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Jahi McMath

jahi The tragic events surrounding Jahi McMath, a 13 year old girl, who was getting her tonsils out, developed complications after surgery and was declared brain-dead on December 12th.

Her parents can’t accept that their daughter is gone because a ventilator is able to keep her heart pumping. Late last night she was removed from the hospital, with her mother accepting full responsibility to whatever happens to Jahi’s body next.

Mimi posted a statement from a facility in New York, connected with the Terri Schiavo case that says it stands ready to accept the girl’s body.

“New Beginnings and the Brendan House are facilities that are about preserving life and treating brain injured patients with care and dignity. We do encourage every citizen to take the time to educate themselves more clearly on the issues of what brain death is and what it is not. This child has been defined as a deceased person yet she has all the functional attributes of a living person despite her brain injury. We encourage every American citizen to learn what their rights as patients truly are especially in dire circumstances.

Angela Clemente & Associates and a skilled team of experts along with Attorney Chris Dolan are handling all aspects of Jahi’s case. Ms. Clemente will notify me later this afternoon about providing an additional statement. Thank you for your concern about this little angel who deserves a chance to be cared for with dignity and respect”


How long the family keeps this girl from resting in peace is unknown. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.


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  1. The argument was to be heard today on whether the family could “use” the ventilator belonging to Children’s Hospital.

    Does anyone know if her body was removed w/Children’s ventilator?

    • Children’s released the corpse to the coroner who let the mother take it.
      These people are being allowed to break all kinds of rules and standards.

      • casssandra ~ my fear is that this will start a trend w/the minimally informed or give them ideas just as we have seen in a few other cases of families taking instructions from TM’s families playbook. jmho, this may call for more laws in the future, I don’t think Children’s will find themselves in another position like this.

        Jahi can’t digest anything, the “feeding tube” that needs to be installed I assume is for liquid nutrients that would be dispel through a catheter like urine, is that your assumption also? IDK.

        Off to watch your link.

  2. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/01/05/dolan-jahi-mcmath-interview/

    watch the interview with columnist Phil Matier

    Dolan’s agenda is to change the cap on malpractice involving children. It is likely that some attorney referred the uncle to Dolan knowing his leadership and advocacy with the Consumer Watchdog group fighting for tort law changes.

    The family is angry and wants restitution.

    From listening to the grandmother and mother for weeks now I suspect they are lying about much of what happened post op.

    • The hospital and its employees are forbidden to disclose any information regarding Jahi’s post operative course, but relatives of Jahi and family members of other patients have reported that although Jahi was supposed to be on voice rest and to not have any food, but that her family was encouraging her to talk, and she was given solid food. Also, the family may have tried to suction Jahi. On the family’s donation site, an anonymous donor made the minimum donation ($5), purported themselves to be a hospital employee, and accused the family of not following doctor’s instructions.

      I have a real problem with Jahi’s condition being described as a “persistent vegetative state”. Patients in a vegetative state can breathe on their own and have some brain function. Jahi will not breathe on her own (documented in neurology consultant’s report) and has zero brain function or blood flow to her brain. AFAIK, there are zero reported instances of brain dead individual experiencing any kind of meaningful recovery.

  3. A friend on facebook posted that Jahi actually had more than just her tonsils removed. She had 3 procedures.

    “From CHO’s attorney’s response court filings on December 20, we learned that Jahi had not had a simple tonsillectomy, but actually several invasive procedures to open up her upper airway. She’d undergone an adenotonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, and submucous resection of bilateral inferior turbinates. In laymen’s terms, her tonsils and adenoids had been surgically removed from the back of her throat, her uvula (that thing hanging down at the back of your throat) and soft palate removed or remodeled, and excess soft tissue removed from the back of her nose.”

    • My understanding is that these are the 3 procedures that were done in the most recent surgery – that’s why it was disingenous for the family to keep presenting it to media as “a simple tonsilectomy”. But I’ve also read that this recent surgery was the third surgery for this issue. So it sounds like it was the third surgery, with 3 procedures in the last surgery.

  4. Nettles is sending her hugs to us all thru the Polar Vortex, so when we huddle up to get warm, it is her warmth we feel. Ok sounds good… its soo cold here. The sun is shining bright. I am thankful for answered prayers so far no winter mix 🙂

    Nettles love is going back home 🙂 She is smart lady, knows not to overstay her welcome 🙂 hey come back next summer, PLEASE haha http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/01/06/polar-vortex-cold-air/4342315/

  5. from comments
    At 1:43 into the video, Ms. Chatman says: “…Jahi and I were both trying to suction, out of, you know…Jahi was spitting the blood out.” Basically, she admitted on video that she and Jahi were using the suctioning device and then tried cover what she said. This unauthorized use certainly could have caused the wounds to reopen and bleed out, in my opinion

    • Nettles ~ A little backstory.

