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Gun Show Mar 8 & 9, 2014

On March 5th, George’s parents posted on their website their support for George attending a gun show. In part they wrote

“This event will simply provide George the opportunity to meet and greet those who stood with him during the most difficult time of his life.”

They wrote there would be no compensation for attending and no media would be present. You can read their full statement here.

The organizer began organizing this event a year ago and had about 100 sponsors set-up. Earlier this week, they invited George to attend and posted on their facebook page the announcement that George would be at the show.

This picture was also posted on the page gZ_GunShow and a page administrator posted on the photo “Only one man in the room with a confirmed kill.” As one could imagine, this caused quite a stir and many George Zimmerman supporters expressed their disapproval online.

Trayvon Martin supporters urged those who were upset by George appearing at the gun show to contact the venue and complain. The Majestic Orlando was quick to respond and posted on their facebook page this statement. Majestic As you can see, I responded but the event owner blocked me from the page and my posts were taken off as a result.

The Arms Room was asked to take the announcement down that George Zimmerman would be attending and agree to the fact he won’t be on the premises on the weekend. The Arms Room said they agreed to these demands because it would have a negative affect on their 100 sponsors and thousands of dollars would be lost.

George Zimmerman tweeted out confirmation that he had been uninvited and he encouraged his supporters to voice their opinions with the venue.

In spite of agreeing that George wouldn’t attend and the post being taken down announcing he would be a special guest there, the venue advised the Arms Room that it was cancelling the event as per this post by The Arms Room.


This decision has left many sponsors in a tough spot, so the Arms Room plans on going to court later today (Friday) to stop the Majestic from pulling the plug.

“We’ve had discussions with The Majestic and they decided to cancel the event because George Zimmerman was making an appearance,” said Mike Piwowarski, who organized the gun show.

Local 6 called and emailed managers at The Majestic but no one has replied. Local 6 posted this story about the incident late Thursday.

George was told that the African American community is important to the venue and its needs trumps his rights.


For the sake of all the vendors who stand to lose thousands of dollars, I hope this mess gets straightened out fast.


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  1. Holy crap. This will be even worse than I originally thought.

    I am not saying, by any means, that George should give up any of his freedoms to do and say what he wants to but there comes a time when it is best to shut up. There was no need to make this public. It was a private show and George should have kept it that way.

    Now many other people have been affected and the hatred continues, unabated.

    Seriously, would you feel 100 percent safe if you attended? This has angered me so maybe it’s time for me to shut up, too.

  2. I think it was mostly the gun show hosts that did most of the announcing. They probably thought it would get them a bigger crowd. Barb on Twitter started tweeting about it to all the Traybots and the Black Panthers. Then when George was told by majestic he couldn’t go,he tweeted about it and posted Majestic’s phone number.

  3. I’m concerned for all the vendors who will lose money. I’m also concerned that the people at Arms Room will distance themselves from George. What the haters are doing is evil. I don’t see anyone to stop them, and I don’t think George will be the last victim. We need an organization like the ACLU to form to protect the rights of people like George. There will be other victims to follow. Many people think if they just placate this monster, it will leave them alone.

    • PO shared: “We need an organization like the ACLU to form to protect the rights of people like George.”

      PO ~ the people like GZ, in which I think you are inferring, that are found “not guilty” & should enjoy the rights of every American & shouldn’t be discriminated against would encompass: OJ Simpson, KC Anthony, along w/GZ as they were all given fair trials & all found “not guilty,” & that’s to only name a few, you continue to discount the others that are in the same position as GZ & continue to deny that they too are discriminated against & are denied by most Americans their ability to live in a free society without vocal outrage from the community that prevents them from doing so or becoming employed. Americans aren’t going to let it happen, KC understands it, it’s lost on GZ & OJ.

      One of the biggest travesties in American History imo was Richard Jewel, accused & convicted in the press of a terrorist act against Americans. Jewell alerted police and helped to evacuate the area before the bomb exploded, saving many people from injury or death. Initially hailed by the media as a hero, Jewell was later considered a suspect.

      There are many, many others. I agree GZ will not be the last victim to be discriminated against & that’s a fact, it is also a fact that most American’s imo aren’t remotely concerned w/ those in GZ/KC/OJ/David Duke’s position & no one that I am aware of can make this right for the group or make them whole. It’s too a fact that life’s not always fair, I accept that but there’s nothing to change that.

      Most Americans imo remain more concerned about missing/murdered children/adults, Obama care, the Ukraine/Putin, unemployment, children going to be bed hungry, or countless other problems that cause American families to suffer daily. It needs to all be put in perspective, are GZ’s problems bigger than other American’s that too are suffering from problems that too are NOT of their making what so ever, but they too suffer daily?

      sharon shared: “Then when George was told by majestic he couldn’t go, he tweeted about it and posted Majestic’s phone number.”

      How stupid was that? Did GZ accomplish anything positive to help himself by stirring the pot to tweet the phone # of Majestic? If the fighting event shut down due to the anger the public shared that harassed the promoter, why was the promoter of the gun show so stupid to think he could promote “GZ as a guest” & not provoke/anger many when common sense should have prevailed that the “boxing match” suffered the same repercussions & was cancelled?

      Why would any vendor/promoter do anything for GZ now that 2 events have drawn costly public outrage/hate & cancellations to those involved? GZ has proven himself to be a losing proposition for anything that has his name attached for any event wanting to profit, imo. It was not GZ that lost money from the 2 canceled events, but it was the 2 promoters & those attached to the promoters such as food vendors/souvenir booths/those that had already made/paid for hotel reservations, etc., they all lost money but NOT GZ.

      This gun shot “promoter” is NOT representative to those “promoting gun shows” across America every single weekend without any undue, unwarranted, negative media attention.

