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Open Weekday Thread – Part I

group discussion

An open Dunn Trial thread is available for that topic and anything else on your mind, this week (Feb.10 – 14), can be posted on this thread.

Have a terrific productive week everyone.


225 thoughts on “Open Weekday Thread – Part I

    • The spelling police voice that I don’t let come out to play in public is being really, really nasty and sarcastic right now towards KJ’s mother.

      And – this is really un-pc — but my sarcastic voice is remembering that the vast majority of young black men are killed by other young black men – and wondering if there is some welcome wagon for the small percentage of parents of young black men who are NOT killed by other young black men that provides them with direct numbers to Crump and black movie stars and the directions to Rodeo Drive.

    • jordan ~ I left you a message on the last thread.

      The Beatles tribute puts into prospective where our Country is w/our President, 73 million people watched the Beatles tribute while only 33.5 million Americans watch Obama’s State of the Union, LOL, most didn’t waste their time. I’m still waiting for Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo.

      jordan ~ what a great American, did you see the latest on Clint Eastwood? Clint’s still making a difference & “making someone’s day” even at 83 years old, he never fails to cease to amaze! On top of saving a life, Clint W. was there for charity!

      I love American’s that don’t promote themselves, that quietly/tirelessly work for years giving back, especially in the name of charity to raise much need monies as the Government cut backs have hurt all non profits including food banks. Clint Eastwood still “makes my day!”

      Eastwood attended a volunteer party on the eve of the PGA Tour event when he noticed tournament director Steve John choking on a piece of cheese. The 83-year-old actor quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver Wednesday night at the Monterey Conference Center.

      Eastwood is a prominent figure at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, formerly as an amateur contestant and now as chairman of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation. It has raised over $100 million for charity as the host of the PGA Tour event.


    • I was a mere pup at two and a half years old. One of my earliest detailed memories. Sitting on my Aunt’s lap in the den with my mother and brother. Everyone was so excited. My Dad and Uncle were in the other room, I guess. Probably didn’t know what all the fuss was about…

    • ‘The owner of FilmOn, Alki David, tells TMZ … the fight will no longer be a celebrity boxing match… “this is going to be like Fight Club … a very bloody event.” Alki says the fight will happen March 15 from a secret location … and all profits will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

      But TMZ has learned the resurrected fight is not yet a done deal — we’re told FilmOn is still negotiating with Feldman for the rights and nothing has been signed. ‘

      I have to wonder if George only agreed because it was going to be a ‘fake’ fight. If so, he’s in trouble if FilmOn gets the rights. The profits going to the TM foundation just makes it even worse. This is going from bad to worse.

      Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/02/10/george-zimmerman-boxing-match-fight-dmx-canceled/#ixzz2sx7i4Vws

        • I guess it would depend on what he signed. If he actually did sign something. Unless it says something like ‘fake fight’ then he’s stuck AFAIK. There’s probably a penalty for backing out.

          Seems to me, though, that if the original promoter decided having the fight would be a bad idea, that he wouldn’t be inclined to transfer. But I really have no idea what’s going on at this point.

        • This whole thing just doesn’t feel right to me.

          I thought I read that the match wasn’t cancelled because of DMZ (and it hadn’t been verified if either GZ or DMZ had signed on), but because the promoter had received so much criticism about having the fight. If that’s true, that would really be disingenous of him to sell the “rights” to someone else. And if GZ *did* sign up, he’s a fool if he didn’t stipulate that he gets to okay the opponent. I imagine the promoter wanted him as much as GZ wanted the money – if that’s why GZ would have been doing it – so GZ would have had leverage. And if GZ agrees to a new fight with someone who is vowing to make him a bloody mess and will donate the money to Martin’s parents – well, then GZ *already* has brain damage.

          I don’t know. It’s a lot of chatter with no confirmation from the “main player”. This might all be busy bodies trying to draw attention to themselves……

          • I just looked at the Sentinel article – it’s some kind of place to report “what’s hot on the internet” – the “reporter” didn’t speak to anyone directly – just seemed to piece some things together based on tweets and websites. I hope I’m not wrong – but I think people are just trying to cause trouble, maybe gets hits to their respective websites.

    • Soon after the trial ended, George’s life took a turn for the worse. With each incident, conflicting reports emerged about what happened. I recently said I will not believe anything unless George says it himself in a respected venue and in a manner so that we can actually hear him speaking. I am done with George until he mans up and takes responsibility for his life. He is showing himself to be a pathetic, pitiful loser. It’s all getting to be a bit too immature and childish for me.

      • jordan2222 ~ I follow a case from the beginning to the end, then I keep up w/anything pertaining to the case making news. A Fla. high profile case I followed was Adam Kauffman’s case ended, nothing else ever transpired/hopefully, after being unjustly charged for the murder of his wife & found “not guilty, he is taking care of his children & moving on in his life. Another high profile Fla. case is John Goodman’s DUI manslaughter case which will be tried again due to a “stealth juror” discovered after he was convicted in his first trial. He’s the millionaire owner of the Tampa Polo Club that hit a college in his Bentley & killed him, Goodman left the scene w/the college kid screaming for help. The re-trial hasn’t started yet due to pretrial haggling from the defense.

        As far as GZ, from now on, I will only be interested in the legal aspects concerning GZ, whatever happens w/the “sanctions,” SZ/GZ’s divorce conclusion as well as all the documents pertaining to the divorce, & the NBC lawsuit, all documents, etc. I too am interested in Ben Kruidbos’ case as well as the amount of settlement J. Lydeker received in her case of “wrongful termination” in Corey’s office which Corey has settled. All 4 cases have the common denominator of Angela Corey/her office. I did read since either Lydker or Corey could bring this Civil Suit back to court which isn’t likely within 60 days of the settlement agreement, which is customary for the conclusion of a civil case in FIa., I don’t think we’ll know what the case settled for until after the 60 days from the day the case settled.

        The only thing I have any interest in pertaining to GZ from now on will be the legal aspects & hopefully those reaching successful conclusions. I am not remotely interested in a boxing match, a fight, drama, his twitter, or anything else concerning GZ. I will read the media reports like I do in KC’s case but I don’t care what happens w/the personal stuff, it’s just too over the top imo, plus, I no longer care about any of. Things don’t seem to be improving on any level imho.

        I’ve read w/amusement the length KC/her attorney’s have gone to have her Civil Cases dismissed so she doesn’t have to pay future judgments, that remains interesting though most of her debt has been dismissed through bankruptcy. imo, we’ve not heard the last from KC, but she isn’t like GZ in the least. KC has never done an interview since her “not guilty verdict,” KC will eventually sell her interview for the maximum monies she can get & have Baez negotiate what can be ask of her in an interview, she will make her money, then go back into hiding/live off the monies for a long time. KC made one appearance for profit after the verdict, Baez picked the photographer t take pictures of KC shopping in store front windows from a distance, Baez then too the photos & negotiated the sell of the photos at a rumored $ 75,000.00 for the photos. The town was eventually identified, Baez is smart, KC was not living in that city! KC is a commodity because she hasn’t been seen or heard from personally since her verdict but the one time for profit.

  1. This makes me sick. There’s nothing I can do about it. Trying only puts them in more danger. I can believe he’d allow himself to get beaten up to give money to the Martins. Hopefully, this is more misinformation by the media.

  2. I checked Twitter and George doesn’t seem worried. I don’t know if that means there’s nothing to worry about or that he’s just not showing it. I reported Ponderosa for an abusive tweet to him and Sam.

  3. It has been a horrible winter for the majority of the USA. People unable to get to/from work. Shortages reported on propane. Utility workers working 12 hr shifts, road crews same thing… Real people in need.. then there are these people.. SMH. Its like finger nails on a chalkboard. People begging, trying to make people feel obligated…For someone supposedly educated…. so does his wife have legal expenses? Is that where their $ goes? Does she work? And they have the nerve to talk about anything GZ does about donations during his case? Maybe if it were just one month. LMAO but its EVERY MONTH. Ahh hope the few chumps keep it up, always good for a hearty laugh 🙂

    Feb 10 2014
    Seriously, folks we are not getting much of a response to our request for donations and I am not exaggerating when I say we need them desperately.
    This is our 885th post.

    *later in day Feb 10 2014
    Please I am pleading for donations. We have received less than a dozen for less than $200.
    We are not going to be able to pay our rent and electricity for this month without reader donations.

    • How old are these people? Are they not working because they’re retirement age? If so, then they should be getting social security, and if he was really a professor, shouldn’t he also be getting a pension? If they’re not that old – and he has a doctorate – um…. go get a job! I don’t go to that website, but I see all the stuff you guys post.

      Geez, Jeralyn at Talk Left is a full time attorney – a famous one at that – and she still manages to put out very in depth, legal analyses on her blog. Nettles has a full time job and spends a lot of time with her volunteer work, and she runs a blog. The problem is not that his readers aren’t supporting him, the problem is he’s not supporting himself. If someone can make a living out of blogging, more power to them. But if they can’t, which is true for most everyone, then write for free for the love of it or close up your blog. Either way, you still have to get a job!

      lol any ONE of us here could start a blog and write our opinions every night – but no one has any obligation to pay our bills!

