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  1. Victims’ Rights Advocate Blasts Conduct Of George Zimmerman’s Attorney, Fears For Girlfriend’s Safety!

    The leader of a prominent advocacy group for domestic violence victims sharply criticized the recent conduct of George Zimmerman’s attorney, Jayne Weintraub, and expressed concern for the safety of the alleged victim. Rita Smith, the Executive Director of the National Coalition To Prevent Domestic Violence suggested that Zimmerman’s girlfriend may have been “manipulated” into recanting her allegations against Zimmerman.

    Weintraub recently submitted a motion requesting the terms of George Zimmerman’s bail be modified to allow contact with the alleged victim, his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe. On November 18, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault against Scheibe. At that time, she told the police that Zimmerman “cocked and pointed a shotgun at [her], shattered a glass-top table, then pushed her out of the house and barricaded himself inside.” She also told authorities that, in a separate incident a week and a half prior to the arrest, “he tried to choke her.” Weintraub’s motion asserts “it was the police, not Mr. Zimmerman, who intimidated her.”

    Smith called Weintraub’s conduct in the matter “not appropriate.” She said that Weintraub’s involvement in submitting the affidavit to the court raised the prospect that Scheibe had been “manipulated” or “coerced” into recanting. Smith said that, if Scheibe approached Weintraub with a desire to recant her story, she should have referred her back to the State’s Attorney or to her personal attorney. It’s Weintraub’s role to prioritize the interests of Zimmerman, Smith said, so she is not a position to advise his alleged victim. Smith said that, as a victims rights advocate, she is concerned for Scheibe’s safety.


    Note 3rd paragraph: I stated this earlier today, SS didn’t have an attorney for a reason,” an attorney would have CONTACTED the prosecutors in this case, NOT Jayne W. as SS has done. Jayne W probably told SS she needed a “notarized statement from SS.” It is self serving on SS’s part, imo, she was again dishonest in NOT contacting Prosecutors but making a ridiculous list of complaints about the intimidation she suffered at the hands of LE, imo, that’s not even believable.

    • We have no idea what SS and her attorney talked about. Maybe it was her decision to approach Jayne and not the SA. Maybe she didn’t want to answer the questions the SA would ask her when she recanted. In her affidavit she did say she didn’t want to be harassed by the SA. There’s absolutely nothing to support the theory Jayne instructed SS on what to do, say or write.

      Out of curiosity, if the affidavit was sent to the SA’s office would they be required to immediately share it with Jayne? Or would that be something disclosed during the discovery phase?

      • Does she have an attorney? Because thus far the only attorney we see representing the affidavit is GZs after SS contacted her.

        • Danny ~ I too don’t see why it is not a “conflict of interest” that the affadavit was provided to JW & not Prosecutors, hence, JW uses it in her Motion as an exhbit.

      • coreshift ~ SS has NO KNOWN attorney of record, do you have a credible link in which the attorney of record for Samantha is named? There would be one! In fact, IF SS had an attorney, he too would be flapping his jaws to the MEDIA, just like SZ’s attorney ran his mouth! I am not interested in JW just saying an “attorney reached out or NOT a link in which JW says that an “attorney for SS contacted her.” An ETHICAL attorney would NOT have contacted JW. BEFORE contacting Prosecutors, it’s unethical, an ethical attorney would NEVER allow SS to reach out directly to JW in which JW has too said SS did..

        Did Samantha previously date an attorney or know an attorney & ask him for a favor? I ask my friends that are attorneys to do favors for me all the time, I too do favors for them. It’s more probable imo, SS ask a favor of an Attorney friend, or previous attorney, to contact JW & ask what JW needed for her (SS) to do to have the charges dropped? A credible attorney would have KNOWN the process in dropping charges.

        imo, that’s a lot more credible as to what happened, an attorney NOT INVOLVED in this case & DOESN’T represent SS but reached out as a favor to SS to contact JW ONLY because he didn’t represent SS., Just a favor! IF SS had retained an attorney, the attorney would have contacted the Prosecutors themselves, no work required on SS’s part, & represented to the Prosecution that SS wanted to drop the charges/presented the Prosecutors w/the affidavit BUT that didn’t happen. It’s just that simple IF Samantha did in fact have a REAL attorney!!! Jayne W’s office would have received a copy from a REAL Attorney if SS had one.

        Jayne W. said she was contacted on Dec. 6th, & Jayne filed her MOTION on the 9th, the day Prosecutors are quoted in the OS article “as the DAY they FOUND OUT about SS’s affidavit.” The Prosecutors found out FROM Jayne W.’s Motion, NOT from any attorney that SS had, that’s because imo, she doesn’t have an attorney that represents her but she may need one shortly!

        NOTE: Affidavit SS provided to Jayne W. provides nothing but a notary stamp, no attorney letterhead included. Notaries who work for Attorney’s or Attorney’s notarize documents themselves do them on their letterhead.. My bet is that SS had it notarized at the bank for $ 10.00 as a courtesy.

      • Then he should get a restraining order. His crazy girlfriend is contacting his atty. & wanting to be with him and his atty. is gung ho for it!

  2. Prosecutors prosecute without witnesses every day. What they don’t do is prosecute without evidence & credible witnesses. Not the ethical ones (do they exist?), anyways.

    • Speaking of evidence…. what evidence is required to to prove these charges coreshift?
      Is a real time account to 911 not evidence?

    • What about a statement to the police two days in a row? Is a broken table evidence? Is a recorded account that someone wanted SS to leave while pointing a gun at her, and then on a recording was physically remove evidence? What if there is damage to the gun consistent with breaking the table? This is not a total he said, she said case as you are portraying it.

      • A broken table is evidence a table is broken. Not how it was broken or who broke it.

        By all counts, including SS’s, GZ was in the process of packing to leave. Apparently SS acted aggressively in helping him leave.

        “Scheibe stated that she and Zimmerman had become involved in a verbal dispute, and that she had asked him to leave. Zimmerman began packing his items, which
        included a Shotgun and a AR Assault Rifle, which he placed in a single carry case. Scheibe stated that Zimmerman “cocked the shotgun” prior to placing it in the case. Scheibe then began to carry out other items belonging to Zimmerman, placing them in the living room, and also outside the residence.”


        It absolutely is a he said, she said case and it appears, by her own admission, SS was being the irrational one. She was tossing his stuff out while he was doing as she asked. Packing to leave.

        • Coreshift,
          Lets not forget to mention GZ 911 account.
          It appears she was “helping” him leave. Appears by both accounts it got heated because she was touching his stuff. Each appears to wanted the other to leave at some point. It appears he grabbed and broke her glasses when she was going to leave. It appears the gun was not packed and was removed while in the living room because she was on the phone with 911 in the living room when he pushed her out seconds after she told the operator he laid the gun down.

        • Her account in the arrest report says he began packing his belongings, including a shotgun and an assault rifle. She says she began putting his things in the living room and outside the house, and he became upset. At that point, the report says, he took the shotgun out of its case.

          Zimmerman told his girlfriend to leave and smashed a pair of her sunglasses as she walked toward the front door, the report says. Scheibe told deputies he pushed her out of the house when she got close to the door.

            • This is what I hear but what does it make a difference if the gun was in the case for the one charge? Nothing to do with the assault charge and he could have pointed it at her while he was packing it. Appears he kept it loaded.

              SAMANTHA: Are you serious!?

              DISPATCHER: 911. Do you need police fire or medical?

              SAMANTHA: I need police right now.

              DISPATCHER: Okay what’s your address?

              SAMANTHA: You’re breaking something in MY house!

              DISPATCHER: Ma’am. Ma’am. What’s going on?

              SAMANTHA: He’s in my house breaking all my shit because I asked him to leave. He has his freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now.

              DISPATCHER: OKAY

              SAMANTHA: I’m doing this again?? You just broke my glass table, you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the fuck out!! This is not your house. No, get out of here!

              DISPATCHER: Okay, Where is his weapon at?

              SAMANTHA: He just put it down.DISPATCHER: What’s he wearing?

              SAMANTHA: uh….dark jeans and a uh gray t-shirt.

              DISPATCHER: Okay. What kind of gun did he have?

              SAMANTHA: He has this…the gun that he just smashed on my (?) was the Kel-Tech, the shotgun.

              DISPATCHER: It’s a shotgun or or is it a handgun?

              SAMANTHA: It’s a shotgun.

              DISPATCHER: Does he have it with him now?

              SAMANTHA: Well, he’s in my house. He has all of his guns inside (?He’s just unloaded? shotgun and it’s AR)He took that case to smash my table and smashed my sunglasses and smashed whatever the hell else he’s smashing there right now while I’m outside.

        • coreshift ~ when TOLD to leave a home that is not in your name in an escalating argument, you LEGALLY do NOT have a right to stay, you have to leave the dwelling if you don’t want to be arrested! GZ should have just left, GZ had no legal right to remain at the home, pack his guns, unload them, & leave when he felt like it as he soon found out! GZ might have thought he was protecting his guns but he lost his guns & got arrested anyway.

          When it escalated & 911 was called, SS was not in her home & GZ had blocked the door as evidenced by LE, GZ did not have a legal right to do so!

          After an arrest, you have to be escorted by Police to pick up your junk, or have your family escorted to pick up your things at the convenience of the homeowner.. GZ should have just left the dwelling that was not his & avoided this whole incident. BUT! GZ wanted to pack his guns! Just like the incident could have been avoided w/SZ, but I am beginning to feel like GZ likes the bickering & is a willing participant because he hasn’t learned anything. Consider this behavior is going to continue.

            • coreshift – the case you sited IS NOT at all like GZ’s case! The case you sited is one of an extended family, the woman staying there had lived there a prolonged length of time & the homeowners were the grandparent’s of the woman’s child so they allowed it.

              The case you sited is a long term family arrangement, The woman had the grandchild of the couple trying to get rid of her & they allowed it an extended period of time. The case you sited is more like renter/owner dispute though the woman didn’t pay the grandparents rent, she had lived there a prolonged length of time & the homeowners will have to go through the lengthy procedure to have her removed.

              coreshift ~ but you can get someone out of your home in an escalating argument. GZ had only lived there 4 months, it was not his rental, there was an ESCALATING argument & he was told to leave earlier in the day. the argument continued to escalate & GZ should have just left. GZ didn’t have “squatters rights” because he wouldn’t leave & felt “entitled” to stay until he felt like leaving. There is NO law anywhere that gives a “boyfriend” a right to hole up in a home he is NOT renting, barricade it so the one renting the home CAN’T enter their property, NOR could LE enter the house. Most people have enough sense to remove themselves before more escalation in an argument or LE is called, GZ does not have those reasoning skills apparently.

              Samantha ask GZ to leave earlier in the day, he said he was going to leave, it was NOT a surprise to GZ that he needed to leave NOR a “MOMENT’S notice” as you seem to think, that is incorrect. Barricading the renter of the property from entering & LE from entering is blatant stupidity!

              • I’m surprised by how much you have bought what was reported.

                I won’t be surprised to hear the supposedly barricade (which was described a small furniture) was actually GZ stuff he put at the front door in his move.

                If you are barricading the door, and she has a key, does it make sense to put small furniture there?

                Is it his stuff that he was going to be taking to his truck? Likely.

                I agree with Coreshift’s observations. You really relate to the battered woman side of this to the point you are ignoring what is fact and what is evidence.

                For a person who supported him in the shooting in self defense, you sure are quick to believe the word of Samantha who had no injuries and who is now known to have been trying to profit off her knowledge of GZ’s life.

                • I am not attempting to involve myself in the rental dispute. Florida law is clear on that. She would have had to give him 30 days because he was living with her and his stuff was there.
                  As for the barricade that was the polices account not SSs.

                • I am personally not soley going off what she has said. I am going on the whole account of what he claimed, what she claimed and what is in the police report and the contradictions in both of her statements and claims she was intimidated and misrepresented by police. You can not attack SS w/o attacking the police at this point because the arrest was made after they were on the scene and followed procedure to the point of even getting a warrant.

                • coreshift ~ There is MOST certainly evidence of a barricade.

                  WHY wasn’t LE able to enter the home if things were “near the door” as you claim? Why make excuses for GZ when there is evidence proving otherwise? Most people make opinions on known facts. There is known evidence that disputes your opinion.

                  Surely you understand LE couldn’t access the home with their search warrant even though they were BANGING on the door & trying to get in SS’s house, the door was barricaded keeping them out! WHY was that? AH, because GZ obviously didn’t want them inside!

                  The facts dispute your opinion of “things near the door,” if your idea was remotely believable in which there is NO known evidence to support it, LE would have had NO problem entering SS’s residence w/their search warrant, no need to bang on the door & trying to get in a blocked door, no need to move objects out of the way so they could enter when they were finally successful. The facts dispute your idea! LE removed junk preventing them from entering the home when they finally entered.

