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Open Discussion – Mar 2/14

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110 thoughts on “Open Discussion – Mar 2/14

  1. Waving… really its a shiver ๐Ÿ™‚ Annette Darling, you must stop with these little gifts of love โ™ฅ lmbo we had THUNDERSLEET and LIGHTING! Have about 3 inches of sleet on the ground… But warm short sleeve weather again by the weekend ha ha! Ok off to catch up! Hugs! (I need the warmth)

    • “Cortes said he stabbed Roelofsen with a pocketknife then ran. Roelofsen then chased him down and shot him once, a bullet that entered Cortes’ left arm and abdomen, according to Assistant State Attorney Tom Hastings.

      Roelofsen’s version was different. He said he only shot Cortes after being stabbed in the chest, tracking him down, seeing him again with the knife and fearing that he would be stabbed a second time.”

      Roelofsen is the defendant, and his version sounds kinda like what SYG opponents object to–he went after the other guy and then used the other guy having the knife as an excuse to “stand his ground”.

      For me, fear of being stabbed a second time would have been an excellent argument against going after the guy and for letting the police deal with him.

      I suppose technically he had a legal right to travel to where the guy with the knife just happened to be (instead of being smart and letting the police handle it while he got medical attention for the knife wound).

      It’s hard to be okay with a self-defense law that enables willful stupidity.

      • I wonder why Judge Lester reversed himself. It appears that once the prosecutors actually presented their case, they convinced Judge Lester it was self defense.

        In the SYG immunity hearing, Judge Lester was not convinced. Something presented in the prosecutors’ case changed his mind. Perhaps the testimony in the criminal trial conflicted with what the Judge was told at the SYG hearing.

      • I once saw an argument made that SYG allows you protect your dignify, honor, and self esteem. Once you are attacked, you have the right to take “revenge” to protect yourself. Killing that person does pretty much eliminate any possibility that the person could later come back and kill you.

        I am paraphrasing here, of course.

        Did you ever see that?

        • I think SYG is intended to protect people that don’t want to be driven off by thugs. Like the police were driven off in a video posted earlier. Are we supposed to just run away from every place once we are threatened? That will be a lot of places very fast. There won’t be many places left for those that want to enjoy their rights and freedoms. The thugs/criminals would rule because we have to run from them. We can’t stand our ground.

    • Jim Rall
      3 months ago

      That’s fine… when we call you a “Dumb C–nt”, remember it was meant in a lighthearted way.๏ปฟ


      To be a reporter or newscaster must mean that you cannot have a conscience. When have you ever seen one of them take back things like she said.. That goes for all of the rest of them.


      Profile of the Sociopath……….
      I went through this point by point, each time trying to think of reporters who did not fit in, I found NONE. Can you?

  2. That whole thing on Dr. Phil makes me angry and sad. I was amazed at how much sympathy Maddy got from Phil and from the audience. Lisa Bloom was absolutely wrong. George told the police that he had his gun holstered behind him. It was when he was squirming to get off the pavement that his gun holster turned exposing the gun. The prosecution tried to prove that he couldn’t have reached it from behind his back but the defense and their expert witnesses proved he could have.

    It’s not fair that they’re still trying this case because George cannot continue to have his attorneys cross examine them. It’s one way now.

    • I have his show on now but do not see anything about the case yet.

      One would think that if the Traybots want to continue to argue this case that they would all come up with a consistent, plausible alternative version of events. Instead they offer numerous versions of each point in the case which in itself is reasonable doubt.

      I have yet to see one single version that could be backed up by facts, even if the facts are stretched. When people write these fictional accounts of the events, I wonder if they really think they can change the conclusions of the jury and of people who are intimately familiar with the case?

  3. Who is this Gina person who says she’s writing a book? She seems to think that Rachel’s testimony proved George was guilty.

  4. George is trying to school the hardcore delusional nuts

    George Zimmerman โ€@TherealGeorgeZ 2m
    @poliquest @LionHeartress1 @soundpam @Hillarywins2016 they didn’t have to sue, Crump threatened to say they were racist & didn’t want 2 pay
    George Zimmerman โ€@TherealGeorgeZ 1m
    @poliquest @LionHeartress1 @soundpam don’t believe me? Look @ the days Martin/ Fulton et al weren’t in court. They were in mediation for $$$

