florida. Some think he got off light since the prosecutors were seeking a bond of $50,000. Others wonder why the bond was increased to $9000 when the standard bond for the same three criminal offenses was only $4,900. So, was Zimmerman treated fairly?
    At the hearing, Judge Fred Schott was told by prosecutor Lymary Munoz that Zimmerman’s girlfriend revealed to law enforcement that he not only pointed a shotgun at her and broke her table on Monday, but also disclosed that he tried to strangle her just ten days earlier. The prosecutor passionately told the judge that the alleged victim is afraid of Zimmerman.
    While the alleged choking is not charged by prosecutors at this time, the judge did refer to it as the reason for increasing the bond from the standard amount. Additionally, the judge ordered Zimmerman to stay away from the alleged victim’s residence. Zimmerman has been living there for the past three months. He was also ordered not to have any contact with her, surrender all of his guns, and must also wear a satellite monitor.
    Zimmerman’s latest arrest is the third known domestic violence related allegation that he’s been involved with. Back in early September, he was initially handcuffed by police and then later released after he was accused by his estranged wife and her father in law for threatening them with a gun. Police made no arrest, claiming they had insufficient evidence.
    I do believe that Zimmerman was treated fairly. Prosecutors wanted his bond to be five to six times higher than it turned out to be. The judge knew about his murder case, however, correctly chose not to allow it to influence his bond decision. Raising the bond from the standard amount based upon the allegation that the alleged victim was choked by Zimmerman a short time before the latest crimes, is also fair. The judge has every obligation and right to consider all facts in determining how much of a danger a particular defendant poses to society.
    What I do admire about this judge is that he didn’t let the “light’s, camera, action” affect his ruling. While it’s obvious from the things he said and the way he said them that he was aware the world was watching, he chose not to allow that to influence his ruling. I believe the bond amount coupled with the special conditions he received were typical for a case like this and very fair under the circumstances.

      • That’s what I was thinking. What happened to prosecutors investigating the allegations before jumping right to charges? And that makes me think – how handy that the alleged choking was 10 days before. Good excuse for not having any physical evidence of such on her body. Without that evidence, it’s he said/she said. Is that really enough to add it to the charges?

        Personally, while I’ve observed GZ acting impulsively, immaturely at times, I highly doubt the strangling. Strangling is serious. One thing that research has found is that among women who have been killed by domestic violence, is that the guy at some earlier point attempted to strangle her. It’s a good predictor of future escalation to the point of murder. I can’t see GZ as such an abuser. Reactive, not well versed in handling emotional conflict – but not this.

        And anyone who knows someone whose boyfriend/husband has strangled them – tell them how strongly linked it is to future murder. Maybe that one fact will finally help them leave the relationship.

  4. Where I used to live, it was generally known that if someone files charges against another with no injury, the accused would turn around and file charges against the accuser. This ensured that the case would be dismissed at first call in municipal court.

    If George was living there too, she had no right to kick him out IMHO. Yet there she was on the tape telling him to get out of “her” house. She just didn’t seem too scared to me.

    • Same here. Police don’t take kindly to being used as a weapon against a disgruntled spouse/friend. If they show up and find the call was frivolous or contrived, the caller is going to jail.

      In GZ case though even the norm doesn’t apply. In this case, some officers want to help take GZ’s guns away and would gladly assist in “getting him” as demonstrated by the Chief of Police in Lake Mary.

  5. On George’s 911 call discussion way above, I personally thought it was not necessary. He is on her 911 Call, calmly and rationally asking her to calm down. She to me, sounded unhinged and out of control.

  6. CNN Wolf Blitzer is airing the story and says that Hope Mason says the reports of texts and emails are “lies” and until Samantha is heard from directly nothing should be believed.

