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Open Weekend Thread


An open Dunn Trial thread is available for that topic and anything else on your mind, this weekend (Feb.7 – 9), can be posted on this thread.

Have a terrific safe weekend everyone.


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  1. Glad you started a new thread. I’m not following the Dunn trial. I really don’t know much about it and I don’t want to. I don’t want to worry about something else I can’t do anything about.

    When I went to breakfast in the hotel, they had the TV on and they were talking about the Dunn trial. I didn’t know really what they were talking about because I hadn’t followed it and even today with it on the television when I was right in front of it, I didn’t listen to it. This makes me realize why so many ordinary people were so mislead by the media regarding George Zimmerman. Many people were just not interested. They had busy lives and didn’t want to get involved in something they couldn’t do anything about. They heard bits and pieces involuntarily when the TV happened to be on and they just assumed what they heard was true.

    When the GZ verdict was read, I was visiting one of my daughters. They gone to bed and I stayed up and was on the computer and saw that the jury had reached the decision. When I heard the verdict, I made some noise. My daughter came running in to see if I was okay. I explained to her that I was happy because GZ was found not guilty. She told me that she wasn’t happy about that because she remembered when that was first reported and she was on the side of TM’s parents. She’s a very busy woman. She’s raising children, works, spends time with her husband, is involved in community activities, etc. She’s not a news junkie like her retired mom. She only knew what the media told her and she didn’t listen to much of that. She probably heard the doctored 911 tapes.

    I hope NBC pays for what they did.

  2. I’m not much interested in the Dunn Trial. Mr. Dunn’s behavior after shooting bullets into the car is very troubling to me. I don’t trust Angela Corey or her office having seen what went on in the Zimmerman case.

    I sure hope there is an effort going on in Florida to get these crooked prosecutors out of office. Sundance shared Mr. White is vying to take her job. IIRC, he had problems with making sexual advances or comments with staff in the office when he worked there. I’m not sure replacing Corey with him is an improvement.

    Are there good ethical people around anymore?

    • Are there good ethical people around anymore?

      I have lived here in Florida since 1969. As far back as I can remember, there has been corruption in our criminal justice system. Drugs were commonly used by the “elite” and to some degree accepted during the late seventies and eighties, in particular cocaine. Most of the corruption revolved around drug charges and zoning cases. Both judges and lawyers were charged for different types of conspiracies, primarily special treatment for a lot of folks, including each other.

      I remember going to parties at their homes where cocaine was openly available on tables in lines along with the classic rolled up hundred dollar bill.

      So yes, there has been corruption as long as I can remember but back then it was primarily drug related crimes. It is only recently that I have noticed any “wrongdoing” in murder trials. There have been several in which people were charged and sentenced for crimes they did not commit. All of them that I remember fell under our mandatory minimum sentences and came about as a result of people trying to defend themselves. I have posted some of them here in the past.

      That said, I suspect that Florida is no different than other states but we are a target for all kinds of issues. .

  3. Sharon ~ good morning! Don’t hold your breathe as far as the NBC suit, imo, it could be years before anything happens in that case. Why? Because the case has been dormant for 11 months. Though the Beasley Firm/NBC agreed to wait until the Criminal Trial ended before moving forward w/the Civil Case, imo, understandable.

    1. The Criminal Trial Ended over 7 months ago.
    2. James Beasley gave a pep talk after the Criminal Trial claiming they were ready to move forward for GZ on the NBC case.
    3. Apparently Jame Beasley has done absolutely nothing for GZ to move the NBC Case forward.
    4. All Attorney’s including MOM/the Beasley Firm/NBC Attorney’s decided last Friday the Criminal Trial Needs to end w/the conclusion of the “sanctions case” still pending.
    5. Judge Nelson ruled the NBC case is at a standstill until that happens.
    6. MOM has stated “the sanctions case depends on GZ, whether he wants to go forward or not.”
    7. Has MOM even explained to GZ the plight of the NBC case & that’s it’s at a standstill?

    Sharon, I’m really upset about the chain of events, imho, MOM/Beasley Firm has let GZ down, wasted all this time without moving forward, they haven’t done a damn thing! Outrageous! There is no bigger supporter of MOM & West than I, but MOM has dropped the ball on explaining this crucial information to GZ imho. Why? imo, Because if GZ knew this information, he’d already made a decision as to the “sanction case,” the hold up for the NBC case. GZ is in a desperate position to stabilize his living conditions, what he can count on as creative ways to earn a buck or when he can reasonably expect the NBC to move forward/end. If GZ imo had any idea that nothing had been done on either case he’d be terribly upset as he should have be! MOM/Beasley work for GZ, not the other way around, GZ is counting on them, not their procrastination, that doesn’t benefit GZ.

    I am disgusted w/the display of GZ’s attorney’s including MOM in the information we garnered from the Conference.

    But I have faith! With the dawn comes a new day for each of us/GZ, a new chance to make our lives better, to love our family more than the day before, tell them how much we love them, to possibly make better decisions, to maybe even see things more clearly than we saw things the day before or in the past or letting go of the anger that keeps us complacent.

    The sanctions need to be concluded immediately whether it goes forward or not!

    • Art, I agree….at least with most of what you said. You said several different things.

      There have been people that GZ trusted only to find out that they were using them for their own gain and it bothers him. He’s not as oblivious to that as one might think.

      I’m reading a Stephen King novel 11-22-63. King keeps repeating that life can turn on a dime…..and when it does, it turns fast.

      Life turned on a dime for GZ on 2-26-12. I keep hoping it will turn on another dime. The acquittal wasn’t exactly turning on a dime. He was saved from prison, but he doesn’t have his life restored.

    • Art –

      There is much we do not know that has gone on behind the scenes.

      There are usually valid and understandable explanations for whatever is contributing to the delay in forward action on the legal front.

      If there is one element that has been demonstrated in the entire GZ/TM tragedy it is that there is a wide range of incorrect speculation that accompanies established fact in cases where the public is not on the inside of the case.

      Certainly, we have learned that GZ is a multi-dimensional individual, and not just “tugboat” George.

      • hooson ~ With all due respect, no one on this BLOG has a better understanding of how Civil Suits work than I do, why they take so long, what transpires/what doesn’t/the reasons! Civil Law Firm Attorney’s choose not to do on going extensive work on cases in which they expect the case to be lengthy, a major out pouring of their financial assets, possibly several years such as NBC, Beasley knows NBC employees are in house attorney’s, that they will use the tactic of delay, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. A case such as NBC has no end in site, there is absolutely no rush to settle for NBC to settle anything, why would there be, NBC has deep pockets & no worries about overhead, GZ’s case in nothing but another ongoing endless case for NBC.

