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Tasteless or Good Idea?

Thanks to David for the picture.

Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman tweeted out he’d announce Zimmerman’s opponent on Trayvon’s Birthday. He apparently didn’t realize that.

I’m surprised to see some GZ supporters think there is no problem at all with this and others (including me) think it’s classless.

TMZ reported last night the opponent will be DMX.

What do you think on the celebrity boxing issue?


235 thoughts on “Tasteless or Good Idea?

    • It’s true. It’s been confirmed. There’s no question as to whether George agreed to fight in the Celebrity fight. The promoter got to choose the opponent and he chose to announce that on TM’s birthday.

    • Unitron, reserving my opinion too. We really don’t know where the truth lies in all of this. And I have a hard time taking the rabble-rousing scandal sheets as truthful in their hype of the situation. I refuse to get my bowels in an uproar until I know the real facts – whatever they are 🙂

    • I always wondered during my support for GZ if he was the kind of person I would respect. Honestly, between his action on twitter and this hate fest of a fight I am sure he is NOT someone I would respect. I gave him all the benefit of the doubt during the girlfriend abuse scandals.

      He is a low life in my harsh judgement, bringing shame to his parents.

      • There’s more that I don’t know about him than I do know. One think I do know is that he did not get justice. He wasn’t sent to prison for the rest of his life for having to defend himself, but everything was taken from him, including his ability to earn a living. He may not be a man I would vote for as citizen of the year but I strongly want to see his life restored. Then what he does with that life is up to him.

  1. I agree with you. I think the whole thing is a bad idea. I really hate seeing George engage haters on social media. I especially hate seeing him in a boxing match where all his haters will hope to see him get beaten half to death. I’m sure many of them would prefer that DMX not stop at half, but hopefully someone will stop it while there’s still life left. DMX said he would piss in George’s face.

    Good idea? I don’t think so. Announcing it on TM’s birthday? What more could get the TM supporters in an emotional uproar? Had no clue? I don’t know about that.

  2. This situation reminds me of the movie Cinderella Man. Russell Crow’s character was in the hard times of the Depression trying to make enough money for his family to survive and finding it nearly impossible. He had to fight a man who had a reputation for killer punches.

    • mimi ~ I agree Doran was more than tasteless. Doran could announce the opponent a week earlier but it seems Doran has done a lot of damage & GZ had absolutely nothing to do with it, but he suffers more feed back from the haters because of Doran’s stupidity.

      I loathe Doran for not controlling this event from the beginning, from day 1, Doran could has said, “this fight is not about TM, it has nothing to do w/TM! Anyone that wants to box GZ in the name of TM won’t be considered as an opponent! GZ would like to have a celebrity match challenge for fun & will donate some of his monies for charity.” Why didn’t Doran do that? This has spiraled so out of control I am appalled.

        • Nettles ~ KUDOS for your message to MOM concerning Corey. Count me in if there is anything that can be done.

          I hope some honest Attorney steps up to challenge Corey in her next election & exposes the corrupt Corey, her cost to taxpayers on the GZ trial in which there wasn’t enough evidence in the opinion of many legal analyst for charges to have even been brought, other injustices to defendants, as well as the monies paid out to settle cases against Corey’s office such as Lydeker’s for wrongful termination, Corey likely settled that case because Corey’s office was exposed/reprimanded publicly by the Judge for with holding Brady Material.

          Corey was re-elected in 2012 as she had no challengers, her next election is in 2016, her salary is approximately $ 150,000.00 per year, that may be a reason other attorney’s haven’t stepped up, but IDK. A new attorney to replace Corey & do some house cleaning in her corrupt office would be a blessing for the taxpayers of Fla. imo.

      • I’ve run across molokaiee, too. The ex-fundamentalist. Our new friend seems to have just created the twitter account and the word press blog. Maybe he or she is someone we know who’s been born again.

    • *What* war? Did you read Danny’s blog yesterday? Talk about a soap opera. Not sure, but he may have been talking to a sock.

      And he says that Dman is coreshift (is this true, is that the divorce/wedding joke?), and sharon (from CTH I think) is JFP, and more.

      And he said a lot of the people on this blog cause problems behind locked twitter accounts (I don’t know what that means, I don’t tweet).

      I noticed some things about that letter to Christy blog – and do we the know that blog writer is a she? (I don’t know) – the name of the post is letter to C, but so is the name of the blog. If you click on “home” it stays on the blogpost (so no homepage). That’s the only post at that blog. There were no comments, only the pingback to Danny’s blog – which oh look is now public again. That whole blogpost just goes on and on and on – similar to a long winded comment I read at Danny’s blog. My guess is that letter was not written by someone who knows the players; I think it’s just some manipulator.

      I have to work for a living. I don’t know how some people have the time, energy, or interest in these theatrics. I felt like taking a shower after going to those blogs. There’s real suffering going on in the world – why manufacture and exploit it between commenters? Soap opera.

      • I posted Danny’s post here. I don’t recall a long winded rant. Just a little huffy that he wasn’t the writer and informing me when he closed his blog.

        He pinged the blog with it and I allowed the post as it was only fair to have him respond when I’m talking about him writing the letter to Christi.

        There must have been another post yesterday. There wasn’t no mention of Diwataman being Coreshift. My God, wouldn’t that be a hoot!

        Doesn’t really matter who wrote the blog, I haven’t read it and I’ve been unanimously advised, it’s a waste of time and it’s garbage.

  3. Last night Hell is Empty was being rude. I looked at his/her icon which I first thought was a family. It looked like an ordinary family but he or she was being very hostile and hateful. Then I clicked on the icon and it was a man, a woman, and a skull. Weird icon.

  4. There was a problem with a fake facebook page in early January. I asked GZ in a direct message on twitter if he was posting on facebook. He told me no.

    I told the group of George’s feedback and the supporter who admits to making the page for him said GZ was lying to me to protect her.

    I asked GZ to just tweet out that he was not on facebook so that all the bizarre posts we were seeing would no longer be attributed to him. I was met with silence.

    • While I was met with silence, the supporter who created the profile for George showed the group this text message from Samantha. Jennifer (another supporter) reached out to George to get an answer to what was going on. Silence.

      I don’t understand not clearing stuff up. I’m left very confused. Was it George posting all that weird stuff? He still follows that supporter who made the profile.

