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Open Thread – Jan. 18, 2014

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  1. To our regular contributors and readers, I’m not sure what has attracted a large group of visitors from New Zealand but the stats tell me that something here is attracting a large number to read. I’ve not had any new commenters of late so all of them are readers. Welcome to our blog. Feel free to jump in and become part of the conversation.

    It appears the popular page is the Jahi McMath story. The most popular post has been the Kendrick Johnson story. The Americans come up with some interesting story-lines don’t they?

    Where are my Canadian friends? This blog is watched and read by more people from 3 other Countries. U.S. reads the most, followed by New Zealand, Great Britain and finally Canada.

    It’s a pleasure talking to anyone looking to make the world a little better and fairer to all people. If you are looking for justice in this world, let’s start by trying to find the whole truth.

    • We have 3 regular readers from Australia and I love every one of you!!

      I’d love to know who our reader is from Puerto Rico. He/she is faithful and comes by every day; from day one of the blog.

          • I am not quite ready to come back just yet. This is due to family bereavement as well as the fact that I am facing surgery under a local anaesthetic to remove a BCC on my nose, and there are other issues as well.

            However, soon, especially with things heating up in the Crimea I will be returning to doing some blogging.

            • Sending prayers and thoughts your way! I understand the loss part. Have lost 3 childhood friends, actually they were cousins to one another. Dec, Jan and last night. The Jan 22 and March 15 were sisters. Praying for strength and comfort for them and for you as well. Hang in there, GOD IS GOOD! Hugs!

              • Whoa! I’m so sorry to hear of your losses Mimi.

                Yesterday we observed the 7th anniversary of losing my step-father. Time flies, I can’t believe he’s been gone that long already.

                Thankfully, we’ll always have our memories.

                • Thank you! I guess shock is a good word for this but shouldn’t be. The sis that pass last night had been in coma 7 yrs ago. Diabetes and seizure problems. And a lot of depression. I cant imagine being their Mom. The one who died in Jan, was complete shock for everyone, including the one that passed. Just a reminder I guess, not promised any length of time. Enjoy life and those in it while we have them on loan 😉

                • Thank you. GOD IS GREAT! And guess what a precious baby girl was born on Saturday morning and a precious baby boy born to another friend today! I guess this is the new Season.. thank you sweet friend.. Hoping each day becomes more of a guiding light!

                  • it is wonderful news to hear about the birth of the children.

                    After death there is always new life.

                    Ecclesiastes says: There is a season for everything under heaven. A time to die and a time to be born. This is not the exact wording. My husband will be reading the exact words during the funeral on Friday.

                    Meanwhile… my nose hurts. I had my minor procedure to remove a bcc today and the anasthetic has begun wearing off. Everything was fine up until it began to wear off 😦

                    • yes, I am on the road to feeling better. I had a better night last night… but did not sleep much anyway… thunderstorms in the middle of the night. My nose is still sore but I am hoping that I do not need to rely on the painkillers as much today.

                      We have the funeral of my father-in-law today. One of our sons had to fly in from Melbourne. His plan was to fly in last night and then overnight in a motel before proceeding to the venue for the funeral. The other two sons already live in Sydney and they will also go straight to the venue.

                    • Sorry took me few days to reply, and please know your family is in my heartfelt prayers! Sending big ole hugs your way!!!!!

                    • Mimi, thank you so much for this.
                      Tomorrow I am getting the stitches out from my nose. When that is done, the whole thing will be almost over. My husband is one of the executors of his father’s will, so there is a bit of a way to go until everything is resolved.

                      On the bright side, we had already reached the stage of acceptance when Brian passed away. We knew it was coming and we tried to warn his brothers and sisters that it would not be long before Brian passed away. Sadly we were correct to sound our warnings.

                    • I know you mean. I have been busy trying to help my friends, About the time I was trying to back off… well the other one was found unresponsive. I knew, it wasn’t going to be long. And for the life of me I don’t understand why they waited a full week to have the funeral! There was some really messed up stuff that went on this time. The ones that are left… I love them to pieces, have known for 39 yrs but I am not into all the drama. And sadly, death brings its on. I tell you lol I I am literally worn out physically and emotionally. And bless your husbands heart, having to be one of the executors. I pray all goes smooth. I glad your getting your stitches out. I guess they didn’t use the dissolving kind. Even tho some of them don’t fully dissolve. OH lol I thought I really did it, AGAIN! I think my foot was a little bit asleep. I got up to go to the restroom and my ole bad leg went one way I went the other. I freaked out lol I had to drive myself to the ER, I didn’t want to awake anyone at 3am 😉 the dr was so nice he checked it over and said I most likely scared myself more than anything, He gave me a shot for inflammation,., well this MIMI will be paying more attention… I thought I was… so all I did all weekend was lay around with ice pack, sleeping or reading online. 😉 Mostly sleeping. Ok I stop boring everyone. HUG!

                    • Some of the stitches were the dissolving kind but some were the other kind. Besides, I need to know the pathology results.

                    • just got back online after trying to stay off as much lol. Hoping the results were favorable! HUGSSSSS!

                    • Yes the results were favourable. The pathology came back as clear on the outer rim meaning that all of the tumor was taken 🙂


                      SO THANKFUL YOU HAVE GREAT NEWS! Especially after all you and your family have been thru! Hugs

                    • I had total trust that this would be the case :). It is fortunate that a BCC is very slow growing and is the least likely cancer to be aggressive. Even though the thing had been on my nose for some time. I was fortunate to have had such an excellent doctor to take care of that little problem :). At least it did not interfere with the funeral!!

                    • Well feeling it and knowing it… brings peace of mind. And bless you, I know how it is, you have had you share. 🙂

                    • True, I have had my share… but there is going to be a time when things begin to look up… I am just not sure when that will be… :).

                      Truth is, I remain cheerful for a good reason, and it is where I place my trust that is all important 🙂

                    • Yes. Prayer really helps :).

                      I believe that people are given the gift of healing through their hands and intellect for a reason.

                      I was lucky that the doctor I saw for the skin cancer check immediately referred me to this other doctor. He said it was too delicate to be handled at his level. The doctor I then saw is an expert in his field. On top of that his fees are very reasonable. He does not rip people off. All, the same, this doctor gets his gifts from one source and he uses those gifts for the betterment of others.

                    • I am a firm believer, that when you do the right thing for the right reason, it makes you a much better person. And good things will come back to you. When you allow only good thoughts, you have a different outlook. Sure everyone has trying and sad times, but its how you allow your self to deal with them is what matters. Sometimes its easier to tell someone else what to do or how they should feel, but we are only human 😉 But its so much better trying to see the good than wallowing in the sadnesses. Sadness and worry only give birth to more. You Aussie are a ray of Sunshine!

            • Aussie good to hear from you again! Hope your surgery goes well and other issues clear up soon. Wishing you comfort and healing, and looking forward to seeing that White Kitty avatar back again soon. Also, thanks for the ginger tip for seasickness. I missed the discussion in Jan 🙂

              • Winsome, I can thank the couple who sat with us at a table of the cruise ship who told us about the ginger remedy when I was feeling very seedy.

                I always knew that I had a tendency towards seasickness but never imagined that I would “lose it” going out of Sydney heads… oh the shame :).

                Since then I have noticed that there are products available on the market to help deal with seasickness before it happens and ginger is the main ingredient.

                BTW I did not do all that well on aircraft either!!

        • Back to Ginger; I love it in all forms, including putting thin slices from the root in my mouth. We have many different recipes produced in bottles here in the US but Blenheim’s ginger ale, which comes from SC is absolutely the best if you truly like ginger and can handle the heat.