      • Nettles ~ I don’t know what can be done to stop the bleeding & the continued piling on of GZ. SZ isn’t helping anything, she is just simply piling on more. I guess she can say she had GZ served in jail but at the end of the day, that is about SZ moving on in her life. geeeeeez louise, if SZ ever wants to work as a nurse, imo, she seems to have compounded her problems in her search for a job. Although SZ didn’t commit a crime, she has had her face in the MEDIA, is willing to step up again to be interviewed I guess if invited, & most employers will shy away from that, most employers want a Drama Free Workplace.

      • Join the lynch mob, Get paid, and ensure your safety All you have to do is throw away your dignity.

        Looks like it was an easy decision for Shelly. I don’t think I blame GZ for ditching her.

    • It is the same people reporting on it. Hal Boedecker who is a TV critic and Erik Sandoval who just joined Channel 6 in May who used to host red carpet events and entertainment news.

  7. Super-Sized assclownery on Jane The Lez Mitchell….she seriously just said ” this poor innocent kid trayvon walks into George’s life after fighting with Shellie and he gets blown away for it” and right after she says ” Zimmerman is just suicidal because he is not in all the headlines anymore”

    • UPDATED: George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, has refused to appear on camera until she gets a paid national interview, WKMG-Channel 6 reported Wednesday night.

      WKMG legal analyst Luis Calderon said the pursuit of that interview could help Zimmerman’s case. “The defense could make it out to be nothing more nothing less than her doing this for some financial motive or some publicity,” Calderon said.

    • If GZ thinks like everyone is out to get him he wouldn’t have gotten into the relationship with Samantha, imo. So this professional starts off missing the mark.

      I wished they had of asked about Samantha’s psyche of getting involved with George romantically when she has the care of a young child. What is her ability to judge situations rationally?

      But of course, that is not what the segment was about.. It’s about humiliating and degrading a man who defended himself and who in the press’ eye should be in jail. They think that because they didn’t do their work.

      • So are you saying GZ is a danger? Perhaps so. Maybe DCFS should investigate her for having him near her child when was suicidal and with DV in the home. And as far as if the intimate texts were sent to the child by GZ( statements made by Schiebes Mom) are true he could face additional charges of corruption of a minor or sending pornography to a minor…. and if she did not report it she should lose the child for neglect. The news station should be lambasted for not reporting it to authorites as well. A reporter that has this information and does not report it to authorities then reports it in for ratings should be investigated.

      • I think once the reporter faces these facts we will find a very different story emerge.
        Nobody with any morals would hold onto that, sit on that, then post a news story titled “When do texts become news.”
        I think his job is done with Channel 6. I do not even think Ryan would go that low.

      • The humiliation and degradation is not the intent of the news report.

        It is a disregarded byproduct of reporting a news development which was set into motion by the Crump/Julison narrative, somewhat stymied after GZ’s acquittal, and then given new life by the tribulations post-trial, this last episode fitting neatly in.

  8. I saw a segment in which a reporter asked Frank Taaffe if George Zimmerman has thanked him for the work he has done to support his neighbor. Frank said no George hasn’t thanked him.

        • I just wish he would stay off that low IQ network HLN.
          There is no point in ever arguing with most on that network, stupidity rules there.

            • He looks really good. He’s got his life back in order by the look of him. My heart breaks for him knowing Frank has buried 2 of his own children yet still looks to helps others.

          • It was a great spot for Frank to break his teeth. He came across tonight on much forceful and tried to keep the conversation focussed.

            I would recommend staying away from clichés or light-hearted moments (like jokes). This topic brings out strong emotions and sticking to the facts will help us all keep the conversation moving in a healing direction.

          • cassandra ~ HLN is a low budget tabloid cable network as has always been their reputation. If you notice, their guest are never on the show physically, they look like they are on Skype r something. CNN is a little better, Anderson Cooper, the face of CNN does a better job but CNN has their own problems.

            If not for HLN, I don’t know who would have Taffe on, I like him too but not many networks do the type of journalism HLN does. I agree, stupidity rules @ HLN, I wish Sonny Hosstin would get fired but that isn’t likely to happen.

