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  1. Good morning all. Today is my husband’s birthday. We had big plans but our little granddaughter got sick, so they’re postponed.

    Annette, glad you started a new thread. The old one was difficult to find new messages in.

  2. Does anyone have a link to Danny Warrior’s site? Mimi mentioned that he is talking about us on his site. I’d like to see what he’s saying, but don’t have a link to his site. Thanks.

    • I think DW’s site is private so I’m not sure how others are reading his site. His link won’t post here because he’s blocked.

      I’ll inbox you the link on facebook. I’ll have to search for an old posting.

    • I glanced at it a day or two ago b/c I was sent a DM about it. Same old BS. It’s just ranting and raving. It’s really not worth the time. If you do visit it I suggest, as I have before, that you use an anonymizing service. He likes to track people’s IP addresses and post them publicly. Among other things. Here’s a couple anonymizing sites.



      The link to his site, and again you should only visit through an anonymizing site, is dannywarrior.wordpress.com.

        • Sowwy. It’s not wrong for people to take a look at what he has to say, I just wanted to make sure people know he has no problem using any info he can get against others. He’s really not a nice person and won’t respect anyone’s privacy.

          • Your exactly correct lol or what he THINKS he knows about other people. Mr Stompy feet lol. He is screaming at his keyboard lol because NO ONE ELSE will allow him to post on their blog 😉

  3. I was a “big sister” of a girl in my community for 4 years. What a wonderful experience that was for the both of us. I spent 4 hours with her every Sunday from the time she was 12 until 16. Gradually we lost touch with each other. She’d be almost 20 now. I hope she is doing well. Her name was Annette as well.

  4. Does anyone know what happened with that law suite against Spike Lee. Last I heard was that he asked for it to be dismissed in November. He’d already paid them $10,000 and said that was enough. They said he caused them a greater loss than $10,000. It caused a loss in the value of their house even.


    Rachael says:

    March 11, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    It may be, but still. I don’t think what I am going to say will be popular here, but I do think Roseanne was wrong to do what she did. And as much as I hate the Z’s and their begging, I do think they should be compensated something in this case. Just because their address was public record, doesn’t make it okay. Just because you “can” do something, doesn’t mean you should. My address is public record too, but I would really be upset if someone tweeted it out with the intent to incite violence. Also, I’m not sure if public information or not, it is allowed to be tweeted out like that. But again, I do believe the intent was to incite violence and harm. I mean, it obviously was NOT a joke. I would feel threatened and move too. Whether they actually received threats or not, I don’t know, but if it were me, I wouldn’t stick around to find out.

    When Spike Lee did it, giving out the wrong address, he made amends. She should too, regardless of how I feel about the zims.

    Sorry, but RB was just wrong.

  6. I WONT post “trained observer” blah blah bull$hit, saying how it was ok to for Rosanne to do what she did… but here is Rachaels reply:

    Rachael says:

    March 11, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Well then we have to agree to disagree. What she did was wrong, just plain wrong. Yes, Spike Lee gave the wrong address, but just because she gave the right address, doesn’t make what she did right. I know what public information is – don’t act like I am stupid. But when they bought their house, the size of the lot, the taxes – all of that has nothing to do with it. She gave out that address with intent to inflict harm. And if I were a neighbor, I would NOT be thrilled at the thought of an angry mob coming into my neighborhood because a celebrity (a REAL celebrity – LOL) behaved a fool on twitter. I’m sorry, but there is no way you can, in my mind, make this right. It is not like saying everyone go to the Starbucks on 24th street and stand there but don’t buy coffee. But whatever. I hate the zims and all they stand for, but Roseanne was still wrong.

    • I expressed my opinion. I sure didn’t threaten. Has she any idea what’s been happening to the zimmerman family?

      • lol I sure wouldn’t be worried 😉 And witch don’t care if did wouldn’t have retweeted in first place. She will ride it for a while for publicity and settle out of court… lol hope this ignorance adds to it.

