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Open Thread – Jan. 25, 2014

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    • Paint a new one based on a non-copyrighted image. There’s no point in going through the potential legal costs and hassle of trying to sell ‘Angie’.

      Although, TBH, the novelty of his paintings is going to wear off pretty fast. He should work on a plan B. Finish his associates if he can. See if any old friends or supporters can get him a job where he can be productive and safe. Life does go on.

      • coreshift:

        “Paint a new one based on a non-copyrighted image.” How about some caricatures of the entire scheme team? Or maybe something bland. Keep in mind it’s not his talent that has anything to do with the price tag and that is not likely to last long even if he is talented.

        Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea for George to get into another legal battle for the principle of it is acting foolish.. George should have known to check with a lawyer BEFORE he started this, If not, he adds fodder to those who think he is dumb and stupid.

        Common sense has to kick in at some point unless he just wants to stir up more trouble and his follow up tweets indicate exactly that to me.

        As long as this sort of thing continues, he will lose followers and supporters. He already has a group who think he can do no wrong whatsoever and their comments are a reflection of George .

        Are we now seeing the “real” George Zimmerman?

        • Jordan ~ you make many good points. Why would anyone choose to argue over a painting that is identically copied, GZ’s only contribution to his projected image of Corey image onto a canvas was to color it w/paint. Anyone can color/paint something they copied & traced, anyone!

          It’s sad imo, that GZ didn’t use common sense & quietly take this copied worked down & kept his mouth shut so this didn’t make National News since he projected & copied the image, which is clearly shown several sites.. His copying tactics have been shared by his art teacher in an interview which too can be used against GZ, why GZ chose to not take the picture down & allowing it to escalate into a National story w/threats of law suits has proven how stubborn GZ has chosen to be. Both AP/Wilson have just ask GZ to take the picture down before they sue, GZ doesn’t mind the drama sadly.

          Plagiarism is as old as time & that’s why “copy right” laws were originally established, those wanting to protect their “intellectual property” can pay to protect what they own. GZ uses color well & should create his own “original work” & not copy others

          I am reading more followers have given up on GZ due to his “copying scandal,” his twitter exchanges, & that’s in addition to those that left after “GZ was photographed w/Sam.” I had high hopes for GZ keeping his mouth shut but apparently that is not who GZ is, he thinks what he has to say is more important as opposed to shutting his mouth, but, he hasn’t gained any fans by his twitter comments &sadly lost some supporters that have had enough. Is that the real GZ?

            • coreshift ~ AP/Wilson have demanded it be taken down, not sold or they would file an injunction, as it is copy righted, they have sent GZ a “Cease/Desist” order via Jaynie W. or they will move forward w/their lawsuits. They’ve warned/ask GZ kindly!

              coreshift ~ This is a familiar pattern you have of not keeping up in a case & wanting others to furnish you w/information you didn’t read, I will no longer do this for you, I know what the facts r because I read them & it is you wanting the information so you need to go locate the information since you want it & read it! I’m not wasting my time in the future doing this for you

              Only a couple of days ago, you called a blogger a “moron” because she stated “GZ was taking art lessons.” You didn’t know her but that didn’t stop you from insulting her & calling her a moron, she in fact did her research when she made her statement & you clearly had not before attacking/insulting her! The link had already been posted w/2 different links on this very BLOG that you hadn’t bothered reading.

              coreshift ~ I wouldn’t make a statement if it were not a fact, if something is not a fact, I always state “imo” as it is correct etiquette, & I don’t call other’s morons/attack them when I hadn’t done my own homework, that’s the least everyone can contribute imo.

              • ‘coreshift ~ AP/Wilson have demanded it be taken down, ‘

                You still haven’t provided a link where it says George was told to ‘take it down’. But hey, I may have missed it.

                ‘coreshift ~ This is a familiar pattern you have of not keeping up in a case & wanting others to furnish you w/information you didn’t read’

                ROFLMAO I expect people to cite their sources when asked.

                ‘Only a couple of days ago, you called a blogger a “moron” because she stated “GZ was taking art lessons.”’

                You’ll have to be more specific. Was that on this blog or on Twitter? I call lots of people morons on Twitter. Having searched through my tweets (I keep a database) I don’t find anything like that. Maybe I missed it. Link please?

                ‘coreshift ~ I wouldn’t make a statement if it were not a fact,’

                Actually, you do it all the time.

              • “Only a couple of days ago, you called a blogger a “moron” because she stated “GZ was taking art lessons.” You didn’t know her but that didn’t stop you from insulting her & calling her a moron, she in fact did her research when she made her statement & you clearly had not before attacking/insulting her!”

                Are you referring to this?

                “And who is this ‘art teacher’? I saw a clip of some moron saying he was, but George has never mentioned having a teacher.”


                Because that doesn’t say anything remotely like what you claim. And yes, the guy (supposed art teacher) seemed like a moron.

          • Oh, and on Twitter it seems George is gaining more followers by the day. While some may be annoyed with him it seems others approve of his approach. To each their own. *shrug*

            I’m not ‘outraged’ or ‘disappointed’ by what he tweets. I just think it’s pretty stupid to engage with trolls that only want to provoke him into doing/saying something they can report to the media. I’ve never thought of him as a Saint. So his tweets, which are far tamer than most Twitter users, don’t bother me on a personal level.

            The real George is just a regular guy. I’m not sure why anyone would consider that some kind of revelation.

      • coreshift ~ I had hoped that GZ would live quietly as you suggest & finish his associates, he could possibly do so by taking the one course online, many colleges offer those classes & at least it would be constructive as opposed to Plan A isn’t a winning plan imo. Plan B is long overdue, life goes on & people move on for everybody in a positive or negative way & only GZ can make that decision.

    • The fact that he deleted the tweet makes me hope that he realizes he’s letting them provoke him and that his responses aren’t helping him. I’d suggest everyone on Twitter send him a polite tweet letting him know that’s what they’re doing and that he gains nothing by responding. They’re powerless unless he gives them something to feed the media.

      There are plenty of people on Twitter and Facebook challenging the narrative and the haters. He’ll benefit the most from letting supporters handle them and focusing on rebuilding his life.

  1. Well guess what…….. 11 months from today…… IS CHRISTMAS 2014 ♥ giggling ~ That means you have time to get on the right LIST 🙂

    50 is slowly coming to an end for me Annette, looking forward to FIFTY ONEderful 🙂 Feeling Blessed for all of it and all of those in my life. Hugs, to you ALL ♥

    • Nettles ~ GZ would have had to go to the expense of “:copy righting” the picture he copied from AP, I don’t think it would make any difference.. GZ’s picture of Corey was put the public domain by RZ Jr. without a copy right, I think that’s where GZ’s Corey picture came from.

      • You are making the same assumption the AP made. I’m not convinced the moment GZ projected was from the AP photo. There were many photos taken by many people that day and video-taped as well.

        What proof does AP have that GZ copied Wilson’s photo and not another source? It’s not like AP had exclusive access. The whole world watched that presser.

        • Nettles shared: What proof does AP have that GZ copied Wilson’s photo and not another source? It’s not like AP had exclusive access. The whole world watched that presser.

          Nettles ~ Are you familiar w/Fairey that AP sued & won a 1.6 million dollar law suit for copying their image as well as a 25,000 fine/300 hrs. community service & 2 yrs probation? Fairey tried to lie & claim his image was from others because there are hundreds of pictures of Obama that are not copy righted available in the media. Fairey got busted because he couldn’t produce the “exact copied photo” & the AP proved it. Fairey admitted to lying in Court.

          Nettles ~ I have an art background & understand the process & understand while you may hope GZ didn’t copy, he did & it’s easily proven. The proof AP has that GZ copied their copy righted work & has paid to establish it. There are highly paid Professionals that specialize in establishing if a piece of art work is copied from an original piece of artwork in paintings r if it is an original painting, photos, sculptures, a piece of design, can too be determined by these highly specialized professional. Philips/AP Attorney’s stated: : “they can prove their photo was copied by GZ,” so AP/Wilson have already paid to determine GZ copied this photo before their Attorney’s made the statement & threatened the lawsuit. Notice the images side by side, even layman w/the naked eye can see they are exact.

          Nettles ~ AP/Wilson doesn’t have to prove anything to you, me, r anyone else, they have established by Art Specialist that it is copied. GZ won’t be able to produce the exact image of his copied painting, if he could, where is it?

          • “AP/Wilson doesn’t have to prove anything to you, me, r anyone else,”

            They do have to prove that they themselves aren’t just snatching images off the internet or from the public domain and fraudulently laying claim to them…

            That being said, back when the first painting was causing controversy over it being a Shutterstock image… I couldn’t help but note that the site was boasting huge numbers of images being added weekly. This week it’s over 200,000 new images just added.

            Similarly, the AP site currently boasts over 3,000 new photos being submitted every day. That’s 21,000 new pics a week, 93,000 new pics a month.

            These types of image services would no doubt have to operate on an honor system and trust that the people submitting/selling photos and images to them are being honest… there’s no way in Hello Kitty that they could independently verify this volume of new material.

            So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that sites like these must inherently contain an awful lot of material that they have no legitimate claim to.

      • I’m pretty sure all creative works are copyrighted on creation. The formal copyright just, well, formalizes it and is used as support in case of legal issues.

        Also, I’m pretty sure unless George actually sells it it falls under fair use. IIRC Phillips and the AP were clear that it’s the selling they have issue with.

        • Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
          No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration.”


          And just because he decided to post a picture of the painting doesn’t mean he gives up any copyright he may have.

          • coreshift ~ Did I miss something? Is this in response the blogger wondering if GZ’s work is copyrighted? Does anyone care if GZ’s copied work is copy righted that he copied? No one is profiting from the use of GZ’s copied canvas of Corey, GZ’s copied work pictures accompanies news articles about the story.

            You are exactly correct, you can’t profit from AP’s copy righted work as GZ is trying to do & got Fairey sued for, trying to profit form something they don’t legally own & someone else does. The fact is: As far as GZ copying Corey’s photo from AP, R Jr. is in fact trying to sell the painting & bragging “a couple of people are interested in the purchasing of the picture” & has stated in one article claiming “they are thinking of selling prints of Corey’s image.” This is the basis for the forth coming lawsuit that it is for “profit” & AP is asking for any monies made be given to them.

            I salute R Jr. for trying to help GZ, but both GZ/RZ Jr. need to educate themselves before proceeding, they were lucky the first time, imo, that will never happen again, & they are not lucky this time..

            • “coreshift ~ Did I miss something? ”

              Did you? You claimed that Robert had put George’s painting into the public domain without a copyright. I was pointing out that it was copyrighted (subject to the outcome of whatever legal dispute there might be) when it was created. Are you trying to move the goal post?

