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Zimmerman Arrest – Part 3

Thanks Coreshift for the interview with $hellie and Katie.

Shellie is George Zimmerman violent?

Veronica is George Zimmerman violent?
Veronica Is George Violent

Veronica’s statement to FBI on March 30, 2012 reveals BDLR misled the court about the incident that led to the injunction filed in 2005.
GZ Ex (Veronica) Statement to FBI


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  1. MOM was interviewed by Anderson Cooper (CNN).

    MOM repeated that there was “absolutely no doubt” that GZ acted in justified self-defense.

    MOM also pointed out that in cases of officer-involved shootings, the officers are given extensive counseling and that many have a hard time dealing with their crises. MOM said the GZ did not have such counseling, but subjected to 18 months of being the most hated man in America.

  2. hooson1st ~ while most agree there is no doubt GZ needs some type of professional help/evaluation, MOM is correct in what he said BUT what MOM didn’t say was this: the difference is that officer’s that are involved in shootings are privy to extensive counseling at taxpayers expense, it may even be a requirement before they can return to work. GZ gets the counseling that he can pay for as a private citizen, or at this point, possibly Medicaid might pay. Too, without intervention of some kind, GZ will have to pursue the help he needs if it is not ordered in the DV case.

  3. Hello, Everyone; I have been trying to follow all of the things that have occurred since trial. i would have never figured George to act like he has nor do i understand his behavior. My observation since his interview with Hannity is that he has become a different person. Maybe he has all of us fooled.

    BTW is there any news in the NBC suit or the legal actions taken against Corey? And what is the status of the sanctions hearing. Since I can no longer receive notifications about new threads or comments to posts to which I am subscribed, i have follow this all the old fashioned way.

    iI am getting a new IMac this weekend and hope this issue will be resolved then. I surely missing seeing everyone and hope all is well. Annette, do you show me being subscribed to either new threats or comments?

  4. Thanks to YancyFaith on twitter for the links to understand what George may be going through. I’ll email these links to a member of the family who talks with George.

    Officer Involved Shooting Guidelines: http://theiacp.org/psych_services_section/pdfs/Psych-OfficerInvolvedShooting.pdf

    Police Officer Can Deal with PTSD-like symptoms after a shooting: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/crime-law/police-officers-can-deal-with-ptsd-like-symptoms-a/nPX8Q/

    Aftermath of a self-defense homicide can be profound: http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2012/06/experts_the_psychological_afte.html

    ♥ Yancy ♥

  5. I agree that Shellie seems selfish knowing that she says will put his life in danger and make it less likely he will be able to recover. I am sure she is angry about the affair.

    • I think that is unfair. The ones who put his life in danger are the ones who believe George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood because he was black.
      His life is in danger because Trayvon Martins parents, just like the McBrides, and the Johnsons believe white men are getting away with murder.
      His life is in danger because the media made this a high profile case.
      But, I think at this point many many people feel they would rather have him do himself in.
      Like OJ. So her speaking about her experience is not another peg in the hole, he is creating the hole and placing the pegs. Nobody is hunting him down to blow his head off because his ex is talking. In fact Traybots and Zimmerman supporters have hating Shellie in common. Both sides want her to go away.

      • That is not unfair. The ones making the death threats are those who believe US killed TM because he’s,black. Shellie knows the danger he is in from those making death threats. The things she’s saying are convincing people the jury made a mistake.

        • They will believe he is gulity depsite being found not guilty no matter who talks and who does not. Did you follow the news after his aquittal and before Shellie spoke to the media? Even his speeding tickets were viewed as disrespect for authority which in their eyes makes him a cold blooded stalking murderer who killed a teen minding his biz. Do you really believe they need Shellie to convince them in what they already believe?
          They are still hoping for Federal charges. Not one time has Shellie said he was a racist or that she believes his intent that night was to go out and kill someone.

          I believe she is questioning his response to when the two met up. Actually many many people are that had supported him. It does not change the fact he acted in self defense. But it does leave a question whether or not he was telling the truth about their encounter that lead to him being assaulted.
          It is much easier for some including Shellie to now believe that it is possible the verbal encounter could have been much different which resulted in him causing his own assault and then having no choice but to defend himself. Still self defense but provoking none the less. That is not how I feel, that is how some feel. But I can see how and why they may have changed their minds.
          His relationship issues for me anyway have nothing to do with his self defense case that night. These women have their own view due to their personal experience with him. It is their right to share and others right to determine the truth of their statements.
          He again will have his day in court. If SS set him up that will be found out.
          But excusing or denying the possibility he has some anger, depression, guilt, paranoia, or other issues which are the driving force in how he is acting now, for the sheer purpose to argue a prior case is ignorance in both camps.
          I feel these are newer issues as the result of many past things that have finally come to head now. I feel he is unaware how his actions are affecting his moving on, his civil suits and relationships. He is isolating himself longer and maybe that is what he feels he deserves.
          But excusing or denying his actions is enabling self destruction.

  6. I notice that Robert Jr took his parents website off his Twitter profile. I still have their address and sent a nite of support.

      • It might just nit show up on my tablet. I didn’t bring my laptop. I just looked at my own profile and most if my description was missing.

    • Sharon ~ I have been thinking about GZ’s parents. The ole saying, “a parent is as happy as their saddest child” no doubt rings true for our adult children too. I’m sure GZ’s parents must be worried sick about George it was thoughtful you sent them a note. Though families can be complicated or dysfunctional, the love remains in most, even if they are on the “outs.”

      • I had not heard that saying but it is so true. I hope their site US not down. I hope people will donate. It’s the only safe way to help George. Money sent to him might be lost in divorce court.

    • Hooson, very good article. Have seen the sucker punch mentality at work in large city I lived in several years back. Disgusting way of and proving how tough they are. They walked among people who were just out enjoying a parade and punched them unexpectedly in the face for

    • Thomas Sowell focused his topic this week on the knockout game, something I have never heard.

      Sowell stated:
      The main reason for many people’s surprise is that the mainstream media have usually suppressed news about the “knockout game” or about other and larger forms of similar orchestrated racial violence in dozens of cities in every region of the country. Sometimes the attacks are reported, but only as isolated attacks by unspecified “teens” or “young people” against unspecified victims, without any reference to the racial makeup of the attackers or the victims — and with no mention of racial epithets by the young hoodlums exulting in their own “achievement.”

      A very dangerous game!

      Another indictment of the MEDIA concerning race, made by a black man holding the MEDIA responsible.

    • the knock out game is a form of mob violence. The first time I learned about it was from a local cop who was livid that the city suppressed 4 mob violence beatdowns of white on Telegraph Ave, one guy nearly died from head trauma. It was in the mid 80s, and roving packs of black teens randomly assaulting whites and Asians near UCB, now they rob individuals with guns, often in groups of 3.

  7. Just watched the interview with Shellie and Katie. She has lied so much. She contradicted herself so many times in that interview. One moment she fully believes in George’s innocence and the next minute she doubts his story. One minute George has such a good heart (she put an emphasis on good) and the next minute he was emotionally abusive.

      • and from listening to Shellie it is clear she is ignorant of how trauma affected her husband, she tells the public he must not be the person she thought he was, what a projection of her own needs, no depth or comprehension of what he has been through. For a woman becoming a nurse she is in for quite an education on how people struggle with stress. I think she is just looking out for #1 with no regrets for harming George whatsoever.

        • She doesn’t seem to care how much she hurts him. I wonder what happened to change that after the trial. She could have done a lot of harm during the trial.

          • sharon ~ the way I see it is this which is different than your perspective: we don’t know what the relationship was between SZ & GZ during the trial, we do know that SZ supported GZ during the trial, an unpleasant experience for anyone, she could have left GZ before the trial & have been better off as she has now realized, but she didn’t. Attorney’s like for their clients/defendants to have a show of support during a trial, especially from a wife or husband.

            imo, I seriously doubt SZ inflicted harm to GZ during the trial, I would imagine GZ having to sit in Court day after day listening to the Prosecutors case was excruciating & the realization the Prosecutors were willing to lie, whatever, to convict him at any cost. SZ did not put GZ in that position, she wasn’t even home the night the tragedy occurred, the tragedy didn’t involve SZ but she suffered as well as GZ.

            GZ left soon after the verdict with out thanking many, Taffee is just one who has again stood by GZ for posting his bail, many worked tirelessly for GZ besides MOM/West, those friends & loved were owed more than a humbling THANK YOU.

            • I don’t begrudge him not remembering to say thank you at that time. I’m sure he was grateful all through the trial. The guards were there ready to put cuffs on him as the juror read the verdict. I’m sure he noticed it. He would have been taken away to spend most of the rest of his life in prison. When it was over, he unraveled. It actually wasn’t over because he still had death threats hanging over him and he couldn’t work.

  8. According to BGI media mouthpieces it is now “manipulation of the judicial system” to introduce evidence that an individual was savagely attacked and forced to save their own life!

    George Zimmerman: I pity the fool
    November 21, 2013 10:52 PM

    By Tony Norman / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    The rage I used to feel toward George Zimmerman for the ease with which he manipulated Florida’s incompetent criminal justice system has been replaced by something totally unexpected in recent days — pity.

    The man who convinced a jury that the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was something the victim brought on himself has apparently not had a moment’s peace since his acquittal in August.

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/tony-norman/2013/11/22/George-Zimmerman-I-pity-the-fool/stories/201311220096#ixzz2lPDarerM

    • Wow that dude is an asshat. Concern trolling to the nth degree, surprised he didn’t throw out a racism charge while he was at it.

    • He manipulated a system? Miamis press on its own is intolerant talking about Cuban dialect, and Spanish newspapers to sell. Florida may be in competition with LA in more ways then one but lets be honest, what does this have to do with whites or the justice system?
      It is what it is. No other case can compare and it should never! Each case the judicial system should take on the EVIDENCE of the accusation to the laws of the State, not race, marches, majority, or minority!
      If Corey UTILIZED the system being that called the Grand Jury, NOBODY involved would have manipulated the system!

      • Corey is a tool. A willing tool. She is getting what she deserves. Going and being put up against the system she established and created. Her and her side men. It is quiet now. It is oh so silent, but eventually there will be a loud sound against the corruption she was successful in achieving. E ven before George this lady was corrupt.

        • Danny ~ you are so right, Corey is a tool, a valuable tool more than willing to participate & as far as I can tell, has always been corrupt as some of her cases reflect & the opinions of her peers, that’s exactly why most of us think the skank was “chosen” by Governor/Pam Bondi, to quell the racial tension.

          I was so glad to see at least in Fla., imo, after the loss by Corey/ BDLR, the Governor had done all he was going to do for the BGI/Sybrina/Tracy/Grifters, they were unsuccessful to demand a special session of SYG & the college student’s didn’t get a lot of publicity for their “sit in” in the capitol to protest, well, except for complaining they couldn’t get food after 5:30 brought in.

          I wish Holder would hurry up & announce he “can’t find GZ did anything illegal,” ALL the documents in his possession need to be made available to the public. imo.

  9. Amazing how you don’t hear the Traybots scream injustice regarding this 65 year old white male who was prosecuted by Angela Corey and sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots into the ground

    A 65-year-old Keystone Heights man sentenced to 20 years in jail for firing shots into the ground will be getting a new trial.

    Ronald Joseph Thompson had his conviction tossed out this week by Circuit Judge Don Lester. He was released pending that new trial, said Greg Newburn, director of Families Against Mandatory Minimums Florida Project.

    The judge found that the jury instructions in Thompson’s original trial were misleading regarding the justifiable use of deadly and non-deadly force.

    A new trial is the latest twist in a saga that has wrapped Thompson in controversy over the state’s “10-20-Life” statutes. A jury convicted Thompson of four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm in a September 2009 shooting that occurred at a neighbor’s home.

    Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2012-06-26/story/clay-county-65-year-old-sentenced-10-20-life-case-gets-new-trial#ixzz2lR61CNsJ

      • mimi ~ it just means Couric is making a change in job, it doesn’t diminish the millions upon millions Couric is paid year after year. Couric is worth 55 million dollars & the millions keep growing. I share your pain, I wish she would retire.