        The Beasley Firm doesn’t have the deep pockets of NBC. Any attorney man hours, para legals, secretaries, resources, air fare, depositions, transcription, investigators, hotels, car rental, out of town cost since the Beasley Firm is located in Philadelphia & the case will be tried in Sanford as well as most of the work conducted there in Fla. is money they doesn’t benefit their firm monthly! The Beasley Firm is in the position of a constant out pouring of resources w/no money coming in on the GZ case. That’s why big cases are worked slowly, Beasley has no incentive to tie up all his monies in GZ’s case & knows there will be no return for a couple of years.

        The Beasley Firm is steadily working on other cases that will settle quickly without going to Court. Why? Because Beasley needs the constant influx of monies coming into to their law firm to pay their overhead, salaried attorneys, paralegals, secretary’s, all the cost in all the ongoing other cases as well as their monies tied up in any hours worked on GZ’s case which is an out pouring of money, not incoming.

        1. Nobody knows how much work has been invested in GZ’s case, or how little investment of work has been done behind the scene for 11 months.
        2. GZ’s NBC case is at a stand still, but no one is concerned.
        3. All attorney’s should have had this knowledge 7 months ago when the Criminal Trial ended.
        4. 7 months has been wasted since the trial, MOM is still clueless whether the slander suit will proceed or if it will be dropped.
        5. Will the NBC case remain at a stand still another 11 months until the Criminal case is resolved, that too has no end in site.

        For all these reasons, the total lack of concern to rush to get any of this completed for their client is why Civil Cases waste years of a client’s time.

        That remains the many reason Civil Attorney’s put lengthy cases such as my families or GZ’s case on the back burner, James Beasley will see none of his monies paid out for attorney salaries, depositions, copies, research, investigators, air travel, hotel cost, for possibly several years. 11 months has gone by thus far.

        • Art –

          I can’t disagree with anything you have said here, with two minor differences.

          I differ slightly in that I don’t know how we can know whether no one is concerned about the delay, or what degree of concern there is, if any.

          I also don’t know if MOM is clueless or not, nor how one can tell. His behavior during the trial would suggest that he is not the clueless type.

          • hooson ~ I’m glad you’ve been around. What are you’re thoughts? I always thought NBC would settle until today, I no longer feel that may be the case.

            The reason is: The “boxing match” GZ is participating in has spiraled out of control w/the racial element, headline inflaming nit wits that were lies that said: “I will even fight a black person.” imo, GZ/Doran should have shut it down immediately, they chose not to, the hate has continued to grow & be reported Nationally.

            James Beasley’s defense is “Because of the NBC edited tapes: GZ suffered threats by the Black Panthers putting a bounty on GZ for 10,000.00, Death Threats, GZ/SZ feared for their lives, SZ/GZ repeatedly had to move, people thought GZ was a “racist” because of the edited tapes.

            imo, NBC is not solely responsible for the all above except the edited tapes.

            NBC uses as their defense: GZ was always hated, always threatened by the new black panthers, because most of public thought GZ murdered an unarmed black kid because the public thought GZ was a racist that hunted TM down & shot him like a dog.

            What if NBC produced all the participating countless Media videos that stated the same as Beasley is claiming (except for edited tapes) blaming NBC did, many media outlets produced the same lies about GZ that too inflamed the public & still do.

            Then what? What if the jury isn’t sympathetic or if it is trial by on “Judge,” the Judge is not very sympathetic due to all the National publicity the case got.

            • Art –

              I think that you might very well be correct on this.

              I agree that NBC’s primary responsibility is for those edited tapes. But how do you prove the consequences that flowed from NBC’s action as opposed to the consequences that arose from everything else in this case?

              Assume that the tapes were never edited. GZ still would have gone through the entire judicial process.

              So all this is speculation because we don’t now what the various lawyers have been discussing among themselves as regards the libel lawsuit.

              My view rests on what I see on the outside and does not necessarily take into account what has been “reported” or rumored about in the media.

              For NBC, this is primarily a nuisance and that is what they have a legal staff for. It is a cost of being in the media business. At the very worst for NBC, they will pay out a few bucks and go their merry way. Their reputation, such as it is, won’t suffer.

              Their primary concern, I speculate, lies more in avoiding a probing discovery process which could prove embarrassing in some respects. When engaged in the discovery process, one never knows what else might be unearthed.

              The errors that NBC made were due more to sloppiness than intent. NBC took corrective action.

              The first question and key question remains – is GZ a “public figure” for the purposes of the law. I think that the court will find that he was an involuntary public figure.

              I think that Beasley et al believe GZ to be a private figure for purposes of the law.

              GZ’s personal behavior after the acquittal, particularly the online behavior, has complicated matters somewhat.

              Discovery cuts both ways.

              What would a searing deposition of GZ look like? GZ’s family would likely be drawn in as well.

              Absent evidence of clear-cut intentional malfeasance by NBC, the prospects for any recovery from NBC seem remote.

              Were GZ to be ruled a “private” figure, the whole equation changes. NBC’s sloppiness went well beyond the edited tapes. An out of court settlement would be quite likely.

              • hooson ~ I was yanking your chain about MOM, you know I love him, I was teasing you, I can’t hide my disappointment though! Cases lose momentum for many reasons, as you shared, we aren’t privy to that information. The boxing match has to be a nightmare for James Beasley.

                What an excellent comment, you made so many good points, some I hadn’t considered in a while. Because it is a nuisance case for NBC as you said, perhaps NBC will just settle, but, imo, the value of GZ’ case has diminished & it won’t remotely be in the ball park James Beasley/MOM had hoped for all the reasons we discussed. The continued racial tension surrounding the out of control “boxing match” hasn’t concluded yet, it could continue to go down hill frm where it is today, we can’t predict how much more damage it may do to the Civil Case.

                I agree that GZ may well be found to be an “involuntary public figure.” Then SZ/Samantha have both stated “GZ’s love of the media attention,” Sam saying “GZ gets depressed if he isn’t in the media,” & again, GZ appears voluntarily in the media now in the “boxing match.”

                No doubt this case is a pain the butt for NBC, as you shared, “the cost of doing business.” It does cut both ways, IDK how a deposition of GZ would go, GZ wouldn’t be able to “tell his story” as he likes to do, the NBC attorney’s could bring him to his knees, they can ask anything the please. You are correct, all of GZ’s family could be brought into it & SZ could be brought into it also as she was married to GZ at the time! SZ could be ask anything by NBC as to GZ’s character, if he enjoyed the media, etc. What a nightmare.