                  • You do know the police entered without a search warrant, right?

                    They got one after they arrested George.

                    According to both George and Samantha, George was packing to leave and had taken some items to the truck, some were left by the front door and others were being packed up when according to George she went crazy.

                    Give me a break that someone with a house key in her pocket was locked out of her own home.

                    • Nettles ~ WHY would SS be able to enter the house w/a key or not IF LE couldn’t enter the house w/ her key because the door was barricaded?

                      LE didn’t need a search warrant BEFORE entering the house, GZ had guns in his possession, there was no way for LE to know if they were loaded or not.

                      SS claimed she was afraid & GZ pointed a gun at her, that’s all LE has to go on when they arrived at the scene. LE had ALL they needed to destroy the door by ramming it & entering the house, but all GZ had to do was be reasonable & cooperate.

                • Nettles ~ according to you & coreshift, it was small furniture, it could have been GZ’ stuff or this or that, whatever excuse is made, BUT, LE couldn’t enter the home!

                  So now you & coreshift think LE are now liars & just chose to beat on the blocked door they couldn’t enter w/a search warrant because they just wanted to or they are just stupid? If LE could have easily accessed SS’s home, they would have done just that, they couldn’t because it was blocked.

                  WHY didn’t GZ OPEN the door for banging LE w/their search warrant & move the junk out of the way INSTEAD of LE having to move it when they finally gained access? The simple answer is that GZ wanted the door blocked. Is everyone stupid but GZ? Or, are some objectively viewing the known
                  evidence when commenting & there is known evidence w/the door.

                  I have seen no known evidence that supports your opinion nor coreshifts. Some bloggers form opinions not based on fact even in light of known facts, that is their choice.

    • unitron ~ I guess if there is any validity to this, Detectives will vet the phone, the girl, etc.

      I pray not BUT nothing surprises me anymore.

    • Not just another witness, another woman. I wonder if Christi is trying to stir crap up and get these women to hate GZ because of the ‘other women’. Women that feel betrayed or cheated on are likely to say all sorts of bad things about the person that did it. True or not. More fuel for Christi.

    • Danny shared from link above:
      Prosecutors say they could legally continue to pursue a domestic violence case against George Zimmerman, despite a signed affidavit from his girlfriend asking them not to.

      Danny ~ when GZ was arrested, I posted a link that stated also Prosecutors in Fla. Prosecutors can CONTINUE to investigate a DV case even if it is dropped in the Courts, Prosecutors have 30 days from the Court ruling to continue investigating a case if they choose to.

      I can’t find the link now, it was at the time GZ was arrested that I posted it. This isn’t likely to happen over night no matter what, I too wonder where this leaves SS’s statement that ” Samanth claims she was choked by GZ previously,” in which was NOT recanted in her affidavit.”

      • It was mentioned by prosecutors because if ther is a history of violence they usually seek a conviction. It appears the affidavit is weak to use for a charge drop. Its intent was to get the no contact lifted. Which is insane in itself considering there is a gun charge!J W is a talking head feeling the case up with the drop claim. She is an incompetent turd!

      • Actually some “lawyers” tweeting stuff out that I have seen posted here are wrong. I have provided you case law all day. Have you ever studied case law? No time for talking heads or to study tweets Coreshift. Been here and on case study since my first post.

        • I have to interject her Danny because something Coreshift already addressed about your caselaw citations is the significant factual differences. I would posit that you will need to make a more compelling argument as to how the caselaw citations should apply to the matter at hand in the face of the significant and relevant factual differences

          • You mean object….lol.
            The case law I cited was for the claim of coreshifts that it would be malicious prosecution if the State does not drop the charges due to this affidavit. He claimed there no longer is evidence to proceed. I provided case law where a court disagreed with the lower courts ruling that the case should be dismissed due to an affidavit and case law where the state can impeach and get the court to grant a victim the as hostile because she was uncooperative. These cases amoungst others I can provide are court opinions on law in Florida where prosecutors can move on despite a victim providing an affidavit.
            I also provided law where a prosecutor can use prior statements in Florida against the hearse rule.
            What exactly would make the fact the Prosecutors can legally proceed more complelling of an arguement? He has not provided any case law at all. Only what the media has discussed and the statements of SS.

            • IIRC in the cases you cited there was evidence other than the alleged victim’s sworn statement. That’s not true in the GZ case AFAIK. There’s no evidence GZ committed a crime other than SS’s now recanted statements. As I said early on, it started out as ‘he said, she said’. and now even she is saying GZ didn’t do it.

              But enough of this. For some reason you and Art Tart want to believe GZ is guilty of something despite there being absolutely no evidence of his guilt. Guilty of a crime or guilty because he found himself in a position that he could be accused of one.

              All the while you ignore the evidence that SS has lied. Not only in her sworn statement and/or later recantation, but in how she claims she was treated by LE (no food).. You also completely ignore she and her mother tried to sell an interview.

              I really don’t see any gain in continuing this conversation ATM. Let’s see what the state does next.

              • Well I suppose we will have to wait for the decison(s). I disagree that there is no evidence although it would be difficult to proceed unless they utilize the law under the cases I provided , which was the reason I provided them. I did not provide them in order to prove SS is Saint Michael. I provided them to show that prosecutors can compel the witness to give the statements they initially gave before recanting.
                As I stated a few times this could help or hurt GZ.

                I agree SS is a liar. But that she is GZ would have the opportunity to attack her character shall charges stick.

                Nothing against GZ. This is strictly to do with law and the fact DV is an ongoing issue in society that many do not take serious and believe police are their relationship counselors! Next time, and there will be a next time since these two want to hook back up, both may not be as lucky next time. Especially when one will go to the extent to ensure police will not be called again. That is how people end up dead in cases like this.

                  • Like I said been case researching I have not followed up on reports. I suppose I will play devils advocate but there is always 3 stories. His, hers and the truth.

                    I do understand with DV cases most times the police have their hands tied on an arrest.
                    Something does not jive though that SS had contacted JW and not the prosecutors to recant. Instead she states police misrepresented the facts. If that was the case one would want to contact the SOA who has yet decided to proceed.

                    All this talk about not being able to proceed because of the recant and then JW stating she would go for dismiss is all too coincidential.

                    • Danny, I don’t think anyone is saying that prosecutors can *not* go forward (because as we know they *can* in DV cases), just that perhaps it’s not likely, since SS is recanting.

                    • I was discussing the rules of evidence that makes it a possibility to proceed. Here is why ……on one hand I believe they will proceed. He is a high profile subject. This is his second time being accussed of DV within a two month period. The State itself has a compelling interest to hash these claims out. I do not think anyone wants to deal with him anymore. And at this point they may compel SS to testify because the charges are serious. This was not just a shove. And both parties now have shown interest to stay together. If they do not proceed this couple is a risk to everyone and each other no matter who you believe. And the SOA knows what would occur then. The fact they can proceed makes it more likely they will IMO. Now do not get me wrong. I do not agree they would decided based on past incidents nor am I claiming they will. But they could decide to compel SS because of those things.

              • coreshift ~ I believe GZ was guilty of NOT leaving the house since he had been ask several times & the arguments were escalating. GZ could have gotten his personal belongings anytime, especially after cooler tempers prevailed but that doesn’t seem to be GZ’s personality to make those better decisions, GZ seems to like conflict when he could leave a volatile situation. ONLY GZ can change this behavior.

                I tell my young adult soon who is 27, if you are ever ASK to leave a party, someone’s home, a mall, you need to leave w/your mouth shut as NOTHING positive can be garnered by hanging around & arguing in an escalating situation until someone calls 911.

                When things escalate, especially for GZ when he clearly knows 911 is being called, it is of no benefit for GZ to continue to hang around he premises but he doesn’t grasp it. He seems to lose the ability to make a better choice, & for that, imo, GZ is responsible/guilty of poor judgement. Did anything positive happen for GZ to hang around waiting for LE to arrive w/a search warrant from the 911 call barricaded in SS’s home? imo, GZ would probably not have been arrested had he just left the premises earlier. MOST people understand this but why not GZ? Those guns may be the undoing of GZ at some point.

                I don’t know what happened that day NOR does anyone else. Do I believe ALL of GZ’s story, no I don’t, do I believe all of SS’s story, no I don’t, I think SS is the bigger liar but imo, GZ/SS have had a volatile relationship ongoing. Was SS lying AGAIN just because she wanted GZ released so they could resume their relationship, nobody knows.

                Will GZ get off, imo, yes, but ONLY until there is another incident in which GZ hangs around until 911 is called yet again & LE arrives as he did in the SZ incident & this case, INSTEAD of making better decisions than to hang around & argue. GZ is a 30 year old man, not a child, nor is he young, but his life lessons have been lost on him imo.

  3. Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor, told HLN she doesn’t believe a judge should allow the couple to have contact.

    “The reason a no-contact order is not under a victim’s control is because it’s a decision of the court to protect the integrity of the prosecution,” she said. “This is the government’s case. It’s not her case.”


    I think we can ALL agree, the longer GZ stays away from SS the better for everybody.

    • Normally the only time limited contact is allowed is when contact benefits a couples children. For instance if there is family or couples counseling to eliminate risk of witnessing DV to the children. And even then contact is limited to those times.
      But the reasons no contact is kept is for safety and integrity.

      And no I did not get that from talking heads or twitter as I have just found it is expected I get these “revelations” from these places and not case law… 😛

  4. I would like to propose a Nettle’s blog mock trial. Art and Danny can team up and present the states case and I will happily team up with Core and present the defense’s case. Readers can vote afterwards who presented the more compelling case and declare a “verdict”

  5. Oh good lord the looney progressives are having a fit!

    The leader of a prominent advocacy group for domestic violence victims sharply criticized the recent conduct of George Zimmerman’s attorney, Jayne Weintraub, and expressed concern for the safety of the alleged victim. Rita Smith, the Executive Director of the National Coalition To Prevent Domestic Violence suggested that Zimmerman’s girlfriend may have been “manipulated” into recanting her allegations against Zimmerman. http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/12/10/3043031/victims-rights-advocate-blasts-conduct-george-zimmermans-attorney-fears-girlfriends-safety/

  6. I am reposting the police report in case anyone needs reference during discussion.
    In the report it outlines the time line of some disagreement here whether the gun was “cased” or not or loaded at the time the police were called, & at the time of the table being broken. The report says SS states the gun was removed from the case after he packed it and took it too the living room.

    • Seriously David! Grow up. I’m sick and tired of reading your comments belittling others.

      I don’t agree with Nancy Grace either but why can’t you express yourself without all the childish barbs? I can’t stand reading most of your posts anymore.

    • No doubt Nancy Grace is over the top & one of the rudest people I’ve ever seen, if she doesn’t like the response she is getting, she just cuts the speaker’s microphone off.. NG used to be the ONLY show that focused her entire show on missing children cases. It’s unbelievable how many missing/murdered/abducted children there are in Fla. During KC’s case, another high profile case of a little girl that lived close to Orlando, Haleigh Cummings. LE knew who murdered Haleigh but didn’t have the evidence so they did the next best thing, they BUSTED the group for selling drugs & most are in prison for 15 yrs. on up, NG focused her show many nights on this heartbreaking case & it is as resolved as it will be imo.

      NG harassed a poor mother of a missing child, Melissa Dukett & she committed suicide, Ms. Duckett’s family won monies from NG on that interview in which NG screamed at Melissa Duckett for an hour falling a little short of calling her a “murderer.” The damage was done to Melissa/family.

      The thing is, NG is in a position to do so much for families of the missing, it’s disappointing she chooses to convict without evidence as she did in Duke Lacrosse & NEVER offered an apology for her nightly bashing w/absolutely no evidence to support it.

      It seems NG imo gets joy from bashing/trashing defendants on her show as she has done GZ. I bet she is really disappointed this case might be dismissed, it’s what the law is & where it leads imo, not her opinion but the low information group seem to like it.

      I read her show may be canceled next year.

      • Its all about ratings. That’s it bottom line. In Jose Baez book, he said that prior to going on air or during commercial, she was all nice and then lights camera, action. What I don’t get lol. If all these Hosts were such good Attorney’s then why aren’t they still practicing law? Instead of being an actor on a show? That settles for me what I get from them.

        • I am not sure she was a good atty. She had a few bar complaints that resulted in some trouble for her in GA. and one of her convictions were overturned because she withheld evidence. Ya, know similiar to her show except she keeps that job.

        • mimi – too in the case of NG, Hornsby had written about the case a couple of years ago which was actually, “Nancy Grace’s fall from Grace.”

