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Practice Thread for Smiley

Smiles Feel free to test out making your smileys work.


124 thoughts on “Practice Thread for Smiley

  1. The smileys worked for me when I first try, but next day I found that heart and martini did not work… either here or at CTH for Me.
    I did get them to work here a couple of times, but then not work at other times?????

    I’ll try again now

    Heart -I

  2. Make sure you are using “greater than” followed by dash followed by “capital I (eye)” so > followed by – followed by I (not ell) 🍸

    • I think the heart code with a less than sign followed by a code that has a greater than sign (martini) makes both codes fail.

      Down in the reverse though, it works.

        • I’ll try martini, heart, martini. If you look at it it looks like code [3 and] followed by -I

          I’ll do screen shot again

          I am guessing that only the first martini will show?

          🍸 and -I


          • Problem IDENTIFIED at least.. and there is a way of working around it.

            Thanks Nettles and guys… isn’t cooperation and brainstorming marvelous ❤

          • That’s exactly right. It thinks it’s html code. To block quote and comment you type

            at the beginning and end it with

            no spaces. Between the less than sign and greater than sign is the code to blockquote, bold, italics, etc.

  3. That was a “greater than”, 3, “less than”, two spaces, repeat, then the martini, and under it, I had expanded it out with extra spaces to show what I had entered. It dumped the hearts and extras, as well as the expanded with spaces version.

  4. That was a left bracket with a greater than sign, 3, right bracket, two spaces and martini…
    It kept the left bracket, dumped the middle and went to the dash and capital eye…

  5. The answer is…

    A code starting < and then some code that includes a "greater than" symbol will be seen as a piece of html code itself. I can't type it properly otherwise the code will activate.
    I' use square brackets instead of greater and lesser characters

    Code for "heart" and "martini" [3 and ]-I

    The [3 and ] is seen as html code (shows as blank because it relates to nothing defined.

    And so you end up with jut -I showing just "-I"

  6. OK…
    an “invisible” is the answer…
    so put the “greater than” and the 3 for the heart. Space. Then put a “less than” and a “greater than” in the middle. Space. Then the martini. That’ll work!
    ❤ 🍸

  7. Fooling HTML. The “invisible” is the “less than” and “greater than” in the middle. HTML says that’s a pair, so it must be separate from the other, which is part of the heart, so it lets the heart alone, and lets the martini alone. But it doesn’t know what to do with it, so it drops out.
    Yay! We’re still smarter than our own machines!

  8. Dang this all started with an attempted quip at CTH.

    I have been back and apologized for the thread mess I made there too… and mentioned you guys in dispatches….
    Thanks again ❤ 🍸

  9. Thx Nettles! This is soooo cool and so thoughtful of you to have a place for ppl to practice. Can’t wait to check out some of the comments from back in the day….I’ll be back tomorrow…. or later today I guess I should say since it is after midight so now Weds. I don’t think I ever left a comment but did drop in quite often, to browse, after you left CTH.

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