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Open Weekday Thread Part II

group discussion

An open Dunn Trial thread is available for that topic and anything else on your mind, this week (Feb.10 – 14), can be posted on this thread.

Have a terrific productive week everyone.


70 thoughts on “Open Weekday Thread Part II

  1. Sharon, I don’t understand Spanish, but I think this promo for the special on the exclusive interview with George and his mom will air on Sunday at 7pm. Univision posted this to their youtube channel yesterday.

    Unless we get a translator, we are pooched. I’m sure if anything newsworthy comes out of the interview, others will report and talk about it.

    • Nettles ~ where’s our friend Boricuafudd? He could translate it easily for everyone.

      He dropped out of site, his contributions are always insightful, he’s missed!

      • Oh I so agree. I miss him.

        He was on twitter a few weeks ago. He is dealing with an illness and posted here about a month ago that online communication is difficult at this time.

        My love, thoughts and prayers go out to Boricuafudd and I hope to see him commenting with us again very soon.

  2. I just figured out that I don’t get univision. It doesn’t matter. I’m already convinced that he’s innocent and deserves to be able to get employment and be free of death threats. Hope anyone who wants to watch it can and that Coreshift can record it.

  3. Nettles, how do you cut and paste tweets so that they look like real tweets.

    The one above was posted by someone who is friends with the person who wrote that letter to Christi Connor.

  4. Twitter suspended the person who gave GZ an indirect death threat. A death threat should have a stiffer penalty than suspension from twitter. Wish our Justice Department was working on this.

  5. Univision to broadcast exclusive George Zimmerman interview!

    In a promotion for the show, interviewer Ilia Calderón says she spoke at length to Zimmerman, the former Sanford Neighborhood Watch volunteer.

    She asks him how he feels now and he replies in Spanish, “Sad. Quite sad.”


    not much new information on the interview.

  6. From OS article on GZ’s upcoming interview: (Nettle’s link)

    But Cuomo stressed that the interview wasn’t about re-trying the case. “We have a verdict. We know what that is,” the anchor said.

    Cuomo also said that he asks why Zimmerman has been in the headlines since the verdict. “Has there been fame and fortune? Has he benefited?” Cuomo said in a preview. “What matters to him? Why is he still around?

    I am so glad the interview doesn’t dwell on the verdict, the criminal case is over & I’m glad the interviewer won’t waste GZ’s time on that issue. I am looking forward to hearing GZ’s thoughts, I too hope GZ talks about the discrimination he continues to suffers from being convicted in the MEDIA & especially from those that never grasp the facts, in his difficulties he has in getting a job, inaccurate MEDIA reporting that border lines on “sensational” in most of the articles & what he hopes to do with w/his life.

    It sounds like maybe GZ may have negotiated the interview on his terms, if so, KUDOS to GZ for finally “stand his ground” in stating up front what he wouldn’t do or accept from the interviewer. GZ supporters want to hear from him, his thoughts, NOT misinterpreted, slanted, sensational crap that the MEDIA reports.

      • This is sad. But so are the needless 9 other murders SINCE FIRST OF YEAR! SMH. This made news as the others, but was picked up by as far away as TheDailyNews in UK ? I guess because of being kids, and the Dunn case.
        I don’t know what the answer is, and if I did who would listen? But in all these cases, it isn’t one person in the wrong. People are not seeing that.
        Little Rock and Pine Bluff Arkansas, sadly are known for a lot of gangs *HBO Even did a documentary years ago* I would not live in either city or even close to, for any amount of money AND a free home. NOPE.

        Police: Father’s gunfire kills girl
        Shots fired at car after teen prank

        By Scott Carroll , Emily Walkenhorst
        This article was published February 16, 2014 at 4:28 a.m.

        Search mug shots, government salaries, crime maps and more at our Right2Know page.

        A 15-year-old Little Rock girl is dead after what police said was an ongoing “friendly” prank war between a group of teenagers and at least one other teenager escalated into gunshots from a parent early Saturday morning, police said.