                The strength/weaknesses for both sides will be revealed after all the depositions are taken. Only at that time will NBC/James Beasley make the hard decisions. imo, NBC may now hold the cards, the cost of a trial wouldn’t cause NBC to break a sweat, the cost of a trial to the Beasley Firm would be huge, they too have a huge monetary investment that has mounted until trial, then the cost of the trial, & there are no guarantees there will be a big monetary award now! imo, for these reasons, James Beasley may settle for a lot less & cut his losses, trials cost a fortune depending on their duration but look at the tremendous cost for the Beasley Firm & all their group participating having to stay in hotels, etc., all the things I mentioned. James Beasley now understands GZ would not likely be painted as the victim MOM had thought he was, the destruction continues. TM is not on trial, he’s dead, Sybrina/Tracy’s parenting skills aren’t on trial. It’s the lies Sybrina/Tracy told Media in interviews that help NBC prove they weren’t solely responsible for the destruction of GZ, many Media outlets participated. imo, nobody would believe NBC did all the damage to GZ, it’s just not true.

                The climate is completely different now than when MOM approached the Beasley Firm & felt so confident about the case. I can’t imagine at how much more damage can take place in the next 2 years, NBC has to love it.

          • hooson ~ LOL. 7 months, imo, “shows a lack of concern” knowing that the NBC case couldn’t move forward due to the unfinished “sanctions” in the criminal trial. 7 months was more than enough time to have completed the “sanctions case.” Did MOM not know this element of law as to the problem wasting 7 months? MOM stated in interviews he had visited w/GZ several times. DId MOM forget to ask GZ about the “sanctions” since he claimed a month ago it was GZ’s decision, did MOM follow up having Truett calling GZ for a definitive answer until she rec’d one? That’s concern! Did GZ even know it was his decision, imo, GZ wouldn’t do anything to prevent the NBC case from going forward as GZ is desperate for money.

            MOM is an excellent attorney but he doesn’t get a pass on the delay nor does he deserve one, did he not know this point of law that has wasted 7 months? MOM was voted “National Trial Lawyer of the Year” by his peers recently, you’d think he’d know!

            MOM had 7 months to show concern, finish his criminal case, that would be “concern,” to be able to move forward, but how many more months will that take?

            • Art –

              Those are good questions.

              My working assumption is that MOM has reasonable answers to all of them. I suspect that GZ knows some or all of the answers, as well.

              • Agree. And again I feel that they wont do anything about the Sanctions, til Ben K case is over or something is settled, because He is the reason they knew if fact that stuff was withheld. I think it would/could poss hurt both cases to go ahead of BK. IMHO, I think this is something being done on purpose. ( not finishing up on the sanctions part of GZ case)

        • jordan ~ the NBC suit is as at a stand still temporarily, but it can proceed when the “sanctions” are resolved from the Criminal Case. Though the Criminal Case ended w/a verdict the “sanctions” was the last piece of business that wasn’t resolved, remember, Judge Nelson wanted that handled after trial? MOM/West/GZ will decide what to do, to drop the “sanction case, or move forward” & it will be resolved.

          Judge Nelson said “the NBC Case can’t move forward until the sanctions are resolved.” It’s not a big deal at all for the NBC suit, every thing legal takes time & moves slowly. After that happens, the NBC suit will again proceed, all of the Attorney’s at the Beasley Firm & NBC had arleady agreed before Judge N made her ruling, that the NBC case would be “on hold temporarily” until the sanctions concluded. The Attorney’s are all on the same page.

          • art tart:

            What I am asking is what is the legal basis for Nelson delaying the trial if BOTH sides want to do that. Legally, the 2 cases are entirely different and have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

  4. 8Sharon ~ response to above comment.

    I agree that GZ has trusted some that used him for their gain, I am thinking of Sam/her mom, you may be thinking of others. Whether GZ is “oblivious or not, how do you know it bothers him”? If it bothers GZ, why does GZ still have some form of a relationship w/Sam, his biggest betrayer, has GZ likely forgiven Sam? IDK what their relationship is but I know they are friends, but imo, a poor decision. If GZ is not “oblivious to this fact” as you stated, why is GZ still friends w/Sam?

    Sharon, you stated: “He was saved from prison, but he doesn’t have his life restored.”

    Are you expecting GZ’s life to be restored somehow or are you making the point life is isn’t fair or how can society restore “life” to those that had had “injustices” done to them? Are you looking at any of the positive things in GZ’s life instead of expecting something to happen that likely never will imo?

    GZ has the unconditional love/support from his parents/siblings, his health, he’s not homeless, that if it came down to GZ needing his next meal/a place to sleep that you worry about, I feel his parent’s would allow him to sleep on their sofa, or in a spare bedroom just as millions of Americans do everyday day for months on end for their unemployed adult children/grandchildren, no doubt GZ’s family would feed him every single meal he needed as they both draw “State retirement” from their previous jobs, they aren’t destitute as they claim, they each likely draw more than your teacher’s retirement. GZ has the chance of possibly of 1 day seeing compensation of the NBC suit, a reward for some of the injustices. GZ has managed to make the payments on his truck as well as to continue to drive legally as he has to have paid truck insurance to drive. GZ is one credit away from acquiring an “associate degree,” he can accomplish that, online that would bring pride/accomplishment/self esteem to himself.

    GZ is resourceful/creative, he can still make monies off an original “GZ” painting as he is talented, he will make monies off the boxing match if it takes place. but he’s brainstorming, trying to find his niche. There are endless positive things in GZ’s life, I could go on/on, instead of dwelling on the negative. I choose to look at the positive things in GZ’s life instead of the negative that I will always remain “powerless” to change for him.. Just a few things to consider.

  5. I do not know if the NBC suit will continue or not. Nor do I know if any other lawsuits will be filed or not. My observation is that George no longer has the same degree of public support he once had and some of those supporters may have now formed negative opinions.

    George has turned off a lot of folks and I doubt they would all be pulling for him to file any lawsuits, much less win any of them.

    If verdicts in civil suits were influenced by the public, I he would not likely prevail in any of them. His predicament has worsened. Who would dare represent him? Filing any suits now seem unlikely, and IIRC, the loser could pay if they filed the suit. That is risky business. O’Mara dumped him. How about his other lawyers? Did they get paid? He looks like a hot potato to me.

    He has been portrayed as the most hated man in America. I do not think that image has improved very much. Do you? He could take some lessons from Casey Anthony who has hidden herself very well while trying to turn her life around. She has Christian supporters and George might should consider finding those kind of friends.

    Insofar as his public persona, what do the rest of you think?

    • He is trying to earn a living. Even if he could find someone who would hire him, he would be killed before a week was up. The only thing he has to market is his celebrity status. The life he had was taken from him and celebrity status was thrust upon him. About all he can do, unless he wins that law suit, is capitalize on that celebrity status. Those who made him a celebrity through their hate, are trying to block him from using it to make a living.

