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Happy New Year!

Happy New year

May your 2014 year become one of your most favorite years! Don’t sit back and hope it happens. Take action and ensure it happens.

No matter what goals you set for yourself, know what success looks like. We need to make mistakes and mess up to learn the right path. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes (or George either!).

The key is to keep trying and learning….at least for the first week. (smiles)

Happy New Year and thanks for giving me a chance to get to know you!


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    • Not sure on the specifics but could “We the people” hypothetically def-fund Obamacare simply through large scale electing to just pay the penalty instead of the exorbitant premiums?

    • “Sotomayor and her cronies” is an odd way to say “Chief Justice Roberts”.

      Besides, it’s just a temporary stay until that part can be argued out in Federal Court.

      Of course if paid for health insurance is part of an employee’s overall compensation package, then it’s the employee’s money paying for the insurance, and not the employer, and they have no more right to tell the employee how to spend it than they do the part that actually shows up as a paycheck.

      If an employer tried to get a court ruling that said they had the right to tell their employees to buy cereal from General Mills but not Kellogg’s, they’d get laughed out of the courtroom in the unlikely event they could find a lawyer who’d even take the case.

  1. Salon magazine describes a second conviction for marissa alexander as “eomotional terrorism” ………… Alexander’s new trial starts March 31, 2014. Once again, Alexander will not be able to invoke the stand-your-ground defense that was rejected during her first trial. In that trial, the prosecution argued that since Alexander left the house to go get a gun, before returning and firing the warning shot, she could not invoke stand your ground. Those details will be argued again during the retrial. http://www.salon.com/2013/12/05/convicting_marisa_alexander_would_be_a_form_of_emotional_terrorism_partner/

      • I know him from the facebook crowd. Strong supporter of a person’s right to self defense and pretty ticked at government bringing charges with the set of facts they had in the Zimmerman case.

        I do recall seeing him post some at the treehouse but not often and contributors posted complimentary comments and linked to his blog a few times.

        Much like the old crowd.

  2. AP/ January 1, 2014, 10: 08 AM
    Pope’s new year message: “Accept each other”

    “We are all children of one heavenly father, we belong to the same human family and we share a common destiny,” Francis said, speaking from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, jammed with tens of thousands of faithful, tourists and Romans.

    “This brings a responsibility for each to work so that the world becomes a community of brothers who respect each other, accept each other in one’s diversity, and takes care of one another,” the pope said.”


  3. Yeepeee! Made it to another NEW YEARS DAY! Sending love and happiness wishes to all! May it be a year filled with new adventures and memories of old. Best of Health to all and always to remember, there is always someone in a much worse place than you are. Be THANKFUL FOR ALL THINGS! HAPPY 2014! Bring it on!!! ♥ Mimi

  4. .Schiavo group helps family of teen on ventilator
    .Associated Press
    10 minutes ago

    OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A foundation started by Terri Schiavo’s family says it has been working with relatives of a 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery to get her transferred to a long-term care facility.

    Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network says it has been working behind the scenes to help get Jahi McMath moved to a care facility.

    Schiavo, who suffered brain damage after a heart attack, was at the center of a years-long right-to-die struggle that ended in 2005 when her husband removed her feeding tube over objections from her parents.

    Jahi underwent a tonsillectomy and related procedures at Children’s Hospital Oakland on Dec. 9 to treat sleep apnea and was declared brain dead three days later after complications.

    Children’s Hospital spokeswoman Melinda Krigel says it has not heard from any facility

  5. The facility was dedicated to Terri Schiavo in 2011

    Posted: 12/31/2013 04:33:30 PM PST | Updated: about 7 hours agoOn Tuesday, the Terri

    Schiavo Life & Hope Network said publicly for the first time that it has been helping Jahi’s family for weeks to find a place to transfer her. The network has worked “in relative silence for the sake of the sensitivity of her case”.


    • After reading the article, it makes it even a more sad case. The facility isn’t even licensed by the state of NY. Agenda for publicity? More false hope for Jahi family? Grandmother is a RN, I suppose she is in denial also.

      Sorry for posting so much on this. I have just been reading and keeping up on.

      • grandma is a LVN, not an RN. no biology courses required.

        It is disgusting how this family is treating the staff and administration of Children’s Hospital, this is my neighborhood, and people around here value Childrens a great deal.

        The family is disgusting.

        • Are there people outside there bothering people trying to go to work? Scary just thinking about that part. Like the demonstrators in these other high profile cases. I have been reading, and the stuff filed by the hospital vary greatly from the family lawyer (imagine that lol) And the facility in NY is closed today per news report lol so they cant get a comment oops. I They have raised I think close to $50,000, What are they gonna do with that if/when she doesn’t leave like they want? And now the other courts aren’t going to hear until the lower court decides. which he already had her declared dead. The family didn’t really win anything, it was kinda like a STAY because family filed paperwork in 3 courts.