          We have all watched MOM be the consummate gentlemen in interviews, even when under attack, he is on point, courteous. I really appreciate that in MOM, the style of Sonny Hosstin & her ilk are proven inaccurate many times but SH is one that is not going to admit she wrong.

          • Yes I have read a lot about NG. I don’t have cable and didn’t know much about her and did watch bits here and there at my parents. My thoughts on all of them are the same. Shoot, even on some of the crime shows they use ex lawyers for go to people. I just feel if they know so much about the law then go practice it. Same with all the “Judge” shows. My dtr, was stationed with a girl in Cali who went on Judge Judy show lol. She told dtr that she was sueing her bro. The show PAID the winners claim, but the judge did all her theatrics. Sister said it was worth the $ seeing Judge Judy chew out her brother.

            Which brings me to the lady missing in Fl Michelle Parker, she came up missing day the taping of her and ex were on Peoples Court. I just think people put too much stock in these used to be lawyers and crime shows. Like you said, just because WERE lawyers or former Pros, doesn’t mean were good.

            • mimi ~ I have kept up w/Michelle Parker’s case from the first day in Fla. There is little doubt she is dead leaving her twins w/the probable murderer.

              Judge Judy is such entertainment. I found a lot of episodes on youtube. My favorite Judge Judy line is: “Is it raining OR are you peeing on my leg”? I read somewhere Judge J makes 75 million p/yr., you go girl!

              • I hate for the family of Michelle Parker that they haven’t been able to lay her body to rest. I too kept up with that and the Lisa Irwin case, so many and many many more that don’t get the attention.

    • Danny, are these people “just” refusing to cooperate, or have they recanted, as SS did? I don’t know as much about the law as you guys do, but it just sems to me, that even if they can force SS to testify, they can’t force her to say her first statements were true, if she’s now saying they were lies (“misspoke”)…

      • The cases I provided……One testified but when examined kept claiming she could not remember or she mispoke during her statement. The other one did what SS did but during a no contact violation and the judge actually dismissed the case. On appeal the State won because they claimed they had rights to examine her despite the affidavit, and they never had the opportunity to provide other evidence. The importance of the case law is not that the cases are identical but that the ruling answers the questions the circut courts follow when these questions arise again.

      • No they can not force her to testify to her original statements. They can not even tell her if she does not testify to her previous statements she could be a criminal herself or be totally torn apart on cross.

        They will just send her notice she must testify. Once under oath she decides to lie or tell the truth. Recant, or tell what actually happened. Or totally refuse to answer any questions. It is not wise.
        A victim lying to law enforcement or the SAO can lead to many problems. The victim could be charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, filing a false police report, be held in contempt of court, be charged with purjury, be declared hostile.

  7. On an entirely different vein, I was wondering if anyone had attended a large group party in which a fun game was played.

    This weekend, I’m hosting our company Christmas party for 140 kids. Next weekend we are hosting an adult dinner in which the guests will be in formal wear. Has anyone had an experience with a group game that I could use on our group. There will be about 100 adult guests and I’m looking for a game to play. Last year we did Bingo with the words associated with our workplace. It was boring. I struggle to find something creative this year.

    Thought I’d ask this group to see if you could suggest something,

    • I will ask around you. I do want to share something FUN we do every year at a Womens Christmas get together. It is so fun, and only last prob 30 mins . Everyone forms a circle around the room. There are a few lil wrapped gifts or just an ornament or whatever. Place one say like at each side and middle. Then the Christmas Story is read. When you hear the word LEFT you pass to the left, and RIGHT pass to the Right. It is SOOO funny and everyone gets tickled. … Right then they left… fun ice breaker. too

        • it is so funny and in good fun. especially some times it goes back and forth lol You would be surprised who laughs the most 😉

        • Haha this sound fun, found online prob for small groups

          Blind Christmas Tree Ripping: For this game you need green construction paper. Give everyone a chance in attempting to rip a sheet of green construction paper (behind their back) into the shape of a Christmas tree (they mustn’t look at their trees, only when they have finished creating their tree). Once they’ve finished ripping, and before they look, give them little stickers to decorate their tree with. Once all done, hang everyone’s tree up and have everyone judge for the best looking trees.

        • Oh we played this at a few diff parties. Get cotton balls (could say they are snowballs) fluff them in a bowl. Blindfolded and with a spoon, whoever scoops out the most cottonballs wins. FUNNY THING… they have no weight, so your just dipping and dipping think you really have got a bunch, LOL watching is fun, as the person is scooping Air more or less. tooo funny! Older kids maybe, prob not young, might get upset 😦

    • Maybe a distant cousin of Mimi’s idea – at our work Xmas party, a few times we’ve played this. Everyone buys an odd or funny present (sometimes a useful present) for under $10 and brings it wrapped. All the presents go in the center of the group. Pull numbers to see order of people’s turns (or just go around the circle). You take a present out of pile. Anyone who has already taken a present, but likes yours better, can take yours. If your present is stolen, you can steal someone else’s, or get a new one out of the pile. Your present could be stolen many times during the game. It always leads to lots of laughs. Might be better for adults – getting something they like stolen might lead to crying or anger in elementary kids.

  8. I found the source who was told Shellie said there was no opportunity for an affair prior to the trial ending. It was John Donnelly, the man who testified he thought it was George screaming for help and who said he bought him suits for court.

    According to Mr Donnelly, Shellie confronted her husband who has been ‘AWOL’ since his acquittal and whose only contact with his wife has been via a number of texts stating simply: ‘I’m fine’.

    ‘During the trial they were sequestered, moved from house to house there just wasn’t any opportunity for anything like that [an affair] to go on,’ he said. ‘To the best of my knowledge and hers this started up after the trial.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2416275/George-Zimmerman-taken-police-custody-getting-altercation-involving-gun.html#ixzz2n8AIOTvx

    Shellie was convinced the other woman was Veronica and he went to Texas with her. There is no evidence that is true.

    • I responded to this on the other thread when you mentioned it. I am confused as to why you believe who the women was matters. I do not believe she personally ever stated she left him because she believed he was cheating. And these statements were not made by Shellie, as you have continually stated, but by someone who claims she confided in him. It was common knowledge by the time of divorce that Veronica claimed in the FBI investigation GZ and she kept in contact. Anyone could have spun that. Shellie herself never gave any indication she was divorcing because of adultry or that she has suspected adultry. Even after she knew about SS did she mention adultry?

      • You will agree that Shellie was a source for Christi O’Connor? She did give her an exclusive interview after the perjury charge was pled out on Aug. 28th. Right?

        Shellie sent Christi pictures of her dad’s red mark on his nose on Sept. 9th and Christi took that and the broken ipad pictures to HLN at 7pm on Sept. 9th in the allegations that day, right?

        In O’Connor’s blog dated Sept. 9th, Shellie speaks to us through O’Connor.

        “My sources tell me the “blonde woman” who drove up with George is his “new girlfriend.” In the house, children’s toy blocks were seen. On the back porch, “lipstick stained” cigarette butts were in the ashtray. George has denied having affairs on Shellie. But, as I reported, Shellie says she has evidence that shows George has had affairs with three different women since just before his trial. One of them is allegedly George’s ex fiancee who, in 2005, filed a restraining order against him. Back then, George sought and secured a counter restraining order against her. Both restraining orders ( “Injunctions” in Florida) were dropped.”

        I’ve always believed that Shellie’s imagination about these affairs got the better of her while he was taking time to himself and on they day he returned, she left him.

        It appears to me, an admitted outsider, that some very close to George thought his time was over with the acquittal and their needs took priority. Any time he needed for himself after the verdict was seen as “selfish”

        I totally disagree with that assessment and think his friends and family should have given him that time. Shellie is well within her right to take what she needs. That she chose to hurt George and put him in danger, crosses the line, in my mind. I question whether she ever loved him.

        • Do we really know who COs source was?
          If COs source is correct about a GF then it obviously had to be someone who knew he had one. Who knows Wes lied and was quick to do interviews after the DV with Shellie.
          My take on every single one from GZ to the fly on the wall in anyones home, car, phone, text, that is connected to him are winding this whole TM spot light.
          Even if OC got Shellie for an interview , connecting one source we do not know to Shellie actually being a source for all of it is speculation.
          She obviously did not leave him because of an affair because they separated Aug. 13. Did we not determine he could not have had an affair because he was traveling? So obviously he was not at the home to have a women there who let lipstained cigs. for Shellie to see. Shellie was not there. So the source has to be someone else who was with GZ at the house after the split.

          • She says her source is Shellie. I do believe her. Who else could have passed photos of the broken iPad, her dad’s red mark and the text messages on Sept.. 9th that she took to air on HLN at 7pm on Sept 9th. It had to be Shellie, imo.

            • She also claims others sources tell her stuff. Like that MOM recommended JW. And that GZ has been in a relationship with Kimberly Smith since last April. Now posting texts from GZ. How would she get photos even the police had to determine there was DV? Good question.

          • Shellie told Christi those cigarettes butts and the toys in the background were seen on Sept. 7th; the day Shellie was to move out her stuff. But according to her, she didn’t finish.

            John Donnelly tells us that Shellie became more and more upset for each week George was away. By the time he returned, she was certain he was having an affair with Veronica and she left him on the day he returned August 13th.

            I have come to believe she was dead wrong. He spent that time alone, imo.

            • But, you have to admit finding out that your husband is discussing your private life with an ex without your knowledge through an FBI investigation during a high profile case is kinda crazy!

              • I will agree that would be crazy! But being of open
                mind, we don’t know who Shellie confided with. Or I don’t. But if they were having issues prior, I would think would only add to the anger/problem

    • I read that, too. I’ve been wondering if this part is true.

      “According to a close source she had issued him with the ultimatum: ‘Don’t you ever bring that woman into my house.’
      But two or three weeks ago, Shellie and her father arrived at the Lake Mary house to find Zimmerman and his ex-fiancee pulling into the driveway.
      ‘That is what prompted her to file for divorce,’ Mr Donnelly said.”

  9. I read from an attorney, have not confirmed it, that a DA can later bring charges against a person charged with DV if the case is dismissed. I am supposing this atty. is meaning through appeal by the state.

    • Found a case with much case law on DV dismissals. Of course GZs case still relies on IF they will proceed but the only reason the charges are currently being debated is because SS recanted, which does not appear to be a reason why the State would not proceed. So this is why I stay on the subject of the possibility of them proceeding depsite. They may believe all they have to do is get her on the stand and she may give the truth or partial truth anyways.


      But I also have found this informative write up on what DV is not and the abuse in the judicial system. http://www.dvmen.org/dv-10.htm

      This is why it is important for everyone not to dismiss every case as someone retaliating nor generalize every case as the defendent guilty as an abuser.

      That said, with GZ he has had numerous domestic issues with everyone he has been with. So there seems to be a pattern which is why it is hard for me to conceive despite SSs shopping for a story her initial claims have weight but little evidence because he is good at not leaving any. And now that she, like Shellie is willing to throw herself under the bus for this guy there may be a manipulative streak despite the imperfect humans these women are that some seem to blame his actions on them instead of having him own his part.

      Logically though…….sure he did not have to leave what a price to pay for staying though. Legally he could have stayed another 30 days until she served him. Sure, he may have been dealing with an irrational woman who lied to him, but he could have left or called police. If he wanted to avoid the police he coud have just left like he claims he was doing. But him agreeing with getting back with this girl should at least open some eyes that he is not the victim, as some make him out to be. He appears to know exactly what he is doing, exactly what he wants, and how to get it.

      • Danny claims “numerous domestic issues with everyone he has been with”

        really? are you sure? are you going to stand by this exaggeration?

        • It really is wayyyyy to late to deal with you.
          From now on you win. You are right. I have no interest in debating you. You ALWAYS RESORT TO NAME CALLING.

            • Not going to get in a fuss fight with you. But you are stating 3 relationships that you know he has had. And the last 2 are post trial. So there are many reasons for he said she said. And just my opinion, but this whole SS mess has stunk from get go. With Shellie, there are many reasons for marital discourse, and the first one, seems I remb that it too was a both party guilty and both had restraints against. I guess tho some people can find a pattern if they wish, depending on what they are looking for. I feel you have personal issues that this is hitting a nerve about, with has nothing to do with Geo. Just my observation.

              • Personal issues? So someone must have personally been affected, comitted, or a victim of DV to see a pattern? Humm.
                That we know of yes. There appears to be a pattern emerging with his last 3 relationships as they have ended. Post trial he claimed the same thing ad SS. That he was leaving and she did not want him to leave. With his wife he claimed self defense.

                If you prefer not to get in a fuss do not make claims in why you feel a person has an interest. So since you are on the defensive end I suppose everyone should believe you have cause to defend the accused and it has hit a nerve?