      • Doubt she gives a hoot about the Zimmermans or what they have been through. And I doubt any “GZ fans” have actually doxed her or threatened her. IMO she’s just being a loud mouth as usual.

  7. Nettles, since changing your page & adding the new colors, each time I visit I crave mint chocolate chip ice cream! I bought some and ate the whole carton in one week! And the cup of coffee at the top of this post looks soooo good, I’ve been going through K-cups like crazy! I’m gaining weight and can’t sleep at night! I know, I’m easily taken in and advertisers love me.

  8. Mimi mentioned Danny. Do you guys think he changed his mind, or was he always a TM supporter and just tricked us all along?

    • I think a troll all along. LOL Why get so mad at us, that he would totally flip his thought to those that he talk crap about lol. He really flipped to TM side after he thought he made points with Black Budderfly… ROFL but they used him/her and spit him/her out. I not convienced dw isn’t budderfly 😉 WAVING DW!

      • definitely troll all along. in response to my real life trauma Danny called me a white racist for speaking about my experience with black crime. Troll and ugly person.

        • +1 and I honestly believe multi personality on web. I don’t know of anywhere that he/she is able to post. Not that I truly care, but most all of us post or have posted at or read at a lot of same sites. I do think has been banned from all.

          • You said: I honestly believe multi personality on web.

            I should stay out of this but Danny has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. You cannot fit him into a shoe box. He has never been a constant in all aspects of the case. He tried to take the middle ground more than once.

            He now seems perfectly content speaking his mind every day even though no one can respond.

            Without question, the loss of his mother affected him. That was hard on him.

            He never belittled or mocked me so I only wish him well.

      • So DW actually said things in support of GZ once. I thought that I remembered him being a GZ supporter when I first got to Twitter, but thought it was my imagination. He doesn’t seem much like a TM supporter now. He’s just anti-GZ. Wonder if he’s pro Shellie. Some GZ supporters turned on him after he and Shellie split.

    • I’m leaning to Danny is a friend of the Dean family.

      I note what insight he was able to give us about the family, “in his research” at the treehouse, involved Shellie’s Mom. He pointed us to where Justfactsplz didn’t know Shellie’s Mom’s name but posted she was close to Shellie and George. To remind you, Justfactsplz is Sondra Osterman’s step-mom.

      Danny was critical of Shellie talking to the media and thought she should stop doing that. I note that Bob, a family friend that posted at the treehouse as StraightForever (guitar lover) also thought Shellie should stop doing press. So people in her corner had that opinion.

      Where Danny started to show a difference in thinking with most of us here is the Sept. 9th domestic dispute with Shellie and her father at the house. Danny knew right away, that wasn’t George’s Ex-fiancé with him that day but originally he thought she was just a friend of Wes’.

      Danny has mocked and belittled me but I too wish him well Jordan.

      Danny it’s way past time for you to move on. This isn’t healthy for you or your loved ones. I wish you all the best.

      • I think that name is StratForever, as in Fender Stratocaster, and neither any particular sexual orientation or preference nor presence or absence of recreational pharmaceuticals is implied.

        • I am glad that you can wish Danny well. I think I have to agree with what Coreshift said when he told us to use anonymous mouse to read Danny’s page because he is not a nice person. I don’t know if he’s the same person who posts on Twitter as GZ psycho vampire, but I get the impression that person knows Shellie’s family or is part of her family. Danny and Psycho Vampire don’t make Shellie’s family look very good. It makes me wonder if she’s like that, too.

          • Danny got banned from posting here on December 21st. He was posting what he thought was two of our contributor’s real identities. That crossed the line.

            He cannot come back here ever and to keep talking about him when he can’t post isn’t right.

            It’s time for us to move on too.

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    DigitalGlobe said Tuesday that Tomnod is fielding an “unprecedented level” of Web traffic after kicking off the campaign. The company also said that it has new image collections that it plans to make available as soon as possible.