      KZ is outstanding, she was a MODERATOR for the “The Hinky Meter, which was owned by Valhall & who was a SCIENTIST, Valhall/KZ can explain in the simplest of terms to anyone that can’t grasp the science/medical. The Hinnky Meter is where KZ got her outstanding reputation as well as Valhall, since the Hinky Meter closed, it’s good to see KZ contributing the facts in this case leaving nothing to rumor.

      KZ was mentioned in Ann Rule’s last book on the Rebecca Zahau case, no one was more surprised than Valhall r KZ, the information came directly from the Hinky Meter, KUDOS to Ann Rule for giving credit where it was due. ANYONE who kept up w/the science/medical in KC’s case, know KZ & Valhall from their contributions, KZ has a fine reputation.

      • yep or rather longer stays “alive” look at all the pain and suffering and also the family has filed a motion in federal court on various rights violations they feel were trampled upon.

      • that is my best guess.

        the mom has other small children living through this drama. I think it is horribly abusive what they have done to the siblings.

      • I can’t understand HOW the family is going to sue for monies & are expecting a big pay day? Who do they think owes them? The families attorney tried the bull chit that “Jahi’s civil rights were violated,” but Children’s Hospital Attorney said you “couldn’t violate the rights of a dead person.” The Coroner pronounced Jahi dead weeks earlier, I don’t see how this makes the Hospital negligent because they didn’t respond to the families demands AFTER Jahi had been declared dead.

  6. Lol, Leatherhead has a new article up about what happen to a brain body after brain death,
    WHAT is interesting, at least to ME and David will understand too. On his first article, everyone actually was (at time) commenting rationally and a few even called Leatherhead out haha. One said paraphrasing, stick to law evident knew nothing about medical field.

    ANYWAY… we are into the begging time of month on each article… BUT HIS ARTICLE ON BODY/BRAIN DEATH DOES NOT have that begging for $ that all his articles do once he posts, til end of beg cycle. Hmm proves beyond a reasonable doubt his emotion pushing agenda 🙂

    What happens to a body after brain death?

    Monday, January 6, 2014

    Good afternoon:

    If you have been wondering how long a brain-dead body can last on a ventilator and what sort of changes occur in the body over time, here is an article by Rachael Rettner in Live Science that provides a good explanation.
    Share this:
    Frederick Leatherman Frederick Leatherman

    ***possible tho Leatherhead was in a hurry and will come back and edit 😉

    • I WAS RIGHT!!! Leatherhead, skipped the Jahi McMath article with his beggin g. VERY NEXT article and couple prior to. guess 837 wasn’t work a donation 🙂 SMH

      Writing articles and maintaining this blog involves a lot of time and effort. This is our 838th post in a little over two years. Please consider making a donation today, if you value what we do and would like us to continue producing articles for your information and enjoyment.
      Thank you,

  7. Not sure what the mental midgets on Xena’s mouth breather hate rag think Samantha can testify to a grand jury about being that she did not even enter the picture until 18 months after the shooting. Those fools will latch on to ANYTHING!

    • She could testify to what George told her about that night.

      It’s difficult to imagine the feds pursuing charges against George. There’s nothing there and the political backlash of continuing to persecute a man already found not-guilty would be enormous IMO. People held back because a jury was going to decide. But now that he’s had his time in court I think people would hit back. Hard. It would be such an obvious and blatant violation of his civil rights. Even more so than his original arrest and charge.

      • The email seems to confirm that Sam has a subpoena for a Federal Grand Jury. Why that Jury is linked to Zimmerman remains unknown.

        The case the Jury is looking at could be anything. No proof it has anything to do with Zimmerman.

        I’ve emailed the writer and recipient of the emails O’Connor exposed yesterday to ask what proof they have the Federal Grand Jury case is anything Zimmerman related. So far no response.

      • “She could testify to what George told her about that night.”

        But can she prove that he was telling her the truth when he did?

        • Has anyone asked Samantha on twitter if she has been supoened in a Federal Grand Jury and if so, does the case involve George Zimmerman?

          Samantha has unfollowed me so I can’t ask privately.

  8. I bet whatever you want to bet, THIS is who is doing the trach and feeding tube on Jahi~~ notice she is being cared for by an unnamed Catholic facility…

    That doctor, Stanford School of Medicine’s Chief of Pediatric Neurology Paul Graham Fisher, wrote of “electrocerebral silence,” along with no eye movement, no vocalization, no gag reflex and no spinal reflex, among other findings, in redacted notes (PDF) obtained by NBC Bay Area.

    “Overall, unfortunate circumstances in 13-year-old with known, irreversible brain injury and non complete absence of cerebral function and complete absence of brainstem function, child meets all criteria for brain death,” Fisher wrote.

    However, Dolan cited in court the observations of Dr. Paul Byrne of Ohio, a Catholic doctor who told NBC Bay Area in an exclusive Dec. 27 interview he does not believe that brain death is “true death.”

    With “proper nutrition and care” McMath can have meaningful recovery to the degree that she would not meet the “brain death” criteria, Byrne said in court filings.

