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Was That a Dr. Phil Impersonator?

phil“Was That a Dr. Phil Impersonator, I Just Saw Doing the Maddy Interview?” No ,no, it couldn’t have been Dr. Phil because the Dr. Phil I watch asks tough questions…of both sides.

This “Dr. Phil” stated at the outset that “Trayvon’s case triggered a racial divide in our country.” No, no, no, no. no. The racial divide was already there. This case simply illuminated that gulf.

Juror Maddy admits that she had to follow the law instead of her heart! Duh! That’s what a juror is supposed to do! Lawyer Bloom replies to “Dr. Phil’s” question, “did she (Maddy) have a choice on how she voted? Bloom – “She didn’t”. Duh! So what is all the commotion about?

Lawyer Bloom says that according to Rachel, Trayvon was afraid of Zimmerman, that Trayvon tried to get away “time and time again” – well, then, why didn’t he just run the 40 seconds it took to get to his father’s girlfriend’s condo? Why was he hanging around instead?

Lawyer Bloom says that according to Rachel, that Trayvon wanted to get home “in time to watch the NBA All-Star game” so why did it take Trayvon 40 minutes to not get home on what should have been a 12 minute jaunt from the 7-11 store?

Lawyer Bloom says that the prosecution “failed to connect the facts to the law”. Not a problem, The defense did that for them!

Lawyer Bloom uses a fallacious argument to suggest that the defense attributed the wrongs of two African-American men to all African-American men (which the defense did not do) via the testimony of a white female who was victimized in that housing complex which Bloom says is the “very definition of racism.” That is not why the testimony was taken, but Dr. Phil viewers won’t know that from this show.

Lawyer Bloom states that “Trayvon Martin was not a burglar, he had no criminal record”. She’s right. Trayvon was a non-burglar who was caught with stolen jewelry and burglary tool in his backpack on school grounds.

He had no criminal record is true, but school records indicates this may have been due more to the recent Miami-Dade schools policy to not record student criminal activity as such, but as a disciplinary matter.

This “Dr. Phil” didn’t have any sharp questions for Lawyer Bloom or Maddy. Maybe the real Dr. Phil will return tomorrow. Maybe Dr. Phil can get George Zimmerman on his show and ask him softball questions. That is, if he can pull George away from his twitter account.

You have to feel sympathy for Maddy. She did the best she could. The glare of public attention is often not kind.

Dr. Phil, nor no Dr. Phil, the Trayvon Martin case remains what it always was, a tragedy. A tragedy for the Martin family and for George Zimmerman. A tragedy with a lot of confusion left in its wake due in part to shows like this Dr. Phil segment.

How can we as a society fix what ails us if we use our time together to do a commercial for a book which this Dr. Phil segment turned out to be?

How can the truth ever be told in full? Do we simply chock this case up as the best its going to be and move on to other matters? Is there anything more we can do to fix the problems with media reporting, abusive prosecutors, and racist vulnerabilities in the justice system?

This segment today truly let both sides down. What do you think?


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  1. Just more evidence as to why blacks and whites cannot live together harmoniously. Do you really think either of them has a solution or even want one?

    Your “friend” is not going to like this thread….

    I am beginning to think that we more we discuss this racial thing, the worse things get. Have you seen ANY improvement whatsoever?

    • Blacks and whites can live together harmoniously. We just need to get rid of the race baiters and do something about our media. I’m living in an area that until recently was mostly black. I think it’s becoming more evenly mixed now. It’s difficult to say. I worked in a school that was mostly black. My principal was black, several assistant principals were black, and the faculty was probably 60% black. We got along. We worked well together for a common goal, the education of the students. The white kids who attended the school were treated well.

      We have a corrupt media, wealthy race baiters, and liberals dealing with white guilt who wanted to sacrifice a white man to pay for past racial wrongs. It turned out that they had a man who is only as white as Obama. George is half white like Obama. The other half is Afro-Peruvian. His mother said that in Peru, everyone is either of African or Indian descent. Her family is of African descent. Her grandfather was all African. The grandmother who took care of George is half African and half Afro-Peruvian. She took care of 2 black children along with George. The media did not tell that. Instead, when they corrected the racial information on George, they called him a white hispanic. (I suppose Obama is a white African.) They continued to push the race angle even though it didn’t exist.

      Blacks and whites can live together in harmony. There’s not much else we can do. The question is what do we do with our corrupt media? It’s hurting us in more ways than most can imagine. AnchormanII was an excellent parody of how CNN started the current mess the media has become. It was corrupt before CNN, but they took it to a whole different level.

    • Jordan, I hope I didn’t offend you. I enjoy visiting with you. I have to admit that before having lived in a predominantly black neighborhood and working in a predominantly black school, I would have been afraid of such a situation. At the previous school I worked at, black and white students didn’t get along so harmoniously. Black students were discouraged by their peers from getting good grades and just about anything that is considered middle class values. They were told that they were acting white and not showing enough color. They seemed to associate middle class with white. That was absent at my most recent school. Most of the kids parents were middle class and they taught them middle class values.

      If there are blacks and whites living in harmony, it shows that it’s possible. I think the media is the culprit.

      • There are indeed places where blacks and whites do live together harmoniously. They are few and and far between.

        My statement is about the US as a country. You are correct in that the largest part of the blame is directly attributed to a liberal media who continue to rely on black activists who are activists SOLELY for the money they make.. not for making anything better. How are you going to eliminate those people?