      • I’m impressed Art Tart. You’ve somehow made it seem that it was George’s fault that Traybot complaints made him persona non grata at the Majestic and that the Majestic canceled the event. You suggest that he and the promoters should have known better than to think any event can include George. That everyone should know if they include George, or help him in any way, they will bring down the righteous wrath of the Traybots, And that’s a problem of their own making. It’s their fault. Or, more specifically, George’s fault b/c he tweeted a phone number to complain about the discrimination AFTER the fact. Bravo.

        • Ditto Coreshift. I read your message first and half of the one addressed to me and stopped. Art, I believe I said people like George. I don’t know where you assumed I was leaving any of the others you mentioned out, but after reading the tone, I don’t care. I won’t try to explain.

        • I have to agree. If Majestic made the contract without stipulating they needed to approve all the attendees of the show, they did not have a right to cancel the event just because George was going to attend – he was not a threat in the least. Haters and trouble makers were the threat. By canceling
          the event Majestic caused their own problems. Hopefully the rescheduled show will go well. But if there is trouble or violence of any kind, it won’t be George who caused it IMHO.

          • Another unknown factor are insurance considerations. What kind of insurance does Majestic have and what coverage does it supply and what are Majestic’s responsibilities to the insurance carrier as concerns events that it allows to take place on its property.

              • You may well be right, I don’t know how these things are written up.

                But the insured has responsibilities to avoid avoidable damage to property. If there is a pending event that can be foreseen to cause physical harm to life or property, that may be a triggering event voiding coverage of damage.

                Once again, I don’t know, and I am speculating.

                • It’s unlawful to discriminate in a public place. It’s also unlawful to break a contract causing those you signed a contract with to lose money. Insurance companies cannot require you to break the law.

                  • PO ~ the Majestic is a privately owned venue, it is not a “public place.” The Majestic is held to different insurance standards than a “public place” is in which the taxpayers pay for that insurance to cover those facilities.

                    A “public place” encompasses parks, beaches, libraries, Govt. buildings, convention centers owned by a city, sidewalks, roads, etc..

            • hooson ~ I tried to state this several times yesterday, you did a much better job than I. Majestic didn’t know GZ would be attending until after the fact when it was made public. It’s likely Majestic knew of all the death threats MOM has stated in countless media interviews & GZ/family have stated endlessly as the Orlando Media outlets/newspaper have covered it. The reason Majestic didn’t know is because the gun show promoter stated “it didn’t say who could be invited,” (paraphrased,), in other words, he with held this information from Majestic that GZ would be attending. The insurance becomes important as well as the extra security that would have been needed for the event if Majestic had known GZ would be attending, would their insurance cover potential violence if there had been documented threats of violence or death threats against someone attending the show on Majestic’s property? That would be a decision for the insurance company to make..

              Another fact is this: had there been violence & people were injured on Majestic’s property, it would be Majestic that would be in line to be sued by the injured parties. But if Majestic had no knowledge of the potential violence, that is questionable.

        • coreshift ~ This whole debacle was a predictable event for everyone except you I guess. Majestic should not have been lied to nor should the “gun show promoter” misrepresented his intentions.” He did, he left out that GZ was their “special guest.” If you didn’t see the back lash coming once the moron made a public tweet, I could have told you immediately what to expect next. The responsibility lies solely w/the “gun show promoter” for misrepresentation of his “special guest.”

          GZ is NOT stupid, GZ had a boxing event cancelled in which he hoped to make money, but because GZ remains so unpopular Nationally w/the Public, those haters shut it down. Those same haters will likely show up at anything to do w/GZ & you should grasp it, it won’t change. GZ isn’t any more liked or respected by all his haters today as he was during the fight promotion in which they were successful in getting canceled., not a thing has changed to put GZ in a more positive light t cause anyone to change their minds about anything! I watched OJ for years denied the ability to even make public TV appearances, but OJ, like GZ, is judged by many Americans that think they both got away w/murder. After all these years, the public’s opinion of OJ never changed, for that reason, I expect it won’t change for GZ, I have not witnessed it changing in any way, & in fact, I have seen less support for GZ & less interest due to drama.

          GZ clearly understands, though according to you he is clueless as to the hate many Americans have for him Nationally & locally. Most saw the blow back coming, imo, so did GZ. Boycotts were called in the past against Fla. Orange juice producers, Fla. survives on tourism which shouldn’t be a surprise to mant, boycotts are a big freaking deal for a business, bigger than whatever GZ thinks he’s owed, or you thought he was owed, in fact, GZ was owed nothing by Majestic.

          Even the pissy boxing promoter understood they couldn’t provide/nor guarantee the safety of those participating in GZ’s boxing match. That little pissy promoter had more business/common sense than the “gun promoter” that displayed very little. The boxing match promoter had thought about GZ’s safety, the venue was not going to be open to the public. That promoter wanted to sell you a ticket to watch GZ on pay per view for your computer, that would have insured GZ’s safety.

          Was the “gun show promoter” going to produce ALL the security GZ thinks he needs? After all, you, Sharon, RZ Jr., & GZ’s family continue to boast about GZ’s death threats yet GZ wanted to pay his $ 5.00 & attend this gun show. Maybe GZ is not in fear of his life after all, there was no mention of a security team to protect GZ, in fact, it was the “gun show promoter” that put GZ at risk for his public tweet. An event that was not well thought out by GZ or the gun show event promoter imo.

          • TL;DR (it all)

            WTF is your half-witted ass talking about? You made a lengthy post and never addressed the fact that George did nothing wrong. Neither did Arms Room. Neither misrepresented anything. Why should George or the Arms Room be concerned about a ‘back lash’ when they, as citizens, are doing what they have a right to do? Place the blame where it belongs. On those that do everything they can to make sure George can’t do what every other citizen can.

            • “Place the blame where it belongs. On those that do everything they can to make sure George can’t do what every other citizen can.”

              Oh, and much like you, try and spin everything that ends up badly, that remotely involves George, as George’s fault. You Traybot PoS.

