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Valentine’s Day 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you!  YOU, are my favorite.  But don’t tell the others. ♥

Art – Respecting you ♥

Boricuafudd – Missing you ♥

Cassandra – Admiring you ♥

Coreshift – Loving you ♥

Danny – Wishing peace for you ♥

David – Appreciating you ♥

Diwataman – Listening for you ♥

Fabi – Adoring you ♥

Facebook Friends – ♥

Fake Tony – Welcoming you ♥

George – Praying for you ♥

Hooson – Reading you ♥

JB from SoCal – Cheering with you ♥

Jennifer – Proud of you ♥

Jordan – Hugging you ♥

Justfactsplz – Thankful to you ♥

Kadar2012 – Touched by you ♥

Legal Defense Team – So So Grateful to you! ♥

Lorac – Believing in you ♥

Menostupid – Liking you ♥

Minpin – Missing you ♥

Mimi – Dreaming of you ♥

Nivico – Heartened by you ♥

Nwtex – Pulling for you ♥

Readers/Lurkers/Limited Commenters – Watching you ♥

Rumpole – Kisses for you ♥

Sad Lib – Hearing you ♥

Sharon – Caring for you ♥

Shellie – Hoping for you ♥

Skeptiktank – Thankful for you ♥

Stevie G. – Missing you ♥

SelfdefenseAdvocate – Missing you ♥

Sundance – Indebted to you ♥

Tess50 – Enjoying you ♥

Tina – Agreeing with you ♥

Twitter Friends – Strong, Brave and Fierce ♥

Unitron – Laughing with you ♥

Wes – Grateful for you ♥

Winsome – Feeling Supported by you ♥

Yancy – Thinking of you ♥

Zimmerman Family – Admiring you ♥

We began as strangers and learned a little about each other; some more open than others.  I’m feeling lucky and blessed to have gotten to know you over a common issue.  May your Valentine’s Day bring you much love, tons of happiness and wonderful surprises.  Happy Valentine’s Day friends. ♥

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”
― Helen Keller


71 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2014

  1. It’s kind of amazing how eclectic a group George supporters are. There was far more diversity in George supporters than there ever was among Trayvon cultists. Supporting George did kinda of bring people together.

  2. How unique and special – I’ve never seen a blog owner do this before…. all I can say is, “awwww….. x o x o x o !”

    And if anyone wants to get away from the flooding or the mountains of snow, c’mon down, I’ll take you in — but you’ll have to bring a semi-truck full of water, because apparently this is the worst drought since they started keeping records in the 1800s! But, the weather’s nice 🙂

  3. Upon further examination – I think coreshift better stay on his game…. watch out for Fabi .. Nettles says to Fabi, “je t’adore!” (did I remember my high school French there…?) lol

  4. Wow what a honor and so sweet thanks Nettles.

    Happy Valentines everyone!!

    We will be celebrating 28 years of marriage on the 15th. Hard for me to believe I have been settled down this long, my spirit is with the wind.
    A couple years ago our oldest home from college explained that being away allowed him to think about his family and he wondered how we ever got together since we are so very different constitutionally. This year we are planning on kicking around San Francisco, check out the tulips on the Embarcadero and attend the Chinese New Year’s parade in Chinatown, beautiful colors, adorable kids, loud firecrackers and drums.

        • But I’m wondering why her family and community here in San DIego celibrated it two weeks ago…. is the parade held a couple of weeks after Chinese New Years? Or do different communities celebrate it on different dates, is what I’m wondering…

            • That solves it, thanks! She must have celebrated the first day, Friday Jan 31, and the parade must be on the last (15th) day, tomorrow Feb 14th! She was to leave today to go out east where her fiancee is in graduate school, but the flights were all cancelled. I’ll be it was part Valentine’s day meet-up, but maybe also New York has a parade tomorrow…. such a shame she couldn’t go – she was really looking forward to it…

          • lorac ~ I laughed when reading your comment. Living in La., we celebrate Mardi Gras for weeks enjoying the parades & eating King Cake. They have been rolling for a couple of weeks now, they will pick up momentum in crowd size the last week of Mardi Gras leading up to “FAT Tuesday” which is when Mardi Gras officially ends.

            Fat Tuesday this year is on March 4th, it is always the day before “Ash Wednesday,” which is 46 days before Easter! We used to keep an apartment in New Orleans, some of our happiest family memories are staying in the little apartment for the duration of Mardi G., screaming “throw me something Mister” for treasured beads thrown from floats from those dressed in elaborate costumes, meeting people from all over the US that flew in for the celebration & the breath taking artistry displayed on the floats.

            “Laissez les bon temps roulez!”

            “Laissez les bon temps roulez” is a Cajun expression meaning “Let the good times roll!” It strongly conveys the “joie de vivre” (“joy of living”) .LOL! In South La., the schools close the last week for the Mardi Gras celebration, in La., & all State offices are closed for Fat Tuesday, we don’t fool around when we party!