        What can MSM do? Well, think about that while you read this article again.


        Show me one thing she said to improve race relations. Show me a realistic solution. Notice that she cannot even get the facts straight. Why is that? Simple::: she has a preconceived mindset that the case was about race. If she wanted to make things better, don’t you think she could at least report the truth? But we both know… she did not even TRY to do that.

        There are entirely too many people involved in this nationally to make any constructive changes. Follow the money. Any and all improvements will result in a loss of income for many of those involved.

        In the meantime, the industry flourishes at the expense or harmony and all along, many new observers develop the same preconceived ideas just like the author and their hearts harden.. many with anger and rage.

        So I do not see that racial harmony is likely here as a country.

  2. “… “Lawyer Bloom uses a fallacious argument to suggest that the defense attributed the wrongs of two African-American men to all African-American men (which the defense did not do) via the testimony of a white female who was victimized in that housing complex which Bloom says is the “very definition of racism.” …”

    And to this day, we still only know who one of those two teenagers involved in the home invasion was… Emmanuel Burgess.

    Who was the other young man…?

    Burgess lived in the building / row of homes adjacent to Brandy Green’s.

    Chad had to have known him, or known of him, they were neighbors.

    Martin had visited the RTL on some seven or eight prior occasions, and according to dear old dad, Martin hung out and played ball with the other guys there. Did he know Burgess?

    Was Martin in Sanford on the day of the home invasion?

    According to the newspaper article below, Burgess had a penchant for breaking into homes and stealing Xboxes and jewelry.

    Martin was caught at school with stolen jewelry and burglary tools, a slim jim was found discarded in the bushes where Martin was laying in wait that night.

    Birds of a feather…


      • That was a 2009 incident in the paper.

        I’m talking about Burgess’s accomplice in the RTL / Olivia Bertalan home invasion.

        Why don’t we know who it was?

        • Here is a transcript from Ms. Bertalan’s testimony at the trial about Burgess. Perhaps the other people were never arrested or charged.

          “O’MARA: What did they take?

          BERTALAN: My camera, our laptop. They tried to get our TV. It was unhooked. But he had it hooked up to our computer so they couldn’t get it off. I think there was something else. I can’t remember what it was, definitely our camera and my laptop.

          O’MARA: At some point, then, one of those people — at least one of those people were arrested and found and arrested and charged with that crime?

          BERTALAN: Yes.

          O’MARA: And do you know what happened? Do you know the person’s name?

          BERTALAN: His name was Emanuel Burgess.

          O’MARA: And is that the reason why you moved from that area?

          BERTALAN: Yes.

          O’MARA: Nothing further, your honor.”

          Also, it was Burgess who was the prowler on Feb. 2nd outside of Frank Taaffe’s house according to this article – Prelude to a shooting


          On February 2, 2012, Zimmerman placed a call to Sanford police after spotting a young black man he recognized peering into the windows of a neighbor’s empty home, according to several friends and neighbors.”

          Trayvon was standing in the grass, in the rain, at that same exact house on February 26th when George first saw him.

          Here’s a video I did a while ago on why GZ thought Trayvon was suspicious that night. I didn’t fully understand Burgess’ role at the time I made it.

    • Maddy should be commended for putting her feelings aside and voting according to the facts and the law put before her.

      Notice that when Dr. Phil asked her directly, “you say that you were bullied and teased and discriminated against as a juror”, Maddy does not reply directly but refers to an incident concerning her pronunciation of a word, seemingly affirming the bullying.

      Yet 5 months earlier, when Maddy’s memory was fresher, she was asked about this by Al Sharpton and she answered unequivocally, “I can’t say I was bullied”.

      So, what happened in the intervening 5 months? Likely, it was continuing pressure from critics of the jury decision.

      • The bullying she has felt likely came from her family, friends and neighbors.

        We all said it was too much pressure for a Judge to grant immunity in this case. Even if the evidence is overwhelmingly for self defense, no one would take letting GZ off on their sole shoulders.

        Can you imagine the pressure Maddy has felt because she could have hung the jury had she decided too.

        She was the first juror to answer the question, is this your verdict, and she said “yes”.

        I agree with Pokerface Todd’s observations. A number of reporters wrote that Maddy seem bored and not to be paying attention during the trial. So that she is confused now on why the law suggests the evidence shows self defense is something she just can’t wrap her mind around.

        She knows he killed him. How can he not be guilty of killing him. Trouble is she is answering the wrong question. He’s not guilty of unjustly killing him because GZ was in fear of being hurt by Trayvon at the moment he shot.

    • It’s my understanding the Chief Bill Lee was telling the press at first there was no arrest because of the SYG law. This was the self defense law which was usually described as the SYG law after the sentence about not having a duty to retreat was added in 2005.

      If Chief Bill Lee had of described it as the self defense law, more of the public may have understood what the police were saying and why no arrest.

      Civil lawyers seized on the confusion and saw an opportunity to win back their right to sue in self defense cases by getting the SYG law repealed.

      • I remember that one of the reasons given for no arrest was the fear/concern of violating George’s civil rights. That explanation was posted on several lawyer’s blogs here in Florida. MSM totally ignored it even though I think I first saw it at OS. I do remember posting it quite a few times at HuffPost and later CTH. It was during the first weeks of the investigation. The subject of SYG was hot and heavy. A few extreme examples of using SYG were going around at the time. Does anyone else remember this?