        I often wonder why those that can, cling to the limelight just to see themselves in media/TV. Barbara Walters is another one as well as Joan Rivers that makes millions, more than their grandchildren’s grandchildren could spend but yet they still see themselves as relevant & networks are still willing to pay. I don’t get it, LOL!

        • The networks pay because the advertisers pay. The advertisers pay because they believe that they are reaching their target audience. As long as the enough of the sought audience tunes in, the show will go on.

    • Nettles ~ the bad news is that National Media & countless other cable outlets reported the story & interview immediately. The thing is, you don’t have to watch a show to get the information/interview from the show.

      That’s what sucked so badly imo w/Tracy/Sybnrina/Crump, they could do one interview or statement, & all the National Media/cable reported it.

    • Samantha did not seem to be worried that George would hurt her. She seemed more concerned that she was locked out of her house than what he might do. She stayed right at the door and the dispatcher had to persuade her to move away. She made a comment there would be publicity.

      • I agree Sharon. Samantha did not appear to be afraid in the least, but hopping mad. Her words “Are you kidding me!! This is my house!!” because she was being moved out the door by George. I think he got tired of her screeching and locked her out so he could get on with his packing.

      • Not a typical behavior from someone who just had a gun pointed at them.

        Why would she possibly want to go back inside the house with someone that just did that?

  10. Shelly is going to have to do much better if she wants to get back in the good graces with the Trayvonites and BGI.

    Grovel Shellie. You can’t remotely even hint to the fact that George was nothing but evil incarnate with a burning insatiable hatred for black people.

    Repeat after me.
    George is racist, George is racist, George is racist.

    None of this mentoring black underprivileged kid shit and had mostly black friends, Forget it ever happened.

  11. Wanted to let you all know I’ve finally done another video it’s called “Is George Zimmerman a Monster?” and it’s about 15 minutes long. I realize that’s a long time investment but so far people are reacting very positively to it. I want to thank coreshift because I incorporated some of the clips referred to in this post, and I believe others that he’s posted in earlier months and weeks.

    It details a lot of what GZ has been put through by the media, BGI, etc. It also brings together a lot of the most positive things people have said about him.

    I would love any feedback any of you have, either here or in the comment section at YouTube 🙂


  12. Zimmermans, O’Mara settle lawsuit with security company!
    George Zimmerman’s security team paid $30K in settlement, attorney says!

    George Zimmerman’s first security team, Associated Investigative Services, claims that Zimmerman and O’Mara owe them more than $27,000 plus interest, according to the lawsuit filed in December 2012.

    The security company’s attorney tells Local 6 on Friday the $30,000 was paid from the Zimmermans. No other details were immediately available.


    It is the surprising the Zimmerman’s paid this since they forever state they have no money, I assume the Defense Fund is exhausted since Taffee paid GZ’s bail & MOM has paid his dues in this case, the security services were provided for GZ/SZ, not MOM.

      • sharon ~ there is a donation site called “GO FUNDS ME” that is available for anyone to set up a donation site for anyone, victims of crimes, illnesses, etc. Some have been amazingly successful.

        A GO FUND ME account could be set up by anyone for GZ & SZ would have NO claim to any donations since this would happen AFTER SZ FILED for divorce against GZ & GZ is in possession of the papers, their community property has been severed now. The original Legal Defense Fund/Living Expenses fund was set up during their marriage & would likely be considered “community property.” I know there a fee to use the site, IDK, but it is available, just something to think about.

        “Go Fund Me” has been successful in providing a site to get monies for many, including the guy that owned the “love of his life,” a boat in his backyard which LE/SWAT/Etc. shot up when shooting at the Boston Terrorist suspect, there were 80 shots fired at the unarmed terrorist, yet the boat was a total loss. Someone set up an account for the Homeowner & more than enough monies were raised to re-place the boat. Someone else set up an account for a friend that lost limbs in the Boston Terrorist account & raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victim.


        • JMHO, but would NOT DONATE ANY $ to ANY site for Geo (or Shellie for that matter) UNLESS IT WAS ACKNOWLEDGE BY HIS LAWYER WAS A LEGIT SITE (OR BY FAMILY I GUESS) Too many people scheming and scamming, And I don’t know honestly how you would be able to say ok, I gave you X amount of $ and you didn’t go to dr so I want it back. Sounds like a bad can of worms to me. I feel sure there are “ways” for him to get assistance if needed. One thing if I were him would be heck can I trust them? Especially after they brought in his or tried to bring in all of his medical issues in the criminal case.. Could him having a suit filed against NBC and those people who got fired be some sort of legit hold up on getting assistance?

          Personally, I think there are A LOT of little things we either don’t realize or have privy to (which I don’t think we should personally) that are what some are calling hold ups. From what I understand and have read in papers for years, that civil cases can take YEARS. And there is so many other little things that may play a part into the big picture (sanctions- Ben K case- other lady who suing Corey office). Does Omara have a legal time frame he HAS to bring back up? I think the one for ScamFam is Feb 26 2014 correct? This is week of Thanksgiving, then about 3 wks til Christmas and New Years Holidays. I doubt very seriously if ANYTHING done until after first of year or at last min possible. again just my opinion and ramblings.

          • mimi ~ it may be that donations for GZ have run their course. There was truly a need for the Defense Fund but these other situations go on in peoples lives daily, people divorce, argue, get arrested with no assistance from anyone, some stay in jail as there is no one to bail them out.

            The Civil Suit would not prevent GZ from getting assistance as there has been no $$ awarded in a Judgement & it could take years. I was reading somewhere today that GZ would qualify for Medicaid for any medical needs, food stamps, he is already privy to a public defender at no cost to him, rent assistance, cell phone assistance, etc. There are a lot of resources available to GZ since he is now indigent.

            My sisters wrongful death case took 5 yrs., the week before jury selection, the Physician’s Insurance Company settled at the maximum my State allows. There isn’t much incentive for the NBC attorney’s to settle GZ’s suit any time soon, they are gainfully employed by NBC & probably have a lot of cases & negotiations for the network.

            You are correct the Grifters have until Feb.26, 2014 to file a Civil Suit/wrongful death case. It irks me to death that KC has had PRO BONO attorney’s standing in line to represent her in her Criminal Case as well as ALL of her Civil Suits. KC has never used public defenders because she doesn’t need to, go figure.

    • Just speculating here, but this suit was filed a long time ago and I would imagine that that $ was set aside for by MOM. Also, would have to go back and refresh seems like Geo had paid a certain amount back then, will go back and see if I can find. I truly doubt the Zimmermans were as in his parents/family now. I would speculate it means Geo and Shellie, as they were the ones being protected.

      • mimi ~ I had assumed GZ’s parent’s, but when the Attorney for the security company said the “Zimmermans,” he could have well been talking about SZ/GZ as you suggest. It’s plausible that the monies were tagged & put in an escrow account so GZ/SZ wouldn’t spend the money & the money would be accessible to pay when the case was resolved.

        GZ did pay the security company monies & the cost was ongoing, but GZ broke the contract when he hired someone else that was cheaper, the problem was he was under contract w/the Company he has now paid. The Security Company sued for the broken contract for the months left on the contract & monies owed..

        • I may be misunderstanding you, if so I apologize, this is the security co that last Dec filed whatever its called, sueing Geo, Shellie and Omara. They had already paid $40,000 and had outstanding bal of IIRC $66,000 or something like that. I am taking it that this $30000 is a compromise from that filing. And that’s why I was thinking they already had it earmarked for that. I could be wrong.

          • mimi ~ you understood correctly. The reason the bill was so high for GZ/SZ was that they had 2 security people or more, I assume around the clock. The security company didn’t feel they needed 2 people when they were interviewed when they filed the suit but that was what GZ/SZ wanted.

            mimi ~ The security company sued MOM/SZ/GZ for $ 27,000.00 & the settlement of the $ 30,000.00 included paying off that bill PLUS interest on 27,000.00.

            Interview w/security company:
            AIS said it provided a security detail for Zimmerman’s second bond hearing on June 29, after which the arrangement evolved into “nearly constant” watch on Zimmerman’s family and included escorting his father to the airport and personally guarding other members of his family, says the Sentinel


            I am surprised that MOM allowed GZ to use Defense Funds on the Security company to “watch” other members of GZ’s family. MOM lost this suit, the trio signed a contract so imo, MOM didn’t have an issue w/it until the Defense Fund was low & it was brought to his attention. Although the bills seemed high, IDK, it was the deal the trio made & knew the rates.

          • I thought SZ/GZ/MOM had signed a contract, but apparently, the Judge held the trio responsible for the “oral contract.” No doubt MOM had his hands full w/the criminal case, but it seems strange to me that GZ/SZ apparently had no concerns about the service provided or the cost by the security company until MOM put a stop to it.

            MOM tried to have his name removed from this law suit but was unsuccessful, sad MOM’s only defense was “we didn’t sign a contract,” a lost argument. It seems, imo, if the person “over seeing the defense fund” had known about GZ’s family using the security company at the Defense Funds expense, it would not have been allowed. I can see why MOM settled this in the full amount.

            • “No doubt MOM had his hands full w/the criminal case, but it seems strange to me that GZ/SZ apparently had no concerns about the service provided or the cost by the security company until MOM put a stop to it.”

              Honestly, we don’t know what GZ/SZ thought or of concerns, really. And I am not them, I wouldn’t no what was a lot of $ for security but I am pretty sure that their fear prob high and also, they prob didn’t have a day to day detail on costs. During that time frame, just having security was prob a big concern.

              • From what I recall reading, it was Mr. O’Mara who set all this up with AIS while George was in jail.

                The Zimmerman’s sound like they were really frightened and was asking for 24 hour protection not only for them but the family as well.

                I recall reading Robert Zimmerman was escorted to the airport.

                George is very frugal from my understanding and once the bills started rolling in, he put a stop to the service. They sourced another cheaper security company and scaled back their requirements.

                For 6 weeks of security the bill with AIS was $67,000. There is no way they could have maintained that cost for a year until trial.

                The Fund paid $40,000 and they (O’Mara, George and Shellie) got sued for the additional $27,000 owing plus interest.

  13. I am almost home from Key West. Returning to an ice storm. Samantha picked a bad time to try to collect on what fame and fortune she thought she could get from her relationship with George…..at least as far as I am concerned. No time is a good time, but I spent my trip worrying. The unethical media hurts a lot of people when it exploits tragedies like thus. It hurts the families directly involved and those who can see the horrible thing they are doing to a family. I wonder how many others have had happy occasions saddened over this.

  14. I was curious as to the wording of the NBC Civil Suit today & re-read it to refresh my memory. The NBC suit is against NBC Universal Media, & the 2 employees fired by NBC. The reason NBC got sued was for the editing & misrepresentation of GZ’s call which was broadcast to millions, over, & over again portraying GZ to be a racist & to inflame the public. NBC even apologized for their ineptitude BUT the damage was done. The portrayal of GZ as a racist, of course NBC wasn’t the only one, but it ratcheted up the low IQ viewership at NBC of those that believed the lies & validated their belief TM was murdered because of his race. OUTRAGEOUS!

    It’s not good that GZ has made any news since his acquittal but that is what was always going to happen if GZ did anything out of line simply because it was news that GZ was involved. jmho ~ I don’t see that these other incidents should impact GZ’s suit against NBC because NBC portrayed GZ as a “racist,” which he is clearly NOT. IANAL, but GZ may have opened himself up to all of this in a deposition by NBC because in Civil Suits, just about anything can be asked & is fair game. I still don’t see that these incidents have any relation to the NBC suit, they were not race related so hopefully, the NBC suit is still on, just going slowly.

    I wish MOM would answer questions as to the NBC case since he too represents GZ in that Civil Suit.

    NBC Suit:

    • I’ve been wondering when the suite was going to be filed. I was rather hoping it would happen after the divorce was settled because I don’t think Shellie should get any of it as she is now in cahoots with the media that is slandering George.

  15. I’m back home. Checked Twitter on my computer and Robert Jr still has a link to his parents’ web site on his profile. It was missing when I looked at it on my Kindle Fire. I guess my Kindle Fire just doesn’t show everything.

