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Open Discussion – Dec. 13th

I think I’ve had my fill of characterizing George’s violence. Anyone wanting to keep talking about it feel free, but I’m moving on.

I saw this video on facebook today.

Watch the 10 second video a few times. Do you think the officers should have shot this man?


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  1. Trayvon Martin’s Parents Are Planning a Book
    Published: December 13, 2013

    The parents of Trayvon Martin met with publishers this week to shop a book about their son, the unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed in Florida in 2012.

    According to two publishing executives who participated in meetings, Mr. Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, said they intended to write a book that gives the full picture of their son while tracing their own experience of shock and sorrow.

    The meetings were described as somber and moving by publishers who were present. Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin were accompanied by Jan Miller, their Dallas-based literary agent. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/14/business/media/trayvon-martins-parents-are-planning-a-book.html?src=twr&_r=0

      • coreshift ~ I realize Civil Suits take a long time, mine took 5 years & the Insurance Company/Physician paid the weekend before the jury was to be picked. I keep praying that the NBC suit is going through the process as mine did & perhaps that would explain why we have heard nothing, but I would hope that NBC would just pay sooner so the case would go away. I wonder if NBC hopes GZ does something that would “prove he was a racist” after all, but imo, HELL would FREEZE over first BECAUSE GZ is NOT a racist! I pray NBC decides to settle GZ’s case, it would be good for all involved, all could be paid & GZ has a big chunk of $$$$ to live the rest of his life on. Nothing less would be fair imo.

        I had such high hopes that GZ would sue for all the offenders for Defamation that has been heaped on him making his life intolerable, even after the verdict. I think it was “bori,” “hooson,” & I that discussed this at length many months ago. They explained to me how difficult it was to WIN in a defamation suit, whether GZ is a “celebrity,” etc. PLUS! Defamation suits are very, very, expensive, my family got less than 1/2 AFTER the Attorney’s took 40% plus their cost, there was no doubt we would win. imo, that might be WHY GZ hasn’t gotten an attorney willing to pursue other defamation suits on “contingency” because attorney’s that do cases on a contingency, nearly always win their case. ***** I have no doubt that’s why Beasley took GZ’s case, it’s a winner, BUT they didn’t take any other cases from GZ which, imo, if the cases were winnable, they would have taken them.

  2. I watched it half a dozen times and didn’t see the gun. I can’t imagine going to work with the possibility of having to shoot someone in the conduct of a day. Looks like their training paid off in this video. Dang…

  3. I got food poisoning. That’s the last time I will eat fast food chicken at 3 PM from amy place except Chick fil a. That place is busy all the time so they’re not likely to have chicken that has been sitting under a heat lamp for several hours.

    • Sharon ~ OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is serious, the statistics are unbelievable on how many people die of food poisoning & those that end up in the ER! Nothing to wait around with, TAKE CARE of YOURSELF. I only had it once from eating cooked cabbage that had been sitting UNDER a HEAT lamp @ a buffet & I thought I was dying, I went to the ER.

      The reason I read so many people die from food poisoning is they aspirate vomit WHICH you can avoid by not lying on your back r they choke on vomit. FEEL BETTER soon, keep us posted!

  4. I noticed on the other thread that you were talking about boxing day. My husband and I learned about that about 20 years ago. We read that it’s an English tradition to put bonuses in employees boxes after Christmas, so it’s called Boxing Day. We visited an English Pub to see if there was a celebration on Boxing Day. There was no acknowledgment of it, but we did become fans of Irish music. The English pub had some really good Irish bands playing. I often wondered how the couple who still considered themselves English citizens could stand to listen to some of the words in the Irish songs such as God Save Ireland and Rock on Rockall. I suppose they heard “May the natural gas burn your ass and blow you all to Hell” one time too many because they suddenly got rid of both bands.

      • winesome ~ dont’cha just know that’s true! New revelations! New scoop! New bull chit stories of things that never were! HOW does she expect to ever sell a book to anyone but her immediate family?

        Since Tracy/Sybrina will provide all the trash ANYONE could possibly think up, WHY would O’Conner think her book would have any relevance? imo, the foot soldiers of the BGI will buy Sybrina/Tracy’s book, the thought makes me sick. They will do highly publized interviews during their BLITZ on National TV & repeat the rhetoric promoting their book. Ashton got TONS of MEDIA Blitz as he well deserved, imo, these grifters don’t. Those angered WON’T let the tensions die down in these cases.

        Ashton had a best seller on KC getting away w/murder, THEN, a Lifetime movie on his book. Baez suffered the blow back, the big publishers wouldn’t publish his book, he finally found a small publisher which did finally publish his book which did sell, nothing compared to Ashton’s success & then Ashton WON his bosses job, that of State Attorney.

    • Nettles ~ this case is about what Attorney’s advertise, post partial success stories instead of the whole story, meaning taken out of context. The Bar has always frowned upon Attorney’s that advertise but it is now commonplace. Attorney’s CAN’T lie about their WIN % on their web sites or other misrepresentations. The firm is arguing about their opinions in blogs & other misrepresentation by this group of Attorney’s & “the bar problem w/them,” they aren’t asking for the law to change, they are asking for “clarification” of the bar’s opinion in which they have been unsuccessful in getting is my impression. This would only effect Crump if he is LYING when advertising.

      This case has nothing to do w/MEDIA which is the vehicle TM’s camp has manipulated.. Crump skates, he isn’t a blogger BUT a MEDIA whore, the suit doesn’t include opinions on cases when interviewed by MEDIA, false info spread through the MEDIA so the BGI/Crump/Natty Jack remain free to spew as much bull chit as they did before, it’s not illegal, nor sadly, do many even have a chance of winning defamation suits against them.

      Both Prosecutors in KC’s case as well as GZ’s were unsuccessful in getting GAG orders against the defense. BOTH defense attorney’s in BOTH cases were interviewed in MEDIA.

      • Thanks for clearing that up for me Art Tart. I thought of Mr. O’Mara’s website and what he’d be allowed to post. I’m sure legal minds will be looking over that matter in the years ahead.

        I think O’Mara and Vincent played that just right. They said little, gave vanilla responses and kept it as short as possible while still trying to inform the public and stop the rumors before they started.

        • Nettles ~ No doubt this is a learning curve for ALL Lawyers. I thought MOM was interesting when he talked about “social media” & the effects it will have on cases in years to come. I too agree, MOM did a great job & his site, I’ve never seen anything like it, what a contribution to those that truly wanted the facts. I guess that’s what angered me so much when MOM was criticized, there is no perfect man, but MOM/West came close to it imo. Those that wouldn’t give MOM a break, USED his site/resources for their opinions.

          imho, it’s the damn MEDIA that needs to be revamped, challenged for honesty & allowing blatant lies to go unchallenged in MEDIA Interviews. Some people can’t read but they watch TV all day long, when their sourse of information from MEDIA are lies, they form their opinions on those lies. We ALL watched it ad nauseam in GZ’ case, I don’t know what can be done to change it.

      • It is back to normal and comes into my regular Yahoo email.

        Go to your Word Press account. Uncheck everything… yes all of the blogs you follow and everything else. Now start over. Type the first part of the blogs you want to follow at the top and WP should remember the rest. Not sure why but this worked for me. I have no idea why it stopped like it did.

        • I think I am gonna leave mine going to spam, especially when a lot of comments- it clogged up my reg email in box. And I missed a lot. The email I use for this an most all online is not by my name lol. but I do use it for a lot and if I miss on spam then I didn’t miss elsewhere 🙂 Just thankful for you, that you got figured out. I know it was causing you undue aggravation just trying to participate or read. You have been missed by many. Aww it a Christmas Blessing for all ♥ 🙂

  5. I don’t see where the video is, all I see is what I’ve pasted below. Maybe my computer is protecting me lol

    I think I’ve had my fill of characterizing George’s violence. Anyone wanting to keep talking about it feel free, but I’m moving on.

    I saw this video on facebook today.

    Watch the 10 second video a few times. Do you think the officers should have shot this man?

      • coreshift, I can see the video you posted on your first attempt, thanks!

        I meant, I can’t see it at Nettles post at the top of the page. It references a video, but I can’t see it or even a space for it. But I don’t have a facebook page, so maybe that’s why..