          • coreshift ~ RE: GZ getting his own copy right/does he osess one?

            When is my registration for a copy right effective?

            When the Copyright Office issues a registration certificate, it assigns as the effective date of registration the date it received all the required elements—an application, a nonrefundable filing fee, and a nonreturnable deposit—in acceptable form,

            “regardless of how long it took to process the application and mail the certificate.”


            GZ would have had to do all these things if he wanted to sue someone for posting his Corey image & only when he was assigned his “effective date” by the government could he do anything about it..

            • Yes, Art Tart. If he wanted to sue someone he would need the ‘official’ copyright as was mentioned in my earlier quote. But regardless, it’s still a copyrighted work. Of course the AP could try and legally challenged that.

              • coreshift ~ the point was:
                AP/Wilson own the copy righted photo & it’s registered..

                Of course GZ has a meaningless copy right on a picture he copied from someone that does own a copy right, just as every American that took a photo of their child today r any other image, “Regardless as you claim,” they are copy righted images that are as useless as GZ’s useless copy righted image.
                GZ’s as well as everyone else own copy right images worth absolutely, nothing, What good is a useless copyright on anything, Absolutely nothing, & everybody understands it means nothing!

                GZ won’t be suing anyone over his picture? WHY? Because imo, what’s the use now to bother getting a copy right w/a future date only after he is entangled w/the photo w/attorney’s that do have a copy righted photo.

            • To: arttart1983 and all interested parties .. lol

              I copyrighted a lot of things when I had my business. Sometimes the application was not submitted until long after I had first begun to use those things. Usually, the effective date was the date that I SAID I had first used the item and I was not always required to show proof, especially if it was a lot of similar things that I submitted all at the same time.

              The same is true of trademarks. Here is an example. Notice the two different “first use” dates” but my first Newspaper Scrapbook customer had begun to promote these scrapbooks long before that. Along with the word mark, HEADLINE MEMORIES, several slogans were also included in the trademark: For example, “The Subscriber Retention People” always accompanied the mark itself. Sometimes “My Newspaper Scrapbook” was also used but I reserved that for the newspapers promotional use. If you create your own fonts, they can be trademarked too.

              Word Mark   HEADLINE MEMORIES
              Goods and Services IC 016. US 002 005 022 023 029 037 038 050. G & S: scrapbook albums. FIRST USE: 20010308. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20010713

              Maybe this clears up the first used date, art.

  2. George Zimmerman @TherealGeorgeZ

    No worries AP, I’ll just take whatever U sue me for off your tab when I’m done suing you 🙂 Or… I could put out how much U offered me 2..
    4:07 PM – 24 Jan 2014

    Does anyone think AP ever made an offer to George to not sue?

    • Jordan ~ the spokesperson on the painting copied by GZ from AP said of GZ’s tweet: “We don’t know what he’s talking about & it didn’t make any sense?”

      imo, the AP didn’t offer GZ anything & isn’t, why would they? They might sue him, that’s it, time will tell.

  3. ack, sometimes I put my computer to sleep instead of turning it all the way off – so it opens onto the current page and I don’t see that a new thread has been started lol

    I posted this at end of last thread:

    I don’t know if Zurich Mike from the treehouse reads here, but if he does, I want to say “kudos to you!” Well, also to a couple of female admins who seem to “get it”.

      • The birds on the treehouse branches were all equating homosexuality with pedophilia, when of course they are two separate things. One of them even said that homosexuality was a mental disorder, which indicated that this person is about 30 years behind on the news. And they were even saying that most child abusers are homosexuals, when in reality the vast majority would be considered heterosexual (if they are attracted to adults, it’s to women, not their own sex). Mike posted a very informative article, whch I doubt any took the time to read.

  4. IMO, it does not matter if the picture was protected or not.

    ALL of this BS requires lawyers. Do you really believe George can afford another attorney? I say: Let it go, George and move on to another project.

    • George made the mistake of not hiring a lawyer early when everyone started wearing hoodies and screaming for his arrest. He thought he could just talk to people and splain. I think he really wanted to take the stand in his trial and the judge knew it.

  5. Shiver me timbers~ I just got thru reading all comments.

    I guess so much has been said, so I wont jump in and rehash hee hee. BUT… one thing about the AP pic or whatever. I respect the fact that the person who sold is a freelance photographer, and so forth. BUT my question, as many others, is how do we know THAT particular man’s photo was used? I mean, I have some personal photos I have taken at the very same time some media people took photos. Multi times. I remember when they opened the Clinton Pres Library in Little Rock. I took off and a group of us went. There were a lot of dignitaries there as well as past and present US Presidents. I have some pictures that are identical (as can be from 2 diff cameras) as some of the photos that were in the papers, used all over the world. So, if I were to give someone one of my pictures I took, and they did as GZ did, that that person could be sued? Hope I am saying correctly what I mean. I personally just don’t think it is as cut and dry as AP can sue him. But heck you can sue anyone, winning a diff thing….

  6. Also the whole Twitter stuff WOW is all I can say lol. I supported Geo because I felt and still do that he was railroaded and it could have very well been anyone else. Especially once the race crap kicked off and during political year…. I do not know the gentleman personally, never will. Easy for me to say what I would do. I pray I never have to deal with what he has. I believe I would sue those possible for what they did to smear me. But I would do with out all this public social media crap. I know I would be fed up and tired of it, but its not helping him, in any way, as what I have seen.

    • Engaging those who hate him in conversation cannot possibly help him. If so, then how? It’s like taking the witness stand when you don’t have to and I suspect this can be used against him in any future suits.

      Are you OK now, Mimi?

      • I agree Jordan,

        YES I am Great! Thank you for asking! I guess shock was best way to describe last week or so. Not looking forward to a funeral on my birthday lol even tho I have heard people call getting older that 😉 One of those things that give you a pause and reflect on things. But I am good, thanks!! Hugs to you my Friend. You doing better these days?

      • Good point, Jordan. I think he really wanted to take the stand even though it couldn’t possibly have helped and possibly would have caused him to lose the case. The judge knew that and wanted him to.

        His mom said in a TV interview what he was composed on the stand and that she taught all her children to be composed. He’s not being composed in social media.

  7. On the Twitter, yall seem to all agree it REALLY is GZ, so I will take your words, as I am so behind. I still don’t understand the 16 yr old bit yet. First thing I thought of when reading Nettles post about it on prev thread. I heard a snippet on the news few days ago that the person thought responsible for the whole TARGET Store hacking, was a high school age person. I guess yall have decided GZ acct wasn’t hacked? Ok, back to reading lol

    • I’ve gotta say that if it is GZ and he has broken his silence, I’m a little disappointed that he’s choosing to engage in Tweet wars with his haters rather than reaching out to the blogs that supported him.

      • I wouldn’t personally expect him to reach out to anyone, but I don’t KNOW him personally lol. I am a bit surprised I guess that he chose to get into the twitter war. Especially with the slime as some he chose to give attention to. They do not deserve the time of day, let alone a response from him. I am sure that gave them a high! As many here have stated, no way to win. No reason to lower ones self to the level of filth that they wallow in.

        • I’ve sent him a private message to talk with supporters here.

          Someone on facebook set up a profile page for him and invited him to talk with supporters in a private group. He declined.

      • That’s true. He hasn’t said anything here or the tree house. He doesn’t respond to all the supporters on Twitter, either. He seems to have picked a certain. He seems to like to scrap with the haters and has picked supporters who do the same.

    • I’ll guess the over / under for attendees at 50. If I remember correctly, that event was poorly attended even last year. I can’t see it continuing much longer.

  8. “I’VE LEARNED” by Omer B. Washington

    I’ve learned-
    that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

    I’ve learned-
    that no matter how much I care, some people just don’t care back.

    I’ve learned-
    that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

    I’ve learned-
    that no matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

    I’ve learned-
    that it’s not what you have in your life but who you have in your life that counts.

    I’ve learned-
    that you should never ruin an apology with an excuse.

    I’ve learned-
    that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. After that, you’d better know something.

    I’ve learned-
    that you shouldn’t compare yourself to the best others can do.

    I’ve learned-
    that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

    I’ve learned-
    that it’s taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

    I’ve learned-
    that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.

    I’ve learned-
    that you can keep going long after you can’t.

    I’ve learned-
    that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.

    I’ve learned-
    that either you control your attitude or it controls you.

    I’ve learned-
    that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.

    I’ve learned-
    that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

    I’ve learned-
    that money is a lousy way of keeping score.

    I’ve learned-
    that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time.

    I’ve learned-
    that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you’re down will be the ones to help you get back up.

    I’ve learned-
    that sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.

    I’ve learned-
    that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.

    I’ve learned-
    that just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

    I’ve learned-
    that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.

    I’ve learned-
    that you should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed it.

    I’ve learned-
    that your family won’t always be there for you. It may seem funny, but people you aren’t related to can take care of you and love you and teach you to trust people again. Families aren’t biological.

    I’ve learned-
    that it isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you are to learn to forgive yourself.

    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
    that no matter how you try to protect your children, they will eventually get hurt and you will hurt in the process.

    I’ve learned-
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    I’ve learned-
    that credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being.

    I’ve learned-
    that the people you care about most in life are taken from you too soon.

    I’ve learned-
    that it’s hard to determine where to draw the line between being nice and not hurting people’s feelings, and standing up for what you believe.

    I’ve learned-
    that people will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

    (Written by Omer B. Washington)

      • I thought so too. I worried about taking up so much space, but in the end, I felt it had so much thought provoking truth, that maybe no one would mind 🙂

        And there is so much truth in it. Omer B Washingtion, was a pretty smart individual I believe 😉

    • Those are good words of wisdom, Mimi. We discussed one of those in a Bible study class. I think it’s in the book of Wisdom. I hadn’t realized it before, but all the people I’m close to are related to me. I have acquaintances that aren’t related and I enjoy being around them, but don’t feel close to them. Even my best friend who was a friend in high school and remained a friend until he passed was a cousin by marriage.

      “I’ve learned-
      that your family won’t always be there for you. It may seem funny, but people you aren’t related to can take care of you and love you and teach you to trust people again. Families aren’t biological.”

  9. George Zimmerman ‏@TherealGeorgeZ 15h

    “@rexmuzyka: @TherealGeorgeZ I thought for sure you’d have gained a couple ounces of lead by now.” Oh I have, about 150 rounds worth.

    This type of bravado crosses the line and suggests GZ is reckless or clueless.