    • CBS news was just covering this story, said that the facility, which is located in an industrial district and the other under renovations (looks like a large 2 story house) were unavail for comment, as they were closed today.

    • Wondering out loud…. Do you believe that BLDR, Corey, Crump et al will EVER be held accountable for what they did to George?

      • Yes I do. The legal system is ssssllllloooooooowwww, but it gets there eventually.

        West and O’Mara are going after the prosecutors. Something was afoot and they are going to clean up their profession. I have NO doubt.

        • I sure hope you are right but I guess all of the lawsuits that we expected against those who publicly slandered George are not going to happen,

      • That’s too cool!! We had a set of twins born in Arkansas that were born diff like this, but I think was in diff months. I still have the lil clipping, almost want to see which it was lol. Wonder if it was the FIRST New Year Baby haha.

        • Yes it was. On the news tonight, CTV reported that one twin was the hospital (Credit Valley) last birth in 2013 and the other twin was the first birth for the hospital in 2014.

          • 🙂 something neat for baby book huh lol. My sis in law was in hosp during last presidential election of Geo W Bush. He stopped at hosp where she had gave birth to her son. Pres Bush and Laura met with 2 babies a boy and a girls parents and signed best wishes in their baby books. Anyway you look at it, that’s pretty cool haha. Preston, her son made me laugh when she was telling us, he said AM I FAMOUS? Kids lol. (I saw the baby book, but is my bro step son and born in a diff state. I was wondering if was just there for that or another reason. Thought if just for that, be a lot of stuff to go thru just to see 2 babies haha)

    • ok, on my Spam, which is where ALL my WordPress messages go, I have been empty every so often. On my reg in box, so far old still there. Don’t go running away from us tho, lol. And this theme I have really been depending on the emails because if there are a lot of continuing replies, for some reason I cant see them. And then I have no idea what going on lol.

  6. of course Leatherhead Fred had to make Jahi McMath a race issue /// I do not believe the right-wing hate machine will involve itself in this matter since they place little value on the life a child with black skin. ////

    • Well, as usual, Leatherhead is just trying to stir his slush pot, gotta get those emotions going, almost time to start whining..we need $$$$ gonna get kicked out of home blah blah..

      Plus, he evidently HAS NOT BEEN FOLLOWING THE CASE! Jahi had surgery on Dec 9 and was first declared Brain Dead on Dec 12! SMH!

      Quote Jan 1, 2014
      Happy New Year to everyone!
      I have been following developments in the Jahi McMath tragedy in Oakland. She is the 13-year-old girl who went to the hospital last Friday to have her tonsils removed. She went into cardiac arrest in the recovery room after the surgery. Efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. The medical staff pronounced her dead after determining that she had no electrical activity in her brain or brain stem. But for vehement objections from her mother, the medical staff would have disconnected Jahi from the ventilator and transferred her body to a funeral home to be prepared for burial.

        • Rofl and he doesn’t understand that perm veg state and brain dead is diff shaking my head. He has comments turned off. Umm today is 2nd couple days til beg fest 😉

          • Some people just refuse to dwell in reality. Just saw a Jahi family supporter absolutely insist that the six physician who have declared her irreversibly brain dead “could all be wrong” and also insisted that it “has not been proven if she is brain dead or not because doctors can be wrong”

          • ROFLMAO….yep Fred isnt a big fan of facts: As we know from the Terry Schiavo case, a brain-dead person can be kept alive indefinitely by hooking them up to a ventilator and feeding them nutrients through a tube. I question the wisdom of a decision to use a machine to extend a life indefinitely knowing that the person will remain in a persistent vegetative state without regaining consciousness until the machine is turned off.

            • I KNOW!! maybe that’s why he has comments turned off 😉 or he did earlier. I am afraid this is gonna keep going for a bit and get really … don’t know the word. So sad tho. I have read comments on diff news feeds (local there) of people who have children in hosp. I would hope they are telling truth but who knows, but they are frusterated too. Is this close to where you live also, I mean region? I know Cassandra said was within her neighborhood.

    • Michelle Malkin got involved with a New Year opinion piece. Malkin panders to partisan ideology, beats up on the big med corp, and ignores science.

      and yes Mimi, I have seen for the last few weeks comments from other patients family about their frustrations being subjected to the family’s media circus and staff having to jump to keep the family from further misrepresentation of treatment.

      I feel sorry for the hospital staff.

  7. An appeals court in Miami took a look at the evidence and threw out two 2nd degree murder charges against Gabriel Mobley, overriding a judge’s decision to allow the charges to stand.

    I thought this was how GZ’s case was going to go. Nelson denies immunity, O’Mara and West team appeal and decision gets overruled. Unfortunately, Nelson insured there would be no SYG hearing with her tight deadline to have the case tried.