            • I did not realize you lived in Louisiana, I have traveled all over the world, and can honestly say that my favorite place on earth to eat is the French Quarter, although there were many great restaurants outside of the Quarter.. like Pascal Manale’s.. who created barbecue shrimp. LeRuth’s was also fabulous but is now closed.

              I went there for many years every 6 weeks to see the Times Picayune.. one of my customers.

  5. I was watching Fox and the interviewer had one two black men, both of whom I’ve seen before. One is a republican, and the other a democrat. Lately the NAACP and others have been demonizing black republicans more than usual. The interviewer was asking the black democrat, “don’t you think the NAACP owes this (black republican) an apology?” The black democratic guy wouldn’t answer, instead he kept trying to bring it to republicans pushing for voter ID and how that means they’re working against blacks. The interviewer kept saying, “you’re getting off the subject, we want to know if you think NAACP owes him an apology”

    I wished I could called in and gotten them where I think they should have been, where it would have been more productive. I think both sides have part of the answer. In other words, both sides are working for blacks, but they start from different philosophies. The NAACP thinks “helping blacks” means all kinds of government handouts and the subtle bigotry of diminished expectations. The conservative black guy believes in telling blacks that they can work hard and make it.

    That voter ID would have been a great conversation if they could keep it framed within a discusson of their political philosophies. Especially since the poor that they are concerned won’t be able to vote, must already have a voter ID to cash their checks, to get Medi-cal, to get SSI, to get a bus pass, to get EBT (food stamp) cards. And I did a chart in 2008, state by what is provided – and all states had very low (couple of bucks) to no-cost photo IDs for low income and elderly and the disabled folks, and some states even provided the transportation to get to the DMV to get the darn thing!

    And of course, Mexico requires a photo voter ID. People recently who were protesting the voter ID had to present a photo ID to get into the auditorium so that they could protest! Although a lot of caucuses don’t bother with ID, they even let buses full of out of state voters to participate, so I think THAT needs to be addressed. But really, the whole voter ID fracas is much ado about nothing – I suspect it’s one more way each side just tries to get their base energized, when really they should admit that voter ID isn’t hurting anyone, because they either already have it, or can very easily get it – or the rest just want to live off the grid. That’s my opinion on it. The “big issue” could be immediately resolved if they just seriously sat down and admitted the facts – I’m sure they would come up with something else to manipulate to try to energize their bases lol

    • I remain convinced that there is a certain segment of blacks who are either incapable or simply refuse to assimilate into a predominately white society. It is those that are causing all of the problems and they will continue to do so as long as guys like JJ and Sharpton are their leaders. We need people like Allen West, Tim Scott and other black conservatives to LOUDLY expose them for what they are.

    • POD – Thanks so much for staying on top of this & sharing w/everyone.

      Is the Beasley Firm still on the NBC case for GZ & or is this firm is stepping in as MOM’s replacement? Geez Louise, I hope the Beasley Firm isn’t leaving, they have made an investment in the case but since someone from with in MOM’s firm could step in for him such as “Truett,” this has me really concerned.


      POD ~ Didier’s firm is well accomplished & in Fla., interesting turn of events.

          • pro hac vice (proh hock vee-chay) prep. Latin for “this time only,” the phrase refers to the application of an out-of-state lawyer to appear in court for a particular trial, even though he/she is not licensed to practice in the state where the trial is being held. The application is usually granted, but sometimes the court requires association with a local attorney.

              • In my school, we pronounced the “v” as “w”, but I learned later that some people were trained .
                (incorrectly hehe) to pronounce it as a “v”….

                veni, vidi, vici

                my teacher always said goodbye to the class as “valete omnes”, but she always pronounced it, “wal – lay’ – tay ohm’-nis”

            • POD ~ I was really surprised MOM has stepped away, I assumed he did most of the filings/paperwork as he is a Fla. Attorney, James Beasley is not & no doubt Didier can do things living in Fla. that would be more difficult than James Beasley living in Philadelphia. I remain shocked MOM has pulled out completely, meaning his entire firm as well.

              Glad you have that knowledge of the law, very helpful! Fla. Law is different as the “dream attorney’s from out of town found out in KC’s case & despite their legal background/knowledge/expertise, Linda Kinney Baden & Andrea Lyon’s both made a lot of legal errors in filing their paperwork, Baez wasn’t experienced enough to make corrections to their paperwork or even know it was wrong, Chief Judge Perry never let it slide. I knew the Beasley Firm would have to have an attorney participating on the case that lived in Fla., it will be interesting to see what he does. There is so much back ground in GZ’s case for Didier to catch up on it would seem, no doubt, Didier has other clients/caseload in his own firm. Since the case is at a stand still, he may have plenty of time to do that before the case ever moves forward. I too wonder how many depositions have been done & how many are left to do. Inquiring minds want to know! LOL!

  6. Wooooohooooo! Monday is Family Day in Ontario. Just got home from work and I’m on a long weekend. Time for a cold beer I think and then dinner with friends. I’m blessed!