    • The tweeter is saying he’d think GZ had been shot by now and GZ responds with a message that he is armed. This would signal anyone looking to harm him with a warning Trayvon didn’t get. He’s armed and he’ll use it if you want to bring trouble.

      I do agree, the best response is no response. This is like George Bush’s “Bring It On”….someone just any decide to do that.

      I’m saddened he’d rather engage the haters than his supporters. Coreshift had it right, let the supporters fight back on comments such as the one the poster left and George should be taken the high road. It’s clear, that is NOT his desire. So grab the popcorn and watch him waste the opportunity given him.

      • Oh, I don’t know if I even want to watch this.

        I have a friend in Florida who said that she thought George and Trayvon were a lot alike and got together on it. I argued with her that the run ins with the police weren’t that great and that Shellie over reacted. Now, I think she’s right.

        I can see the attitude of being invincible.

        • I see a guy who has been unjustly hated, insulted and defamed wanting to push back. I’d probably feel the same way. I’m pretty sure most people would. I just think it doesn’t help him and may make things more difficult for him. Hell, maybe I’m completely wrong and it’s good therapy for him. *shrug*

    • Robert Jr and Robert Sr sure do. What happened with George? I would think it wasn’t really him if not for the fact that Robert Jr. has tweeted him. I suspect his family has advised him to shut up but George won’t do it.

      • Do you recall, very early on in this case, reading reports of his relationship with his family? IIRC, they were not all on the best terms.

        I think his cousin also said independently that there was a rift of some sort between George and his mother and that she was a racist.

        • Jordan, I can’t swear I’ve heard all the “rumors”, but what I heard was that his mother at one point encouraged him to get a non-hispanic caucasian girlfriend, thinking that might help him get with a better social circle, more opportunities for advancement, etc. I wouldn’t call that racist, myself.

      • I was hoping George would follow me so I could send him a private message. I don’t want to express my opinion that he should STFU where the Traybots can read it. I just discovered Samantha is following me. For a brief moment, I thought perhaps I could message her and ask her to tell him. Then I realized what a waste of effort that would be. I’m sure even if we all could message George that it wouldn’t do much good. I can’t imagine his family not trying to get him to STFU. I suspect he has a difficult time keeping a lawyer because they can’t control him.

  10. GZ just doesn’t seem to be using common sense. He seems to be trying to get a posse together to defend a 16 year old kid. The people who hate him believe he’s lying about killing a 17 yr old in self defense. I think him getting righteous over a 16 yr old being threatened over the Internet is going to make them hate him even more. I even wonder if he’s suffered so much over this that he’s playing with danger on purpose.

  11. ///arttart1983
    January 26, 2014 at 6:15 pm | Reply
    I only wonder how many secret recordings f GZ that Sam has hoarded for a later date?//// recordings would be completely useless for criminal justice purposes if they are recorded in a two party notice state (you have to tell the person they are being recorded or it’s inadmissible)

    • POD ~ That’s good to know about Fla., I didn’t know that law was effective in Fla, but I do know it is illegal to tape anyone in Ca. for that very reason. I don’t trust anything Sam might do at a later date to make a buck off GZ.

      Remember when GZ said he “taped the argument that he & Sam had on his cell phone” at their last altercation? Then LE said “there was “no recording of the incident on GZ’s phone as he claimed.” Maybe someone gave GZ the heads up & he erased it, if so, good for him.

      • Haha! Thank you Rumpole, how thoughtful… and I guess Ginger decided I was taking too long to show up at my own party so she started without me 😉 From the looks and “SOUND” of it, it was pretty good! Thanks again Sweet Friend!

        • I know, I should call her a dirty rat 🙂 I have to say tho, it looked yummy, silly ole Mimi standing around gabbing… Ginger said she didn’t want it to get stale…I mean what is a friend to do…def not let a yummy cake get stale 😉

      • Yes, that cake looks sooo good! Of course I will share 🙂 Whew today was a birthday that wont be forgotten anytime soon. Why must most all deaths bring about drama? SMH. Glad wasn’t anyone I have to deal with in my lifetime, but sorry for those that do. But I was blessed with being in the presence of many great friends, who we always say, why do we wait til someone passes away or sick to get together? Well I am gonna try to make that my gift to me. Keep in touch with those I love far and near, past and present. Win Win huh ;).. more cake… need more drink?… anyway… oh napkin sure. See we just have to get together more…. Nettles outdid herself… oh and thank you for stopping by 😉

      • Aww THANK YOU FABI!!! So thankful you could stop by our little get togethere… Would you like some cake? I think Ginger already ate most of one from Rumpole… but have a small piece left of Nettles… I will share, but better make your answer fast 😉 its yummy, might not last long! Hugs!!

  12. Nettles ~ I was thinking this morning about you stating “many pictures of Corey in the public domain” & you are correct, Corey has been in office a long time so there are endless photos. I thought I would check out “Google Images” of Corey to see what was there & there are many, not only of GZ’s paintings, but AP’s photo, photos going back years w/Corey on different cases, pictures of GZ/TM/MOM/West/M Alexander/Sybrina/Tracy/BDLR. I don’t know how it works, if people post pictures there to share or whatever.

    Something that came to mind was this: if GZ originally got his photo of Corey from “Google Images” which is a quick reference for photos/images, etc., he wouldn’t know if it was copy righted r not & imo, didn’t have the knowledge to understand the importance of checking to see before he copied it, he may have just thought the pictures were shared w/the public for any use which is understandable imo. His art teacher was responsible for educating GZ & warning him as to the importance & how to find out if it was copy righted imo. The picture is posted several times, none of the photos on the entire page said if they were copy righted r not. I am thinking GZ didn’t have the knowledge to check on infringement/copy right & just copied & colored the canvas..

    When AP cried foul was probably the first knowledge GZ had of the copyright. There as so many pictures of Corey your eyes will burn.


    If the link doesn’t work try:

    Google Images Corey

      • skeptitank ~ what a freaking mess. I read a couple of news paper articles on this last week & “wnd” left out some important information in their article that the newspapers reported which is important! imo, “wnd” wanted to make it sound as if another grand jury was meeting because the Prosecutors had given into the NAACP! That’s not what happened! “wnd” can say anything, newspapers can’t. Thanks for the article, it had some information in it I didn’t know but I don’t like they selectively leave out facts.

        Immediately when the grand jury came back that day, apparently it wasn’t a full grand jury of 12 people, I assume 6 people met, something I’d never heard of. Those that met told the Prosecutors “they weren’t given lesser included charges than manslaughter.” The partial grand jury didn’t think it was “manslaughter,” but apparently they wanted the option of other charges & weren’t given those options.. Prosecutors over charging is a real problem as we see in many cases. The grand jury that met didn’t think Kerrick was “innocent” of everything, they didn’t think it was a “manslaughter” case so I assume they wanted the choice of “involuntary manslaughter.”

        Immediately the Prosecutors said “that they would convene a full Grand Jury to hear the case” & I assume include the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter or something else, I have no idea. “wnd” made it sound as if the grand jury is meeting because the city has given into the demands of the NAACP but that’s not what happened. No doubt NAACP is hell bent on making this about race but the fact is this: A full grand jury didn’t meet apparently & the grand jury wanted “less included charges.” No doubt that’s all bull chit the NAACP rants about when spreading lies & ratcheting up the hate.

        This case to me was about an inexperienced LE officer that over reacted/used excessive force firing his weapon “11 X’s hitting the victim 10 X’s.” I too don’t believe it took being hit 10 X’s to subdue the victim, the 10 shots imo were excessive. I personally don’t believe it took 8 shots to the chest which is unbelievable & 1 to the abdomen for Kerrick to think he needed to continue to fire then hand cuff the victim as he lay dying. Kerrick skated on manslaughter & sadly imo, the racial mix of the next grand jury will be an issue.

          • Nettles ~ since I read from the bottom up, I just saw that Kerrick was indicted, not surprising, thanks for sharing.

            It will be interesting to see if it is appealed since it was the 2nd Grand Jury coming back w/the indictment the State wanted the first time round.

        • The first grand jury had 14 members. NC State law requires 12 members to agree for an indictment. I have just now read that today’s grand jury has, in fact, indicted Kerrick. Like you said, It is a mess. Now questions arise as to why the first grand jury was allowed to sit
          if they didn’t have enough members? What is the law regarding this matter. That jury ACTED! The problem we have in a case like this where race is a factor is that the press will not ask the hard questions. Questions like Why did the AG send the case to a grand jury to begin with? Is that required? Kerrick was arrested and charged within hours of the event. Surely the evidence against him was beyond doubt. Normal police shooting investigations take weeks or months to complete. I agree that WND brings a bias to their articles. They like guns, and tend to side with anyone who uses one. I only posted that particular article, because I had just read it last.

          • skeptitank ~ I appreciated the “WND” article, I forget about them as a good resouce & they had a lot of good information I wasn’t aware of. They bring awareness of the “over the top” racial elements imo newspapers don’t bring which is important. I really resent the NAACP demanding/lying/involving themselves in these cases, sadly, TM’s case has shown those that are prejudice/racist/race promoting they can make a difference/& bring undue pressure without letting the system work. I like you, don’t understand why the first grand jury was allowed to sit & thanks for finding it was 14 that sat, I was under a different impression & really surprised..

            Maybe, IDK, it was because the first grand didn’t have the “lesser includeds,” which is blatant arrogance (jmho) w/the Prosecutors. I have no idea why Kerrick was charged immediately, at first I thought it was the 11 shots he fired hitting Kerrick w/10 as to why Kerrick was charged, but now I think as in TM’s case of “over charging,” these Prosecutors wanted to “quell the racial element,” something I didn’t even think yesterday but you finding there were 14 original Grand Jury participants, I think I may have been wrong to think that the racial element didn’t create the pressure to bring a second Grand Jury. I like you, question why the second Grand Jury will sit.

            I want the system to work fairly for Kerrick as well for every American charged w/any crime, the sloppiness of some Prosecutors as in TM’s case & it appears, possibly in this case is beyond appalling. I respect Grand Jury decisions, I respect jurors in criminal defense cases. I didn’t get to hear all of the evidence & see the witnesses that stated the victim was overly aggressive which I believe from those that testified, he was. If this Grand Jury finds Kerrick committed no crime whatsoever, I will respect that, I fear the racial makeup will likely bring charges of some sort n matter now what the evidence shows. jmo.

    • Plain Ole Dave ~ If you are a Media outlet r magazine & make a request to AP to use one of their copyrighted photos to accompany an article in their news paper/magazine or even quoting an AP story, they will at times allow it w/the proper request. That’s why you have seen AP’s photo of Corey accompanying stories about GZ copying their photo, they are not for profit articles r stories & AP allowed the request.