      Samantha unfollowed me minutes after I told the group George denies posting on facebook.

      • Do we know the account that was posting the weird posts was the account Sam supposedly made for GZ? Sorry if I’m not following this very well. Late night and haven’t had coffee yet.

        • Sam didn’t set it up. Tonya did.

          She said she set it up for him but all the posts it made were really George. I was skeptical so I asked him on a known account, twitter. He told me he hadn’t posted to facebook in over two years.

          So I told the group that. Tonya told the group other people post using GZ twitter account and whoever answered me probably wasn’t him. Then she changed it to GZ is lying to me to protect her for making the page.

          Tonya showed her and Samantha’s conversation to confirm that GZ was posting using that account and Sam knew about it.

          The whole sorry mess could have been cleared up real fast with a tweet that said, I’m not on facebook. Anyone posting with my name, please know it’s not me. What’s so hard about that?

          Instead, we got nothing. So all those bizarre posts people are wondering was that him?

          Like this fight. Did he really give that interview to Radar online? As we can’t trust what we read in the media, I reached out to him with a direct question. He didn’t answer.

      • The posts were in a private group of 17 supporters. The profile wasn’t public.

        In the group, the person posting using it was trying to convince me it’s really him, George. When I ask on twitter he says it’s not him. It doesn’t make sense he tries to convince me in a private group on facebook and denies it in a private message on twitter. I’m leaning toward the supporter being as ass and screwing with her “friends”.

        This profile did a lot of damage because the posts were flirting with one of the supporters (the one who admits setting it up for him to use) while you are reading on twitter he loves Samantha.

        The whole thing is very bizarre. A tweet that I’m not on facebook would have cleared it all up.

        As of today, the 17 people are confused and fighting on who to believe. The supporter who set the page up wants me to believe GZ is a liar.

            • Just had a few sips of coffee, so not fully functional. But didn’t George respond to Nettles privately? He just didn’t do a public tweet about it.

              Nettles? Did George know it was a small private FB group you were talking about?

              • I offered to email him the posts to show him what was being posted. I gave him my email if he wanted to see it. Nothing.

                I told him the others were confused because Samantha is texting Tonya that it is him. 17 of his strongest facebook supporters were getting pissed and wanted to know what was going on. Please clarify on twitter you aren’t posting on facebook. Nothing.

                He still follows Tonya. So does Samantha.

                Samantha unfollowed me at the same time Tonya is posting a conversation she is having with her.

                What is the group to think? What am I to think?

                I know Samantha would not be a happy camper if she saw these posts being attributed to George. Kept saying how beautiful Tonya was. They were calling each other babe and sweetheart. It was bizarre.

                I told Geoge some of us were relieved to hear that wasn’t him. The posts made him sound looney.

                The profile page deactivated about a half hour after I told the group it wasn’t George. I just checked and it’s still offline.

  5. mimi ~ RE: Richard Jewell

    mimi ~ I ran across Richard Jewell’s story in the TRU TV Library, his story is in short chapters. I tagged it for myself to read later, here’s the link if your interested. I barely remember the circumstances but I do remember the injustices done to Richard/his mom. I am so backed up on my reading, I plan to read a chapter at a time when time allows.


    • Thanks! I remember sadly because my dtr and her school had went on a school trip exactly a week before the bombing! They were at the very spot, have pictures. We were all shook up, you know the WHAT IF’S. It was 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Been along time now, but I just can remember the fear like it just happened. Kinda like 9/11.

  6. If George did agree to this, and at this point I’m thinking he did even though he hasn’t independently verified it via a known account, he’s being pretty silly. If he wants to do charity events there are a lot of other options. Maybe he needs to prove to people/himself he’s not the kind to scream like a girl (sorry George). While that wouldn’t be helpful in his self-defense case, that’s over and he was found not guilty.

    Maybe he just doesn’t care if the media reports that he can, and is willing to, fight. It’s not like they can cause much more damage to him. His way of moving on / recovering?

  7. Hell is Empty and GZ Psychic Vampire are still accusing me of doxting because I made a comment about Hell is Empty’s icon. It looks like a man, woman, and child, but if you enlarge it, it’s a skull instead of a child. While Hell is Empty was saying rude and hateful things, I said, “lovely family” referring to the weird icon. It’s odd how they don’t shut up but keep harping on that one thing. They seem to be nuts.

  8. I agree this is classless if this is true. Don’t think I’m crazy but with all of these weird icons and handles could these people have gotten George into the occult? Something is wrong here. Please pray for George.

  9. Is there a way to delete things from your Interactions list without blocking the people? I get tired of having to wade through some of the Traybots garbage trying to find something I want to respond to.

  10. Is it true that George has agreed to give all his proceeds to charity. I thought he was only giving a portion to charity. If he makes no money, why would he do this? Why? Why? Why?

    I just read that DMX is still negotiating pay before he agrees to anything. Maybe there’s a chance George will come to his senses while DMX negotiates.

    • One of the things that bothers me most about this affair is that George would do something this tawdry for such a small amount of money. If it was a life-changing amount I could understand it, even if I didn’t like it. I don’t think TMX will do it for a measly 20 K.

    • The Hatred you refer to is deeply attached to people who are primarily racialized or racist, they took this case personally and will continue to incite vengeance. See comments on the Newsone story linked above, racist hatred by angry blacks.

      • How right you are, cassandra. They keep calling him a murderer and a molester. Too bad these folks likely have no money, or GZ could run a few of them through the court system.

    • I have to agree Jenn. From what I’m reading, George is losing the supporters who fought for him through the trial. As Coreshift pointed out, he is picking up new supporters. His twitter followers grow each day.

      I wish him well, but I don’t want to be in a position of defending silly ideas. Samantha’s claim that GZ got depressed when out of the news and wanting celebrity status is playing out here.

      I truly do wish him well.

    • Good morning, Jennifer. I understand how you feel. I’ve been frustrated by what I’ve seen, too. I finally decided that I can’t know everything about the situation. It’s not even for me to know. I did not know him before Feb 2012, so I can’t compare him to what he was like then. We do know that he was a productive citizen. He had a career and was a part of his community. We do know the details of the trial that proved he acted in self defense that night. There was not enough evidence charge him. The trial never should have happened, but the justice system yielded to a mob stirred up by Crump with the help of the media. I’ve never seen such an example of persecution directed to one individual and his family before.

