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Next Steps – January 29, 2014

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  1. Hi Nettles! Thanks so much for keeping this blog going – some very nice people here and there is still much to discuss about the case and its aftermath. (For better or worse)

    • I agree! There is so much we can learn from one another, if we keep an open mind.. or at least leave a crack open 🙂

      Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes… Made it Over the Hill last year… Looking forward to cruising now lol! I think My part of Arkansas was the SUNSHINE STATE today! lol Looking at the SNOW pictures especially at the Welcome to Florida SUNSHINE STATE sign 🙂

  2. Good morning. It’s a cold day again here in Nashville. It was in the teens when we got here and worked it’s way up to the 20s. Fortunately, there’s no precipitation or there would be ice on the roads. I sure miss Florida. My husband lost the Florida territory just before the cold weather hit. Bad timing.

    • Sharon ~ have you been reading about the Cruise Ship that returned to NJ w/passengers getting off w/buckets to throw up in? It wasn’t a Carnival Cruise Line, it was a “Royal Caribbean.” When our cruise liner returned to New Orleans, that very evening new occupants were going to occupy where we had slept the night before, they were taking off that night, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t even think most of the passengers were reimbursed anything & the ship did return a few days early, jmho, that’s outrageous, those 600 throwing up weren’t having any fun. Since this happens so often, it seems there would be more oversight.

      I guess it’s easy to see how “cleaning, disinfecting” isn’t enough as so many areas can be overlooked, I guess too it could be the food.

      • Sharon ~ I went back to read the last few comments on the last thread & saw that you had already mentioned the Cruise w/600 sick. LOL, I told you I wouldn’t do another cruise, this saddens me for all those that spent their monies on appropriate clothing for “dinner” r entertainment. What a disappointment!

      • Since they returned 2 days early, they wouldn’t be loading a new group of passengers for at least 2 more days. It is incredible how they don’t skip a day. I think it’s expensive for a ship to stay in port over night. That’s probably why they go out that same night.

        It seems they would have to refund at least some of their money since they did not give them the number of days they paid for. I remember Carnival only offered passengers a future discount when they had that horrible disaster. Bet there were some law suits.

  3. I woke up with an interesting thought. Yesterday, someone commented that George might be trying to undo the weakling image that was created in the trial. This morning it occurred to me that what he’s doing on Twitter might actually make him a little safer. He seems to be surrounding himself with supporters who act tough. I think maybe he’s seeing some of them. If that’s the case it allows him to get out of the house and still be safe. If he’s surrounded by NRA buddies, a thug is not likely going to try to beat him up or kill him.

    • Good thought, Sharon. I remember at some point in the trial thinking ‘Here’s a guy who thinks he pretty tough, having to listen to his gym owner call him a wimp.’ And while it was likely essential to his case, it certainly had to be brutal on his psyche.

      • You made a good point, too, Fabi. Not only was it likely brutal on his ego, but it probably gravely empowered the Trayvon supporters. I think some of them really knew Trayvon was the aggressor but wished that Trayvon had killed GZ instead of the other way around. That’s how gang members think. They want revenge when someone from another gang kills one of theirs regardless of whether it was self defense or not.

        The trial made GZ looked like a whimp. The Trayvon supporters also seemed to think he was a coward. That was said often on Twitter. That thinking empowered them. It probably made it more likely that a punk with little courage and/or skills might try to find him and take him on. Bet a lot of those who were threatening might think twice now that it looks like he’ll fight back and is surrounded by some tough friends.

        I hope it all works out and that he live a normal life and even be employed. Who knows, maybe some of his supporters in Texas can either employee him or offer him small jobs.

        • Yes, I also remember the TM supporters using that theme as evidence of GZ being a coward with a gun. I’m sure we both hope that GZ doesn’t have any more confrontations of any kind. As you said, a normal life for him would be a great blessing…

    • skeptiktank ~ you ROCK! What a great article, I continued to read last night, “less than a full jury” but I had no idea 18 to sit on a Grand Jury was the “norm.” This has bothered me because Kerrick, like every American, deserves a fair trial & I was concerned it didn’t pass the smell test, but apparently, the Prosecutors were within their rights. I don’t blame Kerrick’s attorney from trying to block the 2nd grand jury as that was his job, but apparently he didn’t have legal footing to win that argument!

      It does make sense imo that Prosecutors can go back if they have additional evidence etc., I never thought a Grand Jury had the benefit of “double jeopardy” as in criminal trials. It still irks me that the same “voluntary manslaughter” & not lesser includeds were run by the 2nd jury. I hope that in Kerrick’s trial, there will be mandatory “less includeds” as an option on the jury ballot like there is in FLa.

      • I’m learning stuff as I follow these cases, Art. I now know that a Grand Jury is generally a “Rubber stamp” for a prosecutor, just as judge Herr was in the Zimmerman case. I had always thought they were consulted only when the prosecutor was unsure, and wanted genuine confirmation.
        This case is different than the Zimmerman case, in that it is quite possible that Kerrick is guilty. I can see it going either way, but I don’t want to see City, law enforcement, and judicial officials making their decisions based on actions of a street mob.
        The first statement from the CMPD was that Kerrick had acted appropriately. Then a few hours later the police chief, who is black by the way, came out and said they were charging him with voluntary manslaughter. Without further investigation! This was unprecedented, so there was speculation that Kerrick must have said something to incriminate himself, but it doesn’t look like that was the case. I think the police chief, Rodney Monroe, was visited by the mayor, and possibly others, and they decided they didn’t want to go through what Sanford Florida went through. A white policeman shot an upstanding black man 10 times. How could they tell the AA community there would be no immediate arrest. Shortly after that the local DA recused himself and sent it to the AG who proceeded to postpone the hearing twice. It was beginning to look like they knew the case was iffy. Then he sends it to a grand jury which fails to indict. That’s when I knew in my mind for sure that they had charged him so quickly without a proper investigation in order to get it off of them. It was a hot potato that no one wanted, Now they have managed to get a grand jury to indict, but I suspect they have nothing left, and when a trial jury hears from the defense they are likely to acquit. That is if it gets to a trial jury. The defense has said they will use a stand your ground defense, which means an immunity hearing before a judge.
        Enough about it for now. As you said,”What a mess!”

        • Grand juries take their obligations seriously and do not think of themselves as rubber stamps.

          A grand jury can be a “rubber stamp” depending on the prosecutor.

          The prosecutor has the obligation to present a fair record upon which the grand jury is to base its judgement.

          What is “fair” is open to debate. The prosecutor has tremendous leeway and can skewer the proceedings in one particular direction by what is chosen for presentation to the jury, and what is not.

          • “What is “fair” is open to debate. The prosecutor has tremendous leeway and can skewer the proceedings in one particular direction by what is chosen for presentation to the jury, and what is not.”