      • Chief Lee really screwed up there.

        It was the immunity section of Florida’s Justifiable Use of Force law, and none of the SYG portions, which legally prevented them from arresting Zimmerman that night, but for some reason as soon as SYG was added to that law back in ’05, everybody started calling the whole thing the SYG law and Lee just perpetuated that inaccurate perception.

        And no one in the media seems to have done any digging or checking, or apparently even bothered to read the law.

        • All police agencies use probable cause as the threshold for arresting someone. and self-defense, of course, trumps probable cause. I dont believe Chief Bill Lee ever cited the (SYG) immunity language as the reason zimmerman wasnt being arrested. IIRC, it was Norton Bonaparte that cited the immunity (.032) statute as part of his press release. My guess is that document was provided to him either directly or indirectly by the SAO/ NormWolfinger. zimmerman had a rock solid self-defense claim that would have prevented his arrest in any State in the Union, regardless of SYG, imo.

          It’s ironic in the one State that supposed to afford extra protection to those who have acted in self defense that the SYG law so seriously backfired on zimmerman. from arrest and prosecution, to not being able to avail himself of the immunity hearing, to the boilerplate jury instructions on SYG/ndtr – Remember when Serino asked zimmerman if he ever heard of Murphy’s Law?

    • I think you’re exactly right, Coreshift. George killed Trayvon and she cannot understand why he’s not guilty of killing him. I don’t think she understands the difference between murder and self defense. She just thinks killing is killing. She’s not the only one.

    • I think you’re right. I also find it interesting that media emphasizes she’s the only minority, yet she probably has more in common with GZ than with Trayvon. The media doesn’t mention that the defendant was a minority.

      Maddy and GZ are both hispanic. George is only half hispanic, but he chose hispanic for his voter registration. Maddy is probably also Catholic. That might account for her feelings about killing for any reason. George also expressed grave concern about that. Most Catholics would not send another person to prison for having had to defend his life, but would be devastated to realize that they caused the death of another person even if they were defending their own life. George expressed that to a police officer when he learned that Trayvon had died.

      I hope George talked to a priest. I feel sure he did. Perhaps Maddy should do that, too.

      • Sharon, for years I’ve had to mark a box which says, “white NON-hispanic”. Don’t you see that someone else, like GZ, would be “white hispanic”? Maddy was a black hispanic, so she had something in common with both GZ and Martin. However, it’s possible that she didn’t feel any kinship with GZ, as hispanics have many possible ethnicities, and she and GZ come from different country-heritages. Obama wouldn’t be a “white African”, because African isn’t a race or an ethnicity – he’d be “black white” or “biracial” – with no mention of ethnicity, because no one ever talks about his ethnicity, just his race.

        • George’s mother said that in Peru everyone is either of African or Indian descent. She said her family is of African descent and they have some relatives that are all black. Gladys’ grandfather was black. He was labeled white hispanic because his father is white. I don’t think anyone would call his mother a white hispanic. She’s darker than Maddy. I don’t know if Maddy has any blacks in her family. As for Obama, I shortened it to African. Perhaps he could be called a white African-American.

          I suspect Maddy thought she had more in common with the Martins because George was portrayed as a white racist even though he was neither.

  3. Maddy, rest assured you did the right thing. No country should convict someone on emotion. No country should bring an arrest where the evidence shows self defense.


    It’s the people around you who try to make you feel you did something wrong. The jurors did what the police, SA and Special Prosecutor should have done. You told the public that after looking at both sides, self defence was likely and therefore Zimmerman was not guilty of unjustly killing Trayvon. Thank you for your service and I’m sorry that others have tried to make you feel like you did something wrong. You put aside your feelings and you voted based on the law. You did it just right. Self defense is not a crime.

    • Annette, thank you for helping us to understand Maddy’s situation. I now realize that even though most of the public did not know she was on the jury, her family, her friends, relatives, and possibly neighbors did and they likely made her life miserable. I had previously thought she had no reason for going on television to say that she wanted to vote guilty.

      Our country and most other countries distinguish between killing in self defense and murder. George killed Trayvon but he did not murder him. The not guilty did not mean he didn’t kill but that he didn’t murder. It would be terrible to change the law so that we imprison people who have to kill to save their own lives. There is nothing wrong with the law.

  4. I might be wrong, but I think Maddy was confused about the self defense law. She seemed to think he was guilty of killing so she should be able to vote guilty. She may have been thinking that all the way through the trial and that might be why she appeared disinterested and looked as though she wasn’t paying attention to the testimonies.

    I think she confused a lot of other people when she went on television with her confusion. She was stuck on the idea that he was guilty of “killing.” When she said she couldn’t vote guilty because of the law, many thought she was talking about stand your ground, but she was talking about self defense.

    • Thanks for posting this, Mimi. I’m disappointed that Gorge won’t be making the state pay for his trial but I guess he wants to get on with the law suit against NBC. I personally think he should get the divorce out of the way first. I always thought the judge would set aside the default. It’s my understanding that the default is just to protect someone one from being stuck indefinitely because the partner being sued for divorce doesn’t respond. If he had not responded before the judge ruled on divorce terms, he would have had to accept whatever happened. I suppose the way the law is written, the judge could have denied the request to set aside the default. I just don’t think most judges would do that if the other partner stepped up ready to participate. It will be interesting to see how the divorce goes. I wish both of them well.