        • And Jordan wonders why Danny was banned. He sure was a shit stirrer on this blog and apparently he’s revealed himself to be far worse on his own blog. He was actually being relatively nice here. Well, far more subtle, anyways. He’s really not worth the time.

          BTW, I am not Diwataman although I take that as a compliment. 🙂

          • I was not here when all the controversy with Danny was going on so I do not know what was said. I know that Danny was banned but did not see the dialog when that happened so it is impossible for me to have a logical opinion. I came in when Dave, too, appeared to be on the brink but I do not know why.

            Neither Dave nor Danny have ever disrespected me so I accept them as fellow posters even if do not agree with them all of the time. I just saw this and do not even know what it means. Is making this post a form of dissenting?
            GZtheNarcissist @GZpsychcvampire

            To Jordan & Art Tart on Canada blog: Censorship shows a weakness in the Censor. If dissent is disloyalty then we have Myth, not Truth.
            2:02 AM – 5 Feb 2014
            I do not want to be involved with this bickering.I am a Truth Seeker. Most people know that about me. At one time I could rely on posters here to tell the truth and post factual information. I cannot do that any more. Someone must have an agenda to post things that are not true and that often results in fights and harsh language.

            There are times when I do not know what to believe. I would prefer that no one use my name to support anyone’s position. For the time being, consider me to be an internet dummy

            Thank you.

          • Nettles ~ I haven’t kept up w/the pings, I didn’t even know what it meant, I had to quit reading the open letter to O’Connor as it gave me a headache, I just don’t get bogged down in the drama. I don’t have a clue as to what is going on, nor do I care with the on goings w/twitter, other blogs, haters, etc., I respect others enjoy it as I have read the exchanges, to each his own. I am surprised I was brought it into it as I am the least interested party on the blog on all the exchanges.

            I remain confused/uncertain as to the facts of the Boxing Match as it seems other’s are too, although I do think it’s a go. I read somewhere that Doran said “GZ was working out/preparing for the match,” good for GZ, I know the exercise makes him feel better, hopefully it’s a positive diversion from other things going on in his life.

      • Yes, I had a run in with him and Hell is Empty yesterday on Twitter. I remember him mentioning Canada and telling Hell that I post here, too. Seems strange to make such a big deal out of blogs where people converse. He acted like we’re committing huge crimes and conspiracy for treason.

    • Nettles ~ what is this about? I don’t twitter, why would someone twitter about Jordan r me? What in the hell are they talking about?

      GEEEEZ Louise ~ seems some have too much time on their hands.

      • Art Tart you didn’t do anything. This is just someone stirring crap and trying to cause problems. Making accusations. Danny that use to post here. Who ever it was that posted that blog/letter whatever the heck it was that made you have a headache half way thru, on twitter posted that tweet, with your and Jordans name. And Danny is posting his crap, NO ONE here is talking about you, in these comments. Well other than the person needing medication, DW. I was sent copy of what I just posted. Tis tis, he is a lonely person.

        • mimi ~ LOL, I have been laying low as I’m not interested & not wanting to be involved whatsoever in all that is going on w/twitter, accusations, O’Connor. I have been waiting for the storm to pass. I guess I was shocked to see my name since I haven’t said a word about any of it.

          • OH I know what you mean! LOL I feel same way. Someone just trying to get a rise out of us. And like I said, DW is pissed off only by what he/she THINKS they know. I assure you it isn’t. I guess I took his bait one too many times. He/she is out there! I could care less what he/she thinks of me. He posted picture of some lady to make it appear it was me. It wasn’t. it was some lady picture from Myspace who used the name Arkansas_mimi. I did send her screen print of it. She was an innocent person. He is a person needing to step away from computer. Oh and I truly doubt this was from that O’Connor person. And that tweet and what DW has said on his blog. They are making each other sound like one of the same. Which one trying to sound like the other, I have no idea or care. I was just trying to explain or try best I could, that WE weren’t talking ill of you 🙂

          • If I recall from my visit over there, he was talking about you and coreshift on this blog, not you in reference to O’Connor – I think he was worried Nettles would ban you, he seems to like you. He compared mimi and coreshift to PlainDave, he was negative about them.

            • lorac ~ I never had any problems w/Danny when he contributed here, I liked him, no doubt Danny loved his family & was a family man. I can understand if he is angry if he didn’t comment something but was accused of doing so. Why not just flat out go to Danny’s blog & ask him instead of accuse him? jmho, it seems like drama/gossip that doesn’t forward intelligent discussion & I don’t participate in such, that’s the very reason I haven’t wasted my time keeping up with it. I enjoy following a lot of high profile cases, missing children cases, & National Politics when nothing is going on in the GZ case.

              Finally, some are viewing the current situations more objectively, some still even question if there is going to be a boxing match, I did read the date changed from 3-1-14 to later in the month.

  11. Well, Poor Danny sure does do a lot of ASSUMING. Sure is funny when someone THINKS they know what is being said when they don’t hear or see it. Make it up as they go.

    Oh and Jordan, Sweetheart, this is not someone being NICE to you. If this IS nice, you deserve better. JMHO.
    jordan2222 6:48 PM on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    I do not see the purpose of all of this bickering. What is the point?

    DannyWarrior 7:09 PM on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    This did NOT start here Jordan. This started with Nettles, Arkansasmimi, and Coreshift behind Mimis locked twitter.This has to do with Nettles loyal followers not me which are very few. How I came into this is I was sent a link being accused of a fruitcakes blog post that followed me to Blackbutterfly weeks ago. Distant memory to me buddy. I will not let those three piggy back me with bullshit.
    I have my OWN following. We don’t tolerate this shit. I don’t “bicker”. I am very clear. You either put up when I am accused or shut up or youre shut out. That is how it goes from where I am from.

    jordan2222 11:15 PM on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      • This guy/gal IS freaking certifiable! LMAO I just went back and read the tweet VP and Yancy Faith and I were talking to one another about. Funny thing, is DW has NO idea the whole conversation and is making him/herself upset over nothing. Assuming, is not a good thing DW.
        DannyWarrior 8:46 PM on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
        Actually YOU Chub Chub started it because YOU post under another name at CTH. And YOU tried first to spead it over your locked twitter account which is arkansamimi you iniyially thought VP renewsit would pick it up. I have the tweet. Come clean Chub. Just come clean. You pinged these blogs and YOU posted as JFP at CTH. F***TARD. I accepted your ping dumb ass and you staryed this shit writing rumors about me. It is you! If Nettles has ANY DECENCY she would tell the truth!

