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Open Thread – December 18th

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  1. Nettles ~ The chit has hit the fan for Duck Dynasty, I know you are a big fan, they live in West Monroe, 60 miles from my home in Shreveport.

    Gay Rants NEVER go over well, even if you are millionaire. On top of the GAY Rant, I LMAO, the Patriarch had agreed to do a ::SIT DOWN” w/Barbara Walters as one of the 10 most interesting people f 2013., THEN, Papa decides he’d rather go DUCK Hunting w/his son & left BW looking like a fool imo.

    Hannity was taking up for the Patriarch today on his show.

    ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks


    • This was too funny. My friends son lives in Jonesboro AR. and this radio station was saying gonna have DD celebs ROFLMBO A bunch thought the REAL DD folks were coming. He was HOT. Made me laugh harder. Goofy boy!
      I think was radion personalities dressed as them. lol

      Guess who!? #Willie #Jase #Si #Duck Dynasty! #Celebs #Jonesboro Christmas Parade #Party Station #BabyRock JG #Merry Christmas!

      • Why isn’t Phil allowed his opinion? This is crazy. He wasn’t speaking on behalf of A&E. He was talking about his beliefs. I don’t agree with him, but he certainly is entitled to his beliefs.

        This is bullying him.

          • “What the left tried to do to Chic fil a was wrong.”

            People have known for decades about the Cathy family’s stance on homosexuality, that wasn’t the issue…

            The issue was that the family had donated money to a SPLC listed hate group and to several other groups on the SPLC’s watch list.

            I’m inclined to believe that the Cathy’s probably didn’t know that they were supporting extremist hate groups, but at the same time, unless and until they acknowledge that it was a mistake and that customers can be assured that their Chick Fil A purchases won’t continue to be used to fund hate groups… I’ll eat elsewhere.

            • I take much of what the SPLC says with several grains of salt. They are motivated to keep hate alive, as part of their business model – and they are a big business. The more ‘hate groups’, the more donations.

              • “The more ‘hate groups’, the more donations”

                There are only 1007 individual hate groups recognized by the SPLC throughout the US.

                The vast majority are chapters of the Klan, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads and various other white supremacist oriented groups (684), 113 are black separatist groups, and only a comparatively small handful of groups have earned the designation for being anti-gay (24).

                One of the major hurdles the SPLC faces is that many of the anti-gay groups on its list operate under the guise of being ‘Christian’ organizations (Westboro Baptist Church for example)… which has led to false claims by some that the SPLC has targeted them simply for their religious beliefs.

                But these groups don’t merely disapprove of homosexuality… they picket funerals, they advocate for criminalization, and at least one has advocated that homosexuality should be punishable by death.

                They’ve earned the designation… it wasn’t just applied willy nilly to drum up donations.

                • White supremacy is a term incorrectly used by the media and our government to describe any group of people who believe the races should live apart.. separatists. That does NOT mean they are all hate groups. I have know many of them during my life and worshiped at one time with a few.

                  “Birds of a feather tend to flock together.” There is more to that saying. I think God knew what HE was doing when HE created different races. IF HE HAD ONLY WANTED ONE RACE, then HE would not have created more than ONE race. Each race has its own distinctive traits because our Creator wanted it that way. God did not make any junk so we are ALL capable of striving to become “perfect” as Jesus commanded us to do.

                  Can anyone say objectively and honestly that blacks and whites live together harmoniously in America?

                  • Sometimes blacks and whites live together harmoniously. The neighborhood I live in at one time had more blacks than whites. I’m not sure what the ratio is right now. I worked at a school in the neighborhood where both the student and faculty population was mostly black. There was harmony. The kids who were into black power did not tend to be those in leadership roles. They tended to be kids who were unhappy and didn’t get along well with other kids or adults. They liked to blame race for their problems. They also seemed to get a false feeling of being leaders. Most of the other kids just ignored them.

            • Who gets to decide what an extremist hate group is? Define it for me, please.

              I hate broccoli as do lots of folks but I will still eat it if it is served to me at your home for dinner.

              I have real issues with racial definitions but what is really “wrong” with hate? Even God “hated” Esau.

              The Constitution and God gave me the right to discriminate, which to many, is a form of hate but I want to discriminate when I choose my friends or the woman with whom I will share my bed. I also want to discriminate in the food I eat and where I live.

              Hate crimes? How many murders are committed out of “love?”

              Do you hate hate?

          • A&E has no moral obligation to put that guy on their channel if they don’t want to.

            He’s free to voice his opinions, and others are free to have their own opinions about his opinions, and free to express their displeasure to A&E, who are free to make a business decision concerning any future relationship with this guy.

            • Phil didn’t look to share his opinion. the media does what the media does. they asked a controversial question. Phil answered with his honest belief. He had that belief before he was hired and if I was to guess, something similar would have been my guess.

              The family is signalling their show is over. I wish them well.

            • This will be a business decision. It is almost always about the money. How many people are now familiar with the show when they were not 2 weeks ago? I have never seen one single episode but I will now.

