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  1. Nettles ~ I lost my mother 2 yrs ago, father 4 years ago, & only sibling 8 yrs/ ago. My sister/mom both passed away on Nov. 13th, my dad on Nov. 7th, a miserable month of November! I too lost my husband, I think of them daily but on days like today that are cold/rainy, depression has taken me over. I miss the fun we shared, the plans we made. the love we celebrated, their losses have consumed me today, I attribute it to the weather. I have mourned their losses & it’s highly unusual for me to be so depressed like I am today, I usually laugh when thinking of them & something funny they did, a joke they played, or wonderful experience they had. Tomorrow hopefully will bring us all a new day, I just know I will feel better. You speak often of your big family, I have my son/daughter as family remaining that I thank God for daily.

    Both of my adult children are married but have no children, I get a kick out of mimi’s comments as well as Sharon’s on the fun grandchildren bring to their lives & what they’ve been up to. One day too, it will happen for me, I can’t wait!

    • Art I’m so sorry to hear you are missing so many loved ones. It’s totally understandable some days, their loss can overwhelm you. I’m encouraged to read you have an optimistic look on what tomorrow will bring. I have a cousin who lost his dad. He got so lost in his grief, he fought with those around him, he lost his marriage, his job. I thought he was doing such a disservice to the memory of his father. He eventually snapped out of it, but it took time.

      Some days, you just have to give yourself permission to feel it. Other times, you have to assess whether you are wallowing too much on their loss to the point you may ruin relationships you do have now.

      We all have a finite amount of time here. It’s essential we make the most of the time we get.


      When you are ready to laugh, watch this.

      Chin up my friend.

      • Sharon ~ my poor little Mom was a tiny woman that suffered from Alzheimer’s. When I was in college, I worked at a nursing home part time, I learned a lot about Alzheimer’s & I knew what to expect at the different stages. When my daddy passed away, I took my mom to the funeral home to see him, my mom took his hat off & put it in her purse, I had to physically take my dad’s favorite hat from her to put back on my dad. She said, “that’s your daddy’s favorite hat, that man had it on his head lying over there.” At sad it was, it was too a blessing she didn’t recognize my dad in his casket.

        Those early stages were hard, my mother walked/calling my dad’s name incessantly for months even though she had referred to him as “the man in the kitchen” as he prepared her meals before he died. One night, I lost my temper/yelled, “the man in the kitchen now lives w/God, he isn’t coming home, I am now the person in the kitchen that will always prepare your meals.” My mom fell apart, she cried uncontrollably, I couldn’t console her for hours, she finally fell asleep, The very next day, she was looking for my dad again, I was so grateful that day she had no memory of the day before. I wouldn’t recommend keeping an ailing parent at home in the last stages of Alzheimer’s, but I don’t regret my decision, I would do it again if only I had that chance.

        • My Dad is 89 and my Mom is 85. She has Alzheimers. My 2 sisters take care of her at my sister’s home 24/7. One of my sisters has down’s syndrome.

          Every Friday they takes her to stay with my Dad for the weekend. Both of my brothers and their wives help my Dad out during the week.

          Being a caregiver may be the most difficult role someone can play in life. I get regular updates because they are in SC and I am in Florida. We are fortunate that so many in our family have stuck together.

    • Oh Sweetie, big hugs! And your time is coming! And most likely before you even realize it. Thank you for your kind works. I was informed no matter what my “work” is that my JOB is to pick up the boys and take them to play, as I was informed by a 4 yr old! Whew we went to Chuck E Cheese Friday night! I realize over and OVER that God knows what he is doing giving us our Children when we are younger… lol when we have more energy! Watching Super Bowl… In separate places and they have called me every few minutes to see IF I SAW THAT! lol …..YES I did… and I hurt thinking about it…. Mimi how can you hurt thinking about it? They didn’t hit you and they have pads on…. OK.. now I know just say YES I saw lol

      • Thanks to all my friends for all the good wishes, understanding, video & card, it made me feel so much better. I don’t why I felt so overwhelmed r consumed w/grief yesterday, it just came out of the blue. God said: “this too shall pass.” Thank you God, it has passed as you promised! It’ a new day, I feel good, the storm of grief has passed, & although it is raining/cold, I’m enjoying it today.

        When my mom passed 2 yrs. ago, I hit bottom grief wise, as she was the last to go. I wallowed as Nettles described, felt so sorry for myself, but joined a “Grief Support Group” at my church which deals w/loss of family r friends, it made a world of difference in my life. I realized how angry I was about my sister’s death, but I too learned I was so blessed to have had my sister for 47 years. I made a new friend there, she was a “Psychiatrist,” she too was seeking understanding/support, she had lost 2 siblings that committed suicide, one, a sister that had just graduated from college as a nurse, & the other was a brother that took his own life a few years later. I was in awe of her strength, her father too was a Physician, she talked about how the losses had effected what was left of her family. I learned from her strength, gosh, she lost 2 siblings, both in their 20’s! I had my sister 20 years longer than she had both her siblings, I felt blessed & realized it could have been so much worse, I thanked God again for the time I had w/her.

        We all face our challenges at times, Nettles w/her health problems, Jordan w/past health problems & an awesome girlfriend, mimi w/her grand child swallowing a coin, Sharon over coming miserable food poisoning, all unpleasant experiences that we each over come and enjoy life until our next challenge. Support friends makes all the difference in the world, thank you all.

        • Yes ma’am Support friends make all the difference. Sometimes, others don’t realize how much they mean or help, just by being there. When we remember that others also have lows and highs, just as we do it reminds us we are all human. I think it is healthy to allow ourselves to grieve, just not to stay there. Always easier to tell someone else what they should do tho.

          Glad to hear that your day was much better today. May your evening and tomorrows new day be blessed and bring you joy! Your a blessing to have in may peoples lives, and I include mine too! Hugs!

    • art tart;

      I feel your pain but maybe this will make you smile. An unusual thing came out of your post. I now know that you are female. That also happened before. For more than a year I thought Aussie was a man. It has also happened with others. Does this mean I am gender blind?

        • I read it earlier and replied. All of that stuff is over my head and really makes no difference to me. The only time it has ever bothered me is quite a while ago when a couple of posters at HP would copy and paste my comments at other blogs like (CTH) and paste them as part of their own comments. The problem was one of them would make slight changes to the content of what I wrote. The other person used my comments without any changes.

          You mentioned that someone had used my name in other blogs but since I did not follow them, I never knew until you told me and I still am not sure how that harmed me so much..at least with my friends here and at other blogs.

          As I said: DW never blocked me at his blog which leads me to believe he knows I am trustworthy and that I refrain from taking fixed positions on controversial issues. There have been times when I have also changed my mind about things. One of them was the O’Mara discussion. Initially I actually sided with SD for a very brief period of time. He had posted a list of over a dozen things that MOM did (or didn’t do), and that list seemed irrefutable to me. However, I don’t think I ever posted that on the blog but later I did make a post about how I was not going to choose sides.

          I did not intend to get carried away but my point is that, I am open minded. It really does not matter much to me if someone misrepresents my positions or what I have said. I remember when Minpin did that a few times and it was the source of her mischaracterization of me. We eventually resolved it but only after Annette intervened here.

          I have posted a lot of personal stuff here. i have nothing to hide. I was also once a public figiure so anyone could easily find out where I live. They might also find out that I could defend the Alamo. Both you and Danny have cautioned me to be careful.

          What I want to know is exactly how someone could seriously hurt me.

          • “What I want to know is exactly how someone could seriously hurt me.”

            That depends on whether there’s anyone in the world about whom you care.

            If so, they hurt you by hurting them.

            • Unitron: I do not make hateful comments so I don’t know why anyone would hate me enough to hurt me or my loved ones.

              What could they do that would hurt my loved ones? Do you mean physical attacks?

              • You don’t have to say anything hateful for some people on the internet to have a negative reaction to you.

                It’s the small but real possibility of one of them going beyond being nasty to you online that makes it a good idea to be a little vague about exactly who you are and where you can be found.

                Physical harm to your loved ones is one possibility.

      • Jordan, gender blind would involve keeping mind that you don’t know someone’s gender. It sounds like you assume someone is male until you find out otherwise – that’s not gender blind – that’s the age-old practice of assuming men are the norm – even though women are 52% of the population. But…. we love you anyway lol

        • When I was younger I was invited to speak by a couple of “feminist” (Women’s Rights) organizations. IIRC, NOW was one of them. I had promoted two women into circulation management positions. They were the first two in Florida. I declined all invitations because even though I promoted them, it took a while to get them equal pay. It was a battle and speaking would have not helped my cause at the time.

          So, I think you have misjudged me. What do you say?

          • Jordan, how did I judge you? You seemed to be saying that you assume posters are male until you learn differently and asked if that makes you gender blind. I thought I was addressing that question. How did that become a judgement to you?

        • My first impression was that Art was a man. My boss’ name is Art, that’s likely why.

          I tweeted to a group I was talking to that us ladies had to stick together. One of the group was Coreshift and he advised me I had his gender wrong.

          We could learn a lot about our biases in reflecting on why we thought that way with really very little evidence. On the other hand, we are only as good as the information provided us. Having people be honest and truthful would go a long way. All the fake accounts of facebook, and the CTH blog as people got banned just confused the heck out of everyone.