            That is precisely what worries me about this case. I fear that “What is fair” is being influenced by external pressure. Without that pressure, might the prosecutor have simply accepted the first grand jury’s request for lesser charges?

            • I would think so.

              But the prosecutor is always in the position of knowing more than the jury does, and so, in certain cases, the prosecutors keep plugging away until they get what they want.

              • hooson1st ~ well said & you’re correct w/your assessment. imo, the Prosecutors would never have been satisfied w/the first Grand Jury, they had every right to bring another Grand Jury to hear the case, it isn’t their job to let anything slide, they work for the taxpayers to Prosecute if possible.

                I laughed in KC’s trial when Baez complained to “Chief Judge B. Perry, “but your honor, they continue to dump hundreds of pages of investigation on the Defense. Chief Judge Perry allowed Ashton to answer the Defense, Ashton stated “we will be collecting evidence until the trial starts!” As it turned out, the trial was stopped for the Prosecutors to depose witnesses Baez tried to sneak in, Baez promptly dropped them from his witness list but only after Prosecutors deposed them & found out damaging information. Prosecutors never stop.

        • skeptiktank ~ jmho ~ I think the racial make up of the jury for the trial will determine the out come in the verdict, it’s sad but it happens all the time. Although I don’t know if Kerrick is guilty of “voluntary manslaughter,” imo he may be guilty of lesser charges, I do not think he will be acquitted, I could be wrong.

          I thought the “stand your ground defense” was interesting, but the problem remains the victim was shot 10 X’s w/11 shots fired. Even in “stand your ground” cases, I’ve never in my life read where a victim was shot 10 X’s. We don’t know if there will be an “immunity hearing,” we’ll have to wait & see, I think it’s just an option.

          In the big scheme of things, this isn’t really a complicated case. If Kerrick had shot the victim 3 r 4 times, imo, the grand jury would have never met, 10 shots is excessive & imo, reflects Kerrick’s inexperience, but IDK if that fact will out weigh other evidence.

          • Arttart: I agree the racial composition of the jury could very well decide the case, and I think we might see a hung jury for that very reason. I also think the defense will request a change of venue. Almost any county in NC would be whiter than Mecklenburg.

            As far as the number of shots go, I think the defense attorney will be able to explain that away. If he is telling the truth about what he saw on the dash-cam, Ferrell was getting very close when Kerrick first fired while backpedaling. He is going to say he fired six shots, not knowing for sure how many were hitting Ferrell, hesitated, then fired the rest of his bullets because Ferrell was still coming, and actually made contact. The whole point of shooting was to STOP Ferrell, who he feared might be armed himself.

            There will likely be a few people on the jury who believe in giving the officer the benefit of the doubt if at all possible. As you can probably tell, I would be so disposed, myself.

            Also, there is the fact that another officer fired a taser at Ferrell. Why did he do that? It could have been that he just wanted to get control of him, but didn’t consider him a serious threat, but if he testifies, as I suspect he will, that he DID consider him a serious threat to the officer’s safety, that testimony will be very powerful for the defense.

            • skeptiktank ~ you make many good points about the case, I agree. It will be difficult to weigh how valuable some of the evidence is, example: the 10 gunshot wounds would seem to me to be powerful when the jury looks at the bloody photos, the other officer’s testimony will too bring a lot of weight on the taser, it’s hard to tell on each fact I stated. The LE officer might be ask by the Prosecution: “Did you think it took 10 shots to the victims body to subdue him, why did you all handcuff this dying unarmed man, did you think he was going to get up & run off? See how things will be twisted/represented by both sides when making their case?

              I’ve enjoyed your reasonable/fair feedback on the facts as we know them, I am open to everything in this case & want to know as much as I can. I would be losing my mind if Kerrick were my son, I too would be losing my mind if the victim was my son. Jurors can do what they want, I agree, a “hung jury” seems the most likely out come. Then, due to the pressure of the racial element, it will more than likely be tried a 2nd time, I saw a case on 48 hrs. in which the man was tried 3 times due to hung juries, Prosecutors finally got their conviction. I hope this isn’t what happens in this case.

  4. It’s a small world. Last night my husband and I went to Broadway in Nashville. We were leaving. I was just waiting for him to get back from the bathroom & we were leaving. I saw a couple standing by a table that had no chairs. Everyone had moved the chairs to other tables. I moved the chairs to their table. We got into a conversation and they talked us into staying for another drink. Turned out they live in the same town my daughter does. She doesn’t know my daughter, but she’s heard of her. The man was a first responder when my sister was shot in a church. I’m glad I took them our chairs.

    Tonight we’re at my daughter’s house visiting grandchildren.

  5. The state of Tennessee is a little nuts when it comes to liquor laws. Last night, I left my purse at home and the lady at Roberts Western World put a big X on my hand so that I couldn’t be served alcohol. In Texas, the law is anyone who appears to be under 30.

    It might have been just Roberts or maybe just that lady. I know that in the past when we’ve gone there we didn’t get our IDs checked. They had someone at the door checking IDs but they took a look at us and waived us past. After we left Roberts, we went to Legends and they waved us past. I told the lady at Roberts that I’m not even middle age. I’m OLD. I’m on Medicare. She still put the X on my hand. When we left, I told her my youngest child is quite a bit younger than she is.

    It wasn’t really a problem. I just went to the bathroom and washed my hand. It came right off with a little soap and water. I saw her staring at me as I was drinking my Pabst Blue Ribbon. I mouthed to her, “I am OLD,” and she looked the other way. I thought she might tell my waitress on me. She didn’t bother.

    • TM supporters are winning in getting GZ into crap like this. Instead of TM supporters watching GZ having fun and kidding around with his supporters, they’ve watched him with a more aggressive side of supporters ridicule and “out” harassers. This had led to GZ without a second’s thought, accepting an offer to make $20K giving some to the animal rescue.

      I really wish TM supporters were left at the window watching GZ have good clean fun with his supporters on twitter. It’s just not going to happen.

    • hooson1st ~ I wholeheartedly agree, I have been holding my breath that GZ/Sam don’t start sending “selfies” r pictures of the 2 of them on “instagram, or even worse, participation in a reality show. GZ is making all his own decisions, he seems to really enjoy the attention whether negative r positive.

      imo, it may be the NBC Lawsuit that has prevented GZ from doing an interview for profit.

        • Oh please what coreshift? How many comments have you just made arguing about what GZ said on twitter even though you were told differently repeatedly? I don’t twitter, I read actual news articles for information & I don’t ask others as you do for the links, I am capable of finding information quickly, you are too capable of looking up your own links to get the information! Did you ever think you GZ would waste his breath arguing w/haters on twitter? I didn’t, but that’s what has happened, has GZ accomplished anything? imo, no! Has anyone changed their mind about GZ? imo, no!

