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Open Thread – March 23rd


What’s on your mind these days?


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      Where is there a llighted up notification box?

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  4. From an email I wrote to 5723michael explaining how so called “Black Leaders” utilize stand your ground laws to exploit and manipulate their followers.
    Hello Mr Carroll –
    I am a big fan of your work and wanted to make some commentary on your recent video where you discussed Al Charlatan’s recent return to Florida to protest why Al misleadingly refers to as ” Stand Your Ground Laws”

    First of all Stand Your Ground is not a new concept in American law and in fact it is rooted in a United States Supreme Court decision called Beard v United States dating all the way back to 1895.

    Submitted March 13, 1895
    Decided May 27, 1895
    158 U.S. 550
    A man assailed on his own grounds, without provocation, by a person armed with a deadly weapon and apparently seeking his life is not obliged to retreat, but may stand his ground and defend himself with such means as are within his control; and so long as there is no intent on his part to kill his antagonist, and no purpose of doing anything beyond what is necessary to save his own life, is not guilty of murder or manslaughter if death results to his antagonist from a blow given him under such circumstances.
    The case is stated in the opinion.

    The only thing so called “Stand Your Ground Laws” say is that if an individual comes under an unprovoked attack the individual has no responsibility to try to run away first before you can begin the actual process of trying to defend your person and property. This is critical to the misinformation campaign by Al Charlatan and his cohorts.

    The actual text of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law is listed under FL 776.013 subsection 3

    It is important to note that neither Michael Dunn nor George Zimmerman used the Stand Your Ground defense. They instead relied of FL 776.012 Justified Use Of Deadly Force In Defense Of Person…

    What Al Sharpton and his cronies are misleadingly calling Stand Your Ground Laws are two other laws … specifically FL 776.032 and FL 776.041

    Stand Your ground has always been the great red herring. It is critical to note that all of the individuals telling the negro community about the so called evils of stand your ground laws are wrongful death/ personal injury lawyers.

    Lawyers for Trayvon’s family
    Benajmin Crump – Personal Injury/Wrongful death
    Daryl Parks – Personal Injury/ Wrongful death
    Natalie Jackson – Personal Injury/Wrongful death
    Jasmine Rand – Personal Injury/Wrongful death

    Lawyer for Jordan Davis Family
    John Michael Phillips

    What these hucksters and con-artists really want repealed and are improperly calling Stand Your Ground is FL 776.032 http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?mode=View%20Statutes&SubMenu=1&App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=776.032&URL=0700-0799/0776/Sections/0776.032.html

    This is critical because what FL 776.032 says is an individual who is found to have utilized justifiable force is immune from being sued by civil lawyers. All of these flashy hucksters representing the familes of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis Make their high dollar salaries from high dollar wrongful death suits and the enactment of FL 776.032 in the year 2005 severely limits the type of cases these con-artists can sue for.

    The second statute that has been incorrectly labeled as “Stand Your Ground” is the so called first aggressor exemption or FL 776.041. This is the section the “social justice” con-artists utilize that label SYG as law where you can provoke a fight and still claim self defense. This is disingenuous at best as section 2 makes it abundantly clear that an initial aggressor must exhaust all possible means of escape and make it clear to the other party they no longer wish to enage in combat.


    776.041 Use of force by aggressor.—The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:
    (1) Is attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of, a forcible felony; or
    (2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:
    (a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant; or
    (b) In good faith, the person withdraws from physical contact with the assailant and indicates clearly to the assailant that he or she desires to withdraw and terminate the use of force, but the assailant continues or resumes the use of force.

    It’s important to note that all these huckster lawyers are deeply connected to the usual negro organizations, NAACP, The Urban League, etc etc etc…. and in order for these huckster ambulance chasers to gain momentum to remove these laws that put them out of business the needed a victim of these laws. They turned to the old standby… the all purpose victim…. the negro

    Testimony of Dr John Lott in front of US Senate debunking much of the mythology of SYG laws

    Testimony of Senator Ted Cruz to the mother of Trayvon Martin’s mother why SYG laws cannot possibly be racist

    The lynch pin to my position is when Trayvon Martin’s mother appeared on Al Charlatan’s show after the Senate Stand your Ground Hearing where she reveals that she has no idea what stand your ground even is or what it even says…. proving irrefutably she has been strung along by her ambulance chasing lawyers as a sock puppet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbPeYqook1g

    Also important to my position is the family of Trayvon Martin and their Lawyers have been specifically told as far back as October 29th by the Senate Judiciary Committe which oversees the DOJ that the DOJ has decided not to pursue any civil rights charges against Zimmerman and there is no evidence at all a civil rights violation occurred yet Eric Holder and Obama want the negro on the street to think they are still coming after Zimmerman hard and heavy for civil rights violations.

