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Olympics 2014


We won’t be seeing a Canada vs. U.S. for the gold in hockey show-down. Looks like we have to eliminate you to get to the gold game. πŸ™‚


39 thoughts on “Olympics 2014

  1. “We won’t be seeing a Canada vs. U.S. for the gold in hockey show-down.”

    Oh yes we will!
    Women’s Gold Medal Game
    CAN vs USA
    Feb 20

  2. Not a hockey aficionado, but the opinions of those who are report an impressive group of teams for this Olympics. I enjoy watching it on television and will be rooting for a Canada gold medal should they dispatch the USA in the semifinals! That is, if both teams make it to the semis! πŸ˜‰

  3. From Twitter:

    Retweeted by Brad and Britt
    Mark Vidonic ‏@markvidonic 4h

    @BradandBritt The bet should have been the loser keeps Celine Dion, Bieber and Nickelback.

    (I used to work with Britt a couple of decades ago)

  4. What an awesome day I’m having! Woke up to learn a Gold and Silver was won by Canadian women in ski cross.

    Now Brad and his team just beat Great Britain for a Gold in Curling.

    Next up a wonderful match-up Canada vs. U.S. in men’s hockey. The winner plays for gold against Sweden and the loser plays Finland for the Bronze.

    After yesterday’s game, some American tweeters were using a profanity laced hashtag that actually trended on twitter for a time. Let’s not have a repeat of that, eh?

  5. Congratulations Canada and Canadian Hockey Fans !

    Canada played a brilliant game of hockey today. You deserved that victory probably more than any international victory in the past 20 months.

    Exceptional discipline and phenomenal technically skilled teamwork. On both ends of the ice all Canada lines really dominated against a formidable and speedy adversary. The coaches game plan of fluctuating zone-to-man defense was brilliantly executed by the players. So much so, for 50+ minutes it looked like Canada had an extra man on the ice.

    The better team won today.



    • I hear Canadians have a reputation for apologizing too much…..so here goes…


      Thanks for your congratulations. They are warmly accepted and appreciated. One more game to go.

  6. Nettles, I just read a comment on a blog (so I don’t know if it’s true) that Canada allowed what we call here “anchor babies” (automatic citizenship conferred to babies born here to illegal immigrant parents) from 1970 – but ending in 2009. Is this true? Just curious.

    • MY MAN !!!

      Congratulations Annette – I was glad to see Canada win their second Hockey Gold in a row. You deserve it.

      Now about that other matter – can we please borrow Sidney back for awhile? That would be much appreciated.

      A pic of your heartthrob (know that Pittsburgh loves him too!):


      The “C” on his team jersey stands for “Captain” but I can see where you would say, “Canadian, 100%.”

      Here’s sending besos y abrazos to you, dear Annette . . . mmmuahh.

  7. Speed skating and hockey gold at the closing ceremonies!

    Thank you to Russia. The Canadian athletes had a golden experience at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Thanks so much for the experience and for keeping all athletes safe!

    Travel home safely everyone…..and thank you for inspiring others! β™₯

  8. Hi again Annette,

    I have a little surprise for you – well, a surprise, that is if you’ve never seen this before.

    Here’s a video of Sid the Kid taking batting practice with the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. What a beautiful, natural swing the young man has. Somewhere I read that he said he’d played Little League baseball, probably there in Canada The guy is just a natural athlete . . .

    Check it out as he blasts one out over the right field fence, clear out of the park! Wow!

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