    Byrne continued that he observed Jahi on Monday, and saw her arms and legs “squirming.” In his opinion, he wrote, “this signifies that she is not dead.”

    The California Department of Health is investigating Children’s Hospital Oakland and Jahi’s case.

    • While it is clear that something is whited out, it is not clear as to who did it.

      Christi may have received this document with the white-out on it already.

      The document can be considered “privileged” information and whoever gave it to Christi may have violated departmental disclosure protocols.

  9. Thanks DebfmHell for link tonight
    The family spokesperson, Jahi’s maternal uncle, the family attorney, and the cosmetologist spokesperson for the nonprofit, non-healthcare facility community center in New York (a building which rents space to therapists, not a licensed or regulated health care facility) offering to (care for vs temporarily store) Jahi’s body, continue to advance their agenda that Jahi is merely “brain damaged”, and as such, is entitled to state and federal protections. There is speculation by a number of web commentators and bloggers that this insistence on “brain damaged and disabled” versus brain dead, and “really most sincerely dead” is simply an attempt to preserve Jahi’s “aliveness” in preparation for a flurry of court actions designed at recovering monetary damages in excess of California’s pain and suffering caps. The uncle, in a recorded press conference referred to the number of $250,000 as “chump change”, and suggested that the more appropriate number is $30,000,000. Thirty million versus $250,000. Maybe it’s just me, but it is pretty unseemly to be tossing around these kind of numbers while Jahi is still alive. Or wait—is Jahi alive? Is Jahi dead?

    • Almost choked when I read this comment on the sprocket!

      Anonymous said…
      Thank you so much for your accurate reporting on this sad case. This is turning into a Trayvon Martin circus, with the printed T-shirts, posturing by the family, and the one-sided manipulation of of the “optics” for public empathy. They are now thinking dollar signs. I hope the hospital has an air-tight case, and I hope this family doesn’t get a dime. They are playing the system, seeing a lotto win, and re-animating their dead daughter in a most horrible way to further their selfish cause.
      January 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM

    • If you go to this blogs article, its not for the weak stomach person. Honest and matter of fact. It made me cry. Cry for all involved, most especially the nursing staff. Whew Praying heartfelt prayers for them.

    • it appears this is dated the 7th Jan. Not filed stamped. Since Jahi was released from hosp, the order for taking off vent no longer in effect. but there is the personal rights motions filed in Federal Court

  10. El Hoff makes a very valid point. For purposes of a “hate crime” the only thing the feds can consider is what was happening at the time George pulled the trigger. As long as you have Trayvon on top of George beating the tar out him you have a reasonable motive for shooting that has absolutely nothing to do with the color of trayvon’s skin.

  11. Alexander, 33, may soon be back behind bars, less than two months after she got out.
    According to the office of State Attorney Angela Corey, Alexander violated the conditions of her bond within days of being released. She went out shopping for clothes, drove family members to the hair shop and airport, got a new driver’s license and visited the bank.

    Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2014-01-07/story/prosecutors-seek-put-marissa-alexander-back-jail-blatant-violations-her#ixzz2pk101DuJ

  12. Say it aint so!! 😉
    BREAKING: Velveeta shortage caused by polar vortex

    Posted by Max Brantley on Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 1:57 PM
    Stop the dang presses. This just in from Ad Age:

    Kraft Foods Group is grappling with a Velveeta shortage just as the dip season kicks into full gear.

    “Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favorite product on store shelves over the next couple of weeks,” Kraft spokeswoman Jody Moore said in an email. “Our retail customers are aware of the situation and we expect it to be a short-term issue.”

    The article notes an ancillary impact on another beloved food item, the Ro-Tel tomatoes that Kraft co-promotes with ConAgra as the ideal mix-in for melted Velveeta.

    We’ll alert you when a Mike Huckabee statement arrives. I suspect an Obama is at the bottom of this somewhere.

    • Wow, not a Huffington Post follower, but isn’t that kinda racist that there is a black voices? I mean would be said if it have a Huffington White Voices, or insert any other race. SMDH!

      • They have always had black voices. Sharpton is only one of the resident black voices. Don’t read the section unless you want to stay angry all day. The Martin coverage was the worst of the bunch. They have gay voices, too.

        • lol geesh. I saw it on twitter, I was actually shocked when I read it. Having read so many comments about Huff Post. I don’t think I would want to read it tho lol I will take your warning 🙂

          • Voices

            Black Voices
            Latino Voices
            Voces (en español)
            Gay Voices

            Pretty far left. They ignore controversial subjects that could make Obama look bad.. Benghazi has hardly been mentioned since the start and, of course, factual data about Obamacare does not even get an honorable mention.

            I rarely post there any longer but did have quite a few friends and fans at one time. A few of us from the CTH spoke up for George and we actually changed a few minds.

            For the record, Andrew Breitbart helped Adrianna Huffington launch the Huffington Post.