    • Thanks for the link.

      Here’s the part that makes me ill (and angry)

      “In an odd move, Corey’s office doesn’t want the judge to grant Zimmerman’s new request — that she forget about the sanctions. It wants to keep fighting and be declared the winner. A few days after Zimmerman filed his request, Assistant State Attorney Rich Mantei filed paperwork, asking the judge to rule in Corey’s favor.”

      I hope the judge at least rules that there will be no ruling unless all the evidence against Corey’s office is presented, because they don’t really want to have a sanctions hearing where all of their misdeeds are actually pointed out–too much chance of losing.

        • I was hoping Legal Insurrection would cover this or at least expound on what it means legally aside from Corey wants her name cleared. MOM discarded him so George has no attorney. Does MOM have any further legal obligation to George or the court. If George doesn’t file a response, what happens then? What happens in that kind of default? Does Corey get everything she wants?

          So far, this has not turned out well and it backfired. O’Mara virtually swore revenge but if looks to me like Corey won the battle.

          It now looks to me like everyone involved in this malicious prosecution will escape and consequences. Hell, they might even be rewarded. They managed to influence a huge part of our citizens into believing a pack of lies. So add this to list all of the things that the white man has done to the black people. This will forever be exploited into being another bargaining tool for more “gimmes” and special treatment.

          We paid a heavy price for George’s freedom.

    • I didn’t know that about Lisa Bloom until a friend told me that today, after she told me that, she looks just like her mother. I don’t care for Gloria at all….

  5. Some people including Jordan were talking about 5150s on the last thread. I don’t know if it’s a federal or state law, but I can tell you what it is here in CA from my experience (at WORK lol) –

    A police officer may be called to a site – I don’t believe they would put someone under a 5150 just because the family said to – if the person was oriented, controlled, and denying any SI or HI, I think they would just leave. Otherwise, people would learn this and vindictive people would report a family member to get them taken away, just using mental health as an excuse, and police don’t have time for those games, and hospitals would release the wrongly brought in quickly. However, if the person’s behavior matched up to what the family was saying, the police would bring them to a hospital ER. Some hospitals are LPS certified, meaning they can have people on 5150s – the person would then be taken to the appropriate psychiatric unit in-house and be evaluated.

    Many hospitals, however, are *not* LPS facilities, so the ER would have a member of a psychiatric evaluation team (PET) from a nearby mental health hospital come to evaluate the patient. The police 5150 is only valid in the ER when the facility is not an LPS facility, so the PET worker would place a new 5150 on the patient. The PET 5150 would be valid, as the worker is from an LPS facility, and if the patient needs to leave the ER (ie, be admitted for treatment for a medical problem), the PET 5150 would follow them upstairs (the police 5150 becomes invalid as soon as the patient leaves the ER because the police are not from an LPS facility). The PET worker would then have what is left of those 72 hours to find a bed and get the patient transferred (once the patient is medically clear to discharge).

    If the patient has Medi-cal, and the mental health facility does not accept Medi-cal, the PET worker wouldn’t send the patient to the facility the PET worker came from, but instead would transfer the patient to a facility that does take it, if they can find a bed (good luck – it’s hard to find Medi-cal beds, whether in nursing homes or psychiatric facilities, because it doesn’t pay facilities very much money – and yes, the insurance Obama is giving to millions more people is Medi-cal – so they’re going to have health insurance, but will have a hard time getting health CARE in some situations).

    Once at the mental health facility (or LPS medical hospital), if the patient’s behavior is appropriate and they are not reporting any SI or HI, they could be released the same day. They don’t have to be held for the 72 hours. Alternately, if they’re still suicidal or homicidal or gravely disabled (can’t feed, clothe, or house self) after 72 hrs, the mental health facility can extend it to 10 days – I believe that’s the point at which the psychiatrist has to make the case before a judge for that to happen, though.

    So, I don’t know about other states, but I think it would be difficult to screw with someone by reporting them when they’re not really in need of acute mental health hospitalization. I’ve seen plenty of cases where people don’t just have suicidal ideation, but have actually made an attempt – cutting wrists, OD on drugs – and when they are medically clear, the PET worker comes in and psychiatrically clears them as well, and they just go home. If they regret their behavior and profess no future plans to repeat, they go home. However, if it’s a really serious attempt – gunshot to head, hanging, etc – they’ll be taken to the psychiatric facility on a new 5150 as soon as they’re medically clear for further psychiatric evaluation.

    For someone who is causing problems in a non-LPS facility once admitted (very agitated, seeming psychotic, etc), an MD can put a 24-hr hold on a patient, until their medical treatment calms them, or their psychosis/delirium passes, or until a PET worker (psychiatric social worker or psychiatric RN) can put a 5150 on them. Again, that 5150 (72-hr) can only be done by a psychiatric worker so MDs (non psychiatrists) can only do a 24 hr hold, and only one is supposed to be used per medical admission, although I’ve seen it used one after another – but it’s not really allowed. Hospitals, including mental health hospitals, are ALL about getting people OUT – insurance only pays for so many days per diagnosis – so they just don’t keep people who aren’t in need of help – meaning inpatient help – once any acute problem is resolved, they are discharged and encouraged to attend outpatient programs.

