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    • One difference, though. The black shooter was allowed to continue living his life and didn’t have to hide from mobs of people threatening his life.

    • another case is John Smith, he claimed fear of a lynching affected his judgment, the BGI and Sharton did not think the black Governor went far enough in commuting his sentence they wanted a full pardon, no felony record. a fascinating read about this incident is Calvin Trillin New Yorker, I posted it on another thread.

      Sentence Commuted in Racially Charged Killing
      Published: December 23, 2010

      Gov. David A. Paterson announced on Thursday that he had commuted the prison sentence of a black man who fatally shot an unarmed white teenager outside the man’s house in August 2006, weighing in on a case where the issue of race on Long Island became as much fodder for debate as the man’s innocence or guilt.

  1. (((WAVING))) Been busy this past week! Hoping everyone is doing great! Off to catch up and see what yall have been up to! Hugs!!! mimi

    • I am not hogging your post, Nettles, but I saw the Maryland case above at Legal Insurrection as yet another twist to our self defense laws and hope you will agree it can fit in here.


      It is just not fair for MSM to pick on Florida when Forty-six states in the United States have adopted the castle doctrine, that a person has no duty to retreat whatsoever when their home is attacked.[3][4] Twenty-two states go a step further,[5] removing the duty of retreat from other locations outside the home. Such “stand your ground”, “Line in the Sand” or “No Duty to Retreat” laws thus state that a person has no duty or other requirement to abandon a place in which he has a right to be, or to give up ground to an assailant. Under such laws, there is no duty to retreat from anywhere the defender may legally be.[6] Other restrictions may still exist; such as when in public, a person must be carrying firearms in a legal manner, whether concealed or openly.
      If there is to be a national debate about SYG, then all states should be a part of that discussion.

      The best study I saw of SYG laws strictly in Florida was done by the Tampa Bay Times and my observations was that the laws did not favor white men at the time it was done.

      Here is their data base and it’s searchable by different critieria:


      Let’s see if we can shift some of the focus to other states.

  2. George’s good friend, Wes, is going through a crisis right now with his mother. For those so inclined, please send good thoughts and prayers his way.

    May he and his family find the strength to deal with the crisis and may his mother pull through in her surgery.

      • He KNOWS she created a fake facebook account and posted as him. I can’t see her post either and what he’s responding to. It Doesn’t matter. She is foul-mouthed and no way in this world is he going to lump me with her as a GZ supporter.

        Supporters are vastly different. I won’t tolerate watching him encouraging any of her bullshit. Time for me to distance myself. I’ve been getting that vibe for some time now.

        • Same here. I can see what she writes. She’s just telling him that she’s blocking people he’s asking her to. I already blocked the people he’s telling people to block. They are vulgar and abusive and I don’t tolerate men using that language with me. It would be good if he was telling people to block people using abusive language. I earlier wished he’d just do that….just block the haters and ask his supporters to do the same. I don’t like the way he’s doing this.

          • I don’t tweet – I guess if you block someone, you can’t see their tweets anymore…? But why would GZ be telling this woman whom to block, what is it to him? I don’t get that part.

            And she’s someone who used to mess with him? Why isn’t HE blocking HER?

            I think GZ’s isolation may be leading him to lean too heavily on internet interactions, and he’s not using good boundaries. Geez, if they burn you once, stay away from them, right?

            • There’s a few people who have been bullying GZ supporters on twitter. They post harassing and vulgar messages to supporters. I have already blocked them. I don’t think Tonya used to mess with GZ, but with other people. Twitter doesn’t cancel accounts for rude or harassing tweets. They will cancel accounts for spam or if too many people block that person. They have 2 ways to report someone. You can report them for abuse or spam. If you report them for abuse, they tell you to block that person and ignore the report. They take action against spam. I think GZ has been telling people to report a couple of people for spam and then block them. He’s hoping to get their accounts cancelled.

    • Going by the other tweets, I think he’s talking about people other than or in addition to himself reporting to Twitter those who keep posting tweets at him and others that go over the line, and getting those accounts slapped around by Twitter or closed or whatever.

      • The problem with that is that it looks like he’s leading a campaign against a few individuals. When he was engaging Ponderosa who wrote terribly abusive tweets to GZ & supporters, the interviewer from fusion only showed his tweets, and not those he was responding to. Anyone just dropping in and reading GZs recent tweets likely would not see the vulgar tweets of those whose accounts he’s trying to get closed. It would likely look like he’s just leading people to gang up on targeted individuals.

    • Hooson ~ I laughed when I went to your link, it was hilarious that the wall behind Piers had some strange looking design, at first glance I thought they were horns! How appropriate.

      Piers Morgan imo, suffers from the same personality disorder Alex Baldwin does, Shia LaBeof, it’s “everyone’s” stupidity that they don’t understand I am correct. The inability to contain themselves when under pressure & hurling insults. CNN was suffering long before Piers Morgan arrived, but Larry King wasn’t hated imo as Piers Morgan is. Larry King seemed to be respected by many when he retired & has stated “Pier Morgan’s show needed to be replaced by cartoons.” I read an article last night stating what a colossal mistake it was for CNN to ever bring someone from across the pond to host that prime spot when there were many capable, credible, respected journalist that would have done a better job.

      I love Alec Baldwin as an actor, as a person w/his irrational views/unstable behavior imo, is a total nut job. He now announces he is leaving public life, yet his wife Hilaria promotes herself daily in social media/tweets/newspapers, gossip columns, etc. by doing yoga poses in strange places such as traffic, in which traffic was stopped for her to have her picture taken to promote in the media, countless public posings of herself, pictures inside their home w/their baby & Alec in yoga poses. While Alec claims the media hates him, he like Piers claims to be a victim of Media. While Baldwin claims “he is giving up public life & moving to a gated community to get away from the Media,” Baldwin’s wife Hilaria has embraced Alec’s celebrity in promoting her YOGA Studio w/all the free publicity Alec’s celebrity brought her! You can’t have it both ways. I LMAO when Baldwain attacked his former peers at MSNBC calling them out also for their behavior.

      It irks me when “celebrities” bilk the Media to promote themselves, their latest movies, or opinions even when uninformed & they choose to distort facts as Jamie Foxx has done/still doing in the case of TM. I find it forever appalling that those in Movies/TV/talk shows are given a platform to promote uninformed information agendas. Oprah Winfrey is another one in self promotion/promoting her agendas. Even more appalling imo are those in the public that lack enough sense to understand they are actors, NOT authorities & their opinions don’t really matter! What matters are the facts in any case & it is their responsibility to verify the facts before supporting the actors agenda. jmho.

      • Art –

        I would suggest that you reread Baldwin’s comments and put aside any feelings about Baldwin.

        There are few gems contained in there, and a good dose of truth because Baldwin was irate when he wrote this.

        This statement, in particular, resonates –

        “In the New Media culture, anything good you do is tossed in a pit, and you are measured by who you are on your worst day. What’s the Boy Scout code? Trustworthy. Loyal. Helpful. Friendly. Courteous. Kind. Obedient. Cheerful. Thrifty. Brave. Clean. Reverent. I might be all of those things, at certain moments. But people suspect that whatever good you do, you are faking. You’re that guy. You’re that guy that says this. There is a core of outlets that are pushing these stories out. Breitbart clutters the blogosphere with “Alec Baldwin, he’s the Devil, he’s Fidel Baldwin.”

