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I first jumped onto twitter to talk with a reporter from the Miami Herald, Frances Robles, about some things she was reporting about me in her article.

I quickly found myself inundated with hateful tweets from the other side of the Zimmerman case. I wasn’t enjoying the medium at all and started to use it to just follow breaking news.

Robert Jr. tweeted out that he was blocking the hateful tweeters. I didn’t even know I could do that so I looked it up and found out how to do it. It was great. Whenever someone posting hate towards me came onto my mentions, I blocked and poof, my mentions line was full of the people and comments I was interested in reading and following. It usually works well and I started to enjoy twitter more.

There’s much I still don’t understand about twitter because I never took the time to properly learn about it.  I just jumped in.

For the past couple of months though, most of the people I like to follow, love engaging the tweeters I’ve blocked. It’s the people I’m following who are talking to them and I find myself in the mentions of a whole lot of conversations I want no part of.

Screen shots of comments of those I have blocked are being disseminated by those I do want to follow. I’ve never understand the rationale behind this move. It gives a larger voice to someone they think is posting garbage. So why give it attention and attract more readers? I don’t get it. I blocked the person and their comments but now those I follow largely post examples of those I’ve blocked in their comments.

I’m back to finding twitter not much fun and think I’ll use it to just follow breaking news. By following a number of reporters, it’s interesting to see the news come out from different perspectives so quickly. It also shows just how bad the facts are reported initially and cautions all of us to withhold opinions until the facts have been vetted for reliability. For those who use twitter, what do you like or dislike about the medium?


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  1. You can use Tweetdeck to filter out tweets that contain specific text. Like the username of a person you’ve blocked. That way you don’t get hit by convo’s with them by others. Of course you won’t see any tweet with the filtered username in the mentions. I don’t think there’s a mobile version of Tweetdeck, though. I’m sure there are other clients that have the same functionality.

  2. Some good points. I have decided that there are people who have a very emotionally charged loyalty to Sabrina or to the cause of revenge against GZ. Maddy isn’t the only one who can’t seem to comprehend the concept of justifiable homicide. She wanted to give Sabrina revenge but she just couldn’t do it because of the law which allows people to defend their lives. Many of them seem to think it’s the Stand Your Ground law which protected George and if they just got rid of that, anyone who killed in self defense would be convicted. Then there’s the thugs who talk like a thug and are probably very violent. They don’t even care if George would have been dead if he hadn’t defended himself. They would rather that TM killed George.

    There’s no reason to talk to these people. I have mixed feelings about blocking them. It’s a waste of time to try to argue the facts. I figure that if there had been a surveillance camera that got a good shot of the whole thing, they wouldn’t care. They’d still hate George. At the same time, when they call him a child murderer, I think it’s wrong to let that go unchallenged. When people see such accusations go unchallenged, they start believing it to be true. What I usually do is challenge them once or twice and then block. Thy start filling up my notifications page and I don’t see the people I want to see. The problem with that is that I cant challenge any future false accusations they might make to George. Right now, I’m trying to focus on just supporting George, his family, and his supporters. I think it’s important for people to see that he has supporters.

    A problem I’m having is not so much seeing what people I’ve blocked have said, but not understanding the conversations of people I follow because they’re having conversations with those I’ve blocked. I can’t tell what the conversation is all about because I’m missing too much of it.

  3. I took another stab at listening to some of Lisa Bloom’s book. One thing Bloom does and I have no idea why is right away establish that Maddy is severely uneducated, sheltered, largely ignorant, and generally a pretty ” dim bulb” and then spend the balance of the text parading this low information/low IQ individual as the ” star of the show” and ” the Belle of the ball”

    On disc 4 Bloom begins with Rachel Jeantel and sing the praises of her being the “best witness” and how ” well spoken and articulate Jeantel is. Bloom essentially makes the argument that it is racist for us the reader to think Jeantel could possibly be racist for her repeated use of racial slurs and basically makes the argument that black people cannot be racist and it’s somehow a shortcoming by us for “not relating to Rachel’s crudeness”

    Bloom also argues that everytime Jeantel was caught in a lie was ” just a distraction” and simply “courtroom theatrics” and that Rachel’s impeachment should not matter or be considered. Bloom goes on to essentially argue that the only portions of Jeantel’s testimony the jury should consider was that which conforms with Crump’s false narrative and everything else should be discared and forgotten.