              Wonder if the question posed to him was planted to get a known reaction. Did he have any other options than to answer as honestly as he did? If it was a trap, I do not think he was trapped. Honest people do not usually think about traps.

        • Nettles ~ BUT THEN! World famous Racist weighs in. LMAO!

          Al Sharpton’s Organization Slams ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson’s ‘Narrow-Minded’ ‘Cretinous’ Comments On Race & Gay People: ‘He Is Not An Authority On The Black Experience’


          imo, it wouldn’t be a National Story if Sharpton didn’t join the beat down & spew his ignorance.

          Kidding aside, imo, Phil may be on hiatus, BUT, I think it’s possible the cable news outlet is just waiting to see how much of a back lash they get. Remember when, Dwayne, “DAWG” Chapman let loose w/a flurry of racial comments & was taped by his son who provided it to the media for profit? “DAWG” got the usual beat down from the MEDIA & race hustlers, but shortly after that, “DAWG” was back w/busty Beth chasing the real criminals. It seemed Dawg’s popularity was greater than the complaints to his network.

          Duck Dynasty is the most watched cable reality show EVER as has been reported, they make tons of money for the network, they are ALREADY millionaires, the loss of income is not a problem for this group! We’ll see how long UNTIL Papa returns.

          • an opinion which he choose to express in vulgar terms, really nice for the patriarch of family values, I sure would not want to be his granddaughter.

            he is just another show man looking for ratings and $$$

            • sorry but his quote is definitely NOT vulgar

              “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he tells reporter Drew Magary. “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”
              He also muses rather colorfully about his own sexual orientation: “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”


              • I agree he is should not be censored, but I also have an opinion, I think it vulgar way to speak in a public interview.

                As for the sin concept, Phil should clarify who thinks it a sin, that protestant America because Pope Frances is leading the Catholic church back to Vatican II values in inclusion, tolerance and love for all humanity.

                I think Phil was crude and rude.

                • From the magic jesus book that “inclusive ” pope francis is bound by Leviticus 20:13
                  New Living Translation (NLT)
                  13 “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.

                  • and if you try to play the old testament/ new testament old covenant/new covenant card….that does not help your case….

                    Matthew 5:17
                    New International Version (NIV)
                    The Fulfillment of the Law

                    17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

                    • He did fulfill the law when he died on the cross. Christians don’t have to be circumcised and we can eat pork and sea food. We also don’t have to sacrifice animals to be forgiven.

                    • There are many things in the bible that people choose to disregard. In this case, some people are choosing to hold on to gayness as being a sin.

                      I wonder if the choice of which parts of the bible to disregard, and which to keep going, may be related to self-interest…..?

                  • Vatican ll and Pope Frances do not interpret the bible as literal.

                    I am not interested in arguing, you vulgarity in the public sphere is entertaining I remember many of your previous comments and handles. I think it crude

                    I am not influenced or impressed by American popular culture, actually I am disgusted by it. Content has sunk to the lowest form of stimulation.

                    • Ah the ole welll it says this but really means this special pleading fallacy. If your evil immoral inhumane cosmic space wizard meant something diferent than what is said…he would have come right out and said said something different than what was said. All you are doing is making excuses for your immoral and inhumane imaginary friend.

                    • 1 Corinthians 6:9
                      English Standard Version (ESV)
                      9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous[a] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

                    • 1 Timothy 1:8-10
                      New International Version (NIV)
                      8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. 9 We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine

          • His detractors are doing the same thing he did.. Expressing an opinion but he was asked for his and the others were not. Big difference

        • I was at my parents this afternoon, and IIRC it was on the FOX channel, THE FIVE program. Anyway they showed Mr Robertson in. He was saying the same thing ( or about) that was in the GQ mag. Makes me think that’s why the mag asked questions to begin with. Now I see that the rest of family are contemplating whether to return or not. That’s what really gets me too, I was out there why didn’t A&E NOT KNOW?

    • I was at my brother’s house, and he had it on. Those men were going to go blow up a dam and all the beavers in it. I told my brother that he had to change the channel! Poor beavers. They work so hard. Then a guy with a beaver on his face wants to blow them up – oy!

  2. Oh look…Fred is projecting again!

    Frederick Leatherman says:
    December 18, 2013 at 10:32 pm
    I can’t speak for others. I think he’s a pathetic failure quickly turning himself into a caricature without dignity or self-respect.

    Unfortunately, he hurts people.

    Leave a Reply

      • I was unaware until yesterday that George was not aware of these types of blogs, especially Fred’s. There is over a years worth of actionable material and Jayne should really check it out. They could never sue as Fred has no money, but I think it is high time someone shut him up from within the Zimmerman camp.

        His actions the past couple of days went past harassment in into interfering with a business territory.

        Btw, Happy Birthday although belated. Hope it was a good one!