    DigitalGlobe acquired Tomnod in 2013. The site was used by thousands of volunteers to tag 60,000 objects in the first 24 hours after a typhoon hit the Philippines in November 2013.

  10. https://www.facebook.com/armsroom

    Please go to the Arms Room facebook page and give them a good rating to compensate for the low ratings that GZ haters have been giving them lately. Don’t post this where the haters can see it, though, or more of them will be down rating them. They had very good ratings from their real customers.

  11. I tried to listen to Lisa Blooms book but had to turn it off as it is chock full of lies, distortions, intentional omissions, and factual misrepresentation.

    Bloom gives this long speech about biases and then immediately attempts to subconsciously bias the reader by referring to “minors” by first name and “adults” by last name without justification. My opinion is this is deliberately done to try to personalize trayvon for the reader.

    Bloom also asserts there was ” lots of strong evidence” that Trayvon was racially profiled when
    1. there was no evidence of that at all
    2. Since George is not an agent of the government profiling laws do not apply
    3. Judge Nelson granted the motion in limine that racial profiling could not even be argued.

    Bloom Asserts that George’s calls to 911/NEN were exclusively about black males yet when you review the actual documentation three calls were regarding Caucasians and two involved Hispanics.

    Bloom asserts that nobody George ever called the police on had been “doing anything wrong”.
    This is another out and out fabrication.

    Bloom also asserts that George had a long and well established history of racial profiling that her star Maddy allegedly “picked up on right away”

    • Great feedback David. I’m having trouble listening to it as well. So many things are made up, she opines about how witnesses would have testified if the prosecutor did A or B. It’s nuts.

      I’ll try to listen to the rest of it this weekend.

      • Other reviews on Amazon….

        By Hknut – See all my reviews
        This review is from: Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It (Hardcover)
        My uncle was on the jury and this author has NO idea what she is talking about !! We live in a bad world and this book just made it even worse!!

        1.0 out of 5 stars shillin’ for NBC, March 3, 2014
        By gerard brennan (San Francisco, CA USA) – See all my reviews
        Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
        This review is from: Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It (Hardcover)
        Political propaganda on guns, race and stand your ground laws, as well as flawed legal analysis targeted at the low information folks. I could stop there but I feel compelled to dispel some of the many distortions and omissions in this book. Anyone who watched the trial will know that it was upside down from the typical trial, with the defense putting on ALL the evidence and the prosecution trying to poke holes in their case. Only problem is the prosecution has the burden of proof.

        The author’s theory, however, that the prosecution blew/ threw the case is preposterous. On the contrary, they pulled out all the stops. hired hacks & quacks in an effort to prosecute someone they knew was innocent. Bloom also neglected to mention that the prosecutor attempted to conceal exculpatory evidence. first when they omitted evidence of self defense from their charging document and again with incriminating text messages and photos from trayvon’s cellphone. They were willing to break the law to secure a conviction.

        Be leery of any trayvon/zimmerman book that fails to explore the nexus of the original prosecutor’s decision to not charge zimmerman and the ensuing conspiracy to have him prosecuted.
        Bloom never even mentions the career prosecutor’s name that refused to file charges despite enormous political pressure to do so. Norm Wolfinger believed zimmerman’s use of force was justified.

        Bloom’s theory that trayvon wouldn’t have been able to see zimmerman’s gun because he (GZ) once gestured towards his back pocket during his walk-through video is a stretch since he specifically mentioned, both in the same video as well as his interrogation video(s) that his gun was holstered on his right-side hip. And isn’t the fact that zimmerman shot martin proof that he was able to get to his gun!? And her hypothesis that zimmerman had his gun out from the very beginning doesn’t square with the physical evidence at the ‘T’ or otherwise. Also, JonGood doesn’t see the two grappling for the gun, which they would have most certainly been doing had zimmerman pulled it out in the beginning (had he been able to hold onto it after being sucker-punched, that is). And so what if trayvon didnt see or wasnt going for zimmerman’s gun anyhow? GZ would’ve had the right to shoot trayvon after the very first impact to the concrete. who would let an assailant slam their head off the concrete more than once before firing!? oh and sorry Lisa, but those were not ‘scratches’ on the back of zimmerman’s head, but lacerations from blunt force trauma according Dr.Di maio’s testimony. Even the quack Dr.Rao admitted that they were ‘impact’ injuries.

