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Open Thread – Jan. 10, 2014

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  1. Really good article on Huff Po from a mother praising Children’s Hospital for the care and compassion her child received…


    She also writes that:

    “As Jahi McMath’s family tweets about being “free” from Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland, the hospital and it’s staff is bound by laws, forced to stay silent as a smear campaign and likely a lawsuit ensues.”

    I completely agree with her… laws regarding confidentiality and privilege desperately need to be revised to recognize that engaging the media is a clear and blatant waiver of any right to privacy.

    • from nbcbayarea article. SMH

      “The school told us that she’s not officially dead yet,” said Dymond Allen, one of Jahi’s friends at EC Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in East Oakland. “And we should keep her in our prayers. I still hope. And God has the last say-so.”

  2. Dunn update

    239 — 1/7/2014
    240 — 1/7/2014
    241 — 1/7/2014
    242 — 1/9/2014

  3. One thing i caught right away while watching the Alexander bond hearing this morning is defense attorney Zimet only ever addressed two of the 9 violations…. the two which could sort of be justified. Had Zimet spoke about going to get her hair and nails done and going to get a new drivers license ( not sure what you need a DL for on house arrest) and playing taxi for friends and family im sure there would have been a much different outcome. I also got the sense Wilson was somewhat trying to take the bullet for Alexander. One thing that is absolutely certain is that Alexanders racist enablers would have taken to the streets demanding George be locked back up permanently had he made the exact same trips under the exact same circumstances.

  4. * I figured this, because it was signed off on. I betcha there was a Pizzed off group in Angela Corey office

    Marissa Alexander to remain free as she awaits retrial
    Judge James Daniel decided that, while Alexander’s errands were beyond the scope of her bond conditions, those trips did not constitute “a willful violation,” because she had received clearance from the counselor.


  5. Comment at Trials and Tribulation blog.

    From another FB posting… I mean sorry but it just made me roflmao:

    “Would Like To Team Up With The Make A Wish Foundation After Sweet Girl Jahi Gets Well See To It Family Gets Vacation All Friends Waiting Disney Open Arms Walk Red Carpet!!!”

  6. snicker 🙂
    Friday Jan 10, 2014

    This is our 846th post in 26 months.
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    • on Jan 9th article Kelly Thomas~ Freddy trying to stir a little racist emotion up.. not working only $50 raised so far. Face it Fred, they moved on to another pot stirring blog.

      Rachael says:
      January 9, 2014 at 2:45 pm
      Trayvon cried and begged for his life too. This stuff just tears me up inside so bad.


      Frederick Leatherman says:
      January 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm
      That, the racism and the corruption are the reasons why I cannot do that work anymore.

  7. Jahi McMath Dad & another guy settled a civil rights case with Oakland PD for $50K. Doesn’t sound like a lot of $ to me. go to bottom to the complaint and can read it free. http://www.plainsite.org/dockets/index.html?id=2556105

    I wonder if this is one reason haven’t heard much from the Dad? But his civil rights attny from the above case was at a rally I saw that in another article. John Burris was Milton McMath civil rights attorney.

    Also the grandmother, being a nurse, I bet she will have a hard time finding a job if she doesn’t still have one after all she has said about doctors and medical profession in general.

  8. Faith Confronts Economic Reality in Fate of Jahi McMath
    By Tasion KwamilelePosted January 9, 2014 2:35 pm

    For many families of color who do not have deep pockets and friends and families in high places, interactions with police, the judicial system and even the hospitals are often problematic – even at their best.

    Instead, people rely on their faith, their belief that God, not money and not officials or experts, makes the ultimate decisions that determine everyone’s lives.

    People survive because they believe what others say is impossible is often possible

    • Another snip from same article

      Some of these questions were raised by Oakland, Civil Rights Attorney John Burris, speaking Tuesday at a forum called “Race Matters” sponsored by the Oakland Unified School District.
      Having dealt with a similar situation in his own life, Burris said he understands what the family of Jahi McMath is going through.
      He said the family was not properly advised and that the hospital was probably “quick” to end Jahi’s life without working closely with the family.
      According to Burris, at least part of the driving force behind ending Jahi’s life support so quickly is “economics.”

      If a child dies from medical malpractice, the hospital is limited to a maximum payout of $250,000, he said, but if the child were to live and needed continuing care, the cost to the hospital potentially could be unlimited.

      • CHO is a non-profit that serves Medi-cial patients. Ethical folks do not believe anything Burris says, in his world, everything is about racial reparation and payouts.

        • where as from reading about him and him already being Milton McMath lawyer before, so much seems to be going in that direction. Sad

  9. in a supposed email exchange with a commentor Apples2Apples, Christopher Dolan supposedly states this:
    (choose oldest first, then go to 2nd page)

    So, I have not led them astray, I have taken direction from them. What makes you think that these people are ignorant such that they would be led around by me? As far as money is concerned, I have not been paid a penny. I have not asked for a penny. I will not accept a penny. I will not represent them in a medical negligence lawsuit.

  10. Today news cycle will be full of Kendrick J memorial. I wonder if Jahi heart has stopped, tweeting has… So much sadness…

    Well this Mimi is going to a Pink Airplane birthday party for my 1 yr old granddaughter and my youngest daughter. And the sun is shining. GOD IS GOOD! Be back later. Have a wonderful day, be have if you can 🙂

  11. This is our 847th post in 26 months.

    We received one donation yesterday for $25 for which we are very grateful, but we had 807 visitors to the site and 1,459 page views. This sort of response to requests for donations is extremely frustrating and depressing. I realize it’s easy to assume others will step in and contribute, but that type of thinking doesn’t work when everyone does it. We’re not trying to get rich here, but this just isn’t working out for us.


    • If Fred’s number are accurate this blog is doing way better than his blog in visitors and views.