              • Just to clarify. 🙂

                Traybots cause the conflict by emailing the venue and objecting to George’s presence. And somehow your half-witted ass thinks it’s George’s fault because… why? What did he do wrong? What did Arms Room do wrong? Should they and he come to believe, as Traybots so want him and everyone else to believe, that he’s a pariah? You think that’s how George and everyone else should see George. The previous sentence was a statement not a question.

                Go F yourself.

                xo 🙂

                • “You think that’s how George and everyone else should see George. ”

                  *You think that’s how George should see himself and how everyone else should see George.

                • coreshift ~ you continue to act assine when other’s don’t agree with you & that’s your problem, it’s NOT mine! There are several on this blog just like you that make excuses for GZ unconditionally & you get along great w/them. WHY? Because no matter what, your both going to make excuses, you have lost all objectivity & have no ability to consider everything known. That’s your predictable prerogative, I could write your comments for you before you even write them.

                  You don’t have to agree w/me, but you should act like a gentleman & possess the maturity to let it go & move on when you don’t agree. You don’t posses those qualities as your comment reflects, as does your lack of respect for women, the inability to accept someone’s opinion that doesn’t agree w/you & make the mature choice to “agree to disagree.” Your immaturity & lack of respect projected in your comments when having the inability to chose “not to let it go” & choose to make a complete fool of yourself telling me to go “F U.” coreshift, sadly, your personality deficits are glaring!

                  You are the kind of man that women hate & hate to be around because of your inability to respect anyone that doesn’t agree w/you. Those are terrible qualities most women hate! You have a disrespectful attitude towards women EXCEPT for those that agree w/you or let you get your way. If your married, I’d speculate that’s what your wife does, let you have your way so you will just SHUT UP! Because if she doesn’t, you escalate to name calling & probably even tell her “F U just like you told me.” That’s a stupid man, imo, I don’t tolerate stupid disrespectful men in my life, no woman ever has to put up w/that language or behavior ever from any man.

                  It’s more important for you to act assisne & tell me to F U instead of having the maturity to move on. coreshift, time for you to get a grip & contain you inability to comment to others without telling them to F U. Did that make you feel good? Sadly, I bet you thought you were real smart, instead, I feel sorry for you & as your comment reflects, I know the man you are too.

                  • Really? I’m the one you attack because I defend a free man’s right to go where he wants and not be assaulted? Because I place the blame on those that do the assaulting? I’m asinine? Please. And what is this shit?

                    “You are the kind of man that women hate & hate to be around because of your inability to respect anyone that doesn’t agree w/you. Those are terrible qualities most women hate! You have a disrespectful attitude towards women EXCEPT for those that agree w/you or let you get your way. If your married, I’d speculate that’s what your wife does, let you have your way so you will just SHUT UP! Because if she doesn’t, you escalate to name calling & probably even tell her “F U just like you told me.” That’s a stupid man, imo, I don’t tolerate stupid disrespectful men in my life, no woman ever has to put up w/that language or behavior ever from any man. ”

                    You don’t even restrict yourself to the conversation at hand. You insult me about things unrelated and accuse me of things I’ve never done. Ask any female that has interacted with me on any media. I have never behaved badly towards women as you falsely accuse me of doing.. WTF is wrong with you?

                    Fuck you Art Tart.

                    • I said I wasn’t going to read Tart’s messages any more because I usually want to say something similar to what you said, Coreshift. I never say that to people. Tart tempts me.

                      GZ has a right to live his life the way he wants as long as he doesn’t break laws. That is my bottom line. The persecution we see against him is unbelievable. There’s even people writing books trying to make him a victim of double jeopardy.

    • Nettles ~ I don’t know how it works in Canada, but in America, convention centers, civic centers, concert halls, large arenas rent their facility for events that help pay for the large spaces overhead/utilities, office staff, security, etc. Many events hosted at such facilities host music events/fans draw out of towners that make a weekend of it seeing the other sites, these hosted events are usually widely supported by the town/community because they boast tourism, hotel accommodations & eateries, taxis, etc., & the town benefits as hosts. No one has to worry about attending at most of these respective facilities of being hurt or witnessing a shooting & that’s why they are widely supported.

      Majestic, imo, had no choice but to cancel the event, Majestic provides a public service/competes w/other arenas for the out of town promoters to host events in their facility & expect those they rent their facility to to provide a safe event. This gun show promoter can’t do that, & I remain doubtful many of those vendors even knew GZ planned on coming or that it would be advertised by the Gun Show promoter on twitter. Whose fault is that? imo, the irresponsible gun show promoter, if the gun show promoter has misled those that have paid for booths by with holding this information UNTIL he tweeted it, he will pay them for booth fees they’ve paid…

      Majestic surely couldn’t survive financially if a “boycott” of the use of their “venue” for future events was called by many more than willing to do so such as some political office holders in Fla. have done so without shame. There are too many other venues competing w/Majestic for them to suffer the negative blow back which was NOT of their doing.

      Majestic should have been told what the Gun Show Promoters exact intentions were as imo, the gun show promoters knew it would draw negative blow back/publicity/common sense should have told the gun show promoter he couldn’t PAY for all the security/safety any one attending the event was entitled to expect.

      Majestic would have been subjected to the law suits if someone was shot/hurt on their property/in their arena. They don’t need the negative attention/possible Legal ramifications an incident these promoters could bring them, they operate a business, not a circus.

      Because GZ was “going to pay to enter, what difference doe that make, & how does that change anything? The promoter too tweeted to promote “GZ attending.” It too didn’t prevent GZ from twitting “Majestic’s phone number” which he knew would cause them problems. It doesn’t prevent Majestic, who will likely suffer from this debacle when competing for future out of town promoters to host their events in the future.

  4. Someone posted a photo of George’s mother, grandmother and great grandparents on twitter. I saw it on my cell phone during lunch. Came back and tried to find it but couldn’t. Can’t remember who it was who posted it.