                • Only nerve hit, if would call it that would be people making out like they have all the fact in the situation when they don’t. I supported Geo in the criminal case because I felt he was railroaded, People going thru divorce, more than not is emotionally charged. SS has proved that she is a liar, to an extent. Knowing it is easy to accuse someone, especially someone high profile, and comes out you and your mother are shopping for $ interviews, Until I see facts that Geo did something abusive, not just accused because she was pissed off, I reserve my right to not be part of the hater crusade. Personally, it has no effect in my life.

                • “So someone must have personally been affected, comitted, or a victim of DV to see a pattern?”

                  I will agree with you here… because anyone who has ever experienced anything even remotely resembling true domestic violence wouldn’t be throwing the term around so casually.

                  The simple fact of the matter is that break ups are almost always messy and ugly… and there’s nothing particularly unusual or out of the ordinary about how these three relationships ended. Yelling, broken iPads, grossly exaggerated accusations, blaming, shaming, provoking, hurt feelings, and even calls to the police are unfortunately common break up drama.

                  • I do feel there should be a zero tolerance for anything remotely close to DV. I am not ashamed to say it nor use it casually. If there is a pattern, key word pattern, it is DV.

                    • Nettles,
                      There is mental abuse. They leave no marks or scars.
                      Rape, leaves no scars. Murder and Suicide Threats. no scars or bruises.
                      As far as being arrested or not? Nicole Brown Simpson was a battered and abused women. She was once married to a football star. She finally left him. She ended up dead, almost decapitated. He never ever was arrested some say because of his start power. even though she reported it. He was charged with her murder and was acquitted.
                      Terry Greer was a pastors wife. He sexually and mentally abused her. She killed him. He never was arrested. Nor did she report it because of his standing in the community.
                      I am not sure how minimizing one womens abuse empowers “true abused women” in you guys terms to report even report it.
                      This conversation reminds me of the days when women were accused of being the cause of their rapes for how they dressed.

                      I have two daughters, and a son I can only hope I have taught them healthy relationship boundaries. It appears you women would accept much less then you deserve.

                    • As a kid, I watched my father beat my mother black and blue. That was domestic violence.

                      What happened between GZ and SZ and GZ and SS is not domestic violence. As for Veronica, there was no charge of domestic violence in their relationship. They had split up and George was hoping to win her back. He wanted to stay the night and she wanted him to go home. They ended up taking out mutual restraining orders on each other.

                      Accusing someone of this kind of violence based on neither woman have a scratch on her is grossly unfair. The women are using what they have at their disposal to hurt George when they get mad at him. Whether he likes it or not and whether he can control it or not, anyone at all who wants to get at George just needs to pick up the phone say his name and mention a gun. They will have thousands believing anything that comes out of their mouth.

                      There will also be millions who will want to see the evidence to prove the allegations and I remain in that camp. Samantha has done quite a disservice to women who experience domestic violence.

              • That is an offensive statement being I have been married one time to my Jr. High school sweetheart. Come from a home with no DV. Never was arrested, cited, or was to court criminal or civil. I work with kids need background checks. I am happily married to a great person. None on either side ever involved in dv to my knowledge. None of my friends as well. Now does not mean we may not ever have conflicts we just deal with them non violently like most people. When it becomes acceptable that people begin to make excuses why it does end up with police being called 3 out of the last 3 relationships I do not feel I am the one taking this personally or have observation issues.

                • Don’t be offended, there are reasons people feel strongly about issues they do. And the person who stands up and professes to never fight disagree with their spouse or family, well that should say they aren’t truthful with themselves. Everyone has disagreements. And people and handle different. And sometimes wish they themselves would have handled a situation different. But in this Geo Z situation, he already has the haters of public opinion against anything he does. Common sense will tell you that if someone is pissed at you and they know (as with Geo) there are haters out there, hmmm who do you think they are gonna believe female yelling he pointed gun at her or gz? And we don’t know what the real reason they were into argument to start with. Yes, imho, these things do matter. And if she is lying, it is because of stuff like this that makes true DV victims be not believed.

                  • First of all I did not say I never had conflict in my relationship.
                    Screaming, yelling, and police intervention no. Never happened. That is the truth.

                    Healthy relationships do not handle conflict that way. Codependent, angry, insecure, and unstable individuals handle relationships with ongoing patterns.

                    I highly doubt your defense of GZ has anything to do with caring about domestic violence against women. Or SS causing a sterotype for abused women.

                    I highly doubt you care as much for the truth as you do that these charges be dropped. I am not a gambler but I could lay money down that if he gets off on these charges you will take it as a confirmation SS was pissed off and made up a story in the blink of an eye while GZ was huddled in a corner afraid for his life!
                    I could maybe even secure the next bet that when (not if) he comes in contact with police it will be someone elses fault too.
                    You too exhibit a pattern.

                    I do not believe my holding him accountable in anyway is jumping on the hate train mimi. You can call it that. But I call it not making excuses for a grown man who is making his own really bad choices and who must face the consequences just like anybody else.

                    • I just find some supporters who claim they supported GZ for justice, true justice, which on its own was no easy feat, to now somehow have flipped and believe joshing the system is okay as long as it involves GZ.

                      If SS has recanted and he wants to get back with this lady after alledgedly setting him up, how much BS came out of his mouth on his 911 call?
                      I think too many here underestimate GZ. The guy was smart enough to start a fund website on his own. He was in control of his PR the whole time. He was smart (or dumb depending on how you look at it) to pay off his debt and use his wife to move fund money.
                      Prior to this recant, I was suspecting he was in on the whole shopping for a story, because he is broke and does like the spotlight. I believe the whole reason he has not done interviews is because of his NBC suit. There prolly is a stipulation with his atty.
                      But something went wrong the day he was arrested.
                      The proof is in the pudding. Within 10 days these two are looking for a way to end the no contact order, and hit two birds with one stone with that affidavit. If he gets off, and he prolly will, no harm done to his image.

                    • Danny –

                      But why impune mimi’s motives?

                      I agree with you that relationships do not have to include fights.

                    • Because it is the truth hooson. because sugar coating the truth is why the debate continues. all the possibilities in why this guy continually makes bad choices does not change the truth. It is like a Christian having a debate with an atheist and both reject each others valid points as unprovable. I am tired of the straw man arguments. I will raise a point, the debate always ends with “well we just do not know and until I see proof otherwise danny you are no better then a traybot.”
                      Rejecting something does not mean there is no validity to the issue raised. And as long as we can make personal assessments about one another in why something is of interest I feel it is fair game when someone else offers a personal observation.

                    • Danny –

                      In reviewing the thread I see that mimi did suggest that you had personal issues, and that was overreach on mimi’s part and so I do understand your frustration.

                      I was called a fool in this blog not too long ago and chose not to respond in kind.

                      First of all, even a fool like me can be right at least twice a day.

                      Secondly, returning aspersions does not add anything to a debate, but merely adds fuel to a distraction.

                      You bring a very informed perspective to this blog, and I hope that you continue.

                    • I agree. I suppose I can feel for others beliefs and respond only in kind IF I agree.
                      I think I am going to begin posting back on my blog where all my perspectives are not strewn throughout comments and I have a level of control on the topic. I now have my PC back and can work from there. I am currently working on a post.

                    • Danny ~ shared:
                      “Healthy relationships do not handle conflict that way. Codependent, angry, insecure, and unstable individuals handle relationships with ongoing patterns.”

                      I learned a lot about codependency years ago & the way it effects those that are codependent in all aspects of their lives, why relationships fail, why they continue to repeat the same behaviors, why it’s difficult for those to hold long term jobs or exist in healthy relationships. UNTIL the person can identify the behaviors, usually w/intervention, they aren’t like to identify their problems or become independent & mental healthy, the behaviors will continue to exhibit themselves in decision making, the lack of understanding WHY the same behaviors lead to the same result, over & over again.

                      I have so much fear for GZ. imo, GZ thinks he knows a hell of a lot more than he knows & is probably hard headed. Remember the FEAR on West’s face during the trial when Judge N PRESSED GZ if he wanted to testify? West was so fearful it was palpable that GZ was going to tell Judge N, “YES! I want to testify!” Frankly, it scared the hell out of me just watching him. GZ feels a need to want to tell “his side” because he thinks he knows everything, as he displayed in the 911 call when MEDIA Analyst stated it was “self serving” as well as MEDIA w/the exception of Garagos. MANY saw it for what it was, having his say, telling his side. Did it help him? I read LE says there are discrepancies in both GZ’s accounting as well SS’s. imo, when GZ could remove himself from a volatile situation, he prefers to STAY & argue, that isn’t working for him!

                      UNTIL these problems are addressed, GZ will continue to spiral down. Sadly moving back in w/SS will be the first step to yet another disastrous news making event imo.

                    • Art,
                      I intend to hit on some of those things on my blog. I think for the most part contributors here are not willing to discuss discrepancies other then SS and Shellie’s. Which is completely fine except when one is searching for truth it sometimes takes us down a path less desirable then we anticipated. It’s just some of us have different views on GZs behaviors and how responsible he is for them.
                      I use to suffer from severe anxiety. Waited a long time to have it treated, it became a panic disorder. The pattern of it was so anticipatory it almost caused me to be homebound. Once treated I found the foundation of the anxiety was similar to OCD. The OCD was in my thinking patterns. The underlying thoughts were wanting everything “perfect.” When I accepted that was impossible and that I can only control me is when the pattern changed.
                      So I do know what it is like to want to control everything. It is not all a self serving thing it is more of a want to please others and to make them happy.

                    • I am not making excuses for anyone. And If this was truth as with the criminal, he should be held accountable. I am not saying he is not partially responsible. I am saying we do not have all the facts. Prob never will. He is considered high profile sadly, and if not for these people jumping out for publicity, I may feel different. but that is what makes my hinky meter go up. Yes, it appears he has made some bad choices, but it happens in so many peoples lives sadly again. But the fact that it makes the headlines it does/did, again that’s one reason I have my reservations. Peace to you, I have it.

  10. Will yall please go an vote for this young man. He is so super excited.

    On Tuesday, Canaan spent time at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock hoping to get more votes, the same hospital that he has had several surgeries at.

    Canaan had a sign telling folks he made the Top 10 and was asking for votes, as they walked away he would hand them a card and say, “Thank you for your help, thank you so much.”

    Canaan said he loved talking to people about the contest

    “I am so happy about it,” he said. “We need more votes.”

    His mother Ginger made the nearly three-hour trip from their home to the Capital City, she said this contest is special for her son.

    “I think for him it makes him normal,” she said. “Shows to the world that it is ability and not disability.”

    The contest will wrap up Wednesday night. You can vote up to three times a day.

    For more on the contest, http://fanhalloffame.com/vote/2013/canaan-sandy-cj/

    • mimi ~ I voted! Over the years I had so many wonderful special ed kids, the down syndrome kids were delightful, of course they all were but most were always happy. I only had one that stripped naked on the school bus every morning & it took extra staff to get him off the bus & dress him. A special ed teacher had adopted him & allowed him to walk around naked at home, it was difficult to try to teach him “to wear clothes” at school, but hey, he too was a hoot & brightened our class.

      Canaan deserves to be the winner but even if he doesn’t win, he’s a winner in displaying such enthusiasm & has brought joy to many displaying his spirit. GOOOOO Canaan!

      • Awww thank you~ I saw him on the news couple of times. Thank you for your story. I have a cousin who has a mental challenge. I never liked the disability phrase/title. And honestly we all have a challenge lol. Now there is where my soft spot is, my girls were peer buddies in school and I love that. Its the kiddos that don’t have a strong support system that gets my heart strings. It is a lot on a caregiver. If we can all go that extra step just what a wonderful world this could be. I AGREE, CANAAN IS A WINNER, AS ARE THOSE WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW HIM OR HIS STORY. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

    • I told you before she has someone higher up tipping her off. Then she attempts and sometimes gets an actual interview. But really she gives nothing.
      Shellie was dumb dumb dumb for doing that interview. This lady edited that interview to shreds! Shellie deserved it.

    • Nettles ~ I have wondered IF the BGI/Crump/Sybrina/Tracy will pay to have her book published which isn’t cheap which will be promoting their agenda/propaganda against GZ. She’s an unknown isn’t she, having a few published articles & a lot of self promotion, WHY would a publisher take a chance on her I keep thinking?

      I have been surprised that there wasn’t a legal analyst to write a book on GZ’s case. I thought MOM or West might write one, but I haven’t read anything. I too have been surprised Sybrina, in her self promoting agenda, hasn’t penned a book w/a ghost writer where she can pen all her lies. Maybe the blow back is still a risk factor in the case, people seem to have their minds made up, many NOT based on the facts in the case but they are & never have been concerned w/facts imo.