      • sharon ~ There is a much larger picture at stake that GZ doesn’t grasp. The very “celebrity status” that you are now defending GZ for pursuing & marketing to make money directly contradicts what the claims Beasley Firm stated in the defense of GZ in the NBC suit! The Beasley Firm claimed GZ was a “private citizen!”

        Hooson thinks Beasley may not win that issue, I agree. NBC will argue that GZ was an “involuntary public figure” which GZ was at the time of the NBC filing, that is a person that becomes a “public figure involuntarily” because of excessive publicity/National Media exposure/coverage. The Dunn case is another example, “Mr. Dunn” is now an “involuntary public figure” due to the media exposure, publicity/coverage of his case.

        The Beasley Firm looks foolish in their claims as to GZ being a “private citizen.” GZ is now a “voluntary public figure,” by choice, GZ considers himself a “celebrity.” Any publicity GZ promotes that is negative or positive, GZ garners by choice by promoting a boxing match. This remains a nightmare for the Beasley Firm directly hurting GZ’s NBC case. This “celebrity status” is a train wreck as far as the NBC case which at one time was promising.

        GZ may do what he wants, but the results may well be he caused himself “unintended monetary consequences.”

      • You said: About all he can do, unless he wins that law suit, is capitalize on that celebrity status. Those who made him a celebrity through their hate, are trying to block him from using it to make a living.

        There are agents out there who could help George. Many work on a percentage of earnings much like attorneys do. Right now, he is screwing up and if he continues, he is not likely to be marketable. I have made a few comments recently about using common sense so
        seriously now, Sharon, could he not know that what he is doing could impact the NBC suit?

        if he thinks that suit is a done deal, he is in for a surprise. My guess is that MOM now wants to distance himself from George. Why do you think he walked away from that lawsuit?

    • jordan ~ At this point I don’t know how the NBC case will play out, we’ll have to wait & see. MOM/Beasley Firm need to recoup their monies invested in the case, their out pouring of cash to pursue the case are expensive. Whenever the NBC case concludes, the Beasley Firm Attorney’s will be paid first from any monetary Judgement awarded, I speculate that MOM possibly had GZ sign an agreement to pay for his defense in the criminal case secondly, both MOM/West need to be paid for securing GZ his freedom.

      KC remains hated by 85% of the American public, that hasn’t changed. GZ had supporters, KC never had any supporters/defenders & still doesn’t. That’s why it was so surprising when a church provided a room in their basement for KC to live that had a bathroom & a small kitchen when KC joined their church. Sadly, a photographer located where KC was livng in the church & she had to move. KC did enter therapy to deal w/her countless problems, but at least she recognized she needed help & has tried to address it. KC’s parent’s have spent every dime they have to support KC as she can’t work, the Anthony’s home was in foreclosure & Cindy sold her mothers home in Mt. Dora for $ 85,000.00 that was left solely to Cindy Anthony when Cindy’s mother died. The Anthony’s have nothing left & still struggle to support KC. The Anthony’s made difficult sacrifices to support KC, imo, most parents would have done the same as KC’s parent’s to help their adult child that is desperate. GZ’s parents never made any of those sacrifices & apparently don’t plan to. With 2 retirement checks coming in every month, they can provide a place for GZ to sleep/eat, that’s if they will.

      jordan ~ GZ’s situation is difficult, but it’s so much easier than KC’s situation ever was or is. GZ/SZ were supported by donations, KC never rec’d a dime to pay for food, rent, KC rec’d nothing once she got out of jail without any money to her name. Baez bought KC a computer as there was a picture of KC proudly showing it in a picture online, one of the only pictures of KC since her verdict. KC has no assets, not even a car. KC spent 3 yrs. in jail awaiting trial before being found “not guilty” & released. That’s enough to remind KC I speculate that she’ll never take risk that might get her arrested again.

      I don’t know what GZ do to make monies. GZ does have an attorney for his divorce case so that will eventually reach a resolution, so both SZ/GZ can move on, a positive thing for both imo. Hopefully, once GZ’s divorce is final, he won’t need any more attorneys.

      • art tart:

        I followed that case much like I did George’s and kept waiting to hear a cause of death or anything that placed Casey with Caylee at the time of her death.

        I am one of those who believe that Casey did NOT commit murder and that Cayee’s death was accidental. I do not believe for a second that Casey intentionally murdered Caylee.

        What is your source for information about Casey Anthony?

      • How do you know that Robert and Gladys don’t do anything to help George? Their lives have been turned upside down and they’ve spent a fortune. Retirement checks don’t make anyone wealthy.

        If George was living with his parents, he’d be likely to be found and they’d probably all be killed.

  6. May this year turn out to be your best one yet! Cheers.
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    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ BIRTHDAY ☆. Mr. O’Mara
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆.

  7. I didn’t think it was wise for GZ to go back to Samantha after she got him in jail and she and her mother tried to sell their story. George has chosen to stay in the relationship, so I am praying that she will be good for him and help him recover.

    • sharon ~ I agree with your comment, I wish GZ hadn’t gone back to Sam’s but he didn’t ask us so we continue to pray/keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully GZ never forgets what Sam was capable of in the past as is capable of in the future, in that respect, GZ would not be “oblivious” to Sam’s ability, & without a doubt” it had to have hurt him” as you inferred I too speculate.. (I hope they are using birth control, the thought make me nauseous!)

      GZ remains a complicated guy trying to find his way on his own, without a mentor that he will listen to or any legal guidance to advise GZ to explain things that can happen such as understanding copy right laws, an attorney could have been valuable in advising GZ his rights before he gave an interview to “Radar for profit” as to his rights/demands/money could have been negotiated by an attorney & guide him in any future ventures such as the “boxing match” that has spiraled out of control.

      It’s irksome that George/Cindy Anthony had countless “pro bono attorney’s” standing in line that all the free publicity they wanted that made countless statedments on behalf of GA/CA in the media or was interviewed in the media, the attorney’s negotiated every media event/interview for the Anthony’s best interest w/guidelines as well as all the amenities they enjoyed & profited from, the pro bono attorney’s enjoyed all the “expense paid trips also.” KC has never paid a dime for an attorney & has countless pro bono attorney’s for her ongoing Civil Cases.

      Why won’t a pro bono attorney seeking free publicity step up for GZ to help him?

      • art tart.. you said:

        Why won’t a pro bono attorney seeking free publicity step up for GZ to help him?

        Help him do what? Specifically, for what does he need an attorney?

        Maybe he needs an agent who can help exploit his notoriety. Where is Julison? Seriously, an agent might be the answer.