  5. Hope it costs them and I hope Arms Room gets more than enough to compensate for their losses. Arms Room stood by their principles they didn’t throw GZ under the bus.

    • Apparently Arms Room removed the post on Majestic’s demand and agreed that George wouldn’t attend. Sounds like they caved to me. It’s only when Majestic canceled the show that they decided to do something.

      • Yes, they did remove the posts. I think they had signs up that they had to take down, too. When I called them and complained about his civil rights, they said he can attend like anyone else but they didn’t know if he’d be there or not. The man I spoke to was very short and sounded stressed.

  6. It’s 9:17 in Florida right now. The gun show starts at 10:00. I hope George is safe today and I hope everyone else is. I also hope he has a wonderful day surrounded by supporters and that his contact with them will help him back into a normal life. May God be with him.

        • Not everyone who makes threats on social media would carry them out but there’s plenty of people who go to the rallies or follow Sharpton, Jackson, or Sabrina who would. Shortly after the verdict, people were assaulted for Trayvon and they weren’t even associated with Zimmerman. They were just white. We see the threats on social media but we see real violence in real life. I think he’ll be safe at the gun show once he gets there.

  7. Could someone explain to me how if an innocent man goes to an event, commits no crime and does nothing to provoke violence, and there is violence, that the innocent man and/or the venue (or insurers), are somehow liable for the unprovoked violence committed by others? I’d love to hear a legal argument where it’s the people that did nothing wrong that are responsible for other people’s violence. Anyone?

    • I got nothing. I can’t see how anyone could hold GZ accountable for it unless of course there’s a bias against him.

      The media appears to have one. But legally, could he or the venue be liable. I doubt it. The accountability would be on the shoulders of the aggressor I would think.

    • The innocent man, as you have portrayed him here, is not liable, somehow or otherwise. People who have done nothing wrong are not responsible for other people’s violence.

    • Good question, and I can’t think of a good reason to blame the victim. Of course if you want to blame the victim, you can always say he should have known he was inciting violence by trying to live a normal life. The mere fact that he exists, is a form of taunting to the people who hate him.

  8. I personally think that the media should have some liability because they caused this mob reaction, but I am pretty sure that the law would disagree with me.

  9. I hope the Arms Room has a very successful gun show today and the sales for all the vendors exceeds their expectations.

  10. Today is International Women’s Day. I call upon women to raise up and help bring our families together. Today on the blog, I’ve read tension once again between Coreshift and Art Tart.

    I posted quite some time back, I don’t plan on being a babysitter and don’t be asking me to get involved in arguments between commenters. We are all adults and I leave you to fight your own battles.

    I want to weigh in on this dustup as it symbolizes for me exactly what is wrong in the GZ case and why he and his family are so unfairly facing the challenges they are today.

    Art, you’ve been absolutely insulting with your comments and rationale on why George is wrong in this incident or another incident. I’ve chosen to ignore your comments and have started to scroll past most of what you write now. You don’t back it up with anything substantial. You just accuse those who disagree with you of having blinders on. It’s absolutely insulting.

    Because George got acquitted then he must be guilty of assaulting Mr. Dean on Sept. 9th? You have to know on some level that’s wrong. Your premise that all the accusations can’t be false is absurd. Each incident has to be looked at on its own merits. Please don’t accuse others of having blinders on or not be willing to see George is wrong to support your argument. It insults your opponent. Instead, point to the facts in the incident that point you to believe he is in the wrong.

    You have been asked repeatedly to post the link to where GZ had that painting up somewhere. You keep saying AP told him to take it down. It’s been pointed out to you several times, it was never up anywhere. When you type he was told to take it down, you take offense for being asked for a link to prove it was ever up. If you can’t show it was up, it’s disingenuous of you to keep typing he was ordered to take it down. It’s things like this that have caused me to discount your writings of late.

    I disagree with calling someone names or swearing at someone in making arguments. Coreshift and I had a public talk about it last night on twitter. To me if you are swearing at your opponent to make your argument, you have lost self control and may be signalling you have no intelligent argument to make.

    The post today accusing Coreshift of being disrespectful to women online reminded me of the accusation that black racists make against a white person and defy them to prove it wrong. Where is the evidence Art that Coreshift wrote F.U. to disrespect you as a woman? That is totally unfair and uncalled for and why I decided to weigh in. There is no evidence that I’ve seen that Coreshift disrespects women. It’s your posts that drew that reaction, not your gender.

    Both of you took yourselves off topic by deflecting the issue in the original argument which is does George Zimmerman have the right to go to public places and can he, the organizers or the venue be held accountable if someone decides to bring violence to the event?

    I challenge us all to state our positions without name calling and without making false accusations.

    • Nettles shared: Where is the evidence Art that Coreshift wrote F.U. to disrespect you as a woman?

      Nettles ~ since I am a “woman” & the verbal attack was against me, it was attacking me as a woman! This is the 2nd comment to me from coreshift: “Fuck you Art Tart” @coreshift,March 8, 2014 at 12:49 pm, speaks for itself & speaks about who coreshift is! Had coreshift stated: “fuck you Nettles, what would that mean to you Nettles?” FACT: the statement alone would tell you that coreshift knows you are a woman yet doesn’t respect you as a woman by insulting you profanity addressing w/you fuck Nettles, it states it’s not beneath coreshift to verbally attack a woman in which he did nor is coreshift a gentleman with the values most gentlemen display when addressing any woman! A gentleman doesn’t address a woman “fuck you Art Tart.” I don’t know men or have any male friends that would ever verbally insult any woman in this manner as it shows a lack of respect for any woman, if your value system is different, you can only speak for yourself, it’s not accepted as respected towards a woman when it is addressed to a woman. You are trying to make excuses for coreshift, don’t waste your time w/me doing so. I know men that are gentlemen, I don’t have friendships w/verbally trash talking men addressing women.