      • jordan2222 ~ that’s too funny & you did make me smile! It’s funny about not knowing male r female on a blog, I thought everyone knew I was a woman.

        jordan ~ my first name is “Garry,” pronounced “Gary,” it’s not short for anything, just my given name. My dad proudly called me “son” until the day he died, I loved the endearing name he called me, I was his sidekick, his tomboy, his fishing partner, I went to job sites w/him & learned a lot, he was a contractor.

        I knew coreshift was a man because I think Nettles once referred to him as “Mr. coreshift,” I always knew Aussie was a woman as I think I had blogged w/her on another blog before, I wish she visited more often. I know lorac is a woman, as lorac is “carol” spelled backwards, it’s interesting/surprising to find out about our friends. I know unitron is male by his avatar. I don’t think your gender blind, I think some chosen blog names don’t give us a hint, your avatar told me you were a man because the name “jordan,” could have easily been male r female.

  2. I just got back from visiting my grandchildren in Tennessee. We went shopping for my granddaughter’s dress and veil for first communion. We got the veil, but had one heck of a time shopping for the dress. We couldn’t find communion dresses in the mall so we went to David’s bridal. There were only 2. One really wasn’t right and she didn’t like the other one. We made her try it on hoping she’d change her mind when she saw herself in it. I wish we’d taken a picture of her as she looked in the mirror with her arms crossed and a dramatic pout on her face. The ladies who worked there were laughing when we gave them the dresses. They weren’t surprised that we weren’t buying it.

    Now, I’m looking for a dress online.

  3. Found the dress. My daughter and I have been sending links of dresses back and forth. My granddaughter finally picked the one she liked. We found one that looks more like a night gown. She doesn’t like anything scratchy. She figures this one will be comfortable. My other granddaughters would have picked the fanciest dress available….but they’re Baptist, so I wouldn’t be shopping for a first communion dress for them.

    This dress was just 1/4 the price of the others. Grandpa is happy with her choice.

    • LOL girls are so funny. I have one that would wear those lil gumball rings.. girl her fingers would be GREEN DAILY! Looked like a lil Gypsy ring on every finger. They were girlie girlie and tomboys in blink of eye lol. Now we have 3 grandsons and a baby girl. Fun!!! But some of these girl stuff they have now gag! Look like I don’t know what. Maryjane or KPea brand smh!

    • That’s an excellent essay. He said something that I’ve thought all along, that George was made the sacrificial lamb for all the racial sins in the history of our country. That has bothered me. One who probably had no racial sin was being sacrificed for what others had done. That bothered me a lot and I didn’t want to see it happen. I’m not so sure it didn’t happen.

      Shellie said more than once in interviews that George was a changed man. His father pointed out that before that night in February 2012, George had a career, a marriage, a community, and a home. After the trial, which shouldn’t have happened, it was all gone….so was his mental health.

      The public never knew him before he was thrust into the spotlight. For most people, there’s nothing to compare his current behavior to. People are not often understanding of those with post traumatic stress disorder even when they knew the person before. We’re much less understanding with people we meet after the damage. On top of that, PTSD is causing George to be seen very much in the same light that the media and the prosecution tried to paint him in. It’s not surprising that many who never knew him would think he was the same before February 2012.

      George was not only made the sacrificial lamb for racial wrongs, but also for Benghazi, fast and furious, and the health care disaster. Our president and our attorney general played a part in the sacrifice because it took the attention off them. The media helped him.

      Unless something changes drastically, this wasn’t an attempted sacrifice. The man has already been sacrificed and we’re just watching his complete destruction in slow motion.

      • Sharon ~ I haven’t read Nettles link yet, but I am looking forward to it, your comment was excellent correlating/connecting the dots in GZ’s life.

        Your statement, “GZ was made the sacrificial lamb for racial wrongs,” is sadly the burden GZ will carry the rest of his life imo. As I have stated before American’s have clumped GZ into the category of OJ/KC, labeled GZ as a man that got away w/the murder of a black unarmed teen. Sharon, I don’t know what, if anything can be done for the attempted sacrifice to change any outcome of the labeling.

        jmho, I do feel that GZ would immensely gain new insight & coping skills, impulse control, PTSD, anger management cop, etc., if he only sought professional help. The glaring behavior he proudly projects is all lost on GZ, most can see how desperately he could benefit from any form of help he chose to seek. GZ doesn’t want my help r anyone else’s, he doesn’t want suggestions, support, r care what we think.

        Only GZ can change a lot of the bad decisions he’s projected that got more media attention, only GZ can make positive decisions to decide to get help to make better decisions & learn coping skills for the rest of his life & to make his life better. It’s his life, his choices & until GZ makes that positive decision for himself, we will continue to see GZ as he is today

          • Sharon ~ I agree w/you, it’s not easy because of the death threats, he can’t get just any job, but GZ seems to have so many more problems besides the death threats, it’s over whelming to think about.

            I think GZ can still be successful in his art work, maybe take his own pictures & paint those if he chose to. I liked his use of color as did many other people, there seemed to be a market for it. I think he had a set back w/the AP situation, but it’s a learning curve for every body when you first start painting. I hope he hasn’t given up, I guess he’s spending a lot of his time working out/preparing for his boxing match, I hope he makes a lot of money for his efforts, I’m not crazy about the idea but it’s not my life, hopefully GZ can use the money to stabilize his living situation for awhile until he finds something else.

            I was really surprised that GZ is doing the “boxing match,” I thought he would be so exposed & so many security problems.. I have since read that they are not selling tickets, very few people will actually be there during the match, cameramen, etc, they will be filming it live for “Pay per View.” That’ a relief.

      • You said: On top of that, PTSD is causing George to be seen very much in the same light that the media and the prosecution tried to paint him in.

        He is giving the MSM and other “enemies” exactly what they want.. so much so that it appears that it’s intentional… like one behavioral component of an underlying death wish. OTH maybe he is a masochist.

        As Mike said his name will forever be associated with racism (and all its aspects) and Stand Your Grand. Worse than that. Trayvon is a martyr and will always be glorified. There are permanent monuments in his honor.

        Our AG is still publicly trying to find a reason to hurt George some more, In a sense, George still lives in fear…….fear of being arrested or harmed in some other way. It is enough to make him run. I think everyone would be happy if he left the country. Would MSM still hound him if he went to Peru?

        • When the trial was over, he no longer had a career or a marriage. He no longer had his mental health, either. His parents had a horrible burden. They had to relocate themselves and all 3 of their children. They are trying to relocate George.

          This isn’t an ordinary situation. Something horrible was done to this entire family.

      • Sharon – maybe “a” sacrificial lamb – not “the” sacrificial lamb – I’m afraid that well may be bottomless – a sacrificial lamb to a god that will never be appeased – so really, what’s the point of *any* lambs – it doesn’t seem to help in any *productive* way…… anyway, your comment just made me think of that….

        • I did not mean to use “the” if I did. When I was a literature major many many years ago, I ran across several novels which used a Christ figure, such as Joe Christmas in Faulkner’s Light in August.

          I’m not sure if Suzanne Collins intended for Katniss to be a Christ figure, but an United Methodist pastor picked that up and created a church study lesson based on Katniss being a Christ figure. She was the savior of her world. She volunteered to substitute for someone else. She didn’t do anything unethical in the game.

          One difference is that Christ and the literary Christ figures is that they volunteered. George didn’t volunteer to to pay for all the racial wrongs. He didn’t volunteer to pay for white guilt or appease the desire for vengeance from the group that has been wronged. He was picked to be the scapegoat and that is wrong. It’s also wrong that our government officials used him to take attention off their own scandals.

  4. Obama has been talking about all minimum wage jobs going to $10.00/hr.

    1) I have read that if it had kept up with COLA, this is what it would be now anyway – if that’s true, then I think it should go up

    However –

    2) google had an online question session about Obamacare for people with Obama – Obama is said to have said “I think the one thing Americans agree on is that if you work full-time in this country, you should not be in poverty when you’re raising your family”. I don’t think this logic means minimum wage should be $x or $y. I think if you’re raising a family on minimum wage, you’re doing something wrong. Minimum wage jobs are for beginning jobs. If you already have a family and you’re working at McDonald’s, you sort of “forgot” to either go to school or learn a marketable skill before you started popping out kids. If government wants to get involved, they should invest in public service announcements to teach about responsibiloity and smart choices, instead of making other taxpayers pay you extra for life for your poor choices.

    • “1) I have read that if it had kept up with COLA, this is what it would be now anyway ”

      In 1968, federal minumum wage was $1.60 per hour.

      At the time your average candy bar was a dime, as was a 10 oz. bottle of Pepsi, Coke, or Mountain Dew (and that was back when they used real sugar).

      One hour would buy at least one paperback book, and possibly two.

      It would buy at least 5 gallons of gasoline or five packs of cigarettes.

      It would get two people into the movies.

      Houses sold for what now only gets you a car.

      A foot of register tape at the grocery store represented about $20 worth of items, not $100 or more.

      • unitron

        i am 67 so I remember those prices very well and am still a bit shocked (and angry) that things cost so much more today even though I understand it. I grew up in SC during a time when we had both gasoline and milk wars. It was common for gas stations to give away a carton of cigarettes with a fill up and the gas was only 20 cents a gallon. Some gas stations gave milk away.

        Dime stores were very popular. You could ask for a penny or nickel’s worth of candy and get a handful.

      • unitron – first, understand that half of my brain is old, and the other half has leaked out lol

        so when I’m trying to imagine these items now, based on $10/hr, it seems like $10 isn’t enough to make it equivalent to the cost of living back then….? Am I figuring that right?