            • Wow so many voices… cant even the voices get along 😉 guess not ha ha. I knew that about Huffingtion & Breitbart, only from reading when he passed away. At time I didn’t know who he was. Politics just get so … don’t know the word.. guess too busy raising my kiddos then pay much to all the Political mumbo jumbos lol. No offense ment to anyway.

  13. Dumb and Delusional is Danny’s middle name

    DannyWarrior | 01/07/2014 at 2:26 pm
    I wonder if because of this Federal Grand Jury investigation if some of his supporters could be called to testify because of their close contact with him? Emails and such? It seems some of them have had close contact with S.S. too.

      • http://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/discussion-with-danny-part-1-the-bgi/#more-2178

        I saw that but honestly do not know for sure what Danny’s position really is about some issues. I do respect the work he has done in the school system and I felt his pain when he lost his Mom.

        I guess I do not follow him as well as others plus I missed all of the controversy, He has never been disrespectful to me so I read what he has to say. I do disagree with him about some things. When George used the term “God’s Plan,” George did not have a chance to expound on that. He did NOT mean that God planned the event. Many folks say that about a lot of things. Everything happens for a reason and I say for a good reason even though it may not seem like it at the time.

        We are all here to help one another, not change others to our way of thinking.

  14. From November 19th interview with DOJ and AG Holder

    The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, said that charging Zimmerman with a federal hate crime would be difficult because it would not be enough to show that he followed Martin that night because of his race. Prosecutors would have to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman killed Martin because of his race, the officials said.

    The officials said Zimmerman’s acquittal in state court could further complicate a civil rights case, as would FBI interviews with witnesses last year that suggested racial bias was not a motivating factor in the killing. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/holder-justice-dept-to-soon-announce-decision-on-zimmerman/2013/11/19/e792797a-5142-11e3-a7f0-b790929232e1_story.html

    • That’s good news. I wish they’d just close it and let him get on with his life. I checked twitter and it looks like he’s making friends with some of his supporters and that’s helping him to feel safer getting out. He said he went to a movie. His supporters could even help him with employment.

  15. Just read an article about Jahi, and I happen to think, what about her teachers, students at her school, church, neighbors, other friends and family members. Its hard for me as an adult, but for a child, or trying to explain this to a child. I pray God wrap them ALL in His loving arms, give them comfort.

  16. Checking in. I was on a cruise ship last week and had no internet service. The situation with the 13 year old girl is sad. If it was one of my daughters, I’d likely try to hang on to hope where there is no hope. Seems like there’s more happening with GZ, Sammy, Christi, and our beloved Eric Holder that I need to catch up on.

    Does anyone here enjoy cruises. There must be something I’m missing or I just didn’t do it right. My husband and I might just be land lovers. Would appreciate comments. I’d like to ask that on Facebook but one of the people we went with is on Facebook.

    What do you enjoy on cruises? What do you do during days at sea?

    • Sharon ~ I went on a cruise a couple of years ago w/some fellow teachers & I personally hated it. I felt like herded cattle, herding to get off at a destination that was ONLY for a day at most, watching the clock closely so we boarded on time, then herding to get back on the boat. Cruise ships DON’T make money when they are docked, that’s why they want to get back to sea ASAP.

      I live in La. & we have riverboat gambling which is popular. Many of the people I visited w/on the cruise said that was one of the reasons they liked cruises, when the boat was in international waters, they could gamble but that wasn’t anything special imo since we have HUGE casinos.

      The cruise liner we were on was the “Ecstasy,” it was inundated w/kids, kids screaming, kids crying, kids peeing in the pools & jacuzzi’s. I’d NEVER AGAIN go on a cruise unless it was an “all adult cruise,” my friends & I went on our Spring Break & I didn’t find it relaxing. imo, it’s a better deal to just FLY into your destination/island, sleep as late as you want & you are on your OWN schedule to decide what you wanted to do, NOT the cruise ships. The “family reunion” families seem to lap up all the free food they could eat, I guess the adults enjoyed drinking pool side while their kids swam, NOT my idea of fun.

      2 of the days at sea we had storms, although the boats are huge, in turbulent seas, people were sick left/right throwing up. (we had a total of 3,000 people on our boat.) The infirmary had endless people in line to get something for nausea as all the gift shops had sold out. When it storms at sea, your stuck inside to gamble/play bingo, exercise, etc. There is entertainment at night, some people enjoy that. I too didn’t like the assigned seating at dinner.

      Good luck, a cruise for $ 800.00 was not my idea of a good time, a lot of money for cramped conditions imo.

      • George keeps saying he doesn’t know who Christi O’Connor is. That raises a red flag for me. How could he possibly not know who she is. His wife has been interviewed by her on television at least twice. It’s been in the news that Shellie is helping O’Connor and getting paid. I realize that George probably doesn’t have much communication with Shellie now, but surely he has a TV. Obviously he has Internet because he’s on twitter. There’s been a lot written about Christi using Shellie. I’ve even read things that suggested that Samantha may have texted Christi information right after calling 911 on George. His brother has mentioned Christi on his twitter. After I sent a donation and expressed a concern, George’s father responded by telling me that Christi was writing a book to put their family in a bad light and she was using Shellie. If George’s father knows this, how can George be so oblivious to who O’Connor is?