      • We’ll have to watch and see if she applies for the State’s Supreme Court again. Does she thinks her performance in the Zimmerman case did the trick?

        What did her legal colleagues think of her performance? What feedback did she get. Was it honest? Enquiring minds want to know.

  8. Benjamin Crump spoke at a rally with a self-described cousin of Trayvon’s who turned out to be a fake. Why didn’t Mr. Crump know about this fake before he took to the same stage?


    It appears Mr. Crump learned nothing when it comes to vetting witnesses/family of Trayvon Martin. Some may recall, he didn’t even know Rachel’s name when he interviewed her on March 19th, 2012 yet told the public and media he had a sworn statement from her and vouched that she was Tray’s girlfriend.

  9. Im having some real issues with the honesty and integrity of the Terri Schiavo family. On their website they have a series of PDF’s which they say are physician declarations that Shiavo is NOT in a persistent vegetative state. The few that I glanced though seemed to have the doctor saying it’s unclear whether she is or is not in that state so the family has taken that to mean she is not.

  10. Watching this Bill DIblasio controversy on CNN. Apparently libs still have not figured out dollar for dollar 12% of a million dollars a year is still more than 30% of 50k a year.

  11. UPDATE:

    Jahi McMath: Talks Ordered in Brain-Dead Girl Case
    By Associated Press
    Thursday, Jan 2, 2014 | Updated 2:22 PM PST
    A federal judge on Thursday ordered settlement talks between lawyers for a California hospital and a 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery.

    A federal magistrate will oversee the mandatory talks on Friday between representatives of Children’s Hospital Oakland and the family of Jahi McMath, U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown said. Settlement conferences are usually scheduled to expedite court cases or to end them without a trial.

    The hospital and Jahi’s mother are locked in a harrowing clash over the girl’s care. Children’s maintains that Jahi is legally dead and that the ventilator keeping her heart pumping should be removed. A state judge originally ordered the hospital to keep the ventilator in place until Dec. 30 at 5 p.m., but an hour before the deadline agreed to extend it until Jan. 7.

    • mimi ~ I wanted to read your article BUT I didn’t see a link, could be an over sight on my part.

      Children’s Hospital is sick of the blow back imo, who could blame them? IF the family WANTS to pursue a Civil Suit, they are like everyone else, they have to go through the legal channels. They have that right but imo, the hospital needs the bed freed up & the cost contained, as sad as it is, the cost are many thousands a day to keep a brain dead person on a ventilator according to physicians interviewed.

      Does the hospital want to PAY the family to go away immediately, it sounds like it, I can’t see any other reason for them to talk “settlement” at this stage EXCEPT if money is a factor to move her, they are willing to contribute money to make that move possible, IDK? (1) The hospital attorney’s have stated the problems w/moving a person that has been declared “brain dead” by the Coroner, (2) that 2 more procedures would be required for Jhai before she could be moved from their facility & they wouldn’t do it on a “deceased person.”

      THEN! There lies the astronomical cost to make such a move. A physician said that Insurance wouldn’t pay on a person declared “brain dead,” but IDK if that includes Medicaid.

    • Thank you so much for posting the link to the T**r* article. I can’t fully articulate my loathing for that individual.

  12. Ironic: Another Zimmerman case, BUT NOT our GZ or his family. A sad story.
    Mother-of-two, 43, is robbed of her wedding ring as she lay dying in Taco Bell drive thru after suffering fatal aneurysm!

    Danielle Zimmerman suffered an aneurysm and crashed into the speaker box at a drive-thru in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday.

    Passersby rushed to help her – but somehow she was robbed of her purse, iPhone and wedding ring.

    She was rushed to hospital but her life support was switched off Monday.

    Her husband is now pleading for the thief to return the ring.

    Police have no suspects in the robbery.


    I have read about several cases in which criminals are being apprehended through the use of iPhones, they have a GPS device, or maybe it’s iPads. (not hip when it comes to new technology.)


  13. Well this certainly was not in the news…..The family of Jordan Davis dismissed their civil suit against Michael Dunn

    33 — 7/1/2013
    34 — 7/17/2013
    35 — 10/4/2013
    NOTICE OF HEARING (PLAINTIFF’S) 12-10-2013@10AM RM 705
    36 — 11/14/2013
    37 — 12/5/2013
    38 — 12/30/2013

    • Wonder what stipulation of dismissal (joint) means? Out of court settlement? When I looked up several other cases that’s what had happened, but David is right wasn’t in news. I saw it on Twitter, one of Nettles friends tweeted.

        • snip
          After this hearing broke, representatives for both the family and hospital headed to federal court.

          There, a magistrate will oversee mandatory talks between representatives of the hospital and the family, CNN affiliate KTVU reported.