        Now, of course, Baldwin is mad at the Breitbart outift, but they did not cause his problems. He acknowledges his role in. It is his friends from the other side who applied the pr dagger so deftly.

        But, Baldwin’s observation on the media, applicable to all sides, focusing on the negative, to the negation of anything positive, is totally on target.

        There are other, dare I say, “conservative” sentiments lurking just beneath such as his comments on the tax rates in New York City etc.

        An in depth Baldwin interview, with a probative conservative interviewer, would yield interesting results.

        Hugh Hewitt, are you listening??


        • hooson stated:
          “There are few gems contained in there, and a good dose of truth because Baldwin was irate when he wrote this.”

          hooson ~ I guess you missed the interview Hannity tried to have w/Alec Baldwin. Baldwin lost his cool insulting blue collar workers as “low life’s.” Your late to the party friend, Baldwin’s “irate” behavior & outburst have gone on for over 10 yrs. & is well documented for all to watch. Baldwin’s always irate, he’s an angry man, don’t you see that as I have known that very fact for over 10 years & witnessed it, it’s always being “irate” that has finally caught up w/Baldwin, the public’s sick of it imo! Being “irate” is no excuse for the inability to contain control without spewing racial slurs or insults to others through social media, etc., it’s who Baldwin is day in/day out! Baldwin being “irate” is no longer an excuse for his instability so don’t bother trying to pass off “he was irate to me” over anything Baldwin states, most American’s have heard it all before from Baldwin, so most don’t care what Baldwin thinks/says now, I don’t.

          Baldwin was “irate” at his 11 yr. old child Ireland when he left this vial, angry, spiteful, threatening, voice mail to his daughter, don’t forget to listen to how angry he was in the audio:

          On the recording, Baldwin can be heard admonishing his 11-year-old, Ireland: “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

          “You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being,” he says, apparently upset that she did not answer her phone for a planned call.

          “I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.”

          He goes on to say that he plans to fly from New York to Los Angeles “for the day just to straighten you out on this issue.”


          It’s important to note hooson that Baldwin was brought to his knees in humiliation for being exposed as the person/parent he actually is is when all heard Baldwin’s pathetic verbal beat down of his 11 yr. old. daughter. Baldwin even threatened to quit acting over his humiliation but imo, greed & narcissism prevented him from doing so & he has remained in our faces & continued to make more money.

          Another interview in which Baldwin proves to be a hypocrite:

          Alec Baldwin, net worth $65 million: “‘I never thought of myself as a wealthy person.”

          Baldwin pens frequent columns for The Huffington Post and regularly talks about his disgust for income inequality in America.


          hooson ~ exactly what has Alec Baldwin done for anyone else? How much of that 65 + million since the article was 2 yrs. old & Baldwin has made more movies has Baldwin donated to “equal the inequality” he claims exist in America? He has plenty of $$ to lessen the suffering of many with out jobs or warm homes, yet I’ve never read a single article in which Baldwin ever did anything for anyone else! We know what he has done to promote himself, whine he is a victim, but the public imo has tired of the unstable Baldwin, the predictable apologies that always follow UNTIL the next episode of instability when he is “irate” at someone else & loses control or spews racial slurs, a pattern that has been shown for over 10 years now.

          Shia LaBeouf got the best of the unstable Baldwin after the 2 had a tiff on a movie set. LaBeouf pulled out of the movie as opposed to putting up w/Baldwin. Baldwin always has to rant/spew his bull chit because he’s always “irate,” & although Baldwin didn’t learn a thing from his voice mail released to the public in which he was abusive to his daughter, Baldwin proceeds to harass/rant/cuss out in emails LaBeouf! LMAO! LaBeouf released the emails to the Media exposing Baldwin yet again for the person he is! I’d have done the same thing but that didn’t stop Baldwin from writing an article critical of LaBeouf trying to explain why he acted like such an ass in the emails, Baldwin always wants to justify his stupidity imo. The public wanted Baldwin dismissed from MSNBC because of his continued racial slurs he had always gotten away with for years, the public voiced outrage at Baldwin & he was gone from MSNBC. Something was done to Baldwin finally, after over 10 yrs. of the same behavior, he finally suffered a much deserved consequence. Of course Baldwin isn’t the only one, but he is the only one that can’t let it go, he constantly wants to write opinions making excuses he’s a victim, the same tired excuses.

          Baldwin needs to man up imo, admit what an arrogant POS he’s been for over 10 yrs., admit the Media reported his behavior for acting badly, that it was he OWN behavior that landed him in the Media to start with! Time for Baldwin to grow up, get off social media, get out of our faces, shut effing up, act appropriately & he wouldn’t find himself in the news showing what an “ass” he is acting like lately, imo. That’s not going to happen, Baldwin’s narcissism keeps him in our faces.

          • ArtTart, you say (among other things): “…exactly what has Alec Baldwin done for anyone else? How much of that 65 + million…has Baldwin donated to ‘equal the inequality’…”
            Gee, golly, gosh. Sorta sounds like “soft socialism” to me.
            Oh, wait! Maybe he didn’t really earn that money?
            Did you by any chance vote for obozo? 😀

          • Art –

            re Baldwin,

            i guess I am kinda like that little boy in the barn buried in horseshit, I am always looking for that little pony that must be hidden somewhere therein.

  3. This is the reason why imo our Nation can’t heal for perceived wrongs from the slave owners until our present day, we as a society can’t make everyone whole or pay, which i what it is about in many cases enough money for them to be happy. When Media chooses to misinform the public through their reporting or Talk show hosts promoting their own agenda & allowing guest to promote lies such as we saw Sybrina, Tracy/Crump do repeatedly, they understand the mental midgets won’t bother w/the actual facts or even checking the facts, they are too lazy, they just accept whatever they watch on TV as fact.

    GZ was correct, he was a “scapegoat” not only for Sanford but for our Nation, agendas are still being promoted as this article demonstrates. The GZ case can’t rectify perceived injustices to the black community, not even to the Indians that still claim injustices wanting more money, “the difference in the earning gap” which has gained momentum due to promotion by Obama, but Obama never stresses the importance of education, there will always be many that make more due to their education, or better stated, their lack of education in keeping them from earning more. Blaming GZ can’t rectify the rise in black youth crime/violence, the amount of criminal young that find themselves in prison NOT because society was prejudice, but for their own criminal actions when caught committing the crimes they were charged with, tried in Court, & convicted by juries. I’ll never understand why it is “racist” for Media to report on these statistics, they certainly don’t report all f them as they get called out as we saw on the “knock out punches violence,” more black youths committed the attacks as criminal reports/statistics/facts showed were black youths, but the race baiters claimed it was “prejudice to report the youths were black” when it was a fact!

    We are all Americans, no matter the color of our skin but yet there remains a “market” for the promotion to keep our Nation divided by perceived injustices promoted by those that profit such as the BGI/Sharpton/J Jackson.

    Sanford community wrestles with unhealed wounds 2 years after death of Trayvon Martin!

    Zimmerman claimed he killed the unarmed teen in self-defense. Over the summer, a jury of six believed him, clearing him of any wrongdoing in Martin’s death. While the criminal case against Zimmerman was put to bed with the verdict, the broader social implications of the case continue to ripple from Sanford and beyond.

