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George’s Spanish Interview with Univision translated into English

Thank you to a twitter friend, (Inclement Weather) here is the English translation of George’s interview which will air tomorrow at 7p.m.

Zimmerman interview Univision


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    • At that point in the interview I cried. I was raised up in a Catholic family of immigrants the same as George. I understand his state of being.

      • I’m Catholic, too, Cassandra. That’s one reason why I’ve supported George and his family so strongly. I was moved when the police officer said that he was upset when he learned Trayvon had died because he’s catholic and believes taking a life for any reason is a terrible thing.

  1. If there was ever any doubt about his relationship with God, any logically thinking person should know with some degree of certainty, that his Faith has been his Salvation. I believe everything he said is the Truth and it’s clear to me that there is a lot more to this story than he can tell us at this time.

    This interview has given me a totally different perspective and I now view George much differently than I did a week ago. However, I did say before that I would only believe any future reports that came out of his mouth.

    We all have known how the media has falsely portrayed him but this tells me their treatment was far worse than I have previously known. They created a non existent monster that does not deserve to be in our society. Can you even imagine living their lives? There is no safe place to run or hide.

    What our president and AG have done is unforgivable and they intentionally continue to instill fear of further prosecution in George. I feel the same way about Scott, Bondi, Corey, BLDR, Crump and all of the others who were in on this scheme. They will continue to walk free among us but all of them should be in jail.

    Even if it were possible to hold them accountable, I cannot think of any consequences to them that would be sufficient for the “crimes” they have committed. George has lost a large part his life that can never be fixed.

    This may very well be the worst case of malicious prosecution in our history. My heart breaks for George, Shellie as well as their friends and families who continue to live in fear.

    • +1
      My heart cried for him. He seems to be a very humble person. I too have a much different perspective. I also never felt like that whole DXM or whatever his name was, it just never felt right. But I missed a lot of what was going on from dealing with my friend and her death, then having the flu. I wish him the best in life. No one should have to live with what he is because of the like of CHUMP and Jackson and Sharpton spreading their hate.

      Thank You Nettles for the time you took seeking out this and for posting for all the world to read. I believe what George said in this interview. And do not care who doesn’t or what smart ass comments people say about me believing. ♥

  2. Aww how kind. The Leatherheads are still reading here. That’s good (((WAVING))) So funny, talking crap but posting it link 😉 hee hee wonder if they realize that this is published by Annette OUR VERY OWN Nettles 🙂

    Two sides to a story says:
    February 15, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    • Two sides to a story is Kate R. She is a writer who I conversed with on the legal page on facebook, when O’Mara had a page. Kate’s ideas are far far out there. I think she really believes 12 year old Trayvon died that night.

      I notice she and O’Mara’s spokesman, Shawn, have recently talked on twitter. The case is over Kate. Time for you to move on and let George live his life. God will decide what, if anything, George will be punished for. I trust God will not be too severe on Trayvon for the choices his immature mind made that night. It got him killed after all.

      Kate, I hope your writing is going well. Let George go now, and you concentrate on making your life the best it can be. I wish you well. ♥

      • 1. George has ALREADY been punished beyond anyone imagination.
        2. The haters took their cues from the Scheme Team and opportunist politicians but they are people living side by side us every day and their ideologies about all things racial make them very dangerous people.
        3.the Media LIES, LIES, LIES and pass on their LIES when supposedly credible news agencies report on pure BS from TMZ. I always knew that all that fight crap was BS, yet Change.org allowed a petition with hateful violent statement to created based on a LIE.

        4. I am more afraid now than ever after this case. Stupid and mean rules the day.

      • I’m not sure if Kate and her crystal ball spend more time complaining about George or me to Fred / Xena. For your readers who aren’t familiar with the backstory Kate used to drone on for hours about how guilty George was based on his zodiac signs and reading tarot cards and stuff like that. It’s no exaggeration when Nettles says she is way way out there!

  3. I thought George’s interview was excellent. He cleared up several things for me and he came off like the man I perceived him to be before the acquittal. I made another donation. I hope he can once again live a normal life and be gainfully employed. I’m very glad he kept his faith through all of this.

        • That’s right Nettles! If people give they should give for the right reason, helping, not to boast and feel they are owed anything in return.

          OH I did notice that George made comment of appreciation to people who donated money (paraphrasing) . I feel he was sincere about it too.

        • My apologies, Annette, I didn’t see that you’d already posted a link before I answered Corshift’s question. If someone loses the link, they can find it again by going to @RobertZimmermanJr where he has the link to his parents account. That’s what I do. I’ve never saved the link.

      • Robert jr has a link to his parents web page. They have a donation page. I have donated to that because the parent help GZ. It’s not in his name so it doesn’t cause legal problems for him. You can send them a message and ask them to give it all to George.

  4. Thinking back to what George said about waiting for the verdict.

    A member of Shellie’s family, an Aunt, posted at the treehouse, that GZ walled himself off from everyone and spent time alone in the bathroom in the 16 hours it took the jury to reach a verdict.

    George shares in this interview, he spent that time writing out thank you cards.

    I wonder now, if GZ, leaving Shellie and his family and going off alone wasn’t more about protecting them than it was about having to get away from them. More than his own safety, he seemed to worry about someone hurting his family.

    Immediately following the verdict, he took off alone. During that time, Shellie became convinced he was with another woman. During the Sept. 9th incident, she did say GZ had no opportunity to have an affair prior to the verdict but she thought he had hooked up with his Ex. fiancée, immediately following the verdict.

    Did George worry about the public backlash to the verdict, that he tried to direct it away from his family and take off on his own? Did Shellie make a huge mistake?

    • Annette, that might be part of his motive. We can only speculate why he did various things. He may have believed he needed to get out of the state for his own security and sanity. Shelley might not have been able to leave the state with him because her charge was still pending. He may have thought her life was at less risk without him there. He may have been stressed in her presence. They were almost under house arrest. They’d both been under extreme stress for a year and a half. The time spent waiting for the verdict was surely the most stressful. Obviously, Shellie and the family were not a comfort from stress for GZ because he isolated himself from them while waiting for the verdict.

      Perhaps if Shellie had not suspected another woman during that month GZ was gone, the marriage might have survived. He didn’t wait very long after she left to make her suspicions true. Perhaps if he had not done that, the marriage could have been reconciled. We have no way of knowing. It is what it is. Shellie’s life will probably be better not linked to the most hated man in the U.S. I just hope that she spends her energy getting her nursing degree and establishing a new life for herself and not saying things that will make it GZ less likely to ever be able to live a normal life.