        And speaking of the old days – I would have been 8 in 1968 – I remember my parents would give us a nickle every day for milk money for lunch – but we never had to pay for lunch – unless my parents never mentioned it because we were kids – but why wouldn’t they have paid the milk money when they paid for the lunch, too….? I hear about kids having to pay for lunch now – I think that’s different than before…

        • Not everything has increased in price at the same rate, so an apples to apples comparison is tricky, but I’d say that $1.60 from ’68 would need to be somewhere between $10 and $16 nowadays to have roughly the same buying power, but again, it depends on what you’re buying.

          An hour’s wage in ’68 would get two people into the movies, now in the same geographic area, there would be little if anything left from a $20 bill.

          But on the other hand you could get a pretty nice stereo or color television for $500 back then and and you can still do pretty well in that department for $500 of today’s dollars, and I’m not sure how you’d figure what a PC or cell phone would have gone for back then.

          School lunch prices are and were probably heavily dependent on the amount of subsidization from local and other government, which is subject to change both from one location to the next but from one decade to the next in the same location, so they’re probably not a reliable metric.

          A stamp was 4 cents back then, but the Post Office was still officially part of the government back then (and only expected to break even) and not the strange hybrid that it is now, so I’m not sure if it’s a good indicator or not.

  5. Brrrr so tired of Ice and Snow and all that wintery stuff. My hat and gloves are off to you Cold Weather Living folks! But going to a warmer place, I don’t think Florida would be worth it haha
    Got an awesome gift for Christmas that I truly LOVE right now. An electric throw! Guess if my power goes out wont be too “hot” of a gift….. Until I go to the car and hook up to charger in car lol. Neatest thing ever!

  6. I recently started Medicare and I’ve been very nervous about the change. I have a doctor’s appointment today. It’s a rescheduled appointment. A couple weeks ago, they tried to get me to sign a form. I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t read what was on it.

    When I had food poisoning in December, my doctor gave me a shot that cost $204. Medicare paid only $3.00. I was shocked and felt bad about it. My nephew who is a family doctor told me that I would have had to pay the balance if he had had me sign a form. I can certainly understand why doctors would want Medicare patients to sign such forms but it frightens me going in not knowing what they might do and how much it will cost. I did some research and learned that it’s not legal to do that with Medicare. There’s a bill out now to try to make that legal, but right now it’s not legal. There is a form that doctors are using for patients to agree to pay what Medicare says they owe such as co-payment and deductible. Patients would have to do that, anyway.

    I hope it works out better this time. I made an appointment with a different doctor, so there will be a different receptionist, and I’m taking my reading glasses.

    • Sharon ~ Just a thought!

      Both my parents had supplemental policies w/Blue Cross to cover what Medicare didn’t pay.. They ran over $ 200.00 for each policy, but my parents didn’t have to pay anything. Keep us posted as to what you learn.

      • Thanks Art. I do have Medicare Advantage. That’s the supplement from teacher retirement. It picks up much of what Medicare calls our out of pocket expenses. The problem is that the Medicare has cut out a lot of what they used to cover. For example, we now get well woman visits every other year. The supplement only covers what Medicare covers. If Medicare totally rejects something, the supplement does too….at least I think. I’m new. I’ll have to wait until I start getting some claims processed and see what’s paid.

    • Nettles ~ Just as I said would happen, GZ would finally pay the consequences for the games played against Sims/SZ in their legal documents when he chose to “default.” SZ filed more papers asking for a divorce from GZ since he didn’t respond, the property settlement can be settled at a different time than the final divorce, but SZ has the right to move forward due to GZ ignoring the legal documents. All GZ had to do was respond with in the time limit, choosing to ignore legal documents because of spite/defiance will come back to bite you in the butt every single time!

      Obviously the consequences of GZ’s actions have been fully explained/as as well as the possible repercussions for his defiance. GZ/attorney’s are going to fight now, GZ had close to 30 days, the legal amount is 20 so he was afforded extra time by Sim’s, why does GZ think he is entitled to leniency & most importantly, what excuses will we hear & will the Judge grant it?

      1. GZ dodged divorce papers, could have picked them up any day at Sim’s office.
      2. GZ was promptly served Divorce papers in Jail.
      3. GZ had 20 days to respond to the divorce papers, Sim’s afforded GZ additional days.
      4. GZ chose to “default” on the legal documents & ignored them.
      4. SZ ask the Judge, due to GZ “not responding” to the divorce papers for a final Divorce due to GZ’s default!
      5. GZ now understands why he was ignorant to pick this fight w/SZ/Sims which will come at great expense.

      From SZ’s 2nd filing:

      After George Zimmerman’s silence, Shellie asks judge to grant divorce!

      1. Under Florida law, someone sued for divorce is required to respond within 20 days, once he’s formally been serviced notice of the suit.

      2. George Zimmerman dodged process servers for months but was finally served on Dec. 18 while he was locked in the Seminole County jail on a domestic violence charge.

      3. His 20 days ran out earlier this month. On Jan. 13, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, Kelly Sims, filed a motion for a default, and a deputy clerk of courts entered a finding of default the same day.

      4. That means the judge may now treat the statements in his wife’s pleadings as truthful, and the case may now move forward, with or without his participation.


      SZ’s financial affadavit:

      What to expect:
      1. A Court date for all Attorney’s to argue & for us to hear GZ’s excuses as to why he deserves leniency from the Judge since he “defaulted.”

      2. We can expect the same fact sheet that SZ filled out to be filled out by GZ. GZ’s will be more extensive since he controlled all the finances, the bank accounts, all accounting of the exact amount of monies in each account will have to be reported to SZ/Sims on the date SZ filed against GZ.

      • She owes $18.000 on a car valued at $9000? Huh?

        She claims GZ controlled the defense fund but there is no proof of that.

        Section B

        IIRC, all of their debt was paid off while they controlled the fund. An itemized list was onxw published somewhere. Do you have it. Nettles? They also prepaid other expenses, including the cell phones, and I thought the cars were also paid off? Maybe not. IDK for sure. I would think the IRS would be one of the first to be paid off since the interest (and possibly penalties) are outrageous.

        How did she get credit for all of those other liabilities in Section B. And what did she spend the money on if the defense fund was paying their bills.

        At any rate, maybe we will finally get to see the actual trust as well as an accounting of money received and spent.

        • jordan ~ I don’t ever recall reading they paid off “all” their debt, I do remember they paid off some of it like a Sam’s charge card, etc. I would speculate that both GZ/SZ were paying against their student loans w/monthly payments, it’s likely the monthly payments were paid by the defense fund as part of their living expenses & monthly bills, but neither GZ nor SZ paid off their student loans, car, truck etc.

          GZ will be responsible for providing to SZ/Sim’s, the actual amount that was in the trust fund on the date SZ filed, the document w/the accounting would come from the Bank. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the expenditures of the trust fund will be disclosed. GZ did give SZ $ 4,000.00 when he left, but she had legal fees from the perjury case, some of us assumed she paid Sim’s for that representation.

          SZ has said several times that GZ controlled their finances, she did not, this is the reason GZ will have to provide that information. GZ will have to provide to Sim’s the amount of monies in any checking/savings account on the date SZ filed.

          The NBC suit was filed during their marriage, it is speculated that MOM/West will be paid first from GZ’s part of any settlement as he owes their legal bills. Since the NBC suit was filed during the marriage, it will be up to the Judge if SZ is entitled to part of it r not. We’re not attorney’s, we don’t know, but, we’ll see.

          GZ lost his privilege to argue about SZ’s request, by Fla. Law, her request stands. I don’t know what the Judge will do about GZ ignoring the legal time limit, but we’ll see what happens.

            • jordan ~ because the expenditures of the trust fund have nothing to do w/the divorce. What it does have to do with is the amount of money that remained in the trust fund if any.

      • It’s difficult to say why George waited so long. On one hand, he pretty much gave his supporters the finger with the picture he posted in response to expressions of concern. I suspect he had a similar attitude toward Shellie.

        Another factor is that he’s got money problems and is trying desperately to find a way to keep a roof over his head and food on the table. It’s doubtful he’d survive long in a shelter. When he got served, he had to use what money he had to hire an expensive attorney because of what went on between him and his girlfriend. He sold a painting. We don’t know for sure how much he actually collected and much of it may have been gone as soon as he got it.

        I don’t blame Shellie for wanting out of that marriage. He’s been committing adultery and he seems to even be flaunting them at her.

        Since money means security for him, I hope he’s able to come out of that marriage without giving up what little he has. I also hope he can fight that life insurance demand she’s made. This isn’t an ordinary divorce. If there were no death threats and if George could just start a new career, perhaps a life insurance policy to cover the debts would be in order.

        • Sharon ~ when GZ got served, he didn’t pay Jayne W. anything, she stated she “didn’t require GZ to pay her up front, he could pay her at a later time.” So initially, GZ would have paid Jayne nothing w/the promise to pay at a later date. If GZ’s parent’s told you that GZ paid Jayne, he didn’t as Jayne stated on National TV. Who knows what GZ told his parent’s r tells his truthfully tells his parents r what they believe. Jayne W. wouldn’t lie for GZ, why would she? I assume she was paid after GZ sold the 1st painting.

          GZ didn’t need an attorney to respond SZ/Sim’s, MOM would have gladly provided to GZ the financial affidavit for GZ to fill out, GZ could have easily filled it out himself/submitted it to Sim’s personally or even mailed it to him. It would have cost GZ nothing initially to comply within 20 days if GZ had wanted to do that! imo, GZ wasn’t interested in cooperating/complying w/SZ/Sims, GZ’s behavior toward SZ/Sim’s seems like more of the FU attitude, jmho.