    • The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (commonly known as the “Baker Act”; Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891[1] (2009 rev.)), allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual.
      The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person:
      possibly has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
      is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).
      Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.
      There are many possible outcomes following examination of the patient. This includes the release of the individual to the community (or other community placement), a petition for involuntary inpatient placement (what some call civil commitment), involuntary outpatient placement (what some call outpatient commitment or assisted treatment orders), or voluntary treatment (if the person is competent to consent to voluntary treatment and consents to voluntary treatment). The involuntary outpatient placement language in the Baker Act took effect as part of the Baker Act reform in 2005.
      The act was named for a Florida state representative from Miami, Maxine Baker,[2] who had a strong interest in mental health issues, served as chair of a House Committee on Mental Health, and was the sponsor of the bill.
      The nickname of the legislation has led to the term “Baker Act” as a transitive verb, and “Baker Acted” as a passive-voice verb, for invoking the Act to force an individual’s commitment. Although the Baker Act is a statute only for the state of Florida, use of “Baker Acting” as a verb has become prevalent as a slang term for involuntary commitment in other regions of the United States http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_Mental_Health_Act

      • Thank you! That leaves me wondering why have I saw this term in relation to Trayvon? I thought it was a school program that diverted kids away from criminal records.

        Why do some describe Travyon as being Baker Acted?

        • Because if they can label the behavioral problem as a mental health issue it goes into a confidental HIPPA protected health file instead of a public criminal record. Thats how Superintendent Carvahlo and Chief Hurley were able to falsify the crime stats. Black student crimes were listed as mental health issues and tucked away in federally protected confidential files.

        • There was speculation over in a certain arboreal dwelling that Trayvon and Rachel met up again all those years after kindergarten when both wound up Baker Acted and in the same temporary holding facility.

      • Plain Ole Dave

        That information is no longer completely accurate or up to date but for this conversation, it is not important.

        Suffice to say that there does not have to be any evidence that a person is a threat to himself or anyone else, IF a family member calls LE and says so. LE must take their word and then take the person to a hospital even if LE found nothing wrong at the residence to indicate a threat. Once there, the minimum detention is 72 hours.

        It is becoming increasingly more controversial.

  5. jordan ~ I have been reading on M. Alexander’s this the last couple of days for a couple of reasons. The Fla. State Legislature has been working on the existing SYG Law & taking other information into consideration, one being that a potential victim can shoot a “warning shot.”

    MOM’s against the “warning shot,” but imo, it might save a life in some cases possibly scaring away an intruder or someone quickly approaching w/a tire iron, etc. I just don’t find it offensive & it still wouldn’t diminish the SYG Law that you can shoot to kill if you were in fear. If “warning shots” were added to SYG, it wouldn’t state that you have to “fire a warning shot,” from my understanding, it’s just an option to shoot a “warning shot” without fear of being charged for doing so if it’s added to SYG.

    article quote:
    The same court that ordered Alexander’s retrial ruled that when a defendant is convicted of multiple counts stemming from the same crime, judges must make the sentences consecutive, not concurrent.

    Alexander’s case has inspired the so-called “warning shot” bill that will be considered once the state Legislature convenes in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

    At one point they offered Alexander a plea deal of three years in prison. She turned that down and chose to go to trial.


    imo, MA was offered a generous deal by the State Prosecutors the first time around, a 3 yr. plea deal sounded like a good deal to me. imo, there’s no guarantee that MA will fare any better during her retrial, something she needs to take responsibility for should she choose to roll the dice & not consider a plea agreement, she could well be convicted a second time.

    Inmates will serve a Minimum of 85%!

    jmho ~ even if the SYG Law changes allowing “warning shots,” it’s not likely going to help MA if a jury sees her shooting a gun in the direction on her ex’s children as reckless/endangering the lives of the children. Wasn’t Dunn just convicted of firing his gun into the vehicle endangering others in the vehicle? For MA to think she’s going to walk on this case imo, & I haven’t followed this closely, as a tremendous gamble.

      • POD ~ you make a good point! Had it not been for
        M. Alexander’s case & her supporters demanding an exception be made to SYG, imo, it probably would not have even been considered.

    • The only problem I see with a warning shot is that one might be able to get away with attempted murder if they try to shoot someone and miss. They could just call that miss a warning shot. That seems to be the case with this lady. She shot at her husband. She says it was a warning shot, but he says she just missed. I believe her children also thought she tried to kill him.

  6. I fully admit this is only speculative but I can’t help wondering…..
    Since the Zimmerman NEN tape was supplied to NBC by the Crump/Julison propaganda machine…. could Crump/Julison been somehow either directly or indirectly involved with having that call edited in order to inflame and help the false narrative gain the desired traction in the media?

    • I was under the impression that all of the media got the recording of the NEN call from the City of Sanford back when they put it on their website.

      ABC got the Crump-“Dee Dee” recording by being there to record it when it happened.

  7. les le bon ton roulet! It’s FAT Tuesday! (throw me something mister!)

    The last day for the fun of the Mardi Gras Parades! I’m going out this morning to buy my last king cake of this carnival season.