      I think George lost a lot of supporters by not answering questions. I can’t guess why he hasn’t cleared up misinformation on Twitter, but he did clear up many of them in his interview. I think most donors want to make sure their money isn’t wasted. If someone donates money hoping to increase his security and he does things that appears to put his security at greater risk, the donors can feel like their money was just thrown away. That was the case with me. I was glad to learn that he wasn’t being so reckless regarding the fight. He had an attorney look at it. It appears that he was considering something very different than what the promoters started advertising.

      The death threats are a very serious matter and the police seem unwilling to do anything about it.

      • Obviously, Shellie and the family were not a comfort from stress for GZ because he isolated himself from them while waiting for the verdict.

        Sharon, you say “obviously”, but I think it’s an assumption. It might be true, and might not be. People deal with stress and anxiety in diferent ways, and it may not have anything to do with the people around them. Some people need to be alone in those circumstances. And with someone like George, there’s also the possibiity that he just wanted to focus entirely like he was talking with god while he was waiting. I have no idea what Shellie and the other family members were like as far as comforting – I just think it’s a mistake to assume everyone wants to be comforted by others in upsetting circumstances, and if they isolate, that means that the others are not good comforters. People are very different…

        • According to Annette, Shellie’s aunt said she was very hurt because George isolated himself during that time. He also seemed to want to be alone after the trial for an entire month.

          • Here is exactly what Shellie’s Aunt (her mom’s sister) posted at the treehouse about that. I have to give you a screen shot b/c the treehouse trashed the thread it was left on.


            • From this post, it sounds to me the aunt wasn’t at the courthouse. She writes “…they all waited in the courtroom.” So she is relaying this to us through Shellie or someone else’s filter. I think likely Shellie because none of Shellie’s family was seen on the day of the verdict. To my memory, only Shellie’s grandmother went to court during jury selection.

          • I think he needed that time to decompress. And like he said about the feeling when they cut his GPS off in courtroom. He had to ask for permission or told where he could go and not go. I can personally fully understand that. And as far as what Shellies Aunt felt, well that’s just selfish. JMHO

      • I agree. It’s a good question. We don’t have enough information to answer. Under the circumstances, Shellie’s life will probably be better being cut loose from George. It will be easier for her to get a job. She can finish her nursing degree and work as a nurse now. She can even marry and have children. Unless they moved to another country, none of that would have been possible if she’d stayed married to GZ.

  5. Thanks for the transcription Annette. I enjoyed reading in George’s own words.It seems this interview, along with the Hannity gives me more insight into George’s character. I have to admit I have been judgmental, and quite unhappy with what I consider his poor behavior on twitter.

    • George could help us a lot by putting out more factual stuff. ie: only I tweet from this account, ie: I’m not posting on facebook, ie: I did do that interview with Radar Online.

      I suspect communication isn’t a strong suit of George’s and it may have cost him his marriage.

      • Nettles, after reading the transcript last night. I thought about this a few times today. Since the DOJ is still doing their investigation, I think its rather smart that GZ does NOT say yes or no what he posts on or doesn’t. If you think about it, if its him, its giving him a little freedom. I think some of that is him, but possibly some may be someone else. LOL AND if someone else does tweet from his account, he wouldn’t be lying saying he not only one using that account if DOJ or anyone questioned him under oath. But if he acknowledge anything the way the haters push on that twitter, they try hard to cause trouble. Acknowledgment would just give DOJ more to blah blah about. Traybots already do. JMO

  6. I see no reasoning, or benefit for him to be engaging some of these people via twitter. Nothing he says, or does will ever change their thinking. This type engagement only seems to keep inciting more and more hate.

    • I agree with you. I don’t understand even the supporters who keep arguing with the same people. They are never going to change each other’s mind. Agree to disagree…shut down talking to each other and move on. Results in way less stress in both lives.

        • I agree. If the same thing gets said enough and not challenged, it’s accepted as the truth. I don’t think the Traybots will ever change their minds. The audience that needs to be reached is the general public, which GZ did in his recent interview.

          I’ve about decided that the best way to help GZ is donations to his parents. That possibly may be the only way I can help. Talking to other supporters doesn’t do a lot of good. He needs security and for him, money is security.

  7. For me the most fascinating part of the interview was his answer about the trial, that he saw Rachel as a puppet, and that her testimony supported his rather than provide some bombshell contradictory evidence.

      • Yep. I was explaining to my partner the other day ( he has a full time job so he did not follow the trial) that following the acquittal Rachel was interview by the likes of Piers Moron and Marc Lamont Hill. This http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/17/rachel-jeantel-huffpost-live-interview_n_3610921.html with race baiting “academic” Hill starts in on how could the jury be so callous and racist, and Rachel agrees and then explains the rules of engagement in the ghetto, you get a whoop ass for disrespect. Hill, Capehart, Blow, black journalists who dominated the reporting on the case pounding the drumbeat to string up George now had corroboration from the star witness that this beat down which could have killed George was not what they had been reporting, yet they were silent.

    • Jordan, a Methodist pastor told me that when she was in seminary they told her that when Jesus said to turn the other cheek that he was training the Jews in passive resistance techniques such as MLK and Gandhi used. The Jews were an occupied people. The Roman soldiers could abuse them in many ways but they did have limits. They could only strike a Jew with the palm side of their hand and they could only force them to carry their load for one mile. If a Roman soldier hit someone in the face with the palm of his hand and that person taunted him by offering his other cheek, the soldier would hit him with the back of his hand. He’d be punished if seen. One could also get a soldier in trouble if they kept on carrying it and were seen.

      I don’t necessarily believe or disbelieve that version but I find it interesting.

  8. You can say all you want about turning the other cheek, but having studied the Bible in both Greek and Aramaic, I view a lot of things differently than are taught in Main Stream denominational (divided) churches.


    I think many ignore these verses. And let us not forget that David often prayed asking God to destroy his enemies.


    Of course, it is strongly suggested that your own House be clean BEFORE you start a prayer rally to punish the scheme team.

    I guess you can be safe and pray for the “right thing to be done.” But, at least pray. I’ll take the high road and ask for their utter destruction. I am sure that God will spank my butt if I am wrong in doing that.

    Their offenses are so egregious‎ that they cannot be ignored. If you think man is going to correct this, then your faith in man is much greater than mine. I will take my chances with God. Their names are on my desktop in my prayer list folder.

    My prayer for all of them is that they face spiritual and social Justice and suffer just as much as George and his family did as in “an eye for an eye”… and yes, I know what some translators, most notably King James, wrote about what Jesus said.

    If you are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the New Scriptures (not testament) “overturned” the Old Scriptures, as is taught in many divisions of the Main Stream division of “Christian” churches, then we are not likely to agree on a lot of translations, but I woke up this morning feeling compelled to speak my piece so no offense is intended to anyone.