          The drink sounds interesting, especially since I like rum. One site has 27 recipes for it. How do you make it?

          • we have our own versions of dry ginger ale 🙂 and also of ginger beer. I have always liked ginger beer 🙂

            I had the ginger mojhito on board so I have no idea how it was made… but I did enjoy drinking it when I felt unwell during that trip. I also enjoyed a dry ginger ale or two to help me get over feeling very seedy…..

    • I can’t think of any recordings except for the daily message I record on my voice-mail at work.

      Jordan, I’m not easy to listen to. I’ve been through 4 bouts of cancer of the mouth and have had half my tongue removed and replaced with tissue from my left arm. When I get tired, I sound drunk. It takes quite an effort to talk. I’ve been cut through my bottom lip right down to the middle of my neck and then from ear to ear. They opened me up like a sardine can.

      I’ll record a video message and post it for you in the next few days. But prepare yourself, it isn’t pretty.

      • Nettles ~ your life experiences & the heartfelt things you do for other’s is amazing, the world needs more Nettlepedia’s though we are so greatful for the one we have.

        I read in the past week you had posted about your work at the food banks. Since the cuts in the La. food stamp program, our food banks/non profits are suffering even more, they are begging for donations in the news paper.. I think the recipients had their food stamps cuts by 30 % & are using the food banks to supplement what they need in addition to those that use the Food Banks that didn’t qualify for food stamps. We had a program which I loved when I worked in the school system, every Friday children that were of need were sent home w/back packs w/fresh fruit, small cartons of milk, cereal, granola bars, etc. to ensure they had a couple of meals they could even fix themselves. Sadly, I don’t know how many siblings ate part of the goodies in the backpack, I tried not to think of how many hungry siblings there were.

        • Thanks Art. What a nice thing to say.

          My work at the food bank/soup kitchen is so rewarding. As a volunteer, I get to witness the generosity of the community and see the reaction of the recipients who get helped.

          This Christmas season, as a community we helped 45 single mothers with children. Reading the kids’ wish lists was heartbreaking. So many asked for a toy that didn’t get donated. The “Hug Me Elmo”. I thought what a cool toy, when a kid in an at-risk family needs a hug, they can get a hug from Elmo. I wish we had some to give out. I’m canvassing some businesses now and see if I can’t get some for this year for the kids.

          We helped 90 seniors who are living in low-income housing and find themselves for the first time in their life having to ask for help to eat. I’m working hard to find a donation of throw blankets that we can put in their Christmas hampers next year. Sadly, there are too many grandparents taking care of their grandchildren on a limited pension because dad took off and Mom is addicted to drugs.

          Overall, the foodbank helped 638 families….that’s pretty cool.

          The politicians who abuse their positions are really beginning to tick me off. It’s not right that they get huge salaries and corporate executives get huge salaries and pay no taxes and the rest of us try to fund everything.

          Thankfully, for most people in need, it’s a temporary situation and I’m so grateful to the many people who donate and allow me to witness a client in need getting the donation.

  2. (((Waving TO THE WORLD!!))) Well Ms. Annette, you have been the BIG 50 for exactly a month now… How is it going 😉 ? I am not surprised about the Jahi being popular post here, in reading different articles there are references all over the world off different cases.

    Emotions make these public cases what they are and how they are reported. If we look around there will be tons of similar cases, no matter what the “issue” is that have not gotten any “attention”. They are just as important, IMHO they just haven’t hit the media.

    What I have come to realize is that HOWEVER the case it brought to “media” that is how it its continually reported, no matter if it is right or wrong. Pick any, unarmed teen just going to buy candy and tea, routine tonsillectomy, missing 31 days no contact for 31 days. Can go on FOREVER. This sadly is how these cases get viewers, SENSATIONALISM sells. Not TRUTH, Whole Truth. Honestly people have an agenda, that’s why its made public begin with.

    Sorry to ramble! Have a wonderful weekend! Sun is Shining and beautiful January Day where I am! I am going to enjoy, hope you have Sunshine in your heart where ever you are!! Hugs, Mimi

    • ((Waving Back)) Mimi!! Things in my part of the world have been busy but productive. I’m getting lots done. Time whips by doesn’t it? I’ve got lots of housework needs doing today but by tonight, I’ll be so happy with the shining, fresh smelling results!!

      It’s Hockey Day in Canada today. Hockey games galore and we have 3 NHL matches today, all 6 Canadian teams playing each other. First game starts at 2pm. I’m a big hockey fan so I’ll be listening in on the games as I do my chores.

      Have fun today and whatever you chose to do, stay safe. ♥

  3. This is so true. Trayvon’s texts tell us that Sabrina kicked her son out of her house on December 22nd. He went to live with Tracy and Alicia. They broke up around Trayvon’s 17th birthday (Feb. 5th). Tracy moved out with Trayvon. Tracy went to his sister Ebony’s house and Trayvon lived with Sabrina’s brother, Ron. That arrangement was likely due to Ron living in the school district Trayvon was going to.

    Tracy told Sanford police Trayvon attended Carol High School and when the police went to compile the victimology report, the school police corrected Tray’s father and advised he attended Dr. Michael Krop. In Trayvon’s texts you can find that he actually switched schools he attended. He tweeted his father was away at work so he had to attend Krop that day.

    When Trayvon got suspended for what still remains unclear, his father put him on a bus to stay with someone he barely knew. With pot on his person, and money in his pocket, Trayvon continued to try to secure a gun.

    For their parenting work, Martin and Fulton turned it into a new lifestyle. Job Well Done. May you get more peace now Trayvon than your parents gave you when you were here. I’d love to be a fly on the wall if you ever get a chance to talk to them about your reputation of a scared little kid buying candy they made you into for their own profit.

      • Nah, gangster personified. The statistics show that if he was a white male suicide rates rise but not inner city black males, they entertain self destruction on the streets.

        • cassandra ~ I agree w/your comment, the statistics on the rise of Vets committing suicide is alarming as well as young men as a whole.

          I have been thinking of you when reading about the WILD FIRES in Ca. & how your state remains so dry. I live in La., we are plagued w/hurricanes, tornadoes during those seasons so it’s hard for me to imagine how awful & destructive the wild fires are & how difficult they are to contain.

          Do you live near any of the wild fires, I guess if you live in the city, it’s probably more protected, IDK.

          • Makes me cry every time I hear about the rising rates of suicide among vets. My nephew has 28 months of service, so far their unit has not been deployed to Afghanistan, possible deployment canceled twice.

            I live in Berkeley, no wild fires yet. I grew up in LA so I am very familiar with wildfires. In 1991 at least 50 people died in a matter of minutes trapped in cars trying to escape the Oakland/Berkeley hills fire. A small fire started by homeless a day earlier reignited with high winds. Whenever the winds gust start my friends living in the hills get very worried, winding roads with very poor access for fire fighters.

            The weather is bizarre, thankfully Gov Brown declared a drought which will improve conservation efforts. Californians know how serious a drought is. My son already shortened his showers. I took out the lawn this winter, as did my other son who just brought a house, so our water consumption will drop. The building codes have been relaxed for grey water systems so we are planning on putting something together that works for our garden needs. I want to grow food in place of the lawn I planted for the kids.

            The Marin fire chief was quoted the other day about how unprecedented it is for northern California forest to burn in winter, yet Humboldt had a fire a few weeks ago, very worrying.

            The ridge out in the Pacific blocking moisture is quite resistant, the long term forecast suggest drought though spring, some times with a dry January we get wet March to make up the loss.