          Both hearings occurred on the same day that the coroner for Alameda County issued a death certificate for Jahi. This action is not directly connected to Friday’s pair of legal proceedings.

        • Nettles, my question about the stipulation of dismissal was in ref to the Family of Jordan Davis dismissing the Civil suit against Michael Dunn. (case where MD shot JD over loud music)

          • ooops, sorry, I put this on the wrong thread.

            Yes, the action being jointly dismissed meant that the case was settled. The family attorney John Phillips confirmed that in an email to a friend on facebook yesterday.

              • True. I wasn’t impressed with his commentary on the Zimmerman case. He was slanted towards Crump because of the Dunn case. I can’t trust much of what either of them say.

                • I agree a settlement may have been attained. This does not necessitate that the terms were favorable to the Davis family and it also begs the question as to why they tried to hide from the public that they were trying to rush a civil suit through prior to trial. If the settlement was favorable to the Davis family Phillips would most likely be speaking about how it bolsters the criminal case.

                  • I recall Mr. O’Mara saying how knowing a settlement had been reached before witnesses took the stand would help the defense. You could question their testimony if they already made money from a certain outcome.

                    It was my understanding that civil cases are best left after a criminal case has been tried so as not to give the defense any ammunition to get out of criminal charges. Yet Phillips went full steam ahead for a settlement, much as Crump did.

                    There must be parts of the case that aren’t strong for conviction for them to take the chance and get while the getting is good.

                    • That’s my point! 1) the vehicle Jordan was in fled the scene and could have hypothetically ditched a weapon 2) at least one occupant was violating parole/probation 3) under law the threat against Dunn does not have to be real or actual….only a perception a reasonable pesron would see as threatening and 4) there is nobody who is “disinterested” who can rebut that Dunn was threatend.

    • lorac ~ Trials/Tribulation is one of the best sites ever imo, thanks for sharing the most factual information I have read on this sad case & putting everything into perspective.

      I had wondered if Jahi might have had “high blood pressure” due to her excessive weight, I never thought she could have possibly been diabetic.

      little the public can do about it.

  14. Man!! It’s cold here today! -22 degrees Celsius. At 4 am this morning a loud bang woke me up. Turns out it was a freeze quake. Anyone ever heard of them? The ground gets so cold, the earth quakes with cracking ice. I thought a tree had fallen on the house.

    • Never heard of that, sounds scary! We are fixing to get the BIG CHILL in our state. Gov issued a state of emerg. Our temps go from one extreme to another. Brrr snow coming. I ok with snow, its the ICE Mimi doesn’t like 🙂

  15. My other half went to the ER last night for a stomach bug she has had for several days and she was told my the intake nurses that the wait was a minimum 12hrs because the start of Obamacare has led to a doubling of emergency room usage over the last few days instead of a reduction as Obama promised.

    • Just came back from buying groceries at Walmart and going to Walgreens. OMG I know there are always a lot of issues the beginning of New Year, but I have NEVER seen so many people, and umm some were quite vocal.in their anger. I hate that. I hate it for the people who are working behind the counter, their only reason being in the situation. I have worked in public areas when young and in a different area after I was grown. Don’t kill the messenger is always something to remember. I thought this one young adult was going to cry after being blasted by a customer. All the person behind the counter could do was tell them to contact their insurance company, she could not do anything. This went on for about 20 min! Finally after cussing into the air, the customer stormed off. Be careful out there everyone!

  16. Oh how did I know these buffoons would insert themselves eventually: Rev Jesse Jackson Sr ‏@RevJJackson 9m
    @TGranicAllen The appeal, passion and pain of Jahi McMath’s family is real. They are willing to go the last lap. I support them.#JahiMcMath.
    View conversation

  17. Jahi: The Result of Mediation/Negotiations:

    1. Parents of girl, 13, left brain dead after routine tonsil surgery WIN fight to keep her alive on ventilator!
    2. Jahi McMath can be kept alive on ventilator at a new hospital, as long as her mother arranges for her care, court rules.
    3. Coroner issued death certificate effectively absolved current hospital of responsibility
    The “protocol” stated that Jahi’s mother Nailah Winkfield must agree to be “wholly and exclusively responsible” for her welfare once she has been transferred into her care.
    She must also provide all the necessary arrangements and hospital expertise.
    4. Jahi’s family is responsible for ALL the expenses.

    But the move only happened after the Alameda County Coroner issued a death certificate – effectively allowing the hospital to release the body as if it was going for burial or cremation.


    This ALL has to be done by Tuesday! The family still faces an enormous hurdle, they need a ventilator which would prevent Jahi imo, from going into a nursing home, I can’t fathom what the cost of a ventilator is.

  18. So, I can see it now, she stops breathing, they call 911… Lord Jesus this is such a mess and so many levels of wrong. What about the germs? Or the laws of having a corpse? Are the authorities able to enforce the laws concerning this? I would think yes. This only release the hospital of her care.