    • So……. one guy who purportedly has a doctorate chooses to make his income for food by rather forcibly begging for donations from blog members….. and the other guy with virtually no education and who is for all intents and purposes homebound, comes up with a creative (in that it’s art, and that he thought up something he can do from the safety of his own hideout) way to get some money…… but the second one is a caricature without dignity and self-respect…? The one with a doctorate pushes falsehoods, spreads hate, and is seen on a video ostensibly looking for food in a dumpster – but he is the pinnacle of success and integrity. I got it now.

        • winsome ~ I second that emotion, Lorac told it like it was, spot on.

          If Lorac’s comment was posted on his BLOG, would it immediately be deleted?

          GZ supporters want to know if his wife is leading a life of sobriety after her drug convictions & if any of those donations he begs for go to support his wife’s habit or pay off her rehab bill, after all, he feels “privy” to GZ’s personal life/struggles, what about his own/his wife’s struggle to stay sober if she is?

  3. The anti-GZ crowd is simply apoplectic that he’s selling that painting. How bizarre. They are so hung up on it not being an original work of art – which it certainly appears to be – that they’re contorting over some hopeful legal ramifications. Even wishing the DOJ to get involved. The DOJ!

    • Fabi ~ it never seizes to amaze me at the stupidity some show, the “DOJ?” LMAO! The FREE ride is over imo w/many politicians that helped their cause originally, Governor Scott has bailed, Holder is unable to charge GZ with anything OR he would have, imo, all he can continue to do is make GZ’s life miserable. Obama hasn’t learned anything when he stated: “TM could have been his son” is as ridiculous as his statement, “if you like your doctor, you can keep him, if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.” TM inhaled, did Obama?

      Why should this surprise me when I read a story this morning about Santa’s brawling & it had to be broken up by LE! What did the little kids think of not one but many Santa’s fighting if they were told “not to be naughty?”

      • Agreed. Even in the politically charged atmosphere of the current DOJ, they aren’t going to investigate the auction of a painting. Another comment said that whoever bought it would be audited by the IRS. It’s terminal stupidity…

  4. The Governor of Louisiana, home of Duck Dynasty & myself has spoken out as well as Sarah Palin speaking out on “free speech.” I agree w/our governor.

    I continue to wonder who will WIN the race to be the first to show up completely nude wearing only something sheer in National MEDIA: Miley Cyrus, Kim Kartrashian, or Rhiana?

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal also voiced support for his embattled constituents.

    “Phil Robertson and his family are great citizens of the State of Louisiana. The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with. I don’t agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV,” Jindal said in a statement. “In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive. But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment. It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”


    • I don’t agree with the beliefs of the hairy men (I don’t like facial hair, does it show? lol). But I think they have a right to their own beliefs. On Megyn Kelly the last 2 nights, she has been talking about how (paraphrasing) PC (political correctness, includng that forced by taunts of “racist!” or “homophobe!”) shuts speech down. Megyn was saying that if we don’t like what we’re hearing, we need to talk more, not less – ie, let everyone be able to speak, and let’s have a conversation about it. I thought that was very interesting, makes sense.


    # 5 Trials That Divided the Country

    The trial of George Zimmerman, a Florida man who was accused of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, captivated the country this summer. Demonstrations and protests in outrage over the 17-year-old’s death sprang up across the United States. In the end, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in July 2013.


    Jodi Arias was a HUGE high profile case, it lasted for months & bleeds into 2014, the penalty phase. I couldn’t follow it closely as I was following GZ’s. The case has cost the taxpayers 1.7 million dollars to date, the cost are ongoing as well as the pain for the vicim’s family.

    • I do not think the cost of her defense has not been updated in a while, mimi.

      What a difference in how Arizona treats indigent defendants and Florida. I like the Arizona model. If Florida had the same indigent laws, then George may have never even been tried.

  6. I wish the media would stop covering these high profile cases so heavily. The media is what makes them high profile cases. They interfere with justice.

    I didn’t follow the Jodi Arias case because I thought she was guilty. I followed the GZ case because I thought he was innocent and being railroaded by the media. In the very beginning when they were reporting that a racist stalked a child and gunned him down and then also played the call to the police, I thought it didn’t make sense for someone to call the police before committing murder. It would be like a bank robber arranging for police to show up at the bank they were planning to rob.

    • Sharon ~ I too thought Jodi was guilty, I saw 2 – 48 hrs. episodes, the evidence was over whelming, she was such a nut job, a camera caught a lot of the murder, it went through the washing machine BUT the film was recovered/processed much to Jodi’s surprise. You are right, the MEDIA does make some of the cases “high profile,” the MEDIA refuses to report actual facts when promoting the narrative we are so familiar with, it inflames the mental midgets.

      As far as GZ, it has to be an unimaginable spot that he remains in. Maybe 2014 will be a good year for GZ, hopefully the Grifters DECIDE NOT to pursue GZ in a Civil Suit, they have until Feb. 26, 2014 to make that decision. I am so happy to read GZ is painting, he is NOT lying down, feeling suicidal, or wasting his life, he is trying to create an outlet that I pray brings him income & hope for his future.