          I too don’t blame SZ wanting out of the marriage asap, but GZ gave her what she wanted by not complying, the ability to move forward with r without his cooperation will likely be granted & SZ can get her divorce from GZ. SZ/GZ will likely go through “mediation” only if the Judge allows GZ to argue over assets.. GZ gave away some of his rights, of course, he made his own decisions! imo, GZ thinks he knows a hell of a lot more than he knows, especially legally.

          • Mr. Zimmerman didn’t say anything about having to pay the attorney up front. I did not mean to insinuate that the attorney was paid up front. GZ did, however, did know he would have to hire an expensive attorney and he would have to pay her. His 20 days began when he was in jail. When he got out, I assume he had to pay her or he at least had the bill.

  7. I do not want to call Zimmerman stupid but he sure as hell makes some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen a grown man make.

    Could it be he believes that his horrendous ordeal excuses him from other obligations? IMO, he should not be given any additional time in the divorce. He dodged the server for how long? And then says “excuse me, I forgot. or I did not understand.” I call BS on this.

    I also think she deserves half of any money that is recovered from lawsuits on his behalf. She was loyal from the outset and she also suffered greatly. A good attorney would also go after Shellie’s half of the proceeds from the painting since they were still married.

    • I haven’t seen George express pity for himself, have you? Usually when some wants sympathy they play the victim. George seems to have done the opposite. He’s been doing the bravado thing.

      As far as future earnings go, via lawsuit, I’m not sure Shellie has a claim to them post divorce. She can certainly file her own lawsuits if she wants to (IANAL).

      Their mutual debt, which I think (again IANAL), would include the 2.5 million. Why would she want to split what’s essentially no assets and such a huge debt?

    • I agree that Shellie deserves something, but not half of what he gets from the law suits. She can continue going to college and getting her nursing degree and she can find employment. George not only lost his career but his ability to be employed without being murdered.

      He is offering to fight for money. The media said that there’s extra security because they suspect people will try to murder him.

  8. Heads Up!

    Art, some of your posts are getting on Coreshift’s nerves. I emailed you a heads up on that a few weeks ago but I don’t’ see a change in your approach. I’m not sure you even saw the email.

    Coreshift, your frustration with Art’s posts have resulted in 2 emails from the other commenters with the thought that you are being a little rough on Art. I gave you a heads up about that feedback a week ago.

    I sense that there is going to be a blow up between you two. Go ahead if you need to express it or don’t address each other. You’re both adults, I’ll leave it to each of you on how you want to work it out. I sincerely hope I don’t lose either one of you posting here.

    For the others, please stay out of it.

    • Nettles ~ I have decided to ignore coreshift’s comments from now on, I am requesting to coreshift not to comment to me on anything, I’m done w/him. If I get on his nerves, that’s coreshift’s problem, we can only control ourselves, we can’t control other’s. If coreshift doesn’t like my comments, he should scroll & roll as I will be doing on his comments, it’s easier to keep the peace & won’t be a further drag on the blog.

      I comment on where the facts lead, I comment objectively in any discussion & consider all plausible scenarios when forming an opinion r commenting, follow all the links, & do my own research to share, I appreciate other’s sharing too. I am open to any & all new information, some of the information & as we’ve all learned, we learn new things about GZ all the time.

      I hope GZ’s divorce attorney’s send AP a “legal response” they are requesting to prevent anything else from happening, hopefully to nip anything else in the bud so hopefully that chapter too can be closed.

      Nettles ~ thanks for your kind spirit, warm heart, & most of all, patience!

  9. I called it right 😉 On Feb 1 just as I predicted Leatherhead started his ” Feb 3, 2014 Please make a donation today. We appreciate your support.” On Michael Dunn articles of course 🙂

  10. Tomorrow is hearing! Fingers crossed 😉
    Kruidbos V Corey is tomorrow the 4th



    NOTICE OF HEARING ON 2.4.14 @ 1:00PM ROOM # 705

    • mimi ~ goooooooo Team Ben Kruidbos! I pray something happens, but we can’t get any information on what’s going on, the good news is that the case hasn’t been dismissed!

      I don’t understand why the media outlets haven’t covered Ben K’s case, they reported on Lydker’s case that settled, I keep waiting for the amount! LOL, she may have signed a “confidentiality agreement,” I hope not, the taxpayers of Fla. deserve to know how much of their money Corey had to give Lydker. I was so happy for Lydker, Corey didn’t have much of a leg to stand on especially when she got bitch slapped by the Judge for “with holding Brady Material,” mostly emails.

      • Lmbo yep that SLAP was prob the slap that sealed the deal 😉 Maybe they will cover more as it gets to closer to “trial” time 😉 One thing for sure, I would “think” if there is a settlement it will mean that Corey had to settle lmao, she sure isn’t gonna settle if not some wrong doing she doesn’t want brought out. IMHO

  11. Jury Duty

    BCC Information

    Law Library

    Detailed Information for Case 2012CA006178

    Case Number:

    Date Filed:
    Case Type:





  12. Hey anyone know anything about this person? Someone else writing a book..

    Gina McGill
    My book about the Trayvon Martin murder cover up will be published soon. Thanks for your support. Justice seeker.

    • jordan ~ I agree on the Lydeker case. I laughed so hard when I read a comment that said: “Corey should have to pay Lydeker out of her retirement fund.”

      Did you read the articles in which Corey credited her retirement account as well as BDLR’s w/taxpayer monies, over $ 100,000.00 went into each of their accounts. Although it’s publicly frowned upon, it seems to be legal. The problem for Corey is when she talked about it, she stated “it was left over from her budget,” blah, blah, blah, but the money doesn’t belong to Corey. The money belongs to the taxpayers! With so many people out of work r hours cut back due to Obama care, I thought she was pretty brazen to make such a move. The comments following the articles on Corey rewarding herself/BDLR were brutal for Corey, if so many people dislike her, I hope she loses the next election, no one ran against her last time.

              • Anyone have the date Danny shut his blog down the first time and said he was going to open another and talk about something else?

                It was shortly after that, I rec’d the ping to the new blog. I clicked on it, seen prayers for Shellie and I still haven’t read the thing. I immediately thought this was Danny and deleted it.

                A week or two later, I got another ping and again I trashed it. Then twitter accounts that had just been made up showed up on the mentions asking me why I won’t post the article. I’m thinking to myself, Danny go away.

                Now it appears that Justfactsplz (who also has shown sympathy for Shellie’s plight) got this link and PMed it to Jordan. Well it worked, it’s posted and anyone wanting to read it can. Make up your own minds.

                I’ve been reflecting again on Danny. He and I got along famously until the 911 call from Shellie. Almost immediately, he had an inside source telling him GZ was an ass and Shellie was in the right. Danny went weird about me posting an email he sent me. I told him if he wanted it posted to post it himself. I still don’t know why he wanted that posted by me and not him.

                He did become critical of Shellie in doing the interviews and speaking out.

                Well, whoever it was, they wanted those who read here to see it. That’s been done now. Moving along.

      • I suspected Danny, because this came in right after he closed his blog and told others he was going to be posting under another identity. DannyWarrior was moving on to other things.

        Only DannyWarrior blog ever pinged this blog with articles he/she wanted read here. I received this ping shortly after DannyWarrior closed his blog, saw the topic was Shellie and honestly, I thought it was Danny’s way on getting on this blog again.

        Of course, I could be totally wrong. I find most times the suspicions online are wrong.

        • I know what you mean, Annette. I’m often wrong about online speculations. That’s because there’s so many unknowns online. I suspect Danny, too. There’s just not very many people who even know about my blog. I haven’t used it much. I posted the link on twitter in response to some debates a few times and I posted it here. I put a link to it in the letter to George that I sent to his father and asked him to forward to George. I don’t think my blog made much of an impression on anyone at Twitter and neither Robert Sr or George would have reason to pass the link on to anyone. It did get some brief attention here when some of your members went there to talk to a Traybot.

          What I find interesting is that the link was to my most recent unfinished essay.

          While reading this letter to Christie O’Connor, I had the feeling that the writer was very close to Shellie and maybe even Shellie herself. It definitely seems to be a female and one who was hurt by George. I never thought of Danny as a woman. I thought Art was a man, too. I think the names threw me. They’re both men’s names even though Art Tart is referring to the subject she teaches.

          Something I’ve found odd is that Shellie never mentioned the adultery in her interviews. I wondered if that’s because it was too painful or if it was because those interviewing weren’t interested and cut that part out. They were trying to focus on issues that made George appear to be the person the Scheme Team tried to create.

          I suspect there’s some truth in this essay. There does seem to be a stubbornness. As far as I’m concerned, that is irrelevant. His bare survival is what’s at issue. What was done to him was unjust. Even though he was acquitted of the murder, he is still the sacrificial lamb until he is able to be employed and begin a career.

    • jordan ~ I tried to read O Connor but I thought my head would explode, my eyes burning. I don’t waste my time on her, I bet she was thrilled to get an “open letter” supporting many of her views. Thanks for the links, it’s good to know what OC is up to.