    We can never make this right without taking action.

    • I haven’t followed the Dunn trial but from what little I know of it, there is no comparison. I think the Z trial may have ushered in a dangerous era for us though. It may be much more dangerous for a white person to defend him or herself against a black than most people realize.

    • Jordan, do you mean money donated to his parents ? George said they are helping him. I don’t think we have any way of knowing what gets to him. I trust his parents to use it to help George but I don’t think we can verify that. It’s my impression that they don’t receive much money in donations but help him a lot with their own money.

      • I intentionally posted the question in a general sense. The article implies that his parents provide for him and I guess that means that they try to take care of all of his “needs.”

        However, I remember reading long ago that they had exhausted all of their savings so…….
        I do NOT know where they currently get money to live on, much less help George. I am aware of the parent’s site and have donated myself to that site but did not specify how the money should be spent.. None of us know how much has gone into it or taken out but I would be wowed out if it was enough for them and George to live on. The site has received zero publicity since the trial.

        I have made many posts in the past here and elsewhere about the defense fund because I believe that O’Mara should have kept his word. George made it clear that it was not HIS fund as some of us said and that MOM controlled it. MOM has never released a full accounting from the CPA as he promised. So who knows how the rest of it was spent? I don’t and George doesn’t either.

        My question was about the interviews. Does anyone know if George or his family benefited financially from them? There are ways to do that and keep it out of the public arena but I have already seen how the haters are saying he was paid for finally speaking up. How would they know? Maybe Crump said it. LOL.

        As we all have said, there are many folks out there who will NEVER believe what he says. George is doomed to always be hated by many, many people. How sad..

        Back to the question… did he or they receive any money from either interview?…. and the biggest question of all is: How are they going to survive without the ability to legally earn money?

        They have many needs but safety is at the top of the list. Funny thing.. I My personal budget does not include anything for safety. Does yours? Who thinks of such things?

        Would Obama and Holder ever even think of their safety during their prayer time? How about a public apology for misspeaking and ruining a few lives? Yeah, right.

        • I see what you meant now. I don’t know if he got paid. I hope he did. I remember reading that Samantha tried to see an interview to the media and they told her they don”t pay for interviews. I read that before the trial, GZ tried to get the Hannity show to pay for a month’s worth of security for his family in exchange for another interview and they wouldn’t do it.

          From what Robert Sr said in his book, he and Gladys have lost a lot because of this. It wasn’t just George that needed his help. The haters threatened the entire family. They were worried about all their children. They’ve had to help them all. I think they both have pensions. They may get social security, too.

    • Unreal, Nettles. GZ survived an ordeal that would have crushed most individuals and then these jerks have the nerve to pile on? Ugh.

    • Nettles;

      Randy is a good example of a person with no respect for the judicial system and who is also filled with hate.

      Do you see a lot of this kind of post?

      Randy @randygdub

      @rzimmermanjr @Univision haha he’s homeless and suffering. i’m glad.

      • There’s far worse than that. There are those that want to try and make George commit suicide. There are those that want to kill him and his family. There are those that try and create divisions between him, his family and his supporters. They want him isolated and totally destroyed. They want everyone around him destroyed. They mock, they lie, they ridicule, they find the most vulnerable parts of people they can and pound on them. They use everything and anything they can to do it. It’s as close to pure evil, and this is coming from an atheist, as I have ever seen. These people are the social justice crowd, #UniteBlue, fans of Julian Assange, anonymous, etc. They voted for Obama, call themselves liberals, but they aren’t. They are complete scum.

        • My Mom said to me long ago, “Son, never let the sun go down on your rage.” I am fortunate, I guess, because it took root in me. I am 67 and still do a daily inventory before I go to sleep. That does not mean I have never had an anger issue but I once heard a man tell a story about how a man had run off with his wife, never to be seen again. He hated them both and they haunted him for all of that time. He was filled with rage, hate and anger.

          20 years later, he ran into a man who coincidentally knew his wife and the man she ran off with. He told him they had both been killed almost 20 years ago soon after they had left Florida where they all had lived and arrived in Alaska.

          What’s the moral?

          Two dead people “lived” in this man’s mind RENT FREE for almost 20 years. Whenever my blood boils over, as it has often done while keeping up with this case, I think of that story and get rid of the demon.

          I sometimes wonder what goes on in anger management classes. Why on earth would anyone want to manage their anger? Instead of managing it, how about we get rid of it?

          So when I see posts by the Zimmerman and Casey Anthony haters after all of this time, I am acutely aware that I will never say anything to help him them get rid of it. Otherwise, I might get what they have. Misery loves company. Those are the ones who need anger management classes since they love it so much that they do not want to get rid of it. It’s why I think George should ignore them, too, and move on.

      • I went back and looked at Camel’s profile and I can’t really be sure if he’s a racist or a GZ hater trying to look like a supporter. The picture looks like he’s mocking supporters, but I’m confused about a link on his profile. I didn’t want to read that website long enough to determine what it is. I just reported him for the use of the n word. If he’s a real supporter, GZ doesn’t need him.

  9. Long, long time ago, justfactslplz and I posted at Wesh. People like that were common on their site. It greatly diminished the facts that she and I (and a couple of others.. can’t remember) were trying to post. So we were in a battle with the Traybots as well as the hardcore racists who supported George. JFP eventually found her way to the CTH and began to post even though she had been reading there for a while beforehand. Her screen name was Odessagirl and I used my real name.

    I elaborated on this because going to that site made me realize how much those white racists did to damage public opinion of George and also to stir up even more deep racial issues. It was a real race war in progress. Only the guns were missing.

    George had many “supporters” who contributed to the animus today and they are still out there posting their vile crap. As it turns out, they were not supporters at all by my definition.

    These are the people that George should avoid but woudn’t it be interesting to see what would happen if he opened up on them with both barrels? Surely George knows that they did more harm than good.

    • Jordan, I suspected Camel might be a GZ hater instead of supporter. When I clicked on the picture, I felt sure of it. It’s difficult to see those twitter pictures because they’re too small. It appears to be a Traybot making a mockery of how he sees GZ supporters. I could be wrong but that’s my interpretation.