            Danny W offended me with his California fruits and nuts comments which felt anti-gay and California bashing. I probably don’t need to remind you California is described as the fruit and nut capital because we grow the majority of the nation’s food. California has a lot of smart people interested in solving real problems, with Gov Brown leadership we are likely to see innovations in agricultural irrigation because of this drought and climate change.

            • cassanda ~ adding your nephew to my nightly prayers as these courageous soldiers are not forgotten, God Bless them for the freedoms they provide that many take for granted, many died for those very freedoms.

              Thanks for sharing w/us the conditions in Ca., I had no idea. It’s unbelievable & hard to imagine when I read the National news, it’s heartbreaking for all those touched in these disasters. I read 3 young men had been arrested for starting these fires. The conditions you shared are informative, I had no idea, BLOGGING is great, we learn something everyday from our friends, still praying for your state, please keep us informed.

            • “California has a lot of smart people interested in solving real problems, with Gov Brown leadership we are likely to see innovations in agricultural irrigation because of this drought and climate change.”

              I strongly disagree. Gov. Brown is continuing to try to spend tens of billions of dollars on a bullet train to nowhere while the state goes bankrupt.

              California has a bunch of progressives who are interested in running the state into the ground. People and businesses are leaving California in droves and moving to places with less draconian taxation/regulation climates, like Texas.

      • POD ~ I think your comment is certainly plausible as to TM’s intentions, something I hadn’t thought of. I always thought TM felt “entitled,” to anything he wanted, he enjoyed his “gansta life style” & friends, TM didn’t suffer any real repercussions when suspended, you can bet he did anything he damn well pleased w/others kicked out of school while Ms. Candy worked her job, TM was going now where in his education, he didn’t care about school & did his best to prevent anyone that wanted to learn from his learning due to his discipline problems in class.

        imo, TM was going to contribute to the crime/robbing of tourist on the streets in Miami, a violent/crime ridden city that has always been plagued, like New Orleans, of violent youths roaming the streets w/guns..

    • POD ~ that’s WONDERFUL news that the case is moving forward, I can ONLY hope that if we are burdened by Judge N, she moves forward at record speed like she did to help the Prosecutors in GZ’s case & doesn’t ALLOW the usual games that the Prosecutors played, the NBC Attorney’s will make every effort imo to PROLONG this case from moving forward & from paying any settlement, they don’t care how long it takes to try the case r settle it, in some cases its cheaper for those such as NBC to pay interest on the monies that can possibly be aware since their attorney’s are paid anyway.

      We need to send emails & twitter messages to the media on these dates as they get closer. In KC’s case, ALL these conference updates were shown in National MEDIA & carried in ALL the Fla. MEDIA live! The MEDIA is NOT reporting this now in GZ’s case like they are NOT reporting on Ben K’s case r Lydker’s case of wrongful termination. Ben K’s case directly links to GZ’s case,Maybe they aren’t aware of the court hearings, IDK.

  4. State Attorney Angela Corey of the Jacksonville-based 4th Circuit doesn’t read newspapers and doesn’t think the public should know any details of a criminal case until it goes to a jury!

    Property Appraiser Jim Overton asked Corey about a story The New York Times had recently done on a police investigation in St. Johns County. Corey said she hadn’t read it because she doesn’t read any media.

    “The public doesn’t need to know anything about a case before it goes to trial,” she said.
    Her office is fighting every day to keep the media out of their cases, said Corey, who’s handled some of the state’s most-watched cases such as Zimmerman, Cristian Fernandez, Marissa Alexander and now Michael Dunn.

    But Mark O’Mara, who represented Zimmerman against Corey’s office when she was appointed special prosecutor in the Sanford trial, said the PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW!

    “I would not want to live in a world where Angela Corey can charge whatever she wants and the public doesn’t know about it,” O’Mara said.

    He said he thinks public records laws work now, even if the public sometimes learns things that are never discussed at trial.

    “As long as we have an effective jury selection process, which we do, it shouldn’t be a problem for someone to receive a fair trial,” O’Mara said.

    Barbara Petersen, president of Florida’s First Amendment Foundation, said Corey’s views were “baloney.


    YEP! Corey must get an ear full from “her people on what she needs to know,” her CORRUPTION gets reported sometimes newspaper BLOGS beat her down. Corey ISN’T above the law, she’s corrupt imo, & the endless stories reported on that very corruption even in the NY TImes, Dershowitz, etc. PROVES that fact! I bet she does want to SILENCE those EXPOSING her injustices/corruption.

    KUDOS to MOM for speaking up for EXPOSING Corey/as well as others in these cases & STANDING UP for the peoples RIGHT to KNOW through the Sunshine Laws & our First Amendment Rights.

  5. Corey too added:
    Corey also defended her conduct in the Zimmerman case. Criticisms arose before and after the trial that Zimmerman had been overcharged with second-degree murder.

    But Corey said it’s almost impossible to overcharge someone in Florida because defense lawyers can make a motion to dismiss a case and a judge can throw out the case if the charges are excessive.

    O’Mara said Corey was off base.

    “I think she’s trying to justify something that was indefensible,” O’Mara said. “I’ve never heard any prosecutor say it’s impossible to overcharge someone.”

    Prosecutors have a responsibility to file charges fairly, and Corey didn’t do that in Zimmerman’s case,” O’Mara said.

  6. I see Crump is trying a shakedown in the Howard Morgan case in Chicago. I see Crump conveniently leaves out that Morgan fired 17 shots at uniformed officers and managed to actually hit 3 of the officers.

  7. Have to share a funny. Makes me feel old too 🙂 Babysitting my 4 grandbabies.. younger 2 are napping. Older 2 ~ 8 and 4 want to watch a movie with me… So I turn on tv and GI BLUES with Elvis is on. I said hey this is a good movie… 8 year old says “Mimi, I think YOUR the ONLY one who watches ELVIS movies, can we watch Wreck It Ralph” all I could do is laugh. So they are watching their movie, that EVERYONE likes 🙂 and I am online laughing at them. Kids! Funny…. they liked watching Speedway… but looking GI Blues was 1960 and Speedway 1968 must be it, newer film Rofl! Ok, I going to check up.

  8. Sundance is still openly lying to the sheep about the O’mara state bar issue

    sundance says:
    January 18, 2014 at 4:52 pm
    Bernie still works for 4th SAO…. still flapping.

    Corey has a sovereign immunity hearing coming up early next month (Feb 4th).

    Corey also under investigation by Florida Commission on Human Resources for the Kruidbos firing.

    White is no longer Kruidbos attorney.

    Both O’Mara and West are under investigation for comingling/misuse of client funds.

  9. Michael Dunn is going to walk on the murder charge based on element #3
    Dunn is going to walk based on element # 3 First Degree Murder

    Posted on Sep 26, 2010 7:28am PDT
    First degree murder is the most serious crime in any state. In the State of Florida, it is a capital felony punishable by death.

    First degree murder is proven when the State of Florida satisfies the following elements:

    1) Victim is dead.

    2) The death was caused by the criminal act of defendant.

    3) There was a premeditated killing of victim.

    The main difference between second degree murder and first degree murder is the element of premeditation.

    Premeditation means that the killing occurs after the defendant consciously decides to do so. The decision to kill must be present at the time of the killing. http://www.ericmathenylaw.com/Criminal-Defense-Blog/2010/September/First-Degree-Murder.aspx

  10. Here is in order;
    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 16
    @meghan_daum Your article was both insensitive & cruel. I pray you never experience what my family & I endured.

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me and that same Spirit quickens my mortal body right now Romans 8:11 #JahiMcMath

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    These people who have no clue of what’s going on always want to comment and give their opinion, no one is asking you what you think SORRY

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    In other news…Jahi is doing very well!! Her conditioned has really improved since leaving CHO on January 5th.