    • mimi ~ according to FOX news, the family can move Jahi BUT the hospital does NOT have to insert a breathing tube nor a feeding tube in which Children’s has emphatically stated “they won’t perform the 2 procedures on a deceased person.” They too warned Jahi could go into cardiac arrest during the move, as explained from lorac’s link to “sprocket/Trials & Tribulations,” the heart doesn’t receive brain signals to beat, it beats independently.

      This is not the first family NOR will it be the last that loses their child & has to make the heartbreaking decision to allow their child to go in peace, the ignorance of this family is shameful imo, I hate to criticize them but they have gotten all the publicity & potentially money out of this tragedy at the expense of Jahi.

      Christians believe that when we die, our souls go on to heaven, what remains on earth is the body & eventually, it will become dust.

      • As a Christian, this is my belief also. And I agree with the rest of your comment. I just hate that what the last memories will be of their child. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    • I just have a hard time believing someone is actually going to take the girl as a patient. They know that no insurance will pay for the care of a dead person, and now they know that the family will have to be responsible for the exhorbitant costs, and the only recourse of donations does not sound very stable.

      Any facility always thinks ahead to discharge, and there are no discharge options for this patient – if the family stops being able to pay, the facility will be stuck with the patient. The only way they could get out of the situation is to call 911 and have an ambulance bring her to an ER, and then it’s all back to square one, with an even more decomposing body.

      • lorac ~ I think that’s a lot of the problem, the family hasn’t found anyone to actually take Jahi as Children’s has stated that they “haven’t been contacted by anyone.” This has to be done by Mon. or Tue. to move her. (1-7-14)

        I too would think that Medicaid would have to agree to PAY for Jahi’s medical cost to any facility, physicians that weighed in said “private insurance WON’T pay for a deceased person.” I wouldn’t think Medicaid would pay either but IDK.

        There are 2 other cases going on now, one in Tx. of a pregnant woman that is “brain dead.” Her husband wants life support to be cut BUT in the case of woman that is pregnant, the baby has priority PER State Law & the mother has to be kept alive.

        Experts weigh in on Texas law keeping brain-dead pregnant woman alive!


        • arttart, no insurance, private or Medicaid/Medi-cal will pay for care of a dead person. Insurance companies, whether medical (even workers comp), auto, etc, always try to get out of whatever they can. The easiest thing for them to do is point out that there are no billing codes for “care of the dead”. They don’t pay for anything they don’t have a billing code for.

          It’s always been hard for people to find MDs or facilities that will accept Medicaid/Medi-cal, because it pays them so poorly. And of course now, millions more have been added to those rolls without increasing the fee or adding any MDs, so it will be even tougher. So even if she weren’t dead it would take some work to find her a placement, harder now with more people on Medicaid/Medi-cal. But of course as we know, she IS dead.

          To me, this is one more instance of the media not doing their job – instead of investigating, they tend instead towards National Enquirer territory. So apparently even when it’s not officially politics, they don’t bother vetting the subject, they just want sensationalism for their own payoff.

          I really hope the judge holds to the Monday deadline, and doesn’t play into this family’s fantasies. I can’t help noticing how their threatening to storm the hospital if their demands weren’t met seems to be becoming a common tactic of certain people.

      • Exactly. I wonder also, since the coroner has issued the death cert. will this ultimately stop any pain and suffering yada yada civil suit? I tell ya I have seen foundation in the future, still do from way back here.

        So agree with your post

    • ROFLMAO @ “being intimidated by the police”……Btw that moron xXBazooka is the same idiot who was emailing the lake mary police chief about George being the next sandyhook

  19. Looks like the Terri Schiavo foundation had been misrepresenting some of the facts in their quest to “help” the family of Jahi

    We learned on Tuesday that the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network has been working behind the scenes to help the family find a place to transfer the girl. “Jahi McMath has been labeled a ‘deceased’ person. Yet she retains all the functional attributes of a living person, despite her brain injury,” the organization said.

    Sadly, that’s not true. We’re not talking about someone in a coma. We’re also not talking about Schiavo, the Florida woman in a persistent vegetative state who was the center of a seven-year fight over whether to keep her alive. Jahi’s condition is much worse. Unlike Schiavo, in Jahi’s case, there is no brain function. http://www.contracostatimes.com/daniel-borenstein/ci_24835770/daniel-borenstein-mischaracterizations-jahi-mcmaths-condition-have-helped

  20. Interesting story Im suprised the Tray-grieved have not latched onto

    Man, 23, who was sentenced to SIX life sentences plus 118 years as a teen for armed robbery that hurt no one asks for last ditch pardon