      AP doesn’t allow the use of any of their copyrighted photos/images to be copied or painted & sold for profit which is what Fairey paid 1.6 million for & GZ is trying to profit from their copy righted photo. If GZ wasn’t trying to profit, AP wouldn’t care if he painted it for his own collection at home for his own enjoyment, I am hoping GZ reconsiders & keeps it for himself.

      An interesting article comparing Faiery’/GZ’s art work & AP.


    • Thanks, I’ll post the link too.
      I agree the we don’t know enough of the detail on this case yet, but it seems likely it will in many ways be, or be seen as, “payback” for GZ’s acquittal. Certainly the Traybots when they comment, have been seen to frame it in that way. Many see a Guilty verdict as certain and I am sure that if that happens then they will be shouting: “See… we told ya so, this “proves” GZ was guilty too” They will take it as a victory in their endless war on GZ.
      I note that Corey is actually fronting up in court herself for this one. I suggest that she thinks this is a “slam dunk” and she wants the Kudos of the win for herself.

      • I think he’s going to be found guilty, but it’s not going to be Murder 1. I just don’t know enough of the evidence to make an opinion of the guys guilt or innocence. I do know this: He’s an idiot. That much is sure..but being a moron isn’t a crime.

        • I have not read enough to know he is an idiot.. but he sure looks it 🙂
          It is unfortunate, but he looks like a big angry man in court..none too bright… the orange jump-suit doesn’t help. I have commented that he needs a makeover before he is seen by potential Jury members. I presume that is part of what his team will organize for him?

          • His Defense Team seems pretty up to the task. John Philips hates them, so that’s a point in Dunn’s favor. I am sure they are going to pretty him up for the trial.

  13. I wish I had back the money I donated to GZ. I donated it hoping it would help protect him from those threatening to kill him. Since he’s willfully doing things that put him in danger, I regret those donations.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the only one. I hope it doesn’t cause some poor guy in the future to not get help he needs.

    • I looked at his twitter today out of morbid curiosity. To be kind I would have to say he sure does not have his brother’s sense of what is appropriate or not. To be honest I would say he is proving himself to be a provocateur.

  14. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/jahi-mcmath-video-claims-to-show-braindead-girls-feet-and-toes-move/story-fneuzlbd-1226812099156

    Now the video, posted on the Keep Jahi McMath on life support Facebook page on Sunday, showed a person’s hand rubbing ice gently across the feet of a girl said to be Jahi.

    On Monday morning, the video had been removed from Facebook without explanation, and the link disabled. However, the video still appeared on YouTube.

    A female voice also could be heard on the video. In it, the voice points out the movement in the left foot and right big toe when they come into contact with ice.

    “I don’t understand how a brain-dead person can do this,” the woman says.

    However, Dr. Neal E. Slatkin, a neurologist and chief medical officer at San Jose’s Hospice of the Valley, said spontaneous movements aren’t rare in brain-dead patients and can be seen in 50 per cent or more of such patients.

    The movement, according to Slatkin, could be spinally mediated reflexes or due to irritable nerves or muscle membranes reacting to the application of cold. The movements are not an indication that she is alive, he said.

    “She’s brain dead. She has no thought. She has no ability to control or interact with anything in her environment,” he said. “She’s completely dependent on machines and forever will be.”

    Jahi’s whereabouts since being taken by ambulance from Children’s Hospital Oakland on Jan. 5 have not been revealed.

    • I cannot believe this charade still continues. The body has to be decomposing and it cannot be healthy for anyone associated with this fiasco. As one comment said in one of the links: If Jahi’s is alive, shouldn’t children’s protective services come around and check on her? Might be a good idea.

  15. I wonder if there is some pamphlet made for kids or teens about brain death, in those circumstances when it has happened to their parent – something written in the way they talk, to their cognitive level, to help them understand – I’m just thinking a short, as simple as possible brochure, something to look at in the presence of the other parent.

    I was just thinking that something simple like that might help Jahi’s mom get a handle on this….?

  16. I knew it! I knew when I saw her foot moving upwards that was the abnormal direction.

    The plantar reflex is a reflex elicited when the sole of the foot is stimulated with a blunt instrument. The reflex can take one of two forms. In normal adults the plantar reflex causes a downward response of the hallux (flexion). An upward response (extension) of the hallux is known as Koch sign, Babinski response or Babinski sign, named after Joseph Babinski (1857–1932), a French neurologist of Polish origin. The presence of the Babinski sign can identify disease of the spinal cord and brain in adults, and also exists as a primitive reflex in infants.

  17. So where are the MDs taking care of her in the hidden location to say, “um, don’t put that online, it’s not saying what you think it’s saying…..” ?

  18. http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/the-next-trayvon-case-about-to-explode/

    A racially charged shooting incident in North Carolina with eerie parallels to the Trayvon Martin drama has ended in the same way – with a jury refusing to hand state authorities the politically pressured charges they sought against the shooter.

    In a decision angering the NAACP and other civil-rights activists clamoring for “justice,” a Charlotte grand jury has declined to indict Charlotte Police Officer Randall Kerrick for voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of a 24-year-old black man who refused to obey orders to stop after police responded to a robbery call.

    Jurors thought the evidence presented against the white officer did not support the manslaughter charge. As WND first reported in October, evidence showed authorities overcharged the shooter, who claimed self defense. Kerrick faced a prison sentence of up to 11 years.

    Still, state authorities plan to resubmit the charge to a new panel of grand jurors scheduled to meet on Monday. The NAACP plans to protest outside the Charlotte courthouse during their deliberations. (me: they can “grand jury shop”???)


    Kerrick’s attorneys, meanwhile, are trying to block the new grand jury hearing as “a wholly improper and blatant attempt to influence” a politically correct outcome in the tragic case, which has attracted national attention.


    Kerrick was charged in connection with the Sept. 14 shooting death of Ferrell, a former Florida A&M football player who dashcam video shows violently charged Kerrick and other police officers.

    Kerrick repeatedly fired at Ferrell with his gun after a Taser failed to stop him and after Ferrell failed to show his hands. Though Ferrell was found later to be unarmed, Kerrick and others who viewed the video insist the use of deadly force was justified.

    As WND reported, the video shows Kerrick first opened fire after Ferrell – who was much larger than Kerrick – charged him while ignoring commands and concealing his hands. Kerrick fired more rounds after Ferrell continued to move forward to the point where he made physical contact with the officer.

    “His hands were not in the air,” Laughrun said. At one point before the shooting, he added, “You see one of his hands partially behind his back, concealed, as he continued to advance.”

    Ferrell may have been under the influence of controlled substances.

    Witnesses reported to investigators that they saw Ferrell, who had dropped out of college, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in the hours before he crashed his car at an entrance to a suburban Charlotte neighborhood that Saturday at 2:30 a.m.

    The police chief, who is African-American, still has not released the results of the toxicology report.

    At least one resident of the neighborhood reported Ferrell acting violently several minutes before the confrontation with police.

    A 9-1-1 tape reveals a frantic call from homeowner Sarah McCartney, who was home alone with her 1-year-old son while her husband was traveling. Through tears, she reported Ferrell trying to kick in her front door in what she thought was an attempted robbery. Banging and yelling can be heard in the background.

    “I need help!” McCartney can be heard pleading with the operator. “There’s a guy breaking into my front door, he’s trying to kick it down!”

    The 9-1-1 tape refutes the initial narrative told by the NAACP and the media, who claimed an injured and stranded Ferrell rang McCartney’s doorbell seeking help only to have McCartney slam the door shut after seeing a black man. (me: it’s seeming more and more that the media and the NAACP have no interest in true justice, just in their biased narrative. Ferrell is dead – therefore they totally fabricated that whole story about him politely knocking on door asking for help, her opening the door, then slamming it because he was black. Period. They just fabricated it. There should be a charge for that. Good thing there are the 911 tapes to tell the truth)

    “Why did the woman assume it was a robber?” Chris Chestnut, Ferrell family attorney, said. “How could this white woman be so terrified by the mere sight of a black man – an injured one at that – that she couldn’t contain her fright long enough to even hear out his plea for help? Come on,” wrote Neil Drumming a black columnist for Salon.com. Drumming said nothing excuses “her utter lack of empathy,” while failing to report that Ferrell tried to kick in her front door. The 9-1-1 tape indicates Ferrell wasn’t acting like a helpless man but a ferocious threat.

    Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe confirmed that Ferrell started “banging on the door viciously.”

    Nonetheless, black radio called McCartney a “racist b——” guilty of a “hate crime.”

    A number of black activists posted McCartney’s home address along with photos of her home on social media. As a result, a number of vehicles have driven by her house harassing her family. They have had to hire security for protection. (me: MLK Jr is SO left in the dust – this is Malcolm X crap)

    As in the Martin case, which triggered national outrage over perceived racial profiling, the narrative told by civil-rights activists and national media about the shooting death of Ferrell has crumbled under the weight of facts and evidence.

    Florida state authorities took over the Martin case after Sanford, Fla., police cleared George Zimmerman in the shooting, deciding he acted in self defense. After a jury later acquitted Zimmerman of manslaughter charges, authorities were criticized for overcharging Zimmerman. Likewise, North Carolina state authorities took over the Ferrell case, which followed virtually on the heels of the Zimmerman trial.

    Experts say they’ve never seen a police officer charged so swiftly in a shooting. Normally investigations into police shootings take weeks, if not months. Yet Kerrick was thrown in jail within hours, bypassing the usual lengthy interviews by internal affairs. Authorities said they wanted to avoid any “ambiguity” as outrage in the black community grew and the NAACP and other groups threatened protests.

    Kerrick’s legal team have planned to defend the officer under North Carolina’s “stand your ground” law, which allows police officers as well as citizens to use deadly force if they fear for their lives or someone else’s. Legal experts say Kerrick had a strong case, and that authorities may have been too quick to charge the 27-year-old officer.

    Police unions say police departments and state officials feel pressure from Attorney General Eric Holder and groups like the NAACP to charge first and investigate later in such cases. That political pressure is having a “chilling effect” on law enforcement officers. (me: which of course, sets the black community up for outrage and the seemingly always resultant violence when the charges don’t stick)

  19. I was wondering how compliant GZ is with his ADHD medications. A lot of his poor choices can be seen as arrogant, or feeling immune, but they might also be seen as impulsive acts taken with no consideration of potential long term consequences – (the speeding tickets, the fights with g/f, throwing the laptop down, bravado on twitter, etc.). In other words, I’m wondering if perhaps he is not compliant with his meds, and his ADHD is leading him to be somewhat distracted, leading to actions without great thought put into them. Otherwise, I’m wondering about bipolar. But he needs some kind of sign hanging in front of his eyes reminding him to “think first”!! lol

    • Dunno. It could just be he’s angry and PO’d about what was done to him. Then again, when the entire country is out to get you, from the president on down, you might get a bit cocky when you win. But honestly, I really don’t see his behavior as all that different from most people. I think he’s just a regular guy. We might be trying to over analyze behavior we wouldn’t give a moment of thought to if it wasn’t George.