    • 5150 is CA state law for 3 day hold based on specific observation, 5250 is the extension to 14 day. My father become psychotic from long term alcoholism, if your organs don’t fail your brain does. We coordinated with the county psychiatrist, the local cops and family for the 5150 hold. The psych hospital extended it to 5250, he remained extremely agitated despite heavy sedation. My father died due to complication from COPD and euphemism while under psychiatric care. We had to fight the hospital to take him off the respirator and allow death to occur, 5 days later he died from a massive stoke.

      Alcoholism is brutal, so is tobacco addiction. For many years our dad did not lie down to sleep for more than a couple hours because his lungs filled up with fluid.

  6. Well, I don’t know the context of GZ’s decision to not press forward with his suit against the prosecutors’ unethical behavior, but it suggests to me that he’s mainly concerned about getting some money (understandable), and not so much making sure this doesn’t happen again to someone else by Corey’s office… that’s too bad….

    • I immediately thought of Ben Kruidbos today and wonder if he regrets putting his job on the line for it.

      Looks like Ms. Corey and her office are free to continue prosecuting the way they do. God help you all.

      • Nettles, probably George and his attorneys know fighting the good fight against Corey would be an uphill battle, expensive and time consuming, with no guarantee of winning. May be best to just move on to the NBC suit. I would like to see Corey get what she deserves too, but looks like that will be left to the voters. I also wonder about Ben Kuidbos, and hope we hear some good news about his suit soon.

      • Well, if Kruidbos had any reservations about how settling under a confidentiality agreement rather than going to trial might affect George’s case against the SAO… that monkey is off his back now.

        And really, it should be the state and the Florida State Bar investigating Corey’s office for misconduct anyway… not George or Ben.

  7. New filings in Kruidbos

    23 — 2/18/2014
    24 — 2/28/2014
    25 — 3/4/2014
    26 — 3/4/2014

    • Twitter took quick action. The account is already suspended. Reporting these things helps. I would also recommend reporting to police any physical threats.

          • The same thing happened when I reported a couple of other accounts for threatening him. At least the other accounts were suspended overnight. This one was just down for less than an hour. Twitter allows threats against GZs life and the police refuse to do anything. This is the most bazaar situation I’ve seen since I was a child. He’s being treated the way blacks were in the 50s.

              • Well, he’s wrong. That is what it was like to be a black man in the 1940s. Even when I was a child in the 50s, black men had it better than GZ does. I’ve never seen such an example of persecution in my life. In the 50s, a black was unlikely to be treated fairly by either the law enforcement or the media. In the 40s, if a black man was suspected of a crime a lynch mob would come for him.

                Black men today have it far better than GZ. Those persecuting GZ show that they are no better than the racists of past decades who resorted to lynch mobs with very little evidence and a whole lot of emotion and self righteousness.

                • well said. I saw the photo tweet earlier today and wondered what will it take to put a stop to such transgressions. If the races were reversed I doubt twitter would be so negligent.

                  • Good point. They would shut the account down and notify the police. Imagine if someone sent something like that to the president. They’d be arrested immediately. For the country’s official scapegoat, not even much of a hand slap. She said that she didn’t say she was going to do it. Doesn’t matter. It’s still a threat and it’s encouraging others to commit violence.

                    • I wonder if that photo and name are fabricated. does anyone know who this angry dangerous nutcase is?

                • re “Black men today have it far better than GZ.”

                  I don’t think that this a valid comparison can be made between the two.

                  GZ’s experience is an anomaly that has arisen from the tragic confrontation with TM.

                  Aside from trying to compare a generality to a singularity, what is meant by having “it far better than”?

                  How would the average black man have been treated by law enforcement vs. how GZ has been treated by law enforcement in his post-trial encounters with law enforcement?

                  This is a very complex issue.

  8. Some people absolutely have no shame… after all the bs they were getting elec turned off.. people rushed to donate, then 2 people paid their freaking elec bill… so Leatherheads should have had leftover $$$$! And they have nerve to talk about people donating to a fund for GZ! Geesh

    March 5, 2014 Fred Leatherhead
    “We have reached the time of the month when we begin asking for donations. Please make a donation today to help us continue helping you to read between the lines.”

    • oh heck that was only on the 18th when was the day elec to be shut off. I guess they are storing up $… is there another race baiting case coming up soon? lol gotta get while the picking is good 😉

    • It is amazing how so many people will give their money away to perfect strangers on the internet.

      I should start a blog… Call it..


      For details send $5 to… xxx. and I will tell you how.
      When the money arrives respond with “This is how I make my money.”

      Easy money… lol

      • ROFLMBO, and evidently there are dumb souls out there!

        I saw a magnet today, just reminded me!
        It said…


    • Sometimes reading between the lines means seeing things that aren’t there, and it’s been my experience that the crowd in the lounge hasn’t really needed very much help to do that.

    • The Arms Room

      Join us this weekend, March 8-9, at the New Orlando Gun Show and meet and greet our friend George Zimmerman! We will be at the Majestic Event Center at the Northeast corner of John Young Parkway and Highway 50. See you then!

    • MSM will be all over this, too. Who revealed this to the media in the first place and why? If it is a private event, what is it about the event that makes it newsworthy?

      • I saw it on my twitter feed, from the post that people say is georges. It had link to that fb page with that message I copied and pasted. Also supposedly Media is not invited. RIGHT someone is gonna video or whatever with cell phone. Try to sell it. I smart enough to see that this isn’t good deal to make public. OR maybe one of those things HIDE OUT IN THE OPEN kind of things. I sure there will prob be metal detectors there… still mixed thoughts on this personally.