      • EXACTLY! lol I don’t know age but he was a lawyer… she was in prison, drugs of somesort. She is out, and working on some kind of trying to get out of it or appealing or something. That’s why I think they are using to pay fines or something. Few months back, around Christmas time, his motorcycle had problems, their only veh. then they had a mysterious prob in their home (prob mold) blah blah. And each time its with the strong verbiage how they are in bad need. And almost can hear them stomping their feet. OH and they have 3 blogs. I know she has one, he has another and then the one where I have made comments about.

        • then they had a mysterious prob in their home (prob mold) blah blah

          If they rent, the landlord should take care of it and it’s not a reason to be asking blog readers for money. If they own a home, then I’d say they have a good income they’re pretending they don’t have.

        • I have been sick too… should I beg for $ 😉 lmao just kidding!

          Crane-Station says:
          February 11, 2014 at 10:42 am
          BTW, we would like to thank our readers for excellent help on covering this. We are trying to figure out how to get Fred to a doctor, and so we very much appreciate the help on this.

          Crane-Station says:
          February 11, 2014 at 11:00 am
          This has taken a firm hold in his sinus (and eyes) and it has become worse, not better. He needs to see a doctor, today.

      • I’ve seen photos of them both. Fred appears to be in his late sixties; his wife somewhat younger, perhaps late fifties.

        I read his blog from time to time, on a variety of topics, and he has an interesting take on things. I have exchanged emails with him on two occasions, both unrelated to TM/GZ, and he was very courteous and prompt in his replies.

        I have not donated any money to them, and doubt that I would ever be motivated to do so; but if I ever enjoyed an epiphany from his writings, I would reconsider it.

    • Hmm no response from Leatherhead or his wife… and they have been steadly making comments. Funny, Leatherhead has been promoting this case for awhile… 🙂

      renahv says:
      February 7, 2014 at 11:27 pm
      I made a donation the other day but havent received any acknowledgement. True, it was unfortuneately only a small amount this time, but you usually never fail to let me know youve gotten it.
      Im worried that you havent?
      2dogsonly says:
      February 10, 2014 at 9:45 pm
      About donations, I did donate 50.00 a while ago but never received any acknowledgement. Just so you know, this may be a reason donations have fallen off.

      • I am very confused about who you are talking about. I see someone named Fred asking for donations often, but I have no idea who he is or what he wants donations for. I have wondered if we are expected to donate to this blog if we participate but I have never seen Annette ask for money. I’m puzzled.

        • Sorry for the confusion. No its Fred Leatherman’s blog. A Trayvon supporter, of sorts I guess. He also wants reader support 😉 . Has nothing to do with Annette at all. Although they do talk trash about her blog and TCTH a lot, more so prior and during and after the trial. I do read there from time to time for a different perspective. Sometimes he has some interesting articles, mostly just trying to pull in the haters. Especially around the 3rd to 5th, of month then at the end of each article is the beg, and it gets stronger in tone for next week or so. I am not going to pay anyone to read their opinion, even a newspaper. If I feel inclined to make a donation somewhere, it is with my own reasoning and desire, not being bullied for having read. JMHO. But I do try to be open minded as much as humanly possible. I think sometimes that means hearing the other sides opinion. I will say sometimes I have read at Leatherheads and it was thought provoking, but I sadly see more of the same old same old. Racist bs and how everything is about skin color. It is not.
          Again, I apologize for confusing you or anyone else.

  4. I was watching figure skating this weekend, and the ads on the short walls were in English – ie, said “Sochi” in English, etc. I just now watched a Russian language channel video of the figure skating, and all the writing on the short walls was in Russian. Now I’m wondering if the Russian cameras are on one side, facing the Russian walls, and English the opposite….? Anyone know? Just curious.

  5. We need more Pacific Standard Time people on this blog so there’s someone to talk to when I get on the computer at 8 pm lol Now I’m forced to do WORK on the computer instead! lol

    • I am Central time, but I usually get on late, SO HELLO (((waving))) I believe Cassandra lives in your time zone. Maybe she will pop in! I do enjoy reading your thoughts and comments. So don’t let that stop you (playing in the sand alone) 😉 hugs! Hey has your area gotten any precipitation? Just wondering.

      • Well, we’re having a drought. I heard the north and central parts were going to get some good rain, but I’m about as far south as you can go and still speak English lol We had a couple of nights where there was some rain. But rain here in SoCal – it’s not like the midwest. At best it’s a couple of hours of drizzle or mist, and that’s it. 😦 I remember a couple of times while I lived here that it rained for many hours – but the ground was so hard, the rain didn’t penetrate, just ran in “streams” to lower ground….

        • Geesh! I had read there was a water shortage or possible. I will think of you when we have rain. 🙂 Maybe that’s some of the problems with some people hear about lol brains are literally fried 😉 jk

  6. O’Reilly is on. I don’t really like him much – I think he likes to hear himself talk.

    He’s talking about the basketball player (college) who charged a fan – jumped off the floor (he had fallen down) and jumped at the fan – the fan may or may not have used a racial slur. They’re saying it “depends” on what he heard – whether it WAS a racial slur – he’s talking to 2 black people – and they’re all agreeing if it was racial, he’s justified in charging. That’s ridiculous. You can’t become physically aggressive with someone who is insulting you, no matter what they said. You ignore it, or fight words with words, you don’t escalate it to physical. Geez.

    I hated it when tennis changed from Jimmy O’Conner to – I forget his name (he married Ryan O’Neal’s daughter – suited for each other) but he was vulgar and childish and always had fits on the court. What happened to sportsmen(sic)ship? Does every sport have to become like ice hockey?

    • Crap, I cant find where I just read (if this is the same story) that there is or may be video of what was said. I wont comment because I haven’t seen or read about it. Are you saying the player came out of the game TO the audience? WOW!

      • He had gone after the ball I think, but by the time he reached the sidelines his momentum kept him going and he fell down at the feet of the people in the first row. He got up then shoved hard a man who was in the second row, but accessible because the person in front of him had moved out of the way with the player sliding in.

        • OH ok thanks… little bit I had read, (not you) made it sound like someone shouted it and he was retaliating. Whole diff scenario. thanks again

          • mimi – in the video clip I saw, you can’t hear a racial slur. Others have said the fan (fan of the other team) said (trying to remember, might not be exact) “you’re a piece of crap!”. The player said afterwards it was a racial slur. Apparently his school is more concerned with his behavior, because he was suspended for 3 games.

    • “You can’t become physically aggressive with someone who is insulting you, no matter what they said.”

      There is an exception to the first amendment / free speech that is colloquially referred to as ‘fighting words’ (as popularized by Yosemite Sam “Them’s fightin’ words”)

      SCOTUS decided in 1942 that certain words do have power and can incite violence.

      “The fighting words doctrine, as originally announced in Chaplinsky, found that two types of speech were not protected—words that by their very utterance inflict injury, and speech that incites an immediate breach of the peace.”

      • lol my reaction to that is, *obviously* the Supreme Court was all men (which of course it was) and when they were little boys, they hated it when someone said “your mother wears army boots!” – I say that ruling is bad – I disagree with them 🙂

  7. Aww Nettles, looks like after Xena Black Budderfly wrote her lil story out of context about one of my posts her, she posted a link to Leatherhead… Well ROFLMAO he must have BANNED her! Her last post was Feb 1 on his article about people talking about him. Well since, she has had 3 people post a message to Fred or Crane, saying there is some technical problem, Xena cant post 😉 . Funny thing, both of them are steadily posting about the Dunn case. Looks like Freddy didn’t need her help or opinion on this case 😉

    Xena says:

    February 1, 2014 at 11:50 pm
    Professor, just posted this to address the harassers’ new agenda.
    blackbutterfly7. .com/2014/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    racerrodig says:
    February 5, 2014 at 3:16 pm
    Professor, can you check your mail, Xena is trying to reach you and there may be a technical issue. Thanks

    fauxmccoy says:
    February 7, 2014 at 12:18 pm
    fred — xena is unable to post, think you can help her out?

    blushedbrown says:
    February 10, 2014 at 7:52 pm
    @Mason or Crane
    I think WordPress is acting funny again. Xena’s posts are waiting in moderation. Could you take a looksee and see if you guys can whip WordPress into submission. Thanks!!

  8. Just watched Alex and Frederick Bilodeau, brothers story is so touching! Frederick has Cerebral Palsy. I am pulling for him to Gold again! looks like our Northern FRIENDS are doing well in these cold weather sports lol Oh man watching this skiing is making my knees hurt! USA Bradley Wilson just fell eek ouch but he kept on and finished

    • The picture with the medical examiner’s placard would have been taken much later in the day after the body had been laid down (he says he wasn’t notified until around 3:45)… much of the swelling and distortion seen in the photo taken earlier in the day would have diminished.

      • …that’s not to say that the ambulance chasers handling the case didn’t deliberately choose the more prejudicial photo to sway public opinion

        • +1.
          Also, if you click on the pictures, the color picture doesn’t look (to me) beaten up. Knowing he had been upside down that length of time, you can see. Also if you look at the arms, there is signs of slippage. (sorry)

      • The fact that one is color and one is black and white and cropped makes a lot of difference. I don’t think swelling after death diminishes does it? I remb there was already slippage in the skin noted. Which I think is what we see in the cropped black and white photo. JMHO

        But I do agree that the first picture taken by LEO or whomever would look some different than laying flat on back. Gravity pull is diff both way I would think.