        But I did see yours, so thanks!

  6. Here’s another one. This time it was an elderly black man who was hit by white thugs. After the news report, a black man tells people that if they try that in Texas they’re going to get shot between the eyes.

  7. Hamilton Police make an arrest and the public has an opinion about it. Hamilton is 45 minutes south-west of me.

    The camera man shows the disrespect law enforcement come across in the street.

    • Posted on December 13, 2013 by Scott
      Have you seen the video of those Hamilton police officers arresting a woman? It has now gone viral and the 2 cops in it are getting a lot of praise from the public. The video was shot in Hamilton last Sunday. It shows a male and female officer spending several minutes subduing and arresting a screaming woman. Once she was handcuffed and placed in the back of their cruiser, the male officer then calmly explained to a crowd of people exactly what he was doing and why. Numerous people on YouTube praised the officers for the way they handled the situation, as did Hamilton police Chief Glenn De Caire in a statement on Thursday. He says the force has been overwhelmed by thousands of emails and the social media comments. So far the video has been viewed over half a million times.”


      • The police in that video showed a lot more restraint than I would have. They should have pepper sprayed her… Seems like a very honorable cop.

        • It happened in Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be polite while arresting Hannibal Lecter. Hell, even the people recording the incident were (reasonably) polite. Contrast that to a similar situation in the US. Bystanders would be insulting the cops, provoking them and throwing things at them.

    • Not to diminish the pain of those that truly suffer domestic abuse, but there seem to be a lot of women that use the being abused accusation to gain an advantage in a relationship or just to get revenge. It’s almost like using the race card or accusing someone of pedophilia or child abuse. Instant sympathy from others and condemnation of the accused. Facts don’t seem to matter when such emotionally charged accusations are made. And worse, once you’re accused and even if found not guilty, many still have that emotionally charged and visceral reaction when they look at you.

      Seems to me that some are accusing George with the knowledge of how persistent the damage is of even being accused of such things.

  8. Texas college student shot dead by campus police officer

    Carter’s pickup truck had a dashboard camera, but it had become unglued from its mounting after a cold front blew through San Antonio. But Carter was wearing a body microphone, and police have reviewed an audio recording of what happened next:

    The recording captured Carter asking Redus to stop and put his hands on the truck, Pruitt said. Redus did so, but began to struggle when Carter started to handcuff him, Pruitt said.

    During the six-minute confrontation, Carter told Redus 14 times to put his hands behind his back and told him three times that he was under arrest, Pruitt said. Carter told Redus to stop resisting 56 times, Pruitt said.

    “There was a lot of communication,” he said.

    At some point, Carter took out his collapsible baton to protect himself, Pruitt said.

    Although there was “a very stark difference” between Carter’s size and the smaller student, Redus managed to take the baton away, pin the officer against a wall and hit him several times on the head and arm with the baton, Pruitt said. The rain and rocky landscaping might have made it hard for the officer to keep his footing, Pruitt said.

    Carter refused medical treatment. But his injuries were consistent with being hit with a narrow object, Pruitt said. http://blog.mysanantonio.com/police/2013/12/what-we-know-so-far-about-the-fatal-shooting-of-uiw-student-cameron-redus-by-campus-police/#18821101=0


    We’re told he would have moved a lot sooner, but the domestic violence incident with his GF last month — the one with the shotgun — kept him on lock down within State lines … literally. He had to get an ankle monitor.

    But now that his GF has recanted her claims and the charges have been dropped, Zimmerman’s a free man once again … a free man who can legally pack heat again … and he’s planning to make the big move in the next couple weeks.


    Samantha could have easily sold this information to TMZ, they PAY!

    • I’ve wondered if she was the one who gave them the photo at the gun factory. That visit was August 23rd and through this incident we learn they “got together” on August 23rd.

      Was it Samantha who took the photo? How did she explain that getting to TMZ. I know some on Talk Left blog thought a gun factory employee took the photo.

      Samantha said she was at the gun factory with George and now TMZ knows he plans on leaving the state of Florida.

      I had read in the police report, George was packing to leave for Texas but that got curtailed when he bond restriction said not to leave Florida. Even still, he had 2 places to go when he bonded out.

    • I doubt she sold it. It is planted by Zim camp. Texans are loathing he is even considering becoming a refugee. Many said if he goes there and pulls what he has in Florida (post trial run ins) he will sit in the slammer. He prolly is moving back up North where Jr. owns a house. Or not leaving at all. It is a planted story. Either for money so people think they need to send it for travel for his civil cases or because he and Sammy have no choice but to remain in Florida.

  10. When I changed the theme on this site, I thought the donation link didn’t copy over. But in reflecting on that, I do recall that when I changed the name from State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman to kNOw Truth, kNOw Justice, that was when I checked the link to see if the donation site was still valid. I learned then it wasn’t. I posted about it and I removed the link from the site.

    So they closed that site down well over a month ago.

    I hope that means they got lots of donations in leading up to the trial that allowed George to live on until the suit with NBC gets settled.

      • Not from donations since the donate site has been down for a while. Maybe he’s barely surviving off of the charity of others (a place to stay, some food to eat) while Trayvon’s family have made millions.

        • coreshift –

          I suspect that Trayvon’s family has not made any millions. And for the time being, they are not living a normal life. In time, their lives will settle back down, somewhere near where those lives were before this tragedy happened.

          • It’s been reported that their settlement with the HOA was 2 million. Their donation/justice sites, there are several, have reportedly raked in a few million. And IIRC, both Sybrina and Tracy are being paid using the funds collected from those sites. I believe they both sit on the chair/counsel that decides how those funds are used. They’ve partied with celebrities, attended high profile events, been given both money and sympathy from numerous churches and organizations. It’s not a normal life, but who wouldn’t want to meet so many VIP’s and get their money and sympathy?

          • hooson ~ I agree w/your thoughts that Sybrina/Tracy/etc. haven’t made millions. MOST of the monies imo, have been made by Crump, Parks, Natty Jack.

            The HOA settlement came through but look at the going price on Civil Suit on “contingencies.” 40% PLUS expenses go to the attorney’s. Although then 40% is split among ALL of their attorney’s, the COSTS owed are nebulous at best that Tracy & Sybrina got stuck with! Tracy & Sybrina, like my family likely got less than 1/2 of what was left, THEN Tracy & Sybrina had to split that.

        • coreshift ~ you are confusing 2 different things!

          (1) Because the Defense Fund closed down because MOM/West imo, didn’t want any further affiliation SINCE the donations weren’t being USED to PAY the Defense but were ONLY being used to support GZ, they were DONE! It’s not the defense teams obligation to lend their credibility to a donation fund site that no longer supports payments to the defense fund! GZ is no longer their problem.

          (2) ANY monies LEFT in the Defense Fund GZ has ACCESS to & can use for ONLY for living expenses as was one of the 2 intentions of the Donation site, for living expenses & Defense expenses.

          The Defense is receiving NO BENEFIT for providing a donation site any longer w/their names attached, they are not receiving the benefit, ONLY GZ. They are clearly UNHAPPY w/choices GZ has made since the verdict, why should they participate in providing a site for GZ to receive money to live on, I wouldn’t!

          • The defense fund wasn’t their to shut-down from what I understood. A third-party administered the funds and neither O’Mara or Zimmerman had access to it (for their own protection).

            They could submit bills for reimbursement based on a predefined set of guidelines but neither had direct access to it.

            The pay pal account is not accepting donations anymore and hasn’t been for some time. If George wanted to keep that opened, O’Mara would have no say in shutting it down. They had a link on their page. So did I.

            They still have the link up now. It’s like they don’t know it doesn’t work anymore or just didn’t bother to remove it from their site.

            • nettles ~ The 3rd Party was HIRED by MOM, a CPA firm that oversaw the monies. There is no legal reason WHY Mom/West could NOT shut down the account ESPECIALLY if the monies weren’t being used to pay the defense, or the monies were being misused & they were informed by their CPA.. There is no law that binds them to the Defense fund especially if some of the donations are not being used to PAY the Defense r misappropriated request from GZ. Whatever monies are left in the account, regardless of who shut it down, GZ can use for living expenses ONLY because that was one of the reasons it was established. GZ used $ 4,000.00 of that money to give SZ. The other reason was to pay Defense cost which they are not receiving any benefit.