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    Since everyone is so interested, the charitable funds were used for the cost of moving Jahi out of the hospital to her new location

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    Everyone tweets negative stuff, but none of you came down to the hospital when I was there to share your thoughts. Cowards behind a screen!!

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    NOT 1 person the entire month I was there, but tweets are coming left and right now

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    Talk about showing your TRUE colors!! #YellowTails

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 17
    I normally don’t indulge in negativity thrown my way but some things needed to be addressed. I will now go back to being silent

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets 5h
    Its freezing in Seattle, i wasnt ready! @ Downtown Seattle http://instagram.com/p/jVJA2wIpoc/
    from Seattle, WA

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets 5h
    Fish tossing in Seattle http://instagram.com/p/jVKB9qopp0/

      • mimi ~ I think it is customary many free lance journalist are paid for their opinions or op-eds in newspapers/r magazine articles.. She isn’t the first nor will she be the last to be paid, the Uncle needs to suck up the facts available not propaganda being promoted by his family, realize he can’t control anything written in the MEDIA or control expert opinions from Physicians in which there have been countless that Jahi has been dead for over a month, move on in his life, MOST of America it seems is moving on from this sad story.. Uncle NEEDS to understand facts were included in the article which is always important, something the family DOESN’T want the public to know.

        I thought the article was exactly correct & am glad the LA Times PAID to include it in their paper. Has poor Jahi’s brain turned to liquid as Pathologist have repeatedly stated that happens to those brain dead that were kept on ventilators have shown? Jahi deserved better imo from her family, eventually the donations will dry up, then what?

  11. For whatever reasons — coercion, denial, distrust, greed, grief — Jahi’s family got the idea that they were somehow different. As harmful as that is to their healing process, it’s also harmful to society’s well-being, a harm that too many, whatever their intentions, have perpetuated.

    The hospital, even before the court order, gave the family many more days to say goodbye than most loved ones get in such circumstances. The judge, seemingly against all logic, gave the family a power, and a burden, that no family should have to wield or shoulder. The media (including me) gave them attention that, like the donations, would have been better spent elsewhere


  12. Remember when uncle posted this

    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 5
    I told you we’d do it!!! I love you Jahi and I will come visit you soon baby girl. Your Uncle is a BEAST!!!

    And then this:
    Omari ‏@_iamOMARI Protected Tweets Jan 6
    And the winner is…Drum roll please…Nailah Winkfield!!! I love you sis, and keep in mind you are a… http://instagram.com/p/i20BqcIpgd/ur

    Funny how all the sudden last week or so, so many of these instagram pics are POOF GONE! The pictures that are gone in the tweet ref to sister, was like a STAR on Hollywood Walk of Fame or whatever it called, and a couple statues like Oscars. Hmmmm wonder who had them to remove? Also the pic the sister had holding Jahi hand with purple fingernail polish… Poof Gone too.

  13. Inconvenient fact the Tree folk are overlooking regarding “that sweet homeless man Kelly Thomas”

    SANTA ANA – The 91-year-old grandfather of a homeless man who died after a July 2011 encounter with Fullerton police testified Thursday that his grandson attacked him with a fireplace poker in 1995.
    Walter Dieball said grandson Kelly Thomas “hit me in the head” with the first blow and then struck a second blow “when I was on my knees.”
    Dieball said at first he was “too dizzy to stand,” but then managed to get to his bedroom, where he locked the door and called Placentia police.
    The grandfather, who was rolled into the witness box in his wheelchair, wore a lapel ribbon reading “Kelly Thomas.”

    Two Placentia police officers testified later Thursday that Thomas bolted and ran from them after the fireplace-poker incident with his grandfather, and was ultimately apprehended only after one pointed his gun and threatened to shoot.
    Thomas pleaded guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon with a penalty enhancement for inflicting great bodily injury in that case and was sentenced to 270 days in jail.
    Another witness testified that Thomas punched him in the face in 2004 when he asked Thomas to leave a Christmas party.
    And a woman said Thomas harassed her for three years at a produce stand where she worked and once threatened to kill her as he threw rocks at her.
    The last witness during Thursday’s brief court session was Cathy Thomas, Kelly’s mother, who reluctantly testified that she obtained a restraining order against her son after an incident in which he grabbed her by the neck,
    Cathy Thomas, who also wore a ribbon in tribute to her son, said she yelled “get your hands off my throat” and called police after the 2007 incident.

  14. His past should have nothing to do with what they did to him. I am sickened by the verdict. Watch the entire tape and tell me what he did to deserve death. He did his best to follow their instructions. I saw no intentional resistance.

  15. For those not on twitter, GZ tweeted he called to help some dogs along a highway. The Haters, on cue, tweeted and GZ shows he still has his sense of humor with this tweet

    It’s pretty amazing to me he has this outlook at this stage and is a testament to his grandmother and parents. He’s well-grounded in the knowledge of who he is and it’s coming through loud and clear. Good for him and my appreciation to those who raised him.

      • No, he doesn’t. That’s the problem. I think he wants to lash out at the people that helped put him through what he was put through. With the goading of Traybots he might do it publicly. That wouldn’t be good. It could jeopardize his civil suits for one thing. If it’s bad enough it might even hit MSM.

          • I don’t know about George, but I personally admit to missing the action. For a year and a half I was alive again. Totally consumed by something I felt really meant something our society. A couple of weeks before the trial, the realization hit me, that it would soon be over, and I would be back to watching Seinfeld again. It was something I didn’t want to let go of, and that is why I come to this blog. I feel like a soldier who has come home from a war zone, and is trying to adjust to normal life. I sense that others here, as well as the Trayvon supporters have the same feelings. Imagine how George feels!

  16. Remember Mr. Lien, his wife, baby daughter that were attacked by the biker gang? Mr. Lien is “suing the city of NY for “lack of training of LE,” there was an undercover Detective that knocked out the rear window where the baby was in her car seat & 2 other LE officers participating w/the biker gang that day. No doubt the thugs broke many laws & the Chief of Police said they “received over 200 calls reporting the dangerous actions by the bikers such as running red lights/driving on side walks, etc.

    jmho ~ I don’t see how the city can be held responsible for what their officers do when not on duty, they were absolutely wrong & are going to be punished harshly, maybe jail time for the undercover officer that knocked out the rear window & damaged the side of the vehicle.

    Mr. Lien has damage to his vehicle, medical bills, etc., his family feared for their lives, no doubt he wants somebody to pay but I don’t know if the city can be held responsible, usually in Civil Suits, those suing go for the “deep pockets,” in this case, it is the City w/the deep pockets. It seems the officer knocking out the rear window & kicking the side of the door should have to PAY for the damage he did. WHY would 3 LE officers want to participate w/a group of thugs & display thug behavior?

    Will Mr. Lien be successful?


    • whenever I follow an instagram link, it always takes me to a basic page, without the specific info I assumed I was going there for. Do you have to belong, to see?

    • And lawyers wonder why most folks have a low opinion of their profession. Taking the ‘mo money’ uncle to a football game and then posting the photo to social media? Shades of the classless antics by TM’s relatives. Horrendous and disgusting. I hope it comes back to bite them in the rear…

  17. George Zimmerman ‏@TherealGeorgeZ 47m
    PETA, No disrespect to chicken shit, I’m certain it has more common sense, principals & morals than @FLGovScott $ Angie Corey combined.

  18. Still not sure why the libs are obsessing over the new jersey bridge thing…… how many times has black jesus Obama been caught bullshitting? something about being able to keep your doctor period comes to mind!

    • Gee, let’s see.