  8. Facts concerning GZ’s NBC Universal case for anyone keeping up with that case:

    MOM’s claim’s against NBC before the Lawsuit was Filed:

    NBC intentionally edited George Zimmerman’s non-emergency call to make it appear he is a racist, then they repeatedly broadcast that edited tape to the nation,” Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney said in a statement obtained by FoxNews.com. “What NBC did is outrageous. Due in large part to NBC’s actions, George has had to live in hiding, in fear for his life.”


    Phila. lawyer James Beasley files defamation suit on behalf of George Zimmerman against NBC, reporters!



    NBC Attorney’s response to the NBC Lawsuit brought by the Beasley Firm before the Verdict:

    NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complain “by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.”

    The company also noted the pivotal nature of the second-degree murder case: “[I]f Zimmerman is convicted, that fact alone will constitute substantial evidence that the destruction of his reputation is the result of his own criminal conduct, and not of the broadcasts at issue which, like countless other news reports disseminated by media entities throughout the country, reported on the underlying events.”


    James Beasley’s responded after the verdict on the NBC Lawsuit:

    “The case against NBC News was stayed pending the outcome of the criminal case. Now that’s out of the way, and Beasley is ready to proceed. “We’re going to start in earnest asap, we just have to get the stay lifted which is a ministerial act,” says Beasley, a Philadelphia lawyer, via e-mail.

    When asked how the not-guilty verdict affects the civil case against NBC News, Beasley responded, “This verdict of not guilty is just that, and shows that at least this jury didn’t believe that George was a racist, profiling, or anything that the press accused George of being. That probably doesn’t get you that much but it’s simply time for us to start the case and hold accountable anyone who was irresponsible in their journalism.”

    When asked how the not-guilty verdict affects the civil case against NBC News, Beasley responded, “This verdict of not guilty is just that, and shows that at least this jury didn’t believe that George was a racist, profiling, or anything that the press accused George of being. That probably doesn’t get you that much but it’s simply time for us to start the case and hold accountable anyone who was irresponsible in their journalism.”


    Jeralyn Merritt’s legal opinions, topics concerning the GZ’s NBC case:

      • Hooson ~ I thought it was interesting to compare what MOM said before the suit was filed w/NBC, he was passionate, then compare where the case is today/all that’s transpired that has negatively impacted the lawsuit

        Most of what MOM believed at that time has been disproven, imo, the Beasley Firm would be foolish to blame it all on NBC.

        • Art-

          One thing to bear in mind is that all we get are snippets.

          Lawyers tend to speak in very measured tones limiting their comments just to the four corners of what is being asked, and then in a very narrow context.

          We, on the outside, have a wider context in which we seek to fill in the blanks. Sometimes, the context to be filled is far greater than the snippets (and court filings) that we can ascertain.

          Accordingly, for me, the utmost weight is afforded to what is written in their submissions to the court. Commentary to a press question, for example, is less illuminating.

          Some of the disquieting elements of GZ’s public behavior post-trial were likely evident to MOM during those proceedings. So he may not be surprised as how things have developed in recent times.

          Also, I am not sure that Beasley seeks to blame everything on NBC.

          Beasley seeks a judicial determination of the responsibility of NBC under our laws for the very egregious errors that were committed in their coverage of the GZ/TM tragedy.

          In that regard, the court’s determination of GZ’s status. as a private or public figure, should dictate the outcome of the libel case.

          • hooson ~ I mis-spoke, your’e right, of course Beasley can’t blame everything on NBC, the evidence proves that not to be true, Beasley didn’t infer that exactly as you stated.

            I think I was referring more to MOM in his statement before the suit was filed when MOM was stating all the suffering GZ experienced, having to move, feeling afraid, etc., MOM too was blaming NBC for being sensational & to make money off GZ.

            I assume Beasley/Mom trimmed some of it before filing on NBC. I just can’t believe GZ could be found a “private citizen” I truly don’t even think Beasley believes it but it’s his job to try everything for his client’s best interest. Look at how quickly Mr. Dunn has lost his probable status as “a private citizen,” that case is in all the national news& covered extensively.

            Yes, the determination of private or , public will impact the case greatly, maybe even jump start negations in a settlement.

  9. George, Robert Sr, and Gladys will be on one of the Spanish speaking channels tomorrow. I don’t know which one or what time.

    I asked Robert Sr what we can do to help and he said to just keep faith and pray. I think once Holder closes the investigation, things will get better for them.

      • I’ve asked Robert Jr. for a time and channel. Will let you know if I get a response.

        Robert has responded to all my inquiries in the past so I hope to hear from him.

        • I heard back from Robert Jr. No interview has been set-up with anyone. There are lots of sources asking the Zimmermans for an interview but he said speculation on doing one is too early. They will let us know if and when one is agreed to.

          • Did he indicate to you whether or not George had actually been talking to this Feldman guy about setting up a match, and if so, who first contacted whom about the idea?

            • No he didn’t. And I didn’t ask about the fight. I was asking about a possible interview that was coming up so Coreshift could record it.

              When I was reading Robert’s response, I also had emails saying the fight was cancelled. I was relieved and hoped that issue is over.

              I’d prefer to hear about the fight from GZ himself. I reached out to Robert about the interview b/c I had heard he may be party to one.

              GZ has not been answering my public inquiries. Next time I’ll try a private question and see if I get success.

              • I’m not sure, but I think he might not notice private messages. To be honest, I occasionally get a private message and don’t notice until it’s very old. I have a bunch that I haven’t deleted. If someone were to send me another one, the odds of me noticing that the number is higher is slim.

    • mimi ~ that’s excellent news, but because Damon/GZ allowed it to drag on forever to create more publicity to make more money, it spiraled out of control creating negative blow back Nationally from TM supporters, GZ supporters, & those that once supported GZ that no longer do, the boxing match was the last straw for many for any support of GZ. All of the trash related in any form to the boxing match that Dorman/GZ could have shut down immediately but they chose not to was damaging. The Radar GZ interview, racial tension on both sides, hate spewed, is now in the public domain & the damage has been done, more embarrassing media attention for GZ which he allowed to play out for personal & financial gain until someone else made the decision to shut it down, GZ could have pulled out of this disaster anytime he wanted to, yet it was Doran, not GZ that shut it down!

      How could GZ not see the damage his “celebrity status” was doing to his NBC Lawsuit?

      The Beasley Firm tried to present in their NBC Lawsuit, that GZ was a “private citizen,” the bar would have been much lower for GZ’s case & easier for Beasley to prove, but imo, even Beasley never believed that! The Beasley Firm tried desperately to lower the bar to prove their case, they will fail. GZ was already an “involuntary public figure” by the very definition of involuntary public figure, or deemed to be a “public figure” raising the bar for GZ to prove his case of malice yet higher.