      Perhaps if he didn’t beg so much, he’d get more traffic. Just a suggestion Fred.

      We all know though, Fred posts red meat to his readers so they will open their pocket books. Find that emotion in them Fred, they will open their wallets to you again. Best of luck.

      • I read over at his site every other day or so and find some of his non-TM posts interesting and even informative. I agree that he would do better without the haranguing of his readers. Folks don’t like to be pestered about donations.

        • I can’t recall the post I read but I found the same thing. It was non Zimmerman related and it make a lot of sense to me.

          I could see him and I being on the same side of some cases. But I still wouldn’t send him money to blog. 🙂

  12. Natty Jackson tweeted this article and the usual “civil rights” suspects are behind it. They want to raise the age that their young thugs can be held criminally responsible for the actions up to about 25. Think about it…. Trayvon would have ZERO criminal responsibility for his savage attack on George and Natty, Crump, and Ben Jealous think this is a good thing. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-coleman/im-a-former-prosecutor-an_b_4564957.html

    • In my circle of friends, we have noticed that our children have matured earlier than we did. There is a huge difference between the thug society and that one of the ambitious, The disparity will continue under the present BGI regime. Why not just face the facts about the difference between whites and blacks in ALL categories. I can swim better and they play basketball beyond my limits. My educational performance and test scores did not have be be adjusted. FIX THE REAL PROBLEM.

    • He’s talking about the federal government recognizing same-sex marriages that took place in Utah BEFORE the stay was enacted, there being nothing retroactive in the stay.

  13. Graphic design is pretty much complete. Just need to practice a bit more using the green screen so I can get the blending and lighting right so I look natural behind the desk and the pirate news network will be launched.

        • cassandra ~ this is common in my city because we have “neighborhood schools,” your child attends the school that is near their neighborhood & in their district. Busing kids into schools out of their neighborhoods proved outrageously expensive & non effective since most of those schools were failing. With the State take over of several schools in my city & 13 schools still failing, some for over 10 years, I don’t know what can be done especially when the kids can’t pass the State Mandated Testing. Our city is 50/50, white & black.

          Our Governor wanted to give low income children/families an alternative by offering “vouchers” allowing children from failing schools to ATTEND private schools using their “voucher” & MANY private schools placed some of these children that wanted to learn BUT Holder is raising hell about that as he is fighting the vouchers/Gov. Jindal is GIVING these children a better chance for their education. It’s infuriating that some of the families CAN’T escape the failing cycle & when given opportunities, they are met w/more head aches. Not all families want to stay in the failing schools as I described yesterday, MANY of the families want a better opportunity/education for their children. It remains forever upsetting.

  14. 99% of ALL the “Head Start Schools” are black w/all black administration/teachers, acceptance is based on financial need which is “free” & paid for at taxpayers expense for those that qualify. All others that want their kids to go to a “pre-school,” have to pay whether its a church pre-school or private facility. Most kids attend pre-school now, somewhere. We have fewer latinos living attending schools in La.

    Our city has 13 failing schools, the biggest problems cited are gangs & discipline but when there is going to be a threat of State take over, the parents of kids ATTENDING those FAILING kids get out in numbers & raise hell, they support the poor education their kids are receiving & are aware of the gangs/discipline problems in their neighborhoods.. When parents were offered an opportunity for their kids to ATTEND better schools w/stricter discipline & rules, the parents TURNED DOWN those opportunities because their kids would be sent home endlessly for their current behavior, there is NO tolerance for gang activity & the kids would fail at the new school IF THEY didn’t do their homework, study to pass the test, the NEW schools don’t TOLERATE the bull chit plaguing the failing schools. The parents of kids at failing schools CONTINUE to SUPPORT their failing schools, you can’t FORCE kids to learn that don’t want to learn. It’ unbelievable. ALL of the failing schools are predominantly minority in low income areas.

    Holder NOW wants to claim that more black children are punished than white which is bull chit. Educators have fired back that “RACE isn’t a factor,” that when learning is preventing ANY other children from learning due to obstructing their learning, ALL children suffer. Educators have pointed out, if it is Black children preventing the most offenses, they will be punished accordingly & removed from preventing learning as a whole for all children.

    Remember when J Jackson claimed it was unfair that TM had been punished unfairly in school when suspended repeatedly? Same ignorant mentality, EVERY student suffers due to those that don’t want to learn BUT Holder DOESN’T CARE about the rights of the children that want to learn & are following the rules. Educators are in Holder’s face, what stupidity Holder continues to project imo.

  15. One thing that the severely mentally challenged are failing to consider in their delusions of a pending federal charge against George Zimmerman is 2014 is a major mid term election year and the stage is set to repeat the ass kicking the DNC took in 2010. The last thing the Obama admin needs heading into these elections is to appear to potential voters that they are trying to railroad a man found innocent in a court of law in a high profile case a second time. The effects would be devastating for the libs.

  16. I find it virtually impossible to have an intelligent conversation about race without sounding like a white racist. The same is true when making posts about subjects and issues that involve any black person. Should we just ignore them in national dialogues? I am pretty much convinced that there will be no solutions unless they are offered and endorsed by black leaders. Sadly, those who could do the most good for the black community are ignored.

  17. Hi Everyone!

    Just dropping a quick note to let you know I’m still around. I’ve been busy helping our local food bank compile their Christmas numbers.

    I saw on twitter an exchange between George and Sam. Looks like here, I’ll leave the same road as George. I can’t believe he is best friends with that idiot. To each their own.

    How are you guys all doing? Everyone good? Talk soon.

  18. This case happened not long BEFORE Renisha M.’s case & although an accident was involved, the cases were very different.. It was the case of the former Fla. Football player that was in a serious accident in Ga. The car was so severely wrecked, he had to kick out the back window to get out of the car, THEN, walk up a hill for 1/2 a mile to the closest house to ask for help. He knocked on the door, the homeowner claimed it was “a break in” when she called 911 WHICH was outrageous imo since she opened the door & was expecting her husband.