  10. I am catching up reading and apologize if this has already been said. But we have all read and talked about how GZ supporters feel this or that and how some feel they should have their questions answered, their contributions acknowledged and so forth. This interview to me showed that this man has a lot on his plate and he acknowledges it. He to me acknowledged his thanks for donations (ex wouldn’t have had $ for the expert witnesses). He also said he was constantly moving. Being in fear of ones life and his family, and trying to have as much of a life as possible, the media making BREAKING NEWS out of everything, it kinda seems petty for supporters to want their pat on the back. JMHO, he doesn’t OWE anyone anything for their support, they gave of it freely. He appreciates what was done for him and everything that the masses of people gave. He knows and I was glad to read all he is aware of and he did pretty well stating it making his points and yet not trash talking doing it. Back to reading…

    • I don’t think supporters want any pat on the back. I certainly don’t. I think the media made it look like he was being reckless when he wasn’t. His presence on twitter seemed reckless in itself because he was engaging the haters. He was defensive of a 16 year old supporter who got threatened by a hater and that made him seem like he might be what the media tried to make him out to be. Then the fight issue started and that really lost him supporters. It turns out that he wasn’t using bad judgment because he had the sense to have a lawyer look at the contract and he didn’t sign because the attorney advised against it.

      The media was making it look like he was just throwing away what security his supporters bought for him. A man whom I think knows him personally was making appeals on Conservative Treehouse for people to message George and advise him not to fight and to stop engaging haters on twitter. He apparently got some messages because he tweeted, “Thanks for the advice,” and a link to a poster of a man saying, “Just smile, nod, and then do whatever f ing thing you were going to do, anyway.” He possibly thought the poster was funny, but the use of the f word could make one feel like he’d said “f off.”

      Annette has pointed out that the issue of the fight that concerned many supporters could have been cleared up by George. Annette messaged him on Twitter and asked him about it and he didn’t answer. He may have had a good reason for not answering, but we don’t know. He did finally clear it up in his television interview and I hope doing that he got back all the supporters he lost when the fight news was circulating.

      The interview was good and he cleared up a lot of things. I sent a donation after reading the interview and I hope others will, too, because he needs lots of donations. I can’t really endorse that donation site because there’s no way of knowing how the donations are used or how much gets to GZ. I, personally, trust it. I believe George’s parents have given him much more help than they’ve received contributions. Contributions allow them to help him more. I also like the fact that it’s not in his name. That means it can’t be taken in the divorce proceedings or it can’t counting against him if he applies for government assistance. It was upsetting that the defense fund caused his bail to be set at such a high price and that Shellie was charged with perjury over it. I like the fact that this fund is in his father’s name so it can’t count against George. I trust his father to take care of George. I just can’t make any guarantees to any other donors. I hope lots of supporters will contribute because that’s the only real way we can help him stay alive and have any kind of decent life. We can argue all day long with Trayvon supporters and it does little or no good. Right now, money means security. George said if he has to, he will work as a cook. I don’t see how he could though since he can’t even eat in a restaurant without fear of being recognized and murdered. He said he’s afraid to go to a doctor when he’s sick for that reason. He needs monetary support.

      • Sharon, I wasn’t meaning any supporter in particular. And really putting people in groups, as we are not all the same, we are unique individuals. But we have all read comments from Supporters who feel owed something in return for their support. Was definitely not meaning you personally. Sorry if came across like that.

        • Seems like something happened that triggered people to “demand” that the money be spent a certain way.. I remember all of the talk about different defense strategies as if the decision should be voted on. It was absurd.

          • +1 ~ I can understand some frustration.

            On a diff note, people on the opposite side of the isle, asking for donations with no proof of accountability. But yet continue to beg for donations…and mock George for when he did. (example TM Fraudation and Leatherhead)

        • I see what you mean. I have heard that some people tried to get the defense fun dried up because they didn’t like the attorney and wanted him fired from the case. I wasn’t here during the trial. I don’t know think I was even active on Twitter during the trial. I was just watching the trial and praying. I learned about Conservative Treehouse on Twitter. I ran into Annette on Twitter, too. I had no idea what was going on with the fund. I donated to it when I could. I am not rich and couldn’t donate enough to be of any great help, though. I was very sad that the fund caused George and Shelley problems like bond being revoked and a perjury charge. I think if the perjury charge had not happened, the marriage might have survived.

          • Sorry for the delay in responding. I been busy with real life fun stuff 😉 I am positive whatever you donated was received with the love that you sent with it.

  11. Again we have another episode with GZ on twitter. This time with Piers Morgan. I am convinced that it is not GZ behind that twitter account at all times. Calling him Piersie, sweetheart, smiley faces. and xoxo. It makes no sense at all.

    • Whoever he lives with might be able to sign into his account. He might not sign out each time. If my husband used my computer he could tweet from my account.

      • It’s probably more than one person. George said he is homeless and moves from state to state. He likely stays with different people and uses their computer. Unless he signs out each time, anyone with access to that computer could tweet from his account.

      • I think it’s probably his account, but whoever has access to his computer may tweet with the account. It might always him. Wish he’d close the account. I think he tweeted something last night that might hurt him. It’s a shame they’re going on this interview campaign and George can undo some of the good the interviews have done on twitter. Its even more of a shame if he’s not signing out and other people can tweet under his name.

        • Piers Morgan was quick to utilize his twitter exchange with George on his show. And it’s George’s account. If someone else was using it to tweet things he didn’t agree with he would have changed his password or taken steps to deny them access.

    • That’s why I keep saying and thinking he isn’t acknowledging any social media. He doesn’t have to prove he did or didn’t if he hasn’t acknowledged it to be him doing the tweets. Especially with the DOJ investigating. I know many people who share a FB, personally I don’t think a good idea. I am not talking about parents watching over children. Also so many hacking of accounts.. JMHO I haven’t read his tweets religiously, but sometimes the ones I have read, there is a different in tone and speech patterns. Again jmho.

  12. Protesters a marching in front of Corey’s office demanding she be removed from office for failing to get a murder conviction in the Dunn case. How sweet is this?

  13. This is only 5:10 long. Is it the entire interview on New Today?


    This interview was a huge mistake. Chris Cuomo further destroyed George in the eyes of the haters, if that is even possible. For starters: Ground rules should have been that certain questions pertaining to current legal issues were off limits. Chris Cuomo had to know about the DOJ investigation….then slyly says they checked and found it to be true. as if they didn’t know and George was using it for cover. . OMG… He knew that these headlines would follow “George refuses to answer whether he regrets killing Martin.”

    Even the tone of Cuomo’s voice was disparaging.

    CNN has NEVER been fair to George.. not even close.. so why would he do this? IMO, George dug himself into a deeper hole. I saw NO benefit whatsoever to George in doing this.. .NONE.

  14. MOM was on the Erin Burnett OutFront show earlier with Nat Jackson discussing the Dunn trial. She was her typical ignorant, arrogant, condescending, self righteous, snobbish, haughty, know-it-all, bitchy self. If anyone finds a recorded version, please post it. It should repeat at 11PM EST.

    Could she be described with one adjective?