        After suspecting seven teenagers of pelting his car with eggs, mayonnaise, leaves and toilet paper, a 48-year-old man shot “multiple” times at the teenagers as they sat piled into a Hyundai Sonata outside his house, striking Adrian Broadway in the head and killing her, police spokesman Lt. Sidney Allen said.

        Dshone Nelson, 18, driver of the car, suffered minor lacerations on his arms from a bullet-shattered car window. Nelson was taken to Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock for treatment of his injuries.

        Willie Noble of 7211 Skylark Drive has been charged with first-degree murder, one count of a terroristic act in Nelson’s injuries and five counts of aggravated assault for shooting at the other teenagers, Allen said. Noble is the father of a teenager on the other side of the prank war, Allen said.

        The whereabouts of Noble’s son at the time of the shooting were unknown Saturday afternoon. No one responded to a knock at the door of the Noble residence Saturday afternoon. His cousin, James Burnside,who has lived across the street for three years, said the family wasn’t home because they were trying to avoid the media.

        Allen said the prank war between the seven teenagers and Noble’s son started on Halloween, but he didn’t know who started it. He said the police’s “cursory understanding” was that it was ongoing and friendly. The Noble residence wasn’t the teens’ only target. There was dried egg yolk on Burnside’s carport Saturday afternoon and a white, floury powder on his car. Burnside said two other homes and multiple vehicles on the street had also been pelted with eggs, although those neighbors declined to comment.

        Burnside said he doesn’t believe his cousin meant to harm anyone and that given the time of night – police received a call about the shooting just before 1 a.m. – Noble was likely half-asleep and frightened by the noises. Noble’s home was burglarized three weeks ago, Burnside said.

        “I think it’s something that just went wrong,” he said of the slaying. “[Noble] ain’t never been in trouble. He’s a father.”

        At 12:53 a.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to the Kum & Go station at 7620 Baseline Road, where the teenagers had driven the car to get help, police said.

        Police found Broadway unresponsive with a gunshot wound in her head. Emergency responders transferred Broadway to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at an unknown time.

        Earlier in the night, according to a preliminary summary given to Allen, Noble woke up, noticed that his property had been vandalized and waited for the teenagers to return.

        After the teenagers returned, Noble began shooting at the car. His next-door neighbor, Larry Richardson, said he heard about four shots and when he and his mother looked out the window, they saw “a man with a gun.”

        Four 15-year-olds, including Broadway; a 17-year-old; and a 14-year-old were the passengers. Some were not identified by police because of their ages.

        Allen said he did not know whether the teenagers would be charged with vandalism.

        “Right now, we’re more focused on the homicide,” he said.

        The killing on Little Rock’s southwest side is the city’s ninth homicide this year, Allen said, including 77-year-old James Bledsoe, who was shot multiple times Nov. 2. Bledsoe died Jan. 19, and his grandson, Justin, was charged with first-degree murder in his death Jan. 31.

        Arkansas, Pages 13 on 02/16/2014

    • Now this is funny.. just throw his butt off the plain at 30,000 feet.

      Raging Ranter
      • 4 hours ago

      There should be a means of ejecting such passengers without the inconvenience of an unscheduled landing.

      • I laughed too Jordan. Good solution for avoiding the expense of unscheduled landing, but might have gotten expensive when the lawsuits started rolling in from families of the drunk and poor guy he landed on 🙂

  7. George shouldn’t do interviews. No offense intended towards him, but he’s far too naive. He doesn’t seem to realize how easy it is for interviewers with agendas to manipulate the interview, edit it, and add commentary to show what they want to show.

    “George Zimmerman interview on CNN Feb 17 2014”

    • He needs interviews but not with the enemy. You said it well, yesterday. He is dealing with evil. His brother is good at dealing with enemy interviewers, but he wouldn’t even go back on Piers Morgan. I noticed on Twitter when he cancelled an interview scheduled for that evening due things Morgan was saying that put his family in danger.

      • PonderingObserver ~ I agree w/ you! GZ doesn’t need to interview w/CNN or MSNBC & it’s surprising he would have, a poor choice imo.