      One group attempts to do something about people not being able to afford needed health care and does a less than perfect job.

      Another group decides to massively inconvenience a large number of the people they’re supposedly in office to serve, potentially endangering the lives of some, for petty political revenge.

      Oh, yeah, totally the same.

      • actually Unitron……the dems and the left have done absolutely nothing regarding the cost of healthcare and if you fell for that steaming pile of manure they were shoveling I have some beach front propert outside des moines i’ll sell you dirt cheap!

        • The reports are that Health Care cost are STILL rising, the costs are rising for those Insurance companies that are participating in OBAMA CARE but Obama will “BAIL” them out at taxpayers expense!

          Costs have risen for those that HAD insurance that was affordable & they liked BUT their policies got canceled, the COST are RISING for everyone EXCEPT those that have insurance through their employer & were able to keep it.

      • Actually Uni… this is EXACTLY what the affordable care act has done —–>>>> Another group decides to massively inconvenience a large number of the people they’re supposedly in office to serve, potentially endangering the lives of some, for petty political revenge.

        Oh, yeah, totally the same.

          • Uni –

            The ACA does not seem to be an act of revenge from anyone onto anyone.

            It seems to be the implementation of an ideology that believes that a.) everyone deserves “free” medical care, and b.) that the government ought to “provide” it.

            Subtracting “provide” from “free” yields “higher costs”.

            The “higher costs” are made even higher by having to pay for an entire additional bureaucratic superstructure to administer the ACA.

            This regulatory superstructure is being imposed on a medical system that has evolved differently these past 238 years in contrast to other systems such as the socialist blend prevailing in Europe.

            These increased costs will be payed by those who pay taxes. The taxes will not necessarily be direct taxes, although some of those are already in place, such as the surtax on incomes above certain levels.

            The indirect method of taxation involves the provision of fewer insurance and medical options, combined with higher premiums and higher deductibles. It includes the rationing of medical services which are to be decided by a bureaucratic panel.

            The net effect of this over time will be to bring the middle economic class medical experience down into alignment with whatever level the lower economic class experiences which ought to brought up a bit in terms of medical coverage. The upper economic class will experience no decrease in medical coverage since they have the resources to pay for whatever additional care is needed.

            But revenge is not a part of this schema.

            • hooson shared: These increased costs will be payed by those who pay taxes. The taxes will not necessarily be direct taxes, although some of those are already in place, such as the surtax on incomes above certain levels.

              RESPONSE ~ a REDISTRIBUTION of the wealth in our country, something Obama has worked hard for. No doubt every taxpayer will PAY BAILOUTS, something Obama’s famous for! There are TAXES on Obama Care PAID for those that participate! Are you paying taxes on your health care?

              hooson shared: The net effect of this over time will be to bring the middle economic class medical experience down into alignment with whatever level the lower economic class experiences which ought to brought up a bit in terms of medical coverage. The upper economic class will experience no decrease in medical coverage since they have the resources to pay for whatever additional care is needed.

              hooson ~ you have NO GUARANTEE that the middle class expenses will EVER be brought into alignment, to say so is absolutely LUDICROUS! YOU DON’T KNOW! You have simply BOUGHT INTO the THEORY, you can make this claim WHEN IT HAPPENS, BUT NOT UNTIL! Health care cost are CONTINUING to RISE, that is a FACT, read National News! Obama has PROVEN to even you the PROBLEMS in OBAMA Care NOW, what MIGHT happen in the future DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING TODAY! Just WAIT UNTIL small business owners are FORCED onto OBAMA Care! Millions more w/canceled insurance!

              You bought into things that NEVER HAPPENED THUS FAR:

              1. that the Oct. 1, 2013 would be a huge success, after all, they had 3 Yrs. to work on it. LIE!
              2. that if you LIKED your Dr. you could keep him. LIE!
              3. If you liked your Health Care Plan you could keep it EVEN THOUGH the planners of Obama Care & Obama KNEW THIS TO BE A LIE! They KNEW millions of Americans would have their polices CANCELED & they would be FORCED INTO OBAMA CARE as was the plan!
              4. You BOUGHT INTO the LIES that afforded Obama to pass this disaster BUT you are NOT suffering the repercussions, you DEFEND something that may NEVER happen & you DON’T KNOW!

              What has happened is NOT dependable but you would have probably ARGUED that Obama PROMISED Americans could have KEPT their Dr.’s/Health Care Plan UNTIL WE FOUND OUT IT WAS A LIE!

              The FACT REMAINS: the MIDDLE CLASS is suffering now & thus far, it isn’t AFFORDABLE effecting millions of Americans NOW!! Some Americans that had a policy in place CAN’T AFFORD Obama Care & won’t even participate in anything. You CAN’T PREDICT the FUTURE & the disaster Obama Care will be, BUT you can see the REPERCUSSIONS NOW!
              The Democratic Unions are getting a BREAK in Obama Care, but Davis isn’t getting a break! I remain outraged that EVERY American FORCED onto Obama Care DOESN’T PAY the same, but, I guess you have an excuse for that too!

              • Art –

                I guess I worded things too loosely.

                I did not intend any inference that the middle economic class monetary burden would diminish to that of the level of the lower economic class. That burden has to rise, the “funding” has to come from somewhere.

                What I stated was that the medical “experience” would eventually decline to a level commeasurate with the lower economic strata.

                By “experience” I meant the range of available coverage, anticipated restrictive choices, and the rationing of healthcare by government fiat.

                • hooson ~ I get your point. This WILL NOT improve anything imo for most hard working Americans which are the backbone of our country, the middle class, the insurance is NOT less expensive BUT more! If that’s NOT redistributing the WEALTH, I don’t know what is, MANY middle class people will opt for NO INSURANCE! WHY? Because they can’t afford it! The people that were able to enter Medicaid due to their States Expansion of the program OR those that are dying, have cancer or some other disease that purchased Obama care may get some relief BUT LOOK at the consequences to healthy Americans & the anger/rage this “cluster” has caused.

                  Making millions upon millions of millions of American’s suffer under the lies Obama told to pass Obama Care is appalling & it’s NOT over. Mary Landrieu cast the deciding vote, she is from my State of La. & from a long line of CORRUPT Politicians starting w/her daddy, MOON Landrieu who was once Mayor of New Orleans when it was so corrupt. Mary L. is sweating bullets as she is up for re-election. she NEEDS to get off the Gov. teat & GO HOME, it’s predicted she will do just that! I pray so!!

          • I’ll tell you what WAS political revenge…The POtuS barricading open air monuments in Washington D.C. and elsewhere in response to the government shutdown. We can also bring up the POtuS’ response to the Benghazi attack, POtuS’ use of the IRS to harass political opponents during the 2012 election cycle and the Justice Dep’t prosecution of a reporter to name just a few.

            At least Chrisite fired someone over bridge gate.

            • libtardh8r ~ The latest bitch slap from the POTUS is that he was “GIVING Michelle an EXTENDED stay in Hawaii for her 50th Birthday!”

              ANOTHER LIE:
              Obama DIDN’T GIVE MICHELLE the extended visit as HE DIDN’T PAY FOR IT!

              FACT: The TAXPAYERS PAID $ 175,000.00 just to FLY Michelle home PLUS ALL the security PROVIDED/paid for by taxpayers for her extended stay.

              From the Daily Caller:
              While White House pool reports indicate the first lady stayed behind this week in Hawaii to chill out with friends before her 50th birthday, there weren’t many specifics. But sources with direct knowledge tell The DC that the first lady is relaxing in Maui at Oprah’s estate with CBS’ Gayle King, Valerie Jarrett and Sharon Malone, who is Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife, I guess they all FLEW BACK w/Michelle!