    Travion Blount’s lawyers claim the Norfolk man should serve no more than 20 years for his part in the September 2006 robbery
    The then-15-year-old raided a house party with two 18-year-olds who received 10-year and 13-year sentences in plea deals
    Blount refused a plea agreement and was found guilty by a Norfolk jury
    A Circuit Court judge then handed down what many believe is the longest sentence in the country given to a teenage offender for a crime that wasn’t murder
    He has been in Wallens Ridge State Prison, a maximum-security facility in Big Stone Gap, since 2007
    His family is now asking for a conditional pardon from outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2532857/Travion-Blount-asks-pardon-Man-23-sentenced-SIX-life-sentences-plus-118-years-teen-armed-robbery-hurt-no-one-asks-ditch-pardon.html#ixzz2pPBoU36z
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  21. David, lol, looks like Leatherhead getting beat up lol. He don’t know what talking about and for once his Followers are making sense, which is good, that shows they can think on their own, I thankful for that. I guess no begging message on these articles haha, they ganged up rightfully on him 🙂

    You would THINK, if he was going to put up articles he would AT LEAST RESEARCH.. Hell he reads here *WAVING HEY LEATHERHEAD.. I posted links to the hospital and Family Attorney papers filed in court..

  22. Thanks Prev to Lorac… this
    is the latest and very informative and in laymans terms put about what is going on.

    Thanks again Lorac 🙂

    The family of brain-dead/brain-stem dead teenager Jahi McMath had their day in court. I’ve been enjoying local media reports that characterize the decision as a “victory” for the family. My reading comprehension tells me that CHO now doesn’t “need” or require speaking to the transporting or receiving facility. All they need to do is show up, and the hospital will let their critical care team move Jahi from a bed to a gurney. Jahi’s “critical care staff” will disconnect CHO’s ventilator from her endotracheal tube and attach to theirs, take her IVs or central lines as they are, her urinary catheter, EKG leads to their own monitor, and pulse oximeter finger sensor. CHO will give a report on her conditions, copy of the medical treatments; go over most recent labs, and that’s that. CHO’s responsibility ends and it is now on the mother of the deceased teen.

    More: http://sprocket-trials.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-long-sad-death-of-jahi-mcmath.html

  23. From comments:

    Kimmode K
    • 10 hours ago
    One of the nurses at childrens donated $5 to the gofundme fundraiser for Jahi just so she could post a message to them saying that Jahi’s family refuses to allow the hospital to discuss any of her hospital records because they know that they were in the post-op recovery unit with her and the ignored the instruction to not let Jahi talk and definitely don’t feed her. They had her talking and it is reported that they even fed her something. THIS is what caused the massive bleeding. They refused to follow post-op instruction. THAT is why her mother feels so guilty and doesn’t want her to die, because she knows that she had a lot to do with what caused jahi’s death.

  24. Dunn settles wrongful death lawsuit with the family of Jordan Davis

    Published: 1/03 11:41 pm
    Updated: 1/03 11:58 pm

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The lawyer representing the family of Jordan Davis says he reached an out-of-court settlement in the teen’s wrongful death lawsuit.

    Jacksonville attorney John Phillips tell Action News he made an offer to Michael Dunn and his legal team which was accepted.

    Dunn is facing murder charges for firing a gun at an SUV at a gas station on the Southside. Police say the shooting followed an argument over loud music.Jordan Davis, 17, was killed.

    Phillips says a separate suit with two other teens in the vehicle was also settled. The terms of the settlement were not immediately released.

    • ** interesting, wonder who was suing whom? >

      “Phillips says a separate suit with two other teens in the vehicle was also settled. The terms of the settlement were not immediately released.”

  25. Jahi McMath: Mom can remove brain-dead daughter from hospital, judge rules

    After the lower court hearing, attorneys headed to federal court blocks away in Oakland, where a magistrate presided over a conference between attorneys for the family and the hospital. After about six hours, attorneys for both sides emerged, saying that no new agreement or order had come out of the meeting

    Dolan filed a complaint in federal court on Monday, asking for an additional order forcing the hospital to keep the girl on the ventilator and give her the breathing and feeding tubes, saying that the hospital was violating the family’s freedom of religion and privacy by forcing them to take the girl off the breathing machine. A federal judge will hear arguments Tuesday afternoon, about four hours before the Superior Court order is set to expire.

    In papers filed with a state appeals court Friday, attorneys for Children’s Hospital said a demand that doctors perform surgery on Jahi’s body was “grotesque and unprecedented.” The hospital’s chief of pediatrics, Dr. David Durand, said that hospital staff members were “demoralized” by the court’s order forcing them to continue caring for a dead girl. That court took no action Friday.

    Elsewhere Friday, an Alameda County coroner’s office investigator said Jahi’s death certificate has been issued and that it listed her name and date of death as Dec. 12, the day she was declared brain dead after her sleep apnea surgery ended with complications, but listed no cause of death pending an autopsy. Officials have not yet made that certificate

    • Inevitable.