        Isn’t it peculiar that Bloom never mentioned Jon Good’s courtroom testimony? arguably the most important witness of the entire trial. Probably because Good’s testimony blows up Bloom’s entire book. For starters, JonGood was the ONLY person to see any part of the altercation PRIOR to the gunshot. He is unequivocal that trayvon was on top of zimmerman in a mounted position ‘throwing down blows’. Good also reaffirms his original statement that it was zimmerman that was ‘yelling for help’. Let’s face it, zimmerman’s injuries and JonGood’s testimony setup a bonafide self-defense claim that would be impervious to criminal prosecution in any City, in any State, regardless of SYG.

        btw Lisa, the reason the defense bypassed the (SYG) immunity hearing was because they had no confidence the judge would rule strictly on the merits of the case given the publicity and high profile nature of the it. They easily had enough evidence to be successful.

        Bloom also questions Dr.Vincent Di maio’s gunshot analysis and relies on Dr.Bao for an alternate theory. oh Really? that’s rather comical. It wasnt just Dr.Di Maio, but another forensic expert, michael knox, who was the first to make the connection between the two different ranges. Knox even wrote a book about his findings – Intermediate Range: The Forensic Evidence in the Killing of Trayvon Martin . His ‘sag’ analysis is essentially irrefutable science and puts trayvon on top/over zimmerman at the time of discharge.

        also, Bloom mentions Dr.Lawrence Kobilinsky in her ‘acknowledgements’ (BackofBook) but not his forensic opinion in the Text? well, that’s probably because Kobilinsky is on record (CNN) stating that the forensic evidence supported zimmerman’s version of events. I mean seriously, did Bloom think no one would notice that she didn’t have an expert, besides the discredited Dr.Bao, to back up her kooky hypothesis!?

        The reason the term ‘racial profiling’ wasn’t allowed in the courtroom was because there simply wasn’t any evidence of it. It wasn’t just the beginning of zimmerman’s call for service, but later on in the call when he got a better look at trayvon and updated the dispatcher from his initial description; clearly zimmerman didn’t know trayvon was black when he called. Zimmerman, it turns out, is the antitheses of a racist.

        Bloom forgot to mention that the reason Sanford Police didn’t contact Rachel Jeantel was because Tracy Martin stopped cooperating with police once attorney Benjamin Crump became involved and declined to furnish the PIN to trayvon’s cellphone. Bloom also neglects to mention that Jeantel didn’t come forward for three weeks until Crump caught up to her. Or that her ‘Get Off’ comment wasn’t part of her initial statements. That’s right, Jeantel never comes forward or calls police even after she finds out she was likely the last one to have spoken to trayvon. Yep, that’s the prosecution’s Star Witness. whose account of what happened that night, in the end, only buttresses zimmerman’s version of events. And sorry Lisa, but Trayvon wasn’t scared of zimmerman otherwise he wouldn’t have circled zimmerman’s car with ‘his hand in his waistband’; an obviously threatening manner.

        Bloom suggests that zimmerman’s suspicions weren’t warranted based off one home invasion robbery but seems to be unaware of numerous documented burglaries or that witnesses to attempted break-ins identified the suspects as young black males. she also forgot to mention one of the perpetrators, Emmanuel Burgess, who zimmerman initially witnessed getting away, was busted days later for possession of stolen property from TheRetreat@TwinLakes. Suspicion Nation? or could it be that young black males have earned their reputation.