      As Sharon mentioned “speculation,” speculation isn’t fact but merely the opinion of one person, usually, they don’t even bother stating “imo,” just as we can’t know what GZ is thinking, doing, intending, & planning, (unless media reports of GZ’s plans are accurate.) A failed marriage brings out the worst in both people participating in a divorce, when the love is gone, so too is the friendship. So it appears for GZ/SZ, “no love loss” & each determined to get what they think is rightfully their’s

      • No, I was not asked to post it here and I do not believe for one second that she wanted it posted here. She has bee a friend from the start and all of her PM’s to me were meant to warn me about one particular poster at the Treehouse.

      • Does this help? I asked her to stop by here. I do not want to post all of her messages to me unless she says it is OK.

        Here is a little of what she said in one message to me about that letter.

        This all got started when Sundance had a pingback to a letter to Christy O’Connor.

        Please reply so I know you have seen this. You know me. I do not want to be in the middle of squabbles except to read the comments.

          • I’ll just quote that part for you.

            “We are all sensitive or psychic to some extent, but children who are unjustly abused, as George was by his mother, and emotionally neglected at such times, by his father, develop ways to psychically penetrate people’s minds in order to convince and persuade them with guilt. The psychic power can be quite potent like a Hulk giant transformation to protect the child, who soon realizes he has abilities others don’t. This is what George has going for him, and he probably thinks it is some sort of gift from God. This is how he manipulated the six member female jury. This is how he persuaded Shellie to stay, Scheibe to recant, the female lawyer to help him, and all those female supporters to donate and morally support him.”

              • Did he provide his readers any information about the author?

                When I got the pingback notice, I went to the site, could not find any information about the author and decided not to share random posts with the readers here.

                To post this, I would think Sundance knows and finds credible the writer. Otherwise, he’s a participant in spreading innuendo and rumor.

                Can you link me to the post that Sundance made? I want to see what he said about it.

  13. Art, I just read your reply to me about your mom. It’s so far up that you might not see it if I respond there, so I’ll write it here at the bottom.

    My heart goes out to you. It’s so difficult to deal with a loved one with Alzheimer’s. My great aunt who was like a grandmother to me had Alzheimer’s. She remembered the older relatives, but not me. If I still looked like I did when I was a child, she might have. I don’t know. She spent much time being angry and upset. It didn’t matter what people said to her, she’d eventually get angry or start crying. Then she’d forget it happened. Once when she started getting angry, I left the room. Then I walked outside and knocked on the door. She forgot about being angry and greeted me as though I’d just arrived. That just got us a few minutes. She was angry again a short time later.

    It must have been painful for you and your dad for her to think of him as just the man in the kitchen.

    • Sorry about the error. The Status conference is on Thursday the 6th….not today.

      It’s Ben Kruidbos’ case that is in court today at 1pm
      Ben Kruidbos Update
      17 – 1/9/2014
      NOTICE OF HEARING ON 2.4.14 @ 1:00PM ROOM # 705

  14. I’ve been on facebook 6 years and thank them for bringing me together with some old friends and new friends. Happy 10th Birthday to Facebook. Here is something, I think was pretty damn cool from facebook to you. It takes your history with facebook and shows you the memories you’ve created on it. Watch this link using your profile. Pretty cool. https://www.facebook.com/lookback

  15. George Zimmerman wants to fight Kanye West in boxing match!

    Thousands have expressed interest in fighting George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match, but Zimmerman recently announced who he would like to fight: Kanye West.


    WTF? I guess GZ has to have a big name to bring in more viewers, more $$$$. jmho, Kayne’s a thug, always in the news beating up somebody.

    • I don’t know whether he’s desperate for money or desperate to remain a celebrity or both.

      About the only way he has of making a living is his celebrity status. He has to use it to maintain a place to live. I think it goes beyond that. I think he likes being a celebrity. I could be wrong and I hope I am.

      • Sharon ~ I agree w/your thought GZ likes the celebrity status, but his celebrity status isn’t bring him more supporters imo, it appears to provide the nit wit low intelligent haters a place to rant, they join in on media articles comment section on the boxing match stating how many want to see GZ beaten to death. Horrid imo.

        There have been many articles written on the mentality of “celebrity status” & what many will do to attain it r keep it at any cost, even if it means negative attention to remain in the news. The Anthony’s viewed themselves as “celebrities” & wouldn’t do Fla. media, why? Because Fla. media wouldn’t pay them, they strictly did National Media for all the benefits afforded them as well as always having pro bono attorney’s that appeared w/the Anthony’s on Nat’l TV. The Anthony Attorney’s negotiated all their deals. They were under contract w/NBC to share any news first, r should I say, share the latest lie promoted by the Defense. Look @ Lindsay Lohan’s parent’s, they have no talent but have done everything possible to remain in the news, calling into live media & ranting, etc.

        GZ has the ability to negotiate in future interviews his terms w/magazines for profit etc., that he doesn’t want: (1) Any mention of TM in the article, (2) he doesn’t want TM’s name mentioned in the title to the article. (3) That those wanting to settle a score for TM won’t be considered as opponents. GZ can too state: If you don’t agree to my terms, somebody else will & they too gladly pay!

        For the very reason the media promoting of the boxing match has spiraled out of control, is the reason the Anthony’s had all their media interviews, magazine articles, etc. negotiated by their pro bono attorney’s. Why? So they could control the interview, not the media, so they could bilk as many amenities from such as they possibly could & they did just that!

  16. jordan ~ RE: Angela Corey using taxpayer monies to fund her Retirement/BDLR’s.

    Heres the link to the article for you:

    How state attorney spent tax dollars! (Corey)

    Action News is going right to local state attorney Angela Corey after learning she spent taxpayer dollars on retirement plans.

    We found out about this transfer of money through a public records request. The documents show the transfer of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars right into just two prosecutors’ retirement funds.


    The amount of $$ that went into Corey/BDLR’s retirement accounts is $ 235,000.00.

    I can’t access “Times Union,” a paper you are probably familiar with & may have access to. They too had an article.

    Corey justifies using the taxpayers money to fund the account because she claims “they saved the taxpayer’s millions.” I wonder why Corey assumes this is alright w/taxpayers? It remains their money!

    I think it’s Time Union that Corey has banned from receiving information she sends out to various news organizations from her office. I seem to remember TU is suing for access, just more vindictive Corey being vindictive. She didn’t like the way they portrayed her to their subscribers.

  17. Link to SZ’s filed Divorce Papers:


    jordan has ask about what SZ wanted in the Divorce. This is not a new media report, simply the legal documents Sim’s filed that GZ “defaulted on.”

    Some of the request are over the top but I don’t know how her request will now be viewed by the Judge due to GZ’s default. Usually divorce papers are a starting point in “negotiations/or mediation” in a divorce, that’s why there is a law that states the one being divorced has 20 days to respond if they disagree w/the papers they were served! “Ignorance of the Law isn’t an excuse of the law” as has been forever stated by Judges. If I can do my own legal research, so can GZ if he cared/wanted to.

    (1) Sept. 5, 2013 ~ SZ filed legal paperwork to divorce GZ:

    (2) Nov. 19th r 20th, 2013 GZ served SZ/Sim’s Divorce Papers in Jail:

    (3) GZ sold 1st painting before Christmas

    (4) Jan. 9, 2014 SZ/Sim’s filed papers requesting “Divorce” on grounds GZ “Defaulted:

    I keep wanting to find some reason to excuse GZ’s ignorance, but I can’t find a single reason as the timeline reflects the difficulty SZ has had w/GZ. The timeline reflects how long SZ has fought to be done w/GZ & the consequences GZ now faces for the default.

    If GZ’s attorney’s whine, “he had no money to hire an attorney,” Sim’s will simply argue GZ did in fact receive proceeds from his 1st painting/ebay confirmed the sale. I am looking for any reason the Judge will have sympathy for GZ r what excuses will be used. No doubt GZ was more concerned about his drama w/Sam & his legal debt, but that doesn’t give GZ any legal right/reason/excuse to ignore the law r SZ, it just means the divorce was not a priority & GZ ignored it.

  18. Zimmerman court paperwork: I’m here and I’m gonna take part in my divorce

    In a new court filing, George Zimmerman says he plans contest his wife’s divorce petition and the reason he hasn’t until now is that he got notice while in jail and jailers immediately took away the paperwork.

    Zimmerman, 30, is asking Circuit Judge Michael Rudisill to set aside a default entered against him in the divorce case his estranged wife, Shellie, filed against him Sept. 5.

    In a two-page pleading filed yesterday, Zimmerman asks the judge to excuse him for failing to respond and says he wants to take part in the case.


    GZ’s excuse:
    I’m an adult but I shouldn’t be held accountable as other adults are for their behavior r decisions.. Judge, have you heard of me? I’m GZ, I deserve special treatment!! Although I chose not to conduct myself as an adult & request my legal paperwork from the jail when I was released, I couldn’t be bothered, I was hell bent on getting out of jail, it was only legal paperwork from SZ & her attorney! No! I never ask for the legal paperwork when I was released & I chose willingly to never go back and get it.

    I understand fully I chose not to get the papers which could have been replaced by Sim’s by calling him & requesting such, r even print my divorce papers off the internet ABC News where they had been since Sept. 5th r even get a copy at the Clerk’s Office. I understand that this is the only ridiculous excuse my nut job attorney’s & I could dream up. I understand I could have gone directly to the media & told them I was mistreated, but the fact is: I wasn’t, they can prove I wasn’t!

    I scream bull chit! Did anything prevent GZ from getting those divorce papers when he left jail? The most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard, I’ve heard better excuses from middle schooler s that lost their homework!