      I have been so glad to see that SZ hasn’t spoken out about this last bit of trouble for GZ. SZ isn’t likely to know anything, but that doesn’t stop MEDIA from pursuing anyone that will weigh in on GZ whether it’s relevant or not. In time imo, SZ’s pain will subside, she was only 20 when she married GZ, that seems so young to me, she will move forward in her life, hopefully she gets a job & closes the chapter of her marriage in her life. Once SZ gets past the anger, she will start to heal. (I learned that in grief counseling) I have no doubt GZ/SZ had a lot of love in their marriage before TM’s death. No doubt it changed both GZ & SZ.

  11. Oh hell. At this point I may just join Infowars and become a truther. Geeze at this point all of this could be a false flag and it is Obamas way of starting race war!

  12. One of things we may be able to confirm about COs sources and her statements is if it is true that MOM recommended JW to GZ. After all Mark Nejame confirmed he gave GZ a list of recommend attorneys.

  13. Shoot, I wish WP would put the theme back like was lol. I wonder if it is because its December? I know some blogs have “snow” falling in Dec courtesy of WP, and it was said to mess with some of the attributes. So it possible part of the problem.

  14. If this wasn’t such a high profile case, I might agree there’s a pattern with George when relationships end. We don’t really know a lot about the situation with his ex-fiance. We do know his wife was angry. From the surveillance video we could see, she appeared to be more angry than frightened. She pulled out her cell phone and called 911 as soon as he broke her iPad. She did not try to get away from him. She pulled the phone out and called right in front of him. You can tell by body language when someone is angry or frightened and she was clearly angry and showed no signs of fear. We are not supposed to call 911 because we’re angry.

    We can tell from the 911 tape that Samantha seemed angry and not frightened. George was telling her to calm down. Then he pushed her out the front door and she was angry and did not want to go. Someone who feared for their life would have been relieved about being pushed out the front door and they would have run instead of trying to get back in. She also commented that there would be publicity. She knew how much damage she was causing him when she called 911. She and her mother tried to sell their story just 2 or 3 weeks earlier. She may have thought that would make her interview worth more.

    It might be that George does have a tendency to break things when his relationships break up and that makes the women angry.

    • Sharon ~ have you given any thought to GZ going back to his “girlfriend?” What are your thoughts or fears? The very thought makes me nauseous, it’s worrisome, but I have so much fear that might happen. JW has referred to “Samantha as GZ’ girlfriend” in her filing & if it does happen, SS’s home is compromised, the haters know the address so GZ can’t live there for safety reasons.

      No doubt about it, even GZ has to know now that Samantha/mother are grifters, but I don’t know that it would prevent GZ from going back to SS. I too worry if that happens, would SS pitch a money making schemes to GZ for interviews or pictures etc. to sell? TMZ pays for ALL information.

      I think it was Danny or the Conservative O that shared “they didn’t think GZ could do interviews because of the pending NBC case.” IF that is the case, it might be a good thing & prevent SS from getting GZ to do an interview for $$$.

      • Jack Cashill wrote an article that said Holder was silencing GZ by keeping the investigation open.

        I think George is spiritually and emotionally wounded and maybe even broken. For that reason, he just might go back to SS. I have no idea what happened with his relationship with his wife during the trial, but something sure did. We know she was a source of stress for him because Nettles said Shellie’s aunt said George sat in the bathroom alone to wait for the verdict instead of with Shellie and the family. It’s not necessarily their fault but it’s a shame that he didn’t feel comfort being around the family.

        His emotional needs are great. He’s like a starving man. He’s likely to take what emotional comfort he can get without using good judgment. It would be very bad judgment for him to go back to SS, but he just might do that.

  15. What’s next in GZ’s case? Does anyone have any thoughts?

    Thus far we know:
    (1) GZ had a Jan. 2014 court date in the DV case.

    (2) JW has filed a MOTION for the “no contact order to be lifted” & “charges dropped.”

    (3) Prosecutors are mulling over the case & have stated they will make a statement possibly this week.

    (4) That JW based her MOTION on the affidavit Samantha had notarized.

    (5) The State is in possession of GZ’s guns/phones.

    (6) The Prosecutors could possibly have other evidence, we don’t know if anything was vetted from GZ’s phones.

    (1) If the case is dropped for he said/she said, will GZ get his guns/phones back?

    (2) IF Prosecutors decide to continue to investigate if the DV is dropped for “he said, she said,” will they continue to hold GZ’s guns & phones for their investigation? I seem to recall Prosecutors only have 30 days to conduct their continued investigation if they choose to move forward if the DV case is dropped, it’s not open ended.

    (3) Since JW filed the MOTION, will the MOTION be heard BEFORE Xmas since it would be the Judge that decided if the “no contact order” was lifted OR stayed?

    The Jan. 2014 hearing was for the DV case, JW’s wants the “no contact order to be lifted NOW.”

    Jayne’s MOTION for the “no contact” will have to be argued before the Court IF the Prosecutors OBJECT, that would mean a Court date for JW’s MOTION. imo, that would not likely be before XMAS.

    (4) It seems, imo, that Prosecutors would kindly ask Samantha to come back in for an interview & bring an lawyer if she has one, (& if she doesn’t, she better get one fast) to ANSWER their questions!

    SS has COMMITTED PERJURY, her change of heart doesn’t excuse the lies she has told at the time of GZ’s arrest or the lies she is telling in the affidavit, she can be charged for perjury & should be imo! Just ASK SZ how that works when Prosecutors feel like charging you for perjury!


    • I think the next thing that will happen is the SA will announce if they will proceed with the case or not. If they choose not to I think that’s the end of it. They won’t continue investigating and the injunction will be ended. If they choose to continue then at some point there will be a motion for dismissal.

      I doubt there will be a perjury charge unless SS keeps accusing LE and the SA of treating her badly. Then they might go on the offensive. She’s best off just shutting up at this point.

      I’m thinking LE and SA don’t want any part of this mess. They likely would be glad if it just went away. And there are real crimes that they could be spending time and resources on that have far less drama and actual evidence of guilt.

    • I agree with you that SS could find herself charged with perjury. I think she called 911 because she was angry. She also seems to have wanted some media attention and wanted to make money from the publicity. That doesn’t seem to have happened and now she may wish she hadn’t made that call.

  16. Responding to Nettles18 here:

    “What happened between GZ and SZ and GZ and SS is not domestic violence. As for Veronica, there was no charge of domestic violence in their relationship. They had split up and George was hoping to win her back. He wanted to stay the night and she wanted him to go home. They ended up taking out mutual restraining orders on each other.”

    I’d like to add that SZ and GZ were together for over 7 years. Not a single incident or accusation of DV until after she filed for divorce. She’d be telling story after story of how abusive he was if he actually was abusive.

    GZ doesn’t have a history of DV. Like the racism accusations, there’s really no there there. DV is an emotionally charged accusation that was used against GZ by the media and those that want to get him in any way possible. The seed was the lie that he assaulted Veronica.

    Next up: Pedophilia and/or child abuse. The seed for that one is GZ’s cousin accusing him of sexual molestation when they were both children. SS already built on it by accusing GZ of sending an ‘intimate video’ to her child.

  17. Danny, I’ll respond to your assertion that I am accepting less than I deserve or that any other woman or person who question the validity of Shellie or Samantha’s claim. We’ve run out of thread up top.

    Shellie and Samantha, to my mind, were not afraid of George Zimmerman when they dialed 911. I’ve seen evidence that suggests they were really mad about some broken “stuff”. Who broke it and why doesn’t matter. It should not be a police matter to sort out broken stuff.

    Shellie and Samantha have hurt women who do report real threats and will not be so readily believed. Fair or not, they reflect on people’s perceptions of how likely it is that the truth is being told. To watch Shellie dial the phone when her iPad gets thrown and stand right in front of his face tells me she wasn’t afraid of him. Samantha wanted to stay in the house. Having a gun pointed at my face, you wouldn’t be telling me twice to get the hell out of there. My home or not. I’d be leaving. Samantha was more concerned and mad about her broken stuff then any threat.

    Danny, you are not going to change my mind on this. I’m not going to change your mind on it. On this matter I’ll agree to disagree with you. I think both Shellie and Samantha filed false reports and won’t be a bit surprised when George Zimmerman doesn’t get prosecuted in either case. As of today, George hasn’t been convicted of domestic violence and until he is, he remains innocent of charge.

    • I’m not sure if anything bad would happen to her if he was murdered while without his guns. Unless she has enough of a conscience to feel guilty, I don’t think she would be affected. I hope he runs to a different state and lays low but without a woman. He needs a break.

  18. Hi Guys and Gals!
    Wow! I have missed so much but I have been dealing with a health problems that have made trying to blog very difficult. I have read and tried to keep up with things but to my disappointment trying to post comments was not possible.

    Having read most of the comments here I would like to give some observations:

    To Danny- DV is a very difficult but accusations against GZ have been at times when the relationships are ending but besides that they all have something else in common in that at they all say that GZ broke things not hit them. I agree that there are other manifestations of DV that do not involve physical violence but none of them have actually claimed that GZ did any of those things.

    To Art- If GZ had left the house and driven away he would have been chased down by the police, who due to the DV call would be looking for someone who is armed and leaving the scene of a crime. The best thing that GZ did was stay there to diffuse what could have been an explosive situation. Holding GZ responsible for his actions is fine, but at the same time it is worth remembering that GZ is a “celebrity” and will attract some people who may not have his best interest in mind and will use his status against him. It is something that he will have to learn to live with, and adjust who he befriends from now on.

    To Nettles- It is great that you have maintain the blog going, I hope everything has turned alright for you and your family.

    To everyone else – Glad you have hanged around and I would like to ask if anyone knows, how do we know that Shellie was with GZ the whole time he was in hiding? IIRC, her release conditions were not as stringent as GZ’s, she may have been there the whole time or part of the time and we would not know it. The reason I mention this is that we have not heard from GZ, everything we think we know is from other people. We have half the story and until his legal problems are resolved GZ is silenced. This has created this climate of uncertainty that has been exploited by GZ’s detractors, it would be prudent to remember this before making blanket statements on either side.

    Love you all,
    I will try as I am able to continue the conversion and contribute.

    • Boricuafudd!! Great to hear from you again. The family situation I was/am dealing with will not have a nice ending. Such is life. Thanks for your comments. I hope you are back to your usual self real soon. Thanks for checking in with us! ♥ I really appreciate your point of view.

    • Bori!
      First IT IS WONDERFUL TO “SEE” YOU! Heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you feeling better very soon. Merry Christmas and wishes for a Blessed and Awesome New Year.
      And you are so profoundly true, We do not know if they were together during the time in hiding. I just would think, but that’s speculation. Take care, hugs! Mimi

      • Thanks Mimi,
        I know that GZ got much grief for his apparent desertion of SZ but from what I have seen this is only speculation.

        For all we know she was at her parents most if not all of the time. I read what Mr. Donelly has said but that is speculation on his part. Anyhow, I think that we are disappointed because we have found that GZ is a young and human faced with a situation that would overwhelm anyone.

        • It’s GREAT to my ole friend “boricuafudd!” Many of us were concerned about you, it’s always good to read your contributions, I hope you are well.

          Jordan dropped by a couple of times but he’s gone again, LOL! We miss him too!

          bori ~ I WANTED SS charged for perjury, but several opined it wasn’t likely she would be charged & she wasn’t! imo,

          • Hi Art- It feels good to be back. I never thought that they would charge her as it appeared that the police and the SA was acting a little over zealous.

            It would have been specially hard since her comments were a little ambiguous and open to interpretation.

        • Hope your health is fully restored soon. As usual you bring wisdom and balance to our group discourse.

          I have experienced a deep betrayal recently, and was amazed at how damaging it was, I cannot imagine the internal turmoil GZ must cope with, so much betrayal, so difficult to understand much less accept, particularly if you are the kind of person GZ seems to be, wanting and capable of helping others.

          I read an interesting report recently about police interrogation, turns out 80% of people questioned do not ask for an attorney. If you recall people thought GZ so stupid for talking with the cops, seems it is natural especially if you know your innocent to want to be open with police and not invoke Miranda rights.

          • Hi Cassandra-
            That is a great point, GZ has been betrayed not just by those close to him but also by people that he supported and tried to help.

            I agree betrayal hurts more deeply that other setbacks and they also take longer to recover from. They are also take the longest to accept, that you have been betrayed.

    • Bori, great to hear from you again! And thanks a million for your open and informative thoughts regarding George’s current situation. Your input is always appreciated and we’ve missed you. Bless you, I hope your health issues will be completely cleared up soon.

      • Hi Winsome, thanks.
        While I am now more mobile, I am still unable to work and cannot walk or stand longer than 5-10 minutes without great amounts of pain. At least I can sit now and actually type and conresponse, whereas I was limited to just reading while in bed.