          If GZ would box someone & do an interview w/Radar on line, I don’t put anything past GZ & that includes instagram, there’s no doubt GZ would do interviews for profit if he could imo. I never dreampt GZ would live on twitter, arguing incessantly w/haters! Who cares? LOL, I guess those that follow twitter. Thankfully everyone doesn’t follow twitter, that’s a good thing imo as many less than positive things have been stated by GZ, I’m glad most people haven’t seen that side of GZ!

  6. Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC 1h
    @rzimmermanjr @TherealGeorgeZ why does a relevant question about GZ’svpublic statements cause you to hurl foul language personal insults?

    Grace zimmerman ‏@z_gracie 1h
    @mattgutmanABC why does your false narrative cause you to loose any professionalism you may have once had and defame innocent people? 🙊

    Robert Zimmerman JR ‏@rzimmermanjr 1h
    @z_gracie @mattgutmanABC @BenSherwoodABC @ChuckGLP @RichardGrenell @TwitchyTeam @sistertoldjah @TherealGeorgeZ Matt isn’t fooling anyone.

        • AFAIK there’s absolutely nothing from George that suggests he wants to box with celebrities. Nothing. Maybe he said something in an interview, but I doubt it. I think this is manufactured. It’s base is his tweets to Ralphie.

          • coreshift ~ but you are stating just your opinion, why would GZ lie in an “exclusive interview” w/Radar on line, you have no facts to support your opinion, just something you think! Again, you don’t know what GZ is thinking r what he will do, read GZ’s comment to understand what GZ is thinking & his intentions!

            GZ states:
            While Zimmerman didn’t confirm or deny if he was getting paid to put on the boxing gloves, he did tell Radar that some of the proceeds will go to a charity.

            “I’d love to tell you [the charity] but unfortunately there’s so much animosity still from people out there, that if I name the charity now they would get bombarded with negativity, so I’d rather not,” he said.

            “I’ll leave it up to them to say if they want it to be publicized or not. But I will tell you that it’s an animal rescue.

            “Boxing isn’t new to me. It’s something I had picked up well before the incident and it’s something that I liked, I enjoyed, and I kept up with it and I was able to lose a tremendous amount of weight and get a healthy lifestyle,” he told Radar.

            “So it’s not a new hobby, it’s something I have been doing and wanting to pursue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

            According to Feldman, the March 1, 2014 match, which will air only online and Pay Per View, is still searching for a Zimmerman opponent.

              • hooson ~ that’s too funny! Michael Lohan is such a grifter/scumbag imo, Lindsey is a product of her environment, sad to see her never learn. Jon Gosselin who doesn’t pay a dime child support for 8 kids would too be a good candidate but has been plenty critical of Kate that solely supports all 8 children alone.

                If the “Game” takes GZ up on the challenge, he claims he wants to “beat the fu k out of GZ in the name of Trayvon Martin, knock GZ out, to honor TM.”

                The challenge may have some unintended consequences. There is a gmail address to GZ I read today for those interested in boxing w/GZ. It seems the date is set for 3-1-14.

        • Nettles ~ I agree, nothing is more important than accuracy! It puts the burden on the other bloggers/your self to correct the inaccurate bloggers comment.

          Some when wrong are not going to admit they are wrong & when someone states inaccuracies, they should “own their inaccuracy” for spreading inaccurate information!

            • coreshift ~ I was responding to Nettles comment to you! Not only am I absolutely serious, I wish Nettles deleted all inaccurate comments as many blogs do for a reason, they are a waste of space, they provide inaccuracies to anyone new visiting the blog site for information & a waste of time for others to read. I am “serious” because I value accuracy/integrity, as do most bloggers/blog owners, because you don’t understand or value accuracy, don’t insult me! Nettles has allowed your inaccuracies to stand, but only when corrected is a choice Nettles makes as a Blog owner.. You responded to Nettles “not to feel bad,” when stating inaccurate information, Nettles responded, “its not about being right or wrong, it’s about being accurate,” Nettles statement was lost on you! A blog stands by the accurate information they share/provide new visitors to their site, it’s not much to expect from those that blog there so don’t insult those that do the value integrity/accuracy/ or understand because you don’t, your inaccurate statements would be deleted at other blogs, I’m serious!

              Your comment to me is insulting, predictable but not surprising, they are flippant/smart alec, childish & have been so for over a year. I don’t troll any where nor have any reason to, I have been on this blog since it started, I have always been objective as to the possibilities & based my opinion on known facts since GZ/TM’s incident, that should be the objective of every single blogger! I came to Nettles Blog because of the respect I have for Nettles & still do. Before, I belonged to a blog that had lost all integrity by allowing inaccurate information by inept bloggers to stand. KZ & I fought the good fight producing facts standing up for GZ but we lost, I respect KZ’s opinions on all cases she contributes to as she bases her opinions on known facts. The blog was over run by w/ineptitude/hate/ only those wanting GZ convicted were left to all agree w/their hate spewing controlling the blog.. KZ & I both chose to leave. When blogs lose objectivity & integrity they don’t offer anything, only those left are those that think the same. I remain objective & always will in all the cases I follow.

              Fact: Your comments reflect almost every single time information you don’t know nor does anyone else & any comments claiming such are “inaccurate statements.” You will never know what GZ is thinking yesterday/ today, r tomorrow, nor will you ever know what logic GZ uses when making his decisions! He hasn’t!

    • Well, crap. This post didn’t show up where it should have. My bad. It was supposed to be in response to this:

      “I’m confused as to what you believe.

      Do you think George accepted Damon’s challenge to enter the boxing ring with another celebrity. Yes or No.”

    • I think Gutman is referring to the photo of Gene Wilder with the words you are shit.

      Gutman response is a stretch, more of the same twisted rhetoric from him.

      Coreshift, is it your thinking that the twitter stuff is all a parody? perhaps an inside the family and friends satire on the insanity of their experience?

  7. George Zimmerman boxing match needs Mike Tyson as opponent!


    imo, the problem for GZ’s boxing match is that it looks like the “Promoter” is wanting to charge those that want to watch GZ/his opponent a fee on “Pay Per View” to finance the endeavor. I have to wonder how many people would pay to watch, but IDK. imo, if enough people don’t pay for “pay for view,” it may be a bust as obviously the Promoter isn’t paying the expenses.

  8. Mr. Phillips still using George Zimmerman to be in the news.

    • Nettles ~ I think the AP’s letter to “cease/desist” required a legal response, if the picture was not sold, AP from my understanding was not going to move forward with legal proceedings. If GZ did sell the painting, AP will move forward as they have repeatedly stated. GZ has taken the painting down, but whether GZ sold it r not is at issue, unless GZ sent a legal response to AP, AP has no way of knowing.