    Like so many other American towns, Sanford is two largely distinct worlds: one white and one black. Most of Sanford’s African-American residents live in a handful of neighborhoods like Goldsboro and Midway, where employment opportunities are few and poverty and hopelessness run high. Violence, including gunfire, is common. And many black residents complain of harsh, unfair treatment by the police.

    It was in Goldsboro, a community haunted by generations of segregation and oppression, that the first protests after Martin’s killing began.


    • The only way we are going to solve this is to get rid of the blacks who are unhappy here. And, yes, I mean get rid of them. If they are unhappy, send them to the country of their choice. Of course, that means other countries must agree to accept them. Throw in a few dollars and make deal a bit more appetizing.

      If you have a better solution, I am all ears but as long as they are living off our tax dollars and we continue to allow it, things will only get worse… not better. All of the social programs we have tried have failed. They do not want to fit in here as productive citizens. Give it up.

  4. jordan ~ it seems as a Nation we have so many problems & very few resolutions that satisfy most. Although we may all be created as “equal,” that doesn’t mean we are all of equal intelligence, that varies from person to person & too imo is a determining factor in why many choose to become doctors, nurses, carpenters, salesman, restaurant hosts, etc. It too doesn’t mean our monetary earning potential is equal, there is no guarantee that a graduate degree will bring in the maximum money as many of us once thought, or even that a college graduate is guaranteed a job as so many young people are defaulting on student loans & have taken minimum wage jobs. Many college graduates are baristas working at Starbucks making minimum wage & depending on tips. Many factors such as choice in degrees in education, although many nurses/teachers were once thought of as always being able to sustain employment in those chosen fields, my town has laid off 240 teachers. Some young people choose a technical skill such as hair stylist, barbers, or become journeyman carpenters or bricklayers & learn their trade while working on the job as laborers. imo, you can’t “bridge inequality” because we are a nation of “freedom of choice.” If young adults choose to not further their education, to live at home w/their parent’s & work at minimum wage jobs, I don’t see how they will ever become financially independent as opposed to those that invested in their education or learned a technical trade. The choices we make as young people determines many times our lot in life & our earning potential.

    When I was reading about social security benefits being garnished due to defaults on student loans, it stated as one of the causes was that many Americans lost their jobs in their 40’s that were employed in factories or car manufacturers. Many were only qualified to do one specific job but found when they lost that specific job, they weren’t qualified to do anything else, many chose to go back to school & get an education & had to finance those educations.. Life’s hard, there are no gurantees for anyone now days as most of us have seen highly educated friends lose their jobs due to company closings, etc. I think about our nations problems a lot & am at a loss for resolutions, but I don’t feel government dependency encourages young people to get out & better their lives. From statistics it seems that many never get off government dependency, in New Orleans, there are generations of families that have been dependent on government programs, food stamps, it seems it was the only life they ever knew or thought of. Just sad imo.

  5. Just when I thought I was OUT (of the blogging “business”), they pull me back in! (for St Skittles Day)

    So… another Rumpole “guest blog” at renewsit

    Celebration Day – February 26th 2014

    Today marks the 2nd anniversary of of the attack on George Zimmerman by Trayvon Martin, and George’s shooting of Martin in self defence.

    If anybody reading disputes that interpretation of the events two years ago… I refer you to the trial in regards this matter, and George’s ACQUITTAL.

    …..more at link

  6. Today is the last day Sybrina/Tracy would have to file a Civil Suit against GZ in the death of TM, Sybrina/Tracy had 2 years from the anniversary date of TM’s death to file suit.. Since we’ve heard nothing, I assume there will be no Civil Suit forth coming for all the various reasons we’ve shared for 2 years.

    The main reason for the choice not to file imo is that a Civil Suit would produce more facts as to the person TM was & would be released to the public disproving the portrait of TM Sybrina/Tracy painted. Tracy/Sybrina have continued to paint TM as a Saint, pictures, facts, evidence would disprove all their lies, something they don’t want at any cost.

    • The reason there his been no civil suit is because it is prohibited by law

      The 2013 Florida Statutes

      Title XLVI
      Chapter 776
      View Entire Chapter
      776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
      (1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
      (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.
      (3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection

      • I think that’s why MOM said if they bring a civil suit, he can get it thrown out – right? Part of the self-defense acquital in FL protects you from civil suits, right…?

        • IIRC, that would have also meant that the defense would have been reimbursed for at least some of their fees by the state? Is that correct?

          • Yes. If the Martins had filed a civil suit, they would have lost. Even if they had won, they would not likely get any money out of a man who is homeless and unemployed unless he wins the suit against NBC. Then his attorneys would get paid first. On top of that, a lot of negative information would come out about Trayvon. They can have their rallies and portray him as the sweet child he was when he was 12 and there’s nobody there to say any differently. Those who believe that image of Trayvon get angry at those on social media that point out GZ was assaulted. In a civil case, that image of the sweet little Trayvon being victimized by GZ would be damaged. Why would they want to do that when they already made enough from the rallies to never have to work again?

          • jordan ~ what it meant was that if Tracy/Sybrina brought a Civil Suit against GZ & lost, it would be Tracy/Sybrina that would pay GZ’s legal fees, not the State. It would not be the State bringing a Civil Suit against GZ, but 2 citizens of Fla., Sybrina/Tracy. This is the reason many feel the Civil Suit wasn’t pursued, Sybrina/Tracy stood a good chance of losing a Civil Suit against GZ, Civil Suits are very expensive & if they lost, they would owe GZ’s attorney’s fees & court cost, the ultimate humiliation.

            What MOM stated was that “if there was a Civil Suit filed against GZ, he would conduct an immunity hearing to get the Civil Suit thrown out,” but there are no guarantees it would have been thrown out, that decision is determined by a Judge, not by MOM. Since MOM no longer will represent GZ in future cases except the “sanctions,” imo, MOM wouldn’t have represented GZ in a Civil Suit had it been brought.

  7. I did the math awhile back based on the $ 1.6 million HOA figure and after the scheme team got their cut it worked to to Sybrina and Tracy each getting about $425 k which im more than sure they burned through long ago.

    • POD ~ I think your right about Sybrina/Tracy burning through the money quickly. In Fla., they both can draw salaries from the TM Foundation, I seem to remember it is capped @ $ 40,000.00 each for officers of a foundation, but they can have the foundation pay their air fare to events, hotel accommodations, food etc. when on business trips when speaking about TM or Sybrina’s many appearances when speaking about SYG/TM.

      I wish we knew how much their foundation has rec’d in donations.

      • My fear is that the funds in this foundation will be used to persecute future assault victims who have to defend their lives.

      • Didn’t one of those foundations go belly up? I remember some legal discussion about which ones were subject to public disclosure and why they were but do not recall all of the details.

    • Wait a minute. I just noticed that there’s 2 accounts here but the same picture. Someone is posting things with George’s picture making it look like he’s posting them.

    • Yeah, always look twice and check out the account details. That ‘parody’ account exists to deceive people. It’s easy to get fooled if you don’t pay attention. I’ve been fooled more than once.