  7. Reader, Lurker, Limited Poster here. I’d bore you to death if you were watching! 😉 Thank you for allowing me to read, lurk, & occasionally post.
    Happy Valentines Day to All! Remember that as much as we could possibly love another, Gods love for us is so infinite, we cannot comprehend it.
    Jeremiah 3

  8. It was a good day. Travel was not fun because of weather. Delayed flights and no peanuts or beverages. When we got on our delayed flight, my husband showed me the an inflight mag that sad those who flew on Valentine’s Day got free drinks. We didn’t even get a peanut. We had a change of planes and didn’t get a peanut on the second flight, either.

    The good part….it got us to Tennessee. We have such wonderful kids and grand kids. I was surprised to learn that tomorrow morning both grandchildren will be baptized. My daughter told my husband but he didn’t tell me because he thought I already knew. It was a surprise. What a wonderful surprise! Our granddaughter is scheduled to have first communion in just a few weeks. I’ve been busy helping to find the perfect dress. That’s probably why my husband thought I already knew. I couldn’t be happier.

    • POD ~ I wonder if this is the same “Phillips” that worked for Wilson, the guy that took the AP photo claiming “copy right” & threatening a law suit against GZ. That Philips had several things to say in the Media, I’d laugh too hard if it were the same.

      • and *I* am laughing, because I think there was a short lived group in the 80s or 90s called Wilson Phillips, daughters of some of the Mamas and Papas group… lol

        • Actually the Phillips is Chynna Phillips, daughter of John Phillips and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, and the Wilson is Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson, daughters of Brian Wilson, the primary genius behind the Beach Boys.

    • POD ~ OMG! It’s the same John M. Phillips! LMAO!

      B O O Y A H !

      Attorney’s w/no license to practice law are blow hards, I’m still laughing! Maybe this is why Rick Wilson didn’t pursue GZ, his lawyer lost his license. I’m glad the whole matter dropped, I have to wonder when Wilson was doing the MEDIA interviews & threatening GZ through the media, if he knew his lawyer had no license?

      • Nettles ~ Thanks for holding the bottom feeder John M. Phillips accountable! jmho, it’s nothing more than a scam based on dishonesty/lies misrepresenting himself to his clients & his unprofessional manner in keeping up w/what the Fla. Bar required to be compliant!

        I wish GZ had known this information when Rick Wilson/John M. Phillips were mouthing off w/their threats of a law suit over the Corey painting. John M. Phillips was challenged on the Renewsit link I posted above.

    • tessa50 ~ thank you for joining in, I hope to read more of your contributions. You made an interesting comment on the “Dunn Trial” thread, I too wondered the same as you had stated.

      May I ask, is your name “Contessa?” I’ve always thought that was a beautiful name, I too like the name or nickname “tessa!”

      • Hi Art. Tessa was the name of my kid’s first dog, a shep lab mix. I had chosen the name Tessa Katharine for a girl but had boys, so we named their dog that!

  9. Thank You Annette…. Awesome, Adventurous, Kind, Caring, Funny, Witty … Netpedia.. is that what they call you? It has been a please to befriend you … sending love from AFAR ♥ Hope you have a Incredible long weekend.. ♥ Mimi

  10. George Zimmerman on Univison: I’m homeless and suffering from PTSD!

    “When he saw my handgun and looked at it and told me that he was going to kill me that night, uh, that was enough of a threat after the way he had attacked me. So, I felt his hand going for my weapon,” Zimmerman said.

    Zimmerman was found not guilty last year of murder.


    They had said they weren’t going to rehash the criminal case, apparently questions of GZ were ask of the criminal case. Disappointing.

      • Nettles ~ in my city & I assume most cities in the US, have free clinics run by non profits w/Dr.’s/nurses/Physician Assistant’s that donate their time to treat patients without insurance, those w/no jobs, that are homeless/indigent w/their health care needs. What they require is your last years tax return to see what your earning were to see if you qualify. GZ has made no money except for the 1st painting, we don’t know if he would qualify or not but I assume his parents/RZ Jr. might have looked into these resources for GZ to help him as they remain concerned for GZ.

        The free clinics too help w/medications & some medications are accessible free & provided by the clinics. I know GZ takes “Adderall,” I too take Adderall for “attention deficit disorder.” It’s important that GZ maintain this medication as it would help him to remain focused, but since he has no money to pay for the prescription, it may be likely he hasn’t taken it in awhile.

        There are groups that meet “free” for those suffering w/PTSD, it’s a good resource & those participating can share w/others available resources for other’s suffering. GZ is not alone, & he’s completely isolated it seems, the groups are supposed to be “confidential” like Alcoholics Anonymous, but sadly, I realize GZ can’t even trust that if he participated, someone would not disclose he attended, haters look like every one else.

        Just one of the free clinics available:

        Shepherd’s Hope is a faith-based organization of volunteers that exists to provide access to health care for the uninsured:


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