      Jeremiah Wright was lead speaker at a Baptist revival at the racist church on the corner of our block this fall.

  26. A Tragedy Compounded: The Heart-Wrenching Case of Jahi McMath May Have Devastating Consequences to Organ Donation!

    The creation of uncertainty surrounding a 13-year-old’s “brain death” criteria may have devastating consequences.


    jmho ~ when the family finally concedes at some point that Jahi is dead, her body will have to be autopsied for cause of death, what started the bleeding, initial bleeding, etc., her organs wouldn’t be appropriate for transplant.

      • But when an autopsy is performed, the organs are removed, weighed, & examined, she had previously gone into cardiac arrest, I would think the heart would be useless.

        I’ve read RUMORS ONLY that Jahi was diabetic as stated in the Trials/Tribulation article that stated it was being “shared on the internet but is NOT a known fact in this case,” as of yet, there is no credible source reporting Jahi was diabetic. This has to do w/the information the family WON’T allow the Hospital to share, it may well be possible but we don’t know.

    • I read an article last night that said if going to donate organs, they have to immediately start to stabilize the the body with diff meds because the body goes haywire. I think I read this on that blog Trial and Tribulations? Also I wonder if it is as simple as handing her dead body over. I just don’t see it. I see this as the Hospital being relieved as they would if sent to coroner. What happens after they hand off to family, Hosp is done, but that doesn’t mean the issue is over. There are all kinds of laws to be followed, and I just don’t see it as cut and dry.

      I read back on the Uncles twitter last night before Dec 9th. He is the one who sent out multi tweets and stuff. He has an agent for something, not sure what. Media flooded with requests saying hosp lied and blah blah. Most likely why so much coverage first. Wonder what the media really thought when truth started coming out? Sure some churn the same bs always, but I have read some stories that have kinda changed from orig story. TRUE, I don’t live there and not seeing all…

  27. from comments
    At 1:43 into the video, Ms. Chatman says: “…Jahi and I were both trying to suction, out of, you know…Jahi was spitting the blood out.” Basically, she admitted on video that she and Jahi were using the suctioning device and then tried cover what she said. This unauthorized use certainly could have caused the wounds to reopen and bleed out, in my opinion

  28. Attorney for Jordan Davis parents implicated for improper recruitment and payment of college athletes!

    TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — John Phillips is no stranger to the spotlight.

    The Jacksonville, Fla., lawyer and Alabama alumnus made headlines after admitting to AL.com that he had edited an unflattering video of then-Auburn offensive coordinator’s Gus Malzahn’s wife Kristi in 2011.

    He was also shopping photos on behalf of a client of Johnny Manziel allegedly signing autographs this past summer. And he’s a regular as a legal expert on HLN.

    Now he’s one of three agents implicated in a Yahoo! Sports report of funneling money to college athletes — including ex-Alabama offensive lineman D.J. Fluker — through another ex-Tide player Luther Davis. http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2013/09/alabama_alum_john_phillips_imp.html

  29. “He said the scene was gruesome. “She was coughing up buckets of blood,” he said.

    At the same time, Sealey said it appeared to the family as though the nursing staff had vanished during what seemed to be a shift change. In the family’s minds, there didn’t seem to be enough hospital staff in the room to help. The family started suctioning blood themselves; Jahi’s grandmother, Sandra Chatman, is a nurse at another hospital.

    “A 13-year-old should not have to suction herself,” Sealey said. “She had to use a suction machine to suction her own blood. Her mother and stepfather had to suction out her blood at points. None of them work for this hospital.” http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Oakland-8th-Grader-Brain-Dead-After-236015681.html

  30. Good to know lol~ especially when have an impatient grandchild

    UberFacts ‏@UberFacts 2h
    There’s a remote control shortcut to skip unwanted title screens, warnings and trailers in DVDs — Press STOP STOP PLAY

    • jordan2222 ~ glad to see you, you have been on my mind as a Fla. resident. I first read about this story in the OS., a 30 yr. Dr., a medical student moved from Fla. to Michigan to continue her studies. THEN! She is reported missing. BUT! Things aren’t always as they seem.

      Findings: as the investigation has uncovered, Dr. Teleka Patrick was not all she appeared to be. Apparently, Dr. Patrick NOT ONLY relocated to continue her studies, but to CONTINUE stalking a “famous gospel singer nominated for 8 grammys, Marvin Sapp, who had accused Dr. Patrick of STALKING & filed a restraining order against her, Dr. Patrick had approached his young children.