  9. Nettles, Since you have been in touch with Sandoval, and he told you he can back up the texts, would you ask him why he would not report the allegation of GZ sending a child an improper text to the authorities?

    And I saw you asking people if they would donate money for GZs mental health bills. I will. I would be happy to. As long as the money is soley for medical and he stays compliant with Drs. orders, I would donate.

    • I had the same concern about the text Danny and I’ve privately emailed the reporter. I’ll post what I learn.

      As to the help for medical needs, I need to do some homework. I too need assurance my donations go to what they were intended for or I’m pissed.

      I’ve been reading lots about PTSD tonight and I’m bawling my head off on the help this man should be getting instead of all these freaking judgments we put on him.

        • Bless your FIL. My lil bro Retired AF, was in most all of Desert Storm and other across the pond missions. He is a quite person, quietest of all us siblings. He said some of the things you see, are beyond explaining, unless you have been there too. My nephew Army, was in Afghanistan for 477 days. He took so many beautiful pictures. Some heart breaking of lil children, in the hot hot desert with no foot coverings at all. When we would ask what he wanted us to send, it was always candy. They gave to the lil kiddos. It was more than just being nice, it was gaining trust. God Bless each and every person especially those whom have had to endure such life altering moments. I am Thankful Danny for your Father in Law, and his family for their support of him, while helping us continue to have the Freedoms, even as small as us commenting here.

      • I am not sure how you ensure the use of that along with compliance other then a conservatorship. That would suck for him. And it is a legal process that it civil which means $$$$$.
        It would also mean he would have his guns rights revoked.

        He has to be willing to be treated.

        • He’s not gravely disabled, ie, he can provide for his own food, shelter, clothing – so I don’t see how any judge would award conservatorship. He’s allowed to use poor judgment. The only thing I can possibly imagine is if a mental health professional observed suicidal ideation, and then he could be locked up for a short period of time, until the crisis passed. But then he’d be right back to where he started from, having the freedom to choose whether to take psych meds or enter therapy. And even should therapy be mandated, all that ensures is that a body is in a chair. Just as with chemical dependency, you have to be motivated for therapy, because so much of the work is for you to do yourself. As someone mentioned on previous thread, therapy is painful in the process of growth, but it has to be a therapist who can gauge well, or GZ would end up being retraumatized by revisiting his trauma and its effects on him.

      • Considering his lack of income, he should be able to get Medicaid, and that offers mental health therapy in my state, but I don’t know about Florida.
        What he needs is a good therapist that is skilled in a variety of treatment modalities, including EMDR. It has been approved by the VA as an effective treatment for PTSD. It works, if the patient is ready to heal. (www.emdr.com) I am also a great believer in therapy dogs. George needs someone he can trust, and a therapy dog is trustworthy and gives unconditional love. They have dogs trained for PTSD assistance. That would be a great help for him.

    • I find it beyond absurd that these “behavior experts” or “psychoanalysts” keep saying George is depressed and suicidal because he isnt the center of media attention anymore after having to live on the run and in hiding for almost two years because of this same media attention

      • i also find it ironic that Dr Drew is a staff physician at a psychiatric/substance abuse hospital and instead of putting an offer out for help he has these moronic angry black racist talking heads on his show who still want to lynch George. Dr Drew is violating his Hippocratic oath of “do no harm” in a very big way.

        • 5 addicts died after he treated them for substance abuse. That speaks volumes about his interests. It is TV.
          Not all Drs. throw pills down your throat and wanna lock a person up. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right one. GZ does not need a talking head. But yeah all these TV Drs., talking heads talk but are also are willing to let someone suffer!

        • I normally stay away from all matter of popular culture, it is banal and horrible, I happen to watch the clip and was disgusted, the lack of humanity and hatefulness is disturbing.