      Nettles ~ I thought we had “agreed to disagree” about the domestic dispute at Mr. Deans home but here you are bringing it up again with, “at some level.” Nettles ~ until you can accept the FACT the whole incident could have been avoided which you won’t & it is a “known fact,” there is absolutely no reason to proceed w/your excuses for GZ. He shouldn’t have ever been there!
      (don’t bother w/SZ was supposed to leave by 11:00, that didn’t happen, GZ/SZ talked & made this FACTUAL FINAL AGREEMENT!
      Known facts/timeline:
      1. GZ/SZ made an agreement that SZ would text GZ when she had completed at the Dean Property.
      2. SZ had NOT text GZ that she/Mr. Dean had completed loading her items & were leaving the property!
      3. Both SZ/GZ knew that absolutely nothing positive would happen if GZ came to the property unannounced, hence, the agreement for that very fact!
      4. GZ decided he would go to the Dean property despite the fact SZ had NOT contacted him that she had completed her task.
      5. GZ decided not to text SZ again to ask, “are you almost completed?”

      FACT: GZ decided to go to the Dean home despite that SZ had not text him she “had completed moving.” It was solely GZ’s choice/decision not to comply!
      FACT: GZ should have waited for the text from SZ but he didn’t want to, nothing positive was going to happen because GZ defied doing so, Nettles, at any level you know this too!

      FACT: The whole incident was a sole result of GZ making his poor decision to do what he wanted! None of your excuses after these “known facts” change a single fact that GZ shouldn’t have defied the agreement & chosen to go to the Dean’s property which he knew would lead to problem, hence, the agreement made between GZ/SZ! Had GZ NOT been on Mr. Dean’s property, this never would have happened & that’s a fact you can’t deny.

      Skipping over the MOST IMPORTANT FACTS doesn’t change the fact GZ should have never been on Mr. Deans property! Facts don’t change & don’t require your litany of excuses as they are NOT relevant. Excuses AFTER GZ’s poor decision is a waste of your time, on “some level” you know that but you continue w/the excuses because you have chosen to make excuses regardless of GZ’s bad decision, that’s your choice, but it doesn’t change the known fact it could have been avoided!.

      Those that viewed this event objectively didn’t/haven’t made excuses AFTER GZ made his bad decision to go over to Mr. Dean’s, why would they? For anyone objective, it was clear to see this event as avoidable, inexcusable, & a poor decision GZ chose to make. GZ was successful in losing former supporters in causing himself to become involved in drama by choice, the undue National Media exposure was embarrassing & didn’t put GZ in a positive light, why would it, GZ could have avoided it! Bad decisions/choices have lost GZ supporters that view GZ objectively, those making predictable unconditional excues can continue to do so! Making excuses doesn’t change the facts & the facts are what lost supporters view objectively, they don’t make excuses for GZ!

      Could this event been avoided had GZ waited for SZ to contact him?

      If you can’t answer “yes, GZ should have never gone to the property,” don’t waster your time making excuses for what happened once he chose to make a bad decision, because making excuses change nothing!

      I don’t look up links anymore for coreshift, I used to but due to his smart alec attitude & realizing he didn’t even bother keeping up w/posted links to your blog was the main reason he was forever lost/confused, but coreshift remains lost as he forever exhibits. That didn’t stop coreshift from attacking another blogger calling her a name from a statement she made! The blogger was in fact EXACLY CORRECT & it was stupidity that coreshift posted in his comment & I LMAO, that very link was posted to your blog coreshift didn’t bother to read! coreshift should have been EMBARRASSED due to his own ignorance that he projected to everyone else but it’s lost on coreshift, he continues to act in the same manner.

      When a blogger is too lazy to keep up w/all the information,read all the links, they are the one that is inept, not the blogger that made a truthful statement I don’t accommodate coreshift, since I have seen the repeated pattern of behavior for close to a year from him. I LMAO when I saw coreshift challenging you Nettles, you see Nettles, most respect your comment & we know no one here lies or would have a singe reason to like in their comment. coreshift thinks because if he hasn’t read it, it must be a LIE! I was so glad you were burdened w/coreshift’s behavior & not me again, I’ve learned, I don’t waste my time. coreshift is incapable of comprehending that when we share as friends, it’s the truth, we are all honest. coreshift didn’t even believe you Nettles, he challenged you & whined endlessly for 2 days “he had not read that” or “he didn’t see that,” I was so glad to see coreshift as a pain in your ass & not mine! I laughed even harder that you wasted your time providing that link to coreshift at a later time, feel free to waste your time accommodating coreshift but don’t expect others to waste their time accommodating, coreshift is of average interlligence & can waste his own time finding a link if he wants it. I don’t save every link I read on GZ, I have a lap top & don’t have the memory to waste when the information can easily be found by the person wanting that information by using google!, coreshift’s an adult & if he really wanted information, I’m convinced he possesses average intelligence, I made the decision not to waste my time on coreshift & I won’t. Feel free to continue to look for links for coreshift, coeshift didn’t want’ to waste his own time but was happy you wasted yours ONLY to prove exactly what you have told him the day before, I don’t do that! I laughed, then cassandra commented she had read your information the day before. It’s not my responsibility to go back & research where I read something weeks after I read it, coreshift can waste his own time, he is the person wanting that information, he can go do the research! I read it, I know what GZ said! Nettles, WHY do you think GZ personally took his painting of Angela Corey off the internet boasting that it was for sell? GZ shut his mouth about the painting except to say the Corey painting iwas “self expression?” AP is no longer pursuing GZ, why do you think that is? Why do you think GZ never bragged he sold the painting? You never heard another word about AP pursuing GZ because GZ complied, GZ took the painting down & is not selling the painting, it was an illegal violation of copy right. ALL AP ask GZ to do was “not to profit from their copy right,” that was a simple request. GZ complied. The only thing I ever read since was that GZ stated “he was glad AP had him take it down as he realized it was an expression of himself that he was selling & he wouldn’t his work anymore.” I won’t research it for coreshift, feel feel to do so if you want to, I

      I enjoy reading hooson, mimi, cassandra, winsome or lorac as they continue to view information objectively & ask needed questions concerning the law that we don’t know, , they don’t make unconditional excuses for GZ as others do. This is a legal problem w/the gun show, it is in a Court of law that it will be decided despite varying degrees of opinion.