        My problems have been complicated by the changes in Healthcare as my previous doctor will no longer be a part of my network. Anyway it is a long story, just glad to be able to participate.

    • Hi bori. Sorry to hear about your health brother. Godspeed in getting well. Seems as soon as I am heading out you are heading back in. I am under construction at my blog atm.
      I hear GZ used his 8th life and slipped past charges.
      Wish him the best. I wont hold my breath on him behaving. We will see him in the news next month.

      As for your comment to me… I was establishing a pattern of those who had accused him. From my research it has not been physical but there are similarities in his behaviors.
      Anyways that is for another time and another place. Get better and if I don’t get to see you around, Happy Holidays from mine to Yours!

      • Happy Holidays to you and yours as well. I hope that does not mean your are leaving but just that your are concentrating on your blog.

        I really hope your are wrong about GZ or if he is in the news that it will be on a more positive note.

        You might be right about GZ but the evidence is very weak, much weaker than any evidence that TM was troublesome and requires too much assumption, imo. Perhaps you have more information than that which has been discussed here,

        I’ll look forward to seeing your blog.

        • I will delve deeper at my blog when I reopen it. I have two posts so far because the first one just got longer then expected. While you have been gone the group got smaller. What tends to happen in situations like these is rehashing the same opinions over and over causes tension. There is nomore specific topics that are open to everyone other then for the majority that agree with each other and any dissenting opinions are washed. I talked about that with hosson this morning. I can agree to disagree but why keep coming back when that is all there is?
          I have a point and I have the space to write it without stawmen and redherrings. I am all about exerting your right ya know. So yeah, I am heading out.

          • I am sorry to hear that, but you are who you are and you always stand your ground. Nothing wrong with that, just remember that part of the reason this group stayed together was that while we may have agreed most of the time, that was not always the case. It is the different points of view that made it interesting, at least to me. I do not want this to become the CTH where there is only one opinion.

            Just drop me a note when your site is ready, I’ll be waiting. Take care, bro.

            • No one is asking him to leave. I have to admit, I’d be grateful not to hear the same whining day after day.

              Whenever Danny doesn’t get agreement on his stance, he leaves. So it is again.

              Differing opinions are welcome here. Being respectful of someone’s right to disagree is also needed here. If you can’t allow someone to disagree with you without throwing a fit, demeaning the person or putting agendas on them, (ie burying head in the sand), then take a time out.

              • Yes Mom! I kid, you are correct but Danny and SD are cut from the same cloth and defend their positions to the end. Not sure if that good or bad as it can be both but it does make him interesting to follow.

  19. I too have been extremely rankled by the labeling of incident with SS as “domestic violence”. If GZ pointed a loaded gun at SS and held it there, I might change my mind. Thanks Nettles and others for commenting on this.

    • mimi ~ thanks for sharing the link, this is good news for GZ & I guess his “girlfriend Samantha” as Jayne W. referred to her. I now wonder if GZ & Samantha will be united, I pray not, but I fear they will. I didn’t expect this to be decided so quickly, BUT, I’m glad it was.

      GZ will be able to get his guns back which has surely made him feel safer, he owns 5, but he at least needs a gun or 2 for his protection, one for his person, one for his truck & the rest for his home.

  20. Sorry but have to giggle. Judge Lester is who signed the release and for gps to be removed. Like Coreshift said on twitter, he was prob the judge available, but maybe that’s some of the KARMA that the haters are constantly speaking and wishing for…

  21. bori shared:
    To Art- If GZ had left the house and driven away he would have been chased down by the police, who due to the DV call would be looking for someone who is armed and leaving the scene of a crime. The best thing that GZ did was stay there to diffuse what could have been an explosive situation. Holding GZ responsible for his actions is fine, but at the same time it is worth remembering that GZ is a “celebrity” and will attract some people who may not have his best interest in mind and will use his status against him. It is something that he will have to learn to live with, and adjust who he befriends from now on.

    bori – I disagree w/your comment. Are you aware GZ was ask to leave the house 2 X’s that day? Your comment doesn’t reflect you knew that information because if you did, you would understand GZ could have freely driven away from the home IF GZ has displayed BETTER judgement. The arguing continued, GZ was ask the second time when the arguing escalated & 911 was called. HAD GZ just left when he was ask to leave earlier, the event would have NEVER taken place. Hanging around & arguing more accomplished nothing but being told to leave a second time, then 911 was called.

    bori ~ GZ is an adult, a 30 yr. old man, he is solely responsible for every decision he makes. Has GZ learned anything? Probably not, JW said he “wanted to see his girlfriend,” that would be “Samantha!” GZ knows Samantha/her mother are grifters & don’t have GZ’s best interest at heart, but GZ wants to see her.

    • GZ was leaving. He was packing his stuff THAT VERY DAY! It was Samantha that was irrational in insisting he move out that instant. She aggressively started moving his belongings outside. It’s not only illegal (in Florida) to kick someone out with just a moment’s notice, doing so shows a complete lack of compassion and respect. If you had a suddenly unwanted house guest that had stayed months, would you force them out with only a moment’s notice? If so you are not a very nice person. She wanted him to leave. He said yes and began leaving (pardon the emphasis) THAT VERY SAME DAY!

      • Good points. GZ wasn’t just any unwanted guest. Kicking him out without any advance notice would be about like kicking Anne Frank’s family out suddenly. He was and is hunted. He can’t work because he’s hunted.

        There’s not many people who would be willing to take the risk of taking in someone as hunted as GZ. She seems to have been oblivious to the danger she put herself in and the danger she put him in.

    • Art,
      I understand what you are saying and I think it is just willful ignorance that some are arguing the point you are making that he could have high tailed it to avoid confrontation. It is clear GZ is either unable or unwilling to avoid confrontation and appears to enjoy watching others get upset when all they want is space away from him.
      On the other hand she could have left to avoid it as well.
      The police provided the the media the 911 calls, her statements and what was there as the preliminary evidence for an arrest. He sailed from the charges because she lied to the police in the affivavit.
      The SOAs statement says it all “Upon reviewing the recent affidavit of Ms. Scheibe and taking into account the conflicting statements about what occurred, the failure to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, and a lack of any other corroborating evidence or witnesses, there is no reasonable likelihood of successful prosecution,” Archer said in a written statement.
      You are not discussing logic with anyone here that retains any type of honest or desire to truthfully assess any of his current behaviors he has control to avoid.
      I hope I am wrong but eventually the time is going to come he will not manipulate his way out of something he got himself into. And you know what…. you can come back here and read….they still will find a way to excuse what he did.

      Again the supporters are split and you must decide is it worth the trouble being treated this way, or finding the group that suits you. Knowing you as long as I do IMO you and I no longer fit in.
      So let them go on they merry way in Zimmerland. It is a win win.

        • “the time is going to come he will not manipulate his way out of something he got himself into”

          Sound familiar? It’s not from CTH. It truly does sound like something a Traybot would say. It’s also quite surprising coming from someone that presents himself as being so knowledgeable and focused on the law.

          There was no evidence GZ committed a crime. That’s why there are no charges. He didn’t manipulate anyone or anything.

          • I am not obsessed with traybots like you coreshift. I could not tell you the terms they now use, to what they think of GZ since before the end of the trial. I say what I think. Your and nettles need to split people into catagories of either totally with or totally against GZ is a narrowed minded.

              • No. That is what you want to think I want you to think. But it does not matter. Facts are facts and nobody can change them right? That information and all the facts will be on my blog. You stated I was unpersuasive herthere in no point in rehashing it.

        • Lol. Did I ask you to bash anyone? Nope.
          Poor George. The world is just out to get him. I can’t count how many times I have also personally been accused of murder, property damage, and domestic battery. I feel his pain. Is that better?

            • I have been accused falsely many of times. I grew up in the hood. I am sure many have been innocent you pay no attention to. But I dont see you bowing down to me or them or making the most insanely llogical excuses known to date . Tell me if GZ just ran across the news once starting with his GF you would seriously give a shit?

          • You’re a funny dude Danny. You accuse anyone who doesn’t view the weak evidence as sticking their heads in the sand and not giving ourselves enough credit.

            Where this comes from, perhaps you’ll enlighten us. I recall the administrators at the treehouse accusing me of not wanting a confrontation in going along with Mr. O’Mara and actually trying to help the lawyer get a successful acquittal. The logic blew my mind. Your logic on why I don’t see George Zimmerman as an out of control abuser is eerily similar to their logic.

            Bring the evidence and you will convince me. Talk to me about emotion and your feelings and I’ll not be shy in pushing back.

            The evidence that GZ did anything wrong in this incident is entirely weak. Surely, if Samantha had been telling the truth, the police could have corroborated it. Did the butt of the gun smash that glass table? Was there a photo of an intimate moment sent to her daughter on his phone? According to the police, nothing , not one thing in her statements can be independently corroborated. Your desire to trash his reputation based on what can be proven is astounding. To each their own.

            It’s insulting to all battered women to describe this incident or Shellie’s incident as a domestic violence incident. My mother’s black eyes were evidence of a domestic violence incident. Not some whining about her broken “stuff”.

            • This is the ongoing issue with you Nettles. This is tje third time now.
              You feel that when someone brings some other opinion to your own and it does not fit neatly into what you want it to be their motive is an attempt to change your mind. I love you like family, but I do not sit around thinking of ways to change anyones mind about anything. If anything myself and Art are the only two people here where people were attempting to influence opinions.
              You are one person. If I wanted to change anyones mind I would not post it on a blog which has a handful of people who disagree with me 99% of the time.
              If anyone began bashing people at this blog without evidence and speculation was you and some here starting with Shellie. From her leaving GZ because she accused him of cheating, to her leaving because GZ abandoned her. You will constantly talk about the media bashing of GZ but a second later quote the media or a person that has not revealved ot checked sources.

              That I refuse to accept your version of possible events and call ypu out on it is just that, calling you out on it. Not with the intent to “change” your mind.

              The “evidence” I have will be posted on MY blog. You had the opportunity to debate the issue here. I feel it should be posted in post form without arguements that first of all give unsubstainiated facts as well as mushing incidents together like you recently did with GZ and Veronicas relationship. When I said there is a pattern & given no opportunity to show it because immedietly the debate turns into the definition of domestic violence it is impossible to get any point across.
              I feel it serves your nlog bettef that you have nobody attempting to cahnge your mind. You seem comfortable where your mind is. That is fine. Moving along.

              • Do you really believe what you wrote here? It is NOT how you come across.

                I have been checking the blog sporadically for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Each time I do, there are dozens of your posts saying the same thing over and over and over and over. Post it, let others post their views and move on. With you, you keep stating your position and then demeaning the dummies who don’t see it the way you do. Today, you tried to tell us it was because we don’t give ourselves much credit. It’s absurd.

                You have stated your position clearly and concisely. A number have disagreed that the evidence they’ve seen or that you’ve brought forward isn’t persuasive enough. Then you make it personal. You won’t let yourselves believe George could do anything wrong or you don’t give yourselves credit that you deserve better. It’s insulting.

                This won’t be the treehouse. With me you get frank, honest feedback. If you decide to take your marbles and go home, then do it. All opinions, even the ones that I disagree with can post. If I don’t like the post, I reserve my right to say it. Just like everyone else. No one gets banned, ever.

                • Let me make something clear. I do not owe GZ anything. Not one thing. I never did. I do not need to nor am I required to coddle and protect him or handle his mistakes with kid gloves for the rest of his life. Not because of you, anyone here, or because some believe he got away with murder. He did not do anything for me. I live in a northern state. We have SYG. I do not believe gun grabbers will ever succeed and if anyone, anyone kept waching the news after the 20th century was over thinking it was informative and now fits the coorporation they fed, they deserve it. I am a stable educated person. I did not need GZ. And how he manuvers through the courts it does not appear he ever needed me.

                  That you may feel he needs you is fine. Everyone wants to feel needed. What are you getting in return? What are you are getting right now is trying to tell someone off while he could gives two shits that you are defending him right now. He is prolly at Sammys right now. Ya know the crazy lady who lied to get on TV. Focus on that. I will focus on me.

        • Exactly. My way or the highway mentality. Where is the agree to disagree adult thing to do? Unless you have an agenda, even then, you can still agree to disagree. Quite often you can learn a lot. And I personally don’t want to be around ANYONE who totally agrees with everything I say or do. They are being dishonest, to themselves and possibly me. I don’t like being part of that type group. I see a lot of good in everyone. Hate you feel need to feel like this.

    • Art-
      I don’t think we are far apart, yes GZ is a grown man and responsible for his actions but so is SS. First your are taking SS’s word that she had asked GZ to leave earlier but let us assume that this is correct.