      I have always followed “true crime,” Ann Rule is my favorite as she was former LE. ,

      • Art, did you say that you tend to follow crime stories? I suppose there’s people who are interested in the GZ case, not as Trayvon or GZ supporters, but because they follow crime stories. I followed a trial many years ago about a Kennedy who stood trial for rape. I was interested in that because the defendant was a Kennedy.

        I followed this case because it seemed so obvious it was self defense even when listening to the very news networks that were trying to railroad him.

    • art tart: Make high profile cases pay per view and charge the networks to show them. Use that money to help pay for trial costs. Lots of possibilities there including helping to pay for indigent’s defenses. Bidding could make a helluva lot of money.

      • jordan2222 ~ what a clever suggestion but that might put HLN out of business, well, that might be a good thing!

        Always good to see you & read your comments. I have been reading about your difficulties w/WordPress, I have such little patience w/problems like that, they are simple things but prove difficult to resolve. Glad you persevered.

  7. TODAY is the DAY Ben Kruidbos /Corey SHOW UP in COURT! David had shared the information previously w/us, I’d NEVER forget a date Corey was to show up for humiliation. David too ask the question: “if someone is guilty of no wrong doing or is entitled to Proprietorial immunity, WHY does Corey NEED 3 Attorneys!” Excellent question!

    Wasn’t this to hear MOTIONS filed by Corey to DISMISS Ben K’s law suit against her?

    My prediction: may a delay, I PRAY not.

    • No updates to the docket so who knows

      13 — 10/10/2013
      14 — 10/16/2013
      NOTICE OF HEARING DECEMBER 18, 2013, AT 11:00AM RM 740


      Today (Wednesday), the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department gave George Zimmerman back his arsenal of guns that aligns him with America’s two most hated men; mass shooters Adam Lanza and James Holmes.

      Lanza massacred the 20 innocent children and 6 educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut a year ago. Holmes slaughtered 12 and injured 70 theater-goers in Aurora, Colorado 17 months ago.

      All three mens’ arsenals include a version of their shared top three deadliest guns (see graph below): the assault rifle, the shotgun and the concealed carrier’s trusted, Glock. Zimmerman’s two additional guns– officers recovered from his girlfriend’s house last month– put him one gun ahead of Holmes and make him even with Lanza (who had five killing machines, counting the .22 rifle he used at his home to kill his mother). Zimmerman still out powers Lanza with his Interstar version of the Walther PPK in his fifth holster.

      Read more below about Zimmerman allegedly having “cocked” his Kel Tec KSG pump action shotgun before, sheriff’s investigators maintain, he aimed it at his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

    • Interesting. Just because he owns some similar guns, she’s trying to say he’s like those who used them on children. It’s common to have gun collections in Texas. Most people I know have more than one gun. I don’t like them myself and have no interest in going to a shooting range, but its a common recreation in Texas.

    • Twitter bans are usually for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s not at all uncommon for Traybots to try and get either Zimmerman social media accounts suspended or their supporters accounts suspended.

        • When he tweeted happy birthday to me yesterday, I prepared for a barrage of hate in my newsfeed. Only one came though. Someone trying to bring it to Princess’ attention.

          With the exception of some true and diehard haters, most people have largely moved on.

          Hopefully soon the conversations on twitter with him won’t involve how others hate him but rather how he can heal and move forward. He’s got a strong character, that is coming through.

  8. I think he’s making a big mistake going back with her. There’s not anything any of us can do about bad decisions he makes. He could get himself killed or imprisoned by trusting the wrong people. Those are mistakes that are his to make. I’m going to have to just brace myself for reading about it.

  9. Leatherhead Fred gets the facts wrong again

    Thomas Wafer ordered to stand trial for killing Renisha McBride
    Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Good evening:

    MSNBC is reporting today that a Michigan judge ordered Theodore Wafer, 54, to stand trial for murder in the second degree and manslaughter for shooting Renisha McBride, 19, to death in the face with a shotgun on November 2nd.

    He is white and she was black.

  10. Happy Birthday Nettles,

    It’s DrControversy, the guy who has made some of those videos, I’ve linked them here before. I was wondering if you might follow me back on Twitter? I use it very minimally, and am not all that savvy with it, but I’m starting to use it a bit more. I was going to direct message you on there but it didn’t give the option.

    Also, I’ve noticed people within our sphere recommending to GZ to follow other people, if anyone feels generous enough to recommend me to him at some point, that’d be appreciated. Not a huge deal either way though, as I said I’m not a real twitter fanatic.

    Either way, happy birthday and keep up the great site 🙂

      • I don’t think you have to worry too much about me, it seems that things like twitter and facebook just naturally clash with my nature. I’m a very private person and I just seem to have some sort of inherent dislike for the whole concept of social media. It took a lot of sort of forcing myself to ever even register at either site. I consider deleting facebook very frequently, but since I almost never visit it I guess it doesn’t matter. I don’t intend to get real serious with twitter. Still, on those rare occasions I make a new vid it’s another avenue to get exposure for it I guess.