  9. Eric Holder to step down this year: report!

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will step down this year, he said in an interview with the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin in the magazine’s Feb. 17 edition.

    In a feature article, Mr. Holder said he plans on staying in his position “well into” the year.
    Last November, Mr. Holder, the first black attorney general, told CBS News he didn’t have “any plans” to step down.


    Long overdue imo.

  10. Attention Ladies!
    This is an inter-office memo~

    To the Ladies: Esp. arkansasmimi, but also lorac1 and art tart (Mz. Tart to you!).and of course The Boss Lady in Toronto

    Subject: sticking or missing keyboard letters

    Saw your exchange of posts Re: missing “o’s” and “i’s” several threads ago and thought I’d chime in, albeit a week or so late.

    I’ve been using wireless mini-keyboards from Logitech for my laptop, but now for desktops as well.. If you haven’t tried this, you might want to look into either just a keyboard or keyboard & mouse combo. You would just need to use a USB port to make it work. I got one for $14.95 @ MicroCenter,and the one I use the most for around $25. Picture at Logitech webpage here:

    Any of the geek stores should have them.and other brands too. Some friends abhor minis and need a full board, but whatever. Speaking for myself, I like the freedom and portability that a mini-keyboard allows.

    After checking out local stores with features and prices, you can always save a little by buying at NewEgg or Amazon online, but you probably already knew this, right?

    Hope this helps, and best regards to you all, and not to forget my fellow Berkeleyian (me: Class of ’72), dear Cassandra.

    JB in SoCal
    [current status: lurking, but in a good way]


    Wow, they must be truly afraid of Hillary Rodham Clinton, just look at the panicky, screechy headlines that are posted now, some 2 1/2 years from the Nov. 2016 election. Unreal!

    We are way, way overdue for a woman to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania . . . wait, wasn’t there one living there 1992 to 2000, sorta running things? Works for me.

      • The license plate on the car in front of me this AM read: “Arkansas The Natural State” OK, I told myself, that’s a message directly from Mimi, so you better quit lurking and get in touch right now!

        Only too happy to help out, and please let me know if you have any questions. BTW, the price for that one particular KB in the link was priced at suggested list ($40) but should be available for $25-30, prob’ly cheaper w/out the touch pad — but then you’d need a mouse. They sell combos too.

        Those posts concerning the weird abbreviations and/or unrecognizable twitterspeak really tugged at my heartstrings and left me felling frustrated. Then the light went on over my head, just like in the cartoons, I swear.

        Let me know how it goes, please.

        ‘Bye for now.

        • JB from SoCal ~ Got the “inter office memo!” LOL!

          What a great idea! Lots cheaper too than replacing a lap top, I will definitely check into it, I have a “toshiba” lap top, other than a few sticky keys, I really like it. Thanks for the suggestion & don’t just lurk, share your thoughts more often.

          “I hear it never rains in Southern California,” (can’t remember who sings that tune,) but I was relieved to read yesterday parts of Ca. had some over due rain. Is that true or an internet hoax? I know the drought/lack of rains have caused the wild fires, but I read yesterday even some areas had flooded. Keep up posted on that too please.

          I’m in La., school’s out today because of the prediction of “snow/sleet & frozen streets, southerners aren’t prepared for dangerous streets so as a precaution, they let school out for the “threat” of bad weather. LOL, I never seemed to remember that happening when I was a kid!

          • Art, did yall get any of that icky weather? I just saw a while ago that LA ( joke some here in my state, what we call LOWER Arkansas=LA … down in “L” “A” for years I heard people speak of that and I thought they were talking about Los Angeles California haha its some Old Timers lol) got some of the weather that was thought going to stay Louisiana, Our state as 4 seasons, lol sometimes within the same week! Parts of the state now are suppose to be in 50s by tomorrow and 60s by weekend. I hate when Mother Nature does this. It tricks the trees and perennial flowers. 2 years ago we had such warm weather in March that we had tomatoes on vine in some places that should just be blooming.

            Stay safe! Down South our roads aren’t built for the bad storms like in north, JMHO. Roads swell from the ice and once melts the cracks in asphalt make it loose and “potholes” happen. then they Patch them… doesn’t work long 😉

            • mimi ~ “LA,” LMAO! Lower Arkansas. When I was younger, my family loved to ski at the “Narrows,” I know those in Arkansas call it something different, maybe “Lake Griesan.” When I was a little girl, we visited Hot Springs many times, my mom grew up there, it’s a beautiful place for families & you gotta love the “alligator farm,” I don’t know if it’s still there.

              I followed a murder case closely that was in in Hot Springs Village of Dawna Natzke. Thank heavens her boyfriend Kevin “Duck” was finally arrested fr her murder.

              This is the 2nd day schools have been closed, no ice/snow yesterday, but light snow & ice today today. I hate the ice, what a good sport you are to put up w/it most of the winter. We have 2 seasons, cold & hot, LOL!

              • I don’t know about good sport 😉 I love Hot Springs. Ya know I don’t know if the Alligator farm is still there. We went many times years ago. Have you ever been to Murphreesboro? The Diamond Mine is there. Kids have all been. I want to go. Something always comes up lol. Get to keep what you find. Quite a few have been found, last few years 😉 Stay warm lol

          • arttart – I have only lived here in CA, so I can’t speak for areas further north – but even if you have a miracle and have a decent (CA) amount of rain, a lot of it “runs off”, becuase the ground is so hard it can’t absorb it. I spent most of my life in the midwest, and I remember working in the yard and garden, with that wonderful loose black/brown dirt. It’s not like that here – the dirt is hard (you have to soak the dirt with the hose for a long time if you want to dig), and there are lots and lots of stones in it. I always wondered if it’s because we are only 11 feet above sea level (why we have so many rocks in the dirt).

            • We have the beautiful and productive garden loam here in the flatlands of Berkeley. The tomatoes are so favorable and take little effort. I have a large patch of raspberries, we don’t water them and still have baskets and baskets of delectable berries. My son and his wife new old house up against the hills has clay soil. There removed the lawn and planted natives, succulents and fruit trees. We turned in clod breaking amendments formulated for clay soil, he has broken 5 shovels so far. The new plants are already spreading their roots happily now that the amendments are in. Our area gets its drinking water directly from a mountain river source, tastes good.

              California is an extremely diverse place, all kinds of people and soils. The Sierra snowpack irrigates the central valley agriculture. San Diego gets the majority water from the Colorado river. San Diego and LA need to remove their lawns. We are planning for rain barrels to catch rain water.

        • 🙂 awww! “Naturally, it was was” and so thrilled that you did 😉 hugs! And I will let you know how works out!

      • Hi all,

        I grew up in LA, before there were freeways, orange groves everywhere. After high school I headed to San Diego, it was a small town then. I did some college there and in 1978 headed to the Rockies.
        Some years later I visited one of the brothers at UCB and the following year moved here. Eventually I married, had two kids bought a house, which is now worth a absurd amount of money.

        The past storm brought a a few inches of rain, across the bay at Mt Tam it rained 20″ but just south 50 miles in San Jose hardly any rain. A drop in the bucket drought wise.

        I have seen a bit of the Olympics, the Canadians have been impressive, winter people. Our local Sierra athletes are showing strong with some outstanding performances by women champions.

      • Hi 1carol . . . err, 1lorac, I mean lorac1 ~

        Yet another telepathic message has come through. I thought you’d never ask!
        I’m in the County Seat of Orange County, and I’ve always wondered where you were located.

        Cassandra? i believe she works in Beserkeley — like we used to call it —
        but she may reside next door. I really admire her courage for standing up against thuggery, and for the service that she provides to the community. Hope she stays strong and stays safe. And WOWEE! I just saw her comment below — excuse me while I go read it . . . but . . .

        >>First, time out please; I’ve got to make a quick local trip before 8 AM Pacific, then I’ll be right back.

        Much love to you all,

        • Oops! One phone call = change of plans

          Got to run. Helping — I should say mentoring — unofficial daughter with prep. for Master’s Degree Final Exam. Gave her away at her wedding back in ’01. I’ll be so proud to see her graduate in May, just like I was to see her graduate form UCBerkeley in ’03. In Spanish, the Mexicans call it “papel de padre,” or in English, acting as the father, ‘cuz the bio-father abandoned the family & ihas passed away. “Daddy” for 22 years now and counting . . .

          Back here in late afternoon Pacific.

          Besos y abrazos . . . pero no besos pa’nada de los hombres . . . NI MODO OK?

  11. Hi Annette,

    Hope all is well with you. Been in lurk mode since the Not Guilty verdict, but saw this just now and thought of you:

    Headline in Pittsburgh Trib-Review: “Crosby Arrives As Captain Canada”

    Short story::


    But please, can we have him back on Penguin ice after you wax the Russkies and the Olympics are over??

    Thanks and best regards, eh?


  12. Nettles ~ You must be proud!

    The Most Touching Moment of the Sochi Olympics: Alex Bilodeau posed with the Canadian flag Monday, standing beside his inspiration.

    Frederic has cerebral palsy. Alex says that Frederic’s challenges give him a daily reality check and help to keep him grounded.