  16. Interesting. They seemed to get Samantha pretty accurate. I’m not so sure about George. One reason they’re having trouble keeping George in jail is because he hasn’t really done anything.

    It’s not good that he’s now unarmed and those who are threatening to kill him know it. On the other hand, if he were to have to shoot someone else in self defense, it would be worse than all over for him.

  17. I had to create a new account while on a trip because I had trouble getting into my old one on my tablet. The new account had same avatar. I got tired of Pondering Observer. I created that for my own blog and got tired of having it for discussions. Would rather go by my own first name.

    • Nettles ~ what an uber liberal Lisa Bloom is, if she is aware of “best evidence the State had they didn’t present” that would have convicted GZ, she should have shared it. The fact is the State didn’t even have enough evidence to charge GZ & there Lisa Bloom is, promoting her new book on the case. I resent Kurtz calling GZ a “loser.”

      The difference in OJ & GZ is that OJ, imo, was truly of the criminal mindset, a murderer of 2 innocent victims, he was bound to commit more crimes in which he did. Kidnapping, guns, threats of violence caught on tape have OJ sitting in jail where he belongs ALL because OJ had hidden assets from the Goldman’s in their Judgement of over 30 million dollars, the grifters stole from OJ, OJ was trying to steal the items back.

      imo, GZ is NOT of the criminal mind set which is a tremendous difference. GZ was absolutely not guilty in the death of TM, but the errs in some of GZ’s Judgement has those like Lisa Bloom predicting GZ will ultimately land in jail, I pray not.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Lisa Bloom is Gloria Alred’s daughter.

    • I had to turn that video. He called GZ a “loser”, and then she portrays him as a violent impulsive guy, she’s one of those people who totally “forgets” about the beating he was getting. And she wrote a book about that event? Sounds like a BGI approved book…..

    • My message to all these liberal ” i could have convicted George Zimmerman” nutjobs is uhhhhh no you could not. These Monday morning quarterbacks unfailingly want to invoke what amounts to character evidence and the moment you make that move in comes trayvon’s cell phone, in comes trayvon’s social media, in comes trayvon’s school records, and in comes the MSPD FOIA records. This can only lead to one result. A super sized ass kicking of the state of Florida and an even bigger humiliation than the prosecution already suffered.

  18. It seems that the new meme among the chronically hateful and stupid is “threaten a white woman and you are arrested immediately but kill a black kid and it takes 45 days”. I guess George must have imagined all the being handcuffed and held at gun point by officer Tim Smith, being tossed in the back of a patrol car and taken to SPD and being interrogated for hours and told no he may not leave. They really are the dumbest cretins on the planet!

  19. OMG. On the Journal Editorial Report right now, the panel is saying that the Justice Dept. sued JP Morgan based on how banks back when were giving home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. These bad loans formed the first stage of our economic collapse. They’re guessing this money is going to go to groups like (now defunct but regrouped) ACORN for these neighborhoods.

    BUT. ACORN type groups, including Obama when he was a community activist, threatened and forced these banks with race baiting to make these bad loans. Now they’re going to get billions. What a racket, disrupt the economy, ruin people’s 401ks, then be rewarded some years later by raking in big bucks.

  20. Does anyone know when George’s affair with Samantha started? I read an article dated September 10th in which John Donnely said that Shellie filed for divorce because she thought he was having an affair with his ex fiance Veronica. He said that she told him never to take Veronica to their house and on September 5th, she saw him pull into the driveway with Veronica in the car and she filed that day. I read another article that said the affair started 2 days after the acquittal.

    Shellie is either not talking about the affair or affairs to the media or they’re not choosing to play that portion of the interviews. I’m trying to determine her motivation for saying things to the media that hurts George’s chances of surviving death threats and getting back on his feet. It would make sense if she is angry over an affair. Was there also an affair with Veronica or was that a mistake? I believe Samantha said George had been living in her apartment since September but when did their affair start. Was Shellie just mistaken about who he was having an affair with or were there 2? It appears that the media is taking advantage of the situation and maybe manipulating an angry wife. Looks like the woman he had the affair with may have planned to use him for money and fame all along. Someone here said the affair didn’t start until after Shellie filed for divorce. John Donnely said the affair is why Shellie filed. Did she just think there was an affair and then one did happen after she filed?

    None of that matters in whether or not he’s guilty of the crime he’s accused of, but what Shellie is saying is hurting George immensely.

  21. This is interesting: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/11/how_trayvons_knockout_game_went_bad.html

    Sundance posted something suggesting TM was playing the knockout game. I responded by saying this is so different from other situations of that game. The main one is that there’s usually an audience. Also, I pointed out that what he did to GZ seemed to be more in line with how he said he likes to fight, knock the opponent down with one punch and jump on top.

    I don’t know if Cashill is right, but I can see how it might be. Maybe when he wasn’t knocked out with one punch, TM jumped on top and used his usual fighting method. It’s hard to say.

  22. He was not playing the game but he did freak when george screamed. His fear was getting busted. Recall his pot hiding on his bus ride. That is what scared him. Not the fat snitch in the car. Tray baited him and it cost him his life. He probably wanted to impress some ody.

    • The point of tying TM action to the so-called game which is hardly a game is connecting the brutally of suckerpunching a stranger for the thrill of dominance.


  23. In Christi O’Conner’s latest “Exclusive” she writes it was O’Mara who paid the security bill and tacked the amount onto George’s debt which is included in the 2.5 million. According to Ms. O’Conner O’Mara nor Zimmerman returned her inquiries so I’m not certain how reliable this news is. Shellie Zimmerman is known to have provided O’Conner with inside information before but since Sept. 9th, Shellie Zimmerman has no idea what is going on with George Zimmerman or that defense fund. Her divorce papers said she didn’t know the defense fund balance at the time of her filing (Sept. 5th).


    • Nettles ~ it’s possible that MOM paid this bill since MOM’s name was attached to the law suit along w/SZ/GZ’s & MOM wouldn’t want that as an outstanding Judgement of monies owed reflecting as him as one of the parties since MOM shares a fine reputation. If MOM paid the bill, it was for this reason only, imo, had MOM’s name NOT been on the lawsuit, imo, MOM would not have paid the $ 30,000.00.

      I assumed there were no monies left in the Defense Fund since Taffee paid to bail GZ out of jail.

    • Just catching up, while up awaiting winter weather 🙂 so If I happen to “disappear” could be loss of power as poss ice predicted…

      Anywhoo, thinking, it is possible that Shellie does know something about this, as HER name is also attached the lawsuit. I would assume that her or her attorney would likely receive copies. If that is true, then I see the probability of her giving to this Kristi chick. Just a thought. Shame again on Shellie if this is what happened.

      • mimi ~ you are exactly correct, it’s not only possible, it’s a fact SZ was sued just like GZ & MOM, it’s a fact SZ would know what took place, how it was settled, & she WOULD too receive ALL copies of the legal paperwork. When you are sued w/others or independently, you receive ALL the paperwork, you aren’t excluded.

        This is WHY O’Connor has seen documentation especially if SZ CHOSE to show her. I haven’t read that the settlement was “confidential,” the documents can probably be accessed by anyone willing to go to the clerks office to get copies & make them public.

    • I seen on twitter a number of people asking, who’s Macklemore? Using the Zimmerman case is a good way to get you recognized. I’ve never heard of Macklemore and a number on twitter hadn’t but mention Trayvon and you’re in the news.

      Lisa Bloom. on Howard Kurtz, mentioned her book on the case 4 times in her short interview with him. It’s ridiculous to claim, as she did, the prosecutor botched the case. There was no case. It should never have been charged but Ms. Bloom is looking to sell books.

      • The problem w/the uninformed mackelmore/ryan/lewis at the AMA awards touting TM’s death as racial profiling, the AMA awards reach millions of young people across America & then the one’s that missed it, can catch it on you tube. A large block of the uninformed believe this including those under 18 & younger, will continue growing up uninformed as to the facts in the case, imo, brainwashed.

        Of course many that watch the AMA awards are not uninformed or as young as some, but those informed AREN’T speaking up to correct the stupidity because, imo, they are in the minority of those that know the facts of TM’s death. Pathetic!

    • Cashill might be right. Sundance wrote an article about that. My first response was that it was very different from the knock out game and more like the way Trayvon told his friend (in text message) that he likes to fight, which is sucker punch and then mount. Then I read what Cashill said and it’s possible that’s what Trayvon was trying to do. That might be why he was slamming George’s head against concrete. He may have still been trying to knock him out. I think George said he feared he would be unconscious. Who would just allow someone to knock them out. If you’re unconscious, and alone with the person who assaulted you, you’re at his mercy. Most people would have killed the attacker before allowing him to knock him unconscious.

    • I just noticed some people commented on the possibility of TM playing the knock out game. The comments are up the thread a bit. WordPress makes it difficult to see where people comment on what someone writes.

  24. George Zimmerman drops public defender, hires Miami lawyer!

    Zimmerman was represented by the 18th Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office during his first appearance before a judge on Tuesday, the day after his arrest. He was granted $9,000 bail, and bonded out that day.

    However, Zimmerman has now elected to drop the Public Defender’s Office and hire Jayne Weintraub, a south Florida private criminal defense attorney, to represent him, according to his former public defender, Jeff Dowdy.

    It’s unclear how Zimmerman will afford private representation. In indigence paperwork last week, Zimmerman claimed to have $144, and owe $2.5 million in debt. Weintraub didn’t immediately return a call for comment.


    • winsome ~ I too am not a fan of Janie’s, her voice & appearance should be a reminder to anyone that has smoked all of their adult life as to the toll of physical appearance. Janie has a reputation of being an “uber liberal,” I seem to remember her bad mouthing GZ in the beginning of GZ’s case claiming he was “racially profiling,” but she seems passionate for under dogs.

      Most legal analyst think this is a “he said, she said case” which will likely be thrown out, BUT, although she is representing GZ in a winnable case, it is the PUBLICITY that GZ desperately needs in dispelling a lot that has been shared about him that is not true. GZ can’t do it, MOM isn’t representing him, Janie is someone that can handle the aspect of the MEDIA & challenge those that don’t have facts. I would think Public Defenders can’t do that since like Prosecutors in cases, they would be prevented from going on HLN/CNN from commenting on on going cases since they too are “public servants” when working as “public defenders.”

      My bet is that Janie will tell the story of the “Pregnancy,” whether ever true or not, GZ seemed to have believe it it seems.

      • I am unsure if it will be thrown out Art 😦
        GZs claims do not add up. Putting aside the he said she said….
        She was on the phone with 911 when she was locked from the house. She obviously did not leave on her own accord by listening to her 911 tape.
        He claims he had not touched her.

        During her 911 tape the operator asks her “Where is the gun now?”
        Response “He just laid it down on the table.”

        Then there is his story with the guns. His 911 call and statements to police.
        On 911 he says he was packing, the guns were packed. He says did not point a gun at her, he did not brandish them but she prolly saw them when he was packing them. Then he says she broke the table with “something” of his.

        Then at the station he gives a statement she threw the guns in the living room as he was packing breaking the table. And that he had NO physical contact with her. And he videoed the encounter.

        When police get in all the guns are packed in the case and locked. Which is why they got a warrant.

  25. WHO is Jayne Weintraub?


    You will know exactly who “Janie” is when you see her picture & recognize her as a constant commentator in the past for HLN/CNN especially on KC’s case & if you have followed other high profile cases. I don’t care for Janie BUT ALL that is IMPORTANT is that GZ feels good about his choice & her representing him, I trust GZ’s Judgement, after all, he chose MOM/West! “Janie” will be able to score much needed AIR TIME w/HLN/CNN to tell his story & dispel bull chit allowed to be spread there.

    It is possible that GZ paid “Janie” a small amount since he is indigent & she is not charging him for the rest, but it is too possible someone stepped up to pay Janie. Janie has had a career practice like MOM & Janie too has had some high profile cases, this too puts Janie back in the spotlight, something she wants. Though I haven’t always agreed w/Janie on past cases, she is more than PASSIONATE about her beliefs, something GZ sorely needs now, he desperately needs “Janie” defending him in the MEDIA, especially on HLN/CNN.