              SZ’s request for 1/2 of those funds in her divorce probably too prompted to closing the acceptance of monies.

              MOM clearly would NOT collect donations for GZ to continue to live on, MOM wants to be paid, NOT continue to support GZ NOR the choices GZ has made since the verdict. MOM has been less than candid as to his intentions & NOT representing GZ any further. GZ was supported through the verdict. No need to continue supporting him now.

              • I don’t think it’s O’Mara fund to allow to continue or discontinue. For George’s protection, O’Mara moved to have controls placed on it that would satisfy the court, George would take off with the money and not come back. The website said neither O’Mara nor George had access to it.

                I noticed it wasn’t accepting donations over a month ago. I removed the link to it on the blog. On the defense site it was still there and you could click on the donate tab and go to the pay pal link. It was when you hit the pay pal link that you learn it wasn’t accepting any further donations.

                If you go to the legal site today, they have now taken it offline. http://www.gzdefensefund.com/donate/ The link no longer takes you to the pay pal link.

                It appears that Mr. O’Mara may not have known the site wasn’t taking donations any longer. Or it was them that shut it down. What I do know is, you don’t know either.

                However it was structured, George had a say in how the money got distributed….that much is clear.

          • Donations to George’s defense fund were always low after the first surge of donations when he was charged. They spiked only when it was revealed that funds were needed to continue paying for his legal defense. Near the very end there was one last call for donations so that experts, and other miscellaneous expenses, could be paid. The donation site for George was never getting any significant donations until it was revealed there was need.

            Very few people contributed much beyond what was needed for his acquittal and when there was an announced need. Why do you assume there’s anything left? There certainly isn’t anything incoming since the donation site has been shut down. George isn’t sitting on a fortune hidden in the defense fund. IMO, all of it was spent.

            • coreshift ~ it’s unfortunate that the living expenses were NOT separated from Defense expenses, the reason I did NOT donate. I would have donated SOLELY to the Defense fund, they did an excellent job & it was obvious it cost a fortune. I didn’t feel a responsibility to support GZ, families everyehwere across America figure it out day in & out how to help each other in desperate times, KC’s family had to do the very same & they didn’t even have a donation site to get monies. They are bankrupt again, but they supported KC. I nearly PUKED to read the astronomical cost of the security was too used to PROTECT GZ’ s parents ! OUTRAGEOUS! Did donors sign on to PROVIDE security for GZ’s parent’s or GZ to buy a GIFT to SZ of an IPAD? Could the defense have used this waste? YES!

              The Donation money was NEVER disclosed for a reason, POOR decisions used in squandering a lot of the donations, setting up a trailer & having costly wiring run to the trailer for over a thousand dollars when it was all lost when GZ’s bail was revoked. SHOULDN’T HAVE LIED to start with! MOM has admitted GZ regrets NOT having spoken up BUT too late!

              imo, a DEFENSE FUND solely for the purpose of the Defense to use would have netted more donations, especially when some of the expenditures of GZ/SZ came to light.

              Those that solely wanted to continue to pay for GZ/SZ could have done so. GZ spent $ 5,000.00 on living expenses p/month, that didn’t include the bills they paid off in their entirety or their security cost. One of the cars could have been sold instead of paying 2 car notes, insurance on 2 cars, it’s not like either had a job to go to, but all were paid w/defense funds.

              GZ can set up a site asking for donations today, HOW successful do you think it would be?

      • And when has George been asking for money after he was acquitted? He hasn’t been in the spotlight telling and selling his story like Shellie has, Sybrina and Tracy have and continue to do (book deal), and Samantha and her mom tried to do. Get with reality. George isn’t making money off of having to defend himself against a sadistic thug. Others have and others are trying to. While George has to pack up what little he has in his truck and move away. Samantha didn’t even let him do that much.

    • Nettles, imo, GZ is still tied up in his divorce from SZ, GZ will owe an accounting to SZ’s attorney on how much money was in the Defense Fund when she filed for divorce. GZ would not be free to spend ALL the remaining monies UNTIL all the assets were decided in the divorce settlement.

      If donations came in AFTER the legal paper work was filed, it would belong to GZ BUT GZ didn’t even get served UNTIL he was arrested for DV & rec’d them in jail.

      BOTH GZ/SZ were living on that money, donations were made during their marriage & as MOM clearly stated repeatedly, “their living expenses, they had to repeatedly move,” etc., that would be GZ & SZ in using the Defense Fund monies. We’ll just have to see how the Judge “splits the sheets.”

      • I recall an interesting discussion going on online when Shellie got charged with perjury. Some thought she couldn’t use the money for her defense while others argued she should be allowed to.

        If the defense money wasn’t their money, then that gave even more credibility to the stance she didn’t lie under oath about her money.

        Lots of interesting ways to split this. There is also the fact that George didn’t list this fund as an asset when he got charged this last time. Perhaps there isn’t anything there or what is there is being held for West and O’Mara once the other priorities get taken care of.

        George does have his supporters and I’m confident he will be alright, in spite of those who wish him ill-will. Don’t let anyone break you George.

        I look forward to you taking some media money to support yourself in the future. What they did to you and your family was so wrong and continues to be. Who else gets a national news headline for being pulled over for speeding?

        • Nettles ~ The Legal Defense Fund was a designated fund for GZ/SZ’s living expenses as well as GZ’s Criminal Defense legal fees & that’s what the Donation Fund was advertised as, nothing else. Donners didn’t agree to pay for any future troubles SZ or GZ got in, they donated for a specific purpose.

          SZ wasn’t entitled to use it for her attorney on perjury NOR was GZ able to use any of the money to pay Janye W. w/it, that certainly isn’t any indication the fund was broke as GZ continues to live, pay a probable truck note, truck insurance for the privilege to drive, speeding tickets, eat, etc.

          GZ tried to get a “public defender” BUT GZ was disqualified! GZ didn’t list his assets by choice, imo! WHY? Because GZ knew it would have immediately disqualified GZ from a “free attorney.” The clerk’s office investigates applications, GZ was found out & he lost his free attorney. Jayne W. was hired & is to be paid later.

        • IAMNTM: SZ was living on the expenses JUST as GZ was, her car note was being paid/ car insurance as well, as were ALL her other debt she listed, the very same as GZ’s. GZ gave SZ from the Defense fund for $ 4,000.00 when they separated.

          It was probably designated as her “living expenses.” She could have spent it as she wanted. There would be no reason to structure the Donation Fund Account excluding SZ. GZ/SZ were legally married & happy at that time, no talk of divorce then or in the near future!

          If indeed that existed in the “structure,” which clearly it doesn’t, THEN, SZ’s attorney would NOT have ask for 1/2 of the living expenses GZ is afforded from the fund. SZ’s attorney ask for the money BECAUSE there is nothing that excludes her!

          Being LEGALLY married provides spouses w/protection when the chit hits the fan. SZ’s attorney has ask for 1/2 of the amount. There is NO legal documentation that SZ would be EXCLUDED if a divorce occurred!

          • It’s all mute. No one will argue the donations that came in don’t cover the defense. There won’t be any money left to split with her anyway. The bills must be paid before they split money in it.

    • Nettles ~ about the NBC suit monies & all the people owed by GZ. I too hope he gets enough to live on forever but it more complicated than it appears.

      GZ/SZ were legally married when the NBC event occurred. There is no indication at that time they were unhappy, SZ was supporting GZ & living w/him at every relocation, they were a married couple. The Beasley firm sued NBC in the Civil Suit WHILE GZ/SZ were legally married.

      I thought at first SZ would not be entitled to monies GZ receives AFTER their divorce, BUT, the fact is, the suit was filed DURING the marriage making SZ a part of that suit. HAD GZ just been living w/SZ like he did w/SS, SZ wouldn’t be a party to any recoveries but the fact is, GZ was legally married. Had GZ legally separated from SZ & filed for divorce BEFORE the NBC suit was filed, SZ would not be entitled to anything, BUT, that didn’t happen.