    LE arrived, the young man approached LE, he was shot 10 times, 8 times in the chest, 1 in the abdomen, & 1 in the arm. WHILE dying, he was handcuffed.

    FROM article:
    Within a day of the shooting, Charlotte police said they believed it had been excessive force and charged Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter. State prosecutors are handling the case, as is customary when police are charged. The case goes to a grand jury later this month.

    jmho ~ the dash cam video will be the undoing of this officer & that’s why within a day, charges were filed against this officer, he is on UNPAID leave. It’s SAD LE tried to cover their butts & didn’t want to release information to the family, the family filing this Civil Suit will FORCE LE to release ALL exculpatory information & all other information regarding this investigation into the death of their son.

    At LEAST this case is going to a grand jury later this month. Since the young man ONLY needed help, the woman clearly over reacted by claiming he was “breaking into her home,” her over reaction may have well cost this young man his life.


    imo, this family will WIN a BIG settlement in this case as they should, it’s outrageous for a young police officer who over reacted to shoot someone unarmed 10 TIMES, then cuffing him while he lay dying.

    • I have followed this case very closely, because it has many of the elements of the Martin/Zimmerman case. White man shoots unarmed black, Black community demands charges, Family attorney makes outrageous and unfounded claims, News media runs for cover, or goes along with black claimants, and now a civil suit brought by the family.

      Charges were filed against Kerrick within less than 24 hours. Think about that. It is unheard of for a police officer to be charged without weeks of investigation. Was police chief, Rodney Monroe worried about going the way of Bill Lee? Did he have pressure put on him from higher ups?

      Meanwhile, no one seems anxious to prosecute this slam-dunk that was filed so quickly. The hearing was delayed twice by the State, and now they have decided to send it to a grand jury.

      If the evidence was so compelling that they could bring manslaughter charges within hours of the event, why is a grand jury needed?

      I think the State has examined the facts, and have decided their case is very weak. By referring it to the grand jury, it takes the onus off them at least somewhat.

      Whether the grand jury finds reasonable cause or not will probably depend on the racial composition of the jury. It’s sad to say, but that’s where we are at this point in time.

      • You said: “will probably depend on ….. racial composition.”

        Think, for a moment, about how many issues in life depend on racial composition
        …….. Is is possible that could ever change?

        For East is East and West is West and NEVER shall the twain meet…

      • skeptiktank ~ the problem I have w/this case is the OVER KILL of this young man, it’s outrageous this rookie policeman SHOT this young man 10 times, what an idiot! Of course LE HAD TO ADMIT it was overkill & for that very reason, they WILL PAY in this Civil Suit imo. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for shooting a victim 10 times w/8 shots to the chest, 1 to the abdomen, & 1 to the arm. Probably ALL fatal shots except the shot to the arm would have been FATAL! This will come out in the Grand Jury.

        I feel the family has every right to bring this Civil Suit & I don’t see this as having a single thing to compare to TM/GZ’s case UNLESS someone is TRYING to make this about race, imo, this has NOTHING to do w/race but an overzealous NON qualified LE officer! This Civil Suit BRINGS EVIDENCE the family NOR their attorney have any other way of getting. I would have DONE the very same thing for my child had he been in similar circumstances, the overzealous irresponsibility of this young LE officer is questionable. Even IF the grand jury doesn’t move forward, I would be surprised if they didn’t bring charges, the Civil Suit will move forward & the family will be awarded w/a Judgement imo.

        The officer ISN’T receiving any pay, that should be a big clue, I too don’t see this case as weak, if it was weak, the officer would be receiving his pay while on leave.

        • Art, you need to go to the Charlotte observer’s site, or maybe just google it, and go back to the beginning of this incident. It very quickly became about race. The NAACP was involved immediately, and the family’s lawyer, Christopher Chestnut has made several inflammatory statements implying race was the motive.
          Police Chief, Rodney Monroe initially said the officer acted appropriately, but then changed his mind and charged him with manslaughter. All within 18 hours! What was the hurry?
          Monroe also said Ferrell immediately charged at the officers…one in particular. Remember, he has seen the dashcam video.
          Chestnut has been asking to have the dashcam video made public, just as Crump did with the 911 tapes. Why? Because it will show a white police officer shooting a black man. He has said the reason for the civil suit is to get information. It’s the only way the family and the public can know what happened. No it’s not. A grand jury could indict Kerrick, and it will all come out at the trial.
          It might very well be that Kerrick over-reacted, and evidence will prove that he is guilty. The number of shots fired might be considered excessive. But we don’t know that yet.
          Remember, Kerrick knew nothing of the accident. He was responding to a home invasion at 2:30 in the morning, and then he gets charged at by the suspect. It’s not a slam dunk.

          • skeptitank shared: It might very well be that Kerrick over-reacted, and evidence will prove that he is guilty. The number of shots fired might be considered excessive. But we don’t know that yet.

            skeptitank ~ WHERE are you from & what reality makes it OKAY for a trigger happy inexperienced LE officer to shoot a victim 10 times? That wouldn’t PLAY well anywhere in the US, I guess, except where you live. That NUTS imo & I think most people would agree w/that!

            Regardless of what knowledge Kerrick had when he arrived at the scene, EXCESSIVE FORCE was used when he shot the victim 10 times, NO IDIOT rookie LE officer should SHOOT a person 10 times REGARDLESS of the circumstances, it’s inexcusable, unstable, NUTS! I don’t think there’s much doubt that it was excessive & I don’t think the Grand Jury will see a victim being shot 10 times by LE as “normal.” Common sense will prevail.

