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Today’s My Birthday!

happy-birthday-670186My wish for this year is that each reader and commenter here has their very best year in 2014. May you all have great health, much love and loads of happiness. Thanks so much for being a part of my life, even for a short time.

A week today is Christmas and two weeks today is a New Year.  Let the fun begin!  Hump day is going to be awesome!!


49 thoughts on “Today’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy 50th Birthday!!

    Annette, you are such a unique person, we are blessed to have the experience of knowing you, even just your internet persona.

    thanks, you are a breathe of fresh air, direct, honest, bright and very kind!

  2. A Happy Birthday Prayer – May your present be good health, today, the birthday day, and every day going forward. Hear, me Lord. Amen.

  3. Back in the day when a business letter would have referred to this as the 18th inst. (instance), it also used to be a great deal more common for the anniversaries of births to bring forth from well-wishers “May you have many happy returns of the day”.

    Mostly this is the day coming back again when the planet goes around the sun one more time and winds up in the same astrological position, in other words, may you have many more happy anniversaries of your birth.

    But an additional or alternate meaning has attached itself to the phrase that leans more toward the financial returns sense of the word, meaning may this particular day bring you many good things or outcomes (not necessarily financial–if you have a special moment with someone close to you or see a fabulous sunset you don’t have to gain monetarily to feel that something good has happened to you).

    May your many happy returns be lots of good things today, and many happy repetitions of that on this date (and all the others) every year for many years to come.

  4. Nettlepedia ~

    They say it’s your birthday! We’re gonna have a good time! (George, Paul, John, Ringo)

    Thanks for all the joy you share w/others! I would like a big corner piece of cake w/extra icing)

  5. Nettles ~ I was reading about GZ painting his picture last night & was SHOCKED to read that GZ said: ” I painted it w/latex house paints because that’s all we had!” I’m blown away! It’s extremely difficult to paint w/house paints as they don’t blend as easily as watercolors, acrylics, or oil paints. I believe it was TMZ that had a “close up” of the painting, GZ did an excellent job, I am truly impressed.

    It really sucks to read “GZ could use art lessons.” Well they KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about art, GZ did what I like to do, take a subject, paint it in my OWN colors, my OWN personality, expressing myself just as GZ did, I loved his self expression, for those that don’t get it, it will remain their loss. I had a Professor that once said: “Your assignment is to paint nothing but a sky, the sky CAN’T be blue or in gray shades.” The object of “formal art classes” is to teach students to THINK OUTSIDE the BOX, to do the unexpected, to push the limits of color! GZ is ahead of the game by doing just that, I enjoyed the colors in his painting of the flag. It’s not an easy undertaking to paint your first canvas, GZ did so w/confidence.

    GZ has taken “lemons & made lemonade,” no matter what happened or was discussed about the “copy right,” whether it was or wasn’t. GZ learned important information pertaining to copyrighted art, ALL artist learn this but usually in a formal class which GZ hasn’t had in his defense & shouldn’t be criticized, he is just finding his way & exploring the art world.. I see this developing into a real passion for GZ & enjoyed the GREAT picture of GZ smiling when holding his work of art.

    This is an expensive passion/hobby, I’d send a donation if GZ had a donation spot designated for art supplies, EVEN if Taaffe sponsored it. I think those that have hobbies of any sort understand the value of calmness it brings when concentrating on their hobby.

  6. Annette-
    Feliz, feliz en tu día,
    Amiguita qué Dios te bendiga,
    Qué reine la paz en tu día,
    Y qué cumplas muchos más.

    Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!!

  7. I don’t want this day to end. The surprises have been awesome and the well-wishes overwhelming. Thank you all. Look what my sister and her husband and kids delivered to my office just now.


    They smell heavenly!


  8. Happy Birthday Nettles. It was my son’s birthday yesterday.
    What i share in common with you is a special date. It was our 37th wedding anniversary on the 18th 🙂
    I have been light posting because I have been very busy with appointments and parties. On top of that my father in law’s health is deteriorating rapidly. A few months ago when we saw him we did not think that he would make it until Christmas. A few weeks ago he was placed in respite care. Since then he has become a high care patient and cannot walk by himself. He has lost all muscle strength in his legs. I doubt he will make it into the new year.
    As a result of this situation we have been travelling to and from to where my FIL is staying which is roughly an hour away by car and a high speed road. The parties and gatherings are due to Christmas. All is well with the medical appointments.

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