      • Good point, Coreshift. It’s easy to respond to icons and that’s what I did. Glad I was wrong. For me, saying “F prayer” would be a last straw. I see that is the opposite of what GZ says. He’s saying he spends much time praying.

      • I can never tell who is sending the tweet and who it is intended for… dummy me. I also do not see the point. Do people monitor this stuff all day long like email? Are there winners and losers of each exchange or some sense of satisfaction gained in sending tweets? Maybe there should be a referee? LOL.

        • Jordan twitter is a great source if you just want to see what’s going on. You don’t have to read the crazy stuff, but you do need to have some reliable sources that you follow… and there are some 😉 It’s a world of info… and a world of crazies. You can get into the conversations if you want, or stay out. It’s not all fighting and arguing thank goodness LOL.

    • Everyone is allowed to make money off of TM’s death except GZ and his family. Those making money off it also have other ways to make money. Because of death threats, the Zimmerman family have very few ways to earn money.

      • I no longer see anything wrong with anyone making money on the death of Trayvon Martin. The precedent was started by Benjamin Crump. There were no rules so it was easy for all of the members of his scheme team to jump in and justify what they did. It takes a lot of money to create a virtual perpetual myth but was made easier by our elite political “uppity black circles.” How do we distinguish between blacks and N*********? When the blinders are removed, are they not the same?

        Every single day that this story is in the news adds more credibility to Trayvon being something … something to one group and yet a very different figure to another. We do not care nearly as much as they do. We will lay down and let them win. What will they win?

        They win the right to make him into a martyr of their choosing, for one thing. He can be molded into the perfectly innocent murdered black child to represent the white man’s hatred of all such black youth. Or they can make it worse. The mere fact that money continues to come in is all that is needed.

        MSM writes our current history so unless you strenuously object, Trayvon will be exactly who they claim he is.

  8. Video Tributes to George Zimmerman posted on the Justice for George Zimmerman facebook page.

    Real GZ Please Stand Up.

    Free At Last

    Thank You Zimmerman (Warning language)

    • LMAO!!! Surely I was guided, by some mysterious force, to drop in today, so I could see these three videos. Muy fabulouso!! Still grinning. 😀

      • Yeah, he’s a racist. Same as NatJack and the numerous other black pundits/journalists that say Trayvon was the victim. They believe in almost any conflict between white and black, the white guy must be a racist. At least that’s what they want to sell us. Because, ya know, white people are like that. They are the very definition of racist.

        • NatJack and her partner, Shayan Modarres are busy trying to get Shayan and others elected to office. They’ve made no mention of the anniversary on twitter today so far.

          Nat retweeted out asking for support for @votemike2014 on Feb. 21st. She got 1 retweet and 3 favs. Lots of work left to do.

      • Nettles ~ It’s so irksome! Your right, that’s the specific area Crump has chosen to practice as a Civil Attorney. It too is an area Crump exploits for his personal self promotion/agenda in Media w/his hopes leading to more high profile cases & Civil Suits he can file, then settle out of court taking 40% of the entire judgement.

          • + infinity

            Nettles ~ I’d love to see that, Crump stammering/stuttering w/visible sweat beading on his forehead while he tried to think of anything believable to say, which he couldn’t imo.

      • If you read the Howard Morgan case history the part Crump is intentionally leaving out of this “injustice’ is that Morgan fired 17 shots at Chicago police officers and managed to shoot 3 of them.

        Morgan was driving home from his job as senior patrolman at the railroad.[4] Around 12:45 am on February 21, Chicago police officers John Wrigley and Timothy Finley pulled him over—possibly for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and possibly for having his lights off; they were joined by Officers Nicolas Olsen and Eric White.[1][5] The events which followed are in dispute.
        Morgan says he was pulled from his vehicle by the four officers, who restrained him as he sought to produce police identification. He says one of the officers found his gun (a Glock 9mm), shouted “gun!,” and removed the gun from Morgan’s waistband. Next came a wave of shooting.[3]
        According to the officers, Finley saw Morgan pull out his gun. Finley yelled to the other three. Morgan fired seventeen gunshots, hitting Olsen’s upper right arm, White’s right calf, and Wrigley’s left arm.[3][5]
        Charice Rush, the only testifying third party witness at the scene, said she saw the officers ‘snatch’ Morgan from his van and force him onto one knee. She overheard an officer say “Oh shit, he has a gun.”[6] Rush said she saw the four officers open fire on Morgan while he lay on the ground.[7]
        Morgan was reported as having been shot 25 times.[8] By the end of Morgan’s 2007 trial, this number had been revised to 28.[3][9] In addition to the 28 bullets that hit Morgan, many more were shot into the air, into Morgan’s van, and into the walls and furniture of nearby houses.[7]
        He was transported to Mt. Sinai hospital where his condition was reported as critical.[1] According to Phillip Zaret, the trauma surgeon who treated on Morgan that night, Morgan had injuries to his neck, back, leg, liver, kidney, and colon. Dr. Zaret also treated Olsen for the wound to his arm.[6]
        Morgan took 7 months to recover.

  9. Two years ago today, Trayvon Martin gave his parents a chance at a different life.Within a month of his death, they were steamrolling full speed ahead. Unfortunately, the new lifestyle is based on a pack of lies they told. May God help them and forgive them when their time comes.

    • That’s powerful, Annette. They have a lot to answer for. I’ve prayed for Trayvon’s soul since he died while assaulting someone. I do believe Sabrina has to know she’s lying, but I think she thinks she’s doing it for her son. She may feel some guilt over not raising him when he was younger and then sending him away after his father separated from Alicia. I wonder if she and Tracy will ever realize what they’ve done and try to make amends to those they’ve harmed and those they may harm in the future. Their campaign against self defense rights will likely assure that others will be caught in the same trap GZ found himself in.

      • SceenCapTracyFacebookPage
        This screen cap of Tracy’s facebook page before it was changed shows that two days after Tray died, Tracy “friended” his daughter, Takira. It took the death of Trayvon for them to hook up online.

        Also, Tracy changed his relationship status to in a relationship with Brandy on February 16th. 10 days before the shooting and 5 days before he sent his son on a bus alone to stay with her.

  10. State attorney settles lawsuit with former Nassau employee!

    The office of State Attorney Angela Corey has officially settled a lawsuit with former employee Julie Lyncker for $175,000.

    Attorney Leonard Hackett, who represents Corey, said Lyncker will get $70,000 with the rest of the money going toward attorney fees.

    The $175,000 will come out of the state’s risk-management program, he said.

    Lyncker was looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars more, so the willingness to settle for this amount shows the case was never that strong, Hackett said.

    Reached Wednesday, Lyncker said the lawsuit was never about the money.

    “It was about feeling betrayed and getting some kind of vindication that I was right,” Lyncker said.

    In her lawsuit, Lyncker said White, who was then the top Nassau prosecutor, repeatedly asked her if she was having sex with former Nassau Sheriff Tommy Seagraves and tried to use her as a go-between to improve his relationship with the sheriff.

    Lyncker, who denies having an affair with Seagraves, said she refused to help White and complained about the way he was treating her to Corey and former Chief Assistant State Attorney Dan McCarthy. But they fired her after she complained.

    “Rather than protect Ms. Lyncker, they protected their own,” said Joseph DeBelder, Lyncker’s attorney.