        DannyWarrior 8:51 PM on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
        Arkansasmimi, I am taking you down. Then I am going to write an ebook all about it. For Free!

            • Locked twitter accounts result in only your followers being able to read your tweets on the timeline. I locked mine today.

              Pingbacks are links sent to blogs directing readers to other blogs. They do that by mentioning the blog in the post.

              I didn’t realize that until Sundance came here to say he was looking to see what my ping was about. I later learned because I mentioned the treehouse in my post, WordPress sent him a pingback. If he chooses, he can make the ping public on his blog to allow readers to check out what is being said on another blog.

            • Checking the stats for the number of clicks on Danny’s pingback response….only 2 readers clicked the link yesterday and no clicks today.

              The readers at this blog are just not into this topic.

    • mimi ~ I too am so concerned about our athletes, I am reading so many alarming articles in the National News & preventive measures being taken for the safety of our athletes. imo, those that are willing to murder & are consumed w/hate will find a way, I pray they fail this year.

      • Me too. I haven’t been watching much news lately. And we have a ice store and another coming. Lost power for a few hours today. Gosh I feel like I am getting the crud going around, hope we don’t lose power lol just what I need a big chill 😉 There is so much meanness around. I don’t get it. I personally can agree to disagree with people. Or ignore. Terrorism I do not get it. Just plain meanness. So many people get hurt with just one bad act.

  12. … and now for something completely different…. a humorous comment…

    ArtTart – I want to “buy you a vowel”. Can you guess which one? lol

    I’ve noticed that lately you started writing “r” and I think I even saw a couple of “n”s. From the context I can tell you’re using them for abbreviations for “or” and “on” – but they always throw me. I think because abbreviations always start with the original first letter, and your leaving the first letter off throws me because the letter I’m seeing isn’t the first letter of the word. And when I see “r” my head pronounces “r” or “are” – but you mean it for “or”. How come you abbreviate tiny words but not longer words? lol

    Anyway – this is not to tell you not to do it, of course. But I will buy you a vowel if you’d like 🙂 On second thought, since I’m the one having the diffficulty, I guess it should be someone else buying a vowel for ME lol

    • lorac ~ it’s funny you mention a “vowel.” My lap top is a year old yet the “o” sticks, unless I pound on the “o” it won’t appear. (notice I pounded on the “o”: twice when I used “on,” LOL!) Since I thought “r” as an abbreviation for “or” was easy enough to understand, I didn’t bother pounding on the “o” to add it. I never thought of anyone having a problem w/it since short hand is common on blogs. It’s a distraction when you are typing away & the letter doesn’t appear, I wish I knew how to fix it. After I make a comment, I try to add the “o” ‘s that didn’t show up in a word. I guess abbreviating tiny words such as “n” for in, or “r” for are, or, etc., I thought were easy enough to understand & are frequently used.

      The abbreviation that I never liked was “prolly,” but I think I’ve seen it only once on Nettles blog & the blogger certainly is entitled to their short hand, I knew what they meant.

      • My laptop is only 11/2 yr old. And some of the letters stick too. I just read over it. Twitter is what is hard to read sometimes! Because there are only so many characters to use. I hate to read someone on FB type like that! I guess they are posting to FB and Twitter at same time? That’s the best I can figure out. I don’t think Lorac was trying to be Spelling Police, just being fun 😉 Or that’s how I took it. It’s hard to get someone’s tone from just writing. Unless you know the person pretty well. LOL one of my good friends was talking about a grill on the front of a car. I thought she was spelling girl and messed up. So now that is a funny private joke between us. I am sure there are some that drives crazy, but we do it for fun between one another.

        • lol yes I tried to start the comment saying I was being humorous – I thought arttart took it that way.

          I DO have a spelling/grammar police person in my head, but I don’t let her out to play in public lol

          • I believe she took it right 😉 I apologize upfront if I drive you crazy. My fingers type as if I am talking… sometimes too fast 😉

        • mimi ~ I thought lorac’s comment to me was all in good fun, I wasn’t offended in the least, I laughed. I did want to explain about the sticking of some of my keys, a pain in the butt.

          You’re right, it’s difficult to tell when reading a comment as to “tone” sometimes, but I know lorac well enough to know she has a great sense of humor.

        • My keys stick, too, but my computer is more than a year or two old and my grandson removed a few of them for me. I got them back on, but they’re loose.

          Art’s abbreviations didn’t throw me because I post on Twitter & I tweet. You have to use abbreviations on twitter or you can’t get anything said due to the character limit. Most people use abbreviations when they text because it’s tedious pecking each letter one by one. Can’t touch type.

      • yes, you’re right, it’s simple – that’s why I think it was the first letter missing that threw me (because usually abbreviations keep the first letter).

        But I understand – on my laptop, a few of the tops of the keys have fallen off – so I have to push harder. My “i”, “j”, “f”, and the “.”. And my right-side shift key no longer works, no matter what I do. And now my itunes is corrupted and it won’t let me reinstall it (and I’m afraid to delete it before reinstalling until I make sure that won’t make me lose everything I’ve saved in it!). And actually, my computer has just started to get so slow. Maybe I need more space. Guess I’m going to have to get a new laptop – grrrrr.

        • What I see mostly from twitter & the people who text me are letters that represent the sound of the word such as ” r u going to do that?” or “b4 for before,” I often see n representing and. I guess people make their own abbreviations as they go. LOL I can see how some would use the first letter.

    • mimi ~ I thought local Fla. news would likely cover the first day of the Dunn criminal case as today is “Opening Statements,” one of the biggest days in a criminal trial, IDK. It seems to be a big case, one I wish I had followed from the beginning.


      Fla. news has really sucked on covering Civil Cases/reporting on the status on numerous Civil Suits that are ongoing. KC’s civil cases got plenty of National/local media coverage because KC filed bankruptcy in hopes of having any monetary Judgements dismissed against her.

      Corey’s case hadn’t been reported on Ben K’s case as to any updates & conferences. Lydker’s case got a couple of articles because Corey was caught with holding Brady Material & Corey got a tongue lashing from the Judge which was news worthy, then again when Corey settled the case w/Lydeker, we still don’t know the amount but it may take a request from the Clerk’s office for the documents as it is taxpayers that will be paying Lydeker for Corey’s negligence.