    Anyway Mr Carroll I appreciate you taking the time to read my email and review my supportive facts. If you have time in your busy schedule I would really appreciate some feedback.

    • Plain Ole Dave

      What an outstanding post. It perfectly summarizes the entire SYG debate and shows conclusively how absurd the agenda is for most of those who “dare” to reference it in their conversations. I have made many posts in the past about how uneducated/uninformed the media is about our self defense laws. Why do they refuse to read/understand the law? Because the the truth does not fit into their story lines. Its not the law that is racist but rather the Al Sharptons and their sad bunch of ignorant followers.

      There is ample proof to me that some people will NEVER change if it means conceding that their “facts” are wrong. It is further evidence they really do not want to resolve racial conflict.

      Thank you very much for bringing it all together so plainly and concisely. Did you get a reply from Mr. Carroll?

  5. NBC has filed a motion to dismiss

    Case Number: 2012CA006178 Judge: DEBRA S. NELSON
    Date Filed: 12/06/2012 Case Type: OTHER-LIBEL/SLANDER
    Plantiffs: Defendants:

  6. Dear Nettles.
    Your question to me was why did my brother show up as first result on your facebook page.

    First of all, facebook does not work that way. He would have been your first result because you had previously looked at his profile. My assumption would be nearly two months ago when your friend GZWarrior took it upon herself to call him accusing me of searching for drugs in a country I wasn’t even present in at that time. I can 100% assure you that my brother would not have visited your facebook page as he is completely uninvolved in this other than being involuntarily brought in by GZWarrior.
    Now that I’ve answered your question in detail, please answer mine. How is it that you know he has a black wife when that is not publicly available on his facebook page since I privatized it for him?
    Thank you for removing his name.

    • I don’t recall ever knowing your name or his. I didn’t know you had a brother until yesterday. It’s possible I guess that it came up somewhere in the past and I’ve just forgot about it. Facebook does work that way. A consultant at work admitted to looking at all our pages for a training program. I had noticed him start popping up as a suggestion I should add him. I wondered how the heck facebook could possibly know I knew this guy. In questioning him he said he read my page. Peter’s picture did not look familiar to me when I saw it on twitter. I do not recall being on his page before. But who knows, in looking at your page, I may have ended up on his.

      I personally don’t get freaked out with people seeing my page or my pictures. If some idiot wants to copy and paste them it’s a sign they are unstable. For facebook to work for me, I have to be public and find-able. Just last week a man I loved working with found me again on facebook and I’m looking forward to seeing him and his family again soon for dinner. I won’t lock out those opportunities because some on the web can’t control themselves.

      To answer your question on how I learned about Peter’s wife, I noted the day Peter’s page says he got engaged. A friend who commented on wanting to see the wedding photos has two Yorks for friends. One is his wife, the other was Peter and she also has the same day as getting engaged. So I knew she was Peter’s wife. She is very attractive and if that was Hood on the internet and ignoring her, that is insane.

      Anyway, I’m not on the internet to antagonize or out people who want to stay private. I stay out of the games for the most part back and forth. Every now again I do find I stumble into a pile of it and I quickly exit.

      For all of you reading this who do play these games on the web, know you are usually wrong and innocent people are getting hit. Like Peter, if Mel is to be believed. The posting of children I’ve seen from both sides is totally wrong and needs to stop. Those kids are owed an apology.

      • Mental patient Melissa is more guilty than most and she is neck deep in all the much and mire….. she’s just doing this because all of her antics are finally catching up to her. She seriously belongs permanently committed to a state mental institution.

    • Jackie, approximately two days ago…referring to Kenneth Jr’s partner in crime:

      March 22, 2014: Jackie is going to visit Jakaila Martin
      “Headn to see my sugar lump of love many throwed her under the bus but she know who loves ha and will never stop..we love you jakaila…J.N.M” (She is Jackie’s niece … her sister Janette’s daughter.)