      Johnathan Turley, Legal Analyst, University Professor, Author, stated:

      There remains the question of the status of George Zimmerman in any defamation action. A status as a public figure or limited public figure would subject him to the higher standard of “actual malice” and the need to show actual knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard of the truth under New York Times v. Sullivan.

      It seems likely that he will be declared either a public figure or limited public figure.

      Turley’s article was dated: 12-7-12!


      Not much has advanced in the NBC suit, but GZ’s reputation has continued to deteriorate making the job of the Beasley Firm harder, many of the merits the Beasley Firm claimed never could have been proven when they filed the suit as they well knew, but it’s the games Attorney’s play. GZ has to be a nightmare for the Bealsey Firm that only wanted to help him!

      • Hmm GZ Dad posted that post at TCTH what a day or 2, now this. Strange stuff in the water…

        Also on the Sanctions, I think they are prob waiting to see what happens in Ben K case. It only makes sense and would only make case stronger, knowing outcome of BK. Also in that case they did an Amended Complaint, then the hearing was canceled. So I think it better holding off on sanctions part of case myself

        • mimi ~ the strangest stuff in the water is that GZ could choose to be honest about: the price of the first painting & everything else reported that is untrue but GZ chooses not to. Did it make GZ look good for the media to state the 1st painting sold for $ 100,000.00? Absolutely! GZ lapped up the positive attention when he could have simply sent Stutzman the fact of the what the painting actually sold for if indeed it was different than the OS reported. When media makes GZ look good, he loves it.

          I was unimpressed w/the uninformative comment by RZ Sr., he stated nothing as fact when he could have! Why did he even bother commenting at all contributing nothing? We don’t even know that GZ speaks to him or has an ongoing relationship.

        • mimi ~ many of us had speculated the hold up for the sanctions had been the BK case, but I don’t know anymore. The reason is: we don’t know anything about BK’s case, thus far I have read it has been dismissed so I am hopeful, Ican’t understand why those little newspapers don’t report on what’ going on. Could the Dunn case hold up BK’s case since Corey is involved in both?

          mimi ~ did you see Sundance’s comment to me when I was complaining to Nettles about Corey needing to be defeated her next run for State Att. which is 2016? Sundance commented to me Wesley White, (memba him,) is sending out feelers about a run against Corey. I really liked Wes White, he’s young, he used to work for Corey, I hope he gets positive feedback & gives that hag a run for her money.,

  10. <<<>>

    There’s one big difference. It’s a matter of WHO KC and GZ are hated by and WHY.

    Actually, I would not say that KC is hated by 85% of the public. I think most people have forgotten about her and have little emotion left if someone reminds them of her. There were no rallies for her little girl that turned into hate the mother. There were no riots. There were no incidents of people being killed because of her. Two teenage boys were shot for having a “Save the Z” bumper sticker on their car.

    The only thing that could be more dangerous than to have the Black Panthers issue an reward for your death and nearly every black person in the country hate you would be if the Mafia wanted you dead. I suppose George is lucky in that respect.

    • Sharon ~ With all due respect, your comment on KC’s case compared to GZ’s is not based known facts, why would you make such comments?

      Sharon stated; I think most people have forgotten about her and have little emotion left if someone reminds them of her.

      FACT: Jeff Ashton’s best selling book on KC’s case, the Lifetime movie made on Ashton’s book was because of the National interest & outrage of a little girl that couldn’t speak for herself. America will always speak for Caylee, she will NEVER be forgotten!

      FACT: KC’s case remains ongoing, how could anyone forget someone that continues to make National News weekly? KC continues to have ongoing Civil Cases that are reported Nationally.

      Sharon stated: There were no rallies for her little girl that turned into hate the mother.

      1. Over 5,000 people showed up in support for Caylee Anthony, to search for her remains in swampy areas, many week ends, there wasn’t enough LE to find Caylee, no one in the family was looking for Caylee.
      2. Thousands upon thousands of stuffed animals were left for Caylee at the Dump Site as well as the Anthony property showing support for Caylee, the many thousands upon thousands of of stuffed animals were donated in Caylee name to a children’s foundation, homeless shelters, & a shelter for abused children .
      3. Thousands of Americans flew in from all over America to Orlando at the request of Tim Miller, owner of Texas Equa Search. Miller stated: “Caylee needs to be found, we will speak for Caylee, we will search for Caylee until we find her, as long as it takes.
      a. over 5,000 people waded in swampy areas & sifted trash answering TM’s call for volunteers to stand up for Caylee as she was calling out for her remains to be found in the swampy area.
      b. countless volunteers of over thousands searched for Caylee weekend after weekend, not one person in Caylee’s family demanded Justice NOR wanted Caylee found. Why? They didn’t want Caylee found because they she dead & where she was!
      4. Countless organizations sprung up in support of Caylee, monies raised in Caylee’s name for abused children.
      5. There are too many to name!

      Sharon stated: There were no riots.

      FACT: KC’s case lasted 3 years! Protester’s/rioters formed in groups outside the Anthony home throwing objects, yelling/screaming KC was a murderer, screaming at the anyone inside the Anthony home, screaming “KC needs to be murdered,” protesters carrying large signs, so many protesters/rioters fights at times broke out with in the group., LE was there most of the time to control the crowds. The Anthony’s argued screamed at the crowd!

      All covered on National News nightly~

      sharon stated: The only thing that could be more dangerous than to have the Black Panthers issue an reward for your death and nearly every black person in the country hate you would be if the Mafia wanted you dead. I suppose George is lucky in that respect.

      sharon – this is appalling. KC’s death threats have gone on for 5 years carry more weight than GZ’s because they have gone on longer & the threats continue today! KC is hated by EVERY ethnic group/whites/blacks that are parents! Parent’s that can’t comprehend murdering your own innocent child! Nothing incites hate more than harming a child.

      GZ carries NO MORE WEIGHT than KC! KC sat in jail 3 years before trial for being over charged yet being found NOT guilty. GZ was overcharged too, he too was found NOT guilty but GZ didn’t suffer as KC did waiting to get her day in court to get the very same Jury Decision, “Not guilty.”

      sharon ~ imo, you need to let GZ go as it has distorted you view of the facts! I wasted all this time JUST TO SHOW YOU that you are making comments that are a hair short of LIES that don’t provoke any sympathy for GZ as I assume was your intended purpose! GZ is unique to you. Misrepresenting known facts in KC’s case was a sad attempt on your part to make GZ’s case seem more important somehow in which it clearly isn’t or that GZ has suffered more. sharon! That’s clearly not true! Please stop w/the nonsense & untruths!