            Chief Monroe CHANGED his mind imo AFTER he watched the dash cam video! The “HURRY for Kerrick to be charged” was the 10 shots into the victim as being excessive! It’s NOT brain surgery, even Kerrick’s supervisors saw it for what it was, that was the HURRY! I don’t think this is a case of race BUT I do think the evidence will come out from the Family because the Evidence will ALL be turned over fairly soon to their attorney! I think the family has every right to be angry & want answers, ANY PARENT would want the same w/ their kid lying in a morgue w/10 shots to his body. Would you NOT be outraged if your kid had been shot 10 times?

            What kind of idiot handcuffs a victim that ha been shot 10 times?
            AHHHH! Kerrick! That too want play out well for a Grand Jury,
            I am content to watch this play out.

    • If the wreck happened in Georgia and the shooting happened near Charlotte, he walked a lot more than half a mile, even if he took a short cut across South Carolina.

  19. Jahi is Alive!

    The case of Jahi McMath brings up numerous critical bio-ethical issues, especially as we are going into period of health care rationing and fewer choices in our medical care.

    Jahi’s mother sought to have her daughter evaluated and cared for in an institution other than CHMC, where the events leading to her daughter’s “brain death” occurred. A confounding factor is that by California law, the financial damages in the case of death of a child are limited to $250,000, whereas lifetime care of a brain-injured child runs into the millions. Another California girl, Rebecca Jimenez, had severe neurological damage after similar surgery in 2011 and received a multi-million dollar settlement from CHMC.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/01/jahi_mcmath_is_alive.html#ixzz2qOWk9BPv

    Sadly, imo, the case of Jahi will open doors for any family disputing a “brain death or brain dead.” I don’t see how hospitals can force families to disconnect ventilators even when it is the right thing to do as it was, imo, in Jahi’s case.

    This article was written by a Physician, although he states “no one knows what will happen to Jahi,” imo, PLENTY of Neurologist have weighed in stated Jahi will NOT be improving, EVER. It seems the only debate is how long Jahi can sustain on a ventilator. WHO will pay for the ongoing cost for Jahi? Children’s hospital? They pronounced her dead. WILL Medicaid pay?

    MOST Physicians that weighed in stated their REAL professional names, this Physician chose not to.

  20. This is our 852nd post. We posted 3 articles yesterday and covered the atrocious verdict in the Kelly Thomas case late into the night. I was going to go to bed when I saw a news report about the Arias resentencing. I decided to hell with sleep and wrote this article instead. My article (to which I linked) about the penalty phase procedure and jury instructions is comprehensive and easy to read. I was a death-penalty lawyer so I know how it works.

    We had 620 visitors to the site yesterday and only received 3 donations. That is not encouraging and I am not the least bit ashamed to say so.


    • lmbo this was day or so before you post. he got a $25 after that. the next post 847 had 807 visitors, then dropt to 666 to your 620! DUH does he not think people get tired of begging lol. But hey I wouldn’t mind $25 any one got any to spare, I GOT BILLS TO PAY 🙂

      This is our 846th post in 26 months.
      I absolute hate begging, but if beg I must . . .
      We have been asking for donations for a week now, but have received only 4 donations totaling less than $50. We get hundreds of visitors and several thousand page views per day.
      Takes a lot of time and effort to post articles every day and run a blog.
      We also have bills to pay and we cannot continue to do this without your support.
      Please make a donation today.

  21. The million dollar question is why doesn’t Corey want the public to know? Is it once again she has an incredibly weak case? Is there evidence or testimony that tends to support the accused? This does not sit well with me at all! State Attorney Angela Corey asked the judge to restrict access to court records before the trial.

    “The public doesn’t have right now, but has every right to know once the case comes to trial,” said Corey.

    Dunn is accused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The case has gotten national attention as Dunn claimed loud music lead to a confrontation that ended in fatal gunfire. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/(X(1)A(45CYfj4VzQEkAAAAMTI1MzNkMzEtZjkyNC00Yjg3LWFhNTYtMGRlZTc3ZTllY2Y0BX1qp3JJr-7Wm0Vpn8UgREE_O581))/topstories/article/341566/483/Fair-trial-issues-surface-in-Michael-Dunn-case

    • ““The public doesn’t have right now, but has every right to know once the case comes to trial,” said Corey.”

      The prosecution was absolutely incensed that MOM/West were receiving such unprecedented and zealous help online with the Zimmerman defense (via CTH, Nettles, LI, SMcM, etc)…

      …it’s no wonder she doesn’t want any information from her case(s) to be scrutinized by the public ~before~ trial again, lol.

      • nivico ~ Corey brings the GRIEF on herself, charging a 12 yr. old boy as an adult for murder, calling Harvard/Dershowitz, the Judge in Lydker’s case giving Corey a much deserved bitch slap & humiliation in his Court Room because Corey WITH HELD EVIDENCE, yet again, in Lydker’s wrongful termination case.

        There is absolutely NO REASON for Corey to be trusted imo, apparently, Corey gets it! Thank God for the Sunshine Laws in Fla. that expose a lot of what the corrupt Corey does!

            • I concede that, initially, I only read the newsit article.

              Having now read the brief,

              [ referred to in the article which is found here –
              http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/moore/Brady-en-banc-Amicus-2013-01-08.pdf – ]

              I don’t see where the brief was sworn to by anyone.

              The reference to Tracy Martin is made by the amici counsel and is no more accurate than another part of that description which states that TM was walking home bearing a “can of ice tea”.

              That reference to Tracy Martin is not a statement that Tracy was at the Brandi’s home waiting for TM to come back from his Skittle’s run in the rain.

              That reference is a descriptive statement as to what amici counsel thinks that TM was thinking. At best.

              It is quite likely another example of sloppiness which often accompanies, attention-grabbing posturing by a public-interest entity which seeks to effect desired change via the courts.