  10. OMG, I find it disgusting, and not funny, that David Letterman is making Jokes about Geo! Said Geo excuse was …. he was on crack…. That’s just plain distasteful not funny no matter whom it was.

    • Of course not. He was not important enough for his family to pay attention to, when unsupervised, so why would the vultures who whore him out do the same thing and invest time to learn about him/the trial? We have white authority to blame and sue, silly.

  11. ed nelson says:

    November 20, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Well long time now we talked, and about so many interesting things. I don’t get too many ”reverbs” from the ”peanut gallory” on my few comments, and though I am loathe to mention it… I didn’t even get an acknowledgement of my recent/decent contribution… which in the spirit of true ”giving” should never be alluded to of course!

    Hope you are fine, and don’t let the Mergollens bugs bite!

    • nomorebsplease ~ I think Diwataman had written an opinion piece awhile back on how the news stories might affect the NBC lawsuit but I couldn’t find it to post the link for you.

      From experience, I can tell you Civil suits take a lot longer than criminal cases, maybe there is a bigger backlog of Civil cases & civil cases encompasses a lot of different types of legal filings such as wrongful death, homeowner/builder disputes to name only a few.

  12. For all you nuts who piss and moan about how I post….I see no reason not to call a dumbass a dumbass, a bitch a bitch, or a self righteous douchenozzle a self righteous douchenozzle. I simply call it what it is and there is no reason all to sugar coat things because of your “delicate sensiblilities”…..btw Danny the RJ Reynolds reference was to their aluminum products division (tinfoil hat)

    • Otherwise K~ I thought you were grossly inappropriate for calling SZ a “bitch.” because she served GZ divorce papers in Jail. She had NO alternative, GZ was living w/another woman, had left their home after the verdict so she moved out. SZ stood by GZ for the duration of the trial, an unpleasant experience I’m sure, but she showed her support. GZ clearly knew SZ/Attorney had been looking for him for 2 months to have the papers served, GZ would not have been again laughed at in the news IF he had just manned up & picked up the Divorce Papers from SZ’s attorney. If you can’t grasp GZ was at fault causing more articles to written & GZ laughed at for dodging divorce papers which is indefensible, WHEN GZ could have at least AVOIDED that, you have no objectivity & blaming SZ is plainly immature. Could the additional reporting on the Divorce papers been avoided HAD GZ DONE the right thing? YES!

      I find some of your videos alright, but some immature such as playing w/a lighted sword in your back yard. Your comments reflect that you are young, your’e language too reflects as much, it too seems that perhaps you have a low opinion of women. imo. If you posted appropriately, you wouldn’t have been banned from several blogs, it shows you don’t respect the rules of the blog, the blog ownes nor others that participate. Although you are entitled to your opinion, your opinions reflect the person you are, you seem to be the “nut” as your comment above reflects.

      Nettles allows anything & you clearly take full advantage because you can, I’ve never participated at a blog where your behavior would be acceptable to anyone, you would have been banned from those blogs too. Most blogs disallow calling someone a bitch, they don’t call it “sugar coating,” they call the comments as such “offensive” & it’s not tolerated. jmo.

    • Reynolds Tobacco, i.e., R.J. Reynolds, does not have an aluminum products division.

      The company that eventually became Reynolds Aluminum was started by the cousin of the guy who started the tobacco company, but the aluminum company got bought out by Alcoa several years ago.

      • coreshift ~ I was reading @ Fox online today & Geraldo weighed in on GZ’s latest news, another video that was ridiculous. It’s amazing to me that Geraldo, who twittered or text-ed himself nearly nude has kept his job is beyond me. Anywho, I noticed you said you didn’t post a video because it wasn’t worth wasting your time, Geraldo’s is another one. I wish they had interviewed Hannity who would have likely said, “we don’t know all the facts, things look questionable w/the girlfriend as being totally honest & wanting to sell her story.” imo, that would have been a fair assessment fr Hannity as Hannity is not likely up on everything since FOX is all over Obamacare reporting.