  20. oh, wow, on Fox they’re saying that Hillarycare was the precursor to Obama care. Must be the narrative they’re trying to get started. The actual line is, when Hillary proposed a healthcare solution, the Heritage Foundation countered with one of their own (and theirs is the one that had the mandate). Romney care grew from the Heritage plan, which then led to Obamacare. Hillary’s plan didn’t lead anywhere, because the democrats didn’t pick it up.

    (and I read that in MA, Romneycare is partially funded by *federal* taxpayer monies, but Obamacare cannot get money from the next higher goverment level, of course, because it is already the highest level)

    • lorac ~ Hillarycare during Clinton’s Presidency was the biggest freaking debacle, my husband was a Physician at the time before he passed away & Hillary didn’t want to allow Physicians to treat other Physicians families as they had always done as a “professional courtesy.” LMAO! Hillary wasn’t even president & I still dislike her, Bengazhi just piled on more bad decisions to boot, imo.

      The difference imo, was that Hillary/Bill were at least honest as to the consequences to those that participated in Hillycare, Obama was/is a liar, lied to both houses to get his dream legacy passed. Had Obama just been honest as to the consequences to the country/small business owners, middle class/individuals that lost insurance or are paying through the nose now, Obama care would have never passed & Obama knew that, that’s why he lied, imo.

      Jay Carny, spokesperson for Obama said when challenged, “even if the Democrat lose both the houses in the next election, Obama care would be worth it.” Shout out to that idiot! If that happens, the American people have spoken about what they think of Obama care & what it is costing their family! The politicians are paid by taxpayers, the taxpayers can fire their sorry butts for not listening to them & I pray that happens.

      • I didn’t pay much attention to politics back then (not that I wasn’t old enough to, I just didn’t lol), but I never heard that – interesting. I am disturbed by a few of her stands (Benghazi is one of them), but otherwise I do like her, so I realize I like her more than you do. But strictly looking at it politically (not partisan-ly – is that a word lol), it will be interesting, don’t you think, to see how she talks about Obamacare if she runs. She has to distance herself from him in some ways but not totally – that will be a tightrope. And I don’t believe for a second that she likes him, even if she has to look like it – not after what he did to her. I could never be a politician.

  21. Dunn update:

    6 — 1/23/2014
    287 — 1/24/2014
    288 — 1/24/2014
    289 — 1/27/2014
    290 — 1/27/2014
    291 — 1/27/2014
    292 — 1/27/2014
    293 — 1/27/2014
    294 — 1/27/2014
    295 — 1/27/2014
    296 — 1/27/2014
    297 — 1/27/2014
    298 — 1/27/2014
    299 — 1/27/2014
    300 — 1/27/2014
    301 — 1/27/2014

    • David, you think the fighting going on between GZ supporters on facebook and twitter is good for everyone?

      The “They are Trayvon” page got the twitter fight going. You must be very proud.

      I’ve had enough of your style of justice and I’ve had enough of you insulting others on the blog. I wish you well and ask you to not come back.


    • POD –

      No one is advocating for GZ to be silenced.

      There is legitimate discussion, prompted by the manner in which GZ has chosen to engage in back-and-forth tweets with detractors, as to whether it advances his best interests, particularly in view of litigation yet to be conducted.

    • I don’t see that he gains anything from his approach other than possibly some feeling of satisfaction. That said, I find it amusing how incensed the Traybots get when he Tweets. They want him silenced, gone, and he’s apparently not going anywhere and they can’t make him go. That seems to frustrate the hell out of many of them. Admittedly, that is fun to watch.

      The primary goal of his acquittal has been accomplished. It’s up to him to go forward with his life as best he can. As opinionated as some are about how he should go about doing that, there’s little we can do to help him in that regard . I guess I’m just going to wait and see how things work out. After all, there’s more going on than what George does on Twitter.

    • What people are suggesting is that he exercise a great deal of discretion and good judgement.

      At times, that can mean silence or it can mean choosing one’s words with extreme care and forethought.

    • She is such a disingenuous person. I can’t stomach seeing or hearing her. I wish she would one day see the light, but I doubt it…

  22. George does have a sense of humor. Here he is being the overzealous cop wannabe.

    And presumably this is his means of transportation. I think there’s a Traybot to be thanked for creating that picture.

    And of course, the suspect he helped apprehend.

    • Ponderosa was “outed” on “They are Trayvon” page on facebook. Samantha made sure she told him that by using his real first name in a tweet to him. Thereby condoning this. This page has been shutdown by facebook, but obviously Ponderosa was unhappy about it. Rather than cower and go home, he (Ponderosa) dug in deeper and retaliated against innocent people.

      He used this women’s dead husband in his tweet and infuriated her. She, of course, made the mortal sin of supporting George Zimmerman. And so it goes. Accusations are being thrown, left, right and centre (most are wrong).

      While “They are Trayvon” has been taken offline, the owner started another page in it’s place, “The Traybot Hall of Shame”

      David has spent his afternoon on facebook arguing with Santiago and both men are saying they are on the phone with police. What a huge waste of time and talent on both their parts. Everyone is getting riled up and innocent people are getting hurt. To read their conversation today go here and see how childish they are. http://www.facebook.com/GeorgeZimmermanTrayvonMartinDebatePage/posts/3788633251969 (Santiago is posting as Thy Nguyen).

      It only takes a handful of idiots on the George Zimmerman side to make us all look like idiots too. I join the call of others to stop the nonsense and agree to disagree.

      The trial is over. George Zimmerman was acquitted. George has made it clear, he’d rather engage the haters than his supporters. So we move on and try to help make the world a better place. May all those stuck in the past and with hate in their heart, find peace soon.

      • Actually I was on the phone with the Tampa Bay FBI field office and there is an ongoing investigation regarding cyber threats, cyber stalking, and cyber harassment by the Traynut serial harassers and the called me four times asking for more info and documentation to support the investigation. I will update as things continue to develop. Santiago messed up and posted some confidential FBI emails and had been threatening people with the Special Agent named in the emails and the feds were none too happy about that.

  23. Shellie Zimmerman to judge: Even though George hasn’t responded, give me a divorce!

    Frustrated by George Zimmerman’s failure to respond to her divorce petition, Shellie Zimmerman is now asking a judge to stop the delays and simply grant her a divorce.

    Under Florida law, someone sued for divorce is required to respond within 20 days, once he’s formally been serviced notice of the suit.

    For months the George Zimmerman dodged process servers, but on Dec. 18, while he was in the Seminole County jail on a domestic violence charge, he was finally served.

    His 20 days ran out earlier this month. On Jan. 13, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, Kelly Sims, filed a motion for a default, and a deputy clerk of courts signed one the same day.

    That means the judge may now treat the statements in his wife’s pleadings as truthful, and the case may now move forward, with or without his participation.


    GZ, jmho, has the inability to choose his fights wisely, fights he can’t win nor make him look as a functioning mature adult. GZ’s obstinate immature behavior in cooperating in the divorce is just another example, arguing on twitter only reflects who GZ is as a person,

    GZ made enough money to hire a divorce attorney from the sell of his first painting, respond respectfully according to the laws on divorce, & allow SZ to move forward in her life as she wants, she deserves to do so despite GZ’s immature behavior. GZ thought he was punishing SZ, but it will be GZ that will suffer the repercussions.

    I thought GZ dodging divorce papers projected enough stupidity when he was served in jail, but to defy the law & allowing the 20 days to run out shows even more stupidity. GZ can continue his game playing in the divorce, it will cost him, the Judge will hopefully allow SZ to move forward in the divorce & finally get GZ out of her life..

    • At first I’d questioned whether or not he was actually dodging being served. If he truly hasn’t responded, though, it would seem to support that he was. I’m really not sure why he wouldn’t want to proceed. Just get it over and done with. He’s obviously moved on to a new relationship. Maybe he’s holding on to some hope of getting back together? It would be silly to think that at this point. Maybe he really doesn’t have the money to pay for an attorney?

      • So I’m not familiar with divorces. One spouse serves the other, and the other gives a response…. Does the service paper just say one wants a divorce, or does it stipulate what that spouse wants from the divorce? (property, money, custody of kids, etc) And what does the response look like? Is it a legal paper that says if they agree or what they may disagree with, or is it just an acknowledgement ? Do you need an attorney to “respond”?

        • lorac ~ do you remember when SZ filed for divorce, she filled out a page of assets, debts, such as car note/student loan debt, etc. as well as what she wanted as far as assets, monies, etc.? In the media reports, legal papers stated SZ wanted different things such as s part of the NBC settlement, spousal support, the 2 dogs etc, the documents stipulate what SZ wants. Then, SZ’s attorney Sims has GZ served by a process server w/the legal documents & notification he is being sued for divorce. In this case, GZ chose to dodge the process server & the papers couldn’t be delivered, as soon as GZ found himself sitting in jail, Sims had GZ served immediately w/his divorce papers..

          At that time, GZ needed to hire an attorney, it’s difficult to answer if you don’t have an attorney nor would GZ know his legal rights/how to respond without one. GZ needed to fill out the same sheet as SZ did, he could have protested to anything she wanted r he disagreed with but he only had 20 days to do so & it’s been close to 35 days now without any response to S’s attorney. GZ had to list all assets/debts but it hasn’t been done to date. If GZ wanted to fight SZ for example over the 2 dogs she ask for, then was the time to state his objections along w/the other information with in 20 days. GZ chose to ignore everything for what ever reason.

          Sim’s, SZ’s attorney stated: The next step is for me to request a trial,” said Sims. “I know nothing about his finances. I don’t even know where he lives. I can’t get a bead on him. … I want to move forward and get them divorced.” GZ will now have to disclose everything such as debts, assets, monies in all checking accounts etc. just as SZ did, it will make the news.

          GZ had money when he sold his first painting, I can’t understand why he didn’t hire an attorney & allow SZ to move forward in her life. It reflects poorly on GZ in the eyes of the Court as well as the Judge that will be making decisions in the divorce. SZ imo, will likely be given permission to move forward & GZ has lost his right to argue about certain things SZ wants. It’s unfortunate.

          • Thanks for the explanation! I remember they had a hard time serving him and then they did, but I guess I didn’t read about the details – I just became inquisitive about it, hearing you guys say he missed a deadline. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies….