  26. FIRST MOTION FILED by Janie W.:

    George Zimmerman drops public defender, asks for return of knife & phones
    Zimmerman to be represented by Jayne Weintraub, a south-Florida lawyer and legal commentator.

    MOTION: Zimmerman asks for the return of several items seized by police which he says are “not related to the [domestic violence] charges in any way and are not considered evidence” in the case.

    Those items: An Apple iPhone, a Blackberry cell phone, a small handheld flashlight and a pocket knife.

    Same link as above, just updated:


    Although I know it was legal & part of the investigation that Prosecutors had GZ’s phone for text messages, I cringe to think of ALL the information they read that didn’t pertain to the case at hand & had nothing to do w/the couple,

  27. coreshift ~ thanks for posting the document & giving the public defenders the credit for ALREADY asking for the items, Dowdy is quoted only as saying “GZ has hired Janye.”

    I guess in their haste to be the first to report the story, the OS failed to get their facts straight.

  28. I had been under the impression that MOM had offered his services without charge and that the publicity would be his payment. Janie’s advertisement said that she’s had several high profile cases. My first thought when I read that was that she wouldn’t likely do it for free if she had already had some high profile cases, but Art said she might want back in the spotlight. That might be the case.

    Like Winsome, I hope he knows what he’s doing. There were problems last time when he got low bail and later the defense fund was discovered.

  29. Strolla said the only one of Davis’ friends to call 911 did not ask for police assistance.
    “The kid is as cool as a cucumber,” he said. “If someone had shot at you unprovoked wouldn’t you be calling the police?”
    Strolla said the gun Dunn claimed was aimed at him was not recovered because the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office “never looked for it.”
    Though the names of the callers are redacted, the calls may paint a picture of what happened.
    “Who shot him?” asked the dispatcher in another call.
    “No, I do not, but please send help right away. We need help,” said the caller.
    No one mentions Dunn by name, but the call in which his vehicle was spotted is included in the new evidence.
    “We had shots fired in the parking lot, the person left, but we did get a license plate,” said one caller.

    • jayne weintraub ‏@jcw1818 9 Jul
      @tanyasinwi bc it matches independent eye witnesses I think story is true. Also, doesn’t mean I like who gz is or what gz did I hate guns
      Reply Retweet Favorite More View conversation

    • Looks like she’s anti-gun. She said in another tweet that she hates guns. She seemed to imply she doesn’t like GZ or what he is. Hope that doesn’t affect how she defends him.

      I hate guns, too. My sister was killed by one. I don’t like to even see them. I would get rid of all guns if I could. I just don’t like the idea of keeping ordinary people from having them. We can’t get them away from criminals, so people need to be able to defend themselves. One can hate guns without being anti-gun.

      • I’d feel unsafe with a gun in the house. I’ve never seen one in my life and I hope it remains that way. I’ll be 50 next month. I am grateful that GZ had the means to defend himself when having his head banged into a concrete sidewalk. My girlfriend’s 19 year old son was accidently shot in the face while playing video games with his friend. Luckily he survived it.

        It’s a personal choice and I wouldn’t want the government dictating who can have one and who can’t unless there is a risk to public safety ie: mentally challenged person havng a gun.

        In weighing the risk, I fear an accident with an gun is more likely than becoming a victim of crime and needing a gun. The police station is half a minute away from me. I’m happy to leave it to them to take the training and protect me.

        I do understand the position to be armed so you can defend yourself rather than waiting for the police to answer the call for help. All too often, they are too late.

        • I would fear having the gun taken away from me and used on me. That is what George said almost happened to him. Had he not had the gun, the police would have arrived in time to save him from much more harm. I think he managed to wiggle off the concrete, but he said in doing so, he exposed the gun and Trayvon saw it and said, “You’re going to die tonight, MF.”

          Had George not had the gun, Trayvon would have survived and likely have been arrested and George would be living a normal life.

          • Sharon ~ I am just waiting to read some scumbags delivering the “knockout punch” are met w/lethal force from a citizen that had his wits enough about him to pull out his concealed weapon & distribute some “attitude adjustment” to these thugs!

          • The first officer on the scene didn’t arrive until about 3 minutes after the shot was fired.

            Zimmerman could have suffered some serious damage during that time.

  30. george might have trouble getting his phones back if there is any evidence on there. and how would they know if they don’t look?

    • They’ve already looked at the phones. Nothing there they can use as evidence and he was not charged with anything to do with that ridiculous lie. When the hack shows like HLN didn’t want to pay, I knew there’s was nothing there.

  31. Georgie probably came to the same agreement he had with MOM: get paid if and when George ever gets anything. But she has to wait in line now cause MOM/West have dibs.

  32. Interesting choice by Zimmie for representation in his latest adventure. On the plus side, it is probably a good idea to have an empathetic woman attorney for the male in a DV case. But to have a Jewish liberal (some of my best friends are Jewish!) who is against guns could be a possible problem for an avowed gun nut. On the other hand, how could he possibly be for guns if his attorney is so adamant in her anti-gun rhetoric? Also, getting an attorney all the way in Miami may not be the best idea for a case to be tried in the middle of redneck Floriduh. Just MHO.

    Who would you have chosen? Jose Baez? good choice, but maybe he didn’t want it. Tennis anyone? My choice: underdog Richard Hornsby but doubtful he would take any case without $$$$$$ on the immediate horizon. Maybe if we could throw in a CNN assignment.

    • I agree that George is not a typical gun nut. He decided to get a gun because of a pit bull in the neighborhood. I don’t know that he was an enthusiast before the trial. Afterwards, he needed a gun because of the death threats. Had there been no death threats, we don’t know if his interest in guns would have increased or decreased. Also, he got support from gun enthusiasts and likely found it pleasant to be around people who were nice to him when so many strangers hate him. I thought that was likely why he visited the gun factory. He had to replace his gun because Holder kept the one he had. The owner may have offered him a tour of the factory. It was likely nice to have someone treat him nice.

      Before the shooting, he was an Obama liberal.

    • doubtful:

      1. gun nut
      1. A person who takes a keen interest in firearms and ammunition, possibly including the study, peer discussion, ownership, bearing and use thereof – usually used playingly by oneself or by other firearms enthusiasts in this sense. Often associates with people with similar interests.

  33. It seems that the Trayborg meme of the day is George violated his bond by hiring jayne weintraub. The core of the claim is he committed perjury on his indigence declaration and could not be indigent if he could hire private counsel. The roaches are scurrying around trying to push for bond revocation.

    • Otherwise ~ ALL a client has to do to have an attorney that is willing, is to pay as little as $ 1.00, which you see a lot in the movies for their representation, but the payment relationship between GZ/Jayne will likely remain confidential for awhile.

      Prosecutors may ask Janye how she is being paid & will get an answer, one that will not constitute the bail being revoked, the Judge could even ask GZ for the answer & GZ will have to answer. Those questions were too ask in KC’s case once she filed for indigent status but KC had taken in roughly $ 375,000.00 & then filed for “indigent status” after the funds were exhausted, when you take monies from the State, they can ask.

      Janye could be on a delayed payment plan, pro bono, or a benefactor could have paid her fees, maybe GZ paid her the $ 149.00 Dowdy said he had. This case won’t cost like the case MOM/West handled but no doubt Janye will do a deposition on Sam./mother at least & probably too subpoena her phone records. Of course the State HAS to turn them over anyway. Seems a lot of stupidity & hate going on w/the ill informed.

    • Isn’t it possible to retain private counsel while indigent and have the state pay for the counsel and reasonable expenses? Or is that only if you had counsel prior to declaring indigence? I forget. Regardless, I’m sure she wouldn’t be getting paid what she’s accustomed to.

      • coreshift ~ If a defendant is declared indigent status, the defendant is entitled to 1 Attorney & is paid from a set scale, usually a public defender. In KC’s case, BECAUSE Baez had taken a payment from KC for approx. $ 89,000.00, he was NOT able to then work for KC as her indigent defender because Baez was retained “privately” by KC & had been paid w/funds when KC had money. Forever, Baez remained KC’s private attorney & was prevented from receiving monies due to KC’s indigent status, though others were paid.

        The law changed in Fla. because of Baez/KC, if you are hired privately by the defendant & they run out of money, you have to work for that defendant for NO monies from the State until the case concludes. This stops an attorney from dumping a client when the client runs out of money.

        In GZ’s case, the article said “hired,” I assumed Jayne was paid something as “hired” reflects money imo. Since GZ had a good attorney in Dowdy & had no legal cause to fire him, imo, I don’t think GZ could dump his public defender for another public defender & have the State pay for it, especially if they are not in your county, I could be wrong but I don’t this so. Jayne lives/works in Miami but I agree, she may be paid something, but certainly not what she is used to.

  34. Serious jackassery in the Detroit Free Press being tweeted by the crumpster

    Leonard Pitts Jr.: Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman – who’s the real thug?

    With George Zimmerman out on bail last week after his latest run-in with police, it seems an opportune time to discuss the second killing of Trayvon Martin.

    The first, of course, has been discussed ad infinitum since Zimmerman shot the unarmed 17-year-old to death last year. But then Trayvon was killed again. The conservative noise machine engaged in a ritual execution of his character and worth, setting out with breathtaking indifference to facts and callous disregard for simple decency to murder the memory of a dead child.

    Geraldo Rivera blamed him for his own death because he wore a hooded sweatshirt — in the rain. Glenn Beck’s website suggested he might have been an arsonist, kidnapper or killer. Rush Limbaugh made jokes about “Trayvon Martin Luther King.”

  35. Just figured something out. The nutcase who was emailing Lake Mary PD about ZImmerman is one Santiago Rodriguez. On His youtube channel he goes by Diego Rodriguez and his youtube channel is filled with bizarre videos where he claims to have proof that Zimmerman had 85 accomplices and Zimmerman’s broken nose was due to the recoil of the gun.


    Santiago goes on batshit crazy delusional twitter rants as https://twitter.com/xXBazooka

    and passes himself off as a vietnamese man on facebook

    meet Santiago Rodriguez http://www.thumbtack.com/ca/los-angeles/boxing/boxing-instruction

    • It appears they retrieved all the items his new atty. wants returned through a warrant. Looks like they are keeping his phones because GZ stated he took video of the altercation, and there is an allegation he sent pornography to a minor they may investigate. As for the knife? No clue maybe the Prosecutors asked he have no weapons and that is considered a weapon. Gum? That is too funny.
      Seems this Oconner has dealings with attys. and police who may leak confidential information or she puts FOIAs the second she gets wind of something. Or she contacts the victims because under the victims rights law they get information about everything an investigation involves.

  36. ♥♥♥ Mimi finds this INTERESTING ♥♥♥

    Search in George Zimmerman case turns up weapons, ammunition
    From John Couwels, CNN
    November 25, 2013 — Updated 2342 GMT (0742 HKT)

    CNN) — A recent search of the home of George Zimmerman’s girlfriend uncovered five weapons, including an AR-15, and more than 100 rounds of ammunition, court documents filed Monday show.

    Zimmerman, acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin this year, was arrested last week at the home, which he shares with his girlfriend, on suspicion of his having pointed a shotgun at her.

    He was released on bail and has entered a plea of not guilty.

    A search of the home turned up three handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and 106 rounds of ammunition, including two AR-15 magazines, according to a search warrant.

    Three handgun holsters, a pack of gum, a religious pendant, a flashlight, a pocket knife, sanitizing wipe, a soft-sided gun case and a combination lock were also recovered during the search.

    ♥♥♥At the time of his arrest, Zimmerman had two cell phones. An affidavit, filed Monday, says he told authorities he recorded the altercation with his girlfriend on his cell phone.♥♥♥

    The Florida judge that set his bail put numerous conditions on it:

    — Zimmerman cannot go to two Florida addresses.
    — He cannot have contact with the accuser, Samantha Scheibe.
    — He cannot possess weapons.
    — He must wear a monitoring device.
    — He cannot travel outside Florida.

    Zimmerman fatally shot Martin in the Sanford neighborhood where Zimmerman and Martin’s father lived in February 2012.

    Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, had a confrontation with the unarmed African-American teen after calling police to report a suspicious person and he said he shot Martin, 17, in self-defense.

    Zimmerman was acquitted by a six-person jury in July on second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

    The high-profile case sparked a heated nationwide discussion of race as well as debate over Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

  37. I just sent a donation to Robert and Gladys. I haven’t done that in a few months. I would like to donate to George’s security and defense but the defense fund goes to MOM. Even if George had one that went directly to him, it would cause problems because he couldn’t say he was indigent if he had a defense fund that he could access. The best solution I see is to give it to his parents.

    I went ahead and told them that the email address attached to that fund account makes me nervous. I told them because I suspect I might not be the only one who has qualms about sending money to UR Loco. I felt bad telling them, though. They probably have a good reason for that email address. I just don’t think it encourages people to send money.

    • I agree that someone who called me a racist would not be my first choice of attorneys. He may have had a choice of only 2, though. It might be that she offered him a pro bono type of deal.

  38. Danny ~ as far as I am aware, it has only been reported Jayne is representing GZ only on the DV case. You use “cases,” plural, are you implying there is another case in which Jayne is representing GZ?

      • Danny ~ you were right, there is the Divorce Case which is considered Civil, but I don’t think Beasley nor MOM have withdrawn as counsel against NBC, especially if there is any chance of recovering monies.

        We too won’t know if the Grifters will sue until Feb. 2014, not far off, another Civil Suit.

        • Forgot to add the divorce…lol. But yeah no clue what will go on with the DOJ. I use to feel he was on solid footing with that but….I feel the DOJ was waiting until GZ was out of the headlines & the race baiters moved on. But seems everyone involved in this case loves media attention. This is worse then Kim Karadshian trying to stay out of the headlines and calling paps on herself….if you know what I mean.

  39. Deputies find five guns in George Zimmerman’s bag, search warrant reveals

    According to the search warrant, Zimmerman talked to deputies after he was taken into custody. He told them that he and Scheibe had lived together since Aug. 23, that she was pregnant with his child and that they had agreed earlier that day to separate.

    He said his plan was to move to Texas, according to the warrant.


    GZ CONFIRMED he started living w/Samantha on 8-23-13, approximately 5 weeks after the verdict, while, he was still married to SZ. GZ confirms that Wes is a liar, I always thought Wes was a LIAR when he stated “they were all just friends” when the trio showed up at SZ’s parent’s home when SZ was removing things..

    If GZ’s intention was to move to Texas, how could he do that w/no money, r having only $ 149.00?

      • Shellie thought he was having an affair with Veronica. So did she get the woman wrong? She did say he didn’t have the opportunity to have the affair before the trial ended.

        So if he left for a month 2 days after the verdict, it appears Shellie talked herself and others into believing he ran off to be with Veronica.

        So what happened? On August 13th he returned home. Shellie convinced herself he had this affair and left him. There is solid evidence on social media Samantha wasn’t with him on the trip. She posted on facebook during this time and she wasn’t in Texas.

        Samantha started living with him 10 days after he came back. Shellie told friends that when she went to move her stuff on Sept. 7th, she found cigarette butts with lipstick on them and children’s toys in the back yard.

        She again became convinced he was having an affair. On Sept. 9th, she told some that the woman he was seeing was Veronica, his ex.

        What happened to Veronica? Was Shellie right, did George take off to be with her right after the verdict. Is so, why was he alone when pulled over in Texas for speeding? He told the officer he wasn’t sure where he was headed.

        I think Shellie made this up in her head to explain him closing her off. Perhaps Veronica is the source of the fight that caused her to go stay with her dad on Feb. 25, 2012. We did learn in the FBI reports that George was confiding in Veronica about intimate details of his relationship with Shellie.

        Maybe Samantha was being a friend at first. Perhaps she moved in with him so he wouldn’t be alone in the house and one thing led to another between them. We don’t know when they shared that information with Wes, so calling Wes a liar is somewhat unfair.

        How likely do you think it is that George had an affair with Veronica and Samantha?

        Shellie moved out on August 13th, her court date was August 28th and I was thinking George was unsupportive in not being at her court date after she supported him. If Shellie told him to take a hike and left him on August 13th I understand why he wasn’t there.

        That George found comfort after Shellie left him, I don’t consider that an affair. She signalled it was over and he moved on. Granted he moved on way too fast and rebound relationships usually fail but he was quite vulnerable and needed someone in his corner after such a trauma. Unfortunately, he picked an opportunist looking to earn some money.

        • Nettles ~ in the US, it is considered “desertion” when one leaves the marriage without explanation for a period of time in which GZ clearly did! It may be different in Canada, that alone is grounds for divorce in the US. SZ had no other choice but to move, GZ wouldn’t tell her where he was, he would continue to say he was “okay” when they talked on cell phones but he wasn’t at their residence, he was staying somewhere else.

          WHY do you think GZ left SZ to start with & gave NO explanation? There is NO proof the affair hadn’t started, & he could have possibly been seeing Veronica as a friend. We know the move in date, was GZ staying w/Wes before then seeing Samantha since they were seeing each other BEFORE the move in date? Wes the liar claimed they were “all friends” AFTER GZ was already living w/Samantha, I couldn’t believe how many people believed that & made excuses for GZ. GZ had ALREADY been ask to not bring women to that home! imo, GZ had already moved on when he left SZ to start with, there is NO excuse for his behavior, none when he was legally married. imo.

          I am surprised you are making excuses for GZ, making an excuse that Samantha might have moved in w/GZ because he was alone? GZ suffers from bad Judgement when it comes to women & it all unraveled, that’s an outrageous excuse imo for a MARRIED man. Friends LIE for friends having affairs, there is NO reason to believe Wes didn’t know GZ/SZ were living together, friends since high school, Wes didn’t owe SZ the time of day. Wes lied to the MEDIA imo because GZ didn’t want the affair to be reported in the MEDIA for his family & supporters to read putting him in an unfavorable light, it was just easier to ask Wes to lie, imo. It’s likely to come out soon enough.

          Mr. Dean ask GZ NOT to bring women to the rental home AFTER Mr. Dean/SZ saw GZ bringing Veronica there, that’s why SZ thought GZ was having an affair w/Veronica, SZ knew GZ was having an affair w/someone, SZ was suspicious of GZ for good reason! Veronica didn’t necessarily have an affair w/GZ, BUT, clearly GZ seems extremely NEEDY for female companionship WHEN he was married! There is no excuse, it’s a lifestyle choice a lot of men make, GZ included. Get ready for it, men that are that needy, simply replace the last woman w/a new woman.

          Nettles ~ imo, Wes is a liar. Wes is the good friend w/Samantha/George, he simply LIED for them. What do you think happened to the gun GZ “had on his person” during the altercation at the rental property, GZ told MOM he “had the gun on his person,” MOM promptly does the media blitz telling this to the public which was reported over & over. Was MOM & GZ lying, I don’t think MOM would lie for GZ, he repeated what he was told by GZ.

          LE didn’t find the gun! imo, entirely plausible GZ handed the gun off to his good friend Wes to put in the truck when GZ knew LE was coming, after all, LE would have taken GZ’s gun had they found it on him, something GZ wanted to avoid at all cost. Yep! Wes is a good friend.

          • I disagree I’m making excuses for George Zimmerman. What I am saying is we don’t have all the facts. Shellie said he had an affair. I don’t see evidence of it. She accused him of having an affair from July 13th to August 13th. So she left him.

            That George didn’t want to be around any of them, including his wife may be indicative of how he felt about them or it may be indicative of what he needed and had nothing to do with them but he needed. Not one of them can put themselves in his shoes as they awaited that verdict. His entire life was laid bare for your country and the world to sit, watch, pop their popcorn and pass judgement on.

            As it was George who told O’Mara about the donation account 2 days after bonding out, I wonder if he got upset with Shellie for not being more forthcoming in the first bond hearing. We heard all of the conversation with each other and in one call he tells her to pray and tell the truth. I defy anyone to listen to those calls and with any degree of accuracy come up with how much George knew was in his account. Scott, his brother-in-law and Shellie told him two different numbers.

            With all the talking in code, perhaps she felt she was suppose to keep it private. Sims acknowledges that Shellie was not prepared to talk about finances that day so the answers she gave were what she thought she should say.

            While no one will give George a pass on her testimony, I wonder if after being hauled back to jail and the damage it did to his credibility, if he didn’t begin to resent her for her choice not to be honest about the donations. Shellie has admitted she knowingly misled the court and as she said she can make excuses but it was her lie and she owns it.

            We don’t know what they fought about on Feb. 25th but in those calls during his first incarceration, Shellie was so positive and upbeat in her support of him. It’s so sad this young couple lost their way but given the world-wide pressure they were under, it is understandable.

            I wish them both nothing but happiness going forward. Shellie needs to do what is good for Shellie and George needs to do what is good for George. I hope both learn that in the long-run hurting each other is good for neither of them.

            • Well Stated Nettles. Easy for us all to set back and come to our own conclusions. All we know is to the relatively limited amount from others. We can all watch an accident happen. Yet there are different versions from all that see and the people inside the veh see it even differently. Are each person version right/wrong? I know that each person has a diff perspective so IMHO can be right and wrong. Also, we as spectators, because of some of the personal life lessons we have, tend to cling to certain parts. Sometime it clouds our perspective on things. Think of the race baiters, just because someone did blah blah to them or whatever, doesn’t mean that every situation that blah blah happens was because of the same reason.

              Shellie could have an insecure personality which some are very jealous. This could feed into diff problems in a relationship. Some people if accused enough have the what the hell attitude. I am not making excises or giving a pass to either GZ or SZ. We just do not know all the facts, and honestly big possibility that some they even think are facts are assumed facts. They both went thru a terrible terrible time.

              As far as Wes being called a liar. He could honestly say they were all friends. I have no problem with that. Actually he was being a good friend to say least of their business to the world as possible. He wasn’t under oath. Told the truth, maybe or maybe not the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but cant say he is a liar. JMHO

            • I felt Shellie was way over charged just as George was. I can see that being something I could fall into if I were in that situation. You don’t feel about talking about finances and you aren’t sure what to say and something comes out your mouth when someone asks you questions. Usually, I have a chance to make corrections.

              Regardless of whether George was having an affair when she thought he was, he had one with Samantha and he was having one when she called 911. I don’t think she should have called 911 because she seemed angry rather than scared. We could see the surveillance camera and she didn’t try to get to safety. When he broke the iPad, she started dialing right in front of him.

              I think their break up was most unfortunate. I don’t know all the facts, but from what I can see, it seems like the marriage could have been salvaged if they had had help, but they had the opposite. I can sympathize with how she feels about the affair he had with Samantha Scheibe. That might not have happened if she had not left him when she thought he had an affair earlier. Maybe he was having one then and maybe he wasn’t. It’s tragic for both of them.

              Those I don’t sympathize with are Samantha, her mom, and the reporters who are exploiting the situation, especially Katie and Christie. I wish we could see someone step in and help them salvage their marriage, but I don’t see that happening. I wish them both a good life, free of death threats, and out of the public eye.

            • What we do know is the verdict was on June 13. We know he was in Seminole July 19 to save a family. So he could not yet have left Florida for the long trip his family and friends said he took for a month. Was he even out of the State that long? Who knows.
              We know he was stopped in Texas June 28 alone. And the search warrant reveals he prolly was in Texas because he wanted to move there.
              Shellie in the divorce papers says they seperated on August 13. So was GZ decompressing on that long trip after the verdict like has been stated?

              He was shacked up with Samantha by Aug. 23 (living as a family the day after he tours Kel Tech). This was before Shellie even filed for divorce Sept.3. (the day GZ was also stopped for speeding)
              As I said during the DV incident with Shellie nobody was living in the Dean home at the time. That was given to me in an email. He had his stuff there though, both of them did. All of them did.
              GZs camp made is sound as though Shellie took off and left GZ alone in the home because he needed to decompress after the trial. But if he was planning on moving to Texas in June he obviously did not take his wife. Was not considering her perjury trial, or any type of plea deal where she may have had obligations to remain in Florida.