      Obviously, you don’t know anything about KC’s case or any other case for that matter, because you seem to be of the impression that “GZ is the most unique.” No sharon, GZ is unique to you because you don’t know or care about what any other families have suffered through because you don’t know about any other case. Your comments are out of line,

      Do you not understand if either one is murdered, it carries the same weight!

      Do you not understand KC has been hunted 3 years longer than GZ? That the death of

      • I saw that too. LMBO I looked at my lil time clock on comp and date! I have Flu and thougth was just me! I don’t know how they do that. Also, could that be why he said Tues? Has somehow got days mixed up? Would it show that if that person was in another part of the world? I am confused on that one too.

        • mimi ~ I had the flu last month, it took me 3 weeks to get over it. The first week was the worst, exploding head, sore throat, runny eyes, no appetite, nauseous, body ache.

          The next week I felt better but laid around, no energy, exploding head, etc. The 3rd week the same, I am finally getting back to normal but it’s slow going, it’s miserable.

          Take care, eat soup if you can, stay warm, stay away from the grand kids, nothing is worse than sick little ones.

          • Thank You! Think I caught it early, been taking Tamiflu and feeling much better today. Ugg was at my daughters last night ( power went out in my neighborhood) son-in-law came got me they got power back up and going and came home tonight. Lol poor babies knew I was there and it killed me and them not being able to play ;( . but yep nothing like sick babies. I pray they don’t get sick. So many kids sick. AND I had my flu shot! Dr said they make the shot on the strain they think is going to be bad. Maybe that’s why I not as bad but, whatever, I thankful. 2nd time in my life had the “FLU” that I know of. I remb when we were kids and got sick it was always oh so in so has the flu… now they have a test, swab in the nose. Pretty awesome I think. Drinking lots of fluids!

            • Glad you’re taking Tamaflu. That stuff helps. Might consider getting a flu shot next year. Maybe you did that. Some people get it anyway unless they get the big dose that contains several different strands. My husband and I had a terrible time getting that big dose. They kept running out of it. I was determined I wasn’t going to get the regular shot though. He has to go to several different states for his job and I often go with him. A shot that just covered what was predicted for our area wouldn’t help us. Some places won’t give that to you unless you’re 65 but other places will.

              • Yes I got the flu shot. Dr said that’s prob what has kept me from being worse than I have been. Thanking God for all things lol. I am feeling much better. Back in 1992 had the flu and a relapse and almost ended up in hospital. I get one every year now. First time since that I have had. My dr., is so sweet and funny said no telling what all this bad weather brought with it. I laughed and said well heck I thought cold killed germs 😉

                • I had a severe allergic reaction to the flu shot in 2009. My liver started to shut down. I turned yellow.

                  Thankfully, my body corrected itself after about 3 weeks but I was told not to take the flu shot again.

                  I’ve never had the flu but doctor said at the first signs I have it to get my butt into see her to get Tamaflu into me within 24 hours. My entire family has to get the shot to decrease my risk. My sisters aren’t happy with that. They hate needles but b/c they love me, they and their kids get the shot every year.

                  • I understand. Now they can swab your nose and in a few tell if it truly is influenza or just a viral infection. When I was 38, after taking Amoxicillin, which I had taken prob all my life, I had a small red patch on inside wrist. I was at the hospital for an upper GI and the nurse asked what that rash was as she was putting in my IV. I said I had no idea, she asked my meds and then said DO NOT TAKE Amox again. My dr said that even tho I had taken before with no reaction, not to take again. Said there are other antibiotics if I need.

  11. ROFL~ wallowing in the mud all happy, now they learned the water has been turned off 😉 having a WTH Moment!

    Xena | 02/08/2014 at 4:54 pm
    WE Won one for #TrayvonMartin
    The Zimmerman fight is cancelled. twitter.com/hollywoodbox11… http://t.co/G5Y65w64MZ—
    TheBarackEqualizer™ (@MrMilitantNegro) February 08, 2014

    Yahtzee | 02/08/2014 at 8:00 pm

    Uh, oh…..we had better check this out:

    ColorOfChange.org ‏@ColorOfChange 24m
    Until @hollywoodbox11 makes up his mind, our petition is still live http://act.colorofchange.org/sign/trayvon_birthday/ … #StopTheFight

    ColorOfChange.org ‏@ColorOfChange 50m
    So @hollywoodbox11 deletes tweets canceling Zimmerman fight, now says his “final decision” will be announced Tuesday pic.twitter.com/nyC64DTWjP

  12. NOW, I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE FIGHT< BUT, I very much DOUBT that David P is the ONLY Person saying go ahead with it. I sure David can handle Xena lol
    Don't think she can handle David ….
    Xena | 02/08/2014 at 8:37 pm
    Feldman might be playing the publicity role, but one thing I do know is if he does not stand on his decision to cancel the fight, I’m putting the following on blast. Going over Twitter, only one person has told him to still go on with Zimmerman’s boxing match; i.e., David Piercy. David Piercy’s reason is motivated by his racial bigotry. If Feldman decides to go on with the fight, and with the following, it can only be due to Feldman agreeing with Piercy.

    @hollywoodbox11 fuck these angry lying nigroe savages do the fight anyway—
    Pirate News Network (@support4GZ) February 08, 2014


    2013 in review
    February 8, 2014
    The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.
    Here’s an excerpt:
    The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 1,500,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 64 days for that many people to see it.

    Seriously, folks we are not getting much of a response to our request for donations and I am not exaggerating when I say we need them desperately.
    This is our 882nd post.

    • Frederick Leatherman says:
      February 8, 2014 at 7:17 pm
      If everyone who visited this blog on a regular basis contributed $5 per month, people would not have to suffer my pleading for donations.

  14. H/T Random Topics,
    On the NBC Case, there is a substitute of counsel on Feb 5 2014. Oh how I Pray ~ hard it would be Don West 😉


    • Wouldn’t that have been Lorna Truett? She participated by phone and advised she didn’t know if the sanctions motion was proceeding or being dropped.

      The Judge ruled,, the civil case against NBC can’t move forward until the sanctions issue is dealt with.

      I’m disappointed to read that it’s on GZ’s back to fight a corrupt prosecution. West and O’Mara have that office dead to right in discovery violations and it’s up to an indigent defendant whether or not that issue is pursued. Ridiculous! IMO

      • Nettles, in the interview I read about that (MOM saying it’s mostly GZ’s decison to make as to whether or not to go forward), MOM also said he thinks GZ may feel he’s spent enough time in the courtroom for awhile – so apparently GZ would still have to be present, even though the sanctions are about Corey playing games….?

        • Wouldn’t it make sense for defense lawyers to band together and help highlight the abuses Corey’s office is heaping upon defendants.

          When they have a high-profile case, you’d think the defense lawyers would take advantage of that to clean up the system.

