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Dunn Trial

Thank you to David for the photo.

The trial of Michael Dunn started today. He is accused of murdering Jordan Davis.

Here are the opening statements as recorded and uploaded by CroackerQueen123

Part 2 starts with witness testimony

Part 3 is the testimony of Andrew Williams & Shawn Atkins

Part 4 finishes Shawn’s testimony & Mariah Grines (Cashier) & Samantha Eichen (Delivery Driver)

Andrew Branca posted a pdf of the discovery released in the case and can be found at this link

Mimi provided this on an earlier open thread: Link to Duval Clerk of the Court, stuff on Michael Dunn

Coreshift tweeted Dunn’s girlfriend’s statement to police and can be viewed at this link

An interesting non-relevant fact. Jordan Davis’ mom was in a Stand Your Ground Movie 9 months before her son was shot. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/story/news/local/michael-dunn-trial/2014/02/05/jordan-davis-mom-movie/5245723/
As requested by some, this thread is provided to hold a discussion about the case. May the truth be uncovered and may justice be done.


131 thoughts on “Dunn Trial

        • Well, not exactly. He seems like an overzealous (maybe just twitchy?) wannabe military guy that may well have thought the black people in the car playing ‘rap’ music were dangerous (up to no good). My initial impressions, anyways. I’ve only seen part one of his interview. I’m not certain if he really thought he was in danger or if he just got pissed. I’ve no doubt the young men were talking crap.

          • Davis partners behavior after he was shot is similar to several incidents I am aware of in my community in which the guys dump guns before getting medical care.

            • Maybe so, but what bothers me is Dunn didn’t even mention seeing a gun to his girlfriend. Quite an important bit of information to leave out in his initial accounting of events to her. He also claims that that the guy was getting out of his car, so then he got his gun from glove box, chambered a round and fired…through the door of the car the young man was supposedly getting out from. How long does it take to get out of your car if your angry and want at someone? The cops pointed that out in his interview. There are quite a few things I’ve noticed in his interview. Many of them pointed out by the cops. You should watch it if you haven’t.

              • I suspect he is guilty and will go to prison. I also think that Davis and his pals are punks. I am not invested enough to get track of the case.

                I was invested in GZ trial because of the co-option of the justice system by the civil rights tribe.

  1. O.M.G. OT but I brought it here because my head is spinning.

    This article I linked is about how people have to fill this form out now to see an MD – people are upset about that, but I can see both “race” and “ethnicity” allow you to check “other”, and ethnicity allows “other or decline” to state, so they have a “way out” if they object to this form.

    First, they have around 45 choices for ethnicity and 60 for race – there are 3 races, and many more than 45 ethnicities. But the thing that has my head spinning is that

    (1) the choices for ethnicity list “American” (American has never been considered an ethnicity because we all too recently came from somewhere else, but whatever), but all the other of the 45 choices appear to be ethnicities from the hispanic language group, or American Indian. But American Indians are listed as central american, mexican indian, or south american – no north american. And Mexicans can answer Mexican or Mexican American – huh? If they’re not American at all, shouldn’t they be living in and seeing an MD in Mexico?

    (a) People may have seen me mention that I don’t get them always acting like hispanic is a race, when it’s actually a language group, but the closest to race would be it being considered a hugely general ethnicity (because, are Mexicans really just like Guatamalans, and just like Spaniards, etc? No….). So at least this “ethnicity” listing is allowing “hispanics” to identify with their actual ethnicity, and not lumping them all together under “hispanic” (but of course, that will be under “race”).

    (b) Not so “Americans”. There are NO European ethnicities on this list that I can recognize. There is “American”, 3 choices for Indians, and 40 or so choices for Hispanics. And I guess blacks don’t have any ethnicity at all (which I’m sure Africans or Jamaicans, etc, would disagree with).

    (2) There are 60 choices for race. American Indian (presumably meaning North American) shows up here – but the southern Indians all are under the “ethnicity” list. American Indians are Asians – they walked over the land bridge into Alaska, then into Canada, North America, then down into South America – so really, they should all be under ethnicity, since Asian is their race – but again, whatever.

    Anyway, your choices under race are American Indian, black or AA, white/Caucasian, or — every other one of the 60 choices appears to be (I’m not an expert on all these countries) some type of Asian nationality.