    • If I were her, I’d want him out of my life, too. I am not impressed by what I’m seeing. If I’d seen this, I wouldn’t have spent a dime on his defense or his security. He’s acting like a thug.

  24. coreshift ~ you are a normal functioning person & use your common sense that every one on this blog does in our decision making process in situations in our lives, most of us consider the bigger picture in a situation & weigh the consequences that will occur if we chose to be uncooperative, but GZ doesn’t! It’s a fact GZ hasn’t responded, it’s a fact GZ dodged the divorce server on the papers being delivered, that’s not even in question. GZ doesn’t possess your decision making abilities & that’s why we see this behavior from GZ, GZ is more interested in “controlling SZ’s divorce” & inconveniencing her ” & his obstinate behavior/ lack of cooperation is more important to GZ than cooperating & acting as a gentleman to SZ The behavir imo, is inexcusable.

    coreshift ~ it’s expensive to try to have legal papers delivered to a defendant, no doubt RZ Jr as well as RZ Sr. were contacted as well as MOM/West by Sims/SZ looking for GZ to deliver these papers, no doubt they told him. It made the papers that SZ was filing for divorce, GZ knew this! GZ is not an idiot, he knew Sims needed to have these papers delivered to him for SZ to move forward & was told so by family members, media, etc. The is the very best scenario for SZ, now GZ can’t piss/moan about anything SZ filed in her papers, the Judge take the information as fact, GZ can’t challenge SZ now on anything!

    Now GZ can hire a divorce attorney, fill out the same paperwork SZ filled out, it will all make the news, all be exposed. I don’t read twitter, but I hope GZ has taken down the picture RZ Jr. was trying to sell for profit as I have not seen it in the news yesterday r today, that would have been the smart thing to do, but who knows what GZ decided..

      • Plain Ole Dave ~ I am not misinformed r delusional, r have defective logic, BUT I am sick to death of you insulting me as well as others.

        Apparently you didn’t read Nettles comment to you “not to come back” as she was “tired of your insults to others on the blog” & “tired of your style justice.” Did Nettles change her mind?

        You have no idea what GZ thinks, did yesterday, today, r will do tomorrow r ever! You have no idea what logic GZ uses r more importantly, what common sense & logic GZ didn’t apply in his decision making process as there isn’t a single fact to support anything you say which is normal for your comments, because you think something, it isn’t a fact, it’s only your opinion not based on any known facts!

        FACT: GZ dodged receiving divorce papers as long as he could!
        FACT: GZ was served divorce papers in Jail
        FACT: GZ had 20 days to hire an attorney & respond
        FACT: GZ chose NOT to hire an attorney & chose NOT to respond within the 20 days.
        FACT: GZ has lost the opportunity to argue against SZ’s fact sheet & it will be taken at face value

        FACT: The Judge will likely allow SZ to proceed, it is GZ that has proven to be difficult & uncooperative in his behavior & the facts support that lack of cooperation as well as the dates.

        POD ~ you jump in to insult but you have no facts. Grow up!

        • Go.away.David.

          You and Tonya have wreaked so much damage to so many people with your pathetic games.

          I’ve seen enough. I’ve been a victim on your actions. George Zimmerman seems to like it. So go, have fun and stay away from me and others who think personally attacking others who have a difference of opinion and calling the police for things posted is a sign you’ve lost touch with reality.


            • David’s buddy on facebook. She started out being a TM supporter and when she read the facts switched to being a GZ supporter. Her brand of support and David’s are a close match. I always thought Tonya enjoyed the fights, she really wasn’t interested in the case. You will find her wherever there’s a fight.

              Tonya and I had words about using monkey pictures as profile pictures on facebook. I believe that stupid stunt caused the legal team to leave facebook for good. Tonya didn’t see anything wrong with it and her and a handful of others continue to antagonize black TM supporters with monkey pictures.

              I relented and unblocked her some time around February 2013 and we were pretty good friends for a while. She kept all the games away from me. It was Tonya who created the profile page on facebook and tried to convince GZ to use it. He declined and she started using it in a private group, lying to us that it was really GZ.

              I asked a question only George could answer and Tonya got pissed and took the account offline. I don’t know why, but a week later she decided to come back pretending to us that it really was George posting. She made George sound like he was falling in love with her and kicking Samantha to the curb. All the while, Tonya is always cozying up to Samantha. She’s messed up. She’s also foul-mouthed.

              Tonya asked me to ask George to follow her. I did and I regret it ever since. I won’t be ever doing that for anyone again and you can thank Tonya for it.

        • Art, I agree with you in your response to Dave and also to Coreshift. I supported George from even before I heard the detective say that George was devastated to learn Trayvon was dead because he’s Catholic and considers killing for any reason to be horrible. I had the image of him being a good Catholic man who was loyal to his wife, friends, family, and neighborhood. I saw him as a Catholic who practiced his faith and who would use his freedom to get on with his life with his wife. I knew he would have to stay hidden for some time because of death threats, but I thought he would use common sense, let the haters start to forget about him, and gradually work his way back into life. I knew that it would take money to do that, so I continued to send contributions to his parents to help him with his security.

          The man playing on Twitter is not a man practicing the Catholic faith. He’s taking adultery very lightly. He seems to have no loyalty for his wife, not even enough to cut her loose. He showed no loyalty to many of his supporters. As far as I know, he didn’t post anything on the Treehouse. He turned down Annette’s invitation to converse with us here. He turned down a group of supporters invitation to visit with them. It can’t be because he’s being careful because he’s engaging his haters. On top of that, he’s saying things that could not only get himself killed but others as well.

          I made a mistake.

          • Very few Catholics practice their faith to the degree you believed George did. It seems some George supporters had as unrealistic an impression of who George is as Trayvon supporters have of Trayvon. Neither one is/was a Saint. I guess the reality he’s just a regular guy can be a bit of a shock..

            Regardless of how some feel about George’s recent decisions, he was still railroaded and the victim of one of the worst political/racial lynchings in years. Nobody should have to go through that and it shouldn’t be forgotten just because he’s seemingly being a dick in some areas of his life. He was acquitted. That was the primary goal and it’s been accomplished. It was a worthwhile effort and I’d do what I could to help again. I don’t have any regrets.

            BTW, I’m not certain George even knows who his supporters are or the extent of their support. Why would he? I’ve never talked to him one on one and unless he monitored Twitter he wouldn’t know anything about me.

            • coreshift ~ GZ being railroaded has nothing to do with GZ’s behavior since he was acquitted. That’s over, time for everyone to move on, most importantly, GZ, time for the excuses to stop As far as GZ knowing who his supporters are & those that no longer supported/donated to GZ, GZ sure as hell gladly lived off their donations & he never missed a meal as reflected in the weight gain both he/SZ exhibited, GZ was able to give SZ a “gift of an iPad” at his supporters expense. Whether GZ knew each supporter r not is not the issue that is lost on you, it’s the arrogance//behavior that GZ has displayed since his acquittal is not the person GZ’s supporters thought he was before, giving their hard earned monies in support of his innocence & wanting to keep him safe. Your flippant reply doesn’t hold water again & most people are disappointed in GZ’s behavior..

              Richard Hornsby stated the problem he had w/GZ & the defense fund was that “GZ felt entitled,” even before MOM took GZ’s case, although RH thought GZ should not have been convicted, he never liked GZ as his twits reflected. GZ took a hell of a lot for granted including the support of many that donated, his behavior seems sadly to reflect the man he is, most probably is the man he was before the shooting.. Your claim that “GZ is a regular guy,” doesn’t hold water either, GZ isn’t a regular guy, a mature, 30 yr. old man would move on in his life, wouldn’t engage in puerile behavior w/haters on the internet, wouldn’t consistently make bad choices, yes, I said “bad choices” that you consistently argue GZ hasn’t made!

              Although GZ was rail roaded, he is only free because of MOM/West winning his case. Many other men that are “not guilty” go to prison for 10 yrs. like Ryan Ferguson. Ryan went to prison at 18 yrs. old/spent 10 yrs. in prison before he was released due to the corruption of the prosecutors. Ryan is a great looking guy/smart, he’s humble in his interviews & hasn’t made the news once in a negative way, Ryan is so humble he has stated, “he got a second chance at life, he wants to do positive things to help others.” GZ hasn’t served 10 yrs. in prison like Ryan Ferguson, but GZ isn’t humble either!

              Many of us suggested that GZ needed “professional help” when he was arrested over the Sam drama, but you argued incessantly GZ didn’t need professional help. We have since seen GZ rekindle his friendship w/& Sam. GZ has a skewed view of reality he proudly displays in his decision making process. Until you can understand that only GZ has chosen to make these bad choices will you understand why GZ needs help & why GZ will continue to spiral out of control until that happens.

              What bad choices? more SZ legal papers, AP threatening suit the painting finally taken down, fighting w/idiots on twitter is insanity, immature, & reflects who GZ is today.

              What’s next?
              GZ reality show staring RZ Jr, Wes, & Sam?
              Instagram photos sent by GZ of him & Sam that will be shown all over the internet?

              • He did acknowledge donors by sending them signed TY cards. That doesn’t mean he has to invite donors into his living room or accept their invitations. Besides, the topic was supporters that were active in defending him on social media and elsewhere. Not those that sent him money (he already nicely thanked them). How would he know of us and who we are? I used myself as an example.

                Seriously? A criticism is that he and Shellie gained weight? I didn’t even bother reading more of your post after reading that.

                • coreshift: Everyone did not get a thank you card. I received a thank you via email from his Dad but I never received a card.

                  Is he truly grateful or did he feel, as someone else said “entitled?”

                  How many tweets has he made expressing his gratitude? Doing that would make a huge difference to those are now questioning all of their past support.

                • Nettles ~ the point was: most of the defense money was not used for the Defense at all as you continue to say “we stopped the railroading” or infer. Nothing has been stopped! MOM would have represented GZ PRO BONO had there been no money r defense fund! The reality was: the donating paid little towards the cost of the defense, MOM has $ 5,000.00 left from the $ 35.000.00 he rec’d. for Attorney fees from GZ, the $ 35,000.00 GZ paid because MOM had to pay GZ’s security Judgement for $ 30,000.00.

                  It appears most of the money was used to support SZ/GZ’s place to live, pay off prior credit card debt, security, iPad, provide as much food as they wanted & that was 1st to be paid as well as all moving expenses, SZ/G didn’t do without!. The point was: there was no shortage of monies paying for household expenses, neither GZ/SZ did without food, missed a car/truck note, paying car/tuck insurance. The point was: GZ/SZ lived their life & paid their expenses from donations, being supported by donations that didn’t go towards the payment of MOM/West, the money that was paid went towards experts. You keep claiming “donations stopped the railroading of GZ,” that isn’t exactly true.