    Lawyers for Corey said Lyncker’s complaints were looked into, but when they questioned other Nassau employees, they found out that Lyncker engaged in inappropriate behavior and was fired because of what was discovered.

    Lyncker said she was relieved to have the issue behind her so she could move on with her life. She struggled to get a job after being fired but is now working in sales.

    “I lost a lot of friends because the people I worked with at the State Attorney’s Office weren’t allowed to talk to me,” Lyncker said. “They had been my work family for a lot of years.”

    Lyncker said she did occasionally make risque jokes in the office, but it was a casual thing among friends and it wasn’t something that took up a large portion of the day.

    Other claims, such as allegations that she slapped male colleagues in the butt, were not true, Lyncker said.

    The experience changed her; she doesn’t trust people the way she once did and went through a period of depression after she was fired, Lyncker said.

    As part of the settlement, Lyncker agreed to drop a request asking that Corey be sanctioned and her office fined about $23,000 in fees and costs. The case was originally supposed to go to trial last year but was delayed when Hackett said he’d found emails that were supposed to be turned over to Lyncker’s lawyers days before the trial was supposed to begin.

    DeBelder argued the emails were deliberately withheld, a charge that Hackett denied.


    Well this really sucks for Lyncker imo! Although she won her case & claimed it was never about the money which I believe, & Corey’s office will pay but I had high hopes Lyncker would get a lot more money as imo, she deserved it. There’s no doubt imo that there is a level of intimidation within Corey’s office & many were lined up to testify Lyncker was “inappropriate” or imo, to paint her as a vamp, Corey’s soldiers falling in line behind her. After Lyncker paid her attorney fees, she gets $ 70,000.00 out of the $ 175,000 settlement.

    This is how Civil Suits go, it is the Attorney’s that represent the clients that make more money than the client receives usually., Lyncker likely paid 40 % plus the Attorney’s expenses which is substantial in all Civil Suits, the 40% only covers the Attorney’s time, it doesn’t include all the court cost, in this case there were investigative cost, cost of depositions, transcriptions, copies, & all costs related cost to prepare to go to trial. I speculate Lyncker got equivalent to what would have been 2 yrs. of her salary. KUDOS to her for gutting out what had to be an exhaustive experience, thank God Corey’s “with held emails” were recovered exposing Corey.

    imo, Corey’s attorney sounded a bit of a smart a$$ & a bit of a smuck, this is clearly not a win for Corey, she settled to keep from being humiliated more imo & someone needs to remind Corey’s attorney it is actually the taxpayers of Fla. that will pay the settlement regardless of what fund they took the money out of.

    • Nettles: From the referenced article……………..


      TWO YEARS LATER.. and they still can’t get it right…..
      Protests grew after authorities released seven 911 calls from the night of the shooting. In one of the 911 recordings, Zimmerman, against the advice of the 911 dispatcher, says that he is following Martin.
      I am still wowed out about a president commenting on any criminal case but this is way over the top. The entire white population should have been outraged to the point of taking serious action but we all sat idly by blogging along to an extremely bigoted president, setting a precedent for the future of such cases.
      The demonstrations provoke a response from the highest office in U.S. government.

      “We need to spend some time in thinking how we bolster and reinforce our African-American boys.”

      President Obama speaks about race days after the Zimmerman verdict. “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” Obama tells White House reporters. While many laud the comments as courageous, others call them callous.
      Courageous comments? Seriously?

      O’Mara continues to talk about the need for a conversation. Exactly what does he have in mind?

  11. I wish that in discussions about race the false narrative of ‘white skin privilege’ and the racist assumption of an inherent racial bias among white people would be challenged. I also wish the racial animus many black people have towards white people would be pointed out. As well as the staggeringly high black crime statistics. And how white people are victimized by black people at a far greater than the reverse. Are we supposed to have an honest conversation about race or not? Or are we supposed to accept the narrative of ‘evil’ white people and innocent and victimized black people?

    • This weekend, let’s start our own conversation about race and what we see. I’ll begin a thread on Saturday. Note to readers, please be aware some of our commenters are black.

    • Coreshift: You are right on the money. I see no way to rid our society of the preconceived notions they have about race. These notions are so deeply imbedded, the average person that they have become facts to them. That is true of all races. Notice this from O’Mara’s article:

      Here’s an illustrative example: I’ve spoken to many black parents who’ve told me they have instructed their children to be careful how they act around people of other races. The implication is that they feel a young black person has to be extra polite or extra cooperative in order to be treated equally. I’ve never heard a similar concern from white parents. The question to ponder and answer is, “Why the difference?”

      Would you call that a notion or a fact? There are dozens of similar examples.

      Blacks have been here for over a century and these “notions” have been here just as long. I have had many conversations with black friends who believe these “notions” to be true so they are not likely to change anytime soon.

      Uh, oh, I see the conversation has already started so I need to catch up with what’s been said before making any more posts but this is an excellent topic, Nettles.

  12. That sounds like an interesting topic, Annette. It’s very difficult to do because in the era of race bating, a white person discussing race usually gets called a racist.

  13. The neighborhood I live in probably has more blacks than whites and the school I worked in for about 10 years was nearly all black. We have some gang activity, but I haven’t noticed any racial tension. I did have the good sense not to put McCain or Romney signs in my yard. My students did not seem bothered by race issues with the exception of the presidential election. They were all strongly invested emotionally in the election because no president had ever been black. When Obama started getting well deserved criticism, several students expressed disappointment in him and one of them asked with a very grieved expression, “Do you think there will never be another black president again because of Obama?” I was honestly able to assure him that I believe there would be. I’d like to see a Republican black president and I had high hopes for Henry Cain.

    I visited with a black substitute teacher who strongly disliked Obama. He voted for him, but he said he regretted it. He said that when he heard the news that Obama had won the election, he pulled his car to the side of the road and just sat and cried because he was so happy. I think he may have been crying about past racial wrongs more than crying for joy. The man was about my age so I know that he has seen some really bad discrimination in his life. I’ve seen really bad discrimination in my life.

  14. Praying for all those in California during all this rain. I am watching the news and they are saying more rain in 48 hrs than they have received in last 2 years. Feast or famine as they say. I think that is the mess coming this way this weekend. Be safe everyone! Hugs Mimi

  15. Sorry, but I forget who it was that said here they enjoyed going to Hot Springs Arkansas. So sad, this evening, the Majestic Hotel caught on fire and it is still raging. Big piece of History going up in flames, literally. Was such a beautiful hotel. Sad.

  16. Plain Ole Dave ~ I know you stop by to visit occasionally, but I thought about you when I read this article as you had indicated knowledge & shared w/us about hunting in the past.

    This 11 yr. old girl not only saved her brother’s life, she shot & killed the “cougar” that was stalking her brother & had been run off by the girls dad previously when the cougar was stalking their live stock.. I laughed to read the girl had “had a tag to hunt cougars and shot the animal.” I guess I didn’t realize, since I live in the South, the problems people have that live in rural areas protecting their live stock, & in this case, the life of the girls brother.

    Washington girl, 11, shoots and kills cougar tracking her brother!