        Before GZ ever does any another interview, he needs to be drilled on talking points such as:

        1. I was attacked, knocked to the ground
        2. My head was pounded into the concrete repeatedly.
        3. When a witness yelled, “I’m calling 911,” the pounding of my head into the pavement continued by TM..
        4. My attacker wasn’t afraid of LE, I defended my self against the 6’0 plus attacker to stop the beating.
        5. Those that think TM was the victim, should consider:
        Anytime anyone chooses to assault/attack someone, beat their head into the pavement, should consider the consequences. To beat someone is an “assault.”
        6. It is rarely reported in Media that TM was the attacker, he was beating me when he was shot!

        All of these thoughts should have come out in the interview imo from GZ, they were part of his trial except #6 & MOM has stated it endlessly in interviews.

        That would shut down a lot of the bull chit heard on CNN but GZ wasn’t prepped obviously & didn’t defend himself imo, w/the facts at his disposal, especially when Cummo referred to TM as the “victim.”

        Although GZ is still under investigation, the above suggestions have nothing to do w/racial under tones the media chose to make the case about or that GZ is being investigated for.

  8. How can people who talk trash about GZ having a donation site prior to trial, post crap like this and its ok? MONTHLY. I went back and read. They did not start the begging until they started getting a lot of comments on their GZ articles. No better INMO than Chump. * few days ago Leatherhead said Elec would be turned off Monday if $300 bill wasn’t paid.

    Crane-Station says:
    February 17, 2014 at 4:09 pm
    Off-topic, Hello everyone.
    We are incredibly thankful to our readers, and to each and every one of you for site donations. Unfortunately, we are not going to meet our power bill, due to 1) increased rate 2) cost of meds for Fred’s recent sinus infection. That is the bad news. The good news is, we are going to try our best, to keep the site going uninterrupted, but we will need to do this from a WiFi site. We are not missing it by much, maybe 50 dollars or so, but…I just spoke to the power company. We are not on a shut-off list for today, but anticipate shut down tomorrow. In the meantime, I am calling heating assistance agencies.

    If you can help out, we would appreciate it very much, if not, we understand, because that is where we are at. It has been a very difficult winter for everyone. We are determined to keep the site going, however, and we are thankful to all of you!

      • OMG! SO if their elec is cut off, it also cuts off their *site* OOOKKK.

        Frederick Leatherman says:
        February 17, 2014 at 7:27 pm
        Our power will be cutoff tomorrow morning because we cannot pay our bill. Apparently, we will also have to pay a reconnection fee.
        We hope to have power restored by the end of the week, but we are going to need some more help to do that.
        In the meantime, we’ll do the best we can to continue posting articles and maintaining the site.
        Many thanks to those who have assisted us with donations.

        • I still have difficulty imagining how stupid Leatherhead’s commenters are. With all the qualifications, experience and knowledge he claims to have, they never question why he can’t get a job to pay his bills? They can’t see he tailors his articles based on their posts? He writes what they want to read so he can ask for donations and get their kudos.

          • What they want to read is, of course, how racist the US is and how trod upon black people are. How black people are victims of racist whites even though every statistic says the reverse is true. Reality has take a back seat to political correctness turned racist towards white people. I don’t think this is what MLK had in mind.

          • * I wouldn’t give this info out either* BUT they only want $ lmbo

            Soulcatcher says:

            February 18, 2014 at 1:07 am

            Fred or CS,
            If your power has not been cut off by now, please email me with a phone # of your power co and account # and I will call and pay right now.

          • ROFL! Well I be damn! After all their begging and whatever, folks still gave, now LOL still supposedly gonna be turned off. I would hope next month (which comes faster since short month) that the poor dumb people donating realize… Naw wont happen! Motor on I guess Freddie
            Tuesday, February 18, 2014

            Good morning:

            Crane and I thank everyone who has responded to our financial plight with a donation. Some of you have made multiple donations and we are very grateful.

            Because it takes several days for Paypal to transfer money into our bank account, we are expecting to be without electricity for several days, possibly starting later today. Fortunately, the weather is warming up into the high 50s today and for the rest of this week, so we are not in any danger of freezing.

            We will not have internet access when the power is shut off, but we can motor to the nearest McDonald’s and use their WiFi connection to periodically post and comment. We should be able to get through this without too much interruption or inconvenience.

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