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Open Thread – December 21st

Open Discussion
I’m tied up all weekend with our company Christmas Party today (21st) and processing payroll tomorrow (22nd). Normally pay day is Thursdays but in Canada, this coming Thursday is a holiday (Boxing Day) and the day before is Christmas so the last banking day is Tuesday. So to pay all 105 employees on time, I’ve got to work tomorrow.

Danny has been banned from the page. Attacking the other posters and doxing (which he got it totally wrong) won’t be given a platform here. Danny whatever your issue is I hope you find a way to get the hate out of your heart and you return to helping people, not hurting them. Merry Christmas to you and may 2014 be one of your best years ever.

Anyone wanting to continue a conversation with Danny, go to his blog at dannywarrior.wordpress.com Be forewarned, Danny has publicly shared private emails and the knowledge he gets about those who comment at his blog. Post there or email him at your own risk.


164 thoughts on “Open Thread – December 21st

    • Nope. I still hold out hope for David. He’s contributed a lot. We all make mistakes. I’m hoping that was what yesterday’s posting was. David has emailed me on some good ideas for future blog posts.

      • Nettles ~ I had a little tiff w/David, he responded in kind & I’ve had several really interesting discussions w/him since. David is younger than most of us, if David is in his late 20’s r 30, I have kids his age. I remember that when putting a comment David makes into context if I find his comment questionable or if I disagree, being younger he has a different perspective at times, so do my adult kids!

        Though I understand David’s passion, I just wish he’d use ONLY one NAME!

        • I agree on ONE name, lol but just first few words or sentences, you can usually realize its David. Sometimes he gets so much entergy going or passion? lol cant find the right word, but I have seen some nice comments and some responses to me in jest. I am sure at this point he has rubbed MANY wrong way, and contributed a lot. Maybe we can take a virtual collection for virtual chill pills for this young pup 🙂 I just hate the vile and disrespectful stuff and way overboard stuff. Especially when its not your Blog to be clogging up. Be nice Mr. David 🙂 and Santa will bring you lots of love and goodwill to carryout and start the new year 🙂

        • just wish he’d use ONLY one NAME!

          And my hope is that it isn’t the juvenile name extolling the virtues of his 5th appendage….. that name never sat well with me, yeah just seemed like something a 13 year old would be into

        • David has a huge target painted on his back because he, god love him, is unafraid to get dirty himself agree with him or no.Because of this he is constantly stalked, harassed and threatened. I understand why he routinely changes his screen name. I say it on my blog all the time, I do not agree with everything my fellow posters say, nor would I ever stop letting them say it, because we have the freedom of speech. But you can never deny his passion for the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may make some of us.

      • I agree. I would hate to see David banned. He’s contributed much and does a good job defending GZ. That photo he doctored was horrible. It made me sad to see it. I don’t think anyone should be banned for one mistake any more than I think the man from Duck Dynasty should lose his job for stating his opinion when asked.

        Merry Christmas and warm wishes to all.

  1. Nettles ~ it appears you have your hands full in your personal life, I don’t know how you do it! There is no need for you to expend your energies on putting out fires here on the BLOG which I know is time consuming, time you are short on. It’s APPALLING to read you are being ATTACKED by TM’s supporters for a picture posted on this BLOG that you had no part of. I’d have been hot freaking mad if a TM supporter posted a picture of a dead GZ w/TM standing beside his body. I didn’t bother looking at the picture as I read the comments on how offensive it was.

    I’ve never seen a BLOG that didn’t BAN participants for bullying, offensive language, posting inaccurate information, etc. Friends that share deserve better, but most importantly, BLOG Owner’s deserve better, they don’t have to put up w/anyone’s crap, they own the blog. BLOG owners provide a place for intelligent conversation as a courtesy to those that want to participate most appreciate it, BO’s owe no one that participates repeated “warnings” that fall on deaf ears, NO BO has to be disrespected “in her own living room” by anyone, anytime.

    Thanks for all you do, M E R R Y XMAS!

      • thanks Nettles, that was unpleasant. I followed you and others to DW blog during the Diwataman defense of SD which prompted you to create this blog. I quickly learned about DW unevenness and left. Registering at his blog subjected me to abuse. He misrepresented everything he read about my community work proving he distorts information for his own purposes.

        sorry for responding to him, I wasn’t sure what to do, seems ignoring doesn’t work either, he seemed intent on disruption.

        have a great party.