              • Amicus briefs are “approved” not sworn to. Both Tracy and Sybrina were represented by counsel…it says so in the document you cited. They approved the brief. Not sure why anyone would be shocked that either of them would lie, under oath or otherwise.

      • Yeah… it looks like whoever wrote that blurb was clueless about the actual facts of the case (shocking!) and was just reciting the original Tea & Skittles narrative from Corey’s affidavit for probable cause.

    • Regardless of whether they lied or not, those particular claims in that particular brief filed in Illinois can only be considered “evidence” by doing great violence to the definition of “evidence”.

      They’re only evidence that whoever wrote them is woefully misinformed about the facts in the case, or read a few things early on and relied solely on their memory a year later.

  22. In ref to Kelly Thomas case, WTH, so what is Leatherhead saying, when means UP TO US? Race baiting stirrer trying to get emotion going an own little riot? SMH

    Rachael says:
    January 14, 2014 at 12:30 am
    We’re the jurors threatened or bribed? I just don’t understand. It was right there on tape. I just don’t understand!!!

    Frederick Leatherman says:
    January 14, 2014 at 12:45 am
    I don’t know how this happened. I suspect stealth jurors and corruption but have no evidence except the verdict.

    I do know that we are being called to action. We the people are the only ones who can fix this mess. We can no longer rely on our elected officials, the police and the courts to fix the problem because they are the problem.

    Whether we succeed or fail depends entirely on us.

      • mimi ~ the list above you shared from twitter seems to represent a retired physician & the building of a team of participants in a Civil Suit that Jahi’s family will bring. I assume Dr. Bryne may be a PHD, IDK.

        Poor Jahi, imo, she left for heaven a month ago, she deserved a proper burial INSTEAD of her class mates thinking Jahi will get better & return to school.

        It angers me that her family/attorney have exploited Jahi, no doubt imo, for the monetary gain they expect to make off the continued exploitation of Jahi.

        • Yes and this seems to be a readily avail team, not their first go around. I read til my eyes burned and blood boiled. SMH. I hate that that IMHO she is being exploited. I still feel bad for the family because they will someday, somehow have to deal with the loss of a precious child. Did you read the link to the Wound and Injury place OMGosh

      • Seems for sometime nowpeople make big money and fame off of the attention received from tragedy. I don’t get it, for the most part. There are many like John Walsh who have done a lot of good. Many others, I am talking abt the 15 min of fame folks.

        • mimi ~ since the murder of Adam Walsh, John/Rhea Walsh have made over 10 million dollars through “America’s Most Wanted, speaking engagements, the Lifetime movie on Adam’s murder which showed HOW John & Rhea got involved in doing positive things in the name of Adam’s murder. I don’t care how much money they have rec’d, but they were paid for their efforts doing positive things. I do think Adam Walsh’s case was unique & John/Rhea rose to fame BECAUSE when Adam was murdered, LE had NO IDEA how to treat missing/murdered children cases, the couple went to work establishing many guidelines still used today in cases.

          It can’t be understated how many positive things both John/Rhea have done for missing/murdered children/ crime as a whole educating the public & they continue to work today. They continue to be 2 of my personal heroes.

          • I agree and they are mine as well. I don’t remember seeing Mr. and Mrs. Walsh red carpet events and the such during the early or late or even now stages of their fight for their work. They worked and fought hard. Because of their fight to make positive changes out of the horrible thing done to Adam, our children and grandchildren are safer, and the public is more aware. I remember when theirs story first broke the news. My oldest dtr was a baby.

  23. Theodore Wafer Trial Date Set

    Postby CourtChatter » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:15 pm

    Detroit — A trial date has been set for June 2 for Theodore Wafer, the Dearborn Heights homeowner charged in the shooting death of Detroiter Renisha McBride.

    The trial is expected to last two weeks and will include testimony from about 25 prosecutor and defense witnesses.

    Wafer pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday before Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Qiana Lillard.

    He was bound over last month in Dearborn Heights district court on charges in the case.

    • jordan2222 ~ many times people move on after a case concludes & don’t wish to get involved in other cases as it is exhausting. I usually participate at BLOGS that have a lot of different cases that are focused on, “webslueth” is a BLOG w/countless cases, old & new. I have followed the “McStay Case for 4 years,” they had been missing & there were countless theories as to their whereabouts. Sadly, the family of 4 were found in a shallow grave in the past couple of months, still no answers as to who would murder this beautiful family.

      Even though GZ’s criminal case ended, he still has 2 outstanding suits & of course all the drama he got tangled up in. GZ, like KC, will be reported on forever especially in Fla. LOL! This week KC is selling her belongings on “Murderbilla,” a web site that sells memorbilla for murders are those charged w/murder. I have read she has made a ton of money. Nettles shared “GZ was going to start a new painting on last Monday.”

      I enjoy reading about different cases here that others find interesting, some I’m following in all media, some I follow the comments & opinions of those sharing in cases I’m not following but I’m able to keep up from their comments. It’s all interesting.

          • I knew that from a text msg from OS lol from back when I had signed up for alerts during gz stuff. OS and Click still send “breaking news” crap lol

        • mimi ~ 000000000000000000 ~ I didn’t bother reading the article as I don’t want KC profiting ANYTHING positive from Caylee’s murder after she sold Caylee’s memories along w/Baez to ABC for $ 200,000. I just READ the head line at Radar BUT it is everywhere. I assumed KC was selling under a “sooto” name & no doubt KC will do just that imo, NOW! I remember BOTH garage sells that Cindy/GA had at Mount Dora, countless news stories on the events especially at the OS. Cindy was so pizzed BUT not enough to prevent her from holding the second garage sell in which Caylee’s toys were sold. Cindy threatened to sue when she recognized the woman the 2nd time she returned, LOL. No one fears CA but GZ, they STILL have an attorney PRO BONO that does their bidding in the MEDIA.