      • Well then, if someone tells a woman F.U. means he is disrespecting you as a woman, you can understand when a white person is suspicious of a person who is black, they are a racist. same argument or not?

        As to the domestic incident, he lived there. He was doing them a favor to leave for any time. I think they purposely took so long to get what Christi O’Connor wanted on tape for her interview. Shellie made a gun allegation and had to say she saw no one.

        Art, you continue to be insulting in making your points. I’ll do what I do with the TM supporters when they are insulting. I’ll ignore from here on out.

      • Nettles ~ since I am a “woman” & the verbal attack was against me, it was attacking me as a woman! >>from Tart

        I’ll tell you a secret, Tart, when I read your messages, I often write “Bite me,” but delete it without sending. Do you think I say that because you are a woman? Hardly. That’s not ordinarily part of my vocabulary. I don’t remember when I’ve ever said it to anyone, male, female, black, white, purple. I say it to you and delete it.

        Bite me. Not deleting it.

      • Art, what Sharon just posted is pretty true of me too. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but you can be overbearing, condescending in your tone, and too long winded in your arguments. I seldom respond to you because I am passive and do not want the bother of reading another longwinded tirade. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. Another thing is this: Coreshift may have insulted you, but he is an equal-opportunity insulter. When he reaches the end of his rope, he will tell men and women alike what he thinks of them. Forgive me, but I couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

      • “That didn’t stop coreshift from attacking another blogger calling her a name from a statement she made! The blogger was in fact EXACLY CORRECT & it was stupidity that coreshift posted in his comment & I LMAO, that very link was posted to your blog coreshift didn’t bother to read! coreshift should have been EMBARRASSED due to his own ignorance that he projected to everyone else but it’s lost on coreshift, he continues to act in the same manner.”

        I showed this to be a lie about me in another thread. Yet you keep repeating it. Also, if you look at what I had said it was obvious I was aware of the information you claim I was ignorant of..

    • He had it on while driving. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have the gun behind him while sitting in a car. I would move it around to the side, myself, so that I wouldn’t have to feel it pressing against my back.

  11. Samantha Scheibe ‏@samantha_khope 6h
    What a great day so far!!! 🙂
    V. P. ‏@VP_Renewsit 2m
    @samantha_khope I had a blast!!! Thank you so much for everything…will see you later on. The supporters were awesome 🙂
    12:46 PM – 8 Mar 2014 · Details ·
    Pirate News NetworkAlexis 2.0
    Tweet text
    Reply to @VP_Renewsit @samantha_khope
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    Samantha Scheibe ‏@samantha_khope 2m
    @VP_Renewsit likewise! Thank you so much for coming! It was a lot of fun.

  12. This is such good news. They had a great day. I hope this is the beginning of getting back into society. Maybe some of the people at gun shows can help him find a way to earn a living. I hope he gets to go to lots of gun shows.

    Off to Twitter to see what they’re saying there.

    • George sounded so reasonable. I admire his honesty, he says he cannot understand people’s anger, wise answer.

      • I agree, Cassandra. I think he would always sound reasonable in interviews if the in interviewers didn’t try to slant things.

  13. For the Catholics:


    “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl.”

    The priest asks, “Is that you, little Joey Pagano?”

    “Yes, Father, it is.”

    “And who was the girl you were with?”

    “I can’t tell you, Father. I don’t want to ruin her reputation.”

    “Well, Joey, I’m sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti?”

    “I cannot say.”

    “Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?”

    “I’ll never tell.”

    “Was it Nina Capelli?”

    “I’m sorry, but I cannot name her.”

    “Was it Cathy Piriano?”

    “My lips are sealed.”

    “Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?”

    “Please, Father! I cannot tell you.”

    The priest sighs in frustration. “You’re very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you’ve sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself.”

    Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and whispers, “What’d you get?”

    “Four months vacation and five good leads…”

    • That’s funny. It’s time for my annual confession, too. Thank goodness, the priest doesn’t tell us when he recognizes our voices. One year, I thought I’d go to a group confession because I thought it would be easier.

      • What irony! I had to stop before I finished my thought because we were running late for mass and my husband was waving his arm between me and the computer screen.

        Anyway, one year I went to a group confession thinking we’d all just confess together of general things and it would be easier. Turned out we had mass and then 6 or 7 priests all sat in various corners or spots in the church and we all got in line. We didn’t even have confessionals and had to look at the priest face to face. I won’t do that again.

        • As a school kid I found confession stressful, it was part of our daily mass routine in the old days. I had to lie to make something up to confess.
          I was a good kid and still am.

          • LOL You don’t have to lie and make things up. Imagine a priest who spends all day listening to confessions of 80 year old nuns. I usually say things such as selfishness, pride, anger, and not doing as much as I should. I’m not extremely wild and crazy, either. We all have moments of selfishness from time to time or feel a bit of jealousy. My big one is not doing everything I should.

            Today, the priest said, God forgives our sins even before we ask and for a moment I wondered if that meant I didn’t have to do confession this year.

            We’re supposed to go more than once a year, but that’s my personal limit.

            • I’m not religious and never really understood confession. If God knows your sins he’ll also know if you repent them. Why the middle man? I think the joke Nettles posted has deeper significance other than the surface humor. Many reveal things to those that claim to speak for, or empowered by, God. Through them they ask for forgiveness. But what they are really doing is giving failable humans information to use against themself or others. Take the young man in Nettle’s joke. The one that got some good leads. Now imagine how many leads the priest gets. Just sayin’.