        • Cassandra,
          He is/was intent on disruption, that was evident. He has a lot of anger within, at least that’s what I get in just reading his comments. I honestly feel he was pushing Nettles to moderate/ban just because she had said she wouldn’t do that. That is taking advantage of her. Just to go somewhere else and fuss that she did that. Just as he did about other blogs. (and I was right, he posted 3 iirc posts reflecting it on his blog)

          I do pause to remember he too has been thru a lot this year with the passing of his beloved Mother and all the things he shared when her time came to an end. I honestly don’t remember much about him prior to coming here. So much was going on all over, and in Real Life. I just noticed that the last few months or so his writing seemed to show turmoil and then in what seemed like a tailspin. That others were commenting also about it, made me realize it wasn’t just me. It is hard to tell sometimes just thru writing and not face to face or thru speaking, the tone in which they are speaking. But here lately DW seemed IMHO to be contradicting even himself. Taking things out of context (which changes everything). Hell bent on fussing. Kept saying he was leaving because of how “insert word or comment” each time was different, yet didn’t go, just kept getting worse.

          I will pray for him. I mean that in the most honest and respectful way. He has issues and I do hope he finds ways to understand and deal with them. Hurting people say hurtful things, at times although meaning them, don’t fully realize how hurtful they are being, or why. I am sure these Holidays have been really, really hard. I too wish him and his family well.

        • Sharon ~ LMAO! It wears me out to spend a couple of hours at Walmart, I have to look at the trashy magazines, go through the DVD’s & latest music, root through the “sale racks,” check out the PJ’s, buy a couple of t-shirts, then meander down the food isles filling my cart to the top, then finally to check out to stand in line.

          THEN! They say $ 275.00 & thank you. I look at my cart, regretting having blown a couple of hours there, loading the stuff into my car, feeling tired on the way home & dreading the unloading of all my purchases.

          YES please! Send “jordan2222” right over & I will resume watching the series, “Breaking Bad,” I bought all 5 seasons @ Walmart.

          • YOUR soo right lol. And dang, those concrete floors are what kills ya. Walking, then standing looking thru stuff, seeing a friend and chatting abit, going back to “shopping” and it wears ya out lol Maybe if it were carpeted or they gave out comfy shoes it wouldn’t be such a chore 🙂 Then we KEEP going back haha

        • Put me in rotation 🙂 Jordan is such a sweet soul to help us all out isn’t he haha. Don’t get him too tired. Already figuring I will have to feel him to fuel him up to helping me wrap presents. I always wait til last minute and get frustrated when it should be something fun lol. But sorry Jordan, it wont be the fancy Steak House food. Whew I am taking a break, since help is coming… any idea on time frame ROFLMBO

            • We were being silly. Whoever was the first one, posted it after your “follow”, where you were marking to get emails. She said you could FOLLOW her home and help unload her veh. We were just being silly. YOU, didn’t do anything. Sorry 🙂 hugs

    • Sharon ~ I didn’t see your comment on GZ’s auction, I just stopped in & ask my question below, THEN, I started scrolling up to read comments, yours is the first one I read.

      If the top bidder isn’t legitimate, then does it go to the second bidder?

      • I checked it out. If the person with the highest bid does not pay, there’s very little the seller can do. He can report it, but that mainly gets the charge for selling knocked off and he can re-list. Information about the nonpayment goes on the buyer’s account and other sellers may choose not to allow them to bid on their item. If there’s too many nonpayments the account gets cancelled.

        The seller can give a second chance offer to anyone else who bid. It is up to that bidder whether he wants to accept it or not.

  2. Has anyone heard or read about GZ’s sale of his painting on eBay? Wasn’t yesterday the last day? I read that 9 % goes to eBay which I find reasonable since many selling have no other avenue to sell their goods, IDK as I have never bought/sold anything on eBay.

    • Doesn’t he have to give each bidder two days to make payment? It might take a few weeks before we know what the winning bid is. I doubt anyone bidding in the tens or more is serious. Guess we’ll see.

    • It would be too vindictive if GZ got scammed on his first attempt to sell a picture, but since the public knows the painting belongs to GZ, he sadly may be a victim, I pray not.

      If 40 million people had their accounts comprised @ Target, anything is possible. Not to worry though, Target said “they were sorry” & gave a phone # to assist those with charges/debits showing up for purchases they didn’t make. They stopped some young men earlier that blew through a red light today, LE discovered $ 20 thousand dollars in purchases from Target of IPads, cell phones, video equipment, etc. w/stolen customer information. They claimed to have bought the information “off the internet” & used it.

      imo, Target’s reaction is like we see a lot, very little concern shown to their customer, but when it’s going to effect their bottom line, they offer, a 10 % discount for fear their customers won’t be shopping there & hurt their bottom line. Seems too little too late, imo. People that are already victims are furious as their comments reflect, some are bringing law suits, but they are holding Target responsible, what a mess. The breach lasted for about 12 days I read before it was discovered.