      • You’ll note Christi uploaded that to youtube on Sept.. 8th. Shellie called 911 for the domestic disturbance on Sept. 9th

        I think Christi and Shellie conspired on this one. Shellie did that interview on Aug. 28th. That Christi made this public the day before the incident coupled with Christi tweeting out in real time allegations not yet know and booked on the HLN show that night, smacks of a set up.

        • Nettles ~ SZ would have no way of knowing r predicting what GZ would do the next day, r frankly ever, thus no evidence of any conspiracy.

          (1) GZ was not to return to the Dean’s home until SZ had completed moving her junk.
          (2) SZ was to “text GZ” when she had completed her moving as they both agreed upon.
          (3) SZ never text GZ she had completed loading her things & was leaving the home so he could return.
          (4) No one could have predicted GZ would drive up to the Dean’s home, w/a woman/Wes in his truck without SZ texting GZ she had completed loading her things & leaving!

          There would have never been an incident had GZ (1) waited until he got the text from SZ she was leaving the home & was through as was agreed upon between SZ & GZ, (2) GZ never stopped at the home.

          There is no evidence of any conspiracy imo, & there never should have ever been an incident had GZ abided by the agreement. so what is the conspiracy? That SZ is a mind reader as to GZ’s behavior & she knew beforehand that GZ wouldn’t abide by the agreement to wait for her text that she was leaving? imo, SZ had absolutely no way of having that knowledge.

          • There is lots of evidence to suggest this was a set-up.

            1) The interview was done on August 28th. It lasted over an hour, yet less than 2 minutes aired on ABC on Aug. 29th.
            2) On Sept. 8th Christi uploaded to youtube more snippets of the interview that for reasons unknown to me, Jordan decided to post it twice on this blog today. In it we hear how changed GZ is and she doesn’t know what he’s capable of. On this same day, SZ is texting GZ that she didn’t finish packing the prior day and wants access that day. She leaves him waiting for hours and then texts she’s been in church too long, she’ll go on the 9th.
            Who has control of this situation, Shellie or George?
            3) On Sept. 9th she tells him just after 9 she’s on her way. At 11:30 when he asks if she’s done, she advises she isn’t at the house yet. Who had control over that? Shellie or George? Was she baiting him into a confrontation.
            4) When George does arrive, I see no moving of anything happening after he gets there. It’s like they were waiting for him to show up. They weren’t moving anything.
            5) Christi tweets out GZ threatened SZ with a gun. How did Christi get that information. I was watching it live on the web. The police were there, the lawyers were just arriving and Christi knows what the threat was. She also advises, she has an exclusive on HLN at 7pm. How did she know that?
            6) At 7pm, Christi is on HLN with a picture of Dad’s scrapped nose and broken ipad. How did she get that? The police took the broken ipad.
            There’s plenty that the girls conspired to create a story. Watching Shellie like a peacock following GZ filming leaves no doubt, she looked to provoke him.

            I’m at a loss on why we are rehashing this today.

            • Good post. I wasn’t even aware of all that. Well, if I was aware I forgot about some of it. It really does seem like there was a conspiracy.The other people at the house would have to of been in on it too. It’s not the least bit unreasonable Shellie either went along or thought it up because she wanted revenge. Hell hath no fury…

              • That reminds me, on the video, Shellie had a lookout. When George pulls up, the video shows the lookout go inside and alert Dave (Shellie’s dad) and Shellie…..it’s show time!

                • Nettles ~ Due to GZ ignoring the divorce papers, Sim’s filed more legal documents asking the Judge to grant SZ her divorce! GZ lost his right to contest the divorce, none of the drama as you think has any bearing on the divorce case what so ever SZ is asking the Judge to grant her. SZ deserves to be divorced from GZ asap, the Judge will likely grant that imo. GZ isn’t contesting SZ divorcing him, he’s unhappy about the property settlement.

                  What is at issue will be the property settlement & divorce papers GZ defaulted on losing some of his ability to contest the property settlement. The divorce & property settlement are 2 different things! You can divorce before a property settlement is done. GZ’s attorney’s will argue for GZ to have the ability to argue over the property settlement, it’s up to the Judge as to grant GZ that right because when you default, you lose a lot of your rights. The Judge would have to believe GZ’s excuses.

                  • I bet you the Judge allows him to contest what he wants to contest.

                    I had an employee who signed a release and took a settlement. He decided 2 years later he could sue and get more, so he fought us. We show up for court and he tells the court he’s going to handle the case himself. Judge told him to get legal help. Employee insisted no, he could do it. A few months later, we go to court to hear the case and employee asked for a delay b/c he is trying to hire a lawyer. We argue, he’s wasting time and had stated he intended to proceed without a lawyer.

                    Judge makes him pay our loss for the day at court but allows the case to be put on hold until he can get legal counsel.

                    The courts really bend over backwards to make sure both sides get every opportunity for a fair fight.

                    No matter what excuses GZ has or SZ has, the judge will allow them to level the scales of justice before proceeding. That’s my prediction.

            • Nettles ~ The reason it gets rehashed is there is a lack of evidence to prove of any conspiracy r set up, you leave out critical facts that disprove it was a setup r conspiracy!

              Should GZ have been on the premises? No! No! No! No!

              Fact: GZ agreed w/SZ that she would contact him when she had completed loading, that was the agreement, something you fail to use when making your conspiracy theory.

              You get side tracked when complaining that SZ hadn’t arrived to the house until after 11:30, so what? That isn’t at issue! It has absolutely no bearing on the agreement GZ/SZ made together as to when GZ would return to the Dean’s home, when SZ text him she was leaving! The agreement GZ/SZ made together is the issue!

              Did SZ know what GZ would do? No!
              Did SZ know GZ was lying when he agreed he would wait for her text before returning to the Dean home? No!

              If you can prove SZ knew GZ would show up unannounced w/Wes & a woman, despite agreeing that he would wait until SZ had text she was gone, then there might have been a conspiracy/set up. There is no such proof! How could SZ know GZ would be a liar & show up anyway? She couldn’t!

              Since SZ wasn’t expecting GZ to return to the home until she contacted him, then GZ wasn’t set up! GZ decided to ignore his agreement w/SZ & return anyway. That’s not a conspiracy/it’s not a set up, it’s GZ doing what in the hell he pleased, the same behavior we have seen since.

              It’s not a conspiracy for SZ to talk, contact, email, text, O’Connor during r after the event r give her photos, SZ can do what ever she wants, I know she was mad as hell. I’d have videoed GZ too just as SZ did, GZ shouldn’t have been on the premises to start with! Whose fault was it that? GZ’s!

              Critical facts you choose to ignore imo prove there was no conspiracy nor set up.

              It remains unfortunate that GZ didn’t wait until SZ contacted him when she was leaving the house as he & SZ had agreed upon, the whole incident avoided! But because GZ lied & defied the agreement, showed up unannounced, you claim conspiracy! I disagree as my stated facts show.

              • It’s fine for you to disagree. I resent your disparaging remarks. “you choose to ignore”

                You and I are done discussing this topic. I’ve stated my point, you’ve stated your point.

                Move on.

          • 1) George was renting the property, i.e. he was the legal tenant.
            2) Shellie didn’t text even though she was finished.
            3) Shellie was in breach of their agreement that she would leave and text when she was done.
            4) They absolutely could have ‘predicted’ that if they just waited there long enough, George would eventually return to his home.

            As for George not cooperating with Shellie re the divorce, can you blame him… every time he dealt with Shellie or her family they contacted the cops and the media (and not necessarily in that order).

            • I watched Shellie’s interview on the Today show on Sept. 26th. It’s posted on Diwataman’s home page. Matt asks her do you stand by your statement you were threatened with a gun. Yes, she says she stands by that statement.

              Did you see a gun, did you actually see his hand on a gun. No I didn’t actually see a gun. I just know my husband.

              Well then, lock him up and throw away the key. /Sarc

              • Nettles ~ Did SZ text GZ she was leaving the premises? NO!

                Did GZ decide to show up unexpectedly without being told SZ had left? Yes!

                Should GZ have been on the premises? No!

                It’s just that simple, all the excuses imo, are just that.

                • Art why do you persist on arguing this? What is your objective.

                  We can go round and round and round.

                  I see enough evidence that Shellie wasn’t leaving until she delayed long enough GZ would come to find out what is taking so long. She wasn’t leaving until she got to confront him and provoke him.

                  I find it very suspicious not more than 15 hours earlier, O’Connor posts to youtube and interview she did weeks ago, with Shellie saying he’s a changed man.

                  There is lots to suggest these ladies set him up. No they didn’t have full control and it back fired on them. If you read the police report, GZ was investigated as the victim after the police saw the video tape…..and they were right.

                  I take your points and I don’t agree with you. Be as condescending as you want to be, you won’t be changing my mind and you and I will be boring the shit out of the other readers. So drop it. I won’t respond to you on this subject again.

            • nivico ~ Are you kidding as to the excuses? You have absolutely no evidence of anything you say, this is over the top even for those that pretend to know something they don’t know when making excuses for GZ! Pretending to know what SZ/dad were thinking, that’s not possible for you are anybody else so you can clearly understand # 4 is ridiculous!

              (1) SZ was to text GZ when she was completed! That was the agreement between SZ/GZ, that’s a known fact!

              (2) SZ/father had not completed loading the truck, SZ had not text GZ they were leaving, they were still on the premises.