              • Timeline as I know it

                Verdict: July 13th
                Leaves to be alone or have an affair: July 15th
                Saves Family: July 17th
                Pulled over in Texas with dog in truck: July 28th
                Returns Home: August 13th
                Shellies leaves him: August 13th
                Zimmerman visits gun factory: August 23rd
                Samantha moves in: August 23rd
                Shellie takes plea deal, GZ not in court: August 28th
                Shellie gives Christi O’Connor hour long interview: August 28th
                Shellie files for divorce: Sept. 5th
                Shellie moves her stuff out of house: Sept. 7th
                O’Connor releases edited video from Aug. 28th interview saying George is a loose cannon – Sept. 8th
                Domestic Dispute with allegation of being threatened with a gun: Sept. 9th
                Machelle Dean accused GZ of stealing: Sept. 26th
                GZ is believed to have vacated the house on Sept. 26th according to Deans.
                GZ packs to move to Texas but Samantha calls 911: Nov. 18th

                Mr. O’Mara is on tape during the July 15th – August 13th period saying he encouraged George to take mini-vacation and decompress. States Zimmerman calls him once a week.

                Mr. Donnelly tells reporters he and his wife took Shellie to dinner once a week while George was gone and noticed she was getting more upset with him at each visit.

          • I know in old movies they use “desertion”, but I didn’t realize it’s still used. I think CA is a no fault state, though, so maybe I just don’t hear about “reasons”.

            I guess I just can’t get into the minutia or the time line that much. GZ and SZ are both young, and I feel both emotionally immature even for their respective ages. And while we with more experience and wisdom know it’s best to spend time alone between relationships, many people, especially someone like GZ who was basically homeless and emotionally wounded, jump into new relationships too soon. And while it was looked down upon in the past when someone dated someone before their divorce was final, that observation of etiquette was left in the dust a long time ago by many – and someone GZ’s age may not even be aware that the behavior was once frowned upon by mainstream society.

            I guess I just feel that they’re both immature, and both have experienced an intense, drawn out trauma that the vast majority of us wll never experience. I don’t think they can be “judged” by the usual criteria. We just have to hope that they both get their acts together (which includes learning that people will act friendly in order to exploit them in some way, and learning how to slow down to evaluate a person’s motives), and hope they stay out of the news (unless GZ is starting his civil suits).

            I’m not saying other people shouldn’t get into the details of who left whom when, and when did this affair start, etc. It just doesn’t interest me, because I think in the long term, none of that will matter – and as I already said, I don’t feel we can judge them by the usual standards. I think they’re doing the best they can do, and I’m hoping they will grow up fast, and can start doing BETTER, because there IS room to improve 🙂 lol

        • Nettles,
          From what I remember Shellie stated she saw childrens toys and womens stuff in the shared home. That is what got her thinking he was having an affair. Who he was having the affair with I feel is irrelevant. After this is when she filed. Despite not knowing for sure, her gut was correct, because by the time the domestic issue went down he was shacked up with the “friend” that was trotting around with GZ & Wes.
          As far as Veronica Shellie had solid reason to believe he may have had something going on with her. When the FBI interviewed Veronica she left the cat out of the bag they met without Shellies knowledge on a few occassions. He discussed private intimate things about his relationship with Veronica. This occured prior to the shooting as the couple were having maritial issues.
          We do know Shellie was thinking about divorce AFTER these things because she stated that in her first interview. So I do agree the marriage may have been salavged IF he had not added a bed warmer, & had not had emotional affairs with other women as well, and was willing to utilize counseling.
          Shellie filed for divorce because she had suspicions of an affair. If she was right or wrong is irrevelevant. If he was not having an affair his actions shown he was no longer comitted to Shellie prior to her filing because he had a women and her kid at the house enough that they had stuff there.
          Is someone in the midst of a divorce allowed to date or move on in a relationship? Sure. It would be wise to at least get the legal paperwork that they actually filed. And nothing stops BOTH from filing.
          Is it the most smartest thing to do to shack up before because you no longer are comitted? No. Especially when your wife accused you of cheating.
          It makes him seem like he wanted his cake and to eat it too.
          In this case considering who he shacked up with…GZ bit off more then he could chew.

          I feel like you want to blame Shellie for GZs actions. He shacked up with S.S. He did not have to just because SZ filed for divorce.

          • Danny ~ I agree w/your comment. GZ certainly has bitten off more than he can chew w/Samantha, a choice he clearly made, & is responsible for doing so.. GZ has needed an attorney since SZ signed her intentions of divorce, dodging divorce papers was immature & clearly that blew up in his face.

            IF GZ had had his OWN divorce attorney, his attorney would have advised him on several issues, the MOST important one was that he should NOT go to the residence when SZ/dad were loading her things. If GZ had an attorney, he would have warned GZ exactly what could happen & did! GZ could have accepted the Divorce papers from SZ at the Attorney’s office & would have been instructed to do so. GZ made the decision to stop, & an altercation ensued, but it could have been avoided.

            GZ doesn’t know more than an attorney even if GZ clearly thinks he knows a lot, you could almost see the sweat from West when Judge N repeatedly ask GZ “do you want to testify?” No doubt, GZ wanted to state his case was the opinion of most of us & take the stand in the criminal case. GZ just wanted to talk & he did on the 911 call, now some of that talk is being questioned.

            Danny ~ I was really surprised to read GZ possessed an AR-15/ammunition. AFTER Obama wanted them banned, they are scarce & the price is outrageous selling at gun shows for over $ 2,000.00. Since I have never read of AR-15 being used to protect someone’s home, was GZ a collector? GZ could certainly raise a couple of thousand easily by selling that AR-15, that is, if he ever gets it back. I have to wonder how he paid for it.

    • After I read the date that he moved in with her, I went to my paypal account to see if it was too late to cancel my donation. I would have cancelled but it had gone through.

      We have no way of knowing what went on in their relationship. Nettles said that George did not wait for the verdict in the room with Shellie and the family but sat in the bathroom by himself. That shows something was going on that caused him to feel more stressed when he was with them instead of being comforted by them. I try not to judge. Having an affair that soon just seems like a rotten thing to do. He might have felt he had to get away, much like he did when he sat in the bathroom alone waiting for the verdict. He might have been tempted to seek comfort from Samantha. He gained over a hundred pounds seeking comfort from food. I shouldn’t judge, but I don’t blame Shellie and her family being so angry at him.

      I just want him and the rest of his family (including Shellie) to survive the death threats, and to be able to be gainfully employed. What was done to them is so wrong.

  40. Shellie’s court date was August 28th and she had to do it alone because George was already living with another woman. I thought he was just laying low in Texas and didn’t return out of fear of death threats. Looks like he returned to Florida to live with Samantha.

    • Sharon ~ LOL! I had already forgotten about that Court date for SZ, I agree, it explains WHY GZ wasn’t at SZ’s Court appearance leaving SZ to stand alone without support. I thought it was spineless when it happened, it is spineless today imo.

      SO! SZ stands by GZ for 16 months that were miserable receiving death threats, moving constantly, showing up in Court daily to lend support to GZ which had to be humiliating. GZ didn’t even respect SZ enough to tell her he wanted out of the marriage. What person male r female wouldn’t be mad as hell! Then GZ played games hiding from the divorce papers he so richly deserved, another error in bad judgement as it became a media story for haters to laugh at..

      I am disappointed that this confirms my suspicions, & apparently SZ’s, we don’t know how long GZ was in Tx., a week, 2-4 days, who knows.

      • We don’t know everything that went on between George and Shellie. She revealed that she had left him and was staying with her father the night of the shooting. We don’t know what that was about. We do know that she stood by him during the trial and endured the dangers of death threats. That got her the perjury charge.

        There was some reason why he wasn’t comforted by her presence when they were waiting for the verdict. Nettles said her aunt revealed that George didn’t wait in the room with the family, but sat in the bathroom by himself. I guess he left the house and went to Texas for the same reason he sat in the bathroom alone. For some reason he found being with her was more stressful than being alone. That’s not necessarily her fault. We don’t know what was going on.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Samantha tried to get close to George so she could make money and get public attention from it. She may have seduced him with that in mind. I doubt it was the extra 100 pounds he put on during the stress of the trial that attracted her to him.

        I’m not making excuses for George or condemning him. I really want to see him get past the death threats and be able to get a job and recover from PTSD. At the same time, I don’t blame Shellie or her parents for being so angry they appear to hate him. I do wish Shellie would not talk to the press, but I don’t know what I’d do if my husband left me for a woman who looks like Samantha. She’s pretty and she flaunts her sexuality. That can make the wife especially angry.

        • For some reason he found being with her was more stressful than being alone.

          Well, we don’t know it was personal – after all, he chose not to sit with ANYone. People react differently to stress and acute anxiety – some just want to be alone, for many possible reasons. One might be that the distraction of others being around may keep him from being alert, prepared, and focused about the verdict he was waiting to get. It may have calmed his anxiety to be alone and focused, to prepare to get either of the possible verdicts.

  41. Always believing MOM is the consummate professional, I am left wondering why the motion for sanctions seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It seems that MOM fell apart after the case and after his deal with CNN. When asked to say something to GZ he said: “Pay me!” That is rude, even for an attorney, and it implies that GZ is purposely not paying. I understand MOM took a huge hit by losing over a million dollars in fees, but that was his choice. Is it possible that he worked out some sort of deal with the state to get paid, if he kept his mouth shut and let Bernie get away with ethical and legal violations. (BTW, that is one of the reasons the legal bills were so high–chasing after the state). And what about Corey having the nerve to call GZ a murderer after the verdict. Does she not even believe in her own system of justice? And MOM just stood around like a potted plant and did not even challenge her. There is too much corruption in the state of Floriduh, and it stinks to high heavens!

    • stevie g ~ MOM took another hit for GZ/SZ in the past few days when writing the $ 30,000.00 check to cover the expenses for the Security Company. Security that was too provided to GZ’s relatives & paid for out of the Defense Fund. MOM has distanced himself from GZ, his office has made 2 statements, MOM/West have paid their dues in GZ’s case, GZ walks free due to their hard work.

      We don’t know the Sanctions are not tied to Ben Kruidbos’ case against Corey since he was fired for testifying in GZ’s trial & to the fact BDLR was with holding Brady material, imo, they most likely are. If MOM can get MORE information from BK’s suit, then waiting is the best option, we don’t know.

      I don’t have a problem w/MOM stating “PAY Me.” Imagine what MOM thought about the present of the IPAD GZ bought for SZ as a “gift” & then broke into pieces, money used from defense funds. Who deserved the $ 500,00 gift, MOM/West or SZ? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, imho, MOM/West.

      • hi art:

        Yes, good point on the Kruidbos issue. I would expect the state to throw him and his attorney some money and that case will quietly settle. No way the information of corruption is gonna come out in the open. SMH

        • stevie g. – don’t get me wrong, I agree w/you I want to see these sanctions brought to Court & Corey/BDLR humiliated & brought to their knees. Ben K. could really ratchet up the information for MOM/West it would seem, exposing the inter workings of Corey’s office. If your prediction is correct & Ben K. settled his lawsuit against Corey for wrongful termination couldn’t Ben K. be subpoenaed to testify for the “sanction” case MOM/West have pending couldn’t he since it is the “with holding” of evidence Ben K saw?

          You are right, there’s a lot of corruption in Fla., from the Governor to the Attorney General on down.

  42. While it’s been posted that Shellie stood by him right up until the trial, it isn’t lost on me that she first showed up in court on June 10, 2013. For over a year, she never appeared in the courtroom. Once she showed up, Robert Jr. stopped going.

    Some said Robert Jr. was taking care of grandma but on the day of the verdict, Robert Jr. was in New York to go on the Piers Morgan show to give the family reaction to the verdict.

    In my family, every single one of us would have been with the accused every day they were in court.

    • It might be that she and Robert Jr took turns taking care of the grandmother. Robert Jr said on twitter that he was out with Shellie once and some supporters recognized them and started talking loudly about how much they supported them. They were frightened the wrong people would hear them and hurt them. Because of that, I know that he didn’t try to avoid Shellie.