    “He has dreams like you and I but he can’t go after most of those dreams,” Bilodeau said. “I have the ability that I can go after those dreams. And out of respect for him, I go after them.”

    Bilodeau accomplished his mission Monday, finishing first in the freestyle skiing men’s moguls, ahead of teammate Mikael Kingsbury.


    • In Vancouver 2010, Alex won gold in the moguls and we were introduced to his brother Frederic. I think of Frederic everytime I tell myself I don’t feel like exercising today and I do it anyway. He motivates many of us.

      Yes! I’m very proud Alex defended his gold medal and will continue to be the gold medalist until the next 4 years brings another champion.

      Alex and his teammates really love their sport and do what they can to help other athletes in other countries. He donated some ski equipment to some Russian athletes who aren’t as lucky as we are in Canada and don’t have access to the same resources.

      I donate monthly to the Canadian athletes and have done so for the past 6 years. I couldn’t be prouder of them. I look for doing better than their personal best not really the medals. But seeing the flag fly and hearing the anthem is awesome.

      • Nettles ~ in the ABC article, it stated Alex was considering retiring, he is only 26 but I know it is a taxing sport & it didn’t state any reasons as to why he may retire so young. A lot of young athletes say that as I know they get tired, most have trained just about all their lives t compete in the Olympics but, when the next Olympics rolls around, they change their minds, I assume the competitive fever comes back! Awesome Alex shared equipment w/some Russian athletes, I know they appreciated it as their country suffers in many ways, consider we are seeing the very best imo, Canada, as well as America has so much to be grateful for, & too, are so generous. No doubt your monthly donations are put to good use & in the spirit of Alex, recycled equipment.

        It’s truly heart warming for Alex to share his glory w/his brother & made a lump in my throat. I worked w/so many children w/Cerebral Palsy, it’s really tough & a physical challenge daily, some are never able to stand, straighten an arm, & it’s painful, so I understand your comment on “days you didn’t feel like exercising.”

        I have been reading about the “stray dogs” since before the Olympics started. Yesterday I saw an add which said, “adopt a stray dog from Sochi.” I had read the city was going to shoot the dogs to be rid of them before the Olympics & I was horrified, I was so grateful to read yesterday that someone has stepped up w/a resolution for the starving animals & hopefully many will find themselves w/a loving family & all the food they can eat.

  13. I am puzzled by a few things. I keep seeing someone here ask for money, but I don’t see him post here and Annette has never asked us for money. Are we supposed to donate to participate here?

    Yesterday, we saw an article that said the fight was on but with a different promoter and that there would be new rules and it would be bloodier and all the profits would go to the Trayvon foundation. That was depressing news, but we have no idea if George agreed or if he could be held to it.

    Last night, George was on twitter and said he’d had a very nice day. He and Sam talked about their day together. He didn’t seem worried about the fight. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t, but he didn’t show it. I’m curious about why he and Sam are communicating like that on twitter. I thought they lived together. If my husband was on twitter, I sure wouldn’t tweet to him about enjoying an outing we had that day. I’d just tell him. I wonder if they’re not living together.

    • There is another blog that an ex-lawyer Fred Leatherman runs. He needs money and imo saw an opportunity to tap into the emotions of the GZ case to get donations.

      I didn’t follow much of what Mr. Leatherman wrote. I heard about him early in the case and checked out his blog. But he was giving very faulty legal commentary and even me being a non-lawyer knew it.

      Mr. Leatherman at one time followed this blog. I don’t think he does any longer. He never tried to post here.

      It appears for a time, he was successful in asking his readers to donate to him. He’d write something about the case that his readers wanted to hear and he’d get them believing if they didn’t donate, he’d have to stop writing.

      He was seen as a credible source on the case by Natalie Jackson and others. That tells you volumes of Ms. Jackson’s skills and ability as a lawyer.

      Asking for donations was not limited to the Martin side. The Treehouse also used the case to appeal for donations. I’ve never seen it published how lucrative their appeals were but I must say, the treehouse did show a desire to uncover the truth about the case. That is what attracted me to it and for full disclosure, I donated $100 weeks before I was banned from posting there again.

      I thought the treehouse made a mistake in banning commenters. In reality, they really can’t ban. If I had wanted to contribute there, I’d just open up another account and post as someone else. That would be hard to do at this site as a new commenter at this stage would send off bells.

      I opened this blog as both the treehouse and Diwataman were criticizing GZ’s legal team, mainly O’Mara in a way I found personal not constructive. I strongly felt this was hurtful to GZ winning his case and thereby putting the donations I had sent to the legal team in the toilet.

      So I opened this blog for GZ supporters who would support the legal team and I called for donations to GZ’s defense fund.

      I do not need donations to maintain this site. It’s free for me, except the money I spent to get my desired color scheme, which btw WordPress ripped me off. But since they offer us a free place to talk about the case and the fallout, I’m not going to complain.

      Only one person has been banned from posting here. That is Danny. He was banned because he wouldn’t let the issue go. While he disagreed with supporting GZ after the Sept. 9th domestic call, after making his point, he kept repeating himself and belittling those who didn’t agree with him. I and others warned him on several occasions to agree to disagree and move on from the topic. But he just couldn’t. It became way too disruptive and I got emails from others asking to stop his posting or I’d be driving them away.

      David has been put on moderation. His insults to other commenters won’t be tolerated here anymore. While David disagrees with me, I’ve got to say he was a grown-up about it. He emails me things he thinks would be helpful for us to know and send me photos I can use on the blog.

      I have heard from others that Sam and George are not physcially together and Sharon your observation is bang on. Why would you post something like that if you are living together?

      I for the life of me can’t figure George out. When asked if he gave that Radar Online interview he didn’t respond. When asked if others tweet for him on that account no response. Yet someone like the comic Ralphie May or a hater like the Ponderosa can get engagement for George. Perhaps we should ask the Ponderosa to ask him.

      A member of the Zimmerman family told me on Saturday, there is much I don’t know. That’s true. Perhaps there are safety reasons for not responding. Continue to keep us in the dark and we will continue to be of no help. So I hope for the best for George and move on.

        • I worded that badly. I disclosed I donated $100 (total) to the treehouse. It was for the FOIA they were going to get details of the investigation that was held in Miami about Trayvon’s records. Sundance said it cost money to get it.

          He banned me about a month later because I wouldn’t go along with bashing Mr. O’Mara.

      • Nettles ~ There are a few Orlando outlets that allow those in “high profile cases” to say anything but they can’t blatantly lie without being challenged just to get the story. It’s happened numerous times.

        Orlando FOX is one of them. When George/Cindy Anthony bought the SS Caylee Marie, which was a fishing boat w/donations funds from Caylee’s Foundation, they called FOX Orlando to promote it, promote it, & interview them strictly on the boat. The boat was never used once in the rescue of any child due to the public hate/protesters/death threats to the Anthony’s, LE never once used the boat as their disgust at the lying family.. It had specialized “senor equipment” that was supposed to aid in locating bodies underwater, the Anthony’s I think had good intentions but they, like GZ are so hated by LE that no one ever used the boat for a “body recovery” in Fla. Although the Anthony’s wouldn’t interview w/Orlando Media, if they wanted something stated from them instead of their attorney that stated most of their thoughts, they called Orlando FOX, just as George did in his open letter to the public which they allowed him to read on air: “Our lives under a microscope,” a letter penned by George whining about the Media but the fact was, the Anthony’s used that very media for promoting all the lies they told for KC & for Baez & gladly took their money for licensing fees, Baez had the Anthony’s promote his latest lies/theories on KC’s case but only in National News. All media repeated FOX’s coverage, but it had FOX’s water mark stamp across the interview.

        My point is this: imo, if GZ had emailed Rene @ the OS that her article was incorrect about the sale of the 1st painting, & GZ corrected the amount & shared his experiences, she would have gladly published his corrected email & corrected her inaccurate reporting but GZ chose not to. A free email account @ Hot Mail could be established, then discontinued after GZ made his statement via email. Or, if GZ negotiated w/Orlando Fox that he would take no questions but would state the honest facts about the ridiculous boxing match but it spiraled out of control so quickly, FOX Orlando would have allowed it, but, GZ would have had to be honest about wanting the fight, to make a living, & donate a portion to charity which imo, were his true intentions.

        RZ Sr. may infer media has been wrong on some things & no doubt they have, but, there are cooperative Media outlets that would give GZ a platform to tell the truth to correct inaccurate reporting. RZ Sr. complaining about mis-reporting when GZ has benefited from some of the incorrect information swings both ways & can easily be corrected, that is if GZ wants to correct it w/a cooperating outlets that he can easily be negotiate the terms or have his divorce attorney do so that he wants no questions. It’s there for the asking/negotiation. No need for the continued confusion.

  14. Thank you, Annette. I am trying to do the same. I think something happens to us when we pray for people. I have known people in the 12 step programs such as AA. When they are angry at someone or just don’t like them, they are told to pray for that person and not, “Dear Lord, please help so and so to stop being such a jerk.” They are supposed to pray for that person’s welfare. The reason is because after praying for someone for awhile, they magically start caring about that person’s welfare and wishing them well. I’ve been praying for George and his family a long time and that’s resulted in me being really worried about the death threats. When someone does something that appears to increase that danger, I get especially worried.