        • Jordan, people disagree about this situation, but to me, he wasn’t being a wimp at all, he was being professional. If he had sunk to her level, do you think her arrogant, self-righteous, ignorant self would have stood out? I don’t. I think if he had acted like her, it would have elevated the acceptability of her style of loud and self-righteous ignorance, and would have kept her from standing out as the clown she is. I think his calm, polite, reserved way of stating and standing by the facts juxtaposed with her scowly and loud, flailing style make his points more convincing.

        • Mr.. Ashong may be bowing to some public backlash for giving George an opportunity to state his perception. The interview itself had none of the bias from the interviewer that I witnessed in the Cuomo interview.

          The Fusion interview was pretty good.

          • Mr. Ashong used a soft approach. He put GZ at ease and seemed sympathetic. GZ was more able to speak freely in that interview. He did, however, ask him some questions that even supporters have been concerned about. I think he may have caused George to think about what his supporters tried to warn him about. One is his presence on Twitter, and engaging people like Ponderosa. George explained that Ponderosa had been harassing a 16 year old supporter and he asked that kid to stay off twitter for a few days while George got him to focus his hatred back on him. That goes with the Tugboat persona we heard about. The trouble is that both Georges supporters and haters watched that and not all approved. Some were angered that he was protecting a 16 year old on Twitter when he shot a youth just one year older. Then Mr. Ashong showed an enlarged picture of Trayvon when he was 12, not 17.

            • It was easy to see the trouble GZ was walking into on twitter. I posted that he was putting a target on the young supporter’s back and Traybots were going to do what they do.

              Then there would be an emotional reaction from GZ supporters for attacking that kid. That is exactly what happened with Ponderosa. He became concerned and called the kid’s school. He posted information about the kid, information the kid had posted publicly. GZ supporters got outraged, full war and GZ then tries to deflect the heat off Lane and put it back on him.

              The whole ugly incident was started by GZ and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see where it was heading. GZ thought the kid was cool and could handle the haters. Guaranteed the kid’s safety. He can’t guarantee his own safety how did he think he could keep Lane safe?

              I posted my thoughts about it here before Traybots responded. https://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/open-thread-jan-22-2014/#comment-28282 My links never work, but I find if you scroll down to wherever this lands you, it’s one or two comments below. The time of my comment was 11:57 am

              As Jennifer posted, there is no good reason for stirring up hate like this. It isn’t helpful and does put them in jeopardy.

              With these interviews we see the media with the microphones are not ready and may never be ready to allow GZ the right of every other American. To take deadly action when in fear of great bodily injury and to be left alone after a jury of his peers acquitted him of the charges.

              • I support George in testing the waters. I agree he should just give up. I am deeply troubled by the sensationalist leftist media treatment of GZ and our laws. George has been devoured by a pathology and he cannot fight it.

              • Very well said. I was wondering, how do you think this situation might have played out in Canada?

                (I’m embarassed to say, you know way more about us than I know about Canada – I don’t even know what your gun rules are, or what you may have analogous to our constitution/bill of rights – and I’ll bet I’m not the only one here who would be interested in you telling us about that hint hint – but in my defense, you guys seem to get American TV, but we don’t get Canadian TV – and what’s up with THAT? lol) <– tsk tsk sorry – run on sentence

                • grrrrrr! It was all well said, but what I particularly wanted to highlight was this:

                  With these interviews we see the media with the microphones are not ready and may never be ready to allow GZ the right of every other American. To take deadly action when in fear of great bodily injury and to be left alone after a jury of his peers acquitted him of the charges.

                • We are allowed to have guns for hunting. We are not permitted to carry concealed weapons. As a result, the criminals and the police have the guns used in violence against others.

                  In a court case, evidence is not freely shared before the trial. To ensure the defendant gets a fair trial, information is tightly controlled so jurors don’t enter a case with prior knowledge of the case.

                  Once acquitted, a defendant cannot be retried. I know of no situation where our federal government went after an acquitted defendant because they didn’t like the jury’s verdict.

                  According to Toronto Police, in 2013, there were 202 incidents of a gun being used against another. 22 people died. http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/statistics/ytd_stats.php

                  Thankfully, crime is not a major concern in my life. People having to go to the garbage for food is. I saw the video of Fred Leatherman going to the dumpster for food. While I don’t agree with lying to people to get their money, if he’s doing it to eat, I understand. Fred would feel better about himself however, if he used his talents to honestly earn a living and not con others out of their pension money and disability payments.

            • Some were angered that he was protecting a 16 year old on Twitter when he shot a youth just one year older.

              I don’t agree with these people. George didn’t kill a 17 y/o, he killed someone who was trying to kill him who happened to be 17 y/o. His age was irrelevant; his behavior was the issue. He would have defended himself against anyone who was trying to kill him walking home innocently with skittles and watermelon fruit juice.

              • I don’t agree with those people, either. It still wasn’t wise of GZ to get on twitter and engage his haters and supporters the way he did. It did not help his public image either among supporters or haters.

                The media tried to play up Trayvon’s age. They even used 5 year old pictures so that viewers felt Trayvon was much younger than he actually was. Even one of the witnesses said she thought George was on top because the person on top was so much larger than the pictures she’d seen of Trayvon. That image of a sweet little 12 year old child stuck in a lot of people’s head. George making an issue of Lane’s age didn’t help his image. He needs to stay off Twitter.

                • The Hollister picture will forever be used in any articles about this case. That will NEVER change. Maybe because that was the last time his parents saw him.

  15. Angela Corey once again filed a motion to dismiss in Kruidbos case and looks like she is now suing kruidbos

    21 — 2/17/2014
    22 — 2/17/2014
    23 — 2/18/2014

    • POD ~ If I remember correctly, Wesley White, the original attorney for Ben K. said they filed suit as a “whistle blower case” against Corey’s office. In the case of a whistle blower that steps forward in Fla., I checked at the time & an independent investigator was to be assigned to investigate Corey’s office & investigators are assigned to investigate all whistle blower cases Not surprising, we never heard anything about the findings.. It’s not really “independent,” imo, after all, the independent investigator too works for the State just like Angela Corey. Too many shady workings imo in the Fla. Judicial system.

      I hope BK’s case isn’t dismissed, this has been my biggest fear. No doubt imo, Corey’s going to do everything in her power to demean/taint BK’s job performance as she did in Lydker’s case. LMAO, it blew up in Corey’s face trying to taint Lydeker & again, Corey was exposed as the one that wass corrupt, Corey settled that case.

      I don’t know if you missed the comment or not, Sundance commented to me that “Wesley White was putting feelers out about a run against Corey in her next election.”