        • You are incorrect again, surely you aren’t clueless as your comment reflects! SZ suffered the same as GZ, she was beaten to a pulp in the blogs being called a “fat pig married to a murderer,” she too lived UNDER the SAME threats/conditions as GZ, she MOVED every single time GZ moved in fear of her life, she experienced grief also as she supported GZ as his legal wife & experienced, SZ supported her husband, even you should know that! SZ experienced much of the same grievances as GZ did.

          The NBC suit was FILED during the course of the LEGAL MARRIAGE, SZ suffered as well, no need to DENY the facts that you should know & understand.

          • I don’t know legally what SZ is entitled to or not. I am of the understanding that the NBC suit was from what NBC edited in relations to the Non Emerg call that Geo made. Not how it effected Shelly in the blogs and so forth. Just my observation and opinion.

        • I agree that she certainly doesn’t deserve half. She suffered while married to George, but now that she’s divorcing him, she can move on with her life and he can’t. He needs the money to survive.

          The Trayvon supporters probably really want Shellie to get half the money. They certainly would like to see supporters stop donating to him. They want him to be flushed out like a fox being chased by hounds so that the hound can finish him. So far he has been able to hide from those trying to kill him. The only way he can continue to do that is for donations to dry up and for the law suit to not pan out. Of course they’d prefer for George not to get anything, but having Shellie get half is preferable to George getting it all.

          They think that without money, George might be forced out of hiding and someone can kill him.

  11. Danny ~ I don’t think the problem is Fla., I think the same problems will remain anywhere GZ goes in the US. It was rumored KC had moved out of Fla. when she was in fact still living in Fla. in the basement of a church provided to her rent free in a small town. I think she got busted for venturing out in a poor disguise w/her boyfriend to Chili’s using a floppy hat hiding her hair & big glasses, somebody shot a photo of her & posted it on the internet w/the name of the small town the picture was taken.. It wasn’t long before KC located again but hasn’t been seen r heard of since.

    There has to be countless tiny towns in Fla. in rural areas GZ could move & likely remain safe if he stayed out of sight. imo, the likelihood of GZ finding a job in Fla. or anywhere else in the US is not likely. The BGI/TM’s family will insecure those that help GZ will suffer the blow back.

  12. As a donor, I wasn’t too happy to hear about that security bill either. I thought the Zimmermans were making it too easy to scare them.

    Realistically, how likely is it that the parents of someone who killed another gets hurt? I’ve never heard of it. That someone could post a threatening note on your door and you take flight with a sick relative is quite extraordinary. I get they were scared but their reaction only made the threats louder.

    Had they called the police and demanded publicly that these threats stop or call for arrests to be made, it could have dampened down a lot of it. What do we tell kids being bullied online? Go offline. Don’t read it. The cowards making threats on the internet are noise.

    They stayed away from the courtroom and the public eye and telegraphing to whoever wanted to scare them, they were frightened.

    At that moment when I read the heavy security they were ordering, I thought I wished I hadn’t donated so they were be forced to deal with these threats. Insist on the police doing their job. BDLR asked Shellie during the bond hearing, have you reported these threats? “No” Well then, why is anyone surprised they continued and got as bad as they did?

    • Nettles ~ you are so sweet & you have nothing but the best of intentions in everything you do, your easy to read by your friends here. I understand clearly that you donated money to HELP GZ stay safe & for Defense Expenses & wanted your hard earned money spent wisely, as perhaps you would have done in a similar situation. imo, GZ/SZ, might have thought it was a gravy train of sorts, that the donation level would sustain for the duration but hardly ever happens. America is suffering from “donor’s fatigue” from what I am reading. Some events that charged $ 1,000.00 for a charity event for a ticket last year, , have dropped that ticket price to $ 400.00. WHY? Because donor’s move on to other worth while causes, are just don’t have the money any more they once had.

      Nettles ~ rarely EVER is anyone ever MURDERED in any high profile case that is only a family member.. Most people don’t even know who they are. OJ/KC’s parents were NEVER murdered but had tons of threats. KC still gets threats, I assume sent to her parent’s home, KC’s parent’s still live in the same home that Caylee was probably murdered in only 6 houses from where Caylee was dumped. LE will INVESTIGATE CREDIBLE THREATS on anyone’s life, LE has to be have PROOF a threat was made, they need all information w/the threat included, if there is truly a death threat, they investigate & will make an arrest. Anything posted on a BLOG is not a threat imo, or taken seriously, blog addresses can be run down, hundreds of hate spewed comments have been made by sides in GZ’s case.

      imo, by the time the CPA alerted MOM to a lot of this, it was too late. I think ALL learned a lesson in fund raising. Nettles, I donate directly to organizations or families of children w/special needs BECAUSE I can see exactly where my money goes those are the families in my community that suffer year round. I have friends that support other fine causes, we ALL hope to make a difference in a cause we are passionate about.

      Hornsby said from the beginning, that GZ had rubbed him the wrong way in soliciting funds as he felt “entitled.” You can never make a second good impression, though Hornsby supported GZ’s case/MOM/West, he didn’t like GZ personally, to each his own.

      Everybody learned a lesson from this case in many areas, the good news is GZ walks free today soley by the efforts of many, his future can only be decided by him.

    • Their address was posted on twitter and retweeted over and over. Spike Lee posted a stranger’s address on line and said it belonged to GZ and they had to move out of their home. Robert Zimmerman was nearly beaten up in a Starbucks by Starbuck employees when they saw his name on the credit card.

      • The family that had their address tweeted need to move temporarily but they insisted the police take action and they moved back home in short order. I think GZ’s parents should have also telegraphed they did nothing wrong. It is wrong to threaten us and we won’t tolerate it. We’ve reported it to police and will check with them daily until an arrest is made.

        • Nettles ~ you are exactly correct. The Zimmerman’s could have moved back in their home. KC’s parent’s were “high profile” making more MEDIA appearances than Crump & Co. They didn’t bend an inch under the death threats, eventually they stopped harassing KC’s parent’s.

          • I’ll add that KC’s parents home was under siege 24/7 by MEDIA, those that protested w/huge signs & screamed obscenities at George & Cindy A brought their kids along for the experience. They could barely pull in OR out of their driveway. The family flipped them off routinely but NEVER wavered in their determination to live their lives on their terms & in their home DESPITE the threats.

              • Sharon ~ I realize you don’t KNOW anything about KC’s case as reflected in your comment SO why bother commenting on a case you know nothing about?

                KC’s parent’s were AS HATED as KC & STILL are! KC lived w/her parent’s, GZ DID NOT! KC’s parent’s were in the National news MORE than the BGI & Crump spewing LIES about KC’s being innocent! KC’s parent’s were a BIG part of her trial & LIED UNDER OATH in the murder of their grand daughter. You can’t get any lower than that. A million reasons that G & C Ant. are considered the most “hated Grandparent’s in America!”

                GZ is unique to you because you didn’t keep up with KC’s case, KC’s case is considered to be “THE TRIAL of the THE CENTURY then & now!” GZ’s case is unique to you because you aren’t familiar w/other cases.

                KC’s parent’s held a garage sell, NOT at their house, but at Mt. Dora where CA’s mother lived, it made National News last month! They will remain hated forever!

      • Instead of taking the responsibility onto their own shoulders, I wanted to see them push back and had they made the media and public understand about Grandma, public pressure would have taken over to leave GZ’s parents alone.

        But the Zimmerman let everyone off the hook but being intimidated and it embolden the cowards making threats.

        There may not have been as many if word got out that one or two charges got laid for making these threats but there was no consequences for it. Largely, because formal complaints weren’t made.

      • Really? I got the impression that his response was something along the lines “We shouldn’t need to report it, it’s here for everyone to see”

        The threats were new and scary to the Zimmermans but to people like the politicians who get these things all the time, they are just noise. It’s up to the person being threatened to push for consequences.

        My frustration for this came out when talking with GZ’s brother-in-law. To deal with what has to be dealt with, they have to be brave. I’m not sure they can be. Robert Jr. sure did adjust over time. His grace under all that trash being thrown his way was impressive.

  13. winsome ~ in reference to your question above on the amount GZ gave SZ.

    Had it been 1/2, then SZ’s attorney would NOT have included it in the divorce petition requesting 1/2. GZ kept the amount a secret, BUT, it will be disclosed in the divorce, GZ will have to provide the exact amount from a bank statement in the fund the day SZ filed for divorce.