          Cindy inherited her mothers home since she passed last year in Mt. Dora & I assume that GA/CA were selling her mother’s things as well, I guess CA/GZ thought they were far enough out of town to sell KC/Caylee’s items.. George/Cindy have continued to PAY for KC’s living expenses since the trial, they’re nearly filed bankruptcy a third time BUT Cindy inherited the home from her mother’s home & it sold for $ 85,000.00 saving them from another foreclosure.

          • LOL, I was just saying that the lady who bought that stuff at yard sale sold that stuff to the “murderbilia” man, and that it was NOT KC selling the stuff as you stated. I thought was funny that the guy said it came with a “letter of authenticity”. I guess the video? lol I think it would be funny as all get out if it were actually someone else clothing or PURSES haha. I think only thing could authenticate is was bought at yard sale by CA/GA lol. Personally I think was in bad taste to sell the stuff in yardsale. If didn’t want should have donated without fanfare.

      • I can attest to what you say, Art. The Zimmerman case was an exhausting ordeal for me, and not one that I would care to repeat. My interest in the Wafer case is minimal, at best. I have a “general” opinion on it, but simply don’t have the desire to immerse myself in the evidence/facts as I did in the Zimmerman case. My interests, too, have shifted to the more general, and more political, elements that formed the backdrop for the charges against George. (Probably something that results from my greater degree of reading and participation at the CTH) Like others, I have “moved on” in one fashion, or another, though I still have an interest in what happens in the Kruidbos case, which is why I still check in here from time to time.

        • LJP ((waving)) ! Nice to see ya

          Gz case was first I ever read docs and followed beg to end. It was tiring and time consuming lol and Addicting. I learned a lot of diff things from a lot of diff people, will always be thankful for that. I have interest too in Kruidbos case. I hope it brings Sunshine as some say to what happened there. Sadly I feel it goes on too much and everywhere. Always someone… but until they are held accountable by the laws we have, it will continue. New laws IMHO are not the answer in most cases. Then there are the slimmy Chumps of the Legal field .. whole diff conversation lol smh

          • Hi, Mimi… it’s very nice to see you, too!

            Like you, the Zimmerman case was the first case I ever bothered to explore to such depth or detail. I learned so many things about the media, legal process, and people in general. Probably it was the manipulations of and by the media that shocked me the most. And I do not believe I could have truly understood what had happened had I not become involved in the case on a “real time” basis, paying close attention to every detail that emerged, particularly during the hearings and the trial itself.

            No reporters came even close to accurately describing what was happening in the courtroom, and I don’t believe I could have gained the same degree of understanding by reading transcripts (even if they were available) of every hearing.

            Take, for example, the testimony of John Good, who only witnessed about 10 actual seconds of what happened. His first written statement provided a description of what he had seen, but left the reader with only more questions, since it wasn’t clear what his “impressions” were, especially after the investigators interviewed him again. Had I not listened to his recorded interview, I would have been left with only the impressions that were reported by the Sentinel, that said he had “recanted”, rather than “clarified” his earlier testimony. The same contrast was apparent when I read the reports written by Serino that attempted to synopsize his interviews of George. What we got was (at best) our own interpretation of Serino’s interpretation of George’s interpretation of what happened on 2/26/12. Not a very good way to get at the truth, was it?

            Knowing this, I now realize that the truth cannot be arrived at without the seeker being immersed to the extent to which (I believe) we all were during the 17 months from incident to trial. And for me, that’s a huge price to pay.

            I’m totally convinced that what I learned from this made the effort worthwhile, since it made the difference between believing something, and knowing something. That, in itself, gives credence to the “takeaways” I got from this experience, but I doubt there will ever be another case exactly like this one, which touched me personally on so many levels. Nor do I believe there would be much additional value for me, personally, in repeating the process in another case. It would, for me, amount to an indulgence of my curiosity that could provide little benefit for me, or anyone else. However, I do believe there is much to gain by turning my attentions to other events we are witnessing in the media, and commenting on them.

            At any rate, I will be checking in, from time to time, if only to say “hello” to all the wonderful people (like you) that I have had the extreme good fortune to “meet” while conversing here, and elsewhere. Until we meet again….

            • I understand what you mean and where your coming from. First trial (this 2nd) I ever watched was the Casey A trial. Not reading (until after the trial began) did I even know you could read Docs lol. But I followed the TRIAL, so by that the Pros did not prove to ME, what I had heard the talking heads say. So I wasn’t invested I guess is a good word, as those who had followed day in and out for I think 3 yrs? I can kinda understand. But I still stand by my thoughts, I wasn’t convienced beyond a reasonable doubt. Leave it at that.

              This case yes I too read and watched and made me ill just plain BS by media and rumors. I remb Richard Jewell and I already didn’t believe all I heard, now I see even more. Rehash of other peoples stories, repeating outright lies yet never retracted them. Thanks for sharing!

              • mimi ~ I wish you had followed KC’s case at the Hinky Meter from the beginning, you would have had a much better understanding of facts in the case as well as the science from Valhall, a scientist herself & from KZ that contributed n every single piece of evidence, ALL the Court Heaings as well as the 10,000 PLUS documents & evidence released through the Sunshine Law. ALL of the science was explained as well as ALL of the evidence from attorney’s as well on the law, “AZ Lawyer” did an excellent job at “webslueths” as well as other experts on KC’s case there. Blogs such as webslueth & Hinky Meter DON’T allow false information to be stated, they were run like TL, you could have an opinion BASED on evidence.

                85% of the American public still think KC walked on the murder of Caylee, that won’t change, there is NO EVIDENCE forth coming that would change that, only 12 jurrs remain that didn’t even understand “circumstantial evidence,” they needed a video. That is the reason KC’s Case will remain the “Trial of this Century.”