    • Nettles ~ my whole family would have been there too regardless of the circumstances, we stand as one as a family. I understand clearly why SZ’s family wasn’t there but where was Wes, maybe working I guess. I guess people have jobs, that’s why some people didn’t show their support, who knows? Families are complicated to say the least. Many times for a year GZ wasn’t in the court room unless he was required to be there from what I remember.

      • I did understand why Shellie’s parents didn’t go to court with her. I recall feeling so bad for her as she sat in court alone during jury selection.

        However, her father wasn’t shy about putting himself out there when he wanted to show the red mark on his nose.

        Now I wonder why they weren’t in court with their daughter and son-in-law.

  43. After learning the date when George moved in with Samantha, I went back and listened to Shellie’s interview with Katie again. I still think Shellie is endangering George’s life by helping his enemies. I think she has every right to be angry at George, but not every right to go on television and say the things she’s saying.

    Katie is awful the way she leads the audience and Shellie. She keeps repeating, “all these run ins with the police.” She made it sound like so much more that it actually is. Aside from Shellie calling 911 when she got mad when be broke her iPad and his girlfriend calling 911, there were just a couple of speeding stops and one because he had tinted glass due to death threats. That’s not a lot of run ins with the police. The media is trying to finish the job of destroying George and Shellie is helping them do it. There were moments in the interview that she seemed to still love him. She may regret what she’s doing some day.

    As for George, there’s probably a lot of things he could have done and been forgiven easier than running off with Samantha Scheibe. Shellie looks deeply hurt. Any wife would be.

    • Would he have been with Samantha if Shellie didn’t leave him on August 13th accusing him of having an affair while away?

      If he was having an affair, where was the woman was he got pulled over in Texas?

      • Shellie left him on August 13th? I thought I read that he left 2 days after the acquittal.

        Would be interesting if she falsely accused him and the accusation caused what she’d feared. Did he return from Texas and she left the house?

        • Yes. According to Mr. Donnelly, Shellie became more and more upset with each week that passed. George would text her and the family saying he was alright but that’s the only communication they got.

          He returned home on August 13th and Shellie left him.

          • That’s a shame. Their marriage might have survived that if not for the stress of the trial. They may have both unraveled. He may have been trying to avoid letting her serve the divorce papers because he still loves her. It’s a sad situation. Too bad people like Christie O’Connor and Katie are making it worse.

          • Nettles ~ you continue to blame SZ for leaving, she had every RIGHT to leave, GZ had deserted her to “find himself,” whatever excuse he or anyone else wants to make for his selfish behavior, GZ CHOSE TO LEAVE SZ, desertion, & thought calling was all she deserved. I don’t have a single friend, male r female that would put up w/that self absorbed bull chit for a single minute in their marriage, I wouldn’t put up w/GZ for a damn minute playing that game. GZ wanted out of that marriage but wouldn’t man up & state it just as his behavior has shown as well as the timeline.

            8-13-13: SZ moved out AFTER the desertion

            8-23-13: GZ CONFIRMED he started living w/Samantha & having a sexual relationship, approximately 5 weeks after the verdict, ALL while married to SZ.

            ONLY 10 days AFTER SZ left due to GZ’s behavior, GZ IS LIVING w/ANOTHER WOMAN! How utterly convenient. a sexual relationship at that as they both admit!

            It’s unreasonable/unbelievable imo to believe Sam./GZ started a relationship & he moved in all WITHIN a 10 day period. What’s plausible: that it was going on before. What difference does it make? It explains GZ’s behavior after the verdict & the desertion of SZ imo.

            • I don’t blame Shellie Zimmerman for leaving. As I have stated repeatedly, I don’t have the facts. That she left due to his affair is not proven. She may have been wrong on that. Her suspicion of an affair may have actually caused one to happen.

              I do blame Shellie for making George’s life more dangerous. I am still mad when I think of all those guns pointed at his head on Sept. 9th. I saw the video, Shellie did not fear for her life that day. I do think she and Christi released the inteview on Sept. 8th saying George is a loose cannon to set him up. Perhaps she felt justified.

              As I don’t know what went on in the marriage, I don’t blame either of them.

              I get a sense from you you’re mad at me for not bad mouthing George in the matter. There’s enough people doing that, you all don’t need me to do it and you likely won’t get me to do it.

              George Zimmerman has been wrongly smeared by your law enforcement, your courts, your press and even his own family. I won’t be joining that party. If you have a problem with that, deal with it.

              • IMHO, I get feeling there are people who have either been cheated on or someone close them has and their anger or pain is coming out in comments. Also same thing on the DV issue when it first appeared. Maybe I am incorrect, but that’s the feeling I get in the intensity of some of the comments. I know there are certain things that cause me to get on my soapbox, and usually it has something that somewhere to someone has had impact in my life. It does make it harder to be open minded or whatever. I do not condone infidelity no matter who. But to see so much strong comments and taking sides, geesh, we don’t even know a teensy bit of facts, just he said she said. Which is usual in this type relationships I suppose. Given the huge stress they were under, I pretty sure even if had had the strongest relationship possible, what they had to go thru and all the ugly ugly remarks 24/7 and death threats, OMG is anyone really shocked they didn’t have issues? I mean REALLY? I mean they were POWs.. yes Prisoners of the Race Baiters war… grrrr

                • mimi ~ but there are facts. I have never been cheated on in my life but have observed friends that have & going through hell, made fools of by their cheating husbands when they were eventually found out. It is painful for the clueless one in the relationship that can’t understand the behavior of the cheater, but when found out, it all makes sense as to why the cheater had such bazaar behavior. If others tolerate games, affairs in their marriage, that’s their prerogative, that is their value system in their marriage, but it isn’t mine & the people I associate with. My husband is deceased & he would have never disrespected our family or home the way we have observed.

                  We do know a lot about the relationship between GZ/SZ, & more importantly, we know the dates involved. No one has to put up w/crap, disrespect, bull chit games in a marriage, there is absolutely no reason to. We know when GZ left the marriage to find himself & wouldn’t provide information to SZ where he was, we know the date SZ left the marriage having had a gut full of the games, we know when GZ moved in w/Samantha 10 days later after SZ left by his own admission to LE. GZ was still legally married.

                  We really do know a lot, SZ is not the blame for leaving GZ, GZ had already left SZ before she finally left.

                  • I send you my condolences in your loss. It is a loss I am familiar with also. Also cheating does not have to be with another person. It can be with any addiction. And as you say, after whatever it is is revealed, there is a flood of emotion and things suddenly fall into place or make sense. I was in a relationship where husband got hooked on drugs. Legal drugs but an addiction was formed. I am not a jealous person so I never thought of an affair. I was truly dumbfounded when found out. Rollercoaster of emotions. And your right, no one deserves it. NO ONE.

                    It is too easy to tell someone else what to do or what we think they should do from outside looking in. Respectfully, we do not know who is to blame because we were not there. A lot happens in a relationship that no one else is privy to. Yes Shellie may have had a gut full. If so, glad she took what steps she needed to take care of herself. I just don’t think going to the media or some one like that Kristi person is healthy decision for either of them.

                    Sometimes things just aren’t fully as they appear. Just because a lady has blond hair doesn’t mean it is her true color….its what she wants it to appear. True at the moment. I do not take lightly your comment. I am only saying, we only know what we have been told. I did not follow the CA story from beginning to trial. I did watch the trial. I was under the impression from reading online news and watching beginning of trial that the parents had not heard from KC in 31 days. So I started forming an opinion on not whole and truthful info from media. It was brought out in the trial that KC had indeed had almost daily contact with someone in her parents. This is the same media reporting on Geo and Shellie.

                • mimi ~ what causes me to get on my soapbox is those making excuses imo, or in denial. I feel as Danny has too stated in comments, GZ is solely responsible for the choices he has made & the consequences that followed, no amount of excuse making is going to change that. GZ is a 30 yr. old, a man making his own choices/decisions. Has anyone forced GZ to do anything? NO!

                  My adult children still try to blame others for debacles that are clearly their fault, their decisions causing them to suffer consequences. I don’t tolerate it for a minute & call them out every time they try it holding them solely responsible for their choices.

                  • I understand, lol I have children too. I laughed at my Daddy one day saying his Labs mind better than my kids. He just smiled and softly said, yep better than MINE too 🙂

                    We are all only responsible for our own actions. No one can MAKE us feel anything. Its a choice. And if someone is hurting as it appears Shellie is, and people don’t act like we think they should its just insult to injury.

                    I honestly can not tell you what I would do if I were in Geo seat awaiting for jury to return. Just because his family/friends felt he should have been with them, its what they wanted and needed. Geo may have been just plain sick from the emotions.

                  • When Shellie went on national television and confessed that she didn’t love her husband and only married him because he was a good man… she lost any right to have people sympathize with her over his leaving, cheating, being discontent in the relationship.

                    Sorry, she just doesn’t get to play the jilted spouse here.

              • Nettles ~ SZ didn’t have to leave because of an affair, GZ’s leaving, refusing to state where he was, calling to say he was okay but providing no information is more than enough reason for SZ to leave that marriage. SZ had more than enough reason’s I’m sure.

                SZ left GZ, 10 days later GZ is living w/Samantha although he is legally married to SZ.. I am certainly not mad at you for not “bad mouthing GZ,” but it isn’t bad mouthing GZ when the facts coming out of GZ’s own mouth make him look ridiculous. It was GZ that told LE the date he moved in w/Samantha, it was GZ’s choice to move in w/Samantha, we knew the date SZ left GZ. GZ made himself look bad for still being legally married, & dodging divorce papers, no one has to bad mouth GZ, the facts speak for themselves. Whether GZ was set up by Samantha or not, it was GZ’s own decision to move into her home 10 days after SZ left him.

                You hold SZ responsible for GZ showing up at the rental property w/Sam & Wes. I hold GZ responsible for having the ability to have never stopped, gotten out & the altercation ensuing. HAD GZ just waited until SZ was gone, he would have never had guns pointed at his head. That’s what Divorce Attorney’s are for, to sort out the arguments between divorcing spouses. GZ ask SZ to text him when she finished, though she had NOT text she was finished, GZ went there anyway. Just as RZ Jr. stated, “GZ should not have been there,” I agree, but it was GZ that made a choice to be there, had he not, no guns would have been pointed at GZ, that is clearly a fact. It was NOT SZ’s fault that GZ made that decision, absolutely nothing good was ever going to come from GZ making the decision to stop at that house, surely he knew that, or at least, should have.

            • I’ve known of people who met and had sex the same night and moved in together shortly afterwards. So things like that do happen without having had a prior relationship.

      • If we think about it… All we have heard about ANYTHING is from other people. We haven’t heard anything from Geo (iirc) Except from the 911 call. You know there are always more sides to a story than 1 side. And I tell ya, some of the crap that has been said and done seemingly towards Geo, I cant say that I wouldn’t lash out but he hasn’t. I do commend him for that, for whatever reason it is.

          • If so, that could be one those proverbial unanswered prayers type things, but sad some people once form opinion, don’t or won t change. When/IF he ever does, what he has to say could change or reaffirm what’s out been out there.

  44. Robert Sr. told me the story behind the RU LocoLoco email. He said he had to create an email address just to answer a blogger and picked that name because the person he was responding to seemed loco. He just used that email for the paypal. That makes sense.

      • I think he should change it, too. That is why I told him about my concern and added that others expressed that they didn’t want to donate because of that name. He explained why he chose that name but didn’t seem to pick up on my hint that he should create a new email address for the paypal fund.

  45. Well, my kids called & they’re coming a day early, so I guess my time for pondering about things that’s none of my business is over for this Thanksgiving.

    Something I’m sure puzzled about is why George would let go of the public defendant who had years of private practice, worked with his brother, and was sympathetic to his case for a woman who is anti-gun and thinks he’s a racist.

  46. In a later report, Sandoval said that he asked Scheibe’s mother, after the incident on Monday, whether her daughter was actually pregnant. “I asked on Monday, night when all this is was breaking,” Sandoval said, “and she laughed at me and said ‘No comment.’”

    He later added that “Scheibe’s mother told Inside Edition she was not pregnant on Monday, and she miscarried months ago.”