  17. Spike Lee has been a “racist” as long as I can remember. His uninormed race hating contribution to the GZ Case was that he smugly tweeted what he thought was GZ’s address to his followers. It wasn’t GZ’s home, but that didn’t stop the racist there to harass & scare the people occupying the home who fled to a hotel for their safety. Spike Lee is now in a Federal Law Suit brought by the couple living in the home. SL has whined in trying to get his Eric Holder to help him out, what a POS imo, Spike Lee needs a big Judgement against his racist butt, SL needs to grasp he’s part of the “problem,” NOT “part of the solution” in keeping our Nation Divided.
    Spike Lee’s Rant started here:

    Spike Lee’s Racism Isn’t Cute: ‘M—–f—– Hipster’ Is the New ‘Honkey’

    What’s really bothering Lee is that he doesn’t like seeing his old neighborhood full of white people, which makes him historical detritus.


    “NYPD: ‘Do The Right Thing’ Spray Painted On Brooklyn Home Days After Spike Lee Rant”

    The incident comes days after Lee went on a profanity-laced rant during a speech at a Pratt Institute event for Black History Month Tuesday night.

    He was asked by an audience member about the benefits of gentrification. Lee responded with a seven-minute rant against gentrification in places like the neighborhood where he grew up.


    Spike Lee needs to S H U T his flapping racist mouth & I hope his suffers repercussions for his continued stupidity!

  18. Crump is back to the usual lies and distortions

    Atty Crump Speaks …

    “When you think about these verdicts, when you kill an unarmed black child, you don’t go to jail. But when you shoot and you miss — attempted murder on the other occupants on the car — you get held accountable. Marissa Alexander, a black female in Jacksonville, Florida, she shot a warning shot on the ceiling. She says ‘Stand Your Ground,’ and she was convicted for 20 years. What message are we sending someone? Don’t miss? Is that what the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law means? Don’t miss? If you miss, you get off. If you kill a young black man, you go home. That’s just troubling.”

    Crump insists that Stand Your Ground has a major issue remaining:

    “The problem is this law that says as long as you can articulate some imaginary fear, that it’s justified to kill our children, it’s legalized murder, and we have to talk about that.”


    • CRUMP: What message are we sending someone? Don’t miss? Is that what the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law means? Don’t miss? If you miss, you get off. If you kill a young black man, you go home. That’s just troubling.”
      What is troubling is that a man who is so damn stupid as to make such a statement is walking around amongst us “explaining” all of this to other blacks in such a twisted manner. Does anyone think what he says is logical? Each time he speaks, I wonder if he might be more closely related to the gorilla he looks like.

    • POD ~ Seems SYG is being talked about by many in Fla. besides Crump, it is being discussed in the legislature again. The State is considering adding “a warning shot” as being acceptable to SYG, I assume because of the Marissa Alexander case. It’s not a case I kept up with, but I think she claimed she fired a “warning shot” & too claimed “SYG.”

      Time for Sybrina/Crump to move on, SYG is here to stay imo.

      OS article:
      Florida’s annual Second Amendment battle is underway in Tallahassee, highlighted by an NRA-backed bill that would let people fire warning shots when attacked.

      The change would broaden the controversial “stand your ground” law, which allows anyone in fear of death or serious injury to use deadly force against a suspected attacker.

      If passed, brandishing a firearm and firing warning shots to scare away an attacker will be legal.


  19. Heads Up to the Followers who got an alert about a private thread.

    I am experimenting with WordPress on a password protected thread or a private thread for possible future use. Right now I’m in learning mode and didn’t realize all the followers would get an alert. I’m getting emails now from some who can’t find the thread.

    Sorry for the confusion. In future, we may have a thread where we can discuss some controversial things without the prying eyes of those who like to copy and post our comments elsewhere.

    If anyone has any experience with these threads, please share your wisdom. Thanks!

    • Nettles: I do not know about the ‘followers’ protocol, but will shoot you my primary email address if you wouldn’t mind including me. Much thanks, Fabi

        • I want to read what people really think, and if they are only going to say that on a password protected post, what’s the point? I see these PW protected things on other blogs and don’t get it. To me, a blog is like talking with someone face to face. Say what you mean, or sometimes not, so as not to hurt. But if you are going to say it, who cares who reads?

          • I have to agree with you Tessa. I prefer out in the open conversation. I do little behind the scenes talking. I post what I really think and I don’t think other’s opinions of me are any of my business. Me and me alone need to know I’m being kind to others and doing what I can to leave the world a little better because I was here. Others will disagree with me but at the end of the day, I need to know I am happy with my choices. I have NO doubt in supporting the Zimmerman family.

            • When we express our opinions about GZ, it could hurt him instead of us. I was surprised by his marriage breaking up, his new girlfriend, the 911 calls, the celebrity fight, etc. I felt like this was a group of supporters and processed my thoughts with them. That was a mistake because people who don’t post here are reading it. I try to be careful now and if there’s something I’m wondering about that might hurt them, I talk about it in email.

    • Finding the thread is easy, there’s a link right there in the email.

      It’s just not of any particular use if one does not know the password.

        • I hope you aren’t asking me.

          I got the email about the private thread, and it included a link to the thread, but no hint as to where to get the password, so I assumed you emailed the password to those who you wanted to have it, but not to me, but apparently the thread itself isn’t really a thing yet, so I guess nobody needs a password for it yet.

          I just now noticed (after opening up that link again in another tab) that it’s from last July, apparently right after the verdict.

          So I don’t know if it existed back then and I never saw it, or if it never really existed and therefore there are no comments there to read if one does have the password, or what.

          • I created the thread yesterday as an experiment to see if I could post a private thread on the blog.

            Once I posted it, it sent an email notification to 39 people who follow the blog.

            The thread is password protected and I wondered how I’m going to tell everyone the password. I didn’t give it to you Unitron, yet you accessed the thread and you posted on it. I’m trying to find out how you did that.

            I don’t want to tell readers they are posting on a secured thread when clearly, that’s not the case.

            I backdated the thread to jury verdict day (July 13th) so it wouldn’t interrupt our current threads. That failed miserably.

            I think I will post a password protected thread here for anyone who wants to talk with contributors here and keep it private from readers. Anyone who has posted on the blog can have the password by request. Before I do, I need to understand how someone without the password posted on the test thread.

    • ooooh… I love secrets!!
      Can I be in?

      No experience with secret WordPress posts… other than seeing them when Sundance used them at CTH.
      A forum is a bit different… I get to assign permissions as strictly as I choose.

      • FWIW
        Sundance used a pw that people who were regular posters… paying attention to the GZ case would know.
        When you think about it… Traybot Worriers are so uninformed about the facts of the case, a quite simple question about the facts of the case would be beyond them 😀

      • A forum is the best option. Much better organized and far more flexibility in access permissions. Hey, maybe you can setup a private place on your forum for some super secret discussions of things probably not needing to be super secret. Nettles is about to tear her hair out trying to make wordpress behave. XO @ Nettles

        • The Question thing worked at CTH.
          You can not block every dope… also somebody sort of OK MIGHT tell tales and spread the pw around?
          But a question could stop a casual dope popping in.