                There was absolutely NO ONE that had ANY motive to murder Caylee but KC, even George Anthony FINALLY ADMITTED that KC did murder Caylee because she interfered w/KC’s lifestyle, the lifestyle KC thought she so richly deserved/entitled to & stole from her parents/grandmother to support that very lifestyle. ( the lifestyle well documented through evidence as well as videos/photos.)

                KC’s grandmother stated: “KC HATED her mother MORE than she loved Caylee!” WHY? Because Caylee was the Light of GA/Cindy’s life & KC hurt her mother the ultimate way she could knew how, she murdered Caylee, she took Caylee from Cindy forever, she broke her heart.

                Caylee remained a constant problem for KC before KC murdered her, Caylee REMAINS a constant problem for KC today. KC will never live the life she thought she thought she so richly deserved & wanted, 85% of America will deny KC her freedom. CHIEF JUDGE Perry stated “there was more than enough evidence to CONVICT KC, the evidence was there.” Legal Analyst have stated repeatedly “that particular jury WAS NOT GOING to CONVICT a young, white middle class female mother of the murder of her child NO MATTER what the evidence showed, I concur. IF you didn’t understand the science as a layman, the evidence as explained closely at the Hinky Meter, as well as ALL the Court hearings & the 10,000 PLUS pages released due to the Sunshine Law, I can understand why you weren’t invested.

                Caylee remained a constant problem for KC when alive, Caylee REMAINS a constant problem for KC today. KC will NEVER enjoy the life she dreamed of WITHOUT Caylee, 85% of America will continue to deny KC her freedom, that is what she richly deserves imo.

                LESSON LEARNED from Caylee’s MURDER: Cindy Anthony FORCED & SHAMED KC into having a child she DIDN’T WANT. KC wanted to put Caylee up for adoption BUT Cindy WOULDN’T ALLOW it thinking KC would become maternal, IT NEVER HAPPENED! Children MURDERED by a parent/parents have parents that were NEVER WERE MATERNAL, hence KC imo.

                • Please understand, that after following this case, I can appreciate your passion in your thoughts and opinions after following that case so closely. And for the length of time and especially the emotional factor of a precious little girl, whom I have a grandson with big brown eyes only a few days younger than Caylee. I am thankful I didn’t know about or even that I could follow like this. Understand my opinion is from following the trial, and what was presented to the jury only. For me personally, the State did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt of their charges. Hindsight, probably another case of overcharging.

                  JMHO, in that case as with the case of GZ, in the court of public opinion, so much emotion by those who followed is why it is so hard to accept the jury decision. I respect the jurors decision in both cases, by what was presented to them. Not by public opinion by what was presented to them in court.

                  I was on a jury trial last Feb, only 1 day trial and because of watching this case as I had been I really did not want to be on a jury. It was a case of real meanness and we had to decide of the evidence presented by the proven and confessed criminals was the truth. It was NOT like on TV. I don’t know how to explain, but we had 1 person who just wasn’t sure. We kept being sent back. The only reason she for a while wouldn’t vote was she was afraid if she voted with the majority was, she was afraid he would get out and do it again. That wasn’t our job to decide that. (he was currently in prison because of parole violation) The plaintiff was also a career criminal. Sadly they were both in early 20s. Its a whole lot different sitting in that jury box than it is on other side of the bar or watching tv. Holding in your hands as they pass evidence, or a freaking gun with a zip tie thru the chamber. So I believe if there is any blame, it should be to the Pros no proving their case, not calling jurors names. IT iS NOT Easy getting released from jury duty.

                  WHEW sorry, didn’t mean it to be so long 🙂

        • LJP ~ I too like to follow the highlights in politics, I too am following Kruidbos’ case closely as well as Lydker’s case for her wrongful termination, that Judge has eaten Corey out in the public arena for with holding evidence in her case & stated Corey’s office will pay monetary damages for the delay in trial, etc., a much deserved bitch slap. KUDOS to “Plain Ole Dave” for keeping us updated on the trial dates.

          I wholeheartedly think the Kruidbos case has everything to do w/the sanctions MOM/West have filed, anything gleaned from Kruidbos’ case can only help their case against Corey/BDLR. I follow anything Corey does, there’s a front row seat in hell imo for the pain/injustices she has done to those she persecuted & their families, GZ made the biggest news BUT there are countless other cases in which Corey was corrupt, one only need to GOOGLE her name.

      • If we had more like him, it’s conceivable that racial strife could change radically and maybe even end. He is a great American and am so glad he started blogging. Of course, you will never see him featured in the “Black Voices” section of the Huffpost.

        Tim Scott, the senator from SC also is outspoken and was never a member of the Black Caucus .


        i would love to see Sharpton or Jackson debate either of them.

          • Of course not ..

            It’s pretty tragic what those 2 guys have done to all of us, but especially the black community. I think that many blacks have been brainwashed into believing that they should not even try to assimilate into a white society. They want to continue to hold us responsible for the slavery issue. White guilt seems to be OK with our paying them lifetime reparations. So who is the slave now? We ALL are.

            Nice to see you posting here.

        • A stressful time for GZ I would think, wondering IF Ms. Candy Fulton & Tracy are going to file a Civil Suit. I will rest easy IF February 26th comes & goes, then the family will no longer have an opportunity to sue if they don’t file the Civil Suit by that date. THEN GZ will just have the threat of Holder always hanging over his head, one battle at a time. GZ is keeping his head up & moving on, KUDOS for him.

          I pray the grifters decide they may not be able to win the Civil Suit & consider the negative characteristics of Trayvon & their parenting skills will again be brought into National Media arena BUT you never know until the fat lady sings.