    You can’t hide assets from a spouse, it’s fraudulent/illegal.

      • Nettles – It wasn’t SZ hiding assets from GZ was it, SZ was hiding assets FROM the Prosecution/Judge.

        I agree that if you hide ANY monetary information in a Criminal Trial OR a divorce, it will come out legally, you can’t hide it & due to the Sunshine Laws, it will be reported in the news.

  14. I am Not TM, You are right. SZ was not damaged unless she had remained married to GZ. She is able to return to school and can move around at will. GZ cannot attend school, work, or move around freely. Someone posted a picture of her in a bar. GZ can’t do that.

    • Sharon ~ You are basing your comment ON what SZ can do in the FUTURE, NOT what SZ lived under during her marriage w/GZ WHEN the NBC was filed. That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do w/the NBC Suit!

      Marriage is a union of 2 people, 2 people SHARING the ups/downs, SZ suffered as well as GZ, the evidence of all the moves, fears, etc. were experienced by both, NOT JUST GZ, we ALL know ALL these facts. Who in the world would question SZ did not suffer, how could she not? Did you think that was fun for her living in fear? Constantly moving?

      What the future brings SZ or GZ has NOTHING to DO w/the NBC suit filed DURING their marriage, nor does any monetary outcome. Forget about what SZ can experience in her future, it has NOTHING to do w/the filing of the NBC suit DURING the marriage. The NBC has NOTHING to do w/either GZ’s future or SZ’s!

      The law protects spouses when Law Suits are FILED DURING the course of their marriage so when the Law suits are resolved, the spouses will received a share.

        • IANTM ~ Your childish/immature comments to me have grown tiresome/boring, you CONTINUE to repeat yourself to me over & over, you even count the X’s to me you repeat something as if that means anything. LMAO at you! Only a moron would remain clueless that his comment has not been read the first time. Your comments are so simplistic, a 6th grader could comprehend ANY of your comments. Because I DON’T agree w/you, you don’t have to KEEP repeating the same bull chit over & over & even count, LMAO, as if it is any different than the first time you said it or made any difference when you continue to repeat the same thing. (continuing to laugh at you) You need to GROW UP & ACCEPT when others disagree w/you & move on!

          I don’t give a RAT’S ASS how many times you repeat YOUR OPINION nor does anyone else OR need you to. YOUR opinion is NOT a fact! You CAN’T PROVE SZ wasn’t HARMED when traumatically fearing for her life, moving, just as GZ did. you only offer your opinion, your opinion ISN’T SUPPORTED by anything!

          The evidence is CLEAR what conditions GZ & SZ both lived under, we ALL know what they were. That’s WHY when going to Court, for those that remain clueless such as yourself, SZ’s attorney can provide a psychologist to explain the effects of the living under those conditions caused both GZ/SZ , & WHY they needed security!

          There is NO NEED to discuss this further w/you! USE FACTS when you form an opinion OR state “imo” which is clearly ALL you have to offer!

  15. People keep trying to minimize the death threats to GZ’s family by saying that KC and OJ also got death threats and KC still does. The difference is in the amount received and who they came from. The ones GZ is getting are coming from a lot of people who are very likely to do it. I don’t think you would want militant blacks including the New Black Panthers wanting you dead. That’s not where the threats KC got came from and it’s for sure not where the threats OJ got came from. If GZ goes out and tries to live a normal life in Florida, he will be dead.

    • Sharon ~ where are GZ’s death threats? If GZ is in hiding, HOW does GZ receive death threats, no one has GZ’s email address, phone #’s, but family. LE will GLADLY investigate ANY viable death threats GZ reports, LE investigated a lot of KC’s threats. WHY? Because she reported them to LE because she was scared to death. Being hated is not the same as a threat.

      WHY hasn’t GZ reported the “death threats” you keep claiming to LE for them to investigate? If GZ did, LE would say they were investigating death threats in the MEDIA & the outcome. That hasn’t happened, WHY NOT?

      The information about the Black Panthers has died down, is it still a viable threat? Where are the other threats you think are real & who are they from & how does GZ receive them? Why weren’t they reported by GZ? Why didn’t GZ spend some of the Defense Fund money to investigate the threats on his own instead of buying a 500.00 IPAD?

      imo, it would be blatant stupidity for GZ or KC to lead a high profile life, the public isn’t going to allow them that privilege because many are driven by hate but that is not the same as ALL the undocumented death threats you keep repeating. GZ & KC can live a life in seclusion & are both not employable now or in the future imo. They are both hated by many in the American public, the hatred doesn’t subside as we’ve seen w/OJ & KC. They just learn to deal w/it, so will GZ.

      • You are making the assumption that the police would investigate the death threats. Robert Jr. tried to get them to do something. It would have been easy to do since so many were coming in over social media.

        Hatred has subsided with OJ and KC. Most people don’t even think about them any more. Those who hated them or threatened them were not as likely to carry them out as those who threatened GZ. There were people killed over Trayvon Martin who didn’t even know GZ. Twin teens were shot in a Golden Coral parking lot because they had a Free the Z bumper sticker on their car. Some were assaulted and even killed who didn’t even express support GZ.

        How many rallies that turned violent did see for Nicole and KC’s little girl?

        • To be a GZ supporter one had to be brave and tolerate the hate. I had my own troubles and took legal action against one threat made against me. It was resolved quickly.

          I know the Zimmermans were scared but I did think their reaction emboldened the cowards. I do think they took those threats seriously and were scared but their reaction made it worse on them I think. Had they stood up to it and telegraphed they would not be intimidated, most would have stopped and they’d see it wasn’t working. But in this case, the Zimemrmans showed it did work. The threats were able to hit the mark. Only the Zimmermans could have allowed it and they did.

          • Nettles ~ of course not, there are NO credible threats against GZ’s parent’s or Grand parent’s, it was RZ Jr. that promoted a lot of that YET he provided NO evidence of such NOR did the family report anything to LE. The same w/Sybrina/Tracy whining, NO PROOF provided for LE to investigate any threats.

              • The worst of incoming threats occurred prior to GZs arrest. Even though BGI and Traybots continued to march for “justice” the majority of those marches legally are considered peaceful. I remember hearing about kids walking out of schools, and a fire set on train tracks somewhere. And as David pointed out a shooting @ a police car PRIOR to his arrest. For all intent and purposes that is why the threats happened because they wanted and arrest.
                Whether the threats were credible would require that the person had the possibility of following it through. MOM & West were getting threats. Either they knew they were not likely to be followed through or they took precautions. They or their families live or still are living in hiding.

                GZ traveled, leaving Florida soon after aquittal. Seems he lived a somewhat normal as can be life in Florida since without going noticed until police contact. At least his traffic stops show us he is not couped up in house paranoid to go out. And somewhere there are GPS records that show he did not just sit in the house during trial.

      • Sadly all it takes is one wacked out person to do harm. I believe there are nuts out there who actually believe they would have big following if they did harm someone. Some sick people out there breathing our same oxygen. SMH. Some people are just talk behind the keyboard. But I saw some idiots walking and shoutingin rallys who give me shivers lol I could see, where GZ fam could be really frazzled at all the tweets and other threats towards them. Would freak me out. I would contact LEO, but then never know what they felt or are feeling, thankfully I not in their situation.

  16. I went to Twitter to try to find what Robert Jr had said about getting no help from police about the death threats and discovered that Robert deleted his account.

    I joined this site because I thought it was to be a group of people who support GZ. I argue enough with Trayvon supporters and people who criticize George on twitter.

    • Robert Jr. is still on twitter.

      I understand how you feel. Just know that all of us won’t be on the same page for each issue.

      What we all agree with is that GZ shot Trayvon in self defense and should not have been prosecuted and handed a legal bill totalling millions.

      On all the other side issues, opinions will vary. For the most part we stay respectful. It does get tiring to post the same thing over and over though.

      I’d like to see us make our point and why and then move on.

      • “What we all agree with is that GZ shot Trayvon in self defense and should not have been prosecuted and handed a legal bill totalling millions.”

        To be perfectly nitpicky, that with which I agree is that the state was never able to provide any convincing evidence that it wasn’t self defense, and since they never had it they should never have brought the case.

        They say when the law is on your side, pound the law and when the facts are on your side pound the facts and when neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound the table.