      Article: Target’s Mea Culpa!
      The CEO of Target apologized to the public for slower call center and website access and is now offering a 10 percent discount to all customers after a massive data breach left information of about 40 million shoppers vulnerable to thieves.


  3. FYI, DW has made his post on his blog titled TEAM CANADA where he doxed an innocent lady “password protected” now. Hmmm, now I WONDER WHY HE WOULD DO THAT 🙂 … Just a little too late. Also, anyone reading his article where he updated “links” to my identity, now that’s funny as hell, doxing again! Also proves he doesn’t know much about research either. So ANYTHING, he has said, I would take with a grain of salt, I can honestly say, he doesn’t know what he is trying to talk about.

    Ok, off to have some Christmastime fun! Have a wonderful day all!

  4. What an awesome day today was! Great party with great people! It would be very cool if the Christmas spirit remained in us all year long.

    For the group game, we played BINGO but I transformed the game into words associated with our company. An hourly paid worker won the full card and got $500 cash. He was ecstatic. Everyone went home with something. It was an amazing night.

    We are having an amazing ice storm here. Several traffic lights were out on my drive home. The trees are covered in ice and its absolutely beautiful. Some trees on the street have come down due to the weight of the ice. I hope no one gets hurt but it sure is beautiful to see the trees covered in ice. My sister was without power for a few hours. So far, ours has remained on.

    I hope to have some time to catch up on the comments made on the blog later tomorrow afternoon after I process the payroll. Sleep well everyone. Talk with you soon.

      • 2013 has been a prosperous year for our company. This past Friday, every single employee got a profit sharing bonus that was just a little less than 2 weeks of their pay.

        We are all happy campers. I hope 2014 is even better and with the group I work with, it probably will be.

    • Glad also it went great and you got home safely. Ice is pretty on tree esp with a lil sun shining thru. But its very dangerous. Stay warm. Our state is flooding. Tornados going on all around. Heard there were 2 confirmed. Don’t work too hard, and I know those employees appreciate you getting their payroll done!

      • My street is blocked this morning with broken branches littered all over. My neighbor’s car is damaged from branches that fell on it. Lucky for me, my car is under a car port but my tree in the front yard is badly damaged.

        Good job I can walk to work. Payroll must be done!

          • Nettles ~ absolutely beautiful, though I don’t envy driving on frozen streets. In Canada, your city government may be more prepared & cope better than in La. as you probably see this year after year.

            We see frozen streets & snow only a couple times in a winter & the citizens go crazy, absolutely no one is ever prepared but DESPITE the warnings NOT to get on the roads, endless morons think they’ll just check it out, I guess to make sure the streets are as dangerous as we have been warned they were. LOL. Few bridges/streets are salted down but most streets aren’t leading to countless pile ups, cars in ditches, & injuries.

            Stay safe, stay warm, continue to spread your Christmas Cheer!

          • Nettles, the ice pic is just beautiful! Makes me miss the places we’ve lived and enjoyed the wonders of winter. But then again I don’t miss putting on the snow tires and chains haha. Enjoy the season, and stay warm. Glad your party went well!

  5. Glad everything went well. I have almost everything done for Christmas. Our kids will be getting here tomorrow. I’ve been moving slow because of the food poisoning. I slept for 2 days last week after going to the doctor. Then I was weak and tired easily. I think the children will be happy with their surprises. This will be the first Christmas Dexter will really know what to expect. He was 2 last year. He enjoyed new trains (that’s all he played with last year) but he didn’t realize what would happen on Christmas Day. He will this year.

    • Sharon ~ I hate to hear you are still slowly recovering from food poisoning, you can’t begin to explain to someone how bad it is if they’ve been lucky enough to never have experienced it, BUT, if you tell someone that has, you get a lot of sympathy, I knew from my own experience how long it takes, & I was in my late 20’s. Hope your family waits on you this Xmas so you can enjoy the grand kids.

      I don’t have grand kids, I’ve never if Cassandra does r not, but I know you/Mimi do, I enjoy reading about your experiences w/the grand kids, keeps up updated.