      According to everyone involved GZ was packing or had packed at the time the altercation started. Was he responsible for the escalation or could he had defused it? This are answers we don’t have. I will agree that GZ could have left the few possessions he had at SS and hope to pick them up at later time. This is the only thing that I would agree and perhaps fault him for.

      At the same time it good to remember that whatever GZ possesses right now are that; he has lost his job, school, wife, and perhaps prospect for his future. Anyhow my comment was in regards to leaving after or during the 911 call. At that point, it was better that he did stay rather than face a confrontation later with the police.

      • boricuafudd ~ I stand by my comment, GZ should have LEFT the home the first time he was ask! HAD GZ used common sense & better JUDGEMENT, there would have never been an incident, we would have NEVER had this discussion, it would have NEVER made National News.

        It DOESN’T matter if GZ could have “diffused the situation or caused it to escalate,” that is NOT the PROBLEM! GZ should have left that home IMMEDIATELY!! PERIOD! There is NO reason to make EXCUSES!

        GZ could have been escorted back to Samantha’s to pick up his possessions by LE, they did it ALL the time in domestic arguments!

        It’s not rocket science that AFTER GZ CHOSE NOT to leave AFTER he was ask the 2nd time & it resulted in 911 being called, of course GZ should have stayed BUT GZ should have respectfully OPENED the door for LE instead of LE having to BANG on the door.

        There is NO excuse for the entire incident except poor judgement on GZ’s behalf!

        • Where you do come up with the fight was over his refusal not to leave?

          He agreed to leave and according to George, Samantha got mad when he was packing and “went crazy”.

          Perhaps she didn’t expect him to agree. He was packing and he had plans to go to Texas.

          You think he was irresponsible to want to take his things with him? I don’t.

        • Right. GZ’s poor judgement. The very same day he was asked to leave he started packing up to leave. What a bastard GZ is. How abusive. Actually doing what Samantha wanted him to do..

        • Art-

          GZ is partly responsible as is paying the price for his actions, unless you call getting arrested again not paying.

          That was not the point I was trying to illustrate, all you have said is Monday night quaterbacking, and it is assuming that GZ would know how SS would react and failed to act accordingly.

          I have been married for 23 years, so I know when a disagreement is turning bad and can diffuse the situation. That came from experience, we have never had a situation escalate to the degree that GZ’s had but we came close when we were younger and dumber.

          One thing I know is that in all of those times that we had major disagreements early on at no time did I see it coming or how quickly it escalated. Yes, in hindsight there were things that either of us could have done to avoid the situation but all of that is hindsight.

          With time we learned to disagree (I’m lying, lol) and work things out but it took time. I think that is part of the issue with GZ we expect and project too much on him and get upset if he does not live up to our expectations.

          Food for thought.

  22. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the argument SS and GZ had was over doing an interview together. SS and her mom wanted it. I’m wondering if GZ said no and that’s what set SS off. Just speculating.

  23. Will GZ, or his parents more likely, get the bail money back? Probably not.

    Doesn’t Weintraub have a medmal suit against whoever did her awful plastic surgery?

    Interested people want to know.

  24. Danny: Prior to this recant, I was suspecting he was in on the whole shopping for a story, because he is broke and does like the spotlight.

    Danny, I don’t understand why you are interpreting GZ as liking the spotlight. The only times we have seen him were when he was sitting in the courtroom, and photos/videos from his speeding/DV charges since. So in those situations, they were all “negative” spotlights, and the spotlight was done *to* him, he didn’t ask anyone to capture his images. Are you suggesting that he acts out because he wants negative attention? Why wouldn’t this need for public attention (negative or positive) have manifested itself previously in his life, for instance in his choice of employment – he didn’t choose to become a thief or a TV announcer..?

    ie, I feel you are seeing as fact something that is actually an interpretation you have made (that he likes the spotlight), and in so doing, are attributing an intentional motive in creating this situations. I definitely feel GZ has some responsibility for the situations he has found himself in, but you seem to automatically assume that he is knowingly and intentionally causing havoc in his own life, and it’s based on some negative personality trait rather than emotional issues, such as immaturity, fear, or traumatic reaction. I guess I don’t get that…..

    • “Danny, I don’t understand why you are interpreting GZ as liking the spotlight.”
      Well, where should we start? Maybe with the fact he has stayed in the news by his own vocation since he was aquitted. As I had placed on my blog which is under construction :”Now, I have been accused of jumping on the “GZ hate train”, ever since the domestic violence incident with his wife. That claim comes from my supporting the fact it takes two to argue and GZ is not guiltless in his two recent domestic incidents. His current attorney Jayne Weintraub claims her client has a target on his back. However, there currently is no media hunting GZ down. It appears all a reporter has to do to get a story is sit at the police barracks and wait for a story involving GZ. The” stories” were totally avoidable, but somehow some supporters continue to claim he is again the victim”……. Many current supporters are painting a picture of him as a gullible victim of scorned women who are out for money he yet has and still remains in hiding because the NBP is still hunting him down. When in fact he has managed to secure a new relationship, traveled the country undetected, is completely broke, and both his wife, and GF have shared he is not the most pleasant person these days and his own family have stated he has changed and suffers from PTSD. ”

      This is just part of the post that relates to your question. I have not based that opinion solely on these quotes. It is a pattern. And I am not getting into that here. I am almost done however it is in 4 parts. I almost have the second one done. When it is done I will post all parts at once.

    • Simply though it is the art of manipulation lorac. Just making yourself appear as the underdog. To avoid responsibility you can use what is called a catspaw. Google “The monkey & the cat” and read it.

    • Lorac, exactly, like when he helped that family, he wasn’t there boasting or whatever. IIRC he helped and the LEO spoke to him and he was off on his way. Only time I have seen him is when someone else brought something to media attention.

  25. I have seen absolutely no evidence of George appearing to enjoy this horrible attention that happened to him. MOM has talked about how it affected him. I think his words were, “it was horrible to him.”

    • I am sure it is horrible to listen to others when they are practiced more in the area you feel you could better represent yourself. But, there is evidence he certainly is not avoiding the attention he is recieving nor is he not making it less “horrible”.

      • It was Shellie who was giving interviews and press conferences about her pending divorce (and giving the nation updates about her weight loss).

        And Scheibe and her mother were similarly trying in vain to sell their story to the press.

        Then there’s Tracy and Sybrina showing up on any show that would have them and attending every event possible.. including flea markets.

        Rachel… she was all over the place for a few weeks there until someone put a gag on her.

        Frank Taffee is practically a regular over on Hysterical Ladies Network…

        Another neighbor wrote a “book” (though pamphlet might be more precise)…

        O’Mara used the trial as a springboard to becoming a legal analyst with CNN.

        George, on the other hand, has been in hiding and hasn’t uttered a single word to the public since his one lone interview (Hannity) in July 2012… a year and a half ago.

        And from this somehow you’ve extrapolated that George is the attention seeker…?!

        • And if Gz was not trying to sue he would have his media payday and endless interviews until he realized nobody really cares unless he talks about Trayvon Martin too. He had his day. It was in court. It is time for him and SS to have zimmy jr. and live happily ever after. Gladys will be happy. SS is white and according to FBI reports the family frequently discussed marrying into white families for status. Now the report never did determine if the white person had to be as determined as they were with money or material things. But it appears so.

          • “Gladys will be happy. SS is white and according to FBI reports the family frequently discussed marrying into white families for status.”

            First I’ve heard of a FBI report that has that info. I do recall that his allegedly molested cousin mentioned it. Do you have a link? TYIA.

            • I am not sure what giving you the link will prove for you. You and Nettles believe all these women are scorned liars. I would give you the page # but the report is split.
              Two individuals made this statement about Gladys.
              Witness 9 who’s interview was on 3/30/12.
              And Veronica’s interview also taken the same day.
              Gladys came up again in Osterman’s FBI interview.

              • “I am not sure what giving you the link will prove for you. ”

                It would prove that the FBI have reported GZ’s and his family’s racism. As you claimed they have. That would be interesting to see since all the FBI reports I’ve read indicate no evidence of racism. Apparently you think they are racist despite the lack of evidence.

                • I made no such claim! There is no reading between the lines with me. This is why it is important that I write a post on it. There is a context and you certainly are taking everything out of context.

                    • Yes, that is the source for some of it. They found he was not a racist. But I bet you dislike they say he is overzealous and has a hero complex. I do not see that either, but it does not mean information can not be taken from the report.
                      This is part of the issue with both you and nettles unless the source praises GZ to high heaven you dismiss it.

                    • “…unless the source praises GZ to high heaven you dismiss it.”

                      C’mon now, Danny – now that is a little over top, wouldntcha say? 🙂

        • nivco – The reason GZ hasn’t “uttered a word” is because of the NBC Lawsuit & has probably been INSTRUCTED by MOM/Beasley Firm that are representing him to keep his mouth SHUT!

          • What do you offer in support of that belief? Any quotes from GZ or MOM/Beasley? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t understand why you are so strongly asserting it as fact.

            • coreshift ~ I know this for many reasons! Attorney’s who are friends that REPRESENT clients in Civil Suits state they DON’T want their client selling stories & talking to the MEDIA when they represent them in ON GOING litigation & their clients sign contracts to insure it.. I called a girlfriend that is an attorney in a large Civil Firm this morning to confirm this, they have their clients SIGN an agreement not to do so OR they won’t represent them. It should be common sense but it guarantees clients represented by attorney’s that are ABSORBING ALL the COST in a Civil Case done on contingency isn’t negatively impacted by their client in an interview.

              I too STATE this from my own experience in a Civil Suit as I was INSTRUCTED by the Attorney’s NOT to talk to the MEDIA until AFTER the case was concluded so I would not possibly face a “defamation suit” brought by the Physician for negatively impacting his practice! I was told I could speak on the negligent death suit of my sister against the Physician AFTER the case concluded. I signed the contract accordingly. I REFUSED to sign a “confidentiality agreement” even though we were AWARDED the maximum my State allowed.

              Clients in Civil Suits SIGN CONTRACTS w/ their attorney’s, just as GZ signed an AGREEMENT w/MOM/the Beasley Firm. WHY do I know this? Because if GZ had NOT signed he contract, they would NOT be representing him! Civil Attorney’s do this day in/out & have this down to a science, if they can do it without trial, they make more money. My case wasn’t high profile & would not have included ALL the stipulations as the The Beasley Firm contract would have included for GZ to sign! The firm is a high profile firm which has represented MANY high profile cases, you can bet they have a contract that PROTECTS their case from their client from speaking & possibly negatively impacting their case.

              We had NO INFORMATION of any negotiations during the HOA settlement nor we were privy to the contract Sybrina/Tracy signed w/Crump/Nat Jack/Parks, BUT they certainly KEPT their mouths shut!! We ONLY KNEW AFTER it was settled & still don’t know the amount!

              The attorney’s are guaranteed their payment FIRST, if the case is lost, GZ will owe nothing, it is the risk the Attorney’s are taking by investing their time/money, NOT GZ! GZ’s Civil case is being DONE on a contingency BECAUSE GZ has NO $$$ TO PAY & it is common when Civil Attorney’s expect to get a monetary Judgement. I too had to sign the agreement! WHY? TO INSURE the Attorney’s receive ALL of their MONIES FIRST from ANY Judgement awarded! It is the Civil Attorney’s that receive monies from any Judgement, IF the client signed a contingency! WHY? Civil Attorney’s know if they didn’t FORCE their client to be held LEGALLY OBLIGATED w/their monies owed DEDUCTED first from any award, if not for the Legal Document the client was forced to sign to receive the representation, the client could spend the entirety of the monies awarded leaving the Civil Attorney’s being owed 40 % payment of the Judgement PLUS their cost for experts, travel, etc. The 40% covers your Attorney’s payment for their time, in this case, GZ has several but they will split the 40% plus cost. If he NBC suit is ever settled, GZ will recieve his portion from MOM/Beasley Firm AFTER they deduct their monies w/an accounting of their fees.

              Clients in Civil Suits hold NO cards, clients CAN’T file Civil Suits on their own, GZ has to have representation if he wants any money from NBC & he chose a high profile firm for their experience.. GZ had to sign a contract w/the conditions the Beasley Firm stipulated or he would NOT have their representation These professionals have covered their bases, their reputation & years of experience leads me to believe they aren’t STUPID, they have an investment in the case they plan to win for GZ,they can’t allow anything to negatively impact their case, not even their client.

    • Well known people use there failures all the time as a way to reappear “new”. Stars go to rehabs, they overcome criminal cases, they recharge careers by being complete train wrecks.

      • Danny what are you talking about? GZ is a celebrity not because he is famous, he is infamous. He had or has no career to resuscitate. You say he wants to be in the news but it is not him that is searching out the reporters.