      I’d like to see the conference hearing on NBC if it’s telecast, knowing what stage the case is will be interesting. Tons of depositions will need to be taken, I think some have been already, we’ll see.

  13. mimi ~ RE: Piers Morgan 2-5-14
    You were inquiring about PM’s meltdown, I ran across the article on the meltdown, I too don’t have cable. Apparently, Piers had a “transgender woman” on Tue. night & spewed his ignorance & was insulting. He then invited the same woman back the next night, & it only got worse.

    From article:
    After his interview with transgender activist and author Janet Mock on “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Tuesday, in which he focused on her physical characteristics prior to her transition, the CNN anchor received a barrage of angry tweets calling him out on his ignorance for the transgender community.


    So, what did Morgan do to prove his support for the community? He invited Mock back to his show to demand an explanation over why she and her community took issue with how he handled their initial conversation.

  14. m ‏@molokaiee 7h
    @CallsForJustice @SharonA1225 Yep, & Sharon contributes daily 2 a hate site but doesn’t want me 2 “spread hate” pointing it out.

    The only 2 sites I contribute to daily are this one and a Bible discussion, so she must be talking about this group being a hate site. Looks like Danny either found a friend or created another more than one account on twitter and talks to himself.

  15. I was wrong about it being verified that GZ agreed to be in a celebrity fight. I based that on some information I had and just learned that information was wrong or actually my interpretation of it was wrong.

    I hope everyone will pray for George and his family now. This seems to be a critical time for them. God has done a good job of protecting them thus far from the evil that surrounds them and tries to harm them. Please pray that God brings the rest of the way through this.

  16. I got word George’s father posted at the treehouse this morning on the open thread. Sorry, I wasn’t provided the link. I’m tied up today at work, someone please share Mr. Zimmerman’s comment here. Thanks. Have a great day!

    • Nelson asked Lorna Truett if her firm was withdrawing its motion for sanctions, and she said she was unsure.

      Based on that, the judge ruled the libel case cannot move forward.

      Ms. Stutzman is spinning O’Mara’s withdrawal as distancing himself from his former client, but given that Mr. O’Mara has a financial stake in the outcome of the suit (getting paid for the criminal case work with monies attained from NBC lawsuit), he has a conflict of interest. He has to withdraw.

      • Nettles ~ The reason Truett doesn’t know is that I posted a link here, 5 or 6 weeks ago in which MOM was interviewed. MOM was asked specifically “when would the case for the sanctions move forward?”

        MOM responded: “It’s really up to GZ if we proceed w/the sanctions or not.” I was surprised, but MOM /West apparently aren’t doing anything until GZ decides what he wants to do.

        To go forward w/the sanctions, GZ would incur more legal bills & Court Cost, that’s why the decision is GZ’s. I speculate MOM/West would like to be paid any monies they recovered if the “sanction case” & any monies were recovered. Some legal analyst predicted it wouldn’t be the full amount MOM wanted, some predicted less that 1/2.

        GZ now has another decision to make, will the sanctions go forth?

      • “Mr. O’Mara has a financial stake in the outcome of the suit (getting paid for the criminal case work with monies attained from NBC lawsuit), he has a conflict of interest. He has to withdraw.”

        Lot of attorneys represent their clients in civil suits on the contingency that they’ll only get paid if their client wins… it’s not a conflict of interest, it’s actually in complete alignment with the client’s interests.

        MOM’s now working for CNN and hobnobbing in media circles would be a serious conflict of interest.

        I love me some MOM, but his taking a position with a national cable news channel while representing a client with matters still pending against the media… it’s disloyal to say the least.

        And if it damages George’s civil case in any manner…

          • The Beasley Firm only became involved in the Civil Suit because of MOM, MOM was responsible for locating whom he thought would be the best representation against “media” in the Civil Suit against NBC. Though the Beasley Firm are experts in “entertainment law,” MOM/West are the foremost experts on the GZ Trial/evidence allowed in trial/evidence not allowed in trial, as well as background information on Sybrina/Tracy/TM/TM’s school history, criminal activity, etc. Though MOM/West couldn’t use it, MOM provided it to the legal team he was participating in, everything will be brought out in the Civil Case, MOM had all the information, documents, depos if needed for the Team to read. Beasley only had to use MOM’s contribution & contacts to do the depositions & more research into the 3 others being sued besides NBC.

            There may be no shortage of attorney’s, but there is no other Mark O’Mara or possess his knowledge & background information on GZ.

            MOM will likely make a finders fee, maybe as much as 10%, plus, MOM is a businessman & he “likes to be paid” as he says. MOM most likely negotiated his fee to be paid for his contribution w/James Beasley if the case settled before making the announcement he was leaving.

            A win win for MOM, he made a big contribution to the case, will make a big pay day, & he can return to his practice, new cases.

        • Wouldn’t Mr. O’Mara be opening himself up for charges of conflict by the NBC lawyers.

          ie: O’Mara is making that up because he stands to gain. If you the jury award a settlement, he gets paid. So O’Mara is lying to you on what effect the edited tape had on his client’s life.

          Something along those lines?

          • I don’t see where MOM has a conflict.

            The sanctions suit, filed on behalf of GZ, was filed prior to the trial’s conclusion, and prior to any association with CNN.

            • hooson ~ I agree w/you, there is no conflict, imo. You can bet MOM negotiated a fee to be paid by James Beasley as well as a finders fee when/if the NBC suit settles.

              Absolutely no other attorney, including James Beasley could have provided the info MOM contributed to the Civil case, resources, depos., evidence used or not used. MOM contributed all the back ground background info as well as having the contactinformation to uncover the info MOM/West couldn’t access/, but can be used in the Civil Case.

              imo, MOM’s made his biggest contribution, he can step away now & move on.

          • When there is a conflict of interest between an existing client and a potential new client, the attorney’s obligation is to the existing client he is already representing…

            • Picture this scenario, O’Mara is in court telling the jury how the editing of the tape hurt GZ’s ability to earn a living.

              NBC lawyers get up and tell the Jury, O’Mara stands to gain financially in what you decide. He gets paid for his work in Zimmerman’s criminal case.

              • “NBC lawyers get up and tell the Jury, O’Mara stands to gain financially in what you decide.”