      Uh, no, more like Jakaila tried to throw her boyfriend under the car. (had the date wrong on Twitter)
      Jakaila tried to run over boyfriend, arrested in Valdosta and extradited to Florida

  7. Man oh Man you know how to fix some yummy eats!!! Afraid to go to my email to catch up! yall are busy lil beavers! Ok jumping in..

  8. Melissa, you’ve told me your brother has a black wife and “isn’t she beautiful”. You’ve said it several times to make it seem like you have black friends. It’s all fun and games until the psycho gets owned.

    Nettles said it perfectly…

  9. I guess VP forgot that conversation was on her @I_AM_THE_TRUTH_ account after being taunted with my brothers wifes name. I’ve never told her a thing about my brother.

    Nettles, yes she is very beautiful (thanks on her behalf) and my brother spends all his free time being a family man. He never followed the Zimmerman case closely and has a general opinion that the verdict was the right one. Same with my mother. She did not deserve VP calling her at 10:30pm to cuss her out and accuse me of harassing her with accounts that they clearly know are not mine.

    The “list” I was referring to yesterday was the four individuals who currently have charges pending that I am avoiding engaging with and had nothing to do with Hood’s list.

    Thank you for your civilized and respectful response.

    • You said it to me. As for your mother…she called me…I have proof. She said you gave her the number. She was nice but said you told her I and others were hacking your email account and twitter accounts…lmao, really? She accused us of somehow breaking her computer. I can’t help but think there’s an inherent tick. I did not curse at her, nor she me. Lying and playing the victim has been a lifelong pattern for you to the point you drive everyone in real life away. Unfortunately some of your actions on Twitter and Facebook are considered cyberstalking, which is a crime. You go after someone’s family and their job, you should expect consequences. You admitted to being the fake lexinellii and that was one of the worst cases of stalking and defamation I’ve seen. You and hood (rathuunter) thought you were so slick. Remember “ring ring”? That is what hood wrote right before the 1st call to the store. This one is far from over…you need to give up the caller.

      • The call to Alexis’s sister’s business was evidence of a crime. Anyone who has information about who committed that crime needs to speak up or they become a party to it.

        Yesterday, after Hood posted David’s daughter and David posted a picture of a Melissa’s daughter, my social media lit up telling me to speak out against it or become a complicit party to it.

        Anyone who has information about that caller and sits on it, becomes just as bad as the caller, imo.

  10. I’ve come to believe that David is not behind the pages that are taunting hood. Whoever is taunting Hood posted a picture of a 8 to 10 year old girl. Now they have lost control over anyone who wants to copy and post that little girl’s picture or masturbate to it for all they know.

    David saw the picture and copied it. The person who originally posted it to taunt Hood, decided to take it down but the damage is done. Who knows who the hell has copies of it and what they are doing with it. David confirmed he copied it as he himself posted it on his page yesterday to needle Hood and Melissa. Who else has copies of it? What are they going to do. This little girl is now potentially a victim of some very sick people. She certainly is the victim of anyone who posts her picture and she did nothing wrong to deserve it.

    I implore all of you playing these games with each other to take a step back and think about what your real goals are. Is hurting each other and those kids who have been posted getting you towards your goals? If it isn’t, you need to refocus your efforts and energies into achieving your goals.

    Those goals are different for all of us. I find all the insults directed towards GZ noise and distractions from my goals of keeping media honest, and shining lights on unethical people in power over others. (lawyers and prosecutors).

    It’s no good for me to block those who post hate about me only to have one of my friends see it and message me about it or use it as an example of how vile the other side is and tweet out screen shots of insults to me. I see the same thing being done to GZ. How can he block the insults if his own supporters want to show him how vile and nasty some on the internet are?

    Leave these people to talk to no one. Please stop amplifying their messages but copying and tweeting it out. And for the love of God, stop posting pictures of kids.

    When the online behaviour becomes a police matter, leave it at that. Don’t emulate the behavior from the other side to even the score. Your behavior will become a police matter too.

    • Wow! I have missed all that. I guess that’s what happens when one is in a car all day with a cell phone. I can get the internet on the phone, but it’s not easy to navigate.

    • Her daughter has a public Facebook page that’s been open for at least two years which is where that picture likely came from. Even after the first time I saw it posted on twitter, the Facebook remained open. I hope she’s made it private by now so no one puts the picture with the name and tries to contact her .