      • Annette wrote a comment about it and posted a link where his parents announce this even to supporters and explain that he agreed to do it because this group gave him much support during the trial.

        I support it. I know the media will be all over it and it will have the haters in a frenzy. The people at the gun show might just be the kind of people George needs to be friends with. I think he’ll be safe in that crowd. Even though someone announced that he will be there, which is dangerous, once he gets in, it’s not likely that anyone would try to kill him there. It would be a suicide mission. I just hope they provide security in getting him there and back out.

  9. I am concerned now about George appearing at that gun show. The woman who sent him the death threat is tweeting multiple messages about where he’s going to be. He might not be safe even while surrounded by gun enthusiasts. It’s going to be difficult to get him in and out of there.

  10. Was Ponderosa’s account closed by Twitter? It’s really difficult to get someone off twitter. They can just open new accounts.

      • You are right. He got one under his new account, too. I wish the police would talk to whoever this is.

        • Coreshift just pointed out that account is tweeting the Black Panthers about where GZ will be. That crosses the line into criminal in my opinion. He/She is trying to incite violence in others.

          What police station should this be reported to? Perhaps, I’ll contact the police in the juridiction of the gun show. If this commenter caused them any extra time and staff, hopefully the police will take appropriate steps against the commenter.

          • I’ll also post this on the organizers facebook page to alert them to any possible trouble.

            I myself wouldn’t be messing with a bunch of people who know guns myself but hey, that’s just me.

            • I decided to send them a private message. I don’t want to scare people away from the show or give this commenter any more public attention. The police thanked me for the report and they will be ready. Texas doesn’t take this kind of stuff lightly.

              • Good job, Annette. You may have saved a few lives. I’ve been tweeting about what this person is doing because I’m outraged that neither twitter or the police will do anything about death threats. Glad you discovered he or she was tweeting to the Black Panthers.

                The average TM supporter would not want to try anything in the midst of a group of gun enthusiasts. The New Black Panthers would not mind that. They would try to get as many militant thugs as possible to support them and go to war possibly. They’re crazy.

                • Yep, I messed that up. I saw on the facebook page the group was from Dickinson Texas so I thought that was the police I should contact. The officer knew right away the show is in Florida and advised they will inform police there about the possibility. I asked if the person inciting this violence is breaking any laws and he said “could be”. I’ve been given an email to send links to for further investigation.

  11. I wonder if this person realizes that he could be getting some Trayvon supporters killed. George is armed and will defend himself again if he has to. He’s going to be at a gun show where lots of his supporters are armed. It could be a mess.

    • FYI, at gun shows here, no weapons can be taken in and if you buy one, you have to pick it up at the exit. (I know here, there are signs posted outside, have seen the signs)

  12. I just happened to remember something. I have been assuming that Jesse Jackson must believe that Trayvon did not assault George. That’s not necessarily true. I recall when he protested at an execution of a man that no one could argue was innocent. The man had preyed on many people who had car trouble. When he saw a car stalled beside the road, he would stop, rob them, rape the woman, and then kill them all. One day he abducted a woman in a grocery store parking lot and took her to his house and raped her. He’d taken so many drugs that he fell asleep before killing her and she was able to call the police. They linked him to the other murders and were able to prove it. Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, and Bianca Jaggar were all there to protest the execution. All that mattered to Jesse was that the killer was black and the victims were white….or at least most of the victims were white. He seemed to have a sense of moral authority even in that situation. He was with the killer during the last minutes as a pastor. If I was about to be executed and needed to repent just before death, I think I would want to talk to a different pastor. I don’t think Jesse encouraged him to repent. I might be wrong, but I don’t think so….not from the speech he gave afterwards. He seemed to encourage defiance. I hope I’m wrong. We don’t know what he actually said to the killer, only what he said to the protestors.

    • I just looked it up. The man’s name was Gary Graham. I found articles saying that he claimed to be innocent right to the end. The media in Houston emphasized that victims had said and not his claims to innocence. Perhaps Jesse Jackson believed him, but it’s hard to understand with so much victim testimony.


      Most of the following Gary Graham quotes are from 1981 and are recounted by those who Graham victimized, noted in parentheses. (See False Claim 24, Page 7)

      A. “I’ve killed six people already, if you want to be number seven do something stupid.” (From kidnap/robbery victim Rick Sanford, 1981.)

      B. “After I kill you, I am going back (to your broken down car) to kill your fiancée and her parents so they can go with you to ‘honky hell’. Before I kill your fiancée, I’m going to rape her.” (From kidnap/attempted murder victim David Spiers, 1981.)

      C. “I’ll kill you, too. Blowing away another white mother fucker don’t mean nothing to me.” (From robbery victim Richard Carter, 1981.)

      D. “I’m going to kill you when I get out. I’ll hunt you down and kill you before I die.” (From calls that Richard Carter received for four days after the trial, calls he believes were from Graham, 1981.)

      E. “I have already killed three people and I’m going to kill you. You don’t mean nothing to me bitch.” (From the kidnap, rape and robbery victim, 1981.)

      F. “I’ve already killed a tourist (Bobby Lambert) and I’ll kill you, too. You’re just a tourist in jail.” (From Harris County Jail neighbor Breazeale, 1981.)