    I’ve learned there’s just nothing I can do to help them. Trying to help can put them in more danger.

    I hope George makes good decisions that will lead to him being able to have a normal life again. I also hope that something happens that will cause his life to turn on a dime again. It turned on a dime in February 2012. I hope it turns again for the good.

    Thanks for explaining about Fred. That was confusing me. Does he come here just to ask for money?

  15. I don’t know for certain what George may have agreed to re a boxing match. I do know people are sensationalizing the alleged boxing match and are getting valuable publicity from it (read as: get on the hate George band wagon). People that aren’t George.

    It also seems to me that if George was serious about a boxing match he’d be promoting the hell out of it on Twitter and elsewhere. Even trying to goad some of his worst detractors into being his opponent. Not a peep.


    • Good point, Coreshift. He didn’t seem worried on Twitter, either. That’s either because he’s not really going to fight or he’s just not showing it. He did a good job of hiding his feelings during the trial. That must have been horrid having to sit and listen to that and not show emotion.

  16. George Zimmerman Fight Will Happen on March 15th
    Here’s what happened at Tuesday’s press conference with promoter Damon Feldman.
    By Victor Fiorillo | February 11, 2014 at 2:46 pm


    Again no word, not a peep, from GZ on this.

    Is March 15th Grace’s birthday or Alicia’s birthday? I don’t have access to Robert Sr.’s book here in Canada. Can someone check the book if that isn’t Grace’s birthday.

  17. I just read the section on the family. The only birth date I found was Georges which is in October. He mentioned Robert Sr being born. Then when he told when George was born he said George’s brother had been born at the same hospital 3 years earlier and his sister would be born there 3 years later.

    I don’t know who Alicia is. He talked about his mother in law, Christiana, but I didn’t run across any mention of someone named Alicia.

      • Nettles ~ I always felt badly for Alicia, though I am not saying she wasn’t above lying about what a great kid TM was. imo, she honestly loved TM unconditionally & was more of a parent than Sybrina ever was. Alica provided a home for TM when Sybrina, the “celebrity biological mom/grifter” didn’t want to be bothered w/TM but it was Sybrina that strolled up w/her hand out w/Tracy & their attorney’s for the HOA settlement.

        Alicia was then blindsided by Tracy’s betrayal/adultery/ & baby mama Brandi, & then the divorce I assumed happened afterwards. No doubt Alicia had her share of grief over TM’s death, but screwed over by TM’s scumbag dad just heaped more hurt onto her miseries. imo.

  18. I wish I could just stop worrying about this. I can’t seem to. You’d think I was his mother. My sympathy goes to Gladys who actually is his mother. She must be very worried. She probably knows if this is a hoax, which I hope it is. Aside from the fight, she must be unimaginably worried about her son because he is so hated by so many people who don’t even know him. God bless her. She’s also taking care of her aging mother.

  19. Attn, FL people – apparently the news isn’t carrying this. This happened in Iowa (which has a low percentage of minorities, but still happened) a few years ago. Found this at the tree place:


    One ejected kid tried to run across the interstate and was hit and killed, 14 years old. A tragedy, but I liked the common sense in the response:

    “So in an ideal world, sure we would like to call the parents and tell them, you know, why their child was kicked out. But they were left at the fair alone without adult supervision. The sheriff’s office cannot take the place of an adult in each and every situation. “

    • I am glad the Martin family didn’t want the donation. I’d just like to know if George was actually crazy enough to agree to it or not. That didn’t make sense. They said they’d even let the opponent kill George. That’s what lots of people are already trying to do. Why would he go some place to let that happen and let profit go to the TM foundation which is basically the Persecute GZ Foundation.

  20. OMG Cant make this up! hat tip to Lex on Twitter!

    Trayvon Martin arrested for spree shooting in Denver that left one dead and two injured

    A 21 year old black man named Trayvon Martin allegedly opened fire on several people after yelling “Bitch, you’re gonna get yours!” The shooting took place last June, but Martin has been on the lamb. Police just arrested him yesterday.

    Martin is accused of killing Gabriel Scott. His brother was also shot in the leg. Scott’s girlfriend, Mikeysha Taylor, was hit in the arm.

    The suspect looks like the son that Barack Obama never had.

    From Westword.com…
    Last June, we told you about a triple shooting at 1235 Albion that injured two people and killed one man, Gabriel Scott. Early on, Tayvon Martin, 21, was the prime suspect, but shortly after the shooting, he fled the state.

    Then, earlier this month, cops learned Martin was back — and he’s now been captured and charged with first-degree murder for a brutal crime described in an arrest affidavit that’s only recently been unsealed. It’s included below, along with photos and details.

    At around 9:50 p.m. on June 22, according to the document, Denver police responded to the 1200 block of Albion Street on a report of shots fired.
    Officers soon discovered three victims: Darian Scott, Gabriel’s brother, who’d been shot in the leg; Mikeysha Taylor, hit in the arm; and Gabriel himself, gravely wounded after taking a bullet to the head.

    The three were rushed to a nearby hospital. But while Darian and Mikeysha survived their injuries, Gabriel succumbed.


    • You might not be able to make it up, but I’m wondering whether someone else might not have.

      I assume the various “main stream media” in Colorado have an agenda, and I assume that agenda is to make money rather than push one political side or the other, and that if they were political, someone like Coors would have put some money into a right-wing paper or station as a counterbalance, yet it seems not one of them has done an “In an interesting twist, another Trayvon Martin is involved in a shooting, but this time allegedly behind the gun” story.

      Surely at least one of them would have had some time or column inches that needed filling, and yet, crickets.

      Reminds me of the “Zimmermans had gay porn on their computer” story from mid 2012, complete with non-existent FBI spokesagent, where all the links on Google lead back to the same obscure source.

    • Thanks for posting this, Mimi. I’ll do that. I used to teach special education. I had lunch in my room so the kids who wanted to could eat there. Some of the other special education teachers did the same thing. They could go from one special ed room to another and they felt like they weren’t alone because their peers were with them. It’s too bad his school doesn’t have a more comfortable lunch environment for him.

      • What a blessing you were to the angels in your care. Individuals with physical and mental challenges has a very special place in my heart. I have a cousin 4 months older than me, who is mentally challenged. She is an awesome lady! We all want and need love. I bought 2 birthday cards and will have my 4 and 8 yr old grandsons sign. They have such tender hearts, little social butterflies. I decided to mail the cards because its nice to get mail. I feel he will probably realize that more than all the LIKES or messages on FB. Which is special too, just don’t know if he would understand. LOL that’s a lot of stuff to read 😉 . I remember the excitement of getting “mail” and still do – for some reason I keep getting someone elses mail tho. BILL doesn’t live at my house LOL. As far as his school, I don’t know the whole situation there, there may be reasons he has lunch as he does that we don’t get the full story. You know as I do, it sometimes can be a CHALLENGE with more than one child, special needs or not 😉

  21. If anyone wonders if GZ can be ask hard question in his Civil Suit deposition by NBC regarding his Criminal Case or anybody regarding his case in regards to race, any past relations, past ex girlfriends, arrests etc., NBC can ask questions that might make GZ uncomfortable & GZ will have to answer as the standards in Civil Suits are different.

    Just as KC’s attorney/Chaney Mason continues to whine about KC refusing to answer questions pertaining to her criminal case in which she too found “Not Guilty.” KC claimed “Zanny the Nanny,” or “Zanida Gonzalez,” kidnapped Caylee which was proven to be a blatant lie, but not before ZG lost her job, had to move, & was harassed by the public/LE until LE found out the truth, but it all directly goes back to KC’s Criminal Case. Thus far, even after KC filed bankruptcy to dismiss Civil Cases, she’s been unsuccessful in dismissing Gonzelez’s case & she continues t be pressed to answer the hard questions in the Civil Suit.


    KC wants to have ZG’s case dismissed through her bankruptcy but thus far it hasn’t been nor was Tim Miller’s/owner//operator of non profit Tex Equi Search that spent over $ 100,000.00 looking for Caylee’s remains, KC agreed to pay TM. KC has done everything possible to screw over anyone that sued her she owed through her bankruptcy case just as KC was hoping to get ZG’s case dismissed. The Civil Suits rages on for KC, it was in fact KC that brought Zanedia Gonzelaz into the criminal case by lying.

    GZ will have none of KC’s excuses, he will straight up have to answer all the questions from NBC, so will SZ.

    • I’m sure NBC will ask George questions and he’ll have to answer. There’s a big difference in his suit and the one Casey Anderson is in. Casey is the one being sued and George is the one being sued.

  22. George Zimmerman this week counter sued his estranged wife, Shellie, for divorce.

    What they’ll be fighting over: Their two dogs, who pays the divorce lawyers and who pays for the $2.5 million or more in debt they’ve racked up.

    The overwhelming majority of that debt is what George Zimmerman owes criminal defense attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West

    Zimmerman’s divorce counter suit, filed Monday, says that Shellie should be required “to pay all debts incurred by the parties prior to the dissolution of marriage.”

    It also alleges that Zimmerman doesn’t have enough money to pay his divorce lawyer, Erin Duncan of Orlando, but that Shellie does, so she should have to.