          I did set up a “Secrets” area in case it might be needed… nobody asked me to, I just did it as an exercise. Even THAT could result in problems… who to allow… what else to allow them to see etc….
          It is an option we could discuss

          • It’s been a long time since I looked at forum software, but I assume access to a specific topic can be granted on a registered user by registered user basis. No need for passwords. And anonymity could only be compromised by the administrators and moderators. I guess whoever wants some kind of private place to talk might want to step forward and explain why. Then those that might be able to provide it have a better idea if it’s worth their effort. *shrug*

            • Yes,but…
              first people have to register to the place in general. Not a huge problem there 90+ % of the place is open to all. But then I have an area which is “private” rather than “secret”… for chat mainly, and people have revealed small personal details… so I protect that as “private” area.
              Then somebody (Nettles in this case) has to decide who she wants to see whatever it is… and perhaps police that and remove people?
              It’s TOUGH being a forum owner ya know lol

              • Nettles would have to explain what she wanted, but she could simply be made a moderator of some sub-forum and be able to restrict who has access to that sub-forum, right? She, or whoever, wouldn’t need to have any control over any other part of the forum. I’m not sure I’m getting the terminology right.

                • It is something I am open to, and anything is possible.
                  I think Nettles would be better off and happier to have it contained at her own place… hypothetically I could BAN her lol
                  And we should stop talking about Nettles in front of her 😀

                  • I do appear to have a problem getting along with moderators. I thought Diwataman and I would get on like a house on fire. He drove me NUTS! LOL and I miss him. 🙂

                    • I have been banned a few times myself… It’s why I started my own forum… one place I can’t be banned.
                      I have never “banned” anybody… On VERY rare occasions, I have preferred to delete so its as if they never existed. 😀

  20. George just tweeted something about starting work on Monday. I’m not sure if he was saying he got a job or that most people will start a new work week on Monday. He first told everyone to have a good week-end and then said, “we start work on Monday.” Maybe a new painting or something similar. Hope he’s safe whatever he’s doing.

  21. I must admit I felt a lot of outrage at Obama for his continued misrepresentation of Travyon’s death and pandering to his lousy parents during his presentation of his $200 million program My Brother’s Keeper.

      • Likewise. and that does not cover how absurd throwing more money at this issue is, after all every city, county and state has made the cause of young black males the focus for the past 2 decades, and nothing has improved, in fact, the results show that more money only expands the ‘support’ bureaucracy while black gangster continue to wreak havoc. I am disgusted. I live in the thick of it, see it day in and day out, my kids did not come from wealth, we work extremely hard for every success we have and have made huge sacrifices, doing without vacations, luxuries etc, yet my we have been victimized by thug culture more times than I care to remember. Obama is a total hypocrite.

        • I was thinking much to same regarding the $200 million and all the other dollars that have been thrown into the pit. Will the money make a difference? IMHO it doesn’t appear the be trickling down to the root of the problem.

        • Cassandra, I know what you mean. I live in a neighborhood that is mostly black and worked in a school that was nearly all black. We have gang rivalry. Some of the parents moved to this area to get their teenage boys away from gangs. They just brought the gangs with them. Surprisingly, we’ve had only a few teenagers killed from gang activity. We have a lot of break ins. My section of the neighborhood seems to get the least crime, though there have been break ins on my street. The people next door had their dog shot in the face by a teen just walking by. Most of the crime happens in the area right across from the high school and often during school hours, especially lunch time. One man went home for lunch and was held up at gun point in his driveway, forced inside his house, tied to a chair, and watched the teens start stealing his things. Fortunately, his teenage daughter was at home. He’d gone home to check on her. She called police and the teens were still burglarizing the house when they got there.

          Our house has not been hit, but our neighbors have reported hearing their doorbell ring and not answering it and then seeing a teen in their back yard with a brick in his hand. They ring the doorbell first and if no one answers, they go around back and break in. We’ve been told we should always answer the door.

          I’ve had students who I knew were involved in gangs. Most of them were very sweet to me, but I worried about them.

          • yep. and how will that $$$ millions turn these lousy young people into “productive” citizens, it won’t.

      • I would have lost every grain of respect for him, too, had I had one grain to start with. I anticipated he would be exactly what he is. Some of the teachers I worked with said they thought he would bring the races together and be a good moral leader for our youth. He has been divisive and has encouraged the teenagers to be more resentful.

    • Congratulations

      Only I don’t like to think about TAX. I used to have a VERY complex tax return… despite piddling amounts involved… now simpler (I hope) but last time I had to pay 😦
      Tax date 1st April in NZ…. April fools Day being appropriate 😀

      • Tax submissions can begin March 1st but must be filed by April 30th here in Canada. I usually get a refund thanks to charitable donations. So I do mine on March 1st to get my money back early. My taxes are simple. Tax software makes it a breeze.

        • In theory.. in NZ.. there is no longer a need to file a tax return.. was designed to be that way many years ago. Achieved because there is almost NOTHING you can claim… and IRD are very strict about taking right amount from wages and interest. So MOST people do not put in a return at all.
          I messed about with investments for a while… overseas earnings and local tax credits more than I was due to pay… so for years had to carry those forward… by explaining every year…. It meant that IRD had to give back all they stole as tax on bank interest. I have used those up so have to actually pay tax now.

            • From me personally… 17.5
              But its not that simple… wife pays 33% on top dollars earnt.
              I am moving up the scales too.
              Can not share incomes for tax… so I have investments in my name. I am in process of tax avoidance (not evasion) at the moment
              And we have GST on EVERY item and transaction of 15%

              • In Ontario we pay a harmonized sales tax on most items. 5% for GST (federal) and 8% (provincial) tax for a Harmonized rate of 13% (HST)

                • Oh… also pay RATES… which is like local tax… especially galling because GST (tax) is added to Rates (already a tax)… and we have lots of special punishment taxes on petrol and cigarettes and booze etc.

                    • It’s one in the morning here. I just checked the time difference wondering if I gave you a good stiff drink at breakfast time and the time converter tells me it’s around dinner time there Saturday night. 6pm Is that right?

                    • Thanks!
                      Now would be a great time.
                      7:30PM… starting to watch a Harry Potter Movie on TV.
                      I stick to “cyber drinks” these days… but Bourbon has been a “weakness” in the past

                    • I often do try and Us peeps a heads up… I even told them (both times) not elect Obama lol
                      Canadians the same….
                      Saturday was ok ish.. as they always are. I still struggle to get the hang of Tuesdays 😀

                    • I was such an Obama fan. I hated George Bush. He pissed me off taking the country into war in Iraq. But the day Obama went to the press room and told that story of being a black man followed through the mall as a teen, I thought to myself he became the black man in the White house as opposed to being a man in the White house.

                      I had that exact same experience as a teen. I didn’t think it was about my skin color. Obama insinuated it was b/c of his skin color. How does He know? I think without a thorough investigation, he may have been wrong.

                      What an awful message to get black people to internalize. That everything that happens to you that isn’t fair is because of your skin color. It simply is NOT true.

                      Personally I liked the man the U.S elected. Right now I can’t wait until he leaves office.

                    • I think we would NOT agree on politics much.
                      I try and BAN politics as a subject at RT. IMO discussions at forums get nowhere at best, and usually lead to personal acrimony.
                      Besides it seems some of my best friends are Libtards.. and I dont want to lose them as friends lol

                  • We have those punishment taxes too. It’s known as the SIN taxes here and every budget those who gas their cars, smoke the cigarettes and drink alcohol learn they will be paying more.