              • I am not religious though I was raised in the Church. I have profound respect for the mystical meaning and purposes of the Sacraments including confession. Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion did a brilliant monologue this week on the importance of Ash Wednesday. I told my atheist son raised by non-believers that Garrison essay explains why religion is such an important social institution. We are more alike than different and we will all return to dust.

              • Confession is not for God but for us. One of the steps in the 12 step programs is almost identical to the Catholic sacrament of confession. The alcoholics or people recovering from other addictions are asked to make a list of their short comings and things they’ve done to harm others. The next step is to tell God (or their higher power) and one human being about those things on their list. They believe it is important to include another human. That’s not because God needs them to do it, but because the addicted person needs that.

                The step following that would be making amends. If the sins one confesses to a priest was transgressions against another person, such as robbery, the penance would include giving back what was stolen.

                The priest gets no leads, btw. Priests do not ask who, nor do they tell you if they recognize the voice. I’ve heard the joke before. It’s cute, but it’s not realistic.

  14. I agree that GZ has the right to go where ever he wants, and that he’s not to blame if others are violent at the sight of him. But – it seems to me that someone could bring suit if they weren’t forewarned that he would be there (his sponsoring vendor appears to have announced it to their twitter followers, but general attendees might not be aware). If violence were to break out, I can see someone making the case that the sponsors put them in a situation they should have known was dangerous, because of all the death threats, including from the Black Panthers.

    And GZ may have bodyguards to keep *him* safe, but if someone were to shoot at him, the bodyguards shooting back would only create that much more danger for bystanders. And FL is a concealed carry state – I don’t know if bullets are allowed at gun shows, but if they are, it could be the wild west if the bad guys show up and others join in to protect George.

    I’ve never been to a gun show, but I do know it’s the one place you can buy a gun without a background check into your criminal record and mental stability – so it’s not like gun shows are places that only let “safe” people in. So, yes I agree that GZ has the right to go where he wants, but it just feels “soon” to me to assume he can be safe – I just can’t assume that *all* twitter users are paper tigers. It sounds like the first day went well – but it just makes me nervous.

    • I think in order to successfully sue the promoter, someone would have to show that he violated a written agreement he had with the venue owner, and or the vendors. That would probably have to do with the promotion of the fact that GZ would be there rather than the fact that he showed up. I can’t imagine that there was any such violation in this case.

      • I agree that to sue the promoter, Majestic would have had to have a written agreement with the promoter about promoting GZs presence. Majestic seemed to be mainly concerned with blacks boycotting their space and not about possible insurance problems.

  15. As a free citizen George has the right to go to place of business that allows the general public. He is not obligated to call a few days in advance to forewarn the movie theater, the restaurant, or the shopping mall that he might be there. Because of the death threats, any place he goes, there’s always the danger that he will be recognized and that bystanders might get hurt, too.

    • Just to clarify, I wasn’t talking about GZ – I tried to be clear that he has the right to go anywhere. I was wondering about the possibility of a vendor being held responsible if they “knowingly create a dangerous situation” and then invite people to come without warning of that danger. Not trying to reopen the discussion, just clarifying the missed point.

    • I wouldn’t want to buy it. I hope it doesn’t cause him too much trouble. I’m sure the hard core haters will believe it. Hope ordinary people don’t.

    • Listened to the first tape. The book starts off with Maddy. She accuses the other white women of being racists against her. I tend to think Maddy lacks self esteem and blames others for her insecurity. She thought West’s questioning of her during jury selection was a grilling. For example, he wanted to know where she got her news from.

      Surprising to learn though, Maddy was not the last holdout for guilty. She was the first juror to switch from 2nd degree murder to not guilty in their vote 10 hours in. Two other women wanted to convict him of something.

      Bloom repeats here the false story, George ignored the dispatcher’s order to not follow. *rolls eyes*

      Bloom reports at the printing of the book, Maddy and her family are homeless. She moved back to Chicago and is staying with a friend for now.

      Maddy said it in a nutshell. The prosecutors gave her an emotional appeal for a conviction and it spoke to her heart. She was jacked up and ready to help them. But then she was told she couldn’t vote on feelings she had to vote on evidence. She told Bloom, they gave her no evidence, just emotion.

      • Bloom says in her book that the initial vote was 2 for second degree, 2 for manslaughter and 2 for not guilty. That contradicts Jury B37 who said it was 1 for 2nd degree, 2 for manslaughter and 3 for not guilty.

        Maddy tells Bloom she changed her mind on the 2nd vote (10 hours in) to not guilty but 2 women really wanted him guilty for something.

          • Irony of all ironies, Lisa starts off with a quote from Henry David Thoreau “We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect”

            There is absolutely no evidence of racial profiling in this case but others, like Lisa, who suspects it was a fact, finds it was a fact.

            • It’s incredible how anyone could even try to prove that a man who was almost raised by a half black grandmother could be racist. Hope she doesn’t prevent Holder from closing that investigation. I should say give an excuse to keep it open.

          • I don’t accept anything she says as facts, but the Traybots certainly will. Wish Holder would close his investigation and all this would be over.

      • All they had was emotion. There wasn’t enough evidence for an arrest, certainly not enough for a trial. The arrest and trial was based on emotion from a hoodied lynch mob.

  16. This is interesting. Some people are so determined to prove that GZ is a racist and that the self defense was racially motivated that they’re willing to look past the fact that he’s got black blood in his family and compare him to hitler.

    I researched this and Hitler’s grandmother wasn’t Jewish. His paternal grandfather might have been, but Hitler never knew his grandfather or heard that there was a possibility that he might be Jewish until after he was already persecuting Jews. Someone tried to black mail him about it so he had it investigated. This is what was found.


  17. Nettles shared: “Well then, if someone tells a woman F.U. means he is disrespecting you as a woman, you can understand when a white person is suspicious of a person who is black, they are a racist. same argument or not?”