  11. Has everyone seen this video from CNN of an “art critic” bashing GZ and his painting? Setting aside the actual artistic value of GZ’s piece, which I don’t particularly have any opinion on, this guy is evidencing an absolutely remarkable (but unfortunately all too common) lack of understanding of the facts of the GZ/TM case.

    He says GZ “got away with a crime” and then he says “to me it’s almost a confession because you see here liberty and justice for all? well that didn’t happen” – it’s very tired, ignorant Traybot nonsense of course but it is amusing to see how he presents it… it is worth a watch for the groans and laughs:


  12. I just checked George’s painting on ebay and there’s been a few more retractions and a lot of cancellations. I’m glad to see that George did take some steps to protect himself. A few of the people whose bids were cancelled were not even registered users.

  13. One thing about Samantha is that she will probably push him to come out of hiding. Either he will get back into life and maybe even get employed or he’ll be killed. My guess is he’ll be killed, but choices are not mine to make. I’m just an observer pondering.

  14. George Zimmerman’s eBay painting: Bidding frezny stops today.

    George Zimmerman will earn a new title today — professional artist — when eBay bidding ends on his oil painting.


    There wasn’t an article associated with this statement, it was just a “quick look” at OS, I guess just a reminder the bidding is coming to an end. I assume when GZ sells his work, he will be considered a “professional artist.”

    Too C O O L !










    THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND MAY GOD BE WITH ALL http://www.ebay.com/itm/George-Zimmerman-INSPIRED-painting-art-from-a-juror-justice-for-SOME-/111241807929?pt=Art_Paintings&hash=item19e6874839

    • The One ~ ONLY in America can a citizen perform their civic duty to serve on a Jury, SADLY, we see over/over Jurors that think their personal beliefs or feelings are of any importance to the public. It is their legal right to speak about their experience as juror, but the DRAMA some of these jurors have brought forth to the MEDIA disgust me BUT they are hell bent on seeking their 15 minutes of fame as well as bilk any interview or opportunity for $$$$$. A few OJ jurors wrote books which were panned by critics as did a juror from Scott Peterson’s & the Menandez trial, etc. Remember when the juror was going to write a book about GZ’s verdict & the jury she shut that down quickly? None of those that tried to cash in for serving on juries have made much money in high profile cases. There were 12 jurors in KC’s case because it was a “death penalty case,” the “Pinella’s Pinheads” as they were called on the BLOGS, a couple spoke out but the Verdict so outraged America the jurors suffered a horrific backlashes, some even got death threats, lost their jobs, or moved seeking privacy.

      I just can’t wrap my brain around the mentality of those that see serving on a jury as a spring board to promote their OWN agenda, that being one of making $$$$$. I remain further OUT RAGED at the MEDIA which will report anything apparentl, give a voice to these grifters & call it reporting. Through R A N T I N G !

    • Did you report him to twitter for not obscuring the license plate in the photo? Danny, IMO, just as SDC’s hate for MOM felt personal, this desire of yours for GZ to crash and burn feels personal, it feels like red-hot coal burning up inside of you…..?

      • I don’t even have a twitter account. And only a person whos’s personal info is posted can make such a report. Your opinion all your own about my “feelings” is wrong. You could not possibly know how I feel. You do not know me. I despise manipulative people. If my dislike of CTH is any indication, which for you it is not, you would know that. He will crash and burn on his own. He does not need my help, that is for sure. I just want other supporters to be careful about WHAT they are supporting. That is all.

  16. A&E Grapples With Death Threats And Clan Ultimatum On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Suspension!

    A&E Network has had to beef up security at its New York headquarters after receiving death threats and suspicious packages from people enraged about the network’s decision to suspend Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

    No formal meetings are schedule today between A&E and the Robertson clan, who yesterday issued a statement saying they “cannot imagine” doing the show without Phil — which, loosely translated, means “No Phil – no show.”


  17. If I may, a suggestion. It might be best to inform Nettles of your concerns/recommendations in an email. Posting it publicly on the blog is likely to just create a lot of drama. It would also allow her a chance to diplomatically address any concerns and not have people feeling they are under attack. Just a thought.

    • I think you are replying to my comment. You might be right, and yet I felt a serious need to distancing myself publicly from his contribution.

      • I was responding to your comment. It didn’t post under yours for some reason. Maybe I screwed something up when replying. Anyways, I can understand your perspective.

  18. Interesting mini version of the duck dynasty controversy…… hey lets ban, silence or marginalize the guy who’s views are different or confrontational to our own views. The intolerance usually flows strongest from those espousing the so called message of tolerance.

    • It is not a matter of “silencing or marginalizing the guy who’s views are different or confrontational to our own views.” That is a classical straw man argument.

      It is a matter of simple civility in conducting reasoned debate on important issues.

      The problem arises when a commenter abuses the freedom by befouling the debate with views encrusted in crude, vulgar and contemptuous language.