      • I hear you, Art. I used to be a teacher and the only time I could go on a cruise was spring break, summer, or Christmas vacations. We took a cruise on Carnival out of Galveston and I think most of the kids at my school were on the ship. The dance club from my school was there and a bunch of kids whose parents just decided to take that cruise. The ship was crawling with teenagers and young children. They even ran around with back packs, so when I was out, I felt like it was a change of classes. I kept feeling like I needed to tell them to stop running. Once a couple of kids started fighting by the elevator and I did step in with my teacher voice. Didn’t feel like a vacation.

        Carnival is probably the worst ship (next to Disney) for being over run with kids. Spring break is the time any ship is likely to be over run by kids. Cruises cost more during spring break, too.

        I checked and Ecstasy is rated 3.5. I’ve been on 3 Carnival ships and 1 Royal Caribbean and I think they had higher ratings. A 3.5 must have been unpleasant and to spend $800 for that would be awful. This time, we went on Celebrity Constellation. I didn’t know what rating it had but I guessed 3.5. It wasn’t as pretty as the other ships. The carpet looked old to me and the ship seemed small. The food in the main dinning room was not good. The buffet cafe was always crowded and it was stressful. We went to the Bahamas and didn’t get off the ship because we don’t like the Bahamas. We took the cruise because our friends were on it and invited us. They don’t like the Bahamas, either, and didn’t get off the ship. We didn’t feel herded that time because we didn’t get off. I was expecting the ship to be nicer with so many people off, but a lot stayed on. They didn’t have their main dinning room open for lunch. The Carnival & Royal ships did serve lunch in the main dining room. That was much nicer. We got off in Key West just long enough to go to mass. We really enjoyed mass in Key West. There just wasn’t enough time to do much else and we didn’t want to pay for lunch when we’d already paid for it on the ship. My husband and his friend went back out for awhile in the afternoon to get their obligatory Captain Tony’s beer glasses.

        The very first cruise we were on, we watched people getting left. Just as we were about to pull out, we saw a taxi pull to a screeching halt, the doors flew open and people ran toward the boat. Just then, the horn sounded and we started moving. That really made an impression on me. It would be very expensive to be left at a port and it would ruin the vacation. After that, we took cruise excursions because they say they won’t leave people on ship sponsored excursions. We haven’t liked those, though. We like to snorkel, but the cruise snorkeling excursion wasn’t much fun. We were taken to a location where all the cruise ships took people. There wasn’t much to see except the crowd of snorkelers from cruise ships.

        We like to go to resort hotels and often comment that it’s like a cruise ship that won’t take off and leave you. There’s seldom a problem getting a pool chair and you can rent an umbrella and chair on the beach. The only down side is that meals aren’t included, so the trip can get more expensive than you intend. The advantage of a cruise is that what you pay for the cruise and the excursions is all you have to pay. We even got all the drinks we wanted on this cruise.

        We enjoyed the company of our friends, but we just didn’t enjoy the ship.

        • Sharon ~ we too departed from Galveston instead of New Orleans thinking there would be less kids, we were wrong LOL! I found out AFTER my cruise, the “Ecstasy” had previously had a fire on board. I think far fewer people would take cruises IF they watched the 48 hours/Dateline investigative reporting on the disasters on Cruise Ships. That’s where I saw the “Ecstasy” info as the fire was highlighted. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest you look in the archives or GOOGLE to get the episodes, I wish I had seen them before I departed. It was appalling to see the crime rate on Cruise Ships, that information is NOT what the Cruise line wants their customers to know about.

          I guess I was shocked to see how many people die on Cruises for lack of basic adequate medical care, people falling down stairs, etc. I read about a gentleman that broke his hip on his cruise, he & his wife had been long time enthusiasts, the Cruise Ship LEFT him in a small city w/a minimal hospital to be operated on, the couple SUED the cruise line & the couple WON that case.

          I can see where you enjoyed the company of friends, I guess that’s why “Family Reunions” are so popular for Cruises.

          I have friends that swear on “all inclusive spas” for vacation, everything is included, they are rather pricey but after my experience, that will be my next suggestion.

          • I saw that documentary listed on Netflix. I’ll go back and watch it. One of the people we were with had problems with her diabetes while on the ship. Part of it was lack of will power and part was from lack of good choices and not knowing what was in what she ate. She was given the all you can drink plan as a perk and she gave into temptation.