          That it needs GZ sucks. He’s dealing with so much already.

        • lorac ~ MOM stated the “decision depends on GZ.” GZ would be responsible for every single cost affiliated w/the sanctions. Plus, imo, there is absolutely n reason for MOM/West to represent GZ in the sanctions if G doesn’t agree to pay every entire dime recovered to pay the cost to recover monies in the sanction case as well as any monies left, to MOM/West on other Defense Cost.

          Reality: Cost to pursue the sanctions legally verses the cost to pursue the sanctions by the Defense Team + the likelihood the money would all go to the Defense, not GZ!

          Since the Criminal Case: MOM paid $ 30,000.00 on GZ/S’s behalf in a “settlement” to the security company that spent man hours protecting SZ/GZ, not mom.

          No one more than I would like Corey get her due, no one more that MOM/West want to be paid by GZ & they are rightfully due their monies!

      • I still do not know how Nelson can delay that trial if both Beasley and NBC want it to move forward. There is no legal relationship between the 2 cases so what is her legal authority?

        • Who would pay MOM to proceed with the sanctions hearing? Certainly not George. It’s why I said a while back that I do not think it will ever happen. What is the worst penalty that could be imposed monetarily and who would receive it? George has nothing to gain.

          • jordan ~ GZ would be responsible for the sanctions going forward or being dropped. GZ would too be responsible for all court cost as well as all the hours MOM/West/paralegals worked on anything pertaining to the sanctions case for GZ. None of the legal work is free for GZ, that’s over!

            You are correct! GZ likely has nothing to gain from the sanctions case if pursued, since it is predicted by legal experts that less than 1/2 might be recovered as MOM would never recover what he stated, how much would the legal fees cost verses what might be recovered in a “sanctions” recovery?

            How many months months would it cost to get a date to pursue this, get all the information to pursue it, how much time might be wasted waiting on Ben Kruidbos’s case to conclude to see if it might have anything to help the sanction case? We don’t even know if BK’s case will not be dismissed at some point, if it’s not, we don’t know if there might be evidence to even help in the sanctions case, though we hope. All time wasted in which the NBC will not move an inch forward!

            Would MOM not state to GZ, “if you want to go forward w/the sanctions, West/I will pursue it ONLY if all the monies recovered pay what it cost us to pursue it.” imo, there’s nothing in it for MOM/West to participate if GZ doesn’t agree to this. Would the recovery of any monies from the sanctions, after paying all monies to pursue sanctions to the Defense team leave much left for GZ? imo, no.

            Not only would it leave little money for GZ w/a sanctions win, GZ has other outstanding legal fees to pay the defense.

            Remember, it was MOM that paid $ 30,000.00 since the criminal case ended, an additional $ 30,000.00 for GZ that no doubt will be tacked onto his criminal case debt that he owes the Defense Team! The $ 30,000.00 MOM had to pay out in “settlement” just to conclude the case of the Security Company that was suing them, it was GZ/SZ that used the Security Companies man hours, not MOM.

            GZ is a bottomless pit of legal expenses in several cases, no doubt GZ is high maintenance legally, I don’t see that changing in any of his past legal dealings as well as any future legal dealings in which require an attorney to represent him.

            • People want the sanctions hearing to continue because they want BLDR and Corey to be held accountable for what they did. When Bernie lied to Nelson, she knew it and gave him another chance. He lied again. Why does anyone think she will change her mind? Even if she did, the trial is over. Bernie should have been jailed and the trial should have stopped. Oops… too late now. What is the worst penalty that can be imposed now? I see no point in pursuing this. Bottom line is George has no money so that pretty much ends it.

    • I’m confused myself. Damon Feldman said it was cancelled then said an announcement would be made on Tuesday.

      I note George is no longer following Damon but does still follow the account @lowmike who originally made the offer to George.

      I guess we wait for verification. (as usual)

  15. I am horrified at the thought of this taking place. If it is not cancelled I will post my own open letter here to the Z family if that’s OK.

    • Don’t be so certain that would end it. Crump and the family have outright said it was a murder. If the result of the investigation is that it was accidental, which it will be, Team Crump will just add the investigators to the list of conspirators. Business as usual.

      • True. I recall Crump calling the Sanford Police Dept. Racist because they didn’t lay charges in a case that self defense could NOT be disproven.

        He riled up demonstrations with the help of some politicians and outright lies to force charges in a case where the facts did not support them.

  16. You might tweet a message to him that you sent him a PM. Then again, he might not notice because he probably has a flood of tweets in his interaction section. I thin mine out by blocking haters, but I don’t think he blocks anyone. That means that his interaction page probably has a ton of tweets and retweets from haters. Then if anyone retweets something one of the haters retweeted, he’d get a message that something was retweeted that he was “mentioned” in.

    One of the main reasons I block so much is to prevent my interactions from being cluttered.

    • I have no complaints about the responses. I am not privy to everything and there may be a reason I don’t know about on why he doesn’t want to respond.

      I’m left with no doubt that GZ and his family acknowledge and appreciate my contributions to help him. And the contributions of many of us.

      I do disagree with making money off that night. Whether it be George or Trayvon’s parents. It was a tragedy and making anything off of it is distasteful to me.

      Having said that, GZ doesn’t deserve to have his livelihood taken from him b/c he chose to save his life. Recount the night all you want, there is no doubt Trayvon was putting GZ’s well-being at risk in banging his head onto a cement sidewalk. That GZ fired a shot to stop the attack should not result in his having his marriage destroyed, his family threatened and his ability to earn a living taken away.

      Hopefully with the support the family is receiving online and in real life, GZ is learning and finding his way back to a normal life. I’m encouraged he is working out to get his health in order. I stand ready to help where I can.

      I’d also like to help anyone who wants to take those dishonest prosecutors out of their job and some politicians who put their skin color and politics ahead of the truth, the whole truth.

      • I would disagree with making money off the event if not for the fact that the event took away his ability to be employed. He has to capitalize on whatever he can. I was concerned about the fight because it seemed dangerous and like a good way to keep the haters stirred up.

        It appears that the promoter cancelled it. He said it was because of the complaints he got from the Trayvon supporters, but I read DMX had not agreed to do it and there’s no evidence GZ did, either. Possibly, the promoter couldn’t get either of them to sign, so he appeased the people with the petition. Whatever happened, it appears the fight won’t happen.

      • The prosecutors and politicians are spineless when the race baiters come to town. They’d rather settle then deal with the riots and bad PR. Those that use race for profit and political gain are the problem. They’re the source of the problem, IMO. Team Crump is destroying the Bell family now. He makes claims of racism, directly or indirectly, and the army of true racists go on the attack. Sharpton destroyed how many lives? Jesse how many?

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