        It was obvious from their opening that all they had to offer was pounding the table.

        • You are right unitron it is not the defendent who has to prove self defense unless a hearing is held and a judge determines to not prosecute. But we are talking and arrest which only needs probrable cause, and Angela Corey. She has been corrupt since before GZ. If anyone had a conviction under her watch they should go back an reinvestigate if she with held evidence as seems to be her way at getting an arrest in the first place. BGI knew to ask Bondi for Corey. Why do you think that was?

  17. Seems time to move on from GZ’s threats unless they can be proven r brought to the attention of LE. They HAVE to be VIABLE threats for LE to investigate them.

    KC’s defense team rec’d a picture of her w/a bulls eye planted on her forehead w/ a bullet hole through it, it was a VIABLE threat & it got investigated when turned over to LE. That kind of evidence is needed for threats to be investigated by LE! There has to be evidence of such a threat.

    Since we know of none of this happening, we can assume GZ needs to keep a low profile for his own safety & move on from death threats.

      • I AMNTM ~ “400 Death Threats a Minute,” I don’t believe that for a minute! How were 400 threats in a minute timed & logged? LOL! Had I interviewed RZ Jr. when he said this, I would have CHALLENGED RZ Jr. to PROVIDE the evidence as it’s not believable! BUT! Bret Barts’s site allowed RZ Jr. to say whatever he wanted & he got the SOFT interview just like Tracy/Sybrina got the SOFT interview many times, it doesn’t make it fact!

        I saw RZ Jr. say it at the time he said & DIDN’T believe him at the time & still don’t believe it. There is NO PROOF 400 death threats a minute were ever rec’d THOUGH PROOF could have been provided! The exaggeration by RZ Jr. made it unbelievable imo! WHY didn’t RZ Jr. SHOW THESE threats for the public to see, God knows he was in our faces for the duration? It could have been easily done & that would have lended credibility to the 400 p/min claim.

        RZ Jr. said: ‘The death threats usually come on social media, some are emailed. There’s a lot of “you better watch your back, I know where u are, I’m going to get you”.

        RZ Jr’s email might have been public, BUT WHY would his parent’s have a public email for ALL to access? Why wouldn’t the threats JUST be made on their site asking for donations? They weren’t afraid to have a site OPEN to the public when ASKING for donations!

        RZ Jr. CHANGED the subject & RZ WANTED to talk about something else, the “psychological factor?” I believe the family received threats, but I DON’T believe the amount, an exaggeration that doesn’t sound credible or believable imo, well except for you IANTM.

        I truly BELIEVE employees @ Starbucks wanted to beat his RZ Jr’s butt but that isn’t a death threat! That’s BELIEVABLE!

    • George Zimmerman immediately went back into hiding after being acquitted of murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, his parents told Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview with ABC News, adding that they haven’t seen him since he left the courthouse.

      The Zimmermans said that because of “an enormous amount of death threats,” they, too, have remained in hiding and still don’t feel safe enough to return to their home in Orlando, Fla.

      Watch Barbara Walters’ exclusive interview on “Nightline” tonight at 12:35 a.m. ET

      Two days after a Florida jury found their 29-year-old son not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the death of Martin, 17, Zimmerman’s parents, Robert Zimmerman Sr. and Gladys Zimmerman, sat down for their first television interview. They opened up about how their son’s murder trial has affected their family and how he and they are struggling to cope with the aftermath.

      “Under the circumstances, we have not been able to talk to him,” Gladys Zimmerman told Walters. “To tell you the truth, we don’t trust anything, not even the phones.”

      “We have had an enormous amount of death threats. George’s legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats,” Robert Zimmerman said.”‘Everyone with Georgie’s DNA should be killed’ — just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine.”

      George Zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder for shooting Martin on Feb. 26, 2012 inside a gated community in Sanford, Fla. While he admitted to shooting the unarmed teenager, Zimmerman maintained that Martin attacked him and he acted in self defense.

      A jury made up of six women found Zimmerman not guilty of both second-degree murder and manslaughter charges Saturday after deliberating for more than 16 hours over two days.

      Five Moments That May Have Led to George Zimmerman’s Acquittal

      But the family’s celebration of George Zimmerman’s new freedom has been short-lived. His parents said that their son has no job and no health insurance. Gladys Zimmerman said her son has been living off small monthly stipends from his legal defense fund.

      “Even for us, we have not been living a normal life for the past months, it is hard,” she said. “We have lost everything, everything — the whole family, not only George. The whole family. We have lost everything.”

      When asked if her son could ever live a normal life again, Gladys Zimmerman said, “Only time will tell.”

      In the wake of Martin’s death, the case quickly developed racial overtones when Sanford law enforcement declined to arrest Zimmerman, who is a white Hispanic — his father is white and his mother is originally from Peru. Trayvon Martin is black.

      George Zimmerman was arrested nearly two months after the incident when the state appointed Angela Corey as a special prosecutor and she brought second-degree murder charges against him.

      Outrage and protests have reignited across the country since the not-guilty verdict was announced, something George Zimmerman’s mother said was “hurtful.”

      “This is America, and we went through all of this with the judicial system,” Gladys Zimmerman said. “They wanted an arrest for my son. They got an arrest. Now lets, you know, find a verdict … now they have a verdict. … He went through the whole process they were pushing for, and now they are not happy with the verdict, and I pray. I pray for them, for God to touch their heart.” http://abcnews.go.com/US/zimmermans-parents-hiding-enormous-amount-death-threats-abc/story?id=19670456

      • Not only did GZ go back into hiding, so did KC & she is STILL HIDING! Common sense has prevailed for both KC & GZ that when verdicts in their cases have a large majority of people that think you got away w/murder, the public will not forget it!

        85 % of the American public thinks KC got away w/murdering her child, a FAR LESS % of Americans believe GZ got away w/murder! WHY? Because a large % of Americans BELIEVE the Verdict was correct & understood the facts! A lot of people that supported GZ’s case, DIDN’T like GZ or his character! That still didn’t stop them from believing in GZ’s innocence.

        It is the stupidity of the less informed, especially younger adults & racist that believe the rhetoric spun by the BGI/Tracy/Sybrina. More educated, informed adults don’t believe them & have seen it repeatedly displayed by Sharpton/Jackson.

        Nothing will change for GZ/KC, they will live the remainder of their lives in seclusion if their smart.

      • Thank you for posting this. I remember seeing it right after they did the interview and I was so impressed with them. I was also very sympathetic about their situation. I donated to their site to help with their security.

    • Once during the speech and then in the q & a at the end, he says that the defense lawyers kept going to the Treehouse for answers. That’s from SDC. Cashill says he talked with treehouse, and Robert Jr and Sr – he never says he talked with the defense attorneys. I would think he would be more careful about presenting hearsay as fact.

      And the white hispanic thing again – he expresses the standard incredulity that someone can have a race and an ethnicity. Then literally one minute later he talks about the black hispanic from Puerto Rico who was on the jury as evidence it was a balanced jury. He acknowledges someone is a black hispanic but white hispanic is strange lol

      He talks about the extended 7-11 footage and purple drank and blunts – I think this is the first time that stuff got any attention.

  18. Re: Shellie wanting half of GZ settlement. I was googleing ? just playing around. In Florida, Property is divided according to equitable distribution principals not according to community property principals of law. Also, on the NBC lawsuit, it is GZ who is named, not GZ and SZ. In reading around I do not (imo) think SZ will get half of GZ $ if he were to win the suit. Also wouldn’t Shelly be liable for half of their bills? I am speaking of household liabilities. Shellie hasn’t paid those liabilities (Neither has GZ but was from the paypal/fund in his name). She may have a point that the whole TM/GZ mess caused her to have to drop out of school and may have some sort of recoup on that (lost wage or potiental?) But I really doubt she will just be eligible for half of any settlement just due to being married. Also, remember that the first paperwork that is filed in a Divorce doesn’t mean that the what will be the final. Most always you ask for MORE then there are back and forths.

    “There are nine community property states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Alaska is an opt-in community property state that gives both parties the option to make their property community property.”