            • Annette, I thought Canadians paid higher income tax than we do. We have an accountant who manages to keep ours down in the low 30s. Even using his services, preparing the forms and helping him keep it that low is a tedious task. I was really hoping Huckabee would win the election because he was going to get rid of income tax.

  22. Annette, I can see how you might have been an Obama fan if you only have to pay 23% income tax. In the United States half the population pays no income tax at all, some pay very little, and others pay a very high rate. Many of those paying no income tax are actually receiving money from the government. With half the population not paying income tax and many receiving instead of paying, those paying too much have very little political power.

    The Tea Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” Some Americans are taxed way too much already and others are not. Obama promised to take that to an even greater extreme and he did. My husband would be retired now if Obama had not been elected and re-elected. I can’t stand him and never could.

    • Agreed, Pondering. It’s bad enough when a significant portion of the country has zero Federal tax liability, but it is unconscionable when a decent portion of the zero liability crowd actually receives a ‘refund’ on top of that! As a net taxpayer, I get infuriated when I see all these tax preparer commercials on television celebrating tax day. Must be nice. Half the country views the IRS as Santa Claus, the other half sees it as the Devil. We need to get Saint Nick out of the IRS; it’s toxic.

  23. Fabi, I wish Word Press had a like button like Facebook has. I’d be pressing it after reading your message.

    I need to correct something I said earlier. I said I live in a mostly black neighborhood. At one time it was. We bought here before the area was built up. It became mostly black while we were living here. I just went for a walk on the park trail in our area and lots of neighbors were out doing the same thing. Most of the people I passed today were white. It’s interesting how fast things change. I’m also surprised that I hadn’t noticed it changing. Guess I spend too much time inside on the computer. That and on the road with my husband when he travels on business.

        • No way to post on either one:

          Here is the first one:

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          It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?
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          Try looking in the monthly archives. 🙂

          Here is the second link. There is also a pw entered but it clearly does not work;

          Protected: Private GZ discussion
          Posted on July 13, 2013 by Nettles18

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          Password: •••••••

      • I did change the date to one I could remember. I picked a random day in June then thought I won’t remember how to find it, so I switched the date to verdict day July 13th.

      • Well that’s interesting! The link in the email notification returns a result of “page not found” because I changed the date after it posted.

        How then did Unitron find the page on July 13th and post on a thread that requires a password?

        • I have always suspected that Unitron is a Government agent 😀
          The post looks good to me at your updated link.. and as you say not available at old link since you changed the date.

          How about giving us the pw… and let people post nonsense for a while.. see how it performs?

          • Did you see a post by unitron on the thread? Is unitron’s post still there? Attached to the post now with it’s altered date.

            I think this shows great promise … to provide what I surmise you are after.

            As far as distributing a pw goes… maybe a list of email addresses that you send pw to? Practicality of that depends on how many people are involved. Initially people could email you and request the pw.
            It will be up to you how you decide… Nettles Choice!

            • Yes Unitron posted on the thread saying he didn’t have the password. He said the link in the email notification took him there.

              That’s not possible. The email link had June 28th date. And no one else has been able to post b/c they don’t have the password. Something is afoot.

              I think I know who Unitron is on twitter 🙂 His secret is safe with me.

    • If there’s someone posting as Unitron, it isn’t me.

      I’m unitron.

      This is the body of the email I received.

      –emphasis added by me–

      Private GZ discussion
      by Nettles18

      This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.

      Nettles18 | June 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2PnJ3-vl

      (That URL still works, and takes me to


      where I can’t post or do anything else except make incorrect guesses as to what the password is.)

      With that email open (in Outlook Express), I clicked on Message, Reply to Sender, and sent this back in answer:

      “Any reason you couldn’t have restricted the notification email about this to just those with whom you’ve shared the password?”

      however, instead of the usual OE reply form, I got something where WordPress apparently had some control, because the cursor was centered instead of being at the top left, and any text entered autocenters itself, i.e., is center-justified, rather than left-justified or right-justified.

      So if the quote from me above got posted at that private password protected page, then replying to the email is how I got around not having the password, assuming you ever created a password for the page to begin with.

      Perhaps if there is no password yet, that would explain why the email back door works, if it does.

      I’m going to go send one more reply to that email, so if

      “Do not capitalize me. It tickles.”

      shows up posted to that private page, then the reply to the email is how it’s getting there.

      Lacking a password that works, I cannot get any farther than the screen where you enter the password, and therefore cannot post there in the usual manner, so anything posted with my name attached wasn’t intended to go there, and I’m not to blame for any of WP’s security holes.

      And if something was posted to that page by a Unitron, then you have an entirely different problem of which I am not a part.

      • Yep, your 2nd post in posted on the thread too. So replying to the email does post it on the thread.

        That could be used to send an email address so get the password.

        Interesting. Thanks for the feedback and I apologize for tickling you!

      • I think it’s yet another WordPress bug. I’d suggest that Nettles send them an email about it, but I suspect they already know and it’s low priority for them. Thank you for clarifying what happened, unitron. All sorts of paranoid conspiracy theories were occurring to me about how you could post. Just another day on the internet.

              • Except……….
                I just “Followed” your blog… never realized I had a “Reader” to see new posts on a blog, but CTH is already there… going back ages…. and I NEVER get an email from there alerting new posts. There must be a way you can shut off the email alerts to “followers”

                • Some followers have posted they aren’t getting the alerts. some suggested to check your spam. Others were told to unfollow and follow again to reset the notifications.

                  WordPress works so that whoever follows the blog gets an email notification. I looked into how I can block some from following the blog but so far, no luck. So some enemies get a notification when I post something new 😦

                  • Maybe you can turn off all email notifications briefly, make the password protected post, then turn email notifications back on? Seems like a PITA, though. Even if you can turn them off completely.

                    • Thanks Coreshift
                      It seems you would need to make the place “private”
                      FWIW My opinion is that a big part of posting at blogs and forums IS that you are publishing info publicly.
                      I see the need for some private areas (I have them myself).. but as a general setting it smacks of Traybots hiding their “stuff”… always strikes me that they hide away in shame because they post so much hate and uninformed drivel.

                    • I tend to agree and haven’t seen any clarification of why someone (not nettles) would need to discuss something privately with a select group of people. Private forums/threads also tend to create cliques. Not healthy for any forum, IMO.

                    • I can see a need for it. What if we wanted to criticize something GZ did but didn’t want our honest opinion to be used against him by the Trayvon team.

                      Wouldn’t it be nice to discuss some controversial matters away from prying eyes. I saw a tweet the other day, picked up a comment here and not seen in context appeared to be racist.

                      One private thread wouldn’t hurt but I wouldn’t want to take the whole blog that way. I do prefer my discussions out in the open. Keeps me honest.

                    • Most clubs etc have certain facilities for MEMBERS ONLY…. else why join?
                      In my case I have an area where people can raise forum and posting issues etc. That is irrelevant to people who are not members and posting at the place. Also a chat thread, where people chat, reveal the odd personal fact.. I just feel that should be “private”. I do see that as different from “secret” where normal case discussion and public information is dragged down into a secret sewer.
                      I do also have a “just for laughs” thread to discuss what people do at other forums… I am not out to engage such people… just laugh at them. For want of a better place to do that I lumped it in with the private chat etc

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