          • As someone who has worked on a trauma floor on the border and the ocean, I tell people to ALWAYS buy travel insurance offered by the cruise plan, as well as additional to cover medical helicopter. Cruise passengers who are traumas or seriously ill, no matter where they live in the states, are brought to us first (well, cruises on the east side of Mexico probably go to TX). Don’t let yourself be treated by Mexican hospitals, and be financially prepared (the travel insurance) so that you can be brought back to the US as soon as possible after a trauma or illness. Your life may depend on it (I can tell you horror stories about Mexican medical facilities), and you don’t want that huge expense of transfer (and you may need to pay up front big bucks for the transfer if no insurance) – the insurance is worth it, just in case.

            • I liked the midnight buffets on Carnival, too. I don’t know if they do those anymore. They don’t on Royal and Celebrity. I think Celebrity has a lot more entertainment. We enjoyed the shows and the comedy clubs. I don’t know if it was because we were younger then or if Carnival’s entertainment was better. We also enjoyed dancing. I don’t think I like Celebrity’s Constellation. It’s rated 5 stars but I’d give it 3 or 3 and a half. I liked the beverage package, though. That was an added perk to get us to book.

              I’m not crazy about the shore trips. I would like them if we stayed overnight in the same place.

      • When my daughter and I went diving on the Great Barrier Reef, we were transported to the dive area on a high speed catamaran.There was about 30 of us and as we boarded, they grabbed some tablets that were in wooden bowls. I asked and was told that they were “ginger” tablets to prevent sea sickness. You might know that there is a natural remedy. I have never been sea sick in my life but we both took them to be safe.

        Glad you are back Aussie and I pray that you will return to perfect health soon.

        Here is a link for ginger:


        • I learned about the ginger remedy when on board the Pacific Jewel. The advice came from another passenger.

          Those ginger mojhitos were a very good fix when I started feeling queasy 🙂

          • Are you saying it will ‘cure’ seasickness AFTER you get sick? We took it as soon as we got on the boat and that is how most seasickness remedies work, AFAIK.

            • yes, it cured seasickness after I got seasick 🙂 The ginger really works well, and I am not just talking the ginger mojhito in saying that, because I wish that I had known about the properties of ginger before that trip!! LOL

  17. Excellent attitude;

    George Zimmerman @TherealGeorgeZ

    @silva1982 it’s simple, I just remember they don’t hate me because they don’t know me. They hate the GZ character the media made up 2 make $

  18. I like GZ’s comment about the haters not hating him but the straw man the media created. I don’t know that I’d really like George a whole lot, though, if I knew him. He did cheat on his wife and with someone like Samantha.

      • Breaking marriage vows is not illegal and it has nothing to do with the murder trial. Neither does his driving. Breaking marriage vows is not something I admire. He may have other traits I do admire, but that’s not one. My concern is that he is not persecuted because of a false story the Crump team created. I don’t have strong negative feelings about him because I don’t believe the man the media created exists. At the same time, if I were to get to know him, I might not like him or find him admirable.

        As for how he drives, that was blown out of proportion and used to further persecute him. I do care how people drive, though. I share the road with them.

  19. The problem I have with Alexander’s lawyer’s argument is I dont think JSO has the authority to grant permission for the trips. I think permission can only come from the court ——->>>> But Alexander’s attorney fired back with their own motion, insisting the Jacksonsville Sheriff’s Office, tasked with overseeing her bond, had signed off on every trip she took.

    “Unfortunately, the State of Florida, knowing that [her corrections officer] had authorized and given Marissa Alexander permission for each of the trips and stops alleged by the State to be wilful violations of Marissa Alexander’s bond, failed to include those exonerative facts in its application to this Court,” attorney Bruce Zimet wrote in his motion. http://www.msnbc.com/politicsnation/prosecutors-want-marissa-alexander-jailed

  20. Interesting development in Dunn/Jordan Davis….. apparently there is an objection to a defense witness: 237 — 12/19/2013
    238 — 12/24/2013
    239 — 1/7/2014
    240 — 1/7/2014
    241 — 1/7/2014

      • She is sweetie. 6 docs confirmed. this is sad and the longer it has gone, more of the Lawyers agena has came out. Nothing but sad on this case.

        • That is so sad. I hope it doesn’t delay her getting to Heaven. I don’t think it does. I don’t think it did for my mother. She said goodbye to us and told us she saw Heaven and was having trouble getting across. Then she started talking to Grandma and asked her to help her. She raised her arm as though reaching for Grandma’s hand and said, “Oh help me, Mamma.” Then her arm dropped and she was gone. The machine kept her alive until a nurse suggested we’d be more comfortable in another room. She unplugged the ventilator and had us wait outside until she go our mother moved. She came out in a few minutes and told us our mother had passed. I think she went to Heaven right after she asked Grandma to help her.

          I hope the same has happened to that girl. I hope they’re not delaying her getting to Heaven.

          • Bless you. I feel Mom went with Grandma then too. My Grandpa kept seeing his lil brother. I believe. Who gonna prove us wrong 😉 I believe Jahi soul went to Heaven already. Only way I can keep reading about this. Makes me angry this is happening, false hope is so wrong and this is on so many levels.