        Detective Serino’s manslaughter charge wasn’t legitimate. it was simply part of a workaround to forward the case to state’s attorney office who had be avoiding making any public statement while Sanford Police took all the heat. It doesnt make sense that he would have testified that he believed zimmermans ‘story to be truthful’ yet he recommended a manslaughter charge, does it Lisa?. Serino most likely admitted to falsifying a police report at his superior’s request and that’s why neither side went there. so much for Bloom’s ‘insider’ information.

        I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Bloom regurgitate the most glaring prevarication of the entire spectacle; that zimmerman ‘decided to ignore police recommendation to stay in his car’.

        Lisa’s new BFF, maddy, is clueless! she sat through two weeks of testimony and she came to the conclusion that zimmerman was a murderer because he killed trayvon. well duh.

        Bloom is not legally blonde so I suspect an ulterior motive for writing a dishonest book. Most likely she has been enlisted by her employer, NBC, to run interference for zimmerman’s upcoming defamation lawsuit against NBC. Notice how she never mentioned NBC’s editing of zimmerman’s call to make him sound like a racist? follow the money! I’m sure Lisa Bloom and her friends (see 5star reviews) will attempt to have to have all the critical reviews expunged if they can. They are powerful people who have, thus far, been able to control the false narrative.

        Jeffrey Toobin should be ashamed of himself for singing on to this catastrophe. How about this jeffrey > If trayvon doesn’t assault zimmerman he’d be alive today.
        The prosecution of george zimmeman is one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on the American people and thanks to a complicit media, CNN, MSNBC & Lisa Bloom, most Americans will never know the truth.

        erik weinstein – See all my reviews
        This review is from: Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It (Hardcover)
        Lisa blooms analysis of the trayvon martin case has been down right ridiculous. one of the arguments she made on the charlie rose show is that George Zimmerman claimed to have his gun holstered behind his back and demonstrated this three times, and he would have been unable to reach his gun holstered on his back while lying down. Actually, he demonstrated once that the gun was behind his back, and twice that his gun was on his side. But, wether he demonstrated once or a thousand times that his gun was holstered behind his back, lisa bloom seems not to understand that his gun would have never been holstered in a gun holster behind his back. Nobody with a gun holstered in a gun holster would holster their gun behind their back. It would be much more difficult to unholster the gun from a gun holster if it was holstered in back of someone rather than on their side. George zimmerman was clearly not paying attention to detail and wasn’t careful when demonstrating where his gun was by placing his hand towards his back, which gave an imprecise account of where his gun was at. he was explaining what happened to the cops and probably didn’t think to himself that he needs to be extremely accurate in showing where his gun was holstered. This is why the prosecution didn’t bring this up in court. They would have been laughed at. Their is a reason why guns holstered in a gun holster on a waist are called SIDEarms and not back arms. Nobody would holster their gun in a holster behind them.
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        • I went to Lisa Bloom’s reviews. There’s a lot of people marking down the negative reviews and marking up the positive ones.

          • This is a natural bias that occurs due to the nature of the current narrative concerning the GZ/TM tragedy.

            The individuals most dissatisfied with the verdict are the ones most passionately motivated to echo the dissonent voice provided by Bloom’s book.

            Once GZ was acquitted, the passion and energy of those who felt the GZ prosecution to be thinly based, at best, had been dissipated and they have moved on to other issues for the most part.

  12. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


    When I get off work at 5pm today, I’ll be drinking green beer. Probably best to stay away from posting online tonight! 🙂

    Whatever you do to celebrate, do it safely and have tons of fun. You deserve it. ♥

    • You probably know… turned out to be a joke 😀

    • Nice piece by Dave… I never followed all the details of this case… knew the Traybots brought it up from time to time.

      Love the side note at the end:

      On an interesting side note:
      On March 9th 2014 the family of Marissa Alexander joined the families of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis at a rally in Tallahassee, Florida calling for a full repeal of the law which Marissa now seeks protection under.

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