      • Aww how sweet! Children are truly a Gift from God! Whether your own or blessed to have in your life for a while or moment. Their excitement is so innocent and honest. We made gingerbread house kits made out of a foam stuff. It was so funny. The2 yr old had as much fun as the bigger boys. And looked pretty darn good too 🙂 I spent the night and we are making cookies and maybe fudge later. Ha ha sugar them up then go home 🙂 j/k

        • Mimi, we had our cookie baking and decorating yesterday (an all day affair LOL) and it was messy but lots of fun as usual LOL. Children can help you see the wonder and beauty of life – it’s a blessing to share their growing and learning. Makes you remember what’s really important and helps us forget those grown-up worries we sometimes think are so important 😉

        • Mimi, sounds like you’re enjoying your grandchildren at Christmas. I can’t sugar them up and go home. They’re all staying at my house this year. I will sugar them up, anyway. LOL

          On Christmas Eve, we’re taking the 3 year old for a train ride and then we’re going to Christmas Eve mass. Then home for tomalleys and they’ll open a few presents. The next day, my other daughter will be over and they will open presents and we’ll have Christmas dinner.

          Christmas is my birthday.

          • Thanks for sharing your birthday Sharon. You are an awesome person. Your care and your prayers for strangers comes shining through in your posts.

            I’d love one day to sit down and meet you and hear of your travels and experiences. Thanks so much for sharing a small piece of it here.

            May your birthday bring you great health, much love and tons of happiness and may this coming year be one of your best ones yet!

            Happy Birthday, friend. ♥

          • Yes ma’am I am enjoying every min I can. For the first 2 years of my oldest grandson life they lived overseas and I appreciate it so much more I think. We moved to a diff state than my parents family when I was in 3rd grade. So I have precious memories from living close. I was blessed that both sets of Grandparents were good friends too. They even came together to visit. I often wondered if it was weird or hard for them to have to share the same time with the other set. If it were anything but fun and special, I have never heard anyone say so. They are all in Heaven now and I am forever grateful for the memories. I hope my children and grandchildren look back on our memories and have the same feeling in their hearts as I do. Happy Birthday~ What a blessing (and curse lol I bet) having been born on Christmas. I have a good friend who little sister was born day after Christmas. (she friend too) She said her Mother always made it special. They had a very large family (Waltons style lol) and Janet was the baby. Granny always laughs and says that she had to wait til AFTER Christmas because one of the older girls would have thought Santa brought THEM a real baby doll 🙂

      • Thank you, Art. I did something that was probably dangerous when I got home from the doctor. For some reason I laid down on my husband’s side of the bed and set my medicine on his night stand. Fortunately, I was past the throwing up stage because his pain medicine from his last surgery was still there. I got it mixed up with mine and I forgot whether I was supposed to take both medicines 2 times a day or 3 times a day. I had a strong anti-biotic to be taken 2 times a day and meds for nausea as needed. I’d wake up and take a pill. I tried to alter. I must have gotten the nausea pills a couple of times, but I only got the antibiotic once. I think I took a pain pill a couple of times. If the nausea had not subsided, that could have been bad.

        My husband was in Florida. We were planning to combine business and fun. We had reservations for a nice resort. I was looking forward to some Florida weather. He had to go to take care of the customer. I’m not sure he knew how sick I was. He called and made a doctor’s appointment for me and later called to make sure I was awake and wouldn’t miss the appointment. He suggested I just go early. He said to get dressed and just go. I thought for a minute and decided I could either get dressed or go, but not both. I have never gone anywhere in public in my pajamas but I just put a coat over PJs and went. I told the receptionist that I was very sick and I think she believed me when she saw me in pajamas. They found a room for me immediately and I collapsed on the table. The doctor was worried about me. He asked me to call every day to give him an update and he called the house. I used to be concerned about wasting food, but since that happened, I’ve been throwing out food right and left. We tried a new sushi bar the other night and it didn’t look or taste fresh and I just stopped eating.

        Merry Christmas to everyone and don’t eat any old food. 🙂

    • Sharon sorry you are slow to recover, but you’ve done well if you are all ready for Christmas! I’m a last minute doer… grrrrrr. Never seem to be quite ready haha. And I agree with Art, let the family wait on you a little now. Prop your feet up and enjoy the little ones and being together.