            • I agree with you, Mimi. I think Jahi’s soul is in Heaven, so she’s not being hurt by her family keeping her body alive. It’s the family that’s being hurt. I don’t know what anybody can do about it. They can’t heal from grief as long as they go down this path.

    • This is beyond macabre. I rarely want some random authority to intervene in people’s lives, but this is certainly an exception. I am sickened…

      • hard enough for adults to try and understand, Think about other children in this young teens life. So much wrong with this.

        • Especially her younger siblings, Mimi. I hope that her mother has a moment of clarity and quickly puts an end to this charade.

          • I can not imagine (and pray I never have to) what this Mother/family is going thru. Grief has so many stages and people go thru the stages different and at diff times. I was reading last night and the older sister who will be 19 on Jan 16 had a miscarriage around Nov 15. Which is roughly a month before Jahi was declared Brain Dead. She spoke of having to go to ER several times, and finally of the baby not having a heart beat. She chose to have a procedure rather than waiting it for it to happen naturally. It made me so sad. I wonder if this has any bearings on Jahi situation. Whether it does or not, it is still horrible to deal with 2 tragedies and so close together… There seems at least from our outside looking in, there are many with different agendas at play here. That is so unfair. It is inevitable that Mom is going to have to deal with her passing. It being made public and all the neg things being said will forever have a shadow on this precious lil girls memory. Something that when Mom will have to forever deal with, instead of the little girl being able to go with dignity and peace.

          • Fabi ~ the moment of “clarity” has long since passed imo. These families IMMEDIATELY see themselves as “celebrities,” just as we saw w/KC’s parent’s, TM’s parent’s, countless other families addicted it seems over night to the spot light, their agenda becomes chystal clear to those of above average intelligence, & they prey on the mental midgets that believe anything they promote, their agenda.

            imo, little Jahi has been in heaven for weeks, it’s appalling for the family Attorney to continue to PROMOTE LIES & an agenda, he knows damn well Jahi is not improving, imo, that should be some kind of “misconduct” on the attorney’s behalf to spread such lies, at the least he should be reported to the Ca. Bar, Jeffery Toobin was outraged at the blatant lies told by the family attorney & stated such in his interview.

            So much for families doing the right thing for their child, it is has been stated repeatedly that eventually the decomposition will over take any measures to keep Jahi warm or feeding her through a tube, even the idiot attorney knows that!

            • The attraction to fame, or infamy in my opinion, is sad. On the rare occasion I’ve flipped by a daytime confrontation show (like Springer?) I found myself repulsed at the behavior and the extent that these folks would reveal personal foibles that I wouldn’t tell a therapist. Like it’s no big deal. I guess this kind of ‘fame’ warps people’s minds. As I said, it’s very sad…

      • McMath nutty family is NOT Catholic, on the contrary, their pastor is an ignorant minister who made very inappropriate and threatening statements during one of their protests.

        McMath has been dead for nearly a month now. This is beyond ghoulish, the family is sick and disgusting.

        Catholics do not shun science.

          • 🙂 aww. Well as with any religion there are some that really out there and twisted and give that religion a bad reflection. I chose not to define a person by a label. I have a cousin who goes to a Baptist church in Longview Tx and they are almost cult like. There is a Catholic Dr who is involved in Jahi, rather made comments and he is really out there and I feel it is helping this family in their decisions.

            • The Baptist denomination is more sovereign than most denominations. Individual parishes within the Catholic Church are not sovereign. Sometimes people try to speak for the Catholic church without authority, but they are not authorized to do so. Individual members and individual parishes in the Catholic Church are not sovereign.

              • saw this on the GO FUNDME

                VICKEY DYSON

                2 days ago

                This donation is from the New Central Baptist Church. Our offering collected from the New Year Eve’s service was designated especially for Jahi. Grace, peace and blessing to the family!

              • You’d be hard pressed to find any denomination with a greater history of sovereignty of the individual churches or a greater history of personal sovereignty, what they call “the priesthood of the believer”.

  21. ROFLMBO! Guess it says NO BODY IS RELYING ON YOU Leatherhead! Latest article

    Writing articles and maintaining this blog involves a lot of time and effort. This is our 845th post in a little over two years. Please consider making a donation today, if you value what we do and would like us to continue producing articles for your information and enjoyment.

    We rely on you as you rely on us.

    Please do not let us down. We have had only a few donations totaling less than $50 this week.
    Thank you,

    • Children Hospital is one of the nation top research and treatment facility. It is the primary trauma center for children in the entire SF bay area, rated in the top 25 medical center nationally. They are a beloved local institution which provides considerable charity and care.

  22. Interesting from Trials and Tribulations Jahi

    tammyljones said…
    Found this blog by chance and think it’s amazing — I’ve enjoyed the education I’ve received by those on the medical end. I know it must take up a lot of time so I thank you for doing this.