              Sources say she’s there for a “girl’s getaway” before the big 5-0, the OTHER enjoyment Michelle enjoyed at taxpayer expense is now available on the internet. I DIDN’T WANT my taxpayer dollars PAYING for Michelle’s enjoyed, but AGAIN, Obama could care less!

              The good news is that many Celebrities that supported Obama the first time he was elected & spewed lies, NO LONGER support him now & have spoken out in media as to their disgust! Liberal Cher just state yesterday that “Obama let everybody down.” Those such as Oprah/Jay Z/Bey-ounce will always suck up.

    • POD ~ I’ve read several times that Christie was the ONLY Republican that could beat Hillary so just as Democrats will get as much mileage from Bridgegate & beating up on Christie, the Republicans will continue to harp on OBAMACARE.

      The problem is this: Obamacare problems will continue to escalate as Obama did move the Small business date for enrolling in Obamacare, millions of small businesses are going to LOSE the coverage they have provided for their employees for years, it was always the plan to force these small businesses into Obamacare, the thing is, increased cost will outrage millions of employees & employers all over again. Obama MOVED the small business owner’s date BECAUSE Democrats are FEARFUL of the continued outrage & 6 vulnerable Democratic Senators are afraid of losing their seats, it’s possible the Republicans could take the Senate. Obama moved the date UNTIL AFTER the 2014 elections. I guess Obama continues to think everybody is just stupid, NO ONE is going to forget the ongoing debacle Obamacare has been.

      Obama NOW wants to allow a BAIL OUT of the insurance companies participating in Obamacare.

      • arttart – today on Megyn Kelly, she had stats from insurance companies, and around 75% of people signing, ALREADY had insurance, they’re just getting switched around! So most people already had insurance, but admin had to mess it up for anyone, for the minority who aren’t getting on board….

        Personally, I like insurance being connected to my employment. They make money and contribute to my medical account, and I pay for the rest. The way O wants for it to work, is get rid of employee insurance, and instead either my better off neighbor has to pay for the rest of my insurance (instead of the money-making employer) OR *I* have to pay for the insurance for my less-well-off neighbor. All they had to do was make insurance so that it is portable across jobs. And figure out something different for those who can’t keep employment.

        PS – Obama’s approval ratings have been sliiiiddddiiinnnnngggg,.. today he blamed it on people who don’t like black people. Hmmmm….. I guess all the white people didn’t know until now that Obama is black lol (he must be desparate to be playing the race card)

        • lorac ~ this Obama Care imo, is the biggest government “cluster” I recall since “Watergate.” It’s a redistribution of the wealth imo, my head could explode reading how people are screwed over & the premiums aren’t cheap as had been promised. How disingenuous of Obama to bring in Celebrity friends to PROMOTE to young people about the urgency to sign up, the Celebrities aren’t in touch w/reality much less promoting something for their friend the POTUS. You are right, Obama & the Planners INTENDED to force small business owners onto Obama Care INSTEAD of allowing them to keep the insurance they always provided to their employees.. imo, this will back fire, small business owners DON’T have to provide insurance if they have fewer than 50 employees, imo, the Business Owners will have their insurance canceled as millions of other Americans have, the employer will opt to give the employee the amount of money THEY contributed to the employees insurance & tell them to enroll in Obama Care, THEN, the employees will be stuck w/ALL the increased premiums.

          imo, it just seems for ALL the money that has been spent to get the on line service to work, millions upon millions of dollars & that doesn’t include the States that decided to run their own on line service, it’s staggering, ALL at taxpayers expense. I don’t think Obama had the fore sight to UNDERSTAND that NOT ALL Governors were going to increase Medicaid, the Administration likes to brag about the enrollment numbers BUT that includes MEDICAID enrollees that pay nothing. I read, I think it was NY, had enrolled 400,000 in Medicaid. And the worse is not even over, I could have screamed to read that Obama wrote into the “ACA” that the taxpayers would afford “bailouts” for the insurance companies losing money! I don’t know if America can survive Obama until 2016.

          • Art I was paying about $150 bucks a month for blue cross/blue shield PPO plan with $25 office visits and $50 specialist visits in 2008. Under the ACA that equivalent plan is now $600 a month…. a 400% increase yet Uni seems to think things are more affordable.

            • POD ~ I continue to remain outraged when reading stories like yours effecting young families, did you get a raise to cover ALL of your new expenses imposed by the ACA YET Obama continues to brag about the economy, the new jobs he brags about are Government jobs taxpayers pay for! Real growth would be company expanding or NEW companies. Is the price of your home escalating in value? ONLY the people NOT effected by Obama Care sing it’s praises & have insurance through their workplace, they probably work for a big company that has excellent insurance & they pay ONLY a small portion of their insurance, they are not paying outrageous amounts imposed on those forced into Obama Care, a name Obama has distanced himself from since it has such a NEGATIVE connotation…

              How can the Gov’t IMPOSE this on the middle class when the middle class is NOT getting raises to cover these cost, NOT ONLY THAT, middle class employees that work for Small Business owner’s are going to get screwed AGAIN by the President that thinks “people DON’T LIKE him because he’s BLACK!” What about ALL the people that had full time jobs that NOW have jobs w/ONLY 29 hours a week! WHY?? Because Obama doesn’t force employers w/employees w/less than 29 hours to furnish Obama Care. People don’t like Obama because he lies, he LIED to the American people about his Obama Care OR it NEVER WOULD HAVE PASSED had he been an honest man, BUT, he remains dishonest on a host of many subjects!

              WHY was it called the “Affordable?” No one yet has figured that out, NOT EVEN Democrats that supported it & are suffering the backlash, it ISN’T more AFFORDABLE to the middle class, it is AFFORDABLE to the hundreds of thousands of people that are now getting Medicaid due to the Expansion of Medicaid in their State.

        • “…They make money and contribute to my medical account…”

          They aren’t contributing anything, that’s actually your money that you earned by working there.

          When they figure out the total cost of having you as an employee, to make sure that it’s worth it to have you as an employee, it’s included.

          So it’s part of what you’re worth to them, therefore, you earned it–it’s really your money.

          • sorry unitron I didn’t word that right – yes, I know my pay is reduced and the company uses that to pay for insurance – but I prefer that to what government wants to do now. I prefer we take care of ourselves through our collaboration with our employer – which makes and has money – than someone with more money paying for my insurance, or my paying for someone else’s. People who chronically don’t work or who work or an employer that can’t pay much/withhold much for insurance, I would like to see some other solution worked out for them.

            I didn’t mind a basic level as we had before to pay for less fortunate, however (1) people are getting hit with $5-$6000 deductibles – that’s ridiculous – they may as well not have insurance, they’re going to be paying for everything, as well as their several hundred dollar/month premiums. They should just be allowed to buy catastrophic and not be forced to funnel so much money in for other people’s insurance, especially when they’ll never even be able to access their own unless they have a catastrophe (because they probably won’t get past that huge deductible), and (2) I believe in a safety net, but right now we have huge numbers of people who could be working, but who have chosen to go ahead onto disability, or this forever extended unemployment, or welfare (research has always shown that when people run out of unemployment, they go out and find a job – but they don’t get the chance now, we just keep printing money to keep shoveling it out). America has been allowed to change.

            It’s no longer “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Now it’s all about what you “can get over”, so many without drive or ambition, so many without any interest in improving themselves, so many without any sense of working hard to get ahead. It’s scary – ie, way too many people are using the safety net who really don’t need to, but hey, they can lead a laid back life, get just enough from the taxpayers – and now get some good legal weed lol The middle class is hurting now, too, and they really don’t need this $6000 deductible crap. IMO, that’s anything but social or any kind of justice. Social justice would have been fixing the economy job ONE, getting training programs out there, at the very least had people doing public works for the unemployment and welfare money, then public service announcements or whatever to start shaping America back into the can-do country it always was.