        • art tart,

          Out of curiosity, are you considering the possibility that Samantha was lying about the DV? You seemed quite certain it was George behaving badly a couple days ago. No criticism of your perspective intended, but new information does allow a change in theory.

          • coreshift ~ since we last discussed Samantha, I at that time didn’t have ALL the information that has been exposed about Sam/Hope Mason trying to profit NOR did anyone else.

            I agree that new information allows a different perspective, in which I stated in my original opinion, we needed more information. LOL, we have a lot of new information now, all the players are not as they seem.

            jmho, I thought GZ’s 911 call was self serving, he did not have an attorney which he stated he did, if he had only wanted to state his fear of LE, then he would have & hung up, LE was there banging on the door. GZ proceeded to state his case to the media, which was his purpose. Even the media wasn’t fooled nor legal analyst, except Geragos, I respect your perspective & we can agree to disagree.

            I am open to everything, imo, Wes is a liar, Samantha has lied as well as her mother about a lot of things especially profiting from National Media. I don’t believe Sam. broke her own glass coffee table because she will has to pay to replace it, GZ has no money to replace anything. It’s seems we will never know everything about the DV incident as legal analyst say it is “he said, she said,” PLUS the selling of information is classless & indefensible.

            IDK what GZ can do, I have a lot of fear/worry for him. It seems, imo, the only safe harbor for GZ is within his family as far as not making news, but I don’t even know if they are open to that or if GZ is open to that. GZ didn’t choose that option when he/SZ split.

  13. Would it not be great if WordPress had a block button so you do not see nor could someone else see comments? The threads would flow so well.

    • Danny ~ I have posted on a lot of blogs that have that feature, you can BLOCK a person’s comments on the whole blog & their responses, you don’t have to waste your time scrolling/rolling over them, it’s already done for you. I appreciate Nettles providing her blog if WordPress had that feature, I bet she would use it.

      Where’s our friend “bori,” I enjoy his participation, he’s grounded, fair, & objective. I hope he & Jordan are all right.

      • Art,
        I am aware there are blogs like that. Really wish that was an option here on WP though. It is not.
        I ignored the jab and insults and had at it. But, well I got called out and it is mild in comaprison. It was only because those coming at me all agreed to disagree witj me….lol. As much as I know maybe more is expected from me a person can only ignore so much before it like “your barking up the wrong tree”. Next time …well this time lol, I am ignoring it. It is offensive some stuff said.
        It is offensive when which the minority in a POV faces a public calling out went it never touched THAT level offensiveness. But whatever. Some can eat what they serve and others can not.
        Blocking is not a feature so it takes mental power to just dismiss it.

        I have no clue where bori or jordan have been. I do miss em. Hope they come back soon.

        • Danny ~ I think it’s fine to “agree to disagree,” even when some have lost objectivity because there are far more issues that we agree upon as a blog as a whole. ALL of us want what is best for GZ., but name calling such as douce bags, bitch, are offensive imo & reflect/project a level of immaturity that is offensive. I will lo longer waste my time on such comments, scroll/roll/ignore is the best option at this point.

  14. TMZ EXCLUSIVE: George Zimmerman Allegedly Framed By Vengeful, Lying GF

    George Zimmerman was duped and done in by a lying GF who faked a pregnancy to keep him around and then framed him when she realized he was leaving her … sources connected with Zimmerman tell TMZ.

    George is now facing felony domestic violence charges after Samantha Scheibe claimed he threatened her with a gun and forced her out of their house.

    Our Zimmerman sources say … here’s how it really went down:

    Early this month, George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving her and leaving Florida. Samantha then dropped a bombshell– that she was 6 weeks pregnant. George now believes she was lying about it in order to keep him in her grip.

    George then offered to make a child custody and support deal … but Samantha wanted him.

    On Monday … things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave and our sources say Samantha concocted the whole gun scenario as revenge.