      The vulgarities have absolutely nothing to do with the validity, or lack of thereof, of the underlying arguments.

      Why should blog participants allow someone to subject them to insults in the name of “free speech”.

      If you want to insult people, you can always start your own blog.

      Nettle’s has been patient beyond belief, and has taken a lot of unwarranted abuse for it.

    • Wouldn’t you agree that just merely supporting George Zimmerman or not participating in the sainting of Trayvon Martin are more than sufficient to them to write us all off as horrible racist gun nuts and right wing loonies?

      I don’t think there’s any saving face with them and I don’t think there’s any reason to try. I can’t imagine why we’d value their opinion in any way.

      They stalk this forum specifically looking for moments like that where they can pounce and have their “gotcha” moment.

      • I’m not interested in their views. I am interested in not intentionally getting them mad for the sake of getting them mad. It has real and tangible consequences for me.

        A picture of Trayvon’s dead body and GZ smiling over it is nothing I want to be a part of.

        I became aware that some who antagonize the other side are not doing it to support the self defense side, some are here just to antagonize.

        Well that has had very real consequences for me. David is a smart guy and could be so helpful, but each time he posts crap like this its a major withdrawal to any gains.

        He’s been barred from posting on all the sites on GZ’s side. What’s that tell you?

        Some things are just too over the top for me and I don’t want to be associated with it.

        Trayvon was 17 years old and he was largely abandoned by his parents. While on his 3rd suspension he was sent alone to stay in a strange city with no parental supervision. Trayvon made mistakes and it cost him his life. Trayvon didn’t lie to the public. Trayvon didn’t try to smear good cops. Trayvon didn’t label a stranger a racist. So we can stop degrading him. The boy is dead.

        George had every right to take that gun and shoot him. It hurts George when his supporters are viewed are racist, vile, hateful or spiteful.

        David has told me many times, he isn’t here to further any agenda. He posts what he wants, when he wants. In doing so here, he shows no respect for my views or the very real consequences I have been subjected to when others think all GZ supporters are just like David and treat me accordingly.

        I resent it and find I’m resenting it more and more every day.

        I put Danny on moderation because he was purposely misstating mine and others positions. Along comes David and shows how unfair it was to put Danny on moderation and let David post his crap.

        • I hear you, and thank you for articulating your position well.

          I have come to have a friendship with David and felt I had to stand up for him, I also have a very deep streak in me to feel uncomfortable when people aren’t able to express their views. I used to be a moderator for a fairly high profile message board about 10 years ago, and I basically refused to ban anyone ever for anything other than deliberate spam flooding or impersonating another member.

          I cannot deny, though, that I have often found myself cautioning David about being too inflammatory and antagonistic, because we live in an era where a lot of people try to ruin other peoples’ lives based on things they say, even if in jest or the heat of argument, online. There is an awful lot of overlap between those types and GZ haters. So yes, I have encouraged more restraint to him many times myself.

          • I’ve witnessed first-hand the abuse David has suffered at the hands of the State supporters. They posted some intensely personal information about him and were clearly over the line.

            I lost track of who started what and what some things were in retaliation for but I found myself smeared for simply talking with David online. My work was contacted several times. A charity I volunteer at was contacted and told a racist named Annette Kelly was serving food there. I received one clear threat and contacted authorities. It got dealt with swiftly and effectively.

            I’ve tried to tell David how he was hurting the overall cause and he didn’t care. He just wants to be able to express himself. Whether we like it or not, if he declares himself a GZ supporter, his online actions are associated with others who support GZ.

            I know David is a good person. It’s why I keep trying to get him to understand. So far, no luck.

            • I’m really sorry to hear about what happened to you 😦 I absolutely detest this internet gestapo mentality which is becoming so widespread anymore…

              The twitter mafia and the facebook lynch mobs… the witch hunts and the way anyone who steps out of line with the politically correct orthodoxy must apologize and even if they do that, they’re probably still going to lose their livelihood. It’s absolutely disgusting.

              • I can honestly say I have treated the other side with respect. So the abuse I’ve got is glaring evidence of what side is truly hate-filled and abusive.

                David’s reaction waters that down somewhat and I get frustrated.

                • Yea I cannot count the number of times I’ve tried to rationally, calmly, and politely encourage someone to rethink certain aspects of the case (or other issues unrelated to TM/GZ), or just generally reconsider their position, offered evidence, and then just gotten shouted down as a racist and/or banned from some forum.