  16. When asked if he thinks he’s a celebrity, George said no and added that people just like to talk about him and his life. From what I can see, not too many people still like to talk about him. What’s left are the media, extreme haters, and a few supporters who are concerned that the haters won’t let him live a normal life. I’ve noticed that if I mention George Zimmerman to someone, they stop and think to figure out who I mean.

  17. Institutions target lobbying disclosure, raising Trayvon Martin case!

    Fifty-seven pension funds and other institutional investors targeted 48 companies for shareholder proposals calling for disclosure of lobbying payments.

    The proposals also raise concerns about corporate reputational risk stemming from contributions to groups creating model legislation based on the “stand your ground” law underpinning the Trayvon Martin fatal shooting case, according to a statement from the group.
    “Specifically, enhanced lobbying disclosure will enable shareholders to better evaluate whether a company’s lobbying expenditures and actions advance the company’s interests and do not present risks to company value,” according a statement from the investors group.

    “These payments can create reputational risks for companies.”

    The proposals also ask companies to disclose payments to tax-exempt organizations that write and endorse model legislation, such as statutes based on Florida’s “stand your ground” law “that gained national attention after the tragic killing of teenager Trayvon Martin,” the statement said.


    I’d be furious if I were a “share holder” in any of these companies & this came to light, that’s why the companies DON’T want their shareholders to know their expenditures, especially in Fla., where SYG remains popular w/the voters, imo. No doubt, big money is behind the fight against SYG, just a sampling of where some of the money comes from to fight it, with or without the shareholders agreeing to the expenditures but hopefully, they will become enlightened.

    • I wondered today if organizations like the school police in Miami or the school board paid the Trayvon Martin Foundation to NOT pursue civil damages against GZ. It would after all, expose a whole bunch of bad behaviour as we gleaned from the treehouse’s FOIA requests.

      For a whole host of reasons, lots of people may not want anymore disinfecting sunlight on the goings on in Florida.

      • Excellent point, Annette. A civil suit would expose a whole lot of goings on. We would learn all about Trayvon’s behavior during his last year or two. In the criminal case, that was kept out of the court and the media was able to show us who he had been 5 years ago. There’s all kinds of enablers to be exposed. Some who covered up what he did not for his benefit but their own.

        What would it be for? To sue a man who is homeless and broke….who might be able to counter sue those who got rich the tragedy.

        • Ditto… George is judgment-proof being 2.5 million in debt and for all intents and purposes unemployable.

          I’m really surprised, however, that Parks ‘n Crump didn’t at least attempt to go after the city of Sanford and the Sanford PD in the hopes of a quick settlement a la Martin Lee Anderson.

          I always felt that Sundance’s FOIA revelations also inadvertently built a case for the family against the Miami-Dade Schools system and the MDSPD. If they hadn’t continually swept Trayvon’s crimes under the carpet to make the school’s crime statistics look better, and assuming Sybrina was telling the truth about them not even alerting her about the stolen items and burglary tool, Trayvon may have been punished more harshly and not been in Sanford.

          Who I’d really love to see them go after, though, is Emmanuel Burgess (the guy responsible for the home invasion and other burglaries in the RTL). Now that would be an interesting case! Suing the criminal who created the atmosphere of fear in the neighborhood that indirectly led to someone fitting his description being killed.

          • Interesting observation:

            always felt that Sundance’s FOIA revelations also inadvertently built a case for the family against the Miami-Dade Schools system and the MDSPD.

          • I’m really surprised, however, that Parks ‘n Crump didn’t at least attempt to go after the city of Sanford and the Sanford PD in the hopes of a quick settlement a la Martin Lee Anderson.

            I think that potato would have been too hot to handle, especially at the time. The trial had not even started and Trayvon’s past would have been a focal point in a civil suit. It’s also a good reason for them to forget about ever going down that road if they want to insure that Trayvon will remain a martyr of the highest order.

      • Nettles ~ you make an excellent point, many don’t want the exposure, exposure would only highlight their agenda & would become a matter of public record which couldn’t be denied.

        In the examples you mentioned Nettles, those are well connected political people, imo, all the more reason the taxpayers of Fla. need to know. TM’s whole school record business stunk to high heaven, hopefully, the NBC suit will glean some of the information. I think it was the school record information that James Beasley was pursuing when Judge N. shut the NBC suit down because of the “sanction” case.

        • You said; I think it was the school record information that James Beasley was pursuing when Judge N. shut the NBC suit down because of the “sanction” case.

          Don’t you think all of that will be revisited if the case proceeds?

        • PonderingObserver ~ GZ too said he was “glad AP had him take down the second painting, that he realized selling his art work was selling a piece of himself.” (paraphrased, don’t remember which interview this was from, I think it was “Gawker” that had the transcript I read yesterday.)

          It didn’t sound, as if he was going to paint/sell more paintings, he understands at this point “copy right” & the legal ramifications. That’s unfortunate, I was hoping GZ would go forward w/his own original works of art as there is seemed to be an opportunity to generate monies, there was a market for his paintings, & he was an excellent “colorist” imo w/his creative use of color.

      • He also mentioned paintings (plural.) So maybe he has already started or even completed others. Interesting that he thanked AP.

  18. Hey Nettles…

    Back when we were discussing why MOM may have removed himself from George’s civil case, several of us told you that you were wrong thinking that MOM’s financial interests in getting paid for the criminal case was a conflict of interest in the civil case.

    Mmmmmm… that crow was tasty.


    It’s called a ‘proprietary interest’ when an attorney has a stake in the outcome of a case other than his fees for the immediate case at hand. MOM’s needing to get paid for the criminal trial and be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses would be a conflict of interest when advising George in the civil matter. There would be too much doubt as to whether he was advising a course of action (even unintentionally) that was more to his own benefit than his client’s.

    • nivico ~ In “Proprietary Interest,” it would have to be proven MOM did anything to hurt GZ’s Civil Case in any way that benefited MOM’s “best interest” over “GZ’s best interest” in any decision or settlement. That burden would be placed solely on GZ’s to prove against the “Beasley Firm/MOM,” placing the burden to prove such a claim solely against GZ, a claim that isn’t true nor could GZ ever prove imo. The client calls the shots, NOT the Attorney’s working for that client.

      It would be GZ’s decision to “settle for an amount NBC offered,” that decision is not made by James Beasley, his firm, nor MOM at the time. All decisions, settlement offers are made made solely by GZ, just as all offers were brought to my family during our Civil Suit & we as a family made the decision to pursue a trial despite earlier settlement offers, the maximum was paid to our family before trial. Though any “proprietary interest” were removed when MOM bowed out, MOM had already made his contribution to the Civil Case through all the background, legal paperwork, depos, etc., imo, MOM has many clients that pay for services as well as his CNN job, a good time to bow out.