    • Good news all around, IMO. Now they can get serous about NBC suit. Glad they are able to move on with the divorce on equal footing too. More to come later I’m sure. May be a long time before everything is settled.

    • I said before, I figured this would happen. From OS article above..

      “In another legal development involving Zimmerman, a judge has set aside a default entered in favor of his wife, Shellie, in their ongoing divorce.

      That means the two sides are back to equal footing as they fight to divide up property but mostly the overwhelming debt they face because of George Zimmerman’s legal bills”

      • I always thought it would, too. Technically, the judge could have told George he was out of luck because he didn’t respond within 20 days, but I don’t think most judges would do that.

      • mimi ~ GZ was clearly lucky, he had a Judge that cut him a break, GZ defaulted. Hopefully this concludes fairly quickly because SZ deserves to move on in her life.

        Hopefully GZ has learned 2 important legal lessons when faced w/repercussions, not to copy “copy righted material” & try to profit from it & he now understands when he ignores legal paperwork. GZ said he was “glad AP had him take the picture down as he realizes that when he sells a painting, he gives away a part of himself.” Hopefully he goes back to painting but only from original pictures. He could have faced the legal consequences on the “default” had he had another Judge that didn’t cut him this brake, his Judge allowed him to skate & for that reason imo GZ should be grateful & learn to take seriously ALL legal letters & documents act accordingly.

        • I agree he should be thankful on the default. I have a good idea it happens more often than not in these situation. JMHO

  8. In another post, I mentioned that I had read that one of the reasons George was not initially arrested for shooting Trayvon, was the there was a concern about George’s civil rights being violated which would subject the city of Sanford to financial liability.

    No one else seems to remember so I started searching. In this article, Bill Lee mentions this:
    Without specific evidence to refute Zimmerman’s self-defense claims, Lee said, an arrest would have subjected the city to possible litigation for unlawful arrest.

    Notice the differences in the reporting of his explanation.


    So those articles would have been published around that time frame. I am almost certain, I first read about that in the OS and at least one lawyer posted a detailed explanation along with a SYG case.

    At any rate, that subject also came up after the trial but if someone remembers or can find the articles, please post them.

    Since his arrest, others have opined about his rights now.



  9. Thanks for posting that. I just sent the parents a message saying I support that. The more gun toting friends he has, the more he’ll be able to get out without risking someone sneaking up behind him and committing murder. I hope he moves to Texas. We all have guns here.

  10. Fla. Capitol security rules stop overnight sit-ins!

    The new rules went into place this week as lawmakers began their annual 60-day session. Among the changes: No one is allowed to stay overnight or sleep in any publicly accessible part of the building, Capitol police can tell unauthorized visitors to leave after business hours, and anyone who doesn’t is subject to arrest on trespassing charges. The rules also ban preparing or storing food in hallways and other public areas of the building.

    The changes come eight months after a group called Dream Defenders held a monthl ong sit-in at the Capitol to protest Florida’s “stand your ground” law after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. The protesters stayed overnight in the hallways and rotunda. While no one was allowed into the Capitol outside of business hours, those already in the building were allowed to stay overnight.

    The group criticized the new rules.


    Gov. Scott allowed the group a privilege again, imo, giving into the pressure of TM supporters, when the Media had nothing to report on the group but their complaints over “NOT being able to get pizza deliveries after 5:00,” I had to laugh. imo, video surveillance probably gave security enough reasons/cost of over nighters as to why to discontinue this practice.

    • Some incidents as article states in Capital “after hours:”

      During the protest last summer, Capitol Police reported several incidents after business hours, including two shirtless men and a woman in shorts and a bra sleeping in the Capitol chapel, people trying to get into unauthorized areas and a nude woman washing herself in a public bathroom.

  11. Sharpton, Joyner to lead Stand Your Ground protest Monday!

    The Rev. Al Sharpton, radio host Tom Joyner and the parents of slain teenagers Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are coming to Tallahassee on Monday to take part in a march and rally against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

    Also participating are family members of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy whose killing in 1955 helped spark the civil rights movement, and Tallahassee attorneys Ben Crump and Daryl Parks, who represent Trayvon’s family.


    Guess Sharpton’s unaware 22 other States have a form of SYG. The majority of taxpayers in Fla. want SYG.

    • According to self defense attorney Andrew Branca 33 states, and in California one has the right to pursue the attacker.

  12. Robert Zimmerman posted a link to an article in the OS about something I’ve noticed for quite a while. How the anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people. I’d go a bit further and say that I think young people, growing up in an anonymous world without consequences, may learn bad behaviors that bleed over into real life.

      • He’s one of my favorites, too. Evil is one of his frequent themes and I think his quote applies to the situation with GZ haters and other victims of the Crump scheme team and race baiters.

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