                  We know for fact MOM/West haven’t been paid but 35,000.00 each. Experts were paid through the defense fund, had there been no defense fund, MOM would have had to suck that up too & paid it himself , GZ/SZ would have had to support themselves. MOM/West won this case because of their legal expertise, sadly, I don’t see that anything has been stopped, the NAACP is alive & kicking. The railroading will continue, hopefully next time the defendant will be lucky enough to have an attorney w/the expertise of MOM/West.

                  • Art: You said:

                    Nettles ~ the point was: most of the defense money was not used for the Defense at all.

                    How do you know how all of the money was spent? Have you seen the verified financial statement that was promised?

          • I have no regrets in donating to the GZ defense fund.

            Sharon, with all due respect, you have an unrealistic view of what your donations bought.

            I do agree, George is not making the most of the opportunity the acquittal gave him but I do understand his need to vent. He’s entitled to an opinion as well and he has the support of some of his supporters. Wes is loving the barbs that George is throwing at a 65 year old man who has a low opinion of George. For the life of me, I can’t understand why this older man draws so much attention.

            Perhaps now you can empathize with Shellie in how she felt when after supporting him through the trial, he up and left her and the entire family to be alone for a month. Imagine how they felt.

            After being through such an ordeal where strangers are threatening you and your family, media is laying your business bare and projecting you in the light that is founded on a pack of lies that are easily shown as lies, how much energy in the tank would you have left?

            We’ve seen on this blog, not all GZ supporters agree on all issues. Most of us older ones, can see the problems GZ is creating for himself. I agree, he is projecting a thug on twitter. Come on I want to kick your ass, kinda tweets. Perhaps, the testimony in court about him being a marshmellow with no fighting ability has left him angry and he wants a different reputation? Who knows.

            My donations resulted in an acquittal in a case that I would argue should not have been charged in the first place. Anyone looking at the Zimmerman case without the emotions of being parents, or the emotions of being black or without their emotions will logically see the timeline and testimony leave no doubt, Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. George Zimmerman acting like a thug on twitter after the fact doesn’t change those sets of facts.

            George doesn’t even know who is supporters are. I still don’t know who a number of them are in real life. I just realized yesterday one tweeted that Trayvon was the “N” word. Had I known that, I would not have been conversing with them.

            Our donations stopped the abuse of power from becoming a travesty as Mr. West so nicely put it. I have not regrets with donating. I do regret how GZ is acting now but I understand it, have voiced my opinion and I leave him to live and learn.

            • “Perhaps, the testimony in court about him being a marshmellow with no fighting ability has left him angry and he wants a different reputation?”

              I’d considered that as well. And having the whole world hearing him screaming like a little girl (sorry George) surely didn’t help. It’s pretty embarrassing and emasculating. Machismo always gets us in trouble. 😉

              • He certainly wanted it known that he was armed. After testimony that George can’t fight, how vulnerable would he feel with all the threats directed his way. How would YOU feel if it was you?

                I totally get him wanting to change the narrative on his fighting ability but he is risking goading someone into kicking his ass and proving it once and for all. I so understand Sharon’s worry in that regard.

            • I’m sorry, Annette, I have to respectfully disagree with all you said except the part about me understanding how Shellie feels.

              I suppose I regret donations for his defense less than donations after the trial for his security. That was a total waste due to how he’s acting on Twitter.

              As for his innocence, he definitely was being assaulted. Now, I’m just not sure that he didn’t put himself in a position where he had to use deadly force. If he behaved that night anything like he’s doing now, I’m not so sure. I’m no longer so sure that he didn’t try to frighten Shelley. He may not have had a gun on him, but he may have wanted her to fear he did.

            • “I have no regrets in donating to the GZ defense fund” – I agree. Will never regret helping in some small way to get justice for an innocent person being overcharged and vilified. I do regret that George enjoys engaging the riff raff, and I would avoid it myself. But I doubt that George is ever going to live his life as we think he should. He’ll forever be George just being George. Where that takes him next is up to him.

              • winsome said: “I have no regrets in donating to the GZ defense fund” – I agree. Will never regret helping in some small way to get justice for an innocent person being overcharged and vilified.

                In a sense. a group of American citizens PAID for the justice to which George was entitled. That is shameful and also scary in that justice is NOT free. One could argue that we PURCHASED his freedom.

                It’s over but what was accomplished aside from George being set free? Has anyone done anything at all to prevent a repeat of this political malicious “persecution” of a man who clearly should have never even been arrested, let alone charged? Has anyone been arrested for a crime or even reprimanded?

                If we accomplished nothing to require changes, exactly what did we learn from this?

                I pose that question to everyone here, not just winsome.

            • Nettles ~ the donations made to the defense fund & GZ being acquitted, it’s understandable that many are disappointed & have regrets. The monies donated were mostly used for GZ/SZ’s living expenses & security, the defense was paid $ 35,000.00 each w/MOM having to pay GZ’s security lawsuit out of the $ 35,000.00. Had there been no defense fund, MOM was willing to defend GZ pro bono, but GZ would have had to figure out a way to support himself & SZ. When MOM ask for money, he got it because those that donated knew it was going to pay for experts.

              GZ is displaying many of the attributes SZ described of GZ, the love of arguing, the intimidation, the love of being in the media. GZ is getting the media attention SZ said he craved, some media again could have been avoided if GZ made better decisions/choices but he chose not to so he has had the opportunity to enjoy seeing himself in the media.

              GZ got an opportunity to live as a free man because of his defense team. GZ needs professional help & has for a long time, his skewed view of reality/bad decisions will continue to show America who “the real GZ is,” GZ will continue to spiral out of control, & imo, his behavior will continue to escalate as we have seen. Of course GZ can live his life/self destruct as he wants, it’s his life he’s screwing up.

              You “understanding GZ’s behavior” doesn’t help GZ in any positive r meaningful way whatsoever because you say you understand it, it doesn’t excuse anything. If GZ was in counseling, he wouldn’t get one ounce of sympathy from a counselor r have 1 excuse made for his behavior, counseling is about holding one responsible for their actions/choices!

              There are too many people doing positive things in their lives that had it 10 fold worse than GZ, I gave the example of Ryan Ferguson today because he spent 10 years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he got out at 28 yrs. old. While you state you understand GZ, understand other’s have had it so much worse & it will put it in perspective for you.. I look at GZ objectively just as I look at Ryan Ferguson objectively, I hate to see GZ waste his freedom but GZ & only GZ can change his chosen path, it’s his path to screw up & his life to destruct.

              • Until MOM keeps his promise of a full accounting of how all of the money was spent, we will be left to speculate. I have expressed my discontent about this many times before. I am surprised the Florida Bar did not require him to publicly disclose how all of the money was spent.

                Does anyone have a copy of the promises he made when he set up the fund?

            • Nettles ~ I respectfully don’t agree w/you that Sharon had unrealistic expectations at all! Some of the monies spent had absolutely nothing to do w/G/S’s living expenses r the defense stated purpose of the donation & what they would be spent on! MOM spent a lot of time painting the picture of GZ as a great guy GZ & was wrongfully accused. MOM was right about GZ being wrongfully accused, but MOM didn’t even know GZ, MOM sees today. Sharon believing MOM may have had the wrong impression of the person GZ was.

              Sharon might have been irked to death to find out her donations went towards providing security for GZ’s parents r buying an iPad for SZ, they had nothing to do w/the stated purpose of the Defense Fund! It would most likely be appalling to see where the money went & that’s the very reason MOM won’t let you see it. Because you might have wanted to contribute to nothing to do w/the safety, living expenses, r defense of GZ, doesn’t mean others felt the same way! You are entitled only to the way you feel just as Sharon is entitled to the way she feels.

              Nettles ~ MOM didn’t want anyone to know where the money went & some of it was obviously squandered! Why? MOM wanted those donations to roll no matter what, he couldn’t take the risk of being honest w/supporters/allowing them to know & having some that donated inflamed/discontinuing to donate! Was it honest? imo it was not! Because you didn’t care r have any expectations of the Defense Fund, doesn’t mean others were unrealistic r have the right to their opinion.

              I think Mr. West was being kind to those that supported GZ, Mr. West/MOM wants to be paid sooner rather than later & that’s a fact!

              • arttart;

                See my post above about the defense fund.

                If George continues to rant and rave, I will not be surprised to see others get pissed off and demand to know how all of the money was spent.

                Why hasn’t MOM shown us the accounting that he said was handled by a CPA? To remain silent is to invite questions…. Is anyone suspicious?

                Since it was alleged that this fund was the first of its kind in Florida, I would also like to know exactly what the Bar has done to establish rules for future defense funds like this.

            • Nettles: You wrote:

              Perhaps now you can empathize with Shellie in how she felt when after supporting him through the trial, he up and left her and the entire family to be alone for a month. Imagine how they felt.

              When he did that, I was shocked and whatever respect I had for him at the time, began to dwindle. That was an awful thing to do after she stood by him during the entire ordeal.

      • Dave:

        Do you really think it is wise to stir up the hornet’s nest? Your comments are in the public domain and I don’t think they will be used to George’s benefit. Do you?


        I am sure I read that George was in fear for his life. How does any of this make the world a safer place for him? How will any of this help him get back to a normal life with a job? I am beginning to sense that he may NOT want any of that right now and those who applaud his ill advised rhetoric are a reflection of the rest of us. I have made myself clear in previous posts. I want no part of it. It has embarrassed me but I am now getting angry.

        Many of us supported George with our thoughts and prayers and even part of our paychecks. I now notice that someone wants their money back. That is tragic.

        I do not want to feel like I devoted a big part of my life EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT FOR MONTHS ON END, in vain to a guy who now appears to have serious anger and rage issues and maybe eve hatred in his heart.

        This is bringing out the worst in George and I so much want to believe that he is NOT really like this. Treat him like he is your real brother. Give him time to work through this even if it means ignoring him.

        PLEASE, Everyone.. take a deep breath and THINK. Once spoken, we cannot take back our hurtful words. Sticks and stones can break bones and WORDS can do even worse. I hope I am speaking for the majority of us with like minds.

        Chill pills are free for the asking.

  25. Traybots about to fail again tomorrow: Georgia will hold a hearing before the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee on a bill to repeal the state’s stand your ground law on Wednesday, January 29, and advocates are calling on supporters to “pack the house”.