    * hat tip to maggiemoo at CTH

    • I saw that yesterday. What I do not get is why he is now claiming he told her he was leaving. Then he was told she pregnant. So he stayed. But on his 911 call he said she told him to leave, (and he was going to) and that she would raise the child on her own.

      Now he is saying he made her a deal but she wanted him ? But on the 911 call that she initiated it appears she was telling him to leave, and he said he was packing to leave.

      • I don’t think it’s productive trying to figure out the motivations/blame of each participant in a domestic dispute under normal circumstances. Personally I think charges against GZ should be dropped, they go their separate ways, and if anything needs to be resolved do it in civil court. Nobody got hurt.

        • Exactly, not to mention that it is entirely probable and possible that both are true, that on Monday she escalated the tensions demanding he leave immediately,a very common scenario.

            • George stated that she broke the table and as to her sunglasses, it is anyones guess; other than those two items what was broken?

              • George also stated “She broke a glass table with something of mine.”
                I am sure he did not miss a shotgun in her hands!

                She stated “He broke my glass table with his gun.”

                But he also stated he was in the bedroom packing. He said the gun is aside of the bed. He said he already packed the guns.
                Prolly why he put furniture against the door until he actually put it away.

                LE can determine if the gun broke the table. Jury can decide who broke it.

                • Who says he put furniture against the door? the police report states: “unknown items” and if we are going to ping pong the action she said it was the “gun case” before she said it was the “gun”, George said “something…” I am not inclined to ascribe veracity to either statement.

                  • Forgive me….”unknown items” assuming furniture because usually people decorate their homes with furniture.
                    The police presser mentioned it as well.
                    I am sure if the police decided to arrest they will make sure who and what broke a table and the truth to each ones statements.

                    • Samantha said GZ was “barricaded in her home w/furniture against the door & wouldn’t leave, I read that LE had to move furniture to get in the house , so Samantha was correct on that account.. She too said the glass table was broken by GZ w/the butt of the shot gun.

                      I guess LE/Prosecutors will sort it all out, I wish GZ & Sam. would both take lie detector test pertaining to that day.

                      I too wonder if Prosecutors will look at the text/e-mails, they can easily subpoena them & they have plenty of time. ANYONE living in Fla. should understand this all can become public in cases. If Click Orlando thinks they really have something, my prediction is that they will all become public which may not be flattering to GZ or Sam.

                    • I’m thinking George Zimmerman’s stuff was at the door. He was packing to leave.

                      What Samantha described as a barricade, the police described as small items blocking the door.

                      Was it the stuff, George was taking to this truck?

        • coreshift ~ I think LE has learned in some cases, when charges are dropped for whatever reason, sometimes the arguments aren’t dropped between the 2 involved, because this has happened numerous times resulting in tragedy, most States don’t “drop” a case of DV even if the Court does. Sometimes one of the participants in a DV dispute is found murdered as has been reported on a national basis & that is the reasoning behind it, the same pertains to a “restraining order,” a thin piece of paper that didn’t protect many women from murder.

          I read the law is in Fla. & it has been stated in several articles:: IF the dispute is dropped for whatever reason in Fla., LE/Prosecutors have 30 days to continue to investigate. This means, that if this case is set to go in Jan. & is dropped, Prosecutors/LE have until Feb. 2014 to investigate it. Hypothetically, if the case were dropped today, they would have until 12/21/13 to investigate.

          GZ went his separate way from SZ but chose not to be cooperative & picking up his divorce papers & they had to be served in jail. Although you consider it a “no brainer,” it’s those testy laws that get in the way. Neither GZ/SZ were charged in that case because LE was hoping to get the information off the broken IPad to charge one of the 2.

        • Under normal circumstances like verbal disputes and maybe pushing and shoving during heated arguments, yes I could agree. But the allegation of putting a gun in someones face is serious. Now coreshift, had it been Samantha that was alleged to do the same would you have the same opinion?