        How many traffic stops get national news coverage?
        How many divorces get interviews in the news and interviews on a morning show?
        How many alleged DV cases get this kind of coverage, would the SA even contemplate charges had it not been because it was GZ?
        How many celebrities that attend a gun factory get that story picked- up nationally?

        Even other nationally known stars get less coverage or attention by the media, but you feel it is all GZ’s fault that he is under a microscope. Then you mention a comment by his cousin who was making all sorts of charges against him as proof that what GZ’s family is bigoted. I get it, you don’t like GZ and that is your prerogative.

        But you are using the flimsiest of evidence to convince yourself that GZ is a monster, again that is your prerogative. I am not trying to convince anyone I will be the first to say that I don’t know everything that happened. At the same time I would like to think that I would be given the benefit of doubt if I was faced with similar circumstances as GZ.

        Finally, you make it look as if GZ sought all of this to happened, and that no one cares, yet the media are right there behind waiting for anything to happen so that they may report on it. If he has not talked, he or you may have forgotten is still facing possible charges by the Feds and the Martins can still sue him but you are ignoring this. It took 10 years for one of the lawsuits by Richard Jewell to be adjudicated, 4 months after he died.

        You may be completely right about GZ, and those that support him be completely wrong, I’ll concede that as long as you are willing to concede that we may be right because neither one of us know for sure. IMHO you are wrong but it would not be the first or last time that I have been proven wrong about somebody.

        • Bori –

          You are correct in your observations. And there is much we do not know.

          The story lines goes in two main trajectories since the acquittal. I share the caution, but not the certitude that Danny evokes.

          • hooson,

            My intent is not to offer certitude to everyone. I am offering a logical conclusion with the known facts as proof. The judgment of the facts is in the eye of the beholder.
            I would say the trajectories since acquittal are more numerous once his behaviors, decisions, conduct, among other things is deduced with considering why an individual supported him in the first place.

            • Could you tell me what interactions GZ’ had with LE between 2005 and, I don’t know, maybe around late Feb 2012? What changed? Also if you could, cite any accusations of domestic abuse prior to that Feb 2012 date. TYIA.

              • In 2005 he was arrested for suspicion of battery on a law enforcement officer, but the charges were dropped for an unknown reason.
                In 2005, after his fiancé left him and moved to Orlando, he had an injunction filed against him for DV. That resulted in a mutual 1 yr. no contact order.
                His only interaction up until the shooting was his interest in LE, seeking ride- a- longs, academy, education and community watch.

                “Also if you could, cite any accusations of domestic abuse prior to that Feb 2012 date. ”
                I will be citing all of those on my blog. It is too long to put here.

                • Most everything you claim has been addressed. I wanna know why nothing after 2005 until late Feb 2012.

                  “His only interaction up until the shooting was his interest in LE, seeking ride- a- longs, academy, education and community watch.”

                  Oh, the cop wannabe.BS. You’re really covering all the Traybot talking points.

                  • How did I know that was the reason you asked the question? Especially after dealing with the “danny is calling Glayds a racist” remark when in fact that was not even the context. You can’t ask someone a question and when they answer with the facts exclaim it is anything other then the facts. Listen, you are NOT dealing with a Traybot, nor a liberal. What for my posts. Actually keep going. Because you are proof of one of my topics.

                    • I think you are aware by now that it is an ideology, and I used it to specify who coreshift believes he is debating atm… It was not meant to be derogatory. I can reopen my blog for now. It appears what you are trying to do is misrepresent me. You are well aware of my views on everything from GZ to politics.
                      I hope to your readers Nettles they take this as an example of how low you are willing to go when someone disagrees with you on specific topics. You have accused me of being an underground Traybot. You accuse me of throwing a term around liberally (no pun intended) and God only knows what else you and coreshift will come up with next. So far I called GZ’s family racist. Untrue. I attempting to take over your mind. Impossible, and Untrue. I want to use GZ as a political platform. Untrue and bad campaign tool anyways. Anything else? hurry up. I am getting tired of the red herring and stawmen. Why don’t you just devote a whole post to me like SD did?

                    • Wait, what? Do you think I see you as a ‘prog’ or something like that? Sorry, I’m not SD. I’m just increasingly thinking you’ve drunk the Traybot kool-aid.

                    • Here’s the context. Please explain.

                      “And if Gz was not trying to sue he would have his media payday and endless interviews until he realized nobody really cares unless he talks about Trayvon Martin too. He had his day. It was in court. It is time for him and SS to have zimmy jr. and live happily ever after. Gladys will be happy. SS is white and according to FBI reports the family frequently discussed marrying into white families for status. Now the report never did determine if the white person had to be as determined as they were with money or material things. But it appears so.”

                      And also explain why you insult GZ and his possibly future child by calling him “zimmy .jr”. That’s what a Traybot does. I have numerous examples from them that parallel what you are saying and doing.

                      Maybe I missed something, but it seems you’re the one that brought race into this conversation. Why?

                    • On this particular aspect, where GZ’s publicized interractions (to the extent our perceptions are correct) shed a possibly different light on him, it is reasonable to go back and review the totality of what we think we know.

                      I can understand being critical of Danny’s bluntness. I find his remarks discomfiting at times as well. Such remarks invite ad hominem attacks.

                      But Danny’s record before the acquittal is equally blunt and unequivocally supportive of GZ’s innocence.

                      To equate his reevaluations in these discussions here with the Trayvon crowd is not justified.

                      To disagree vociferously, but hopefully with civility, is justified.


                    • Hooson 1st

                      I think all of us have had instances where we have re-evaluated that which we thought we knew about the case.

                      No one is claiming that Danny was not supportive of GZ, should that mean that he gets a pass in his change of heart?

                      The comparisons to TM supporters might be harsh, but that does not mean that they are not similar or apt.

            • For instance, if someone supported him based solely his race they may have a harder time accepting his current behaviors as irresponsible. He to them may have as much contact with police he wishes because each time the police do nothing it again is evidence he is a victim of the black race.
              On the other hand, if someone supported him because they believed he deserved a fair trial, and that he was a victim of a corrupt political power his current behaviors may be seen as very unacceptable and irresponsible because each time he comes in contact with police he gives the system the power to become more corrupt.

              • Are you seriously trying to hold GZ accountable for whatever agendas other people have? Does he need to live his life, and fight the fights (or not), you think he should? Has he let you down, Danny? Is he not doing what you want to forward whatever political agenda you have? Is that your problem with GZ, Danny?

                • I gotta say, if you do expect him to live his life in a way that makes you comfortable, or supports your agenda/belief, you can fuck off. That’s one of the things I absolutely hated about SD and others that tried to use him.

                  • I wish he would just go the hell away coreshift. unfortunately the both sides who made this debate a race war which has been ongoing forever made him a platform for the ongoing discussions and an example. So who is expecting something in return? not me. I just want him to ride off in the sunset with Samantha and live happily ever after wherever it is he chooses to go.

                    • I’m guessing you feel the same about the poor and homeless. “Just go away and stop bothering me”. BTW, George is both poor and homeless. And it’s not because he did something wrong. Are you attacking what annoys you?

                    • I am a fortunate individual to not have been thrust into GZs position, that much is true. That he is homeless or poor is not reason to be annoyed by anyone. I obviously have a different philosophy on how someone should pull up their boot straps and keep on trucking, but I certainly do not believe I am the one to determine when, how, or if they ever do.

                • Why would you think I owe him anything or he owes me anything? He was just a man who defended himself from an assault. I am simply making an observation of his supporters, & his behaviors before and after his acquittal. this is my interest. It does not have be to anyone else’s.
                  First of all GZ is not white so I never saw this as a black vs. white issue. I could care less about BGI or the media. And yes integrity of the judicial system has become political and it should not be. But GZ was acquitted despite that. So what “agenda” could I possibly use GZ for?

        • I was not being serious. I was being sarcastic because some, well, the majority here believe GZ is always set up and apparently is incapable of avoiding these situations because the media is always on his tail chasing him down giving him this celebrity status.

          • If you are on twitter Danny, search “Poor George” and read the same rhetoric from Trayvon Martin supporters you espouse here. In this instance, you sound remarkably the same as them.

            All fine and dandy if the evidence is there, but it’s a fact the evidence isn’t there. There is much we don’t know.

            • I do not have a twitter. I have no use to even read twitter.
              Do you know how desperate you & Coreshift sound by calling ME a Traybot? Now you sound like SD.
              For months even before GZ’s love life went south and these differences arose I wanted to discuss the Pay Pal. You did not want to because it does not paint GZ in a good light. Look, you can call me a traybot all you want. It does not change the facts about his behavior and patterns as well as the paypal issue. Calling me names is not going to stop me from compiling the information you have avoided to compile because it does not paint the image of GZ you want. I have positive things as well on my blog about GZ. I feel now is the time to show the other side of him. Stop trying to hit below the belt though, if I am just making stuff up you have nothing to worry about right?

            • What are you talking about!? You do understand that MANY MANY of my statements have been ripped before right? My statements have been posted on Frederick Leatherman’s blog, on CTH, here, and on many other blogs. Maybe a traybot thought is sounded good. What is your point?

            • my interest is not the media bori. I was not mocking, well maybe a little.
              there is just a double standard with those who focus on the media. hasn’t GZ used the media to his benefit? have you not used the media to your benefit?
              Complaining about how the media ruined this guys life all the while using the media to defend him to me is a double standard.

              • WTF are you going on about? GZ did one interview with Hannity. Are you seriously suggesting he’s playing the media? You have a seriously warped perspective on who’s been doing the media manipulation in the GZ/TM case.

              • Danny-

                Wait a minute, one of your arguments was that GZ was a media hound!

                You can’t separate the actions of the media in this story, as they played a major part in this. From start to finish. It is the only reason that we what has happened to GZ, because the media is there covering it.

                • And as I stated he used the media to his benefit. What we can do is cache news feeds from before, during and after trial. We can then see exactly how the media was created, used, as well as the topics covered. It is called the information cycle.
                  As far as GZ goes as a “media hound” ( your words and not mine) it can be deduced through what we do know of circumstances after trial, and with prior statements by those who know him well that he does require “attention” and “sympathy” when he is depressed. Now being he is in hiding and is limited in his personal contacts he may be seeking any attention whether it is negative or not. However, not on purpose as symptoms of PTSD affect ones judgment. But he is definitely seeking the attention on his own.

                  • hey danny:

                    i would have to agree with you on this one. I too believe that GZ loves the media attention. i think that is why he goes out of his way to invite trouble. Yes, he might be targeted, but he chooses to speed, get involved with skanks and generally try to live up to his bad boy image. He would be better off declaring bankruptcy and writing a book. But he would have to be intelligent to do that, or at least get expert help.

                    I do give him (or whomever guided him) a lot of credit for getting a female attorney. I think it opened the door to resolve the latest case. He really does need to just go away and chill for awhile. Just MHO.

                    Also, I don’t know why disagreements here have to be filled with obscenities or other vulgarities. It certainly does not help one’s argument.

                    Danny, you have a unique perspective and perhaps come from a different point of view. Viva la difference!

  26. If I were as miserable coming to a place as one has stated, at least a few times in last day or two, I be danged if I would hang around. Maybe waiting for some apology, while promoting my own BLOG and what is presented there and what will be as it is under reconstruction. Good Grief Charlie Brown…

  27. Well, it has hit the Date… Gags me lol. Stir up some emotion time… Like no one else has bills or stuff. Well I think they have like 3 blog sites don’t they lol. Beg on RaceBaiter Leatherhead… Karma coming for Christmas dinner at the Mold Hut? Problem is should know better than to depend on readers to support your household. I think his loyal readers have gotten the hint too. .

    Dec 11, 2013
    We depend on reader support and we desperately need your help now. We have gotten less than ten donations from the thousands of people who visit this website every day.
    That is extremely discouraging.
    I hate to beg but have no choice. We cannot pay our rent and are on the verge of being homeless and losing this website.
    This is our 791st post in two years. Think about how much time and effort that involves.
    Writing articles and maintaining this site requires many hours of work every day. If you value the unique mix of news and commentary you find here, please make a donation.
    Click the yellow donation button in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can choose to make a single donation via Paypal or a recurring monthly payment.
    We really are on the edge of losing this site. Yet, the silence to our plea has been deafening.
    I don’t know what else to say.

      • It just blows my mind lol. What funny is the traybots have begun too tell him how they have bills and responsibilities too. Then carry on with their conversations lmbo

    • maybe what you should say is that you are an idiot, and maybe that is why no one would support you. Your ideas have been wrong from the being, and at this point you have no credibility. Don’t let the dumpster door hit you on the butt while diving.

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