        • In David’s defense…not that there is much of a defense left….but I have been telling you for quite some time about the few questionable ones who you have kept an association with. One must be privy. I found that out myself.
          As far as I go…..I have never associated with any type of Trayvon supporter after GZs case began. My association was prior to any type of labeling. I have however looked on ocassion @ leatherheads blog but that more was because all supporters were being associated as nutters. And I was clearly not a nutter. So when I, Danny, one who has done much on my own gets labeled into a group who you do know people associate with the opposing side just to antagonize (as was recently found evidence of ) I am going to have issue. Because as I have stated many times what I have said about GZ is NOT for opposing view, and has nothing to do with his guilt or innocence in the case but proof of his behaviors in other areas so supporters can be cautious about HOW they support him and be clear in WHAT they support…. was not for me nor the opposer but FOR the supporter.
          As for guilt by association, I feel there were many you associate with that gave clear signs beyond this blog for the past almost two years that have now put you in this position. I was very clear with Cassandra why she would not bring that to my blog and she harassed me the whole time I posted here. As for the duck dynasty thing she is so lucky I have not let people see the double speaking politician she is in Berkely!
          Some “supporters” will not like you, but you have to let it be known what will be tolerated.
          I have met some very good supporters and some very bad ones. And when they are bad they always want to say they are just fighting for the right of self defense when they do not even have a gun. To to feel so emotional about someones opinion leads me to believe there is more to a supporters story especially when they are unable, and unwilling to 1. See someone did die 2. That GZ since his aquittal has done more harm then good for the cause. HE is speaking. Not asking for mercy, or forgiveness, or even strength. He is being prideful. This is becoming more apparent the more reckless he becomes. And his twitter especially shows he is an arrogant man. Now IF an opposer on either side wants to challenge me 1. whether it was self defense w/ TM….evidence shows it was or 2. That he is a man with no sinful desires like pride and arrogance well I can provide evidence for that too.
          We all have personal convictions and we all represent ourselves. I feel the us vs. them mentality gotta He is speaking and what he is not saying says it all. GZ seems to be doing just fine. And Nettles, if you feel guilt with such associations this man has had 72 + hrs. to check who he is associating with. You are just a blogger with nothing to lose besides your good name. Actually I am pissed because we all have been lead to believe ALL of these families have been affected far beyond what they really were.
          Not once did I hear any of Georges side say publicly on their own accord “We are so sorry. George had no choice. This breaks our heart.” His father wrote a book. His family hooked up with CTH. His brother the media. His Mom in letters. Now GZ on twitter. It always has been “The media this, BGI that, our family this, George is that.” You get no sympathy if you show no remorse for a something you had no choice to make. I said my peace.

          • I don’t read DW, but as I scrolled down this line jumped out and I am correctly DW again.

            Danny writes “the double speaking politician she is in Berkely”

            1. Berkeley has three e’s
            2. politician? definitely wrong

              • watchwomen??? never was a watchwomen, I chaired the large racially and economically diverse neighborhood group.

                I also never brought BGI stuff to your blog.

                I realize there is no reasoning with you, just look how you act, threatening to “expose” me as some double speaking politician after you do some cursory internet search and learn about my community work, silliness.

                Are you at all a serious person? I think not.

                • I wish this blog had a search feature like mine. You claimed just 2weeks ago you were a watchwomen. During the Bart debate. So you never tried to run for city council? So you never submitted your views to run for that council?

                  • I already told you my title.
                    second a person does not try to run for city council I did run for city council, and we accomplished our goals quite nicely. We never wanted to win, I ran to set the agenda and we made significant progress in reducing gun violence in our area.

                    You do not make any sense to me Danny, I think you are a jerk to be frank.

                  • Well Laura to be fair. I think you should let others be the judge of your accomplishments. Because you were in the news after you “not running and winning” talking about gang bangers. So which is it? You accomplished your goal when you evicted certain people or you did not accomplish your goal when you evicted them?

                    • I was in the news for over a decade after running for city council.

                      CA State law provides for neighborhood safety through the public nuisance abatement process for drug houses.

                    • Yadayada Really. Are you NOT running again? You wanted to remove two black seat holders thinking that was the problem. You are connected to the gay movemnet and yippity yap so they give you time so they dont get sued. Just sum it up. Give em your name.

          • Not once did I hear any of Georges side say publicly on their own accord “We are so sorry. George had no choice. This breaks our heart.”

            Again DW shows selective reading and listening.

              • Maybe IF you did not scroll through my comments you would have seen long ago I could have posted your PUBLIC comments online along with your photos from the newspapers of course Ms. Wannabe Politician. Hint do not use your political email when you post to a blog pretending to be someone you are not.

                  • Are you really testing my sanity? I can post your interviews. I do not think nettles is gonna like what you wanted to do to poor homeless people. I know about all of you. Don’t push me.

                • Danny,

                  post whatever you like, Nettles will remove it because it has nothing to do with this blog.

                  You are clueless about politics and issues in Berkeley, and if you found the Berkeley Daily Planet articles where I discussed the importance of effective homeless programming aligned with the city staff efforts towards accountability for outcomes sure post it.

                  you are definitely a fool.

                  • waste your time all you want, I am done arguing with you. the content you find on me is public record, big deal, nice job bullying me, hope it makes you feel like a big man.