      Ignoring Sim’s didn’t work out well for GZ in the divorce, AP needs a legal response, imo, both are reasonable legal request & wouldn’t require a lot of time for any attorney GZ hired to respond & handle his business. Ignoring Attorney’s in legal issues never works out well for the person choosing to ignore attorney’s requesting information.

  9. I’m at my grandchildren’s house today. I went to mass at my granddaughter’s school. They’re having faith week. She was all excited about school today. She said there’s going to be a lot of activities and there won’t be any learning. Every kid’s dream. No learning at school today.

    • Nettles ~ I read this today, I don’t know if it is legit r not, this was by the promoter, Damon, I don’t understand why he didn’t use his own email address. This could well be untrue, IDK. Just stating I read it.

      “Anyone who wants to step into the ring with Mr Zimmerman can reach him via email:” fightgeorge@hotmail.com.

    • Nettles, you might want to check out what Sun Dance said about why GZ’s defense funds dried up after MOM controlled them. I believe you said that SD actually campaigned to get people to stop donating.

      • Yes he did campaign for donations to stop and I found what may have been Robert Sr. asking for donations to stop. I emailed Robert Sr. to ask if that was him and he never responded.

        Sundance and what he has to say about Mark O’Mara and the defense fund has lost all credibility for me. Sundance in his visits here made it crystal clear, in my mind, he has a number of biases against the lawyer that have nothing to do with the lawyer but mainly perceived political prejudices.

        The treehouse is on my list of sites I no longer care to read. The list is growing.

        At the end of the day, the defense in my mind did its job. The lawyers were able to get the just verdict. What George Zimmerman does with the rest of his life is up to him and I truly wish him well. I hope his parents are doing well and judging from the tweets of Robert Jr. and Gracie, they have a wonderful sense of humor and a fighting attitude. They will be just fine, I have no doubt.

      • Although SD made clear what he thought about MOM . and no he did not have a high opinion of him.. I I never actually saw a post in which he actually called on folks to stop donations. I would like to see it if anyone has links.

        OTH, his open criticism of MOM probably did not help George or the fund. I remember trying to calculate the rate of donations both before and after the ruckus at the CTH began and they clearly slowed down, I had to estimate some of it because MOM did not make the reports timely and with specificity as he had promised. In fact, I never saw even one verified report from the CPA.

        I have made numerous posts about his lack of transparency here, and at other blogs. SD recently responded to a post I made at the CTH and I agreed with it. Is that the post you mean, Sharon?

        Nettles said: “Yes he did campaign for donations to stop and I found what may have been Robert Sr. asking for donations to stop.”

        I never heard anything about Robert, Sr, doing this. I would have to see it to believe it. Why would he do that? Just one reason, please, because I cannot imagine him doing that.

        I also disagree with Nettle’s assessment that SD “campaigned.” I know your blood boils over when you start writing about SD and his “relationship” with MOM, but I think saying he “campaigned” is a stretch, Nettles, if you are reading this.

            • If you come to the blog you can see the screen capture. Sorry I messed it up when first posting.

              Yes, go to the treehouse and read their open threads for the first part of July and you’ll see a number of calls from Sundance to not make a donation. I also noted in amongst those, 1 call from a poster named “RZ” It’s here: <a RZ

                    • Remember the timing of this as well. At the beginning of July, GZ was just getting out of jail after having his bond revoked. He didn’t get a chance to explain to his parents what happened.

                      When GZ got out and told his Dad who knows what, sounds like Dad got suspicious of O’Mara giving GZ bad advice. There’s that call where GZ says he told O’Mara about $37K of donations and O’Mara explained that wasn’t going to pay for the case. He’d have to declare indigent status and was looking at a half a million dollar case.

                      I can see RZ blaming the lawyer once GZ got out. By July 13th, it looks like whatever doubts RZ had were over and he was posting that he’d start making donations again. Sundance never did evolve and stayed with the meme that O’Mara managed GZ into trouble.

                    • You said: whatever doubts RZ had were over and he was posting that he’d start making donations again.

                      I am confused. Was he giving George money while he was he was soliciting donations for his wife and himself?

                    • I’m not privy to the arrangements between George and his father.

                      I did find a post after the one saying he won’t donate to saying he was confident in the team again and he’d make his first donation to the fund.

                      It’s here: rz1

                      Jordan you will note, you were part of that conversation. Much of the turmoil is still unknown, but the parents site went live on July 26th.

  10. Lottery begins for Michael Dunn trial

    Jacob Long, First Coast News 9:05 a.m. EST January 31, 2014

    No one from the lottery or news media will be able to attend jury selection, which starts Monday, February 3.

    A final hearing in the case is expected to be held Friday to address a new motion filed by State Attorney Angela Corey.

    She is seeking to ban audio recordings of jury selection in addition to the ban on video recording that’s already been enacted.

    First Coast News, along with other Jacksonville media outlets, is prepared to fight this motion to preserve public access to the criminal justice system.

      • Wonder why it would make you pay for it? Maybe because you live in the state? I didn’t have to. LOL I aint paying or donating to read someone elses thoughts 🙂 media or Leatherhead haha. Oh should be couple days til he starts his monthly beg fest. He has been trying really hard to get what lil bit he has posting stirred up. I think they got fed up and went to Xena rabid blog. She is a full fledged race baiter/shit stirrer. All she knows or cares about.

          • Now that you say that, that’s the way the largest state wide paper is here. We have a subscription, so I don’t have to pay, but I do remb my dtr trying to read something and her saying it would cost. Lol I just told her to put in my info and she reads now…. as you say, got ways to get around that lol

    • cassandra ~ I have loosely followed Amada’s case for years. In the US, this case would have never been tried, imo, of course in other countries, their laws are different, the this case, I knew Amanda was screwed! The first time I read “some evidence wasn’t collected until 6 weeks later,” I thought OMG, contamination? Actual evidence? Planted evidence? How could this have ever been considered? I think there is a bar tender already serving time for the murder also. Since in the US, we don’t have double jeopardy, you can’t be tried twice for the same act, Amanda was tried 3 times, hard to imagine.

      I read somewhere this morning, a Legal Analyst stated: “AK should do nothing, her attorney’s are going to appeal, that could take a year.” I read before the verdict was read that AK had said she “would go under ground” avoiding extradition as to not have to suffer under the conditions & guards before. I pray the State Department chooses not to extradite her.

  11. Here Ya go Jordan

    The 1st District Court of Appeal has reversed the judge’s ruling in the Michael David Dunn murder trial for a third time on media access issues related to the case.

    On Friday a three judge panel with the appellate court unanimously ruled that Judge Russell Healey was wrong to say he lacked jurisdiction to rule in a dispute on phone calls Dunn has made from jail. The dispute is occurring between the office of State Attorney Angela Corey and three media organizations.