      • LOL Hey Jordan, did you know that I AM SUPPOSE TO BE “YOU” POSTING COMMENTS ONLINE? Oh also Jello and Lovesmygirl too. Dang I be they knew so that it didn’t take up so much of their time. Oh and I am suppose to be posting as Coreshift and Nettles too. And…. READY… Dannywarrior! Or that’s what Danny says. SMH. I consider who and where he gets his knowledge or lack of, and it makes sense. Baiter is all he is. Hope he catches whatever he is fishing for. But so far, he has been handed incorrect info on so many levels, that its almost funny. And I have for the record NEVER, EVER, since I started posting online used anyname other than this one.

        Hope your feeling better, but I guess if I were you I would know.

          • I am so glad to hear that! Do you have big plans for Christmas? Hope all the Love and Joy of Christmas fill you and push out the pain or at least to a level where you can enjoy and make some more special Memories! Hugs Mimi

              • Thank you Jordan’s Daddy. Hoping you doing well. Also, use caution, since you are reading at DW, I guess he has your IP or whatever he is looking for. He “thinks” I am you, too, so no telling what trash he/she will post. I have screen shots of things from another person that is DW or feeding the warrior. Good if its private now I guess lol bad because may share your info, it will be shared because that’s how he works. I care less. Doesn’t know crap on me, just talking trash. I just hope you don’t get misinterpreted wrong. Hugs Mimi

                • I do not think I have ever had an argument with Danny. I did not know that he said you were me or vice versa. Was that here?

                  • He wrote that in one of his little rants on his BLOG lol Where or why he said that I have no Idea. I know JB of JBMission said you and Jello were posting stuff on her blog once. Why? who the heck knows. LOL Maybe yall did, I dunno. None of it makes any sense to me. Guess some people just gotta have drama. Someone said DW made his blog private, and saw you said you got in, that why I said just be careful. I could care less what he is ranting about now. Last I looked its all he was doing. What he/she is/was claiming is not true, so not worth my time reading his shallow ranting lol.

                    • You said; I know JB of JBMission said you and Jello were posting stuff on her blog once.

                      Who is JBMission?

                    • This is what XENA the BlackButterfly posted on JBM, another blog. SHE is who is feeding DW crap, if not DW herself. She is a shit stirrer, lol who don’t know shit! Makes me wonder, if on WP all the IP addresses are the same? I don’t know or care. I conversed on this blog for while, and thru emails with people on blog, even blog owner. They have the IP of this Jess chick, and I KNOW for sure it aint me lol She is a chick in Washington State or Seattle area. Messed with the JBM Blog owner for long time on the KC Anthony Case. I don’t know how/why other that hate I guess, was b4 my time ever getting online. But here is what I was talking about.

                      November 19, 2012 at 4:33 am
                      Hello everyone. I appreciate that tape by Levin. It was somewhat of a summary recap for me since I had not followed the Anthony case.

                      Oh yes JB! Jessica, aka Alexandra K, aka AlexandraP, aka Jordan2222, aka lovemygirl, aka Mungo and a few others. It amazes me that sundance would not check the IP addresses to see that is one and the same person who posts a comment and then posts a compliment to herself under another handle.

                      I hope that the Professor posts a blog on that petition

                    • THERE IS a crazy bitch named Jess who tormented JB, long long before I ever got online. And a few others that had blogs that commented at JBM too. This was during the KC Anthony pretrial, during and after. She is something else. I have seen some of her crap. After JB got mad at me, she tried to say I was jess which is truly funny, she KNOWS I wasn’t and am not. This Xena, she is a trouble maker. evidently she has been around for a while too. VP did an article on her. She is just a racist witch, who keeps stuff stirred. I KNOW she posted at CTH under the Alexandra name and MANY times tried to draw me into convo. I figure that is why your name and Jello was brought up. Either I truly believe the person posting at CTH is Xena or JB or both. I have the IP add for Jess, the Washington one, form emails she sent to JB and JB shared with us.

                    • Only thing I can think of Jordan. Started long before I ever even got online. I was just reading over old emails. And the person that DW is thinking is me lmbo he is SOO wrong, I have Never had a Blog, I do know who he is talking about and he is soo messed up wrong. But I don’t care, not me. I think they just putting your name and others to piss me off. I haven’t ever posted under anyones names but mine. And Nettles has my IP address. Done with this crap, but more crap he says just proves more of who is spreading crap, and I have all my emails from back to 2011. And screen shots too. They just hating that’s all they know. I don’t get it. Never have.