      G. “(Murder victim) Lambert had an extensive criminal record and was known to the police as a ‘con artist and a drug dealer’.” 1992 This sounds surprisingly like “He (she) deserved it”, the heinous defense used against rape victims. JFA (See page 9, A.4.) According to GGC, at the time of the murder, Mr. Lambert was, reportedly, under subpoena by a federal grand jury regarding drug activity.

      H. “I’m just a hustler.” (From robbery/attempted murder victim Greg Jones, 1981, just prior to smiling at Jones and putting a bullet through his neck.)

      I. “When I knew Graham was going to rape me, I told him I was 60 years old. He then hit me in the face and then he said ‘don’t lie’. He said ‘I’m going to fuck you in the ears and the eyes and every place else.'” (From the kidnap, rape and robbery victim who spent 5 terrifying hours with Graham, 1981.) (See False Claim 23.)

      J. “I robbed six or seven people. Fortunately, none of those victims were seriously injured, physically.” 1992. TOTALLY FALSE. (See False Claims 20 & 21.)

      K. “I don’t have one thing to lose. I don’t plan to get caught. If I get caught, I burn and I’m not getting caught.” (From kidnap, rape and robbery victim, 1981.)

      L. “Next time, I’m not leaving any witnesses.” (Right after Graham was sentenced to death, from court bailiff Larry Pollinger 1981.)

    • I hope they can legally do something to curb the Trayvon rallies, which are nothing more than hate George Zimmerman rallies.

      • The police are being VERY cooperative. I reported this to a station in Texas. That’s where the group is from. However, the show is in Orlando and the police in Texas will give Orlando police a heads up. Very nice.

      • Yes, he said she’ll pay for her death threat. She’s trying to make that look like a death threat. Another hater tried to get GZ to be specific. Supporters tried to imply he was going to report her. Whatta mess

        • That’s been one of my concerns. Traybots try to provoke people a lot. Often they even succeed and get people to say things they normally wouldn’t. Or they just spin what their victim says.

          • I tweeted him & asked him to please not engage his haters but to let his supporters talk to them. I copied one of his friends whom I’ve sort of become friends with. Ray favorited it, so I hope GZ will at least see it. He may again tell me that he’ll do whatever f ing thing he was going to do anyway, but what the hey. Can’t just sit quietly watching him fall into a trap.

        • I think it was his brother who started this bout and I think it was out of frustration over twitter and the police not doing anything about death threats. It’s better not to respond to harassment and Robert never does that. They need to do what they can to put an end to death threats.

          George’s “Now you will pay” comment did nothing to help, though. Gave them a way to turn things on them……and happy happy happy R the haters.

    • Good for you, Nettles! Keep the information available and the pressure on the folks who think they can continue to smear and intimidate GZ.

      • I called the Majestic number of the GM and was unable to ask a question before being told that Majestic did not send out the tweet and was not involved in any of activity and their lawyers would handle this matter from this point. The person answering the phone was nervous, upset and called sweetie, I thought that inappropriate and weird.

        America has become a place where mob rule can commandeer the justice system.

    • That happened because the Traybots complained. I don’t believe the club ever referred to George as a ‘guest of honor’. I suggest George sue Majestic although I doubt he’d win. The Traybots really want to completely and utterly destroy and hinder George in every way they can. It’s disgusting.

      • I don’t think it is legal to prevent anyone from attending such an event even if that is private property. They may know that but find it better to risk breaking that law than risk having Traybots and Black Panthers fighting with gun enthusiasts.

        The gun show announced it because they thought it would draw a bigger crowd. I guess they didn’t figure on what kind of crowd it might draw. They haven’t been able to murder George, but they want to strangle him from life. They try to prevent him from making money while in hiding and try to prevent him from being among his supporters.

        Next time, they should keep it secret and let it be a surprise for the people who attend.

      • When they complain in mass and get results, it empowers them. That is part of the motive behind this mob behavior. People with very little personal power can feel like they’re powerful when they’re part of a movement or part of a group action that gets results. Individually, no one would pay any attention to them but as a mob, they’re listened to. They forced Florida to arrest and try this man when there wasn’t enough evidence for a trial. Now, they’re violating his civil rights and getting away with it.

        They’re high on power. Even if someone had filmed the whole thing and showed it to them, they wouldn’t listen. They want to win.

  13. I just learned that Arms Room in Texas is a different gun dealer. There’s also one in Florida. I called the one in Texas.

  14. I called the Arms Room in Florida and they confirmed that George will not be there. I told Shawn that it was violating George’s civil rights. He said George is welcome to go there as a participant and that he doesn’t know if he will or not.

      • What cowards. This type of thing has to be fought. This mob action has to be fought. It won’t go away but will just grow. More people will be hurt.

        • I’m reading some members of the NBPP are none to happy with an elderly white guy who thinks they are capable of murder while whitey sits behind his computer. It appears Jodi has pissed off some panthers.

          Then there is the police file. If indeed that was his twitter account, he may be in legal trouble for attempting to incite violence.

          It looks like now, he may have incited violence against himself.

          • I see. They detect a game of Lets you and him fight. I think that’s exactly what Ponderosa, Larry, Barb or whoever is doing while sitting behind his or her computer.

            • Some panthers think he’s racist and trying to get more blacks put in jail while he sits back and laughs. It is pretty bloody insulting.