    Sandoval said that he spoke with Mason after his first report aired, and that “She really didn’t seem to have a problem with any of the facts that I reported. The only thing she says that she was worried about is being perceived as setting up Zimmerman for what happened on Monday. She told me the interviews they were seeking and the argument were purely coincidental.”

    • Why Did George Zimmerman Allegedly Snap?
      Airdate: 11/20/2013

      Did George Zimmerman allegedly snap because his girlfriend lied about being pregnant?

      That’s what his brother, Robert seems to be saying today.

      “GZ/others were led 2 believe 4 weeks that (Samantha) Scheibe was pregnant,” Robert Zimmerman tweeted. “Ppl have snapped when lies might b exposed.”

      A source close to Samantha told INSIDE EDITION that she was pregnant but that she suffered a miscarriage.

      So what is the truth?

      Erik Sandoval is a reporter for WKMG-TV in Orlando. He spoke exclusively with Samantha and her mom.

      Sandoval told INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney, “I asked Samantha’s mom, ‘Is she pregnant?’ and she gave me was a laugh and a no comment.”

  47. Yes, too bad she doesn’t associate with anyone who does anything but file lawsuits

  48. Wondering… If Geo found out about SS and her Mothers lil media blitz try and that could be what brought on the whole shebang of Geo moving out… I see it possible lol. What if SS sprung it on Geo to try get his involvement. Oh I am just speculating lol

    • SZ deserves a drink & more importantly, to move on in her life. She isn’t shacked up w/anyone, getting arrested, she is out & enjoying herself. I don’t see anything negative w/SZ having a life, finally, which is all her own.

      Maybe GZ will now decide to have a life “alone,” one he too deserves & might keep him out of trouble once this last debacle is settled.

  49. I suppose in all honesty, Shellie hasn’t done anything that many women whose husband had affairs would do. It’s just that few have the opportunity to go on national television and trash their husbands. I’m sure a lot of wives would if they could. Still isn’t right.

  50. Dinesh D’Souza ‘Trayvon’ Tweet Involving Obama Causes Online Outrage!

    Dinesh D’Souza ignited the outrage by entering the following tweet: “I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!”

    He was referring to Trayvon Martin the Florida teenager shot and killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. Zimmerman, who pleaded self-defense, was acquitted by a jury earlier this year.

    The president had publicly identified himself with Martin saying, “You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

    D’Souza responded to the rebukes with a follow-up tweet: “Feigned outrage on the left over me calling Obama ‘grown up Trayvon’ except that Obama likened himself to Trayvon!


    I LMAO when I read the tweet & response.. Seems if you are white, conservative, a gun owner, you too can be labeled a “racist” by many. Stating facts about TM can get you labeled a “racist” too, but I just consider the source.

    • Why all the uproar? I thought Trayvon was an innocent teen going about his business buying skittles and iced-tea and was assaulted by a racist white-hispanic? Hmmmm, looks like they know the truth about
      Trayvon, afterall.

  51. What Happened to George Zimmerman by
    © Jack Cashill

    “ We had to march to even get a trial,” said Al Sharpton in one of his rare moments of truth.

    Sharpton was speaking of the pressure he and his recklessly corrupt media allies brought to bear on the State of Florida to try George Zimmerman for the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

    Sharpton’s angry mobs had their effect. To ease the pressure, the City of Sanford and the State of Florida started sacrificing their own.

    On March 21, more than three weeks after the shooting, the Sanford City Commission stoked the bonfire by voting “no-confidence” in police chief Bill Lee.

    Lee had angered the mob by telling them, “Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that we don’t have the grounds to arrest [Zimmerman].”

    As Lee would later tell CNN, Sanford’s black city manager, Norton Bonaparte, asked Lee “several times” during that period, “Can an arrest be made now?”

    “It was related to me that they just wanted an arrest,” said Lee. “They didn’t care if it was dismissed later.“ Lee did not specify who the “they” was, but Sharpton and the Martin family attorneys had to be among them.

    Lee’s resistance cost him his job. Bonaparte eventually fired him. The lead investigator, who also resisted the mob, was demoted.

    In the spirit of weak-kneed governors from Pontius Pilate to the present, Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott was prepared to sacrifice the transparently innocent Zimmerman to appease the mob.

    It was just an arrest after all. Zimmerman would get a fair trial. True, sixteen months of media defamation, house arrest, and relentless death threats might cause a little emotional scarring, but at least the mob would be held at bay.

    The day after the governor intervened, the president did. Although Zimmerman lobbied for Barack Obama and voted for Obama at least once, in the final analysis he did not look enough like Obama to be his son, and so the president sided openly with the Martin family.

    The opportunity to align oneself with the remnants of the civil rights movement has left many a Republican giddy. State Attorney Angela Corey was no exception.

    If her numbers reflected local norms, the great majority of the defendants she convicted in murder cases were black or Hispanic.

    Like the prosecutor Kramer in the Tom Wolfe classic, Bonfire of the Vanities, she too must have thought “this eternal prosecution of blacks and Latins” not immoral exactly, but in “bad taste.”

    Now, however, she had a shot at what Wolfe called his central character, Sherman McCoy, a “much-prized, ever-elusive . . . very nearly mythical creature, the Great White Defendant.”

    Zimmerman may not have been exactly white, but he was white enough for Angela Corey, who was now finally on the side of the “precious victims”—in this case, six-foot, would-be knock-out king, Trayvon Martin.

    Although his mother was Peruvian and Spanish was his first language, Zimmerman was too white for the Hispanic “rights” organizations like La Raza (“The Race”) whose president condemned Chief Lee’s “grievous failure of justice” in not arresting Zimmerman immediately.

    “His background is not clear,” said Hispanic activist Robert Lovato of Zimmerman. “Is he Latino? Is he white? Is he both? Who knows? It’s irrelevant. What’s relevant are his actions, his racist comments, and his cold-blooded killing of an innocent young man.”

    Between the time of his arrest and his trial, the innocent Zimmerman nonetheless faced a societal wrath somewhere on the scale between that of O.J. Simpson and Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Before Zimmerman was bonded, his jailers recorded his phone calls. “Whoever picks me up can just go straight into the garage and go into the hotel through there,” George told his wife Shellie.

    Shellie added a wrinkle, “Or transfer you into a different car. Have, like my car waiting, in the garage.” They were not being paranoid. There was a bounty on George’s head.

    In spite of his very real anxiety, Zimmerman never forgot to tell Shellie how much he loved her. On April 15, for instance, he recounted a “nice” dream he had in which he bought her a scarf for her birthday.

    “Oh, you’re so cute,” gushed Shellie. “I love you so much.” Said George, “I love you so much.”

    Between April 2012 and July 2013, Zimmerman’s life fell apart. He showed up at the trial dead-eyed, grossly overweight, and financially and emotionally bankrupt.

    The local NAACP, with which he had worked on a civil rights case a year earlier, had betrayed him. The State of Florida had sacrificed him to the mob.

    His president denied him. The media had rendered the mid-Florida ether so poisonous he could scarcely leave the house. His wife no longer loved him and was eager to tell the world about it.

    Zimmerman’s acquittal settled nothing. The death threats amplified. The attorney general continued to hound him despite full clearance by the FBI more than a year prior. And the media cried “Injustice!”

    “I still see sadness in his eyes,” said his brother Robert soon after the acquittal. “He was definitely not the same person I had seen a few days before the incident.”

    In the last two years, Zimmerman has experienced more betrayal on more levels than most of us will in a lifetime.

    Now, it appears that his latest “victim,” girlfriend Samantha Scheibe, was soliciting national media interviews weeks before their well-publicized dust-up. http://bit.ly/1hWtuub

    Regardless of the circumstances, each misstep Zimmerman has made post-trial has left the media giddy. They seem to think it vindicates their utterly subversive rush to judgment.

    The fact is that the Zimmerman they now happily trash is the Zimmerman they helped create. Whatever happens going forward, the blood is on their hands.

    • Great article, and in my opinion one of the best analyses of what happened to George yet.

      So many are analyizing what happened between George and Shellie post acaquittal but, are leaving out the most important time in their lives. I’ve read that Geoge was madly in love with Shellie, and that Shellie believed that she would go ahead and marry George, and see what happened. That is no strong foundation to begin a marriage with at all. Let’s see what happens? Really. Whatever fight they had that caused Shellie to leave their home the day before the incident, in my opinion has no bearing on much of anything. Most, if not all couples fight about one thing or another. Shellie left obviously for the shoulder to cry on that her dad would supply. Didn’t she go to stay with him? She left George rather than to stick around and try to work it out. George or one of them could have slept on the couch, right?

      What has long been known to cause the most fights in marriages, money, or more importantly the lack thereof.

      Absolutely no one here, at all, whatsoever, knows what was going on between George and Shellie during the 16-18 month period between the arrest, and the acquittal. I defy anyone to state any knowledge of what transpired in that time period. Pre incident, George was leaving each day to go to work. Shellie was going to nursing school, or was doing on line classes. They had time apart from one another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder has merit, even if it is for a matter of hours. IT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR ANY TWo PEOPLE TO BE FORCED TO BE STUCK TOGETHER LIKE GLUE 24/7. George and Shellie had no choice at all, they were put in a situation where they had no choice but to look to each other, 24/7, and with some body guards. Didn’t Shellie originally say that they were living like gypsies in that time period. She proclaimed that they were living in a 20 ft. trailer in the middle of the woods, and that she was scared if anyone found out where they were? Yes she did, even though we find out later that that was not true. They were living in the Lake Mary house. Didn’t Shellie say that she felt like she was living with babysitters, and that they had no choices at all? Yes she did.

      Imagine yourself for a moment, hiding out like some fugitives, having constant death threas, real and perceived, against you and your family simply by association. Imagine the pressure both you and you spouse are living under. That is, and should be, the real honest to God test of the strength of any marriage. Go back again and read Shellie’s account of saying that she thought she would give marriage to George a try, and see how it works out.

      Granted, Shellie was thrown into a situation which was not of her making. George was thrown into a situation that should never, ever have come to his decision that he should have just taken the beating like a real man, and laid their and allowed TM to have his way with him. It was tragic for both Shellie and George. Shellie made a very bad choice, and used very bad judgement when she decided she would give marriage to George a shoot, and would see what happened. George made his first big error in believing that he could get Shellie to love him as much as he loved her. It usually never works out that way. George told Shellie on the jail house phone calls how much he loved her. George set off a florist security system by going in their to buy Shellie flowers. George has never to this day gone on national TV to bad mouth Shellie, even if he could.

      From what I’ve read and seen of Shellie’s actions, Shellie is all about Shellie. If the picture above of Shellie out in a bar, doing whatever she is doing is correct, she has shown more arrogance, deceipt, and flouting her current position with the media as a crown upon her head. It is a crown of thors. Apparently that was how the whole marriage sand base was constructed. Let’s see how this works out is never a good basis to marry anyone. In the meantime it appears that only Nettles and I are not willing to walk away from the George who sure ain’t the brightest bulb in the box, but, I’ll take a 40 watter over the blaring media lights any day of the week.

      God bless you George, stay safe, and ferGodsakes, watch out for the leeches who want to benefit from your tragedy. What has been done to you is truly a tregedy beyond all proportions.

      • I am appalled at those here that are more than willing to kick a guy in the teeth when he is already on the ground and bleeding . I wouldn’t even consider doing that to an animal, let alone a human being. I’m so damm glad that we have perfection personified posting ringht here on Nettles blog. Oh yes, I may not have had much to say lately, I have been wanting to puke at the almighty opinions of some, who know absolutely nothing about the relationship of George and Shellie. It’s all speculation, with a dose of the high road thrown in for good measure. I despise people who sit in judgement of others as though they are the next coming of the Savior. You make me puke.

        • Really? So when a guy is kicked gets thousands in $$$$$ but then he thinks about his penis the second he is free to go to like zero you are cool? Hummm. But then again you have accepted that so…… No suprise. STFU! You are one I would not miss.

          Sorry Nettles. She is so fucking raw. It is the only way to smack her back, because she LIKES IT! From her revelations here she is abused, takes it, and feels others should be tough when I personally feel it wrong.
          I know who YOU are Cassandra. Get a job!

          Nuff said.

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