    The Times-Union, First Coast News and WJXT TV-4 have all requested about 185 hours of phone calls Dunn made from jail. Dunn, 47, killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music, telling police he felt threatened and thought he saw a gun.

    The case has generated national attention because Dunn is white and Davis was black. Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin on Monday.

    The media organizations requested the phone calls and Healey ruled that they are public record and should be released. But Corey said she would not release the calls until her staff spends about 180 hours redacting them and media organizations pay $6,000 for their time. That is expected to take nine to 10 weeks, according to Corey.

    Attorneys for the media went back to Healey and asked him to order the release of the phone calls immediately and to find the $6,000 excessive. Healey declined to rule, saying that the media needs to sue Corey in civil court.

    But the appellate court said Healey was wrong to do that, and he should be the one to make the decision. It ordered him to hold an evidentiary hearing and rule on the merits of the media motions.

    But the appellate court also acknowledged that with the trial beginning Monday that would be difficult. It recommended that Chief Judge Donald Moran consider appointing another judge, a magistrate or a special master to consider the issue as soon as possible.

    In response to that ruling George Gabel, attorney for the Times-Union and First Coast News, sent a letter to Moran Friday asking him to appoint someone to hear the media’s motion as soon as possible.

    Times-Union Editor Frank Denton expressed frustration that the phone calls Dunn made from jail were still being kept from the public after months of legal wrangling.

    “This is the third time the 1st District Court of Appeal has directed the trial court to let the public see discovery,” Denton said. “We’re very disappointed that the trial is looming and the public still hasn’t seen this.”

    Denton said he hopes the appellate court ruling sends a message to Healey and Corey.

    The media first got involved in the Dunn case last year when Healey imposed an order prohibiting all materials in the case from being released until 30 days after it was shared between the prosecution and defense when it became public record.

    But that order was thrown out by the 1st District Court of Appeal after the media argued that Healey’s order violated Florida Sunshine Law, which requires material shared between the prosecution and defense to become public immediately.

    The appellate court instructed Healey to hold an evidentiary hearing immediately to determine if the phone calls and the witness list for the trial were public record.

    But no information was released and no evidentiary hearing was conducted, leading the media attorneys to go back to the appeals court to enforce its order. On Jan. 17 the appellate court ordered Healey to have a hearing by Jan. 22.

    After the hearing occurred Healey ruled the phone calls and the witness list were public record. The witness list has been released to the media.

    Larry Hannan: (904) 359-4470

    • Thanks a lot, mimi.

      What is your opinion of this judge and why is he so hell bent on keeping things from the public?

      What a joke for Corey to ask for the time to listen to 185 hours of conversation BEFORE turning them over. So what is her reasoning for doing that? She cannot be trusted.

      • Havent keep up with this case a lot. From what I understand, they were ordered to do this long time ago. SMH I dunno, but even the Leatherheads are rustled up over it ROFL…

    • From the article:
      The case has generated national attention because Dunn is white and Davis was black.

      That sentence was written as if it’s a valid reason for the case to generate national attention? Holy crap……

      • Yeah, it really is. Fortunately Jahi isn’t suffering. The family isn’t doing themselves any favors by not accepting her death, though. I tend to place much of the blame for that on the greed and attention seeking of the uncle, lawyer and that nutjob of a doctor. As far as the entire online war going on goes, I have to wonder why people feel so invested. She’s dead. It’s not like she’s being tortured or made to suffer more. It’s a bit morbid that they’re trying to keep the body functioning, but nobody is being harmed by their doing so. AFAIK, anyways.

  12. Annette: 3 questions for you;

    What is your opinion about George’s behavior since the trial? Before all of this happened, did you ever suspect he was like this? Has he ever thanked you for running this blog?

    • 1. I’m confused by GZ’s behavior since the trial. There’s so much going on I’m not privy to but what I can see is sending me mixed up messages.
      2. I didn’t look into GZ as a person, except for the things that was relevant to the case ie: was he a racist, was he an aggressive person, was he an angry person, did he physically fight with others. Whether his marriage was a good one, or other areas of his life, I didn’t give it much thought.
      3. No he hasn’t acknowledged the blog at all. He has been invited and his family several times. Obviously, they want nothing to do with it for reasons that we don’t have to take personally b/c it likely has nothing to do with us.

        • I doubt it. GZ hasn’t posted on any social media except twitter. Someone tried to get him to join facebook and he declined. I’m sure my invitation to comment on blogs isn’t the only one he’s received and I’ve not heard of him posting on one yet. Hopefully when he is ready, this one will be one he chooses.

      • George should have driven to Toronto instead of Texas. You deserved an in person thank you for your support, Nettles. You did more than just blog. You caused people to donate, myself included. I assumed there would be a confab of sorts for those who supported him, and that we would all get to meet each other. I know you are confused as to why he has not reached out to you. Perhaps there is a good reason…or perhaps there is a woman.

  13. It was Radar Online that reported

    “His girlfriend became absolutely inconsolable and had trouble breathing so her mother took her to a nearby hospital emergency room. She had never seen her daughter this upset before, ever. She had a battery of tests, including an EKG, and was there for over 12 hours. Doctors ultimately told her that she was going to be ok, but advised her mother to keep a close eye on her and try to minimize the stress around her.”

    so when Zimmerman tweets

    “Here we go 🙂 http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/01/george-zimmerman-celebrity-boxing-match/ …”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if what he meant was “Here we go again with ‘media’ outfits just making stuff up to get traffic.”

    • unitron ~ the thing is this: RZ Jr. has never hesitated to take to twitter to dispute something as being untrue r ask questions, imho, if this were inaccurate w/GZ doing an interview w/Radar who would likely have paid him for that interview, why wouldn’t GZ state plainly, “I never did an interview w/Radar online on twitter? Maybe it was the title to the article, which GZ didn’t like r expect to his interview that Radar added, IDK, no doubt GZ would like for there to have been no mention of the “unarmed murdered teen,” but I haven’t read many articles from any news outlet, including the big 3 & even FOX at times, that doesn’t include it.

      Since GZ has wasted so much time on twitter arguing w/nit wit haters, why isn’t GZ on twitter now denied he did an interview w/Radar online? GZ responded out of anger to AP’s threat of a lawsuit but the twitter didn’t make sense to AP r anyone else but the picture has been taken down. For there to be a boxing match, there has to be interest/publicity especially if the Promoter expects those interested in watching GZ box will have to pay “Pay for View” to watch it, for the Promoter & GZ to be paid & GZ to have some left to donate to charity, in no publicity, there won’t be a boxing match.

      I’ll wait/see, but Radar online wouldn’t make up an entire article on GZ/Doran imo since there was back ground about GZ to continue boxing, the risk of being sued is too great.