                Again, that is true of EVERY lawyer who is working on the contingency that they’ll get paid if and only if their client prevails.

                IANAL but I seriously doubt that attorneys are allowed to make such implications to the jury about opposing counsel.

      • “Based on that, the judge ruled the libel case cannot move forward.”

        So the judge who stopped the sanctions hearing dead in its tracks and postponed it until after the trial, is now using her own actions as an excuse to postpone George’s case against NBC…


        Feels like extortion from the bench… unless George drops his wanting BDLR and Corey to be sanctioned for their misconduct, Nelson won’t let his civil case in another unrelated matter proceed.

        Not that anyone here didn’t see that Nelson being on the bench for both cases was going to be a problem…

        • Both parties agreed to delay the trial and I see no reason why both parties cannot agree to proceed. What does the sanctions hearing have to do with the trial. They are two completely different legal matters. Are they not?

          What is the legal basis for postponing the trial?

        • I hope the fight doesn’t happen, too. None of us here are interfering with George’s activities, nor are we even able to. There’s nothing we can do except hope. That’s not exactly interfering.

          Besides, Robert Sr posted on the Treehouse today that there’s no verification that George even agreed to the fight.

          • At the same time, if George needs that fight to make money, it might be the better option for him. He needs money. I would hate to think he had to resort to putting himself in danger to make it.

            The people wanting to stop the fight seem to want to prevent him from making money. They want him broke. Actively trying to keep a man broke should be illegal.

            • All of this effort to stop GZ from making money is going the help the Beasley firm’s argument that the media has trashed his earning potential by printing known lies and edited audio.

              To make George whole, NBC and other news outlets may have to pay for his lost income and loss of future income. Looks good on them too.

                • With the public attempts George is showing to earn a living and getting road-blocked on trying Ie: public backlash, media backlash, doesn’t that have a direct impact on the Beasley case?

                  Doesn’t the failure to sell the Angie painting or Fight of rmoney help his case the media hurt his earning potetial by editing the tape to make him sound like a racist.

          • sharon ~ How much does RZ Sr. actually know, not assume? Is GZ even truthful w/his parent’s about anything, they aren’t going to support this boxing match no matter what GZ told them, yet that offer no financial assistance to GZ, where does RZ Sr. think GZ is going to get monies, the family hasn’t contributed to supporting GZ, they claim they have no money, but consider how many unemployed Americans are suffering w/no jobs, no prospects, & too wondering where their next is coming from? Was the “FU” in GZ’s tweet not to everybody offering advice including his parent’s? Most importantly, that “GZ would do what he wanted?”

            Questions for RZ Sr:
            1. So a National fight promoter is lying in National Media as to the date the fight is scheduled?

            2. GZ could emphatically admit or deny if he is participating, he chooses not to.

            3. Is GZ playing games w/the media? Why?

            4. Is GZ just lapping up all the publicity involving himself that he is said to “enjoy” when he could in fact answer truthfully?

            Most of us hope the fight never takes place imo, but there’s more proof it will take place than not imo.

            • Art, George’s father said that he was concerned about the fight but that he understood that George is a proud man and wants to support himself. I have no way of knowing how much George tells his parents. George’s parents are supporting them as much as they can.

              Some things that interferes with them helping George relocate are his girlfriend, Holder keeping the federal investigation open, and the divorce.

              It appears that George was at least considering doing the fight but the negotiations hadn’t been worked out. The media made it look like it is a done deal. The Rapper that the promoter picked has not signed an agreement, either, and might not.

        • Don’t put words in my mouth. I don’t want to see that tasteless spectacle go forward. I hope the fight does not happen.

          Those signing a petition don’t have a say in what GZ does, neither do I. Doesn’t stop them or me from having an opinion about it.

          Why does us voicing an opinion on the fight “interfere with George’s activities”. Truth is, it doesn’t and he made that clear. He’ll do what the F he wants.

        • In a sense, I agree with you but I also do not see what Trayvon’s birthday has to do with announcing a date.

          If his birthday influences ANY decisions about ANYTHING by ANYONE, that means we are contributing to the legacy of a thug. Do you really want to give in to these radicals who have built monuments for him and continue to speak for profit all over the country spreading more lies, stirring up more hate and trying to give eternal life to one of the most despicable malicious prosecutions in our history?

          Trayvon Martin deserves nothing except to remind us of how some powerful people can continue to make race relations even worse. For our AG and president, who are both black to jump into this, both interjecting race as a factor, PROVES unequivocally they have no intention of helping to make things better. GEESH!!!

          OMG, What the hell is wrong with us? THINK, THINK, THINK.

          • I am very sad that Trayvon made the decisions he made that night. I wish he had made different choices.

            I made stupid decisions when I was a teen too, and thank God I lived through them.

            I think it’s sickening that his parents take no responsibility for Trayvon being where he was that night and with the attitude he displayed that night. I think its sickening that within a month of his death, his parents were trademarking phrases to get donations and selling a song on iTunes.

            I equally think it’s sick of George Zimmerman to use anything associated with that night to earn a living. Fighting for $20K, it’s sick.

            A kid made a very bad decision and died as a result of it. For God’s sake, reflecting on his loss on his birthday isn’t asking much.

            Put the money cans down and remember him.

  17. Mark O’Mara Interviewed on Sanctions & if they would go forward:
    Article & the rest of the questions MOM was asked:

    Q: Will you move forward with a motion for sanctions against the state?

    A: It’s pending. It’s actually more George’s decision than mine. He’ll let me know if he wants that done. I think he probably spent enough time in a criminal courtroom in Seminole County.


    Hal Boedeker at the OS did not do this interview w/MOM, but he carefully doesn’t mention that, I read it originally & posted the original link which was from one of the Orlando TV Media Outlets.

  18. Nettles ~ I am responding to your comment at 2:36 pm.
    You had some concerns that the jury would be told MOM is making money.

    The jury knows the case is about money, most Civil suits for money never make it to trial because of the cost to the side that will likely lose, they can’t control what the jury might award, they usually want to settle in Fla.

    The jury likely knows that Civil Suits are usually done on contingencies meaning the client pays nothing upfront or ongoing legal fees during the duration of the case until it concludes, most people understand what contingencies are.