      • GZ had the money to hire a Divorce Attorney when he sold his first painting before Xmas, instead, GZ chose to spend that money on his arrest charges stemming from the altercation he/Sam got into, that’s GZ’s personal problem & is not a “legal excuse” to whine as to why he couldn’t afford to pay for a Divorce Attorney.

        The altercation between Sam/GZ had absolutely nothing to do with GZ being served Divorce Papers while sitting in jail, the 20 days he had to respond which was actually longer than 20 days before SZ filed more legal documents in the Divorce asking the Judge for a “Divorce.” GZ was aware of the pending Divorce, it just wasn’t more important or a priority to him to get a Divorce Attorney, GZ was clearly more concerned w/the domestic violence situation. Whose decision was that? GZ’s! What did it have to do w/the pending Divorce? Absolutely nothing but instead of GZ taking care of his Divorce w/the money he had, GZ was pursuing an out of town high profile attorney to represent him in more legal trouble! GZ’s legal woes w/Samantha/Jayne W. are not the problem of SZ when GZ was arrested his last time, or will they ever be the problem of SZ! They were all GZ’s problems, his debt.

        SZ will not pay GZ’s legal fees as she is not responsible for GZ squandering his proceeds on the sale of the 1st painting on his domestic violence arrest! Why should she, it was GZ’s poor decision to hook up w/a scumbag grifter & get in an altercation w/the police being called. None of that trashy event has anything to do w/the Divorce SZ had been pursuing. GZ will have to answer to Sim’s on “how much money GZ received for the sale of the first painting,” “why didn’t GZ hire a divorce attorney then,” & how much money do you pay Jayne W. for representation? There will be no one to have sympathy for GZ or his choices!

        SZ too will not be held responsible for paying the couples debts. At best, SZ may pay 1/2, & GZ pay 1/2. GZ squandered his money from the 1st painting trying to get himself out of more legal trouble, that’s not an excuse that he now claims he has no money! I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask for something you won’t be awarded & especially if GZ is insisting on making such ridiculous requests.

        GZ can always choose to sell his AR-15 which has a market value of over $ 2,000.00, even more if the buyer knew GZ once owned it. Then GZ would have money to pay his Divorce Attorney!

          • I never once said “I knew how much money GZ got for his first painting,” so don’t imply something that I NEVER said! No one knows how much the painting sold for but we will soon! Why? Because Sim’s will ask GZ that very question & ask GZ where the proceeds went.

            I don’t know how much money GZ got nor does anyone else because GZ chose not to allow the public to know the fact as to the exact amount, he could have, he didn’t want to as was his choice! We know the painting sold as was confirmed by eBay!

            What difference does it make how much money GZ made from the sell of his first painting? The point is: GZ is wanting SZ to pay for his Divorce Attorney which is one of the stupidest things I’ve read, GZ had the ability to pay for a Divorce Attorney himself, he chose not to, that’s the point!

            The other point was: GZ’s legal troubles on the domestic violence case has nothing to do w/the divorce case what so ever! If it was more important for GZ to pay Jayne W. than get a Divorce Attorney, then there is no need for GZ to whine for SZ to pay for him a Divorce Attorney! Time for GZ to grow up & take responsibility for his own legal bills, & all those legal bills he incurs in legal altercations! They aren’t SZ’s responsibility nor her problem, their all GZ’s!

            • You said that after he sold the painting that he could have hired an attorney. You don’t know how much he got for the painting, so you don’t know that it was enough to hire an attorney.

              • sharon ~ eBay CONFIRMED GZ SOLD THE PAINTING! You continue to argue about the amount of money for the painting or, arguing maybe GZ didn’t have enough to hire a Divorce Attorney! You are incorrect as to GZ having enough to pay a Divorce Attorney! Absorb GZ is not unique nor is he the first person short on money that is being sued for divorce but most that are being sued, get Divorce Attorney’s because they need them! GZ chose not to but he could have for this reason:

                FACT: People divorce every day that have no money but they have Court Dates! Divorce Attorneys work day n out for young couples divorcing in difficult financial situations, this isn’t a new concept, nor is GZ unique that he might have financial troubles! Most young couples don’t have the full amount to pay a Divorce Attorney upfront, that’s why most Divorce Attorney’s set up a “payment schedule” because divorces move forward w/Court dates or mediation. Divorce Attorney’s know their clients need representation whether the client has up front money or not. a monthly payment schedule can be worked out & the Court dates can be complied with! It’s so simple, how do you think GZ is paying now? LOL! His attorney likely worked out one of those payment plans as SZ isn’t going to pay GZ’s lawyer, that’s blatant stupidity!

                I don’t know & I don’t give a rat’s ass how much the painting sold for & neither should you because it doesn’t matter! Seems RZ Sr indicated the painting sold but “not at the amount reported in the media.” Who cares but you? You are consumed w/GZ eating, where he stays, how much money SZ might get, whether he had enough for a Divorce Attorney but GZ has no excuse for not contacting a Divorce Attorney & working out a payment plan as most do with out monies! sharon, you remain overly concerned imo for GZ as a 30 yr. old man, an adult! SZ has the very same problems that GZ has, no job, she needs to pay a divorce attorney, she needs a place to live, she needs food! You seem consumed w/GZ’s problems but they are his problems, & his problems to resolve, not yours.

                If GZ received only 1,000.00 for the 1st painting, he could have contacted a Divorce Attorney & made arrangements to pay a hundred dollars at a time! It’s that simple! You too could donate your monies to GZ’s divorce attorney since it seems to consume you, he would gladly take your donation!

                • Art Tart, please make your comments without the personal attacks on other commenters.

                  Shellie wanted the divorce. I don’t see why she shouldn’t pay for it.

                  On one hand you argued that GZ has the money from the sale of the painting and on the other hand you argue it doesn’t matter if he had money or what it sold for.

                  You’ve made your point repeatedly. You think George made a huge error in not replying. On that point, I agree with you and so does George’s current attorney.

                  I note the attorney named in Ms. Stutzman’s article was not Howard Iken. I wonder if that is another attorney at his firm or if George had to go elsewhere.

                  • Nettles ~ SZ does want the divorce, she is paying her own attorney, SZ doesn’t owe GZ the time of day, she will not be paying for GZ’s attorney!

                    GZ will pay for his own attorney as he should! He doesn’t want to be married to SZ either.

                    That’s the way divorce works unless you are married to a movie star!

                    SZ wants to move on w/her life, she’s entitled to do so, nobody can blame her for that.

                    Why is every single thing w/GZ is so hard? All the endless excuses, why is that? The excuses for GZ doesn’t change the facts in the Divorce Case.

                    • My mother had to pay my father’s fee for the divorce she wanted.

                      Why are things so hard? Hmmm. Falsely charged, millions in debt, lost a seven year marriage, political agendas, media hostility, everybody and their brother with an opinion. How’s that for starters?

                    • Nettles ~ it was sharon that argued that GZ didn’t have the money to pay for a Divorce Attorney upfront. Then she argued we didn’t know how much the painting sold for. We don’t & it really doesn’t matter as far as GZ having the ability to hire a Divorce Attorney if he had wanted to. That was the entire point!

                      GZ could have paid monthly for a Divorce Attorney, no matter how much GZ profited from the sale of the first painting, I feel confident GZ could have paid $ 100.00 per month.

                    • Sharon didn’t argue that. She stated what the article said and said she suspected that was the reason he didn’t hire an attorney.

                      You argued he had money from the sale of the painting and used it for another matter.

                      It’s all there for everyone to read.

                      GZ has lost a lot of supporters in the last little while. His choosing to come out on social media and not clarifying what is going on has left a lot of people confused and frustrated.

                      The F.U. tweet was a beauty and the religious posts and then posting a mem with the words “God damn” in it, didn’t help either. I draw that from talking with people on twitter, facebook and this blog.

                      I’ve seen so called supporters who haven’t done him any favors in spreading false information as well but George has an account he could speak from and what he has chosen to speak of has turned a number of people off.

                      On facebook in a discussion page, I was told GZ was no longer a topic of interest for some commenters.

                      The fight on and off and on and off, while all the while he said nothing didn’t help. It was bizarre.

                      I agree, Mr. Zimmerman Sr. added to the frustration. You can’t say the media is printing lies while staying silent.

                      Having said all that, some supporters have moved on. I’m not ready to yet. Only this weekend, I told George and the family, just say the word and I’ll help…… and I will.

                    • Nettles:

                      You just stated, in so many words, what I have been trying to say about George. He is distancing himself from people who appeared to like him at one time. He has not done anything at all to enhance his image with the general public and instead has given the SYG law a bad name even though it was not even a focus of the trial.

                      Sybrina and Tracey continue to make tons of money as a result of his behavior, especially fighting with the thugs on Twitter. As long as he gives them an audience and remains in the news, Sybrina and Tracey, too, will be in the news, making a small fortune off of the white man’s guilt. How could he not realize that? (rhetorical question.)

                      His behavior is now adversely affecting all men of color, in particular, the color white. That includes me.

          • To Art tart: Where are you getting all of the information you post about George and his money? I have yet to see verification of any money he has received or spent. I would like to know who is supporting him and how much he is receiving and spending for living expenses. Where is he living and is he alone or back with another girlfriend?