            • lorac ~ LMAO, might have sounded like Elmer Fudd! (I was widen in my car, turned on the wadio, remember EF singing that?)

              Boy, Dee Dee’s 15 minutes of fame were over fairly quickly, thank God! Every now/then I see something less than competent she’s spewed. I continue to laugh at the “star witness.”

    • O.M.G. I thought you were joking. This woman has no shame. Plus, I wish lots of people would write her back and say, “Don’t you mean Arizona Watermelon Drink????” It’s like the McMath case, when they’re allowed to always say “simple tonsilectomy” and no one challenges them.

  24. I agree with this comment on this article. And to expand IMHO, with so many weird people if a parent or whomever besides a medical prof who has gone to school for this, dang, think of all the freaks deeming someone dead.. umm murder..

    • 8 minutes ago
    Family member have never nor should they have a right to declare death. If they want a second opinion or even a third fine, I agree they should get that without question. This poor child has been dead for five weeks and she deserves to be given a final resting place. Its pretty pathetic that you have a groups of people using the body of a dead child to promote their own agendas.
    And shame on The Washington Times to print this article that insults the intelligence of anyone who can read and see that brain death and PVS are not the same. The real outrage is the disservice and outright lies that you tell about organ donation. I bet that if you or someone that you love is ever in a need of an organ transplant that you would be singing a different song.

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/201 … ve-like-j/

  25. Link to civil rights Lawsuit filing Dec 20 2013 by Jahi McMath Family

    • Translation….Dolan is accusing CHO of violating McMath’s freedom of religion (1st amendment violation), Violation of prohibition on unlawful search and seizure (4th amendment), violation of due process/equal protection (race card…14th amendment), looks like he is alleging kidnapping by citing USC 1201 and haven’t figured out the rest yet.

    • mimi ~ interesting to see how this concludes.

      I have read countless contributions by Legal Analyst as well as the statement by Attorney’s for Children’s Hospital that “you can’t violate a persons Civil Rights that has been pronounced DEAD.” It would seem if you are legally dead, your rights die w/you. Of course NOTHING seems to stop those hell bent on fiing a law suit, we have to hope this is dismissed through “summary judgement.”

  26. Something is not working Mr. Leatherhead…and begging/threating doesn’t seem to help either…

    Jan 15, 2014
    This is our 853rd post in 26 months. Yesterday, we had 650 visitors, over 1500 page views and only one donation.

    Jan 16 2014
    This is our 855th post in 26 months. We work hard to support our readers with informative and well written articles on a variety of subjects, some legal and some not.

    We had 518 visitors yesterday and only one donation.

      • The Pine Bluff Poilce Department came under heavy criticism after the incident, with some people saying police should have waited until Isadore ran out of ammunition or fell asleep, but Hubanks said officers had no choice when they entered the room because Isadore had already fired shots at them. “We have options and you know we could go for days if need be but I’m only willing to do that if somebody is sitting quietly and perhaps being obstinate,” Hubanks said. “Mr. Isadore was firing rounds and our mandate is to protect the public above all else. That’s what government does. That’s what the police do. We protect the public, and had I stood down and allowed him to hopefully run out of bullets or fall asleep or whatever anybody else wants to suggest as an outcome, I’m not protecting the public at that point. He’s still a clear and present danger – See more at: http://pbcommercial.com/news/local/isadore-death-draws-worldwide-attention#sthash.Ubtp9Oo4.dpuf

      • I guess he picked the right place to try start some new racial tension. Pine Bluff ALWAYS has it going on. This was a very sad case, but GRANDPA was shooting thru doors, $hit and they didn’t just drive up and shoot him, this went on for a pretty good time. They have it on video from the swat team. LOL, Chump gonna be down there by the State Dept of Correction, he better be have himself 😉

    • Bonaparte cleared up other myths and admitted the police arrested GZ at the time of the shooting but did not detain him. The claim of 50 calls contradicts the published records of contacts to police by GZ.

        • It was only 47 911 calls since 2004. He was actually talking about NEN calls. AFAIK no records of the NEN calls were released so he could make up any numbers he wanted. Doesn’t matter, anyways. He was supposed to call whenever he saw something suspicious.

          But yeah, so far he’s speech isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  27. Marissa Alexander Update
    PRETRIAL 01/30/2014 9:00 AM – 608 6TH FLOOR, 501 W ADAMS ST JACKSONVILLE FL 32202
    746 — 1/14/2014
    @ 8:30 AM – PER EMAIL FROM J.A

    Michael Dunn update
    254 — 1/16/2014

    Ben Kruidbos Update
    17 — 1/9/2014
    NOTICE OF HEARING ON 2.4.14 @ 1:00PM ROOM # 705

  28. looks like jordan davis family does not want the public seeing the evidence either: @JohnPhillips: The media filed more motions in the Michael Dunn murder case. Why can’t they wait 18 days so we all can have a fair trial? #sunshinelawisbad

  29. Pope Benedict Reportedly Defrocked 400 Priests in 2 Years

    A document obtained by The Associated Press on Friday shows Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests over just two years for molesting children.

    The statistics for 2011-12 show a dramatic increase over the 171 priests removed in 2008 and 2009, when the Vatican first provided details on the number of priests who have been defrocked. Prior to that, it had only publicly revealed the number of alleged cases of sexual abuse it had received. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/apnewsbreak-pope-defrocks-400-priests-years-21576293

    • ///There was no reason for this guy to die. //// the 8 full minutes of combativeness and resisting on behalf of the deceased make the actions of the officers justified…it is what it is

  30. Dan Moulthrop ‏@danmoulthrop 11h

    Bonaparte: the definition of a terrorist is one who incites. In this case the media is a terrorist. #TrayvonMartin #cityclub #cle
    from Cleveland, OH

    is anyone else amazed that Bonaparte made this statement in his address at the Cleveland City Club today?

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