      We don’t know if there is a signed agreement for GZ to pay MOM from his Judgement in the NBC case, I speculated there was since MOM is “a businessman” as he has repeatedly said. If there is a “signed agreement” for GZ to pay MOM/West through the NBC settlement, MOM bowing out removes the “Proprietary Interest,” but imo, a claim GZ would never make because it’s a claim GZ could never prove.

      GZ could file bankruptcy if he truly has no money dismissing any bills owed creditors including MOM/West’s bill of 2 million plus for their work on the criminal trial, GZ’s “student loan debt” couldn’t be dismissed through bankruptcy as it’s never excused. KC dismissed most of her debt through bankruptcy including Baez’s $ 500,000.00 legal bill.

      • Are you certain of this:

        GZ’s “student loan debt” couldn’t be dismissed through bankruptcy as it’s never excused.

        Many students have their loans dismissed but it may for other reasons other than bankruptcy.

        • Jordan ~ I am not suggesting GZ will file bankruptcy, I don’t think he will, I was just pointing out that through bankruptcy, legal debt can be dismissed as KC did to Baez. I think GZ is a better person than that & imo, wouldn’t screw over MOM/West.

          Many adults have tried unsuccessfully for years to dismiss student loan debt which is usually Federal loans, & mounting interest through bankruptcy & have failed through bankruptcy. It’s very difficult to prove the hardship for a young person, if you haven’t paid off the student loan debt by the time you draw “social security,” your social security can be garnished to repay the loan.


          A friend filed bankruptcy, she couldn’t dismiss her student loan debt & she was 50 yrs. old. There is a good reason: Since my friend filed bankruptcy, she took a management position at a hospital making over $ 100,000.00 per yr., that’s why it’s so difficult to dismiss through bankruptcy, many that file bankruptcy, go on to take lucrative jobs & then have the ability to pay back their student loan debt.. My friend had to file bankruptcy because of a divorce & bad investments in real estate, she was destitute but she rallied & is still paying her student loan debt today. I have read some people have dismissed a part of their debt through bankruptcy but they are disable or have a very low income & have to pass what is called “The Brunner Test” which is difficult to do.

          The courts look at factors such as your age, in GZ’s case, he is young, many years before he would retire & there is no predicting the future earnings for anyone’s income, in GZ’s case, he stands to gain from the NBC law suit.

        • jordan ~ do you have any examples that “many student have their loans dismissed” & what were the circumstances? Since student loans are 85 % Federal loans, many Americans are having their social security payments garnished to repay the Federal loans which are different than other loans. If the loans were NOT Federal loans, maybe they can be dismissed through bankruptcy, like perhaps through a bank or private loans, but those loans only make up 15% of all the student loans extended to students.

          • Actually, I have known several people who had their loans forgiven. I do not recall all of the circumstances of some of them but my girlfriend, now 51, did not start college until late in life and borrowed much of the money although she also worked full time, too. She completed her BA and BS degrees, then her Master’s. She started a high paying job and began to make payments. She had planned to go for her PhD but then, while raising her 2 children alone, she was diagnosed as bi polar, was hospitalized several times and later was given a 100 percent disability so she is is unable to work. She devotes all of her time as a caregiver for me and it works out great. She has completed all of the paperwork required to have the loan forgiven. It is under review but has been told it will happen.

      • jordan ~ Do you honestly think MOM would break the law to represent GZ in the Civil Suit, especially since MOM was just named “National Trial Lawyer of the Year by his Peers?” Do you honestly think MOM wouldn’t have been called out by Fla. Attorney’s if it were illegal to do so?

        It’s not against the law to represent a client due to potential “conflict of interest,” but there are strict rules that apply for an attorney to do so, it’s frowned upon in some cases especially when it involves “real estate/property,” that was not the case in GZ’s Civil Suit & MOM’s representation/contribution to the Civil Case.

        MOM would have had to “influence GZ’s decisions” or made decisions to put MOM in a better position of recouping money, which MOM clearly has not. Not only did MOM not influence any decisions for GZ, the Beasley Firm is more than James Beasley, made up of several attorney’s, MOM was not the sole attorney for GZ’s representation while he represented GZ in the Civil case.

        The NBC case is in the early stages, it’s likely no decisions were ever made or presented to GZ thus far on anything pertaining to monetary awards. Important decisions that will eventually be presented to GZ will be:

        1. Do you accept the monetary settlement NBC has offered?
        2. Do you wish to hold out for more monies going forth hoping that closer to trial, NBC might offer more money? (this is the case my family experienced in our case)
        3. Do you want to go to trial as opposed to settling what has been offered?
        4. Do you want a jury trial or a decision by a Judge?

        jordan ~ all those decisions will be solely GZ’s & involve money, MOM no longer offers any representation to GZ in the Civil Suit t influence any of those decisions. The NBC suit is in it’s infancy as the Beasley Firm has just requested TM’s records in a court proceeding in which Judge N has the NBC case at a stand still. NBC hasn’t made any offers, why would they, NBC likes the case at a stand still. The case will not likely be evaluated by either side until, as hooson suggested & I concur, “the decision is made whether GZ is a private citizen, a public citizen or involuntary public citizen.” Why? Because the bar is set higher for the Beasley Firm to prove their case. Judge N hasn’t heard the arguments nor made that decision. The NBC case could go on forever, nothing has even come to light on the sanctions which has to be concluded before the NBC suit goes forward.

        Should MOM not have been compensated for his contribution to the Civil Case & all the man hours that encompassed? imo, MOM’s contribution has been made, he can now step away & pursue his legal practice/CNN job.

        • I understand what you are saying but why did MOM stay on the case as long as he did if he knew it was a conflict of interest? What changed?

        • “Do you honestly think MOM would break the law to represent GZ in the Civil Suit…”

          There is nothing illegal about there being a conflict of interest.

          It’s just frowned upon from an ethical point of view and discouraged by the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.


          “They are really only conflict rules in the usual sense to the extent that the “invested” lawyer ~might~ subvert the case for his or her purposes rather than for the client’s.”


  19. Angela Corey: George Zimmerman is no victim!

    The woman who prosecuted George Zimmerman scoffs at his contention that he is a victim in his high-profile murder case.

    “There was one victim in that case and that was Trayvon Martin,” Angela Corey told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an interview that aired Thursday. “He was legally the victim and he was factually the victim. So it’s a little bit disconcerting to hear that anyone else would be laying claim to that title.”


    ahhhhh, but that would only be Corey’s opinion, anyone assaulting another person & is killed perpetrating that attack, imo, is not a victim. The death of TM was a consequence of assaulting GZ, TM made the decision not to stop the attack.