    Though the jury won’t know GZ’s agreement w/his attorney’s for his contingency, they do know the attorney’s are paid should GZ win. A contract is drawn up in a contingency between GZ & the Beasley Firm for the 30-40 % of the “Judgement” plus their cost, that is the going rate & it could even be higher for such a high profile firm, but GZ has no ability of winning anything without a first rate firm imo. The 40% only covers the Attorney’s labor, it doesn’t include expert testimony, air fare, hotels, etc., it’s expensive but GZ will pay for it just like my family did.

    But what if GZ lost the NBC case?

    GZ would owe nothing, not a single dime as per the agreement of contingency w/the law firm, “if we lose you pay nothing!” That’s why, imho, the Beasley Firm has an excellent chance of winning a Judgement for GZ, a costly case to fight NBC but if they win, NBC has deep pockets. I don’t think Fla. has “caps” on settlements, I’ve read of Judgements for 30 million dollars there for the guy that drove the Bently that killed the college student. Unless big firms like Beasley’s are reasonably assured of a settlement, imho, they wouldn’t have taken GZ’s case, it’s too costly a loss for their firm!

    Civil Suits are big money in Fla. My State has a cap of $ 500,000.00, our civil attorneys got over 1/2 of the entire judgement. Ca. has a cap of $ 250,000.00 in which Jahi’s parent’s are upset about & want changed.

  19. I made a mistake allowing a conversation to occur between myself and a friend who happens to be black about the GZ/TM case. I was baited into the discussion and tried several times to end the useless argument gracefully. He would not allow it and kept demanding I explain myself. He thinks I am horrible for having a harsh perspective on Sybrina and Tracey’s failures as people and parents. I reminded him that two kids I was close to are dead, victims of murder, and that I was critical of their parents poor judgement and lack of parental direction prior to their children horrific deaths. He dismissed my experiences and continue to assert shock at my willingness to judge Sybrina. I found his attitude to be racialized . I will avoid him in the future, he is not the kind of friend I value.

    • Nettles ~ I feel disappointed for GZ, I had so hoped the NBC suit had moved forward, even an inch, but I read it has been dormant for 11 months. I could have sworn at some point I read MOM was going to do a deposition w/NBC Attorney’s but apparently, I dreamed that or it was wishful thinking. My families civil suit took nearly 5 years, the Physician paid the full amount the weekend before the jury was to be selected, my daddy died two weeks before the case settled.

      It’s a miserable experience, its like it drags, then drags some more. I had to call my attorney’s relentlessly chewing their butts out, we’d get to court, the Judge would grant a delay to the Physician. NBC imo, is in no hurry to settle the case, but GZ needs these attorney’s that work for him, who don’t work for free, to push his case as he is in a desperate position. I understood the case was at a stand still while the trial was going on, but look how much time has passed with nothing to done to have Judge N state “finish the criminal trial.” Why couldn’t all those smart attorney’s w/all their legal expertise that work for GZ have the combined mental capacity/foresight to see the sanctions as an obstacle, & what in the hell have they been doing all these months? jmho, GZ may have to get aggressive, they work for him, he needs to hold them accountable as to exactly what’s going on, if nothing else, then he needs to ask why not! I know, I know, GZ doesn’t care what I think or anyone else, I’m afraid GZ doesn’t understand that those attorney’s in the Civil Suit will charge him a fortune, he’ll be shocked. GZ isn’t an attorney, but his dad has a legal background & could possibly help GZ or guide him if GZ was open to it. How else will GZ understand he is paying for this dormant case?

      Nothing too has been done on the “sanctions,” from my understanding, GZ has to make the decision but geez louise, did MOM explain that to GZ, did GZ know before today that the sanctions was holding up his Civil Case? Look at all the stress GZ is already under w/other legal issues, attorney fees, & the boxing match promotion. I had high hopes that something had been done for the benefit of GZ but apparently, not a damn thing. imo.

      It’s like GZ is in quick sand, if he treads, he sinks deeper.

      Remember the pep talk Jame Beasley gave after the verdict, that they would move forward since the trial ended?

      • art tart

        In several of your posts you have opined about George’s “lack of understanding” of things. I just made a post about George’s common sense or lack of it so I am wondering why you have that opinion of George without actually knowing him on a personal level.

        Here is one example:

        I’m afraid GZ doesn’t understand

    • Nettles ~ thanks, that’s an informative link w/good information, it seems if GZ has a good excuse & a lienant Judge, the “default” situation might work out, the Judge will have a lot of discretion as to his decision.

    • I think most people know it is not a good idea to talk to cops after you have shot someone without an attorney present. And most people know that you cannot ignore legal documents, especially when they are delivered to you in the manner that they are.

      This cinched it for me. I consider these 2 things to be common sense. So either George does not have any or he is so arrogant, he believes he is in a better class than the rest of us and is smart enough to talk his way out of anything.

      Looking back, there are probably some people who think he deserved what he got when he talked to the cops over and over again.

  20. Hello, and sorry to bother y’all. However, given the response from RZ sr. today does anyone actually know, with certainty, the twitter account constantly being referenced was/is actually *THE* real George Zimmerman?

    (meaning the guy who was actually in the trial last year – doing the keystrokes)

    Secondly, does anyone actually know, with certainty, that the painting on E-Bay was actually done and sold by *THE* real George Zimmerman?

    (again, meaning the guy who was actually in the trial last year).

    Thirdly, is the amount $100K certain with the same specificity and attachment?

    Lastly, is it possible all of this is psy-ops, and financial benefit, created not by George Zimmerman (the man who shot Trayvon Martin) but by an imposter posing as George Zimmerman?

    Is it possible the media has been, and is being, baited by all of this?

    Something, well, actually many things, just not passing the proverbial sniff test.


    • I do accept the twitter account is that of the GZ who sat in the courtroom. Robert Jr. has tweeted it is his brother and he also advised his sister Gracie was online too.

      The first painting “One Nation” appeared on Ebay and later the same day @therealgeorgez came to twitter. To prove to us it was really him, he posed with his painting “One Nation” and he tweeted that photo out from that account.

      So I accept that is George Michael Zimmerman on that account.

      As to how much the painting sold for I have no clue.

      If the media is being baited, Robert Zimmerman Jr. is a party to it.

        • To Sundance and others who are interested in jordan’s current opinion.

          There has been so much disinformation about George, I would not believe anything unless i saw it coming out of his mouth and could be verified that it was George who was speaking.