  11. The picture that continues to be posted is a picture of my daughter. It was originally stolen from her facebook account by GZW and posted (have proof). From there, “Twittapopo” who is David Piercy (also have proof of that) began posting it again along with other pictures of her that came from god knows where bc I don’t even have them). Besides posting pictures of my family, they have also crossed the line into phone harassment to my mother (this is the only number associated with me that they can find) and continue to prank call her daily and all through the night (she’s also reported this to the police in her state).

    I have had my account locked for over a month, and haven’t played their game in over 2 months. People like to accuse me of horrific things which are all lies, but have absolutely nothing to back up their libelous claims because they are all made up lies to fuel their fire of hatred towards me. I am not, nor have I ever run the Kimber or Hillary accounts, or the 20 others VP and Dave have accused me of running. I made good with Lexi in the end of January, only to have VP/DP stir the pot and convince her I am plotting against when I wasn’t.

    Not saying I am innocent in all this but people have taken it way too far and I’m looking forward to whatever comes from the criminal charges because I have been non-stop harassed for 3 straight months, even with my locked account and not engaging them.

  12. Opposite of yours, but my family and friends agree with you.

    The shooting happened while I was visiting family in the US in 2012. When I took my kids to Disney World in Orlando, my parents blocked the door and pleaded with me not to go because the “Black Panthers are threatening to kill white people in Orlando”. This sounded absurd to me, so I researched the case and listened to the 911 calls. I opened up a dialogue with my parents about it and Fox News was scaring the hell out of them as white people thinking they were going to be lynched over this completely justified killing.

    The more research I did, the more I viewed Zimmerman guilty. I don’t watch MSM, I get all my news from google news and youtube. I wasn’t “brainwashed” and formed my opinion solely on what facts and case evidence were present.

    I have my opinion and you (and my family) have theirs, which is perfectly fine. I used twitter to blow off steam and argue with people who had opinions similar to my parents because it was easier to do so on an anonymous basis without causing family drama. I can assure you though that I function well and co-exist fine with people who don’t share my opinion, and have always tried to treat others the way they treat me. Golden rule.

    • I read all the discovery and can’t for the life of me understand that if a person understood the timeline and layout of the complex, they could think that GZ chased down TM to kill him.

      Where do you think GZ’s vehicle was parked when he got out of his truck?

      I too can appreciate that others disagree with the finding. I am having a hard time believing that looking at the evidence of this case and not the emotions of the case leaves anyone with the impression the shooting wasn’t justified given what was going on at the time of the shot.

  13. I have a pretty good understanding of the facts of the trial. If you remember back during the trial, my tweets usually included screenshots from discovery to make my arguments. We just have a completely different way of looking at things and after two years I don’t think debating the case will change it. I see a kid walking home in a strange neighborhood, being scared at some creepy dude following him across the complex in the rain, a kid who tried to defend himself against a possible attack and was shot dead bc of someones hero complex. I don’t think GZ’s injuries stacked up against a bullet in the heart, and I don’t trust anything GZ says. His credibility was shot in the reenactment where he insists the NEN operator told him to find an address. The jail calls between him and Shelley and his manipulating her to hide the money and to lie about it at the bond court are also very indicative of his character. His behavior since the trial ended has been nothing short of appalling. I am very surprised he still has supporters after everything, but you all are entitled to do whatever you want.

    I stopped tweeting after the verdict. Two weeks later my dad passed away (which has also been horrifically mocked by DP) and I didn’t pick up twitter again until George showed up. 3 weeks after George started tweeting, Lex illegally hacked me and posted my information and life hasn’t been the same since.

    So much for freedom of speech in America.

  14. With Twitter? What’s to achieve at this point? They have effectively silenced me.

    Before this? To show George that he’s no “celebrity”

    Before that? To inform people of facts of the case rather than the misinformation Fox News spews.

    Now? I just watch my stalkers and screenshot their abuse to send to the agencies working my case.

    I really am not comfortable posting here with my stalkers lurking about. If you would like to continue our conversation please follow me on my locked account and we can do so in DM’s. I can show you some examples of the abuse I’ve been receiving.

    • I’m not interested in seeing the behavior or proof from either side about the online abuse of each other.

      As stated up thread, this behavior is noise and a distraction for me in reaching my goals.

      I hope you make some good come out of all this and have some awesome one on one time with your daughter. Hopefully David also spends time with his daughter to make up for the strangers who abused this girl by posting her pictures as well.

      I encourage you both to reflect on what you have done and see if in some way you didn’t put your kids and family in harms way.