  4. Bloom really didn’t have anything. Did she? She seems to basically just tell the same lie over and over….the lie that she has new information.

  5. El_Hoff ‏@El_Hoff71 40m
    “Crane and I had a nice cup of coffee with DB and David Lynch at a little town east of Seattle.” I thought Fred Leatherman couldn’t pay bills this month… yet managed to take a vacation from Kentucky to Washington state

    • Did he indicate this coffee-klatch happened recently, and does he mean the movie director David Lynch?

      (and did he mean DB Cooper? : – )

        • Never mind, found it.

          To change your email preferences:
          1. Log in to Twitter.
          2.Click on the gear icon and select Settings from drop down menu.
          3.Click on Email notifications from the settings sidebar.
          4.Check or un-check the notification boxes to reflect your email preferences.
          5.Click Save changes. Your preferences are now saved!

    • There seem to be quite a few people that try to convince others that reality is a complete 180 of what it actually is. And unfortunately they’ve been succeeding with a lot of people. That’s bad because it makes it very difficult to address the real problems and find solutions.

    • It was about race but only because Trayvon made it about race first. Then his parents and Crump made it about race. George is a victim of black on white violence and he’s only half white. Too bad for him that his skin isn’t darker. Obama is half white, too, but that’s okay because it can’t be seen in skin color.

      • The case is about race. It’s about a father who accused the police department of not making an arrest due to evidence of self defense but rather a charge that the police didn’t make an arrest to protect a white shooter.

        This racist father called in a racist civil rights lawyer who took every black grievance to the media and exploited the anger and frustration that most black people harbour.

        Crump and his pals told the public the police were so racist they didn’t care to identify the black boy and he laid in the morgue for 3 days unidentified.

        As expected, this angered many blacks and whites. The online petition got millions of signatures demanding an arrest.

        Eventually, these racists backed off their lies when they realized some were being motivated to violence. They held press conferences the case wasn’t about race. They even accused the Zimmerman family of trying to make it about race.

        I’m listening to Bloom’s book. I’m about half way through. She thinks the prosecutors lost the case in part because they didn’t make it about race.

        There is no doubt, race is why there was an arrest in the first place.

        Until this case I didn’t know black people could be racist. I see as clear as day how some are just that. Tracy Martin attributed the lack of an arrest based on race and he and his team of racists exploited the fears and perceptions of others.

        We know when it came to a conflict between getting money from this event and seeing the person who shot their son brought to justice, this family chose to pursue the money.

        On October 29th there was a court date to discuss the gag order and Crump and the family were no where to be seen. We later learned, they were in negotiations for a settlement with the HOA that day.

        The priority for this family is money. It’s not about helping black people. They used them for their own gain. They lied to them for their own gain.

        It’s sickening that Crump still has his legal license.

        • I think the point of the trial in which I screamed the loudest was when Crump’s partner (Parks?) and Sybrina called the impromptu news conference outside of the courthouse to say that the case was NOT about race. I’m pretty sure they heard me screaming all the way down the street! 🙂 Such disgraceful behavior. Karma cannot catch up to the charlatans soon enough…

            • There were many factors.

              As for GZ’s arrest, I would give more credit to Crump and Julison’s efforts than I would to Tracy.

              The case was ultimately decided, not on a racial basis, but on the facts and law before the jury.