    Nettles: : Telling a white person who is suspicious of a black person they are “racist” has NOTHING to do with coreshift telling me on 2 different occasions “FUCK YOU ART TART.”

    WHY does your second attempt fail at making excuses for coreshift? Nettles, I don’t participate in trash talk on unknown blogs that I assume you are referring to. Both your unknown white person & black person have no names, what difference does it make if one called the other racist? They don’t know each other!

    Nettles, you have a small blog in which we know each other by screen name & gender. I wouldn’t participate on an unknown blog where bloggers call each other racist & don’t know each other’s names as you claim. I’ve read coreshift’s trash comments on other blogs as well as his trash tralk on twitter, I don’t participate. I know who coreshift is as a person, you don’t have to wander far from this blog to read his foul mouth, I choose not to participate at the sites coreshifts spews his bull chit by choice. Your reference is black man or white woman, WHO CARES? I don’t but most importantly, it has nothing to do w/coreshifts attack on me.

    Being told to “FUCK OFF Nettles” might float in your family circle or w/your male friends, in my family circle & male friends, we see it for exactly what it is:. An immature male w/a lack of respect for women. Nettles, why would you waste your time w/men that address women in that manner, it’s considered “TRASH,” in La. most people that respect women gravitate away from men who don’t, respect women, it’s not considered cute or funny by anyone.

    In response to your comment “GZ was doing them a favor,” is blatantly false. The ONLY FAVOR GZ could have provided SZ/Mr. Dean was to stay off the property until he was notified by SZ! GZ did no one any favors, most importantly, himself.

    So what if GZ lived there, Mr. Dean owned the property! GZ agreed not to be there, nothing PAST that agreement has any relevance as to the drama created when GZ decided to show up anyway!

    • I wasn’t happy reading Coreshift’s response to you. It not any different than what I gave David crap for and put him on moderation with being insulting to a commenter.

      As I posted, I had a public talk with Coreshift about it on twitter and made my position clear. Imo, he failed to make his point when he resorted to name calling verbal abuse.

      I would have left it at that until I read your response that Coreshift demeans women. I get why you may think that, but it’s like a black person saying I have black skin and that’s why I was suspicious and they totally discount their own behavior.

      I’ve seen no evidence coreshift demeans women or thinks lowly of them. I think you are being defensive. Your comments and condescending tone ticked him off and had you been male, you’d have gotten the same response.

      Again, reading the police report, within a half hour the police were investigating Shellie for a domestic and wrote their report making GZ the victim that day. I agree with that. Shellie set him up.

      • George said that while he was out with his friends, they checked the monitor at the house and saw Shellie and her father there taking things they weren’t supposed to take, so they went there to stop them from doing that. When Shellie’s mother thought GZ took things he wasn’t supposed to take, she reported to the police that GZ stole it. Then it was later found.

    • ” I’ve read coreshift’s trash comments on other blogs as well ”

      Which blogs? Please provide links to my ‘trash comments’ on those blogs. You can’t because it’s yet another lie about me. Nettle’s blog is the only blog I currently post to although I did post on CTH a while back..

  18. “Everybody trying to stand in solidarity and show that these laws that don’t apply to us, we’re here to change them,” said Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, speaking with The Associated Press.

    Martin’s son was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who later was acquitted of second-degree murder.

    “What the law is actually saying is this country doesn’t value the life of black and brown kids. We want our kids to understand their lives are equal value of anybody else life,” the elder Martin said

    Democratic U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, of Jacksonville, spoke at the rally, exhorting change.

    “I’ve never seen a perfect bill and changes need to happen with this bill,” Brown told AP afterward. “When they started, it had good intentions. Protect your castle. But they have extended it to, you don’t like the color of my dress and you feel threatened after you start a fight — there’s something wrong with that.”


    • It has already become very dangerous to defend yourself in Florida. It’s going to get worse. I love Florida’s beaches and climate and we thought about moving there for retirement, but not any more. The crime is high and now the risk of defending yourself from criminals is also high.

  19. Lance Houston ‏@lancehouston 3h
    @TherealGeorgeZ what are your thoughts about Al Sharpton?

    George Zimmerman ‏@TherealGeorgeZ 2h
    “@lancehouston: @TherealGeorgeZ what are your thoughts about Al Sharpton?” I wish he would take my place mentoring my kids now that I can’t

  20. Catching up lmbo because I just saw a whiny ass who stomping his feet… cause he cant post his fit throwing trash here.. boo hoo NOT! so he is stalking and then going back talking to himself.. boo hoo hoo! ROFLMBO! Ok now to read whats really going on around here 😉 waving Hello!

      • Giggling yep! I been busy and haven’t gotten to post or stay caught up lately. So I decided to pop over! ROFLMBO! Man oh Man… he reads here stalks yalls twitter, pissed caused he cant read mine 😉 I see he got shut out of twitter or whatever they call it. And ole stompy feet is reading and answering on his page from here! waste of whole minute reading! Funny as hell. Needed that laugh.

        Oh you remb my friend who passed in Jan? Well her younger sister, a friend found the younger sister unconscious Saturday afternoon. I have been up at the hospital since 300 Saturday evening, they have her in ICU. She is in coma. She is a bad diabetic and when the ambulance got there her sugar was 17. She had a brain scan today, don’t have results back on it yet, but was showing constant seizures so added a new med to stop. I do know that from reading all that stuff on Jahi McMath, that she does have brain activity, because she is breathing on her own. LOL I have learned a lot of stuff following these cases with you virtual friends! She probably wont be getting any better, but never know, she was in a diabetic coma 7 yrs ago for 2 wks and came out of it. I am just thankful that she isn’t hurting. She shows no reaction at all to sound or touch. Say a prayer if ya think of it, for this family. they have had a real struggle since Dec.

        Ok, back to trying to catch up. I am really deep in thought at the conversations going on. Have to giggle every now and then. OOps lol Hugs

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