      I don’t like having DM conversations on twitter. I’m too talkative for 140 characters.

      Feel free to email me at nettles@bell.net to have a private conversation about the case. I am not interested in learning any more about the abuse of each other online though.

      Take care Melissa and give your daughter a hug from me. There are people on the internet who are not crazy. Just like the real world I suppose. Take care.

    • Coming from someone whom was on the other end of your psychotic revenge plot I can honestly say you have A LOT of nerve. After YOU posted someone’s name/wife’s name/kids names & address stating you hoped nothing happened to them, I researched you and posted your name hoping It would stop you from harassing and tormenting others. You went NUTS. You felt because you were anonymous it was your right to stay that way even if you were hurting others. In return for your name you requested your twitter followers “call my bitch mother and tell her what a shit job she did” so you knowingly posted my mothers home address & telephone number (posted pics of their home as well) and requested people harass her. (Not sure why you’re crying that it was done to you, doesn’t feel too good right?) you then created a twitter account that for TWO NONSTOP weeks harassed my sister, her business,
      My S/O & my parents relentlessly. Which resulted in a threatening phone call, which we all know goes directly back to you. You created Facebook pages and contacted who you thought was my s/o boss. You are psychological issues that I truly think it’s best you seek help for. Also make sure to print this post out and give it to law enforcement. I’m waiting for their contact, I have a folder the size of Obamacare on you. xxoo

  15. [cross-posted @War Room]

    Good morning Annette K. and all,

    More disturbing news from The Religion Of Peace, this time from AK’s neighboring province to the east, Quebec:

    Canada: Muslim Association leader gets 6 years for kidnapping 3-year old for ransom



    Much love to fellow members of this tribe, and most of all, to our dearly beloved leader Annette

  16. I’m not going to continue to trash Nettle’s place. Tweets are never deleted, they are still tracked. I will address all of it on a blog later today. Sorry you were dragged into this Nettles, but until it happens to you, it’s hard to relate.

      • Mind you, the way I reacted was expensive. My lawyer hired a private investigator to find the source of the posts who bragged about contacting my employer via phone and website and the food bank I volunteer at. When the source was known, a letter from the lawyer got sent to the house. It cost me $800 but it was successful in stopping the calls/postings. My harasser was in Boston.

        The rest of the harassment online is just people sharing a negative opinion about me. They are entitled to their opinion and I’m entitled to block reading their posts.

        Perhaps we could crowd-fund to hire a private investigator to find the caller to Lexi’s sister’s business and have a lawyer contact them.

        • I would not have spent that money had it just been harassing calls at work/charity. Physical threats were made so I felt it necessary to take legal action.

          • Crap, couldn’t edit…I meant to add, I am not minimizing any physical threats that were aimed at you at all…we are just different in that way…physical threats are bad…and criminal and are much easier to control with an official warning. What they are doing to me and people like Alexis is something one letter won’t fix.

            Speaking of threats…there’s a man sitting in his house right now making physical threats to George almost on a daily basis and he thinks he is getting by with it. He thinks no one can touch him, even says so. The FBI takes their time, but they eventually get there.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t aware. It’s a little different when your name is being doxed and they are posting criminal records, photos, court documents, innocent people’s names and MOST ALL of it, especially any criminal record, does not belong to me. They’ve emailed past clients, made up a fake linkedin account with vulgarities (biggest mistake thus far), and are tweeting to an Investment company, harassing him daily. They tried to smear the name of an excellent charity, dreamcatchersforabuse by posting their website on a blog and encouraging people to call in an accuse me of being a racist. I am on their board of advisers and have been for years, fortunately they knew better but are not happy that their name was smeared. When that didn’t work they started posting that I am awaiting trial for child pornography…and with my name beside the accusation. How really low can they possibly go? What kind of sick, hateful mind tries to ruin a person because they don’t agree with their views? It’s simple, if you don’t agree with the verdict, to some challenged thinkers, you are a racist….that’s as much as it takes to be labeled one.

        A baby’s picture was put up as my grand child, which she is not, I have no grand children, and aspersions were cast on my relationship with my real child who would simply pray for them and walk away. Not so much with me. I’m doing a hell of a lot more because a hell of a lot more has been done to smear my name all over the Internet. There are at least three accounts going at any one time with my picture and name on them… and most are from the same person. These people have no reputation to protect, they have no careers, charities, they have no life. If any of them think for one minute all I am going to do is bitch about it, or even ignore it, they have another think coming and it’s not costing me a dime. Quid pro quo.