      The night of her disappearance, after trying to rent a room at the Radizen, her car is later found in a ditch without Dr. Patrick & her purse. The family has hired a private investigator to try to locate her, most suspect foul play, the family had NO idea of the “stalking accusation & restraining order.”

      jordan ~ I saw an interview w/an ex husband that stated they divorced due to her “mental problems,” but that “Dr. P accused him of trying to hold her back.” The family is now admitting they are reading of the questions of her mental stability BUT they fear “she has met w/foul play.”


      I thought you might be following this case since it originated in Fla. I have been following it, but sadly, jmho, it won’t have a happy ending.

  31. Nettles, I keep thinking about you, do ya feel my vibes 🙂 the news keeps saying CANADAN ARTIC BLAST…OVER AND OVER~ we are SOUTH! and they just said on news that for my state ARkansas wind chills expected to be -10 to -25 degrees F!!! Lol I was telling my parents about your ice quake or whatever you said up thread (read to them) Parts of state suppose to get rain/snow. I am ok with it, just worry about the huge Oak trees in my small yard. Thinking seriously about having some taken out this year. Praying for everyone to stay warm and safe. Do not over do it. I saw where that causes a lot of heart attacks, shoveling snow.


    • In my defense, I did spend my first 30 years with normal seasons – scraping windows, waiting for car to warm up, block heaters, shovelling, having snowplow block my shoveled driveway, having to wear hats and mittens and long sleeves, all of which I hate to wear lol

      I can’t remember if shovelling/shoveled have one or two ‘l”s….

    • ROFLMBO, David I was coming to leave you the same message! You beat me too it 🙂 🙂 Right on queue! Every month around the same day. Seems like last few articles, umm he fell flat on face with. I did laugh at how he tried to stir on the Jahi, and they all but Marlisha got on him lol one even telling him to stick to law, that he clearly didn’t know about medical hahaha

    • Usually its around the 3rd or 5th give or take. Then in December, he started mid month, prob because a few say they don’t get their SS check til mid month, Even went so far as could almost hear his rants if ya listen real hard 😉 If he thinks his crap is worth paying for.. why doesn’t he make it where you have to sign up and have auto deductions taken out lol like a payroll deduction. SMH. Sad people feel the need to pay for BS, shoot we can go read if we want for free haha.. ok back on track and gonna be nice now 🙂

  32. Sorry this made me laugh WTH????

    I have to admit…I didn’t think it would happen. I fully expected their lawyer to go for another last-minute extension on Tuesday, perhaps blaming the bad weather in the NE as why she couldn’t be transported. Then again, I figured the Schiavo Foundation should have some insight as to what staff and equipment would be needed and know some like-minded individuals.
    If she is on her way to NY, she could be in the air now. I know the small planes used for medical transports are not fully pressured like large commercial planes. A pilot on another site mentioned that he has transported dead bodies. Because of internal gases, etc in the body and the not fully pressurized cabins, sometimes the dead bodies will sit up.
    Can any pilots confirm or deny this could happen? Because her family will think it is a resurrection…
    (And this paper needs a proofreader. Sigh.)

    jwissick > Patti1968
    • 11 minutes ago
    Aircraft used for these transports are of the Leer Jet or Lockheed type and are fully pressurized.

  33. Statement Regarding The Jahi Case

    New Beginnings and the Brendan House are facilities that are about preserving life and treating brain injured patients with care and dignity. We do encourage every citizen to take the time to educate themselves more clearly on the issues of what brain death is and what it is not. This child has been defined as a deceased person yet she has all the functional attributes of a living person despite her brain injury. We encourage every American citizen to learn what their rights as patients truly are especially in dire circumstances.

    Angela Clemente & Associates and a skilled team of experts along with Attorney Chris Dolan are handling all aspects of Jahi’s case. Ms. Clemente will notify me later this afternoon about providing an additional statement. Thank you for your concern about this little angel who deserves a chance to be cared for with dignity and respect

    • Seeing how Randy Travis, helped them out, I wonder if they have tried to help Randy out after his health issues grrrr

      From archive link:
      Schindler didn’t tell us anything, including how the organization spent $34,000 more than it collected in 2008; about the money it raised from a concert with country stars Randy Travis and Colin Ray, why as it told the IRS, the Foundation doesn’t have a conflict of interest policy; and why it is using the name Terri Schiavo. A court document gives Michael Schiavo intangible rights to his wife’s name.

  34. (CNN) — A New York facility says it’s ready to care for Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old girl on a ventilator who was declared brain dead by doctors in California after tonsil surgery.

    “At this time we’re named as the potential facility that Jahi and her family will be coming to, but we will know more details in a couple of hours, and we’ll certainly be happy to let you know as we know,” said Allyson Scerri, founder of the New Beginnings Community Center in Medford, New York.

  35. Oh, NatJack. What a wonderful world it can become with ppl like you defending hate, violence and thuggery. Well, defending it if the source of such happens to be black.

    Warning: Linked video is NSFW

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