                  • Cassandra/XXXXXX,
                    I just think you should be honest with the people you intend to represent. That was the topic. You have been very vocal on a few subjects here and you never have anything positive to say. You come out and bash blacks, those critical of police, and free speech 100% of the time. Many people have backed you without knowing your motives. I knew because I knew the first week I opened my blog. I did not doxx you. I could though. But they deserve to know you are very biased before they agree or disagree. People have put time and money into this cause and you have an agenda and are using this blog.

          • I certaintly hope so. I hope if they intend on conveying they are a God Fearing, loving, afflicted family they will step in and not jump off the bridge just because the other side has. If they by any chance are aware of the racebaiting on behalf of their son, now is the time if any to make clear if they are intolerant of anything, racebaiting on their behalf is not tolerated. I am looking at my watch though and the 15 mins. is almost up!

            • DW, I truly hope your not stupid enough to believe the picture of the lady you posted is me. My My, you don’t have very good research skills. Not as good as you think. But I will notify that lady, bet she wont be appreciative of your bullying and falsely putting her out there. Screen shot and forwarded to lady in NW Arkansas.

                • No your just that stupid. I know your pizzed and put my response to you, out of context as always, and apparently tried to figure out who I am. So all I had to do STUPID DW is look at source of your pix. I have NEVER EVER Been on Myspace. Nor have I been on ANY Social Media under my real name. SO your an idiot, and ummm Doxing? And yes I have sent this lady screen shots. Your a person with issues. And what’s funny, Nettles can VERIFY its not me. And I don’t have anything to be guilty of.

                  • Mimi,

                    he is doxing me as well, and is threatening me.
                    I think I just learned about how problematic it is to participate in a blog where some people have no boundaries or balance.

                    • Well this time, DW gonna learn a lesson. Its not me and he posted portions of my comment back to him. Then posted a lady picture under the comment and said STFU. Now that’s sick and desperate. And all the crap he has posted here is suppose to be believed. Well that right there tells me his investigative skills are pure BS. But know what, I am sending to the Sheriffs office, because of the crap that has happened to Nettles and others, this lady prob doesn’t have a clue. Its like the crap that was tweeted about the wrong couple in GZ. Nope it isn’t funny especially when that lady is innocent.

                    • Well mimi, I deal with the PA. State police. Obama mentioned us …..we cling to our religion and guns. Your not your face is not a priority. But be my guest. I will open my door then my lap top. They will laugh and leave. And I will then see your name through the criminal complaint. So is it worth the “not your face” ? Not really.

                    • This is all alarming to read, all this real or fake doxing anyway the attempt to dox. It is classless and in the gutter. This has never been the character of this blog.

                  • Mimi, Please let us know how you taught me a lesson. With the not your face but you are calling the Sheriff because it is not your face.
                    But you are helping everyone here by calling sheriffs because that is not your face and I need to learm lesson that it is not your face. We did not get to even who you worked for. But I guess I should be scared because it involves a union? Hummmm.

                    • No I am helping an innocent person, because some ignorant person is doxing her. I guess we are beginning to see why your own family doesn’t want to associate with you. Your owin words. You have issues. And you dumb one, wouldn’t be seeing my name on anything, its up the the lady you wrongly doxed whether she wished to press charges, not mine.

                    • “I guess we are beginning to see why your own family doesn’t want to associate with you.”
                      I and others do not talk to two people in a very large family. My Grandfather and my one Aunt. I never spoke to my one cousin. I was older. My Mother was the only person who spoke to them. They were not talking when she was dying. I called everyone. They took advantage of her condition. When my Mom was sick on her death bed they had her change her will. My brother and I have not been able to contest it. They yet probated it. I have all her belongings. That they would do that to our mother and us, our children for $20,000 and not let us see her or lay her to rest. No. Nobody speaks to my Aunt this is an Italian Catholic Family. We have rites and ways to rest. Or who disowned her own son and grandchildren because he stuck up for his stepfather when his sister wiped him out of $110,000. Which is the same Aunt who used my Mom with my Grandfather to pay the debt to keep both out of jail. So issues no. My Mom is dead. They cant use me no more. I talk to everyone expect those two. My family is about honor. Its two people we cut loose. They are not family and nobody talks to them. My aunt is a death bed sitter.
                      I have a brother, nieces, nephews, cousins and inlaws. So two out of what….. I have no issues. Rickmadigan. Your point?

    • It’s selfish for posters to put you in this situation by posting inappropriate, inflammatory material. But the problem is on the other end as well, because it occurs to me that the vindictive people on the other sites wanting to hurt you somehow, are falling into that same pattern as we see with Duck Dynasty. Instead of just expressing their opposing viewpoint to what they may see on your blog, they want to shut you down, want to contact your job and punish you, etc. Instead of tolerance or open communication, they resort to punitive measures meant to control your behavior – very much the opposite of tolerance.

  19. Sending wishes for a Great Christmas Party and safety for all the participates coming and going this weekend. For Nettles and all others enjoying this Wonderful time of the Season!

  20. Danny reminded us why he was put on moderation. If anyone would like to continue to converse with Danny go to his blog. He won’t be posting publicly here again.

    We’ll be extra cautious of any newcomers.

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