        These trolls were poorly raised, they are ignorant, tribal, and jealous of success. Not being able to find dirt on someone drives them insane so they make it up. People should be aware that lawsuits for defamation have started including awards to repair online reputations…starting at about $50,000…then monthly. These people don’t think all that has anything to do with them because they are on some sort of assistance and plan to stay that way for life…for their sake, I hope so.

  17. Please tell me what FOX news was saying to encourage your parents to tell you not to go to an amusement park. I’m sure they were not slanting the story to fit a white woman and her two white children fearing for their lives.

  18. We’ve already gone around on this before. The account you are referring to was the second Lexi fake account that I told her wasn’t me. She’s just warping my words to fit into her delusional narrative.

    I already said I tweeted some things after she doxed me that I regretted. I had been holding on to that information for a while refusing to tweet as to respect her privacy. The information I had was all in HER name and she was the one claiming it was her parents.

    So what do you have on me since January 5th Coreshift?

    How about a search mentioning how many times I said “black wife” in my public tweets? A search showing how many times my mothers phone number was tweeted by VP? Or her address by Lex? I have my proof as do authorities, can’t say the same for them.

    • At least once on 2014-02-17 23:34:14.

      “@I_AM_The_TRUTH_ You mean my brother’s black wife? She’s fucking beautiful isn’t she? Jealous? He’s so happy. @GZWarrior @HilIaryWins2016”

        • Ok, then, maybe this is where I saw it following your tweets after the phone call, but I could have sworn you said it to me and others…maybe this is the other person’s tweet I was thinking of. I don’t see that person saying who Jazmine is though, just YOU announcing she is your brother’s wife. Looks to me like that person was trying to give you a warning to stop posting personal info b/c they had some of their own. You outed your s-i-l, not that other person.

      • I just now seen this or I could have cracked this case back on Feb 2014
        anyhoo Federal Hate charges coming right up…

  19. Coreshift:

    I can’t figure out replies here or it’s not letting me with my proxy but yes Coreshift, that is exactly what I was referring to. Earlier the statement was made that I referred to his black wife several times when I only referred to her once, in that very conversation. Cheers for that.

    • I said at least once. There may well have been other times that I hadn’t recorded. Regardless, you did mention it. Nit picking on the number of times seems a bit silly.

    • To reply to a specific comment, click on the reply link found beside the time and date of the comment you want to reply to.

      I note, those who were talking brought up your brother’s wife middle name first which prompted you to describe her in more detail.

      This stuff is like grade 1 stuff and family members are feeling the fallout.

  20. Nettles, it’s not working for me, it’s directing my replies to the wrong person.

    Coreshift, my statement was in reference to the comment posted by another at 2:47am stating that I had mentioned my brother’s black wife and how beautiful she was several times which was responding to MY quote that said I had only mentioned it once to a specific troll account. You proved my point with your screenshot. I only said it once. The troll slipped up with the details and proved she is running that troll account harassing my family.

  21. GZWarrior doesn’t have a probation officer (why would she?) nor does she have any felony convictions. GZWarrior is legal gun owner w/CCW in 3 different states so that blows the felony charges allegations from Melissa York Burgess nor does GZWarrior live in Wisconsin (she’s in Florida) nor does GZWarrior live in a trailer
    (not that they are mobile homes are bad)—so I guess SOMEBODY has been slandering GZWarrior and harassing her family for over 2 1/2 years it really sucks to be that certain ‘SOMEBODY’ because as of today this cyberstalking charge was filed #L14-2228
    Thanks for stealing my twitter handle you cunt

      • As for children & family pictures being posted I NEVER condoned it.

        I saw what Mel did to mine that picture had babies and
        small children on it!!
        Mel defaced it by writing “Inbred White Trash Family” and she STILL had them up until late yesterday afternoon!
        She passed the photo around like an opened bag of skittles with no regards to any of the victims.
        Manipulating Mel has no remorse
        Manipulating Mel has no boundaries
        Manipulating Mel is out of her psychotropic meds

        Those pictures you retweeted of everyone had names and phone numbers of other innocent people who were not even involved in this hate campaign of yours. Mel you need to take responsibility for what you caused

        Mels one-woman-campaign to smear all the GZ supporters by–>exposing those slobbering cultist (LOL) has now come to an end
        -The Truth Has No Agenda-

        And I didn’t forget this little gem because I haven’t:
        Mel you claimed you were going to put my 76 yr old dying Mother on craigslist
        for a f*ck buddy, who does that horrible stuff? Or why? For what purpose?