              For you state differently is not a fact, just more excuses & a poor excuse at that! Provide the evidence, link to prove otherwise! I’ll save you the trouble, it doesn’t exist!

              (3) There is absolutely no proof whatsoever to your claim of SZ being in breach of anything!

              This is the worst excuse of all! You can’t just make things up as you are doing! There are no facts to support this ridiculous excuse, of course you can’t provide a link that proves anything you say!

              (4) nivico ~ Now you have taken making excuses for GZ to a whole new level, you are claiming SZ/father have ESP!

              Could SZ/dad predict what GZ would do? No! Could SZ/dad predict GZ to be a liar & return before SZ text GZ as to the agreement? No!

              There are no known credible links to support any of your excuses!

              nivico: Fact: GZ should not have been on the premises until SZ text him!

              nivico ~ I don’t think you have any understanding of GZ/SZ’s divorce, if you had any understanding, you wouldn’t be making excuses for GZ’s defiance! GZ would have had no dealings w/SZ what so ever! Who in the hell have you dreamed up would call the police on GZ because of the divorce papers? LOL, SZ isn’t involved now, that’s why SZ has an attorney handle this for her, so she doesn’t have to deal r put up w/anything GZ has to say r do!

              Do you understand it is GZ that will suffer the consequences for being obstinate? Do you understand that GZ’s choice to ignore the divorce papers was ignorant, SZ can now move forward in finalizing her divorce w/GZ? Sim’s just filed more legal documents to move SZ’s case forward! GZ hasn’t hurt SZ in ignoring the legal documents, he’s hurt himself.

        • I can’t remember, was Christie involved with Samantha at all? Because it sounds like a lot of GZ’s post-trial tribulations may have been thought up by her, of course so she could have “scoops”…

        • Christi is really manipulating Shellie in this interview. Of course George was under a lot of stress during the trial. Shellie said she didn’t want to add more stress and Christi tries to manipulate her to say she was afraid he’d hurt her if she caused more stress. She continued to say otherwise, but Christi didn’t give up.

  19. Let me put something on the table here.

    This is addressed to whoever was trying to get the link to the Shellie article posted on this blog:

    To be successful with me and have less hassle, just be upfront. Be respectful to the readers here and say Shellie wrote this and wants you guys to know how she feels, or I’m a friend of the family and I want to share my point of view, or whatever.

    The only reason I discounted this out of hand is because I thought it was Danny and Danny has not been honest with me. He has an agenda he won’t share but it shows itself most especially when the “Shellie’s been abused by GZ” topic comes up.

    My email is nettles@bell.net There’s no need to play games and hide motives to get your point heard. Be as up front as you can with all of us. I won’t be put in a position of posting something I know is written by a family member while you pretend to be an anonymous commenter. It’s dishonest and disrespectful to all of us here.

    We on this blog support that a horrible injustice has been done to the family. Both the Zimmermans and the Deans.

    You can have a voice here. I ask that you be open and honest so that readers can fully understand any possible biases and evaluate the information on a full understanding of what’s at play.

    Hopefully what you want to say gets heard. Thanks.

  20. Pingback: To answer Nettles via her blog http annettekblog… | Truth is not, "Whatever works"

    • Danny’s response. Again, not sure he didn’t just make my point. He pings this blog. He’s the only one to have done so. I think in his response he’s telling me he can’t because he was banned. That he pinged it with this proves him an idiot, doesn’t it? I could be wrong. Not the first time.

      In fairness, though Danny your response has been posted now I go back to ignoring you.

  21. I would like to comment about something said in that article.

    “How about people praying for, and supporting, Shellie Zimmerman instead?”

    I do pray for Shellie. I prayed for her during the trial and especially before her court date. I feared that the prosecution would work extra hard to give her the maximum sentence because George was acquitted.

    I hope both of them can have their lives restored. It can’t be the same lives, but I hope they can have new lives that they will find rewarding. I hope Shellie finishes her nursing degree, remarries, and have the children she said she wants. I hope the entire Dean family can heal and let go of their anger and resentment, which is understandable.

    I am concerned for George and the Zimmermans because it’s going to be difficult if not impossible for them to all re-establish their lives. It would be different if not for the threats of murder. Unfortunately, those threats are their reality.

  22. I’m getting bombarded with emails. Stop the insanity. I said I suspected it might be Danny pushing an agenda and I could be wrong.

    Danny says I am wrong. Fair enough.

    To whomever wanted it posted here, next time post it here yourself. Be honest or don’t bother coming here.

    Jordan be careful you aren’t being used.

    What a mess.

  23. How weird? My husband got a sympathy card for the loss of his wife from the church today. My daughter got one for the loss of her mother. It came from a church in her city. I didn’t think I was even feeling sick. I’m feeling pretty good, actually. I just emailed the church and told them I’m not quite dead, yet.

  24. mimi ~ remember how you & I have discussed the rail roading of poor Richard Jewel & being convicted in the Media.

    Richard Jewel will finally have his story told, 2 Oscar nominees are involved. Leonardo di Caprio & Jonah Hill. I assume Jonah Hill will play Richard Jewell, he is about RJ’s age & body build at the time of the incident.

    Here is the article:
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill Reteaming for Atlanta Olympics Drama!

    After teaming up successfully — critically and financially — for The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are partnering again. This time, they will tell the true story of Richard Jewell, the security guard who went from hero to suspect at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

    Jewell was working as a security guard at the ’96 Summer Games when he discovered a backpack containing pipe bombs, subsequently sounding the alarm and helping to clear the area. However, the bomb did detonate, killing one person and injuring dozens of others.

    Initially hailed as a hero, Jewell was soon the prime suspect, as the FBI searched his home twice. A media frenzy painted him as an overweight failed cop and mama’s boy, and he became the punchline for late-night jokes.

    After being raked over the coals by the media, Jewell was cleared, but the damage had been done. Lawsuits followed (against NBC and CNN, among several others), and the FBI and other government agencies were forced to make public apologies.


    Richard Jewel has a first class team to tell of the injustices he & his mom suffered, I wish they were alive to see it produced.

    • THANK YOU very much for sharing this! Yes I will never forget that. So So awful! Yes they suffered and sadly his name will forever be linked to the Olympic Park Bombing even tho he was innocent. SMH!

  25. Hi, Nettles, I did not want any links or anything posted here on your blog. I would never use anyone. I consider Jordan a friend. Here is what happened and you can look it up for yourself. Not the last article but the article before it about George on the treehouse among the comments was a pinkback to a letter to Christie O’Connor. I clicked on it and read it. I thought at the time it might have been written by O’Connor herself fishing for anything bad about George. I kept this to myself. About that time someone was posting at CTH by the name of Nesrish. By the time the last article about George was posted I made a comment to Sundance that I had been pondering about the pingback. I didn’t get a response. Then a couple of days ago on the daily thread I get a comment from Nesrish that is for me and Jordan to click on this link so as to not clog the thread up. I clicked on it and there was this insane and lengthy article, one for me and below it one for Jordan. I sent Jordan a private message at Random Topics to let him know about it and to be careful what he answered because I suspected it was O’Connor. I replied to Nesrish on the daily thread that I didn’t feel comfortable answering her questions because they were new and could be a troll. That is the extent of it. I was just warning Jordan and the PM’s were meant to be private. If I had wanted to give this person an audience I would have posted the links myself. I saw no need. It only involved me and Jordan. Jordan and I had both expressed frustration with George lately. I was friends with both George and Shellie and support both of them. I hope this clears this up. If anyone does find out who this person is I would like to know and I am sure Jordan would also.

    • Thank you so much for the history Justfactsplz. I hope you and your husband are doing well.

      Is GZ still friends with Mark and Sondra?

      As to this mysterious post, Did Sundance just allow the pingback without any explanation to anyone? Did the other participants on the blog talk about it at all.

      I can’t imagine just allowing anything posted without first verifying who wrote it and any possible agendas or motives.

      Whoever wrote it, one thing is certain, they really really wanted it posted and discussed here.

      I won’t post these pingbacks unless I know the author.

      Perhaps we can all take this as a teachable moment. Lesson learned.

      • The only reason I clicked on that pingback was because of O’Connor’s name. I never saw a discussion about it besides what I outlined. I have had the flu for three weeks and now my husband is getting it. Mark saw George a couple of months ago the day before he was supposed to be leaving. I guess he didn’t leave because then the thing with Sam happened.

        • Thanks so much for shining more light on it for us. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope both you and your husband get a fast and full recovery soon.

          It could be that no thought was given about a pingback at the treehouse. Perhaps they just accept them all and let their readers decide.

          I don’t want to bring garbage to my readers. So I do visit check them out before allowing them. I did misspeak earlier. Diwataman has also pinged this blog. So Danny was not the only one. This may have O’Connor’s fingerprints all over it.

          I suspect her to be that Gina person pushing her book on twitter now. But as I’ve said, my suspicions are usually wrong. So take them for what they are worth, nothing really.

          Thanks again so much for helping us gain a clearer understanding. Be well.

      • I think I will assert my fifth amendment right on this one. I innocently made the post here because it addresses current issues. I had a couple more curious links too but have since trashed them. Sorry if I have hurt anyone.

        • Don’t worry Jordan. While it got a little messy. We all are more enlightened tonight. So it’s a good thing.

          Thanks so much for getting justfactsplz to explain it to us. We found the thread where you two were addressed. It’s cleared up a lot.