        • Yep… A RACE to the the store to buy those Rubbermaid Waste Baskets so could get the $ rolling in. Race all the way back to the office. One for me, 2 for chump … Racing around the country, Jetting across the ocean… yep… they are are all about RACE… throw out the race card and hit the road running…. Hope they get a flat or a big ticket soon. They need to stop and have their proverbial vehicle towed to junk yard. They have mucked up too much fresh air with their crap they have been spewing! They tried to make it about Race from the get go…

  6. What I think the Traybots are either consciously or unconsciously concerned about is if Barre can be found civilly liable for her harassment and terrorism of the Zimmermans on twitter then perhaps they can be found civilly liable as well

    • I have no doubt that the most vocal of the haters are now thinking about that, as they well should be. I bet there is some serious scrubbing going on now. We might even see a change in tone and attitude if they think they could face legal consequences.

      Here ya go, Dave: Start a story that…….

      “Six Traybots on Twitter were recently arrested for various hate crimes against George Zimmerman as part of a new internet sting to clean up the popular site. Hundreds more are expected to be announced soon. Due to the secrecy of the investigation, details will be released at a later date.

      Play around with the story until you make it believable.. then run with it.

      • Some Traybots have done far worse than Roseanne with their incessant stalking and harassment (sometimes even extending into the real world). There is reason for them to be concerned. It seems the ability of law enforcement to prosecute cyber crimes is increasing. Law enforcement is getting increasingly technologically savvy and case law is being established.

        • I have thought the reason the police wouldn’t do anything about the threats and harassment is because they unofficially declared George Zimmerman to be free game.

    • They should be liable. The police did not make an arrest because there was not enough evidence. The police were able to determine it was self defense. They did a good job. The Martins and Traybots forced an arrest and a trial through mob action and harassment.

      • It was a judgement call on the part of the police, I believe a correct call, but a judgement call, nonetheless.

        The police did not make an arrest because, in their judgement, there was not enough evidence.

        With different people occupying the same positions in that police department, the judgement call might have gone the other way – without changing the ultimate acquittal in court, based on the facts as we know them to be.

        • [audio src="http://www.cityclub.org/Media/Audio/CityClubPodcast-140117.mp3" /]

          CM Bonaparte explains that GZ was arrested that night, he was released and not charge.

          listen to the Jan 2014 talk at Cleveland city club, Bonaparte described the media as terrorists.

  7. And no Xena.. I know you are lurking but diversity doctrine does not apply because the complaint for damages does not me the federal mandated minimum specified demand of $75,000 ….. keep trying though… you kooks may finally be right about something one day…. but I doubt it

  8. I’d like to point out after 3 months of silence on the issue and the DOJ having the videos and the hard drives… Crumps’ BS conspiracy theory somebody tampered with the GYM surveillance to hide Kendrick’s “murder” went absolutely nowhere

  9. Dunn’s motion to delay sentencing was sucessful which marks another flop for Angela Corey and jury selection for Dunn 2.0 begins on may 5th

    570 — 3/14/2014
    571 — 3/14/2014
    572 — 3/14/2014
    CANCELLED SENTENCING – TO BE SET ON 3/24/2014 9:00:00 AM
    573 — 3/14/2014
    574 — 3/14/2014
    JURY SELECTION 05/05/2014 9:00 AM – 406 4TH FLOOR, 501 W ADAMS ST JACKSONVILLE FL 32202
    575 — 3/14/2014

  10. Oh according to the nuts the 60 years consecutive sentence for Dunn is perfectly fine but for that heffer Marissa it’s unconstitutional: Lastly, there is a motion to have consecutive sentences ruled unconstitutional. Under Florida’s 10-20-Life law, Alexander could get three consecutive 20-year sentences if she’s convicted again.

    “When the full evidentiary record is analyzed under the correct statute, Alexander’s right to immunity will be clear,” Zimet said. http://www.news4jax.com/news/marissa-alexander-seeks-new-stand-your-ground-hearing/24979214

    • How is your personal opinion about the attractiveness or lack thereof of Marissa Alexander pertinent to the legal issues involved?

      Reminds me of all the talk in Leatherman’s Lounge about their opinions about the appearance and attractiveness of George and Shellie Zimmerman, as though that were somehow proof of something about the case.