    • mimi ~ I did extensive research for hours on this subject this subject & provided ALL the legal links at the time SZ filed for divorce, I guess you didn’t read them or weren’t interested at the time.. I understand Fla. “equitable distribution law,” I spent hours doing the research. SZ ASK for “equitable law” in her divorce papers for a reason! That’s WHY SZ’s attorney has ask for what he did in the divorce papers! “Exceptions” can be ask/made in “Fla.equitable distribution cases,” but SZ DID NOT ask for any exceptions! WHY? Because SZ/attorney feel the law is on their side. We are NOT attorney’s, but, SZ has one that does divorce cases day in/out.

      The GZ/SZ divorce case will be negotiated between SZ’s attorney & GZ’s if he ever gets one w/input from both clients. It’s give & take in most divorces, sometimes one gives more than they legally have to because it is the right thing to do, sometimes they don’t. The money left in the pay pal account will too be disclosed in GZ’s legal papers as well as every-
      thing else, just as SZ’s was as well.

        • I just noticed something that all this talk of assets such as the paypal account, but no one is mentioning the debts which are also equally distributed and would wipe out anything that has remained in the account.

          • That’s true, and what I was saying or rather trying to. Its not a cut and dry … Shellie gonna get 1/2 of some money that Might come from a civil suit. LOL there are debts I would be sure of. And like I was saying just because her attny asks for something in div papers, doesn’t mean anything other than its a starting place. And of course the DIV Attny gonna ask for everything poss to begin with lol. I disagree with the sunshine law on this. Its not my business in Arkansas what a couple has or owe in a div suit in Florida, yet I can look it up online. Seems like an invasion of privacy to me.

  19. Oh, if that mouse problem is really a problem with a real live 4-legged rodent, use just a little bit of peanut butter in the trap as glue.

    What needs gluing?

    The thing they come running for–Kellog’s All-Bran

    Forget cheese and all that, they want grain.

      • I baited the trap with peanut butter. Apparently this mouse only likes peanut butter when it’s not a part of a trap. I’m starting to think Douglas Adams had it right about mice.

        • LOL ~ I too have a problem w/attic mice r rats. They are 5 to 6 inches in length, I have been successful in putting cat food (always stinky) in some pellets of “rat killer” & they ate every last pellet. I then found one outside about 5″ long, thoroughly disgusting.

          The peanut butter & All Bran are tricks I wasn’t familiar with but will use this week. Thanks guys.

          • The only reason for the peanut butter is to be sticky so the All-Bran stays on/in the trap.

            I’m not going to arrange another mouse infestation so as to be able to continue my experiments, but honey or Karo syrup might work instead of peanut butter.

            The idea is they have to get up on the grain and apply a little leverage to pull it away. And that’s what trips the trap.

  20. Fingers Crossed Canaan Sandy made it to the Top Three ♥

    ★The Fan Hall of Fame
    Welcome to the Fan Hall of Fame, home of the greatest sports fans in history.
    Voting for the 2013 Induction Class is now closed.
    Come back on Monday, December 16, to find out this year’s three inductees.

  21. OFF TOPIC: I have always wanted to see FAIR JUSTICE, in my life time, but seeing GZ charged w/out evidence was an example of injustice, & this case, in which a KID driving recklessly killed 4 good Samaritans helping another motorist, 2 teenagers paralyzed for life, & countless others injured.

    BUT! The 16 Yr. old Driver got probation from this APPALLING defense & the sympathy of the Judge!

    “Affluenza” slammed as defense for wealthy Texas teen’s fatal DWI wreck!”

    Authorities said the teen and friends were seen on surveillance video stealing two cases of beer from a store. He had seven passengers in his Ford F-350, was speeding and had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit, according to trial testimony. His truck slammed into the four pedestrians, killing Brian Jennings, 43, Breanna Mitchell, 24, Shelby Boyles, 21, and her mother, Hollie Boyles, 52.

    The judge decided the programs available in the Texas juvenile justice system may not provide the intensive therapy the teen could receive at a $450,000-a-year rehabilitation center near Newport Beach, Calif., that the parents would pay for.


    As has been pointed out: If this spoiled brat had been a black youth born to a crack addict mother & committed this act, that kid would have been charged as an adult & NEVER seen the light of day again imho. OR, if this spoiled brat had been from a low income family that was white, or from any other group of people in our country that were not wealthy.

    It hurts to see the miscarriage of Justice, but yet it happens all the time.

    • Art-
      I agree that the boy should have been punished in a manner that reflected his actions. But the story is not being reported correctly. Affluenza as the media is calling it did not play into the decision as it is claimed.

      In fact it was barely mentioned during the hearing. First let’s recap what really happened:

      First the teen was in Juvenile Court and not in Criminal Court as he was charged as a juvenile

      He plead guilty to the charges

      It was during the 2 day Sentencing Hearing that one of the psychologist as part of a defense presentation mentioned for about 30 seconds his upbringing. This was a small part of his testimony.

      It was a compromise reached by the parties. The 20 year sentence that has been mentioned is deceptive as the teen would be released in less than 2 years and it would be to a juvenile detention center not prison.

      The current sentence will mean he will be under State supervision for 10 years and not 2.

      As we have learned with the Zimmerman trial not everything is as it appears, the prosecution chose to or were barred, from dealing with the teen as a adult, as such any sentence would be problematic. The media has picked up on the trial to promote an agenda of income inequality, without looking at the deeper issues of the Juvenile Justice system and the problems within it.

        • What is really ironic is that, anytime the criminal justice system is brought up it is to demand more leniency for young offenders, never requesting bigger or tougher sentences.

          • bori ~ I think your comment is SPOT on.

            But, in this case, it seems it is a lenient Judge by reputation. The family of the victim that was knocked out & DIED by the 14 yr. old have spoken out. They said “they demanded the sentence for the 14 yr. old,” the (same Judge) wanted to show leniency, they didn’t let up in their demand for jail time.

      • boricuafudd ~ the agreement wasn’t reached w/the families though of the victims killed & the paralyzed kids, as well as those w/injuries. That seems to be the outrage of all of the victim’s families. When you said “agreement reached,” who were you referring to if I misunderstood? In some cases, families are asked in cases if the sentence is acceptable, these families have gone on a National campaign to EXPOSE this Judge set to retire next year.

        I agree, you make a good point that there are so many injustices in the system, a deeper problem as you point out. Aren’t some kids that are 16 tried as adults? Remember Corey charging the 12 yr. old as an adult & for murder?

        The problem is, the Judge sentenced a black 14 yr. old to 10 yrs. in prison ONLY last year for “knocking someone out w/one punch, the victim hit his head on something & died.” (I listed the link if your interested) That kid had ONLY 1 victim & was younger, 2 yrs. younger.
        ‘Affluenza teen lived in his OWN mansion’: Drunk-driver let off for killing four in crash had ‘wild parties at home where he lived unsupervised’ given to him by millionaire father!

        The drunk driving teen who killed four people but was spared jail because he was too rich to know any better, regularly had wild, booze-fuelled parties in his OWN mansion, claims one of the troubled teenager’s friends.
        Judge who let off ‘spoiled’ rich teen who killed four in DUI PREVIOUSLY put boy aged fourteen in prison for TEN YEARS!


        bori ~ I don’t care how much money this rich kids parent’s have, the kid was drive a COMPANY truck from his dad’s business when he killed the 4 people. The victims will start lining up w/the Civil Suits & sue the snot out of the dad’s business, no doubt has deep pockets & if the damages of ALL the victims exceed the insurance claims of the business, the DADDY can PAY all the remaining monies from his deep pockets.

        2 Interesting articles on this case/Judge:

        ‘Affluenza teen lived in his OWN mansion’: Drunk-driver let off for killing four in crash had ‘wild parties at home where he lived unsupervised’ given to him by millionaire father

        • Art

          Once again, I do not the support the verdict it was lenient. I am just reminding you that the media is mis-leading.

          The judge had announced she was leaving office and retiring early in the summer. The other boy that was sentenced to Juvenile detention was out with friends playing the knockout game. He showed no regret and had done it before but this time someone died.

          The media has adapted a narrative and are looking for anything that supports that narrative but they are not providing the context. Like the GZ story they are plying an emotional and tragic event to sell papers and get views.