          NONE of us know for sure what is going on behind the curtain and it’s been that way from the beginning. Speculation and outright lies have been so commonly rampant in this saga that we cannot know, with 100 percent certainty, what is true and what is not.

          I have begun to think that George might even enjoy that. Otherwise, doncha think he would speak up to “set the record straight.” Remaining silent while blatant, manufactured lies circulate widely in the media indicate to me that he doesn’t care what others believe. Whatever credibility he had may have already disappeared even among those that stood by him during the legal process. The Truth prevailed but his integrity did not.

          Does he think that kind of behavior will increase his chances of ‘getting rich” on a book deal or an interview? IDK but IMO he is doing very little to become marketable in a way that benefits him personally.

          You are visiting this blog, Sundance, to get answers to three questions. Some of us are flattered that you stopped by but doing that tells me you probably agree with what I said above. i.e. The only credible source of anything said or done by George is George himself.

          Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I myself just asked that question today. For some reason my antenna has been raised. While initially I believed the account to be GZ, since RZ verified, I no longer believe that it is him using,and tweeting from this account.

    • Hi Sundance!
      I have had reservations too, if it is GZ doing the actual tweeting. I understand RZjr verified it was really GZ twitter. But does that mean it is GZ doing tweeting. It makes me also have more reservations, the fact that whom ever it is doing the tweeting on the “real” gz account, doesn’t answer some very simple Yes or No questions. Some like those Nettles as asked him/or the twitter account. Those going unanswered, could mean it really isn’t GZ posting and to answer it was… well could cause more problems. Maybe these flu meds have me messed up trying to explain. Hope I made sense.

      • Someone insinuated (actually came out and said it, from what Nettles said) that GZ wasn’t the only one tweeting using his Twitter account. No proof was offered. And, IIRC, Nettles didn’t have time to probe that claim. I believe it was someone on the private FaceBook forum that Nettles was talking about.

        Unless you want to accept that RZJr’s account is fake, which is ridiculous at this point, then anyone he verifies as family/friends (on Twitter) is who he says they are. None of GZ’s real friends/family, as verified by RZJr, has called GZ, or any of the others, a fake. None of GZ’s real friends/family have come out and claimed their Twitter accounts aren’t owned or run by them.

        Either there’s a massive conspiracy or they are all who they say they are.

        Could they be allowing others to post using their accounts? Why on Earth would any of them do that? And why would they let it go on for so long if their proxy’s tweets were not what they’d approve of? And if an individual account was compromised, the others would point it out.

        But hey, let’s look for a deeper conspiracy. That’s always fun.

        • I dunno. I had a lot going on lately in Real Life and haven’t followed the twitter back and forth. I have no doubt that Robert confirmed this to be his brothers “real” account. It could very well be Geo doing all the twitting. I do not know him personally,nor have I read all the tweets. I just find it odd that if he were really doing all this tweeting, something as simple as answering YES IT IS ME, would be no big deal. LOL maybe that’s part of whatever his deal is. I have no idea. and you ask WHY? lol there have been so many WHY questions in this case, heck this is just as good as any of the others. I suppose as with so much in this case, there is more to it than what we see on the internet. JMHO

          • Hi Mimi, I can certainly understand how you would wonder if those accounts are really the Zimmerman’s if you aren’t on Twitter much. I certainly see why you would question if those are really the Zimmermans. I was on Twitter arguing with the haters long before I got here. Annette found me on Twitter and invited me here. I watched Robert Jr for a long time. He exchanged tweets mostly with celebrities. He got tweets from Piers Morgan, which were not friendly ones. Once he told Piers that he wasn’t going to be on his show because Piers was saying things that were endangering his family’s lives. Piers shot back that Rachel Janteel was going to be there in his place. She was. He would often tweet when he was going to be on TV or the radio and he was on at that time. He had a link to his parents web site on his twitter profile. His parents have a pay pal donation account. I contributed to that after the trial was over because I felt George still needed money for security. His father would usually respond with a short thank you message. I sent words of encouragement to his parents. Occasionally, his father would respond.

            One reason I feel certain that message on the Treehouse came from Robert Sr is because he earlier sent the same message to me and it was from the same email address that he used to thank me when I sent a donation. I responded by telling him how much trouble we sometimes have verifying what is in the news and that some have tried to verify things with George but he doesn’t answer. I believe he sent a copy of the same message to the treehouse that same day. If the wording had even been different, I might think someone else could have written it. I feel sure that Robert Sr wrote it.

            • I agree RZ account is RZ. I just haven’t seen all the stuff you guys have so I will take yalls words that it is GZ tweeting. Yall have been there and seen all the back and forth. Long ago, I guess when GZ parents opened their email thingy I too sent an email and received a very nice email back. And also many nice dm tweets from RZjr. Kind people. Cant imagine what any of them deal with on any given day. George either. Sending prayers for the best for them.

        • I noted on Robert Jr. twitter account in the earlier days, he posted on his header that tweets were him or one of the family. It was a shared account. That has been taken off so I take it from that all tweets are now his own.

          George has never indicated that others tweet for him.

          • I didn’t know that, but I’ve known people who shared email accounts and facebook accounts with their spouses. I have some friends who do that and I never know who I’m talking to on FB unless I ask.

            • The fact remains, if anything was tweeted out in his name he didn’t agree with an alarm bell would have been sounded.

              I don’t buy these are not his tweets as an explanation for his f.u. attitude to those who give him advice and his aggressive attitude toward haters and his silence to supporters who ask direct questions.

              Don’t forget, George separated himself from everyone in the month after the trial. He has hurt a lot of people. His wife left him on the day he returned, August 13th and Samantha tells police he became her boyfriend 10 days later.

              Mr. Donnelly who said he cried listening to his friend GZ screaming on that tape, spoke out against George’s callous attitude toward Shellie in the month after the trial.

              From his father’s message yesterday, I get the impression he still is being walled off by George.

              George is the holdup on the sanctions hearing. George’s current lawyer advises, not a good idea to wait 3 weeks after getting a default judgement to finally reply to legal papers sent you.

              Whoever’s advice George is taking, no doubt about it, it’s costing him thousands in the lawsuit against NBC. NBC has plenty of ammo. on why GZ can’t earn a living and its not all because they tried to make him a racist. Some of the troubles George has now are of his own making.

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