        • Art tart: I have seen no verification of how much George received for the first painting, if he received anything at all. Have you? It could all be part of yet another elaborate scheme. George himself appears to have become a hoax; he sounds like another sick puppy. Until he speaks up for himself, I will ignore him.

          Get a life, George. You are not making any friends.

          • jordan2222 ~ GZ’s 1st painting sold as eBay as confirmed it sold & the date.

            We don’t know exactly how much the painting sold for but it is likely to be revealed in the “divorce proceedings” when SZ’s attorney Sim’s ask GZ for the amount, then have GZ prove it. Why? Because GZ is whining about wanting SZ to pay his Divorce Attorney, in addition he wants SZ to pay all the bills incurred in the marriage. Why would SZ do that? She wouldn’t! GZ’s monies will be revealed, if GZ chose to pay his legal fees for the domestic violence case instead of getting a Divorce Attorney, that’s GZ’s problem, not SZ’s! GZ incurred more legal woes, not SZ!

            RZ Sr. indicated at the CTH when complaining about the Media & their inaccuracies, that the “media stated what the painting sold for,” but RZ Sr.’s comment indicated not at the $ 109,000.00 the media reported.

            The only reason it matters is that GZ is trying to get SZ to pay for his Divorce Attorney, Sim’s can quickly prove no matter how much the painting sold for, GZ could have gotten his own Divorce Attorney but chose not to. Why GZ would open that can of worms imo is a big mistake, it will open up what Jayne W. was paid for GZ’s representation for the domestic violence case. I assume GZ has paid her, we’ll see! GZ was to pay her on the “back end,” or whenever I assumed, but GZ made monies & the ability to pay her something, we don’t know how much.

            • I wonder why Robert, Sr. made those comments at CTH. He muddied the water even more.

              You also said: “I assume GZ has paid her (Jayne W,)” when talking about his attorney.

              Why do you assume that?

              I no longer assume anything that George said or did. Whatever credibility he once had, has vanished.

              BTW, do you search for news about Miss Anthony on a regular basis?

                • That is Dominic Casey, who was a Private Investigator for KC and Her family. He is not related. He wrote a book, evidently 1 part was already released and this is the 2nd. It is his view of what happened with his dealings/involvement.

                  • Dominic Casey originally worked for Baez before working for George & Cindy as their investigator. Beaz owed DC over $100,000.00 & never paid him, DC filed a complaint w/the FLa. Bar. & they told DC to sue Baez in a Civil Suit.

                    While working for George/Cindy, Cindy sent DC & another investigator to the swampy area where Caylee’s bones were found scattered w/a video camera. Cindy had them make a video & the video was approx. 20 feet from where Caylee’s bones were eventually unearthed. DC went there w/a map to search for something, it was caught on the video.

                    Many of us always thought DC held all the cards for everybody involved in KC’s family, but DC wasn’t forth coming at trial, his investigator friend was as he videoed everything. DC was taken to see KC w/Baez several times, many think that is when KC told DC where to go to video.

              • jordan ~ I have a digital subscription to the OS because I follow so many cases in Fla. & read it daily. No need to search for any news on KC, it is always reported as her cases are ongoing. It’s cheap, 9.99 ea. month.

                Though we don’t know how much money GZ rec’d from the sale of the painting, I assumed since Jayne was nice enough to defer payment for GZ, that if he got a little money he would pay towards Jayne’s legal bill as she was kind enough to help him out.

                Maybe GZ chose to pay her nothing, who knows but I’d be surprised.

            • Maybe its diff in Florida. But I know a few people in a few diff states who have gotten divorced. But George is contesting the divorce. It does not mean he doesn’t want the divorce, he is contesting what was in the paperwork SZ filed and her requests. Again it may be diff in FL, but from people I have spoken with, it is VERY common to request the spouse to pay legal bills. JMHO I guess gives them something to bargain with. It truly is not uncommon. And maybe I misread the article, but I was thinking the legal bills were from the criminal trial. Again I may have misread. There are a lot of things in divorce filings that are kinda for better word fill in the form kind of things. They tweek it sure. But a lot are just standard things.

              • mimi ~ It’s common for a spouse to request another spouse pay their divorce fees ONLY if one or both of the spouses are gainfully employed. Perhaps one might be a Doctor & the other a secretary. There would be a huge difference on what they each made. Example: The secretary could ask her Physician husband in the divorce for all legal debts to be paid, the house, child support, etc., in the means the family normally lived when the couple was married. This is usually awarded as the secretary couldn’t provide the lifestyle the family had for the children.

                In divorce cases in which the couple was very wealthy & the wife never worked, many times the husband will pay for everything including all the attorney fees, spousal support, child support, the wife gets 1/2 of the retirement accounts, plus the wife many times gets the house in wealthy divorces. If the couple owned a business, the husband sometimes would monetarily buy the wife out. It’s more about making couples split fairly, especially when there is a mother that never held a job that was a stay at home mom & the couple was wealthy.

                In GZ’s case, GZ is asking for SZ to pay his Divorce Attorney fees. GZ/SZ are not like the couples I mentioned above or likely like anybody you know divorcing. Neither GZ nor SZ have had jobs since the case began. They left their jobs & hid. In GZ/SZ’s marriage, they had no money, no jobs! SZ is having to pay Sim’s herself or borrow from her parents I assume. SZ & GZ still both have no jobs! SZ has no ability to pay GZ’s Divorce Attorney as she has no job, GZ knows that! They both still don’t have jobs but each still face the same monetary bills each month for food, rent, utilities, car notes, insurance, etc. That’s why SZ wouldn’t be ordered to pay GZ’s legal fees, she doesn’t have any money. Could GZ pay SZ spousal support? No, because GZ doesn’t have money or a job!

                Neither one has anything to give the other. it appears, LOL, unless it’s the 2 dogs they are fighting over & each took one.

                It was GZ that wanted SZ to assume 1/2 of the legal debt from MOM, in addition, GZ wanted SZ to pay his divorce attorney.

                • Again I respectfully disagree. LOL It all depends on what the judge awards. I know for a fact in child support cases, Just an example not meaning on making a diff mom or dad. Say the dad has always worked as an electrician. He gets pissed off at the mom and says I will just work at McDonalds and you will get what you get. Well, that’s not necessarily true. IF there is documentation that the dad has the ability to make X $ the judge CAN still make a judgment of what he has ABILITY to pay. These cases are usually not common, but if mom has a good lawyer, it can be done. Legally. Dealt with it many years working in Child Support Enforcement.

          • George choose to have his first interview on Univision TV, I think it was tonight. Clever choice George.

            why are you lecturing him here, btw he does have friends, plenty of close friends and plenty of friends that have not even met him.

          • You are right, Jordan. George’s haters messed up the auction by placing fake bids which elevated the price higher than anyone else would bid.

            I think George is desperately trying to get a life. I wish he could have back the life ad wife and job he had prior to being assaulted in February 2012.

      • The media is partly to blame. They sensationalize stories about a man having to defend himself after an assault and a man waking up in the middle of the night to what sounded like someone trying to break into his house and shooting the person who apparently was drunk and thought it was her house. They minimize stories like this.

      • so true, SAD and disturbing. Oakland is a beautiful city with a terrific climate. There are many neighborhoods families could afford to buy affordable homes and improve the community, but these gangster are ruining it for everybody.

  23. I asked KZ to share some of her thoughts on what might be happening to Jahi’s body. This is Part I of a two-part series. Part II will be posted next week, covering three more topics. Sprocket.

    Jahi McMath: Frequently Asked Questions – Part I
    by guest writer, KZ


    Jahi McMath Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2


  24. Nettles ~ in reference to your response up thread on “why things are so hard.”

    Nettles ~ You stated your mother “paid for your dad’s attorney.” Apparently, your mother had the ability to pay for your dad’s attorney & the laws are different in Canada than in the US. There is absolutely no legal reason that SZ would ever pay GZ’s Divorce attorney fees in the US. SZ has no more ability to pay than GZ, she has the same ongoing monetary challenges monthly just like GZ. GZ is responsible for GZ as well as all his legal debt whether from the Divorce or anything else. SZ is responsible for her legal debt that she is paying. Both want to be divorced from each other!

    When I stated, “why are things so hard,” I was specifically referring to SZ’s divorce from GZ & why all the excuses for GZ? It was the divorce that was being discussed! None of the excuses for GZ excuse anything in the Divorce proceedings nor do they change the facts in the divorce case, but the excuses for GZ are endless. SZ didn’t cause GZ’s problems nor his altercation w/Sam nor his arrest nor the additional legal woes w/Jayne W. SZ had nothing to do with any of that & if GZ chose to spend his money on those problems, that too is not SZ’s fault nor her responsibility!

    • No need for us to get into an argument about it. If all you say is true, GZ’s lawyer is taking him down the primrose path. Asking for something that isn’t even allowed in courts. The article did say that motion was filed by his lawyer in court on Monday.

      The courts will decide. I’m not bothered either way who pays the bill.

      I am deeply saddened that their marriage is ending. I recently listened to the jail house calls looking for something and the love and support they showed each other was great. It is so sad to see where they are now.

      I fully support Shellie’s decision to move on. She has an opportunity to escape by cutting ties and I wish her nothing but the best.