    Forgive me if this has been posted before but I have yet to read through every comment…

    I work in the news media and am pretty familiar with Los Angeles. I can tell you that Piers Morgan does tape segments there from time to time. This has led me to believe — and this is all speculation on my part — that Jahi is somewhere in southern California. If she wasn’t, both he and the slimy lawyer could easily have done a satellite interview with CNN at any of the network stations in the Bay Area.

    Also, if you see a post that uncle made to his Instagram account yesterday, he posted a picture of ‘Worlds Best Mom/Hollywood’ souvenirs that he apparently got for the mom. These are the same items that crowd every shelf in the stores lining Hollywood Boulevard — just one block from the CNN studios.

    So it looks like uncle is helping to relieve some stress by getting in some sightseeing. Who knows, maybe he took in a show at the Pantages Theatre as well.


  23. If you spend all your time looking for big miracles, you’re likely to miss a lot of the little ones; finding your keys when you need them, getting the right medicine for an illness, arriving home safely. God is giving you little miracles all the time. The more you look for them, the more you will see.

  24. I have not read all of the comments here, but I did read about this case. So long as the child has brain function she is not dead. However, I wonder what would happen if she was no longer attached to a machine. I think I know the answer.

    What I initially read about the case is that the child had a children’s form of sleep aponea which is the reason that she had the operation. Yes, there was more than one procedure and tonsillectomy was one of the procedures.

    Sleep aponea is treated in three different ways. One way is surgical, and even on adults it is not the usual method of treatment. Another method is the use of a dental appliance. The other more popular method is the use of a CPAP machine which forces open the airways. I have mild sleep aponea, and I chose to go down the path of the CPAP machine.

    The story of this little girl is tragic. From the look of her photograph I would have thought that prior to choosing surgery as the best alternative, maybe they should have tried to help her lose some weight, looked at the dental appliance as an option, and then maybe looked at the surgical option. It was always going to be risky.

    I had my tonsils out at the age of 21 after I had several bouts of tonsilitis. That kind of operation is usually uncomplicated, but not if the person is a bleeder.

    • Aussie, that’s what this is all about Jahi does not have brain function. She was declared brain dead. No function, her brain stem is dead. By multi doctors, her Mother and even her lawyer Chris Dolan, have acknowledged this. They are saying as long as her heart is beating she is alive and think or imply she is going to wake up. She is not, and that is the sad part of this whole case. No winners.

      • mimi, I heard some things about the case.

        I only pointed out one aspect of what I had heard and how calling it a tonsillectomy was not right.

        With regard to “brain death”, I do think it can be a controversial call, and there have been cases where people have been termed brain dead when it was not the case.

        The only article I read was from CNN and I was not aware of the declaration that her brain stem is dead. There are obviously tests that are performed in making that determination.

        For the record, when my aunt passed away more than 30 years ago, she had a stroke, and my parents had to transport her in their car to get her to a hospital. I will not bore you with all of the details of what happened. My aunt was alive when she was being transported but she died shortly afterwards. I assume that the hospital revived her and placed her on life support. However, she was brain dead and my cousin had to give permission for the switch to be turned off. Only then was it recorded that she had passed away.

        In the case of an elderly friend who died in January 1999, it was a similar story regarding being placed on life support and then her family agreeing to turn off the life support.

        There are dozens of instances here in Australia where people have to make very similar decisions. Quite often the patient is in a coma. Daniel Christie, the recent victim of a knockout punch passed away when his family agreed to life support being switched off. The mere fact that he was not able to breathe on his own without life support is sufficient to show that he was functionally dead, although classified as being in a coma.

        I see the use of “brain death” as the means of proving a person has died as something like being on a slippery slope because there might be some doctors who want to convince the relatives of a victim that there is no hope at all. Maybe I am prejudiced in regard to this subject and with good reason… my sister was in a coma for 2 weeks after we were involved in a very serious car accident more than 50 years ago. She woke up, and she continues to thrive… with almost no ill effects. This happens to some people.

        However, in the case of this girl, I am not convinced either way at this point but I do not necessarily agree with the prolonging of her life by the use of machines if the use of those machines is stopping her from her final destination. There is a point where the use of machines is simply going too far. My questions about the case will only be answered when the machines are switched off. If the girl continues to breathe then she is not dead. However, if there is no sign of life after the machines are switched off, then she is dead.

        • Aussie, I understand your thoughts on the many diff aspects of being diagnosed as brain dead. I think that is what makes this such a controversial issue. And I respect that.

          In this case, from what we know so far from the legal motions released, there were multi doctors who examined Jahi. The judge even had an independent Dr. whom the family agreed with, his physician notes are in the motion. It shows where the machines were turned off for a certain length of time and the results. IIRC, it been a while since I looked at it, but at diff intervals her Carbon Dioxide levels continued to rise. In this case from all facts revealed it appears this child passed Dec 12, 2013. Heartbreaking. It seems this case has had more doctors declare brain death than surely most. I didn’t realize that it was different laws in different states re this until now. It appears in California there has to be 2 dr to declare.

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