    So, the Obama administration has reduced all the black ethnicities and all the white ethnicities to 2 – you can check off “American” or you can claim one of the Hispanic choices under race (Hispanics are either white or black). No diversity for white or black people.

    Diversity is only listed for Spanish speaking populations (under “ethnicity”), or Asians (under “race).

    So the ethnicities of the Europeans who founded this country apparently no longer exist. I guess next they could make an “Anglo” category for all the white English speaking people, similar to the Hispanic category for Spanish speaking cultures. But that would still leave Germans, the French, Russians, etc, in the cold. So I guess the way they’ve done it – plain old “American” – is doing a good enough job of disappearing our ethnicities. And I know the immigration quotas are very low for Europeans, but the few that get n ( oh look! I’m leaving that in your honor, art tart, I told you the stupid “i” is one of MY problem keys lol) should really be allowed to acknowledge where they came from, when others are.


    • Ok, I found something I mistated (others may find more, because as I said, I’m *irked* lol

      I wrote that ethnicity was mostly spanish speaking ethnicities, and then I parenthetically added that “hispanic” would come under race – but the actual word “hispanic” is NOT under race. So they got SOMEthing right lol

      Oh, and I didn’t mention, but they’ve also ignored all the middle eastern ethnicities.

  2. This is one I haven’t been following and I’m not sure I want to, so I’ll talk to you guys when a different case comes up.

    We ended up going out of town after all. I got to see my grandson. He was here showing his pig. Fortunately, he had a female. She’ll go for breeding. The kids who had male animals had to see their animals loaded up and taken to market. Glad he had a female pig. He got a ribbon for her.

    It’s cold here. I sure miss Florida.

  3. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/3148350789001/1/Web-Extra-Attorney-Mark-OMara-speaks-about-the-trial-of-Michael-Dunn

    I lost the link but if you are interested, go to


    Today, I saw that they have 45 video clips, maybe more, about the case. I think O’Mara has given them other interviews besides this one.

    For those who live here in Florida, this publication has covered this case thoroughly so if you cannot get into the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville, go there. OTH, if you have figured out how to get in, please let us know.

  4. LOL Leatherhead is using… The Global Grind link to watch the trial and today posted:

    We are desperate for donations. Please donate today.

    🙂 stir and work that hate… every chance they get. Smh

  5. Still having issues with my sound, so I have been reading around. Hoping to get this fixed sooon. grr.

    One thing that I still find odd (and again I haven’t been able to Hear the videos) Why would the guys in the SUV leave then return back to the place just got shot at? And I am assuming from reading Dunn didn’t know he killed anyone til a bit later. I guess I need to keep reading, but from even reading at Leatherheads to get another perspective (lol) I can see some reasonable doubt … maybe..

    • Not criticizing you, mimi, but do you think your posts about Fred here might be read and result in people sending him money simply because you are ridiculing him? The people who believe what he posts are not capable of critical thinking so no telling what they might do.

      • I don’t care what they do Jordan. If they are that dumb, they will do it anyway. JMHO IF they send them $ because they read it HERE, well again JMHO that says a lot lol.

    • This is what is confusing to me, WHY didn’t the teens call 911? Yet this person made CALLS as in more than one, to let loved ones know what happened? YET didn’t call 911? I am sorry, but that right there gives me reasonable doubt, come on State prove your case.

      Strolla questioned why they didn’t go for help in one of the nearby stores. Stornes said the plaza was less busy than the gas station. Thompson says as soon as they got there, he called 911. He insisted the only phone calls he made were to let loved ones know what had happened, and not to come pick up a gun or weapon which Strolla says Dunn thought he saw.

  6. I’m still not wanting to follow this case. I don’t know enough about it to know if I even think he’s innocent or guilty.

    If he’s guilty, I naturally don’t want him out on the streets where he can do it again, but I’m concerned what will happen to him if he’s found guilty and serves time. We need prison reform. We need to make sure that when we sentence someone to serve time that we’re not actually sentencing them to years of rape, beatings, and abuse that would qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

    • We not only need prison reform, we need judicial reform. Every public official, whether elected or appointed should be required to walk the streets of the highest crime area of their jurisdiction. They should have to do this once a month for one hour between the hours of 10 PM and 2AM. without defensive weaponry of any kind, and all alone. Cameras at various points would record their walk and the time. Our streets should safe, and that should be our number one priority.