      • coreshift ~ I didn’t bother w/your link as it does nothing to provee deny the validity of Radar’s article. Nettles has proven to you today something most had read yesterday that you denied until today, so you can move n from that argument. I look at every possible scenario as to what could have happened before I make untrue statements r decisions, many do not as we read all the time..

        After you reading GZ’s tweet, is it too plausible?

        1. Radar could have just as easily read the tweet at the time it went out?
        2. Radar contacted GZ for an interview & paid him a profit?
        3. GZ didn’t expect the Headline to his interview?
        4. Are the new stories on all Celebrity networks Nationally, National outlets quoting celebrities willing to take GZ up on the “Celebrity Media sites nationally,” not true?
        5. Why wouldn’t celebrities take GZ up on a “celebrity challenge” & reap all the free publicity they have gotten?
        6. Is Doran lying to state the date is set for March 1, w/2014?”
        6. Is Doran lying lying to state “they haiu had countless offers to box GZ?
        7. What would have been Doran’s motive to lie since there will be no boxing match if the match isn’t promoted, gets plenty of publicity in the media encouraging the courts to pay to see the boxing match on “Pay For View!”
        8 How else if not through interviews/publicity/media will the viewers Doran’s needs to pay both himself/GZ come from?

        Seems Doran hasn’t shied away from interviews promoting the fight nor was GZ shy about twittering about the event, both Doran/GZ have chosen not to respond to bloggers R anybody else. Look at all the publicity Doran nor GZ could ever afford to purchase they need if this is true w/Radar, if not true, it’s not GZ nature not to enjage those that have lied about him r chjallenge him, still no twitter from GZ!

        IF it’s not true, why hasn’t GZ stated he didn’t do an interview, is it because he’s encouraging more publicity for the boxing match? imo, GZ doesn’t care abut anyone’s blog request//appearing on a blog, why would he? GZ is interested in GZ/$$$$ imo & speaking out for himself!, we will have more concrete facts when GZ does another interview if he chooses, or validates this one. No one knows, I choose wait until all the evidence/information comes forth before making up my mind, some may continue to make excuses based on no facts instead of waiting on all the facts, it’s their choice, but is always predictable.

  14. Hey guys… does anyone recall the name of the legal site / female attorney blogger who frequently covered the GZ case?

    • I sent an email to his parents and asked them to forward it to him. I’m sure others sent him messages asking him to be careful. I got a letter back from his father today saying he forwarded the message. I guess this is his message to me and others expressing concern.

          • My only experience with Twitter was when it pretty new, and some country was having turmoil. The government shut down the internet, and the only way the people could tell the world what was happening was through tweets. There was a webpage I could go to that had all the tweets coming out of the country talking about the revolution. That was a good use of Twitter.

            When I see what you guys post here, to me it just looks like a cesspool. I know it’s probably not a representative sample, because the whole point of your posting it is to show the bad.

            I try to put myself in George’s shoes. He’s (hopefully) in hiding, so he’d be somewhat isolated. When he goes out, he doesn’t know who among the strangers around may be wanting to hurt him. I suppose the internet feels safe – his location isn’t relevant – and he can talk with people, relieving some of the isolation.

            But I think the twitter world is no good for him. Seeing that photo and saying of Downey, it makes me think he is overwhelmed by voices – everyone is telling him what to do, everyone WANTS something from him. The detractors want him dead, want him to suffer at least through their taunts. The supporters want thanks, want to know where the trial money went, want to know where the post-trial money went. Everyone wants an accounting from him. I think I’d be pissed, too, everyone expecting they deserve something from me, particularly if it’s just because they freely chose to donate money. I suspect that’s why he doesn’t go to blogs, even friendly blogs – what exactly would he have to say? And would it be enough for his supporters, who may all seem like they want a piece of him, who may make him feel like he owes them something, when he has already “paid enough” through his awful ordeal.

            And all of it – potential blog visits, mentions on the news, life on twitter – keeps tying him back to the past, back to his period of trauma, keeping him, someone they don’t even know, defined by a short moment in time.

            I imagine he’s trying to forge a post-event identity, trying to prove himself. Needless to say, I think he’s not doing this well. I think he needs to get off of Twitter. I think it’s too negative of a place for him to handle. I’m not one who has ever felt he was a publicity hound – I think it has always been a means to an end for him. He has always seemed to feel, if he could just speak honestly (ie to police, Corey), that he will be understood. Other publicity I think was for money. Perhaps the same goes for the boxing. But I think he is being very foolish – once again I don’t think he is looking ahead. The chances of him losing are great, and how will that affect him? Whether he wins or loses it will ignite a firestorm, and if he fights a black man? OMG, huge mistake, the fight will come to represent something it is not. And if this is about proving he is not the wimp portrayed in the trial? Well, then I think it is the height of stupid bravado, and he should take some testosterone suppressant until he can think straight!

            Something coreshift said once resonated with me, and I agree that we’re probably overanalyzing his behaviors, and he’s just being a regular guy – except that his every move is publicized and commented on. But I’d like to see him heal, and it doesn’t sound like Twitter is encouraging that.

            • It’s very true that so many want something from or want to use him. From the beginning of the initial PR blitz to now. He got caught between enormous political forces and agendas, all trying to make/portray him as something he isn’t to forward their goals. All the while the media and haters tried to destroy him, his family and anyone related to him. I’d probably be like “F all of you”.

            • lorac ~ . GZ may be over analyzed imo by those that forever make excuses for GZ, try to predict what he was thinking, what he might have thought. Ridiculous imo, their analyzing of GZ is tiresome, they have no idea what GZ thinks today, yesterday r tomorrow, but they never tire of making up excuses! One only need be objective to see why GZ wound up again in the media, one only needs to grasp GZ is responsible for his choices.

              When GZ does something without any fore thought/makes poor decisions, they make news, many are of his own making, his own responsibility for making poor choices when acting defiantly when more legal papers are filed against him. Then! His behavior is exposed! there’s nothing to analyze imo, the behavior speaks for itself.

              GZ has caused himself consequences of his own making, media reports that went National that never would have been reported if GZ had handled his business as an adult, made mature choices, & not acted defiantly to SZ/Sim’s.. How ridiculous to read about GZ dodging his divorce papers & being served in Jail? I hope he was humiliated, he deserved to be, it was inexcusable that GZ knew Sim’s needed to have the papers delivered or have GZ pick them upany day of the week at his office, GZ chose not to, it had already been in the news SZ was divorcing GZ, it was no news to him. The mature thing would have been to p/u the divorce papers at Sim’s office any day to avoid any media attention! But no! GZ wasn’t going to co-operate, it was more important to him to spite SZ in which he did, GZ is going to suffer the consequences for the games he played.. GZ chose to let the 20 days to respond run out, Sim’s gave GZ 30 days to respond, but GZ ignored Sim’s again. Now! GZ has lost his legal right to argue about anything SZ stated in her divorce papers as to what she wanted, etc. More legal papers have been filed by SZ/Sim’s asking the Judge to grant SZ a divorce just so she can get rid of GZ! Did GZ accomplish anything but more bad publicity? GZ chose to put himself in a “down position” in the divorce & won’t get sympathy in the property settlement due to his actions. Absolutely none of this should have made the paper, but when SZ has to file more papers against GZ for his behavior, it will make the paper, all of this media attention could have been avoided if GZ had the ability to make mature decisions, there is no analyzing r excuses to be made that some forever are quick to do, the behavior/decisions speak for themselves.