    The bill, SB 280, introduced by Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), seeks to repeal the statute relating to “no duty to retreat” in Georgia’s self-defense laws. The hearing will take place at 3:00 p.m. (EST) in Room 307 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building, located at 18 Capitol Square in Atlanta. http://endstandyourground.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/georgia-senator-hopes-to-end-stand-your-ground/

  26. I am curious about George’s divorce simply because I have read conflicting reports about it. Does anyone have a link to what she filed? If the media knows what she asked for, then the papers should be available somewhere.

    If she really did ask for part of any money he might receive from NBC, he may have forfeited his right to challenge that, as well as anything else she asked for.

    For George to not file a response makes no sense. He was served while in jail back in November, I think, and he put up $9000 to bond out. Where did he get that much money? It leads me to believe he DID have the money for an attorney but chose instead to not challenge anything she wants.

    2 questions;

    Who has the 2 dogs now?
    Who is supporting him financially?

  27. In arguing the facts online over these almost 2 years, we all learned how fruitless it is at this point but GZ wasn’t a part of that. Like us, he’ll quickly see he’s wasting his time. He won’t shut those voices down against him and engaging those voices only makes them louder.

    We tried. We failed. We learned. Now GZ has to.

    • Oh, I don’t know about that. Sure, we couldn’t really convince the hardcore Traybots, but anyone that was on the fence would have only heard Traybot voices if we hadn’t challenged them with facts. We made certain it wasn’t just their voices being heard.

      • That was true for the early days, but don’t you agree at this point when discovery has been made public, the trial was broadcast and the jurors decision, if someone still comes online and says GZ is a murderer, you think you can convince them otherwise at this point?

        I know a lot of commenters who switched sides. All switching came to GZ sides in talking about the facts. I know of no one who after reading and seeing things decided that their first impression was wrong and started advocating for Sybrina and Tracy’s message.

        But today at this point, is that even possible? The ship is far out to sea…..no?

        • For the most part it’s not the best use of time at this point. I don’t think many people are jumping on twitter and searching the hashtags to find the latest on George. The media doesn’t really care all that much anymore, either. I think we’re essentially at a point where most people (larger public) have decided what happened and moved on.

          The Traybots do try to get the media engaged from time to time with info or spin of what George has said/done, but apparently that’s not a big deal to George since he’s chosen a public approach. I suppose he thinks there’s really not much more they can do to him. If so, maybe he’s right. *shrug*

          Speaking of which, does anyone know if MSM has reported on his Tweets? I haven’t been paying attention.

        • There’s a lot of truth in what you say. On the other hand, things kept happening and he was back in the news. Much was made of the 3 traffic stops and I felt a need to defend him for that. Then there was the incident with Shellie, her mother accusing him of theft, and Samantha accusing him of threatening her with a gun. I felt it was important to defend him for that. My thoughts were that many people who thought he was not guilty were changing their minds due to what was in the news after the acquittal. I was still hoping maybe people would forget and he would be safe from being murdered and could get on with his life.

    • Who did we support? Was it George, the man, or simply justice? I doubt that many of us knew him any better than many of the Traybots actually knew Trayvon.

      We should NOT regret our contributions to the cause. Our cause prevailed and maybe we should leave it at that.

      True, George has not thanked us individually and probably never will but his actions now show how little to no gratitude he has for what we did for him. So maybe he has taken us for granted but to continue to engage the Traybots, while totally ignoring our suggestions to him to the point that he does even acknowledge them.. well.. that’s a sign that he disrespects us and takes us all for granted.

      He has created two completely different divisions of those who at least liked him at one time. I cannot say that I even like him now.. I certainly do not respect him or what he is doing. If that’s what he wants, we should let him walk that road alone.

      • To the first part of your comment, Jordan: When I first heard about the shooting on the news, I couldn’t understand the national interest. It was, sadly, just another killing in our country. But when Sharpton and Jackson got involved, I became more interested. To that end, my involvement (as it was and is) was more against those two race hustlers than it ever was pro-GZ, pro-NRA, or pro-SYG. And I’m not saying I’m contra the last three mentioned elements, just more so the ‘reverends’.

      • Edit: So maybe he has taken us for granted but to continue to engage the Traybots, while totally ignoring our suggestions to him to the point that he does NOT even acknowledge them……..

        • I really don’t understand why people assume George knows us. Did you ever speak with him Jordan? Did you send him a list of all the things you’ve done for him? How would he know? You can’t take something (person) for granted that you don’t even know about.

            • You mean the site that encouraged people to not donate to his defense fund? The site that tried to undermine his legal team by accusing his lead lawyer of all sorts of wrong doing and lack of ethics? The site that insulted him, his mother and his father? Essentially calling them naive ‘progs’? That site? Yeah, I’m sure he knows about it.

                • Oh, there were a lot of good supporters/commenters at the treehouse. Although I’d be very much surprised if George was happy with what Sundance did. Then again, maybe he’s more forgiving than I would be.

                  • Well, I guess they are very forgiving. RZSr did send that thank you note as you reminded me. After the stunts Sundance pulled I wouldn’t have been that courteous.

                  • He’s dating Samantha isn’t he? He still follows and carries on with a person who made a profile page in his name and used it to trick other supporters.

                    No question about it, GZ has issues. But then again, don’t we all? Of course we do.

          • coreshift;

            Sorry I did not mean to imply that he should actually thank each one of us individually. Have you seen him express his gratitude on Twitter to all of those, as a group, who supported him? I do not tweet so I would not know and depend on what is posted here about what he says.

        • Nettles has communicated with him and invited him to visit with supporters here. Other supporters, possibly from the Tree House, set up a private place to talk and asked him to talk with supporters there. According to Nettles, he declined both. I don’t know why, but I’ve wondered if he may realize that people on both sites don’t approve of what he’s doing and he doesn’t want to be in a private conversation and hear that from supporters. Maybe it would be like a room full of parents. I don’t know.

          • The person who set up the profile page from him on facebook was not associated with the Treehouse. There was a large support group on facebook that disparaged the treehouse on a regular basis.

            While some commenters (I was one) did participate at the treehouse, the facebook crowd largely stayed away from the treehouse.

            I’m not sure Sharon if you saw Sundance’s comments about the Zimmerman family and George since the trial has ended. He came here to this blog and disparaged them. He told us the Zimmerman’s invited him to a steak dinner, an invitation he declined because he doesn’t want to eat with them. Similarly, Sundance turned down my offer to have lunch telling me he doesn’t want to eat with a “prog”. He wished cancer upon me to teach me a lesson for my liberal opinions.

            I am of the opinion the treehoused used the Zimmreman case to get donations for their site. They didn’t try very hard to make the defense fund grow and in numerous occasions actually called to donation to not be made.

            I myself was upset with Robert Sr. for posting a thank you at the treehouse and no where else. by the end of the trial, even most of the supporters had left the treehouse and those on facebook got totally ignored.

            I tried to telegraph this to the family but I’ve met with mostly silence. I did get an email from Mr. Zimmerman Sr. that I shared with this group saying how thankful he was for the support shown his family.

            Mr. Zimmerman has also posted it on the parent’s website.

            Robert Jr. chose to communicate using twitter. He didn’t join any facebook groups or blogs on a regular basis. George has followed this lead. He’s only on twitter where communication is tough in 142 characters.

            • I did not know all those things about the Treehouse. You had told me some things, but I had no idea about most of this. I am so sorry that he was so rude to you. Not many people are hateful enough to respond to a lunch invitation by wishing the person cancer.

              Mr. Zimmerman has always responded with a note of thanks when I donated money and sometimes when I sent messages of support.

              I remember that the Treehouse did a lot of investigating for the defense. That must be why Mr. Zimmerman thanked them. He may not have known everything else they did. I’m sure they have trouble knowing who is really a supporter they can trust and who is just against Sharpton, Crump, etc. They have to be careful. Unfortunately, GZ is not being careful and it’s not by avoiding discussion with supporters, but engaging haters in a reckless way.

      • And, let me add, very much against the actions and manipulations by traditional media. This incident is a case study in media bias.

        • Fabi, couldn’t agree with you more. This case has taught me a lot. Not only was I ignorant of how manipulative the BGI can be, but now I’ll never be able to trust the MSM again either. I’ve learned you have to dig for the facts, keep an open mind, and use a lot of common sense. Good lessons LOL.

    • Nettles ~ I think you made the best comment of the day!

      Have you ever discussed abortion r politics with anyone?

      If you have you know most are firmly set in their belief on both sides of politics r abortion, neither side will ever change their mind, those discussions have become physical I’ve read, but what a huge waste of emotional energy for either side, every person perceives every article/fact/statistic through their life experiences imo.

      I look at the haters like I look at those that argue abortion/politics. Most arguing like idiots are firmly placed in their belief, even showing them facts doesn’t change their minds/sway them. They are entitled to deny digesting the facts & remain stuck there, we are powerless & GZ/nor his supporters will ever change that imo.

      Those of us here, love GZ unconditionally but are terribly disappointed in him at different levels of disappointment, some more than others. Because I have a son GZ’s age, I get angrier at him because I have so much fear for him, just as I do my son.. I know my son has every right to make mistakes, live his life & screw up his life just as GZ does, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care, it is because I care, I worry.

  28. Regardless of what GZs actions are now, this has brought out some wrongs in our society that need to be addressed. The media should not be allowed to stir up mob action. Our justice system should not be able to give in to angry mobs and prosecute someone when there’s really not enough evidence to prosecute. Death threats should not be tolerated. Our justice system chose to ignore the death threats in this case. They could have prosecuted. Many people used social media to make threats. That could have been traced. Eric Holder, chooses what laws he wants to enforce and apparently who they want to protect.

    • I’m not laughing. I stopped going to Twitter, too.

      There’s another story in the news today. A cruise ship had to return early because 600+ passengers were sick with something very contagious. Can you imagine what a disappointment it would be to spend a lot of money on a vacation and either get sick or quarantined…..or both.

      I was in the fitness center at the hotel when I heard that on the news. I came back to the room to look it up on the computer because it sounded like the cruise our friends were on. They just recently left and were going to the same places. I was concerned that their vacation was ruined and they had so been looking forward to it. So sad for those on that ship, but our friends are likely enjoying the Caribbean.

      After hearing about the people having to stay in their rooms, I decided never to get on a cruise ship unless I at least have a balcony. To be honest, I don’t think cruises are my favorite type of vacation. I think I prefer resorts that don’t leave you if you miss curfew, don’t keep you from having alcohol in your room, and don’t quarantine you. A land resort seldom sinks, either.

    • There are quite a few people that prefer a more assertive George. And some of his tweets are funny. He’s not going to lack supporters as some suggest. I think he’s likely to acquire more than he had before.

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