  19. George confirms he isn’t in Florida. He’s not in the EST zone.

    • I do wish he would stay off twitter. He’s playing with danger. His brother used more restraint. He won’t do it, though. He’ll continue leaving hints to his enemies.

      • I think it is probably good for me him. He is being a whole person and taking back his voice. He was forced into fear and silence for so long it must be exhilarating to be free. I personally like when he got mad and express it, not gonna take it any more.

        I think he will be OK, at least I hope so.

        • edit, obviously I meant good for “him” but typed me. Gee I wonder if I have ever been in his position, silenced and scapegoated.

          on a another note, here is a link to a horrific story in Oakland this week. My partner works for the school district so he attended the 13 year old school based memorial service to help the kids cope with their friend death from homicide. This child was a good kid and he was shot dead. Listen to the grieving mother advice in this story about her second son being murdered just three weeks later. Where is Sybrina when you need her? Oakland is calling for your expertise in conflict resolution. (sarc)


          Last week was an emotional one for me. See story about the preliminary hearing in the brutal murder of a beautiful but naive young woman who shared early childhood years 3-6 with my son as his main playmate. I am heartsick. This is the second young person murdered in the last three years who grew up very closely with my boys.


        • I hope so, too. I would like to see him able to work again. I guess it’s just my opinion that if he were to lay low for awhile and not engage the Traybots that his chances of being able to have a normal life might be better. Perhaps the people who would like to kill him would just forget and go on to what becomes current. Hopefully, they’ll forget about him, anyway, but it’ll likely be later than sooner if he continues to engage them.

      • Who knows, I might run in to him. If I do, I will avoid addressing him. Robert Jr commented on Twitter that they were terrified of supporters because they identified them in public.

    • GZ will be back for his divorce, I guess in Sept. 2014, I assume a divorce is a yr. in Fla., IDK. I wonder if he has gotten an attorney now, he can afford one. IF he had, IF he had filled out the same paper work as SZ did & he would be required to do so, we would know about it. We don’t!

  20. OP-ED

    McMath attorney: Jahi’s family aren’t fools; they deserve better than ignorant attacks

    Self-interest alone should lead most Americans to thank Nailah Winkfield, Jahi’s mother, for her courage.

    It has been amazing to see how many people think they have a right to an opinion about this child, this mother, this family and the issues in this case. Self-righteous commenters and commentators who have no firsthand knowledge of the facts or the people involved pretend they can somehow know not only what’s best for Jahi but what’s best for society in such situations. They take it upon themselves to proclaim what will relieve or prolong the family’s suffering, what will desecrate Jahi or honor her, and they feel justified in sharing it with the world in mean-spirited terms.


    If the FAMILY/Dolan would STAY out of our faces soliciting for money, lying that Jahi is “getting better,” the public might feel differently. imo, WHEN a family INSIST on being in ouyr faces promoting an agenda, such as KC’s parent’s & TM’s, the public has a RIGHT to respond to the insanity! Dolan & the family NEED to SHUT UP & drop this from the MEDIA but that won’t happen, just as Ms. Candy CONTINUES to promote her agenda, almost 2 yrs. later.

    Dolan is the biggest abuser holding his continuous news conferences, promoting himself/his law firm & misleading this family that, imo, knows Jahi is dead. Jahi has been dead for over 5 weeks now!


  21. Annette, I just went to Twitter to look up and report that account you said was harassing George. You must have already gotten it closed because it said error when I tried to pull it up.

    • POD ~ this story was reported about 6 months ago about Corey/BDLR BUT not the 17 career Prosecutors she wants to add now, which I guess makes it a new story, well, because it is LOL. Its always a good day when Corey makes the news for something that embarrasses her. Think about it, she’s never going home because IF she retires, then it will open the door for lawsuits & her being sued privately. She will not always have the protection she has now, I hope the next election brings forth a candidate that can beat her.

      There was plenty of criticism the first time Corey/BDLR were exposed for their retirement, though legally, for using TAXPAYER DOLLARS for their retirement. I assume this isn’t more money Corey is putting in addition to what she’s already put in her account as well as BDLR’s. The BLOGS gave her a beat down, they will again, she deserves it!

  22. So far, I have refrained from telling George what to so I will make a suggestion instead.

    GEORGE; Please consider staying off of social media entirely When you suddenly “make your exit” the haters “food supply” will dry up and they will go away. Remove yourself from the playing field.

    If you don’t do this, then it will be YOU and you alone, who will be responsible for whatever happens next and that includes the ongoing hatred in our country because, sadly, even your name evokes hatred, a feeling and emotion, that refuse to die.

    So when the next thug kills someone in Trayvon’s name because of something you said on FB or Twitter, please consider if it might not have happened, had you not made the controversial comment.

    Does this limit your right to speak up? Of course, but there are times when common sense in the name of peace should prevail.

    In a sense, your presence on social media is a trouble maker.

    • It’s my impression that George still thinks that if the world just gets to know him they will realize that his heart is good, he’s not a racist, and he just had to defend himself. From the beginning, he seemed to think if he could just talk to people he could change their opinions.

      The problem with that is that the only way they can believe he acted in self defense is to believe that Trayvon’s parents and their attorneys lied. Traybots are emotionally invested in Trayvon and his parents and the idea that he’s the poster child for anti-proviling. That puts GZ at a disadvantage. Before this happened and Crump launched his media campaign, people George met could get to know him objectively. Now, they have to think badly of Tracy and Sabrina. Sabrina is in grief and many do not want to add to her grief.

      In my humble opinion, he’d be better off letting the public forget him than to try to reconcile himself with the public. It would be nice if he could reconcile himself and undo the damage to his reputation, but to do so, he would have to damage Sabrina’s.

    • Perhaps a certain “Professor” can use that case to stir up emotions and stimulate donations.

      I will say this for him, though, his last two columns have been interesting and informative discussions of how they’re going to get around people taking the 5th in order to investigate the bridge mess in New Jersey.

        • Dave, can’t both be worthy of discussion and outrage? Whoever did this bridge vindictiveness, it was wrong. Any time politicians or their people use their power unethically, it should be called out.

          Just as Standard and Poors accused Obama and Holder in court today of vindictively bringing suit against them because they didn’t heed Obama and Holder’s threat to not degrade our standing from AAA to AA, was it 2011? Very embarassing for administration, I think it was the first time our country’s rating was degraded. If it’s true that the suit was based on vindictiveness, this needs to be called out, too, as is being done.

          I understand that sometimes things are brought up to distract us from something else, but they may both be important things to deal with.