      I truly am saddened for them losing this union. On those calls they were very much in love.

      • Nettles ~ imo, SZ seemed to look at GZ adoringly so many times, I have no doubt SZ truly loved GZ. I too am saddened the union ended, but they say the divorce rate is over 50%, they married young & had more than their fair share of life’s challenges. It doesn’t matter that each blame each other, just about all that divorce couples do that out of pain. No doubt their experience changed them both, I can easily see, “where do we go from here” when they had changed themselves, & the inability to rebuild or start all over. Hopefully, they find their way somehow in life, heal, & can learn to forgive each other in time.

        In divorce cases, both SZ’s & GZ’s Attorney’s throw out a bunch of crap to get a rise from the opposing attorney’s, remember, it’s only a starting point, it’s to anger the other party! They will likely negotiate on some of the points.

        Example: GZ stated he “wants SZ to take 1/2 of MOM/West’s legal debt.”

        But, imo! what GZ really wants is for SZ to agree to let him take all the legal debt, but in return, SZ would have to give up any of her rights to any potential NBC. settlement. (remember SZ wanted part of the NBC settlement, if so, it’s only fair she takes 1/2 the legal debt.)

        Hopefully each get a dog, LOL, they both seem passionate, it’ll work out, hopefully both will be reasonable. Why should SZ get both dogs?

      • I agree with you that George and Shellie loved each other before the trial. The long ordeal put too much stress on the marriage. During the interview with Christi O’Connor, Shellie seemed to want to talk about what George was like before and how he’d changed. All Christi wanted was to get her to say something that might give the haters more reason to think the verdict was wrong.

        The marriage possibly could have been salvaged right after the trial had they both just had patience and people giving them good counsel. I’m very sad that the marriage didn’t survive the trial. I can understand Shellie wanting out. It would be difficult to restore a marriage after adultery even in the best of circumstances, and this isn’t the best of circumstances. Continuing with the marriage to the most hated man in the country would mean having that hatred directed at her, also. No one can blame her for wanting out.

        I don’t know who will have to pay George’s attorney’s fees. It might be that is a condition for this attorney to continue. I guess that’s for the courts to work out. I just hope that whatever settlement is reached does not further put George’s life at risk. I wish them both well.

    • You stated: There is absolutely no legal reason that SZ would ever pay GZ’s Divorce attorney fees in the US.

      Art, I respectfully disagree. There are many reasons a judge could make example George pay Shellies attorney fees or the Judge could make Shellie pay GZ attorney fees either of these PLUS COURT COST. Or Judge could simply rule each pays own attorney fees. AND I have seen cases where say GZ had to pay Shellies that it is up to GZ to figure out how to pay those cost. It is a judgment. Divorce is very spread out, each case is different and unique. Also Florida is not a community property state so laws there are diff than say Texas. But yes in the USA, there are times the judge does rule in favor of one spouse paying for both attorneys fees.

      • mimi ~ Have you ever seen a case in which both spouses haven’t been employed for nearly 20 months? I am stating that in this particular case, in which neither GZ nor SZ have jobs & haven’t had jobs for nearly 20 months, they have no children, it is a no fault divorce & neither are assigned blame, why would a Judge order either party to pay for the other’s Attorney fees when “neither party is at fault” in the divorce case & neither party has any money? I’ve never seen it happen in a situation such as this & I don’t expect it to happen in this case, there is neither party to assign any blame. This is basically a “no fault divorce” no blame is being assigned to either party, no children involved. In the case of GZ/SZ, they really have no assets, their arguing over dogs.

        While I agree, a Judge has discretion, the Judge makes decisions based on the circumstances surrounding the divorce & makes his decisions accordingly but there is usually a reason or a reason to place blame. There is no doubt in some cases a Judge can order differently but those cases are not the very same circumstances as GZ/SZ’s case I would speculate, not in the cases I have seen. Circumstances in which one spouse has far more money & the ability to pay can determine if the Judge decided to make that spouse pay, in cases of adultery, a Judge may decide to make the cheating spouse pay all attorney fees plus all court cost, in cases in which one spouse lied to the Court or tried to hide assets, the Judge rules harshly, if one spouse mistreated the children or beat the wife the Judge can rule harshly, if a woman has custody of all the children, the Judge may have her husband pay all Court Costs or legal fees but there is usually a reason Judges make those decisions for doing so, none of those reasons or circumstances are the same as the divorce of GZ/SZ. All of those cases involve couples that had assets, money, children, reasons why one spouse is divorcing the other, etc., all are not the same as GZ/SZ’s divorce case in which none of those scenarios are part of the divorce.

        • This is a contested divorce. GZ is contesting -he is not agreeing to everything in the papers Shellie filed. this is a totally different issue than the no fault.

          “Complex issues, high financial stakes and technical legal procedures are the marks of contested divorces”

          Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

          A divorce is uncontested if one spouse either:
          •Doesn’t respond to the spouse’s request for divorce or to the spouse’s decisions regarding division of marital property and debts and child support, alimony and child-custody issues
          •Doesn’t legally dispute the spouse’s decisions
          •Agrees on every detail (also referred to as a divorce by agreement)

          If an agreement can’t be reached on every issue, then it is a contested divorce, and the couple has to take the issues before a judge. Contested divorces cost a lot more and usually create a lot more turmoil

        • easy to read explanation.

          Fault vs. No-fault Divorce

          In 1970, California changed the way people looked at divorce as well as the ease at which they could get out of a marriage by passing the first no-fault divorce law in the United States. Before that, in order to get a divorce, one spouse had to have done something wrong — be “at fault” for the failure of the marriage. Those wrongdoings are called “grounds for divorce” and include adultery, physical or mental cruelty, desertion, confinement in prison, physical incapacity (for the purpose of sexual intercourse) and incurable insanity. If the defending spouse didn’t want the divorce, he or she had to deny what they were being accused of and defend himself or herself in court.

          While many states still allow fault divorces, they all also allow no-fault divorces. No-fault divorces are just what they sound like: No one is at fault for the failure of the marriage. Even if there were some misconduct, it doesn’t matter in a no-fault divorce. The basis for dissolving the union may simply be “incompatibilities” or “irreconcilable differences.” There usually doesn’t have to be any explanation or proof of a problem. In most states, it doesn’t matter if the other spouse consents to the divorce or not.

  25. mimi ~ OOOOOOOOOOO – that’s right! I’m having a brain fart! , GZ wants to contest the “default,” but he first has to answer for the “default” to the Judge in which Sim’s has already filed the legal documents on Jan. 13, 2014. It’s a month past GZ’s default & we are just hearing from GZ’s divorce attorney. GZ will have to explain why he “defaulted” to the Judge, GZ isn’t contesting the divorce exactly as GZ wants the divorce also. The property settlement is one issue, the divorce is one issue. What GZ is contesting is the “default” in which states SZ’s word is taken on the property settlement items, GZ can’t stop the Divorce from going through, he has no grounds to stop the divorce, he objects to the property.. That’s what GZ is mad about, he lost the right through “default” to contest SZ’s request on property, her word at this point has been taken as truthful. It will be up to the Judge whether he believes GZ’s excuse or not, imo, it wasn’t believable or excusable but it’s at the discretion of the presiding Judge as to whether to give GZ another chance or not. I dn’t know who the Divorce Judge is, I am not familiar w/any of them. Sim’s will describe the difficulty of getting GZ served the divorce papers to start with, it took nearly 3 months! This will have to be resolved before anything goes forward.

    Under Florida law, someone sued for divorce is required to respond within 20 days, once he’s formally been serviced notice of the suit.

    George Zimmerman dodged process servers for months but was finally served on Dec. 18 while he was locked in the Seminole County jail on a domestic violence charge.

    His 20 days ran out earlier this month. On Jan. 13, Shellie Zimmerman’s attorney, Kelly Sims, filed a motion for a default, and a deputy clerk of courts entered a finding of default the same day.

    That means the judge may now treat the statements in his wife’s pleadings as truthful, and the case may now move forward, with or without his participation.


    This seemed to be the first thing that got GZ’s attention. SZ has ask the Judge for a “Divorce” in her last filing due to GZ’s default. The Judge will have to believe GZ’s excuse as to why he defaulted. Just as SZ stated “both dogs were solely hers,” if the Judge denies GZ’s argument against the default, that means the Judge treats SZ’s statement that both dogs do in fact belong to her as truthful & solely belong to her.”

  26. In her petition for divorce, SZ (aka the Wife) states that the court should determine whether GZ (aka the Husband) should be made to pay for her associated attorney’s fees.

    GZ simply filed a counterclaim in regards to the same issue in his response.

    Standard procedure… nothing to become unhinged over.

    • Shortly after you made comment here reaching out to Dman, I started getting email alerts with comments. Nothing substantial, IMO. Not sure if they are connected to your comment here or not. Was Odd

      • I got excited when I saw the email. Diwataman and Blog Update caught my attention and I thought he was giving us an update.

        In checking his blog, I see a commenter is spamming a number of threads. Anyone signed up to follow the thread will be getting emails.

        Diwataman never did respond to me.

  27. The interview with George and Gladys will air on Sunday at 7 or 7:30. Univision has already announced it. Coreshift, I hope you can record this. I hope I can figure out how to record it.

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