    • I understand pretty much where your coming from JFP. I told someone who had had someone causing trouble for them for years that someone had tried to follow me on Twitter. LOL Only reason I had a twitter acct is a bunch of us on that blog started one together, one person walked us all thru. Well the hater or whatever he/she is tried to follow me. I told the blog owner, whom was having problems for yrs form someone about it.! BAM LMAO so then she accused me of being this person! NOW I AM JESS… ahh ignorance on the internet! OH for what its worth, I do have an email that she told me she was sorry and knew it wasn’t me, but funny thing, this is one of only a hand few who knew about this twitter ordeal. Be careful JFP. People are truly sick and mean. You and Jordan have been friends along time, both of you take care.

    • I’m glad you told us that. I’m also glad to know you are friends with both George and Shellie. I hope you will post here again.

      Recently, you encouraged people on the Treehouse to send email to George advising him to stop engaging the haters and not do the celebrity fight. I tried your link and it didn’t work. I found that you posted the address as yahoo.com when it was hotmail.com.

      Before I discovered that was the problem, I sent a message to George via his father. His father gave me a gracious response and said he would forward my letter to George. That night, George indirectly gave those offering advice the finger by posting a picture with a caption that said just smile and do what ever f ing thing you were going to do anyway.

      If you know him and Shellie personally, I hope you’re able to have some influence. I know he’s struggling to make money in a world where he can’t seek employment without being murdered. I fear about that celebrity fight.

      From where I stand looking at the situation with very weak binoculars, it seems that George just needed some time alone and out of Florida and Shellie thought he was having an affair and her reaction to her fears caused what she feared to actually happen. They both came out of that trial with PTSD. I think it’s so sad that their marriage was destroyed by a trial that never should have happened.

      I hope though I know it’s unrealistic to hope that they can realize what happened and try to mend the marriage.

    • What the hell is going on here. I missed a period of time during which several people here got into some kind of squabble so I do not what happened except that it ended with Danny Warrior being banned and then some of our regular reliable posters began to demean each other. I have always respected every one of them and now feel like I am in the middle of a battlefield. I used to be able to count on most of what someone posted here as being a fact or the truth. So what has happened with the mutual respect we all had for each other before this “fight” began?

      I really don’t know anymore what to believe about what’s going on with George, Shellie, O’Connor, the lawyers and all of the other players in this drama.

      To add to that, there is something odd about this comment I made at CTH. There is something strange about the next to last sentence. Do this sound like me? Has anyone ever heard me say something like this about another poster? If I wrote that, I honestly do not recall doing so unless my meds were influencing me. I just cannot imagine that I would say something like that about art tart without checking with her first. I am not going to accuse anyone of tampering with the comment because I am still wondering what happened for me to write that IF I did.

      For the record, that sentence is not an accurate of reflection of me.

      Moving on, I innocently, and I guess, as it turns out, naively posted a link to a letter and all hell broke loose. i would NEVER do anything here that I thought would disrupt our conversations. I do my best to NOT be controversial. Dummy me still does not understand why posting the link was not appropriate, as it seems.

      Can we quit calling each other names and “cool it?” For now, I will sit on the sidelines and try to figure out for myself what is factual and what is not.

      I will risk your wrath, coreshift and art tart, but I hope you will both consider kissing and making up. You are both confusing me because I have always been able to count on what you say but you cannot both be correct now.

      Sorry, if I seem overly sensitive about this but it really is affecting me.

      • If you’ve read Danny’s posts at his blog then you know why he was banned. I haven’t looked except a couple times early on, but I suspect his content is much the same. i.e. Arrogant, insulting and belittling of posters on Nettle’s blog. And there’s no battlefield. Mountain out of a molehill. Would you like some popcorn?

      • This little dust-up taught me a lesson. I already know my suspicions are overwhelmingly wrong so I shouldn’t have so carelessly said I thought it was Danny trying to ping the blog. It was an honest answer but one that was built on some pretty flimsy evidence. I apologize to Danny Warrior for pointing a finger at him and what I’ve learned since, I’m thinking I was totally wrong in suspecting him.

        How can you find stuff out though, if you can’t have an open and honest discussion? Some commenters are too sensitive in being asked a question. Jordan, you are one. You didn’t do anything wrong in posting the link. Being asked where you got it and how it came to be posted here was needed in order to learn more about who wrote it.

        I chose not to post it here because I didn’t know who wrote it. I should have just said that instead of saying but I suspect….

        I really appreciated JFP coming by and telling us what she knew about it. We found the link and learned a whole lot more.

        I’m confused where people are getting the impression there’s a war or a battle going on. I don’t feel like I’m in one and I’d like to keep it that way.

        It is possible Jordan for me (th admin. on the blog) to edit comments. If I was a dishonest person, yes, I could go into anyone’s post and changed what they said and cause all kinds of hell. I have never heard that complaint levelled against the treehouse before. Comments have been deleted. Sundance, put his commentary into my second last post there but I’ve never heard of it being changed.

        If I notice a spelling error, I’ll correct it. I want the writers here to look professional. 🙂

  26. This is for Sharon. I didn’t provide an email link for George at cth. You must be thinking of someone else. I did post I thought the fight was not a good idea. I no longer see George and Shellie myself. The last time I saw Shellie was before she left the state to be with George before his arrest. The last time I saw George was at my home two weeks after the shooting. I have staunchly supported him through the trial because I knew he was innocent and I also knew the evidence proved it.

    • I agree with you about the aggressive style on twitter. The tweet telling those giving advice to basically shut up was insulting as well.

      At the end of the day, it’s his life and he’ll live with the consequences. People here keep telling me to stop worrying. Easier said than done.

      • Shut up would have been more polite. It was basically telling us to f off.

        Those who have raised children past the teenage years have already experienced worrying about someone who tells them to shut up or worse. It’s hard to not worry when you’ve spent time praying for someone & you fear they’re going to get themselves killed.

        • Personally I’m not convinced we/you were the target of that. Regardless, it’s his life. We really don’t have any right to tell him what to do or not to do. I think I made a mistake earlier in suggesting people tweet him. *shrug*

          • When you see someone on the path of self destruction, it makes sense to tell them. We can’t control what they do, but if we make a polite appeal, it’s not unreasonable to expect a polite response.

  27. Who narrates the last clip in that letter?

    Why is it so controversial?

    Do Christie reply to it?

    Exactly what is the motivation for writing this letter?

    Why would someone not want it on their blogs?

    Lost in Florida

    • OK found this at the court site 😉

      I wonder if the hearing cancled had anything to do with the amended complaint 😉

      — 1/9/2014
      1/10/2014 NOTICE OF HEARING ON 2.4.14 @ 1:00PM ROOM # 705
      18 — 1/31/2014
      2/3/2014 AMENDED COMPLAINT
      19 — 2/3/2014
      2/3/2014 TRANSFER TO DIV. CV-B (CIVIL)
      20 — 2/4/2014
      2/4/2014 NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF HEARING ON 2/2/14 AT 1:00 P.M. IN ROOM 705.

  28. WOW! This is the place that is taking care of donations for the TM Foundation!

    make a donation to a fund

    If you would like to give a gift to your Fund or any other Fund at the Foundation please select amount and fund name below. Please be advised that, per IRS regulations, gifts under $250 will not be acknowledged.

    If you would like to give a gift to a local nonprofit organization please click here to search for the organization of your choice.

    Gift Information
    Please select a gift amount or enter another amount below. Then select a designation for your gift. To enter your own fund name, select * Enter My Fund * from the dropdown. To give to more than one fund, enter your first gift then click Add Gift. Please note that all gifts to charity are non-refundable.


  29. Whoops! Will they say Mother Nature is Racist? prob be blamed on someone somehow…

    Trayvon Martin Black History Month event cancelled by snow

    Last night’s Black History Month event at New Jersey City University featuring the lawyer for the family of Trayvon Martin was canceled because of the snow, school officials said.

    No immediate information was available on whether attorney Benjamin Crump’s talk will be rescheduled.

    Crump was to give the opening lecture for the program “Emancipation 2.0, Still Fighting for Justice” sponsored by the Lee Hagan Africana Studies Center.

    Martin, 17, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman on Feb. 27, 2012, in a Florida residential development where Zimmerman acted as a neighborhood watch captain.

    • Once again we’ve got someone saying that George said something, but no confirmation on Z’s twitter feed or anywhere else that we can be sure is actually him talking.

      So I’m not sure what to believe, but wouldn’t it be something if he actually has nothing to do with any of this and is just giving them all enough rope with which to hang themselves?

      • that’s what I have been wondering. I had real life issues to deal with and missed a lot of the twitter mess and all the crap that has been on GZ twitter. I am curious.. I guess we will find out soon… less than a month lol

      • It’s already been confirmed that George agreed to the Celebrity fight. It’s not for him to decide who his opponent will be. Damon Feldman, the promoter made that decision. I suppose George could back out of it, but I don’t see that happening.

    • OH MY GOSH! I just read up on who this DMX person is! I feel sorry for his 12 ~ TWELVE Children! And this person is suppose to be some sort of role model for people listening to his “music”? I guess there will probably be bets made in Vegas whether he even makes it to the location, without getting picked up or if he is sober. SMH. Geesh. Here is a wiki link if anyone else is not familiar with this person. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX_(rapper)

  30. Mimi, I just read about that at the Tree House. It makes me sick. I can’t imagine how his mother feels. I know George needs money and wants to change his image from weakling but this isn’t the way to do it. I don’t care if he essentially told me to F off when I tried to persuade him not to do this, this is not a good choice.

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