          • Sure they can both be worthy but the left is waaaaayyy over-hyping it compared to the scandals involving their fearless leaders who just like young trayvon have arbitrarily declared ” were doing nothing wrong”

  23. A lawsuit filed in federal court against State Attorney Angela Corey has been settled.
    Julie Lyncker was fired in October 2009 from her job as a clerk in the State Attorney’s Nassau County office after being questioned about whether she had a sexual relationship with Nassau County Sheriff Tommy Seagraves. Lyncker said her civil rights were violated and the firing was an illegal retaliation for reporting wrongdoing in the office. http://members.jacksonville.com/news/crime/2014-01-21/story/lawsuit-against-state-attorney-angela-corey-settled?utm_source=dlvr.it&amp%3Butm_medium=twitter#.Ut7c9FES_hw.twitter

    • Plain Ole Dave ~ This is FANTASTIC! I am not surprised, when the team sued is going to LOSE their case, the same happened in the wrongful death of my sister, the OPPOSING Attorney’s want to settle their cases BEFORE the Jury is selected. This too would settle further information from leaking out about how corruptly Corey is running her office in an open court room.

      imho ~ Corey ALREADY OWES for delaying the selection of the jury the first time WHEN her own attorney found the evidence of emails she WITH HELD/Brady Material leading to the furious judge chewing her out in his Court Room. I read a really good article about Corey going into this trial w/a Judge that disliked her tactics, a Judge that was going to make her office PAY for the original jury selection & Lydker’s Attorney’s had ASK for additional monies to investigate Corey’s office. In an email it had been disclosed there was an OPTION to transfer Lydker to another State Attorney Office BUT w/Corey’s vindictive behavior, she FIRED Lydker instead. I truly HOPE Lydker got monies & Corey humiliated, again.

      Although I like Wesley White a lot, his participation didn’t make him look honest in Lydker’s case & despite WW truly disliking Corey, WW was involved in the ongoing bull in Corey’s office. imo, that was the reason he with drew from Ben K’s case, it might have been pointed by Corey’s office that it was was a conflict of interest for WW to represent Ben K.

  24. Robert and George have been tweeting about a friend “Angie” that George introduced Robert to today. I note George calls Angela Corey “Angie” whenever he tweets about her.

    If I were to guess at the bread crumbs the boys are dropping, “Angie” is his 2nd painting and Robert Jr. will take care of public;y releasing it tomorrow. George also said he’d give 1 clue about his next painting, it has something to do with Ron Thompson…..no clue who that is.

    Regardless, I hope his 2nd painting is as successful or more successful than his first one.

    • A dozen women over ten years? None stepped forward until now? It’s possible but it sounds a bit fishy to me. Not really much info, though.

      Regardless, everyone has a right to a defense.

  25. Changed my mind on the GZ twitter matter, looks like he crossed the line again and will only bring misery to himself and others. Calling people names is very stupid.

    George Zimmerman ‏@TherealGeorgeZ 9m

    @315PONDEROSA I said give me your address ma’am. You’re not, I told you from my first tweet, you’re a pansy. Now hurry up and prove me wrong

    George Zimmerman ‏@TherealGeorgeZ 2h

    @315PONDEROSA Mrs Rosa, pick on someone your own size. Give me an address and we will hash this out for good. Don’t, & U proved U R a pansy.

    • I was very surprised to see him engage this tweeter and Hood of all people.

      Robert Jr. earned a lot of respect when we watched the hate being flung at him and he usually took the high-road and didn’t respond to haters and put out positive tweets.

      Clearly, that is not going to be George’s strategy.

      The “Justice for George Zimmerman” page on facebook just realized engaging the haters only keeps it going. They have decided to ignore them and concentrate on more positive issues.

      I saw a post that said something like “Hating others is a waste of time; half of them don’t care about how you feel and the other half don’t know about how you feel”.

      I’ve posted many times what others think about me is none of my business. Block the haters and put energy into more positive things.

    • Can’t say I’m surprised. With all that crap thrown at him he was bound to become defensive and even go on the offensive. Some Traybots are very good at provoking people and George was already rightly angry about what was done to him and his family. He really should just block them on sight. If he doesn’t he’s just going to get increasingly incensed at what people are saying and will likely push back more aggressively. That’s what they want. They want to provoke him into doing/saying something bad. Something they can point to and say “See? He really is as bad as we said.” He’s already getting into areas that MSM might report on.

              • That hasn’t been your experience David. I saw TM supporters posting your custody issues only last month. No one had fought with more fire than you have and really what you attract is more fire. You are exhibit A.

                • But it has been my experience. Look at where they are posting it….. in their own little sheltered corners of facebook where everyone except their fellow simple minded morons are banned. They absolutely unequivocally will not directly engage me as I have stripped them of any imagined power over me.

      • George has shown amazing restraint over these many months. I would have gone insane myself at having to keep my opinion to myself.

        I do understand the need to express himself but the damage for him could be permanently negative to resuming a somewhat normal life.

        I note the reporter who Hope Mason (Samantha’s mother) and Samantha confided in (Erik Sandoval of WKMG) and broke the story the ladies were looking to sell news about George Zimmerman is following the Ponderosa account. No doubt, the media is keeping an eye out for GZ does sell papers and stories for them.

        • I certainly agree George should not stoop to the level of those who hate and harass him. I like to see him feeling more confident, but getting down in the gutter with some of the tweeters is not a good idea, and will NEVER benefit him. I hope he’ll wake up and see what’s really important and take the high road, for his own sake.

            • I show you are now posting using a different email address than the one with your other picture. This is a yahoo account and the other one was a @twitter account.

              • Right, but I have same email address for both…Not sure what changed, but have suspicion it has something to do with my notepad I’ve been using lately (that shows how much I know about computers LOL) Oh well, a change is always interesting 🙂

    • Am I reading GZ’s tweets rght? Is he asking a tweeter her address so he can come over to …. fight……? Whatever it is, he needs to stay as far away from people as possible, lest they set him up for something. George, go see your priest and run your thoughts, feelings, and plans by him. Your head seems to be on a little crooked.

  26. Did we miss this article:

    MARK O’MARA INTERVIEW:: No regrets defending Zimmerman, no miracle worker!

    Question: What has CNN done for your practice?

    Answef: The Zimmerman case and the aftermath, I hate to say it like that, have helped my practice without question. I can’t deny that. The idea of having a high-profile case helps because people know you. That notoriety or publicity is both a blessing and a curse, obviously.

    Q: Will you move forward with a motion for sanctions against the state?

    A: It’s pending. It’s actually more George’s decision than mine. He’ll let me know if he wants that done. I think he probably spent enough time in a criminal courtroom in Seminole

    Q: What about the Florida Bar ethics inquiry related to how you handled the Zimmerman case?

    A: It’s being dismissed, and it’s my understanding that’s in the works. I’m not worried about it because I sort of asked them to figure out what’s going on.

    Q: Are your writing a book?

    A: I feel we have a lot of healing to do because of the Zimmerman case. A book ‘I won and here’s how’ is an insensitive project. There is another project I’m working on, which is taking a look at what the Zimmerman case brought to the forefront: race, racial issues in the criminal justice system, self-defense, gun rights, the media.

    More at link:

    MOM, forever humble imo.

  27. Im predicting 4 more waves of Traybot rage and then radio silence
    1. When they hear that Zimmerman v NBC Universal is moving forward next month on the 4th
    2. When the statute of limitations expires on a Martin family civil suit in 34 days
    3. When the myth of Saint Trayvon is further dismanteled during Kruidbos v. Corey
    4 When it finally sinks in there are no federal charges coming and that Holder let the public know the DOJ has determined Trayvon’s civil rights were not violated way back on October 29th.

  28. http://www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-jahi-mcmath-lawyer-readers-react-20140122,0,5446274.story#axzz2rBOjKHdn

    On the troubling case of teenager Jahi McMath being kept on a ventilator despite doctors’ declarations that the 13-year-old is dead, I’ve written before that most of the reader reaction has been compassionate toward her parents but unsparingly critical of the outside groups and the lawyer making a cause celebre out of the situation.

    Now that the lawyer — Chritopher Dolan — has penned a stinging rebuttal in The Times to his critics and the critics of Jahi’s family (he calls those critics “self-righteous”), readers are once again coming down hard on him. A few are even growing less patient with the parents, and some note the biological processes about setting in that will further prove Jahi is dead.

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