  7. I’ve been saying that I won’t follow this case, but it is a little impossible to not hear about it. I hope the trial is not televised. I think that creates a problem with too many people feeling like they’re jurors because they’re seeing the trial. I think they’re less likely to accept the verdict if they watch the trial than if the trial was private. There might not be a conflict with this case, though. He may be found guilty.

  8. I watched a segment of the trial today when Dunn took the stand. He is a pretty cool character and Guy could not or at least did not shake him. He seems pretty confident that he acted in self defense.

    The fact that his girlfriend is not supporting his story about the gun is not good so it will be interesting to see how the defense deals with that. Her testimony appeared to be damning to me. I have not followed this in any great detail so I have no opinion. Unless the shotgun shows up, it does not look good for him but first degree murder seems like a stretch to me.

  9. Not guilty. What I heard today that I missed in reading- about the child locks, about the guys in the car calling cousin and he showed up at the station and the guy hung up on 911. One guy lied said he couldn’t get thru to 911 yet def entered his phone bill and was on phone with 911 for ONE FREAKING SECOND! I truly believe Davis was outside the veh. I believe they got rid of some kind of weapon. If Dunn had only called 911 tho they could have searched to see if they hid something. AND THE FREAKING WINDOWS! The window was DOWN! THE BROKEN GLASS WAS INSIDE THE DOOR..

  10. I just wish people would quit saying this case is the same as the George Zimmerman case. I would think the fact that Mr. Dunn left the scene and never notified the police would be pretty damning but you never know how a jury will think.

  11. I have a little trouble imagining the kids carrying a shotgun around with them. It’s not the weapon of choice for gangstas, if that’s what they were. It’s possible, but just another part of Dunn’s story that doesn’t fit. If I were on the jury, I would hang it just for the fun of watching the reaction, but I think he’s probably guilty as charged. Corey deserves a guy like me on the jury.

  12. Didn’t John Phillips, lawyer for the Davis family tell us Dunn settled a civil suit with the Davis family and the other boys in the car?

    As usual, things aren’t adding up with what got reported in the press.

  13. I don’t think the shotgun is necessary. All Dunn needed to justify his actions was a reasonable fear for his life or great bodily harm. Davis getting out of the car after having made threats could be enough. Don’t know, but doubt goes to the defendant. If he had reported it right away, he would have a good chance. What i really want to know is what level do they play their music these days?

  14. The jury has called it a day and headed back to the hotel. They will resume at 9am tomorrow.

    • If they have found not guilty on those charges then there would be no hold up, unless they can’t agree whether murder 1, 2 or manslaughter. I don’t see how they could have moved to those charges without settling the first one already though.

      • I really can not see how they would get past the Self Defense aspect.
        The burden was on the State to DISPROVE self defence (beyond reasonable doubt) once Dunn raised it as a defence. There is a mountain of mountain of doubt in that regard. The bullet hole trajectories into the rear passenger door clearly indicate to me that the door was open (at least partially) that factoid alone is IMO enough to put a spanner in the State narrative of events.

        • So I would hope all Murder/attempted Murder went out the window within first hour of deliberations 😉
          Maybe arguing over a token conviction for firearm discharge.. last 3 shots especially?

  15. I’m surprised at the length of deliberations, which, in my opinion, tends to favor the defense. However, predicting what verdict a jury may return is a fool’s errand.

    • Fabi ~ I’ve heard Legal Commentators say many times, “the longer it takes to get a verdict, it tends to favor the Defense.” Maybe there are a few hold outs & the jury might hang. Judges hate that, they usually want the jury to go back & deliberate more.

      I too agree, predicting a jury is not possible, they forever surprise me.

    • mimi ~ I posted this on the other thread, but, this is the same Attorney that represented Rick Wilson, the photographer that took Angela Corey’s picture & then sold it to the AP & was threatening to sue GZ for copy right infringement.. It was John M. Phillips that threatened to sue GZ if he didn’t take the painting down immediately, Rick Wilson may not have had knowledge his attorney couldn’t sue a wet blanket.

      That matter seems to be resolved, but John Phillips is crazy to twitter & boast as he has done in the past, the link is on the other thread.