                    • They are some nuts! And I don’t know why the blackbudderfly bitch was even talking about ME to start with, I NEVER conversed with her. Well yes I do know, JB talking shit, smh


                      November 30, 2012 at 11:03 am

                      Off topic bullshit…
                      Since I know they’re coming here to read thanks to the Shit Stirrer “ARKANSASMIMI” Look around, read what you want. I’ve never typed the word “jello” on my site and Jordan222 <– who has posted a comment here has the same IP address as my resident stalker "JESS" who has harassed me for the pass 3 years.
                      I'm pleased to announce that it seems Jess has moved on.. Maybe she's changed her screen name to "ARKANSASMIMI"??? Only TCT moderator would know if her recent IP came from Washington state beginning with 24. xxx..
                      As for myself?? I don't give a rat's ass but since "ARKANSASMIMI" has changed her MO from barely literate participatnt to TROLL, it's only fair that everyone is on the same page.

                    • ???? Shit stirrers all I know. JB was talking smack about GZ taking ADHD meds and made some incorrect comments as facts and I was telling her about my dtr taking it when young, JB supposedly works in the medical records field or something, know its not medical because she didn’t know what she was talking about. Anyway, she started talking smack about my dtr, one thing led to another, and abunch of people told her she was wrong. I have screen prints of it all. From then on only JB and her 2 aliases commented on her blog. LOL FOR REAL!!! Then a few like 2 people who use to comment on JBM blog came back chit chatting. Now then OUT OF THE BLUE XENA showed up. LMAO way after I left. Who knows. Weird as heck all I can tell you. NOW this DW person, doing the SAME crap, even quoting the SAME stuff? I was just telling you be careful, since you said DW allowed you to read his crap. Take care, sorry to post all this rehash. Just some weird people in this world. Intent on causing conflict.

  6. I missed all of the controversy with DannyWarrior and it’s probably for the best because it bothers me greatly when I see our community disrupted. Are you sure it was the REAL DannyWarrior who was being disruptive and why would he do that? Surely he must have thought it was justified even if it wasn’t.

    • Absolutely sure. What he did was more than disruptive, he was hellbent on revenge to those who did not agree with him. Go read his delusional blog posts against Nettles, me and Mimi.

      • Why bother? I glanced at his blog and saw nothing but ranting, whining, belittling, insults and agenda. Not a single reasoned or fact based argument or insight. It’s a waste of time.

          • Thanks for the heads up. I think I will just skip reading it.

            I can’t imagine what is going on for some, but another long-time GZ supporter has been posting barbs at George on twitter. Where is the Christmas Spirit? Even if you have all these negative things and opinions, this is not the time to focus on it.

            Turn to your family, friends. Do kind and wonderful things. Get the hate out of your heart and help make this world a better place. We aren’t going to be here much longer and times a wasting.

            Once this day is gone, it’s gone forever. Be sure to have left something of value in its place.

            We’ve had quite the challenge with an ice storm here and my neighbors came out to help me clear the tree branches from my driveway. I kid you not, Trayvon helped me shovel the driveway today. My neighbor’s son’s name is Trayvon. I looked to the heavens and smiled. Together we did a great job!

            • This was my street today. I need to drive this road to get to the main street. Police asked us to stay home unless it was an emergency. A Front Loader was here a few hours ago and cleared the branches off the road and into the park. I didn’t make it to work for the payroll. So this girl has to rise a few hours earlier and get her butt into work and get the employees paid on time.

              photo 1

              I am so looking forward to two days off to spend with my family and friends.

        • I, too, went to see, and yeah, he’s just talking about people here. But I followed a link he had to some LSpapa blog from a year ago, and they were saying that arkansasmimi and Jordan use the same ISP number, and it’s also used by someone named Jessica, and someone named LoveMyGirl, a name which I remember from treehouse. Overall, those people seemed awfully rabid and thriving on poor interpretations and ignoring facts.

          I can’t figure out if he was anti-GZ all along, or if he is having another manic phase (this happened around the Shellie incident, as well).

          • He does have an fascination for trying to “out” people and I don’t get why. He shared publicly here a while ago, he emailed me with instructions on how to figure out the commenters here and if they were using proxy something or other to post.

            I’m not interested in finding out who the commenter is in real life or where they are from. If somone wants to remain anonymous, I respect that. I would love if they use just one account (so I can verify consistency) and share their honest opinions on different topics.

            For example, when Rick Madigan said he was younger than Sundance and me, I could tell he wasn’t being truthful as he has posted earlier he was over 50. Either time, he wasn’t being honest. So if he isn’t honest about that non consequential detail, why trust anything else I read from him?

            While David seems to like changing his online name he doesn’t do it for purposes of hiding. He always uses the same email, so I know the new name is him. Any alert reader, will recognize his insults right away. I greet him as David to alert everyone else to his new identity. I thought David kept changing his name because he kept getting banned but that’s not the case here and we’ve all noted his many name changes.