          • boricuafudd ~ I totally agree w/your opinion about the media & their agenda in some cases, I am shocked you see this as one of those cases. The OUTRAGE of the victim’s families has prompted them to go to the MEDIA for the injustice! The MEDIA is the vehicle USED by these FAMILIES to give them a much deserved VOICE to speak of the INJUSTICE! Outrage by American families across America that UNDERSTAND the pain these families are in & the lack of any real Justice for the stupidity of a rich kid, the American public NEEDS to know about cases such as this imo, that is NOT the fault of the MEDIA are you blaming it on the families for using the MEDIA as is their right! What if your wife/daughter or son had been mowed down by this idiot, or your wife left paralyzed the rest of her life w/you to take care of her? Your life would have been changed forever, that lack of empathy from you is surprising as the “bori I know.” Victims families have a voice & that isn’t going to stop NOR should!

            I too am shocked that you think 1 death + the knockout game + no remorse of a 14 yr. old kid, has any comparison to 4 deaths of Good Samaritans, 16 injured, 2 paralyzed for life by a 16 yr. old brat that had stolen beer earlier from Walmart & caused countless families devastation the rest of their lives is any comparison..

            I respect your opinion if you blame the MEDIA for being APPROACHED by families to report this outrageous case but you in essence are blaming the families! They got NO COMFORT or Justice in a Court of Law, I would have used the MEDIA as the VEHICLE I needed to INFORM America if my family had been victims of this 16 yr. old brat.

            • Art
              You are misunderstanding me completely. The verdict was outrageous, period.

              The media narrative about “affluenza” a made up term, first used by CNN has been used to promote rich against poor envy.

              The comparison with 14 year old’s sentence at face value looks bad but no context was given .

              There is in my mind a big difference between intentionally trying to injure someone resulting in death, and unintentionally killing someone. Are you suggesting that the teen wanted to kill the pedestrians?

              NO, the media has been covering this case from day one, not at the request of the family as you suggest.

              CNN just jumped on the story and added the “affluenza” hook to make it a national story.

              As I mentioned before, the part about the money was just part of larger testimony about how the parents both parents failed their teen. The defense wanted to remove the teen from their parents supervision.

              I am sorry that you feel that I don’t symphatize with the families, I do. I am just pointing out that media is diverting attention from the real issues with its concentration on class envy. Issues like divorce, parental abandonment, teen drinking, crime, punishment versus rehabilitation and the Juvenile Court system.

              One final note, I have thought my oldest son to do as I have always done and help motorists in need. When I hear about stories like these, I have wrestled with should I tell him to stop, due to the danger. I have so far refrained from doing so. We should never fear to do a good deed.

              We are both outraged at the verdict, but focusing on the wealth of the teen, does not help anyone. It just deflect from real issues and problems that affect a lot more kids than those just with money.

  22. Whew! Had a moment where this Mimi heart almost stopped tonight. My 2 yr old grandson, well he is worth a Nickle more that he ever was! Hopefully it wont cause any blockage! Thankful it wasn’t on my watch eek!

    • You said something earlier about Jayne and GZ both being media hogs. I see no evidence that GZ is that. He is trying to hide. He hasn’t done anything that I can see to purposefully get media attention. He’s had 3 stops by police. The first was just barely over the limit. That happens to everyone. The second sounds like it might have been changing from highway to in town speed. That’s happened to us before. Sometimes they change the speed a little earlier than necessary so that people are less likely to notice because they’re not actually in town, yet. That’s the first thing I thought when I read the speed he was going and the speed zone he was in. That might not be what happened but the numbers would fit. That shows no attempt to get attention. The 3rd stop was anything but trying to get attention. He was trying to hide by having a his windows tented and he tried to obscure his license number because the media had given it out the first time he was stopped for speeding.

      The incident with Shellie was an argument over dividing property and he wasn’t the one who made the call that got the media involved. Same with the second incident. Scheibe’s neighbors were surprised he was there because they never saw him come or go. He just hid.

      • Before I finish reading your comment… I MENT BOTH LAWYERS! SORRY! And only in the small bits I have heard or seen of them.

        • My defense of George was wasted then. I agree that both lawyers want media attention. I don’t think MOM wants to be seen as Georges lawyer beyond this point. He’d have nothing to gain now. If he took another case and lost, it would be remembered. He’s better off quitting while he’s ahead.

      • Thank You! I couldn’t remb the date lol So that’s Thursday. I bet Angela Corey has a lot on her plate lol this and the Dunn case (she said she is gonna pros it HERSELF) so maybe she has to ask Santa for tummy meds?!

  23. Danny to David/IANTM on the Dec 12th thread:

    I will say this before I part and take my research elsewhere. This blog since October soon after Shellie filed for divorce has gone down the tubes. I remember when Scott posted here and it was not eye opening at the time,for me,but is completely true.
    You DAVID are well known througout. Your mere association on a blog is bad for any ones reputation.
    I have done some research on some posters here.
    I see why some keep this association.
    Danny, you are again being disrespectful of Nettles and HER Blog. She is busy doing good things and I know she hates it, as well as anyone else reading here, hates seening all this baiting and downright hatefulness a lot of it you putting out. For you to say this blog has gone down the tubes since October, well IMHO you would be one reason for that as you have surly been spreading your worth of carp. Again why be somewhere if so miserable, unless your trying to make someone miserable. You keep saying your going else where, but still here. If you cant play nice and like an adult, either of you, Please take your toys and go play somewhere else til you can play nice. Its old. very old. JMO

    • I so agree, Mimi. I started participating here because I am very concerned that George and / or a member of his family. I did have had my fill of coming here and feeling like I need to defend George.

      Btw, sorry about misunderstanding you and thinking you were saying George and Jayne were both media hogs when you meant Jayne and MOM. I agree with you about that.

    • mimi ~ what an interesting find! I barely remember Dr. Sheppard’s case, I can remember seeing a few interviews w/his son in which he talked about the injustices his father lived through.

      Poor ole Richard Jewel, a heartbreaking case of injustice & rush to judgement! I remember seeing an interview w/Richard, & his mother before she died. It was just sad, they were holding up their Tupperware that had the soot esidue on them investigators/CSI use when checking for fingerprints & they wondered who was going to clean it up. I truly felt sorry for them, the MEDIA didn’t learn a thing as we’ve seen.

      mimi ~ this is an EXCELLENT link & for anyone else that likes to refresh their memories on old cases. It’s TRU – TV’s library.


      • Thanks! I was watch and I was thinking that after many years he was cleared and that’s what I was looking for. And I still get shivers over the Olympic Park Bombing. My oldest Dtr and her school had been to the very spot exactly 1 week prior to the bombing! From the beginning something about Richard Jewel being the bomber just didn’t set right with me for some reason. Now that was and still is a terrible story.

      • Its weird to go to the VINELINK and look and see if some of these old cases are still in prison and what they look like. Shivers …

  24. I would not want this ignorant person being a teacher to anyone! He is as ignorant as “THE PROFESSOR” race baiting self. Both!

    About the author: ** (he is promoting a lil book he wrote about his grandmother)

    Corey Bu-Shea is a writer, actor, singer, and college professor.

    Corey Bu-Shea has been writing and singing since age four and is on the soundtrack for the independent film, The Utopian Society, where he is featured on the title track, “That’s When I’ll Know”.

    Corey Bu-Shea is currently working on his second novel, a fictional work, entitled Brotherhood Betrayal, which is based upon a cop serial killer.

    When not writing or singing, Corey Bu-Shea adjuncts at multiple universities providing instruction for Composition and Literature courses.

    Corey Bu-Shea is an avid social media participant and can be reached at http://www.twitter.com/coreybking or http://www.facebook.com/corey.bushea

  25. After Zimmerman verdict, Dream Defenders gear up for more activism!

    “We’re not going to sell ourselves to do other people’s work,” he said. “We have way too diverse a membership for that to happen. We’re here to do the work that the Dream Defenders want to do.”

    Their electoral ambitions were hinted at when the House committee voted down a repeal of the 2005 stand-your-ground law, which became a centerpiece of Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford.

    But Dream Defenders say their policy goals are much broader than “stand your ground.”


    WHY the OS remains incompetent is ridiculous, SYG WASN’T a centerpiece of GZ’s acquittal. MIS-INFORMING their readers is shameful!

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