        That screenshot along with a 1000’s of other detrimental comments and accounts have now went to the Police in 3 different states.
        Check me Boo Federal Hate Crime Case #L14-2228
        Melissa York Burgess your cyberstalking has finally caught up with you-
        by the way
        “You have 1 hour” to take MY picture off therealHOOdreport photos or you will see a Holy dust storm on twitter and I will ruin your entire internet experience

        Ciao Bella

  22. My apologies to our regular commenters here. A fight on twitter has spilled over onto the blog as I felt a need to speak out about posting kids.

    I’ll start another open thread for our regular readers/comments and leave this one to continue the doxing conversation that is long overdue.

  23. Melissa and her twitter sidekicks have not only been harassing and terrorizing Jad, Lexi, and Vickie…… Melissa and her psychotic delusional sidekicks have been calling my apartment management demanding that I be evicted from my home for supporting the Zimmerman verdict. Below is an email sent to me by the onsite social worker regarding Melissa and company’s phone calls.

    juan manjarrez
    To Me
    Jan 30
    David, as the onsite your social worker, per our conversation earlier I have advised you that I have been getting “on-going calls” throughout the day regarding your conduct over your internet usage with Facebook. These anonymous calls from people unknown; state that you have defamed their character, given private information about their lifestyle and/or personal information like addresses. they are concerned for their well being. They have even inquired the possibility of getting your kicked out of the hotel and/or getting you 51-50 for your actions. I have advised them that only Fresno PD can 51-50 anyone or a Mental Health professional who can authorize that. I am not either. I have advised you, much like I have advised them, to seek legal action and seek protection if they feel harassed. In conclusion, after speaking with you and all other calls throughout the day, I feel like its a “he said/she said” dilemma and each will take matters in their own hands to protect themselves accordingly and legally.

    Juan Manjarrez
    Social Service Coordinator
    Californian Hotel

  24. Annette don’t go around guessing who is who. You are already breaking rule #1 in your new thread. Who knows maybe next someone will spend $800 to hand your boss a cease and desist. You do start all this shit at work after all right?
    Kimberjones and lionheartress are not the same people. Know how to play the game or STFU.

  25. This is a popular talking point for those opposed to so clled stand your ground laws claiming they cause racially disparate impact

    • Defendants claiming “stand your ground” are more likely to prevail if the victim is black. Seventy-three percent of those who killed a black person faced no penalty compared to 59 percent of those who killed a white.

    The failure is that this “finding” tells us nothing at all about the ethnicity of the person doing the killing. If the killing is indeed black on black violence as statistics from the DOJ and Bureau of prisons tend to indicate, this data actually proves that blacks are benefiting from the stand your ground defense.

  26. >>>>>Psst: Mels brother has a new account @T4Truth921<<<< See what you are hosting Annette? That acct. has been confirmed as a back up for someone else. It is not Mel's. Your own crew is too ashamed to let you know what they are doing to TMwarriors.

    FYI I didn't say I would send a cease and desist. I said someone. What do I care how productive you are at work? I guess they know if they scope out your facebook to the point you have some guy you don't know pop up out of nowhere related to someone you created this thread for. Right?

  27. More lies and idiocy by Sybrina fulton and company: WASHINGTON D.C. — The parents of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin were in Washington D.C. Tuesday, lending their voices to the fight to take down a controversial law.

    According to Sybrina Fulton, “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    “The law is not clear. That law does not benefit anyone,” she said.

    The parents have made repealing “Stand Your Ground” laws their mission ever since their sons were gunned down. Both parents testified before the Inter-Americas Human Rights Commission in Washington D.C. about the impact of the law on their lives and on minority communities.

    “Here we sit like the wild wild west and we’re seeing our kids murdered in the streets like animals,” Ron Davis said. http://www.actionnewsjax.com/content/topstories/story/Parents-lobby-to-change-Stand-Your-Ground-laws/sNcTvLR8P0mFYmWtPJLAjA.cspx?rss=3568

  28. You missed a great comedy show tonight. HoodReport tried to convince Coreshift that he is really a DOJ agent and the reason Zimmerman has not been on twitter the last day or so is because he is being arrested on federal charges but the media has not been notified of this yet! ROFLMAO

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