            If identities keep changing, its too hard to figure out over time if a person is consistent and honest.

            • I have always been honest and only used Cassandra on wordpress postings. I use another name for Disqus. I have been a controversial figure in my community, people love me or hate me. I have people I do not know come up and hug me saying thanks “you’re the Erin Brockovich of Berkeley” and I have others, usually people with criminal backgrounds, threatened me and commit vandalism to my property. I am tired of it, and have chosen to use a pseudo-name because my partner has a public position serving Oakland youth.

              Danny grossly misrepresented my community work, he tried to describe me as racist and out to harm homeless folks, he was mean, ignorant and relentless.

      • Hoping everything turns out OK and everyone is safe. Here’s something to bring a smile to your faces in Canada.

        Mayor Ford for whatever his misgivings he sure is a character.

        • He is such an embarrassment but today he did a great job for the City. We have two hospitals in Toronto with no power. They are running on generators. The Mayor visiting the patients at one hospital today and promised to make them a priority to get back online. He gave great advise on how we can help each other out and instructions to check on the seniors and disabled neighbours.

          Having said that, I really hope he gets voted out of office in 2014. I don’t get a vote though. I live in Brampton. It’s a half hour west of Toronto so I don’t get a vote for the Toronto Mayor.

      • Fingers, toes, legs and umm cant cross my eyes, but hope that covers it for ya. How do yall heat? Sadly I am total elec and if it goes out so does my heat yuck lol

          • That’s good. I have friend and family in Alaska and they use diff methods. I have heard that on East coast they use steam also. Maybe saying it wrong. Crazy, the transformer for my side of street is diff than other side, sometimes one side has power and other out. Luckily, we are all very good friends lol But Ice on Powerlines, dangerous all around.

  7. Hi Naomi. I saw your message on Twitter. I agree that this is no time for George to get careless.

    I don’t know how divorce law works in Florida. In Texas, everything is divided, but I think it’s different in Florida but I don’t know what the differences are. The painting is something George did after Shellie left him.

    • Sharon ~ you are correct, SZ will have no claims to any proceeds from GZ’s painting, once the legal documents are filed for divorce which SZ has done, any assets or proceeds made afterwards belong to that spouse. GZ will owe 9% to eBay, I understand that is their rate, & will owe Jayne W. who did not do GZ’s case pro bono, she will expect to be paid in full imo, “she just didn’t charge him upfront.”

      Example: if either GZ or SZ win the Lottery this Saturday night, the other spouse is not entitled to any of the winnings of the other spouse since the day SZ filed for divorce.

      At issue is the NBC suit which was filed DURING their legal marriage. Though many of us have different opinions, we are not Attorney’s, that will be determined by the Judge if it is not determined/negotiated during mediation. It can easily be determined by a psychologist if SZ suffered during the 16 months of living on the “run” during the Divorce proceedings if SZ suffered or not. Courts determine these arguments, they’re not determined on BLOGS unless it is a legal blog. We’ll have to wait & see how the Judge rules on that item. It could be years before the case even settles.

      • I don’t think Jayne spent very many hours on his case, at least not like West and MOM. I’m sure she charges a lot for the time she did spend. I believe she is handling his divorce. She’s a good attorney and won’t let Shellie walk all over him. I was afraid that was going to happen.

        My only concern about the settlement is that I want to see him have enough funds for security. I wish there weren’t people wanting to kill him so he could just get a job and get back to living productive life. Right now, money is protection from murder.

        • Sharon ~ Are you inferring Jayne W. is representing GZ in the divorce w/SZ? I haven’t seen r read anything about that, that would be very expensive if that is the case. EVERY single time attorney’s in Divorce cases speak w/each other, shoot off a letter to the other attorney, or even read a letter & speak w/their client on the phone, the client gets a bill for it. imo, GZ might do better to get a divorce attorney in Orlando that specializes in Divorces. imo, the GZ/SZ isn’t a complicated divorce case especially w/no children, hopefully it can be resolved easily through negotiation.

          I agree w/your thoughts, I too wouldn’t think Jayne W.’s bill will be too outrageous, she may have done a depo on SS & every single time she talked to GZ on the phone, or the Prosecutors, GZ racked up hours owed to JW but who knows? JW’s entire case was the “affidavit,” she didn’t have to appear or even argue in Court, I’d be surprised if she charged as much as $ 10,000.00, but IDK. JW would NOT be a cheap attorney, she has a good reputation & is high profile, I would think she charges accordingly, just as MOM & West are afforded fine reputations & experience, they charge accordingly.