          As far as my questions in regards to his statments. He thus far has made two in his defense. I was just making note of the differences in his statements. His statements appear to conflict each other. I also can not help but notice his second statement match bloggers assumptions. Is it because it fits, or is it because it is the truth?
          I know many were critical of the media and those going to the media but Zimmermans camp was as well.

          • I’m suspicious about why a beautiful blond would shack up with George and shop for an interview with major news orgs just a few weeks prior to a very public domestic dispute It’s funny, a mutual restraining order back in 2005 somehow becomes the seed that gives credibility to claims ‘he has a gun’ after the TM incident. What if he’s accused of finger F’ing Samantha’s child or one of her dolls? Would you find it believable because of his cousin’s accusations? You really don’t see the evolution of the allegations, do you?

            • I am also suspicious about why a journalist who is now an anchor who also used to be the marketing director until May 2013 sat on some serious text messages with some very serious allegations and big break on what GZ is up to and did nothing, not even an interview YET.
              And yet has released one photo copy of a text, or photo. Has not done one interview with anyone. Out of all news outlets, out of all talk shows, she was only in contact with him? I bet he did not even confirm his source.
              Then by 11 pm he has breaking news he held onto but meant nothing until the day GZ is arrested.

              How do you know GZ did not pursue her. Wes, GZ, and Samantha were all friends. That is what Wes said anyways.

        • The news station she was telling things to never offered her payment, nor are they now. So I am unsure where she may have thought it was lucrative. Perhaps down the line she may be now. But she had to see the negative feedback from both sides when Shellie called the police.

    • In the clickorlando article Samantha told them that at the end of October:

      “…Zimmerman moved all of her furniture, clothes and food out of her Seminole County home.”

      So by her own admission, it was George who was trying to end the relationship with her… but at the same time she’s trying to portray herself as the martyr who wanted to leave but stayed out of the goodness of her heart.

      Anyhoo, her and the mother ridiculously explaining that they’ve been shopping around for someone to pay them (a presumably huge sum of money) for an interview was somehow for George’s benefit is complete bull dung. And again, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and surmise that their trying to whore themselves out to the media is why George wanted her gone to begin with.

      • nivico ~ I agree that Samantha/MOM thought that would profit somehow but they haven’t & the information is out there, but it was GZ that stated “she told me to leave & I was packing my things” as an excuse to not leave the premises I guess or drive away when the DV incident took place.

        In a DV dispute, you don’t get to pack your stuff & leave when you feel like it. LE can remove you from the premises without your things regardless of what you want & that’s exactly what happened, especially if you are not on the rental agreement, then arrangements have to be made to have LE come back escorting the person/someone to pack/pick up their things.

      • By both of their accounts it seems it was back and forth in a very short time.
        We yet have any confirmation on why she told him or he says he was told she was pregnant.
        Regardless he said he was leaving before and after the supposed pregnancy.
        I think it is clear she wanted him to leave. She was on 911 telling him to leave. He is on 911 saying he was packing to leave.
        In fact it seems by the time frame he was going to leave around the same time she claims she asked him to get help or get out. He could be using a farse about being told she was pregnant to excuse why he stayed. Because it makes no sense why EITHER of them stayed with each other if one is claiming they were going to leave and the other is claiming abuse.
        But either George was leaving or he was not. She asked him to or she did not. Why he stayed has no relevance to the criminal case against him now. Even if she lied about being pregnant.
        He chose to stay.

    • It warms my heart to see that TMZ would propagate George-positive gossip. I didn’t realize they would be willing to do this.

  15. What does Shellie think turned George Zimmerman into a monster? Was it the press? Was it his family? On April 20th she told us she had been married for 5 years to George and under oath (which I admit she copped to lying about financials), she told the world George is NOT violent. My production of her testimony that day.