      N U T Job!

      • “It was John M. Phillips that threatened to sue GZ if he didn’t take the painting down immediately,”

        When did Phillips demand George “take down” his painting? Link please.

        • coreshift ~ look the link up yourself! & again, you continue to ask for links you didn’t bother reading that were posted on this blog! I read every article associated w/the painting of Corey because I was interested in the legal aspects of the “copy right infringement.” I recognized immediately the name John M. Phillips when it came up in the Dunn Case as I had read it so many times. It’s not convenient for me to do your research this long after the copy right infringement & you are capable of looking it up your self. AP issued a “Cease/Desist” Order, paperwork was sent to Jayne W. that got it to GZ! On the other thread, I listed a link to renewsit in which John M. Phillips responded to a tweet.

          Cease & Desist Order: A cease and desist is an order or request to halt an activity (cease) and not to take it up again later (desist) or else face legal action.

          There are countless statements made by Rick Wilson/John M. Phillips that if GZ didn’t take the painting down they would proceed w/the lawsuit on “infringement on copy right.” Notice the painting has been taken down & GZ complied o hopefully the issue has been dropped.

  16. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS ALL ALONG! Had gotten texts alerts from OS during KC trial and Click Orlando for GZ. HERE YA GO! TEXT THAT # AS THE CONTACT NAME. THEN ALERT AS MESSAGE (ok sorry if you knew, I had to be shown first time 😉 ) then when you want to stop, simply reply STOP. THEY DO NOT SEND TEXTS IN THE MASSIVE AMTS AS TWEETS. Just updates. AND will know when verdict comes in. 😉 just in case you too have real life come up lol

  17. I’m disheartened by demonstrators chanting “No justice, no peace”. Violence solves nothing. #DunnTrial
    — Stephanie Brown (@NewsAndNom) February 15, 2014

    @NewsAndNom I’m disheartened you equate the saying ” no peace” with violence. Check ur perception bc it refers to protest #DunnTrial
    — princss6 (@princss6) February 15, 2014

    @princss6 the tone the chant is being delivered and some tension that has been seen the last few days influences the perception.
    — Stephanie Brown (@NewsAndNom) February 15, 2014

  18. I’m disheartened by demonstrators chanting “No justice, no peace”. Violence solves nothing. #DunnTrial
    — Stephanie Brown (@NewsAndNom) February 15, 2014

    @NewsAndNom you realize that very old chant has nothing to do with violence, right?
    — Ⓐaron (@synthaaron) February 15, 2014

    @synthaaron indeed, but the tone it’s being chanted in and other rumblings around here are creating some tension
    — Stephanie Brown (@NewsAndNom) February 15, 2014

    • Hater has made a parody acct? trying to dis this reporter. NOTICE second “d” in the And, maybe because this reporter seems, from what I have read in tweets, not to have a bias? OH lol maybe because of the tweets about tension in the changes…

  19. One thing I noticed during the videos I have seen of this trial is Judge Healey. He seems to be a fair judge with a pleasant demeanor. There’s a degree of confidence in his voice that says he’s in control of his courtroom and doesn’t have to prove it. I like the way he behaves, and the way he involves others in the conversations without a lot of undo formality. Such a contrast between him and Debra Nelson.

    • It could be just this simple:

      They think Dunn was not justified to endanger the lives of the other three guys in that truck (because they never threatened him), so they convicted him on the 3 counts (or lessers) of attempted murder, and convicted him on the charge of firing into the occupied dwelling (the truck).

      All that,but DEADLOCKED in regards to the death of Jordan Davis because they don’t believe the state overcame the burden of “reasonable doubt” in respect to Dunn’s claim of self-defense.

      That said, I think the minority votes are for Not Guilty in the death of Jordan Davis, while the majority of the jurors are voting Guilty on either M2 or Manslaughter. Again, the holdouts don’t believe the state overcame the burden of “reasonable doubt”

  20. I have to wonder if the deadlock on the murder one charge was between guilty and not guilty, or if they were deadlocked between Murder 2 and Manslaughter?

    • Thank you! ♥

      This was not much of an interview was it? The 2 jurors who honestly believed Dunn acted in self-defense are going to be publicly ostracized as racists. Helping a white man, kill a black kid.

      It’s so sad to watch how we treat each other.

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