          • I concur with Art ….with no kids and no properties/assets the SZ/GZ divorce is a snap. No sane judge will offer SZ a percentage of GZ future income.

  8. A very Merry Christmas to all the netizens of the “nettles-zone”, and particularly to you Nettles, an electrically-sufficient holiday season!

    • Thanks Hooson. The only relative not to have power was hosting an event tonight and I’m glad to say they have their power back.

      Fingers crossed, everyone in my family keeps their power on for the holidays.

      The City workers here did an amazing job and we were back to normal within 24 hours, with just a few pockets of trouble for those still without power. I’m happy to say, everyone I know has their power restored. Thanks Santa!

  9. Tragic case of a step father shooting his 14 year old step daughter WHILE she was sneaking back into the home through a basement window, the stepfather thought she was a burglar. Due to day light savings time, it is like night at 6:00 am in my State. Will there be charges?

    Her stepfather hasn’t been arrested and it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether charges should be filed. Colorado’s ‘Make My Day’ law allows residents to defend themselves against intruders.

    Police say the girl was shot just before 6 am Monday in the 4300 block of Ascendant Drive in northeastern Colorado Springs. She was rushed to the hospital and later died of her wounds.


    • That’s very sad. I suppose that is one legitimate argument against guns. There’s been many cases of people shooting a family member thinking they were a burglar. When I was a child, I was nearly shot at a friend’s house. I woke up early and went into another room to play and her father thought there was a burglar in the house. Luckily he saw it was me first. I was a child and didn’t think of that possibility since my family didn’t have guns. We lived in a small town and there was no crime. My friend’s father did have a gun.

        • cassandra ~ you make a good point about warning someone before shooting.

          Had that happened, perhaps the 14 yr. old would still be alive. So sad, lives changed forever, nothing will ever be the same for their family. imo, 14 yrs. old seems young to be sneaking in & out of her home but I no longer have children that age.

          With her coming back in the basement window at 6:00 am, I wonder if she had been out all night?

  10. You can access DW blog by clicking on his handle on his comments on this blog. He reads this blog regularly and then writes absurd stuff about the people he is angry at, so if you did not make him angry you are a good person. After he reads this he might make changes to accessing his blog.

    • From what little I saw he never really used his blog to ‘prove’ his claims as he said he would. He was going to do this whole write up about how George had some kind of history, Because, apparently, he couldn’t do that adequately enough on Nettle’s blog. For some unknown reason. Anyways, IIRC. It was pretty much just a ‘trash people that disagreed with him’ blog.

      • He could post shit from publications more racially distorted than the grio about my community leadership, he threatened to. Seems he has already read some of the articles and repeated the lies.

          • I’ve been reflecting on Danny’s change of perspective since he first popped up on Diwataman’s blog.

            At the time, a number of us were venting on how we were treated at the treehouse. More accurately, we were expressing how we felt about how Sundance treated commenters there.

            Given how easily Danny changed his view of George, I now wonder if he/she wasn’t a TM Warrior all along. Warrior is how TM supporters like to be viewed and its an expression they have used on several blogs and twitter.

            Danny has projected himself as a male, but I have thought he might actually be female and I see some others had that suspicion as well. David took to calling him/her Danielle and some thought that was an insult but David really was expressing that he thought Danny was a woman. I saw a post to that affect on twitter.

            I too share that suspicion. Danny would talk and talk and talk an issue to death. Males, in my experience, don’t hold on like that. He commented one time about his daughter painting his toes. Things like that led me to believe he may be a female TM Warrior. I do recall though, that Boricuafudd said he allows his girls to paint his toes too. So it’s possible I suppose that more daddys do that than I knew.

            When he first started posting he said how much he loved and admired me. I found that strange because I had no idea who the heck this person was or if we’d ever conversed online.

            Now seeing how quickly he can throw GZ under the bus with so little evidence of wrongdoing, my suspicion that DannyWarrior has always been a TM Warrior deepens.

            • I have no knowledge of Danny being anyone other than Danny. He sometimes seem “moody” but so do I. I did miss all of the controversy but I went back and scanned some of it. Even so, what he says appears to me to be consistent with his previously posted thoughts so IDK. My opinion of George is also now different than before the verdict. He has been behaving badly and stupidly. However, none of us really knew George before the verdict.

              My youngest daughter often painted my toe nails.

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