              I don’t know that anyone wants anything from GZ, he doesn’t have anything to give anybody nor does he give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks as he has clearly suggested in his last tweet! Some may want interviews he can’t give, but as soon as the NBC case is settled, imo, he will book interviews for profit. GZ does as he pleases & will continue, that’s not in question

              You might want GZ to heal, but GZ doesn’t care what you think, want r say, refer to GZ’s last tweet! GZ isn’t interested in healing, GZ is interested in arguing on twitter w/nit wits, doing a boxing match creating as much publicity for himself as he wants, he chooses to remain friends r in a relationship w/Sam. Again, it is just those making excuses for GZ that analyze GZ, imo, there’s nothing to analyze.

              Had it not been for the media you/coreshift complain about, it was GZ that lapped up the media publicity on his first painting which drove the price up in which he profited! You can’t have it both ways!

              GZ needs the media publicity to promote his boxing match, just as the media will report on it. GZ too uses the media again.

              GZ will always be tied to TM, for you to have any other expectations imo, is unrealistic, it won’t happen! OJ will always to be tied to Ron Goldman/Nicole Simpson, KC Anthony will always be tied to Caylee, that will never change! Why? We’ve seen other cases in which America thought murderers walked free, unfortunately GZ is forever going to be clumped into the same category because many Americans think GZ got away w/murder like OJ/KC. When America thinks your guilty, you never escape their Judgement.

      • I certainly hope that’s not who he directed that to. There are a lot of people sending him suggestions other than ‘be careful’ so it’s hard to say to whom it was directed or for what reasons.. Like I said, just make some popcorn and see how things work out.

          • Hard to tell for sure if it was in response to George’s tweet. Seems like it because of proximity in time and no other tweets from George. But it could also be something that happened elsewhere. Like real life. People need to learn to use the reply button. Very confusing when they don’t.

            Anyway, I don’t get the impression Wes would approve if George tweeted something like that to those expressing sincere concern. Then again, I don’t really know the guy. But he seems decent so far. Heck, for all I know GZ directed that tweet to his mom/dad. I doubt they’d approve of this ‘celebrity fight’.

            • coreshift ~ the thing is this: GZ isn’t seeking unsolicited advice r approval from anyone including his parents. GZ imo, could care less what his parent’s think of Sam, the twitter responses, r the boxing match.

              Why? GZ does what he wants making his own decisions, I don’t expect that to change based on what we’ve seen since the criminal trial ended, I base my opinion on seeing the decisions GZ has made, I’ve been disappointed, but they were his decisions to make.

  15. George has a support page run on facebook and these guys have taken a thumping from haters. Today, one of the admin. of the page posted that she joined twitter and others say they’ve joined too and are trying to figure it out to give GZ more support on twitter. They want to help him. How are they going to feel when they read the F.U. tweet?

    Coreshift, I think you tweeted your confusion over the new commenter @BRJFGZ earlier.

    • I was feeling very positive after I got his father’s letter. I was going to post here that I no longer regret sending them money. I have the utmost respect for his parents. I still have concern for him.

      I won’t say exactly what his father said since he wasn’t posting it on a public area. I think a need to keep a roof over his head and get food to eat is the main reason for the fight challenge. I think most parents would rather their kids stay off twitter if they were in George’s situation. You can’t put an old head on a new person, though.

      I think a question many supporters may be having right now is was George like this before the tragedy or did the trauma he went through change him this much. I’m convinced now that he was drastically changed. Before the shooting, he had a career, a marriage, and a plan to advance his career. Now the marriage is gone and there’s no career or immediate hope for a future career. George doesn’t have any way of knowing who he can trust because so many people have seemed like supporters but were interested in him for their own good. I think Sun Dance falls into that category. I think Samantha does, too, but I don’t think George does.

      Even with that FU response, I’ll still wish him well.

      • Sharon ~ that was kind of GZ’s parent’s to respond to you, I’m glad they did & glad as well they forwarded your message to GZ, you’ve done all you can to reach out to GZ & Nettles has also. I am really surprised at GZ’s behavior since the criminal case, but GZ has displayed some of the attitudes SZ claimed he was making in their marriage, GZ’s behavior on twitter in responses has validated some of the complaints as well as seeming to enjoy the arguments w/the nit wits, as well as GZ “enjoying the media attention.” I was shocked that GZ chose to remain friends with Sam, I don’t know what the status of their relationship is today.

        I would imagine GZ gets unsolicited advice from more people than we can imagine, it’s plausible imo that GZ isn’t interested in advise from anyone! GZ apparently isn’t interested in what anyone thinks of his decisions as is his right.

        How could GZ be out of money since the sale of his 1st painting, he likely paid Jayne W., but where has the rest gone? GZ didn’t hire a divorce attorney when he received the monies, nor did he hire an attorney to respond to AP’s “cease/desist” letter. AP will make sure GZ didn’t sell that painting, they expect an answer from an attorney about the matter, GZ’s word will not be acceptable to AP. No doubt GZ could be behind on some bills, but some things can’t be legally ignored, the problems just escalate.

  16. Xena vehemently denies doxing and harassing Zimmerman supporters yet here she is caught red handed doxing and harssing both me and my wife

  17. Thank you Nettles for passing on the link from David on Twitter.
    So many misinformed individuals running amuck… I have never posted at or tried to post at the sewer site. Funny how they say they don’t read here 🙂 I stand by my comment I posted to Jordan here.

    Xena says:
    February 1, 2014 at 11:50 pm
    Professor, just posted this to address the harassers’ new agenda.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Might do her some good to Read… Very interesting too is that comments Leatherhead posted about “swift boating” in his Jan 30, 2014 article also appear in article VP wrote on Aug 22, 2012. Also Leatherhead goes on to spew “Within the past two weeks we were doxed: our address and telephone number was published on the internet.” Ahhh yes, but he doesn’t tell the whole truth, IMAGINE THAT 🙂 HE HIMSELF is the one who published that! There are a handful of very researched info on Leatherhead. OH and Xena also has her own Article at VP. Very good info folks. Yes, it just goes to show again Xena is spewing stuff she doesn’t know what she is spewing about.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    Frederick Leatherman – A fraud after all

  18. Thursday, December 6, 2012
    Xena – A Rabid, I mean, Avid Trayvon Martin Supporter outs a Zidiot?

    Xena goes on and on about White Supremacists .. if she would read VP ” fraud after all” she would get link to where Leatherhead > per VP “Just as I’ve always suspected, Mr. Leatherman is a fraud – HE is the racist and he is using the Trayvon Martin case to build a following. In 1986 Leatherman represented a member of the “Order” or the “Bruders Schweigen” (Silent Brothers), a white supremacist group – The group that killed radio personality Alan Berg.”