              While I wouldn’t want to see anyone get hurt, Jodi taking some grief over his impression of what Black Panthers are would be fun to watch.

              #Popcorn as my buddy would say.

          • It’s difficult to understand how the Panthers would be surprised that people might think they’re capable of murder. They certainly act as though they are. I remember when they were talking to a CNN reporter about their reward for the arrest of GZ. The reporter kept telling them that there’s not warrant for his arrest and they kept saying they’d make a citizen’s arrest. They were talking about kidnapping someone. If there’s no warrant, you can’t make a citizen’s arrest.

  15. Who is Jody?

    The canceling of the gun show is worse than just not allowing GZ on the premises. That means more calls tomorrow and I don’t know if there’s enough of us to make an impression.

    Is Jody Barb and Ponderosa?

    • Honestly, I don’t know for sure. But I suspect he is the same and now using a Larry account.

      I hope to one day read about it in the paper about the police outing his actions and charging him for inciting violence.

  16. Diwataman wrote me in an email today:

    “Hello my dear Nettles. I am glad to hear from you. I miss the interaction with you and many of the folks I’ve come to know since, well through it all. But, I had to break from it completely. I hope you and others can understand. I haven’t even opened my email since October 10 or looked at a single thing regarding everything since then. I apologize for not leaving some indication of that. Please, if you can and are still involved yourself, let everyone know I am still here and I miss them. I would really appreciate that. I may come back but not sure when. Thank you -Dman.”

    • He”s a classy guy and I miss both him and his blogs. If you check, a few guys have been posting garbage at his site.. nothing derogatory.. just a bunch of nonsensical compliments about each blog. They appear to be from the UK.

    • ORLANDO, Fla. –
      A local gun show with about 100 vendors may be canceled after the event space learned the organizers had invited George Zimmerman to be a featured guest.

      The sign outside The Majestic at 801 North John Young Parkway implies this weekend’s gun show is still on. Organizers for “The New Orlando Gun Show” told Local 6 The Majestic canceled their event late Thursday.

      “We’ve had discussions with The Majestic and they decided to cancel the event because George Zimmerman was making an appearance,” said Mike Piwowarski, who organized the gun show.

      The gun show organizers recently posted on their Facebook page a picture posing with Zimmerman, but the online comments that followed the picture sparked a controversial debate. It’s exactly that kind of polarizing debate that caused The Majestic to shy away from allowing Zimmerman at the event.

      A Twitter account that Zimmerman has used before tweeted, “another company bowing to threats of being labeled racist. Americans, give them your opinion.”

      “The New Orlando Gun Show” organizers said they have had a year-long contract with The Majestic, but only recently asked Zimmerman to be the featured guest. Promotions for his attendance created controversy.

      “The event center asked us to do a few things when they found out Mr. Zimmerman was present; pull down posts, pull down announcement that he was going to be there. We did all of that when they asked us to do it. They rescheduled the event. Then they later went on to cancel it again, after we complied with all of their requests,” said Piwowarski.

      If the show remains canceled, Piwowarski and about 100 gun dealers could stand to lose thousands of dollars, which is why gun show organizers plan to go to court tomorrow to try to keep the event running. Piwowarski said his contract said nothing about who can and cannot attend.

      Local 6 called and emailed managers at The Majestic but no one has replied

  17. This is the only post I have made about the subject of the gun show:

    March 6, 2014 at 1:45 am | Reply

    MSM will be all over this, too. Who revealed this to the media in the first place and why? If it is a private event, what is it about the event that makes it newsworthy?

    At risk of pissing off my friends here, it is my opinion that this was the dumbest thing he has ever done. When I first read about it and saw his parents support it, I thought I must be missing something. And then others here began to support it.

    Our country is divided enough as it is, without propagating the issue and adding more fuel to this seemingly unquenchable thirst for more fire. To me, this seems like an intentional attempt to put George back into the daily news grind.

    If we really want to make a stance against the “haters,” throwing darts is not the way to do it.

    Look at the cost of this ill-conceived debacle and PLEASE tell me how this would have benefited the nation or even George and his family?

    George should not be on Twitter or Facebook or social any form of social media… period.. I cringe with each passing comment posted here and honestly do not think he can be be “trusted” to help or even protect himself.

  18. Often when someone is scheduled to be executed, I have found it is worthwhile to read/listen to what they say during their last time frame on earth since it will be their final chance to express the truth.

    So I started to read this:


    It just further reinforced some of my hardening negative views about race.

    Only the HP would give this manipulative killer a venue to try to cowardly put the blame on someone else.

  19. The question I think would settle everything for Maddy:

    If you were in your neighborhood and a stranger you saw around attacked you after the two of you spoke briefly, was holding you down and bashing your head on cement after breaking your nose, you saw neighbors nearby while you were screaming but they did not intervene, and you remembered you had a deadly weapon on you, how long would you let the attack continue after it occurred to you that you could be unconscious very shortly and then possibly end up dead? Before using the weapon. Would you expect your first bullet/stab/tase to kill the person or would you expect it to end the attack? Would you fire a gun a second time or just once?

    Would you expect to end up on trial and a vilified and hunted woman for using the weapon as a result of your being attacked?

    I think that’s the only way she will be able to get the notion of self-defense.

  20. The other question I have for everyone else, including her:

    and I am putting it in caps because I really do want to scream it:


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