  20. Brain-dead teen Jahi McMath’s mom says girl’s “much better physically” since being moved!


    Supporters of Jahi’s have claimed the family needed privacy, I say the mother/Uncle will continue to keep Jahi in the media to solicit donations. jmo. Apparently Jahi is in a “long term facility, KZ wrote another opinion piece at Sprocket about the care Jahi would receive if she were in fact in a long term facility, which is not like an ICU or Hospital nor the level of patient care the same.

    • hooson ~ thanks for the link, I have been so frustrated trying to find any information on BK’s case as I so badly want to see him win his case & expose more Corey wrong doing. Plain Ole Dave is good also to share information w/us too, can’t wait to catch up!

      Have a good weekend friend!

      • The Krudbois case is very tricky.

        His best odds are on the issue of wrongful termination. However, even that rests on the underlying facts, all of which we don’t know, at least as of yet.

        If the backstory with regard to the handling of Trayvon’s phone and subsequent discovery battle is anywhere near accurate, you may see an out of court settlement with Krudbois in order to keep the lid on the some of the seamier prosecution tactics in the GZ case.

        Pure speculation on my part.

    • These people have no idea what actually happened. They bought the Crump/Julison lie from the start in its entirety and NEVER read the facts of the case. Why? Because they actually love to exploit any situation in which a white man kills a black man. When have you ever seen them do this when the racial roles are reversed, OJ Simpson, notwithstanding? Even then, the black community cheered.

      Liberal white broadcasters spewing their venom are one of the primary reasons why racial division will never end. It’s as if they get their marching orders from Sharpton and Jackson. Now that Obama and Holder have officially ordained them, there will be no end to it.

      So insanity does not accurately describe their behavior. Maybe there is better word but I have to admit that it does get my blood boiling when they begin to speak.

    • While the MSM has proven they should not be trusted, Piers Morgan is in a league of his own. Up until the GZ case I ignored cable news programs so I never had seen Morgan. I wondered what he did to get fired in England and looked it up today. He sures rants on about GZ lack of repenting, seems Morgan is projecting his own guilty conscience.


      The BBC’s Nicholas Witchell said it appeared Piers Morgan remained unrepentant right to the end. “According to one report Mr Morgan refused the demand to apologise, was sacked and immediately escorted from the building,” he said.

      • IMHO people like Piers Morgan and Nancy Grace will have a special place in hell because they are intelligent enough to look at the facts and know the truth, but continue to fan the flames of hatred and spread complete lies to further their careers. It boggles my mind that TV networks can consider this to be worthy of broadcasting. But even worse are the gullible that accept their lies without questioning and believe these self-righteous hate-mongers.

        • Their reporting should be criminal but we have no laws that directly apply to their collusion in publishing totally false narratives so they operate with impunity. They indeed know their stories are false but are necessary for their carefully crafted agendas.

          Comments like this are frequent among those of us who are truth seekers:

          “It boggles my mind that TV networks can consider this to be worthy of broadcasting.”

          Think about that. Why would the networks think crap like this is “worthy?” Why does it boggle your mind (and mine?) Simple answer: It is worthy for THEIR cause, not ours.

          Certain topics are now doomed to never be covered honestly or in a fair and balanced manner: Race, gun control and abortion are only a few examples. As long as the media is controlled by Progressives, THEIR positions are the only ones that count.

          Intelligence is necessary to stay on track.

          The fact that this kind of reporting is profitable is what is mind boggling to me. It is scary that more people follow them than those with integrity. The dollar rules so does that mean that the Majority are like them and also rule?

          • Thankfully, its not profitable. Morgan is tanking and he knows it.

            Taking GZ’s tweets to air was desperation or he seriously doesn’t get it. I’m leaning towards the latter.

            Rest assured, CNN has lost a great many viewers (I am one) over their reporting of opinion rather than fact.

            • I keep an eye on the numbers for all of them. Fox is always on the top and they aren’t worth a crap either but people “perceive” them to be conservative, fair and balanced, when, in fact, they are a far cry from all of those.

              All of the liberal media are in trouble but they have enough money behind them to do as they please. Correction.. that is no longer quite the case with CNN as it’s drying up so they will be trying something else aside from “reporting the news” /sarc. Their documentary idea is a good one, IMO, and I wish them well if they follow through on it.

              I personally watch more documentaries, history, nature, and true crime stories than anything else.

              We can no longer count on the news being accurate. Hard news died long ago so we are left to dig for the truth. Hell, they cannot even report a damn crime story accurately, as we all saw with the Zimmerman trial.

              There is a lot that Americans can learn from Canada. For sure, you know more about us than we know about ourselves.

            • Nettles, I’m curious. How did the Toronto TV and print news outlets handle the Zimmerman case? Were they fair and informed, or did they just pass along the US media version? What?

              • The Associated Press got reprinted here. Largely it was reported in Canada much the same as it was in the States. However it didn’t lead news cast as much as it did in the States.

        • While I do not agree with Piers Morgan and Nancy Grace views on the Zimmerman case, I think that they believe in those views, and that they would hold those views irrespective of public opinion.

          The TV networks’ concept of broadcast worthiness is more directly correlated to viewership or the prospect of same than it is to any other factor.

          • hooson ~ I’m just catching up, LOL.

            I agree w/your assessment, though I loathe Piers, NG has done some good reporting in the past on cases of missing children, cases that had gotten little media coverage until NG covered their stories. Many, many of those children have never been found.

            NG was over the top on KC’s case & her ratings were off the chart, that case lasted 3 yrs. before it was tried. NG did the reporting of Caylee being kidnapped as reported by KC, then the all out foot search of thousands upon thousands of volunteers looking for Caylee’s remains, then the finding of the dumped remains w/duct tape still attached to the facial orifices. Though some claimed “sensational journalism,”most of it was true & validated by evidence/photos/videos. Night after night NG reported on what she termed, “TOT Mom!” Then, the endless social media videos, emails, texts KC made & the photos of dancing on table tops in bars or peeing on a tire in a parking lot when she was drunk. NG was the highest rated show at that time.

            imo, NG needed to be slapped down & taken off the air after her faulty reporting & Judgmental attitude on the Duke Lacrosse case in which she convicted them night after night w/her screaming/eye ball rolling, she was clearly WRONG & when National Media proved NG wrong by reporting the outcome & facts, NG finally shut up! NG, like Sharpton, didn’t make apologies for the lies they spread, she just moved on to sensationalize another story.

  21. Was the CNN/Cuomo interview from the next day ever translated into English?

    (I can read much more quickly than I can watch TV)

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