    • Leatherhead has been really ready for this Dunn case… interesting to read some of the cases in the Research VP did… this case with out digging sounds like Dunn? lol

      Paramjit Singh Dhaliwal

      Cabbie shoots unarmed man in the middle of the afternoon, fled the scene and was not arrested for three months. Frederick Leatherman, represented him:
      “He believes he was justified in doing what he did, and I do, too,” said Leatherman. “I think the facts will establish that he used reasonable force to defend his life.”
      Leatherman said he doesn’t know where his client has been and declined to comment on when and how Dhaliwal contacted him. But he acknowledged he has been working on the case since January.
      Leatherman resigned as Dhaliwal’s attorney because he is now a potential witness who possibly will be called to rebut testimony he believes is false.
      “It’s just a weird case,” Leatherman said. “It’s a big huge mess right now, that’s all I know.”
      WTF? No wonder Leatherman is hauling scrap for a living, he rarely stayed on a case.

  19. I don’t watch the Superbowl, but I just heard that a large company paid for a spot (ads are going for 4 million) for some smaller company. The company that won that spot is called Goldie Blox, developed by a female engineer. She created a company that makes building blocks for girls, to fight back against the societal messages that teach girls that blocks are for boys. She’s hoping to encourage more little girls to see that they can become engineers, mathematicians, scientists if they choose….


    • lorac ~ I love that man, I am just heartsick for his 3 children. His accomplishments as an actor can’t be overstated, his “look” gave him an appeal most actors couldn’t accomplish, he wasn’t a “pretty boy,” but the kindness in his eyes & his thinning blonde hair imo, made him attractive to me, somebody I would have like to know on a personal level. He was what you saw.

      The world will be a sadder place with him gone. I feel sad for his manner of death, I have a couple of friends, one who has been through drug treatment many times & confides her struggles w/me & I’m always glad to listen to her, I guess that’s why most say in sobriety, say “one day at a time.” In PSH’s case, he battled his demons but had a long stretch of sobriety when he made all those great movies. I think it was last year than he re-entered drug re-hab for heroin addiction, he is at peace now, no more demons, no more struggles.

  20. When George first started having his “public mistakes”, I felt a need to defend him. It seemed like people were implying that his post trial behavior showed that our support of his behavior in relation to TM was mistaken. But I’ve long since separated the TM altercation from GZ’s other behavior (not that they may not be related, PTSD and all, I just mean in my mind).

    I just remember that (1) I understand GZ’s reaction in the TM altercation and support him in that, and (2) I pay attention whenever politics and the media are sleeping together (some may recall that this event reminded me of the 2008 dem primaries with all the politician and media collusion to manipulate the populace to get the “winner” that the media and politicians wanted.)

    Those 2 factors are why I have been involved, and I don’t have to defend GZ to any detractors for any other choices he has made. I guess the bottom line is, I wasn’t born to defend GZ for all of his life choices, I chose and still choose to defend George’s BEHAVIOR in the TM altercation. I can understand it, and would have done the same thing myself. And I will always fight against someone being steamrolled.

    • I agree. I do and will always defend George’s right to use self defense with a gun in what occurred on Feb. 26th.

      George and I part ways on the idea of a girlfriend so soon after splitting up with his wife. We part ways on the girlfriend he chose to go back to after she publicly humiliated him and tried to get him charged. We part ways on bullying others online and we part ways on this celebrity fight.

      Having said that, GZ owes me nothing. I don’t think my donations, my interest in the case or his life, gives me any say in what he decides. I wish him well, but don’t look my way to defend things I don’t agree with.

      That tweet yesterday to supporters and their advice was horrible. Got the message loud and clear, he needs nothing from no one, he’ll do what he likes anyway. I wish him well. I truly do.

      • Nettles & lorac ~ I agree w/both of your comments, we all gladly stood up for GZ in the criminal case, we all would do the same w/the same circumstances for anybody else, I too will always defend GZ’s actions in the shooting of TM, GZ had no other choice, I would have done the same had I been GZ. GZ got dealt a difficult blow when charged, but he walks today as a free man which is a blessing I don’t think he truly appreciates imo, a second chance at life.

        None of us knew GZ r probably ever will. I will never forget the criminal trial & what can be done to the innocent, but I too follow cases of those wrongfully convicted that that serve 10 to 20 years of their lives before corrupt Prosecutors are exposed for mistakes, hiding evidence, lying, to jurors to get convictions of some that are innocent to just get that conviction at any cost. Those corrupt Prosecutors cost States millions upon millions of dollars to compensate those that served years of their lives when innocent & finally freed w/Prosecutors exposed. How do you get back 10 r 20 yrs. of your life stolen from you? Most I have seen freed, are not bitter, but thanking God/Family/supporters for always believing in their innocence & those that never stopped fighting. I cringe when thinking of Corey, imo, there’s a front row seat in hell w/her name on it for what she tried to do to GZ as well as countless others.

        It was unfair of me to have any expectations of GZ since the criminal trial, I foolishly thought GZ would grab his opportunity at freedom & make positive things happen for himself. GZ isn’t the man I thought he was, BUT, that doesn’t make him a bad man, he has many good attributes, but he too has questionable logic in his actions, behavior, & decisions which are questionable which will continue to cause him consequences. All decisions were GZ’s to make & he is hell bent on making them.

        I do remain surprised at GZ’s lack of ability to truly grasp legal warnings, ignore them, then more legal problems are going to continue to be heaped upon him at great legal expense to himself, all of his own making & that’s if it hasn’t happened already. He’ll learn eventually, Why? Because his flawed logic in making the decisions to ignore them will cost him so much money he will tire of paying attorney’s to represent his poor choices r defiance. They always were GZ’s choices to make, his life to live.

        I don’t make excuses for GZ, he doesn’t deserve excuses imo for some of his decisions, he too doesn’t want others to make excuses for his behavior r want their advice as his tweet clearly stated, GZ makes his own choices so he can suck up the consequences.

    • mimi ~ too, there are 23 more days until we find out if the grifters & their racist posse, (Sybrina, Tracy,Crump,etc.,) will file suit against GZ in a Civil Suit. I pray they don’t, I will feel so much better when Feb. 26 th passes.

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