    • Interesting to note: the two incidents BDLR describes about interaction between George and his ex. Veronica, were not a part of the reason she filed an injunction. Those two incidents (gum snapping, and pushed onto a bed) occurred while they were living together.

      The injunction occurred after they had split up and was over a tousle over her cell phone. It started playful, George wanted to stay the night and pocketed her cell phone daring her to get it. Her dog may have thought he was hurting her and tried to protect her and it bit Zimmerman on his face near his jaw. She called police and they recommended an injunction. Next day she filed and injunction and he filed an injunction against her when he got served. They were both granted a year’s injunction against each other.

      Here is Veronica’s statement to the FBI on March 30, 2012 https://annettekblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/gz-ex-veronica-statement-to-fbi.pdf

      • Veronica is George Zimmerman Violent?
        Veronica Is George Violent

        Page 5 of her statement to FBI on March 30, 2012 “Although Zimmerman had a bad temper with Veronica, she never witnessed any significant displays of anger or violence toward other people.”

        • I think people besides the ex women in his life have said he has changed since the shooting and trial. I think Shellie said of his newer behavior and the Veronica & Samantha issues
          “He had it in him. ”
          I take that she is saying warning signs were there that she ignored, & a pattern is emerging of violence *since the trial.
          I would not view his relationships with these women as violent. I am not sure they had either. He seems to be manipulative, and likes to intimidate when the relationship is not going good. That is more emotionally and mentally abusive. But with the break ups he seems to get aggressive. Mentally I think he percieves he is justified as long as she did something first, and he one ups them to show he is in control. But he does stay within the grey area. So that is where I question is he sick or is he manipulating?

          • It should be noted that in both incidents, it was George who attempted to put a locked door between himself and the folks who were trying to argue with him.

            Now that simply doesn’t sound like the actions of someone who is aggressively trying to escalate a situation… that is someone deliberately trying to avoid any further confrontation.

            • Unless it is when these women announced they were calling police is the reason he attempts to put space between them.
              Didnt he claim the same thing happened with Veronica in his injunction? She stated she told him to leave. He claimed she wanted him to stay?
              As for the Shellie incident yes he put a door between them, but only after it got physical and she called the police. He did not call the police after his accussation that he was hit with the IPad.
              He three upped Shellie. He hit her Dad(allegedly), intimidated with a concealed firearm(I saw that on video), and broke the evidence needed to see the altercation(by police accounts).

              I remember someone interviewed by the FBI stated that George was abused by his Mother. Now, I am not gonna get into the affects of child abuse. But, if this statement is true & GZ shared this with this person, this could be partly responsible for his quick temper with women and his ability to manipulate himself as the victim, as well as his possible thought process they deserve the treatment and that is why there is no remorse, no leasson learned, and the same pattern seen over and over during a failed relationship.

          • Having seen Shellie’s provocative actions on video one might ask is she manipulative or just rationalizing that her temper is justified.

  16. Im quite disappointed to see so many people not use the same degree of skepticism given to the claims of the scheme team and prosecution to the outrageous claims made Scheibe ? Could the race/ethnicity of the claimant be influencing the level of credibility you give the claimant because the motives of the two are exactly the same. MONEY!

  17. Hey David! So glad to see you here.. I have been thinking about you & wanted to share a link I wanted you to see. It was hilarious, you’ve probably seen it. Obama goes to the funeral of Mandela. (your selfie of Obama made it to National News & HuffPo even,) There was a black gentleman standing near Obama that was “signing for the deaf!” OR at least that’s what the audience thought that was NOT deaf.

    Other Deaf Interpreters watching said “it was JIBBERISH & not anything understandable or in any known language.” LMAO! The interpreter first claimed to have had a psychotic break, then he claimed he was schizophrenic & was known to be violent, then he claimed to be hallucinating. I swear, if you told me this I would say you were LYING! It’s made National News! How crazy is that?


    How in he hell did that nut job get that job? What a shame for those deaf that missed everyhing because of this nut.

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