    • Both Marissa and Dunn were over sentenced. Marissa may have shot at her husband and missed, but in my opinion, 20 years was an over sentence. If she gets sentenced to 60 years that will be a gross over-sentence. It’s obvious that Dunn wasn’t trying to kill anyone and didn’t think he had hit anyone. I don’t see how they could charge him with 4 counts of attempted murder. If you are not trying to kill anyone, you are not attempting to murder them. His offense was getting frightened and being reckless about how he defended himself. If anything, it was one count of manslaughter.

      • Marissa was definitively under sentenced. She was convicted on three counts each of which warranted a minimum of 20 years yet only received a single 20 year sentence. Firing at the heads of two children and an adult standing with their hands in the air in the surrender postion absolutely warrants every second of a 60 year sentence

        • I disagree about Marissa. Sixty years is way too long when she didn’t kill anyone. That’s a life sentence. She may have been better off if the Black Grievance Industry had not brought so much attention to her and forced a retrial. They just saw a black woman who tried to use Stand Your Ground and was convicted and a half white man who was acquitted because he killed a black teen in self defense. Even though they were told repeatedly that SYG wasn’t used in GZs trial, they still thought that’s why he was acquitted. She might end up with a longer sentence or she might get an all black jury that will release her because she’s black.

          I was mistaken about Dunn. I thought he’d already been sentenced. That won’t happen until May. I don’t think he should have been convicted of attempted murder since he wasn’t trying to kill anyone. I should have been manslaughter. He obviously shot out of fear but it was a reckless reaction.

          Marissa wasn’t standing her ground since she was in the garage and could have just left but went back inside. I don’t think she fired more than 1 shot so she surely wasn’t trying to kill the children. She was being reckless with their lives, though.

          • I haven’t paid too much attention to Marissa’s case. I do recall being confused about her being guilty of trying to murder 3 of them but shot the gun only once. Was the jury saying they thought she could have killed at 3 with that one shot?

            Coreshift posted an interview (on twitter) with Jordan’s mother on MSNBC. She said she didn’t know if the retrial would have 6 jurors or 12. That signals Dunn may not be charged with 1st degree murder in his retrial.

            I think they may have a better chance of getting a conviction if they charge him with manslaughter.

            The prosecutor’s office owes the taxpayers an apology for the expense and mistakes of trying and retrying this man.

  11. Are they retrying Dunn because his attorney requested a retrial or because the protestors have demanded a murder conviction? I think a manslaughter charge would be appropriate. I feel bad for Dunn, Jordan’s mother, and Dunn’s daughter. It was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. It’s not a good idea to tell a car load of black teens to turn down their music. Having it so loud other cars are force to hear it is an act of aggression in itself, so one can only expect them to respond with aggressiveness. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting to hear one say, this is going down and reach for something and he was frightened and didn’t have time to even think about how to respond.

    It seems that Corey likes to over charge. Dunn was over charged and so was Marisa. As you said, one shot could not be 3 counts of attempted murder unless she was quite a trick shooter. She should not have shot at him when the children were standing so close to him, but it’s doubtful that she was trying to kill all 3 of them. The fact that she only fired one shot is an indication she wasn’t intent on murder or she would have fired again.

  12. I just wish someone could rescue the children in that family. One of his daughters is just as bad as he is and she’s carrying on the tradition of child abuse.

    • Social media is kinda like that – once said, you can never get it back and pretend it really didn’t happen. Maybe a good lesson for folks who say things without thinking about the damage they are doing. 🙂

  13. I see everybody is posting up a storm in the Secret War Room thread! And those posts do not show at all in the “Recent Comments”
    I am impressed with all the evidence people have against some of the Traybot Worriers

  14. This case is a no brainer. The Zimmermans will prevail. Otherwise, this case would set prescedent for being able to just give out anyone’s address, especially for high profile cases in the news. That I would assume witnesses cause that’s what the Zimmermans were … both witnesses in the case. Pay up Roseann cause you fkd up.

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